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During The Trump Era, Will Men Finally Start Acting Like Men Again?

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Men Silhouette - Public DomainOne of the primary reasons why Donald Trump is in the White House today is because he didn’t act like a typical wimpy politician during the campaign.  The American people were hungry for someone who is strong, someone who is a fighter and someone who will stand up for what he believes.  In other words, they wanted a man and not a wimp.  Yes, Donald Trump has done and said some things that are very regrettable over the years, but many Americans were willing to overlook those imperfections because at least he was willing to go to battle.  Now that he is president, will he inspire millions of other men to finally start acting like men again?

Too many men today would rather go to the spa than pick up a shovel.

Too many men today speak of the need for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”.

Too many men today are living in a state of suspended adolescence and are putting off marriage and family indefinitely.

Too many men today are more likely to be called a “snowflake” rather than a “warrior”.

In an absolutely remarkable article that was published earlier this week, author Todd Starnes made some keen observations about modern “men”.  The following is a short excerpt…

In today’s reengineered version of manhood, guys no longer have friends – they have bromances and they settle disputes by hugging it out.

Men’s magazines are now filled with articles like, “Should a Man Show Nipple?” and “What Men Know about Wearing Eyeliner.”

In America today, boys generally don’t do as well as girls in school.  And young women are far more likely to go to college than young men.  In fact, we have almost gotten to the point where 60 percent of the students in our colleges are women.

And when they leave school, young men are far more likely to move back in with their parents than young women are.  In a previous article, I noted that the percentage of Americans in the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket that are living with their parents is now the highest that it has been in 75 years.  If young men were living independently at the same rate that young women are, this crisis wouldn’t even exist.

And the truth is that young women are looking for young men that are willing to be independent.  A few years ago, Todd Starnes “conducted an unscientific poll to determine what the average American woman looks for in a man”, and this is what he discovered

1. Has a job;

2. Drives a pickup truck;

3. Uses the bathroom standing up;

4. Eats meat;

5. And is willing to carry them out of a burning building.

In other words — they want the kind of man made in God’s image — not the image of some effeminate intellectual stuffed in skinny jeans sipping chai tea with his pinky finger extended.

And a more scientific survey that was conducted a few years ago found that 75 percent of all American women do not have any interest in dating unemployed men.

Women want men that will love them, protect them and provide for them.

Unfortunately, those kinds of men are being systematically demonized in our society today.  To the liberal mind, the “traditional man” has come to represent “male oppression” that must be eradicated at all cost.

This may sound strange to you, but this is the kind of philosophy that is being pounded into the minds of impressionable young adults at colleges and universities all across the nation.  And some of these impressionable young adults buy into this philosophy to a frightening degree.

For example, one very prominent feminist blogger has actually called for the eradication of all men

A controversial video blogger has suffered a social media backlash after a video of her suggesting that the male species be wiped out – including babies – re-surfaced.

US vlogger Jenny McDermott, 33, made the bizarre ‘kill all men’ content in July last year and posted it on her YouTube channel.

The 33-year-old, who’s Twitter bio describes her as a secular humanist and trans loving feminist, rants in the short video that she’s ‘sick of being a baby factory that produces more men, that in the future will subjugate me.’

Someone might want to tell her that the human race would cease to exist without men, because apparently she hasn’t thought that far ahead.

But while McDermott may be on the outer fringe, the truth is that she is just a very small part of a very powerful “anti-male” movement in this country.

If you can believe it, at this point even some divinity schools are telling their professors not to use male pronouns for God

Two prominent divinity schools have instructed their professors to use gender-neutral language when referring to God.

According to National Review, the divinity schools at Duke and Vanderbilt Universities have told their faculty to give “consistent attention to the use of inclusive language, especially in relation to the Divine,” in an effort to be more “inclusive” and to “mitigate sexism.”

Of course if men want to be respected, they need to start acting like gentlemen instead of like deranged animals.

I often quote from two different surveys when I talk about the state of men in our country.  One of those surveys found that 64 percent of all Christian men in America watch pornography at least once a month, and another survey found that 68 percent of all Christian men in America look at it “on a regular basis”.

That is not how men are supposed to behave.

A gentleman is self-controlled, patient, strong, temperate and willing to make sacrifices for others.

But how many men could be described that way today?

In the old days, men dedicated themselves to God, family and country, but today many men appear to be self-obsessed narcissists that are constantly chasing whatever they think will make them feel good in the moment.

If we want to make America great again, then men (and women) need to start dedicating themselves to becoming great again on an individual level.

So ultimately the fate of this nation is not going to be determined by any politician.

Rather, the fate of this nation is going to be decided by what goes on inside our own hearts.

  • Dean Nelson

    The bigger problem is an increasing number of men have given up on trying to form a relationship with feminist indoctrinated women. Check out the ” Western Women Suck” website for more info on this.

    • Mike Smithy

      Excellent point. After witnessing the fugly, nasty and obnoxious FemiNazi’s whom attended the women’s march this weekend, a man would have to be out of his mind to have a relationship with that kind of excrement. My advice to any decent western young man looking for a long term relationship is find a nice asian woman.

      • Dean Nelson

        The problem is, once they come to America, a high percentage of them adopt the same attitudes.

      • Yoda

        Yeah them asian women are so much easier to control. After all u don’t want them women folk getting too uppity and demanding respect. Dontcha know women were created by god to please men, have babies and then get sent out to pasture once the children are raised and they are past their prime.

        • Dean Nelson

          There is a proper balance and natural order to everything. Liberalism has seized upon some of the real problems in male/ female relationships to push its radical feminist agendas. While SOME of what they advocate is good, they have GONE TOO FAR.. They are destroying marriage, the culture of courtesy and respect between the sexes and suppressing the inate and beneficial differences between the sexes.

        • Gleimhart Mantooso

          Straw man.

          Or, Straw woman, in this case.

        • Special Little Snowflake

          Yeah, psssh dishwashers are objects not human beings. I dont understand why we ever gave them the right to vote. I mean common all these objects can cast a ballot!? Why cant my tv cast a ballot?!?…it’s obserd what we let objects get away with in this country.

          • jaxon64

            Why is it impossible to have honest and intelligent discourse with a liberal? Sarcasm has been studied and shown to be the primary tool of the intellectually vapid who have no knowledge or counter to facts and reason.
            If you really think that ANYONE thinks in any way anything close to the nonsense that runs through your tiny, little mind–then it is no wonder you are so embittered and filled with child-like tantrums and rants.

          • Special Little Snowflake

            Awwwwwwwww. Do you need a safe space cause you sound triggered?

          • jaxon64

            More sarcasm..proving my point and can’t even help yourself because this is your only way of debating adult issues-with childish antics.

          • Lichdar

            Liberals are basically zombies. There’s no real point to discourse with them. Infection has only one cure.

        • Mike Smithy

          Are you mad that no man wants your smelly entitled FemiNazi snatch.

          • jakartaman

            Once her feet hit the floor in the morning she becomes useless

          • Gay Veteran

            can any woman would want you

          • jakartaman

            You silly goose!
            I expect you are really good at the 1 1/2 gainer by now!

          • Gay Veteran

            and you are really good having s ex with dogs (females, of course!)

          • jakartaman

            No democrat women are a no no

        • MEP325

          Did the comment imply anything at all about controlling women and disrespecting them? Mike Smithy simply said asian women are good for long-term relationships. I’m guessing you buy into the whole “women are being oppressed by the evil men” thing.

          • Yoda

            MEP why do you think Smitty there said find a nice asian woman to marry? Because the stereotype is that they will bend over backwards to please their man. Though many learn that this is NOT true much to their own disappointment.

            Not to worry through I hear Apple is working on making sexbots affordable for even the most income challenged of men, so soon Smithy will be able to buy one instead of having to use his hand all the time.

          • MEP325

            I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a man to desire a woman who will respect and nurture him, just like it’s not unreasonable for a woman to want the same thing from a man. To desire that does not make one a chauvinistic pig or a controlling feminist. Masculanity and femininity complement each other.

            Smithy has a point because some women in the west are being indoctrinated by toxic feminism and those kind of women will find themselves alone the rest of their lives because no man in their right mind will want to be with that type of woman. And you have a point when you say that not all asian women fit the stereotype although I personally never heard that stereotype.

        • Lichdar

          No, it just means that they both know how to receive and extend respect. There are two strategies to life, you know, as described in kakonomics. Liberals basically want the “offers very little” and “asks for very little” as their ideal. Conservatives seek the “offers very much” and “asks for very much” as the opposite.

          Both can have issues, but I much prefer the latter. I’m totally happy to play my role to the tilt, but I want someone who does the same for herself too.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        you must like the “ME SOOO HORNEE” catalog especially the pre-teen selection

      • Lichdar

        Or East European. They’re not too pozzed.

    • Spot on!

    • dlindorff

      You idiots must all have small hands etc. like the Donald hiimself. What a bunch of unself-confident wusses.

  • Jedi

    No 4 or 8 years is not enough time.

  • K

    So many boys have grownup, without a single positive male role model. So how surprising is this? But lets us touch upon something you did not mention. All of the things in the environment that contain or mimic estrogen. It is in the teflon, in your pan. It is in the plastic liner in canned food. It is in many dairy products. Soybeans are chock full of it. You got storage foods? TVP is soybeans. Do some research on these products, and a whole lot more. Then see how low many men’s testosterone levels are.Some men’s level is so low. They have basically been chemically castrated. So that helps explain the wimps. As to the punks. Well they just never got belted in the nose, when they should have.So they have no idea when they have crossed the line, And we are far too civilized to teach them..

    • Dean Nelson

      Do you believe men are being chemically castrsted on purpose?

      • K

        Well the government approved all these products. So I will let you draw your own conclusion,

        • Dean Nelson

          Unforseen consequences or conspiracy? What is your opinion?

          • K

            They know.

  • socalbeachdude


    The President will start building Mexico border wall TOMORROW – and is set to BAN people from Syria and six other ‘dangerous’ Muslim countries from entering America with executive orders

    President Donald Trump will begin rolling out executive actions on immigration Wednesday, beginning with steps to tighten border security – including his proposed wall along the US-Mexico border.

    The president is also expected to sign other domestic immigration enforcement measures that will include targeting sanctuary cities and temporarily barring immigration from Muslim countries whose citizens could pose a terrorist threat.

    The president posted a tweet on Tuesday evening signaling that major announcements were in the offing. ‘Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow,’ Trump wrote. ‘Among many other things, we will build the wall!’ The new Trump directives are expected to block all visas from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

    • Dean Nelson

      Awesome! It just gets sweeter every day!

      • Mike Smithy

        Yep. I feel as if I won the lottery every day.

    • Gleimhart Mantooso


    • Bob

      With what funds? The nation already has a 20 trillion dollar debit. A wall at the Mexican border estimated cost runs 25-30 billion. The nation now teeters on collapse from its debt.

      • PointofVue

        The nation’s not had a problem the past 8+ years, borrowing money. Think of it as an investment: Spend 25-30 Billion, and how many biliions or trillions will it save the nation in all the social programs providing for illegal aliens, plus saving operating costs for border patrol? It will make Mexico take notice too, when they let all these illegals from other countries use there country as an expressway to the USA border, only to find out when they get here, they can’t get across. Then Mexico has to deal with letting them into their “open border” country. Trump could start a go-fund-me for the wall, and could be surprised how much has contributed, if it really went to the wall only. No, it would not be enough to pay for it, but would be interesting to see how much patriots would donate.

        • jaxon64

          Exactly–the wall will virtually pay for itself as we spend an estimated 40 billion PER YEAR on services, education and health for illegals.
          In a perfect scenario, drug imports from cartels should slow which could make many more Americans lucid and more productive citizens…win win win

          • dlindorff

            Yeah, just like the Iraq War!

        • Major

          If we can also kick out current illegal aliens then the wall will save 1 Trillion every 2 years. Yes Trillion!

        • Al Tinfoil

          Mexico recently built a wall on it’s southern border to stem the tide of migrants from South and Central America that were using Mexico as a route to the USA.
          But there have been reports of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa being admitted to the USA from Mexico in the last year of the Obama administration.

      • JC Teecher

        How much does US taxpayers pay directly into the Mexican gov each year?
        Cut it off!
        How much is the continual flow of illegals costing the US taxpayers each year?
        Cut it off!
        How much is the physical across the border drug trade costing US taxpayers each year?
        Cut it off!

        When you start adding up the costs and the savings, the wall costs the US taxpayers absolutely “zero” in just a few years. Then all that savings can be used to chip away at the National Debt.

      • Kris Gray Badje

        How about starting with the 221 million that Obama was going to give to Palestinians that Trump just prevented from being seny

      • sister soldier

        Money is not their primary focus with this issue. I don’t believe it ever was in this case. I think the intended endgame has a slightly more nefarious nature. According to a Reuters press release, “Other measures may include directing all agencies to finish work on a biometric identification system for non-citizens entering and exiting the U.S. and a crackdown on immigrants fraudulently receiving government benefits…..” My thought is that the tracking of these individuals is going to dictate the next move by the government for all citizens in regard to citizenship compliance and that is to implement biometric tracking for all in the name of patriotism.

      • Pig Farmer Bill

        Don’t worry, we have a builder CEO in office.

        • SnodtBlossom

          Bill’s mating call is “Oink Oink”

    • Mr.Cipher

      Adios Reconquist. 🙂

      • SnodtBlossom

        “In other words — they want the kind of man made in God’s image”
        Michael thinks he’s women’s spokesperson. Too funny. psssssstt.. this isn’t how women think.

        • Daddyotis


          Cmon then Snodtty. Tell us what women think. Tell us in particular what MADAM PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON thinks.


    • Gay Veteran

      great for staying on topic

      • watchmannonthewall

        It appears not many noticed the misdirection of socialbeachdude. I didn’t realize the article was about Trump. I thought it was about whether american men would begin to act a bit more like men instead of like the sissies it seems so many women want them to act like.

        • SnodtBlossom

          And the blog name is nothing like “Insecure men rant and rave”

    • Rick

      All great news. Where is the President on the Hillary investigation, and the Clinton Foundation Investgation? As you know, unless he sincerely restores law and order, meaning no one is above the law, which then all else is worthless, as the foundation of law and order has really not been restored. Draining the swamp means exposure…. not convenience. It will be painful. But it also will be the ONLY way our country heals. Truth will heal. More of the same, and giving in to the old guard will not. The old guard is rotting, it’s cancer, and it needs to be eradicated. Not just by undoing with executive order, but with putting these criminals on trial in front of the American people. That should be the very first step in all of this!

      • SnodtBlossom

        Impeach President PigBastard T.Rump!!!

        • David

          Impeachment proceedings will not happen as the Democrats screwed themselves so badly they don’t have enough seats in the house or senate to do squat! lol. Keep Dreaming SUNSHINE!

        • Daddyotis




        • Kissmagrits


    • David

      about time someone has the B@lls to implement these measures to protect Americans. GO TRUMP GO!!!

    • Richard T.

      When will President Trump sign an order to disband the unconstitutional Department of Education? And cut off all the funding to liberal progressive hotbed, the so call universities?

      • You beat me to saying it!

      • Bob McGillicuddy

        Yeah! We don’t need no stinkin’ education! The dumber the better! That means next time Trump runs for president he might actually get more votes than his competitor.

        • Richard T.

          First of all, the federal government has no business in education. Each State has the right and responsibility to take care of their own education. Secondly, the current failure of education system is not due to the lack of federal money. The failure of current education system has many causes and federal government’s liberal agenda is one of the cause. So getting the federal government out of education is a good thing. Thirdly, parents and the local community need to take on the responsibilities of education their own children. With the federal government involved, there is less and less local control of education. In fact, the whole education system should return to private hands, such as churches, local groups. This way, the government can save the money, the tax payers can save the money, and the private education industry will become more efficient and competitive.

    • Defiant


      This is NOT accurate. It SHOULD read “TRUMP’S ILLEGAL ALIEN CLAMPDOWN”

      Because although the Left loves to paint the Right as “anti immigration” that’s just ANOTHER Leftist gambit. The Right are against ILLEGAL immigration. HUGE difference.

      But you already knew that…

    • Padraigin Eagle

      The Tribe has spoken, for the truth of matters ye need to know when they be just joking

      Trump be bought and souled to play all sides, in just a moment will you see the rigged reality surprise, ’tis all a charade filled with smoke and chivas and well-crafted lies, scripted and encrypted, their code be to tell thee before the event, even via the comics do they reveal their predictive programming intent, real men fall not for the matrix playpen, nor do they abide in the libtardfeminista neutered deballed non-male creature, a Rocky Horror ‘late night, now permanent’ feature.

      https: // www. youtube. com/watch?v=-kkzd5G6WyE 1990 heavy metal magazine comic, Donald builds the wall.

  • socalbeachdude
  • Yoda

    Is this a joke:

    1. Has a job;

    2. Drives a pickup truck; – really a real man only drives a truck?

    3. Uses the bathroom standing up; – is this for #1 and #2?

    4. Eats meat; – really that is what women look for?

    5. And is willing to carry them out of a burning building. – how many women need to be carried out of a building that is on fire?

    Wow these women have low expectations on what they want in a man.

    The job I can see but the rest is just plain stupid. No one wants a loser who is unemployed and sits in their rear all day playing video games or surfing the internet.

    What about kindness, compassion, treating a woman with respect, fidelity? No these qualities are not even in the top 5.

    But using the bathroom standing up is – maybe they should have changed the bathroom one to has good aim when using the bathroom or cleans up when he misses the toilet.

    I don’t even think the person asked women this question. It sound made up.

    • Gleimhart Mantooso

      I tried doing the deuce standing up and it was like how the Apollo module used to land in the Pacific.

    • Guest

      There are males that urinate sitting down?

    • Alpha Conservative

      Kindness and compassion? Bwahahaha What are you some sort of beta snowflake? Men are dominate and assertive. We say what goes or not and if you disagree with us we’ll beat the crap outta you.

  • socalbeachdude

    Tucker Carlson has DOUBLED Megyn Kelly’s ratings in his first week taking over Fox’s coveted talk show time slot

    Tucker Carlson has moved seamlessly into Megyn Kelly’s time slot at Fox News Channel, and has reportedly doubled the ratings of her 9pm segment. His first week garnered 775,000 viewers.

    • Yoda

      Yeah but it is still FOX News and we all know what they are about so the fact that more people will be brainwashed by nonsense spewed as news is nothing to brag about.

      • socalbeachdude

        Absolutely false BS nonsense.

        • Yoda

          AWWW U must be a Fox head. How cute.

          • jaxon64

            Fox head? You know the brain acuity of the average liberal by the way they ALWAYS resort to their elementary school tactics of bullying with name-calling. So sad, grow up boy.
            PS: Star Wars is make believe, using the moniker of a little green man does not imbue one with wisdom.

          • Yoda

            Yes and every time someone disagrees with you they are called a liberal. What does that even mean? My views at times are of the liberal mindset and other times of the conservative mindset. By putting labels on people it shuts down all relevant conversation.

            Do not mock Yoda for he is a very wise one.

        • jaxon64

          Agreed–I don’t waste time on television news or those 30 second “ABC newsbreak” on the radio–total BS

      • jakartaman

        Fox does not need defending – they blow away the fake news channels and their women are good looking unlike the beast on the other stations

    • Gleimhart Mantooso

      Megyn was thinking they would implode without her, and will now come to understand that she needed Fox. Fox didn’t need her.


      • jaxon64

        Lots of people get this crazy mentality. I work with people who have been at our facility for 2 to 3 years and they act belligerent as if they are indispensible…we were in business for 30+ years before they arrived and will exist if they were ousted tomorrow……

    • Mike Smithy

      Tucker is awesome. Megyn Smelly, not so much.

  • Yoda

    “Someone might want to tell her that the human race would cease to exist
    without men, because apparently she hasn’t thought that far ahead.”

    Actually that is not true. They really do not need men to continue the human race. They have the technology to create life without men.

    I doubt they will ever completely use this technology or at least make the public aware of it but it does exist.

    • JC Teecher

      “Designer Babies Dilemma in Sharp Focus With Fast Moving Fertility Tech-rapid advances in technology that allows adult cells to be reprogrammed into sperm and egg cells could bring the issue into sharp focus.”

  • Special Little Snowflake

    Yaaaaaaaawnnn another fake news story from a partisan hack nothing to see here

    • Spatial Memory

      His most telling (self-actualization) article to date.

      “In the old days, men dedicated themselves to God, family and country, but today many men appear to be self-obsessed narcissists that are constantly chasing whatever they think will make them feel good in the moment.”

      Chicken little felt good holding himself out as a quasi financial service only to have thousands of ludicrous “sky is falling” cries decimate any that subscribed to such foolishness.

      Adding absurdity to the mix- now blame any third-party, ie: the prior adminstration. LOL

      LOOK HOMEWARD. Take responsibility for ludicrously absurd guesswork and the harm done to any that relied on such as anything other that ludicrous comedy – before during and after the evolution of the ludicrous disclaimer which now appears.

      Sorry for your losses as a result of the ludicrous guesswork and subsequent financial and demasuclating (identity crisis) effects.

      Very telling as to the incessant emotionally derived hunches and guesses which proved horrendously inaccurate- rather than genuine market derived analysis.

      What a farce… on so many levels!!!

      • JC Teecher

        So…..! Buzz off to where your drivel is more appreciated. No one will miss you here.

  • Mr.Cipher

    Obama squats to pee.

    • Guest

      I don’t know about that. But his “wife” probably stands up while in the bathroom. 🙂

  • Priszilla

    After a day with the shovel in the garden I enjoy a sauna and massage – in the nude. Not dressed “properly” as anglo-american wimps. In the company of other nude men. Not touching but not getting a heart attack at the sight of nudity. And by massage I don’t mean “massage parlour” a.k.a. brothel, but muscle treatment by a trained strong man. And next day working again, not sitting at the doctors for back pain and eating pain killers.
    You won’t see Trump with a shovel in the garden, or nude in a sauna.

    • Spatial Memory

      Nor will he be seen posting such deranged nonsense. LOL

    • Guest

      I don’t understand. Are you male or female? I had thought by your username that you’re female.

      • JC Teecher

        what part of, “in the company of other nude men”, did you not get.

      • Priszilla

        Male. Named after “Priscilla in the Desert” and GODzilla.

  • Priszilla

    It isn’t the woman who has to work all day to earn the money for the gas guzzling pickup truck. But she can be busy all day in the bathroom cleaning urine splashes from everywhere.

  • Spatial Memory

    nattering nabobs of negativism

  • Mr.Cipher

    Before WW2 woman were where they belong. At home,bare foot and pregnant. Many now own their own business. Worse yet running for President.
    Men took the job cuts during the last recession. The hunt and gather model God intended is being reversed by the feminist movement while true Men are threatened by extinction.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The hunt and gather model God intended….”

      what are you babbling about?
      with over 300 million people in the country, without modern agriculture we would starve

    • JC Teecher

      Ever wonder why God never created women in the First Heaven and Earth Age?

      For one thing, He never needed a woman for their womb or ta tas for milk. All were created as males.
      I had some women get so mad at me for this statement, that they wanted to kill me.

      Well, I have not brought that issue up for the past ten or so years, until now. But; it is true, and there is no scripture to prove otherwise.

      Will not all those men that think they will continue on with their wife, in Eternity, as they have in this flesh life, be surprised?
      Will not all the women be surprised that they will no longer have genitalia nor ta tas and wombs?
      For there will be no giving nor taking in marriage (sex) in the Eternity..or even in the Millennium, as some ignorant preachers teach that there will be.

  • Patriot Alice

    Wait til your mommy sees your post, you’ll be pissing your pants again. Got diaper for you wimps?

  • Spatial Memory

    Real men cowered in fear of supernatural forces intent on collapsing economies, markets and civilizations, while reality and market values rejected their syndrome!

    • Jerry C

      You’re the one with a syndrome if you believe in the market values of this corrupt system. lol

  • Cinderella Man

    There is a lot wrong with the modern man these days. They grow beards but they can’t run a chainsaw or fix a flat tire. This is because it’s a generation of men easier by women. They have been emasculated and feminized. They wear skinny jeans and have manscaping sessions. The American male has lost his way. Myself I’m proud to be a manly man. I was raised by marines and grew up a country boy. People mock us and put us down but we are the guys you call upon when your azz is on the line. The younger guys have thin skin and are easily offended. They cry out to be respected yet have no respect for others. Now every other commercial has the man portrayed particularly the white man as an idiot who needs smart wife to teach him how to do the laundry while smart wife is out at work. This was done by careful design by the radical leftist feminist movement that was implemented to marginalize the straight white male. And many of the younger ones have bought into the lie. The election showed that the majority of white women voted for President Trump. They did this for their sons. They want the world to be better and safer for them so they aren’t constantly criticized for just being what they are. Now I know I’m gonna be called a RASSSSIT by some lefty trolls but I could care less. I’m a God fearing American living patriot and I’m NEVER gonna change. End rant.

    • Spatial Memory

      Raised by marines obviously not by Marines.

      • Cinderella Man

        Oh sorry grammar cop I’ll fix it

        • Spatial Memory

          Raised by Marines surely would know that’s not grammar error.

          • Cinderella Man

            My phone doesn’t capitalize it I was in a train of thought while writing the post I most assure you it wasn’t meant to disrespect the Corps my Dad is Nam vet and I absolutely respect his and all other Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s sacrifce for our country. So don’t even question my love for the MARINES

      • BATTLE LOG

        Quit trying to parade around like a god

    • jaxon64

      Excellent post…and I hear that they call these little college boys with their Bernie shirts and beards, “lumbersexual”…I kid you not, they are “metrosexuals who have an innate need to hold onto some ruggedness” as described by the urban dictionary.
      I would surmise that it is these young men’s inner masculinity in revolt and trying to express itself in some form to remind these grown boys that biologically they are not supposed to be cucks.

      • JC Teecher

        Yep, there are a lot of very strong and masculine looking guys out there, especially in the military, sports, and working as actors, that are gay as the master of ceremonies in the largest gay pride parade, and orgy fest.
        Full of parasites and promoted to stand strong by the feminist liberals and their follywood counterparts. A real life world of Sodom and Gaymorrah, only separated by the true Christians and the Cross.

        • watchmannonthewall

          This man/woman subect is one we have touched on a bit over the last year in our study group. Some of the women really don’t like what scripture, and especially the Apostle Paul has to say about it. It facsinates me how many want to qoute Paul on cetain issues and then turn around and dismiss his writings/instructions on others!
          I asked myself, “Where did Paul get the scriptural authority to claim that women should not be teaching men?” The answer is found in his satement that Eve was decived but Adam was in the transgression and also that the woman will be saved in childbearing if she continues in the faith. (1 Timothy 2:9-15)
          What do these two things mean, Eve was deceived but the woman will be saved in childbearing IF she continues in the faith? And what OT passages did Paul use to develop his doctrine?
          The first thing God said to Adam after he and Eve sinned is, “Because you listened to your wife…” This was not to say we are not to listen to them, but when they are in the wrong we are certainly not to act on what they say, but rather to speak to them with patience and in correction like Job did with his wife.
          Eve is one example but scripture requires 2-3. Abraham “hearkened” to Sarai and slept with Hagar with the result being Ishmael. We are still paying the price of that today, as well as the sin of Adam. Rebekah told Jacob to listen to her and do what she said to deceive her husband Isaac, a clear violation of being honest. Ironic that she encouraged him in deception just as satan had encouraged Eve.
          What is it with 3 examples in the first 25 chapters of Genesis where men listened to the woman in their lives and it worked out bad? God is teaching us something.
          Know what it is? We are all like women in our relationship with Him. We all want to tell Him when we think He is wrong and to instruct Him as to how we think things should be done! We should understand, as we come to the end of the age that everything God designed the devil is trying to turn everything upside down, including the proper relationship between men and women!
          How does this relate to the wife being saved “if she remains in the faith”? Just as man has to learn how to submit himself to the authority of God, so to do women have to submit to the authority of their fathers and husbands. This is clear in the OT and NT. As she learns how to do this, she will have to teach it to her children on a daily basis and by so doing, be teaching them also how to submit to herself, their father and the Father. The man, by learning to submit to God, also learns how to work with his wife since he understands her struggles, having gone through them himself in his relationship with God.
          The Father has created a wonderful teaching pattern where we all get to learn what we need and become stong, mentally and spiritually, healthy people, if we will submit ourselves to walking out this life in the manner in which He instructed us.
          Maybe more men and women will begin to understand how far off track we are if we will sit back and think about the present situation in light of scripture and what God teaches us through His Word. Mabe we can get some healing between the sexes despite those who want to inflame relationships or demean men, including the current president.

          • JC Teecher

            Well, the last sentence is something I have been seeing in women of all walks of life. If the man is a two timing, rapist, and has been proven to be an abuser of women, then; women with a reprobate/liberal mind, have no problem with that, as long as he, the evil man is allowing room for their, (liberal women’s) sins. A prime example is the lack of accountability that women of the left have given to ole billy boy, and his evil wife.

            But one hint of a man being a Christian, and “trying” to uphold Christian values and Christian rights, and the women of the left, and effeminate males, want to crucify him. Their fangs and claws of hate spring out like blades of steel. They curse and scream that they are “nasty” women…and proud of it.
            That pride is the same that brought about the downfall of Jezebel and Satan.

            You have laid out some very good points of truth in regards to God’s written Word on the subject, and there is so much that is in those Words,
            Two things stick out in my mind, as to the nature of women, and that is about taking responsibility for their actions.

            In general, most women follow the ole mantra of Eve, when she disobeyed God, and allowed herself to be “beguiled” ( wholly/fully/totally seduced, which means by sex) by Satan as he had morphed into a talking, charmer, of a glistening flying serpent.
            As the ignorant teach about an apple, it has nothing to do with a stinking apple tree, but a stinking lying serpent/dragon of a man called Satan, which laid the seed for Eve to birth Cain, the first murderer.

            Anyways, that ole mantra, very much still alive, is to try to “weasel” out of guilt and responsibility, by putting the blame, squarely, on someone or something else. Eve tried to lay the blame on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good..AND evil, of which God had instructed her to have nothing to do with.
            Then the man, in his moment of weakness and embarrassment, followed suit, and tried to lay the blame on Eve, of which was partially right, because she persuaded him to partake of the “fruit” of the serpent, which if it was a total seduction, it was a homosexual act by the two. We will eventually find out, but it is highly possible, because Satan has and is using homosexuality to take/destroy, the souls of men.

            If a man is godly, and true, the woman is supposed to be submissive unto him, in the relationship.
            The feminist/jezebel movement, has turned all that around and defiled God’s statutes/ordinances on that subject.

            Thanks, Watchman; for the truth.

    • slinkiecat

      I wish my kids would read your post and learn what we all knew from childhood. Men are masculine; women are feminine, and God gave each of us those qualities that benefit our species.

      Just as we object to men displaying their genitals as the power of their God-given male power, we have to object strenuously to women using a display of their genitalia as a symbol of their power.

      We are all God-given rights as human beings created in His image, male and female, and given brains and a soul to differentiate us from the lower animals.

      Let’s return to using our greater minds instead of our animal sexuality to choose the leadership of our country.

      • Yoda

        “Men are masculine; women are feminine” actually slinkiecat men and women have equal parts of the qualities that are considered feminine and masculine. As with nature we have a duality and essence that is both soft and hard. Gentle and cruel. Selfless and selfish, etc..

        The problem is NOT that men are allegedly acting like women and women like men.

        Rather, the problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that men should only possess certain traits and women certain traits. That having both makes you less male or female.

        • JC Teecher

          You sound like a sissie boy, trying to make sense of his wussiness.

        • slinkiecat

          Not so. We are given gonads that produce estrogen and testosterone, and men have far more testosterone while women have more estrogen. They are never equal.

          Certainly all females have some testosterone in their systems that is essential for muscular strength, libido and aggressiveness, just as males have enough estrogen to give them gentility and other traits necessary to form relationships with other people.

          Some women have more testosterone than others, and some men have more estrogen than others. That’s why we are all different, no matter what our genitals define our sex.

          • JC Teecher

            I see. As we males do have a feminine side, of which sometimes becomes more manifest in the actions and words, of some.

            I met a guy back in the 80’s that hardly no men at the local bar would be seen talking to, because he was kind of short fat and ugly, and spoke with a faggy voice.

            One particular evening, as the bar was slow, he came in, and sat one stool over, and would occasionally ask something, of which I reluctantly replied, since I was OK with him as long as there was an empty seat between us…in case one of my buddies came in.

            Soon, we were talking back and forth, and he asked if he could buy me a beer, and I thought “OK here it comes, the old move and make on the man love thing”, and declined the offer.

            After a bit, some girls came in and he knew them and said he was going to sit at their table, as he often did. He also said he was appreciative of my talking with him as he had no male friends, because…”they all think I am gay”.
            Then what he said just about knocked me off my stool.

            “I like girls but they won’t go out with me because I am ugly. They will talk to me because I am not a threat, and they feel sorry for me, I think. The guys think I am a queer, but I’m not…..I’m just sissy”.

            I never shied away from speaking to him after that. I wished him luck on finding a girl, that accepted him for what he was inside. My buddies would poke fun at me for talking to him sometimes and make jokes about me hanging out with a queer, or turning queer.
            I always found pleasure in telling them, that he was not queer, but just sissy.
            They finally got the message.
            I really did feel sorry for the guy, and thought; that could just have easily have been me, born into that body, so i never saw ugly or sissy acting people the same way again.
            God loves all His children, that love Him, no matter what they look or act like, but; they must obey His laws, commandments, statutes and ordinances.

        • Lichdar

          No. There are way too many ways to refute you scientifically but probably the most novel for others reading this:

          Men have an XY chromosome, the Y which is very distinct but more importantly, by lacking a second X, it allows more recessive traits to emerge. As such, this is why men are very feast/famine in terms of intellect, etc; male genome, including the behaviorial aspects, is intentionally tilted toward the extremes.

          Females have a double XX, and cancels out recessives. This is why women have a far lower rate of retardation, etc, but will also center toward averages.

          The equivalence is honestly ridiculous, and this is before the long term effects of tsesterone, etc.

    • Миле Хаузмајстор

      in reality women do not know how to use washing machine, or any other machine, how to cook, how to use remote for TV or Home Theater, actually mass of women do not know anything apart of make-up themselves (and that they do poorly in much cases), and shoot selfie…

      • Cinderella Man

        I agree to an extent…there are dolts for women out there for sure these days. But there are some smart ones too. I was mostly referring to the commercials that come on television these days that show men as dumb azzes and need help from their women all the time. Like the one that shows the Dad walking with the wife and kids in Philadelphia and guy gets a brief burst of bravado and thinks he’s Rocky and can punch a frozen side of beef just like his hero! His little girl says Do it Dad! So he does and breaks his hand…stupid Dad how dare you show off for your kids and try to look like a tough alpha male?? Tsk task. Now go buy some insurance. And of course he’s a white guy cuz white guys can’t be tough!! This is just one example and the other about the laundry have it’s implications. This society is trying to program men into believing they are weak and stupid. And the men eat it up because they had no strong male in their life. So it’s easy for them to sit back and let the woman take the reins cuz their mother had done that for them their whole lives!!

        • Миле Хаузмајстор

          someone once said: men have created civilization, and women use it now against men. now women say that they do not need men anymore, because of scientific progress made men obsolete…progress made possible by men.

  • jakartaman

    We as a society need to crush everything Liberal – everything!
    MSM, Hollywood< education elite. Defund, boycott speak out telling truth
    Stop the attacks on our social moral lbase – Religion
    Lose all the liberal speak, Metrosexual, safe spaces, shut sown the loud voice od the Gays. Throw the UN- out of this country aand defund, support Europian leaders that want to end Globalism. Tell our once friends we are back. And the biggy is to shut down the absurd womens feminist movement. They have no right to kill their own defensless babies- none

    • Gay Veteran

      “…shut sown the loud voice od the Gays….”

      more of your obsession with Teh Gays

  • JC Teecher


    Dow hits 20K just now, for the first time ever.
    Trumps innovative fiscal policies, and bull dog on a bone persistence, is paying off. Much to the dismay of all his haters, cause they love to hate on Trump, instead of blaming the “establishment” politicians”, like Odrama.

    Trump is on the porch of the White House, doing the Trump Jump, and singing his rendition of “How ya like me now?……”

    • Bob M.

      You profess to be a Christian. That’s not Christian.

      • JC Teecher

        I guess you are the one that was chosen to be the Christian police monitor.

        • Guest

          It’s not Christian.

          • JC Teecher

            I say, ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›, to the Trump haters, and naysayers.
            I don’t really give a fat rat’s if you think it is Christian or not.
            You people don’t know my heart and soul, so therefore you can make yourselves feel good that you are so good at tellin’ me what you believe to be Christian acting or not.
            Christians are not perfect people…they are just forgiven when they say or do things that aren’t in God’s approval.
            I do not have to bow down or appeal to no man for forgiveness or approval, especially those on the internet.

            So, put that in your little righteous pipe and smoke it. Amen.

  • JC Teecher


    Dow hits 20K just now, for the first time ever.
    Trumps innovative fiscal policies, and bull dog on a bone persistence, is paying off. Much to the dismay of all his haters, cause they love to hate on Trump, instead of blaming the “establishment” politicians”, like Odrama.

    Trump is on the porch of the White House, doing the Trump Jump, and singing his rendition of “How ya like me now?……”

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Dow hits 20K just now, for the first time ever….”

      great for the 1%, the rest of us not so much

  • Great article, especially the last two sentences.

  • JC Teecher

    Bravo on the article, Michael.


    I have never seen a mortal man so adorned as Trump is on this blog. Last I checked, he was human.


      I agree with your comments. The man is human. Nothing more, nothing less. But Michael is entitled to his opinion.

    • Mr.Cipher

      Trump just got tens of thousands of fat women out walking. Could Michelle Obama do that?

      • JC Teecher

        Yep, I was just thinking about that, and remembered all those fat azz women in the crowd Sat, in DC.
        As I also was pairing that thought with the one about women wanting a man that would be willing to carry them out of a burning building.
        I wonder if “dragging” counts?

    • Suzie Queue

      I saw it first with Obama in 2008.

    • Dean Nelson

      That’s because its SOOOOOO REFRESHING and EXHILIRATING to finally have a President that is an American nationalist and not a one worlder liberal- and that Trump actually lives up to the promises he made. We recognize Trump sometimes mispeaks, but overlook it, because he is doing what we want.

    • Yoda

      I do a trump every morning after my oatmeal. Does this count as worship or just good gastrointestinal fortitude?

  • Mr.Cipher

    DOW 20000!! Woo-hoo Make my 401k great again!!

  • JC Teecher

    Women? Most women are God’s most beautiful creatures. Especially if they love Him and their Saviour. I have met, and been involved with, about one hundred women in my lifetime. Most of those were relatives and friends, and acquaintances. Less than half were of the romantic varieties, and I loved them everyone, for a period of time. Most, I still love as in some special way, but was only “in love” with about four.
    Two were mistakes, that continued to be mistakes in my life…way too long.

    I can truthfully say, I always treated each and everyone with respect and compassion, even the bad few until we went our separate ways.

    Part of being a real man, is treating women like ladies, until they no longer deserve to be treated like a lady. Most women of good character want a man that does possess good character, a funny and cheerful disposition, and a manly or masculine, way about how they carry themselves…especially in public with them by their side. The security factor is more important than love, for some. And some, it is the opposite.

    Now having said that, the new age “feminist/liberal” minded woman, may have a good character about them, but on the inside, they are willing to shove that aside for political correctness and indoctrination, to accept and coddle, and in some cases, even marry a wussy.
    Some men, actually boys, take that wussification to the next level, which is fully an effeminate character. Sometimes that wussification/effeminate characteristic in that male is manifested into full blown (no pun intended)…..homosexuality.

    Some higher critics and so called scholars of higher learning, blame the rise in homosexuality on a number of things, which includes being raised in a single mother household, GMO foods, over active feminine side genetics, …etc, etc.

    There is a bigger, and more supernatural event and effect being displayed across the globe by the exponential growth of LBGTQ community. It involves something that is fact and truth, by our Heavenly Father’s Word, but has been overlooked, translated incorrectly, and most times just avoided as part of the conversation, and or material written about.

    There is not enough space nor time for me to lay out all the scriptures and do the translations and interpretations of the message, to explain why I say it all boils down to what transpired in the first Heaven and Earth Age. However; this the quick/short version of it all.

    Satan caused a third of God’s children/creation, to follow him and his lies of deception, in that first age where all of the created souls were with God in spirit bodies (not bodies of air/fog/smoke as is depicted by the word “ghost”). Part of that deception was that if they followed Satan, they could (as all were males, sorry ladies, but no wombs were needed until this 2nd Heaven and Earth age) partake of homosexual acts, obscene acts, and other self indulgent sins. God did, and still doesn’t allow such to take place in heaven.

    Hence, a third of God’s children fell to earth, with Satan, and began their life as, I believe, mostly living as homosexuals and self fulfillment for instant gratification, without worry of being struck with God’s “naughty board”.

    Instead of God destroying a third (billions) of his created souls, He decided to bring about a 2nd Age, whereby all souls would be born of flesh, through a womb/woman, with full recall blocked of the former life, so as to be innocent, and make a choice to once again determine, if they would follow Satan or Jehovah, their Creator.

    In Jesus words, which has a deeper meaning…
    Mat 20:16
    So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

    The first to fall with Satan, will be the last born into this age, for the consummation of the end of the age. In other words, I fully believe and understand that the majority of the souls that fell with Satan; way back then, has been reserved for being born into this age whereby Satan’s spirit is becoming more manifest and broadened across the earth.
    More importantly, most of those that stood with him back then, will be alive on the earth, when he returns, fulfilling his last role playing, as the Messiah returned. I wondered, how would Satan convince the whole world to follow/whore, after him, as he deceives the world into thinking he is Christ returned? I prayed, and the Holy Spirit showed me exactly how it will unfold. More importantly, the Holy Spirit led me to scripture, and helped me fully understand how the LBGTQ… community will be tricked into believing he, as the Messiah (but actually satan as Antichrist) has changed his position on homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgender folks, and will not only welcome them with open arms, but also condone mass orgies and self gratification, on a scale of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah.
    I can’t release this explanation further at this point, as the Holy Spirit has not given me permission to release it just yet. However; it is written, mainly in Revelation, for those with eyes to see and a mind to rightly divide the word, and hear the Holy Spirit.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Some men, actually boys, take that wussification to the next level, which is fully an effeminate character. Sometimes that wussification/effeminate characteristic in that male is manifested into full blown (no pun intended)…..homosexuality….”

      the STOOPID is strong with this one

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Satan caused a third of God’s children/creation, to follow him and his lies of deception, in that first age where all of the created souls were with God in spirit bodies (not bodies of air/fog/smoke as is depicted by the word “ghost”). Part of that deception was that if they followed Satan, they could (as all were males, sorry ladies, but no wombs were needed until this 2nd Heaven and Earth age) partake of homosexual acts, obscene acts, and other self indulgent sins. God did, and still doesn’t allow such to take place in heaven….”

      hmmmmmmm, now where is that in the Bible?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…I can’t release this explanation further at this point, as the Holy Spirit has not given me permission to release it just yet….”

      wow, not stoopid, just insane

  • Suzie Queue

    Western Christian women face even harder obstacles than secular women; finding a Christian man who is both manly and Godly. First, finding a man who not just believes in God and Jesus, but lives according to and obeys their commandments is a challenge. Then find one who then, is manly in carrying out his husbandly duties according to these commandments and principles:
    1. Love your wife as you love your own body.
    2. Practice headship over the family as JESUS DOES AS HEAD OF THE CHURCH.
    3. Leave mother and father and cleave to his wife. The two become “one flesh” (united).
    When a man treats his wife like Christ did/does with his Church (lovingly, laying down his life for it, etc.) a woman is willing to submit to this kind of headship. When mankind abandons God and his commandments, they get lost in all areas of their life. That is why our country is a moral and lost mess. Compare this age with the founding fathers’ age, which was founded on Christianity and the Bible and see the character of those men compared to today’s.
    Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments.”

    • Tim

      Beautifully stated. Women like you are rare.

    • Mr.Cipher

      That goes both ways.
      Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman?
      They exist but are rare and hard to find.

      • JC Teecher

        There is no perfect man or woman, but only those that we can most times relate to and with, plus help each other, and just be friends.

        • GSOB

          ………and more expedient on several accounts, to abstain from the use of women, when persons have the gift of continency.

    • GSOB

      1 Peter 3:1-2

    • Agnostic Athiest

      Your fairytail god isn’t real

    • Major

      Ask God, if it be his will, to bring you Mr. right (if one is a man, then Ms. right) and not Mr. right now. Then have patience and faith. You’ll know when you meet him (or her). I had to kick a woman out of my house that I had fallen deeply in love with. She told me I had to choose between her and God (my crash course on the new age movement). I prayed for Ms. right after said altercation. I had to wait 3 1/2 years to meet a woman who I didn’t know lived across the street from me at the time. She had me from smile & we’ve been married for 16 years (1 1/2 year courtship first).

  • Chris

    ‘Now that he is president, will he inspire millions of other men to finally start acting like men again?’

    That will greatly depend on whether they are prepared to ignore the opinions of the biased media, biased advertisers and refuse to see idiot sport stars and occult pop stars as ‘role models’.

    If the women of America are supposed to see the foul mouthed pop star Madonna, who is well known as being near the top of the pyramid in international occult promotion circles, as some sort of ‘role model’ then God help the women too. With ‘role models’ such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha etc the women of America are in serious trouble also.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Sounds like a reprobate mind. The country has pretty much gone reprobate, especially our leaders. Several years ago, I heard a discussion about boys being put on medication at a much higher rate than girls of the same age. This was in the early years of school, and was suppose to keep the boys from acting up in class. It seems that between the drugging and programing the left is effectively destroying the male influence in the country. This, along with the pushing of same sex marriage, homosexuality, trans-confusion, and other sexual deviate behavior, are all signs that this country is about to crash and burn. What we are now seeing with the new President and the high hopes and seemingly good times coming back to the US, maybe the bright and intense flash just before the death of the country, much like a star going supernova. Maybe I, and the others who say the same, am totally wrong. Maybe.

    • Gay Veteran

      more obsession with Teh Gays

      you do know that Trump held the rainbow flag at one of his campaign events

    • JC Teecher

      There is a full out effort, for the liberal mind, which in all reality, is being controlled by unclean and demonic spirits; to change the masculinity of males to become more feminish/effeminate.

      I think there are components/chemicals, purposely added to the municipal water treatment systems, that are having that effect as well as other chemicals given via vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

      Our food and more importantly, the beverage side of the chain, has ingredients that also add to that change.

      So, we as a world, are seeing more and more of a population of wussies, fag-oos, and transgenders, with not all that much of having to do with their DNA from birth.

  • ad

    Michael, I have been visiting your blog since 2013, when I noticed the economy wasn’t as great as the msm portrayed it to be. I simply googled “the economy sucks”, and I ran into your blog. I visit your site frequently.
    You use to say that millenial men (I am a millenial, in the upper edges of the age bracket), were unable to be “men” because all their jobs got shipped out, because the economy sucks, because of oil jobs shutting down, etc. etc. because the only jobs that are hiring are min wage and part time service jobs, and the list goes on. Now you are coming back and pointing the finger at them? When we might be barely leaving the worse economic downturn since the great depression?

    Aren’t you supposedly oh so religious Michael? I am sure you are familiar with the story of when Jesus tells the people, that those who are perfect or clean of guilt to cast the first stone. Well there you are. Casting them stones.

    You can check my ip address on your website, you’ll see I have been a fan of you blogs for a while and that I am no troll. But this is outrageous.
    Trump himself said the unemployment rate was a lie and that it was probably higher. I believe that.

    One thing I can probably say, is that if I ran into your site and was a fan, then maybe a whole lot of other people my age as well.

    I might leave. And others maybe as well. Can you say “ad traffic income”? I don’t need to read stuff that approximates the mainstream media narrative of blaming the people instead of the economic structure that is crumbling in front of us.

    Also, I voted for Trump.

  • goldminer

    I have decided to start acting like a Man again, Today I gave all my wife’s pink panties that I like to wear back to her. Then told her I was was. wearing the pants again. Decided to get back into the work force. Even tho I make a lot of money in the stock market day trading. It will be nice to take off the sexy lingerie I wear cleaning the house and put on a pair of steel toed boots again

    • Guest

      You have some real problems.

  • Mr.Cipher

    Try keeping it short. I’m not here to read a novel.

  • Charlie

    I resent being told I’m in a “state of suspended adolescence” because I never married. Marriage is not for everyone, and that does not yield the outcome that those of us who didn’t marry are “suspended adolescents.” I don’t have any responsibility to breed more people into this world so God will have more lives to play with in a world where God could make old age and death end, but refuses to take those actions. FYI the second woman I wanted to marry married instead a cocaine peddler and an interstate kidnapper. She had three piglets by Billy Ray, and all three are in prison just like him, one for raping a 12 year old girl when he was 23. A life without marriage is not automatically a failed life and I resent you for saying so. While insinuating me as a “snowflake” you can’t take the cold yourself. Where was YOUR one arm chin ups for repetitions? I did it pal. You confuse masculinity with Puritanism, wanton cruelty and inhibition. Absolutely I voted Trump.

    • Yoda

      Charlie you are exactly right. Christians want to romanticize life and people, when the truth is most people just really suck azzz.

      You do not have to get married and have children to become an adult – as there are many adults who are married, have children and are emotionally immature and do not make good wives/husbands/mothers/fathers.

      That fact is another thing christians like to shut their eyes and ears to and sing lalalala at the top of their lungs when you try to talk to them about it.

      The stereo type of what a real man or women is was created by marketing. A persons perception is shaped by what they are taught growing up and it is all learned from parents, peers, tv and today social media.

      Reality is perception that does not make it true nor does it make it real. Yet the masses bleet about the good ole days and forget that while the good ole days may have been good for some it was hell for others.

      As has been said one persons idea of utopia is anothers dystopian nightmare.

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    I sure hope we see more real men come around. The past 8 years has been tough. All these whiney pu-c’s, snowflakes and tranzies.

  • Tatiana Covington

    As for Trump? Finally, someone with balls!

  • True grit

    Hopefully, President Trump will enact marriage tax benefits and having children tax benefits and encourage a return to the American culture

    of fifty years ago. Then America will be on the road to being great again!
    The cultural Marxism which has been brought about through 50 years of propaganda has thoroughly debauched The American psyche and is a recipe for the end of our civilization.
    Like it or not Muslims get married, have as many children as possible,
    Pray(to Satan) 5 times a day, and live by a set of rules. Their Civilization is healthy and growing!!!
    The West is in BIG TROUBLE!!!
    Feminists and sissy boys don’t stand a chance!
    Either Man-Up or you’ll end up dead.

    • Muslim Snowflake

      Satan doesn’t exist just like your fairytail god

  • GSOB

    James 3:9

  • give me a break!

    Will women become women again? Cooking, cleaning and being submissive to God and staying with their husbands instead of getting”bored” like little children that got mad at their daddy and punishing their husbands for stuff they didn’t do and running away?!! How about all those narcissistic women that demand the man do everything for them and bend over backwards with unrealistic expectations on how a “man” is supposed to be? I’d like to know where all this bull crap originated. Who set the standards and expectations? God’s word? No, I don’t think so. Sick codependent type adults that never grew up twisted the truth of God’s word. Big bodies with little children living inside.

  • mtntrek3

    Not so sure Donald is a very good role model for us in certain ways. I noticed self-obsessed narcissists description towards the end of the article. Tends to define Donald. Having said that however… he does get things done that he says he will do. He does get in there and fight for what he wants. Fortunately he’s decided he wants to fight for more jobs in the country, more security for us also among other things. That’s good. ……..This article reminds me of another website that lists things every man should know, and know how to do. The art of manliness I believe it’s named. There are some informative items on that site as there are on this site. What I’m seeing in our society is we are lacking essential items…….. faith in God first, then our lack of maturity, sensibility, responsibility, etc. …… . Then again….. when we put our faith in Christ as our Savior….. all these necessary things will be added to us. God’s guidebook should be our first go-to for our needs now and forever. Faith in Christ first.

  • Esteban Quiros

    Hello. I like to read your articles on regular basis. On this one, I notice some stuff that has gone unspoken.
    We live in such a diferentes world.
    Women are 100 % si different.
    Speaking with the truth, they are empowered, and we are condemed.
    Males are in a very tough spot.
    The social fabric has been torn to treads and pieces.
    What we used to stand for no longer exists.
    Just like with económics, societal behavior will have to face very challenging changes, selfdestruction is inminent.
    The easy life will pass the Tab, that is for sure.
    There is so much to talk regarding this topic, and so little space.
    Regards from costa rica

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    Anyone notice the husband of the that raving lunatic woman who had to be thrown off the airplane ? If that is not the image of a modern man I don’t know what is.

  • T.j. Thomas

    “A gentleman is self-controlled, patient, strong, temperate and willing to make sacrifices for others.”

    I wish we’d gotten that as our president instead.

  • Bob McGillicuddy

    Trump wants to triple the government’s immigration force! Why is it that libertarians are now pro-Big Government?

    I guess it’s the same reason they supported George Bush when he created the government’s biggest ever department (Homeland Security).

    Or Reagan, when his administration passed the largest war-time tax increase in history.

    Libertarians likely call that “necessity.” Most of us call it something else: hypocrisy.

  • catalanismo is hatred

    haahhaha impossible

    Trump is not man enough!!! hahahahahaha =)

  • David Stanley

    It will take an economic crash, of the great Depression kind ,to change Americans into men. Their infantile state is a shocking sight to see today,absolutely shocking. The economic tidal wave is coming ,the austerity measures will be harsh but Americans have been there before and will eventually emerge again.

  • nohomehere

    Yeah ! It is the curse, the bible shows the end times are like this
    “Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.

  • Lichdar

    Thank you for speaking so much to truth. I hope this echoes far and wide.

  • AllThings_April_Mendez

    I really hope so. It’s about time that I have fellow men that would help me take it to the feminists! It gets kind of lonely having to battle them alone.

    However, thus turnaround will not be easy. We have been taught all of our lives that self improvement isn’t the way to go; that we are “perfect” just the way we are. That mode of thinking is a major reason why we are in this state. It also doesn’t help that most women nowadays prefer divas and boy toys to real men. I know from experience. A genuine man receives hostility from the so-called enlightened woman. Apparently it is because they believe that men are no longer intelligent or smart or strong enough for them. It is because of this that I am many men like me have chosen to find women in Europe or in Asia.

    My point is that both sexes are sick. There is a lot of work to be done to promote healing. Hopefully we can get it done soon.

  • thegeorgespyman

    Roy Rogers said, Ride hard, shoot straight, and Always tell the truth. That was a good Christian man from another era. The male has been under advanced psychological warfare for many long years. I thought I’d end up stuffed in a museum as the last straight male who used cash and owned a firearm. There can still be hope if we deprogram ourselves from this NWO agenda. If you’re too young to remember Roy, Dale Evans and Trigger, they’re maintained on video.

  • Tim Patten


  • walcon

    Too many women today are self centered and selfish and materialistic.
    Too many men are almost the same.

  • Stuart Dobson

    What an idiotic post. Lost all respect for you Michael

  • mtntrek3

    Personally, I would dare Donald to experience what many men out here in America are facing now and have been facing for many years. ……. And without the extraordinary help financially speaking from his parents when he started out back in the sixties. ……… Still hoping the best for him and his administration, watching all the while. Faith in God through Christ is mankind’s hope.

  • JI

    Sure would be ironic if the two guys in the photo at the top of this article were gay…

  • Didn’t get past the headline, because the answer can’t be anything other than “No”. When does a turn towards the cowardice that is fascism ever result in more so-called manly behavior?

  • Richard Hennessy

    Too many men have been PC brainwashed by the elites, who feel threatened by men who act like men.

  • ace

    More to do with what a person eats than who is in office.

  • landofaaahs

    Men have always acted like men and wusses have always acted like wusses. You are what you are.

  • 12Gary2

    obama was way more of a mature man than trump ever will be

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