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Experts Are Warning That The 76 Trillion Dollar Global Bond Bubble Is About To Explode

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Bubble World - Public DomainWarren Buffett believes “that bonds are very overvalued“, and a recent survey of fund managers found that 80 percent of them are convinced that bonds have become “badly overvalued“.  The most famous bond expert on the planet, Bill Gross, recently confessed that he has a sense that the 35 year bull market in bonds is “ending” and he admitted that he is feeling “great unrest”.  Nobel Prize–winning economist Robert Shiller has added a new chapter to his bestselling book in which he argues that bond prices are “irrationally high”.  The global bond bubble has ballooned to more than 76 trillion dollars, and interest rates have never been lower in modern history.  In fact, 25 percent of all government bonds in Europe actually have a negative rate of return at this point.  There is literally nowhere for the bond market to go except for the other direction, and when this bull market turns into a bear it will create chaos and financial devastation all over the planet.

In a recent piece entitled “A Sense Of Ending“, bond guru Bill Gross admitted that the 35 year bull market in bonds that has made him and those that have invested with him so wealthy is now coming to an end…

Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Jeremy Grantham, among others warn investors that our 35 year investment supercycle may be exhausted. They don’t necessarily counsel heading for the hills, or liquidating assets for cash, but they do speak to low future returns and the increasingly fat tail possibilities of a “bang” at some future date. To them, (and myself) the current bull market is not 35 years old, but twice that in human terms. Surely they and other gurus are looking through their research papers to help predict future financial “obits”, although uncertain of the announcement date. Savor this Bull market moment, they seem to be saying in unison. It will not come again for any of us; unrest lies ahead and low asset returns. Perhaps great unrest, if there is a bubble popping.

And the way that he ended his piece sounds rather ominous

I wish to still be active in say 2020 to see how this ends. As it is, in 2015, I merely have a sense of an ending, a secular bull market ending with a whimper, not a bang. But if so, like death, only the timing is in doubt. Because of this sense, however, I have unrest, increasingly a great unrest. You should as well.

Bill Gross is someone that knows what he is talking about.  I would consider his words very carefully.

Another renowned financial expert, Yale professor Robert Shiller, warned us about the stock bubble in 2000 and about the real estate bubble in 2005.  Now, he is warning about the danger posed by this bond bubble

In the first edition of his landmark book “Irrational Exuberance,” published in 2000, the Yale professor of economics and 2013 Nobel Laureate presciently warned that stocks looked especially expensive. In the second edition, published in 2005 shortly before the real estate bubble crashed, he added a chapter about real estate valuations. And in the new edition, due out later this month, Shiller adds a fresh chapter called “The Bond Market in Historical Perspective,” in which he worries that bond prices might be irrationally high.

For years, ultra-low interest rates have enabled governments around the world to go on a debt binge unlike anything the world has ever seen.  Showing very little restraint since the last financial crisis, they have piled up debts that are exceedingly dangerous.  If interest rates were to return to historical norms, it would instantly create the greatest government debt crisis in history.

A recent letter from IceCap Asset Management summarized where we basically stand today…


1) governments are unable to eliminate deficits

2) global government debt is increasing exponentially

3) 0% interest rates are allowing governments to borrow more to pay off old loans and fund deficits

4) Global growth is declining despite money printing and bailouts And, we’ve saved the latest and greatest fact for last: as stunning as 0% interest rates sound, the mathematically-challenged-fantasyland called Europe has just one upped everyone by introducing NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES.

As of writing, over 25% of all bonds issued by European governments has a guaranteed negative return for investors.

Germany can borrow money for 5 years at an interest rate of NEGATIVE 0.10%. Yes, instead of Germany paying you interest when you lend them money, you have to pay them interest.

These same negative interest rate conditions exist across many of the Eurozone countries, as well as Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

Negative interest rates are by nature irrational.

Why in the world would you pay someone to borrow money from you?

It doesn’t make any sense at all, and this irrational state of affairs will not last for too much longer.

At some point, investors are going to come to the realization that the 35 year bull market for bonds is finished, and then there will be a massive rush for the exits.  This rush for the exits will be unlike anything the bond market has ever seen before.  Robert Wenzel of the Economic Policy Journal says that this coming rush for the exits will set off a “death spiral”…

Anyone who holds the view that the Fed will not soon raise interest rates,and soon, fails to understand the nature of the developing crisis. It will be led by a collapse of the bond market.

Market forces, somewhat misleadingly called bond-vigilantes, will lead the charge.

I am not as bearish in the short-term on the stock market. The equity markets will be volatile because of the climb in rates and look scary at times but the death spiral will be in the bond market.

As this death spiral accelerates, we are going to see global interest rates rise dramatically.  And considering the fact that more than 400 trillion dollars in derivatives are directly tied to interest rates, that is a very scary thing.

And in case you are wondering, the stock market will be deeply affected by all of this as well.  I believe that we are going to witness a stock market crash even greater than what we experienced in 2008, and other experts are projecting similar things.  For example, just consider what Marc Faber recently told CNBC

“For the last two years, I’ve been thinking that U.S. stocks are due for a correction,” Faber said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.” “But I always say a bubble is a bubble, and if there’s no correction, the market will go up, and one day it will go down, big time.”

“The market is in a position where it’s not just going to be a 10 percent correction. Maybe it first goes up a bit further, but when it comes, it will be 30 percent or 40 percent minimum!” Faber asserted.

Where we are right now is at the end of the party.  There are some that want to keep on dancing to the music for as long as possible, but most can see that things are winding down and people are starting to head for the exits.

The irrational global financial bubble that investors have been enjoying for the past few years has stretched on far longer than it should have.  But that is the way irrational bubbles work – they just keep going even when everyone can see that they have become absolutely absurd.  However, eventually something always comes along and bursts them, and once that happens markets can crash very, very rapidly.

  • Guest

    “It doesn’t make any sense at all, and this irrational state of affairs will not last for too much longer.”

    Oh, it probably will continue for much longer than any of us imagine. I agree that nothing makes sense. I’ve been very discouraged for the past several years because I invested my life savings based on what I was certain would happen. But so far I’ve been wrong. I guess I just don’t understand it well enough. What to do now? I have no idea.

    • jsmith

      Get your money out of their hands!

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Just because you have been wrong so far does not mean that you will be wrong in the end.

      Patience is a virtue – especially when you are potentially holding a winning hand.

    • Stephen Taylor

      You’ve taken the right step in admitting to your investment mistakes. So we learn that nothing is “certain” in life, least of all the prognostications of financial pundits. I’ve been reading about the imminent collapse of the financial system for at least the last 20-years, with oil going to $200 and gold/silver/bitcoins going through the roof. Bets anyone for the gold price at years end?

    • Gary

      agree will go on forever. tptb needed oil to rise.?? back to $60. so fixed and fraudulent. but i think they have it all covered.
      used to believe in crash but now been way to long. i t

      • Guest

        I do NOT believe it will continue forever. By it’s very nature it cannot.

    • John Gallion

      It is INEVITABLE. When? Anyone’s guess. But will it? Definitely. And sooner than later. But I will put money down that it starts this fall. That’s how certain I am.

    • Mike Garland


  • Genada

    It’s pretty amazing that a threat of a quarter point rate hike can be seen as such a threat to the economy.

    QE and all the other things the central banks have been doing have not benefited anyone other then the connected and banks. It’s been harmful to savers and anyone who wanted to make money off of interest.

    Bonds are a investment that one makes their money off of holding and gaining interest. That has now changed to front running the central banks and selling them to them for higher prices. The market is warped.

    Without central bank support all markets are bound to crash. So everything depends on if central banks can keep this bubble going or not.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very well said Genada.

      But I will also add that I believe that things will spiral out of control so badly that central banks will not be able to control them.

      • jakartaman

        Translation – Anarchy

      • df NJ

        The central banks will do what they always do: Print more money. After this period of deflation they will panic and we will then get massive hyperinflation.

        Or, maybe the very unlikely scenario can occur where the CEOs band together and double every worker’s salary overnight to stop the riots before they begin. The people as they usually do in a recession/depression will pay off their debts before causing inflation.

        I think we are just screwed no matter what.

      • CharlesH

        Michael you’re right (and thanks for all you do). Once the spiraling down starts – gravity (fear) will take hold and the momentum will be unstoppable.

    • df NJ

      Can you imagine if they raise interest rates to 5% every house in this country will be instantly worth half as much. Every bank in the country would instantly be insolvent. It’s just amazing that such a doomsday machine actually exists.

    • CharlesH

      I agree. Another amazing thing is how winter, you know, freezing weather, can have such a negative impact on the overall American economy. Really? NO – there has always been winters and there always will be winters. The United States is in a very sorry and scary place economically. My common sense tells me there is no good way out of this and worse, it’s all going to be coming to a head very very soon. SO SO many Americans will needlessly suffer and die when the economy finally comes down.

    • nohomehere

      the fed cant cover the world!
      forget it .smart money going walkabout!

  • chekmate2

    The problem is that there is no place for the very wealthy to put their money or poor people for that matter. If deflation really happens (or hyperinflation take your pick) money will become essentially worthless outside of its country of origin. Think the Ruble in the old Soviet days. If it gets bad enough, there won’t be anything to purchase with the money you do have. How do countries trade if their currency is globally worthless? If we go back to actual trade without currency, stand by. If we go back to barter you’d better have something to barter with. That goes for individuals as well as countries too.

    • alan

      Gold. Its the same thing they tell us not to buy! LOL.

  • jsmith

    But where is the outrage from those politician’s that we elected and are supposed to be on our side? Sure, there’s Ron Paul, Kucinic and Bernie Sanders and a hand full of other politicos, but generally they have been marginalized. Where’s Obama, or Hillary? But wait a minute, they have been bankrolled by the banksters as well, and so will the next selected president from the Demopublican one party system, so it’s hopeless to get any “change we can believe in” from the current batch of pretenders to the throne, and even the glimmer of hope which I thought was Rand Paul just recently sold out to AIPAC and the Apartheid state. It really has become us against the termites in power.

    • Horiboyable .

      Its them against us. USA is in collapse just like Rome did for exactly the same reasons. Expensive Army and too much debt. Russian people were better placed to deal with its collapse in the 90’s, I think it will get messy in the USA when folks get angry.

  • Adam

    Where does all the money go? People keep talking about stocks down big and yields world wide going up significantly. Where would the money go? If prices are going down and yields are rising there are sellers in the market. Where does all this money go? I understand calling EU bond markets a bubble with negative yields but the US has a 2.14% ten year. Is that a bubble too? If stocks fall don’t people park money in treasuries?

  • Manuel de Moustache

    what are the implications of this? or in other words how should I prepare? what do you invest in?

    • Robert

      This is the question isn’t it. Implications. What are reasonable actions to take? Buy gold? Buy silver? Stock up on food? Relocate? Cash in the mattress? Riots? Mayhem? If you are already marginal economically, then what you are able to do to “prepare” is limited. It is easy to say prepare but another matter to do so depending on individual situations. I’d like to see more discussion about implications. One of my concerns is the government seizing accounts from middle class depositors. I think that is implied.

      • Crat

        @Robert. I get together with friends and ask the same question. The answers I get vary wildly. Bottom line, no one seems to really know how this whole mess will evolve. We have a general idea that bad things will come, but not the details. Will it be like Rome or Greece, or like Russia? Long slow descent, or very quick decay? I lived in a country that changed the currency over a weekend, and outlawed foreign currency- wiped out everyone overnight! Even if you had a farm, it could be and in many cases was confiscated. Not having cash or credit, couldn’t buy equipment needed. Could it happen here? Who knows, I certainly don’t.

      • Mike Smithy

        Gold, silver, food and cash in the mattress is somewhat useless unless you have the means of protecting it. Guns and ammo should be at the top of ones prepper checklist.

      • Genada

        The best case scenario is to be like Japan, going down but slow enough to not cause massive social issues as in riots.

        Japan is a society that is committing suicide. Ageing with a youth population that has given up and not trying. The youth can not afford to have children, go out or move out. This is also going on in most of Europe and the United States as well.

        What you invest in depends on if you think it will be a slow grind or a out and out crash. If you think it’s going to be a crash, then it’s not a question of investment it’s a matter of attempting wealth preservation. If you think it’s a slow grind, then you try to invest in things that will grow in the long term.

        They would rather not steal your account and upset you when they can merely take it away with inflation. Your account loses value every year, you grow ever poorer. Your future and your children’s future looks less and less bright but no one objects because it’s slow, they notice but enough to be bothered.

        • Nemnor

          Genada, you said – “…Japan is a society that is committing suicide. Ageing with a youth population that has given up and not trying. The youth can not afford to have children, go out or move out. This is also going on in most of Europe and the United States as well…”.

          You correctly identify some SYMPTOMS of a (world-wide) “sickness”. A “sickness” that virtually NO one is pointing out as the main root cause of the symptoms that almost everyone is identifying.

          That main “sickness” is the world-wide Capitalist system itself – which is DECADENT (for some time now), is at a “dead end”, is (ultimately) UNSUSTAINABLE and is now NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

          The world-wide Capitalist system has entered a ON-GOING crisis since late-60s/early-70s (i.e. at the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II and at a time when most of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up’ to the USA and compete with the USA for the LIMITED world’s market and resource).

          The main reason for the on-going crisis is that the Capitalist system is in a state of general OVER-PRODUCTION, and along with that, a general tendency towards diminished profits. Hence, the main reason for all the “irrational’ investment/financial bubbles that is springing up all over the world-wide Capitalist system.

          As the system continues to sink towards total collapse/chaos (eventually), ALL attempts to save the USA and the World will be in VAIN, except if sufficient people become aware that – Capitalism itself – is the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the World, and then have a fundamental change away from Capitalism, to a sustainable alternative system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”).

    • K2

      If you are already invested in the stock market and your stocks are rising…stay invested….but keep an eye on your stocks every single day!

    • Jerry C

      Convert your worthless paper dollars and IOUs 401k/IRAs or whatever into physical assets you control in your possession. Long-term food storage (food-grade 5-7lbs buckets, mylar bags, 2000cc oxygen absorbers, heat-sealed can last 20-30yrs), water filters, guns & ammo, land with fresh water source. The sooner you start preparing, the better off you’ll be. Don’t forget other skills to keep you employable. Most of all, have God & family.

    • GSOB

      laying treasures in heaven

  • rat28

    Let get real..US govt will not let the financial market implode.. Bailout money is always on standby.

    • Horiboyable .

      That’s exactly how we got here

    • retired22

      And the ensuing inflation will give us $10.00 hot dogs & $3,000 a month rents,…unless,of course,we live under a highway overpass somewhere!
      All of this economic ‘austerity’ is stretching the middle class like a rubber band & when the rubber band snaps civil society will go down the drain!

  • Richard

    “Bill Gross is someone that knows what he is talking about.”
    No, he’s not. He’s been bearish on bonds for YEARS. That’s why he was forced out of PIMCO… he’s been so horrendously WRONG, the clients were galloping out the door.
    You really need to inform yourself, Michael.

    • puckles

      Given the immense variables inherent in the global system currently, including robotrading at the speed of light via algorythms (which entirely violates the NYSE’s “Voice Call” rle, but then, so does virtually all modern trading–this does only more egregiously), it is only natural that Mr. Gross might be a bit early. Indeed, I rather think he’s doing people a huge service by giving such advance notice. The bond market is far larger than the stock market, and a bond crash would be immeasurably disruptive. A more orderly withdrawal is preferable by a large margin.
      Derivatives will nevertheless be knocked to hell and beyond, but perhaps not so odiously as to cause a run on the almighty US$. That is ultimately what is to be feared. If a crisis in confidence occurs in the $, which is the most widely held financial instrument/currency in the world, then all hell will literally break loose around the world, and nothing will be the same ever again. This is the most likely reason for the domestic military buildup and bullet purchases; cops and the military are, after all, the ultimate real “preppers.” This also ties in with China building up immense gold reserves, and being admitted to the “club” yesterday. That scenario hasn’t worked as well for Russia, but all they produce is oil, vodka, and bombs; kinda like us these days.

  • Combine this with the closing stores Michael documented this past week, and we have quite the one-two punch coming. And people thought the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight was a bust; wait until they see the economy.

  • Priszilla

    Yet all these experts continue to grow the bubble because they want the last cent profit before having to throw it all away.

  • alan

    The best way to fight paper is with more paper. But use bigger paper the next time. Don’t worry it will all be fine.

    • retired22

      even with hemorrhoids?

  • John Byde

    Sounds like Baltimore

  • airedale

    Gangs of young men will take heavy casualties.

  • John Gallion

    …and what will those who scoffed at and ignored economic reality do then? I’ll tell what they will do: they and their families will suffer and in some cases die.

    • John

      Rounded up & taken to FEMA Camps during Operation Jade Helm under the guise they will receive food, water & temporary housing.

      • John Gallion

        It comes down to this: If I’m wrong then I’m fine. Life goes on and I’m good. If they are wrong, they they are severely screwed. That’s an awful stupid position to put yourself and your family into just because of arrogance and dimwittedness.

    • Fianne Dinestine

      But before they do, they will try to drag you down with them.

      • Guest

        I recognize that avatar. Were you a member of TF Metals Report a few years ago?

    • T.

      All will suffer – many will also die – even among those who prepared!

    • RosettaMLundy

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    • Cedrik Thibert

      It just means everyone will lose their money, no biggie 🙂

    • Cedrik Thibert

      Let the bubble explode, All the dumbs countries who lended money to USA will lose it when it will declare bankruptcy.
      Not only that, those countries will lose their biggest trade partner.

  • rentslave

    It will continue for 10 more years.Then,Neptune goes into a fire sign as it did in the 70’s,causing great inflation.For now,stay the course.In 2025 or so,take out a 15 year mortgage.Sell your bonds for gold and silver.

    • Joel

      Yep, sure. And if you show them Uranus tomorrow, they will put down their pants and show you their moons in 3 months…
      Honestly, what does Neptune have to do with this???

      • df NJ

        There’s a funny episode of Futurama where the scientist get sick of that joke and change the planet’s name. The joke is they change the name of the planet to “Urectum”.

        • Joel


      • Scottsman

        Now that was funny.

  • jakartaman

    Money is an illusion for fools
    If you can not stand in front of your things with an ar-15 – you have nothing.

  • GSOB

    “governments are unable to eliminate deficits” –
    That’s right. Our government only squabbles about how fast they can increase it.

  • Nemnor

    ‘Genada’, said – “…Japan is a society that is committing suicide. Ageing with a youth population that has given up and not trying. The youth can not afford to have children, go out or move out. This is also going on in most of Europe and the United States as well…”.

    ‘Genada’ correctly identified some SYMPTOMS of a (world-wide) “sickness”. However, it is a “sickness” that virtually NO one is pointing out – as the main root cause of the symptoms that almost everyone is observing.

    That main “sickness” is – the world-wide Capitalist system itself – which is DECADENT (for some time now), is at a “dead end”, is (ultimately) UNSUSTAINABLE, and is now NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

    The world-wide Capitalist system has entered a ON-GOING crisis since late-60s/early-70s (i.e. at the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II and at a time when most of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA and compete with the USA for the LIMITED world’s market and resource).

    The main reason for the on-going crisis is that the Capitalist system is in a state of general OVER-PRODUCTION, and along with that, a general tendency towards diminished profits. Hence, the main reason for all the “irrational’ investment/financial bubbles that are springing up all over, along with the “interventions” of Governments and Central Banks.

    The “interventions” of Government and Central Banks are the general reaction (response) in an attempt to “save” the already DECADENT Capitalist system from (eventual) total collapse/chaos. Government and Central Banks “interventions” are NOT what is causing the issues, as some MISTAKENLY wish to believe. They are only trying to fix (they hope) an ALREADY DECAYED (and decaying) Capitalist system.

    Nevertheless, as the world-wide Capitalism continues to sink towards total collapse/chaos (eventually), ALL attempts to save the USA and the World will be in VAIN, except if sufficient people become aware that – Capitalism itself – is the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the World, and then have a fundamental change away from Capitalism, to a sustainable alternative system that addresses the ABUNDANT needs of the “rational” individual (and not just of “the 1%”).

    The main danger facing the world is that – it is more likely that the world-wide Capitalist system bring about WW-III (and in some ways, WW-III already began with the increasing currency wars and then trade wars – as happened before WW-I and WW-II), before sufficient people become aware that – Capitalism itself – is the MAIN root cause of the major issues facing the World.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There are a lot of ticking time bombs out there. This one, the global bond bubble, is a keg of dynamite. The derivatives bubble is an atomic bomb.

    At this stage of the game, time is running out FAST. And that’s if these bombs can even be defused. I’m afraid they can not.

    Duck and Cover!

    • df NJ

      Not that it is going to happen, but if they really want to avoid a total economic collapse, they could double every workers salary to spur growth.

      • jakartaman

        Were you born stupid or just working real hard at it.
        Double salaries – really – maybe things we buy will go up triple then – just stop it you are hurting my head!!

        • df NJ

          You don’t have to be an a hole unless you can’t help it. I said “Not that it is going to happen”. But if it did, during recession/depression most people pay off debt so it would not cause inflation. During the 30% millionaires agreed to a 90% tax. Once the rioting starts everyone’s metaphysics changes. We’ve been seeing a lot more rioting as of late.

          • jakartaman

            Please I am trying to take your shovel away stop digging – you are hurting my head

          • greg

            actually df nj is right in this case. However that only works if there is a market to raise income off of. and actually the reason we got out of the depression in was in 1945 when we were given the right to be the global reserve currency. but now that’s coming to an end

  • df NJ

    Faith in an omnipotent being is easy. How can you lose? But faith in the people around you is what takes serious faith. I know the banking situation is dire. I know the DHS exercises are omninous. But our country has defiance built into our DNA. I imagine whatever the Rothschild’s NWO has in store for Americans we will unite with a power the world overlords never could have imagined possible. There are 300 million of us. We must have faith in each other. We do not have to agree on politics. But when the stuff really hits the fan all good people will come to the aid of their countrymen, united, strong, and with one voice. If the masses unite, the Federal Reserve will be kicked out and Lincoln’s debt free money will return to make sure we all have the grease we need to keep everyone living happy productive lives. This is not Scotland voting for independence. The very fiber of our country IS independence.

    • jakartaman

      I would have agreed with you 50 years ago.
      Today America is not the land of our fathers.
      Have you not been watching the news.
      We have 13% of our population that believes we owe them a living. We have 30-50 million illegals who have zero allegiance to this country. Then we Have 51% of Americans who are just plain American haters (democrats) So I beg to differ with you cumbaya outlook. There will be violence in the streets if you do not prepare for that then you will be just another victim. Progressive Liberalism and corporate greed have been a deadly combination

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Progressive Liberalism and corporate greed have been a deadly combination.”

        and who supported corporate greed?
        democrats AND republicans

        • jakartaman

          Your grasps of the obvious astounds me!!!

          • Gay Veteran

            you were the one who said nothing about the republicans

          • jakartaman

            The problem with republican are they are weak and play along to get along.
            The problem with democrats are they are stupid and liars – but so are their voter base

          • Gay Veteran

            awwwww, the muslim still doesn’t get it:

      • df NJ

        I think all Americans have a strong conviction for having self-reliance, dignity, and a sense of fairness. I don’t buy the free-lunch people on welfare are the source of all our problems. I think the American people given a chance to have hard work rewarded would be so driven by greed that our country would accomplish more than we could ever imagine. I think our problem is not people are bad. I think the problem caused by the Great Recession (which feels more like a depression) is people are no longer greedy. Or worse, no matter how hard people work, the Federal Reserve has it rigged where nobody really ever gets ahead. I’m tired of blaming the people. I think the people in power know exactly what they are doing. I just don’t trust the government not to be corrupt at every level in every way including the judges.

  • GSOB

    The Bible, that is, the Old Testament and the New Testament, is the Word of God.
    Jesus constantly referenced the bible.
    1 JOHN 5:7, 8

  • saintmatty

    I was a thug in my past life. I remember the police were a lot cooler. They would try to sneak up on us to bust us and we would run through the woods to get away. It was very fun. They’d catch us sometimes and just pour out our beers. I was hauled to the cop shop one time and the police were strip searching us in the bathroom. I heard the one officer say to my friend, ‘You see this?” It was my friends weed and the officer flushed it, no charges! The cops used to be cool and this was in Central New Jersey. The police were not shooting at us. For the most part, the police knew us and our family. We had relationships with them through our criminal stages. I had a lot of fun times running from the police. Ahhh, the days before dogs, pepper spray,militarized police, and helicopters with infrared.

    • Mike Garland

      LOL! I can totally relate!

    • df NJ

      If you are not willing to listen to authority then capital punishment is what you deserve. If you respect authority then you have nothing to worry about. No one can run from the STRONG arm of the lawful authority. It’s like original sin. We are ALL criminals until proven innocent. The DA would not bring any charges against you if you were not already guilty. We should have a rally to show our appreciation to our police authority. A large gathering were our police can be honored as our saviors. Maybe even have a structured ceremony so the police know that their status in our society is the highest among us. We must hail our police who protect us from all that is evil in our communities. Raise your arm high and hail the police.

  • Nemnor

    There is a good chance that, before this (major) “crash” as you described happens, the world-wide Capitalist system brings about WW-III – which will cause a worse condition than the “crash” you described.

    Similar to the conditions leading up to WW-I and WW-II, the Capitalist system ALREADY started WW-III, with the current “Currency Wars” going on. And sooner or later, we might see a full blown “Trade War”. Then it is only a matter of time before there is all out world-wide (military) war – which would be worse than just a socioeconomic collapse – as (a major) military war is the ultimate form of collapse.

    The reason the Capitalist system is likely to bring about WW-III is because, similar to the conditions preceding WW-I and WW-II, a socioeconomic collapse would become EMINENT. Hence, a major world war is “needed” to RESET the system (they hope), with massive destruction of CAPITAL and the destruction of MILLIONS of Human lives, as the “Ruling Class” (“the 1%”) in the leading Capitalist countries look forward, pass the war, to a RE-DIVISION of the World’s market and World’s resources, along with a “reconstruction boom” (and hence, “save” Capitalism – they hope).

    The REAL (permanent) solution to the major issues facing the World, should be obvious to anyone who understands the true nature and the true history of world-wide Capitalist system, for the past 100 years or so.

  • Sean Stout

    Al Gore summed it up nicely while on the campaign trail in 1992 when he said, “Everything that’s supposed to be up is down and everything that’s supposed to be down is up.”

  • Plextt

    Do you mean that Detroit will spread like wildfire?

  • YajChetty

    Where does the money go ? It evaporates back into thin air because it was created from thin air through leverage and fractional reserve banking

  • jc

    things are so corrupt and people are ignorant

  • StephanLarose

    All bank issued paper will be worthless but not a single physical asset or talent will disappear, thus the rational thing to do is to setup a parallel system of exchange with due haste to make the virtual debts and the massive folly of derivatives bets all but obsolete. Yes, some rich people will lose their shirts, many banks will tank, but this is exactly what they deserve. At that time, the banks and rich will ask the taxpayer to bear the pain and bail them out. The taxpayer must turn around and jail them all, setup a new parallel system where the power to coin money is returned to the people and away from private banks (fractional reserve lending should be a common right, the practice of legal counterfeit should not be a bank monopoly), and national central banks should issue money debt-free seeing as it is based on the productive potential of it’s citizens who by simple logic cannot be in debt to themselves.

  • JailBanksters

    Will it end or just sell more Bonds to pay for the due bonds ?
    They’re just going to sell more Bonds. And who’s going to buy them, the Central Banks, I’ll just write you a Cheque.

  • Cedrik Thibert

    Basically everyone loses their money and USA will declare bankruptcy.
    Just that, no biggie 🙂

  • Cedrik Thibert

    It means countries like China will lose all their money lended to USA as well not being able to make trades with a bankrupt country thus bringing them into bankruptcy soon after, than Europe will soon follow and than the rest of the world.
    Just that 🙂

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