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Economy News Nightmare: 20 Things That You Should Not Read If You Do Not Want To Become Very Angry

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Today America is very, very frustrated.  In fact, we probably have not seen this level of anger in the country since World War 2 ended.  So why are so many Americans so frustrated and so angry right now?  Well, for most Americans it comes down to the economy.  Very few things are more frustrating than not being able to find a job that will enable you to pay the mortgage and feed your family.  Middle class Americans that do have a little bit of money are digging into their savings and investments at a staggering rate as they desperately try to keep their heads above water.  Millions of other families that do not have a “safety cushion” are on the verge of losing their homes or have already been callously tossed out onto the streets by big, greedy banks.  Meanwhile, our politicians continue to burden us with increasingly larger amounts of government debt and they stand idly by as our jobs and our industries are shipped overseas.  So even though the mainstream media seems absolutely puzzled by the growing anger in America, the truth is that it is not a great mystery.  The economy is an absolute nightmare, and if it gets even worse people are going to become even more angry.

The mainstream media and our top politicians are running around proclaiming that the economy has turned around, and yet all of the important long-term economic numbers continue to get worse.  Do they think that the American people are stupid?

Perhaps they are just trying to be “optimistic” and are trying to get us all to “believe” in the economic recovery.

Well, while it certainly does not hurt to “stay positive” and to “have faith” when there is some basis in reality for doing so, but what the mainstream media is asking us all to do is to stick our heads in the sand and to pretend that all of our horrific economic problems are not even there.

Until we recognize exactly what our problems are and how bad they have gotten we will never be able to come up with the appropriate solutions.

Our economy does not just need a “tweak” or two.  Our economy is a total nightmare at this point.

The following are 20 things about our nightmare of an economy that you will not want to read if you do not want to become very, very angry….

#1 Today, millions of American families are digging deep into their savings and investments in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. Over the past two years, U.S. consumers have withdrawn $311 billion more from savings and investment accounts than they have put into them.

#2 15 billion dollars: the total amount of compensation that Goldman Sachs paid out to its employees for 2010.

#3 The number of American families that were booted out of their homes and into the streets set a new all-time record in 2010.

#4 Dozens of packages that we buy in the supermarket have been reduced in size by up to 20%.  For example, there are now 2 less slices of cheese in a typical package of Kraft American cheese, and there is now 9 percent less toilet paper in a typical package of Scott toilet paper.  So now, you may think that you are paying the same amount for these items that you always have, but the truth is that you have been hit with a large price increase.

#5 One Canadian company is making a ton of money shipping “millions and millions of dollars” worth of manufacturing equipment from factories that are being shut down in the United States over to new factories that are being set up in China.

#6 In America today, the wealthiest 20% own a whopping 93% of all the “financial assets” in the United States.

#7 Only 35 percent of Americans now have enough “emergency savings” to be able to cover three months of living expenses.

#8 47 percent of all Americans now believe that China is the number one economic power in the world.

#9 If the U.S. banking system is healthy, then why does the number of “problem banks” continue to keep increasing?  This past week the number of U.S. banks on the unofficial list of problem banks reached 937.

#10 According to former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, the wealthiest 0.1% of all Americans make as much money as the poorest 120 million.

#11 U.S. housing prices have now fallen further during this economic downturn than they did during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

#12 According to some very disturbing new research, 45 percent of U.S. college students exhibit “no significant gains in learning” after two years in college.

#13 Americans now owe more than $884 billion on student loans, which is a new all-time record.

#14 The United Nations says that the global price of food hit an all-time record high in December, and the price of oil is surging towards $100 a barrel, but the U.S. government continues to insist that we barely have any inflation at all.

#15 The more Americans that are on food stamps the more profits that JP Morgan makes.  Today, an all-time record of 43.2 million Americans are on food stamps, and JP Morgan is making a lot of money processing millions of those benefit payments.

#16 Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

#17 Dozens of U.S. states are either implementing tax increases in 2011 or are considering proposals to raise taxes.

#18 The United States has had a negative trade deficit every single year since 1976.

#19 The U.S. national debt has crossed the $14 trillion mark for the first time, and at some point during 2011 it will cross the $15 trillion mark.

#20 What the U.S. economy really needs is for the government to get off all of our backs, but instead they continue to tighten their grip on us.  In fact, the Obama administration is proposing a “universal Internet ID” that would watch, track, monitor and potentially control everything that you do on the Internet.

  • Johnson

    You could have had 21 – 15 million people STILL unemployed.

    Suggest everyone send this article to their Congresspeople. Ask them what they are doing to address these problems.

  • impeachRonPaul

    And the republicans want to have the goverment decide about abortions,gay marriage, and even force a religion.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Oh and Republicabs want the goverment to decide about medical marajuana. While the rich get their prescriptions at a doctor the poor are criminalized.

  • america the flat broke

    the problem is simple. america has got to realize that it’s flat ass broke. there’s no shame in being broke, but until u admit u have a problem and man up to it, it’ll never go away.until the u s cuts up the credit cards, things are just gonna get worse

  • Garrett

    It is now almost funny when I here Obama talk about bringing jobs back to America. The Democrats and the Republicans have not put forth a plan of any kind to put the country back to work. Instead the focus is on repealing ObamaCare ,or this, or that. The fact is that the price of the fuel that powers our way of life and ability to eat food(oil), is destroying any recovery that the world can ever mount under the fossil fuel paradigm. Thanks to sites like this one ,and others, some of us are waking up, and that is a very encouraging thought. At this piont, nothing will stop the collapse. We can only survive it or not. I cant wait to here the B.S. in the State of the Union address. “We will bring jobs back”, ya , . . right.

  • K

    this whole cuntry is going to sh*t (yes i spelled it right)

  • Some folks believe myths like that human history unfolds around us. For these, this phase of America’s transition is part of it’s overall formation (Bildungsroman) and as such it’s nothing to worry about.
    Others, like Santayana knew way back when that “America is a young country with an old mentality.”
    However, reality chimes in for those in need, and so to paraphase William Carlos Williams, “America hasn’t got a nickel, it can really call it’s own.”
    Workers in the melting pot, united by their class, in defiance of their heritage, can join together looking forward to taking back their fair share of the wealth parallelling the lyric of the Boston’s own ‘Dropkick Murphy’ in their song ‘Boys on the Docks’ which declares in part: “Together we are what we can’t be alone”,Boys-on-the-Docks-Live.html
    Come together America! Unionize!

  • The Sojourner

    We have passed the point of no return. Revolution is inevitable.

  • Do not worry…

    President Obama just announced that he will spend the next 2 years making American workers more competitive with Chinese workers and the rest of the world.

    Or did he say that he is going to make multinational corporations more profitable for corporate executives?

  • chris k

    From the comments … the sheepeople still don’t get it … democrats or republicans … they all are selling you out. Manufacturing 9 per cent of gdp….deficent spending forever…
    Passing dollars back and forth is gdp… producing things that people want is wealth….
    Until real change occurs prepare for harder and harder times while you are still able.

  • mondobeyondo

    Don’t worry, everything’s fine! Katie Couric told me so.

    The recession is over. Jobs are coming back. Housing prices will rebound in 2011. Come on, stop being so fearful…turn that frown upside down! America will bounce back, just like it always does in a crisis.

    You can “bank” on it!!

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s not just Republicans. It’s Democrats too. It’s practically everyone in Congress. It’s all of government.

    We are turning into a plutocracy. Remember the Golden Rule…”he who has the gold, makes the rules”.

  • Davey Jones

    Just imagine what an earthquake along the New Madrid fault would do to the weakened economy. One natural disaster such as that would be the pink slip on this project.

    Lot’s of earthquakes lately…..

  • Suetonious

    Until people understand that things are going extremely well, they won’t get it at all.

    That make ya mad? Well, it should. Things ARE going extremely well, “quite smashingly so”, in the likely parlance of the orchestrators.

    This ain’t by accident. This kind of Surreality in governmental “malfeasance” is what happens when the weak-minded try to accept a distracting and delusional set of explanations and interpretations, generated and foisted on us by those trying to obscure the blatantly unjust/evil/tyrannical.

    They are done with America. We have done our job for them in the previous phase of global proliferation and imposition of Corporatism. And now, our wealth, technology and Physical Plant is being systemmatically “Hoover’ed” and transplanted to China. We are next to be impoverished, marginalized and locked down into Third World misery as they go on to Phase “_” in a very long running Plan.

    Anybody who still thinks these circumstances came to be by idle corruption, inattention or incompetence on the part of our so-called leaders (little more than sockpuppets as even they are), has zero chance of “getting it” enough to escape, much less fight the fast approaching lockdown.

  • Tahoe

    PENSIONGATE: The next big bubble. According to a very disturbing article [12/23/10] in the Huffington Post, Prichard, Alabama stopped paying pensions. 11 retirees have died, 150 are destitute. This is OUR future, These are OUR people. WE ARE NEXT. What do the people think will happen when they are priced out of the food market? Or the gas racket? Read this article over & over till you ‘get it’. The Elites have it all. Time to worry about ourselves. The hell with them.. Godspeed & Good Luck.

  • alice

    Allow the States to go bankrupt. Reduce the debt ceiling! Reduce taxes! Consolidate/eliminate/cut Government services at all levels! Import tax instead of the income tax! Balance budgets! Make a difference by being active in your local weekly town hall meetings, if you sleep they’ll give it all away to the bench warmers.

  • Cary

    Look at all the nonsense from “impeachRonPaul.” As if any of those issues have any importance what-so-ever in light of the fact that foreign nationals control our money and our military.

    We need to focus on the issues that really matter. We need to flush out the foreign national double agents, restore sound money, break up the media monopoly, and bring our troops back home.

  • William

    America will not recover untilor unless the complete truth about 911 is told to the citizenry. The very same people who engineered 911 are the people who have plundered our economy. As we approach the TENTH anniversary of 911, it is simply stunning that a national demand for a full and fair investigation has not come forth. The same applies to the Wall St scammers who brought the nation to her knees with toxic derivatives, while paying themselves many billions of dollars. I can only conclude that Americans have been dumbed down to the point of stupidity by the NFL, texting and Faux News. I had some hope with the election of Obummer, but he has proven to be an empty suit, a ZERO.

  • David

    Say goodbye to the United States of America; the land of opportunity and the land of free! Once upon a time it was true, but now we are living in an absolute totalitarian society, which our daily lives are being monitored by the Government. Perhaps you should make a trip somewhere and go to airport to find out how you will be treated so you can understand what I am talking about!I am sure Americans grow their anger every day with total frustration about everything; and I can promise that people are going to need that when the Up-Rising comes along to fight for neglected values of every man and woman in this country!

  • Lennie Pike

    #21 – The unemployment rate is actually at least 20%, and at least 20% of the workers in the U.S. are recent illegal immigrants and so-called legal H1B visa immigrants who have been intentionally allowed to come here because your corrupt government has been bribed by a minority of treasonous American employers who see nothing wrong with destroying their country (and eventually themselves) for a quick buck. The unemployed people who do business with them deserve to be unemployed.

  • BJ99-MD

    Heard on the news this morning that the economy is improving. Based upon what I have seen since 2008, that “improvement” worries me greatly… especially with gas prices rising. Government is turning a blind eye since they either don’t have a clue or couldn’t care less. The biggest problem they can see is ‘who is going to cross the aisle for the State of the Union address.’ Just wondering when are they going to announce hearings on the state of the economy and how to improve it. Maybe they are assuming we are stupid. Its the easiest thing for them to do.

  • lovingmyUSA

    Impeach, you need to get your head out of your you-know-what. Hysterical ranting will not add anything to the discussion. The democraps are the ones that brought up the gay agends, and the dems are the ones who want women to get abortions, but don’t inspect abortion clinics so that the poor can die or suffer painful abortions. Not to mention that thousands of black babies are being aborted, so Margaret Sanger was victorious. As for an established religion, you are spouting the usual lies the left tries every year, Chicken Little…And as for medical marajuana, maybe you should check out how that working for Kooklafornia…there are so many regulations, pot farmers are going broke. Poor people not getting perscrpitions? You are an idiot.

  • lovingmyUSA

    BTW, the dem congress was more concerned with giving jobs to the unions, their cronies, and making more government jobs. Instead of addressing jobs, they threw billions of dollars toward their favorites…*Snort–jobs created or saved…right…and now Obama, seeing that his “stimulus” failed, wants to throw MORE money at the problem, only this time at “green jobs”–which can only work if the govt. subsidizes them…Check out how that’s working in Spain, where they are going under because for every green job created there, 2 regular jobs are lost….

  • Love your site!

  • Victorian

    If anyone is still so stupid as to think there is ANY difference between the Dems and the Repubs, then they are the problem!! The chances of saving America are slim. It would take an effort on par with that of WW2. If someone could not vote for a certain politician then they should not be allowed to give money to that politician. Therefore all citizens could give to a politician running for president. Only voters in a senator’s home state could give to him. Only voters in the district of a certain congressman could give to that congressman. Since Corp., unions and other groups can not vote and are not citizens, they would be forbidden from giving to ANY politician, as would political parties. Take away the legal rights of being a “person” from corp. That was the law for most of America’s history and we have suffered since we changed it. Make all vehicles run of bio-alcohol fuel within 10 years. Brasil has done very well with it. Withdraw from the UN and have the UN leave America. That would save America, NY and NYC billions a year. Withdraw ALL American troops from every other nation within 5 years. Stop all immigration, legal and illegal. EVERY immigrant either takes a job from an American or drives down the wages of the jobs that are left. Change monopoly laws so that any business is limited to ONE location, although it may be any size. That would allow thousands of families to make a living owning a diner, instead of the execs at McDonald’s. There could once more be thousands and thousands of family businesses, instead of Wal-Mart sucking off the money from local communities. Stop pay out to Corp. that own farms that are really waste lands of one crop, usually GMO. Give tax and other breaks so families can run small farms that grow a variety of real food and build up the soil. The importation of food from other countries while we destroy the big three{corn, wheat and soy} to keep their price up is beyond ignorant. Ban GMOs, they are a unwanted answer to a problem that does not exist. It is factory farming, GMOs and the Green Revolution that has caused most of the problems while killing the answer, which is building healthier soil. End waste by closing federal departments of waste. The Dept of Education teaches not one child. The Dept of Energy has wasted money while we have become a slave to OPEC. The Dept of Commerce has sat by while we have become the largest debtor and loss all our jobs. The Dept of Homeland Security has not made anyone feel safer. The Dept of Health and Human Services is a failure. The FDA is a revolving door for monsanto execs, instead of protecting us from the dangers of factory food and GMOs. The BATFE and DEA are both a waste and unneeded.The Federal Reserve was promised as a way to end the ups and downs of the market. It can’t, it hasn’t, instead it costs us billions upon billions. Time to get rid of it. As in all other businesses, limit banks to ONE location or “branch”. Then none would be too big to fail and they would be more concerned in helping their local base. No more looking out for the NY headquarters profit margin. Their are many more things needed, but Americans seem blinded by labels, football and greed. We can only hope. The only drive of American gov’t should be helping Americans by making America as self-sufficient as possible down to the family level.

  • fed up

    Some folks might be angry, but to play Devil’s Advocate, who cares? Wall Street is back, the stock market is up, and corporations are very profitable. So what if the middle class shrinks or even disappears? There is no provision in the US Constitution for a middle class. The middle class is in its death throes and will soon fade away. Philadelphia Magazine ran a story October 29, 2010 titled “The $50,000 Kiddie Birthday Party” that described parents’ spending huge amounts on parties for kids as young as one year-old. Limos, petting zoos, spa treatments, and carnival-style vending carts for kids’ birthday parties. What a country! If you can’t make it here, you can’t make in anywhere. We are living the Republican-Oligarch Dream! Money, Money, Everywhere! The haves, and the have-mores! Enough of the Debbie Downer middle class blues. The tea party has arrived, time to cut spending, and give more tax breaks to the rich, cause a poor person never hired ANYONE! Greedy banks? Greed is good. Industries shipped overseas? Who wants those stinky factories around anyway? Gimmie some more of those Goldman Sachs financial deals! Derivatives and credit default swaps don’t pollute, they are environmentally friendly. Can’t find a job? You should have planned your career better, buddy. Can’t pay your mortgage? A million dollar bonus could pay the darn thing off. Hey folks, anger is just an emotion. So forget about your middle class, populist pitch fork fantasies, or we’ll cut your food stamps! Sometimes I just don’t know about people.

  • Croc

    The democrat are no better! They want to take away the 2nd Amendment, as well as decide where you should go for healthcare. Seriously people, were boned, because neither the republicans nor the democrats are going to help this country get back onto its feet.

  • Mark

    How about the fact that these “poor” have voted for Dems that have played their part in helping their jobs to go overseas you idiot?

  • Steve

    To impeachRonPaul:

    Your problem is you apparently think everything going wrong is the fault of the Republicans even though Democrats have had the White House for 2 years and controlled the Congress for the past 4 years.

    Wake up. Put down the Koolaid. It’s both parties that have put us in this position.

  • don

    We need the Government to get out of our financial lives! They cannot point to one successful venture in all their meddling. How can a bunch of lawyers, whose prime ability is memorizing what someone else did, come up with an innovative idea? We need fewer lawyers and more businessmen in Washington

  • Jonathan

    You wrote: “The mainstream media and our top politicians are running around proclaiming that the economy has turned around, and yet all of the important long-term economic numbers continue to get worse. Do they think that the American people are stupid?”

    Well yes. Americans are stupid. Think about it. Have Americans stop buying Apple products that are made in China. Americans love thier electronic gadgets, but they forget that they are supporting greedy American business men that shipped this jobs away and import the finished products for you to buy, buy and buy. And the best part is, you cannot help yourself but buy, buy and buy.
    Do not blame your politicians, they are a reflection of who you are. The American people can stop this stupidity, by a simple economic revolt. Start a national revolution by not buying products made outside of the United States.

  • Mabel

    I think it’s about time we stop worrying about the dem/repub cr*p.

    We are all Americans and we need to work together and turn this country around before it’s too late.

  • Gary2

    The larger issue is that there is not a shared prosperity in the country. It is unacceptable and unhealthy for the top 1% to have more wealth and income than the bottom 90%. In my opinion the “game” is rigged. All you need to look at is the wall street bail out. I thought capitalism meant that if you make bad decisions you were supposed to fail? It looks to me that there is cold hard brutal capitalism for the masses and a comfortable socialism for the rich and big corporations. What I can not understand is why so many are against taxing the rich and spreading the wealth around? I do not simply advocate giving people cash but greatly strengthening our safety net programs so folks can get a head start. Yes there is fraud and abuse in these programs and it needs to be dealt with, however, it is a tiny 2-3% compared to the 97-98% of the people it really does help.

    I really do not see how anything short of really taxing the rich /wall street hard and spreading the wealth now will get us from here to there. It is so banana republic we need quick action or we will be another Tunisia. (which may not be a bad thing).

  • American Phoenix

    Force a Religion? ImpeachRonPaul, are you kidding me or are you just that stupid? Have you EVER read the 1st amendment? In case you did not know, the Government has already decided about abortion. The Judicial branch of the Government decided it is legal. Please, get out of your liberal box and see the world for what it really is.

  • sharonsj

    Speaking of the Republicans, don’t expect them to do anything in the next two years to alleviate the situation. Perhaps this is the 2012 collapse the Mayans predicted.

  • Jill

    #7 Only 35 percent of Americans now have enough “emergency savings” to be able to cover three months of living expenses.

    That is critical. I’d be surprised it’s actually a third as reported.

    People need to set aside at least three months of food and supplies. Food is the most important thing to save up. Cash may devalue but longterm food storage will never go down in value.

    Freeze dried foods are the best thing to have onhand but lots of canned goods, rice and pasta are cheap and easy to stock up at the local grocery.

    Check out this link for information on different types of longterm food storage:

  • Denny

    1. Turn off your t.v.’s. 2. Begin talking with your neighbors. 3. Keep trusted friends and family members close. 4. Buy local if at all possible. Avoid giving the multi-nationals your money if possible. It’s their bottom line – the only reality they are concerned with – getting your money. 5. Remove your money from the large banks and place it in a local credit union. 6. Let the thugs and thieves you helped elect know you are EXTREMELY disappointed with their performances. This also goes for mainstream media – call them on their lack of reportage on the issues which truly concern us. 7. Begin learning to live at a lower consumer rate (This requires practice and sacrifice) or you will be greatly disappointed when ‘necessities’ begin to disappear or reach the level of unaffordability. Good luck! We’re all gonna need all we can get.

  • rush

    Tune into Rush everyday from noon til 3pm EST and get educated and informed…..or watch the nightly news and listen to the lies and distortions…it’s up to you

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Denny: so what happens to those Americans who work for multi-national companies???

  • Tanya

    Americans and Canadians need to take ACTION by ONLY buying USA and Canada products.

    This Economic downfall is a WAKE UP CALL.

    We seriously need to revamp what doesn’t work and stop pretending not to see the truths.

    Non violently the future is in the hands of the CITIZENS and our choices we make. We need to be more conscious of our choices.

    Is it better to throw money at something several times and HOPE it will go away or DEAL with the ROOT problem?

  • Lennie Pike

    And you to a large extent are responsible Henry – there will be no reward for you.

  • mondobeyondo

    God Bless America!!

    (until He decides to bless Argentina..,. or India, or Zimbabwe)

    The wealth disparity in the U.S. is I believe unparalleled. Not even in 1929, before the Great Stock Market Crash, did so few people have so much wealth.

    I wonder how many of those JPMorgan and Wells Fargo bankers know how to turn dirt or bust sod? Do they know what fertilizer is? Do they even know what a bean plant looks like?! How about changing the oil in their Lexuses?

    They are office people. They are not “real” people. We live in the real world. They live in a fantasy world which we pay for, by the way.

    This country is going down, and faster than a New York minute, or a Nairobi hour if you prefer.

    Crash. And. Burn.

  • Tatiana Covington

    And what good would it do if I did become angry? After I have complained, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I have complained: and nothing whatever else.

    So why bother?

  • Things are going just great! Like yesterday I got a raise at work from $8.25 per hour to $8.35 !! My cash register job a “La Pepe’s” in Los Angeles is a challange because I’m the only white man in a ten mile radius and I barely understand Spanish, never mind speak it. The food stamp cards wear out the La Pepe’s meter reader because it’s swiped about 2000 times per day, even though the Spanish people have wads of cash sticking out of their wallets and purses. The fourteen year old Latino girls need Costco style carts to fit all their bambino’s in because they have about 6 or 7 running around stealing candy and stuff. They love to buy the small Mexican flags and Jesus crosses and those tall glass candles with Mother Mary on it for putting on the side of the road where Uncle Taco and Aunt Maria got clipped by a semi. Everywhere you drive it’s like a spick cemetery. The La Pepe’s parking lot is filled with white 1963 Chevy’s that sit about 2 inches off the pavement. Now I know where the Mexican flags and the Jesus crosses go. Most of the fat Mexican lady’s take the bus. How they can carry all those refried beans and taco shells and flap meat and jalapinos is beyond me, they must of practiced carrying heavy things when they had their 12 kids, one in each arm. Anyway I don’t know why California is broke, it’s seems to be jumping here in L.A.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    The 2012 hysteria should be a boatload of fun to watch. Oh and about the above post this is save what you can time Western Civilizations death is going to be slow and grinding.

  • My comments are on the comments.
    I think mondobeyondo should have a blog. Hell, thats half the reason I like this site—alot of the comments, esp. yours.
    Loved the sarcasm of FedUp’s post, and Denny thanks for the great insight. “Find your people”,
    totally important to be around those you know, love and trust!

  • C

    Supposedly the U.S. is going to see heftier inflation this year because of all the QE is my guess. When you go to the grocery store and find food that says made in china, believe me, it’s coming.

  • Otown Right Guy

    ImpeachRonPaul, you are so ignorant it is utterly amazing. Do you realize that Ron Paul wants to end the federal “War on Drugs” and supports state rights to legalize marijuana, medical or otherwise? Likewise, he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade (bad law based on lies) and turn abortion back over to states where it belongs. And he absolutely does not want the federal gov. involved in marriage in any way.

  • Steve

    What a jolt to the big banks and the gov if we just went back to plain cash…..everything. Think how it would affect the banks. How about real money, silver and cash(for now cash)Some people think I’m a little over the edge because I save and pay not buy then try to pay. Being a little over 50 and considered to be a tough old fart I get a rumble in my chest to think how fast…I mean fast.. things will go bad.So many people can’t even survive one hour without water or their coffee.It will be New Orleans everywhere. So be prepared. Remember you think its bad now (lmao) You ain’t seen nothing yet

  • Otown Right Guy

    Voting for any Republicrat or Demopublican will do no good. One thing that would help is to divest yourselves from Wall Street. No IRAs, 401Ks, etc. Buy metals, land, etc. Invest in yourself and your local community. Eat at locally owned restaurants and not corporate chains. Barter for services or at least pay for services under the table, so the tax parasites (like Gary2) can’t get your money. Also, boycott all UNION goods, since all lazy, selfish union scum support the evil Demorat Party.

  • melaina leveaux

    Impeach I do notisagree on some of your points but i think abortion will always remain legal. I think at this point we need to realize that both sides suck and want to do nothing more than piss on each other at everyone’s expense.
    Try to find some non partisan sources and doyour research(not MSM, and certainly not Rush Limbutt)

  • Excellent article as always!!! All this entire list does not surprise me!!! It has been a Jesuit plan for decades to take this country of America and turn it into a third world country. My friends, if you only knew the planning that has went into this and the people who are involved behind the scenes, it is staggering!!! There is a couple of big items these evil people may not have considered. 1. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before their eyes and 2, These men and women will all, who have purposely done all this evil will stand individually before Almighty God!!! It will not be a pretty picture when the Lord passes judgment on them!

  • “Tune into Rush. . . .”

    What a fu*king idiot, cool-aid drinker!

  • livingroomjetsfan

    To the Editor

    Item number twenty makes you look like an idiot.

    Thought you should know.

    Respectfully John Maynard Keynes

  • david

    Crimes are increasing in America every single day and things started to unfold themselves within this 2011. Many will die! These are all the signs of Anger and Frustration . . . . .!

  • The reason we are in the tank is money was too cheap—–keeping it free does nothing for the economy except to “repair” the “Banksters” balance sheets!

    PS: It destroys pensioners……so will it be banksters or pensioners?

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • David

    I would like to share with you all this story about a homeless guy in New York, which I believe this story will give you all a different perspective about what life may throw at every one of us as and individual or family in everywhere.

  • loneranger

    Washington’s army started their attack on Trenton on Dec 23,1776 they crossed the Delaware river on the 25th. Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on Dec.23, 1913.Its all symbolic/symbolism just look at the dollar bill.Its all planned,we are just props on a stage to be used then thrown away.

  • jill

    I collect on student loans and the above #12 and 13 is correct and they can’t file bankruptcy on them Steven private student loans

  • Mmmm, I don’t know but you sunshine pumpers think this is looking good? We all better pray the dollar does not collapse for as long as possible. When it does there will be economic and human pain like this world has never seen. We are in the lull before the storm. The fat lady is just clearing her throat. These bail outs are just life boats being launched from the Titanic and guess what? You are being left to fend for yourself. Please pay attention to Egypt. We are not very far behind them. A blind man can see it.

  • Jerry Parker

    Good article, and if anyone thinks that this exaggerates, just read the confirmatory reporting elsewhere (at least if it is by any writer not on the government payroll directly or indirectly).

    Never in my life have I been so glad that I left the U. S. of A. in 1976 to come to the Dominion of Canada, where I became a Canadian subject of Her Majesty the Queen. While the U.S. has spent itself into an horrible, impossible-to-pay national debt, Canada has been prudent and has regulated its banks all along, preventing the kinds of fiscal abuse that have abounded in the U.S. for many decades.

  • jackie

    Why does the internet ID comment make him look like an idiot? This was the dream of George Bush II but he left office before he was able to implement it. Like Bush, Obama is a globalist in outlook and supports this. Here is a link to an article that talks about it. I’m sure you could find it on as well:

  • 007

    Mike, I hope you find an oppoortunity to examine how much the rise in GDP and retail salesand capital sales are really nothing more than inflation, which is grossly understated by our government.

    • Michael

      If I can find some hard numbers about that I would love to write about it.


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