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Serious Financial Trouble Is Erupting In Germany And Japan

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Stock Market Collapse - Public DomainThere are some who believe that the next great financial crash will not begin in the United States.  Instead, they are convinced that a financial crisis that begins in Europe or in Japan (or both) will end up spreading across the globe and take down the U.S. too.  Time will tell if they are ultimately correct, but even now there are signs that financial trouble is already starting to erupt in both Germany and Japan.  German stocks have declined 10 percent since July, and that puts them in “correction” territory.  In Japan, the economy is a total mess right now.  According to figures that were just released, Japanese GDP contracted at a 7.1 percent annualized rate during the second quarter and private consumption contracted at a 19 percent annualized rate.  Could a financial collapse in either of those nations be the catalyst that sets off financial dominoes all over the planet?

This week, the worst German industrial production figure since 2009 rattled global financial markets.  Germany is supposed to be the economic “rock” of Europe, but at this point that “rock” is starting to show cracks.

And certainly the civil war in Ukraine and the growing Ebola crisis are not helping things either.  German investors are becoming increasingly jittery, and as I mentioned above the German stock market has already declined 10 percent since July

German stocks, weighed down by the economic fallout spawned by the Ukraine-Russia crisis and the eurzone’s weak economy, are now down more than 10% from their July peak and officially in correction territory.

The DAX, Germany’s benchmark stock index, has succumbed to recent data points that show the German economy has ground to a halt, hurt in large part by the economic sanctions levied at its major trading partner, Russia, by the U.S. and European Union as a way to get Moscow to butt out of Ukraine’s affairs. The economic slowdown in the rest of the debt-hobbled eurozone has also hurt the German economy, considered the economic locomotive of Europe.

In trading today, the DAX fell as low as 8960.43, which put it down 10.7% from its July 3 closing high of 10,029.43 and off nearly 11% from its June 20 intraday peak of 10,050.98.

And when you look at some of the biggest corporate names in Germany, things look even more dramatic.

Just check out some of these numbers

The hardest hit sectors have been retailers, industrials and leisure stocks with sports clothing giant Adidas down 37.7pc for the year, airline Lufthansa down 27pc, car group Volkswagen sliding 23.6pc and Deutchse Bank falling 20.2pc so far this year.

Meanwhile, things in Japan appear to be going from bad to worse.

The government of Japan is more than a quadrillion yen in debt, and it has been furiously printing money and debasing the yen in a desperate attempt to get the Japanese economy going again.

Unfortunately for them, it is simply not working.  The revised economic numbers for the second quarter were absolutely disastrous.  The following comes from a Japanese news source

On an annualized basis, the GDP contraction was 7.1 percent, compared with 6.8 percent in the preliminary estimate. That makes it the worst performance since early 2009, at the height of the global financial crisis.

The blow from the first stage of the sales tax hike in April extended into this quarter, with retail sales and household spending falling in July. The administration signaled last week that it is prepared to boost stimulus to help weather a second stage of the levy scheduled for October 2015.

Corporate capital investment dropped 5.1 percent from the previous quarter, more than double the initial estimate of 2.5 percent.

Private consumption was meanwhile revised to a 5.1 percent drop from the initial reading of 5 percent, meaning it sank 19 percent on an annualized basis from the previous quarter, rather than the initial estimate of 18.7 percent, Monday’s report said.

For the moment, things are looking pretty good in the United States.

But as I have written about so many times, our financial markets are perfectly primed for a fall.

Other experts see things the same way.  Just consider what John Hussman wrote recently…

As I did in 2000 and 2007, I feel obligated to state an expectation that only seems like a bizarre assertion because the financial memory is just as short as the popular understanding of valuation is superficial: I view the stock market as likely to lose more than half of its value from its recent high to its ultimate low in this market cycle.

At present, however, market conditions couple valuations that are more than double pre-bubble norms (on historically reliable measures) with clear deterioration in market internals and our measures of trend uniformity. None of these factors provide support for the market here. In my view, speculators are dancing without a floor.

And it isn’t just stocks that could potentially be on the verge of a massive decline.  The bond market is also experiencing an unprecedented bubble right now.  And when that bubble bursts, the carnage will be unbelievable.  This has become so obvious that even CNBC is talking about it…

Picture this: The bond market gets spooked by a sudden interest rate scare, sending a throng of buyers streaming toward the exits, only to find a dearth of buyers on the other side.

As a result, liquidity evaporates, yields soar, and the U.S. finds itself smack in the middle of another debt crisis no one saw coming.

It’s a scenario that TABB Group fixed income head Anthony J. Perrotta believes is not all that far-fetched, considering the market had what could be considered a sneak preview in May 2013. That was the “taper tantrum,” which saw yields spike and stocks sell off after then-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made remarks that the market construed as indicating rates would rise sooner than expected.

If the strength of our financial markets reflected overall strength in the U.S. economy there would not be nearly as much cause for concern.

But at this point our financial markets have become completely and totally divorced from economic reality.

The truth is that our economic fundamentals continue to decay.  In fact, the IMF says that China now has the largest economy on the planet on a purchasing power basis.  The era of American economic dominance is ending.  It is just that the financial markets have not gotten the memo yet.

Hopefully we still have at least a few more months before stock markets all over the world start crashing.  But remember, we are entering the seventh year of the seven year cycle of economic crashes that so many people are talking about these days.  And we are definitely primed for a global financial collapse.

Sadly, most people did not see the crash of 2008 coming, and most people will not see the next one coming either.

  • the machinist

    buy guns.

    • Mike Smithy

      Don’t forget the ammo.

      • jakartaman

        Got both in abundance

    • Hammerstrike

      Dehydrated food too.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I was gonna say.. guns are useless without ammo. Might as well use your Glock as a paperweight.

      • Don’t follow The Sheep

        Hey! I’ve got a Glock paper weight!

  • Mike Smithy

    Thanks to Abe-nomics, Japan has officially entered into a triple-dip recession. Proof positive that Keynesianism is foolish and dangerous over the long run. In the same manner, the morons at the Federal Reserve are committed to the financial destruction of the USA as they have gone full retard on QE.

    • T.

      What could go wrong? We’re 220 trillion dollars in debt; The banks are insolvent from the 2008 crisis; The FED prints hundreds of billions each year (out of thin air); 1st qtr GDP was -2.9%; We’re on the verge of a possible Ebola epidemic; ISIS is about to take over Iraq; etc, etc, – I mean really – What could possibly go Wrong?

      • Priszilla

        Oh come on. Sustainability is used as a swear word by people who believe that agenda 21 is a global conspiracy to decimate the population to 21.

        • T.

          UnSustainable. As in – Your Present Day American Way of Life. Is Unsustainable. Get It?

          • Priszilla

            The opposite is sustainable and is used as a swear word …

          • Lt


          • Firstgarden

            Jesse Ventura did a video on this years back. Like you said, jillions of black coffins.
            Lovely day…

        • Lt

          Your commentary is super trollish. Who are yo working for troll?

      • Mike Smithy

        The average John Q Public/Low Information Voter/FSA member is dead meat. However, he/she are too stupid to realize it. Darwinism will soon unfold.

        • T.

          YES. Financial Armageddon Darwinism.

      • Firstgarden

        Did you forget the lovely EMP attack, courtesy Ayatoilet?

        • T.

          Thanks. I think that may have been one of the etc’s. But it needs to be mentioned for sure.

      • Hammerstrike

        Real debt 211 trillions when it officially was 14 trillions, circa 15 times larger.

        Now the debt is past 17 trillions, soon 18. Hence, past 256 trillions (211 + (3*15) ) and soon 271 trillions.

        Joe Q: The Republicans are just hating Obama cuz he´s black!

      • K2

        Since the world’s economic system has become ‘debt based’, hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt means, the WEC is doing well.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Oh, absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong. Just ask President Obama. Everything is great! ISIS is in retreat (gulp), Ebola is not a threat (choke), and the United States is the preeminent global superpower (waving Old Glory and yelling “USA! USA!) All is well, all is well……

    • Firstgarden

      Just following orders from bigger morons.

    • Hammerstrike

      Plaza Accord, 1985, Japanese currency fixed to US dollar

  • jakartaman

    We all know the party is ending. Its anyone guess as to which ballon pops to start the exits and shutting off the lights

    • Cocolotodo Dude

      Lucifer is the cause of all these problem coming our way. God needs to grab thar cerpent by the damn tail and swing him into the lake of fire where he belongs.,

      • El mico

        Name one time that actually happened.

      • Priszilla

        What’s the point of blaming lucifer if EVERYTHING was made by god.

        Blaming Luzifer is the same as blaming his creator.

        • Lt

          You give away who your boss is troll.

          • Don’t follow The Sheep

            Don’t worry! If Satan comes and tears her heart out, she sure ain’t gonna blame the Devil!


    My guess is Japan will get everybody collapsing!! It is only a matter of time and I believe a very short time span. Get your Food, Guns, and ammo, don’t forget the lead plant went belly up, so it might be a good idea to buy a lot of ammo. We may be the last man standing but we will be the ones that fall the hardest.

    • Firstgarden

      Just a friendly word of caution -You could easily be outgunned. Better to be in a remote place, if possible.

      • RICHARD

        I like the way you think Firstgarden. They may get me but trust me I will take them with me in the end.

  • Firstgarden

    “Hopefully we still have at least a few more months before stock markets all over the world start crashing.”

    After the midterm elections, or perhaps after NOV 2016.
    The U.S, is a HUGE player in the events to unfold ahead. I don’t think TPTB want a conservative in office when the most “progressive”, global changes in history need to be condoned and facilitated.

    On the other hand, who won’t be a sellout, in this late age, anyway, regardless to their political flavour?

    • alan

      Central bankers will paper over it in a flash.

      • Firstgarden

        Til they run out of trees, aye?

  • Normal

    Michael you are wrong on both accounts.
    Next Armageddon crush, something never seen before, will start with crisis in CHINA.

    • alan

      Here is what I though about Red China. They bought crazy amounts of gold. So they can launch a new gold backed currency. So they implode take the US down with them. The western countries will all be belly up. Then only Red China with huge gold reserves can now step forward and replace the dollar as reserve currency. Some times you need a crisis to be able to make changes you need to fix things.

      • Hammerstrike

        Yep, there have been large-scale prepping for years.

        What China most likely wants is territories for the excess population and that isn´t in Siberia or India.

    • Hammerstrike


      Unless it comes The Day After style.

  • hg wells

    This IS serious!!!!

  • Cocolotodo Dude

    I hope the gates of hell get blown up by omity god.

    • alan

      ah oh, sounds like DHS will come for a visit.

      • sharonsj

        The DHS is probably monitoring us right now….

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    So, how can we stop this here?

    We can’t – not with the contradictory laws, socialist regulations, and balkanized societies within this country.

    With the damage done already our meager options left is convening a Convention of the States to repair the damage done to the laws, government, and the usurpers messing with the society and economy. If this fails, then the next step is sessions and civil war.

    I do believe we’re to that point.


    • kfilly

      That’s just what the opposition wants. I bet you could kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.

  • Priszilla


  • alan

    I just returned from a trip to the Philippines and contemplated will the US look like this in 10 or 20 years? Maybe. No one can afford a house, people pretty much do whatever they can to just feed themselves. Anything else is a luxury. Random new buildings and a lot of decay. I think we are still on a slow downward slide for a long time to come. In 5 years most 401k’s will be gone, retirement will be a dream. There will be no medical care unless your rich or someone on your street had a couple medical classes. Our only possible savior is a collapse over night and someone with a brain fixes it right this time. Wishful thinking I suppose.

    • alan

      Oh forgot to add..we will be so poor in 10 years will will have sold/turn in most of our gold and guns just to eat. This eliminates the need to confiscate either.

      • Firstgarden

        Learning wild edibles is something to consider. Most folks don’t know about it and will panic. Especially those macho meat & potato dudes.

    • Priszilla

      The Philippines was an American colony.

      • Mike Smithy

        Actually, the Philippines was originally a Spanish colony. It wasn’t until the American’s won the Spanish-American war that is was ceded over to the USA. The USA also also gained control of Guam, CNMI and Puerto Rico. Here is a cold hard fact for you to wrap your feeble mind around: Institutionalized corruption is a legacy of Spanish colonial model. Just take a look at Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico. They were all colonized by the Spaniards and remain corrupt hell holes up to this day. Corruption and incompetence has been engrained into their culture and cannot be removed.

        • Priszilla

          So when was America colonized by Spain?
          Or is there no corruption in the US?

          • Mike Smithy

            When it comes to the issue of corruption, there are orders of magnitude. If not, then we must assume that the UK was also colonized by the Spaniards.

          • Priszilla

            Maybe Spain and England got their corruption from the church that claimed only to be accountable to god?

          • Lt

            This person is a super troll.

          • Cynical Guy42

            A lot of countries have corruption, not just former Spanish colonies. That being said, Spain had a model with elements of feudalism and socialism, whereas the British were more capitalist. Both models have corruption but the Spanish model more so.

          • T.

            America became colonized by the Rothschilds in 1913. The Full extent of Their Corruption did not begin to be manifest until the 1980’s. From then it grew in stature (Corruption) until the Crisis of 2008 – When They swallowed U.S. up completely. Only the Deaf, Dumb and the Blind do Not see and Understand this.

          • Priszilla

            Oh well. The jews again. “Only the Jews are responsible for all the evils and need to be exterminated” that’s it?

          • T.

            Your words – Not mine. Again, You have Serious Mental problems. You Need to seek professional Help – Quick.

          • Lt

            This is a troll post.

          • kfilly

            Unfortunately, you just described about 95 percent of all Amerikans. Most are too ignorant, stupid, and apathetic to care.

          • chefshitpiece

            That’s OK…after the great purge I should be able to find a decent paying job. The more idiots that get Darwinized…th more likely I can finally get a living wage

          • kfilly

            I see your logic, but the government wants to keep the stupid people around. The Chinese government killed the educated because they were dangerous. The same thing will happen here. The government wants slaves just smart enough to do their jobs.

          • Lt


          • Cynical Guy42

            America was a colony of Britain. Corruption exists here, but isn’t as bad as it is in former Spanish colonies.

          • Lt

            Your reasoning wreaks of a troll.

      • sharonsj

        And here in the U.S., Evangelical Christians are trying to ban birth control and abortions. We already have excess labor, people can’t find work or have to compete with illegals and green-lighted tech workers from India. Even with the ACA and Medicaid, most people can’t afford health care. Very few people have the down payment for a house. We already are the Philippines.

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          Generally Christian evangelicals are not opposed to artificial birth control, so long as the method prevents conception instead of killing the embryo.

          • Cynical Guy42

            I agree. I grew up as an evangelical Protestant. Abortion is not okay, but most evangelicals think birth control is.

          • GSOB

            ……knowing that He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and will present us with you.

            For all things are for your sakes, so that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.…

      • chefshitpiece

        The condom..TRUE savior of the human race

        • GSOB

          “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.”

          And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

    • Cynical Guy42

      It’s difficult to say. I’ve been to the Philippines, and I think CA might be going in that direction. I haven’t been to Appalachia or Detroit (but I’ve seen things about them on the Net). What I’ve seen and read about Detroit and Appalachia makes me think they’re close to what’s in the Philippines.

  • Cal Wayback

    Napoleon warned if China wakes up it will devour the whole world. 200 million man army invading the Middle East is certainly a sign of things to come.

  • Richard

    “Hopefully we still have at least a few more months before stock markets all over the world start crashing.”

    Hope never changed the price of a stock. Only supply and demand can do that. (Joe Granville)

  • Selaretus

    Actual events, economic conditions, data, statistics and fundamentals do not matter at all to the ‘new economy’ and most certainly not to the ‘markets’, which are so far disconnected from reality that you cannot even SEE the light of reality from where they are. As long as everybody (mostly ‘investors, for lack of a better term), think that everything is OK and are getting rich (read: wealth effect) nothing matters. This ruse can go on forever as long as no one minds the endless central bank money printing, manipulation of markets and depression of interest rates, which has replaced actual productivity and GDB. Cognitive dissonance.

    • tina

      agree!. so sick of the pending collapse. if was gonna happen it wud have already. michael believes that too….just needs the clicks for his income

    • T.

      “This ruse can go on forever as long as no one minds…..”. NO. It Can Not and Will Not go on forever. I agree with All you say but That. These Bubbles which have been created by the Mad Manipulators – Will BURST. They will All BURST. Because, All Bubbles BURST at some point. This is Economic Law. Just because the Bubbles go on for longer than Most people expect – Does Not mean Economic Law has been Repealed. We get Closer to the BURSTING each day. This gives each of us more Time to Prepare. So, Do It.

  • chris

    Well if Germany is in such trouble because it has lost trade with Russia wasn’t Merkel a buffoon to have gone along with the sanctions when she must have known the USA was behind the initial destabilization of Ukraine? And where are the results of the investigation into the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner? Who REALLY shot it down? Kiev?

    • jox

      Forget the MH17. It served its purpose and is now forgotten. Now the intelligence comunity of US is very busy forging new false flags in Syria.

  • DJohn1

    The problem in Japan and Germany is the currency rate of exchange has gone up as their nations prospered. They no longer are able to compete with other countries with a rate of exchange that they have made.
    To a lesser extent this is happening all over the world.
    For a long time, Japan put out the best quality cars in the world. I still have a 1985 Toyota Truck with a little 4 cylinder engine. The body is gradually rusting away. But the engine and transmission work fine. I have had this vehicle since 1988. It has needed starters and alternators over the years.
    The same vehicle today would cost at least 15-16 thousand. I paid 8K for a 3 year old truck with 36K miles on it.
    Later I bought a camry 6 cyl. It has not held up near as well. They have learned bad habits from GM!
    China has artificially kept their currency low on the exchange. Even as they prosper they have kept it low relative to other countries. So no one can compete with the price of a cheap Chinese product here or abroad.
    Our stores are literally overloaded with Chinese-made products. We do not produce anything to compete with them here.
    Our ancestors knew better. They put a stop to it. They literally put protective tarriffs on all our retail goods. That was to keep businesses capable of surviving here. The prices reflected the cost of producing them here.
    Well the protective tarriffs are gone. China owns the retail market here and abroad.
    All those people earning a living and paying taxes here are not doing so any more. Same thing is happening everywhere on the planet.
    Old Chinese Proverb: He who feeds China, rules China.
    Well the current regime is feeding China at the expense of the rest of the planet.
    When it comes right down to it, that is what will cause a world wide depression and equalization of the currencies all over the planet. Because at some point down the road, it cannot continue to bleed our money to China without a huge reaction in the markets.
    The same goes for every country.
    China has a tiger by the tale. If they let go, the tiger will kill them all. If they continue to keep the tiger spinning around them, they might survive another day.
    That tiger is literally the consumer goods they produce to feed themselves at the expense of the rest of the world.
    If it stops, then China must do something to divert attention away from starvation. They will do it with military action.
    I suggest they will call our debts that we owe them world wide against every nation that was suckered into doing business with them at really cheap products. The purpose being to own us all. The purpose is to bring their people here to live.
    Russia thinks strategy like a chess player. China uses GO. GO is a game of numbers. You surround your opponent and eliminate him.
    Historically they have used massive armies and massive losses of people to win wars. I think Korea was an example of this.
    That same tiger could just as easily turn on their friend, Russia. But the Russians do not see that as a problem.
    It all goes back to history. China has at least 4 thousand years of history. They consider us late-comers and barbarians.
    Logistically, China has an advantage of numbers.
    When the markets do adjust down to reflect reality, then everything is going to have to change. We can no longer afford the luxury of getting Chinese retail goods at the expense of the working class of this country.
    When that happens, expect China to nationalize all the greedy corporation factories in China. That includes everyone that is not Chinese!
    At that point in time, we have to start over.

    • Mike Smithy

      +10. You are very perceptive in your analysis.

    • Firstgarden

      “Our ancestors knew better. They put a stop to it.”

      That’s because our ancestors had a word in their vocabulary call principle. They also had another word – conscience. They were worlds apart from this current cadre of mercenary buffoons.

    • T.

      “At that point in time, we have to start over.” That point will be the “End of The World” as we presently Know it. Out of the ruins of this present “System” will arise the Phoenix of the “New World Odor.” This has all been Planned. Your commentary on the Past World Order is very accurate – However, We are all witnessing the Death of the Old and are on the cusp of witnessing the birth of the New. The undoing of the Old will be very Painful for most of the World – Which is why the World at large will gladly accept the New (Dictatorial/Controlling) Order so as to Stop the Pain. It will Not be pretty.

    • Kent Harris

      End Free Trade. I favor increasing tariffs so that places like Walmart and Target could no longer buy foreign and would have to buy domestically made products. 50% or more of all goods would be made in the USA.

      • Priszilla

        It won’t work.
        Add all prices and all wages and you should come up in equality. Right?

        In reality when you add up all sale prices of all products of a company the amount is always higher than all wages paid.
        So what will happen if you can’t sell those goods and services?
        Export them? To Mars? To a fictional place where the wages are always higher than the goods they produce?

        The rich only have money to play with because they refuse to buy all the goods abd aervices that are produced.

        The financial market is the cause of each and every crisis.

        • Lt

          Trolls have few if any up votes.

      • Mondobeyondo

        End free trade? I’m not the most knowledgeable guy on this – but I think we need to reinstate the “Glass-Steagill” act (I think that’s what it’s called). Don’t know why Clinton dumped it… it seemed to work well for some 60 years previously.

    • Luis

      You are right about Tarrifs. When I watched the first Presidential debate back in 2012 between Obama and Romney, I noticed they kept talking about tweaking the tax code to help create jobs. What a bunch of scripted nonsense. Just raise Tariffs to such high levels so that it’s more profitable for corporations to make things here in the U.S. than abroad and the jobs will come right back.

      • Hammerstrike

        No it won´t, because the Federal Reserve economy will still exist.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Read your Bible. See where this is going. The only hope you truly have is to be born again. Once all of this pops, death is going to the name of the game. Knowing where you will go after your flesh body craps out is the only thing that really matters.

    • GSOB

      Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power.

      Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?

  • durango

    All I can say is that everyone should become familiar with survival and survivalist tactics. Especially learn to feed yourselves when you have no money.

  • AzDi

    Keep storing food and supplies also!! Been doing that for 5 years now.

    • Firstgarden

      Bury it.

  • Poopy

    I still say get your gold & silver for financial insurance. For your physical well being, get lots of food & ammo.

  • CharlesH

    Why want the market crash to wait a couple of months?! What possible good does that do? More time will only give the idiot investors more time to put in MORE money and drive the market even higher. Crash it now – waiting will only make it that much worse.

    • GSOB

      Be always on the watch and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.

  • Joe D

    I hope you all are using this information not only to post witty commentary but also to line your pockets with profit. UVXY and SPXU is a necessary part of a smart portfolio today…just go do it.

  • GSOB

    Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself.

    For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake,

  • jackmur2012

    You say in your opening comments that “some people feel that the economic collapse will begin in Europe”. Can you tell us who those people are who said that?

  • The End is Near!

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Something is going to break. There are to may plates in the air right now and I get the feeling nobody quite knows what to do.

  • Alasha


  • Neo Mog

    I do not think America will just roll over and let anyone push it over,brace yourself for an economic fight of the decade

  • NN

    …y continuara en el mediano y largo plazo por la simple razon de que los paises emergentes se estan industrializando y estan reemplazando los productos japoneses y alemanes. No hay solucion, a ajustarse el cinturon !

  • Scott

    Michael, isn’t China also having debt problems?

    • Hammerstrike

      Who do they borrow from, Mars?

      • Scott

        Large amounts of consumer debt. They have their own currency.

        • There is a very big difference between owing debt to oneself (within one’s country) and owing debt to another country.

          China has consumer debts but so does every other nation in the world. That’s internal debts. What it doesn’t have is trillions of debt owed to another country. That would be the USA!

  • Firstgarden

    If Turkey doesn’t step up, ISIS may be having them for Thanksgiving.

  • T.

    Germany, Japan and the U. S. are built on an absolute Mirage an Illusion. The Monetary System which the Banking Cabal has built is an absolute House of Cards. When They pull One of the Cards – It will Collapse. That date is drawing Nigh.

    • Hammerstrike

      German and Japanese economies are nailed to the FR dollar since 1985, what is surprising is that they haven´t collapsed already.

  • Firstgarden

    And if you’re wrong, you buy us all dinner. We’ll come down to Argentina. We won ‘t want to be in the US at the time, anyway.

    • Deal! All those that visit me in a hippie town called El Bolsón, Río Negro province! If I should lose!

      Of course, I would need to vet the winners first, as I don’t care to entertain CIA agents unaware!?!

    • BTW, Mike Adams of Natural News is a NeoCON shill. Check out his recent post advocating sending US troops to Latin America to stop #Ebola2 from reaching the USA! Come on! Close the border and seal it, if you want to stop immigrants carrying #Ebola2 (the ruse) from entering the Land of Milk and Honey!

      The Health Ranger is aligned with Alex “I am the Gatekeeper on the Right!” Jones! And he returned from Ecuador or Peru from “an assignment” probably!

  • GSOB

    “So the Chinese are manipulating their currency to keep their goods cheaper than ours.”


    Nothing new under the sun.

  • lasflklibsareshitay3oi2ij23i4


    If you like your Ebola you can keep your Ebola.

    “The disease acted stupidly.”

    “You didn’t catch that.”

    “If I had a hemorrhagic
    disease it would look like Ebola”

    Tell Ebola I’ll have more FLEXIBILITY after the November Elections Calling it
    Ebola is like putting lipstick on a pig.

    You gota catch Ebola to know what’s in it. Obama says there isn’t a smidgeon of
    a chance of getting Ebola… You can trust Obama because he only offered this
    advice after careful consultation with his favorite medical adviser.

    We’re gonna punish our enemies and reward Ebola

    Ebola stimulates the economy.


    Body bags, latex gloves, hazmat suits and much more

    Nancy Pelosi

    Can I catch Ebola using an Obama phone?

    It’s not a contagion. It’s workplace virus. Thanks for all these comments. At
    least we’ll die laughing.

  • Frank Bell

    Isn’t that funny?

    All those years you have been predicting the crash of the Dollar and now it is stronger than a few years ago.

    No crash of the Dollar!

    It was just nonsense to scare us!!!

    • GSOB

      It is not hard to predict something that inevitably will happen.

      It’s the timing and the sacrifices that

      will be made – that conjures up possible

      scenarios, facts, current events… to keep us on guard and prepping.

      It’s all good.

      The USA is the leader of the world and intends to stay that way at any cost.

      The status global currency is fixed and we all know that and I hope it stays that way as long as it can… but it’s temporary at best.

      The Lord is will bring all things to pass, as He has promised.
      Until then,….

      Isaiah 58

  • GSOB

    Why would the IRS monitor sermons?

  • lasflklibsareshitay3oi2ij23i4

    mythbusters would have a field day with this blog

    • Firstgarden

      It’s always a scientific “fact” until a new fact supplants the old one.

      Conversely, it’s always a “myth” until the ‘myth’ turns out to be true.

      Be careful with the “bias of the normal.”
      Kind regards..

  • Mondobeyondo

    Folks, we’ve got Trouble!
    Right here in River City!

    Oh, you know the drill by now…

  • Mondobeyondo

    So how do we go about solving this?
    Why not ask Eminem, the greatest philosopher of our time?
    (gasp… choke)

    “Let’s get down to business
    I don’t wanna play around, what is this?
    Looks like a circus in town
    Let’s shut the crap down/On these clowns!
    Can I get a witness?”

    Nothing is going to get done.
    Count on it. I’d bet my bottom penny on it. Yes, the one I found on the sidewalk the other day.

    Of course, those in the know, already know, and are willing to do absolutely nothing about it. Like the flu, it has to run its course. Yikes! Even with Ebola, someone’s gonna at least try to stop it!

  • Kent Harris

    Ross Perot may not have looked very presidential but when it came to economics he was better than Bush senior and Clinton. NAFTA and the WTO has destroyed our manufacturing base and has caused our trade deficit to explode. The idea that one can consume far more than you produce is a recipe for diseaster.

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