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Feeling Depressed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Will Make You Feel Even Worse

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If you know someone that believes that the U.S. economy is in great shape, just show that person the following statistics.  But please don’t show these statistics to anyone that is feeling depressed or that has just lost a job – it might push such a person over the edge.  The sad truth is that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a long-term decline and it is coming apart at the seams.  Right now the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve are attempting to “paper over” our economic problems with massive amounts of government debt and paper currency, but in the end it is not going to work.  When you analyze the numbers objectively, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that we are headed for another Great Depression.  That is a very depressing thought, but there is no denying that decades of debt and incredibly bad decisions are starting to catch up with us.  The economic pain that is coming is going to be absolutely mind blowing.

It would be nice if our politicians and our business leaders suddenly started making incredibly wise decisions so that we could bring the U.S. economy in for a “soft landing”, but the chance of that happening is so small that it is not even worth mentioning.

It is time for all of us to face up to the truth.  In this day and age it is really easy to get caught up in the trap of feeling depressed, but once we understand exactly how bad our problems are it can be empowering because then we can start focusing on solutions.

The following are 27 depressing statistics about the U.S. economy that are almost too crazy to believe….

#1 The Obama administration projects that the federal budget deficit will be approximately $1,600,000,000,000 this year.  Right now the Republicans and the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail over budget cuts.  The Republicans are proposing to cut the budget deficit by 3.8%.  The Democrats only want to cut it by 2.1%.

#2 The U.S. economy actually grew more between 1930 and 1940 than it did during the decade that recently ended.

#3 Over the last decade, the number of Americans without health insurance has risen from about 38 million to about 52 million.

#4 Agricultural commodities are absolutely soaring.  The price of corn has more than doubled over the last 12 months.  Considering the fact that corn is in literally thousands of our food products, that is a very frightening statistic.

#5 Between 1999 and 2009, real median household income in the United States declined by 5.0%.

#6 It is being estimated that total U.S. government debt will grow by 42 percent by the year 2015.

#7 According to the Pentagon, the cost of the first week of attacks on Libya was 600 million dollars.

#8 The average American now spends approximately 23 percent of his or her income on food and gas.

#9 According to the U.S. Energy Department, the average U.S. household will spend approximately $700 more on gasoline in 2011 than it did during 2010.

#10 It is being projected that for the first time ever, the OPEC nations are going to bring in over a trillion dollars from exporting oil this year.  Their biggest customer is the United States.

#11 According to the Economic Policy Institute, almost 25 percent of U.S. households now have zero net worth or negative net worth.  Back in 2007, that number was just 18.6 percent.

#12 China produced 19.8 percent of all the goods consumed in the world last year.  The United States only produced 19.4 percent.

#13 The United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

#14 The U.S. trade deficit with China in 2010 was 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.

#15 U.S. home values have fallen an astounding 6.3 trillion dollars since the peak of the real estate market in 2005.

#16 According to RealtyTrac, one out of every 45 U.S. households was hit with a foreclosure filing in 2010.

#17 The number of homes that were actually repossessed reached the 1 million mark for the first time ever during 2010.

#18 New home sales in the United States set a brand new all-time record low in the month of February.

#19 Now home sales in the United States are now down 80% from the peak in July 2005.

#20 The financial condition of American families continues to deteriorate rapidly.  In 2010, one out of every eight American families had at least one family member that was unemployed.  That number was the highest it has been since the U.S. Labor Department began keeping track of that statistic back in 1994.

#21 There are now more than 6 million Americans that the government says have given up looking for work completely.

#22 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of unemployment in the U.S. is now an all-time record 39 weeks.

#23 Americans now owe more than $900 billion on student loans, which is also an all-time record high.

#24 Average household debt in the United States has now reached a level of 136% of average household income.

#25 According to the Federal Reserve, between 2007 and 2009 median household net worth in the United States fell by 23 percent.

#26 The Federal Reserve also says that median household debt in the United States has risen to $75,600.

#27 According to a recent article posted on the website of the American Institute of Economic Research, the purchasing power of a U.S. dollar declined from $1.00 in 1913 to 4.6 cents in 2009.  Sadly, the Federal Reserve is working very hard to get rid of the little bit of purchasing power that the U.S. dollar has left.

  • Depressing indeed. What makes me feel better is when I come home with more stocks of food.

    The hens are laying and the rabbits will be in hutches soon. There was no farm growing up as a military brat. To me it’s amazing and powerful to go out there and get a fresh egg. Food production, self sufficiency.

    It saddens me as to what we will lose in a collapse. I plan on going on to hopefully a better society afterwards.

    Sierra Dave

  • Richard L.

    Any good investment ideas to (sadly) take advantage of the situation?

    I personally am devoting a tremendous amount of time in personal skill development. Mainly manufacturing technologies, electronics, and programming.

  • This article here: By G. Edward Griffin, “Exposing the Federal Reserve” should be required reading for everyone and anyone concerned about the current state of affairs in the “World Economy”. Just Copy and paste address into your browser to view if it fails to be click-able…..

  • What are facts and eye-rolling statistics compared to the reassuring opinions of filmmaker Michael Moore, Congressperson Barney Frank, and Huff Post contributor and progressive strategist Robert Creamer? All 3 agree. America is not broke! So there!

  • First of all,China has 3 times the population of the US,so its invitable that at some point in time China would outpace the US in production along in other areas,another one of which is scientific research papers. The fact is that these reports are coming at a time when the US is at a low point in our economical cycle and that in time when the economy gets back to where it was before all this began when the market crashed, things will change. Yet even with that,China because of shere size will outpace the US again.The only way to outperform China in all areas is through Education.Its a matter of brain power,not economic.All the problems the US is confronting now and in the future can be solved through Education. That’s why we need a radical revamp of our educational system.But the powers that be will not let that happen.

  • Maria

    Our lifeboat is sinking, and Congress is trying to bail us out with a thimble. They are useless.

    Fiat currency has a history. That history is our future. Prepare.

  • Zazz

    Gloom and doom.

    Yet the stock market keeps going up, unemployment is going down, consumer spending is up. Everything is recovering.

    You keep predicting a crash that never comes. And one that will never come

  • Realist

    Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are about to dump a million foreclosed homes onto the market in the next few months— all the pent up homes caught up in the foreclosure scandal. This is in addition to all the foreclosures already in the system. Word is, they want these liquidated FAST!
    Think what that is going to do to the prices of homes. I’d hate to be trying to sell a home right now.

  • Golden Child

    These stats aren’t really depressing. It is actually extremely refreshing to find an American news source that is accurately depicting the awful direction America and the world is headed. You will be hard pressed to find the truth written or spoken anywhere in the American media today. We have become a third world country with a censored neutered media that endlessly feeds empty lies and skewed statistical data to its impoverished, fat, unhealthy and dumb as a rock citizens. Collectively, Americans have their heads in the sand more than the citizens of any other Western nation. The British mainstream media is much more truthful in reporting the real nature of the scary economic downturn. Americans rather fight over meaningless gang-like political affiliations of Blood Republicans and Crip Democrats. We dedicate our lives to watching and screaming at televisions broadcasting extremely overpaid overweight men playing a child’s game wearing tights tackling each other, all while young people struggle to find jobs or work for pennies and listen to pig ignorant crap music with the heart warming life affirming messages of “I’m rich b*tch and you ain’t!” God bless the USA…

  • bobbobbobbob

    as ususal u blame obama!!! got dental ins?everyone in pizono land does and the brits and the sweeds and the germanics and spain u represent a failed state

  • Maksimus

    Are you sure you have spelled the heading correctly (esp. the second word)? you can erase this comment…

    • Michael

      Thank you for pointing that out.

      It just shows that you should never write articles when you are sleepy. 🙂

  • Yup, Im depressed. If I would have known what the WTO protests were about here in seattle in the 90s, I would have joined in. I knew a lot of folks were very angry, but I wasnt sure why. I was a busy working mother of a toddler. Now fast forward 10+ years and I havent worked in 2 and a helf years and only 4 job interviews in that time and 0 job offers. we are going to get paid by Chase to give them our home (gee thanks!) so we can move out… OK now what? things arent looking too good. I started a very small business that no where near comes even close to supporting us. So were going to stay in my brother’s house in Texas. and then? who knows. at least I dont feel alone. there are millions of stories just like mine.

  • Mark R

    @Zazz The stock market is being propped up by government stimulus and cost-cutting; both are short-term.

    Unemployment is down because people are taking jobs that pay less because they are desperate or have given up looking altogether.

    Consumer spending is up because prices are rising, not due to consumer confidence. It also doesn’t help that many are in denial about how shaky things are.

    The crash hasn’t come because the American government is borrowing out the ass. They can’t do that forever.

  • Steve

    I am not part of the sheeple. I know all the collapse facts and stats, am very prepared, but still find this very depressing.

    Wish that this were not a reality.

  • Excellent article as usual!!!I’m really glad to see others telling quite a few individuals to get their heads out of the sand!!! Mark R – your right on the money!!! The government is propping up the economy by pumping billions of dollars into it so it will not crash!!
    Unemployment figures is close to 20% in the US, do not believe the government or the media, they are not used to telling the truth either!!!
    Commodities is up because here real soon the prices of food, clothing, manufacturing will skyrocket, so many people are buying consumer goods before the real crash comes!!
    China is about to put the plug on America’s debt. The G-20 is meeting right now to discuss a better reserve currency than the dollar, when they finally decide on a new currency, it will be hell to pay for most Americans!!! They have not clue to the amount of inflation that is coming to a neighborhood like yours and mine real soon – try this summer and fall of 2011!!!!

  • Morpheus

    This article is spot on and depressing. It’s depressing because it seems no matter what we do or who we elect, things keep getting worse. All I can say is don’t give up. We can avoid the fat lady. But we have to do something other then complaining about our problems and the government.

    Wake up America. It’s time to regroup.
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

  • Morpheus

    @Golden Child

    I agree… We let little things distract us while the big things just come and wipe us out.

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

  • JJ

    After living in Texas now for 15 years, I see none of this. I know its worse in blue states, but here in San Antonio we just got 2,000 jobs with Nationwide, and Caterpillar just opened one plant and is looking to possibly move its corporate headquarters here. Every mall is crowded and movies etc are full…Liberal policies are killing the rest of the country!

  • Wobbly-1

    The iss ie is well known to those who are actually paying attention (and not drinking the mainstream kool-aid being served to the sheeple). We (Americans) have kicked the can of debt crisis about as far down the road as we can. It has finally come to a point that we cannot just pass it on to the next group…we are that next group.

  • There are practical solutions out there. They involve getting together with link-minded individuals, families and local communities, and doing production things locally.

    One of these solutions is small scale alcohol production to grow energy AND food locally.

    Check out:

  • The Beast

    If you think that the system made by the government for you is the ONLY system that exist, and thus your life is dependent on it, then you are dead WRONG. This government has been successful in injecting this false thought into your heads, and the depression that you feel inside is because you are fooled by them.
    What you are is independent, God-created beings that has been guaranteed by the Master of the universe for its livelihood. The One that created you is also the One that brings you sustenance. It is not the government, its system, nor anyone else that give you sustenance. It is God and God alone.
    And if you think that God needs facilities and causality factors to fulfill your needs, you are also wrong.
    Causality is a limitation faced by nature, not by God. God can and will make its own causality.
    So the government can go down, economy succumb into non-existence, the monetary system broke into complete chaos. These so-called livelihood system can go to non-existence for all that I care, but we as God creations will live on because God and only God provide us.

  • 007

    Investment ideas, producing oil fields (BPT) gold, armed private security firms ( your neighborhood will be hiring one) silver, ammo and gun companies (my favorite RGR) up almost 50% in last 6 months. Good jobs – bankruptcy and tax attorney.

  • Sam from Brooklyn

    Zazz sounds like an establishment troll. Blogosphere infowar imperial stormtrooper or mindbender more like it. In a nutshell he is trying to convince you to go back to sleep.
    Nothing to see here, move along….
    People can see, they are waking up.
    The collapse is IMMINENT.

  • 007

    The depressing part is knowing the system is a huge Ponzi scheme being run by crooked bankers and politicians and then hoping it holds together as long as possible. What happens when the music stops and everyone has to find a chair will not be pretty.

  • 007

    I have an old mini RV I am fixing up. We got ours cheap but that was several years ago. I have a bad feeling that we will be needing this soon to get the hell out of Dodge. Being mobile and well supplied is the best thing. Try to alert your neighbors and get as many prepared as possible.

  • flek

    And now King George Satanoros one of the freaks that helped cause this depression are now trying to ride in and save us from it.
    Right now in Bretton Woods, NH the Satanoros is hosting a 4 day love in with his minions like…Jeffrey (every economy I touch IMPLODES) Sachs and others (2/3 of the speakers have direct Satanoros ties.)
    The aim…to remake the WORLD economy as they see fit. Get ready to bend over and take the ‘Shock Therapy’ given to us by the very ones who caused it!
    And in case you haven’t noticed yet, the world is descending into poverty and war.


  • Vanguardworld


  • politicaljules

    The article on Business insider is being blocked. You cannot get past #15 no matter how hard you try. Something fishy is going on.

    At least you can still access the full article here. Although it was not easy to find.

  • Tom

    Again this site seems to think Bush was a fiscal conservative and Reagan was against debt. LOL. Blaming Obama is riduculous. Sad you have become so partisan that your message is just a GOP lie.

  • Sonny

    You should of made mention about the nuclear fallout that is sweeping all across America

    West coast has fallout readings as high as those in Japan – Where in the Fk is the Media on this subject?

    The fallout clouds of radiation are sweeping from the west coast to the east coast dropping death all along the way

    The Pacific Ocean is going to be history

    The Worst Disaster in the History of the World & our f’n media reports about Ashley Judd had an unhappy childhood , Charlie Sheen said this & the Prince’s big wedding

    Hunker down & prepare as the SHTF Shortly

  • PaulF

    Zazz, the stereotypical zombie fooled by the nonsense of the MSM. “The stock market is going up!” That was quite classic.

    Who’s your American Idol fave this year?

  • flek

    Someone on staff didn’t like my Soros comment…how can one speak about the impending collapse without even mentioning Soros and the new Bretton Woods treason?


  • Golden Child

    Asking Zazz about the state of American Economy is as preposterous as asking a sheltered suburban trust fund baby White kid if living in the ghetto is hard and scary. Absolutely laughable. I guess all of those hundreds of thousands of recent college grads who can’t find jobs and have tens of thousands of dollars to pay back in student loans should be jumping for joy. According to Zazz, all of the millions of Americans who lost their homes in the last three years don’t exist obviously. What about the whopping near 25% of American children living below the poverty line? We should let them all eat cake right? One day soon, people like Zazz will be victims of wild vicious violent crimes when society continues to deteriorate further.

    Zazz is an idiot because recent unemployment data published by the mainstream media is skewed. Real unemployment in America is near 25% and it is much higher in many pockets of this once great land from Detroit to California.

  • Obama has Tricky’s body language down! Plus, as long as the bank keeps printing more credit, there will be more debt. In effect, the bank confiscates goods from citizens by printing credit, and lends the goods back to citizens.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • @ Sonny

    Do you have proof of this or is it an assumption due to the crazy weather?

    I ask because I have a close one who drinks A LOT of water everyday who is very sick right now (w/o fever though) and it has been reported that WA tap water has traces of radiation in it.


  • Atlas Shrugged and Starving The Monkeys!

  • How low can we go? Can we all be peasants and serfs? Will we be slumdogs? I’d like to say that there is no place left to go but up, ut of course that is just not true.

    Aimlow Joe was here

  • DayOwl

    If our nation of 312 million produced 19.4% of the world manufactured goods, compared to China, with its population around 1.3 billion, producing 19.8%, that would indicate we out-produce China on a per capita basis. The US has just 23.4% of the population China has. Therefore, we are out-producing China by a factor of 4.2.

    I think this is reason to cheer.

  • Anyone with a government pension is doing great! They can buy real estate for pennies on the dollar. Also, union people are in the gravy. It is only the ‘useless eaters’ who are in trouble. Screw them.

  • Bogart

    Several items are actually positive signs that the economy is correcting previous malinvestments as laborers attempt to redeploy themselves and entrepreneurs attempt to reallocate capital to more demanded uses.

    Certainly this is true for items 18 and 19 where the housing bubble has left huge numbers of empty and soon to be foreclosed homes. Until the market consumes these, any new construction near or above replacement appears to be just more malinvested resources.

    In addition to 18 and 19, items 3, 5, 8, 9 and 12 are also positive signs. All of these statistics would trend in this direction regardless of government efforts to the contrary. The good part of this mess is that these numbers indicate bottoms and available resources for use by entrepreneurs.

  • Bogart

    I am sorry, remove 8 and 9 above.

    But the point still stands. Item 3 represents consumers who are unwilling to purchase health insurance at the current prices. So with the Feds and states in debt, the only way to get this number up is to decrease the price which means to reduce intervention and let entrepreneurs in the free market do their work.

    Item 5 represents the correct of labor to more real prices and item 12 represents the real loss in output in the USA from government intervention.

  • Strider

    I’ll repeat here what I’ve been saying elsewhere for a couple of years now. The only economic statistic anyone needs to follow is the Army’s recruiting and retention numbers. If they’re meeting or exceeding their goals, then there is no recovery, because the “depression draft” is running full throttle at both the front and back doors. Recruiters don’t need to lie or forge documents when young adults can’t find decent civilian jobs. Simultaneously, there’s little need for “stop loss” when thousands of servicemen who would love to get out are forced to re-up because they can’t find civilian jobs either.

  • I agree that we’re headed for a very dire situation. But honestly, many of these stats are of little use without proper context.
    For example,
    #3: Most of those uninsured can afford to buy insurance and choose not to, or they qualify for a govt-insurance program. The number of those who can’t afford to buy insurance and who don’t qualify for assistance is around 10 million, IIRC.
    #5: Why was that range of years chosen? What is the significance? This may be a valid point, but what is the reason for going back to ’99 instead of say, ’89?
    #8: Why is 23% too high of a percentage to spend on food and gas? What qualifies as a less worrisome number? What should the percentage be?
    #10: So what? Is there something inherently bad about massive oil companies earning more than $1 trillion?
    #12: So what? What percentage should the US be producing?
    #s 15, 18, 19: Okay? There was a bubble in housing. It’s good that these things are dropping, since they’re dropping from a level that was too high to sustain. This is part of the correction.

    Sometimes it isn’t enough to just post statistics.

  • Rob

    Nice of use lots of impressive sounding numbers that don’t actually mean anything. The US economic output as measured by GDP has not only turned around from the recession, its now surpassed its pre-crash levels. On an absolute dollar basis quarterly GDP passed pre-crash value in early 2010. On an inflation corrected basis it crossed over in late 2010. The source of our current problems has nothing to do with the recession or the economy per se. The issue is that the balance of income and wealth is vastly different now than it was even three years ago. The wealthy and corporations have capitalized on the down turn (as they usually do) to make themselves a lot of money. That leaves less for the rest of us. And since both the wealthy and corporations are making more and paying less taxes, we have a ~30% loss in federal revenue for the same sized or even bigger economy. Unfortunately the current budget strategies of taking even more away form the lower and middle classes and giving it to the wealthy and corporations is just feeding the problem, because they are based on a false premise that the economy is weak.

  • Sonny

    Hey Knucklz – info for you on the West Coast

    Don’t drink that water

  • macdee

    while all this is going on within the economy, my life hasn’t changed, i am still relatively poor. I haven’t bought new cloths in over 5 years. my cell phone is well over 5 years old. my TV is still the old style picture tube.
    I get food from Walmart, my greatest vacation is riding around in the car. when we go out to eat it’s usually McDonald or burger king.
    when we watch a movie its usually a bootleg at home on a VCR or online freebie.
    Nothing is every going to change not for anyone.

  • Did not need this to feel depressed, since I have been for the past 2 years or so…

    But thanks for confirming what I already know.

  • texas??

    JJ . . . what TX are you living in . . . certainly not the one where the smart guys on the right are 27 billion dollars in the hole . . . and cutting education by 20 percent . . . you “folks” just must not care about anything but yourself!!

    As the old Midas Muffler commercials used to say, “you can pay me now . . . or you can pay me later.”

    JJ . . . I hope it is your TV that is ripped off by that uneducated Texan!!

  • dave

    What we’re seeing since the beginning of GWB is the application and expansion of a mindset that can best be characterized as this: that any form of taking from the rich (the smart, hard-working and successful) in a society to supplement the poor (the weak, stupid and lazy) is a cancer that eats away the prosperity of a nation. Ryan’s deficit-reduction proposal is the latest installment. During the GWB years the GOP Congress was busy writing checks faster than the ink could dry on them feeding paybacks to their wealthy powerful Conservative supporters (the “winners”) – using the American taxpayers line of credit to fund the spree. This was done mostly using the War on Terror to excuse and hide all the spending (just remember to write “Classified: National Security” in the memo field).

    The gap between the rich and the poor grew faster and wider than ever. Economically – it scarily resembles the 1920s leading up to the Great Depression. The GOP banked on an economic explosion that never happened. After all – they cut taxes on the rich – this MUST produce an economic boom. Right? (didn’t happen – the only boom was our national debt) Their arrogance was the fuel for our current dilemma.
    I do not live in a small town. I’m not sheltered from reality the way most GOP-supporters must be. I see Wall Street and corporate America for what it is. The deck is stacked hugely in favor of the wealthy. It takes money to make money. Money is power. And nowadays: power is money. The bottom line is this: if you let the rich and powerful take all the wealth for themselves: they will. And they have.

    The biggest problem with Bush America was the insistent defending of globalization (aka tax evasion). Cheap labor! Yeah! Tax free manufacturing. Yeah! The end result was 3 million Americans lost their jobs to imported cheap labor and 4 million Americans saw their jobs (or entire professions) off-shored (this is why so many people have been unemployed for so long – their entire profession has left the country – now what?) The GOP praised this as “reduced labor costs.” Translation: the American worker is working longer and harder for less and less. Here’s the real underlying problem: the American Worker is the American Consumer. This is a consumer-driven economy. When the American Worker is out of work or worried about being out of work or has their paychecks cut – they do not spend money. When the American Consumer doesn’t spend money the American economy stagnates. This is simple economics. Look at what happened in the Clinton years when the American worker saw their paychecks go up year after year – the economy boomed. Simple economics.

    Now – you may ask yourself – if we know how to create a strong economy like we had in the late 90s – why don’t we? Why does the GOP insist that the 90s were not a real boom (even though Greenspan, a Republican supporter, called it “the strongest economy i’ve ever seen”???) Why did the GOP insist that Bush America was a strong economy even though we all knew that was total bs?

    To understand this look at one important number. During the Clinton years the average working class American saw their income grow by around 10% per year – the top earners were about the same – around 10% per year. In Bush America working class Americans saw their income stagnate with no growth at all while the top earners saw their income boom by up to 30% per year. Ah ha! This is why there is a furious effort to rewrite history and trick the feeble-minded American workers into believing that the 90s didn’t really happen and that Bush America really was a really really cool time you just don’t realize it. Right. Got it.

    Capitalism becomes broken when the wealthiest of people get richer by taking all the newly generated wealth for themselves. Capitalism becomes oppressive when the wealthiest of people get richer by taking wealth from the working poor because the broken economy no longer produces new wealth. That’s where we are today. We do not need another Ronald Reagan today. We need another Franklin D. Roosevelt. God help us if we can’t find one soon.

  • Texas Lake Rat

    I’m going to miss America. I really, really am going to miss her. I’ve enjoyed being an American Citizen for almost seventy years and it will definitely be a strange world without her. Especially since I spent 22 years in Naval Aviation protecting the Constitution which the federal government and the justice system are hell-bent to destroy.
    See ya’ll after the dust settles from the social and economical breakdown. Store food, water and firearms to protect you and yours. Hope that you are able to survive. Good luck!!

  • This is a topic of some interest to me, so it’s refreshing to have found your post. Keep this up and you will develop quite a following. Thanks.

  • Abner

    “The Obama administration projects that the federal budget deficit will be approximately $1,600,000,000,000 this year.” Woah!

    Are you thinking “I feel sad“?

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