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Suffocated By Red Tape – 12 Ridiculous Regulations That Are Almost Too Bizarre To Believe

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Even with all of the massive economic problems that the United States is facing, if the government would just get off our backs most of us would do okay.  In America today, it is rapidly getting to the point where it is nearly impossible to start or to operate a small business.  The federal government, the state governments and local governments are cramming thousands upon thousands of new ridiculous regulations down our throats each year.  It would take a full team of lawyers just to even try to stay informed about all of these new regulations.  Small business in the United States is literally being suffocated by red tape.  We like to think that we live in “the land of the free”, but the truth is that our lives and our businesses are actually tightly constrained by millions of rules and regulations.  Today there is a “license” for just about every business activity.  In fact, in some areas of the country today you need a “degree” and multiple “licenses” before you can even submit an application for permission to start certain businesses.  And if you want to actually hire some people for your business, the paperwork nightmare gets far worse.  It is a wonder that anyone in America is still willing to start a business from scratch and hire employees.  The truth is that the business environment in the United States is now so incredibly toxic that millions of Americans have simply given up and don’t even try to work within the system anymore.

Today, the U.S. government has an “alphabet agency” for just about everything.  The nanny state feels like it has to watch, track and tightly control virtually everything that we do.  The Federal Register is the main source of regulations for U.S. government agencies.  In 1936, the number of pages in the Federal Register was about 2,600.  Today, the Federal Register is over 80,000 pages long.  That is just one example of how bad things have gotten.

But it is not just the federal government that is ramming thousands of ridiculous regulations down our throats.  The truth is that in many cases state and local governments are far worse.  We have become a nation that is run and dominated by bureaucrats.  Yes, there always must be rules in a society, but we have gotten to the point where there are so many millions of rules that the game has become unplayable.

The following are 12 examples of ridiculous regulations that are almost too bizarre to believe….

#1 The state of Louisiana says that monks must be fully licensed as funeral directors and actually convert their monasteries into licensed funeral homes before they will be allowed to sell their handmade wooden caskets.

#2 The city of Philadelphia now requires all bloggers to purchase a $300 business privilege license.  The city even went after one poor woman who had earned only $11 from her blog over the past two years.

#3 In the state of Massachusetts, all children in daycare centers are mandated by state law to brush their teeth after lunch.  In fact, the state even provides the fluoride toothpaste for the children.

#4 If you attempt to give a tour of our nation’s capital without a license, you could be put in prison for 90 days.

#5 A reader named Gene recently shared his regulatory horror story with us….

Started a new business this year in AZ. Paid over $10,000 in fees for permitting, $10,000 in fee for elec hookup, $10,000 in fees for gas hook up and an extra $200 fee per month just for the “privilige” of having gas. Adding up all the fees to start our business, I don’t think we would do it again. We are now just getting to the point that we are making our bills each month, and so we are not taking a paycheck, and don’t anticipate one for at least another year. Our family has been in business for ourselves for decades,and we know what we are doing, but the rising fees caught us off guard. Cities, municipalities, counties and states are raising all fees at astronomical rates to help offset the slump in their real estate income (since banks apparently don’t have to pay real estate taxes)…I’m telling you every business person I know is on their last leg. In a few more years, if things don’t turn out better for the BUSINESS PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THE GOV, then the last ones standing will go down, and the GOV with it. Not counting the other bubbles that could blow, this one is just common sense. People talk about TAXES. This has nothing to do with taxes, or the blatent disregard for taking my money and giving it to someone else. This is just about the issue of actually getting a business started and keeping a business going. The fees are feeing us all out of business.

#6 Federal agents recently raided an Amish farm at 5 A.M. in the morning because they were selling “unauthorized” raw milk.

#7 In Lake Elmo, Minnesota farmers can be fined $1,000 and put in jail for 90 days for selling pumpkins or Christmas trees that are grown outside city limits.

#8 A U.S. District Court judge slapped a 5oo dollar fine on Massachusetts fisherman Robert J. Eldridge for untangling a giant whale from his nets and setting it free.  So what was his crime?  Well, according to the court, Eldridge was supposed to call state authorities and wait for them do it.

#9 In the state of Texas, it doesn’t matter how much formal interior design education you have – only individuals with government licenses may refer to themselves as “interior designers” or use the term “interior design” to describe their work.

#10 Deeply hidden in the 2,409-page health reform bill passed by Congress was a new regulation that will require U.S. businesses to file millions more 1099s each year.  In fact, it is estimated that the average small business will now have to file 200 additional 1099s every single year.  Talk about a nightmare of red tape!  But don’t try to avoid this rule – it is being reported that the IRS has hired approximately 2,000 new auditors to audit as many of these 1099s as possible.

#11 The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin makes it incredibly difficult to go out of business.  In order to close down a business, Milwaukee requires you to purchase an expensive license, you must submit a huge pile of paperwork to the city regarding the inventory you wish to sell off, and you must pay a fee based on the length of your “going out of business sale” plus a two dollar charge for every $1,000 worth of inventory that you are attempting to sell off.

#12 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is projecting that the food service industry will have to spend an additional 14 million hours every single year just to comply with new federal regulations that mandate that all vending machine operators and chain restaurants must label all products that they sell with a calorie count in a location visible to the consumer.

The following short video produced by the Institute for Justice examines some more examples of completely ridiculous regulations across the United States.  The video is very funny, but please keep in mind that all of this red tape is absolutely killing many very real businesses….

So is this what “free enterprise” is supposed to look like?

Over and over again I have written about the dangers of globalization, but no matter what changes are made a lot of companies will still not want to set up shop in the United States until something is done about all of these ridiculous regulations.

As mentioned earlier, the U.S. economy is facing a vast array of incredibly serious problems, but if government would just get off our backs at least we would have a fighting chance.

Instead, it gets worse every single year.  Each new wave of bureaucrats just seems to get worse than the wave before it.  They always seem to think that if they just write more regulations and impose more fees and require more licenses and raise more revenue that they will be able to “fix” things.

But the truth is that they always make things worse.  Our economy is literally being suffocated by red tape.  A “total control grid” is being erected all around us and most Americans are so numb that they don’t even realize that it is happening.

  • Gary2

    All these goofy rules are the result of special interest lobby requests to thwart competition from potential start ups. Make start ups too expensive to limit competition.

    The other rules are probably passed as most Americans are stupid and would forget to take a breath if someone did not tell them to do so.

    Tea Party is exhibit A to prove the stupidity of the majority of American people.

  • mondobeyondo

    Way, way too much government intervention and regulation.

    What’s next, a little girl can’t set up a neighborhood lemon stand because it violates a city code??

    Oh wait, I believe that’s already happened.

  • nosilverspoon

    It was so long ago, but I think there was a situation similar to this in Germany. I believe it involved a whole lot of people. Something about camps. Oh well, that was HISTORY…..

  • Welcome to socialism!

    Socialism is like cancer; one doesn’t feel it growing, until it has reached a critical, and often lethal, size.

    Western Europe, and especially France, has been enjoying socialism, and all the attached bureaucracy, since the early 80s.
    Since then, French would be entrepreneurs have run away and found refuge in the US, often in California. At some point, there were more than 40,000 highly educated French striving in this state alone.

    But these days are over.
    Nowadays, French entrepreneurs face tough choices, because other countries don’t offer the kind of opportunities the US was once able to offer.

    The American dream is over, and not only for the Americans!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • Nickelthrower


    Thomas Edison had this down to an art form. Edison was not happy that businesses were producing their own electricity and selling the excess to the local community. To monopolize the production and sale of electricity, he convinced state legislatures to pass laws that made it difficult and unprofitable to produce and sell electricity. What could have been a flexible and efficient grid with many players was turned into the rigid monopoly we have now. How nice is that?

  • David Robertson

    These anti-competitive rules and regulations have been developed with the specific purpose of reducing the number of companies doing business. In this way they can be seen as a roaring success.

    “Competition is a sin” said JD Rockefeller and his heirs have been following that dictum for a hundred years.

    The financial sector was the first to be hidebound until it was dominated by those who made the rules. Then they junked the ones that stopped them defrauding the hoi polloi. With the lessons learned they have been extending their control into every corner of the economy. My guess is that they want to end up owning everything.

    The only way to stop them is to abolish the agencies charged with enforcing the rules and repeal all the underlying legislation.

  • Great article my friend!!! That is the trouble with a Marxist president that is trying desperately to turn the USA into a socialist state. Old Ben Bernanke is out to sink our economy and turn our country into a third world economy!!! When is the American people going to rise up and start a real revolution to stop these people!!!

  • flubadub

    Hey man, not so fast! The countries we compete with have some insane rules too. Take, for instance, the safety policy demonstrated in the attached video stipulating that no less than 3 pairs of gloves are to be shared by 6 employees.

    Meanwhile I am forced to waste sometimes up to half an hour at work rounding up a copy of a Material Safety Data Sheet to tape onto the bottle I use to spray liquid coolant onto the bit as I drill a hole in steel plate.

    In the seventies Joan Claybrook, the NHTSA chief at the time, ordered the construction of an experimental motorcycle that used the REAR wheel to steer. Praise God we dodged that bullet.

  • These are the reasons I’m trying to organize an event called The Great American Die-In to take place on May 23, 2011. Check out the details here: The Great American Die-In or search Facebook for the event and sign up.

  • Our trade deficit Ourselves well in a since it is anyway. Why is their a deficit, because all our once American manufactures of goods took all their production and manufacturing abroad maybe to escape some of the regulations discussed above. So do you really think there is a chance that anything going to be done about this when corporate America is making a fortune exploiting the tax structures and people of foreign nations for their profits. But what it comes around to China ain’t the problem their just producing and filling contracts for known American labels still selling their name such as Lee, Carhartt, Cabells’a, etc. IMO China ain’t our problem or our enemy it’s our ourselves, and our politicians run around declaring to foreign nations that they need to something about the deficit where they should be looking at the American corporations who actually place the purchase orders with them.

  • david Huynh

    Red Tape and regulations- This will be explained why in the year of 2005, there were only about 75,000 federal employees making over $150,000 per years After 5 years, 2010, there are about 800,000 federal employees making more than $150,000 per year. (Statistics from federal deficit reduction report, November 2010)

  • Bruce
    A special guest John Walker the author of Resurrection of a Nation: Solving the Energy, Financial, & Political Crisis in America The goal of this book is to move our government, by educating America, to a place of responsible energy solutions which will produce financial and national security. It will provide a grass root opportunity for constituents to demand results from elected servants based on facts – not opinions. These facts are derived from the EIA, DOE, USGS, IPPA, NDGS, and other reputable scientific agencies, not environmental or political opinions. America is facing serious issues concerning its energy and political policies. We, as a people, have to act now to avoid further degradation of our country’s future due to special interest groups and political maneuvering that is leaving our nation crippled. It is time the truth is explored and for the masses of Americans to make intelligent decisions as to which strategic path to follow concerning its energy policies, economy, and political infrastructure. This book will be informative and should create a call to action for those who are interested in correcting our Nations energy and financial course. Get involved at the author web site

  • I have another example from our friends in Canada. I own a small luggage company in Virginia, called SkyRoll. We have a customer in Canada, a large chain of menswear stores. We have been selling our SkyRoll luggage to them for 5 years with no problems. This week I get an e-mail from them telling me that the “Technical Standards & Safety Authority” if Ontario has given me 30 days to comply with their regulations regarding “upholstered and stuffed articles”. You’d think this applies to things like beds or furniture but according to bureaucrats in Ontario it also applies to luggage. How must I comply, you ask? I have to put labels in our luggage according to their specifications AND pay them $400 PER YEAR or I can’t sell my luggage in Ontario. Keep in mind that this very same luggage has been sold in Ontario for almost 6 years and no people or animals have been harmed. I’m sure the fine citizens of Ontario are resting easy knowing that they are safe from hazardous luggage.

  • Lennie Pike

    If someone ordered you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? Of course you would, you are an American.

    The only reasons these regulations exist is to provide a criminal gang of parasites the blood they require to survive, to get their rocks off ordering people around, and to provide power to the invisible one’s behind the scenes who control them, and who profit and derive power from their control over us.

    We have people like Janet Napolitano in positions of power over us? Never did in the America I grew up in. Like Nurse Ratchet, it’s obvious there are some normal human qualities missing within her. It seems like just about all politicians and authorities these days have some type of emotional (or mental) disorder.

    Here’s a short list: Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers (big time), little Timmy Geithner, Hank Paulson (anywhere near just a little normal????), Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Ashcroft, McConnel from Illinois, both Bushes, Jr’s Attorney General Gonzales, Hillary Clinton and her husband?, Harry Schumer, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank – Why?????, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, all the Czars – what type of person would even accept the title? I had to stop because 99% of them should be on the list.

    There are people behind the scenes that choose this type to represent them. They do not represent us. This type of individual is easily controlled like a puppet on a string – they are very predictable because they have problems that force the same reaction every time. None of us are perfect, but the ones with the biggest disorders are used to control us – and we do nothing.

    It’s obvious to me that the whole system that attracts these types of sick people needs to be changed. Local governments need to take their power back that was sold to the Federal Government and paid for with FRNs.

    Eliminating the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money and small local government would do wonders. There would be too many people in positions of authority and in different jurisdictions to be controlled – but the return to sound money would be the main reason they would lose power over us.

    A pattern of this regulatory abuse getting exponentially more draconian has already been established, the water must be getting close to boiling over the edge.

    As long as obedience from the American People continues, more heat will be applied. Isn’t it obvious yet that this is tyranny.

    The Mob in N.Y. City in the early part of the century took it easier on the business owners they extorted. The consequences for not coughing up the dough were not as severe as with this organization of criminal gangsters.

    We are a country of scared mice, not men.

    Everyone who avoids them has to be part of the underground economy which is huge, but these people should not be forced underground. Standing up on an individual basis is foolish, so what is needed to get the ball rolling is to have a date set for mass participation in a month of disobedience against unjust, illegal, and unconstitutional laws and regulations.

    Paying personal income tax on the fruits of one’s labor is one of those unconstitutional regulations, and disobeying that one would reduce the blood supply these parasites feed on. April 15 would be a logical day to begin the month of disobedience. More fiat money would be created to feed them though, and we would still pay through the tax of inflation but at least it would be a start and something might come out of it.

    I don’t expect a single American to sign up for this plan. There is too much fear of your Government – justifiably so.

  • mondobeyondo

    The government is out to control you, and they’re pulling out all the stops.

    Prime example: The TSA. Body searches and X-ray scanners, just to get on an airplane. all in the name of “security” and protecting the public. That’s their excuse.

    If you want the public to see and feel parts of your body best left alone, that’s your business. But there hasn’t been a single terrorist caught yet using this method.

    There are many more examples of course, not just the TSA. They’re just the most visible, public example.

    p.s. As a side note – airline food is just awful.

  • Bill

    Here in the great state of Michigan we builders now have to take a silly 8 hour class at a cost of $160.00 plus the loss of an 8 hour day of work plus $300.00 to the EPA for a certificate to be able to work on homes built before 1978. We have to be able to use “lead safe practices” to keep ourselves and customers safe. What a bunch of manure.

  • mbabsit

    All I can say is: DUH!

    After the usurper-in-chief sank online sales for small businesses, I decided to sell two excess firearms that I have, as well as three shotguns that I converted to tactical use (translation: to be used in the home). Ah, but whilst I CAN sell from my private collection and not require an FFL, Washington state (where I currently reside), requires that I’m not allowed to sell to a whole slew of people. And, how do I find out whom not to sell to? Why, you have to have an FFL in order to check with the FBI, of course!

  • Joe Walton

    Although I agree that a lot more high dollar government jobs isnt a great thing, we have seen pretty good reasons that regulation is important…Remember Wall Street, the near collpase of our financial system.. Lets not forget about the Deepwater Horizon either, unfortunately we need regulation of industry in America. Greed has replaced ethics far too often.

  • Frankenstein Government is now after your food supply. They apparently want to control and regulate every facet of our lives. See it here…

  • As long as Americans continue to elect fools, they will get foolish laws.

    Instead of electing a business executive for president, Americans decided that a community organizer could do a better job of managing their economy.

    The White House is the most expensive training school in the world and Americans seem content to pay the tuition. So far, this has cost Americans over $200 trillion in financial obligations. Soon it will cost Americans all of their freedom.

  • > Suffocated By Red Tape – 12 Ridiculous Regulations

    No wonder that so many people are fed up with Dems and Reps. Time will tell whether the Tea Party is just temporary or here to stay. But given the ever growing red tape I wouldn’t be so astonished that the Tea Party grows rapidly.

    The midterms have been a disaster for Obama and I guess in the Congress bickering will resume. It’s gonna be business as usual!

    The discontent of so many unhappy Americans will lead to big changes! The 2012 elections will be even more difficult to predict. But one thing is sure, unless Obama fixes the economy,
    he will lose the 2012 election for sure!

  • William

    While some might argue that the US is not much of a democracy now, from the local levels to the federal level, it is still the system we have now. Point is:
    In a democracy, if the vote is fair (not like the vast voter fraud in Ohio that returned the war criminal Shrub to the White House), then you get what you voted for. Do not complain when the officials you elected crank out stupid and unreasonable rules.

  • kevinito

    Your report on #1 is inaccurate, incomplete, and misleading, I presume because you neglected to go beyond the cited source which is a law firm with an obviously vested interest in promoting this belief. While the regulation is open to overly broad interpretation (as are, unfortunately, most laws these days), it is intended to require licensing for forensic investigators, not all repair technicians. This is in fact reasonable because computer forensics is a highly specialized field focused on the analysis of sensitive information with serious legal implications. Whether the law also mandates (as it should) the appropriate IT training and certifications is ignored in the source citation. It is absurd to believe that Texas would or could shut down all computer repair operations in the manner implied; practically all business depends to some degree on computer technology. Commerce would grind to a halt.

  • Most of these laws are written by the larger corporation who has a monopoly on the product or service and doesn’t want competition. Milk for example, the milk lobby in Washington and the Agra Dept. protect their milk with an iron fist, just try selling your own milk and see how long it takes to have your door kicked in by jack booted thugs working for government. Hey! Want to start your own business? Just try converting one of your cars to a taxicab, then watch the competition in your city go after you. The other cab companies will come after you and the city and the state, everyone. Cab companies is a racket, that you and I could never compete with. Just one example.

  • One thing to remember too. Once a few companies have a basic monopoly on a business, like the 7 mega banks, they remove all the rules and regulations which free’s them to commit fraud and rip off the American people with no worry of punishment. Rules, licenses, fines, and jail time are for you and me who try to start a business, it’s not for the CEO’s of Goldman Sachs or Bank of America.

  • mondobeyondo

    Checkmate for the USA.

    Which is really, really sad. Because if we were smart, we would have planned 5,6 moves ahead, back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when we still had an economic dominance. But it’s too late now.

    Our entreprenurial and competitive spirit may not be enough. Not this time around.

    It’s funny… I know more about chess than some of our top politicians apparently do. And I rarely play the game!

    p.s. 99 percent of us are just pawns.

  • My local county wants over $12,500 in fees to allow me to use my daughter’s former room as a one-room B&B. The Tea Party acts like the problem is the Feds but in reality it is local and state government that are interfering with my life.

  • Lennie Pike

    We don’t chose the candidates, the people that bribe them and the members of their gangs who control the elections do .

    The average American does have a right to complain and shouldn’t even vote – it is a complete waste of time because the voter will not be represented at the Federal or State level.

    Representation requires a large bribe usually in the form of money – most of which will be used by the politician to hold onto their job. 99% of the type who seeks elective office is an egomaniac with severe personality and emotional disorders who will do anything to keep such a position that makes them feel important, powerful, and allows them to listen to themselves speak all day long.

    The ones who control and fabricate our fiat currency hold the trump card and are the puppet masters when it comes to bribing their agent politicians. Even with a large bribe, regardless of who pays it, the reason for paying it better comply with the wishes of the Ruling Elite if there is going to be any pay-off.f

    The only chance at having a Democratic Republic will be to make the buying of laws a crime that is enforced with severe punishment. As the situation stands presently it is impossible for this to become law and the situation will never change unless this law becomes a reality, therefore another method to change it other than voting will have to be carried out if the Average American wishes to be represented in his own government instead of being abused by it.

    Or is there any doubt that anything I just said is untrue? I’d like to know what it was.

  • Lennie Pike

    Joe in JT,

    And try suing a bank. I don’t know if it’s true but it wouldn’t be a shock to me if it was. I read on a website written by someone who claimed to be a lawyer, that laws concerning suing banks are written so that they automatically change at certain times, so a lawsuit against a bank can be started, but by the time the court date rolls around the law is different and the basis of your lawsuit no longer applies and it is thrown out of court.

    Come to think of it I’ve can’t remember a news story of a bank ever having to pay a judgment to someone winning a lawsuit.

    Anything can become law if you pay the price. How many unconstitutional laws are there that are never taken to the Supreme Court. Seems like it takes a lot of money to be represented there just as it does in Congress.

  • Rod

    Jeez, what a load of government crap you have to go through to do anything ! Imagine if the Chinese had to do all this – they’d be bankrupt. Instead it’s the USA on skid-row.
    That #1 rule is a beauty ! Here in Oz, you put an ad in the paper advertising your services and that’s it. No degree, no PI license bullsh*t or such whatsoever.
    “Regulated to death” is the phrase to use for the USA methinks. Endless f-wit, bungling clown bureaucrats passing stupid laws designed to destroy business (and rake in endless taxes) rather than build it. Jail ’em all, repeal the laws and watch how things improve…

  • Gene Johnson

    Started a new business this year in AZ. Paid over $10,000 in fees for permitting, $10,000 in fee for elec hookup, $10,000 in fees for gas hook up and an extra $200 fee per month just for the “privilige” of having gas. Adding up all the fees to start our business, I don’t think we would do it again. We are now just getting to the point that we are making our bills each month, and so we are not taking a paycheck, and don’t anticipate one for at least another year. Our family has been in business for ourselves for decades,and we know what we are doing, but the rising fees caught us off guard. Cities, municipalities, counties and states are raising all fees at astronomical rates to help offset the slump in their real estate income (since banks apparently don’t have to pay real estate taxes)…I’m telling you every business person I know is on their last leg. In a few more years, if things don’t turn out better for the BUSINESS PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THE GOV, then the last ones standing will go down, and the GOV with it. Not counting the other bubbles that could blow, this one is just common sense. People talk about TAXES. This has nothing to do with taxes, or the blatent disregard for taking my money and giving it to someone else. This is just about the issue of actually getting a business started and keeping a business going. The fees are feeing us all out of business.

  • EasyEight

    “Tea Party is exhibit A to prove the stupidity of the majority of American people.”

    Are you kidding me!?! The Tea Party movement is calling for LESS government, FEWER bureaucrats, LESS taxes and MORE freedom and individual responsibility. It’s the only mass movement pushing hard for this, in contrast to Big Labor like SEIU, Big Business like GM and GE and other Big Government groups like ACORN and, aided and abetted by Big Media.

  • joecarrsr

    The new Congress in January 2011 have to look at these foolish regulations and rid small business of this red tape so things in American can run smoothly.Reduce size of Government and reduce salaries of all Government by 20% and this will just get the engine started. Why should Americans do all the giving and the Government do all the taking?Think about it.

  • joecarrsr

    We vote,we elect,but how do we trust and believe the House and the Senate?

  • Carl Wimmer

    Everyone should stop complaining.

    If the “people” keep voting for the Government Lovers, the “people” will get what they deserve.

    You can’t have this both ways.

    You cannot have good government without intrusive government.

    If the “people” think that they can have it both ways, like a young boy who believes he can put his hand on a red hot stove, … there is one way, and only one way, for that lesson to be learned.

    It can all be put right by the “people” voting to cut government by 80% at any election.

    Until they are ready to do this, the “people” will continue to get what they deserve.

  • George Stamm

    Most interesting article for a European foreigner. Poor America. You should sell the statue of liberty. The cause for this overregulation can impossibly be B. Obama beeing 2 years in power. The US-regulation failure must have debuted decades ago !

  • audit da FED

    This is why the USA has zero growth and china grows by 10%; And why all our jobs are moving to China. thanks US GOVT, We are a suicidal nation.

  • R4i

    Not only is this way too much legislation to reasonably comprehend, but it’s all not beneficial to business as well. This is insane!!

  • Van Man

    Some of the comments and the #5 ridiculous regulation, comments by “Gene” about the fees he had to pay to start his business are beyond belief.

    If “Gene” wants to start a business that needs natural gas, and a natural gas line run to his building, he either has to pay for it or have the other customers of the utility pay to run his gas line. If he wants his business in a building of his choice It is simply a start up cost the same goes for his electrical lines.

    He puts these items in a discussion of regulations because he either wants to sensationalize his dilemma of paying for high start up costs or he is new to the business world and hasn’t done his homework on start up costs.

    I bring this up only because I have my doubts about some of the other comments and whether or not they they are in based in reality. Other comments seem more designed to take a cheap shot at our president even though many of these regulations are from the State or local levels.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have started several businesses and I know the difficulties one faces. I also know the difference between BS and reality.

  • lostinmissouri

    How do we speed the collapse of this corrupt government?

    The productive side of America, is going to have to unite, and “John Galt” it!

    Wait it out, and then go back to work….free of “big brother”

  • Thomas McWilliams

    You all might as well quit complaining and just pull an Atlas Shrugged….and get out of the system…or get on the dole and get all the government money (a real oxymoron) you can scam and totally destroy the system. It is the only way to kill the beast…if they are out of money they are out of a job.

  • D H

    O B A M A = One Big Ass Mistake America

  • “I can’t believe those men betrayed me…even after I bribed them and they took all that money”. Signed Adolf Hitler.

  • Another business killer snuck into the O’BamaCare bill is this. Business owners can only “depreciate” their assets by a total of 25K, it used to be $250,000 for years. My neighbor who owned 4 laundry matts told me this is how he stayed in business, by the advice of his accountant, buy more laundry matts and “depreciate” the washers the dryers the dry cleaning machine and so on. Even then my neighbor would tell me stories of how the fire department would bardge in his laundry matt and demand all the fire extinquishers be filled at the fire department, for $50 a peice of course. That’s like $250 in todays money. Then the health department would come in and see one dead cockeroach, and stick him with a penalty and bill. The water company wanted “100% in tax” on every gallon of water he used! So if your water bill came to 500 bucks per month the tax would be 500 dollars added to it. Rediculous. Then their was the landlord from Syria who tripled his lease payment when it ran out. Tax tax and more taxes. But what put him out of business was his wife! He said to me “she could spend more than I could make”.

  • I just found your website and this article on red tape.

    I would like to send it without the blogs to my congressman and ask him what he is going to do about all these stupid regulations.

    Since this is copyrighted, can I get permission to make a copy and send it to him, since he might not read it if I just give the website.

    Thank you.

    • Michael


      Yes, please feel free to send this article to your congressman.

      Hopefully it will help wake him up! 🙂


  • Bill2

    Two comments. (1) david Huynh, your statistics are badly out. 7,420 earning over $150k in 2005; 82,034 in 2010. You seem to have multiplied everything by 10. Note also that while the numbers have increased 10-fold, and have doubled since Obama’s election, the must have increased 5-fold from 2005 to Obama’s election. 2 x 5 = 10. So which administration oversaw the largest growth in top-paying jobs? [ ]

    I do wish that people would learn the fundamental difference between Marxism and Socialism. They are NOT the same, nor are they the same as high levels of government intervention, nor are they the same as Fascism. Like Liberalism, we’ve thrown away the real meaning of the words to make them meaningless terms of abuse. What this has meant is that we can no longer have a meaningful political debate, because we no longer have words that can communicate political concepts. All these terms are now directly translated as “Double-Plus-Ungood” and we have reached NewSpeak without the efforts of EngSoc or any other socialist party.

    If you want to complain about the lack of respectable political debate in the US today, you have to look at the removal of meaning from the language. Political discussion was dumbed down to the point where you get dumbed-down candidates, whose appeal can only be emotional, and for whom any appearance of intellect (shown by doing anything other than shouting the right slogans, or by being able to spell in one’s native language) is a reason for a paroxysm of irrational rage.

    Meanwhile, by removing the need to argue a case, to show character, and to actually be honest, we get the politicians we deserve, and of course they screw us. We told them to do it! We said we wanted them to be dumb, to take away our ability to think, to give us slogans so our brains didn’t have to be bothered thinking. What did you expect? Why do you think Thomas Jefferson argued that education was the foundation of a democracy? He hoped we’d actually think, because if we didn’t, we’d be in our current mess. No wonder he became so unpopular in the last decade or so: he foresaw this very situation and tried to guard against it.

  • JG

    Sadly, this kind of stuff (the 1099 change pretty much sealed it) is why I will never start another business in the USA. I’ve started 4 start-ups, some high tech, some services. Never again. My latest start-ups are in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. Of these, Singapore is rated #1 for business and frankly it’s true. The USA scores somewhere around #13 if I remember.

  • Van Man

    The author has written an interesting an informative article on ridiculous regulations. It seems to have brought out the worst by some of the commentators who have responded to the author’s article.

    While dissenting, disagreeing, disputing or even arguing about alternative or even the validity of the subject matter, it seems that now every discussion deteriorates into a vicious name calling or worse, hate filled dialogue.

    I understand there can and should be debate even spirited debate over the issues. However, it needs to be understood by every American that the other side, whether it be liberal or conservative is our neighbor and a fellow American. We don’t have to like their opinions or even the person making the argument against our opinion. We should and have to get back to respecting the fact that we are all Americans.

  • topeka

    @ VanMan
    If you are silent when They come for your neighbor, no one will be there when They come for you. Too many ignore the changes in other industries at their peril. 40 yrs ago, in my old profession, a friend opened his door with an ad in the phone book. 20 yrs ago, a younger friend tried opening the same type of business, and wound up with legal bills in the 10’s of thousands of dollars – due to issues no one in the field new of. 10 yrs ago, I took a govt job writing regulations. Frankly, with an attitude like yours, I would expect you are currently in violation of numerous Federal, State and Local regulations and codes of which you are unaware. Or, you are ignoring costs attributable to these regulations because you find those favorable to protecting your activities.

  • Dave

    This article is absolute garbage. Do all you people honestly believe that the government is the problem? It’s like the evidence doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t fit your economic world view. Are any of these anti-communists talking about how China is completely kicking our ass in growth and new investment, despite their evil Marxist government? Or perhaps its because of their lax health laws that they’re able to compete. I can’t decide which way it is with you people.

  • Tacitus

    “Corruptissima republica plurimae leges” – or for the Latin challenged among you “When the republic is at its most corrupt the laws are most numerous”.

    Guess what happens next.

  • gon4beer

    Dave-what’s your point? You think government ISN’T the problem? Where do you live and what do you do? How much $ do you make? I’m a stockbroker and well into the current “milk the rich” range of income. Do you even have a clue how the US even got into this mess in the first place? think, Dave, think. Oh yeah, it was the gov’t. tinkering in the morgage and realestate markets in the name of social justice. I suggest you read something about Autrian Economics @ the Mises Institute, or Thomas Wood’s book “Meltdown”. Maybe you might learn something. Good luck

  • George

    Dave, I not sure why you’re defending the government. You should know that approximately half the working people don’t pay any income tax. Of course, it doesn’t include the parasites living off welfare and other government handouts. Hope you’re not one of them. These parasites number around 50 million people (if they can be called that).

  • Philip M.

    We would need a bill to cut down on red tape. Obama Care should be repealed and the Bush tax cuts restored for everybody! This way we could prevent the economic slow down from turning into a recession again:

    President Obama pledged to work with the Republicans, but why should they want to work with him now? Paying lip service to bipartisanship has no practical implications. It certainly simplifies the blame-game if you can pin failures on the “ruling” party. President Obama will face the choice between rejecting GOP bills–which have a free pass at least in the GOP-controlled House–only to be seen as an obstructionist. Or he can sign them into law and be seen as though he betrayed his Democratic base.

    As President Barack Obama’s economic policy is turning into an utter failure and disintegrating as we speak, we are about to swiftly shift–under the leadership of the GOP–from a bad economic policy to a worse one: austerity. Harsh austerity is a misguided idea of the Austrian School of Economics, widely practiced in Europe under Germany’s “leadership”. It didn’t work in over-regulated and over-taxed Europe, why should it work here in the USA? It won’t.

    But political gridlock may actually turn out to be a good thing.

  • Tim

    Hey Dave…If you sincerely believe with your whole heart that socialism and maybe communism is much better for a nation than free enterprise….then i would maybe suggest that you go ahead and pack up your stuff as well as yourself and just move to an already fully socialized country. Thats the same thing Ive wanted to say to all these other far left marxist minded wackos that seem to keep penetrating our free land of America. what Im saying to you should be said loud and clear to you and everyone like you “IF YOU DONT TRULY LOVE FREEDOM, THEN GET OUT OF AMERICA OR GO TO A DESERTED ISLAND AND START YOUR OWN COMMUNIST COUNTRY!!! LEAVE OURS ALONE” I would relish an opportunity to ask Barack “O Bummer” why he even wanted to be an american president.. He definately doesnt represent the true values of a trus american.

  • Gregarious

    Political gridlock is the American Way. We have massive problems when either party is fully in control, and only are saved by their inability to do anything. We need to undo the communist agenda voted into law by the Progressive Communist Democrats, and that will immediately happen when the Kenyan is removed from office by the SCOTUS. Smile, its’ going to get all better…

  • Hi – nice write-up. We’re huge fans of Rand and Atlas Shrugged as well – we even made the green-blue bracelet that Hank Rearden gave to his wife. It’s called the Liberty Bracelet and you can check it out at Proceeds are going to the Campaign For Liberty so we had a feeling you’d enjoy it.

    If you’re interested in blogging about the Bracelet or let us post an entry for you, we’d be happy to send you the “Friends and Family” discount on them! Please write us an e-mail if you’d be down, we’d really appreciate it.

    Anyhow… cool site… we’re subscribed to your RSS feed now so we’ll be checking in regularly!

  • TUCK

    Tim THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVE DON’T KNOW YOU and TG for that!We would eventually have to end unfriendly Not sticking around for your reply, so show your class and tell me off I probably deserve that.

  • Your logic is based on false premises. You take several isolated regulations and claim that all business are being restricted nationwide as a result. Also, you fail to mention how foolish regulations eventually go by the wayside like the dodo bird. In fact your logic could best be described as doo doo.
    If you want to get to the heart of the problem it is not the regulations but the general pervasive greed that worships at the alter of godlessness. . .That justifies robbing shareholders and paying employees meager wages in order to line pockets of management.

  • Albena

    Even first graders know: The more you tax and regulate something, the less you will get from it! Only the politicians and the lefty morons like Dave don’t get it!

  • coco

    i found this presentation hunorous and in formative. u all can say what ever u want about it … still i do agree that the protectonism doesn’t work and we are being regulated to death not only in business but in other areas as well. i have already seen my share of stupidity and some of the comment that i read …. well simply putting it, by stop taking all those stupid pills and grow up.

  • American Patriot

    The new world’s tallest building(Berge Al Kalifa) at more than 2700 feet was completed in less than 6 years. NYC is still working on the foundation of the new FreedomTower after nine years. The difference is red tape. Reasonable regulations which mandate basic safety were applied to the Berge Al Kalifa with a healty dediction to productivity. In the case of the Freedom Tower, the emphasis has been on meeting every useless bureaucrat’s endless regulations and permission requirements no matter what the delay to the project. The Berge Al Kalifa was designed by a USA design firm with a korean company as the prime contractor. We must mandate that bureaucracy come second to productivity except when human life is genuinely at stake.

  • Re-tired now

    Just left Peoples Repubican of California. Had 10 employees,but one almost exclusively to deal with government regs, taxes, reporting etc, Received a $144 penalty for a .33 (yes, cents)error on my quarterly payroll taxes from Cal Franchise Tax Board. I called to ask if that was not a bit repressive, why level penalize someone for what was obvisouly a didminimus error? I was told “we would have penalized you if it was .03!” I said, I did not volunteer to be the income tax collector for the State and Fed government, you should be paying me to do all this work and insane paper pushing. Reply: “That is part of the PRIVILIGE of being a business owner!!!” California is run by the government unions it is the most corrupt western state, Glad to be gone,

  • The other Dave

    Liberals, leftists, communists (all the same), destroy the very things they depend on and that is called self destructive. Liberalism is a disease and what I’m afraid of is that one day they will all admit it and need another government program to pay for their treatment. You think that is not possible?? Why don’t all these anti-american,. freedom hating libs leave the country and go where socialism and communism is? Because they are making all the statutory laws (you now where the majority of the trial lawyers are. mostly libs) here to steal from the productive. It is called slavery and I thought libs were against oppression?? No, they invented it and without it, they have no lives. The biggest scam ever is that libs care about the poor, the downtrodden, the “minorities” (notice how the libs are always counting them), the gays, the whatever. No they are using them and brainwashing them to give up their freedom based on lies and deceit. I do not know how a lib actually looks at themselves in the mirror and sees anything worthwhile.

    • Clearly, you have no concept about what is a leftist, liberal, or communist. But, being an uneducated American and proud of it, continue to wallow in your self-imposed ignorance while ignoring the genuine failures of government around. Morons like you are the reason governments and big business partner to keep the average individual dumb and broke.

      You are a liar, a fool, and a hypocrite.

  • Excessive and obstructive government is why I have left the USA, never to return. It has nothing to do with any political party. It has to do with the greed of all governments and their insatiable appetite for power.

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