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Empty Promises: 5 Reasons Why Barack Obama’s State Of The Union Address Was Completely Wrong About The Economy

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Barack Obama’s State of the Union address sure sounded good, didn’t it?  There were lots of solemn promises, lots of stuff about America’s “bright future” and a line about how we are now facing this generation’s “Sputnik moment” that will surely make headlines all over the globe.  But we all knew that Barack Obama could give a good speech.  That has never been the issue.  What the American people really need are some very real answers to some very real problems.  So were there any real answers in Barack Obama’s State of the Union address?  Well, Barack Obama promised that America will “out-innovate, out-educate and out-build” the rest of the world.  He also pledged that America will become “the best place in the world to do business” and that the government must “take responsibility” for our deficit spending.  But does all of this rhetoric mean anything or is all this just another batch of empty promises to add to the long list of empty promises that Barack Obama has already made and broken?

The American people certainly don’t need any more empty promises.  Millions of American families have been pushed to the edge of desperation by this economy.

There has been a lot of talk that the economy is “turning around”, but in many areas of the country the employment situation continues to get even worse.  Payrolls decreased in 35 U.S. states during the month of December.

The truth is that the number of “good jobs” produced by the U.S. economy continues to shrink.  In fact, only 47 percent of working-age Americans have a full-time job at this point.

The American people are not going to buy this “economic recovery” as long as unemployment remains at epidemic levels in so many areas.  Just consider some of the stunningly high unemployment rates in some of our most important states….

Nevada – 14.5%

California – 12.5%

Florida – 12.0%

So did Barack Obama propose anything substantial that will actually create real jobs?


Instead, all he had to offer was just a bunch of empty promises.  It is almost as if Obama believes that a really good inspirational speech will somehow make things better.  The following are just a few of the empty promises Obama made during his address to the nation….

Empty Promise #1: America Will “Out-Innovate” The Rest Of The World And This Will Create More Jobs

During the State of the Union address, Barack Obama promised that the United States will “out-innovate” the rest of the world and that this will create more jobs.

Oh really?

Perhaps we could create some more cutting edge products like the Apple iPhone, right?

After all, Apple iPhones were one of the most wildly successful American technological innovations of the past decade.  Surely this is the kind of innovation that Obama would like to see more of.

Well, do you know where Apple iPhones are made?

Apple iPhones are manufactured in China by workers making about 293 dollars a month (and that was after a big raise).

But it isn’t just the Apple iPhone that is made overseas.  The truth is that almost all high technology products are made outside of the United States.

In 2008, 1.2 billion cellphones were sold worldwide.  So how many of them were manufactured inside the United States?  Zero.


Not only that, another fact to note is that manufacturing employment in the U.S. computer industry was actually lower in 2010 than it was in 1975.

So exactly how is more “innovation” going to produce millions of U.S. jobs if all of the high tech manufacturing continues to be shipped out of the United States?

Empty Promise #2: America Will “Out-Educate” The Rest Of The World And This Will Create More Jobs

For decades, U.S. presidents have promised that “education” is the key to competing with the rest of the world.

Okay, if suddenly every single person in the United States had an extra college degree, would that mean that more jobs would suddenly start popping into existence?

Of course not.

Right now, we can’t produce enough nearly enough jobs for all of the college graduates that we already have.

Sadly, the truth is that we are already experiencing an epidemic of unemployment among our college graduates.  According to the Project on Student Debt, unemployment for new college graduates stood at 8.7 percent in 2009, which was way up from 5.8 percent in 2008.

But that is not the whole story.

Millions of college graduates that have been able to find jobs have ended up taking jobs that they didn’t even need a college education for.  The “underemployment rate” among college graduates is absolutely exploding.

In 1992, there were just 5.1 million “underemployed” college graduates in the United States, but by 2008 there were 17 million “underemployed” college graduates in the United States.

Many of our brightest young minds are now flipping burgers, waiting tables and welcoming people to Wal-Mart.

In fact, in the United States today 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees.

Oh, but certainly the answer is to get more Americans to go to college, right?

It certainly sounds good in a speech for a politician to say that “more education” is the answer, but in the end all it amounts to is a hollow promise.

Getting more Americans to go to college will not create any more jobs, but it will create more debt.  Americans now owe more than $884 billion on student loans, which is more than the total amount that Americans owe on their credit cards.

Empty Promise #3: America Will “Out-Build” The Rest Of The World And This Will Create More Jobs

So Barack Obama says that we are going to “out-build” the rest of the world?

Well, that certainly sounds good.

But what exactly does that mean?

Does it mean that we are going to quit shutting down our factories and tearing down our economic infrastructure?

After all, over 42,000 U.S. factories have closed down for good since 2001.

So is Obama going to do something to stop the flood of jobs and factories that are leaving the United States?

No, in fact he intends to “increase” trade with countries such as China and India.  That is going to mean that thousands more factories and millions more jobs are going to be “outsourced”.

Well, what about building up infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power grids, dams and ports?

That is certainly a very good idea.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, we need to spend approximately $2.2 trillion on infrastructure repairs and upgrades just to bring our existing infrastructure up to “good condition”.

So we desperately need some investment in that area.

But there is a big problem.

We are flat broke.

As will be discussed below, the U.S. government is flat broke.  Not only that, our state governments are flat broke and our local governments are flat broke.

So where will the trillions of dollars that we need for infrastructure come from?

Obama did not even come close to answering that question.

Empty Promise #4: America Will Become “The Best Place In The World To Do Business” And This Will Create More Jobs

It was incredible that Barack Obama could suggest that America is “the best place in the world to do business” with a straight face.

First of all, when you consider all forms of taxation, U.S. businesses face one of the most oppressive taxation regimes in the entire world.

But not only that, U.S. businesses also have to deal with one of the most horrific regulatory environments in the history of mankind.

As I have written about previously, the mountains of red tape that U.S. businesses have to wade through just continues to grow every single year.

The Federal Register is the main source of regulations for U.S. government agencies.  In 1936, the number of pages in the Federal Register was about 2,600.  Today, the Federal Register is over 80,000 pages long.

So is Barack Obama going to do anything about that?

Of course not.

In fact, Barack Obama and the Democrats have been really busy passing even more ridiculous regulations.

For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is projecting that the food service industry will have to spend an additional 14 million hours every single year just to comply with new federal regulations that mandate that all vending machine operators and chain restaurants must label all products that they sell with a calorie count in a location visible to the consumer.

Empty Promise #5: Barack Obama Pledges To “Take Responsibility” For Our Deficit Spending

During Barack Obama’s first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.

In fact, since Barack Obama took office, the U.S. government has gotten us into so much new debt that it breaks down to $10,429.64 for each of the 308,745,538 people counted by the 2010 U.S. census.

So is that “taking responsibility” for our deficit spending?

When Barack Obama took office, the U.S. national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars.

Today it is over 14 trillion dollars.

Government debt is absolutely out of control.  At this point, the U.S. national debt is increasing by roughly 4 billion dollars every single day.

If all of this debt is not brought under control, it will bring down the entire U.S. financial system.  According to a recent U.S. Treasury report to Congress, the U.S. national debt will reach 19.6 trillion dollars in 2015.

Can you imagine being 20 trillion dollars in debt?

That is 20,000,000,000,000 dollars.

So it would be really great if Barack Obama could do something about all of this debt, but based on his track record perhaps we should not be holding our breath.

Not that Obama is to blame for all of this.

The sad reality is that both parties have been involved in a massive debt orgy for decades and decades.  Now the day of reckoning is almost here and it is going to be incredibly painful.

We are in so much trouble that it is hard to even try to put it into words.  None of our politicians are telling us the whole truth.  We are headed for a complete and total disaster.

  • mondobeyondo

    Obama can talk the talk, better than perhaps anyone in the world. But he has yet to walk the walk.

    The difference between a leader and a great leader is the ability to back up your words with action. Abraham Lincoln did that. John F. Kennedy did it. So did Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. That’s why they are great leaders.

    I have yet to see the same type of leadership from Obama. At least set a goal of some kind, not a bunch of vague promises.

    State of the Union 1961: – Before this decade is out, a man will travel to the moon and return safely to earth.

    State of the Union 2011: – This is our Sputnik moment…More “green” jobs… (can’t remember the rest, I started drifting off to sleep)

  • Mel

    I realized a liar president is more dangerous than a stupid one.

  • If president Obama would have told the truth, how many people whould have been in line waiting for his autograph after this address?

  • Mariposa de Oro

    ” Barack Obama promised that America will “out-innovate, out-educate and out-build” the rest of the world. He also pledged that America will become “the best place in the world to do business”

    ROTFLMAO, I believe this like I believe the Myth of the Hawaiian Birth…NOT!

  • JPA

    Although I liked the Republican rebuttal after Mr. Obama’s speech, I’m not holding my breath for any real action on the part of the opposition.

  • alice

    With all due respect to our President! The borrow and spend mentality has been the problem, not the solution. If we borrow another trillion or two, to create jobs, that produce nothing we can sell to the rest of the world is just spinning our wheels, and getting further in debt. We are on the path of ruin, and doing what we’ve done for the past thirty years with more and faster, is like curing an alcoholic with a lot more alcohol! CUT SPENDING, SLASH DEBT/DEFICITS, CONSOLIDATE/ELIMINATE/CUT GOVERNMENT SERVICES, LOWER TAXES, REPLACE INCOME TAX WITH AN IMPORT TAX, PENSION REFORM, RETIREMENT AGE POSTPONED, BALANCE BUDGETS. TO IMPROVE THE SCHOOL SYSTEM LESS IS MORE. REDUCE THE SCHOOL YEARS FROM 12 TO 8 FOR A HIGHS SCHOOL DIPLOMA. FOCUS ON THE MAIN SUBJECTS: ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE, HISTORY, AND GEOGRAPHY. EVERY ELSE CAN BE LEARNED OUTSIDE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. FOCUS WILL IMPROVE OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM, AND LOWER THE NEED FOR TRANQUILIZERS BY OUR YOUTH!……..THESE ARE THE SOLUTIONS NEEDED TO PUT OUR COUNTRY ON THE PATH OF A REAL RECOVERY! NO MORE BORROW AND SPEND, TIME FOR A NATIONAL DIET!

  • Faux Gary

    Simple- just tax the rich and redistribute the wealth.

  • We went off the cliff over a year ago. Just haven’t smashed into the ground yet, but its coming. I’m not sure this country can handle the utter chaos that will ensue. Thank God I live in Utah, where a good percentage of the population is prepared to gut it out for a year. Thanks for your blog–someone needs to keep hammering on this crucial subject.

  • Johnson

    I see nothing but more dreams in Obama’s speech.

    If the politicians keep ignoring the 15 million unemployed, then we may also experience the riots that are rocking the Arab world now.

  • Davey Jones

    Novus Ordo Seclorum

    Now now, it is all going just as planned. The ‘hidden hand’ may not be as hidden as it once was, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s connected to the biggest pimp of them all.

    At least being aware of the destination takes away some of the dread. Even if the destination is a dark place. It’s the unknown that looms as a menacing thing ie: will the super volcano under Yellowstone’s caldera erupt, will the weakening of the earth strata around the New Madrid fault from the BP oil spill entice someone to introduce scaler waves to that area triggering an earthquake as bad as the 1811 quake?

    Things to think about other than the economy-which is an almost entirely orchestrated rearranging whose sole purpose is to give you NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

    Do you suppose they give tours on Jekyll island?……Oh well.

  • Well, I have to say your commentary is quite a bit off the mark and over the top: whoever thinks that a State of the Union address is supposed to spell out in minute detail a huge and complex plan of action to deal with all our titanic problems is a bit naive. State of the Union speeches are conceptual, rah-rah, hit-the-highlights sort of affairs. An overview, and a mission statement, interrupted every 2 minutes by trained monkeys giving applause. It’s not a blueprint. The actual time it takes to get a plan of action geared up and going is considerably more than an hour and one minute. With all due respects, Duh! I’ve always thought you were a pretty smart fella until this article; I’ll write it off as human error…we all make mistakes!

  • William

    Obummer is an empty suit, a ZERO. One should not be surprised at his speech. This is the fool who KNOWS that huge crimes were commited by the Bush administrations. But, Obummer and his worthless Attorney General do NOTHING to bring the Bush criminals to the bar of justice. So, we puddle along, just like the yellow stuff circling the drain, hoping for a miracle that is remote. I wonder how many people know that those behind 911 and behind the economic plundering of America are now jerking the puppet strings attached to Obummer?? This is not about political power, it is about POWER, and YOU, Mr. and Mrs. American, have NONE. Your vote is just a piece of paper, as the Smirking Chimp Bush called the Constitution just a piece of paper. So, there ARE consequences to the failure of the rule of law, and you are seeing them now.

  • orsobubu

    more innovation
    more jobs
    more education
    more business

    These goals mean more productivity, in a world which in the midst of one of the worst over-production capacity crisis in the history of the world.
    Capitalism is unable to resolve this fundamental contradiction of our industrial civilization.
    Even if Obama reach all of this, the result will be other jobs lost as balance in other unstable parts of the world, where the risk of civil/military violence as reaction would be enhanced.
    Marx showed us the way to change the planet, international proletarian revolution fulfilling the communist, socialized production system which is already the prevailing production system in this globalized world.

  • Joonsoo Kang

    Much a do about nothing; that is what came up on my mind reading this post. Nobody, including God, can solve in one stroke, or a body of measures, the chronic problems the American society faces. The most critical one, the employment, is based on the essential principles of gobal competition mostly based on low prices. It is inevitable. Innovation appears at this stage as the most fundamental strength of America as the frontrunner in this knowledge economy, offsetting the uncompetitive production cost. Then, the government should be encouraged to make focused and intense investment for technological innovation. Obama’s ideas in the State of the Union Address simply address those points in general terms. It seems not to be a concrete plan for day by day implementation.
    What would we demand from a President when he unveils the state of present America frankly and seeks the approval of the American people in reiterating our own problems and casting lights on what might be done.
    Nobody is assured America will do as he wants it to, but one thing should be pointed out before any kiddy whining that, following his views, we should take less said and more done for our future and that criticism should go hand in hand with plausible alternative.

  • Lennie Pike

    Empty promises made by someone who is ignorant may be called empty promises. If they are made by someone who is not ignorant, they have to be called lies.

    Almost everyone present at the State Of The Union Lie is working toward a Totalitarian Global Government Police State using China’s as the template. One week before this event as Lang Lang was allowed to plant the Chinese Flag in the White House, Barry said it will be good for the U.S. that China keeps on getting stronger. The lies were told to buy more time to achieve what they are all working toward – so was the warm and fuzzy kabuki show.

  • Kevin

    As long as we’re competing with a highly desciplined workforce that are paying their labor 1/50th of our labor cost we’re going to continue to loose value adding self sustaining jobs.

    Three consecutive Administrations called for “jobs of the future”. As we produce the technology behind those jobs the manufacturing employing millions is done by the low cost labor described in the first paragraph.

    The President has good intentions but there is nothing he can do but make people feel better. The forces behind this global transfer of industrial might is far greater then any President possesses.

    Regarding higher education see to it that your children get educated hands. That includes trades up to physicians. By and large if you have a job that you never have to leave your desk that desk will end up in Bombay.

  • I commented on President Obama’s State of the Union address this morning. You can find my comments at after 10:30 a.m. ET. Aside from the comments in this article, which I comment on somewhat differently but largely agree with, I spoke to the President’s comments on alternate energy, doubling of U.S. exports, and ‘withdrawal from Iraq.

  • WC Nitram

    Are you kidding me? That was the best speech since since his “Yes We Can” crapola. He said everything the sheeple needed to hear to keep them fat, ignorant, peaceful and buying junk at Walmart.
    Did you really expect any truth from the “Joker”? His puppet masters are laughing their azzez off this morning, sipping champagne, smoking stogies, while watching the controlled media embellish on how great things are going to be.

  • PatriotRider

    Great post. Could not have been said any better.

  • Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming on you. 5:2 Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten. 5:3 Your gold and your silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be for a testimony against you, and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up your treasure in the last days. 5:4 Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you have kept back by fraud, cry out, and the cries of those who reaped have entered into the ears of the Lord of Armies. 5:5 You have lived delicately on the earth, and taken your pleasure. You have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter. 5:6 You have condemned, you have murdered the righteous one. He doesn’t resist you.

    5:7 Be patient therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient over it, until it receives the early and late rain. 5:8 You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

  • Michael

    Let’s party like it’s 2012!

  • terry

    Now that he has given some direction on how to make a good recovery attempt, we do not need to tear it down. It is up to the congressman to pare down the spending and quit working with the lobbyists and get on with fixing the broken wheel before it is too far gone. Stop the political differences and start working on the issues that are to benefit every american and not the few. Lets be the “United” States again.

  • impeachRonPaul

    With all this debt the republicans demanded to add another trillion for tax breaks to millionaires. Republicans have sold out to the rich and the low rent red state crowd eats up all the religous right non-sense. We are in trouble.

  • Ron

    Great points concerning the President’s State of The Union address—-but Scary!! Enough rhetoric Mr. President, we’re now watching for deeds!!

  • Joe M Brown

    Considering that all welfare is non-productive why not start a similar program such as the WPA and require able welfare recipients to work?
    That way the monies saved from paying welfare could be used to pay workers who would be productive.

  • Too many Americans are not aware of the information in your article, which is excellent. It has taken this extreme Administration to wake up some, but there are still many that are either ignorant, too lazy, or, don’t care, as evidenced by the fact that such a low percentage of eligible people vote. It apparently is going to take a disaster to make many understand the problems caused by this Administration. Name calling isn’t sufficient, providing facts over and over will eventually wake up the sleeping citizens.

  • dgknj

    Sad but true

  • Curtis A Perry

    Lots of criticism, but no suggestions.

  • Brian Gazeley

    President Obama was inspirational as usual — Vision and Inspiration is something Americans desperately needed from their leader at this point in time. He made it pretty clear what the size of the problems are and what he saw as the best ways to tackle them. The goals he projected were incredibly challenging. The question has to be asked “are the Americans of today up for it?”. It appears to an outsider that too much of the famous American ” can do spirit ” has been lost over the past 10 years. Sadly given the toxic state of American politics today it is unlikely that President Obama or indeed any other leader in his place will get sufficient partisan support to do what is necessary.

    As to the article fair comment but it must be said the President’s speech remarked on several of these issues. Not only identifying them but putting forward broad proposals to be worked on. It is also quickly overlooked that the President took up a poisoned chalice when he took office to find ways to save America from an economic meltdown of 1929 proportions, the country was already in unchartered financial waters. As with so many of these commentators it is all too easy to be critical and another thing entirely to be ready to offer credible working solutions.

  • Steve

    It is a shame that the State of the Union speech was used to propagandize our dire economic situation. It becomes crystal clear that none of our elected leaders have the skill necessary to stand up before America and admit that a reset is necessary – and that it is needed starting NOW.

    Instead, more smoke and mirrors. More lies, more pomp and circumstance; more politicking. It’s sickening to the enlightened people.

  • Rosanne

    You have reported the facts as they are…thank you. I have forwarded this piece to most of my contacts and appreciate your journalistic and economic knowledge.

  • carl

    Capitalism was once exclusively ours, and we were then healthy, ambitious and self reliant. The material benefits were incredible, but now we are fat, spoiled rotten and greedy for more. Capitalism is now being discovered in other places, by people who are now what we were. They are eating our lunch. And grabbing all the natural resources to top it off. Technology offers some hope. Is it enough?

  • Tom

    My psche can’t take this. Last night, listening to O, I was so UP! What a great speech!
    Now, the truth outs, and I am down. Paul Ryan said he can fix it, but Congress being what it is, Harry Reid will water down anything Ryan can mastermind.

  • Charlie D

    The local paper reports that the good news is that 24% of businsses will hire new employees this year. Strange, that would mean 76% will not be hiring any new people. Is the glass one quarter full or three quarters empty? Papers must sell advertising to survive so lets make it good news.

  • Very true. Liars, thiefs, crooks. That is our political class. Sheep, that is the American public.

  • Henry Claassen


    …..and were chosen by the American people !!!

    They are responsible for this mess, or not ???

  • jose franza

    Like they say YOU BREAK IT, YOU PAY FOR IT.
    There ain´t no free lunches no more. Actually there have been no more free lunches in a long while.
    Let´s pray for the better. Let´s wait for the worst.

  • It is all too late….We are trying to play catch up with the developing economies and the speech I heard last night was more than empty. Democrats do not want to “freeze spending” because that is not why they come to D.C. .. they come to redistribute wealth, promote social justice but economic responsibility is not on their radar..Why ???? they know as time goes on the Government, no matter who is in office, will HAVE to raise taxes. So we don’t have any money is not an issue with them..they say, “Hey, we’ll get the money, full speed ahead.” How long are we going to pay unemployment insurance ?? As long as it takes to get these folks totally on the “dole” and make them reliant on the government for their survival..There will be more unemployment as municipalities will continue to lay off workers to try to stave off defaults off its debts, pension payments and bond payments.. They too will join the Progressives play to get as many folks on the government dole as possible and hence more voters….Its a cycle we will be unable to unwind..

  • Klaus

    I don’t believe that most of our politicians, especially the administration, have a clue of what it takes to actually create jobs. There are a few that have actually run a company, but nobody listens to them, so they are practically powerless. The only way to save us is cutting way back on regulations and regulating agencies, and above all, get liberals out of power. Probably won’t happen, so in my opinion, we are toast.

  • Harold Lee

    We have to figure out a different way to pay for all the government jobs (positions?), retirees (Fed, state, union), social benefits for illegal aliens, and political contributions (PAC’s) that corporations pass on to the public via increased prices for their products and services. The taxpayers are forever figuring out ways to escape the taxes that pay those expenses..

  • Peter Wentley

    Other than your 2 short sentences at the end of your article, you blame the entire national debt on Obama and the Dems.

    I am a fiscal conservative. It was during the Bush admin. that the Republicans and I am a Republican abandoned their principles and more than doubled the national debt when they were in contol of both the presidency and both houses of congress.

    You either have a very short memory or are simply refusing to take responsibility for their actions. I don’t believe a word I hear from either party. I only believe in results.

    If the Republicans can get spending under control, fine. They promised they would get rid of earmarks too. What did they do during the lame duck session, but load up every bit of legislation with earmarks. Now, Obama has said he will veto all legislation that has earmarks. It will remain to be seen if the Republicans will hold the nation hostage by loading up necessary legislation with earmarks and then demand the president sign the bill or shut the govt. down.

  • Gerald Ruder


  • Jose Alvarez

    The answer is simple. Just ask Ike Eisenhower, a Republican, raised taxes on the top 2% to 94% to pay for the various debts incurred including WWII. That was the 50’s, the so=called Golden Era when the ‘greatest generation’ thrived. It is way past time to recognize that corporate leaders have bled laborers dry by sending jobs overseas for profit for themselves. If THEY were to pay for what they had used our system to loot from the laborers by taking their pensions, wages, and benefits, our nation would not only be stronger, we would usher in another “Golden Era”. It’s not taking money from someone who earned it. The Robber Barons STEAL that money from hardworking Americans so they can go buy their private island. They are criminals and should be punished. They did not earn those millions. They stole it.

  • Bill Soderborg

    I understand that there are tax incentives for American businesses to outsource work. What are those regulations and how can they be eliminated and possibly replaced them with tax increases for outsourcing?

  • At my link…this is our “Skylab” moment.

  • You have left out the truth!The Democrats did
    not make this econmic mess Prior to Obama’s
    election the G,O.P. had control of congress for 17 out of 19 years.According to John Pugsley,(Soverign Society)we were 65T,in debt
    five years ago.Add the two figures together and we have a debt of 75T. Rather a CONSERV-
    ATIVE figure don’t you think? Cheney said it all in 2008.”if we do not help the big three we wiii always be known as theDEPRSSION PARTY!”What is the plan to turn this situation around.I noticed the subject wasn’t discussed in November?

  • mondobeyondo

    Overall, not a bad performance. But it was “all hat and no cattle”. George W. Bush ought to be familiar with that phrase, since he’s from Texas.

    If Obama had said, “Under Obamacare, every American will receive the same quality health care that Gabby Giffords is currently receiving, and at an affordable cost. I personally guarantee it!”, I would have been happy. But he didn’t…

    Obama should get an Academy Award for that speech, though. “Best Speech from a World Leader Without Using a Teleprompter”. Mr. President, please accept this Oscar, on behalf of the American people!

    What’s that, you say? The Teleprompter was in the back, hidden from camera view? Oh, darn! Never mind then. The Oscar goes to… Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France!

    p.s. Get Well Soon, Gabby!! We miss you!

  • Hal Froeber

    No Promise #6 (absent here and not mentioned in the “State of the Union” Address)
    Obama mentioned nothing about them “Banksters” deliberately destroying America with all their fraudulent activities. As we heard nothing in the speech there seem to be no attempts being made to prosecute any of them for ripping millions of people off their savings, pensions, etc., or iniate the process of correcting the financial crisis at hand and in view of Obama & Congress doing nothing, but bailing them out, other than charging us ‘collaterals’, these ‘Banksters’ are then once again tolerated (under cover) to continue just doing their disasterous same-old / same-old things, over-and-over again.
    God have mercy on us Americans, since we have not thrown the ‘money ex-changers’ out of the temple!

  • LC

    Obama should end the Federal Reserve, restore sound money, and cut taxes down to practically nothing for everyone & every enterprise. Then let everything sort itself out. Yes, the government programs will have to end, and there will be upheavals, but if sound money isn’t restored, there will be no future for this country.

  • To whoever the idiot writer of this verbose article is:

    Obama’s speech was a CALL TO ARMS to ALL AMERICANS including to him, this ANONYMOUS writer.

    In disingenuously regurgitating the sad statistics, as he does with his poison pen, he contributes absolutely nothing to the most formidable task at hand.

    In war, even in ECONOMIC WAR, every little bit the individual citizen can contribute towards a positive outcome counts.

    Would that the writer reflect on what his own puny contribution might be – AND DO IT!

  • GMiller

    http://usdebtclock .orgh belie even te staggering $14T debt nunber always bandied about.

    It is said that when a nation’s obligations exceeed its GDP, that it is no longer sustainable. Try 8X– and that doesn’t even include state and local debt. we have the biggest Pozi scheme in the history of the world. We are like Madoff the week before he was arrested.

    Bernnake, Obama, Geithner and all his lying Liberal Congresss-critters and Czars cannot fi this ne, no matter how they twiset and turn and spin. Since they won’t default, they will hyperinflate.

    When I was in the supermarket on Sunday, I noted that meats were mostly $5 to $14/lb and fish $7-28! When I was in school, it was more like .39-$1.25 for meat. I am in shock.

    Commodity prices have been on a tear for over a year and are now hitting the stores. Brace yourselves. Wait until nobody except the Fed will buy treasuries and the Govt. forces treasury and agnecy paper purchases for pension plans. You will be forced to drink boiling Kool-Aid.

  • Peter Rubelman

    I am not a Obama supporter.
    Who wrote this article? Where did all these facts come from? Are thes statements fact or a persons opinion?

  • mondobeyondo

    Education is certainly a key component of personal success. But it is not the “end-all, be-all” that your local university advertises. Out-educating the rest of the world won’t bring quality jobs back. It’s too late. We’ll just have a group of highly educated people working at Red Lobster. But hey, that’s OK! I’ll still get my H2O instead of H2SO4 (which is sulfuric acid, by the way) or H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsucessful men with talent. Genius will not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

    – President Calvin Coolidge

  • Stoneyman

    What a breath of fresh aire.
    Very succinct and accurate.
    If we had the courage in 1974 to remove a President what is stopping us now?
    You get what you pay for so if you wish to owned by the Chinese, then stop complaining and do what is required.

  • dale j.

    this president is living a fantacy has no idea how to run a business . if congress doesn’t stop approving his exsobent budget we will never get our government out of debt. his speach last night was all talk no texture on real life action. all he does good is go on vacation and ship our jobs to india & china he doesn’t believe in AMERICA GOD BLESS AMERICA MAY REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE IN 2012

  • Although a stanch Conservative, I wanted OBAMA to be elected. Why, because “Mother Nature” (Markets) had to and still has to get the World back to sound, responsible, sustainable personal and societial financial and interpersonal practices. This is always done by debt collapse (depression) that cyclically tries to teach men that we can’t all live a life of opulence–overall, we all have to be hard-workig producers and servers to the overall good of society in order to have “good times.” Big pain lies still lies ahead as we are taken to the economic woodshed for our spanking, regardless of who rules the White House and Congress–and all other government postions.
    So I wanted Obama in so that the least stable part of our society (uber progessives-liberals) would get much of the blame, since they contributed most to the current public “free ride” state of mind and deserve the most blame, but there’s plenty of blame to go around–for all of us!

  • 3cookies

    I would love to hear a SOTU from a libertarian Economic Collapse viewpoint. Given the present environment: What 3 things could move the United States out of the economic haze?

  • Astarte Davis

    President Obama needs to resign from office he is not qualified to be president – he and his people have brought this great country to its knees and We The People are fighting for our lifes – thanks to him

  • I read all of the above rebuttles to the Presidents offerings/plans. Now, what I didn’t read from the writer was his/her suggestions on how to correct any of our current problems.

  • I hate to agree with almost all of these comments but, sadly, I must.

    President Obama sold out to the ‘establishment’ when he put Paulson in charge of the Carp money and Geithner in charge of the Treasury.

    Under their guidance he has put the US of A into an absolutely unsustainable financial situation. No amount of ‘QE’ can possibly turn around the tragic employment situation and it certainly cannot make people spend what they don’t have , money (except perhaps the 5% rich who unfortunately have their money invested overseas via banks such as Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan, City Group and Bank of America all of whom are hellbent on lining their own pockets and not helping the US economy) The US economy has depended upon ‘consumer spending’ to create 70% of GDP. That source is dead in the water. Their is no policy in place to stop companies outsourcing and as a result the unemployment situation can only get worse. So, sadly, I have to say that Pres. Obama is ‘dreaming in color’ and so is anyone else who believes that the economy is getting better.

  • We have huge amounts of oil and coal if the government will allow it to be produced. And we have large food capabilities which China needs. Balance of payments could fix the problem.And the health problem could be solved if the medical and drug cartel could be legeslated into real competition with the alternative doctors! By all means get rid og the FDA and CDC.

  • mondobeyondo

    There are intelligent people, smart people, ignorant people, and just plain damn stupid people. Obama has to appeal to all of them, so give him credit for that.

    And what is “damn stupid”? They are the folks who look at a carton of Minute Maid orange juice, and wonder why there isn’t a picture of Patsy Cline on it. You think, “Huh? What”

    Their response: “Well it says “Country Style” right here! See?” Yes. That really did happen at my local store the other day.

    These people are beyond help.

  • Jennifer

    I think you should check your facts! We were not ten trillion in debt when Obama took office. We were 3 trillion dollars in debt. ( still not good) but when Obama took office he almost quadruple the debt!
    Thank you Obama for the stimulous package!! Also, I would like to mention unemployment is counted for the people that are eligible the government is not counting all the self employed. Which there is a large percentage of people that are not being counted.

  • Henri

    14 trillion divided by 309 million is about 45000 USD debt per person. I’m not sure how many actual taxpayers there are, perhaps six times less. That would be something to the taste of 270000 of debt per taxpayer. Yeah, it’s a burden! Add to that the debt of states and local governements… Probably guarantees, low Japan-style, interest rates, for the rest of eternity, because public finances can’t afford reasonable interest rates. (Default would be to ose to contemplate…)

  • A couple of observations. First is that people lacking real world practical business experience tend to view Government as the solution to all problems including economic problems. Unfortunately Obama falls into that category, and is an extremely successful advocate for his views. The other camp, where I hang my hat seems to include most people with real world experience in financing and operating businesses. They tend to view the Obama position as naive and counter productive. Government is the problem rather than the solution. Unfortunately as more people become dependent on the Government, the Obama camp gains strength.

    Education to do something practical is never wasted. I would bet there are very few engineers or physical scientists among those unemployed. They know how to do something useful, and for which there is a real world market. Unfortunately colleges have graduated far too many social science people in areas such as sociology, political science, anthropology, african studies, and on and on. No business hires them to solve a problem. Because they can’t.

    Educational institutions graduate them because most students aren’t willing to do the hard work or capable of grasping what is necessary to graduate in engineering or physical science. They want a dumbed down education. So they artificially inflate the apparent qualifications of the work force. Unfortunately many of these end up as school teachers. Who become part of the problem rather than the solution.

  • Jim

    I am an independent. Like many others, I listened to the President’s speech and the Republican response. I agree that if these are promises, that they are promises that President Obama cannot keep. The real question is are they “promises” or do they represent a call to action?

    During the Republican response I sat mortified at what I was hearing. While I agree with just about everything that was said, the careful couching of statements relative to time and ignoring history totally skewed the truth.

    Statement, “We cannot continue to borrow and spend.” True. However, the implication was that the current administration was the culprit in this scenario. Fact, Republicans (Ronald Reagan included) have traditionally accused Democrats or “tax and spend” and it was the Bush administration that spend the projected surplus. RR and Bush II delivered the largest increases in the national debt in history. Now the Republicans are laying the “borrow and spend” demon at the White House doorstep.

    Statement, “The last two years have seen (various items attributed here)” Fact, the current administration took control in one of the most economically trouble times and signed a stimulus bill that had started under Bush II. This is not like knowing like how to fix a flat tire. This was an unprecedented time. The economic issues did not start on January 20, 2009. They have roots that span the administrations and partisan congressional sessions of both parties. Positing a situation as though it started two years ago is disgraceful.

    If, as I suggested above, these were not “promises” but a call to action, squabbling from or by either side should be shunned. What I heard above all else was the call to work together. Apparently the Republican side is not interested. So the statement about working together tomorrow after sitting together tonight didn’t get take off clearance.

    I think a broader question must be raised at this level of the discussion. What will happen to the economy if massive government spending cuts are made immediately? Most economists that I read agree that it will lead to a collapse of our economy and unemployment will climb above the 30% mark.

    So what about government spending? Government spending needs to be reduced and drastically so. The issue, however, is not agreement within Congress on this fact. The issue is “whose” spending is going to be cut. Just as a note, that means “yours not mine.” Hence the problem. It was Benjamin Franklin who said we will not solve Washington’s problems until we send statesmen to Washington rather than politicians.

    The last election was not, as many have noted, a call for change. Had it been, not a single incumbent would have been re-elected. We would have started these fresh faces with a note tucked in their lunch pails that served notice that they worked together with the other side and the President to solve the problems or they would be staying home next election. Next election cycle, the remaining incumbents would have been shown the same door with the same note in the lunch pail. The note for both would state, “Serve the nation first. Vested interests of your constituency or yourself that are not in the national interest do not occupy your time. Let those with ears hear and heed.”

    In times when a misplaced ideology, Democrat and Republican alike, dominates, it is easier to throw rocks and tear down. It is much more difficult to rise to the occasion to put aside differences where we can and work together. It seems to me that the President made this call. Time only will tell whether the Democrats and the President are sincere. Unfortunately the Republican response, however, was, “Sorry, we are not interested.”

  • What this country needs is Leadership, not follow-the-leader-ship.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    100 years from now, history professors will be saying, “Believe it or not, there was a time when The Banana Republic of America was a prosperous country with a strong middle class and a huge productive capacity.”

    The students will burst out laughing, and one of them will say, “Oh, you mean the Third World country south of Canada with all the dirt roads and the slum areas and the hungry children begging on street corners? Yeah, right!” But the professor will continue: “No, I’m serious. The Banana Republic of America used to be called the United States of America, and it wasn’t always a poor Third World banana republic. There was a time when overall, the USA had the highest standard of living in the world. But when the country went into a period of sharp decline, things only went from bad to worse—and much like The Roman Empire and the Soviet Union, its fate was sealed.”

    Welcome to the fall of The Roman Empire. Welcome to The Banana Republic of America.

  • We have over 10 times as many financial advisors as farmers and fishermen to produce all our food. The economy is driven by consumers so if consumers don’t have any money where are we going? The gap between the rich and middle class has widened in the last 10 years proving trickle down economics doesn’t work except for the top 2%. Clinton had 4 balanced budgets and paid down the national debt over his 8 years. As soon as Bush came in the debt exploded again with the help of the Republicans.

  • The problem with US manufacturing is that nobody in America will want to take a job making $20K to work in factory, while in China and India workers there make no more than $2K for a similar job…
    We cannot have a nation where everybody works in marketing and services and no industry whatsover…
    beautiful motivational speaches will do nothing to solve the problem

  • babadork

    A State of the Union speech AKA a pep rally as ineffectual as a drink of warm water. Pity Mr. Obama cannot negotiate his way out of a paper bag without a teleprompter.

  • Almost Interested

    The trouble with evolution is that at some point the organism finally changes and becomes something it wasn’t before. The US economy, culture and overall demographics have been evolving for the last 40 years. Manufacturing did not move overseas in the last 10 years – it moved in the 70’s; education did not decline in the last 10 years, it declined in the 80’s and with globalization+technology the demographics have been accelerating away from a single racial/social majority into a heterogenous non-descript middle -to-lower class. The government of the US has to have a leader – but this evolutionary change was coming and is unstoppable by any single political party or ideology. The New America is here. A new way forward. People have to stop believing either side – because survival depends on all sides working to re-invent the country. Some capital forces need to be unleashed and tempered with a social network to buffer the transition. Anything other approach is polarizing and paralyzing. Just wait – the unemployment figures will remain 9%+ even in the next election cycle 4-6yrs from now. Not a replublican or democratic issue. And certainly not an issue the President can solve by himself.

  • No more breath to hold.

    Reflection of our precise position is necessary to have a accurate understanding of where we let the philistines lead us. Sadly ,once one has accomplished that ,it would then have to be relized man’s price for this injustice to mankind is unthinkable….. But due, I wish I didn’t have the experience to say so .

  • Why are people knocking it? When have we ever heard someone come out and say the state of the union is not so good, never, so I’m not faulting him for that. He set out some good goals for people and for the government to work towards. Those are enough. I’m not a believer in government solutions, as much as Obama might be and other people might hope for. In actuality it’s up to us to do the work.

  • esq32

    Only 5? My, how flattering.

    The whole economy is doomed by more than a mere 5 empty promises made by the liar-in-chief the other day.

    Instead, how about a major promise of not listening to those consultants/advisers/K street idiots/and similar morons in DC and the beltway?

    Nah. Too late, the empire is destined for failure, just like all prior empires.

  • clark

    “Nobody,… can solve in one stroke, or a body of measures, the chronic problems the American society faces.”?

    Here it is, in one stroke, the chronic problems solved:

    Full Employment in 30 Days

    “Want to really fix the unemployment problem? Listen up. Eliminate all bailouts, subsidies, giveaways and support systems – both to business and to labor. Abolish all employment restrictions and employment paperwork. All free labor – undocumented non-citizens – to compete equally with native-born workers. Cut taxes to a flat 10% rate for everyone. Abolish every government agency that begins with a letter of the alphabet. Then abolish the rest of them.

    We confidently guarantee that the nation would be back at full employment within 30 days.”

    BTW, nice summary.

  • Danny

    I have been a buy here – pay here auto dealer in Florida since 1981 and have recently closed my doors because of all the new rules and regulations,don’t need the hassel for the small amount of money to be made trying to help the working man get transportation

  • Gabi

    To Faux Gary – assuming you seriously suggested to tax the rich and distribute the welath – altough I suspect that you did not mean it really – where would we get the money to distribute when the rich stop creating wealth?
    Read the book When Atlas shrugged by Ayan Rand – she tells a tale about the redistribution of wealth – and the results of this policy.
    Rich people accummulated wealth because they ventured, they did something that created wealth – if you tax it to redictribute you take away the incentive – and they stop doing it – so soon enough all are equal at zero level.
    I thought that Russia tried it, China tried it, Cuba tried it and North Korea is still trying the wonderful world of taxing the rich – if it is so good why is North Korea always on the brinks of famine that without food from us capitalist pigs their babies will die of mal nourishment?

  • Robert

    Good article, but the first point is wrong. Hard to imagine you’d get this wrong – it is basic stuff. Things are no longer “Made in China” as in “Made in Japan” from the 1960s. The iPhone is made in four to five countries, and an in-depth analysis I have seen shows that more money accrues to US interests than Chinese interests for each iPhone produced. In any event, your points are well taken, but you are naive to say it politely, about how things are made in the world today.

  • mondobeyondo

    I know it’s irrelevant to this conversation, but I’ve been asked this many times.

    “O Mondo” means “The World” in Portugese. And that’s pretty much all the Portugese I know.

    “Mondobeyondo” would be the obvious progression…

    So there!!

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled babble…

    Obama’s not running the show. Get that first and foremost in your mind. He is a puppet, and other people behind the scenes are running the show. He’s okay, but Howdy Doody was funnier though.

    Obama will tell you what you want to/have to hear, and go no farther. No details. Green jobs – yaaaay! But how will he accomplish this? Higher education – yaaaaay!! Better Big Macs through higher education.

    And the space program? The last shuttle flight is scheduled for later this year. There will not be any more U.S. government funded space missions. EVER. Because there is no longer any vision (as there was back in the early 60’s), and the Bible says that without vision, the people perish.

  • We can’t blame our problems on the President, Democrats or Republicans. I admit, that’s convenient and the easy thing to do. We have to be honest with ourselves. Most of the savvy people on this site know our country has been off track for a long long time. It’s just too hard to ignore it any longer.

    We are facing a future that is not pleasant. We are just as bad as the president because we the people aren’t doing anything either, except complaining. We need a new vision for America while we still have a choice.

    **** A New Vision for America ****

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

  • One of you guys blame Bush for all your troubles. He saved us from a different war.
    Yes that cost america to lose some money. BUT, not like what is going on now. We need to shut down all this BS how good America is so all
    those foreigh beggers quit coming here on false
    promises. They are duming down our nation and
    sucking our Social Security out from the people that worked for it. Obama admin just want to
    keep giving everything away that we worked for.
    Your right about taxing every company that send their goods overseas to build. Well its time the Americans calm down and take a lower
    paying job instead of having their nose in the air. Where do our kids start after college??? The unions here have kept on grabbing everything they can and added to chasing all these job overseas. They milked the cow dry and now they want the cow. Well
    they almost got it at General motors. and if
    they keep it up they will hold that sign up, “will work for food” . Part of that is whats happening now and The Government is not helping to stop it. Our Government people are so afraid of losing their big bucks and retirement cozy jobs..Pathetic

  • Jack Nichols

    It was a high school speech for student council. All stupid meaningless rubbish.

  • Peter From Australia

    More empty rhetoric from your president, the more he spends the more I will make on my gold and silver, go Obama

  • Robert

    All the cheerleading in the world (and he IS a great cheerleader)….is meaningless, because the GAME is played on the field…and Obama and his cronies (along with plenty of the opposing party) don’t have a CLUE where the field is. Only CONCRETE plans, execution, and expediency will be able to save this country….his speech included NONE of that.
    As much as I can’t stand Donald Trump or NY’s Mayor Bloomburg, it is becoming more and more obvious that someone with exceptional business acumen start running this country until we’ve dug ourselves out of the massive pit we’re in…and it is probably too late for even them.

  • spike

    The article contained a quite a few worthy facts and thoughts but the comments made me wish the author had a better class of reader.


  • William E. (Ed) Fox

    A plaque should be put on President Obama’s desk and on the desk of every Congressman with the following words: “Capital will be invested only where a reasonable profit can be expected.” Profits cannot be made on manufacturing facilities built in the U.S. due to high costs. The solution is to reduce costs. Health costs should be completely removed from corporations along with retirement costs, unemployment insurance and even the corporation’s share of social security and Medicare taxes could be taken care of by general revenues rather than by corporations. Removal of these costs should make it possible to produce goods in the U.S. This would amount to a subsidy at first but increased employment would make it a subsidy that keeps on giving indefinitely.

  • Shirley J

    Making promises that can’t be delivered – that’s what all politicians do. Like Jimmy Carter vs Ronald Reagan they find out if they don’t tell the voter what he/she want to hear they’ll throw them out of office. Americans didn’t want to hear from Carter that we were going to have to cut back on our out-of-control spending and reduce oil dependence, develop alternative energy. We know now why he put those solar panels on the White House. But no one is going to elect such a realistic (negative is how most see it) guy to lead the country. They want the one who sees the US as invincible, the City on the Hill. Uh-huh. Voters got to wake up to reality, then Presidents may have the courage to face the Tiger.

  • Obama Is A Failure And Rahm Sucks Too

    Russia will soon crush the US in every single category. Chicago and Philly Mfg Data is BS and holds no relevance in a service economy and the CPI is as blatant a lie as Obama is American.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I never watch the State of the Onion, it’s just a waste of time.

  • Kevin

    William E.(Ed)Fox

    Ahhh the race to the bottom.

    So the US should promote the worlds “General Welfare” by opening up our markets with Free Trade with slave labor competetion at the expense of our own citizens standard of living instead of promoting our “General Welfare” as mandated in the Preamble. It’s easy to compete with 50 cent/hr labor; pay your labor 49 cents/hr.

    So as technology increases which previously increased the standard of living we’re supposed lower that standard for world globalization?

    Maybe if we lowered tariffs in stages as the developing world increased the wages and hence standard of living of their respective populations thus “picking the world up” rather then “draging us down”. In the end they could afford to purchase our goods.

    Do you really advocate going one to one with slave labor? You cannot be serious.

  • Kevin

    William E.(Ed)Fox

    OBTW, doing the math just the Social Security contribution of 7% from a US manufacturing employer is roughly three times the total compensation for a Chinese industrial worker.

    You cannot compete with that without rampent unimaginable US poverty equal to the developing worlds rampent unimaginable poverty.

  • a. palmer jr.

    America is in a mess, we had to either choose Obama for President or McCain, some choice. Same thing goes for Congress, we have to choose the lesser of the two evils, but it’s still evil. We don’t have any good candidates anymore, we just have to choose the best of the bad. What has to be done, but won’t be is the same thing you have to do in your personal budget when you find out you can’t pay the bills; you bring more in or quit sending so much out. Congress, wanting re-elected will do neither. Every time they would try to cut anything somebody will get mad. Personally, I’d like to see some wasteful spending cut from the military budget and education. Doesn’t mean we still can’t defend the country and educate ourselves, just means we won’t waste so much money doing it! For America to have the money we used to have we’re going to have to re-establish our manufacturing base here at home and man if with our own taxpaying citizens first and quit paying illegals under the table to save money. When we go shopping we need to look for items made in the US before we consider those made abroad. It’s getting increasingly harder to do, however.

  • Simple Facts

    Paul, that is such a complete lie. Clinton stole from Social Security to “balance” the budget. Please learn your history properly and to count and pay attention before you make such ridiculous statements.

  • Lennie Pike


    Por favor accept what I am going to say to you with alegria – you can do it.

    I grew up in Brazil (Brasil), my wife is a Brasileira, I live there half of every year and soon will year round for all the reasons we speak of here (I will be back though if my help is needed for an armed defense of our Constitution) I speak Portuguese, so I think I should be the one to break the news to you – In Portuguese The World is spelled O Mundo. In some other Portuguese speaking countries of o mundo it may be spelled mondo but not in Brazil and I’m pretty sure also not in Portugal. There’s still Angola, Macau, and a few other Portuguese speaking countries where maybe it is mondo – hopefully I am wrong. Ate’ logo.

  • Robert

    We the people have to take matters into our own hands. There is only one office in this country that has a term limit on it. Every Senator should have ONE and only ONE term in office. And after he is sworn in Can Not receive any donations of any kind. Remove the influence of lobby groups. The same with the House of representatives. give them one four year term. And as with the senators No money of any kind after they are in office. Pay them well to do the right thing. Start off with incentives to bring back the jobs that were sent away. Give the manufacturing base a reason to stay here. Because if we don’t The Chinese will be sending there jobs here because our workforce will be making only 200$ a month.
    Education starts in the home. Right now we have generations of “Precious” families. NOt willing to teach there kids because they themselves are uneducated and ignorant. They have been put in this place because of the Entitlement culture the liberals love to preach. He who helps themselves will eventually make it.

  • Wilma

    Peter Rubleman,
    When Hitler was taking over in Germany and declaring that he would exterminate the jews, did your parents stay in Germany? Did they know their facts? In that case, they would have gone away from Germany if they had the money. Many people left without ANY money and no clothes but what was on their backs, depending on the kindness of strangers. On my block growing up we had two jewish families. One left in 1934. The other left after the war. The lady had a tatto on her arm from Auschwitz. We all have to make informed choices and decisions based on the facts as they are and not as you wish them to be. Its time to pull your head out of the sand, and stand up, and be a man.

  • If actions speak louder than words Obama will still have to undertake some seriously large amounts of action to outweigh all the oratory.

  • mondobeyondo

    Unless Obama adopts a Vince Lombardi attitude (“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”), this country is in serious trouble. Play to win, don’t play not to lose.

    I know, he’s a community organizer turned politician. But Obumbler can do a lot better. We need a leader right now. Get your act together, Mr. President, or Sarah Palin (GASP!!) will be hired for your job 2 years from now. Heck, Dick Cheney may chase after your job as well. Don’t forget Ron Paul either.

    We’re in a Sputnik moment, soon to turn into a Sputtering moment.

    Gosh, I haven’t banged my head so hard since that Nirvana concert nearly 19 years ago.

  • Craig

    The most passionate part of his speech was when he mentioned how great muslims are, did no else notice this, I thought it was strange.

    Oil is the energy of yesterday he said, but what is he gonna do about the oil supply now because it’s still the energy of today, he conveniently left that out meanwhile we are still sending billions to the Saudis, billions that could access our abundant resources,creating jobs and keeping the wealth here, what an airbag.
    Lets make a million electric buggies and build solar plants, woohoo.

  • @Robert (January 26th, 2011 at 11:00 pm)
    “it is becoming more and more obvious that someone with exceptional business acumen start running this country until we’ve dug ourselves out of the massive pit we’re in”

    The US political system favors career minded politicians who function in 4yr cycles, not smart business people.

    Taking any difficult or unpopular steps will always fail the “Will this get me re-elected?” test, so they won’t happen.

  • The Beast

    There is nothing a barrage of nuclear bomb could not heal…..

  • mondobeyondo

    @ Javier

    American manufacturing used to pay a lot more. Detroit used to be a beautiful city, with people from all parts of the country searching for good paying jobs in the auto industry.

    Then globalization took over. American manufacturing became an oxymoron, and Detroit is now a garbage dump.

  • Bambi

    This is a vicious circle, but printing money would not solve it.
    Question is whether the population wants lower paying jobs and high cost goods, or no jobs and cheaper goods. The first case are the tariffs on imports and devaluation of dollar and the second is continuing is what we are doing now. The second case would lead to dollar collapse, high unemployment and social unrest. Not a new American Revolution though, since there is no clear target to revolt against. Just a social unrest, high crime and general poverty.
    This is a result of violating he Social Agreement, on which civilized society should be based.

  • Gibby

    Funny how few people here (including the article’s author) mentioned slashing the defense budget which is the ONLY place that meaningful cuts can take place that will effect the average man-on-the-street. Let’s start with, oh, about 90% and see what that does.


    i would to give my point of view,people of america should listen to your president,he knew what is good for your country as well for the people, there is great challenge around the world and he shoulde follow this the american people should also looked forward what the needs tohave better future.before your are the giant politicaly and economically but the world leader must point out the real giant in relationship.this time is armless revolution era bec one wrong mistake is already the end. now you should wake up and ask to yourself what is good for the country as well for the people .now i will give this message;let as remenber interdependence of the is not a fantacy but a fact and that the equal distribution of wealth and opportunities is not a matter choice for the rich country can make or break this the modern imperative international life.

  • I’m glad I didn’t vote in the last election. Wouldn’t have known which was the “lesser of the two evils”. And besides, voting for evil is a disorder, isn’t it?

  • Dear American folks:

    Any six year old who has been taught the truth
    about American History (most of which has been
    whitewashed, distorted, or invalidated by ex-
    clusion) knows exactly why this man has been
    elected and why Adolph Hitler made the state-
    ment (according to a recent History Channel Documentary) “It is such a wonderful thing for
    governments that people don’t think!”

    He dared to mention something about education.
    This country will pay the price for not pro-
    ducing a nation of truly affluent and independent individuals over fifty years ago
    when the Russians launched Sputnik and our
    “educational systems” panicked pledging to do exactly as this man mouthed in that address! They made that pledge to my generation as we
    were entering high-school. It’s apparent what
    happened between 1959 and 2011. If it isn’t it
    should be and no manner of explanation would do any mind not understanding it any good at all!

    After all the years of racism, historical lying, and economic ignorance, the attempt to show to the world an egalitarian society with a black president bears a stench stultifying
    the senses! It will backfire in a way not
    seen in the history of this country. And it
    will be more than obvious and plainly apparent
    for the entire world to see. It will also be
    well deserved on the part of the brainwashed
    idiots who continue to elect and re-elect
    these chameleon weathercocks to public office causing the rest of us to suffer their conceit!

    Chicago, Illinois

  • Obama definitely showed he was clueless about the economy in his first 2 years by focusing on health care as his approach to fix the economy rather than bringing down the unemployment rate which would have helped on foreclosures and driving overall demand and taken a huge stress off the budget deficit. But jobs is only part of the equation. If the money I make cannot buy anything or is being eroded by inflation then thanks for nothing. Given the rising cost of food and energy this is the next shoe to drop.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Kevin


    Spot on regarding globalization. Pre “Free Trade” with slave labor nations a good percentage of the problens we’re debating didn’t exist.

    Globalization is the root cause with a somewhat close second being the abandonment of Glass Stegall.

  • Frank

    Some of the comments questioned the veracity of the points made by the author. I say, “Open your eyes to reality”. Others commented that no solutions to the problems were offered by the author. Well, first you have to face the reality before you can do anything about it & most Americans STILL keep re-electing the same politicians that got us into this mess because they (the electorate) still have their head in the ground! Solutions ARE being put forward if only you open your eyes & ears. Here are some I’ve come across:
    1) ELIMINATE all Federal Departments in areas not specifically mandated to the Federal Government by the Constitution (such as the Department of Education)
    2) FREEZE all other Federal Department at their 2007 levels
    3) PHASE OUT Social Security & Medicare (there are several reasonable plans to do this without “cheating” those who have paid in)
    4) ELIMINATE Federal subsidies to Medicaid (leave it up to the states if they want to continue that idea)
    5) REPEAL ObamaCare
    6) Pull out the 60,000 soldiers we have still in Europe (a relic of the Cold War) & close many unnecessary bases we have in over 100 countries around the world
    7) Reduce taxes & regulations on businesses
    8) END the IRS & put in place a simple Fair Tax
    9) PHASE OUT the Federal Reserve & return to Congress “coining” (gold/silver) money again. Keep Federal Reserve Notes to pay down the debt with & when it is paid off, end them
    10) Start to not only balance the Federal Budget, but also show the world we are serious about paying off our debt by beginning to pay back AT LEAST $100 BILLION/year.

    There are some ideas that WE CAN DO NOW ASAP to head off an economic financial meltdown that we will surely run into “soon” if we continue to deny the reality of its approach.

  • LETS NOT FOOL OURSELVES!! We need OUR, USA, OIL and NATURAL GAS.!! I have spent countless hours in the outdoors, both land,lakes, and streams…VERY FEW people are OUTDOORS!!!. While wishing for a perfect environment, we are all going broke with every higher fuel and heating costs, ever higher and higher taxes. ever higher health care premiums,deductibles and copays. While Obama seeks a environmental utopia, we are sending Billions of Our Dollars, to governments, that seek to destroy our way of life….. LISTEN AMERICA!, Do you want to ride Camels?? Do you want to live in Tents??. Lets get our own resources, Now. Before it’s too late!

  • Lotta D

    I thought it was interesting the way he casually stated that he planned to completely reorganize the government!
    What it isn’t broken enough already?
    Based on how he has ‘fixed’ healthcare I’m not sure the US can afford him ‘fixing’ the government!

  • Skipperbob

    Obama fails the test of honesty. His SOTU address could have been one sentence: The state of the union sucks, and we better start doing something about it now! No, make that yesterday!

  • Gary2

    Obama talks a good game. He duped many into voting for him but I have yet to see that big change we need. I am frankly tired of trying to defend him. We need a third party that represents the people.

  • edwardo

    let me see

    #5 is not up to Obama, it is up to US! If we keep buying the snake oil, he (and all other politicians) will keep selling it. Are you ready to vote them out when they sell us castles in the air, with no talk of how the foundations will be built? It doesn’t matter how pretty the dream is if we can’t or won’t build it.

    Also, if we can solve #4 then most of the rest will take care of them selves.

  • Greum

    Obama is the worst thing for USA, and always has been.

    * He supports Muslims but doesn’t support American Oil.
    * He allows China and the Far East to manufacture almost everything for the US markets with little or no import tax.
    * He has fought to keep the southern border of this country weakened and allow infiltration of Hispanics and Latinos who take all the lower paid jobs and send money south without paying taxes.
    * He has increased the national deficit more than any other administration not only for the current period of time but for future generations too.
    * He has admitted to being a communist, and his wife has admitted that she hates the United States of America.

    Why did you let this radical into such a high position, and why is he still there?

  • kkflash

    You entirely missed the point of Mr. Fox’s contribution: Capital will not be invested where it won’t make a profit. Goods (& to a lesser extent services) will be purchased where they are least costly for the value received. The lowest profitable market price will be set by the producer with the lowest cost. When labor cost represents the largest portion of the cost to produce something, cutting labor cost by 90% with foreign manufacturing is simply smart business. Face it, the manufacturing labor market, like most things in the 21st century, is global. Our unskilled workers are competing for jobs with China, Korea and the rest of the world, like it or not.

    Adding tariffs to foreign manufactured goods in order to make US manufacturing more competitive simply makes the selling price of those goods higher in the USA than what the rest of the world is paying. So, is our standard of living higher because we pay a higher price to own the same items? And how does your proposed tariff solution help us sell our US-manufactured goods outside the USA?

    Getting the rest of the world to pay the USA’s union-inflated wages to their workers is not going to happen, as long as those foreign workers are satisfied with their pay and available in sufficient numbers to meet demand.

  • James

    I still can’t figure out where all the people of the “broke” U.S. are getting the money to buy stuff from China, and make her think that we can shore up her economy forever. Sooner or later the money isn’t going to be there and China will wonder what happened.

  • David S

    The answers are not complicated, but rather quite simple. Only the government makes things complicated by trying to make things work that have NEVER worked!

    Reduce the Federal government to less than 50% of its current size – with less than 25% reduction to military and national security departments.

    Over half of the employees in the administrative departments would never be missed and contribute NOTHING to this country except a huge liability! Use any federal holiday as an example of their uselessness!

    Then, remove the government from interferring with ANY business unless it’s illegal, harmful or dishonest! Otherwise, leave us alone so we can make, sell and enjoy American made products again!

    Finally, abolish 99% of the IRS and replace it with a one page form that has ONE flat tax rate with NO other taxes. Get out of my retirement and get out of my health!

  • mondobeyondo

    OK folks, let’s start cutting!!

    Hmmm, what first? NASA. Yeah, we don’t need a space agency. Total waste of money. (ignoring all the vast achievements in science and technology that are a result of the space program…)

    Department of Agriculture? People gotta eat, so better leave that agency alone.

    The military? (all branches) – Maybe trim a little here and there, but we need that also, unless you like the idea of being invaded by Sweden.

    TSA, Dep’t. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Health and Human Services? The FAA? Keep HHS. Gotta stay healthy! Aviation has been a train wreck (ha!) ever since airlines were de-regulated. Flying is not fun anymore.

    And then you have the Holy Cows: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Somehow or other, one, both or all three will have to be sacrificed, if this country has a glimmer of hope of fiscal solvency.

    It’s bad, very bad. The sheeple don’t know how baaaaaa-d it is. They will know soon enough, but by then it will be too late. Much wool will be sheared.

  • George

    My view of globalization has always been that the end result would be a “harmonization” of wage rates throughout the world. If 1 million people in the developed world earn $20/hr and 5 million people in the undeveloped world earn $2/hr then the average will be $5.00!! This would be for the same job, like tightening a bolt on a car!! Our salvation is that the “harmonization” will not take place overnight giving some of us who have the ability to adjust to higher paying enterprises like designing IPODs, creating our own internet bussinesses, producing food, etc! The Q remains what will the over 50% of the students that don’t even graduate from our city high schools do?? Can Dell train them to take their customer service calls? Lotsa Luck!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh, I totally forgot about the Department of Energy! (Yes, it’s a legitimate government agency.)

    Not sure exactly what it does, but apparently not a whole lot. But if *I* were President, I’d have an idea or two…

    Instigate a new federal program – let’s call it “Fit, Not Fat! The Department of Energy Cares About You!” (Modeled after Michelle Obama’s fitness program, whatever it’s called.) Nice and catchy!

    Have people ride stationary bikes, at their local gyms, connected to little electric generators hooked up to the power company. No hamburgers or french fries during your workout, lettuce and tomatoes only.

    It would provide much needed electricity, and you will be healthier in the process.

  • mondobeyondo

    We have gas. We have lots of gas. No, not THAT kind of gas! Get your minds out of the gutter!!

    We have a Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is supposed to be used for emergencies. Apparently our current oil crisis is not an emergency, so it isn’t being used. There’s plenty of oil in Alaska, and in the Gulf of Mexico, even after the tragedy there last year.

    (Translation: We have our own oil supply, but we’re saving it for a major national crisis, like when Hurricane Caroline slams into Nebraska next year. It’s more $ PROFITABLE $ for TPTB, for us to continue using Middle Eastern oil. The oil barons get our money,, and we can continue our indulgent American Idol and cellphone lifestyle. Thanks, Dubai! We love you!)

  • If someone does not try to organize the people and demand that term limits be implimented immediatley there will never be the will to solve the problems. Everyone makes decisions that will get the re-elected. That is human nature at work.

  • liberranter

    Only 5 reasons? Then again, it would take more time and server space than a reasonable person could commit to list all of the many, many other reasons one could find if one put any effort into it.

  • kiku

    Ban all ex employees of Wall Streets and Mega Banks from joining the Govt.They have this mind set that if Wall street is booming Main street does not matter and all mfg jobs be damned.The Congress is in their pocket so POTUS from any party does not matter.They are all talking any sensible idea to death.Dollar is dying because this Mantra of Tax Cut has been heard in all seasons.Booming Economy, cut taxes.Depression, cut taxes.All big businesses when in trouble need bailout or sky will fall.Old people get benefits because their vote bank is very important.Very young and kids do not count for anything except that they can be expendable in unneccessary wars against helpless people around the world.We will steal their property because we have big guns and they do not have.No wonder Americans are now not loved anywhere.We keep electing crooks that destroy and exploit the weak at home and abroad.

  • realityrules

    Watch what they do, and not what they say.

    Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro, and other demagogues also made empty promises…

  • JAZ

    It pains me to see a once mighty nation tear itself apart from the inside out. You have let your media polorize you so much against one another , and become so involved in the left vs right smokescreen that i think alot of you dont realize (present company excluded)that your Govt’s (republican or democrat) have completely screwed you all for decades. It’s not born from Govt incompetence its carefully orchestrated and deliberate. The global banks and their puppets namely your Govt keep the general public ignorant for a very good reason. I think its time you at least found some common ground between left & right and unite to destroy your Federal Reserve which is the source of all your amazing country’s woes. Because most of your elected officials certainly wont help you. People like Ron Paul need more support from the American people to take down these powers that control America from behind the stage. Make your poloticians more accountable , publically name and shame injustices. Us Australians are one of your closest allies and we can already see the property bubbles and economic manipulation that you’ve suffered begin here. Your actions will hopefully show us how we can stop this from happening here.

  • Obama’s State of the Union:

    “Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.”

    Herbert Hoover, May 1st 1930, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Meeting:

    “While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed the worst and with continued unity of effort we shall rapidly recover.”

    Obama’s State of the Union:

    “Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, Americans’ paychecks are a little bigger today. Every business can write off the full cost of the new investments they make this year. These steps, taken by Democrats and Republicans, will grow the economy and add to the more than one million private sector jobs created last year.”

    Herbert Hoover, October 22, 1932, campaign speech in Detroit:

    “It can be demonstrated that the tide has turned and that the gigantic forces of depression are today in retreat. Our measures and policies have demonstrated their effectiveness. They have preserved the American people from certain chaos. They have preserved a final fortress of stability in the world.”

    Obama’s State of the Union:

    “But now that the worst of the recession is over…”

    Herbert Hoover, June 1930, to a delegation requesting a public works project:

    “Gentlemen, you have come sixty days too late. The depression is over.”

    Obama’s State of the Union:

    “The steps we’ve taken over the last two years may have broken the back of this recession…”

    Herbert Hoover, State of the Union, December 6, 1932:

    “The unprecedented emergency measures enacted and policies adopted undoubtedly saved the country from economic disaster…”

  • EC-Reader

    Anti-crisis measure sole – The Modern Money Mechanics to be rated JUNK, which is the way as it actually is, and a complete analysis to be made of how to proceed.

  • impeachRonPaul


    Ron Paul is a religous right bigot that wants to take freedom from the people and give it to the goverment. He advocates a church state with little freedom for the people. Id rather live in a failed economny than a country with scum bags like Ron Paul in charge. Ron Paul is evil.

  • The President swored to make the clean energy the profitable energy in U.S. in 2009. Today, this promise will be said again. Hopefully, this time he will do something to achieve his target.

  • Broadaxe

    Kiku has it right.

    If you knew how many Goldman, Sachs ‘alumni’ are in the Obama Administration, it would knock your socks off.


  • mondobeyondo

    “By their deeds, you shall know them”…

    No truer words ever spoken.

    Screw the speeches, and the beautiful rhetoric.

    Pay attention to what they DO!!!

  • John S

    About that iPhone. The outside of the plastic case is painted. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do that coating in the U.S. due to EPA regulations. Even if Apple could get $1 million per phone, it’s impossible to build them here.

    Basically, we need to determine if these millions of governement regulations are necessary. If they are important, then ban the importation any product that does not conform to EVERY regulation. EPA, OSHA, FDA, FCC, EEOC… all of them. If people still want $6 shoes, then these regulations are not that important. So close all of these agencies.

  • Kevin


    If the US with the largest market on the earth did not drop tariffs (we had them for decades and things were just fine) industry could not have taken advantage of slave wages in the developing world. The competetive advantage is negated with the tariff which is it’s purpose.

    Europe is in the same boat. Why nations with such a strong labor voting block would sign on to a policy that drains their wealth shows just how strong the forces are promoting globalization. Omnipotent is the words for it.

    Inflated wages in the US and Europe? Our goods sold in Europe and theirs sold here. Both labor forces had a pretty good standard of living. Then 2.5 billion ultra poor people were invited to the party without an entrance fee.

    How do you compete with 50 cents/hr? You increase productivity to offset it (impossible) or lower your standard of living to their level.

    Why did the US not survive but prosper when we had tariffs?

  • Kevin


    One thing I would like to clarify regarding tariffs. It’s too late now to put them back up. My point is it should never have happened in the first place. Tariffs could have been dropped in stages as the standard of living increased in the developing world.

    Globalization was not done with the blessing of the body politic. While industry fled the developed world cheap debt was increased through the creation of an increasing money supply. That hid the dark fact that wealth was leaving the developed world and was transfering to the developing world. The term “service economy” was created so the masses would not be upset. If the people in the US and Europe felt the decline in real time a political halt would have occured. Now they will feel the fall all at once because the debt engine does not have longevity; wealth creating manufacturing does but that for practical purposes has eviscerate.

    All that has been achieved is a race to the bottom in the developed world.

  • Appreciative

    I am disappointed in the replys given to the article in that most of them are missing the author’s point–namely an explanation of five areas where Obama’s speech was deficient. Most of the readers who left replys seemed to think that the point was to provide solutions to the economic problems presented. I think that the author made his point quite well and I appreciate the honest evaluation that was in line with the title of the article.

  • Davidm

    I think Obama is right. All we need is to just borrow and spend another trillion dollars to let a few people fix a few more roads. That will fix everything. I am so glad we have such a brilliant President.

  • Madame Butterfly

    Where is Ross Perot when you need him?

  • Jolene S

    I have to agree with David S. He hit the nail on the head when he talks about how we can cut federal agencies down to size, this will certainly bring the government pending down, and I like to see 3/4 of the goverment live on wages that we have to live on. Another thing, I don’t think we should be going into space, with the money they spend on space we could bring down the debt we are in. These words are from David S. and I have to agree with them it’s worth sharing again:
    Then, remove the government from interferring with ANY business unless it’s illegal, harmful or dishonest! Otherwise, leave us alone so we can make, sell and enjoy American made products again!

    Finally, abolish 99% of the IRS and replace it with a one page form that has ONE flat tax rate with NO other taxes. Get out of my retirement and get out of my health!
    I agree with the one flat tax rate; thank David S. for sharing your opion with us, I think you did a good job at explaining how the U. S. can save money. Glad that I read these, because it’s true, we don’t need any more spending and we need more jobs for the American people.

  • This is the TITLE of my new BOOK,

  • “PRESIDENT has brought all of U.S. together in CHAOS!” (TRAINAISM)

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