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Economic Failure: 58 Percent Of The Jobs Being Created Are Low Paying Jobs

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Are you good at flipping burgers , waiting tables or stocking shelves?  Are you proficient with a cash register?  Do you enjoy doing mindless work for very low pay?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are probably going to fit in very well in the new U.S. economy.  According to a report that has just been released by the National Employment Law Project, 58 percent of the jobs that have been created since the end of the recession have been low paying jobs.  So exactly what is a low paying job?  Well, the National Employment Law Project defines it as a job with an hourly wage between $7.69 and $13.83.  But of course you can’t pay a mortgage or support a family on $13.83 an hour.  Even if you got full-time hours the entire year, you would make less than $28,000 on an annual basis.  The federal poverty level for a family of five is $27,010.  So needless to say, most of these new jobs are not paying enough to support a middle class lifestyle.  This represents an economic failure on a fundamental level.  Our economy is producing very few good jobs that enable people to be able to raise families and live the American Dream.  The ranks of “the working poor” are exploding and the number of Americans that are dependent on the government is sitting at an all-time record.  Sadly, if current trends continue things are going to get a lot worse.

The numbers compiled by the National Employment Law Project are absolutely stunning.  Most of the jobs lost during the recent recession were mid-wage jobs, and most of the jobs created since then have been low wage jobs.  This represents a fundamental shift in our economy.  Just check out these figures….

21 percent of the jobs lost during the last recession were low wage jobs paying between $7.69 and $13.83 an hour.

58 percent of the jobs created since the end of the recession have been low wage jobs paying between $7.69 and $13.83 an hour.

60 percent of the jobs lost during the last recession were mid-wage jobs paying between $13.84 and $21.13 an hour.

22 percent of the jobs created since the end of the recession have been mid-wage jobs paying between $13.84 and $21.13 an hour.

But even the high end of the mid-wage pay scale is not that great.

If you make $21.13 an hour and you work full-time hours for the entire year you will end up making about 42,000 for an entire year.

Yes, that can probably support a family of four in most areas of the country, but you really have to scrimp and save to do it.

And keep in mind that 80 percent of all the jobs being created now pay at that level or less.

Welcome to the new U.S. economy.

It really stinks for workers.

The truth is that there has been a fundamental cultural change in our economy. Workers are no longer valued.  They are viewed as expensive liabilities that should be disposed of as rapidly as possible once their usefulness has ended.

There is very little loyalty to workers these days, and most big corporations do not really care about the quality of the lives of their workers.  The number of companies offering health insurance to their workers continues to decline (and thanks to Obamacare that decline is accelerating even further), and the number of companies offering pension plans to their workers continues to decrease as well.

At this point, less than 25 percent of all jobs in the United States are good jobs, and that number continues to shrink.

Is this because the big corporations are not making enough money?

Not at all.

In fact, corporate profits have been setting all-time records in recent years….

Meanwhile, wages as a percentage of the economy are at an all-time low….

So why is this happening?

Well, I already talked about the fundamental cultural shift that is happening.  Companies simply do not care about their workers like they used to.  America is becoming a very cold place.

Another major factor is that millions upon millions of our good jobs have been shipped overseas thanks to the emerging one world economy.

In the old days, U.S. corporations were more or less forced to hire American workers and the wages earned from a typical manufacturing job could easily support a growing family.

That has entirely changed now.

The big corporations no longer need American workers to make stuff.  They can just close up shop and move their facilities to the other side of the globe where it is legal to pay slave labor wages to very desperate workers.

And now there is greatly increased competition for the jobs that we still have in this country because so many of our jobs have disappeared.

If you don’t like how your employer is treating you that is just too bad.  In most cases your employer would have absolutely no problem finding a replacement for you.  In fact, there are probably thousands of people in your community that are desperate for a job such as yours.

So what does all of this mean?

It means that the decline of the middle class in America is going to get a lot worse.

American families are rapidly getting poorer.  Real median household income has fallen another 4.8 percent since the last recession ended.

Meanwhile, the cost of living continues to go up and American family budgets are being stretched to the limit.

In a previous article, I noted that 62 percent of all middle class Americans say that they have had to reduce household spending over the past year.

Things have fundamentally changed.  The days of endless prosperity for the middle class are gone for good.  You are going to have to adjust.

At this point, 77 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time.

If you are relying solely on a job for the financial survival of your family, then you are probably in a similar situation.

Do you know why they call it a “job”?

It is because you will mostly likely end up living “Just Over Broke” for most of your life.

A major shift in our economy is happening.

We are transitioning from an “employment economy” to an “ownership economy”.

Most Americans that are currently working for others are not going to have a bright economic future.

That may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

Even if you are still one of the fortunate Americans that still has a good job, you need to start thinking about what you are going to do when you lose that job someday.

The system is failing, and if you have blind faith that it is always going to take care of you and provide a job for you then you are likely to be bitterly disappointed someday.

  • Tim

    So, do you believe Romney’s claim that he’ll create 12 million jobs in his first term?

    • Michael

      No, I believe that unemployment is going to go way up no matter who is elected.


    • k

      He could create 12 million low paying jobs 🙂

      He will be no better than obama. romney is the white version of obama while obama is the black version of romney.

      • Denise

        Romney could go this, if he wanted to do this. He could seal the borders, incentivize businesses returning to the USA, and help Americans start businesses by giving Americans the same tx breaks the foriegners get. He could place tariffs on foreign products. There are ways to do this. I doubt much will be done though.

        • k

          In america, lobbies frame policies not presidents. presidents only sign them into law.

    • Mondobeyondo

      12 million landscaping jobs, coming your way!
      Can’t wait till January 21, 2013…

      (doesn’t really matter if it’s Obama or Romney. We’re still screwed.)

      • Mondobeyondo

        Talk about your “shovel-ready” employment.


      • Erick

        Hey! Don’t knock landscaping!! It paid my bills this summer when nothing else was available. I use to be white collar, but have decended to brown collar! Admitted though….. You will never grow an economy on base service jobs.

    • Gary2

      just like walker said he would create 250,000 yet here we are still dead last.

  • Rodster

    One of the biggest ponzi schemes is telling kids today, “YOU HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE OR ELSE”. After they have amassed possibly tens of thousands in student loans, only to find themselves working part time at Target.

    I was lucky that my High School taught me a trade to work with my hands. In fact in NY back when I was in HS there were a least a dozen HS that were classified as trade schools. Today, that cost you.

    Michael, I encourage you to write an article on starting a small business. Being an entrepreneur today is literally worth it’s weight in GOLD.

    I now consider myself lucky to have a small business.

    • Michael


      I think an article on starting a small business would be great, but it is such a broad topic that it would be hard to nail down to just a couple thousand words.


      • Alasha

        yep, and hate suggestions like…. get $25,000 and ……Or find something you good at….

        • Rodster

          Alasha, first rule of thumb is, “you have to be self motivated”. Without that someone could hand you or I any up and running business and it would fail. 🙂

      • Rodster

        Actually it’s not as difficult as you think. There are few basic guidelines that applies to all. If you ever need some info you know how to contact me. 🙂

      • Nickelthrower


        Let me give you a quick anecdotal. Blogs like this one gave me a heads up back in 2008 and I was fortunate enough to close down my Recording Studio/Post Production House before I suffered losses. Not only that, my wife and I had been downsizing since 2006 and we were ready to go with a move on to a sailboat as we thought that the collapse was imminent and wished to have the means with which to escape.

        When the collapse did not materialize, I decided that it would be a good time to teach myself some basic electronics. Using the internet and some 50 year old books, I was able to begin making electronics that could be used in the Recording Industry and in Film Production.

        It didn’t take me long to realize that most modern electronics are Made In China and even though they sell for thousands of dollars, they usually only have about twenty dollars worth of parts inside.

        So, using quality American Made parts (sometimes I have to go to auctions to find military surplus electronics to get American Made parts as we do not make much anymore) I was able to, without any real knowledge, make a product that destroys everything made in China.

        My custom made electronics are now used in the biggest studios in the country and you hear it pretty much every time you turn on the TV and Radio.

        I build these things in such a way as to be EASY TO REPAIR. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to know anything about electronics to repair one. Not only that, the parts I use are rated to last 130 years. You’ll be leaving it to someone in your Will because it just wont ever break.

        That I went from knowing nothing to having a product with world wide distribution in just a matter of a few years (and in my mid-life) should, hopefully, inspire others to do the same. That we can make our own products and do it better only requires a change in mind-set.

        You can watch a 6 minute video of one of my products being made by hand here on my website.

        • Michael

          Very cool!

          Hopefully this will inspire other readers about what they can do to start up a business.


        • Tel

          Do you know where and how to buy real capacitors?

          I’ll name two products (from my own personal experience): a Netcomm NB-6 modem, and an LG Flatron monitor, both perfectly good products, but only while the capacitors last, which is about two years. After that either replace the capacitors or throw the unit away. If you search around on the Internet you will find lots of people reporting failed capacitors, and the companies deserve to be named because saving 10c on a crappy capacitor is scummy.

          Personally, I’m not greatly interested in valve designs, but I know some people think they are wonderful so good luck with your business.

          • Nickelthrower


            I am lucky in that there are still a few aerospace companies left in California that make capacitors for NASA and for the Department of Defense.

            They are not cheap with some of the high voltage capacitors costing me as much as $50 each. I only use those particular capacitors on my personal electronics but I still do my best to find quality capacitors for my products and I usually find a rating 2 to 4 times what the design requires.

        • Optimistic Pessimist

          The Real cost in Electronics is in the initial design, labour force and logistics for getting the parts to where it needs to be sold. The material cost is fractional provided the product is selling in large quantities and can be churned out. The problem usually is coming up with the idea and understanding how to turn that into a product that someone will want to BUY.

          Good luck to all budding Entrepreneurs – I got into Entrepreneurship a year and a half ago and one of the best pieces of advice I read was:

          There is no good time to start a business, it doesn’t matter if we are in a boom or bust. Businesses can be successes or failures in both situations. IF your business is not going the way you feel it should – take a look in the mirror and realise that you need to change what you are doing or how you do it. It is always easier to change yourself than blaming/wanting to change a customer/supplier etc.


          • Nickelthrower


            I disagree with your assessment. The real cost of electronics is in its parts.

            For example, I can use a mass produced Operational Amplifier Chip which is a solid state device and I can use them for input transformers, output transformers and for amplification and routing. They cost, when bought in bulk, about .50 each. They have a life span of several years and when they go, the unit goes with it.

            Instead, I use hand wound input and output transformers, they cost me about $60 each, will never fail and sound amazing. Frankly, other than some voltage regulators in the power supply, I refuse to use any solid state components in my design.

            In the end, both myself and my competitors offer a product at the same price point and when my clients have an opportunity to test a real hand made quality product against the mass produced Chinese version, mine wins hands down each and every time and does so because of the use of quality parts.

    • John W.

      Did you go to Thomas edison? They taught relly useful skills there. The Aviation High School in Brooklyn is hwere one of my buddies went.

      • Rodster

        Gompers HS 🙂

    • William

      ‘Dropping out of the system’ in the college world has begun. I have four children; wife and I with dual-degrees. We’re dropping the ‘US university’ system and have already started locating foreign universities to select – some as low as 850 euros per year for tuition. Siblings will double-up in apartment and they’ll have relatives a train ride away. The children are 100% for it and all H.S. prep is centered on this plan. (added bonus: my savings will fund regular vacations overseas.)

    • mark

      Good post Rodster, I used the trade I learned as a plumber and invested my skills, labor and wages earned for many years into rental property and 30 years later we have our own retirement income. We can live without social security or our union pension. Things might be hard, but we still have some freedom in the US to invest over time for your later years. You have to work real hard after your regular job for many years and live below your means all that time. That is how most become the millionare next door.

    • Rhynn

      You got that right. I came from the same system you did, but it was my dad who instilled the belief that I would need a trade. He also gave me room to pursue any interests I had at an early age, which is why I got my first computer at age 6 and a year later I could program, tear it down, and rebuild it from scratch at will. This was back in the late 70’s.

      Now at 41, I have skills that I can use anywhere, that will never go out demand “somewhere”, even if it is not down the street at the local corporate building. There are plenty of people who can “use” computers. There are nowhere near as many with the breadth of experience I have. I have never obtained a college degree because I didn’t want 100K worth of debt to be told I was too young to get a job (graduated HS 2 years early and got that experience slap in the face all the time), so I got the experience first and lo and behold the degree never ever gets mentioned.

  • GSOB

    “At this point, 77 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time.”

    …… Wow! That many? They’re doing better than me.
    I live from day to day.

    • Rodster

      Ba dum tssshhh! 😆

  • Buzzy Watts

    We were told that having a large middle class was the norm, but (surprise) they weren’t telling the truth: it was just a short period of our history, brought about by a unique set of circumstances. Really, it should have been obvious. And I must say that perhaps it’s time for the same middle-class people who cursed and spat on the working majority all these years to get a taste of their own medicine.

    • John W.

      You seem to have mental problems. How do you figure the middle class were not the working class? Have you a clue? Or are you refering to the working poor that the middle class helped support.

    • William

      ‘Middle Class’ has become a ‘phase’ in life to pass through and not an entire life for everyone. Economic mobility places many in middle class, then sickness/divorce/long-term unemployment knocks them out.

    • Save the Republic

      I thought the middle class was the working majority. Maybe not now that they have to get on welfare because their job is gone.

  • William

    Currently, 250,000 baby boomers reach retirement age each month. This rate actually *rises* to 450,000 each month by 2022. And by 2020, the number of baby boomers reaching retirement age will surpass the number of young people entering the job market. I do believe demographic trends will favor those who are prepared. Already, small incidents are occuring such a nearby school having seven teachers announce retirement a week prior to school opening (a behavior based on financial incentives.) A last minute scramble for new teachers emerged – and this is one year following multitudes of teacher layoffs in this area! (many layoffs cancelled, by the way.)

  • Washington

    Welcome to the Progressive bull Sh world of wonder! Slavery anybody?

    DHS Still Stonewalling On Body Scanning Ruling One Year Later

  • K

    From what I can see, Michael you are correct. Everyone seems to not understand, what is so different about this downturn. Why is there such a slow recovery, if there is truly any recovery. The answer is simple. Before the economy crashed in 2008, millions of jobs left the Country. Very few have come back, and the population continues to grow. The math just does not work. This Country is going back to the 1930`s, if not worse.

    • John W.

      Not only have jobs left but at the same time mass migration from the third world has been importing massive poverty and poverty level skills. hard to believe that with things as they are no one has called a timeout on all immigration legal or illegal. There is no way this country can survive if things remain as they are.

      • Gary2

        yes send the ileagles home we do not need or want them. Severely restrict legal immigration.

  • Me

    How is this going to work?

    There’s only so cheap you can make a product before you’re selling “Box of Piece of Broken Plastic – No Home is Complete Without One! ™”

    And if your consumer base is all broke…

    Isn’t there a critical mass where no one can afford anything so then you make cheaper products until you can’t anymore and then you end up cutting back on low wage employees which exacerbates the problem? It’s called a Death Spiral.

    And then… what?

    We sell to the Chinese middle class?


    Have you ever heard of “tarrifs” you idiots? A GM car costs $80,000 in China thanks to those! I’m thinking they aren’t so eager to accept your meddling in their markets as you may anticipate…

    • William

      The world has split into an online world and off-line world. If you’re working with physical goods and services, you’re in the offline world and will downshift into that lifestyle (with execptions). Online workers create value digitally and are more likely to up-shift in life (but really won’t understand why they’re better off than their physical world peers.)

  • Kevin2

    What is most interesting is that both the Republicans and Democrats in majority percentages of both houses supported and still support the trade policies that facilitated this downward mobility. Every President and presidential contender post primary from Clinton / Bush 41 up to and including Obama / Romney support these policies.

    Dosen’t the above seem quite undemocratic in a nation that prides itself in fostering democracy?

    For all practical purposes the above dynamic is no different in Europe between “The Opposing” party’s.

    Food for thought.

    • Save the Republic

      Kind of makes you overwhelmed with excitement at the choice presented to replace Obummer with Scumney, doesn’t it? Stupid Americans should have started voting independent long ago, but instead continue to march to the “if you don’t vote Democrat or Republican your vote is wasted” mantra. If 300 million Americans voted for the best candidates, rather than who they were told were their “only choices”, we would probably still be living in a free and prosperous country.

    • k

      Absolutely right.

  • Ascetik

    Michael, I love your articles man, but this makes me wanna break stuff. lol

    • Michael

      I didn’t mean to get anyone down.


      • Ascetik

        Hahaha, I’m not down or breaking anything. But it’s just scary, hey you should think of doing an article on the Mandragon Cooperative in Spain. It’s based on the distributive economic system, they’re doing great right now while other greedy corporations are tanking.

    • Alasha

      try a run and the endorphins rock…. lol

    • Save the Republic

      Don’t worry, the cheap crap that’s coming from China will break soon enough. Maybe before you can even reach it.

    • chiller

      @Ascetik, I hear ya. I’ve been monitoring and prepping for 3 years now and constantly find new things going on that make me want to break stuff. I am thankful for sites like this that keep me up to speed and informed, a little at a time, because if all of the coming storms issues hit an unprepared and clueless person all at once, it will cause them to go way beyond breaking things. First and foremost…it will break their mind.

  • Matthew

    “If you are relying solely on a job for the financial survival of your family.”

    What else can we do? I can rake in a thousand or two hunting Silver Coins after work, but it’s just that, one or two thousand. While I don’t sell the Silver and Silver will likely go up, it’s not exactly big big money we’re talking about. We may have to go back to growing our own food, but how would we get money for other things? I think a whole article should be devoted to “unconventional” ways of generating money after work that may soon become work for many. Luckily for me, I’m young and single so I can try a lot of things and wait until I’ve figured out a good money making system to get married.

  • Matthew

    A thousand or two per year hunting Silver Coins after work is what I meant, not all at once. However on those extremely lucky days, I can run into 100 or more in Silver at once.

    • John W.

      Where do you find silver coins? They have disappered in Calif. Cannot remember the last time I found on in circulation, even Wheat cent pennies are seldom see, I actually found an Indian Head nickel two weeks ago I received as change. Had not seen one of those in years.

      • Matthew

        I drastically speed things up by searching entire $500 boxes of Half Dollars. I get the feeling many people think the 1965-1970s aren’t Silver when they are in fact 40% Silver.

  • Matthew

    Oh, and I also remember a quote from an older article urging people to do something productive after work, even though it would cut into their precious time to watch TV about Lebron James. All the more reason to write an article about the possibilities after work. While I have my Silver Coins to hunt, a lot of people probably have no idea what to do after work, and I could also use some more ideas.

    • David

      Build a garden!

    • Where do you find silver coins?
      You never answered.
      I dont believe you when you say, “I can run into 100 or more in Silver at once.”

  • Mattyboy

    This will not go on for long. The Baby Boomer generation will die off leaving a huge gap to fill for upper end jobs. There will be a need for educated people and those with a degree and a skill will make better wages. America will need more educated people and we will lose all those people when they start to die off. Just a possibility to think about instead of all the negatives. Hang in there folks!

  • rob

    At least a Romney administration might create an environment better suited for small businesses to thrive.

    • Save the Republic

      Yeah, in China though.

  • Bad Dawg

    Yes, the Affordable Health Care Act is a reason. Yes, shiping jobs overseas is a reason. But yes, exponential population growth is the major reason. And when the population grows at this rate, folks become hungry and angry. And when the masses are hungry and angry, they strike out. In every country. And lets not forget that the USA grows the food for the world. So then what happens. Historically the answer is war, and I’m a huge believer in history repeating itself.

    The only questions seem to be, how soon will war break out, how many countries will be ‘All In”, and to what extent are we going to anihilate each other. I’m still practicing my food growing abilities, and hope others are too.


    • Cav

      They can’t repeal minimum wage laws. Those laws are passed to increase tax revenue. DC didn’t pass them to help the poor. The FED is trying to devalue the dollar to lower the standard of pay. A devalued dollar increase tax revenue while lowering the relative cost of US workers.

  • Texar

    Exercising after work is productive.

  • Marco

    “Workers are no longer valued. They are viewed as expensive liabilities that should be disposed of as rapidly as possible once their usefulness has ended.”

    Wholeheartedly agree with that statement – and keep in mind, I’m making well over 100k a year. In Silicon Valley, making 100k is normal. Homes around here cost 600k+ easy. Almost all of my colleagues have both husband and wife working. That’s well over $200k a year per household. And we are not rich by any means. It is middle class. And we all know that many, many job positions that we currently hold are going to China and India. It truly is the result of Globalization and the company’s bottom line.

  • Roger Smith

    A lot of the work we need to be doing will not generate revenue in the form dollars….It’s called, HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR RE-ROOF HIS HOUSE and he HELPS YOU CUT AND STACK FIREWOOD AND MAYBE DO A VALVE JOB ON THAT OL’ FORD F-100 YOU HAVE PARKED OUT IN THE SHED. The thing here is: serious value has traded hands without a taxable cash transaction. Plus, you just may find out that old, quirky guy across the street is actually a pretty cool neighbor.

  • bobcat

    It’s not just the jobs created since the Great Recession that have been low paying. Most of the jobs created since the dot com bust have been low paying. This was pointed out by the likes of Paul Craig Roberts, Mike Whitney and shadow stats. Most high paying jobs moved off shore in the 90s.

  • Well, thank goodness I was irresponsible and dropped out of art school and taught myself javascript. I’ve been working in the web dev/design industry for more then 15 years. The trend I am seeing now that is just driving me up the walls is how people with zero technical skills are ending up at tech companies. That’s not a bad thing, but it is bad when the generation coming in seems to not really want to learn anything or commit to a skill because of all the uncertainty. This makes things really unstable since demand is so high. We got people in jobs they really aren’t qualified for. But I guess thats better then Walmart.

    The USA needs to experience a massive market reset. No one has any confidence in the markets anymore, and its only a matter of time before returning vets start taking out bankers rather then innocent bystanders.

    Its not going to be pretty people, but it will be a lot better then staying on the current track.

    Last point, I still can’t help but chuckle when you still stumble upon a sheeple comment that points the fingers at the policy makers. Listen, GOP or DEM.. it doesn’t matter.. and until you get that simple fundamental truth into your head, we are all going to continue to suffer.

    • ‘web dev/design ” Its done in Chindia for $2/hr.
      Changes coming soon to your world.
      I needed a website built and found a chindian that did it for 1/4 the cost sans American “doing me a favor” attitude

  • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

    Does anyone remember the glorified hype of the 90’s that we were to become a world class ‘service based’ economy by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and others?

    This was planned. Everything has come true as predicted by Ross Perot.

    Everything but the “world class” part.

    The time for talking is past.

    • Save the Republic

      Americans were dumb enough to buy that stupid “service based economy” crap. That is code for McDonalds economy, with all the wages and benefits that go with it.

  • paul

    And remember never increase the profits tax or the companies will go to North Korea or Liechtenstein.


  • Mark

    Also you do not even mention the effects that insourcing has on wages illegal immigrants under cutting bids on almost every home maintainence work out thier

  • Mondobeyondo

    Sure, they are low paying jobs that can barely pay the mortgage or rent, and feed your family. But ya gotta admit, it’s JOB GROWTH!!! Our economy is improving every single day!

    Get hired for two full-time low wage jobs, and eventually you too can afford a Cadillac! Yes, YOU!!

  • k

    I just had an idea. why dont you do an article about how technology is affecting jobs too. The other day is read about an app, using which people can hire ”expert” in some particular areas for 25$ an hour.

    Imagine what that coud do for middle paying jobs.

    Here the link:

  • Mondobeyondo

    Job Listings of the Future:

    Wastewater Technician (aka Sewer Worker)
    Starting pay: $20,000/year
    Maximum pay: $22,387/year

    Candidate for this position must have:
    – 3 years of university level biology and chemistry studies
    – Six months of retail cashier experience

    This position’s objectives consist of:
    – Recycling the municipal wastewater to a quality beneficial to the surrounding environment
    – If a betta fish can’t survive in the finished product, or if you cannot comfortably drink the finished product, employment candidate will be immediately terminated

    Good luck, peeps! Hope you get the job! But don’t give up if you aren’t selected. I’ve been down a similar road more times than I can count.

    *just to let you know, this isn’t real.

    • Michael

      You almost had me there for a moment. 🙂


  • This will help you understand why $0.40/hour seems to be a good wage in China. This photographer was not in the big cities like bejing or Shanghai, but he was in the small towns. The poverty social services there are so much worse than here in the U.S. I’m warning you that some of these pictures are very hard to take, and one of them just made me cry. No wonder these people are so desperate for our middle class American jobs. The elites should not be allowed to put our manufacturing jobs in China. We ought to give companies a 0% tax rate is ALL of their manufacturing is done in the U.S. and we ought to tax the living daylights out of companies that have most of their operations in foreign countries and also put high import tariffs on the garbage coming from China.

    • DaytoDay

      Good link and sad.

      But I have to be honest, from these pictures, I’ve seen worse here in the U.S.

      Now that’s scary…

  • Steve

    While author makes some valid points he is stacking the deck in his favor. NOT mentioned is the U.S. has thee highest Corporate Income Tax rate of ANY country. We used to be tied with Japan.

    In simple terms if you are taxed at 35% and you look outside your country and see a lower tax rate, say at 15% for corporations, and no DOUBLE taxation on dividends to your share holders where would you move to? Duh the answer is painfully obvious.

    The Congress of the U.S. keeps taxing the hell out of business and it leaves. Just look at what California has done and you will see what the author is talking about at a national level.

    Additionally for the author to suggest now is the time companies do not care about their workers is mystifying to me. Obviously he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in the High Tech Industry, especially the computer world in the very early 90’s…over 20 years ago. You had to work for a placement agency and then hired out to Microsoft, HP, Sun Micro Systems, et. al. It was called body shopping.

    So while I agree with the author overall he did in fact stack the deck for his view my not mentioning taxes and who caused them, the Congress, that he and the rest of us voted for and did nothing to stop this.

    • nowwthen

      Worse yet, nearly all member countries of the WTO assess a VAT (value added tax) on their manufacturers as products go through the production process. We in the U.S. do not. That tax, which averages around 15% among our so called trading partners, is rebated to the manufacturer if and when the product is exported. As you would imagine they recover this by assessing the VAT on imports. Here is an example of how this affects us:

      When a German built $20,000 VW Passat is exported into the U.S. Germany rebates $3,000 to VW meaning the $20,000 Passat can now sell profitably in the U.S. for $17,000. We do not reciprocally charge a VAT on that import. Meanwhile a $20,000 Chevy Cruze built in Lordstown Ohio and exported to Germany is being hit with a German VAT increasing its cost to $23,000 in that country.

      The VAT system not only benefits foreign producers but further encourages U.S. manufacturers’ to move operations abroad and import their products back for sale here.

      Of course, if anyone in Congress had the tumerity to address this issue he or she would be instantly labeled “isolationist”, or “protectionist” and ridiculed for being an out of touch jingoistic dinosaur who just can’t appreciate how well we’re doing behind all these free trade agreements.

    • Gay Veteran

      and what is the corporate tax rate that is actually PAID?

    • Gary2

      no corp actually pays the 35% rate. More like 18%. The share of gov supported by corporate taxes is the lowest ever at this time. Was way higher in the 1960.

      Corp are under taxed.

  • k

    This phenomenon of fewer jobs at crappier wages is happening in Japan and elsewhere, too.

  • Bobby Smith

    When I became disgusted with the corp. and its “employee games” I started my own business which succeeded, and while I made more money than at the corp. I did not become rich. However, life became richer. Find something you love, start small, be prepared to work hard for a long time, learn everything about your business…product information, accounting, mkting, sales, so that you can do it all by yourself, read “Growing a Business”….depend on no-one…until you must. Its all pretty logical.

  • Xander cross

    Ron Paul is not going to save you and his son betrayed the movement for mitt Romney.

  • D

    Thanks for these articles. They are excellent and while hard for some to read I’m sure, being educated in these times is critical.

  • Stephen

    If you can stay out of debt in every way possible! If you can I think is one of the best ways to survive this wave of economic trouble. Income can be up or down and you are not under as much pressure that causes all kinds of health problems. I wonder what the average age was for those people building those Pyramids was? The more debt the more a slave you are or the bigger the rocks.

  • pete

    Dear Mr. Snyder,

    You have written a basket of these “jobs leaving America” articles. I really like your writing and read everything you post as it tends to be vast, all encompassing and thorough.

    However, you’re leaving a major piece of this story totally out. And that is the part where workers in other countries benefit from the jobs sent over there. Yes, the machine operator in Detroit made 40$/hr and the Chinese guy is only making 40$/equivalent per day….but that is what their intentions were.

    “They” wanted to balance the world workforce and they are doing that. It is sad that it is happening….but if you were planting rice for 40$/month that 40$/day job looks excellent. At some point a job hammering brass on a curb for 40$/month in your loincloth may look good here.

    It’s sad…really sad. But America didn’t have “a lock” on prosperity or is a genie that has a way of finding its way out of the box.

    Recently when America had that “lock”, many other countries around the world were living in abstract poverty. If we are to bring those “big jobs” back to the states, then the rest of the world goes back where they were.

    Frankly, I think it’s about time that our bloated and unthankful nation of cell phone toting, tatoo’d, McMansion dwelling, lip ring festooned Hummer drivers got a nice healthy dose of rucking feality…maybe one day they’ll be a bit more respectful and thankful for what they have…instead of taking IT ALL for granted.


    • Kevin2


      We had the greatest market in the world and our jobs were protected with tariffs on the 3rd world. Our political leaders forgot the US Constitution Preamble, our “Mission Statement” was “For Ourselves”. Not for globalization minded bankers looking for the cheapest labor source. It was not to lift the poor up around the globe up at our expense.

      As technology increases so does productivity and with it the standard of living. Every generation in the absence of war or nature made destruction should live better than the previous generation.

    • madsr

      Bingo! It’s all about equal wages world wide, we have been sold out by our polititians. This was no accident.

  • chiller

    “if current trends continue things are going to get a lot worse.”
    Michael, I know you know there is no ‘if’ involved here. This Perfect Storm cannot be stopped by any invention, product, country, government or individual. We know it’s coming and we know the result will not be pleasant. So how about a discussion making plans for and addressing what to do about it after it begins so we can, unlike our inept guberment, have plans in place. I believe a good place to start would be to answer the question, is this whole collapse scenario by design and if so by who and what are we going to do about them once we flesh them out? If it’s not by design but because of shear incompetence, again…who are they (elected officials) and what are we going to do about them (not including simply voting them out).

  • John S

    The National Employment Law Project is out of touch: Anything above $10 an hour is considered Big Money. My job as a cook pays $10.50 and that is what it will still pay 12 years from now when I sign up for Social Security. But now they’re limiting my hours, as I’m too expensive. My other job pays $8.25. I can get as many hours as I want there, as long as they don’t exceed 25 hours. I’m looking for a third job, but that is difficult as employers refuse to coordinate schedules.

  • rancher

    One could see all this coming. Why are so many waking up so late?

  • Concerned Pessimist

    If we get out of NAFTA, out of the UN, cut out the aid we send to all these countries who hate us anyway, and tax the products that come into this country the way our products are taxed in their country, it would be a good start to improving things here. We need to elect a like minded person to run for Office or Congress. We can’t keep picking between the lesser of two evils which is the choice we have in the upcoming election. But all this is easier said than done.

  • Isis2012

    I think it is just a disrespectful, heartless and arrogant statement as to refer to the very people and their jobs in which the middle class and upper class relied on to sustain their very own status of middle and upper class as “mindless” …

    Just where would the upper and middle class be without such cooks flipping their filet mignon or turkey burgers, waiting their tables, stocking their shelves, checking them out at cash registers? …

    Where would these middle and high class have been if those employed of these low paying jobs with hourly wages between $7.69 and $13.83 had not been there to clean their houses, be nanny to their children, trim or make prim their yards …

    And if the upper and middle class can’t pay a mortgage or support a family on $13.83 an hour even if they got full-time hours the entire year, making less than $28,000 a year …. then how on Sam’s hill did they ever expect the very back-bone of their society to do so …

    So if these new jobs are not paying enough to support a middle class lifestyle …. welcome to the lifestyle of the poor and not so famous …

    And if the economy is producing very few good jobs that can enable people to be able to raise families and live the American Dream … then welcome to reality of pay check to pay check survival and that lost hope of a shattered American illusion of a Dream world …

    I often say noting like world wide poverty … to bring about world wide equality … and it’s just time out for the Big “I” and little ”U” … and that foot on the neck of those who deserves an elevated status of existence …

    • pete

      well done!!!

  • Jodi

    Even stores are starting to cut back on cashiers. What happens when stores like Walmart, Target and JCP start using self checkout instead of hiring employees? It’s already happening. I’ve read recently JCP wants to go that direction and also I read over the weekend Walmart is testing some new app on iPhones for customers to be able to scan their own stuff eventually one day to replace cashiers. Where in the world are people suppose to work? It will get worse overtime.

  • It is time to suck it up! Either man or woman as i have said before we as a society allowed this to happen without questioning the government as to what
    there objective was when they signed these trade agreements or there other
    closet deals. I am glad i still am employed at this time but i have no health insurance either but i do what i have to do period.There has been a lot of talk on the internet that it does not matter if his majesty wins or rommney wins it is said to be over that the finacial collapse is here and it will be better than any horror/action movie ever seen. Also JP Morgan is rumoured to be going under and the feds are not going to bail them out so all
    this will do is accelerate the collapse so all i can say is as long as i am still employed my prepping time has now increased to where i no longer have any spare time and good luck to everyone else.

  • Ralphieboy

    So it is companies who “do not care about their workers?”

    With all due respect, I would expect better from you, Michael. This is a naive statement at best, and ignores the underlying cause of why US companies relocate overseas.

    The USA has the highest corporate tax rate among all developed nations. Indeed, we now have a world economy, and in order to survive in a global market, a company has no choice but to take measures to compete. While there are tax loopholes – these still are not sufficient to lower the USA corporate tax burden.

    Bear in mind that publically held coporations have a responsibility to their shareholders. And just who are these shareholders? Millions of regular citizens who invest pension funds and retirement accounts in individual stocks and mutual funds. Publically traded corporations have a deep responsibility to these shareholders, and they would be doing them a gross disservice by not taking measures to survive.

    I have a manufacturing company my wife and I literally began in my home in California 25 years ago. The first decade was a struggle – many nights lying awake wondering how we were going to meet payroll. Faced with high state taxes, we re-located the company from California to Texas many years ago. Best thing we ever did. With more freed up capital to invest, the company rapidly expanded, and we added many new jobs – and high paying jobs at that. The majority of my employees make six figures. And guess what? None are college graduates.

    We are now the one percent. And Obama vilifies us – the job creators – and wishes to punish us by driving up our taxes so we can pay our “Fair share”? Really? I can assure you that if our tax burden increases, we will do what so many American companies have already done. We will move our corporate headquarters overseas. I already have a contingency plan for this. Simply, we have to compete if we are to survive. I didn’t work like a dog for all of these years just to see our company crumble under the weight of a USA federal tax burden. I have already spoken to some of my employees about this, and most will move with us should we have to go this route.

    As for companies “caring”….Companies – and the folks who run them, even among the largest corporations – do in fact care about their employees, far more than you can imagine. It is heartbreaking to have to lay people off, a gut wrencher for all.

    It is a profound mistake for people to think that most business is corrupt. The corrupt do make the headlines, for sure, and the overall impression made by the socialist media is one of the coporate fat cat raping the public. We have always had the corrupt. But corrupt never works in the long run. It always fails. No good business tolerates such nonesense for very long. Poor ethics never makes for good business.

    I will say that a major challenge faced by business today is a declining work ethic. I have given many people great opportunity, only to see them fail because they were simply unwilling to do the basic work required of them. Atitude is, in fact, everything. And a good atitude has been steadily declining in this country for decades.

    The progressive agenda has been incredibly successful in warping the atitudes of at least half of our population. Our educational system has been degraded. What I learned in a good public high school in the 1960s is now taught in the college level. People also no longer learn real trade skills. Federal handouts have also created a huge entitlement class. We Americans have no one to blame but ourselves. We keep electing that same morons, year after year. And it amazes me and saddens me at the same time to witness the majority of Americans falling in line for political pablum year after year.

    It is a reason why I vowed many years ago to go into business for myself. The idea of being dependent on a government was one I could never accept.

    For anyone considering becoming an entreprenuer, be forewarned. There is no easy way to riches. First, you need desire, then tenacity, and the capability to never let adversity get you down. Second, you need to work long hard hours. Third, you need to properly educate yourself on just how to organize your business. Third, you need a product or service that people actually want, especially in difficult times. I am always amazed at people who start a business on the next fad, or with some frivolous product or concept. They always fail.

    If you went to college, forget most everything they taught you. If business professors were so good at business, they wouldn’t be professors. Rather, learn the art of selling. It is an art, and few people do it well. Get a mentor. Study successful men and women who have gone before you. And pay no attention to friends and family who will always tell you you’ll never succeed. Don’t be afraid of adversity. W. Clemnent Stone used to say, “Got a problem? Congratulations!” Problems teach us solutions and help us get better at what we do day by day.

    Don’t let our present economic distress get you down. Fact is, some of the world’s greatest fortunes were made in the Great Depression. In fact, such times breed incredible opportunites. We have actually doubled our gross annual revenue since 2008 selling to a sector of the market that has delclined by more than 30 percent. (Hint – we only sell to the smartest companies that have adapted to this market). I watch our competitors bemoan the current state of affairs, laying off people. Instead, we are more aggressive than ever and have adapted our product line to fit present client needs.

    Each and everyone one of us was made by God. And God does not make junk. Take heart, dig deep and discover your talents and skills. Then get moving as others standby and feel sorry for themselves. You are an American, after all, and the word “can’t” should have no place in your vocabulary.

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      BRILLIANT POST!! Especially the last 3rd and 4th paragraph.

      I started working for myself a year and a half ago, it is damn tough hard work but the sense of achievement as a reward is well worth it.
      Second the point about Adversity – getting over a problem or using it to your benefit is key.

      I used to work for an Engineering company (in the UK) as a design engineer. Around the start of 2009 I noticed one of our suppliers brought out a new range of products. The important thing with this was that it wasn’t new technology, all they had done was realise that their big multi function products weren’t selling in the same quantities they used to so they took the best bits and broke them down into many smaller more affordable products which targeted a specific application. They didn’t lay off any staff. This taught me the need to ADAPT to the new economy.

      People need to realise that they can adapt and are able to.


  • Antonio Gonzalez

    The only way, everyone can play the lottery and try win. I can’t see other.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The Powerball is an instant solution to anyone’s economic woes, unless if you’re the U.S. government of course.

  • jamraqui

    learn how to fix things, especially vehicles, appliances, and homes. people have spent 3 decades learning all about sports heroes, celebrities, and The Simpons but they cant get the lawnmower to start. since they wont have the $ to buy new ones now, fix-it people will always be able to make a buck somewhere.

  • In my neck of the woods neighbors who have small businesses are dismayed by the lack of walk in business. Less and less people have money to spend. This reminds me of 1933 – the worst of the Great Depression. However the only thing that separates the now from then is the flow of money into the system through welfare and entitlements.

    Without this we would be back in 1933. You do not want that situation. As money grows tighter
    Matthew asks about a small enterprise to make an extra buck. Even my herbs and plants as a cash flow are useless if there is no pocket money. Small farming is dead as you need expensive machinery or labor. Ad etc……

    I see more taxes going up and related governbment costs for this and that. People will have to become content with what they have
    and go to bed early and get up with the chickens and labor.

    I see a growing market for construction people who “fortify houses” and of course more security alarms and dogs – trained dogs. All of this enterprise is a growing market for those left with credit.

    I teach my two young workers to take cash only and a days paid time. Many so called employers do not pay you, or have no money at the end of the week.

    Old Timer

    • Matthew

      Good thing I work for a home security company then. I also have to wonder what would happen to my precious Silver if no one has any money.

  • Daniel

    Michael, I live in Orange County ,California and. I can tell you I have never seen so many down and out people on the streets. It is scary and disturbing! I am living paycheck to paycheck and it could me joining them a ny day. It could be any of us.
    You are right, the rich and the. Politicians do not care. The gap between the very wealthy and the very poor keeps grow
    Hard to believe some people worry that. Some. Filthy rich have to pay higher taxes rather then hungry, forsaken, homeless people. It is a sign of how uncaring and heartless we have become as a society.
    To those of you who worry about. The. rich. Wait until you. are down and out and you will see how. much they will help you.
    They will stay in their mansions. while you starve.

    • DaytoDay

      Your absolutely right.

      The Bible, told us that 2000 years ago…

      “Lazarus and the rich man”


        ONCE YOU DIE THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCES!!The rich man lived in luxury
        He was always wantin’ more
        And Lazarus the beggar
        Laid at the gate covered with sores

        It wasn’t long and the beggar died
        The angels carried him to Abraham’s side
        When the rich man died he felt the torment of hell
        He looked up, his voice rang like a bell

        Give me one more chance to do things right
        Just one more chance, I’ll follow the light
        But there’s no second chances, the Host of Heaven cried
        No second chances, you listened to lies

        The rich man, oh, he couldn’t go back
        To warn his brothers of his fate
        Now we’ve been given the charge
        It’s up to us, now don’t hesitate

        Are you livin’ in the comfort zone
        Storin’ up treasures that soon’ll be gone
        Or tellin’ your brother that Jesus died
        So on that last day you won’t hear Him cry!!!!!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Do the rich care?
      Yes, they do. Just not about you.

  • Washington

    Police admit to infiltrating Occupy Austin, may have acted as provocateurs

  • Sam

    Bush tax cuts are in place for 11 years, people. Where are the US jobs?

    • Tim

      Yeah. And where were the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

  • Washington

    Pimco’s Gross: QE3 Likely Even If Bernanke Doesn’t Provide Hint Wednesday, 29 Aug 2012

  • paul

    The Solution is very easy. Profit must flow back into the economy, and not just into buying gold, shares and options. The profit must be used to pay wages and salaries, so that the receivers can become customers and keep the economy rolling.
    In the end those who remove the cash from circulation are responsible for the missing-cash-crisis.
    To end the crisis wages, especially the lowest wages must be increased substantially.

  • Washington

    Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation

  • EMEM

    Not everyone can or should start their own business or be an independent entrepreneur. We need respect for working people, and decent paying jobs for working people
    One hundred years ago, Henry Ford decided to pay his workers a decent wage. They could actually afford to buy the product they were making.
    Ford knew that when masses of woking class people make decent money, it helps the whole overall economy.
    That way of doing business is dead these days. Corporations freeze wages, cut benefits and layoff workers in order to insure record profits and big bonuses for top management.
    If we stay on this path, not only will the middle class be extinct, but so will our democracy.

  • You didn’t build that

    The much hyped service economy. Can I serve you some fries comrade? Would like that supersized Kameraden?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Could I have some ice and stamps please?

  • take a good look at the dumbing down that is happening in our educational system over the past few years.

  • Rodster

    How appropriate 😉

    “Low-paying jobs lead Florida jobs recovery”

  • MichaelR

    I read Lew Rockwell’s website often. Some very good articles. But he is anti-union to the core. Many “free market” thinkers are. I am a Teamster because, as this article points out, the corporation I work for has NO loyalty to me whatsoever. If I thought for a minute that they cared about me and my family and were trying to do the best they could for me, my loyalty would be to them and not a union. Rockwell always has anti-union articles on Labor Day. Today is no exception: He is somewhat elitist in his thinking, though he would never admit it.

    • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

      And your ‘union’ has loyalty to you?

      LOL, cute.

  • markthetruth


  • a cruel accountant

    Where I live there are people begging for employees. Yes these jobs mostly pay 15 bucks an hour or less. But two wage earners can make 60K for their families. However you can make almost as much living off the government so why work. I know several of my friends who do this and live better than me because they take cash jobs on the side.

    Someday the government will run out of other peoples money and we will have all work.

    Some day it will be work or die. And you better have work skills or you will not make it.

    • “However you can make almost as much living off the government so why work.”

      This is totally bizarre misinformation and is completely untrue.

  • markthetruth

    The whole issue with big companies now is it all about everyone brought up all the “Patents” in the last 4 to 5 years and the patents are so vague they cover way to much ground that it makes it almost impossible to create anything without having tons of money and lawyers.

    Big Corporations own the Patent industry, the little guy doesn’t stand a chance!!!!!!! So if your lucky enough to have a patent for a rectangle display on a cell phone like apple you don’t even need do anything, just collect royalties.

    the end.

    • Florida Cracker

      I meant to patent the circle a few years back. Wonder if it’s too late?

  • grandpa

    the faster the jobs disappear and we work together as Americans the quicker these lowlives who say they run the country will be stuffed in a hole like the black plague.

  • Hey my step-son has been looking for a job for a year. He found a job changing tires he gets $5 an hour cash paid every night (IF they like what he did, if not they don’t pay him) Hey another benifit is, he is brusing up on his spanish as that’s ALL they speak there, Amerika gotta love it…..

  • Mad Max

    I wouldn’t count on these jobs for very long either – “Death by Technology”. It’s over people. We need a new vision for this country and the rest of the world or we’ve had it.

    • pavan

      I agree. We need a new vision. Maybe we should try small government and an actual free market. It’s time to return to the past. Progressive’s are leading us toward a dead end.

  • Mondobeyondo

    McDonald’s is always hiring.

    Yes, you – even YOU!- can become a Burgermeister(tm)!!

    However, 40+ years of flipping frozen patties is not my idea of a career. It probably isn’t yours, either.

    • John S

      Actually you’re wrong and it’s unlikely you could land a job at McDonalds. Perhaps you remember the one-day job fair that brought in 950,000 applications. They hired barely one-half of one-percent of those applicants. You’d have better luck applying to be a member of the Beatles.

  • Gary2

    Michael–All good points you make, however, the main reason is the declining bargaining power of the American worker.

    When labor is more scarce like it was in the late 1990’s even janitors make good money. When there is a surplus then the opposite is true. You said corp are on record [profits then you should support unions at all these low wage companies so that the wealth can be spread more evenly.

    Walmart can easily afford to double the wages of its workers. We are subsidizing all these low wage jobs with safety net programs.

    I for one do not want to subsidize these corp with their workers on state poor person health care and food stamps. This is corporate welfare.

    Employee free choice act will make unions easier to organize and force these scum bag companies to pay a living wage. Factory jobs also used to pay low wages until unions MADE them spread the wealth.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Wait till 3D-printing matures.

  • Joe

    Seems to me that today the vast majority of people in the world are unemployed (publicly) and unemployable and as technology and population increases its going to continue to get worse.

    We just don’t need billions of workers. And we never will. And we need fewer every day.

    The only long term solution as we approach Star Trek technology is to do away with the currency/wage economy and give everybody a jumpsuit and food synthesizer. “Computer: tea- hot.”

    • Really?

      Lol perfect scenario……now get everyone on board!

      • Really?

        One problem don’t need all these people usurping the elitist resources.

  • Tom

    The major problem in today’s economy is how its drilled into peoples head that you MUST go to college to succeed. But then our young people come out of these institutions with thousands in debt, many with useless degrees, and are unable to find work to fit their skills. Many of these young people would be much better served going to some sort of trade school for a fraction of the cost of a traditional 4 year college.

  • Billy

    I feel sad because propaganda is on both sides of the political spectrum. If you think about it, less education means less good jobs, they say that 1% of the world is well educated, so that is about 1% of our jobs. So one would assume the greater that percentage gets the less likely it will be an awesome job.
    If you are stupid enough to believe this than you are just as stupid t believe the Bush propaganda about conspiracy theories.
    If you are stupid enough to believe that Obama is the cause for all of our strife then your just as stupid to believe that the Bush Jr Administration was out to help the impoverished man.

    We are sooo damn lazy, and when I mean lazy I mean mentally lazy. We do whats easy; blaming others for the issues that we got ourselves into is sooooo United States. We do not take responsibility for ourselves but we are a nation of scapegoats.

    Our children had a major lack of education in Bush Jr’s time. The one thing that can help a person better their lot in life.

    2 things to note:

    we are in a technological boom, where most middle aged american’s are left behind in the dust, causing a major problem with them finding a job of significance in the world, similar to that of the Industrial revolution. Our corps are going overseas to get cheap manufacturing labor until they can make technology sophisticated enough to do it on it’s own. However we are in a capitalist nation which we tend to forget is a huge double edged sword. simply put what can save a major business more money to get more profit for the owners… Well the simple answer is go where labor is cheap, and make the items more affordable for poorer people in the states.

    No matter what side of the spectrum you are on we need to face facts that every single political leader has money coming to them to support their companies political agenda, so they can make and sell more of their crap and make the most profit out of it. If you think George Bush Jr’s Admin, Obama’s Admin, and Mitt Romney’s Admin aren’t think again. They are all getting money to persuade you in one direction or the other and masking it behind Religious, Human rights, morality, and more.
    Remember corporate America, is what is making this country money and also sinking it.

    Try to educate yourself, not settle for the easy answer, see the truth and lies of both sides otherwise you are just handing yourself over to be submissive.

  • Kathy Smith

    Yet Joe Biden was in Detroit on Labor Day telling the union people that the Obama administration is working hard to keep jobs here. What a crock. Sure can tell it’s an election year.

  • Washington

    AFL-CIO Sets Up “Hug A Union Thug” Booth At DNC…

  • Gary2

    Michael–May I suggest a excellent book called “The Servant Economy” by Geoff Faux. Excellent read. He says that the government is fully functional for the elites and that nothing will change until money out of politics. Look at retail apple employees to see the future–Highly educated retail clerks selling Chinese merchandise.

    The Servant Economy: Where America’s Elite is Sending the Middle Class [Hardcover]
    Jeff Faux (Author)

  • Gary2

    Saint Reagan should have said: the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from for-profit business and I’m here to help’.

  • Still Striving

    Its not because jobs were shipped overseas. We have technologied ourselves out of jobs. We have moved from industrial (we gave that work away) to a service country. At the same time, because there is a glut of applicants for positions, companies have decided to lower the bar for salaries. At first we all thought it might be that these companies simply wanted to maintain their bottom line during a harsh economy but we all know now it is simple greed. As consumers we need to take back control of the markets and pricing. If it is too high don’t buy. We need to stop being a nation of I got to have it now. Wait them out. Force compliance. If a corporation treats their employees bad just refuse to buy their product until they make changes. Blog about it; take out ads in the local newspaper; tell everyone don’t shop here or buy there because… Unions were great for getting an employee a living wage and good benefits. Let’s bring them back until we see corporations are willing to treat their employees as if without them they wouldn’t have a company. All companies should look at how the top ten companies to work for treat their employees. A happy employee is generally a productive employee. As for education…We have a push now because people were not trained to work in a service country and the companies that became service companies from industrial did not bother to spend the money to train their employees. Why should they when they can hire a new crop from the local university for half the salary. I know economies are cyclical and some fail and require recovery but will we come back the same from this one? A lot of changes need to be made started with treating our representatives and congressmen like employees.

    • Mondobeyondo

      But it didn’t have to be that way. We INVENTED the assembly line (thanks, Henry Ford! and mass production. There have only been 12 men who have walked on the moon, all of them American. We’ve had our faults, to be sure. (Contrary to popular belief, the Hoover vacuum cleaner was not named after President Herbert Hoover, even though he sucked big time as Prez.)

      Did we collectively just let it go, or just gave up? I think we just got too complacent. We rested on our laurels, and in the meantime, China and India gained ground. Yeah, we used to be the kings of the world. And the Chicago Cubs were once world champions of baseball, too. That was in 1908.

      **Breaking news: The U.S. debt has now surpassed $16 trillion. GASP!!!!

  • Really?

    I work in a small business that is established in my community although
    It’s just about steady no late hours or business banging on the door.
    In the last five years I have had one small raise that has been obliterated by rising costs in energy, food, gasoline, and yes phone and Internet are extras it’s commonplace in today’s world. Yes I could cut more corners and squeeze a few more dollars here and there.
    Why do i need to keep making concessions for the failure of TPTB,
    It’s really more than just annoying at this point. Everyone wants you to lock in on a 2 year agreement just to save a few bucks. The food I buy if it’s the same price their is less product (coffee your not tricking anyone with your smaller containers and yet the price has increased by
    $3 dollars in the last year and a half) gas $1.89 a gallon to $3 plus for the last several years …… yeah I do what I can in this enviroment
    to make the most of my dollars. But why should I? I know do what you can for down the road.I don’t understand what the big push for college education is especially for profit colleges just Education Management Corp. They have an 11 billion dollar lawsuit against them for predatory lending and less than standard education. I suppose nothing will come of it’s since it is owned by Goldman Sachs and both Obama and Romney have a personal stake in it, not to mention other senators and representatives. I was watching an webisode of Peter Schiff and he made an interesting point if everyone in America would by one ounce of physical silver it would collapse this fiat ponzi scheme……Hmmmmm….
    Sounds like we could induce our own shift instead of waiting for others to puppeteer our demise. But again to many sheeple on board with the status quo. I’m pissed and tired of working my tail off to make ends meet , never had a problem with doing my part it’s when my part keeps chasing my tail in a circle and digging a whole from the round and round, that gets under my skin I should be rewarding myself for my achievements not making more concessions. As far as the jobs predicament nobody within the scope of power is gonna do anything to really change things for the better . Unless you can invent the “GOOGENFLARBEN” and put 45 million people to work making this godsend product,sales,service,manufacturing and resale nothing is gonna change in America the candlestick chart will keep pushing downward until it bottoms out and their is no more room to plummet.
    Then some , many or all doomsday scenarios will come to fruition.
    If the agenda of our so called Mickey Mouse leaders cared about us the 99%ers it would not be like this period!!!!!! …….So……Now…….it becomes more apparent that we as a community of 99%ers have to take back our country and way of life but again in my guesstamation only about 20% of those 99%ers actually give a ******.
    Were screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Really?

      My point about the college (before I strayed ) was that even with credentials and degrees and certificates their is only a few areas where those jobs will be lucrative, Healthcare, Politics if your in with the good ole boys and service. We don’t need a community with 20 million in IT or 25 million in management you still end up with market over saturated with educated people and THEIR ARE NO JOBS FOR THEM! Fill these kids heads with the fictitious lie of the American dream for a reality check of a mountain of college debt that you can’t file bankruptcy on and job working at Walmart or the Quickiemart it’s disgusting.
      I’m all for education , but what’s the point if you can’t utilize the skills you have learned to earn a decent living. Someone studying Native American Culture will definitely be in the $7.50 to $13.50 pay scale with an approximate $90 to $130 thousand dollars of college debt.LMAO
      Good luck with that hope you know someone on the inside.

  • harryheck

    workers not valued? how about “workers are valued as a liability,” instead? i find it amusing that people complain and are shocked by this current event, but guess what? this is capitalism at its finest. this is precisely why capitalism is a horrible historic phenomena–meaning, it is historical, but not eternal/natural. if you want labor to be meaningful, get rid of capitalism. in the past 80 years, there’s a reason why “workers were valued”: governments and the most wealthy of society did not want a revolution, and so they implemented “reforms” to reign in the inhumane aspects of capitalism–that is, until the wealthy wanted to again try their hand at taking more, while paying workers less. the conditions that are arising today will again lead to the historic conditions that influenced marx to write his treatise on ‘capital.’

    let it sink deep within your brains: THE CONDITION WHEREBY WORKERS ARE TREATED LIKE ****** IS THE CONDITION MOST SOUGHT AFTER BY CAPITALISTS. for example, small business owners, let’s say your business does well for a while, whereby you can pay your workers well while accumulating a steadily increasing return/salary/etc. let’s say the “economy” tanks and your return/salary/etc. diminishes to the point whereby you are taking in an average return/salary/etc. that reflects the common pay of your workers. eventually, you’ll want to cut the wages/salaries of your workers so that you can get a bigger slice of the pie, thereby deteriorating the condition of existence for the worker so that a higher profit can be attained. this is why capitalism will NEVER satisfy needs; capitalism will always destroy human life. such is why workers are no longer “valued.”

    • sorossucks

      You are a weak minded fool spouting , corMarxist drivel. Capitalism is a system in which an equal exchange of goods is made and there is a free, unfettered market not controlled by the government. Under Capitalism the individual is rewarded for hard work and laziness is not rewarded. What we are seeing now – what people erroneously call “crony capitalism” is anything but. It is fascism, corporatism.

      This is what happens when, like under Mussolini and Hitler, Juan Perone and others like them, use corporations controlled and financed by the government to reward their friends and punish their enemies. Obama is a dictator who has embraced the so-called “third way”, the transition station between a Democratic Republic and a Communist police state. Even China and Germany are saying this. If you are smart you will push back hard and push back now or start making plans to leave the country.

  • mike Bookstein

    I totally agree with you that the middle class is disappearing. Thats because we are relying on companies and not ourselves. There is only one person that can make a difference in your life and that is you. Entrepreneurship and owning your own business doing something your passionate about and love will be the next wave going into the next generation. America was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit and we’ve lost touch with that. We also need to focus in on a self directed leadership education in where the service to each other, our neighbors, improving our marriages is put on the top list of our priorities. We also need to recapture our freedoms and be proud to have GOD on our currency and in our hearts instead of worrying if it will offend a small minority of people in this country. One person at a time we need to bring our country back to wear it once was. We all need to do our part. Lets stop with this chicken little sky is falling and make things happen. Its up to us now as Americans, lets show them what were truly made of.

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