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Even Tony Robbins Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming

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It seems like almost everyone is warning of a coming economic collapse these days.  Do you remember Tony Robbins?  He is probably the world’s best known “motivational speaker” and his infomercials dominated late night television during the 80s and 90s.  He was always urging all of us to “unleash the power within” and to take charge of our lives.  Well guess what?  Now Tony Robbins is warning that an economic collapse is coming. In fact, he has issued a special video warning about what he believes is about to happen. Considering the incredible connections that he has at the highest levels of the financial world, it makes a lot of sense to consider what he is trying to warn us about. Robbins says that a “major retracement” is coming to financial markets and that the coming collapse is going to be a “painful process” as we go through it.  Those familiar with Tony Robbins know that he always goes out of his way to stress the positive, so if even he is openly warning the public about a coming economic nightmare than you know that things are starting to get really, really bad out there.

The video that Tony Robbins published where he gives his economic warning is posted in two parts below.  This is unlike any Tony Robbins video that you have ever seen before and it is absolutely jaw dropping….  

Part 1:

Part 2:

So is Tony Robbins right about what is coming?


An economic collapse is coming.

You need to get prepared.

For those not familiar with my previous articles, let’s review just some of the reasons why America is headed towards an economic nightmare of unprecedented proportions….

The National Debt – The U.S. government has accumulated a national debt that is rapidly approaching the 14 trillion dollar mark.  According to Democrat Erskine Bowles, one of the heads of Barack Obama’s national debt commission, if we continue on the path we are on the U.S. government will be spending $2 trillion just for interest on the national debt by 2020.

State And Local Debt – Many of America’s state and local governments may be in even worse financial shape than the federal government is.  In fact, some state and local governments are in such a financial mess that they have starting cutting off even the most essential services.

Consumer Debt – The total amount of consumer debt that Americans have accumulated now stands at approximately 11.7 trillion dollars

The Trade Deficit – The U.S. trade deficit has exploded to nightmarish proportions over the past two decades.  Every single month tens of billions more dollars flows out of the country than flows into it.  The rest of the world is literally bleeding us dry in slow motion.

No Jobs – Today it takes the average unemployed American over 8 months to find a job.  The number of Americans receiving long-term unemployment benefits has risen over 60 percent in just the past year.

The Credit Crunch – The U.S. is experiencing a credit crunch unlike anything it has seen since the Great Depression.  Lending has really, really dried up, but without loans our economic system cannot function properly.

The Housing Crisis – Even with mortgage rates at historic lows, a shockingly low number of Americans are buying houses.  There has been a total collapse in home sales since the home buyer tax credit expired.  At the same time, mortgage defaults, foreclosures and home repossessions by banks continue to set new all-time records. 

Rising Bankruptcies – Nationwide, bankruptcy filings rose 20 percent in the 12-month period ending June 30th.

Rising Poverty – One out of every eight Americans and one out of every four American children are now on food stamps.  Approximately 50 million Americans couldn’t even afford to buy enough food to stay healthy at some point last year.

The Coming Pension Crisis – America is facing a pension crisis that is so nightmarish that it is almost impossible to adequately describe it.  State and local government pension plans are woefully underfunded, dozens of large corporate pension plans either have collapsed or are on the verge of collapsing, Social Security is a complete and total financial disaster and about half of all Americans essentially have nothing saved up for retirement.

The Derivatives Bubble – Our financial system has become a gigantic gambling parlor and we have allowed a horrific derivatives bubble to develop that could destroy the entire world economy if it ever bursts.  Nobody knows exactly how big the derivatives bubble is, but low estimates place it at around 600 trillion dollars and high estimates put it at around 1.5 quadrillion dollars.  Once that bubble pops there simply will not be enough money in the entire world to fix it.

The Federal ReserveThe Federal Reserve has devalued the U.S. dollar by over 95 percent since 1913 and it has been used to create the biggest mountain of government debt in the history of the world.  There are many economists who would argue that the Federal Reserve is at the very core of our economic problems.

As we get even closer to the economic abyss that we are racing towards, even more big names such as Tony Robbins will come forward with warnings.

The truth is that these problems did not develop overnight, and they are not going to be solved overnight either. 

Perhaps our economic future is best summed up by this one statement that economist Paul Krugman recently made….

“America is now on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere.”

It would be great if I could write about America’s bright economic future and the unlimited prosperity that is ahead for all of us, but that would be a lie.

We are headed for an economic collapse.

It is going to be painful.

It is time to get prepared.

  • tyler

    People from all walks of life no whats going on. Its disturbing that the people whose job it is (cnbc and co.) to tell us the truth keep cheerleading the economy and act like everything is fine.

  • maguro_01

    “Social Security is a complete and total financial disaster”

    No it isn’t. While actuaries are good at keeping track of US population numbers, they really can’t forecast for the economy better than anyone else, nor are they allowed to be cynical enough to account for politics. Who would have foreseen a USA so badly and politically managed as to bring about the 2008 crash or dumb enough to subsidize offshoring?

    But SS has always been that way. The benefits and taxes need to be trimmed from time to time to steer the ship. It’s supposed to steer past demographic booms and busts.

    If we continue with medical insurance and employment schemes that kick people quite young out of the workplace SS could fail. No economy envisioned can support people working only half their adult lifetime.

    It’s the medical care system overall that’s really problematic and unsustainable.

    Our Tea Party people have been conned into shortening their lifespans and starting a generational war they can’t possibly win – only the insurance companies can win. AFAIK, the first Tea Party groups were insurance company Astroturf that got away, but obviously not far enough.

  • Gary

    When the top 1/10 of 1% have more wealth and income than the bottom 50% there is something wrong.

    We need to HEAVILY tax the rich and spread the wealth.

    Trying to preserve capitalism is like trying to polish a turd…

  • RedGypsy

    New Term to cover the MSM & Gov.

    We have now reached “Peak BullSh*t”

  • caryn verell

    mainstream media – what a joke…..everyone at least in the middle to lower middleclass knows exactly what is happening unless they have their heads in the sand…best to quit spending on useless crap and foreign to use that money instead and pay off your debts…best if you start preparing yourself and your loved ones now.. and it does not take someone like tony robbins to tell you what is gonnaa happen andhow to get through it.

  • kavidog

    Many of us are watching everything collapse around us, being told that things are going to get worse, and aren’t being told how to prepare ourselves for this inevitable collapse.
    If we can’t pay off our mortgage to be debt free, but we do have cash (buried in the yard so to speak), how do we protect that cash reserve to hedge the inevitable inflation that is surely to take over ?

  • Todd

    The majority of the mass media have a vested interest in the status quo. To tell the truth would result in panic and chaos.
    All of the stimulus spending simply postponed the inevitable. America’s government and its citizens have been spending like drunken sailors for several decades. The government knew what the end result would be. The citizens just ran up debt because it was easy and “cheap”. We bought homes with no down payment, borrowing more than they could afford and in many cases, more than what the property was worth.
    We put astronomical amounts of debt on credit cards, becoming indentured slaves to the banks.
    The government, having given away it’s constitutionally mandated responsibility of printing money to a cabal of central banks, now is enslaved to the debt created by the orgy of spending.
    We have debts and unfunded mandates that exceed 100 trillion dollars. That cannot and will not be paid.
    While many of the citizens have been paying off personal debt and curtailing spending, the government continues to print money backed by nothing. Consumer spending accounts for 70% of America’s GDP. The more jobs lost, the less money spent. Down and down we go.
    It has gotten to the point other nations are not only selling our debt that they’ve bought they are not buying the treasuries that finance our governments spending orgy.
    The Federal Reserve has begun buying Treasury Notes. The institution that creates the debt is buying the debt. This is akin to paying your Visa with your Mastercard.
    One does not need a degree in economics to know this will end badly.
    The only recourse to default is WW III.

  • Johnny_Canuck

    Perhaps it might alleviate at least some of the pain for many people if they could put some time into learning a new practical tradeable skill NOW to help them prepare for the barter and trading local microeconomy that’s likely to develop quickly in each area after any economic collapse.
    Picking up cheap cans of sardines, packs of coffee, small jars of marmalade, soap, toothpaste, cans of condensed soup or whatever else they might think may be accepted an an alternate barter ‘currency’ in the future might help too – they can always be personally used as well.
    No matter how dark the storm clouds there is always something we can do to prepare and the smallest amount of preparation is better than none. The more individuals that take that attitude the more resilience will be ‘stored up’ in the society at large.
    If things get really bad and you can make it to and across the Canadian border, then you might want to do so! We like Americans up here and you’ll find many a helping hand waiting for you.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting. For those who will listen to him, he did a great job.

  • Steve

    Everything is OK. We are putting new carpet down here on the floor of the Titanic. See how beautiful it looks. We are gearing up to paint the walls of the Titanic. There will be work for everyone. Happy times are here again…on the Titanic.

  • Dan

    Fair enough but hes coming at this from a very conventional understanding of money. The people who called this called is years ago since the year 2000 and their reasoning was unconventional namley a based on a true understanding of money and its mechanics.

    So he says its painful but we are starting to pay off our debt…. this is impossible you can only pay off debt with legal tender which is a debt, if American paid off all 13 trillion today then tomorrow it would have 13 trillion in debt still but it would simply have a different maturity.

    Basicly you cannot pay off debt you can only rollover debt.

    The suggestions he gives although good intentioned ultimately help no one or nothing because all the advice exists within the framework of the current system, so for example if you see somthing coming and you move money out and into a different area and make a profit you are only making a larger profit against someone else’s larger loss, this is because debt is like air in a balloon squeeze one area the air will move into another gain/loss

    So the only true solutions to these financial problems are to completely think outside the box and to do this I would suggest alternative currencys such as dibspace and microfinacing such as zopa.

  • Robert

    Hi, just a suggestion, you might want to display a publish date on your posts, if there is one, I don’t see it anywhere & these types of posts are time sensitive. Very interesting site, will follow closely.

  • Sigh

    What a great guy. Go to his website and see how much he charges for his pearls of wisdom. Those that were paying attention have known an economic collapse was coming since Reagan was in office. The next generation knew for certain by Bush jr.

    NOW people are surprised?


  • Rick

    Yes, this is coming at some point. There are too many things in serious trouble to avoid it. What exactly are the tools and the resources that are available to make an educated and informed decision? I am not sure where to look or who to talk to that I could trust? I really think that I need to consolidate my investments and move them to something safe, before the whole damn thing collapses.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Mike, I’m not sure I can read this blog any longer. It’s not that it isn’t true, in fact, it is because it is so true- that it is disturbing.

    The truth unmasks those people who have manipulated the economic system for their own personal greed and lust for wealth and power. That it is a sickness is beyond question.

    So if your goal was to inform the public enmasse’, you have helped me. I get it. And while I am a little grain of sand in the big scheme of things, I have to focus on spirituality and emotionally free conduct. Because dwelling here offers no solution other than recognizing what an awful mess we are in. What the blog lacks is a solution.

    A solution to make the world sane. To bring balance to disheartened and depressed individuals so that they may find something good in their lives. And focus there, just a little.

    • Michael

      Well I hope that you will continue to read the articles here because you have been one of our best commenters.

      A number of other readers have expressed similar sentiments as you have. I think the points are valid.

      However, it is important to understand that the vast majority of the American people do not even realize what our problems are or how bad they have gotten.

      To properly treat our problems we must diagnose them properly first.

      If patients do not understand just how sick they are then they will not want the medicine that the doctor is trying to give them.

      The solutions to our problems are quite dramatic, but people will never be willing to accept those solutions if they do not grasp the full horror of the situation that we are facing first.

  • marytee

    isn’t this what Japan is going through. Their population is aging and their economy has been in a deflationary mode for at least a decade.

  • Let me just say, for the record, Tony Robbins saved my life, literally, about 20 years ago. I was going through severe depression, almost shot myself in the head (had gun at head, squeezing trigger, shot guitar instead). I read one of his books about ‘negative feedback loops’, changed my thoughts, and have revered the man ever since. Even just a few months ago I found some old tapes, and one of his books, and I bought, listened, and read both. Tony is one smart cookie, I’ll tell you that much.

  • mbabsit

    This was all foretold by the late Harry Browne. Browne (former Libertarian presidential candidate, author of “How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation,” “How to Profit from the Coming Monetary Crisis,” and others), claimed that we would have hyperinflation. However, this was when Ford was in office. Still, he told people to buy gold stocks (owning gold, unless it was a collectible, was unConstitutionally unlawful), and junk silver coins. He also advised people to buy mutual funds (then expensive), have a Swiss bank account in Swiss francs, and move out of the cities, and find an occupation that can help rebuild society. Many made fun of Browne, including Howard Ruff (“…live in a cabin and put a turret on the roof). Browne’s scenario regarding a monetary collapse came chillingly back to me when the market melted down at Obama’s nomination, and his subsequent election. As to what I did: I live in the country and have a large stock of gold (wealth storage), and junk silver (for purchasing during and after the collapse). I don’t have a Swiss bank account (I don’t trust banks in general), nor do I own Swiss francs (I don’t care for currency). As to an occupation, this programmer-turned-investment portfolio manager has a number of hobbies, two of which are leatherworking, and gunsmithing. Laugh if you like, but when the chips are cashed in, who will be laughing then?

  • Ben Birnbaumstein

    I think you are working with the enemy Tony. America’s money system is a sham.

  • j r

    “America is now on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere.” in a 1976 Ford Mustang with three flat tires, leaking oil and coolant and the fuel gauge on E.

  • lostinmissouri

    The old saying “It takes a lot to sink a big boat” applies to America. We are sinking, but how long it will take, is the question.

    Personally, I thought it was all over in OCT 08.
    I never thought, that our government would step in the way they did, tossing out 200+ years of law, and bailing out banks, corporations, and foreign governments, with trillions of dollars, we don’t have.

    It has become very evident to all who have eyes to see, that our government has been hi-jacked by the Bankster mafia. We have crooks running the show, robbing us blind.

    So the question remains…how long can they keep this ponzi bailout CON game going?

  • pegasus

    I was dealt a bad hand of cards and have always tried to make and see the positive in the darkest of my personal drawbacks. Most recently after losing a career middle management position in the computer industry and unable to find work due to not having a college degree (as the HR and job placement people told me), I went back to college and completed a BS science based degree, and paid for it all on my own. Still not able to find work in my educated field, I’m going to grad school (started last month) for the next 3.5 years and this time around will rely on student loan money for tuition as well as living expense money. I am doing the studies in a field that I can be my own business person, go most anywhere on the globe and practice and it is in the alternative medical field that I believe will be growing substantially in the coming years. I am taking the risk of borrowing the money because 150K-200K I will be in debt for will be paid back. Like I said, I’d rather take the risk in myself than in say a piece of property right now. My potential, my success and financial freedom will be what I make of it.

    I am doing this because I think the only good and sound investment in economic times such as these, is in yourself. I think Tony’s message is absolutely true, though I think he doesn’t go far enough. Invest in yourself and protect and prepare yourself to be resilient to the coming depression storm. You are all you have.

    And I’m just saying this for others to read in case they hit a wall and have no idea where to turn. It is a suggestion for those of you who have degrees and don’t know what to do.

  • Dave L

    I am hearing this more and more from the general public. People do not believe the government or CNBC. They see what is going on around them.

  • Robert Benson

    I find it somewhat hypocritical of Tony to come out and say these things when he was part of the problem in the first place. His, and many other gurus like him, professed the only way to wealth was through property acquisition. This is even the more strange as Tony began his career with absoloutely no background in any business at any senior level yet marketed brilliantly himself as the one who had the ability to give people the keys and it was up to them whether they went through the door or not. I query his words now and ask the question, ‘Why?’

  • Oxi Kino

    Here is simple math:

    1. Let’s assume that over the next X months the market returns Y.

    2. Some people time the market correctly therefore their returns will be Y+Gain-Costs-CapitalGainTaxes

    3. Every trade has a loser and a winner in our case the winner return is Y-Gain-Costs+LossCarryOver

    Therefore those that will read this and do nothing get Y. The rest fall into case 2 or 3.

    Case 2 will praise Tony. Case 3 not so much!

    Next time when Tony makes a prediction will read the testimonials of Case 2.

    Interesting fact though of the people that followed Tony’s advice in agregate the retun is LESS than case 1.

    = Y-Costs+(LossCarryOver-CapitalGainTaxes)/2

    where (LossCarryOver-CapitalGainTaxes)/2 < 0

    Therefore Tony's advice IS BAD in aggregate.

    Simple math 🙂

  • Upayu Dooteebung

    If the government told all of us the complete truth, that our way of life is indeed finished, how many guns per day would be sold? What about food? The nations grain silos would be emptied quickly. You see, our government KNOWS its all over, and quite frankly folks, nobody gives a damn but us.

  • VegasBob

    The problem is that the doctors in charge of our economy have no idea how to diagnose the problems.

    If they cannot diagnose the problem, how on earth can they come up with a treatment plan?

    Idiots like Bernokio, Geithner and Summers are utterly clueless about what is going on, and what needs to be done to fix it.

    They are quacks. The only prescription they have is adding more debt to the system. Adding more debt to the system cannot possibly fix a problem that was caused by too much debt in the first place.

  • gw

    To say that this blog “lacks a solution” is silly. The biggest problem is ignorance and apathy on the part of Americans and this blog tries to address that. Thanks for your efforts Michael.

  • Tim

    After listening to Tony, I don’t care about the math, but more about reason, logic and common sense. LOOK around you, and ask yourself “what do you SEE” ?! It’s a FACT that there are 8 million people out of work, and only 100,000 jobs have been created ?! People living in the wilderness and out of their tents. In the desert they are living next to large bushes and one individual actually dug an underground abode. Opinions that are off-point and many are here, don’t deserve anything less than treatment as their author.

  • matt schwartz

    Please Tony Robbins, we don’t need your extremely amateurish meandering blowhard input on anything beyond waking the giant within. You’re truly embarrassing. Hearsay repeated over and over again does not an expert make.

  • Joe Average

    Oxi Kino,

    Some even simpler math…

    Place $100 in the bank at 10%pa (sustained) and after 7 years your money has doubled. After 14 years, it’s doubled again and so on… 100, 200, 400, 800…

    The same math applies to anything that grows. Sure, in reality it varies, with the doubling effect slowing or quickening, but eventually anything that continues to grow continues to double in size.

    This is the basic principle of compounding.

    Now, don’t we all want China to “grow” at 10% or so… Indefinitely? But is there enough “stuff” for this growth? Don’t we live on a finite planet? Is there enough cheap energy to go around? (43,000 deep-water oil wells so far; 80+ million barrels consumed globally each day – there’s no growth without energy right?)

    The basic math of compounding growth is rarely discussed. There must be limits, like the old “grain of wheat on the chessboard” tale. Personally, I think we’ve just about reached those limits. Honestly, do we have another “doubling” up our collective sleave?

    Best Wishes from Australia.

  • Not so Mad Max

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Tony Robbins (My Tastes go more to Brian Tracy and Earn Nightingale). That said I’ve always respected him for the help he has given people.

    This video is nothing new to me Karl Denninger, Guests on FSN, Harry Dent, have been saying this for months, a crash was coming fall 2010 or early 2011. John Ramsey has been screaming at people for years GET OUT OF DEBT!

    An era is coming when people are going to have to think for themselves, find your own solutions to your problems. Too many people have been looking to others for solutions, you need to look to yourself, your family, your friends. The old Consumer era is dying it’s dying in Europe it’s dying here, get over it.

    Thanks for the video

  • I’ve been out of work since Sept 09. Been following Tony for years. Do as we do! Start your own business(s). Have multiple income streams.

    Watch these videos. Best Regards, Gary


  • Spinone

    Don’t be afraid. What is coming will be a big change, but the sun will still rise, and the birds will still sing. Will you miss mortgage, car payments, credit cards, cable TV, 8-6 working in a cubicle to make your payments? Only the too big to fail banks have to fear.

    Stop using your credit cards, pay in cash, sell your stocks and buy silver and gold to amass wealth.

    Hold on, your liberation is coming.

  • Pangea

    Spinone — good post. However you are part of the informed minority. The majority simply does not want to even hear it, let alone care to understand what you just stated. I’m in your camp, but I’m concerned about a society that has become so reliant, that millions of these “don’t wanna knows” will become unstable. Have you thought about that?

  • Tony Robbins is 1000 % correct. Despite his being a very rich man, he is on Target. The country is in ICU with no life support systems working the defribbilators cannot work on a already dead peraon after 5 mins. Person= economy. Stop buying high tech gear, cell phones,texting, Big tvs etc… you cannot eat them. Stock up on food you can store, water because this is a financial hurricane that is coming in a porportion unlike no other. Sorry to be so grim. For those that believe in GOD, it helps to pray when getting prepared. God Bless everyone having a hard time. I am having problems. My best wishes to all.

  • Bot Roda

    Please do not quote Paul Krugman. The man’s a Keynesian and like his misguided brethren continues to espouse more of the same measures that got us into this mess; namely more stimulus, more creation of fiat money and more government intervention in the free market. Just goes to show they’ll hand out Nobel prizes in Economics to just about anyone You would have done yourself and your readers a greater service quoting any of the prominent Austrian economists who predicted all of this years ago.

  • Steve Hudson

    You say it’s not that you’re so smart several times, and you’re right: you’re stupid. No, the basis of economic well-being is NOT spending, but production and wealth PRODUCED, unless you’
    re the ruling kleptocracy, in which case it is THEFT. What’s happened is that the nation has been looted by the “Fed” and banker tribe. It’s not that we are in a natural downturn cycle, a winter. That’s a stupid idea. Your pig in a snake metaphor is stupid. America is collapsing because a group of evil people want it to. Read Paul Craig Robert’s “How the Economy Was Lost” and get smart.

  • ogram

    Those of with mortgages that we cannot pay off any time soon, no matter how much money we throw at the debt, do we just keet trying to pay it down? If we have income but the banks fail, who do we pay the mortgage to?

  • Joey

    Inflation will double,that will take care of most of the debt. But we have too stick to balanced budget spending! Our standard of living will get more realistic and restricted. Our retirement folios will suffer. Obama knows this around the corner.

  • zapata

    Wow, what a mindbogglingly shortsighted and self- centered approach to the coming economic collapse. Tony, what a great guy, telling you that, if you prepare, you will actually be able to profit from the misery of those who didn’t. Awesome.

    All these details he discusses about bubbles and spending are just that- details. It’s all meaningless in the face of the real problem. The real problem is no longer a fringe theory, it’s a fact of reality:

    1. The cost of getting fossil fuels out of the ground is going to rise from now on.

    2. The demand for that oil is also going to continue to rise. (Read: China, et al)

    3. Everything you consume- your food, your toys, your transportation- everything- is ultimately made of fossil fuels.

    It’s the abundance of fossil fuels that has made it possible for us to reach the ungawdly population of 7 billion, and as that abundance decreases, so will that population… and it’s not going to be pretty.

    Without some replacement for fossil fuels we are not talking about a depression, we are talking about a dark age, a dark age in which billions will starve, disease will thrive, wars will rage, governments will crumble… you, sitting there there thinking about how best to profit from the coming collapse may instead find yourself contemplating the pros and cons of cannibalism at some point in the not too distant future.

    You can probably find 100 million people who think the “market” will solve these problems, as it always has.[sic] Now go ask the other 6.9 billion what kind of faith they have in the market to solve their problems.

    So, instead of thinking about how you can profit in the coming collapse, you might want to consider how your community can pull together, produce food, protect itself from those who are going to want to take it away from you, and create a simple, sustainable life in a crumbling world.

    Instead of arguing with me I urge you to read ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond, and watch the movie ‘Collapse’ with Michael Ruppert, or read his new book (Yes, he’s probably a bit crazy but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.)

  • This has all been coming down the line for several years. Abandoning the gold based system of wealth was such a massive mistake. Since then everything has been open to hyperinflation.

    I’m actually happy to see many prominent individuals discussing its inevitability… But given the underwhelming lack of response thusfar, it seems like this will be yet another issue that people ignore until it is too late.

  • Michelle

    He keeps mentioning “winter”…
    for any of you who have not read

    Winter is Coming

    here is the link:

    I decided to re-read it…

    and for any of you who have not read the web bot reports:

  • phil

    For a complete overview of the monetary scam that is the Federal Reserve System please watch “The Money Masters” on google video by Bill Sill. This 3+ hour documentary is packed full of history and insight into what is the ultimate problem with our money, the fact that it is printed out of thin air. With the power to print money the central banks of the world and the Corps. that surround them enslave and subjugate every country eventually. Also, read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins for an insiders view on how it’s done.
    Smash your TV, stop eating the poisoned food and water, stop watching sports, don’t do the drugs the Govt. ships in to put you in prison, learn about 911 and Govt. run terror attacks and spread the difficult truth. If not for yourself then for your kids.

  • Max

    The event horizon is Nov 2010. Check The globalist are doing this without the approval of the plant.

  • Thurston

    The Russians have already been through the kind of collapse awaiting us. This slide show, presented as a single page and written by Dmitry Orlov (Russian turned American), compares the strengths, weaknesses, and outcomes of both.

    Orlov argues that the parallels are close, but that the US is somewhat less well prepared than the USSR was:

    Closing the ‘Collapse Gap’: the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

  • bloodworm

    Robbins is a scam artist. After the next crash, he will make an informercial saying he warned everyone.

  • New Reader

    Recently found this site — it confirms much of what I’ve been feeling for years now.

    ONE SUGGESTION: I agree with a comment above that adding a date of publication to each entry would be very helpful and responsible. Please do this.

    Personally, I sold my house in December 2007 because I felt the market could not hold. Now, I feel like collapse is being held off in increasingly precarious fashion.

    There is a mentality of greed and short-sightedness that I just cannot comprehend. It is difficult for me to grasp the sheer selfishness and sociopathic mental state that got us to this point. I fear for what is to come.

  • Armageddon Thru To You

    It’s more than just economic theory. Diligently study bible prophecy and you’ll know what I’m referring to. The prophetic signs are overwhelming and everywhere if you take the time to search them out and learn the basics. Don’t get spiritually “punked” for eternity.

  • mcalevy

    Lousy advice. The time for making money is over. If you are going to short the market, there has to be somebody out there dumb enough to take the other side of the trade. So you do make a profit in dollars, and the dollar devalues. Its bye bye wealth.

    Better advice is to move into gold and silver, get out of the city and store two years of food. At least you will have resources to get back into the market, and you most likely will still be alive.

  • WV Hillbilly

    The key to a good economy is jobs. People must work and contribute. However, the jobs we need to create must be manufacturing jobs, not service sector jobs. The derivitive of service is “servant”. We are quickly becoming a have / have not society. This is unsustainable and will result in civil unrest and internal destruction.

    Manufacturing was the key to the making us the leader in the world. We must incentivize companies to bring back jobs to the US. The only way to do this is through protectionism. We must tell companies they have two years to bring back their manufacturing facilities. If they do, they recieve a tax incentive; if they do not, they will be tariffed to the point that they must return. Extreme…. perhaps…. but these are extreme times. We must act decisively while we still have the financial means to do so. The government must implement this plan. They will if the people understand and support the goal. We can still save America, but only if we have a plan!

  • Keep is simple. Buy Groceries, Guns and Gold. It will be over in 24 months. With more money printing soon the entire world will come to understand the US dollar is toast. The manufacturing capacity will never return. The next century belongs to China. We (the USA) did some amazing things.

    We still have aircraft carriers and I do not think this empire will go down gracefully.

  • Joel D Gardberg

    The world is coming to an end. Grab up a case of MRE’s (meals ready to eat)and head for the hills.

    Robbins says he doesn’t hype but that’s all I ever heard from him.

    Now that he’s matured he has realized there is a reality and now he’s pessimistic. With financial geniuses like Robbins out there, this country will do just fine. LOL

  • mcalevy – I don’t think he’s talking about short sales here. What I understood is that there are certain businesses that will be strong in a bad economy – food producers is the one I remember him saying.

  • My plan is simple (starting with my own mortgage). With my mortgage reduced or even paid off my income goes to other places (stores, restaurants) which help create / maintain jobs. With more jobs, mortgages continue to be paid. Sometimes by being selfish (doing things for yourself like going to stores and restaurants) you are actually helping the economy. More details at

    ps. If you are having trouble with mortgage company, it is better to get even rather then mad.

  • cathy

    This downturn is just part of the correction
    that started in 2007-08. This has to happen, the
    bubbles in commercial real estate, commodities,
    and speculative markets have to burst. It will
    likely start getting pretty scary before the end of this year. And my best guess is it will last well beyond the election of a new President in 2012, probably into mid-2013, before we all see the beginning of a better economy. Just don’t know how we will figure out the survival part until then.

  • Tony Robbins knows that people are connected and that the suffering that will come to those who unprepared will be harsh. Thank him for informing.

    Being prepared and helping others to prepare is critical. The collapse is coming.

    Get access to a free video that will inform and help you connect the dots so that you can prepare.

  • nilochsaloob

    How is that Hope and Change going out for ya?

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    The new world order antichrist beast system; which is composed of the International Bankers and their Illuminati cohorts are doing this dreadfully wicked economic collaspe so that they can get even richer and rule those who they consider unworthy peasants!! But don’t worry!!

    Even though they will rule the world for a little while; and even though they will kill those who won’t be taking their mark of the beast chip that is prophesied in Revelation 13th and 14th chapters of the Holy Bible; the Great God of Heaven will defeat them all when He sends His Almighty Son Jesus and their mighty angels to wipe them all out and have them all in hell fire and brimstone!!

  • Do not take the mark of the beast chip that the International Bankers/Illuminati/Oil Barons are preparing the whole world to take. Probably after their next world war which will kill billions!! For they are evil genocidalist/eugenicist that want to depopulate the EArth by 4 billion; so they will only have 2 billion to force their mind controlling and zombie making beast chip in!!

    And if you take that mark of the beast chip in your forehead or right hand; you will forever be cursed by God because it will mean that you have joined them and their daddy Lucifer and his fallen angels!! According to Revelation 13 and 14 and especially Rev.14:9-11 !!

  • He is mostly correct in saying, Educate yourself, but he does not say anything wrong about the Government or Value System which is Empire Based. There were only 3 Empires in the Last 100 years: British, Russian and American. The 1st ended in 1945; the 2nd ended in 1990; the 3rd ended in 2008. Essentially there is no leader (Empire) and it is anyone’s guess what 2030 will be like.

  • CharG

    I’m sorry-I couldn’t resist: and I trust-well, know-that on a level he really means well. I just can’t remove from my mind hos final few words: I’m leaving on a trip to ‘FIJI’! “Good luck y’all!” [;-(

    Thanks for the pragmatic remedies.

  • David

    Rev. Reggie Jackson

    Beast chips?! Sounds like a good investment if 2 billion people are going to need them, can I get them on E-Bay? Maybe I can convince people to get one for their fore-head and one for their right hand, and then I could sell 4 billion. I bet China makes them cheap.

    “AM I EVIL? …YES I AM.”

    Sounds to me like you’ve been listening to your old Beatles albums backward again.

  • excellent video – thank you for sharing

  • Irene

    There is an old adage… an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    I also remember just ten short years ago when those of us who were trying to get people to understand Y2K wasn’t about the end of the world at midnight 1999. It was about the huge expense every company or government had to spend correcting lines of code with 2-digit dates so the lights wouldn’t go out at 12:01 a.m. 2000. That money going to correct billions and billions of lines of code was an economic one-way street and many companies couldn’t recoop the loss; others had to increase costs on products and others had to move to chaper labor markets.

    So really the present situation had its beginning in 1913 a la Wilson/Jeckle Island, compounded by the Great Society of the 60’s, the wild ride of the .com, Y2K, and finally derivatives and mega-greed banking/government spending. Ah, welcome to our Brave New World!

  • Dennis Gergen

    The author and all of the comments or most of them sound to me like we hae an awful lot of nuts out there who see themselves as experts in the extremely complicated world of world wide economics. Just maybe now is the time to leave such matters in the hands of experts and I do mean experts as for the last 60 years or so people have been learning more and more about how to prosper economically. The sad thing is Republicans realize that if Obama is successful they won’t be in control for another fifty years and as that party really is more for the rich than Democrats they will do anything to stop him from being successful. Right now it appears as if they are quite successful and will have their way. Remember that unless people get so desperate that they do great harm to the country we will continue to vote in every two years. We can learn by the experience and before thinking it is the end of the world realize the wealthy want to make money and cutting taxes and giving big businesses all kinds of financial benefits will start the economy rolling again. The problem for the masses is that the process will require them to go through some very painful times. Having massive jo0bs and training programs would have done the same thing with a lot less tear and wear on those with less money Much less crime, suicides ,drug use,etc. but then when most U.S. senators are millionaires how can we expect them to have any insight to such social problems.

  • Bob Marshall

    I notice how more and more videos are being remove from youtube while Obama is using hulu for his health care ads. Obama stated that the use of the internet in his campaign saved a tremendous amount of money and sites like facebook and twitter was largely responsible for such a successful campaign.

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