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Economic Pain

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For decades, most Americans have enjoyed an extremely high standard of living.  In fact, most of us have been “enjoying the high life” and “living the dream” for so long that we have assumed that it is just always going to be that way.  But now a rapidly growing percentage of Americans is getting the chance to experience some very serious economic pain.  Today, over 40 million Americans are on food stamps and over 20 million U.S. children are living in poverty.  Tens of millions of Americans are unemployed, and personal bankruptcies and foreclosures continue to set all-time records.  For many people, all of this economic turmoil was completely unexpected.  Millions of people now can’t sleep at night because they are constantly stressed about finances.  More couples than ever are being torn about by arguments over money.  Unprecedented numbers of Americans have experienced a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs upon the realization that they are going to lose the homes that they have been raising their families in.  Money may not buy happiness, but as tens of millions of Americans are finding out, the lack of it can bring a whole lot of pain.

Now, the truth is that there have always been a small percentage of Americans that have struggled to get by, but today we are seeing more Americans who are “down on their luck” than at any other time in recent memory.  According to one shocking new survey, 28% of all U.S. households have at least one member that is looking for a full-time job.

It seems like almost everyone has a family member or a close friend who is looking for a job.  The truth is that there are not enough jobs for everyone, and there certainly are not nearly enough good jobs. 

A recent Pew Research survey found that 55 percent of the U.S. labor force has experienced either unemployment, a pay decrease, a reduction in hours or an involuntary move to part-time work since the recession began.

55 percent?

That is incredible.

That means that over half of all American workers have been unemployed or have been forced to take a reduction in pay since the recession started.

Things are getting really tough out there.

Millions of Americans are wondering why their husbands or wives suddenly can’t find jobs.

In fact, the average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen to an all-time high.  The declining economy has created a new class of chronically unemployed Americans who would love to work but can’t seem to find anyone to hire them.

Millions of Americans have been forced to turn to part-time work.  In fact, one recent survey found that approximately 8.6 million American workers are working part time because they can’t get full-time jobs.

In this economic environment, there is significant competition for even the lowest paying jobs.

You never know – this holiday season the friendly gentleman greeting you down at the local Wal-Mart may actually have several advanced degrees but just cannot find anyone else who will hire him.

As the economic situation continues to deteriorate, record numbers of Americans are going bankrupt and are losing their homes.  In fact, banks repossessed a record number of U.S. homes during the second quarter of 2010.

So it is really no wonder why so many Americans are feeling so negative about the economy.

According to one new survey, U.S. consumer sentiment weakened in early July to its lowest in 11 months.  In addition, one recent poll found that 76 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy is still in a recession.

But sometimes what gets lost in all the numbers are the individual stories of the very real pain that so many Americans are going through.  Today, I thought that I would share just a few of the stories of economic pain that my readers have been sharing with me.

A reader of my column on The American Dream blog named Kate recently graduated from college but now finds that she can’t even get a retail job….

I just graduated college in May… Moved to a new state and am now living with my boyfriend who should not and cannot continue to have to pay everything because i just plain can’t get a job.

I’m over qualified for retail survivor jobs… so I lie on my application. But then retail stores just plain don’t hire full time. So even if I could get a job as a cashier someplace… I’d only work enough hours to maybe pay for my car payment/ car insurance/ gas…. and my half of rent/electric and such is out of the question… not to mention charged to the limit credit cards from being unemployed and student loans that will hit in just a matter of months.

Any other jobs either don’t exist or they just ALL want 5 years professional experience…. which is impossible for someone who just graduated and has been working part time retail jobs since high school.

AND internships are unpaid or only for college students so thats out of the question….

But the fact of the matter is that jobs don’t care about education in the least bit if you don’t have the real professional work experience to back it up.

A reader of this column named David ended up taking a very low paying job overseas because he simply couldn’t find anything here in the United States….

I have been looking for a job since June 2009. I am a prior Army officer who knows four foreign languages and has lived around the world. I have sent out over 100 resumes over the past year. Finally, I got a job offer to teach English in Russia for $720 per month. Yes, $720 per month. Luckily my housing is paid for. So, I took my tax return and left for Russia to teach English. The American economy is broken and it will get worse. We are in the early stages of a total meltdown in America. Yes, if you are an American, you better prepare yourself for the worst is still to come.

But even those who do have jobs are facing some very difficult circumstances as one of my readers named Ana recently described….

I am a cop’s wife. My husband currently works for a Sheriff’s office who is extremely understaffed and the county wastes money like there is no tomorrow. They threaten the Sheriff with more layoffs if they don’t write more tickets on the highway. My husband has often had to patrol the entire county by himself for a full 12 hour shift. It is a bad situation for everyone.

The truth is that there are millions of stories like the ones above.  Economic pain is everywhere, and the American people are becoming increasingly frustrated.  Most Americans don’t understand why the economy is suddenly in the toilet – all most of them know is that things are broken and they desperately want someone to fix things. 

A lot of this frustration is coming out as anger towards the government.  People are waking up and are starting to realize that the American ruling class has been doing an incredibly bad job of running things.  The American people are hungry for a real change.  In fact, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 23% of voters nationwide believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed.

But will we start to see some real changes in the years ahead?

Unfortunately, that is quite doubtful.  The reality is that the American ruling class has a stranglehold on both political parties, and they are not going to release their grip easily.

Meanwhile, our leaders continue to perpetuate the same failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place.  But unless some fundamental changes are made soon, the economic pain that Americans are experiencing is going to continue to get even worse.

So do you have a story of economic pain to share?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below….

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    In fact, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 23% of voters nationwide believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed.

    Really? That high?

    Like Obamacare, where poll after poll showed an American majority was against the bill and they rammed it down our throats anyway.

    Like TARP or the GM bailout?

    How about campaign reform? Is there anyone outside of government that doesn’t want campaign reform? Are we going to continue to let American businesses and banks donate millions to Congress members so that they can screw taxpayers and consumers some more. Big pharma, big health insurers ripping us off at will?

    Or how about a Federal Government suing a state over a law they refuse to enforce? As a former cop, if I refused to enforce a law—I would have been fired and perhaps prosecuted. Yet the Feds behave with impunity. Up yours they tell us.

    23% of responders believe that government has the consent of government?? I laugh at that figure. In fact, 23% may closely approximate the number of government employees showing up in any random survey. Not rocket science.

  • I encourage you to read “How our politicians sold out America” at

    Nothing is going to change until we have public funding of campaigns. The McCain-Feingold bill was watered down by McConnell and DeLay or it would have done the job. The Financial Reform bill will turn out like ObamaCare, a giveaway to the bankers. What is it about political bribes do we not understand?

    If politicians are going to be beholden to their funders, those funders should be the taxpayers. And at $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain. Even at 100 times that. We MUST lobby our senators and representative to co-sponsor the bill at:

    Jack Lohman …

  • Robert Arnold

    In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, I told myself well there goes the middle class in America (and around the world) because America really didn’t have a middle class before 1950 due to the Soviet Union.
    In nature and politics one has to have balance, black and white; salt and pepper; yin and yang, and your balance was the Soviet Union.
    If the USSR still existed would we be having this banking crisis that has hit Europe and the US, if one considers that the Communist parties within Western Europe was very strong, would the benefits the Western workers conquered during that time go up in smoke as they did now?
    The only way that one will have a middle class in America (or the world) again is if a balance is created again. It could be internal or external, but because the Republicans and Democrats are that same party it would have to be external.

  • Michelle

    My story:
    College educated, Engineering Design field, wonderfuly pleasant and optimistic person, responsible worker, very intelligent, and…lucky to be very attractive and charming too if that helps, unemployed for two years and willing to work for 50% less pay and still, can’t get hired! Sorry, do not mean to spread this “darkness”, but something is not right out there. Folks, if money isn’t there, do your best to fill your soul, learn to live simply, enjoy the Nature, the ocean, starry sky, the mountains and the streams, the good and healthy home made meals. It’s hard what all of us is going through, but remember, it’s not the end of things, as long as you are healthy and are able to enjoy yourself and all that you love. What can you give your loved ones if there is no money? Love. Time. Your dedication and your promise that they will always be protected and cared for no matter what. Better times will come, even if not in your country but in your life. Wishing all the very best.

  • H H H

    Actually, I feel much more comfortable in the recent change in American economy. I could get a lot better deals on things I want to buy. The traffic seems a lot lighter because more people staying home. Best of all, I can see how others finally learn and experience to live in tough times. Years ago, I graduated from college as a math teacher and I couldn’t find a job. But, once I got a job, I could be the first one to be eliminated soon. Some days, I had only some changes left to buy a 99 cents burger to eat at a local park. People wouldn’t know or care who I was.I don’t have the same height, complexion, skin color and English accent like anybody else! I am VERY MUCH enjoying life now. I know my math well enough to stir around American ponzi economics. Excitedly, the American financial markets provide much better rides than most any rides from amusement parks.

  • Donna Wynner

    I recently had to sell my red 737 and move down to a Gulfstream V because of this frigging recession. Let them eat cake!


  • Indigo

    My husband and I are unfortunately becoming accustomed to the idea that because of this crippled economy due to the greed and politics of the last 25 years, we will never be able to afford to have kids, never be able to afford a house, and never ever be able to retire…

    And we’re mad.

  • Pangea

    The U.S. is already in a Depression. You don’t see it, because it is covered-up by design. There are 40 million on food stamps. In the Great Depression, those 40 million would be captured in black & white photos, standing in soup lines. But the gov is sheltering us from this, by handing out coupons to get their soup at the stores. Millions more are allowed to live as squatters in their homes, without making payments, because the gov doesn’t want them on the streets. I could go on & on, but you should get the picture crystal clear.

  • Paul

    If you are looking out for job for the past 2 years and if you could not get one, its high time you have to change the field and move on. There are lots of jobs in IT in US. There are many consulting companies which gives you training in SAP functional modules (ERP) and place you. Forget about your degree and work experience. If you have basic education, thats more than enough to survive in IT. Functional job does not need programming skills. Any one could survive. Trust me guys! Get hold some Indian based IT consulting companies in US. They will train you and place you as a consultant. Be a consultant for some time and when the economy picks up, then you could get a full time job.

    When I came to US back in 98, most of the Americans helped me a lot. They are simply lovable people. With out knowing anything, I have seen many from China and India survived and surviving there in IT. Take my word! Get training in any one of SAP functional module and you will get the job easily.

  • Here’s the good news. Even if the U.S. corporation goes bankrupt, the people who live here and the land we live on will still exist. That’s the real wealth of this country.

    With the U.S. corporation off the backs of its citizens, we may find our economy will be much stronger and healthier than it ever was.


  • rich

    Is the economy really that bad or is it. Just right wing propaganda. I don’t think its as bad as they say…….its more propaganda to cover the real truth

  • Drew

    HAD to got to Russia to find a teaching job? That’s ridiculous. There are hundreds of private schools in this country where he could have had a job teaching ANYTHING, as they don’t require Master’s certification.

    An engineer who couldn’t find work in 2 years? Ok, maybe. But, there’s work all over. Maybe you have to take two jobs OUTSIDE of your discipline to do it.

    The fact is: People DO do that.

    I’ve been working 2 jobs for over 10 years. I don’t have sympathy for whiners. If I lost my main job tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon, I’d be working SOMEWHERE.

    THAT’s the way an AMERICAN does it.

  • Obs

    Imagine what all this is doing to tax revenues. The lower those are the larger the government borrowing has to be, and the sooner this whole ponzi mess will collapse. If we don’t already have a command-control economy (and arguably we do), then we soon will. After that it’ll be a question of political will as to how long people will continue obeying this government. They say the 1789 French Revolution really got sparked by the middle-class intellectuals.

  • brittany

    I am looking for a country to go to as soon as possible so what country will be be safe? Canada? Australia?

  • Not so Mad Max

    If you don’t understand why the economy is the way it is your living in a dream world, or have been asleep for the last three years. As housing prices went up people used their homes as ATM machines. They bought cars paid off credit cards (And ran them up again) went on vacations, bought crap from China. Mortgage companies grew like mushrooms after a summer rain people where running real estate and mortgage companies out of there homes, it was a bonanza then came the flippers, if you could fog a mirror you could get a home loan.

    Banks bought the loans packaged them and sold them, as AAA CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligations) the loan packages where rated AAA so they where safe. The Wall Street banks made Hundreds of Billions, the Mortgages companies made millions, the flippers dreamed of untold riches houses kept going up people took money out. People got into serious debt four, eight thousand dollars where added to their yearly income people thought this would go on forever.

    What happened? I think houses just priced them selves out of the market. Then some poor bastard on Wall Street panicked, maybe he panicked over the AAA garbage he was selling, houses where not going up as quickly, maybe it dawned on somebody down the food chain the AAA CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligations) where not AAA.

    Wall Street went to the Fed and told them the world was ending the Fed believed Wall Street told congress created TARP. It saved Wall Street but nobody else.

    The Housing boom died, people were in houses they couldn’t afford, or where upside down or both. Companies’ trimmed payrolls, automated processes, Barry O and the Dems got elected, and Barry O thought we had turned French. He proceeded to compound the blunder of the prior administration (Health Care, Cash for Clunkers, Government Motors, Stimulus, $8000.00 housing credit, adding massive debt). Barry, Nancy, and Harry added uncertainty, and debt two things the market and business people hate. Add a still shaky banking system with tons of folks behind on houses, cars, credit cards, lines of credit, and a Political class who is at the very least detached, I would call delusional, you have our present mess.

    The whole thing has to unwind, people have to go bankrupt, banks have to fail this bad debt has to be worked out of the system Government spending has to be slashed. The longer it takes the more painful the process. Water has to find it’s own level.

  • Marshall Zhukov

    I am bedazzled by the sheer pessimism hold by you, o Americans. Your land is fertile, your resources are sufficient, your population is vibrant and young. You have all that it takes to become an independent and sustainable country. You can get along with any other nations in peace and harmony just fine. Yet your federal government is an avatar of evil.
    This government of yours is the one that has wreck havoc and deaths from Indochina to the land of the fertile crescent. But bear in mind, this is not you but your government. So, regain your liberty and let those who do evil in the Capitol Hill have it. Resist!!

  • George

    There’s a difference between shopping at Goodwill because you have money and you’re looking for a bargain, and shopping there because you can’t afford to go anywhere else. I think a lot more people are going to end up in the latter category before this is through.

  • caryn verell

    if you are still in debt up to your eyeballs then you missed the boat…the sh__t has already hit the fan folks and you should be doing everything you can to survive. it is gonna get worse.

  • dekkard

    Breitbart’s latest attempt to dethrone Ailes notwithstanding, know that all of this distraction shall pass.

    Indigo, thank you for sharing and thank you in advance for turning your anger to better energy. This is a controlled demolition of the economic system; HOLD YOUR FIRE!

    We will not devolve to an Alex Jones nightmare scenario of police state; that will not do and yes I know it looks unavoidable.

    Instead, though things do get worse for all of us in the mean times coming: there will be a world formed by our amazing humanity, comity, empathy and vanity from all of this. Yes, vanity; its the one thing on my short list here that has us looking in the mirror! The others on the list are our other proven, resilient traits.

    Think Big. Think big guillotine (at the right time). But please think big picture and how its OUR rendition, OUR concept, our future…

  • Lynn D.

    It’s all about austerity. The New World Order ruling class wants the reduced populations to be “austere” (in poverty) because they are much easier to control. Everyone needs to get their spiritual houses in order. This is a spiritual war and only Jesus Christ can and soon will defeat these elite monsters. He is the only way out of this mess and the fact that most of America has rebelled against Him is the reason His hand of protection and blessing has been withdrawn to allow the devil who controls the political leaders to do what he does best: kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

  • Save the Republic

    Things will only continue to get worse for the average American until the vast majority stop the stupidity of believing you must vote Dem or Repub. They are both bought and owned by the same master. The mentality of voting for “the lesser of 2 evils”, which seems to be the rationale of most voters, is the stupidity that is perpetuating this mess. Start thinking about other candidates and stop voting for who the media packages for us as our “2 choices”. Many people say “but they don’t have any experience”. I say this experience sucks anyway, so what’s to lose?

  • Raphael

    “An engineer who couldn’t find work in 2 years? Ok, maybe. But, there’s work all over. Maybe you have to take two jobs OUTSIDE of your discipline to do it.

    The fact is: People DO do that.

    I’ve been working 2 jobs for over 10 years. I don’t have sympathy for whiners. If I lost my main job tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon, I’d be working SOMEWHERE.

    THAT’s the way an AMERICAN does it.”

    Get real my friend Drew, first of all, stop this non-sense criticism. Michelle was actually VERY positive, didn’t notice any whining in her comment. Second of all, TWO JOBS for a wife and mother??? Then whaat happens to the family? Who educates the children? The latest TV show? Who cares for them? “Nanas”? Who is going to be the wife for a man, some whore out there? Get real man! Stop being ignorant, and go get another job on top of the two or three you may already have. By the way, how about working to death? My two cents!

  • Raphael

    Sick and tired of ignorant people! Wake up, America!

  • Ken

    To Drew:

    “If I lost my main job tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon, I’d be working SOMEWHERE. ”

    Something tells me either you are on drugs (“coca”, most likely, if you really have all that energy to work multiple jobs…you really need “something” to get ya going!…), or you are lost in “lalaland”!
    You talk like there are jobs abounding out there! Hey! What kind of jobs are you talking about? Male whore, prostitution, drug dealing, scams…Come on, share your best kept secret with those less unfortunate who can not get a job, will ya? Be a good American, tell us what jobs are available out there so maybe there are less people unemployed out there!

  • I have 2 masters degrees, one in education. I am a certified teacher, good luck getting a teaching job, they get thousands of applicants for each opening, and a masters in information systems. I figured with 2 degrees, I’d be employable.

    The company I worked for for 5 years as a VP of IT, went out of business in July 2009. I have sent out over 500, yes 500 resumes. It’s easy : )

    I have had 16 first interviews as well as several 2nd, 3rd and actually one 4th interview. I have not gotten any offers. In most cases the companies decided not to hire anyone.

    In some cases I was over qualified in others I didn’t know the exact version of the 8 software packages they were running. Someone else did. what can I say, it is a buyers market.
    Frustrated and helpless are two words that come to mind. Angry is another. I blame the free market bankers and government officials who let thieves run wild in the streets.

    So now I blog, for free, a drain on the national economy certainly, as I wait for a job that may or may not come.

    Aimlow Joe was here

  • lostinmissouri

    No wonder, we are feeling Economic Pain. Many think the government will just pay for it. I have read, that approximately 50%, thinks the government has it’s own money.

    As for those, WHO WHINE THEY CAN NOT FIND A JOB, I say: If you can’t find a job, create one! Use that brain, you claim you have, and make a job.
    Find something, that your neighborhood, or town, or city needs. Make it, provide it, and they will buy it.

    I asked a neighbor who said he couldn’t find work: “Do you own a lawn mower?” He now has a successful lawn care, and snow removal business.
    I read of another man creating a “Pick up dog poop business” He now has many trucks and employees.
    GOOD GRIEF! PEOPLE! WE ARE AMERICANS! START THINKING LIKE IT! There are all kinds of jobs, just waiting to be created, and jobs that pay.
    sign me….never been unemployed.

  • LarryMaack


    hmmm…IT? Are you referring to people or a bunch of animals?

    Sorry cannot agree with your comment, you sound like such a tough guy, do you really think that everybody is just like you, dude, filled with so much strenght and determination??? Then I have a great sure money making idea. I’m talking about tons of money! Have you heard of Anthony Robbins? OK, why don’t you just do the same since you are so good? What kind of work are you in? Probably in the wrong field, man. That of a “motivator” but adding some military tactics will be your niche! Good luck, don’t forget to share some of the gains with me since I was the one who gave you this huge idea!

  • Mike

    scared witless for my kids. I feel like a sheep in a herd. Makes me fell mad and un-American. working as software engineer for multiple-National company, making good money, but waiting for the calling, almost hoping it comes soon to get it over with. will it put a stop to corruption and the inconceivable divide in our country. luckily it’s not geographic It may have already triggered a civil war.
    My heart and soul are sick.

  • Edie

    Roughly ten years ago, in the first Bush recession, I was laid off. After 8 months, I found a job (in my field, which was journalism, god help me) at half the salary of my prior job (and twice the work/stress/etc).

    While I might have accepted that I was overpaid at the first job, I was surely underpaid at the second.

    Over time, in that job, due to my qualifications and hard work, I earned my way up to a salary only a third less than the prior job. This was not generous but at least a middle-class wage (although many in living in the NY metro area would not agree).

    I put in about four years there, then finally quit after several months of throwing up almost daily before work, and two miscarriages. My health was not worth it.

    For the past five or six years I have been teaching graduate students at a prestigious university. I recently officially joined the ranks of full-time faculty, and am on track for something like tenure (but not actual tenure, a guarantee no longer offered).

    But I am back to earning half the 2001 salary. Aside from getting benefits when I became full-time, my only raise in six years has been 2%. And I can tell you, two percent of sh*t is still shi*t.

    I recently read a NYT story about Teach for America. The two fresh-out-of-college teachers headed for public middle schools in much cheaper parts of the country who were quoted would earn the equal of my current salary.

    It is not a middle-class wage. Arguably not a living wage in metro NY. Although I’m sure there are waiters and cabbies and nannies who survive on that and less, none of them has 20 years experience and an advanced degree.

    And yet in this environment I am one of the “lucky” ones.

    Am trying to learn to grow my own food and I can tell you this, it’s gonna solve all our dieting problems!

    Let us eat cake, indeed.

  • John ONeill

    Amen to Marshall Zhukov. He hit the nail on the head. The biggest solution we have is to stand up and say NO. Resistance isn’t futile, it’s victory. There’s more of us than the ruling elite and their scumbag minions.

    Thanks Marshall. Too bad there aren’t more immigrants like you.

  • Jim

    This all originated with (purposely I believe–See Cloward Piven strategy)Barny Fwank, Chris Dodd, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the lunatic left…create a crisis…then take advantage of it…uninformed,misinformed by MsM DEMS will go along with anything when you demonize the opposition for 8 years.

  • William

    Been working as a truck driver on a dedicated account for the past 6 years with no sign of a layoff, one pickup truck payment we’re workin on getting rid of, one car repair credit card will be paid off in two months, bunch of medical bills I’m just letting sit there (for now). Banks not takin our house payments but they haven’t foreclosed yet, so we’ll wait and see on that. I’d say we’re doin okay as long as people need food and toilet paper.

  • Bill

    Having just graduated college with a finance degree and no relevant work experience I can’t even get an interview for a teller position at a bank! College is pretty much useless since clearly it is experience that matters the most. I sucked it up though and work 3 minimum wage service jobs so I can make enough money to buy precious metals and short the stock market. I feel I have my head on straighter than a lot of kids coming out of college. I have two business that I want to start but BANKS WONT LEND!!! It’s a classic survival of the fittest. Dont listen to anyone on the TV, no one ever got rich doing that. The gov’t needs to stop preventing job creation, legalize marijuana and remove the ban on growing hemp, plenty of jobs could and should be created in those fields!!!

  • Augie

    I was caned 2.5 years ago and here in Florida..thats a death sentence if your over 40 but I have managed and I have found what is real and its not how much stuff you can acquire but how you can help your neighbor and the love of your family that really matters. My father taught me that I needed to know a little about everything and a lot about a few and that was the best advice I ever got.

    Wake up people…we’re not in Kansas anymore!

  • newton

    Although I hope the American population that goes without much suffering, as occurred in Brazil

    With intent to break Mexico in the early ’80s, the U.S. ended up breaking Brazil. See the following consequences for the City of São Paulo.

    After a major world crisis (1982) that ended with most of the 250,000 jobs in the Industries of the district of Santo Amaro (São Paulo), misery and violence erupted in the region, as well as the slums. Actually it was not the unemployed father who went to the crime, but their children who were not even old enough to labor market conditions, lack of money in the family (dysfunctional families) to get young people to leave their own money in order wrong. At this time Brazil was bankrupt; Moratorium, successive economic plans, and have not had for the poor or the very basics (sanitation, safety, education, health). Populations of the poorest states were still arriving in Sao Paulo continually increasing number of slums and crime. See the photos in this link:

    Our Iraq in 1988— Although they are all linked to the urban area, neighborhoods like this photo are like small cities independent, physically separated only by the rugged terrain of the region. You live the life of the neighborhood, knows the majority of its inhabitants and learns all about him. Through the popular “Talking newspaper” could compute 100 homicides from 1985 to 1995 in this small area of the photo,(links) most young people involved with drugs and / or crime. (All this without considering the Caiçara – There is another “Independent City.” ) Indices in the Middle of the entire Lilac for the time it was 10 deaths per year per km2 (Total of 150 per year in its 15 km2). Of 150 deaths per year in the Lilac Whole number dropped to about 15 / 20 per year soon after 2000. In every metropolis (Sao Paulo), were 10,000 homicides per year (1985-1999). now that number was reduced by 70% Hopefully Brazil will pass through this new World Crisis (2009) without these types of consequence to happen again !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank God, the crisis is over and Brazil will grow 7% in 2010 and 4% in 2011. By 2015 Brazil will be the 6th World economy.

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