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Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

Ferguson RiotsRioting, looting, burning down stores and shooting police officers – is this about to become the “new normal” in America?  What we just witnessed happen in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example of how quickly the streets of America can descend into chaos.  There is so much anger and frustration in this country, especially among our young people, that all it takes is a “trigger event” to spark a wildfire.  In this case, it was the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a police officer.  According to the police, 18-year-old Michael Brown got into a physical altercation with an officer and was subsequently shot.  Word spread quickly throughout the community, and protests were rapidly organized.  But the protests didn’t stay peaceful.  People started chanting “kill the police” and throwing rocks and bottles.  Store windows were smashed, the looting began, and people went absolutely crazy.  And it wasn’t just a few people that were doing the looting.  Huge mobs of people looted stores all over Ferguson.  At one point an ATM was even dragged out of a QuikTrip gas station and a while after that the store was set on fire.  But this is what happens when things descend into chaos.  The owners of those stores didn’t have anything to do with the shooting of Michael Brown, but the violence got directed at them anyway.  And someday when we see similar scenes erupt in major cities all over the nation, it won’t matter what your political beliefs are.  You just better not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ferguson is a little town just outside of St. Louis with a population of about 21,000 people.  You wouldn’t think that it would be possible to see such massive rioting in such a small community.  But that is precisely what happened.  On Monday, millions of Americans were absolutely mesmerized by the images coming out of Ferguson.  The following is how one news source described what happened…

Brian Schellman, with the St. Louis County Police Department, said close to 300 police officers from at least 15 different departments were called to Ferguson when angry mobs began smashing windows, setting fires and looting businesses in the area.

Schellman said a St. Louis County officer injured his knee while at a Foot Locker store during the rioting. He said another officer was injured when he had a brick thrown at him.

Throughout the evening, numerous cop cars sustained damage and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said someone in a yellow pickup truck fired shots at officers while circling a WalMart parking lot.  Chief Jackson said he got into a cop car to give chase to the truck but the truck got away.

Police said shots were also fired at a police helicopter in the area.

But words do not really accurately convey the level of craziness that was unleashed.  I would encourage you to watch some of the videos on YouTube of the rioting and looting that were going on in Ferguson.  The video posted below is just one example…

Sadly, this violence might continue for a while.

Just check out what one very angry 30-year-old man told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

DeAndre Smith, 30, of Ferguson was happy to justify the looting when a reporter asked him about it Monday morning.

“This is exactly what is supposed to be happening when an injustice is happening in your community,” he said, adding: “You have kids getting killed for nothing.”

Smith, who moved to St. Louis from New York in December, said there could be more to come.

I don’t think it’s over honestly,” he said. “I just think they got a taste of what fighting back means.”

Of course this is not the first time that we have seen this kind of thing happen.  Earlier this year, all it took was a snow storm for people in Atlanta to start behaving like crazed lunatics.  And late last year we saw rioting and looting all over the nation when a technical glitch caused the EBT system to go down for a short while.

Even though the economy has somewhat stabilized (at least for the moment), levels of anger and frustration have continued to grow in this country.  We have been taught to hate one another and to blame one another for our problems, and so now the U.S. is more divided than at any other point in recent memory.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “America The Divided: Everyone Knows We Have Problems But There Is Very Little Agreement On Solutions“.

We live at a time when things are so tense that even a small spark can light an absolutely huge fire.  America has become a tinderbox.  Next time it might not be a racially-charged shooting.  Next time it might be an Ebola outbreak that sparks looting and panic.  Or it might be some sort of financial collapse.  We just don’t know.

But what we do know is that there are lots and lots of people that are willing to riot and loot and commit unspeakable crimes given the right circumstances.

Decades of social decay have gotten us to the point where the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every single day is wearing dangerously thin.

The truth is that it is not going to take much to push this nation over the edge.

If this kind of rioting can take place in a community with just over 20,000 people, what would a full-blown riot look like in a city with millions of people?

That is a very sobering thing to think about.

Once upon a time in America, you could leave your doors unlocked at night and you could let your kids play in the streets without ever having to worry.

But now we are a sick, decaying nation that has millions of people ready to riot and loot at the drop of a hat.

Is there any hope for us?

  • robert h siddell, jr

    Police were dumbed down by order of the courts to enable Affirmative Action Quotas and it had the same effect as Affirmative Action on the government schools. Either we can be a Meritocracy or another version of Africa.

  • Priszilla

    So what happened to the police who caused the riot?

    • HadItWithBlacky

      They shot the ni66er that “caused” the riot. You can’t read?

  • imaspamar

    False Flag

  • Casino666

    Hope? There is hope for some, but for most people – No!

    # Our nation has a lot more than 100% of its GDP in debt!
    # People has a lot of debt!
    # Businesses has a lot of debt!
    # A huge number of people are depended on the government.
    # Good paying jobs are leaving to other countries and left behind is low paying part time jobs. And many of this low paying jobs will in very close future be replaced with a robot – such as the ones that can flip a burger.
    # There is a lot more people here than there are jobs, and that number is getting worse by the day!

    Hope? Yes – for the “Survival of the fittest”!

  • HadItWithBlacks

    If he were black, that last sentence would be a VALID. Stupid bleeding heart POS

    • SRVES339

      Hey tough guy… how about taking a trip to Ferguson tonight and speak your f&%ked up mind close up and personal?

      Didn’t think so…lol!

      • HadItWithBLACKS

        I would love to with a shotgun
        in each hand. Why dont you since you LOVE that race so much dumbass…

      • English Kev

        Shirts optional, obviously.

        • HadItWithBlacky

          BRAINS “optional” with that dumbass (SRVE339), and obviously chose none..


    Ferguson deserves every bit of what is being dished out.

    The storm troopers are lucky this time. Some day, some day,
    the PEOPLE are going to aim back, and not to scare folks with red lasers. And that day can’t come soon enough.

    Thumbs up to the fella on the bicycle, Get after “em” !

  • James

    @ English Kev, that was a disgusting and vulgar comment and it normalises animal cruelity.
    Please withdraw your comment. Cheers.

    • English Kev

      OK James.
      I withdraw my disgusting,vulgar comment wot normalises aminal cruelity.

      • James

        Cheers mate.

  • Randy Townsend

    Ignoring race issue (usually wildly overblown or unjustifiably minimized), the fact that local police agencies now are referred to as “law enforcement”, and equipped like infantry soldiers with automatic weapons, APC’s, MRAP’s (in some cases), and drones and “investigated” when they kill somebody by a DA that has to rely on the testimony of those same officers in other criminal cases…. Well, the anger and distrust of cops is well-earned in many instances and when we are told by the President “There is never justification for use the of force against the police”, that gives a green light for abuse of authority by those we’ve given the tools and power to “keep us safe”. Looting and theft? No justification for that ever. But when cops kill unarmed people and then refuse to answer for it…. These agencies need to kept on a very short leash and disciplined severely when they break the law. That isn’t happening, and the people are tired of it.

  • LibsAreGarbage

    A lot of gibberish from another worthless liberal. We’ll see who has the best observational skills soon enough, and all whom like yourself wrote me off as “ignorant” will be crying the first and most tears….

    • DesertPaine

      WSe agree on even more! Yes, libs ARE, as a general rule, garbage. Too bad. Doesn’t have to be that way, but it is.

  • trixie

    Well it was sad that the boy was shot but instead of becoming assholes they could have waited to see what would have happened to the police officer for what he did…..I don’t think that the boy was just walking down the street and got shot anyway would they have done this if it was a white boy who got shot no I believe to do harm because of race is wrong but it is also wrong to use race as a reason to do destruction

  • Charlotte

    The worst part is even my highly educated, upper middle class black friends and aquaitances feel that crime and violence are normal, especially for young males, and that we cannot and should not hold them accountable for the horrific things they do. This young thug could have murdered someone and they would still feel a self-defense shooting by police would have been wrong. Unreal. No wonder our nation is in such bad shape. No one believes in responsibility and personal accountability anymore. Everything bad a person does is never their fault.

    • Sandy Sandells

      How is firing 6 shots self defense against someone unarmed?

      • Charlotte

        In Ferguson, the robber who was shot by a cop was unarmed. In Detroit, everyone involved was unarmed. The victim was pulled out if his car and beaten nearly to death

      • Charlotte

        If someone is slamming you up against your car so hard it breaks bones, you do what you have to do to prevent becoming one of the many people beaten to death by thugs. The officer was lucky he escaped with his life. So many others in his situation are not so fortunate, and all of the Ferguson protestors certainly would have preferred thst he laid down and allowed Michael Brown to beat him to death.

  • 8540win

    …Ahem…Abraham Lincoln was not a democrat

  • peace angel

    RECENTLY, a very young black girl was hit on her bicycle by an OFF DUTY cop in plains clothes with his CAR.

    Her father saw it from the front yard and ran at the cop who shot and KILLED HIM in front of his little girl.

    TELL me these guys are NOT out of control.

    • English Kev

      excuse me Peace Angel,but do you have an intermittent malfunction with your keypad,or is it some kind of tourettes?

      • peace angel





        • English Kev

          Ok thank you for clearing that up for me.
          Now I can discount the fact I thought you might be mental.

          • peace angel


  • rodneycriqui

    Thieves are what they are. The young man that was shot ,his behavior is what created this crisis. Don’t blame the law for his character. Thieves are looting and has nothing to do with the shooting. I am white , if I show ,or disrespect a officer or commit a crime I don’t get special treatment. I get what give! It’s time for people to decide right from wrong . first live it at home . and you’ll have it for society.

  • Sandy Sandells

    Like. Like. and Double Like!! Thank you. As an Atheist, It scares me to think that I have more compassion than the Good Ole Christians who hate so much.

  • Sandy Sandells

    Black dominance? When did all the members of Congress Become Black? You must really be Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs?

    • 8540win

      Make sense. History not only repeats itself…it does not lie.

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