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Ebola Among Health Workers: More Than 240 Sick, More Than 120 Dead

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Ebola ScareIf hundreds of doctors and nurses are becoming infected with Ebola, what chance is the general public going to have?  This is not just a question that many of us are asking.  As you will see below, this is a question that the World Health Organization is asking.  When dozens of health workers started getting Ebola, nobody could explain how it was happening.  More precautions were taken and health workers were even more careful than before.  Then the number of sick health workers rose to 170.  Even more measures were taken to keep doctors and nurses from getting the disease, but now just a couple of weeks later we have learned that a total of 240 health workers have contracted the virus and more than 120 of them have died.  Overall, more than 2,600 people have been infected with Ebola since this outbreak began and more than 1,400 people have died.  This virus continues to spread at an exponential rate, and now we have learned that there are confirmed cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  When are people in the western world going to wake up and start taking this disease seriously?

The mainstream media has told us over and over again that Ebola “does not spread easily” and that we have nothing to be concerned about in the United States and Europe.

But if that is true, then how in the world have hundreds of doctors and nurses gotten sick?  They go to extraordinary lengths to avoid getting the virus.  The following is from an official World Health Organization statement that was released on Monday

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa is unprecedented in many ways, including the high proportion of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who have been infected.

To date, more than 240 health care workers have developed the disease in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, and more than 120 have died.

During past outbreaks, a few health workers have contracted the virus.  But once the virus was identified and proper safety measures were put into place, “cases among medical staff dropped dramatically”.  Unfortunately, the WHO says that this outbreak is “different” and the virus continues to spread among medical personnel

In the past, some Ebola outbreaks became visible only after transmission was amplified in a health care setting and doctors and nurses fell ill. However, once the Ebola virus was identified and proper protective measures were put in place, cases among medical staff dropped dramatically.

Moreover, many of the most recent Ebola outbreaks have occurred in remote areas, in a part of Africa that is more familiar with this disease, and with chains of transmission that were easier to track and break.

The current outbreak is different. Capital cities as well as remote rural areas are affected, vastly increasing opportunities for undiagnosed cases to have contact with hospital staff. Neither doctors nor the public are familiar with the disease. Intense fear rules entire villages and cities.

Needless to say, the fact that so many doctors and nurses are getting sick has created a tremendous amount of panic in areas of Africa were Ebola is spreading.  Here is more from the WHO statement

The fact that so many medical staff have developed the disease increases the level of anxiety: if doctors and nurses are getting infected, what chance does the general public have? In some areas, hospitals are regarded as incubators of infection and are shunned by patients with any kind of ailment, again reducing access to general health care.

The loss of so many doctors and nurses has made it difficult for WHO to secure support from sufficient numbers of foreign medical staff.

I think that the WHO has brought up a legitimate question.

If hundreds of doctors and nurses are getting the virus even after using protective equipment, what chance is the general public going to have?

Of course one of the big problems is the misinformation that is being spread through the mainstream media.  We have been told over and over that Ebola can only be spread “through direct contact with infected body fluids”, but scientific studies have shown that this is simply not accurate.  Dr. Ronald R. Cherry believes that this bad information could be contributing to the spread of Ebola among medical personnel…

We know that airborne transmission of Ebola occurs from pigs to monkeys in experimental settings. We also know that healthcare workers like Dr. Kent Brantly are contracting Ebola in West Africa despite CDC-level barrier protection measures against physical contact with the bodies and body fluids of Ebola victims, so it only makes sense to conclude that some — possibly many — of these doctors, nurses, and ancillary healthcare workers are being infected via airborne transmission. It makes perfect sense that sick humans, as they vomit, have diarrhea, cough, and expectorate sputum, and as medical procedures are performed on them, have the ability to shed infectious Ebola particles into the air at a similar or higher level compared to Sus scrofa (wild boar) in the pig-to-monkey study.

There had been hope that a “miracle drug” known as ZMapp could be used to save the lives of at least some of these doctors and nurses, but there is a problem.  It turns out that some of the people that have gotten this drug have died anyway.  The following is from a news report about one of these individuals…

A Liberian doctor treated with experimental American anti-Ebola serum ZMapp has died, a minister in the west African nation said on Monday.

Abraham Borbor had been improving but died on Sunday night, Liberian Information Minister Lewis Brown told AFP.

“He was showing signs of progress but he finally died. The government regrets this loss and extends its condolences to the bereaved family,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, Ebola continues to spread.  As I mentioned above, cases of the disease have now been confirmed in Congo.  Not only that, it turns out that two different strains of Ebola were discovered by the medical tests…

Numbi said that one of the two cases that tested positive was for the Sudanese strain of the disease, while the other was a mixture between the Sudanese and the Zaire strain — the most lethal variety. The outbreak in West Africa that has killed at least 1,427 people in West Africa since March is the Zaire strain.

So now we have multiple strains of Ebola being spread around out there.

And the truth of the matter is that even the authorities admit that they have absolutely no idea how many people actually have Ebola.  As CNN recently reported, the WHO says that the official numbers “vastly underestimate” the scope of this pandemic…

“The outbreak is expected to continue for some time,” the WHO said in a statement Thursday. “Staff at the outbreak sites see evidence that the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.”

We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

But in the western world there is very little concern about this disease right now.  Most people seem to believe that it poses absolutely no threat to those of us living in the United States and Europe.

Hopefully they are right.

But what if they aren’t?

  • Bill

    I’m not convinced of the seriousness yet. The numbers are small enough that it could have been initiated by sinister forces. I just don’t trust people in high places or the media that tell their tales.

    • Tim

      Dr. Joseph Mercola recently wrote an article about Ebola. He doesn’t seem too concerned about it. Of course, he could be wrong, but I trust his judgment.

      Everyone should be taking measures to keep their immune system healthy. I would start by making sure your Vitamin D level is optimal. (If you get your level tested, be sure to get the 25-hydroxy Vitamin D test.)

  • This is weaponized.
    No ifs, no ands, no buts.

    • none

      President Obama is out playing golf at Martha s vineyard this coming weekend!
      If it wasn’t safe, would the president really be outside?

      • Richard

        Golf takes precedent over Safety any day.

      • Annette Calkins

        Have someone sneeze on this guy!

      • Greg Straw

        Hello bioweapon.. you just don’t get the same shot Ovomit got…

  • Redryder

    Hey baby I come down here tonight
    And I didn’t come to get in no fight,
    I just want you to say if you can,
    Tell me once and I’ll understand
    Baby, can you dig your man?
    He’s a righteous man
    Tell me baby, can you dig your man?

    • Guest

      What does this have to do with the subject of the article?

    • Daddyotis

      LOVE Larry Underwood! Keep ’em coming! For the dude’s question below, it is a reference from Stephen King’s The Stand…about a superflu bug which essentially wipes out 99+% of the population.

      • Guest

        I’m not a Stephen King fan.

        • jaxon64

          what does that have to do with the subject of the article?

    • jaxon64

      Awesome…captain tripps anyone?

      • cateye

        King’s best work in my opinion.

    • ray

      Is that you Larry?

  • K

    It would seem ZMapp effectiveness has been called into question. Remember some recover from ebola on their own. I suspect those that got ZMapp and survived may have survived even without it. While others have been given it and died, seems to prove that point. To me it is obvious ebola is airborne to a limited extent. But also some tests are showing ebola can live far longer outside the human body, than originally thought. This may indeed be the key. Many viruses last barely an hour outside a human host. Thus greatly limiting how many can come in contact with it in this manner. If however some of the test are correct, and ebola can last 48 hours outside of a host. The number infected in this manner rises by an amazing amount.

    • Priszilla

      Zmapp hasn’t been tested yet. Just because someone had a pill doesn’t mean it works100%.

  • Rusty

    This might sound silly, but how is the Ebola issue tied to a possible economic collapse?

    • Tim

      If it becomes a pandemic it most certainly will have an impact on an already tenuous economy.

    • kfilly

      How people are going to show up to work at an office job, in a mall, or other profession that has a lot of contact with people that can transmit a deadly disease?

      • GSOB

        They don’t. They’ll telework

        • kfilly

          I don’t think so. Besides, I just picked a couple of things. I am sure retail sales will boom.

        • Tom

          What about utility workers, law enforcement, hospital/medical workers? Schools? Who will watch the kids? If the utility workers do not report in due to illness or fear of contracting it, what happens to the electric power? water? sewage plants?

          • GSOB

            If there is a pandemic,.. there is no place like home.

            Nobody will be at the health clubs either.

        • Priszilla

          Maybe there’d be no riot in missouri if the police teleworked.

  • Steve

    Michael fishes for doom & gloom daily and ties everything to ecomomic collapse. Never a sunny day in Michael’s world. Sky is always falling. What a miserable existence.

    • K

      How quickly the shills come out when Ebola, or Fukushima are mentioned. No facts, not on topic, just a personal attack.

    • Jill

      He has to use Ebola now because economy is getting stronger ,,,,no matter how many lists he puts about bad economic #s…..everything is still afloat. Economic collapse ain’t happening.

      • Guest

        I have a request for you. Please write an article with a list of at least ten facts that indicate that the economy is getting stronger. Okay? I’ll be waiting. I can’t wait to read it.

      • jaxon64

        The govt pays you good money to troll and shill post on websites and this is the best you can do?
        Michael, I had been following this new outbreak of hemmorhagic fever that is breaking out in the DRC. Let’s pray for the families, healthcare workers and victims of this ongoing outbreak ( regardless of the trolls who don’t appear to take death and human misery seriously).
        Thanks for bringing it to the forefront on occasion-it appears as if the attention spans of the average americans and the MSM is very short. The Ukranian/EU/Russia issue gets more tense….ISIS is now entering into Lebanon…Israel is now being shelled by Gaza/Hamas, Syria and Lebanon, the death toll in Africa from Ebola rages on…but our media has been too preoccupied with canonizing the saintly Michael Brown to mention these things. A national day of mourning- including the president -to honor this latest victim of the police state.

      • Hammerstrike

        Hello, my name is Jill the Shill!

        • jill

          Hi all, I deserved to be hammered by all of you. what i tryped isnt even how I feel. more frustration than anything! how the hell do tptb keep this going so long? dollar is up. 10yr is down. etc etc. if they can manipulate this long cant they do it forever? gas is down pre-election,etc etc, wtf is going on? do you all really believe dollar is dead?
          me no shill. just bitching. thanks all for ripping me.
          the infaltion lies are another joke….whatever ,just babbling. wish you all the best. go steelers!

          • jill

            U.S. consumer confidence hits nearly seven-year high in August
            and the beat goes on

          • Richard

            Enjoy these good times and be patient. TPTB are working their plan. TPTB will likely bring their planned collapse late next year, 4th qtr. So, relax, enjoy, prep and pray. Get closer to God(Jesus). He may be all you have when it’s over.

          • cateye

            Right on Richard, right on. We need a great awakening and just might get one, but it may be too late.

      • peace angel

        PROVE IT.

  • Sandbagger

    We have family in the health care industry. That person says they receive their “marching orders” from the CDC. According to them, as of last week, they have received no alert in the hospital (California) as to Ebola.

    So, perhaps Ebola has not (yet) come to North America. But that can (will?) change.

  • Bill

    Sounds like the “eternal” threat from Fukushima is what humanity should be concerned about for now.

    • Ian

      I think the eternal threat of hell is what humanity should be concerned about. For now.

  • David

    Michael, I agree with most of what you say but this is clearly fear mongering. If you get ebola you die; hence the reason outbreaks tend to die off quickly. This isn’t an epidemic

    • jaxon64

      Sorry but this makes no sense. If you got the black death, bubonic plague or spanish flu you died also…but the former wiped out 1 out of every 3 europeans and the latter killed more people than WWI….because it kills people it isn’t an epidemic?…scratching my head over this one

    • Orange Jean

      I’m an epidemiologist… an epidemic is when you see more of some disease than what is considered normal.

      You can have thousands of heart attack deaths before it’s considered an epidemic, if the death rates are what is normally seen for a particular place. Yet if there was just 1 case of bubonic plague, yellow fever, or cholera in most places it could be considered an epidemic… because it’s not normally seen.

      That being said… you are correct in noting that there are some types of diseases where outbreaks tend to die off quickly… because most who get it die before they can pass it along, or that can’t be directly transmitted by people. That is most common in zoonoses, which are normally diseases in animal populations but which can infect humans… but rarely if ever pass between people… who are then called the “dead end” host.

  • 2Gary2

    tax the rich to save their souls:

    Ridding the world of poverty is, of course, a fantasy. Jesus knew
    this: “You will always have the poor among you,” he said (Matthew
    26:11). He also said, “God blesses you who are poor, for the kingdom of
    God is yours.” (Luke 6:20). Only a few verses before this moment in
    Luke, he cries (echoing the Old Testament): “The spirit of the Lord is
    upon me, for he has anointed me to bring the good news to the poor.”
    (Luke 4:18).

    Jesus also noted, famously and controversially, that it is easier
    “for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
    enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:23-24).

    Let’s just hope that we’ve got some very skinny camels.

    • guest

      if any man will not work, neither let him eat.
      Ponder that when you push the next taxpayer funded meal into your face.
      “Jesus also noted, famously and controversially, that it is easier
      “for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
      enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:23-24).”
      This is a mistranslation. Aramaic is your friend.
      Seek and you will find.
      Study to show yourself approved.
      (Yeah, like that’s going to happen).
      I find your posts…. interesting. The level of delusional self righteousness puffery is ahh….pathetic and to be pitied.

      • 2Gary2

        most of the poor WORK. That is why they are called the working poor. (do I really need to explain this to you? Really?) The problem is that wages are too low as the productivity gains that used to go to higher wages are being stolen by the rich.

        Jesus also noted, famously and controversially, that it is easier
        “for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
        enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:23-24).

        This seems clear-most of the rich will burn in the lake of fire, therefore, by my advocating that we tax the rich hard and spread the wealth I am saving the rich MF souls. Low info conservative Christians should be able to understand this.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Redistribution of wealth is communism, mass death and only impoverishes everyone. Do I really need to explain this to you?
          and no, no ones wages are being stolen.

          • 2Gary2

            we must be communist as all the wealth is being redistributed up to the rich.

            Wage theft is rampant. Do you live under a rock?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            That’s democrat globalism and fascism. And there’s plenty of redistribution going to the poor too. Perhaps you missed it. It’s called the war on Poverty. Do you live under a rock?
            There is no wage theft. You’re just mistaken (or stupid) when you screech that a burger flipper is worth $15-$20hr.

  • This “outbreak” of Ebola 2.0 or 3.0 is very similar to when AIDS arrived on the world scene: No worries, it “only transmitted through direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of the infected”.

    Is Ebola 2.0 or 3.0 to AIDS what IS (or ISIS or ISIL) is to Al-CIA-Duh?!?

    • JustanOguy

      Ummm… took several years to understand what AIDS even was and how it was transmitted. Ebola is nasty but it’s well documented on how it’s being spread in fourth world countries that are not very sanitary to begin with.

      Bathrooms in developed countries are more sanitary than the medical centers where the Ebola outbreak is taking place and that’s something that is not taken into account for in this article.

  • davidmpark

    Mike, I’ve been moving away from commenting online but I need to point something out.

    The protective equipment being used in Africa is not the correct PPE. Medical Staff need to use NBC suits (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) at a minimum ($30 at military surplus stores – doesn’t include masks). The one’s most are using are cheaper suits used for painting or clean room manufacturing (available at any hardware shop starting at $7) – it won’t protect from bodily fluids.

    The photos are online as to what equipment they’re using. Border agents and most hospital staff are not even using full body outfits – plenty of exposed areas of the body.

    • Aguest

      Stole the words from my mouth. It talks about the fact that PPE is scarce and improperly used in the WHO article Michael has referenced but of course that info was left out of this article. Much like many pertinent facts are highlihhted in Michael’s articles. Why would that be???

      • Aguest

        Correction should say…”much like many pertinent facts are NOT highlighted…”

      • davidmpark

        I’ve always seem Mike’s articles as signposts. Like most news media, it can only show so much without going beyond 1000 words. Depends on how far a person wants to go down the road and see what’s there.

        As to Mike’s motives… that’s for him to divulge.

    • Hammerstrike

      Have they not realized that?

      • Priszilla

        Money. The western countries prefer to buy guns. Making ammo is also more profitable.

    • laura m.

      David: what you said makes sense about the cheap suits. Ebola is spreading in the Rep. of the Congo I heard on news. Many think it is a bio weapon.

      • davidmpark

        Been hearing a lot of theories about Ebola is weaponized, this is intentional, this is unstoppable, etc. And what this really is; incompetence and a bad situation made worse.

        West Africa has been a war zone for who knows how long. This is the area where conflict diamonds come from. The citizenry are starving; so they hunted local animals for food. Probably didn’t do much hunting as cross contamination is obvious. Fruit bats are the carriers in that part of the world – they eat fruits and such, which are then eaten by game animals, and so on.

        And healthcare is under the control of the regimes (pretty much like we are), and power hungry dictators want the money for themselves and their buddies, so the peasants don’t get proper coverage. The local medical staff get poor training (some still use traditional medicines which are no better than a placebo – toxic at it’s worst) and they also get lousy equipment – like the cheap suits that can’t protect from bodily fluids.

        Like my sweet wife said many years ago: tragedies are from many people, making many mistakes, for a long period of time, and it finally comes to head in an instant.

        • Ronnie Safreed

          Black Africa is fourth not third world

  • WTF

    Ebola is around since 1970 or earlier when your sick government started experimenting with virus to use it in warfare, so dr. doom and gloom relax and try something else to scare sheeple.

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    Dear Michael,
    For all the articles you write regularly and tirelessly
    and for all the ills of the society we keep talking
    about incessantly without any solution in sight, there
    is only one panacea, and that is we need to accept
    the truth with all our ignorance! We boast of our
    education but we also live with ignorance. Until
    we seek the truth, this ignorance will persist and
    prove to be a great peril for the whole humanity!.
    This ignorance will lead to collapse of all economies in the
    One truth among many is that we need to examine in depth
    the relevance of what Jesus Christ said ” The Kingdom of God is within you”! This might sound laughable but this is
    the truth.
    Like you I am also writing an article every day choosing
    more than 100 people and adding more regularly to
    apprise them of the truth that will rule the world.
    Yet educated as we are , we have to go a long way
    to bring a change in our mindset. Words in articles
    or books are not important to educated people. The
    ongoing events all over the world including deadly
    disease of Enola will bring a change, though not
    immediately! We are too educated to comprehend the
    cosmology now! We need more time.

  • Robert Burns

    We are living in a world where a tied up human being has his head sawed off and the pics posted on the internet. We are no longer shocked by much of anything, perhaps nothing. I find this blog interesting and helpful. Why anyone decides to make snide comments to the author is puzzling other than the fact that our society writ large is more rude than in times past.

    As for Ebola, I have a very close friend who happens to be an MD and a very, very good one. He is bothered much by this Ebola business given its death rate and transmissibility. He is worried enough that for the first time he has taken seriously stocking up on food, weapons, water and various medications for his family. He has never taken “prepping” seriously.

    Scorn, laugh, ridicule the messengers all you want to, but there is no denying that the disease exists, it is virulent and there is no sealing off our society from it. Check out the Spanish flu pandemic. There were small towns in the USA that sealed themselves off disallowing anyone to come into the town. As I recall, there were some shootings of people who insisted they be allowed in. I would not discount what mass fear can produce.


      Check out One Second After by Forstchen to get an excellent description of the psychology involved in this. The story has to do with an EMP going off and how a small town in the mountains of NC dealt with the aftereffects. Very thought provoking.

      • cateye

        I second your recommendation, the book is very good and it is very thought provoking, just as you wrote.

    • peace angel

      Obama has at least 10,000 tax payer paid “cyber warriors” who troll the internet trashing the truth seers and truth seekers.

  • Jason Wilhelm

    I’ve read a few comments here that suggest Ebola is not a serious concern, but let me point out its not a leap in imagination to suggest that terrorists organizations intent on our destruction are working at this very moment on schemes to smuggle Ebola specimens out of West Africa so that they might infect unsuspecting travelers on planes, trains or residents in large population centers. No need to develop high-tech bio weapons, or acquire nuclear materials to build dirty bombs. An ISIS member with dreams of world apocolyps calls up a buddy in Sierra Leone. He directs his friend to dismember a finger from a corps that lies rotting in the street. He puts it in a baggy and conceals it in a container that can be smuggled unnoticed across borders. On arrival, the finger can be ground up and fed to pigs to incubate the virus and when infection sets in, bodily fluids harvested and encapsulated in small vials of growth nutrients. At a predetermined time, these vials are broken open and rubbed on the hands, clothing and bodies of suicide Jihadists just before they enter international airports, or overcrowded shopping malls. All the high-tech screening equipment installed at airport security fails to detect these lethal pathogens. No signs of fever or visible symptom can be seen this early after exposure. These terrorists are free to trot the globe touching and infecting anything and everyone in sight for up to 21 days.

    Maybe this sounds far fetched, but I’m sure a similar scenario has been keeping the US Government, Military, CDC and others up at night worrying about the possibilities. People only feel secure at the moment because they believe Ebola is safely contained within the borders of the infected countries and no one in their right minds would intentionally spread the disease to the world beyond.

    • Ian

      True, scary, and maybe a little too detailed. Just be careful with what you say because you could become a scape goat. baaaaah

      • GetHubNub

        Hollywood’s already done damage with it’s film Carcinegen

        • Ian

          Missed that one, heard it was pretty sick.

          • Jason Wilhelm

            haha, I thought he was talking about a new film out, but I get it now. My bad! 😉

        • Jason Wilhelm

          Are you sure that’s the film’s title? I tried to find a reference to it online, but I got nothing. Interested though.

      • Jason Wilhelm

        I’d rather be a scape goat than a sheeple! 😛


      If you can conceive of it and I can conceive of it, you can bet they can conceive of it too. Surprised it has not happened already.

      • Hammerstrike

        Here are my guesses.

        After Libya is properly secured.

        After Iraq and Syria are either secured or lost, the latter is more likely for now.

        After SHTF, just as law and order are breaking down and government forces are too busy repressing.
        Just think about it, a lot of hospitals would be seriously underfunded, struggling or even closed.
        From what I have gathered, Obamacare is likely to make coordinations worst too, especially when combined with virus attacks.

        If SHTF happens after Syria and Iraq are lost to them, they might be busy organizing another spring of democracy in Afghanistan.
        This time around they would make sure they hold all of Afghanistan before launching their attack.


          Most hospitals today are run on the JIT (Just in Time) principle. There is no excess capacity! If something like Ebola took off, our medical delivery systems would be swiftly overwhelmed. There simply would not be enough medical personnel available much less willing to march in the Ebola furnace. If anything, you would want to stay away from hospitals at all costs.

          • overit

            recent reports already about saline /Ringers lactate solution shortages and its being very sparingly used. thats a BASIC need.
            they say..shortage caused by their main supplier having quality? issues..and takes 3mths to make a batch of sterile ?%salt water in a bag?
            FFS! load of crap.
            and then add the antibiotic and other meds like anaesthetics also scant production. offshored to eu and brazil india china etc fo cheap production low wages and LOW standards of things go wrong contaminated batches and problems.

          • PB

            Shortages of common things like this occur when governments are stockpiling for events. I recall IV sets being in short supply down under (everything here is imported) not long after 911.

          • Ronnie Safreed

            Black Africa has the weakest medical infristructure & this ebola outbreak will decimate this medical system & it is just beginning!!!!!!

          • Marsha

            Very good point, the JIT (Just In Time) also called Zero Order Inventory, is popular with health care. Also, the health care has imbraced computer programs that cost the hospital facility 30% more and they create a 300% loss in production. Pay more, get less, that is how it is going. the govt legislation has pushed this, and the administrators eat it up, never looking at the bottom line. Lets see we pay doctors $150 an hour, they used to see 6 patients per hour, now we are lucky if they see 2 patients per hour, yet, we have eliminated the $5 per hour clerks, who used to do all the orders, so we are a success right? Hospitals have the stupidist of CEOs of any industry, they go around telling everyone they are a success, when they are paying 30% to get 300% less. And they do not get it.

    • Hammerstrike

      I suspect they already have cells, small groups of workers on US soil, with everything they need to cultivate and widely spread diseases (notice plural) among the population.

      Imagine a bunch of trucks and cars with contraptions that at first looks like typical ventilation systems but are spreading a lot of particles along the most busiest streets of a major city.
      Just to be safe, even the path of the vehicules may not be unusual depending on what sort of cover jobs the jihadists have.

      They would be able to contaminate hundreds of thousands of people in a single city like New York before anyone even realize an attack is ongoing.

      Back in early 2009, some 40 Al-Quaida fighters perished because they had been contaminated by the black plague.

      Ever read the Unparalleled Invasion by Jack London? It makes sense for them to use several different types of diseases, what one can´t do the other can.

      I have tried to figure out when the time is right for them to launch such an attack.
      After they have secured Libya and/or either lost or gained Syria and Iraq.
      I doubt they will win a conventional war against the Iraqi and Syrian governements, that are supported by far more Russian equipement than what the separatists have gotten so far.

      • overit

        hmm sounds just like the amerikkan mil experiments ON certain towns aerial spraying bacteria round..the late 60s early 70s?
        black areas of course.

    • peace angel




    • none

      To many people are need for that.Also to much communication is required.
      Old saying: It is not the nation with 25 atomic bombs I fear. It is the terrorist with one.
      Just secure one finger, then do not tell anyone. Board a flight and contaminate yourself. You have 21 days to spread it

    • Sean Thomas Taeschner

      Fed to a pig? Really? How could an ISIS member, who is Muslim, deal with feeding, let alone collecting serum samples, from pork?
      Pull your head out of your spynchter.

      • Jason Wilhelm

        You’re hilarious! The precise reason we’re not supposed to eat, “let alone” touch pork, is so we won’t contract diseases like Ebola from an animal that roots around in the mud and is genetically close to our physiology.

        I imagine an emboldened ISIS member with a hazmat suit on feeling undefiled, righteous indignation towards those who would ignore the simple commands of God, namely modern day Christians in the West!

    • James

      The only terrorists are Nato countries and their ‘leaders’.Ask yourself why the CDC (a privately owned organization btw) holds multiple patents on the Ebola virus,both on the vaccine and the virus itself.Then ask them to explain how a HUGE quantity of that very same virus disappeared from Fort Detrick a few years back.This is all a matter of public record!If you`re looking for terrorists,look in your own back yard.

  • ray

    Multiple strains sounds bad and uncontrollable.

  • GetHubNub

    Those who have Jesus in their lives have no fear of any of this, nor death. Just sayin. . .

    • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

      What are you talking about? Jesus is dead from Ebola!

    • PB

      Only in America…..

  • JustanOguy

    I could possibly buy into this if it wasn’t in a fourth world country where the Dr’s and Health care workers being infected are less prepared than a first responder in a somewhat developed country.

    Compare Apples to apples… The Great Flu of 1918 — Millions more died before anybody even knew what was going on.

    Yes… Ebola is nasty and certainly something to be concerned about but it’s being dealt with on a continent that is not very sanitary (or educated) to begin with.

    Since this Ebola outbreak was identified… far more people have died from other Viruses.

    • peace angel

      Obama imported two sick people and then he had 50 African leaders into the WHITE HOUSE no doubt after he got the Ebola meds.

      In addition, the border patrol have leaked reports of many infected people who are crossing the southern border from Africa.

      • Hammerstrike

        He had nothing to worry about given how far removed these “leaders” are from their own peoples.


    The Borders are wide open. The Messiah is on the cusp of legalizing the illegals. Half of Mexico with all the associated pathologies and diseases will be up here within five years. A pandemic is inevitable IMHO.

  • alan

    This story has already been super seceded by the ISIS boogieman and the end of the world earthquake in Kalifornia.

  • DeadManFromIndia

    ebola is not very contagious, it is only very virulent.

  • jakartaman

    Is it because we have the ability to see the whole world via the www and we mostly only report bad news that suggest the world is burning or has it always been so and we were ignorant of the facts.
    My guess is that the world is sliding down the abyss. And like everything today we are going down in exponential speed.

  • Bruce

    All it would take is ONE person falling through the cracks of ebola screening and then traveling to the U.S.. We easily could have a pandemic growing exponentially soon right here in the U.S.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The two health workers who were transferred from Liberia to the U.S. for treatment – apparently they have recovered sufficiently enough to not be at death’s door any longer. They may even have a chance of making a full recovery.

    So why can’t we do the same for poor impoverished West African nations? Oh yeah, money. It costs too much, right? Too expensive … to $ave hundred$, perhaps thou$and$ of live$ over there.

  • takemeouttotheballgame

    3 strikes yer out at the old baaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll game

  • Tatiana Covington

    Turns out the new virus is so deadly that it can spread through smartphones and computer screens.

    That’s why it’s called “e-“bola.


    • Richard

      You mean it can actually attack and kill your smartphone?

  • This is not the first time a huge out break of Ebola has surfaced.
    The Tora Bora region on the Afghan/Pakistan border was witness to a 150 quarantined camps with people suffering from exposure to weaponized Ebola.
    It was reported by an associate of Janes Defence Weekly 13 years ago.

  • frank1569

    Until further notice, you’re a zillion times more likely to be killed by an ignoramus texting while operating 3,000 lbs of metal at 50 mph than Ebola, terrorists, or terrorists with Ebola.

    So, live in fear if you must – but at least try fearing the right things.

  • Jackie Milton

    Best thing to do is leave those kneegrows to die.

  • 2Gary2

    Tax corporationsa to cure ebola

    Tapper asked Sen. Sanders why nothing has been done about corporations
    fleeing the country to avoid taxes, and the Vermont senator’s answer
    highlighted an ugly truth.

    Sanders said,

    Well, I will give you the short and simple answer is that we have
    a major political party it’s called the Republican Party who apparently
    see their goal in life is to represent the wealthy and the powerful and
    to make sure the rich and large corporations pay as little in taxes as
    is possible, and that’s the struggle that we’re having. But to my mind,
    not only is this tax inversion an outrage, we are losing now about a
    hundred billion dollars in federal revenue every year because many of
    these large corporations are putting their money in the Cayman Islands,
    Bermuda, and other tax havens. One out of four large profitable
    corporations today Jake, pay zero in federal income taxes. So we need
    real tax reform that asks the wealthy and large profitable corporations
    to start paying their share of taxes.

    they often talk about is the nominal rate, the rate that is on paper
    which is thirty five percent. According to the last GAO report done in
    2010, it should be updated, the effective tax rate is 12.6% not thirty
    five percent. There’s virtually no corporations that pay the top rate,
    and as I mentioned a moment ago one out four major profitable
    corporations pays nothing in federal taxes, and in a given year you have
    companies like General Electric and Boeing that not only pays nothing
    in taxes, they actually get a federal rebate.

  • 2Gary2

    here’s another important point. In 1952, corporations contributed about
    thirty-two percent of the tax revenue of the federal government. Today,
    that number is less than ten percent, so when you wonder why we have a
    large deficit and a large national debt one of the reasons is that
    corporate tax revenues and the percentage of revenues coming in to the
    federal government is much much lower than it used to be.

    blame a high corporate tax rate and President Obama for companies like
    Burger King trying to leave the US, but it isn’t true. For decades
    Republicans have been trying to shift the tax burden away from the
    wealthy and corporations and on to the people make the least amount of
    money. The fact that corporations have been able to slash their amount
    of taxes paid as a share of federal revenue by more than two-thirds
    shows that Republicans have been successful.

    The problem isn’t that taxes are too high. The issue is that
    Republicans actively obstruct efforts to make corporations pay their
    fair share. Republicans are enabling corporate tax dodging through blocking all legislative efforts to stop inversions. The truth is ugly, and it something that Republicans don’t want the American people to know.

    Republicans want average Americans to pay higher taxes so that the
    wealthy and corporations can pay less. Bernie Sanders dropped a truth
    bomb on the Republican Party, and if the American people ever wake up
    and realize what is going on, the GOP is going to be in for a world of

  • Ian

    Thanks for the “vaccines,” Bill Gates. Did you find pleasure in killing animals when you were a kid?

  • Jackie Milton

    I sure am. I see no reason to waste effort and money on kneegrows in another country or kneegrows in this country for that matter.

  • Ronnie Safreed

    Folks did you see that young man who walked out a quarentine station in Liberia? He was walking through a market place& everyone “ran away from him like hell”, plus 4 dressed up in those yellow potective suits persueing him eventually catching him & putting him in a truck!!!! Why was he leaving, because he was looking for women to lay with to make some west African babies, you know the world needs even ebola infected young men to make those love-child babies!!!!!

  • dr peter

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