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Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels – 19 Statistics About The Poor That Will Absolutely Astound You

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty than they have ever measured before.  In 2010, we were told that the economy was recovering, but the truth is that the number of the “very poor” soared to heights never seen previously.  Back in 1993 and back in 2009, the rate of extreme poverty was just over 6 percent, and that represented the worst numbers on record.  But in 2010, the rate of extreme poverty hit a whopping 6.7 percent.  That means that one out of every 15 Americans is now considered to be “very poor”.  For many people, this is all very confusing because their guts are telling them that things are getting worse and yet the mainstream media keeps telling them that everything is just fine.  Hopefully this article will help people realize that the plight of the poorest of the poor continues to deteriorate all across the United States.  In addition, hopefully this article will inspire many of you to lend a hand to those that are truly in need.

Tonight, there are more than 20 million Americans that are living in extreme poverty.  This number increases a little bit more every single day.  The following statistics that were mentioned in an article in The Daily Mail should be very sobering for all of us….

About 20.5 million Americans, or 6.7 percent of the U.S. population, make up the poorest poor, defined as those at 50 per cent or less of the official poverty level.

Those living in deep poverty represent nearly half of the 46.2 million people scraping by below the poverty line. In 2010, the poorest poor meant an income of $5,570 or less for an individual and $11,157 for a family of four.

That 6.7 percent share is the highest in the 35 years that the Census Bureau has maintained such records, surpassing previous highs in 2009 and 1993 of just over 6 percent.

Sadly, the wealthy and the poor are being increasingly segregated all over the nation.  In some areas of the U.S. you would never even know that the economy was having trouble, and other areas resemble third world hellholes.  In most U.S. cities today, there are the “good neighborhoods” and there are the “bad neighborhoods”.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, the “very poor” are increasingly being pushed into these “bad neighborhoods”….

At least 2.2 million more Americans, a 33 percent jump since 2000, live in neighborhoods where the poverty rate is 40 percent or higher, according to a study released today by the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

Of course they don’t have much of a choice.  They can’t afford to live where most of the rest of us do.

Today, there are many Americans that openly look down on the poor, but that should never be the case.  We should love the poor and want to see them lifted up to a better place.  The truth is that with a few bad breaks any of us could end up in the ranks of the poor.  Compassion is a virtue that all of us should seek to develop.

Not only that, but the less poor people and the less unemployed people we have, the better it is for our economy.  When as many people as possible in a nation are working and doing something economically productive, that maximizes the level of true wealth that a nation is creating.

But today we are losing out on a massive amount of wealth.  We have tens of millions of people that are sitting at home on their couches.  Instead of creating something of economic value, the rest of us have to support them financially.  That is not what any of us should want.

It is absolutely imperative that we get as many Americans back to work as possible.  The more people that are doing something economically productive, the more wealth there will be for all of us.

That is why it is so alarming that the ranks of the “very poor” are increasing so dramatically.  When the number of poor people goes up, the entire society suffers.

So just how bad are things right now?

The following are 19 statistics about the poor that will absolutely astound you….

#1 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of “very poor” rose in 300 out of the 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.

#2 Last year, 2.6 million more Americans descended into poverty.  That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.

#3 It isn’t just the ranks of the “very poor” that are rising.  The number of those just considered to be “poor” is rapidly increasing as well.  Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty.  Today, 15.1% of all Americans are living in poverty.

#4 The poverty rate for children living in the United States increased to 22% in 2010.

#5 There are 314 counties in the United States where at least 30% of the children are facing food insecurity.

#6 In Washington D.C., the “child food insecurity rate” is 32.3%.

#7 More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

#8 One out of every six elderly Americans now lives below the federal poverty line.

#9 Today, there are over 45 million Americans on food stamps.

#10 According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 15 percent of all Americans are now on food stamps.

#11 In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.

#12 The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007.

#13 We are told that the economy is recovering, but the number of Americans on food stamps has grown by another 8 percent over the past year.

#14 Right now, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#15 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

#16 More than 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid.  Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, approximately one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

#17 One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one government anti-poverty program.

#18 The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

#19 It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.

Sadly, we don’t hear much about this on the nightly news, do we?

This is because the mainstream media is very tightly controlled.

I came across a beautiful illustration of this recently.  If you do not believe that the news in America is scripted, just watch this video starting at the 1:15 mark.  Conan O’Brien does a beautiful job of demonstrating how news anchors all over the United States are often repeating the exact same words.

So don’t rely on the mainstream media to tell you everything.

In this day and age, it is absolutely imperative that we all think for ourselves.

It is also absolutely imperative that we have compassion on our brothers and sisters.

Winter is coming up, and if you see someone that does not have a coat, don’t be afraid to offer to give them one.

All over the United States (and all around the world), there are orphans that are desperately hurting.  As you celebrate the good things that you have during this time of the year, don’t forget to remember them.

We should not expect that “the government” will take care of everyone that is hurting.

The reality is that millions of people fall through the “safety net”.

Being generous and being compassionate are qualities that all of us should have.

Yes, times are going to get harder and an economic collapse is coming.

That just means that we should be more generous and more compassionate than we have ever been before.

  • HeartofShadows

    Lol generous and compassionate.
    Good luck with that one on Americans.

    • SoylentMEAN

      I dunnoh…I worked regularly in a homeless soup kitchen for nine years, and have actually SEEN a person without a coat and gave them the one I was wearing.

      When I cooked big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, my door was always open, and I’ve worked with the impoverished, counseled drug abusers, and so on over the course of many years–to some degree of success, I’m happy to say.

      I don’t mention this because I think it makes me special or unique, as from my perspective, it wasn’t all that uncommon. It was just a matter of doing what’s right…and it’s been the way things were done.

      I’m an American, too…and as far as I know, I’m not uncommon. Perhaps you need to do a little research, because my experience has always been that Americans are some of the biggest hearted folks out there.

      It has to be something…there are far more people immigrating TO America than FROM it.

    • Observer

      I hate to admit it, but yes, I believe you’re right.

    • Heart of Shadows, I’m so sorry you regard your fellow countrymen so poorly. I promise you if you show up to any Tea Party meeting anywhere in America, and say “I’m in desperate need of help. Can someone point me in the right direction?” You will be blessed & helped. Again… Your government is not your friend, but your countryman is your brother, and if you approach him with an open heart and hand, he will embrace you.

      • Sparky9Lives

        @Annie Ashe Fields,
        What a beautiful, uplifting, and honest comment! I also have nothing but praise for the Tea Party people I have personally come in contact with, as well as our country in general. America is definitely still the land of opportunity. Right now we’re going through a rough patch, and as always when someone really wants to clean house, it takes some hard work. There will be hard days ahead, but the spirit and character of the Americans I know, love, and are closest to are up to the task.

        One of the things I especially love about our country is our freedom to worship. It breaks my heart to see how other countries deny their citizens that basic human right to worship their Creator in a manner that is pleasing to that Creator.

        Fortunately, my Jesus has informed believers in the Bible about the things they need to know about. He warned his true followers that the world would hate them because they belong to Him. It’s still not pleasant though because we all want to be loved.

        One place that I have always felt loved and accepted is my church home. Our church family there has always helped my personal family through our rough times. Whether through prayer or money or a hug, my Jesus always provides for us through our church family, and we are so grateful for that. We’ve gone through catastrophic illness, loss of income, and our church helped us with medical bills, paid for an airplane ticket. When we had to move, 25 people showed up to help. When our daughter got married, our Lord, working through the church, did everything for us–even providing the Youth Group to cater the supper that the church ladies prepared!

        The Lord has been so good to us, first and foremost how He gave us His Son Jesus to pay for our sins so we could have peace with Him even when going through hard times like now. We certainly never did anything to deserve Him, but in spite of us He keeps providing for us. Jesus truly is The Way, The Truth, and The Life (John 14:6).

        And His gift of our beloved America has blessed us countless times as well as the whole world. May God forgive us our sins and be with our leaders as our country faces so many challenges now. May the Lord give our leaders and our citizens godly wisdom so that everything we do is in a manner pleasing to our Creator.

      • Gary2

        the American Taliban tea baggers are hypocritical dolts.

        Take your government hands off my medicare.


        • DownWithLibs

          If I send you a $1.00, will you please go out and buy a clue already?!!!!

      • Maria

        Whew! What a breath of FRESH AIR your comment provided (and a few others I’ve read here today).

        Thank you.

    • ATLien

      Way to be ignorant. We’re the most giving people on this planet.

    • captaindawg

      Americans give more to charity than any other nation by a long shot.

  • r.bitting

    I think very few on this site would ever dispute the assumption that it’s about to get a whole lot worse. The problem will be to get the masses to see the solution, which is returning to God and living according to his word, the very foundation of America in it’s beginning. Things will be much worse, and very soon at that. Violence will continue to spread, in direct proportion to the economic and moral condition, as they continue to rapidly deteriorate. Trust in Jesus Christ people, and turn from your sin and you will be saved. And try to love one another.

    • Rodger Lodger

      r. bitting, you have one of the greatest minds of the 13th century.

    • Just Tired

      Thump… Thump… Thump… on your bible….. all that it does is make noise…. DO SOMETHING TO HELP YOURSELF AND THOSE THAT DEPEND ON YOU!!!! Jesus Christ wants everyone to take care of themselves…

      • r.bitting

        What leads you to believe that I don’t help others and myself? Also, it sounds like you are saying that faith in Jesus Christ is powerless to help you in the struggles of daily life, while out of the other side of your mouth acknowledging the authority of Jesus. Read the Bible, and see for yourself, Jesus wants you to depend on God, not your self….

    • Sparky9Lives

      @r.bitting- Amen, friend! Jesus is indeed The Only Reliable Answer in these unreliable days and the days ahead. Praise God He has given us His Word so we don’t have to be afraid. Jesus’ words in John 15:10-12 tell me what I need to know so that my joy will be full….even if my wallet is not! People, if you don’t have peace of mind because of worries about $$ or the future, please turn away from sin and trust in Jesus. Read the Bible. Ask God to help you understand what you are reading and He will do that. You don’t have to be afraid if you abide in Jesus and He in you.

  • Marco

    Great article – I will share with all that I know. God bless and keep up the great work!

    • Michael


      Thank you so much for that. Everyone that shares these articles with others is a giant help to me.


      • Armel

        Kudos on the Drudge headline! It’s about time you’re articles started headlining on there!!!

        • Michael

          Wow thank you for pointing that out to me.

          This site is running on a very powerful server and hopefully the traffic will not crash it.

          Also, hopefully this means a lot of new readers will find the site and will join in our conversations.


          • captaindawg

            just found you. love it.

          • Michael

            Welcome to the site. I hope that you will come back and participate in our discussions often.

            I am not always right (although I try to be), but at least I get some good conversations going. 🙂


          • MountainHome

            This is why I read Drudge daily. They put the real stories in their headlines like TheEconomicCollapse blog.

            Hope you see you again, Michale, on Drudge and keep the good work coming. We need people like you!!

  • “Those who pray do more for the world than those who fight. If the world is going from bad to worse, it is because there are more battles than prayers.” John Cortes

    “The attitude of the Faithful towards what is coming is one of great joy because what is coming is the Return of my Son.” Our Lady of Medjugorje

    • TK

      You should take this Mary worshiping catholic bologna elsewhere.

      Anyone with access to a computer or a library knows that the Catholics murdered more Christians than any other organization that ever existed.

      I am not sorry for being so blunt, just want the truth to be declared.

      • Reality

        TK, facts please to back-up your hatred of Catholics???

        Murdered more than Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin etc…etc…???

        Nice try.

        People like you make me sick.

      • amplitude jones

        democrats have slain more Americans than anyone.

      • William

        lets see catholic killings,, hmmm let us look at Muslim killings,or athieistic killings stalinist russia,Hitler’s germany,the human sacrifice of the aztec or Inca who killed more

      • Reality
  • bobbobbobbob

    amerikkkans=pesants. UUU think im fxup i bet but uuu rrr the inferiors now. google “walmart pesant insurance”!!! thats what wallmart thinks of uuuu. the protestors know usa = failed state—hopeless 4 many (but not most) GWBUSH stole 2elections uuu inferiors!!! now we have many cadaverss in med school more than students dont wory after theyr cut the burn the parts.. that mormoncontender exported tens of thousands good union jobs now uu can workin chinamart

    • bobbobbobbob

      jointheNRA now

      • Allen

        That organization sold out on our 2nd ammendment rights years ago.

      • Roslyn

        National Restaurant Association? How will that help?

    • Mal R.

      Why dont you slide back into your 3rd world hole loser.

      Even with all of our problems and a faltering economy, we still outclass the rest of the world (most of it combined) by FAR. I’ve been all over this world and lemme tellya sumptin – there aint no place like America.

      • bobbobbobbob

        amerikka = most crime most murders most divorced least medical coverage. uuu rrr a first class looseeer. the ows= the end of the beginning. the end will be usa/4(ie split up into 4 regions). also your govt is verry inferior–thats why nobody has picked your inferior kind of so called represenative govt in the last 100 yrs.

        • Jedediah

          So what paradise do you live in Bozo?

        • DownWithLibs

          I know you! Where is your blog link? What, don’t have as much to say as you do in other blogs? Fruitcake!!!!

      • Frank

        No there ain’t no place like America until you’ve visited Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc., etc. You need to see the world and maybe your view of America will be more realistic. The US does not have the high standard of living you’ve been led to believe. This country’s middle class has been run into the dirt. That said, we can become a great nation again if the citizenry can identify and rid itself of certain parasites in positions of power and influence.

        • captaindawg

          oh really? my wife has spent three years over the last fifteen living in germany. you know what a german would call our $150k brick ranch house over there? a freakin mansion.

          • View from Abroad

            Well…in the US there are 32 people per square kilometer – in Germany there are 229. Almost 10 times as much.

            Ever thought about how this might be a factor in housing prices?

        • Jedediah

          Well those countries don’t have large numbers of Third World people in them like we do. As the European-American majority shrinks to minority status, it’s only going to get worse.

  • Having lived in the streets and slept outdoors more than I would like, any official government statistics can be taken as woefully sugarcoated figures.

    • expatriot

      I’ve done the same. They never counted my ass when I was living under a bridge for a year. The only contact I had from anyone was the f ing cops.

      If you posted this article on a neo-con website like breitbart or hot air it would be interesting to read the responses. As a recovered neo-con let me try. “Our poor have cell phones and flat screen t.v.’s they’d be considered rich in other countries.” The problem with that, like most of their stale and washed up arguments is that it’s not 2003 anymore. Times have taken a drastic turn for the worse and being poor today is way different than a few years ago.

      • Just Tired

        Whose fault is it that you lived under a bridge for a year? You chose NOT to move to where the jobs were. Stop blaming other people for your poor life choices….

      • amplitude jones

        Oh man- no. I would NOT say a homeless person with a cell phone is rich. That is referring to welfare queens, with provided housing, food for all the kids she can spit out, food for herself- medical care for all provided, and then she whines about not having enough. Those of us who live far below what our earnings should provide, because of parasites get a little angry at them. I went twenty days without eating, was on the edge of losing a roof- and things finally swung around for me. I am feeling like that was now just a practice run, thanks to the stinking pig democrats…

  • Gay Veteran

    There is more poverty because corporations have sent MILLIONS of American jobs to China, India, Vietnam, etc.

    Corporate CEOs used to make about 30 times the average worker’s salary, now that is up to about 300 times. Profit that should be going to the workers is going to the CEOs and shareholders. That is why our version of “capitalism” is failing.

    “…So don’t rely on the mainstream media to tell you everything….”

    You mean the corporate media because they are all owned by big corporations. So anyone whining about the “liberal media” is an idiot (NBC used to be owned by that well known liberal corporation called General Electric).

    • Kevin2

      Your correct.

    • Steve

      “Gay Veteran”? Are you going to re-enlist for the fun?

    • patriot alice

      They were forced to find cheap labor in order to save their businesses from going broke…. Too many demands from high cost of taxes/regulations/labor/entitlements/socialized bailouts/extreme debt etc….Socialism is taking over our country….

      • DownWithLibs

        Can you say “Unions”?

    • Ben Dover

      I think it is over 400 times.

    • Allen

      Our jobs went overseas because the government sold out the people and went off the gold standard. It was agreed that the penalty for debasing our currency was to be jobs for the rest of the world.

    • JMorcan

      It’s worse than that. Large corporations donate huge sums to political campaigns. Politicians respond by turning a blind eye when those companies send thousands of jobs to China. We’re being destroyed by our own democratic processes.

    • SoylentMEAN

      Taxes and overreaching regulations are what drive corporations overseas the fastest. If not that, then there’s the Unions.

      I can’t believe you used GE as an example, too…Immelt is the finance Czar hand picked by Obummer, and old boy pays NO taxes (he’s in Obama’s pocket, unlike Gibson Guitars), yet his Company just moved overseas so the Corporation itself wouldn’t have to deal with the taxes. Even Obama’s lackey knows the best way to exploit things.

      If you want to see real change, reduce the size of Government and let the corporations build more companies here with lower taxes and fewer regulations. This generates jobs and in the long run, revenue.

      CRONY Capitalism is a very bad thing…and no better example was provided, than that of GE, Solyndra, etc.

    • Just Tired

      It’s stale; but it’s true…… If you pay people to be poor… you have a lot of poor people…. the surest way to get to poverty is to be a single parent… who rewards single parenthood… the government… people need to be responsible and stop looking to the government to take care of them… if you don’t like your situation do something about it… don’t wait for someone to come and wipe your ass… I’m NOT directing this rant to the old and the infirmed… I’m talking about the people who have been duped by the government to believe that their entitled to other peoples money… go get an education in a field that will pay you to work… stop having children you know you cannot afford… Wah… Wah… Wah… what a mean person I am… Grow up and WORK!!!

    • Razorback

      To Gay Vet, why do you think the jobs went over seas? Because this is where they can make MONEY! This is what a corporation does, they are not here to give you a job you do not derserve or have not earned! Their job is to make money!

    • Just Tired

      wah… wah… wah… where is it written that someone owes you a job? improve yourself to find a job that pays you want you want…. its called WORK!!!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    IMO we all have a personal responsibility to assist the hungry ones in our local community. I make a donation every month to the food pantry in my town. Everyone should support the food bank or crisis center in their community according to their ability. Charity begins at home.

  • People are starting to wake up and realize that the Central Banks are going to implode the financial system with an ultimate burst of the credit bubble. You owe to it yourself to get educated on how to survive and prosper from the upcoming economic collapse:

  • Orange Jean

    One thing I would be very careful to consider when reporting on poverty. That is, the source of the data and what does it actually mean? Those of use who’ve studied statistics usuallly get introduced (jokingly, or as a warning to think about what we’re doing) to a little black book called “How to Lie with Statistics”.

    If you read the fine print, you’ll find that the way the Census Bureau has identified poverty is based on # of people living in a household and the household’s EARNED income. They do not count things like: assets that are not earned, but owned outright such as paid off mortgages, paid off land, paid off vehicles, one time inheritances (no matter how much). Because of this, the data on “seniors in poverty” is grossly misleading in some places.

    For example, I did a report on poverty in Boston’s neighborhoods (part of the Boston Health Commissions’ Health of Boston reports in the 90s). In doing that analysis I found, GREATLY to my surprise, that the neighborhood with the highest senior “poverty rate” (in accordance with the way poverty rates are calculated by the Census) was Beacon Hill/West End. If you at all familiar with Boston you’ll know how crazy that sounds… that’s most likely where the majority of ultra-rich live in Boston!

    So why did their “poverty rate” come out so high? The reason I mentioned – ONLY earned income counts in calculating those rates. So you could have an elderly widow, with a huge paid off mansion, multiple luxury paid off cars, a yacht, who’s husband died in 1990 and she inherited millions (the one time inheritance rule) who never worked outside the home – may be counted as living “below the poverty line” … due to low EARNED income (in her case, only the interest on what she had in the bank or dividend that were taken out but not existing trust funds, mutual funds, etc.).

    I do believe the information on poverty rates in children is a bit more reasonable, since most parents are of the age where they might be working and have earned income. However, for the formula used for poverty rates, people with low earned incomes, but OTHER help (welfare, student loans, Section 8, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) still have ONLY their earned income counted.

    SAME with criminals, unless they “report to the IRS” their earnings. SAME with one who earns money “under the table” (no matter how much), illegals (who of course don’t report their earnings either), etc. etc. etc.

    ALSO, there are NO adjustment made for HUGE differences in cost of living from one part of the country to another or whether you have housing completely paid off. So, you might have a person considered living “above the poverty line” in an area where housing costs for a small apartment would be $2,000 or more a month with the same number of people in their household and same earned income as another person who is living in a house they inherited (paid off) or are paying low mortgage on. Who is having the harder time making ends meet? The person living in the area where the cost of living is highest, who gets the least help.

    I think you get my drift. My recommendation? Make sure you read the fine print when you’re citing government reports!

    • GMH

      At least there is one person here with some common sense. I hate to rain on your liberal parade but the poor our poor because they chose to drop out of high school, they chose to have sex outside marriage and conceive a bastard child, and/or they got married before the age of 18. The bottom line is that if an individual says in school and chooses to abstain from sex outside marriage and drugs, then that person will not fall into poverty.

      • gary2

        I have a college degree-BA in business management. —Check

        I did not have any children out of wedlock—check

        I was in my 20’s when I got married and late 20’s before having children in order to build a nest egg.–check

        This is also true for my wife of 23 years also-degree etc (hers is in business admin)—check

        No drugs/alcohol—check

        She is now a janitor and I am now a very low lever supervisor. Working both full time we both together make what I used to make by my self.

        We are on food stamps, energy assistance and state healthcare for the poor. My children are receiving free lunch at school. I just signed up for the Christmas clearing for the poor. The idea is a local family/business “adopts” my family so my children can have a Christmas present. It takes 60% of our income simply to pay the mortgage each month so we can live indoors. Can’t afford to sell. Rent for my family would be about what the mortgage is anyway.

        I have and continue to apply for a better position and have had interviews, however, no offers. Many others are in my same situation.

        No doubt there are some who are poor that did indeed do as you said they did and are poor because of it.

        There are MANY others, my self included, who did EVERYTHING correctly according to your post, who are now poor. We played by the rules and lost.

        It may make you feel better to accuse all of the poor of having “bastard children” and being on drugs. It may even make you feel superior to those poor. You would be wrong.

        Thanks for listening.

        • col

          The guy who makes buggy whips is broke too..

          Perhaps it is time to ana lyze what is in demand and place your self in that stream

        • PennBT

          A janitor is not the bottom-of-the-barrel-job depending where you sweep. If you work for Walmart, then absolutely yes. If you work for the City of Clifton in NJ for 10 years as janitor for example then your pay package is worth about $70,000 / year with an incredible retirement package. I know this for a fact. I inherited a nice bundle from my uncle who swept for 25 years at Clifton H.S. Time to sweep for wealthier communities. And yes, life is not fair. Lots of dead little children would tell you that if they could. Thanks for learning.

          • DownWithLibs

            Don’t forget University’s! Good pay and bennies for just dumping trash and running a broom around!

        • Opposite

          Well, you are to be commended for your hard work and your commitment to personal responsibility.

          Do you consider yourself “poor?” It sounds to me like you are doing the things you need to do to move up – I mean, it worked for me.

          I don’t mean to be glib or critical – this is the kind of thoughtfulness you don’t find on Fox News or any of the hysterical media. You are a hard working family doing what you can to succeed – you should be proud of that and not subject to ridicule in any way, shape or form.

          It is foolish to stigmatize people as losers just because they are poor just as it is foolish to stigmatize people as noble because they are poor.

          My grandparents were poor and illiterate. My father was the only college grad in his family and he benefitted from the GI Bill and some other programs and gave me the shot to become quite successful.

          I am grateful to him. But also, I worked at it. Really hard. I knew a Senior VP at a major retailer who had had a child at 15 and started out with everything against her – and she just worked her way to success.

          I hope the same thing happens to you. I hope the same thing happens to people like you.

          • Jeremy

            Well said, and I am going through the same thing now. Gary, you should be commended for your hard work and committment.

        • nowwthen

          “Did EVERYTHING correctly? Such as spouting off at work every day about how your employer is a greedy immoral capitalist. And you just can’t figure out why in the world all these interviewers aren’t extending offers of employment? Your posts do nothing but reinforce the undeserved negative reputation of the American worker. Congratulations dumbass you just caused the outsourcing of a few hundred more American jobs.

          • nowwthen

            To be fair, I don’t know where you work or what you do for a living but if your work ethic is reflected in your posts you will have a hard time finding a good job in today’s crowded market.

          • Gary2

            Please-I keep my views to myself in the workplace. I am there to work and not lecture about politics.

        • bobbobbobbob

          join the NRA learrnnhowtoshoot

        • Just Tired

          Move to where you can find jobs… DUH!!!! the fact is that you and your wife WANT to stay where your at!!!! grow up and quit whining….

        • Gary:
          I agree, those who have good jobs and have never been unemployed are the first to throw stones. I am 60 years old and unemployed. I have been told on numerous occasions that we do not interview unemployed people. I have been married to one wife for 40 years, we have 3 children conceived in the bonds of marriage. I wish you luck, because that is all I have. Those who criticize us can kiss it.

        • Sue

          I feel your pain.

          Every year my husband works longer hours and is earning less and less. The price of food and energy is killing us. Heating our modest 975 square foot home is going to cost us 1/8 of our take home every month. Our water and garbage costs have risen a whopping 300% over the 20+ yrs we’ve lived here.
          I’ve lost 75% of my housecleaning clients due to the bad economy and I don’t think they’ll ever come back.
          We’ve no cell phone service, we have subsidised internet service because we for the first time in our lives qualify for some federal programs (kids’ health insurance and free school lunch.)
          We have zero in savings anylonger ~ it scares the heck out of me wondering how we’ll survive in retirement years (I’m talking about over 70).

          I try to be grateful for what I do have; a roof over my head, food, clean water, enough money for indoor heat and lights.

          I try not to get too angry at the injustice in the world and don’t blame the wealthy for my troubles. But I DO blame congress and the last president for deregulations in the finance world; this has allowed for the rich to get filthy rich and the ultra rich to become obscenely wealthy without paying their fair share.
          Good luck in your struggles to survive.

        • Sparky9Lives

          @Gary2 – It sounds like you and your family are going through some very hard times right now. It sounds like you are a good, hard-working American family who needs some help. Do you have a church family? I’m not being rude–really! When my family and I have gone through bad times, our church family has helped us through. We faced severe problems because of catastrophic illness even though we had insurance, jobs, savings, and like you said, checked all the “right” things.

          But I have to be honest, the best thing for us has always been our Jesus who has brought us through really tough times through our church family. They helped us pay our medical bills, buy an airplane ticket, helped with our daughter’s wedding. I could go on and on. But I have a feeling you understand the kind of things I’m talking about.

          But even better than the $$ help was the spiritual help of knowing we were OK with God. Our sins were forgiven and we’d be spending eternity in Heaven. I know, your problems are right now. But so is Jesus. I hope you won’t take this as a cliche, but I will pray for you and your family. Maybe this is a time God has planned for your family. I hope so, Gary. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”

          • Gary2

            Thanks-in my experience the church is all talk and no action regarding helping the poor in their congregation. They are more interested in having fund raisers to pay off the new church that they built in 2009.
            I was happy having church in the gym.

      • Anthony

        Extremely closed-minded.

      • Frank

        A person can do everything right and still wind up living in poverty these days. That’s what happens when there are so very few decent jobs out there and medical treatment for a sick or injured family member can quickly wipe out all of one’s savings and other assets.

      • Just Tired

        GMH is correct…. people are poor because they make poor choices and in most cases do not learn from their mistakes….

        in life there are only 2 choices… 1) keep things as they are 2) make good decisions to change them….

        I do have feelings for the aged and infirmed; but welfare moms and the men that repeatedly impregnate them do more to destroy America than any enemy this country has ever had.

        • Gary2

          reread my post.

      • Sue

        One thing wrong with your theory of blaming the victim….
        there are not enough jobs in existance to bring everyone up out of poverty. There will always exist a need for charitable people and organizations.

        True; the best thing one can do help avoid being poor is to stay in high school, avoid becoming pregnant. But that isn’t enough to climb out of poverty’s clench. There MUST be jobs with decent wages. There MUST be affordable options to further ones education or learn a vocation (without going into massive debt), there MUST be affordable access to healthcare. There MUST be education about how to stay out of debt and learn to budget and live within ones means.

        America will prosper when EVERYONE who wants a job can find one. The more people working the less people depending upon the government for basic survival (which is all of us who pay taxes).

        Having compassion for and helping lift those who are mired in poverty is noble. I’m not a relgious person at all ~ I just believe that we all are here together on this earth and we all do better when none are suffering.

      • Ray

        So poor you can barely get on the internet from a computer. Even if you are in the library posting from there, you are still not out looking for work for all those poor children.

      • Pleekee

        GMH YOU ARE INSANE. Go back to biting your toenails and leave the sensible discussions to those who are capable of critical thought. You are a nut.

      • GMH, JustTired,
        Boy are you ever WRONG
        Some others have told their story here in answer to your crap comments. GMH,I too have not lived as your comment, yet I too am in poverty due to a medical condition 10 years ago. You are a prejuidice nincompoop {kind word for you}and very uninformed on the lives of others. I will pray that you change your ways and opinions in the future and have some compassion for your fellow Americans.

    • prosperity for all

      No suprize here. Never fall for the line if the ultra-rich are taxed like everyone else there’ll be no job creation. Read Ferdinand Lundberg’s the Rockefeller Syndrome. Big eye opener!
      The worship of riches is insane. All it is is paper dollars and metal coins, it’ll get you stuff on demand, that’s about it. Wampum was much prettier. The most valuable thing any one of us has on this good earth is TIME. For this truly is the one thing that is not replenishable. Once spent you will never get it back. Spend your time well! All else is just stuff. Get what you need and give someone else what they need, even if you can only afford to give someone a smile for one day. The happiest people are givers and in comforting someone via whatever means you comfort yourself in turn. Salvation comes through loving means.

  • Matty

    Yes, I have two family members that are living in poverty. We-my wife and I, work very hard to help them finacially, and emotionally. They are both disabled too. This has been very hard for me-giving up “my” money and other resources in order to help them. They have no-one else in the family that can help. The other family members are dysfunctinal and cannot even take care of themselves. This is very hard, and I am sure others are going through the same thing. I have to look at this situation as God using me to help others. God is providing for us to help others. This thinking is the only thing that helps me, and I am sure it is a gift from God. I just need to listen and obey. Both are on SSI. But, there are no guarantees that gov. programs will be around. The financial decline will stretch people and their resources. I hope we can continus to help, but we are in uncertain times. More people could end up on the strrets. There are many forms of poverty too. Poverty is not only financial, but emotional, and spiritual as well. Look at the problems we are facing as a society. Look at all the poverty. Anything that we are lacking to be a healthy and productive society is a form poverty. We need big time help. I include myself in the “we”

    • Emily

      Matty, GOD bless you and your wife.

  • bobbobbobbob


  • Joseph Parker

    Orange Jean above said it best. The federal poverty calculations are deceptive because they simply do not include non-cash income transfers. If you read the above report without understanding this then you would think we were living in Haiti or Somalia. With all due respect to the writer of the article it simply is not as dire as he makes it out to be.

    • Orange Jean

      Thanks for the kind words! I do NOT blame Michael to the extent he may not have understood this. It’s really a very specialized type of information (I just happened to have training in that area and worked in that field for a bit). Even with that backgound… you really have to DIG into the details to get at the truth (and you may not know where to find that, or even that its misleading in those types of reports).

      It’s also similar when you look at government statistics on unemployment, only in that case … I believe mostly grossly under-reported. For example, they do not count as “unemployed” any person who:

      * just graduated from school and hasn’t found a job yet
      * was a housekeeper who is trying to find work and can’t find any
      * has been unemployed so long they’ve given up trying to find work
      * has part time job when they need a full time one, etc. etc.

      … this is because all these people are considered NOT part of the “civilian labor force”, which the unemployment rate is based on. I’m not sure either whether former military looking for work who can’t find it are considered “unemployed” or just not included in those statistics.

      Unless things have changed since the last time I looked into this in depth, unemployment figures are also NOT based on who gets unemployment either (probably a good thing, since they’d miss those who didn’t qualify or ran out) … but from surveys where they ask a sample of people whether they currently have a job, and if not where they actively looking in the past week.

      I am not much familiar with business economics (as opposed to socioeconomics). I do find it helps me a lot to hear others talk about what may be their area of expertise, even if I don’t understand all of that.

      • Gary2

        Government has been “getting out the way” for over three decades now, and that’s why Americans are hurting.

        Lawmakers over these years have undone the federal and state regulations that protect consumers and workers from corporate greed grabs. They’ve slashed the taxes rich people pay and squeezed the tax-funded government programs that help average Americans enter into — and thrive inside — the middle class.

        • knightowl77

          You are off your rocker…every year the Federal gov’t adds about 65,000 pages of new federal regulations each year…That doesn’t even touch what the states are doing…Obama has upped that to over 80,000 pages of new regs every year…We are regulated way too much

    • Richard

      If you don’t believe it is bad then you need to get out of your community and take a look around. I used to live in one of those protected places. Then I moved to where the rest of the people live. I was appalled at what I saw on a daily basis. Where I lived at before I was on the lower rung. Not at the bottom but lower than the middle. Here I am near the top of the ladder. My eyes have certainly been opened.

  • Steve

    Send the 20 Million illegals home (to the great state of Mexico)….Problem solved.

    • Just Tired

      Or just stop paying the illegals to stay here??? either way I agree with you… Illegals have destroyed America!!!

  • 1% admirer

    What exactly is “extreme pverty”? How many of these have cars, tv’s, microwaves, cell phones, etc? Aren’t those on food stamps at least getting fed?
    Obeisity is a far bigger problem than starvation.

    • Just Tired

      for those sucking of the system….. extreme poverty is not having whatever you want… i read that in a democrat dependence gameplan workbook… lol

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh dear. The U.S. is about to become Argentina Del Norte. Complete with the hyperinflation and financial chaos that country had in 2001.

    Most Americans are not familiar with hyperinflation. I am certainly not. Up until a couple years ago, I’ve known (relatively) good economic times. Not anymore. People gotta eat, and you gotta have money to buy food. Well, you don’t, you can just go down to your local grocery store and steal a tomato or two, but I don’t advocate that.

    Unfortunately, there will be a lot more Americans who won’t be able to purchase milk, rice or beans. Poverty is going to increase in the coming years. I guarantee it.

    Brace yourselves. This will not be your average ride at Disneyland.

  • Gary2

    Lets cut taxes on the rich even more! Those hedge fund managers should pay less than 15% on their income, err, capital gains.

    Can you believe republicans are 100% committed to not taxing the rich, even thought that’s were all the money is?

    You can not make this shit up!

    Conservative republican=immoral selfish pig.

    • Mal R.

      Gary2 = Idiotic Communist Pig.

    • Erin


      Your mind is too short sighted to see the reality that the middle class has been ripped to shreds by both the pro-war right and the pro-socialist left.
      The propaganda on the left uses class-warfare as a tool to rob the middle class and give to those who vote for the left. The right uses fear mongering to rob the middle class and feed the military-industrial complex. In case you have not noticed, the size of the government (taxes and debt) keeps increasing and the middle class has ceased to exist.
      You are too stupid to realize that you are part of the problem.

    • knightowl77

      What you, and people like you will never ever understand is; It is NOT your money. You have NO right to other people’s money! Taking more from others to give to you is THEFT.

      Just like you should not be able to take someone’s house because someone wants to put a shopping mall there, you should not be able to take someone else’s money. It does not matter whether they waste their money, or that you think it might be better if it were given to the poor, the point is, IT IS NOT YOURS!

      Leftist trolls always think that a bigger government with more programs will make things better. It hasn’t and it never will. In the 1960’s when the “War on Poverty” we have spent Trillions of dollars on aid to the poor and today we have MORE Poor people in poverty. Money is not answer….

      • Gary2

        The money of the rich is the workers money. You can’t steal what was stolen from you in the first place. The rich ave stolen productivity increases and wages for the rest are stagnant or falling.

        You do not seem to understand that it is not their money.

    • MarkD

      Interest Gary2 you asked someone to not generalize yet you do. Conservative Republicans are “NOT” immoral selfish pigs, but there are immoral selfish pigs that are conservative republicans. Some consider the left to be immoral, intitled and lazy that would not be accurate from your posts I wouldn’t consider you that. Yet those people exsist in the left. You see because I do not lock step with the right doesn’t mean I am not on the right. I do not agree with many of the policies. If we the “enlightened on this blog” shall we say cannot drop the name calling how can we ever move to a greater union instead of a colapsing union. You sound like you should be in Washington with elite on the left. If we put you in charge of the world you would become one of the rich you hate so much. Corprate America and our Government has abused us all Consevatives and Liberals. Your thoughts are so one sided you are like the photo negative of the crazies in the republican party. We all must find balance. Taxing the rich, fine I don’t care. It just won’t fix anything. The system is broke we have a huge group of lazy intitled in our country you can’t even argue that. We have corps. that send all their profits to the ubber rich through the wall street fixed casino instead of sharing that with those who work hard to help them make that money. Our representatives in Washington for the most part are the 1%. We have a huge influx of illeagals taking jobs and riches from us. We are sending millions of jobs overseas. If we tax the rich until they are broke all we have done is pissed on a forest fire. Broaden you thoughts greed whether it is from you for their money or them for your money is not going to fix this. The Republicans “ARE” wrong, the Democrats “ARE” wrong. We are not each other enemy. Somewhere we must find commongroud to stand on against the true enemy. Their plan is to keep us fighting each other. So we won’t see what is coming.

      • Gary2

        Let me give an example:

        Not all republicans are racist but if someone is a racist there is a 95% chance they are republican.

        So you are correct all republicans are not selfish immoral pigs, however, if you meet a selfish immoral pig they are 95% republican.

        The dems are only slightly better but they are better.

    • bobbobbobbob

      rttt onn

  • Ken Nohe

    This reminds me of a very nice trip a few years ago along the San Andreas fault. As everyone knows, the land part of the fault starts in San Francisco in the North but surprisingly in the South, it somehow peter out near Bombay Beach on the Eastern side of the Salton Sea.
    Well Bombay Beach is as much a Beach as the Salton Sea is a Sea. A mud flat would be a more accurate description. (Still the place managed somehow to be ravaged by a Tsunami a few years ago.)
    Anyway, it was night already, El Centro was was 50 miles away, Palm Spring more and in the wrong direction so we decided to stay there. There even was direction to a Motel: The B&B Motel. We thought Bed&Breakfast but more logically the B&B was for Bombay Beach.
    And that’s how we spent our first night ever (and last hopefully) in not quite a caravan camp but certainly not a “village”.
    We were told helpfully that the local grocery store did take food stamps but we had food so a trip to the place was not necessary and so we slept.
    In the morning, when we opened the window and realized what the place was like we had a shock. My first reaction was to look at our car, but it was still there.
    Then I walked around to look at the strange place we had landed in by accident.
    It was not just poor, but massively poor, the only poorer places I have seen (in the US) are Indian Camps in the great plains. (But that’s another story entirely.)
    In Bombay Beach, people were not Indian, nor black, some Mexicans but probably not the majority. Just a poor community. The place was quiet and peaceful but still not the environment where you would spend the rest of the morning and so we left as soon as possible.
    But there, I had seen the other side of poverty in America; Not the angry black guys who once confronted me in Chicago, but people worn out by the slow grind of poverty. Life slowing down to a crawl until very little is left living for. Invisible. Far away. Non existent.
    There probably always has been and always will be such places; think Appalachian, but you certainly want to have as few as possible because more than money it looks like hope is in short supply for those people. Once there, how exactly do you get out?
    And that’s unfortunately the question for most poor people when the social dynamics works against you. How can you ever get out of it?

  • 007

    The question is whether it will just get gradually worse or will we reach some sort of tipping point and a sudden economic collapse.

  • Sara

    It’s going to get a whole lot worse as more & more people exhaust the maximum unemployment benefits available with still no job prospects in sight. This has already happened to millions and in December will be happening to millions more. (even if the gov’t extends unemployment) that means only for the people who haven’t used 99 weeks. Once you hit 99 weeks your out, those extensions are just for people who have not yet reached 99 weeks., If the gov’t doesn’t extend those benefits, then youre looking at even more millions.- God only knows what will happen then.

  • William

    Americans support illegal and unnecessary wars of choice for a foreign country. And, now, just look at the beating of the war drums for another unnecessary war……this time, against Iran, which poses NO threat to America. The unnecessary war in Iraq has a current tab of about a thousand billion dollars. That money could have been used to help those in dire straits bootstrap themselves into a better life.
    But, Americans are BRAIN DEAD, and continue to believe the lies that have wrecked America.

  • Allen

    Perhaps we need to examine how the poor get poor. In my 50 years I’ve noted some common denominators. If I might hypothosize, perhaps the poor become poor and remain poor due to poor decisions and poor choices and poor behavior. Perhaps it is a condition aligned with behavior like aids. Perhaps the reaction to bail out the poor time and time again actually breeds and fosters behaviors which in turn leads to more poor. The poor you shall always have with you. Just a thought.

    • gary2

      . Perhaps it is a condition aligned with behavior like aids

      Like getting a needed blood transfusion and becoming infected?

      Please do not generalize.

      • Allen

        Yes Gary2 I am generalizing. Almost everyone here is generalizing. We are looking for answers to the 99%. Don’t react strongly to my AIDS comment (but incidently blood transfussions have not been a significant source of infection for a long long time) but instead look at reality. I don’t know your personal situation and so I cannot address it specifically. Questions would need to be asked. Did you go into debt for college? Did you pay off a house or did you keep reaching for the stars by buying bigger better houses? Did you choose to buy toys rather then double down on paying off your mortgage? Are you electing to stay in your comfortable city or are you moving to a state and a city that has good jobs? All of these are decisions and choices that effect the bottom line. My ultimate point is that we keep throwing money at poverty and it keeps getting worse. Welfare destroyed the black family in America and it will surely destroy other segments of America. Charity is actually a trap which quickly ensnares.

  • karen

    Just yesterday I had a conversation with a fellow worker I asked him his thoughts of the economic situation and I had seen a picture on yahoo of a man in south florida walking down the street with a sign which said lost my job and have two children to take care of. He did not want his name mentioned nor would he let you see his entire face, I told the person I worked with about this, and he said he didn’t really think about those things because he had more important issues, really made me sad that that is someones thoughts of people who have lost everything and the children have no place to live.

  • Momof4

    Agree with Orange Jean. Many Americans who are considered “poor” are living much, much better than those in developing nations. Those without work here and receiving many of the numerous government handouts are living like kings and queens compared to those people in developing countries who actually have a job. I’m all for helping the poor, I really am, but I also see poverty here in the U.S. as extremely hidden due to the fact that there are so many programs available to those who are eligible, while in developing countries they just don’t have those safety nets such as unemployment, medicaid, food stamps, SSI/disability, food banks, WIC, help with housing, and on and on. Also, due to climate and bitter cold in the winter, poverty may be more out in the open in those areas of the southern U.S. where people are able to tolerate living outside–if that makes sense. Orange Jean couldn’t have said it any better. Some of these reports on poverty just don’t have any of the additional income amounts from social programs added into the report.

    • gary2

      Please Google absolute vs. relative poverty. Please please do this.

    • gary2

      Those programs are under constant assault by conservatives. They want to cut them to give the rich more tax cuts.

      This is 100% true and is one of the OWS issues.

      • Erin


        Please, get your head examined. Your grey matter is infected with leftist propaganda. I am “middle class”, when I work my marginal tax rate is close to 50% (federal+state+property+fees+sales taxes+inflation), when I am out of a job my marginal tax rate is well over 15% (sales taxes+inflation alone).
        You are a mindless idiot to think that we are not taxed enough.

        • Gary2

          I said the RICH are not taxed enough neither are corporations who are paying 0 in taxes. I NEVER said middle class needs to be taxed more.

          rich=300,000 and up according to IRS data.

          I prefer Obama rich at 250,000 to start taxing hard.

        • bobbobbobbob

          uu represent the jerkoffrebuplicans who will always outsource and all your kids will work in chinamart (nomedins) ha ha hha

      • knightowl77

        You are clueless…..
        We hated conservatives want to cut the taxes of everyone…poor, middle class and upper class.

        Where oh where in the constitution (that you claim to believe in) does it say you can take money from 1 group and give it to another?? It doesn’t.

        So we evil conservatives want to cut ALL Federal spending and reduce government back to what the founders of this country intended. It has nothing whatsoever to with rich versus poor.

        If there is to be any wealth transfer at all ( and I don’t believe there should) it should be done at the state level….

        So Gary if you’re going to complain about conservatives, at least complain accurately about what we want. When this country was founded Gary, there was no national welfare, national health care and there shouldn’t be today.

        • Gary2

          Many conservatives are trying to tax the poor so you are incorrect.

          If conservatives were serious about reigning in the deficit then why did all the moronic candidates say they would not support a 10 to 1 tax deal. Cut 10 in spending for every 1 dollar increase in revenue. This amounts to a 9 dollar cut. They are not serious and the facts speak for them selves. all they want to do is cut taxes on the rich.

          Why does paul ryans road map to poverty actually INCREASE the deficit?

          The conservatives are hypocritical scum.

          I stand by my statement.

        • Gary2

          in case you have not looked at a calender lately the year is 2011, not 1776. Times change duh! I do not want a gov of the 1800 where old people die in poverty and no SSI etc etc.

          You conservatives are so 18th century. Not everyone wants to live like it is 1800.

          Go back and pretend it is the civil war and reenact those battles if you like. We of the 99% will be taking our country back.

          The Constitution can be changed. They are called amendments.

          I better stop before I cuss.

        • Brian

          Please don’t confuse Gary with your logic and common sense. It sounds like he is too far gone.

  • You know who I hate? The dumd sheeple who make 10-20 an hour and think they are elitists. They make fun of those on food stamps and getting social security. Wow, those wages they make make them so rich! One day they will get sick and the sheeple will kick them in the teeth. Vicious cycle of a retarded aspartame MSG society.

    • knightowl77

      Why hate at all?

    • DownWithLibs

      What did your parents do to you?

  • Rockdisjoint

    We need more capitalism! Only capitalism can eliminate poverty.

    • DownWithLibs

      AND increase the jobs in the market!!! Gov. can’t do crap. Sorry Gary2…its true.

  • Game Over

    1) The Media is the Ministry of Propaganda
    2) Obama is a PR Hologram for the ruling elite
    3) Obama’s speeches are Hitler’s speeches without the yelling
    4) Ah…but the Revolution *is* being televised…with or without coverage from the Ministry of Propaganda…

  • liberranter

    Today, there are many Americans that openly look down on the poor, but that should never be the case.

    Indeed. Those who look down upon “the poor” probably don’t realize just how close they might be to joining their ranks. There but for the grace of God…

  • Eric Rasbold

    Don’t be afraid to give what you have to a brother in need. It all comes back to you in the end.

    -In Lak’ech ala K’in-

    May Your Dow Never Jones

  • Ben Dover

    My wife is Ukrainian. She was finishing school around the time if the USSR implosion. She later got to live through a continuos financial crises in Ukraine, punctuated by things like currency devaluation (by a factor of 10), old Soviet infrastructure breakdown with no funds for replacement (but enough for many government officials to have dachas that were nicer than most american homes), utility outages (her building often had no hot water and sometimes no heat in winter), and employers firing people and then refusing to pay their last month’s salary.

    She laughs when people speak of our current “crisis”. She says we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    • Frank

      Yes, Ben, I witnessed some of what your wife experienced. I had a Ukrainian friend who never complained about her sad life — though she had reason to. She was a medical student when the economy collapsed. She lived in a small, run-down apartment in Odessa. The water was cut off for hours every day and she had very little money to buy food. In her bathroom she had empty shampoo containers. I guess she found comfort in being reminded of the days when she could afford shampoo. When I walked around Odessa, I saw dogs traveling around in packs — one with a missing leg hobbling along. It was all so very sad. People abandoned their pets because they could barely feed themselves. And then I’d see an extravagant house under construction by a rich person — a local mobster. Beggars, starving animals, broken down infrastructure and despair all around. The people pressed on through it. Many men turned to cheap vodka. Many fine and well-educated people lost their dreams and their dignity. Your girlfriend is right, we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  • Mad Max

    We have to stop thinking small or we will never get anywhere.

    “We Are Free”
    Wake—-Up! It’s time to throw off the chains…

  • Kevin2

    I read today that the multiple unemployment extensions are finally running out. Now it’s going from low income to no income.

    I suspect once every option is exhausted and the homeless shelters are filled many will commit small crimes with the very intent to get caught so they can get “three hots and a cot”. Once the jails are ultra filled beyond capacity and the ACLU backs lawsuits for inhumane conditions the solution proposed will be an NRA (I don’t mean to the gun rights group) “National Recovery Act” CCC “Civilian Conservation Corps” type mass labor program. If you want to see a swift transformation to a third world appearance just wait until the army of shovels and brooms comes to a neighborhood near you.

    There are two choices; work or jail; Idle mind, devils pay thing.

    • Gary2

      good insite Kevin2

      • Jeremy


        I disagree with just about everything you say, but you should be proud of working hard, being a good father for your children (sounds like they love you from what you say), and being a good husband. Never forget this.

        Don’t give up.

    • Maybe some of them will actually take those jobs they have been turning down cause they make more on unemployment.

  • Jake

    This was one of your best posts. The plight of the poor has come to my doorstep in 2011. My wife and I are helping some folks who are in desperate need. One was laid off and has been looking for work for a year and a half. The other was a contractor who had 2 clients go bankrupt leaving him in debt and then he was hit buy an uninsured motorist leaving him disabled and on disability. These folks went from regular tax-paying citizens to being dirt poor within 12 months. I have seen firsthand how homelessness affects a persons emotions and self esteem. Proverbs 19:17 has been a guide for us, “He who is grcious to a poor man lends to the Lord.”

    • Michael

      I wish there were more people out there like you Jake.


  • I was listening to the news and they said that youngstown ohio had a poverty rate of 47%. This used to be a booming industrial center based on steel now theirs nothing their.

  • Here is how the banker’s game works:

    1) Get the government to issue some currency (cash — paper or reserves at the central bank — reserves are government issued cash central bank deposits). Government issued cash is around 5% of the currency (money) supply. The government issued currency is put into circulation by the government simply spending it.

    2) The rest (95%) of the currency is issued by the private banks. Each customer loan is a new bank deposit (i.e., new currency) and increases the currency (money) supply of the economy. Note that this newly created money (currency) is put into circulation by the borrower spending it. Most currency (about 95% America’s currency supply) has been borrowed into existence and when bank customer pays the loan back that amount of currency is removed from circulation. The banking system cannot go backwards (fewer net loans) as time moves on because fewer net loans means fewer currency in circulation in the economy.

    Accmulation of interest charges on outstanding loans means that the currency supply must constantly increase even if it means giving out lower quality loans. Think of it like a plane flying it must fly at some minimum speed or else the plane (the banking system) will crash (i.e., banking system collapse).

    3) The bankers make dam sure that the common public does not understand how the monetary system works meaning that the private banks issue 95% of the currency. This is whole another topic how they do this.

    4) The system works until real economic capacity of the economy grows and debts can be serviced and interest charges paid. Most of the time the economy oscillates between boom (growth) and bust (recession) because bust is needed to clear debts and start a new lending cycle.

    5) Eventually, one of these cycles goes so deep that currency supply (and demand) falls so low that too many debts become un-serviceable. The recession becomes a depression now.

    6) The bankers then have to decide how to “reset” the system. One way to reset the system is to let the depression takes its course. But of course this path is very chaotic because people lose jobs and may become violent. Once most debts are cleared lending can start again and the currency supply is replenished. Wars are a good way to get initial money (currency) into an economy after a depression to get demand going again. This is the great depression scenario.

    7) Another way to “reset” the system is to get the government to print too much money and spend and destroy the currency and blame it on the government. This justifies issuance of a totally new currency (note that hyperinflation clears debts) and the lending cycle can start again.

    8) The banking system (as is) is setup to maximize the power and influence of the global bankers and NOT for the maximum general well being of people. By the way this is a global game. This is the only system around no matter what country you are in. The global banking cartel makes sure that no competing systems are allowed to exist (so they might be copied and global bankers will lose power).

    For more details on this stuff please read the following articles in order listed below:

    Mansoor H. Khan

  • tappedops

    great thread, and thanks again Mr.M for keeping this up and running…

    William… +1 there pard… nice comment, but lets not go overboard— “braindead” is giving FAR to much credit to programed zomb-pop…

    And to “Gameover”… id fight along side you any day Bro—truth ta power, and never stand down…

  • Yet the wars go on. Poverty? Are you kidding me? We got wars to fight. Killed that guy BinLaden didn”t we? (this guy died in dec. 2001)Killed Moamar Quadafi didn’t we? He was going to kill people in his own country, can’t have that, we’ll kill ten times what he could. Iran thinks they’re big deals…well we’re fixin’ to show them who’s the big deal.
    You guys are worried about poverty?.we got wars to fight, damn it!

    • Frank

      Absolutely right and what Eisenhower repeatedly warned about. We’re being fleeced by nonsensical wars on the other side of the world that are supposed to keep us safe while the southern border remains open to anyone with half a mind to cross it. What kind of leadership do we have in this country today? If I judge it by its fruits, I’d say it comes from way down below and the truth is nowhere to be found in it. There’s ALWAYS money to be found for war even if there’s no good reason for it — and the taxpayer, who must shut up and just pay up, be damned.

    • mondobeyondo

      The whole pretense of going into Afghanistan was (supposedly) to find and punish those responsible for 9/11. So much for that.

      And the pretense for going into Iraq was to find Dubya’s “weapons of mass destruction”. So much for that, too.

  • You always put together clear, concise and vital information, thanks a lot!

    At least one of your stories always ends up in my weekly Global Governance roundup:


    • Michael

      Number Six:

      Thank you for that. I am honored that you would share some of these articles with your readers.


  • God help us.

    That’s not a statement, that’s a prayer.

    We need Him now, more than ever.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    An yet 80 of the poor have a car, 88% have air conditioning, 98% have refrigerators and 99% have two TV’s. The poor in this country have more and live better then the middle class in Europe. But we call them poor so we can extract even more money from the taxpayers to give them even more things.

    • Dave


    • Frank

      I doubt that you’ve even been to Europe once in the past 10 years. I have been there many times (to most countries) and can tell you the poor in this country do not live better than the middle class in Europe. I can also tell you that we have plenty of “working poor” who receive no benefits from their employers — while in Europe those who work at lower tier jobs (clerks, truck drivers, hair dressers, etc.) live just as well, if not better, than our middle class does today.

    • mondobeyondo

      Only in America….

      As bad as we have it here (and it IS bad, compared to what we’re used to), it is nothing like a real Third World country.

      I would love to see the ratio between automobiles vs. bicycles in India or China. Seems to be an awful lot of bikes there. One Mercedes Benz for every 1 million bicycles? (That’s just a shot in the dark, I don’t know the real ratio.)

  • Gary2

    it seems to me that the conservative world view is very simplistic and intellectually lazy. Very black/white. IE-if you do this or don’t do that then you will succeed.

    When presented with facts that show they are wrong they simply repeat louder the wrong thing and believe it even more, facts be damned. Like the kid who loudly says ” la la la” as their parent or teacher is explaining the facts to them.

    If I have learned anything it is that life is rarely so simple and there is a lot of gray area.

    • Grey “thinking” is what got us here. The ends justify the means is the mantra of the left. Lets make sure everybody buys a house, is given health care, has enough food to become obese so we can buy votes and damn the consequences. Part of The Great Society is no judgement. You can screw up nonstop and have someone else pick up the tab. I am sorry, if you have children out of wedlock and you remain in poverty YOU are to blame. If you abuse drugs and alcohol and live in poverty, YOU are to blame. If you spend your money foolishly and make bad decisions constantly and live in poverty, YOU are to blame. Sometimes there is a right and a wrong.

    • Smashicus

      “Facts” can be manipulated to fit an agenda. You should know that. Some things in life though, are black and white. Not finding a full time job despite the fact you are trying is black and white, not having enough money to pay ypur rent is black and white. Your enmity towards conservatives is blinding you to reality. The word conserve means to avoid wasteful or destructive use. Do you have a problem with that or do you just hate some imanginary strawman?

  • tony N

    The reason for the ANTI growth economic policy coming out of the Whitehouse and democratic party and technocrats that advise the Administration who want ONLY the Government to end up being the Creator of Jobs is because they want to control consumption and that is driven by their fear of Worldwide overpopulation .

    The support of LIFE , LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Happiness is what makes the economic system viable , right ???
    I would say all this Social Justice rhetoric coming out of the Whitehouse and democrats is a way to grow power support for BIGGER GOVERNMENT control while they stall economic growth that gives people self reliance all to oppress people into begging for anything the Government tells them and promises them don’t you ?
    What we see here in these links is a wrecking of that Viability , right ? Why should we the people trust a Government that wants to be the Creator of ECONOMIC viability for Jobs and the well being of the Society when its technocratic society of advisers are preaching POPULATION CONTROL tactics ?

    The Department of Health and Human Services’ Death Panel

    “Seven big problems for 7 billion people . Experts weigh in on predicaments caused by a burgeoning world population ,

    Here are BIG Reasons why the USA economic innovative process of creative Value in support of what MAKES the Currency of the US Dollar worth Holding !!! You have to Reverse this kind of Policy making in the Whitehouse .

    If you want people to Have a Reason to want to Hold Dollar Investments and Instruments that Guarantee Dollar valued Investments Like BONDS or STOCKS , HELLO , You have to Reverse this kind of Policy making in the Whitehouse 2 faced Process of While Obama looks like he is for pro Growth his CZARS are sabotaging the economy , like DOJ Holder looking Like he has No clue about any fast and Furious wrong Doing his CZARS are sabotaging the Security system that protects the trust and safety of the structures that bind together a productive society that is not scared to do their daily activities , HELLO do we have these kinds of LEADERSHIP qualities in the Whitehouse Administration today ???
    Congressman: Science ‘czar’ giving China U.S. technology
    ‘Following law not voluntary for administration officials’

    Holder wants to DE-Develop the USA ,

    Here are more reasons why risk takers in the economic system are scared to invest in supply-side productivity , and the longer these kinds of bully tactics go on the shorter and shorter WE the PEOPLE get on Vital human NEEDS supply .
    I think we need to expand this feed production because the math suggests it can reduce feed inflation , and out of the nearly 300 millions acres of farmland of which 80 plus million are used to produce current feed for livestock today and this farmland can be used for human food production if we integrate this alternative feed production method into the overall feed production the amount of seed needed to feed the entire Livestock group in the USA could be producted off 10 million acres instead of the current 80 plus million acres we use today to produce the same amount of feed . This opens up a way to grow and expand the overall Food chain and debate with the Anti population growth society who are advocating Population controls be implemented on world societies , taking away Freedom and Liberty to Think Freely .
    Welcome to Fodder Solutions , and take a look at this ,

    The world markets are telling us this by there unsustainable growth patterns over the last 12-14 years , compare these charts, , , the stagnant growth in equity and supply in grain is obvious , and you cannot have sustainable growth in any durable goods unless the bread basket is growing with it . See ” UP TO ” 1998 all cylinders of growth were advancing together as the futures traders could see world food supplies advancing at unlimited growth projections because plant breeding was producing increased yielding grains .

    CORN RESERVES: The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the nation’s corn reserve is at its lowest level in more than 15 years,0,577364.story

    TELL ME they are not trying to cause a Shortages in Supply to the point of creating a economic collapse that will give them a reason to nationalize the Free Enterprise Free market system , all because the Technocratic bureaucracy of Ideological view points that DO NOT want to advance technology , but would rather ration and limit growth there by stopping human activity and growth in the USA and the world ,
    and they are wrong about the USA as well as any Industrialized nation , this fertility chart shows that self reliant nations are producing sustainable population growth so this way of FREE Thinking is what should be promoted not what these Ideological control freaks are advocating , and the Supreme Court should consider this fundamental when hearing the case about Forced Mandated health care Laws

    And the Supreme Court should consider that the USA is not a Overpopulated society if we enforce Immigration Policy , even the Sierra Club says so ?
    Here is a quote from the SUSPS link, ” the U.S. population continues to grow by about 3 million people per year, of which nearly half are immigrants, and two-thirds of the growth is a result of immigration, if the children of immigrants are included “.

    Thank you for your time and Perseverance.

  • Erin

    “So don’t rely on the mainstream media to tell you everything.”

    That has to be understatement of the decade. The mainstream media has become the dog that did not bark while the rome is burning – Nero Bush and Nero Obama play disco, while the mainstream is ruminating on freshly eaten vomit – the soup du jour.

    Not that blame them, natural selection has displaced journalists with spoke-persons that blather about everything but what might be relevant to those living in a “world police state” run by “american” (non -Jeffersonian american) interests.

    Lots of news about OWS, but no one wants to talk about the creeps that have run Occupy Congress for decades. The looting and pillaging by both the red and blue teams. These sociopathic creeps write-off the money dumped on K Street as a business expense, while they dictate tax laws and the laws that regulate Wall Street.

    I went to lunch with one of these creeps once, we had an issue with our competition, he came up with a one line summary of what we needed from congress. A few months later that “sentence” from that meeting was attached to a congressional appropriations bill. Our competition was toast, they got the legal equivalent of a laser guided daisy cutter dropped on them from the B-52 creeps that run this nation. These creeps don’t care about war-on-poverty, war-on-drugs, war-on-terror, or war-on-global-warming-carbon, as long as they earn a cut of the money moving from peter’s pocket to give paul some spare change.

    Here is some raw numbers to munch on: there are roughly 100 million households in the US. Obama just blew a $4 Trillion ($4,000,0000 million) hole in the national deficit (money spent over and above federal income) … that is $40,000 for every household in the US.
    Every family in the US is now poorer by the equivalent of a new car not built in the US. No wonder the rust belt is rusty.

    Poverty is a symptom, caused by all sorts of individual reasons. The disease we suffer as a nation is something else. And sociopaths on a looting and pillaging binge is very high on that list.

    • Frank

      Well said. They want us distracted and bickering among ourselves over measly crumbs so they can continue to walk away with loaves at our expense. It’s time to take the money out of politics by outlawing lobbying altogether. Until that happens, nothing will improve.

  • Old Man

    America got into this mess because voters got into mindless delusion about G W Bush and the neo-con ideology on politics, economics and society at large.

    Voters gave the Bush 2 decade long administration, and their control of Congress, a complete free hand to run anything anyway they wanted. Including borrowing $6.5 trillion of debt to finance bubbles, wars and tax giveaway for the 1%. Therefore they have only themselves to blame for a mess so deep it is impossible to fix, except the painful passage of time.

    America should realize today that any hope of recovery, or political controlled fix, or economic self regeneration, or industry magic resurgence, or wonder inventions, or the world sudden ‘warmth’ to America after being screwed, is PURE DELUSION.

    The only possible fix to the people fix themselves – fix their own minds, their own finance, their own skills, their own attitudes. One person at a time. Slowly, painfully, with determination and humbleness. Then with some luck things may return to a sensible stability by 2020. This is the best possible scenario. Bring your wild dreams to the movies but turn them off them moment you leave.

    • Kevin2

      Old Man

      This has been 40 years in the making. “We’re living here in Allentown and their closing all the factories down”. The US Steel industry tanked in the 1970s and after that it’s been industry upon industry facilitated by both parties. The Democrat hero Bill Clinton twisted arms to get NAFTA and then gave us China Free Trade. While 83% of US Senate Republicans voted for China Free Trade 80% of US Senate Democrats did the same. The repeal of Depression Era banking regulations of Glass Stegall cane complements of Bill Clinton too. It’s not that GW Bush would have done it differently. It’s both parties.

    • No fool like an old fool. Blame yourself for not buying from your USA neighbors; and spending what you do not have! Those product are not such a bargain; are they?

    • Frank

      Nice words, but we can work on our own minds, skills, etc. until we’re blue in the face and nothing will change until those with the power to send our jobs overseas and tax us into the poorhouse are replaced by decent people.

    • stevie g

      So right old man…. And on every site there are idiots writing that we need more of the policies that got us into this mess. George Bush destroyed this country and Obama is getting all the blame. Yes the liberals in congress have a hand in this debacle but the truth is the decline began the moment Bush began catering to his base. But these conservatives are too stupid to realize that they are not the base and they are the ones who were used when they voted him into office. They thought he would reverse roe v wade and that he was a Christian but like every republican administration for the last 40 years it was a fleecing of the America public by corrupt money brokers. I am not a liberal but a FISCAL conservative who is socially liberal. Balance the budget, take care of the elderly, orphans and the sick and give a hand up to those who need it but not a handout. That is the American way.

    • Smashicus

      Old Man, have you forgotten that the Democrats controlled Congress the last 2 years of W’s presidency. Not only that, but the Dems covered for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, lying about the upcoming housing disaster. I know it’s tempting for you to throw the neo-con phrase around, but let’s face it, the Democrat liberal ideology contributed in large part to this disaster of an economy.

  • mrs kotter

    Michael thanks for all the informative articles. I check your site daily. I live in louisiana and just heard about a law passed banning the use of cash in all second hand/ junk purchases.this seems crazy to me, i was hoping you might do an article on this and how to go about reversing the law. Thanks

    • Michael

      Mrs. Kotter:

      Thank you for visiting the site so often. I am so thankful for those that come by day after day. I wish I could say a big “thank you” to everyone.

      I heard about that law down in Louisiana too, but I don’t know that much about it. I agree with you – it does sound crazy.


      • das

        To be clear, *individuals* can use cash to buy whatever they want. *Dealers* need to have a paper trail so that lowlifes who come in with their stolen goods can’t just leave with cash, but will be forced to cash the check or money order, providing at least some semblance of a paper trail and a partial deterrent..

    • das

      It’s not some kind of conspiracy.

      House Bill 195 states that “Anyone, other than a non-profit entity, who buys, sells, trades in or otherwise acquires or disposes of junk or used or secondhand property more frequently than once per month from any other person, other than a non-profit entity, shall be deemed as being in the business of a secondhand dealer. A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of junk or used or secondhand property. Payment shall be made in the form of check, electronic transfers, or money order issued to the seller of the junk or used or secondhand property.”

      The bill will make operations for trading posts and flea markets far more strenuous in an attempt to stop fraud, as customers will be forced to use checks or money orders for transactions.

      The problem is that the language is so broad that it could be interpreted to even apply to things like Craigslist or eBay. The purpose is to stop fraud, period:

      State representative Rickey Hardy co-authored the bill.

      Hardy says, “they give a check or a cashiers money order, or electronic one of those three mechanisms is used.”

      Hardy says the bill is targeted at criminals who steal anything from copper to televisions, and sell them for a quick buck. Having a paper trail will make it easier for law enforcement.

      “It’s a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead,” explains Hardy.

      The wording of the law may be terrible, but I really wish people would stop seeing government conspiracies everywhere.

  • A Citizen

    When will the economy collapse?

    • mondobeyondo

      February 17th, 2013.
      Feel better now?

      (Might be earlier, might be later)

  • WM

    I have seen videos of the tent cities that are rampant across America, and it breaks my heart. Many if not all of these folks that I seen on the videos about tent cities in Florida, Tennesee, California, Nevada were working people who due to situations lost everything. I know, that the American way is to spend, spend, spend, so it may be true that lifestyle choices may in fact have been a part of the reason. When I see people get subsidized housing and food stamps and such, and see them with lots of jewelry and expensive clothing, or I see gas guzzling Escalades and Navigators, and/or cars all “blinged out”, I hope no one considers these welfare recipients as “poor”. I have heard some people refer to the projects near where I live as low income housing! This is where I have seen the vehicles described above.

    My wife is from Peru, and when I visited there several years ago, I was in tears. I seen REAL poverty there. There is no government assistance whatsoever. If you get sick and miss too much work, and boss lets you go…too bad, you get nothing, and usually lose everything. The amount of small children on the streets of Lima (pop. 10 million+) is astounding. I am talking about 8 year old here, singing and dancing, selling flowers. all to try to make some $$$$ for food. There is no welfare there, no food stamps there, no subsidized housing there. I was shocked at this, and thought about how bad people here thing they have it. I also learned about the crime there. Many well intentioned people who cannot find a job, turn to crime to get money for food. I am talking family man here. Not all the criminals are drug dealers/users. There are MANY people who will rob you just so that they can eat and feed their family. The ghettos just outside the airport brought tears to my eyes to see huge areas of favellas or shanty towns as we may call it.

    Sadly, I believe that once government subsidies stop, which we all know the money flow is going to stop shortly, there will be Latin American styled crime across America. This will be a great time to help people, but will also be a opportunity for many to excersize there 2nd ammendment right in fighting off the “takers” who have not prepared, were full time welfare recipients, and want to take from those who they think may have what they need.

    Buckle up folks, we are in for a wild ride.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah Michael, “everything WILL go to Hell”. You are contributing to it even though you call youself a christian! So pathetic!!!

    • Michael

      Being a watchman is something that a Christian is supposed to do.

      Telling people that everything is going to be “just fine” and that “great prosperity” is coming would be lying.


      • das

        You’re running a blog called “The Economic Collapse Blog” and appear to be a survivalist. I’m a first time visitor, but to me, this means you believe it’s a foregone conclusion. If that’s the case, that’s not merely being a watchman, that’s feeding the morbid wishes/fears some people seem to have that everything is certainly going to collapse, and that you’re a fool if you believe otherwise. Prudence and vigilance are called for. Doomsaying is not.

      • callmecordelia1

        Thank you for being a watchman, Michael. I appreciate what you do.

  • Randy

    On Patriot Alice’s comment. The corporations weren’t forced to send good jobs overseas because they were going to go broke. They did it because our stupid government opened up most of this country to not so free, free trade. They might have taken a dip in their short term profits by continuing to employ Americans. As dictated by Wall Street, this is a huge no no for a corp to think long term (Duh, it is the Americans who buy their crap, lets just eliminate our customer base, oh now sales are down, good excuse to cut even more jobs). How can the corps compete against slave labor wages and no environmental laws in third world hellholes? And still make massive profits and pay their CEO’s 300 times the average wage? By shipping the jobs too the third world hellholes. America has been sold out by our government and big business over the last 30 years. You can’t have big business in the back pocket of every single politician through lobbying and expect it to be in the best interest of the common man. Only the super rich. We have all had our heads in the sand while big corps have robbed and raped the land. The bottom line is all of our government regulations that were fought so hard for by the common man where for the average Joe to work decent hours, have a safe place to work and stop big corps from polluting our land and our water. So you can’t use that crap to say the U.S. is overregulated. We are regulated to protect the common people, unfortunately we are now competing against unregulated countries with billions of starving people who are willing to work in any condition. Well, now maybe the billions of people will be able to eat two bowls of rice every day instead of one, but it will be at the cost of American jobs and most of the money is gonna go in the pockets of big corps. I am not a dem or a repuke, I am just tired of the B.S. There are too many people spouting off and they have no clue what is really going on or why it has happened. There is no way to get the message to the masses cause the mainstream media is controlled. Only websites such as this one are actually portraying the situation better. It is too bad it all will be too little too late. When the government dole gets cut and the people can’t eat. There will be mass riots in the street. I will be heading for the hills.

    • Kevin2


      Yes sir, you got it. Both parties voted in majority numbers 83% & 80% for Free Trade with slave labor nations that facilitated de-industrialization and poverty in the US. Tariffs once leveled the playing field and have been part of US economic strategy since the country was formed. The Free Trade agreements abolished those protective tariffs world wide and it’s interesting that the socialist democracies in Europe with very strong labor unions bought in too. Tell me their’s not a power elite pulling strings and I’ll tell you to just open your eyes. There is no way the industrial workers of the developed world asked their respective countries for this mess and the Free Trade agreements are at the top of reasons the developed world is falling in financial ruin. As industries closed the ruling elite made sure their was plenty of money at very low interest rates to loan. Hell it’s fiat currency so a few key strokes here and there and here’s the money. That sheltered the masses from the initial decline long enough for the factories to leave. It was a very slick plan.

      We’re not in a recession or depression but rather a shift in economic power from the developed world to the developing world.

      We’re pawns on the global chessboard. The politicians and CEOs are the Bishops and Knights and the King and Queen are ruling the power elite.

    • Norton Burgess

      Are you familiar with “unions”? Are you also familiar with NAFTA?

  • Colin

    The lines of separation are being defined further.

    This week, Wells Fargo Bank is opening a new bank in Chicago. This bank, named Abbot Downing, caters to the 1% and caters to individuals who have $50 million or more to invest. Abbot Downing has $27.5 billion in client-owned assets and 300 staff members.

  • Abbie

    Thanks Obama…good job. Oh, I forgot, it’s Bushes fault.

  • Mike H.

    Yes, it’s hard to pay for food when you have to pay for a cell phone with texting and internet, dog food, X-Box games, cigarettes, a new flat screen TV, CD’s and mp3’s, broadband internet and cable TV, and a new car because the last one was almost four years old and it didn’t have remote start and voice control.

    • I actually was behind someone in line at the store yesterday who was using WIC vouchers and then paid cash for a giant bag of dog food and 2 dog sweaters. If you cannot afford to feed your kids you cannot afford a dog and especially dog sweaters.

  • END the ILLEGAL Kenyan Occupation of 1600!

    Official “Notice of Mismatch” from the SSA here

  • boozy

    Ain’t it great…ya know that hopey changey crap out of the Userpers lips. mmm mmm goood…do you feel now maybe you have been given the big green weiner up the wrong shoot…mmmm mmm good….anyone voting for this guy in 2012 needs to get a real serious check up mentally…

  • LOL…………Better find a job peee-peeee pants OWS protesters.

    It will be VERY cold soon.

  • Ar Amytas

    I just want my Social Security check!

    • Dave

      At least we all worked and paid for SS we get.


    what’s the big deal?
    this is what people voted for.
    No jobs, No hope and No cash.
    THIS IS CHANGE!……VS…..3 years ago!

  • ejdavid3


    You have got to be kidding me. The most serious health problem with poor people in the US is morbid obesity.

    Food stamps pay for potato chips, if I am not mistaken. In my lower working class family back in the 1960’s we never once purchased potato chips.

    They were considered a luxury fit for large family picnics, and were always provided by others.

    • PK

      Indeed, and if you have ever been to another country like El Salvador or The Dominican Republic you can see that for the most part we don’t really understand what extreme poverty is. Our government has given people fish when they should have been teaching them to fish. The government has created a dependent class that has given up their independence and self respect.

  • ejdavid3


    I refuse to read any paragraph that is 40 Plus lines long. You seem to have objections of one sort or another. To bad you public school never taught you coherent presentations.

  • Randy

    I didn’t finish last comment, stupid computer did something. Don’t know if went through.

    Anyhoo. If all Americans followed the mantra of save save save, and doubled down on their mortgage payments, well gee, the American economy would be about half the size it is now and we wouldn’t have many big corps. (Back to an Agrigarian Society) The big corps push spend spend spend. We as humans have tended to overindulge. Now people are making statements about “You Should Have” Well, big corps told us to spend, and Wallstreet and Greenspan told us they had tamed the market and it would be smooth sailing from now on and everyone could indulge in the good life. Kinda self serving when you tell someone they should have done something different when everyone in this country was sold a bag of crap. It is a whole different ball game and a good come to Jesus moment when you had it all and then you are on the street. I stinking guarantee everyone who bashes any welfare programs would sing a different tune after spending a few months on the street in downtown Seattle begging for change (I talk with em every day). I think a good portion of the people that end up here are not here by choice or because they made stupid life decisions. It is because most of us have very little control of the larger world around us. Short of having a ton of money to move to the sticks and build a survival fortress, most of us will continue to be at the whim of the greater world. It is what it is. And it certainly doesn’t help when those at the top don’t give a level playing field across the board.

    I will back every conservitive on here when the field is level (Free but fair trade and free and equitable say in government and no more lobbyists). Every able bodied man and woman that is able should work and be able to prosper if they work hard enough. No one should be able to take that away from a hard working man. But when the gains are ill gotten because the field is not level (big corp vs commom man) then you cannot bitch about any welfare program regardless of its efficiency or that some take advantage. I feel sorry for the one percent, cause when the 99% come knocking, it is gonna be ugly, as it has always been throughout history. Humans never learn cause we are humans.

  • JMorcan

    You can blame Clinton for much of this. He supported China’s entrance to the WTO and pushed hard for NAFTA. He sold us out.

  • Free Market Hemp is the solution for the economy because industrial hemp can be easily grow, produced and manufactuered everywhere. We can grow our own fuel and economy. For that matter our currency should be based on a ton of hemp because the whole world knows what the value of a ton of industrial hemp is, so much fuel, so much fiber. During the American Revolution hemp was used as money and a medium of exchange. Forget the economy and the empty bag pundits, stop being against everything and be for SOMETHING that can make a difference. Free Market Hemp, Plant It Everywhere and Prosper.

    • Dave

      You pot-heads are a scream. Hemp. Gimmie a break.

  • The single largest reason poverty continues to increase is those in poverty continue to bring children into poverty at alarming rates. Generally people that are careful, thoughtful, and plan for their futures do not have many children and wait to have children until they are married and/or can afford them. If you follow 3 rules your chances of living in poverty are minimal. They include : #1 Do not abuse drugs and alcohol. #2. Graduate High school, and #3 Do not have children until you are married and/or can afford them. I did research on poverty in America in Grad school and these characteristics came up again and again.

  • Larry

    Populist Socialism on the Rise

    “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If ‘Thou shalt not covet’ and ‘Thou shalt not steal’ were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.” –John Adams, 1787

    See the rest of the story at the following web site:

  • Sharon

    Those stats probably contain a lot of illegal immigrants. They certainly drag the stats down in Texas.

  • ejdavid3


    I live in the poorest county in Georgia. My 17 year old step daughter’s dreams of singing stardom did not materialize, so she made a deliberate career choice. She deliberately became pregnant from a high school drop out who already had one illigitimate kid.

    She has food, shelter, transportation, satelite TV. Medicaid. You want to know where middle class money has gone? The rich are not killing the country. Deliberately unwed mothers and their sucubus bastards are sucking us dry.

  • “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

    ——- ——-

  • but the trickle down effect works mother lovers

  • While the information in this article is of great value, I found the title (and some of the content) troubling in that the author repeatedly refers to “The Poor” as a separate class. Using “the” in front of any grouping of people tends to commodify the people being discussed as “other-than” i.e. “not me” or “not us.”

    Let’s be clear… poor people is “us” — people. not some distant “other-than” commodity. We the people are in this together!

  • Dave

    The American definition of “poverty” is quite different from that of the rest of the world. If you want to see real poverty, travel to the slums of Mumbai or the cities of Rwanda. There you will see people with no food in their bellies and no clothes on their backs. That’s poverty.

    Many of the the so-called “poor” mentioned in this article are wealthy enough to have a microwave, an apartment with a door that closes, and clothes on their backs. That’s not poor. That’s living with basic needs. And no, I don’t mean an iPod or smart phone.

    • Sean

      Dave, the poor even have cars, TV’s and yes, free cell phones provided by the Federal Guberment.

      • lotteryloser

        Yes, people have free cell phones provided by the government. When’s the last time you saw a working pay phone? The government has also outlawed free over-the-air transmission of television. Hence, the poor have to contend with cable bills. They also have to contend with American pricing, and wages that cannot support their children, nor give them good education, nutrition, or any of the other things we seem to be thinking that only the rich are entitled to. Maybe you will be thinking differently when this economic decline, and the disparity between prices and wages engulfs you also. We are all desperately trying to hang on to this “good life”, and it is slowly evaporating for all of us.May God Bless us all in the coming years of continuous crisis.

  • ejdavid3

    Nearly the entire litany of poverty statistics listed above does little more then itemize all the money that goes to people who do not support themselves. Millions on food stamps. Millions on Medicaid. Millions on housing subsidies. Millions of kids on school feeding programs. There is no end to it.

  • bobbobbobbob

    the professional9terminatorrs–usarmy – marines- will not allow their children to die in the streets. theyrrrvery goodshots

  • Y. R. Yoosupprized

    You people have been gloating about turning the U.S. into a non-White country for years. Fill the country with third-world people, then be surprised that you’ve got a third-world country.

    Congratulations on destroying the U.S. Enjoy your future.

  • Bob

    The surveys don’t count government aid. The poor aren’t really poor by just about anyone’s standards.

  • callmecordelia1

    There are so many comments on here blaming this party or that party or this program or that program. At this point, it doesn’t matter how it happened. The truth is that there are a lot of people struggling and suffering right now. And statistics like this one:

    “More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.”

    Don’t even tell the whole story. I guarantee that there are more children who are hungry who don’t show up in this statistic. Please don’t shrug off the poor by saying they have “big screen TVs and cell phones…”, or that they brought it on themselves by poor choices. That is not always the case. We should give without judgment (and I include myself in that– it’s not always easy to do). Most of us are just a few months away from being in the same boat. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

  • John Gray

    This is one of the better-written stories about the poor. Fact-based, no cheap appeals for emotionalism. But I still feel like scrooge and feel not impulse to give.
    1. I get paid well, not in the 1% but good. However I have been laid off twice in the past 4 years, so making money now is basically catching up on money lost. BUT: I get taxed like a rich person as it only looks at a narrow snapshot of time.
    2. Whatever the poverty rates might be, 5% or 40%, I still can’t reconcile an “extreme poverty” rate of X% with experts, politicians, and the First Lady herself hitting DEFCON 1 about how the primary health problem of the poor is obesity. Which is it? Are the poor going hungry or are they too fat? Sorry, can’t be both
    3. As it happens, I live near projects in Brooklyn. Bottom line: the kids (KIDS!) have more expensive shoes and cell phones than me. This does not make me want to cough up more dough.
    4. ILLEGAL aliens: I’m going through immigration court and thousands of $$ to bring an immigrant here LEGALLY, so if any of you posters come back with any anti-immigrant c**p, I’m rhetorically going to whop you on the head. Now, I just got back from the grocery store. 80-90% of them are illegals from Mexico. 60%+ pay with EBT cards. And they get free education. Clothing allowance. Energy Assistance. Public transportation. And pay no taxes. So sorry, we are shoveling BILLIONS to people who just got off the boat and on the dole. Could this money be used for the poor who are supposed to be here?

  • RightStuff

    This is Barack Obama’s Trickle Up Poverty. If BO is in office much longer, there will be a lot of poverty. Democrats, especially those who have been sucked in by Karl Marx, will do it to the economy every time.

  • Help_Me_Please

    Uneducated, illegal immigrants +
    Unmarried mothers +
    Government benefits +
    Obama = More Poverty

  • a p garcia

    The poor in the US are far richer than the poor in a 3rd world country.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “The new poverty figures came out, and they’re astounding. One out of 15 people is living in dire poverty. This is not what America is supposed to be.”—Gerald Celente

    No, it certainly isn’t. Gerald Celente nails it as usual: the ship is sinking, and it’s sinking fast. When the former USA, now The Banana Republic of America, abandoned free-market capitalism and embraced corporatism/fascism, it joined the Third World. Of course, whenever new figures on poverty come out, there will inevitably be corporate stooges and corporate blame-the-victim apologists making idiotic statements such as “The poor in America have running water and electricity, which means that they aren’t really poor.” My response to that is, “Big f’in’ deal. Most of the poor in El Salvador and Guatemala have running water and electricity. Most of the poor in Jamaica have a higher standard of living than the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa—that doesn’t mean that Jamaica isn’t part of the Third World.” But hey, leave it to the corporatist scum to rationalize the suffering of millions of Americans. And leave it to Gerald Celente, God bless him, to call the corporatists out whether they’re RepubliKKKans or Democraps.

    “There’s no doubt that we’re in a depression, and the globalists have been covering it up.” —Alex Jones

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    “Hey kiddies, keep spending that money in college. Get that degree as an MBA. You can have a job at Wal-Mart. You can become a cashier or a clerk.”—Gerald Celente

    “Some elements of Occupy Wall Street can legitimately be criticized as collectivist or whatever. But overall, this is just a movement of people who are upset about Wall Street taking over Washington and then inducing them to gives us tens of trillions of our tax money. And then, all these fake conservatives get up and criticize anyone who wants to shut down the corruption on Wall Street as communist when it’s the opposite. There’s this ‘let them eat cake’ attitude, and it just gets crazier and crazier by the minute. How far can this go?”—Alex Jones

    “Prices are going up. Unemployment is continuing to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our federal reserve system.” —Ron Paul

    “I heard this guy Herman Cain, the pizza king running for president, saying that Occupy Wall Street are anti-capitalist. You got it wrong, Herman. It’s anti-capitalist to bail out banks and to bail out your buddies. That’s anti-capitalist. If you or I fail, nobody bails us out. In capitalism, you’re supposed to rise and fall on your own merits.”—Gerald Celente

    “You heard Eric ‘Kiddie’ Cantor say that he was afraid of mob rule down on Wall Street. Oh, you’re afraid, little cutie baby? How about going down there yourself and walking through the crowds?”—Gerald Celente

    And if you think things are really bad in the BRA in November 2011, just wait—all this misery is only the tip of the iceberg. Violent crime will skyrocket, food riots will be the norm. Today’s unemployed MBA will be tomorrow’s carjacker; today’s unemployed construction worker will be tomorrow’s drug trafficker or kidnapper. When the low-term unemployed can’t even get a stinking part-time job at the dollar store, job openings with the Sinaloa Cartel or La Familia Michoacana will start looking pretty damn good.

    The worst is yet to come in this Third World horror movie called The Banana Republic of America, formerly the USA. God help us.

  • suzy000

    20 million is more than in many countries. An entire country that is 100% extremely poor…that is what this figure represents. This was our HOPE and CHANGE. And you are going to vote for more of this in 2012? If you vote for Obama…be careful…YOU just may get what you vote for.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Welcome to Obama world.

  • Abbie

    A big thank you to Obama….good job with the economy, can you do any worse? Oh, that’s right, it’s Bushs fault.

  • Bill

    Thank you o’sama o’bama for this hope and change.

  • Bill

    Thank you o’sama o’bama and the rest of the leadership of the communist/democRAT party.

  • It will be a wild ride. Older folks will starve.

  • Amazing how this turns into a left vs. right battle just like everything else rather than just trying to solve the damn situation. Solving it would be quite easy if people would work together rather than against each other. I’ve personally got several possible approaches that would work, and I’m doing my best to get those solutions in front of people. The best, I think, is a series of local steps that can be taken city by city, town by town that can bring about 0% unemployment without reliance on the federal government or federal reserve notes.

    • Dan Dooly

      Problems cant be cured with Democrats like yourself who put us here and who let 40 million illegals break into our country.

    • Sean

      I’m not sure which founding father saId this but he stated that threats from within are a bigger threat to our nation than threats from outside. The left, in my opinion, is the biggest threat to the American way of life today.

  • Just Tired

    It’s stale; but it’s true…… If you pay people to be poor… you have a lot of poor people…. the surest way to get to poverty is to be a single parent… who rewards single parenthood… the government… people need to be responsible and stop looking to the government to take care of them… if you don’t like your situation do something about it… don’t wait for someone to come and wipe your ass… I’m NOT directing this rant to the old and the infirmed… I’m talking about the people who have been duped by the government to believe that their entitled to other peoples money… go get an education in a field that will pay you to work… stop having children you know you cannot afford… Wah… Wah… Wah… what a mean person I am… Grow up and WORK!!!

  • Hendrik Mills

    To all those in these comments who point to our Creator and the need to get on our knees and beg His Mercy…I agree.
    As to the economic and social realities here in the USA, there are two truths, both inconvenient:
    (1) We ordinary people have allowed ourselves to become spoiled and dangerously dependent on large government and large corporations. We are far from self-sufficiency in our families and in our communities. Thus we are vulnerable to large-scale control strategies by the elite. We also deserve God’s chastisement for forgetting and denying Him, for taking up lives of luxury and self-gratification, for violating all of his Ten Commandments, not to mention the Beatitudes, for serving Mammon rather than God.
    (2) The elite, including but not limited to the Freemasons, the Jewish as well as Gentile financial manipulators, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, Hollywood, liberal media, and liberal academia, have systematically destroyed Christian civilization, small producers, economic freedom, political freedom, and sound money. They have employed deception to do so, but we have cooperated in our own destruction by allowing ourselves to be governed by our baser passions, including laziness.
    The first step to a solution will be a spiritual re-awakening, and a return to God—on our knees, in humility and reverence. Any solutions that omit or exclude that spiritual transformation will certainly fail.

  • Somewhere near the beginning of the article, reference was made to The Daily Mail.Wonder if those statistics are reliable?

  • Smashicus

    Without a doubt a lot of Americans are hurting. I have to wonder though, how many of people included in this census are illegal aliens. It is truly a shame that the U.S. has to take on the burden of other countries’ poor, when we are struggling to take care of our own native born sons and daughters. Even more of a shame are these politicians that are dragging their feet on passing the E-Verify bill. This bill would free up millions of jobs being occupied by illegal aliens and make them available to unemployed Americans. Those people blaming corporations for jobs being lost overseas need to blame the international corporations not the small ones. As far as competing with countries that use slave labor, wasn’t the reason why we use to not do trade with countries like China?

  • Jesse

    Banksters….. Winter is coming up, and if you see someone that does not have a home, don’t be afraid to offer a roof

    All over the United States (and all around the world), there are hard working people that are desperately hurting.  As you celebrate the good things that you have during this time of the year, don’t forget to remember them !!!!

  • mike

    Some people choice poverty as a life style.

    I have family members who pop out kids to collect more food stamps and welfare, they marry men who won’t work or work for cash so they can continue to collect from the govt. Most are waiting for their parents to pass away so they can sell what their parents worked hard to earn. They all have 4 wheelers and boats so they can spend time fishing / hunting / playing. In one case there’s a disabled child, the family members fight over who get’s the child as they are able to collect more money from the govt for the child’s disability. The money goes for beer and drugs, the child gets what it’s grandmother provides.

    My experience with the govt assistance. Back in 1980 I was in Tech school, married, working full time. I lost my job, went to unemployment office, was told I could get all types of help, till they found out I was in school. I was told I had to drop out of school. I had some choice words, I left took my last $20 went to the store to buy bread and peanut butter. The lady in front of me with a bunch of kids was buy a lot of items, including dog food and paying for them with foods stamps. She was told she could not buy dog food with food stamps, she sent one kid back to get hamburger as the dog liked it better. I went off on her (today I would have been arrested for what I said). I ended up taking a part time job sacking groceries till I could find a full time job. I completed school and am doing well. I know if I had taken the govt offer I would still be dependent on the govt to this day – and maybe living like my family members. Everyone needs help from time to time, but govt likes to create dependents.

    As a result of my hard work and “success” I have been disowned by family.

  • it is so sad, the unemployed are the Jews of this horrible holocaust……..and if you don’t think these poor are dying in the streets you aren’t getting it



    THE media refuse to acknowledge the unemployed UNDER OBAMA just like Hitler’s media REFUSED TO TALK ABOUT THE MURDERED JEWS


  • Gman

    These liberal policies sure are doing what they are intended to do. Completely destroy the U.S. economy. Keep installing more and more regulations so even more businesses decide to leave the country.

    spread misery evenly

    • Sean

      Right. Liberalism is there to find the lowest common thread and knock everyone down. Conservatism looks to build people up thru economic freedom by giving individuals equal opportunity for success not equal outcomes.

  • jose

    4 more years!!! By then we will no doubt have destroyed the U.S.A. Si Se Puede!!! We cannot let the republicans win now and destroy everything we have worked for. They will try to turn things around and get the economy back on track but we will die trying to stop them!!

  • David from San Diego

    “Free trade” with low-wage countries exported all our manufacturing jobs. What did you THINK was going to happen? Now, we compete with 40-cent-an-hour foreign labor. Because all the jobs are gone to the low-wage countries, there are not enough taxpayers to pay the unemployment insurance for the unemployed. So, we borrow from China. Do you think this can go on forever? What do you think it will look like when it stops?

  • John Steinsvold

    An Alternative to Capitalism (if the people knew about it, they would demand it)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: “There is no alternative”. She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
    –Georg C. Lichtenberg

  • The Great Obama Bin Laden, Wall Street, The Big Corporations, Politicans, Are Teaching Americans
    A Lesson. Obama Said It Best When He Said Americans Had It To Easy,That They Were Soft,
    so When They Tell You “*********** You And The Horse You Rode ON” Before This All Happpened Believe Them, This Is America Going THe European Way,But
    There Is No Money To Pay For It, So Again Just Be Patient,THe Collapse And Relief From This Madness Will Come Soon And At A Unexcepted Time.



  • cisconchip

    it is totally unbelievable that not one person can see the truth even in such plain view–the truthh is that starting in 2006 the democrats took over both the congress and the senate and then in 2008 the obama nightmare—-the poor under the democrats and obama are at least 35% poorer than in bushes terms—do you remember obama devalued our currency by 20% or did the term quantitative easing sound so good that you let the democrates make the money u have worth 20% less in buying power.—you people who voted for these dems and obama–you are the ones who beliveed the lies of hope and change–you are in denial that u are fodder for these democrats–they do absoluttly nothing but make us poorer and push their marxist class warfare–and all these occupy sheep are misled into the wilderness away from the true problem —the corrupt politicians in washington d.c.—these are supposed to represent the people and they have not and obama has betrayed the poor. you who voted for the hope and change it is your fault the poor are so poor. so do the right thing and demand all corrupt politicians resign. the occuppy movement is a global marxist entity hell bent on destroying our great country and steal our wealth—fools. socialism is rationing of everything and capitalism makes everything available. in the end socialism is enslavement it is the big lie. and obama is the deciever in chief–and marxist political correctness doctrines have made you unable to voice the truth–therefore you are being controlled–as the occupiers are controlled by anonymous–and who is this anonymous–globally–the state dept under hillary and in the us –obama—-these are the anarchist baiters around the world–they work at the pleasure of the global bankers–against the people of the united states–but they are supposed to work for the people–the solution is self evident march on washington and demand their resignations or be tried for high crimes and misdeamenors.

    • Indigo

      What a thoughtful response.

      By the way, under Obama, the Democrats have not had the supermajorities needed to pass anything without significant compromise. They only held 57 Senate seats during the peak of their power in 2009.

      The Occupy Movement is not “marxist”, and voting for Republicans will not solve our problems. They will just cut all the programs that help the poor.

      • cisconchip

        not true u are stating democrat lies–under bush the poor got a raise every year. the annonymous are anti-capitalist because they are controll fanatics==maybe you should look up who owns zucotti park in new york and the owners connection to obama it may open your eyes—thank u

      • signspeaker

        Well, if “Marxist” is just a state of mind, you might be right. But if one considers the similarities with your assertions along the goals and statements of Obama, OWS, et. al., a conceptual agreement in goals, if not language seems to magically emerge without much effort involved. Should I give the quotes?

      • signspeaker

        Refresh my memory, how did Obamacare pass with 57 votes?

        • TexasMom43

          How? Same way Obama’s going to “win” re-election. Lie. Cheat. Steal. It’s the Democrat way!

      • Mr. Myxpyx

        It most certainly is Marxist. My University professor, an avowed Marxist, has even stated so. You are leaving in a dream world Indigo. The Democrats had it all, could not even pass a budget, and are responsible for the mess we are in. Yet all you can do is continue to parrot lies. If you do your research, it’s Republicans who actually give more to the poor. Although Liberal families make 6% more on average, Republican families give 30% more to charities. You need to get your head out of the sand.

      • inhurricane7

        Thank goodness there was at least the level of balcance left in Washington. By the way, those are the rules of the Senate, that they agreed to, in order to do exactly that, to prevent the majority from completely walking over the minority. I agree with the other guy, the Dems took over Congress in 2006 and Congress spends the money, not the President. Then they held the majority with Obama for two years. Then the people voted the Dems out of the House in a Landslide Victory and reduced their majority in the Senate. The timeline is a fact. Elections are Elections.

      • EHutt

        Please get your facts straight. Congress was controlled by democrats from 2006-2010. The 2010 election made the difference and finally slowed down this marxist regime. The media doesn’t outright lie-they omit. Just watch the mainstream media in the morning. You’ll hear all about the Royal family in UK, moviestars and recipes. The truth is they keep the Americans in the dark. OWS is supported by – kkk, CAIR, Black Panther and other disgusting Socialist, Communist groups, along with our President and Democrats in Congress. The lamestream media doesn’t report it.

      • Earl K.

        57? You obviously are ignorant of the facts. They held 58 for the first 1.5 years of Jesus’ disastrous presidency with the two “independents” being reliable dumbocrat votes. 58 + 2 = 60, last time I checked.

    • Gary2

      You must be drinking your own bath water.

      What nonsense you spout. Turn off rush. You sound like one of the American Taliban, err, tea baggers.

      • Prepping for the Future

        Gary you sound like a Marxist Anti American traitor. Too bad all the out sourcing was cause from your DEMO hero useless Clinton. That is right Gary your Marxist traitor all the jobs leaving the country is all Billy Bob Clinton fault he signed NAFTA and GATT we warn you DUMMY CRATS but you were too gullible to listen then or now. Do some research Gary on facts instead of being a parrot boy for the Huff POst

    • 007

      The democrats are all hell bent on converting us to a Socialist government like Greece. They know it will destroy the country but they don’t care. They believe they can win elections by supporting these evil policies.

    • Rowell

      Oh come on now. Blaming everything on the democrats is simply being blind and ignorant. Republicans and Democrats are simply puppets on different hands of the same person. One barks from the right hand, the other barks for the left hand. In the end, they’re both operated by the same person. Voting republican won’t fix the problems.

      I just wish people would wake the hell up and realize the reality that BOTH parties are bought and paid for; they work for their owners, not the American people.



      I will gladly call for the resignations of Barack Hussein Obama and his entire cabinet, provided if you promise that you won’t attempt to put any Republican on the throne………..

    • Jeff

      I have a hard time taking anything seriously from a person who has evidently not passed grade school writing class.

      Your capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar are atrocious.

      I am not even going to comment on the pathetic lack of factual evidence that you display in your ridiculous rant.

    • mondobeyondo

      Would it have been any better if John McCain had won in 2008? Probably not.

  • James

    A lot of statistics and numerous mentions of “Americans”. There is more to this than people out of jobs. Take California for example with 12-13% of the US population (not all Americans) they have over 33% of all welfare in the country and that is up from 21% in 1996. In 2007, immigrant use of welfare programs (32.7 percent) was 69 percent higher than non-immigrants’ use (19.4 percent). In the US we import poverty unlike other countries who export it.

    • jr

      Cut all government salaries by 50%, eliminate their retirement medical and reduce their pensions to what we get from social security and invest this money in infrastructure jobs. The end result will be 4% unemployment. Democrats and unions are destroying this Country!

  • Indiana

    The problem is inflation caused by government giving people money for producing nothing. This causes the price of goods to go up including housing etc. There are less people producing these goods, but everyone still needs these goods so the price goes up. Your wages don’t increase, but your taxes do to pay for the government paid non productive people so you keep getting poorer. The only way to ever bring the economy back is to take most of these people off the government payroll and put them back to work.

    • sharonsj

      Gee, I thought the problem is inflation caused by corporate welfare, corporations paying no taxes, corporations controlling Congress, corporations destroying our environment, and by speculators on Wall Street who buy and sell commodities and oil for profit even though it causes the deaths of millions.

      • Prepping for the Future

        I love fools like you Sharon destorying the envrioment as you sit using electrity, on a computer full of rare earth metals crying about the evil corporations that made and delivered almost everything in your house. If you are one of the those eco freaks nutcases please live like you preach no house no car no computer no electric just a teepee. Oh that right all your Eco freaks are hyopcritc I forgot. Practice what you preach or grow up and be an adult.

  • Dan Dooly

    Millions of these people collecting benefits,welfare and so on, are illegal aliens. We now have about 40 miliion illegals in this country at the cost of about 1/2 a trillion annually. Go ahead and vote for a Demonrat or Perry and Romney. See where it gets you. Soon there will be 100 million illegals in your country and it will be a true third world country. Go ahead cowardly Americans say nothing.

    • Republicans have chosen illegal aliens to be the scapegoats for their political shenanigans and Democrats have chosen greedy businessmen to be their scapegoats.

      The truth is that there are not 40 million illegal aliens sucking up welfare and many businessmen are struggling to maintain a middle-class lifestyle.

      It doesn’t matter too much at this point who you vote for. The truth is that it would break the bank to either expel or incarcerate all the illegal aliens and it would hurt the economy more than help it. You could confiscate all the wealth of the richest people in America and it wouldn’t make a dent in the debt.

      Americans need to ride this out knowing that it is their own choices, both economic and at the polls, over a period on many years that have brought us to this point.

      Go get some facts, Dan. Simply parroting the false rhetoric of right-wing bigots isn’t going to help anyone. Besides, who do you think is going to be paying for the entitlements in the future? We could probably use more immigrants instead of less.

      • TX4Life

        Yes, I was just saying to myself today, what we need more of is illegal immigrants. The Democrats make them out to all be humble poor folks just looking to better their families’ lives by working in the U.S. Just this week, 15 minutes from my house, a ranch hand was walking along a fence line when he saw a hispanic male with an AK-47. Turned out to be a multi-million dollar marijuana operation connected to Mexican Drug Cartels. Illegals were arrested.
        This is the 3rd such instance involving illegals, marijuana, and Mexican Drug Cartels within a 2 hour drive in recent months. Call me a bigot if you want, but I don’t think we can “probably use more immigrants instead of less”.

  • Bill

    Perhaps the ill will towards the poor is just a response to how the poor constantly attack those that have done the right things in life.
    We can’t even have a tax cut for the people actally PAYING taxes without having to send a hand out check to the free loaders.
    I went into the miltiary, worked my way through college at night, raised a family, missed my first six wedding anaversaries, missed some birthdays, took parttime jobs at night etc…
    While the free loader did drugs, drank and hung out with friends. Now I make a good living and they talk about paying my fair share?
    Get real! I EARNED MINE go EARN yours.
    Sorry if you already screwed up your own life but that was YOUR doing. Quit trying to screw up mine to make yourself feel better.
    We are tired of you telling us to mind our own business while you constantly free load off of us. You bought into the democrat BS will enjoy your life.
    Got no problem with helping people who lost their jobs for a while but this career poverty moochers need to fend for themselves.

    • Gary2

      Hey ayn rand-you are so selfish and it is people like you that are the problem.

      You gotta have boots in order to pull yourself up by your boot straps

      • Reality

        it went right over your head gary.

    • LORI

      You are sick minded and evil. Many people who have easier lives cannot fathom how people get into poverty, but I sincerely hope that you end up there yourself. I hope you lose everything. Then tell me about “doing the right things” in life { you idiot }. Incredibly stupid that you assume all poor people are drug addicts or just sitting around. Stupid moron. “Career poverty” types ? Oh for God’s sake. Try a crap economy, age discrimination, insurance rip offs and the list is endless. You make me ill.

    • Tom

      Bill has written the most rational response I’ve read so far. Like him, my life has been hard, but living in America I knew that I, and only I had the power the make my life better. I have gone from having my last paycheck bounce, with a newborn baby who needed corrective surgery, no healthcare, behind in my mortgage and no job. To living in a nice house, a son one year from graduating from college, a sucessful business and a happy marriage. All because I live in the last best hope for freedom. A country that would allow a smuck like me to dig in, bust my ass, take risk and reap the rewards America provides to those who work, work hard, and the next day they get up and do it again. All without whining or taking handouts. I’m know almost 60 years old, I still get up every day at 4:00 am, work until 5:pm and work at least 6 days a week.
      Like Bill I have paid my share of the National Debt, My Wife’s share & my Son’s share. I have done so over and over again. What do I get? The slackers and bums complaining that I haven’t paid enough while they tweet each other on their iPhones and iPads wearing their $400.00 sneakers and ultra cool hand knit hats.
      The only reason (other than the congenitally handicapped, and even then there are remarkable stories) someone in America is NOT rich is because they choose to be. For the truely needy I gladly donate MY hard earned money to charities that spend 90 cents out of every dollar helping the needy.

    • Cathy Talbott

      This response is nonsensical and shows the ignorance of the author. Walk a mile in another “man’s” shoes before you pass such judgement.Read the book “End of Work” by Jeremy Rifkin. Our economy is undergoing profound revolutionary changes in technology assigning wage-labor historically to the dust bins. Robots do not buy “commodities” which is what are produced under capitalism. The new technologies are creating non-consuming producers while throwing the non-producing consumer out in the streets.

  • Chicagoan

    Folks – I too believe in God and His Only Son, Jesus Christ. Yet, I feel compelled to remind you that faith without works is dead. Yes, America must return to God, yet Christians must lead the way through the example they set. God instructs us, His People, to study to show ourselves approved. God has always placed emphasis on religious education which is what set the foundation of Western Civilization. Uneducated minds do not by default establish greater favor with God. I encourage all those in Christ and Americans who love Freedom and Democracy to become advocates for education so that as a society we can put our hearts and minds to work for the good of all. I pray Christians do more than murmur and complain; rather put your hand to the plow and don’t look back. And hey, if you’re so anointed, go forth without training as the Apostles and make disciples of all who hear. God has not called us to run from tribulations but rather stand against the tide and raise the standard of Christ.

    • chase

      You would advocate “education” in Marxist American colleges? Have you ever come to know the Lord?

  • du da

    If we could just figure out how to turn poor people in to gasoline we would solve two problems, proverty and energy.


      du da,

      Brilliant! I think the late-night comedians and perhaps Bill Maher could use this one in their stand-up!

  • Robert

    Come to Orlando, Fl. See the Amway Center where the “better off” come to see NBA games. Then, just walk a very few blocks away and see where the rough neighborhood begins. Somewhere between the Amway Center and that bad neighborhood is where white corporate America has given up.

    • signspeaker

      What does America owe you Robert?

  • Mandy

    I doubt government and other stats as they can be manipulated to serve ones purpose. First, what is “food insecurity”. Our First Lady says we are obese so which is it? Next, they define someone that is “hungry” in the US as someone that has missed one meal within 30 days. That could be any of us that may have skipped lunch. Next, so many on food stamps because they can be and are handed out to increase government dependency sort of like the school lunch programs where no one pays for their kids lunch these days. Granted there are poor in the US but our poor is nothing compared to elsewhere in the world. There are more places in the US to get handouts than anywhere on earth. Times are not as great as before but it certainly isn’t as bad as this US Censes stats. Again, the new term now is “food insecurity” which I guess means worrying where your next meal is coming from. I haven’t seen an extremely skinny person in the US in years.

    • mondobeyondo

      There are plenty of obese poor in the U.S. The reason they are fat is because they are pumped up with high fructose corn syrup (it’s literally in EVERYTHING!!) – and it’s unavoidable. It’s in ketchup. Hawaiian Punch. Your McRib. Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix. (That is true. Check the label. It’s there.)

      Why? Food corporations, corn farmers and lobbyists. But that is a story for another day.

      • mondobeyondo

        Wanna know why the hungry people in Third World countries are so skinny?
        They don’t eat McRibs, or McNuggets or McLobster or McIceCream or McCandy. They don’t drink soda pop with corn syrup. (If you drink soda in the U.S., you’re drinking high fructose corn syrup. You almost have no choice but to do so.) They eat beans, rice, corn, and whatever is available.

        Granted, if they could, they probably would eat our gourmet McMeals. They are starving after all. But – our bodies aren’t meant to convert that crap into something useable. So the Third World is skinny, starving and poor, and the U.S. is obese and poor.

        OK, having said that, I’m going to have a manufactured frozen pollock fish sandwich now…

  • oldtaxpayer01

    I was raides in a house that had holes in the floor. You could see the ground underneath. We worked for our food and occasionally went to town. An ice cream cone was an annual treat and you want me to aqccept that that many people are POOR? Bull… They don’t know what poor is. They are considered rich by far more countries than poor. This is no more than a ploy for more money to those who don’t work and don’t want to work. Let them become hungry abd they will.

    • youareamoron

      So now we should lower our standards? If you have stove you must be on the up and up huh?

  • Emily

    Exactly how is poverty being measured for these statistics, as well as the hunger levels of the American children?

    • Strawnman

      Perfect questions, Emily! The way we measure “poor” in this country has little to do with actual poverty. Most “poor” households own at least one car, have a place to live, have a big-screen TV with cable, own cellphones, and the like. “Food Insecurity” means they don’t get 3 squares a day – poor things! I usually eat only twice a day. Can I get on the gravy train as well? If you want to see what poverty really looks like, there are plenty of churches and organizations which sponsor mission trips to countries which are truly poor. Before anyone starts screaming for more government intervention (the chief cause of poverty in this country IMHO), go someplace like Guatemala City or the Nairobi shantytown and see what bad government and real poverty look like face-to-face.

  • usefulidiotnomore

    Well if this isn’t the strangest thing promising more handouts and doing nothing to help small business and the unemployment rose as the poverty becomes the norm and elderly have just lost 25% of the value of their social security as the gravy of loans like Solyndra and G.E. still flows. How could this be that the Democrats had it all figured out and it went sour ? Obama is the smartest guy in politics right? He makes legs tingle and pockets jingle with small change we can believe in. What great progress we are making going into our new third world status so we can be absorbed by columbia. If you are born here you are an indian just working for the chiefs. Maybe I will trade my Obama-ist worthless dollars for some plastic beads with the next infidel to land and become a minority on a reservation and hope to open a casino.

  • Jeff

    There is no such thing as “extreme poverty” in the United States. If you’d ever visited a country where people are really poor, you’d understand the difference.

  • signspeaker

    Anyone notice that it’s probably technically impossible to make a Liberal happy, unless you acquiesce to their demands?

    To the CCC nostalgics above, do you think folks will do hard work in man-camps for the inflation adjusted wages? Isn’t that part of the problem now? It’s not even bad yet when you consider we have folks who won’t work since the gubment writes a check. Everyone knows someone who is mooching off the system. Be honest with yourself, even if you want to propagandize here.

  • Decide for yourself.

    “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

    A. Lincoln

    “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”

    Plutarch d AD 120

    NeilSalemMA Why does all this remind me of France in the 1780s and 1790s?

    Our system of free enterprise is a corrupt oligarchy of the wealthy that drives more and more middle class Americans into poverty, even while the very rich get much richer. As happened over 200 years ago in France, the people will eventually rise up.

  • The problem with these comparisons is that they compare groups and not real, flesh and blood people. Furthermore, when the poverty line is arbitrarily drawn rather than been defined as someone who can’t feed, clothe and shelter themselves then it’s even less meaningful. Which is not to say that people aren’t doing it tougher than a few years ago but it may not be as bad is made out.

  • Colin

    The problem is with Congress, not the President, but it’s easier to blame him than the legislators, isn’t it? The Republicans filibuster any bill in the Senate, and, as a result, no bill can pass without a 60 vote majority. In the House, Republicans are passing legislation that de-regulates our country, that places controls on a woman’s body, and that promotes a Grover Norquist-agenda and cuts jobs in the federal government in the delusional belief that cut public sector jobs will lead to increases in private sector jobs.

    I know how the government works. Yet so many of you on this blog don’t know how government works. I am truly scared.

    The president can propose bills and can sign bills into law, but it’s only the Congress that can draft those bills and pass those bills.

  • John Goodman

    Who is the author of this article?
    Where did he get his statistics for his list?

  • November 7, 2011

  • Notyranny

    Judgment has come to America. You are like the Pharisee that tells himself “god” loves me and you are nothing but a whitewashed tomb that is as manipulative and deceitful as the wicked in the world. You better get a grip for most of you will be living in extreme poverty in a little more than year from now. That is those that are still alive on this earth. Your politics are a joke. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are working together to destroy this nation and force all of us under communism. Your money is worthless. You are blind and naked and don’t even know it. Now is the time for Repentance. If YHWH has mercy he might save your soul, but this nation has been sentenced for destruction.

  • BcdErick

    You folks need to get a life and a brain. “Absolute poverty” in America is defined as a household income for a family of four of below $22,000. No one here seems to grasp or admit that the overwhelming majority of humans beings live on much, much less. Have these losers actually been to the third world? Of course not. Do they understand that billions of people live on a few hundred dollars a year? These are just the facts. Yet in America if someone doesn’t have a car or nice personal accommodation this is totally unacceptable and that reckless handouts that encourage bad behavior are essential. Actually this whole rant is stupid and infantile. It is criminal but America is too rich and self satisfied to prosecute such imbeciles.

    • Rick

      It is clear that someone here needs to get a brain. While I agree in part that the global inequality is unfair, forced leveling of our standard of living to serve the goals of global economic powers is treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

      We have a totally fraudulent, manipulated monetary system and we have no way of knowing what the manipulators will do next. It may well be that in the next year or two that $22,000 may buy us a loaf of bread and a stick of margarine-if there’s any to be bought. Just don’t leave the wheelbarrow with your money in it outside the store. You may come out to find your “money” piled on the sidewalk and your wheelbarrow missing.

  • 007

    The public is waking up to our economic crisis. Our only chance is if we can educate them to the causes and solutions to these economic problems. It amazes me that people begin to notice these problems and then believe socialism and bigger government is somehow the answer. I hope everyone gives out this web site as a resource to the public as they wake up. This site does an excellent job of pointing out the problems as well as the solutions.

  • Tim Lucas

    We could go so far as to manually rub your nose in it and you would still cling to every government giveaway just like the liberals you are. The working 50% will never support your union donkey nor your Cadillac retirements but yet you’ll cling till the last gasp as the economy erodes. Such selfish egotistic worthless piles of human dung. You’d rather starve the children and let liberals pillage the system to support your obtuse length of dung. Then you’ll march on the same system you feed upon as if dung breeds hypocrisy. Dung you are. Wisconsin has a large spoonful of it. Union cry babies stinking it up for the rest. Some of you in every city led by liberal freaks kin to Franks and Dobbs doing the same to the rest of the country as they did with Fanny and Freddy stinking it up for the rest. Nothing but crooks pushed by the greedy. And you have the gall to claim your a democrat? That’s a laugh.

  • KatieS

    If you read Atlas Shrugged, you will see exactly what is happening today. The government is terribly corrupt and there is little value placed on human life. If you read the Bible, God doesn’t let his people turn away from him (and mock him) without consequence. He WILL humble us and the time is ripe.

  • LORI

    Go to, you can send free online faxes from there to your senators and ect telling them to stop supporting illegal aliens. It is a great site, they get things done. Helping out takes very little time. NUMBERSUSA.COM
    Illegals are a huge drain on our country and resources.

  • WayneLLewis

    So, extreme poverty rate has risen by less than 0.7% since the highs of 2009 and 1993. So, what did we do in 1993 to reduce the rate? We lowered taxes and created jobs. What did we do in 2009?

    It seems, based on the statistics sited, that the extremely poor are the only poor people in the country. A person making less than $6K/year have it tough, albeit easier in Texas than New York.

    And those families of 4 with less than $12K/year should probably ask extended family members to take care of the kids until they can get back on their feet. It seems families of 4 are very inefficient economically since they always seem to be cited in poverty studies. I guess it is better to be a family of 2, 3, or 7.

    • Arnold Gore

      The facts are exactly the opposite. In 1993 taxes were INCREASED under President Clinton.The Republicans and conservatives were predicting economic disaster. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates after Taxes were raised, the government showing that it was axting to raise taxes. The economic boom that followed was of course not only due to that tax increase, but it flies in the face of your ideological analysis, real life economic realities are more complicated than your simplistic solutions.

  • I’ve been using gas pump activism to beat Obama. Putting decals on gas pumps, on store coolers, drive thru screens, inside menus, etc. They say “These high prices brought to you by Barack Obama” with his picture next to it. They’re reusable and leave no residue (no worries about vandalism) I get them at feels great everytime I put
    one up somewhere.

  • Paul

    Well, every people has the government it deserves.

  • Dave

    It isn’t the democrats and it isn’t the republicans. Its the politicians, that use the income tax as a corrupt way of rewarding lobbyists. And it is the income tax that has been gutting this country’s industrial might for more than 50 years. We cannot compete on the world stage with a corporate income tax of 35% and state taxes that take that to close to 40%. That, combined with the highest wage scale on the planet, makes everyone else’s products less expensive than American-made products. Want to fix it? Kill the income taxes, all of them, and pass the Fair Tax. It is a tax on consumption, not on income. It will make the USA super-competitive on the world market, and get our jobs back from overseas. But we have to get the politicians to pass it. Make it clear to them that you want the Fair Tax, and no income tax. Do it, or this poverty-slide will continue.

  • James Drouin

    This article, like many of the comments, show a fundamental lack of “knowlege” about what constitutes “poverty” in America.

    For actual information, as opposed to the rank ignorance displayed in the article above, readers show read:

    “Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?” by Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield, published on July 18, 2011.

  • abbey

    Well let’s keep bringing in indigents from other countries and put them on welfare! They have no drive to become anything,chosing to live off the largese of the REAL American people (note how so many of them don’t even try to assimilate). They are LEECHES! Not to mention the ILLEGAL LAZY MEXICAN who continue to breed like rats.

  • indigo, Obama had a majority in house and senate for two years . Sadly he got everything done that he wanted. He got his stimulas almost one trillion. he passed the healthcare bill(pass it a then we will find whats in it.) That should make every American who cares for their country angry, BTW. Now we are finding out whats in it. As a small businesses owner, guess what! I’m not hiring anyone else. Like others business. we are waiting to find out whats in this piece of garbage they gave us. That BTW they voted to keep their own insurance. The Repulicans have passed a number of bills that Harry Reid wont even consider. Yet the rebublicans are getting blame for not passing his?? In all do respect Indigo the senate doesnt even like Obama’s bill either.

  • I was just reading an article about a man who makes artisan bread in his kitchen then bakes it in a back-yard oven. He has been cited for an illegal business. He cannot continue without a stainless steel kitchen, licenses, fees, permits, inspections. He needed a job and he was clever enough to start his own. Then the government stepped in and put him out of business. And we all wonder why people are poor.

    We need a return to our Godly and Constitutional roots. Away with big government. Big government is the problem not the solution!

  • dchoda

    Most of the poor are reading this (those that can read and didn’t squander their free education)on a computer in their taxpayer provided house using taxpayer provided electricity and eating a taxpayer provided breakfast. They then call someone on their taxpayer provided cell phone to bitch about how poor they are.

  • David

    @ John Steinsvold: No money currency? Resources distributed based on need? Have you read the book “Atlas Shrugged”? Wow…hard to believe people are still hanging on to utopian ideals versus human nature / human motivation.

  • joe blow

    It does not matter who you vote for, both parties are the same puppet masters! We should all see that by now……..

  • Obama must proclaim himself Lord God High Führer for life, now! If American’s are to have any hope of salvation.

    As it was foretold by the MSM, only Mein Führer is our true lord and savior:

    Newsweek editor Evan Thomas : “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

  • Ashland Fadeley

    The airheads that say we aren’t over regulated need to get therapy for craneial inversion. I have been in construction for fifty years. To do a three day job recently of repair work on a deck on a vacation cottage you would not believe the hoops you have to jump thru to get permission to work. Some of the regulations you have to work thru are assinine. The code follows the wants of the insurance companies. It took me nearly a month to get a permit to replace some weathered boards on the floor and hand rails.

  • Roger Ball

    You make your bed – you lay in it. Drugs, alcohol, Walmart, and the home bred entitlement mentality have put these people what they are. You can’t fix stupid.

    • freedomfighter101

      That’s right… You certainly can’t fix stupid. Coincidentally, blaming the poor for being poor is clearly the highly educated and evidence supported explanation of how these disparities came to be? Certainly has nothing to do with a 26.4% gender wage gap, non-existent livable wage, discrimination in hiring, promotions, gender segregation between occupations as well as within occupations, women disproportionately represented in low-wage earning jobs which of course do not provide health care or benefits. The failure of society to honor its mothers and women as valuable human beings instead of denying the fact that society unfairly penalizes them and doesn’t account for the reality of human circumstances, expecting them to fulfill absolutely impossible expectations. It would certainly be helpful if the men in this society would take responsibility for their equal share of housework and childcare.. RESPONSIBILITY is key…So far, the burden of housework and childcare has remained to be considered solely a woman’s job. Yet no one has thought to provide women with some form of compensation for this determination.. Nope.. Quite the contrary.. Only further penalization and punishment for the role of a mother: no childcare provisions, so women are further unfairly burdened with the costs, and time schedule conflicts.. Have men stepped up to accepting 1/2 this responsibility? Apparently not… If they had, the Nation’s poor would not consist of mainly single mothers with children. It certainly doesn’t help that these bogus agencies that claim to “assist,” such as the “Child Support Division” is a fraud.. The child support division steals money from children, sets up circumstances so that the fathers suffer hardship as well, the child sees no money, and the child support division steals a substantial amount of money that i can’t for the life of me figure out how they’ve determined that it somehow belongs to them…. No one investigates this misuse and abuse.. No.. Economic decline certainly wasn’t caused by government bailouts, the privatization and collapse of the banking system… the fact that our legislators don’t even try to pass legislation to address poverty in America.. Nope let’s talk about women’s reproductive organs every day for 10 years for the rest of eternity. That way we’ll never have to solve any problems or create any jobs or do anything but steal everyone’s money, and blame it on the most invisible people of society who have no way to defend themselves.
      This fundamentalist, individualism theory is extremely problematic because it denies society’s role in creating the circumstances that have perpetuated this disparity, and shifts the blame onto the victims… Yeah.. You certainly fix stupid and as long as people continue to blame the poor for being poor, the homeless for being homeless, and rape victims for being raped; innocent mothers and children suffer increased poverty and homelessness and ignorant people find more and more ways to excuse themselves from accepting reality by placing the blame on the victim. This prevents anyone from even trying to find solutions to these problems which only compounds the problems.. When it finally hits you.. You’ll realize that the “denial based social fictions” to which you are compelled to adhere to, are what has kept this country in the dark as to how the system is robbing you blind and blaming it on the most vulnerable in society. By the way… poor people pay taxes too.

  • James Anderson

    This is total made up ******************** just like global warming. You should be ashamed of yourselves for printing this garbage.

    • Michael

      Which of the facts presented in the article do you dispute?


  • ricardo maxwell

    cisconchip is absolutely right and indigo is COMPLETELY wrong. The Democrats did have a super majority for quite some time and they still control the govt. You cannot bring up the poor by bringing down the rich. Is it just a coincidence that the disparity has increased as the liberal progressive Democrats have increased their power? Their Marxist beliefs are easier shoved down the throats of the impoverished. Therefore the more poor people, the stronger the Democrat Party! It’s time to re-empower the people with a lower tax burden and less govt regulation.

  • Earl K.

    I have a solution: more handouts! It is completely unfathomable that the unfortunate would keep pumping out kids to get more welfare so lets keep giving them more! How about a million dollars each for the unemployed? I am sure they are searching far and wide and willing to do ANY job but are simple unable to find work.

    Yep, it’s our fault

    • freedomfighter101

      Dear Earl,
      Your theory is 100% unsupportive. Since 1996, because of Ronald Reagan’s ************ stereotype of the “welfare queen,” and ignorant attitudes such as yours, the Department of Human Services created the “maximum family grant rule.” So contrary to your rant about poor people pumping out kids to get more money is complete fiction. The maximum family grant rule determines any child born into a family that has received 10 consecutive months of aid ineligible for cash aid for the entirety of its life.. In other words, a woman with 1 child will receive $555.00 a month once she reaches 10 months she can have as many kids as she wants… Her amount stays the same. .So before you go spouting off your bullshit which condems the poor, why don’t you read up on the facts instead of spouting the fiction spread by fox news. The abject poverty is for real and blaming the poor for being poor is a sign of your complete ignorance and deteriorated state of mind.. How disgusting this society has become to deny the reality of humanity and be content with consoling itself by creating a reason why women and children should deserve what they get?
      HOmelessness in Los Angeles alone has increased 110% in the last 5 years… That’s a fact.. No worries.. Eventually, if you seek the truth, you’ll find that you’ve been had.. Keep believing the lie.. It will come to bite you in the long run when they attack your stability as well. Amazing how the privileged do not recognize that they are privileged.

  • Steve

    I am 68 years old and thought I had provided for my retirement but….

    I have taken a job in retail making 11.25 per hour plus some spiffs occasionally. I get by.

    Why aren’t the poor flipping burgers or whatever? They would be well above the poverty line. If not, get two jobs. I’ve done that as well.

    Show me a poor person and, for the most part, I’ll show you a self-inflicted wound.

    • freedomfighter101

      Flipping burgers for $8.00 an hour does not put you “wll above the poverty line.” Especially when you consider that childcare for one month sums up to $649 a month.. That equals half of your monthly pay… doesn’t leave enough to pay rent or bills…. Wow…. You people are amazing.. how you’ve been socialized to blame the poor for being poor. Amazing.. do you realize that women still only make 77 cents to the dollar as compared to men? That our legislation needs to insist on a livable wage, family friendly work place policies and the provision of childcare if it really wants to address poverty? A self inflicted wound my ass… I suppose you blame rape victims for getting raped as well? Amazing how public opinion is shaped by politicians and the media.. Victim blaming is how the government avoids addressing our problems, and continues to suck you dry… You blame the poor for being poor, and the greedy bastards at the top continue to steal your money, as well as the money provided for what used to be the safety net… and will continue to rob you blind as long as you believe their lies… A self inflicted wound…. How sick.

    • Jamie

      You older people…with your benifits, etc occupying burger flipping jobs are the reason young poor cannot. How are young inexperianced people to ever compete in any job when over qualified retirees or those who should live with their families. Its incredibly rediculous to have to produce a resume for a job at a fast food resturaunt. These young people are not indignant, and certainly not lazy. When all the entry level jobs are swamped by expert proffesionals it raises the bar to an impossible standard. The young are doomed to an endless catch 22: you need a job to get experiance, but you need experiance to get a job.

      -A very unhappy unemployed young Navy veteran

  • ricardo maxwell

    What this “article” (piece of propaganda) fails to mention is that economic collapse can be avoided by ousting the Obama regime and Democrats and RINOs, repealing the so-called Health Care reform Act and the Fwank Dodd Bill, and erasing all the unconstitutional executive orders issued by the Marxist in Chief!

  • Have you considered that the definition of poverty in the US may be the problem? The average “poor” American is struggling to pay their cable bill, not put food on the table. In other words, our definition of poverty in America is an absurdity. Our method of defining “living in poverty” came from the Social Security Administration on instructions from Lyndon Johnson. Johnson needed statistics that would help him push his “Great (welfare) Society.” Funny though, if you ever look at a chart of “poverty” in America, you will notice that “poverty” declined every single year, since they started tracking in the 1950s. That was every single year … until Lyndon Johnson implemented his “Great Society!” Since then, the rate has always bounced between 12 and 15%.

    Notice that none of these stories about the 2010 poverty statistics actually describe what it means to be “living in poverty” in America. That’s because this picture does not fit into their convenient storyline. Our government’s definition of poverty is absurd. Here’s a look at what it’s like to live in “poverty” in the United States:

    The typical “poor” household in America has a car
    78% of “poor” households in America have air conditioning
    64% of “poor” households in America have cable or satellite TV .. most have two TVs, along with a DVD player and VCR
    Most “poor” households in America with children have a gaming system such as an Xbox or PlayStation
    38% of “poor” households in America have a personal computer
    Most “poor” households in America have a refrigerator, an oven and stove, and a microwave. They also have other household appliances such as a clothes washer, clothes dryer, ceiling fans, a cordless phone, and a coffee maker.
    The typical “poor” American has more living space than the average European.
    The typical “poor” American family is able to obtain medical care when needed.
    The average “poor” household in America claims to have sufficient funds to meet all essential needs.

    As of 2010, the poverty line was drawn at $22,314 (pre-tax) for a family of four. But there is one key element that we are forgetting – by and large these people are also part of the Moocher Class. This $22,314 in pre-tax income does not include any benefits or government handouts. Remember … in America you can do as well working one week a month at minimum wage as you can working $60,000-a-year, full-time, high-stress job. That’s right, “a one-parent family of three making $14,500 a year (minimum wage) has more disposable income than a family making $60,000 a year.” Means-test welfare assistance is on track to top $10 trillion in this decade alone! Sure sucks to be “poor” in America, doesn’t it?

    • DaytoDay

      I can’t read anymore of these comments…

      Someone has to say it and so I will.

      A lot of people here, like to compare our (the government’s) definition of poor to 3rd world poor.

      Ok, so let’s look at it. People who are destitute, flat out living on the streets, dirt floors, scavenging for food and literally starving in the streets (3rd world poverty) would be considered poor. I think we all can agree on that.

      Now, let’s consider a 1st world nation (USA) compared to a 3rd world country. Well, the cost of living is higher in a 1st world country, as well as expenses, such as food, recreation, transportation, standard of living, and the over all way of life.

      So, this argument, that “Well, sense he has a refrigerator and a TV, he can’t be poor, in-fact he must be living “High of the Hog” ” Is absolute and complete nonsense.

      Wow, somebody was able to afford a one time purchase of a TV or a gaming system or a computer or I phone, etc… and yet you think they are doing just fine?

      Let me tell you, I know poverty and I know rich (wealthy) I know people and have experienced for myself, both sides of the spectrum. People need to live in the real world, what is 20k a year in the U.S.? What can of livelihood can you honestly have making 20 thousand dollars a year? That’s not even enough money to buy a new Ford. I mean come one, do you actually see how “poor” people live? Trust me, they’re struggling and just because they decide to buy a new pair of shoes, or something nice, doesn’t mean, they came into some new found money.

      The only thing that’s clear to me is that, a lot of here have little to no experience with poverty and it shows just how apathetic this country has become. I mean, honestly, they might not be destitute 3rd world poor, but living here in America, (Which is not a 3rd world country, so I don’t why people keep comparing apples to oranges)you tell me what kind of a “decent” living you can have on minimum wage, here in America.

      • Pursuit of Happiness

        “…People need to live in the real world, what is 20k a year in the U.S.? What can of livelihood can you honestly have making 20 thousand dollars a year? That’s not even enough money to buy a new Ford. I mean come one, do you actually see how “poor” people live?…”
        This question really deserves an answer.
        Minus taxes with 2 exemptions more like 15,000.
        $15000 broken down to ACTUAL TAKE HOME hourly wage approx. $7.21 an hour.
        Now check out #10 on the list and this is precisely why I refuse to go to Walmart.
        IF, they invested in PEOPLE instead, paid a living wage maybe. Perhaps we would know a new Michaelangelo. Alas, the poor people are too busy working low wage jobs in order to eat and pay their taxes, rather than having the freedom of any leisure time to pursue the arts themselves. There is no life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the poor serfs.
        How are the ultra wealthy able to sleep at night?

        • freedomfighter101

          Thank you.. finally a voice of reason in this pack of “know it alls” about what its like to be poor in America.. They seem to think that all the poor people in America actually have a place to live… Why don’t you (not you) call up a few of the DHS departments and ask the workers what they’ve been doing? they are not busy accepting applications.. They are busy providing triage for the emergency homelessness that has increased 110% in Los Angeles in the last 5 years.. I don’t know the statistics in other cities.. I only know about Los Angeles from listening to the testimony of the Director of Human Services at the HOuse Budget Committe Hearing in Sacramento last month.. It is simply sickening to read the ignorance spouted out on this page after I spent two days in tears listening to the reality of the poor at these hearings… Of the six year olds who sleep on the floor…. Of how the majority of their monthly income goes to paying rent, and if this amount is cut, a family can not pay for 20 days of rent… They will lose their housing.. Denial is a dangerous thing… And there is an abundance of it here…

      • freedomfighter101

        Thank you

    • Terry

      I’m tired of all the spin on both sides of this issue, and especially tired of the bad spin put forth by the Heritage Foundation, which seems to get repeated more than anyone else’s spin.

      The government definition of poverty is so outdated it is essentially useless today for anything other than political spin.

      The government definition of poverty was created in the 1960s when the average American spent one-third of their income on food.

      The government definition of poverty was set at three times the cost of a Department of Agriculture (USDA) market basket of food it called its Economy Food Plan.

      Food today represents one-sixth of the average American’s budget but the poverty definition was never changed and has become disconnected from reality and thus effectively irrelevant and useless.

      Poor Americans often “have” things because housing in America is built and maintained to middle class standards whether the poor want or can afford those standards.

      Thus, most poor Americans “have” air conditioning because houses are usually built with central air, and because aven apartments today typically are equipped with air conditioning. Of course, “having” air conditioning does not necessarily mean a person can afford to use it.

      Poor Americans “have” refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and microwaves because landlords typically provide them in rental units. (Local practice may vary, appliances are not furnished in some areas.)

      Similarly, poor Americans have more space per person that Europeans because in America, housing is built to American standards and not to European standards. The houses and apartments poor Americans rent are built to middle class American standards; very few rental units are built to “poor American” standards, and NIMBY policies across America often reject or prohibit construction, sale, and occupancy of housing intended for poor Americans. Basically, poor Americans typically occupy housing units which were built for the middle class but have become functionally obsolete or have otherwise lost favor with the middle class.

      I was poor when I got my first computer, I earned a free Linux desktop by volunteering at a computer recycler. A home computer today is hardly a sign of affluence, used desktops today can be had for $25 and I have bought two good used laptops for under $75 each.

    • freedomfighter101

      This is absolute ********************.. NOt gonna waste my time..

  • Cindy Barg

    Unfortunately i’m not surprised there are so many shallow people on here who look down on the poor…who see themselves as superior.

    • freedomfighter101

      Amazing how the privileged don’t recognize that they are privileged isn’t it? I especially love the one who claims that if you “show him a poor person, he’ll show you a self inflicted wound!” That one takes the cake… A true indication of self righteous ignorance at its best.. Oh… and that ‘flipping burgers will put you well above the poverty line… hee hee. That won’t even pay one month of childcare.. Forget about the rent.. .

  • Reagan Rocks

    Way to go Obama! You got everything you wanted: Stimulus, ObamaCare, Financial Reform, Slush Funds to hand out to Green Projects (i.e. loans to campaign bundlers and friends that will never be paid).

    I feel so sad for the people that were duped into voting for this do nothing / know nothing President. A guy that won’t help his own family (hut brother in Africa) and other relatives here illegally (uncle and aunt) has no right to be in the White House.

    To the Obamas I say:

    Enjoy your last year of free golf, luxurious travel and waygu beef on our dime because you are going to lose in Nov 2012.

  • jim stanton

    Elections have consequences. Michael Savage said it best, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Apparently, Indigo is the above is total clueless. Obama is corrupt and wants to turn this country into a marxist state. If you voted for Obama in 2008 don’t be stupid and vote for him in 2012.

  • Frank

    The #1 cause for poverty is not working FULL time. Even in this economy places like Walmart are hiring. Oh I forgot Americans do not work for such low wages, let the immigrants do it! Quit letting Democrats and Republicans turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. If it were not for this, most of these Americans would have a job and wages would rise.

    • Terry

      Not sure about “not working full time” as the #1 cause of poverty, I’d guess it’s #2. (Having one or more children to support puts many full-time workers into poverty range.)

      Even with large employers like Walmart hiring, there are many more unemployed jobseekers than there are available jobs, which is to say that in this economy, millions of people seeking full-time jobs will not find them. Even those who land low-wage jobs with employers like Walmart might not escape poverty if they have kids to support. (Sometime in the future, visionary employers will provide affordable housing as an employment benefit.)

      Cost considerations are often downplayed or ignored, but will become more important in the future. Rents are soaring in many parts of the country and for the past few years I have had a nightmare future scenario in which the working poor are squeezed between unaffordable housing (forcing them to live far from their jobs in order to afford housing) and high fuel prices (making long commutes unaffordable).

  • Tax Slave

    Hey all Mexican criminals, keep on comming so we have even MORE “poor” to care for. Our tax feed you and your kids. We will feed, educate, house, let you use our roads, medical facilities, everything we have is your for the taking. And if some rasist white man working 60 hours a week complains, we will just jail them so YOU can have more from the mouth of my child.

  • I’ve been saying this for a while now (see our blog), but it’s good to see other people are finally seeing it…better late than never, I suppose. One issue, though, but it’s a pretty big one; the author’s “be compassionate” conclusion. It’s not that I don’t advocate compassion (those who know me know that I am a big fan); however, in a nation in which income is down and poverty is rising, from where is the charity to come? The conclusion is destroyed by the overall premises of the argument; in fact, thanks to that ridiculous conclusion, the entire argument (which was, until the crap at the end, a good argument) is ruined.

    I am really beginning to despise this blog. Whoever writes it is a poor writer and logically inconsistent. I’m sorry, but they are. They spend the entire article lamenting the growth in poverty, then end with “don’t expect the government to take care of you, rely on the kindness of others.” Seriously? Anyone who thinks that is the government’s only possible answer to the situation is astoundingly uniformed (see below for a real answer). And, as I said before, the entire argument is based on the growing problem of poverty…*sigh*…the mind reels.

    Here is an adequate and logical interpretation of the Census Bureau’s findings (an interpretation that the report itself somewhat offers):

    We have to realize what these numbers represent, the poverty rate is growing and will only get worse if this nation continues to give subsides to the rich and spend on the Dept. of Offense rather than invest in the economy, which is investing in we the people. If we refuse to put our money back into the our economy (this requires responsible government spending -“responsible’ being the operative word here) we will only watch as these statistics grow and pull more and more of us down with them.

    It is no coincidence that as the Bush tax cuts went into effect *and* the “War on Terror” began our economy took a nose dive. Since 1998 we lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs, 2.5 million of which have been lost since 2001 alone (the same year the tax cuts and the wars began). During the Bush years, more jobs were outsourced than during any other administration and very few new jobs have been created since. Lowered revenue, which resulted from the rich paying nothing and the unemployed paying nothing, combined with increased spending leads to?….If you guessed “economic ass-screwing,” well I’ll accept that as an answer 🙂

    We must, if we want to get out of this hole, be willing to admit that tax breaks for the rich have done *nothing* beneficial for this nation, that the “War on Terror” is a waste of time, money, and lives, and that free trade agreements are big black holes of finical despair. We must be willing to end the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires (don’t believe the hype, when people talk about “the rich” they’re talking about people whose present worth is more than one million), slash the Dept. of Offense’s budget by more than half, and get rid of free trade (replace it with fair trade, because trade agreements are good when done ethically).

    Then (and this is the part the Paul’s and the Ryan’s of Congress don’t tell you) we put that money back into the economy by investing in sectors that will create more jobs: green energy, research and development, education, and health care (these are the biggest, but there are more). As jobs are created and people go back to work, guess what happens? We have more people paying into the economy via taxes *and* spending money on consumer goods and services. This creates demand for goods and services, which in turn spurs production, which in turn creates more jobs….So and so forth until the economy reaches equilibrium.

    *That* is a adequate solution to the problem. And *that* is how you draw a logical conclusion from the data presented.

    • mondobeyondo

      We do need more compassion in our society. We have to help each other. Don’t expect the government to help you forever. Ha!

      On the other hand, I’ll be glad to pick up where the late Andy Rooney left off. Sit at home and complain about everything. (I’m very good at that by the way.)

    • Prepping for the Future

      I love the trolls like you first you attack this blog you don’t like this blog leave. No one wants to hear you arrogant know it all opinion. Especially when you are wrong on some your points. Stay on your own blog and tell everyone how smart you are then the rest of us don’t have to listen to a arrogant windbag like yourself.

      • sm1ofakind

        K.L. made some valid arguments and provided many facts to support the arguments explaining the reason for the poverty in our country.

        You’re immediate dismissal of this person as a troll is ridiculous. Are you threatened, in some way, by K.L.’s extensive knowledge? Do you not care to understand why we are having such problems in our country, and do you not invite others to give their thoughts on possible solutions to this mess? If not, then why, exactly, are you even reading this site’s blog at all?

  • 53% er

    Both parties along with the rotten Catholic Church are to blame!
    Its a very very sick socity that demands dirt poor people (including Illegal Invaders) pump out as many kids as they can and force us 53% that pay all the taxes to support them
    If I was in charge I would go after the Catholic Church and seize everything they have to cover the costs of their Overpopulationist attitude!

    • Reality

      please tell us how you really feel…

    • I am the truth

      If there is an overpopulation problem, I would say that you and I are part of the problem too because we are two members of the population, aren’t we? Shame on our parents for “pumping us out”! Apparently you are not Catholic. So lets go after the church your parents were members of “to cover the costs of their Overpopulationist attitude” too.
      Anyway, may God bless you and your loved ones. And may the Holy Spirit guide you daily.

    • Maria

      The Catholic Church “demands dirt poor people (including Illegal Invaders) pump out as many kids as they can and force us 53% that pay all the taxes to support them”?

      Demands people pump out…? Really? Wrong.

      And how many non Catholics with only one or two children are on welfare? Or no children? None? Really? Wrong again.

    • Catherine

      I agree with 53% er. If all the idiots whose genes do not need replication stop having a ton of children, this planet will be a better place for all of us. 7 billion and counting, people… I am not saying do not have kids, but please, do not have so many kids! Unless you are very educated, successful in your field, and with time and means to dedicate to raising children, you really should not be having more than 1 or maximum 2 kids. Ultimately, it is the hard working people in the middle paying all their taxes who end up supporting the ones with bad choices; example: the octo-mom: if you made bad decisions in life, you do not deserve to leave 8 times more of that behind living off of government support that comes from our paychecks. You should have thought of the consequences before you got knocked up for the 5th or 6th time.

  • America the “great”

    I can’t believe all the trolls who comment here and have no compassion. Without compassion the poverty rate will only rise and then the rich will have more crime from people in desperation. When someone breaks into your home and steals all of your food, you will know that America has hit rock bottom. Are you ready for total anarchy and lawlessness? There are only so many police to protect you and they can’t be everywhere at the same time. What will you do? People who are starving quite often see prison as a way to get the food they desperately need and you will just be in the way of their next meal.

    • Dave

      Anyone breaking in hear will have to deal with a 12 gauge shotgun. It’s the final solution…

      • Dave

        “here”… dangit!

        • Gary2

          what if the person breaking in has a 10 gauge or AK?

          What if there are hordes? You can not kill them all.

          • Prepping for the Future

            Gary that is popular myth about a horde storming you. You see their a thing in all humans called survival instinct when the pink mist floats out the back of the lead guy the rest of the crowd suddenly remembers they are late for appointment else where. That is actual evidence in riots that has happen and the horde quickly disappears. Sometime it’s 2 or 3 that get shot before the crowd figures out to leave but they do ALWAYS. Doesn’t matter if they have a 10 ga and I only have a .22 When defending my property they well quickly learn that anywhere but here is the place to be.

      • View From Abroad

        “final solution” – yes, I am sure you will have this in the U.S. too, sooner or later.

        Don’t know if YOU will come to like it – maybe it depends, if one is on the giving or the receiving end…

        Greetings from Germany

        • Terry

          Well there are responses here which suggest the way to prevent poverty is Arbeit Macht Frei.

  • USA
    Caused Drought – Now they have drought.
    Starved Millions – Now millions are starving.
    Caused Floods – Now they have floods.
    Destroyed Millions of Homes – Now Homes are being destroyed.
    Destroyed the Infra-structure
    of Many nations. – Now theirs are being destroyed.
    Killed Millions – Now they are being killed.
    Plundered Nations – Now they are being plundered.
    Tortured Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    Enslaved Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    God Is Not Mocked

    • mondobeyondo

      Are you blaming the USA for everything that’s bad in the world? Because that’s the impression I’m getting. Have you forgotten that the USA (along with its allies) liberated Europe TWICE in two world wars in the last century? That it stopped Soviet Communist advance into western Europe?

      • FrankLloydReich

        Yeah , yeah , yeah , but what has the USA done for us lately ? And what did you mondodobeyondo have to do with liberating europe or stopping the soviet advance ? What level of participation did YOU have that would warrant any credit for these actions ?

      • John Ward

        The USA revisionist version of two world wars yet again. Britain and her empire kept the evil hordes at bay until Wilson and Roosevelt felt that it was close enough to bankruptcy to weigh in. As for the Pax Americana, that villainous part negro muslim you idiots elected will destroy that along with rendering America bankrutpt. It is now unavoidable save for the Grace of God, which you as a nation are doing your collective best to avoid.

    • Lisa

      Antionetta, sounds like you get off on punishing innocent people who live in the USA and have nothing to do with the death and destruction orders that the powers that be (tptb)execute without our permission.

      Let’s say, you’re from Italy–would you want to be held accountable for the evils the Catholic Church has done without your power, desire or ability to stop? From where I’m sitting, your-mean spirited religion is sending yours and other adherents’ souls to a very dark place…devoid of compassion and tender decency. Gee, that reminds me of another religion…one that rules the world currently–L U C I F E R I A N I S M. I just can’t tell the difference between these two religions…wonder why?

    • Louise in MO

      Antoinetta Ferrari

      I take it that you don’t care much for the USA. Excuse me, but you failed to mention the billions of dollars we give in aid every year to nations who cannot feed their own people. You also failed to mention the hundreds of thousands of Americans who were killed attempting to free people in nations who weren’t able to do it themselves. There are dozens of examples I could cite, but thinking and educated people and loyal Americans already know them.

      May I suggest that you move elsewhere Antoinette! The Middle East shares your views and you might like it there better!

  • Steve

    1. Get the illegal immigrants out
    2. Get the illegal immigrants out
    3. Cut foreign aid, especially to Israel
    4. Stop voting for the Republicrats
    5. Get the illegal immigrants out
    6. Demand an end to illegal and disastrous foreign wars
    7. Did I mention the illegal immigrants?

    • Gary2

      amen brother!

    • Prepping for the Future

      that funny Steve the Demo Dummies call illegals unregisters Dems. Some people can’t see the truth when it is right in front of them. Yes vote for more Obama he is setting records of helping people to get on food stamps something you Dems should be proud of.

    • Kelby

      9. End the war on drugs
      10. End the war-wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya…oh yeah i forgot Iran now…AM I FORGETTING ANYONE ELSE??
      11. Reduce the fed size
      12. Try and convict all the sociopaths of Wall Street, D.C., The Fed, and the Rothschilds and Rockfellers for theft, and lock them up forever.
      13. Vote for libertarians ONLY
      14. Get the illegal immigrants out

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Antonietta; I think your tinfoil hat is too tight and is restricting the blood to your brain.

  • Gary2

    our very own Michael on RT

    • Michael

      That channel always makes me look like I need a haircut.


  • mondobeyondo

    Meet Catwoman.

    No, not Batman’s accomplice. She’s the lady caring for a couple of kittens while she cooks for herself outside her tent in a vacant park.

  • There, for the Grace of God Go I

    Too many comments hating on those of little means. Appalling.
    Poor in America may be rich in Ecuador, but this does not change poor in America. Those very very poor places may be incredibly corrupt with a very big chasm between the rich and poor, is that what you would like to see in the states to define poor in America?
    Some come here to make American dollars and go back home to live rich on those American dollars made here. Others try to make it here but not long before they find out too, that the American dream is not possible on low wages. Some come here looking to marry an American. Notice the common denominator of trying to make a better life for themselves regardless of means, isn’t that what we all want!
    Forget your hate of foreign born people in the states and be friendly, you may learn something.
    As to the poor in America depicted as slothful lowlifes picking your hard earned pocket that smugly got you a better life, blaming people for their own poverty, if only it were so simple there would be no poverty now, would there? It’s not a lifestyle choice for many I am quite sure!

    • Gary2

      Being poor SUCKS and it a choice no sane person would ever make.

      The best welfare is a good job. Notice I said GOOD job and not the crap low pay ones.

      From my research into these safety net programs for the poor (first hand as I am in them) between 2-5% of the people using these programs are gaming the system. Its closer to 3%. These folks need to be pursued and prosecuted etc as it is fraud. (Not on the scale of Wall Street type who none have been prosecuted but I digress)

      So lets say 5% are cheating the system. That means that 95% are not cheating the system. I would say that is a success.

      A person needs to jump through a lot of hoops to be in and continue in these programs. No one would want to go through all this when they could have the alternative of a good job.

      Oh yeah-the republicans are constantly assaulting these programs and cuts/changes (for the worse) are a regular occurrence.

      So in summary-the 95% who need and are not gaming the system do not make the headlines. The 5% who do game the system are not representative of the 95% who really need these programs.

      Again-it is closer to 2-3% who game the system and not even 5%

      • twinkiedooter

        The real problem is not the illegal aliens but oddly enough the disability FRAUDS who rake in thousands every month and are not injured or disabled but somehow got “approved for life”. When someone tells me they are on disability and I ask them how they did it it’s basically because they are OBESE and can’t work but yet they can happily hold a job that pays under the table. Then when I try to report a fraud, I am told “once they are approved, they’re approved” eseentially FOREVER unless they somehow screw up and get a paying job that takes out taxes then they can actually work making so much money a month before a dime of their fraudulent benefits are touched. Get thrown off disability is a fallacy. Won’t happen. Only get more on the dole courtesy of all the tv disability attorney commercials. Notice how the tv attorneys are now cashing in on disbility and have stopped the ambulance chasing as disability is a sure thing but sometimes takes a while versus go to court and maybe win an accident victim’s case where they would actually have to do some real work to collect their fees from. The latest moneymaker for attorneys now is the disability scam. It’s a regular gold mine requiring very little actual attorney time as they usually farm the stuff out to their paralegals to do or their legal secretaries to do. I know this first hand as I used to be a paralegal in a disability law firm. I did all the work and the attorney spent less than one hour at the disability hearing (including travel time) and of course he got the big bucks from the lump sum settlement.

        Granted, some disability recipients are actually for real but those are few and far between now.

        • gary2

          you are correct about the disability scams. In my line of work I come across some of those you describe. Their only disability is that they are sick of working.

          Those type of people abusing the system ruin it for the truly needy.

          They need to be kicked off.

          BTW-They are only getting about 700-800 per month. It is not thousands per person. That in no way changes that they need to be kicked off disability.

        • plato’s pug

          I know first hand about these disability scams and how much they cost both the state and feds. Case in point: Out of a class of 24 8th graders I taught in a Title 1 school (before the mass lay-of in the state), fully 1/4 of the student population was on SSI disability. For what you may ask? Was it spina bifida, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury?
          No–they all were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD!!! The month payments for this “disability” was approximately 450.00-525.00 per month. The money of course was handled by the parents (mostly single moms) who in turn bought cigarettes, booze and crap GM junk food for the kids furthering the ADD!

        • race_12_1

          I am on disability. I have had 3 brain surgeries, and am acutally missing my entire right temproral lobe. I wish I had my career instead. My memory sucks, my fine motor skills are shot, I live in pain every day. If you look at me I “look fine”. I got judged, a lot, because I look fine. Never judge what you don’t know. I would love to give up my disability, I would love to making more then twice what I get. I would love to stop being judged by those who have no idea the shoes I habe walked in. Be careful not to judge without knowing people’s whole story.

      • freedomfighter101

        Thank you Gary.. you make light of very good points…

  • gary2

    Hey Michael-given the number of comments this was a pretty popular post. Suggestion-do more on this topic.

    • Michael

      I am amazed that article got as much attention as it did. I originally thought that it would pass fairly unnoticed.


  • Julie

    I am finishing school for a job on most short lists and going oversea to a non euro EU country. I help where I can but the reality is everyone is hurting so bad we can’t help each other.

  • Pomegranate
  • Thanks for this article! It’s a good reminder to all of us that we should not consider the government, the media, and wall street as our mommy and daddy.

    It’s so easy to get sucked in to the lies that are pumped into our lives by these people on a daily basis.

  • I know for a fact that the reprogression with most of the people in the us is purpessly done so that poorer coutries can be ellevated so that it apears that all of the poeple or doing the same.So that means a handful can get richer. overseas investments.

  • happytoreload

    Prepping for the future ,
    the pink mist comment is my favorite……
    Japan did not invade US in ww2 because most homes have weapons …..if occupy wall street tries to occupy my street and my front porch…..the pink mist will coat the stragglers in the back row.

  • Rick
    • Rick

      I didn’t mean to post that comment yet. I wanted to say that I thought the merry-christmas post was applicable to your post.

  • those living in extreme poverty make the price of land and natural resources more affordable. they reduce traffic on the roads. the poor offset costs they may collect in food stamps. they’re in extreme poverty because they don’t collect benefits.

  • Mata Hari

    You seem to think American money has the same limited power in third world countries as it does in the USA. Trust me, poverty in other countries is measured by the strength of the AMERICAN dollar there, not 1 a day of their money. One American dollar a day in this country might feel a lot more like over 100 American dollars a day in Nigeria in how far it goes. All of you selfish, spoiled, ignorant, and hateful people up here go overseas to a third world country and see how much further American money goes than it does here. Then, live in the Badlands here for a year with no escape route except the El and see how good everybody really has it here in comparison and how easy it is to do everything you seem to think it really is.

  • God

    Boohoo, sad. absoultely sad. who cares? they will just die in a week -.-

  • Seriously, such hostile behavior. Name calling and the blame game. Is it any wonder we are going nowhere really fast. If all of us would stop, breath and just look at the problems society faces we can solve them. Blaming and name calling never solved a single problem , but it has caused quite a few!

  • The Guru

    In nutshell the USA is going down the drainpipe and China will be the new economic superpower run by a communists. Funny how the tables have turned!

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