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Ebola Travel Ban Now!

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Ebola Travel Ban - Public DomainIs Barack Obama completely insane?  By not instituting an immediate ban on all non-essential travel between the United States and West Africa, he is putting the lives of more than 300 million Americans at risk.  Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that you keep more people from getting sick by keeping the sick people away from the healthy people.  Because the Ebola outbreaks in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are raging out of control, it is extremely difficult to tell who is carrying Ebola and who is not carrying Ebola.  Therefore we need to keep everyone from those countries away until those outbreaks subside.  If Barack Obama had established an Ebola travel ban a month or two ago like he should have done, Thomas Eric Duncan would never have entered the United States, and we would not have two Texas nurses infected with the virus.  But because Barack Obama did not do his job, now we have a new Ebola scare popping up somewhere in the country almost hourly.  If this outbreak eventually evolves into a full-blown pandemic, we will know who to blame.

Will an Ebola travel ban work?

It has worked in Africa.  Even as the outbreaks in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have spread like wildfire, the nations immediately bordering them are doing just fine.  And there is one primary reason why this is the case…

Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, all of which share borders with at least one of the three most affected countries, have closed those borders.

At this point, nearly 30 countries have instituted an Ebola travel ban.

So why won’t Obama do it?

This is clearly what the American people want.  For example, one recent survey asked the following question…

Should the government allow people who have recently been in any of the countries in western Africa where there is a major Ebola outbreak to enter the United States?

Only 23 percent of respondents said yes to that question.

We aren’t talking about the flu or the measles or some other disease that we are accustomed to dealing with.

We are talking about a brutally efficient killer that could kill millions of us if it were to spread widely inside the United States.

Sadly, at this point Barack Obama and the CDC are dead set against a travel ban, and there are “experts” popping up all over the mainstream media explaining to us why an Ebola travel ban would be a bad idea.

They say that a travel ban would provide a “false sense of security”.

Of course they never mention that travel bans are working quite well in Africa.

They say that a travel ban would make the Ebola outbreaks worse by keeping people from going over there to help.

But very few people are suggesting that essential medical personnel should be banned from traveling.  So that argument makes no sense whatsoever.

They say that travelers would just find another way into this country, and that it is better for us to be able to screen them when they come through the airports.

What are they going to do?  Swim over here from West Africa?

If we ban all sea and air travel from those nations, the only way that they would be able to come in would be through the Canadian or Mexican borders.  And if Obama had secured those borders like he should have done by now, we wouldn’t have a problem.

Some “experts” are even suggesting that a travel ban would be “racist”.


What about all of the other African nations that have instituted Ebola travel bans?

Are they “racist” too?

Right now, the dead bodies of Ebola victims are decaying in the streets over in West Africa.  Ebola corpses are being dumped into rivers and are being eaten by animals.  Grave diggers can’t keep up with the number of bodies being delivered to them.  The Liberian government estimates that it will soon need more than 84,000 additional body bags as the death toll climbs at an exponential rate.

We don’t want that coming here.

But thanks to Obama, most Americans now believe that we will see a major Ebola outbreak in the United States during the coming year…

According to a Wednesday poll by the Harvard School of Public Health, 52 percent of Americans surveyed said they believe the country will experience a large outbreak in the coming year, while 38 percent said they believed they or a family member would be infected.

In a previous article, I blamed the current state of affairs on Obama’s incompetence.

But to be honest, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The truth is that Obama being incompetent is the best case scenario.

There is also a possibility that Donald Trump has raised.  We could actually be looking at a situation where there is something wrong with his mental health

Thursday on NewsMax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” real estate mogul Donald Trump called into question President Barack Obama mental health for refusing enact a travel ban on commercial flights from West African nations suffering with the Ebola outbreak.

When Malzberg asked if Trump, who had tweeted that the president was “psycho” for not stopping the flights, stands by questioning Obama’s mental health, Trump doubled down saying, “There is something wrong, and nobody knows what it is, but there is something wrong. There are so many bad decision. Can anybody be that incompetent? There is something wrong.”

Others have suggested that Obama may even be doing this on purpose.

Whatever his motivation is, the truth is that he is endangering all of us and our families.

Meanwhile, the CDC also richly deserves all of the criticism that it is currently getting.

This is an agency that is absolutely showered with money.  It gets more than $6,000,000,000 a year, and it is supposed to be preparing our health care system for events such as this.

And without a doubt, the money is in their budget

This lack of response is despite having these line items in its budget (2012 numbers):

  • Quarantine (non-add) $25,866,000
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections – PPHF (non-add) $11,750,000
  • Workplace Wellness – PPHF $10,000,000
  • Surveillance, Epidemiology, and PH Informatics $262,129,000
  • Personal Protective Technology $16,791,000
  • State and Local Preparedness and Response Capability $657,418,000
  • Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund Transfer (non-add) $30,000,000

How much of these funds were used to monitor, consult, advice the nurses in Dallas who were treating a man with deadly Ebola? $0.00

“Incompetent” is far too kind a word to describe the performance of the CDC so far.

But of course this is just par for the course for federal agencies these days.  This has become so glaringly obvious that even CNBC is talking about it…

The CDC is just the latest in a line of federal agencies viewed as bumbling and incompetent. First it was the botched rollout of Obamacare by the Department of Health and Human Services and the IRS seemingly targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. More recently, the Secret Service came under heavy criticism for allowing a knife-wielding intruder to burst in and run wild inside the White House, among other appalling lapses.

The CDC now is under heavy scrutiny for not moving more swiftly to ensure that Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan did not spread the disease to American nurses and for apparently unclear direction to one of those nurses, Amber Joy Vinson, about whether she could fly after treating Duncan.

As political pressure has mounted, Obama has finally made a “big move” to get a grip on this crisis.

He has appointed an “Ebola czar” to oversee the federal response to Ebola.

His name is Ron Klain, and he is a Democratic political hack best known for his work during the “hanging chads” episode of the 2000 presidential election.

The White House says that they were not looking for an expert on Ebola.

Mission accomplished.

The “Ebola czar” heading up the response to what could be the greatest health crisis in U.S. history does not know anything about the virus.

Let us hope that this Ebola outbreak fizzles out somehow and that by some miracle no more Ebola victims travel to the United States.

Because it has become exceedingly clear that our government is not equipped to deal with something like this.

Matt Drudge recently sent out a tweet warning that we need to be ready to “self-quarantine” if necessary.

I think that is very good advice.  Obviously the government is not going to be able to protect us if Ebola starts spreading like wildfire.

The only people that you are going to be able to depend on are yourself, your family and your close friends.

I encourage all of you to get prepared while we still have time.

  • DesertPaine

    “Is Barack Obama insane?” No. His failing is ego. Progressivism’s trump card has been patience; willing to unroll a plan methodically for a century now. BO wants to finish the project under his reign. This required bold moves. Like, maybe, a pandemic for which gov’t could come in and seize what is left of America.

    • Firstgarden

      What does B.O. stand for?


      • Lt

        Barry Obola.

        • Mike Smithy

          Yes, he’s a virus.

          • Guest

            And a cancer.

  • Firstgarden

    The Presidential Oath of Office:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    The Senate Oath:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

    Need I say more?

    • DesertPaine

      Yeah. And you can keep your doctor. And there’s not a smidgen of corruption. And, ebola won’t make it to America.

      • Firstgarden

        “Let me be clear…”

        • DesertPaine

          LOL, First! Except that none of us are laughing. 🙁

        • Baby Creature

          Bill Gates is A pretty man

        • Mondobeyondo

          That’s a trademarked phrase, you know. The President gets royalties each time you use it. Heh!

      • Hammerstrike

        “This is the most transparent administration in history,”

        • Firstgarden

          “On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors.”

      • Orange Jean

        ” I will be laser focused on….”

  • MIchael in Chicago

    The government watchdog group Judicial Watch alleged Friday the Obama administration is formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment.

    The group, which cited one unidentified source, said the administration would aim to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis, and that it’s not clear who’d pay either for the transportation or treatment.

    • MIchael in Chicago

      The group alleged the plan for treatment includes special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease; Judicial Watch cited its source saying the administration has not told Congress about the plan.

      “The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress,” Judicial Watch stated.

      • Baby Creature

        Brack Obama is A monster

      • Tom

        Did anyone see the article about the cruise ship outside of Belize? There is a person aboard exhibiting signs that they may have Ebola. That person is in quarantine on the ship. Belize will NOT let the ship dock there. I can’t blame them.
        The ship did make a stop in Honduras prior to the person showing signs of Ebola infection. The president is looking to grant “refugee” status to people living in Honduras so they can be brought to the US. He intends to do this by executive order after the elections in November.
        Imagine what will happen should the virus have been spread to Hondurans? Does anyone think screenings will be done before we bring people here? This is absolutely insane!

        • Mudpie

          I love it! Central America will not let us into their countries but we let their enterovirus carriers kill our kids!

          Sorry, U.S. govt. – I have a right (still) to freedom of speech and plan to continue using it!

        • GSOB

          I like the shi idea.

    • Guest

      What?? If this happens then we know he’s totally insane.

    • David_R59

      And where will the hospital personnel come from? I mean, we’re talking about quite a few patients who are all going to need continuous care, which requires many people to give it.
      eg. it was disclosed that around 70 people were involved in Duncan’s care.

      • Orange Jean

        True! And the hospital (Naval Medical Center Portsmouth) where I work in the next (attached) building… says they are ready because they have FOUR beds in their ICU where they can treat this…

    • Baby Creature

      Ted Turner is A creepy looking man

    • Mudpie

      If I were a nurse or doc assigned to these people I would quit in a heartbeat. Not worth my family’s life. Total, savage, nonsense from our affirmative action president.

      • GSOB

        Nina Pham thought otherwise.

        She’s a hero

        Our leader is smart enough to know he can rely on the counsel of many to help lead this country.

        He has everything at his disposal and he is not anymore evil than you are I.

        He is a husband and father.
        He is the President of the United States.

        If he were to close our borders, other countries will follow suite suit and we will all become like North Korea.

        Whatever the reasons are that have guided him thus far…
        we need to pray for him.

        • neal

          How do you know Obummer is a husband and father? The marriage may be a marriage of convenience (a cover for his sexuality) and a number of people have questioned if he is the biological father of those 2 girls.
          Never call any politician “our leader”, unless you want to be like North Korea.

  • Lt

    No. Obola is not insane. An insane person can not be elected to the office of president – Even though as a non naturalized citizen (which he is) can be. Hence, as an illegally elected president, duped upon the American people by his controllers – He is therefore following a plan to destroy this country that has been given to him by those that control him.

    • Kim

      The legal definition of insanity is the inability the to perceive right from wrong. I don’t think Obama is insane. I do think he is in way over his head.

      • Lt

        Yes, his head and his mouth are controlled.

        • Baby Creature

          I have A friend who is going to have A baby in January. Can any one tell me what kind of life it’s going to have?

          • GSOB

            A life of endurance.

  • Kim

    I believe he is possibly being manipulated. He is receiving bad advice from someone. I believe whoever is advising Obama has a huge financial stake in maintaining and keeping the status quo. Whatever the case, Obama is getting bad advice on a multiple of important decisions. He is not in charge. IMO.

  • K

    Psychopath,Lacking empathy and close attachments with others, disdain of close attachments, use of cruelty to gain empowerment, exploitative tendencies, defiance of authority, and destructive excitement seeking. I believe Obama’s lack of action falls within this definition. But yes, he is very much doing it on purpose.

    • Kim

      See my comment…it could be he is unable to make proper decisions do to his incessant drug use. I believe someone else is pulling the strings and that person or group’s first priority is maintaining the status quo out of financial expedience.

      • K

        You could be correct. And I have no doubt someone else is pulling the strings. But ever since he did that drone strike on a wedding. I have felt he has no empathy. Yes we got the terrorist, but we killed 37 civilians, many of them children. He did not even review his policies. Now he continues to allow flights in from ebola epidemic Countries. Sorry that shows me a total disregard for human life, and qualifies him as a psychopath.

        • Kim

          The only ones I have empathy and sympathy for is our suffering kindred throughout this land. I don’t think he is able to lead and further more, he is happy to delegate so he can play golf all day long.

          • Baby Creature

            My nephew’s wife is going to have A baby in January. We are going to name him the BABY MONSTER do to all the evil that’s coming our way now.

        • K2

          He is either a sunni hating shias or a shia hating sunnis or
          belonging to some islamic sect that hates both/hated by both, thats why
          he is unusually harsh on some muslims while unusually soft on other

          And his actions of not banning air travel, could be
          because of the oil lobby (which maybe concerned that if america
          implements a travel of the world will follow and global oil
          prices will fall) and/or because of somebody else.

      • YH

        Excellent point Kim!

      • Mudpie

        Disagree here, the man is whacked but he could not get away with using illegal drugs in the White House, maybe some kind of prescription anti depressants, etc., I suppose.

    • ian

      This sounds more like his detractors and the people who dont like him.

  • CharlesH

    Our leadership is not incompetent as one would assume. They have done EVERYTHING – absolutely everything – according to script. If you really wanted to take down this country from within – would you change anything that this administration as done from day one?

    • Lt


      • Baby Creature

        Warren Buffett is A goofy looking man

    • Firstgarden

      “They have done EVERYTHING – absolutely everything – according to script.”

      Or teleprompter.

      • Baby Creature

        George Soros is A ugly looking man

      • Baby Creature

        Satan is A real asshole

    • TheSkeptic

      A fish rots from the head down.

    • Mudpie

      Nobody could be this incompetent so consistently.

      • CharlesH

        That’s right, no one could possibly be this incompetent so consistently unless it’s by design. These people have an agenda and they’re doing everything within their power to see that each item on their agenda is checked off before they leave office.

        • GSOB

          Our leadership is a reflection of our populace… sent to figure out for us as which way is best. Give it a rest.

          You know in your heart which way is best for you and yours.

          If anyman lacks wisdom…

          You know what to do,…

          • CharlesH

            I know exactly what to do for me and mine. Your suggestion I give it a rest – surely you jest – OR – you’re in agreement with their agenda.

          • GSOB

            The enemy is death…

    • GSOB

      The virus is the sole enemy.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I have my doubts as to whether Obama has any malicious intent to destroy America – rather, I think it’s his worldview and the fact that he spent most of his childhood outside America that influences his actions.

    • AzDi

      I agree with you and if you really look at his history, he has told the American people what his plan was…..To fundamentally transform this country.

      I also truly believe he hates Americans. I believe he is going after “white” Americans because of our country’s history of slavery. I believe he and the liberals are trying to rewrite history because we “killed” Indians, pushed Mexicans back to Mexico, etc, etc, etc.

      He has tried his best to make push for one party system for the US, and it would not surprise me that this Ebola issue is a good way for him to call for martial law when the Americans get tired enough and start fighting back. Then he is in total control until……

      Or, he is just stupid! Which is another thought. He certainly isn’t a president. He is very good at organizing and he is definitely doing a good job at that especially with all of his regulations and policies. Look at the divide of rich and poor now. I could go on and on, but I just get so sick even thinking about him!

      Be as prepared as you can. We seem to be going downhill fast!

      • neal

        To punish the whites with Ebola is stupid. Most self sufficient whites in flyover country will survive the pandemic. Most deaths will be in ghettos, the projects and high density trendy areas with catchy names like Soho. The Obummer voters will make up 90% of fatalities.
        Then the disease will head south and ravage the barrios and favelas. Don’t think Mexico City will remain as the most populous city in the Americas

    • afchief

      0bama is evil, pure evil!

  • Orange Jean

    The choice of that guy as Ebola “czar” IS insane! Not only does he not know anything about the virus, he knows nothing about medicine or epidemiology. 100% not qualified.

    But to show you how pathetic this situation is… I am an epidemiologist and work with other epidemiologists. Yesterday I had a chat with my boss (30 years younger than me, a “Millennial” communist) about didn’t she think we ought to stop the flights from those countries which the disease is running wild in. Her response – no, we should keep letting them come here. Her reason – “because if we stop flights from those countries it would destroy their economy” – pure nonsense, makes no sense whatsoever … and since when is it our job (the USA) to maintain the economic viability of other countries? Of course, since she’s my “boss” I had to keep my lip zipped at that time.

    Today I had another conversation with one of my colleagues … his response was more interesting. Mind you, this is coming from a black guy, also an epidemiologist (far more experienced than my supervisor – he’s worked for DHS in a unit that was responsibile for working on controls for newly emerging infectious disease epidemics. Although it was obvious he is a liberal Obama supporter, he was far more cautious (he wasn’t quit willing to say we ought to ban flights)… even he was appalled that one of the people he knows at CDC, whose job it is to control things like Ebola, who is an expert in hemmorhagic fevers and the viruses that cause them… appears to have been kept out of the loop altogether… in favor of the political hacks (the last one and the new one).

    • K

      Jean your boss told you everything you needed to know. Money is more important then people. The number of people that believe that nowadays, is truly sickening.

      • Baby Creature

        Satan is the most ugliest looking beast known to mand kind. He’s the HELL MONSTER

      • Orange Jean

        Well I understand what you’re saying… but I sure don’t agree with her!

        One of the reasons this situation is starting to freak me out at this point is I am old enough to remember the big polio epidemic in the 50s, before they came up with the polio shots. I was 5 when they finally came up with the vaccine… but I remember our mothers (my aunts and others in our small neighborhood) being super scared for us kids, to the point of obsession with not letting us go anything that involved crowds, especially if there was water (for some reason at the time they thought if you did something like swim with some kid who had polio… you’d catch it. Not sure if it was true, but they all thought that).

        I remember when I got that shot, waiting for hours… I was crying when I got the shot, the nurse thought I was afraid of the shot, but what it was is I was afraid I was going to peed my pants it was so long a line, but my mom wouldn’t
        get me go to the bathroom for fear we’d lose our place in line. I got a green lollipop…. I remember that day almost 60 years later.

        • K

          Came along just a couple of years later. Took that oral polio vaccine. The one we found out years later was contaminated. I know you do not agree, with your bosses opinion. Still hard to work around those kind of folks. I know, at one time I did.

    • Mudpie

      I know these CDC people. They are disgraceful hacks. Do yourself a favor and get out of work where you must associate with these types (if in fact this is the case). I did, and while not easy, it is worth my integrity.

      • Orange Jean

        I don’t work for CDC… I wouldn’t for that very reason. I currently work for the military, in a medical support command. Despite the weird people (mostly the young ones, civilians and contractors… I seem to get along best with the service members), I do like the work I do.

        Also at 63, disabled, and with a different degree than what is being required for that type of work these days (despite over 20 yrs experience)… it’s highly unlikely I’d to be able to get a job elsewhere. Can’t afford to retire, spent too many years of my career working places that paid poorly and had no retirement. Where (or at least what kind of place) did you end up instead??

        • Mudpie

          I’ve been lucky to find consulting work here and there and live modestly enough so that I can do my best to find integrity in my work. Quite family oriented and into being a parent. Ironically I have considered getting into IT lately, I am old enough that I need to consider what to do for the next 25 years. It is honorable, if not glamorous, work.

          I think supporting the military is in fact one of the few honorable roles left in govt., and would feel proud doing it. In fact, I have, and what a great group of people in general.

          Good luck to you. Consider doing some of these open source courses.

    • GSOB

      No one gets a second chance to make a first impression..

      Faith holds out to see otherwise.

    • Mondobeyondo

      It’s not especially qualifications that get you appointed into the Obama administration. Just sayin’…

  • pokerchip

    Obama isn’t stupid. He’s being “run” by someone or some group. The ruination of the USA is certainly by design.

    • Impeach Obama Now !

      Think EBOLA – Thank Obama

      • ResultsNow76544

        To sign and share the original Petition to:

        “Have the FAA ban all incoming and outgoing flights to ebola-stricken countries until the ebola outbreak is contained”

        Google this sentence to get to the Petition—>
        (links not allowed here)

        “Have the FAA ban all incoming and outgoing flights to ebola-stricken countries until the
        ebola outbreak is contained”
        Over 46,000 signatures and going strong!
        Needs 100,000.
        Please sign and share.

    • seth datta

      Oh great, my previous community about the Oy Vey! organisation that runs the west and the world and has done so for the last 10000 years cannot be mentioned. Many Africans, Europeans and Arabs know this to be true. If you mention the Oy Vey!, your comment gets blocked and all useful, true and pertinent info gets removed as you get slandered by the S.P.L.C./A.D.L/N.S.A about how this crime cabal plan on wiping out or enslaving all of us in the next 50-100 years. Truly sickening.

      • El mico

        If you believe in Jesus etc the world is only 5000 years old but you say the Oy Vey mob have been running the joint for 10000 Yeats. Which is it?

        • seth datta

          Jesus never said the world is 5000 years old.

          • El mico

            The bible does.

          • neal

            The Bible does not say the world is 5000 years old.
            Some have tried to piece together timelines and an oft mentioned estimation is the world was created in 4004 BC. So that is over 6000 years ago. Plus there is no way of being certain that the years are standard years (365.25 days) or that the chronology is meant to be taken literally.

          • seth datta

            no, it doesn’t. Stop being a dozy dolt talking of things you don’t understand.

          • GraceLoveObeydotcom

            Many people who believe the bible claim its only 5-6,000 years old but that is not the truth. In the beginning there is a period of time which is unknown before the sun, moon and stars were put into place. Hence it could be said there were millions of years before the days of creation.

            Time to get your facts straight.

          • El mico

            Facts and the bible aren’t really compatible now, are they?

      • Zoltar

        So it’s a Jew conspiracy. How original.

        I’m sure you’re a Holocaust Denier as well.

        Go find another rock to crawl back under.

    • laura m.

      Country is trashed, voting is useless-don’t bother- as they are all puppets working for the Elite top dogs. Live for self/family and prep. for the worse. Enjoy what time is left. Wish I could say patriots will rise up and take back the country, but not enough of them to matter at this late date. Most everyone today will do anything they are told when the time comes because the masses are stuck in stupid/can’t think for themselves. Where are the real men today??

      • el guapo

        Where are they? They are cooking and cleaning and running errands for their wives of whom they are afraid. And why shouldn’t they be? If the modern male’s wife is not completely and totally satisfied with every aspect of his service she will simply divorce him -there’s no longer any shame in it- and then sue him for crushing levels of child support. Are you not happy with this new arrangement modern woman? After all it was YOUR idea.

  • jack

    Nina Pham in that video they show on the news did not look like a person dying of ebola. In fact she did not look sick at all. I wonder if this is just a cleverly orchestrated ruse to make people fearful and afraid. Too what purpose or outcome? Only the inside elite know the reasons.

  • David_R59

    And where will the hospital personnel come from? I mean, we’re talking about quite a few patients who are all going to need continuous care, which requires many people to give it.
    eg. it was disclosed that around 70 individuals were involved in Duncan’s care.
    I do understand that some of those such as lab. techs would cover multiple patients, but nevertheless, it would require many people, none of whom could make even a tiny mistake.

  • whteshark


    I find your questioning of our Dear Leader, Barack O-Bola, to be frankly racist. You really need to attend some sensitivity training classes so we can get to the root of your “white privilege” and work to cure it.

    A Disgusted Progressive Lib-Bagger

    • Baby Creature

      My nephew’s wife is going to have A baby in January. We are going to name him BABY MONSTER do to all the evil that’s coming our way.

      • GSOB

        Romans 10:9

  • Sandbagger

    “Is Barack Obama completely insane?”

    People I know are not asking this question anymore.

    It’s IR-REL-EVENT.

    Now, what are we all going to do about this? That question is, say it with me…


    • Baby Creature

      Yes he is. He’s the Brack Obama Monster.

  • Firstgarden

    This just in..

    Ebola Czar appointee, Ron Klain, has just tested positive for Ebola.

  • DJohn1

    I do not see anyone in the Congress doing anything about the President and the Ebola Virus possibly entering this country. To do something about it they would have to bring him to trial over the illegal immigrants to this country as well.
    Where there is smoke, there is often fire.
    In this case we are talking about a major error in policy of the President that will come back to bite him if he admits he is wrong about any of this.
    Probably the Ebola Virus is all ready here and we simply do not know about it. There has been an awful amount of illegal immigration without any controls whatsoever.
    Opening up the border is what this man is all about.
    Come about January, probably way too late, this country switches hands. Tweedle-dumb is being replaced by Tweedle-dee. Tweedle-dumb acts. Tweedle-dee reacts or ignores what Tweedle-dumb has put into motion.
    Then we are likely to see action against the President in the Congress, maybe . . .
    But by the time the Congress gets together an acts, it is more than likely too late to change anything that has happened. Or to close the doors to an epidemic.
    That a whole lot of people are going to be up in arms when this occurs will leave the President as a scapegoat.
    THEN the Congress might end his Presidency, but only when it is too late to do any good.
    Better start looking around at just exactly who inherits the throne. Because Joe BIdden is not likely to be a leader you want. Or the Speaker of the House.
    Dealing with the devil you know might be better than dealing with the devil that you do not know. That is the only excuse I see out there for the Congress not to act.
    I do think our medical community is capable. I think they have been caught off guard and surprised by this lethal virus entering our country.
    What person would pack this home to their family? That has just happened in the case of the second nurse going home to her family in Akron, Ohio. Hopefully, at the time, she was not contageous.
    The medical community as a whole is going to have to deal with this lethal virus. And you do not have enough money to pay them to do so. You are asking them to step up and die. Even so, some people are that dedicated. And that might make the difference between a large number of people dying and a small number dying.
    We have the ability to defeat this deadly virus. It is going to take both money and a lot of stubborn people to make it happen.
    Yes, there are going to have to be some fairly strict quarantines that work. Yes, the disease is likely at one stage very contageous. Possibly it is airborne despite claims that it is not. We simply do not have enough facts to go on. All previous Ebola Epidemics have not been.
    I think the drug industry better get really busy with a cure.
    The Republican Party is faced with one very bad fact. That fact is they have done nothing to stop this man in six years.
    The Court system has made a joke of taking him out of office because of a strict interpretation that only the wronged party may bring charges. That party is either candidate that he ran against.
    Neither one is willing to put his name on charges. That speaks volumes about what the party is really all about.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The Republican Party is faced with one very bad fact. That fact is they have done nothing to stop this man in six years….”

      why would they? they play for the same team

      • DJohn1

        Just like opposing gangs of Mafia families play for the same team.
        There was a real estate sign in an office that says, “We are your neighborhood professionals.”
        A Madam in a house 6 blocks down the road said: “We also are your neighborhood professionals.”
        The Republicans are with the Madam. The Democrats with the real estate office. Only one is a professional prostitute.

        We are dealing with the amateurs right now. The professionals are right around the corner waiting for the election polls to put them back in power.
        They both work for the wealthy. I speak of the top wealthy families of this country.
        The Mafia are rank amateurs compared with these professionals.

        • Gay Veteran

          indeed, why join the Mafia when you can be CEO of a bank

  • Baby Creature

    Bill Gates is A pretty man

  • GSOB

    Good advice Michael in this article –
    you’re angry, …..I felt.

    I ask that we not point fingers but
    let’s watch and pray.

    Let’s not panic but seek refuge in wise ways.

    Pray for our leaders and that
    salvation will come.

    Parents are first doctors, nurses and teachers of their own.
    Take care.

    Its coming home.

  • Captain Canuck

    Travel bans should be in place and are not racist. They’re necessary. Nigeria is close to being Ebola free.

    Obama is not inept. What would anyone do if they took office when he did? QE was the only option.

    Trying to usher in universal health care and reasonable gun control does not the devil make.

    Health insurance companies and big pharma treat disease like an industry. Liberty and the right to bear arms can still be enshrined while initiating sensible regulatrory policies to prevent further tragedies like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Isla Vista…

    The only person who’s mental faculties are in question are The Donald himself. The same guy who went on TV after 2008 and said that Wall St had TOO MUCH regulation on it.

    Like it or not, the world will not govern itself. If you think that’s the case, then you should live in the wild.

  • GSOB

    I copied this from a blogger here almost a month ago? And who ever you are,… thanks thanks thanks…

    Good advice. Long read, Save it like I did folks.
    Just in case.

    “So What Do We Do, If Ebola Comes to Our Land?

    The health “experts” on the news are

    assuring us this Ebola outbreak in Africa will not come to our country. But what if they are wrong? Nobody is telling us how to prepare, if Ebola
    somehow jumps the Atlantic and starts multiplying on our shore.

    They do not want to panic the public with what
    I am about to say. I did a little
    investigation on my own of what do we do, if Ebola comes to our land.

    According to my research: Ebola virus
    dried onto glass, polymeric silicone rubber, or painted aluminum alloy is able to survive in the dark for several hours under ambient conditions (between 20 and 25 C and 30–40% relative humidity; which is normal indoor conditions).

    However, even after 15 hours, although the
    virus vitality was reduced to 37% and less stable (more unlikely to be communicable), it was still present.

    Even a less stable virus culture will react if you have a cut.
    Once the virus has reached our shore, although not yet a
    threat in your area, avoid public spaces, especially those that require brushing up against other people on an occasional basis: movie theaters, buses,
    congested sidewalks, etc.

    Keep your distance in the grocery store cashier lines and other such locations that cause people to congregate closely. If the line looks crowded, wait for the line to diminish, so distances can be maintained.

    Do not use bus terminal or airport
    bathrooms or airplane washrooms at all; in fact, I would not be using any public means of intercity transportation at all during the first stage of infestation. One does not have to take his or her children from school at this point, but keep your ears focused on the news. When in public spaces like the grocery store, go when there is not a crowd, be conscious of what you are touching;
    maybe wear disposable gloves while in the store, don’t touch you face and eyes with the gloves. Learn how to take off the gloves and dispose of them without touching the contact points (fingers and palms) with your exposed hands, and dispose of them immediately.

    Do not touch with bare hands the items at the store, let the cashier or bagger bag your groceries, until you can get the
    products home and can clean their surfaces with bleach. If you do not use gloves, use hand sanitizer copiously. At this stage a respirator is not necessary.

    Once the virus has reached your state and people with
    symptoms have been detected in your locality, we are at stage two. The children should be taken from school and
    kept at home. They can no longer play with their friends in the neighborhood.

    Unless your job is necessary for public safety, I would be calling the boss and telling of your plans to not come to work for a “while.” Don’t jump the gun on that one. Make sure we are at stage two!!

    Stage two is that serious.

    At that point public bathrooms will become a no-no, especially for women. And only useable by men (for
    number one) if everything is automatic and there is no door handles to touch. Use your paper towel to open the
    door and throw it in the container without touching the spot that contacted the door handle. I don’t know why they
    design bathroom doors to open into the bathroom space, so you can’t push it open with your body.

    For that matter avoid all door handles in public spaces.

    Wait until someone else opens the door. I would start wearing a respirator mask (N-95) and gloves in all public
    areas. Unless really necessary, you should not be going out in public at all.

    You should have stored up three months’ worth of food and water, so you do not have to go into the public places to get groceries, medicines or supplies. The door of your house should remain closed to visitors, talk through the window. Pets that go outside at all will have to be euthanized or kept in a gage outside or kept inside for the next 63 days.

    Pets that roam free outside may bring the virus into the house. Pets that do escape during the quarantine
    cannot be allowed back into the house.

    Staying in the house for 63 days with bored kids is going to
    be difficult. Before the day arrives might be the time to think about and talk to friends or relatives about housing together during the quarantine period. When stage two arrives the other family brings over their supplies and pools them together with yours.

    Think long and hard about who you ask; in a
    stressful situation can the families truly get along with each other?

    I would make sure they were truly a Christian
    family and not nominal in the religious department. But sometimes religious people can get kooky under stress. Plan for a daily devotional time each morning for the entire group during the quarantine period to give comfort.

    Definitely you would want to include your ma
    and pa, if they live in town. Grandmas
    and grandpa’s have a way of keeping the lid on ornery kids.

    Remember that you need food and water
    supplies and medicine for every person in the house to last 3 months.

    This is all based on a virus that has no vaccine. Once a vaccine is readily available isolating yourself from the pathogen will not be necessary.

    If one of the family members comes down with early symptoms, it is not recommended to take the person to the

    At this point the hospitals will be overrun with Ebola patients and the level of care will be less than
    what would be available at home. Symptoms
    of Ebola usually begin suddenly with an influenza-like stage characterized by fatigue, fever, headaches,
    joint, muscle, and abdominal pain.
    Vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite are also common.

    Less common symptoms include the following: sore throat, chest pain, hiccups, shortness of breath and trouble swallowing.

    Hopefully the person just came down with a cold or flu because of the close quarters in the house,
    but don’t assume such, assume the worst and isolate.

    It will be necessary to keep the family member
    in a separate room in to which no one will be allowed, except the designated caregiver.

    At this point elaborate quarantine measures and protection for the caregiver is futile, because everyone in the house was in close proximity to the patient during the
    incubation period; everyone has been exposed.

    Still I would wear disposable gloves when touching the patient and don’t touch my face while with the patient, just for personal comfort’s sake. Dispose of the gloves after each use. Wash all exposed skin with soap and water
    and finish with an application of hand sanitizer.

    At this point it would be best to call for the pastor to come to anoint, pray for, encourage confession of sin,
    and offer absolution and Lord’s Supper to the patient and the rest of the family (James 5:14-16).

    Don’t be alarmed; what the pastor is doing is not
    “last rites!” Relying on God is the best thing that can be done in the situation.
    The pastor will come wearing
    protective gloves and a respirator.

    Please do not think the pastor lacks faith. He does not want to be a spreader of the contagion to other families he visits. More importantly he does not want the health authorities to shut him down because of their fear that he will spread the disease.

    No Ebola virus-specific treatment exists. Treatment is
    primarily supportive in nature. Patients are frequently dehydrated and require oral rehydration with solutions containing electrolytes. Start stocking up on Gatorade before stage two arrives, or have the products available to make your own homemade Gatorade. If the patent
    is vomiting the liquids as soon as they are given, start intravenous fluids;
    unfortunately most home environments do not have the equipment or nursing skills to administer intravenous fluids. Don’t run to the hospital at this point. You will find them overcrowded and of limited use. You will have to do your best with continually trying to administer fluids orally. Other measures needed may include common medications for pain management , nausea, fever and anxiety. A severely ill patient requires intensive supportive care; unfortunately that is when the patient is at his most infectious. Mortality rates for Ebola in Africa are presently 70%. If treatment is started early enough and is continuous, mortality rates have been known to decline to as low as 64%.

    Once a person dies of Ebola, no one should be touching the deceased with their exposed skin. Ideally the deceased should be cremated to prevent secondary transmission through varmints and flies.

    Don not try shallow graves in your backyard.

    The community may already have a disposal
    site open to bury or cremate the dead where you can take the deceased. Funeral homes and cemeteries’ will no
    longer be taking the dead, unless you are willing to pay an exorbitant amount in cash or silver. No insurance payment
    promises will be taken. The sight of the
    earthmover on the mass burial grounds will be disconcerting. There will be nothing meaningful or aesthetic about this manner of disposal, but this is a pandemic. Life is not going to be the way it was for a
    long, long time. So in preparation for this pandemic, what should we do?

    Get a 15 gallon plastic tub or (if you want to go fancy) a tote locker with tray (the tray for smaller items like medicines needed to fight Ebola) and start filling it with latex examination gloves (latex free if you have an allergy to latex) and N-95 respirators.

    Start stocking up on Gatorade or it’s equivalent, or stock up on the ingredients for homemade Gatorade.

    Start stocking copious bottles of bleach.

    Have a broad-spectrum antibiotic for secondary bacterial infections that may result due to the virus.

    It someone in the house has nursing skills, balanced salt/electrolyte intravenous solutions with all the applicable equipment to administer it. You will have to do your
    own research on the Internet of how much you would need per Ebola patient. Figure enough for half the people that will be staying in your house.

    Several two liter size bottles of hand sanitizer

    Enough common medications for pain management , nausea, fever and anxiety for the people that will be staying at your house

    A couple body bags

    Enough storable food, water and supplies for everyone that will be staying in the house for 3 months.

    Books and games to keep people occupied during the time in quarantine.

    Battery operated AM radio with extra batteries.

    Plus whatever other items that reputable prepping books and blogs tell you will be necessary
    in a civil disaster for 3 months stay.

    Start thinking about who you would want to join you in your home or you join them in their home.

    The earlier you start stocking this stuff, the cheaper and more readily available the above items will be.”

    Thanks again to who ever provided this..

  • TheSkeptic

    A doctor working on the U.S. border with Mexico has stated that it’s already showing signs of going airborne.

  • guest

    yes…close the Canadian border…that will help solve the problem! 😉

  • can not talk

    terrorists are flooding the USA/Europe with Ebola.
    too late!

  • Matt

    Why no travel ban? Because that would be a back-door attempt at immigration control.

    The freaks on the left would rather have Americans die than control the border.

    • neal

      The only good thing about the stupid Left letting in Ebola is that by far the majority of fatalities will be from those who vote for the left. The ghettos, the newly trendy inner city areas, Manhattan, Bourbon St, Castro St etc will be the worst affected as their dependence on “community” will spread the disease quickly. They have no preparation, they have no guns to enforce cordon sanitaire and they will rely on the government to save them from their situation (and die waiting).
      Smalltown USA will mostly survive and re-establish common sense values as the bedrock of the nation after the disease has run its course.

  • Priszilla

    I love the weekends nowadays. No more overtime. No access to office e-mails. No customer has my phone number.

    Time for shopping, and cooking, and baking, and gardening. The freezer needs filling. The shoes need waxing. The books need reading.

    Have a great weekend, too.

    • Lt

      European money whore – Trolling for dollars in America. Stinkin soros Troll.

  • lasflklibsareshitay3oi2ij23i4

    soldiers were sent to africa because of incredible civil unrest, anarchy and chaos. the govts are falling ‘over there’

  • Dajjie

    With you Michael on this. I don’t want the worst to happen, but mistakes and negligence are sure to follow. I hope we don’t have a pandemic. If it wasn’t for this website I never would have been prepared on other levels.


    First, the definition:
    The study of the psychopath reveals an individual who is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions. They are generally cunning, manipulative and know the difference between right and wrong but dismiss it as applying to them. They are incapable of normal emotions such as love, generally react without considering the consequences of their actions and show extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior.
    It takes a Psychopath to do what Obola is doing. Now, why is he doing it? This is not my idea but makes perfect sense to me: To cause a pandemic. To cause a panic. To deliberately create a crisis that will allow you to declare a Medical Emergency and – as the corpses pile up and mobs roam the street – Martial Law. The Open Borders argument is the foil. Obola is looking for the mechanism that will allow him to seize Total Power. Ebola is it.
    You want proof? Check out the New Ebola Czar! Did Obola pick the most preeminent Virologist in the field? No. He insulted our intelligence by picking a preeminent political hack. The Hack’s job will be to suppress, control and manipulate the information about Ebola to Obola’s benefit.
    I have been around for awhile. Knocked on doors for Goldwater. I have never seen anything this cynical. NEVER! We are in great danger and Ebola may well prove to be the least of it.

    • GSOB

      Our Honorable President is a man created in the image of our God.

      He is in that very high and powerful position because the Lord has put him there.

      Look beyond the fingers

      What do you see?


        A Psychopath and the Anti Christ.

        • GSOB

          Could it be?

          • Firstgarden

            Pls see comment above.
            Your thoughts?

      • neal

        GSOB, I don’t know if you are serious or if you have a wry sense of humour. Any president (good or bad) is not in power because it is the will of God. Our Lord has given man the power of choice and that choice may be good or bad and we must bear the consequences (in this life and the next) of our choices. May as well call Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot as the Honourable anointed servants of God.

        • Firstgarden

          Neal, if I take his meaning, GSOB was trying to say that the presidential office is an office of honor, regardless of how dishonorable in character the office holder may be at the time.

          God does not directly ordain bad leaders. (Except, perhaps in cases when He intervenes / overrides free will with Providential Government. For instance, giving the people their wish as they did with Saul when they rejected God as their King.)

          God is not the author of evil, unless we were to call the gift of free will evil. And, were He to wipe out all evil — both Actual and Potential — there would be no one left but Him. What’s a God to do that wants someone to love?

          In truth, the leaders we get are those which match the moral condition of society. Our collective moral / spiritual condition is what occupies the offices in our land. It is little wonder why those offices are now overrun by “spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  • Mudpie

    I worked with two CDC Ph.D.’s whose primary concern was engaging in exotic travel to “conferences” at beautiful locales on the taxpayer dime. They would brag about attending a 3 hour seminar in the morning once every couple of days, while attending wine and cheese parties with the fancy people from different countries. The waste and extravagance were incredible. And the beaches, well . . . let’s just say, this opened my eyes to how govt. works, big-time. Oh yes, did I mention the $125,000/year salary, amazing vacation and leave policies, and retirement perks that are out of this world? Total snowjob and the taxpayer suffers.

    And with all of their “education and training,” they cannot figure out that closing air traffic to W. Africa makes sense?

    We are in trouble people. Batten down the hatches.

    • Orange Jean

      That might be CDC, and it may be they’ve been working there for years. Where I work (also for the Feds) we haven’t been allowed to travel for conferences for years and we certainly didn’t have “wine and cheese parties”.

      I only have an MS, so a much lower salary than that… although it’s enough to live on and I think it’s reasonable for what I do (private sector similar jobs pay about double that though for my SAS programmign skills). I also pay huge taxes (I’ve never been able to afford to buy a house and no longer have a dependent); with over 20 yrs experience and a MS degree, my take home pay is under $50K. But the retirement perks for Federal employees changed about 20 years ago… not in the least generous these days. For example, if I worked my current job for a total of 20 years I would get a retirement annuity of around $400 a month. Better than nothing, but hardly extravagant. Just sayin… I have not plans to retire because I don’t feel I’ll be able to afford to, despite paying into SS since I was 16.

      • Mudpie

        You seem like a decent guy, I wish you luck.

  • Alan

    170 million people live in Nigeria, 8 people have died from Ebola since Feburary, nothing more needs to be said.

  • patriot alice

    Too many people are concerned about being politically correct instead of just being Correct.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    I watched Obama on Thursday as he repeatedly stated that ebola is a very difficult disease to contract. Toward the end of his perfectly cadenced, articulate and well intoned babbling he reminded everyone to get their flu shots this year presumably because the flu, transmitted in exactly the same ways as ebola, is so contagious. Once again he’s called us all a bunch of idiots.

  • piccadillybabe

    “Ebola scare on the high seas: Mexico and Belize close ports to cruise ship carrying health worker who handled samples from ‘patient zero’ who died of virus.” The cruise ship wanted to dump this lab worker off the ship so that they could continue on their merry way but ended up having to go back to Texas because Mexico and Belize, said “sorry, no can do.” Makes you wonder why this lab worker was on a cruise ship in the first place after handling blood specimens from Duncan. A cruise ship seems like a perfect place to infect thousands in a very short period of time.

  • Imaplaneiac

    BEST NEWS of the year: A few days ago, the Divider-in-Chief BOLDLY proclaimed that he had HUGGED and KISSED the nurses at Emory Hospital ( in Atlanta, GA. ) who treated patients transferred there who have Ebola! Did anybody else see or hear the Dictator say this!?

    • Firstgarden

      He will need ObolaCare.

      • Imaplaneiac

        F G, King Ebola and CON-gress have exempted themselves from ObamaSnare! Apparently, it’s not good enough for them.

        • Firstgarden

          This is true. But, “let me be clear…”..
          There is a special level of care that far surpasses what ObummerCare could ever offer.

          ObolaCare is solely for the elite. It is a specific antidote. That’s what that dude was after who got into the White House.

  • ian

    Reagan waited until 20.849 people died of AIDS. Obama immediately responds to Ebola. Tell me again how Obama is not handling this?

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s almost as if Obama WANTS the Ebola virus to spread. Don’t know if it’s a deliberate strategy – or if he is really that clueless. Perhaps neither. Wonder why he didn’t appoint Michelle as Ebola Czarina.

    BTW – If you want some insight on Obama and some theories as to why he acts the way he does, I’d suggest reading “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Sousa. It’s a fascinating read – to say the least.

    • Firstgarden

      “Let me be clear….

      “It is my duty as president of The United States to infect.. I mean protect… the American people from this deadly disease.
      BTW, you’re ‘safe’ on the bus.”

      He’s safe on Air Force One.

      • Firstgarden

        P.S. “Let me be clear”… It would be a demonstration of good faith if the president and his security agents travel around in Dallas on a public bus for a while. Completely unannounced, with camera crews in tow.

    • Orange Jean

      Bioterrorism jihad? And arrogant to think that neither himself nor his family is at risk.

  • B0MB3RM4N

    “Let us hope…” again, this is ridiculous

  • Firstgarden

    I wish this was just another Y2k, or Y2012k.

  • Firstgarden

    If this gets really bad, I’m taking my wife out of here.

    As the Reverend Mother said,
    “Climb every mountain.. forge every stream…”

  • Priszilla

    according to the cdc every year between 23,000 and 30,000 peoppe die of influenza in the us.

    • Orange Jean

      Mostly quite old people, from pneumonia as a complication following the flu, rather than the flu itself.

      Face it, we all will die some day from something! But I really don’t want my insides to turn to bloody jello with severe pain, projectile vomiting, and diarrhea.

      • Priszilla

        Flu viruses are multiplied by and inside the cells of lung tissue, unless the the lung mucosa is able to produce sufficient mucus as a protective layer to which the virus attaches.
        Old people usually do not drink sufficient water, which is why their skin gets wrinkled and their lung is dry. An easy area to dock for all type of viruses and bacteria.
        Mucus still gets produced but is so sticky that it cannot be expelled easily, so it stays in the lungs and gives a breeding ground for bacteria.
        All this – the destruction of the lung by the production of influenza viruses and the inflammation of the lung as a reaction to fight the bacteria off, will lead to a loss of function of the lung and insufficient supply of the body with oxygen and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body.
        So basically you die of asphyxia, while constantly coughing and having a sore throat, which feels like sandpaper is shoven down every time you breathe, while the fever is frying your muscles.

        • Orange Jean

          Gross as well, but Ebola is a lot more of the risk to all age groups than influenza and pneumonia is.

          A lot of older people get dried out from medications (for example diuretics are a common med prescribed for high blood pressure as well as for some types of heart disease). BTW, despite the fact that I drink water a lot (at least 8 cups a day, often more… and have to get up in the night and drink water)… and have chronic dry throat, overproduction of mucus that results in chronic postnasal drip… I have only had ONE cold in the past 10 years. How does that fit into your argument?. I suspect the fact I take most days a high dose of Vitamin C (ester C, in a powered drink).

          • Priszilla

            If you have chronic postnasal drip there might be a chronic infection going on.
            Mold in the house, smoking, yeast infection?
            I had this for years. Finally, comprehensive anti-fungal treatment did the trick.
            Comprehensive – the house, the shoes, washing underwear always at 60 degrees centigrade, anti-fungus cream, etc.

  • el guapo

    Ebola is just another NWO hoax designed to manipulate and control us. Like 9/11, nukes, and AIDS … wake up, people

  • Jenn

    I had thought he was obtuse or naïve or arrogant, until I saw what just that one Ebola travel incident had done to the markets. He’s not for travel bans NOT out of the goodness of his own heart, and NOT out of the idea that we’d be prohibiting aid getting to those countries (c’mon…. he’s the POTUS and yet he would have no way to write some sort of humanitarian aid exemption?).. it’s because our economy is in terrible shape, just as you write about it every day. If he bans travel, it will send ripples through the stock market that will utterly destroy the economy. So he’s gambling. He’s banking on the rest of us to stop the spread of this virus rather than doing the one thing that really WOULD stop the spread of this virus, because he thinks *that* is the lesser of two evils.

  • peace angel

    Hey Michael,

    Do you KNOW what all the money for emergency stuff was actually spent on in 2012?? Do they just siphon off the money to their own banks when it is not used for the earmark it is slated for??

  • MadAsHellYankee


    I’m of the opinion it’s not a matter of if, but when, there is an ebola pandemic here in the US. We’re already in the incipient stages of it. All this just so the left could expand their voter base so they could hold onto their power in DC. Yep, the ends justify the means for them. As far as I’m concerned, they are responsible for this. Not just the politicos, but the people who supported and continue to support the leftists, the people who put on the blinders to try to maintain their idle comforts. They are directly responsible for this. They wanted “hope” and “change” well.. they got it and got it bad. For what?

    Some worthless paper that is being devalued? So they could prove they weren’t “racist”? So they could have theirs and get yours too? You know, ebola isnt’ the only disease we have here now. The liberals are directly responsible for the ED68 deaths of our kids as well.

  • Gary Miller

    Michael — How about we leave decisions regarding infectious disease in America to American infectious disease experts?

    Give the fear-mongering a rest.

    • Orange Jean

      Because Obama has been assigning the task of making decisions to people who are NOT American infectious disease experts… including both the new “Ebola czar” (a political hack and lawyer) and the CDC director (internal medicine doc, not infectious disease doc). Oh and sending the military over there, but not military docs… engineers, etc.

  • John E

    The government will have a ton of cure for this epidemic, two years after it is no longer needed. That’s an optimistic estimate.

  • Km

    If travel gets banned, then everything else will as well – like food and beverage trucks!! Be careful what you wish for!!

  • Radioactive Man

    How is this supposed to solve anything? In order for a travel ban to work you would have to institute a COMPLETE travel ban, from ANYWHERE to ANYWHERE. Banning travel to or from one country, or even one continent, will not prevent someone from travelling from Africa to, say, Germany and then from Germany to the US.

    You really are paranoid.

    • Firstgarden

      RM, I think the idea was to slow down or minimize the spread of the disease. We all know it can’t be stopped completely by a partial travel ban. Kind regards..

    • Orange Jean

      If you are from one of those countries you should have a visa required that would show where you’d traveled and on which dates. Not so helpful if you are a US citizen, but a start.

      We could require airlines to show all connections that people are making within the past month before entering the US for everyone at least. And with US citizens, we could require not only that they show proof of ID and citizenship (already required to enter the US) but also proof of where the person traveled within the past month. It could be made temporary, until this crisis is over.

      Oh, and SHUT DOWN the da*n border!! Including “unaccompanied children”….

      Within those limitations, we could do all that for travel not related directly to those who are helping provide healthcare support for the countries we may choose to help. If someone wanted to volunteer to help those afflicted countries in some way, that still could be done… but require a mandatory quarantine upon returning to the US (maybe use Ellis Island, which had been used for quarantine in the past). Humanitarian support could be done via air drops of food, clean water, or medicines.

  • MeMadMax

    Ochooma is dumb and smart at the same time… He lets in a dangerous disease that could kill millions thinking that it will be the gateway to something akin to “marshall law” which is any power hungry narcissists’ wet dream…
    But the problem is, it can also kill him and his governmental body along with the power that feeds that body which is the private sector…

    No private sector, no government…

    But in the end, this needs to happen for so many reasons… First is to remove the weak from the strong
    Second is to finally bring down the worlds largest ponzi scheme.
    And finally, to bring down the worlds most corrupt government that has succomb to power and money… even if it’s funny money with no value whatsoever…

    • Firstgarden

      Well said. But I’m not so sure of the following:

      “But the problem is, it can also kill him and his governmental body along with the power that feeds that body which is the private sector…”

      I think there is a special EbolaCare for the elite; that is, if this disease was fashioned by them .. TPTB.

      It only makes sense to have an antidote, maybe several versions of antidote, which are perfectly retrofit to the original design.

      • MeMadMax

        The problem is the disease is mutating. If it’s mutating, then current antidotes are worthless.

        Mother nature laughs at arrogance…

        • Firstgarden

          Okay, but how do you know this? Are you saying that a general antidote for ebola will have zero effect on a specific form of ebola?
          Or is it more like a crap shoot?

          • MeMadMax

            Most antitodes/vaccines/etc are designed for certain versions of a virus. Take the flu vaccine for example, they have to keep updating/changing/creating different versions as time goes on because one becomes less effective over time. But flu is slow to mutate however which is good. This version of ebola has proven to be a fast mutator. It more than likely is also airborne too. Also, a vaccine could be just as deadly as the virus itself if the vaccine is not proven to work in the real world(outside a lab). Sorta like the deal with HIV has no vaccine and if you try to give a person a HIV vaccine they end up with HIV/AIDS…

          • Firstgarden

            I won’t even take a flu shot, when offered. I just don’t trust what’s all behind it. Or simply that I have to put something bad in my body in order not get it. (I do understand the concept of inoculation, and also the principle behind homeopathy.)

            One coworker of mine took the flu shot. He did not have the flu. Right after that, he was laid out with the flu bigtime.

            Maybe you’ll have an idea on this..

            Why is there such a PUSH for flu shots???

          • MeMadMax

            Yes, the flu vaccine is nasty. It’s made with a chicken embryo and has toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, deoxycholate(bile), and antibiotics to fight symptoms that are caused by the vaccine itself so it looks like the vaccine doesn’t cause flu like symptoms.

            The death rate for the flu has never been above 0.13 percent…

            So, in other words flu is nothing more than a minor annoyance to get out of work for a couple of days, while also creating a “flu holiday” that is akin to something like the christmas shopping season for the pharma companies…

            I think people have just become a bunch of wussies. If I myself ever get sick, which is very rare, I go to work anyways, unless it’s so bad I can’t walk, which hasn’t happened to me yet either.

          • Firstgarden

            Yeah, wusses call in a lot then are out and playing golf.

  • Firstgarden

    Imagine a tsunami of ebola-bearing jihadists coming across our porous borders.

    At second thought, don’t imagine it.
    Have a nice day. :=)

  • Arizona

    Respectfully, Let’s face it…Our leader won’t institute a travel ban, because he isn’t concerned with Americans dying, or with disease, corruption, poverty, etc…..For me our president doesn’t represent the America I know and love. It’s almost as if he is from another planet, time, work ethic, and logic. Nothing about his way of leadership makes sense to me. I read here that 23% Americans polled feel our borders should remain open to those in the African stricken nations…well, I’ve noticed that about that many of the people I know are sick of hearing about Ebola, or ISIS, or…..whatever. These same people don’t know what is happening, but could care less about what is going on. I have also noticed that the 23% are becoming bolder, and more outspoken with their non-informed liberal viewpoints. As Americans who love this country, we need to start coming up with solutions. We talk…and talk….and complain, but sit and watch an alien leader give us solutions that defies all reasonable logic. I am not that leader, and I don’t have the solutions….but I know it needs to be done.

    • Arizona

      OOOps…meant to say at the end: ….that defies all reasonable logic. We need a strong leader, who can guide the American people, give us solutions, and take us back to where we once were. I am not that leader…. (sorry)

  • David Hammond

    I hate when your articles reach infowars, because then all the quacks come out of the wood work. Otherwise, great work.

  • Mike_Travis

    Ovomit is not ignorant. He is a marxist who is committed to destroying America. So far, he is doing an incredible job while the gop sits with their collective thumbs stuck in their rear orifice.

    By law, Ovomit is a traitor (or a spy depending on what his real nationality is). He deserves to be arrested and tried, by law, for his many crimes that include treason, murder, fraud, and much more.

  • Ohh when did this happened, i was not aware about it.

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