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For Americans Wishing To Leave The United States, What Is The Best Country In The World To Move To?

For those seeking to move outside of the United States, figuring out the best country to move to can be a very daunting task.  There are a ton of social, cultural, economic and safety issues to be considered.  In addition, those who have never been outside of North America should not underestimate the severe “culture shock” that can take place when moving to another nation.  While moving outside of the United States may seem like an attractive alternative, the truth is that it is not easy and it is not something to be done lightly.  But there have been many Americans who have done it successfully and are now loving life.  Our recent article, “Is Moving Out Of The United States A Way To Escape The Coming Economic Collapse?”, generated some really great comments about what various areas of the world are like for Americans who move there.  Today we wanted to share with you some of those comments.  These commenters have some very strong opinions about where the best places for Americans to move to are, but the reality is that each person and each situation is different so keep that in mind as you read these…. 


I’ve lived in China, Vietnam, and am currently living in Malaysia for the last few years. I’ve also traveled extensively during that time. Given the likely future problems in the US it’s certainly prudent to at least evaluate an alternative.

Our top two choices would be New Zealand (NZ) and Costa Rica (CR) with Malaysia coming in 3rd. NZ and CR are both beautiful countries and pretty much self-sufficient in needed resources. English, of course, is the language of NZ and it is widely spoken in CR. Though if you choose a country where English is not the native language; you’d be way better off learning the local language.

Some other options would be: Thailand; a beautiful very expat friendly country. Indonesia, in particular Bali. Vietnam and Cambodia would be OK for the more adventurous and they are cheap, cheap. Australia is fine, though the prices are pretty much US level. Singapore is nice if you want to live in one big city. Malaysia is interesting. It tries very hard to get expats to retire there. They have a formal program called “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H). You apply for it, and if you meet the criteria, you get a 10 yr, unlimited entry visa. There should be no trouble renewing it. You need to keep about $30,000 USD in a local bank account, buy a home that costs at least $175,000 USD, and have an income of $3,000 a month. I suspect these requirements will lessen. The program is relatively new and the government hasn’t seem to have chosen which expat group they’re really targeting: rich foreigners, well off investors, or retirees with more modest moola. The country is beautiful and fairly cheap to live in. We have a gorgeous 5,000 sf apartment with great, modern security features. Did I mention it’s on the beach with amazing views. The cost? About $2,400 USD a month!! Our electric bill, and we run the aircon a lot; is $25 bucks. We haven’t used our health insurance yet, as we’d not hit the deductible limit and the prices are very cheap. And the quality of care is 1st rate. My daughter twisted her ankle recently so we put the system to the test. The initial exam by an orthopedic surgeon, xrays, and a soft cast cost about $35 USD! Follow-up visits with the orthopedic surgeon cost $9 USD! Pretty darn good. My primary concern? The worry that the country will become too islamic. It is the official state religion though now it does treat the Chinese and Indian minorities relatively fairly. I’m just not sure it can resist the tendency for islam to become more intrusive and radical. Hopefully not, but the jury is still out.

Overall I’d suggest doing some research and find a few contenders. Then go to these places for a vacation. That will give you some 1st hand data. One thing you notice living overseas is that Americans are the least adventurous, 1st world; folks. We need to get over that.

Bon voyage!

Gringo in Brazil:

I recently made the move to Brazil with my family based primarily on the social and economic factors I witnessed and experienced. In Michigan, I found my business drying up, my home value plummeting, the job market disappearing, etc. More importantly, if the youth I saw at the malls and high schools are any indication of the future leadership of our country; we are in serious trouble. With less than 50% of our youth even graduating from High School, how do we stand a chance.

Fortunately I speak fluent Portuguese so I am able to adapt. I am earning about $1,300/mo plus commissions which is enough for a simple apartment and living expenses. My wife is looking for the right job and should be able to earn about the same which will afford us a modest lifestyle.

Most Americans couldn’t cope with the heat, mosquitoes, open sewers, long lines, hellish traffic, and other cultural issues, unless they could afford to live in a luxury neighborhood and have a maid and personal assistant. However, the outlook here in Brazil is very positive. Most young people are investing in their education and advancement. I liken it to stepping back 70 years in our country and being on the verge of a great industrial revolution that I can be a part of. I have decided it is better to be starting at the bottom of the hill, climbing towards the top, then to be at the top and sliding out of control towards the bottom.

If you can afford it, do what my wife and I did, we took a two month “vacation” a couple of years ago, rented a furnished apartment and did a trial “residency” in which we had time to evaluate the pros and cons. When we moved here last month, we were well prepared, knowing what we were getting into, bringing along the necessary items and resources to be able to live relatively comfortably.

If you can master the native language sufficiently (or take an immersion course when you arrive for 6 months), you can often get a job at a language school, or company needing bi-lingual workers or professionals. Best bet is to scour the classifieds online ahead of time so you have something guaranteed when you arrive.


Australia is the best country in the world to live in. This is the statement of Australians who have been to USA and other countries. It is what USA used to be years ago. It will be a few years before Australia becomes like USA. USA has left its Christian roots and I am afraid there are those who will make sure it never goes back.


Singapore is the best place to live and work. It has a real future and very reasonable taxes. Peaceful, modern, they even speak English (kind of). Bring your best attitude and a necktie, because you have to work and you have to be kind to your neighbors. Who wants to be cloistered nervously behind a wall, anyway?


Best places as far as quality of life? Social Democratic countries like Scandanavia- Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark.

If language is a problem Canada would be the closest best choice, then Australia, New Zealand, and for Central America, Costa Rica would be the number one choice for climate, civility, medical care and a beautiful environment.

For most places that provide good quality of life, expect to pay high taxes, which most civilized countries, yours excepted, equate with civilization. I’m afraid you folks are letting your inherent selfishness, ignorance of other cultures, militarism and a “screw you Jack, I’ve got mine” mentality destroy you.

Better than moving, stay there and try to turn things around. You have too much that is still good to lose it all. We’re all hoping-well, your firends are anyway- that you’ll pull out of this before its too late.
Time is running out folks.


Not all Americans are “ugly Americans.” We are guests in the host country and most expats act as such. I retired in Sept 2009 and plan on living, teaching, and writing in Thailand. I have lived and worked overseas before, so this is nothing new for me. You make do and blend in and stay out of trouble. Leave your attitudes and preconceptions at the door when you check in. Otherwise, you will be creating problems for those of us who wish to live in peace and enjoy the pleasures of a different culture.


There are over 100,000 Americans living in Costa Rica and loving it. Things are getting stronger here everyday and in most schools they teach English for half the day and Spanish for the other. The majority of the people like Americans and if you want to have it shipped here you can get everything here that you can get there. WalMart is the largest retail chain here as well as there.

This week Costa Rica moved ahead of the US in medical care. A huge % of the national income is from Medical Tourism. They are using adult stem cell treatment here to cure MS, Heart Decease, diabetes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cancer and many other conditions. A good source for getting information on Costa Rica is the Association of Residents of Costa Rica.

They have a seminar once a month that brings in Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, Shippers, Realtors, Investment Councilors and many other experts to brief you on the pros and cons of moving to Costa Rica. There are many communities here that are all American and the “Culture Shock” is nonexistent. The weather is perfect and they have never had a hurricane.


We moved to the French Riviera 10 years ago when we retired. Cost of living here in Nice is much less than New York or any other major American city. We’re on the sea, a big plus, near Italy, also a big plus, and we enjoy terrific food that we can afford. The medical system in France is incomparable and truly inexpensive compared to the U.S. We calculated our fixed living expenses for the year: it came to 11,000 Euros, or about $15,000 for all our taxes, medical coverage, utilities, condo fees, dentistry, etc. We live in a 2 bedroom top floor condo with a very large terrace and 2 balconies. There’s plenty of money left for travel, dining out, movies, and quick jaunts up to London and Paris for culture and ethnic food (especially London). Don’t regret the move at all.


I moved to Ensenada Mexico in 2000. It was the best thing I ever did for my future because there is no future in America. I now enjoy more freedom than I ever had in the US. Spanish is easy to learn and the people are much more friendly here. There are lots of ex-pats here also. In the coming years the US is going to be the worst place to be. Escape now while you still can.


I am an American that immigrated to Australia in 2001 (after Bush took office). My wife and I didn’t like what we saw coming. Politically, culturally, financially and socially.

When Big Media first started covering the US’s economic problems here in 2008 they drug out the old phrase “When America catches a cold Australia gets a flu”. Two plus years on and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The economy here is going great guns, and demand from Asia and a better government are a good part of the reason.

House prices are having solid gains every year, unemployment is reasonably steady, and the federal reserve is trying to raise interest rates to cool the economy (.25% again today)

To that point, the government here doesn’t subsidise 30 year fixed mortgages the way they do in the US, so they can still manage the economy by slightly manipulating interest rates. The longest you can fix a mortgage for is 5 years, at a very high premium, so most people don’t.

America has become an after thought, if not the laughing stock, of many Australians. It saddens me to see how far everything has fallen over there. I no longer try to defend the US or the American people. The time for real public outrage passed many years ago, and I have not only given up on the government, but also on the people themselves. So many dear family and friends spend their lives watching TV while their freedoms, lifestyle, culture and wealth were/are being destroyed around them. Ignorant and apathetic to the realities of the real world. Living with some strange notion of the past as if it represents the present.

Not all is doom and gloom here. And although it could still come, if it does it will have little, if nothing at all, to do with the problems in America.

  • http://wyuwj GoodbyeAmerica

    i came to america years ago I was underage but now im adult and really wanna get out, go back to my homeland, thing is I got no job, no money I got nothing, is there a way other than have to get deported to go back to where I come from? I know I wont make much money back in my country but I dont care, not planning on going back to work either, got my own ideas, i do anything just so I could go back to my homeland, Any of you whores think can help me?

    • A Davies

      Find ways to help yourself and stop being like a huge percentage of Americans. codependent twits! Think for yourself and figure it out. Stop thinking someone else is responsible for you.

  • Mr A

    I would love to find a way to leave this country anonymously…no paperwork whatsoever. Nothing lose …no reason to stay…no one to leave behind. I’m ready for this. Any ideas?

    • Patty Wilson

      I am in same position wish I had ideas

      • Jon Schultz

        im in the same boat… how to get out of here without any issues….. the us is doing things that need to be addressed, but when you do… well you get arrested or in trouble

        • Alberto Ramón Gutiérrez

          me too, me too…what do we do?

      • justsoyouknow

        the united states shares borders with other countries. Some of these borders are more heavily guarded than others. It is much easier to get out than it is to get in.

        • EyEs WiDe OpEn

          YEAH 4 NOW.

    • A Grievance With the Flag

      I need answers. Should I hop a freight ship? I have a passport. Can I book a one-way flight without raising eyebrows? What do I do? The time is now.

    • EyEs WiDe OpEn

      check out: Blake Sawyer

    • bebe68

      Sure. Apply for a work visa to a country like Denmark or Switzerland which actually believes in liberty and then relinquish your U.S. citizenship – like Tina Turner just did. I mention Denmark because it’s a heck of a lot easier to work in Denmark than Switzerland and many people speak English. Once you’re in Denmark it makes it easier to work in another European country if you fulfill the requirements of the work visa program.

    • NO BS HERE

      Me too let me know, and I’m ready

    • NO BS HERE

      2 Years ago? Your still here?

  • TheDisillusionedRussian

    My husband is American and I came to the US from Russia via Israel over six years ago.

    As a US citizen, I now realize that this isn’t the land of opportunity and we are looking to get the hell out of here. Our first choice is Canada.

    I have an MBA from one of the top business schools in the country and my husband a BS in engineering from an Ivy League school and an MBA.

    Many would say we have a nice life in Bethesda, MD, but the reality is that we are extremely unhappy having been forced into the rat race just to make ends meet. Our life is expensive, boring, and sterile. I’m outraged that we’ve had to pay $22,000 per year for four years for a Montessori preschool, just because there are no good quality child care centers available in the US. You either pay up, become a stay-at-home Mom, or send your kid to one of the chain centers where he/she won’t learn anything, as they only watch stupid cartoons all day. Now, if we stay, we are faced with paying $30,000 per year for a private school (because public schools here are scary)and footing a $200,000-$300,000 college tuition bill.

    I work for a large engineering company and after they laid off half of the employees, the rest of us are forced to work 24/7. On top of having to come to the office at 8 am and leave at 9 pm, I work over the holidays and every other weekend at no additional pay. Is this what I came here for????

    When I gave birth to my daughter, they said I had to come back to work after three weeks. I’d worked up until I went into labor!

    I also see that most of my friends from grad school are never getting out of debt. It’s so disturbing to see people in their early thirties with over $100,000 in student loans that they will never be able to pay back because of the crappy job market. Many have credit card debt as well, not because they are irresponsible, but because they need money to survive day-to-day.

    I really hope we can get out of this crazy place. I’d dreamed of coming to America since I was a child and now realize the move was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

    Be careful what you wish for!

    • SelfEmployedNoFixedAddress

      Wow…you are quite the whiner and complainer, aren’t you?! You brag about your’s and your husband’s education levels, yet you don’t have the smarts to start your own business and create your own destiny (and wealth). And with all that “knowledge” you have obtained, you proceed to have a child that you clearly can’t afford. Stop blaming others and take some responsibility for your own actions/decisions. Grow Up!

      • LEWRN

        Thanks so much, SelfEmployed….! You said EXACTLY what I wanted to say to that sense-of-entitlement person. Bleah….

      • mclott

        I dont think she was braging. I do think she was letting us know the effort she put into being successfull. No ones perfect and that was a very low blow about not being able to afford a child. They are paying their way as US citizens and not living off the system. They can afford their child. They just want the very best education for their baby. I paid for a montessori school for my two children when they where younger but I could not afford to continue to do so. If you are able to continue giving your child a good education please do so because the our future depends on sacrafices as such. Bless you and yours!!!

        • lgcamp


      • ron paul

        Dumb American comment. Not everyone should be forced to create a business for themselves. That is to say everyone in their position should be mocked, for not having a “head for business?” That’s exactly what republicans would want you to believe.

        • Veni Vidi Vici

          Agreed, But small business startup may be a better option for some then college.

      • nunyabizness

        wow dude you’re not nice at all. go somewhere else with that bad attitude.

      • gofuckyourself

        @selfemploednofixedaddress: you are whats wrong with our country…from one business owner to another.

        • Veni Vidi Vici

          In a nutshell, Excessive and complex taxation that discourages entrepreneurship combined with corporate welfare and lobbies for Big Business, finally unions and pensions and healthcare which make government larger and more expensive then necessary. All public schools should be private and the money is assigned to each student, this allows school choice.

      • DontTreadOnMe

        You must be an Obama Lover.. Your an idiot.. Our economy is going to crash soon. By 2014 Obama Care is going to put mom and pop businesses out of business which will cause a domino effect. More and more people will loose their jobs over Obama care… If you don’t see this coming you must be watching mainstream media, and have your head in the sand… The majority of people can’t afford to put their kids in great schools, most people work longer hours than they have ever had to work before with less money. The list goes on and on… So before you criticize this woman, you better know what your talking about. You are the clueless one… One more Obama supporter idiot! Go get an education…

        • EyEs WiDe OpEn

          Yeah, he hasn’t got a clue just like many others, I’m with the lady. I don’t have much money at all but I’m searching for another country also because they’re not creating all of these concentration camps for no reason. It’s getting harder, and harder to make it here and pretty soon they’ll be trying to leave but they won’t be able to because they will be denied a passport. In short I’m with the TheDisillusionedRussian. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND TRUST YA TO LEAD U BECAUSE HE’S THE ONLY WAY.

        • StavoV

          Say….when you shine a lighted flashlight up to one ear….the light shines out the other….yes?

        • Gingertee

          If all else fails blame Obama. Try to find a more original argument. You are indeed an idiot .

        • RogueChocolate

          This might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on the internet. You’re calling someone else an idiot, then go about misspelling every other word and ranting in some psychopathic way about Obamacare. I’m pretty sure the original post had nothing to do with Obama, considering this country has been heading in this direction for the past 30 years. It’s only getting worse, and the reason it’s not much worse now is that we have a Democratic president. Lord help us if the Republicans get back into power.

      • bebe68

        Hmnm. Seems like you have a bit of growing up to do. I saw my employment prospects diminishing and began my own business four years ago. Now, instead of working 50 hour, 5-day weeks, I work 100 hour 7 day weeks. My reward is about 1/2 of what I made before. Got that? I doubled my work commitment for half the pay and ten times the headaches – plus a 50% taxation rate on top of that.

        Have you failed to notice that we have a dictator “president” who is destroying the wealth of the country? People can’t buy much when their income is being distributed to others via Obamacare, inflation and rising taxes. I would escape this country in a heartbeat if I could,

        • Jeff

          Inflation continues to be very low. Unless your household income is over $250k, your taxes under onamacare have not changed. Unless you are among the very wealthy your taxes are probably Lowe today than under Bush. You’re a moron, a slave to your wealthy masters.

          • Terrie Goodson Henderson

            Jeff ask any small buisness. I have friends who were making about 70K online and they passed it yes your beloved president to take 50 pecent of what they make it happened last year. He has killed small buisness.The Big Corps are making more now than they did under Bush. So there!

      • bphilbrick

        Totally agree with your coment. This women’s post is pure ignorance. There obviously very educated AMD well off of they can afford to send there 4 year old to a $22000 preschool. And they claim broke and its Americas fault. Haha. Its there option to stuggle on there 6 figure income. This Russian immigrant should be thankful she even has the opportunity to send her kid to a school like that and have the schooling and job opportunity she has because it would probably never happen in Russia.

    • klou

      You may enjoy Vermont (just 3 hours from Boston and 5 from NYC). The cost of living is still high, but the schools are great (even the public schools), and the quality of life is really good too. The state is very friendly to entrepreneurs and the quality of life and laid back nature here is great.

    • Chris Pasquariello

      Ironically, we are in this mess because of Israel’s influence on US foreign policy in the Middle East (ie the recent multi-trillion dollar war and non-stop military conflicts). Go back to Israel; America wasn’t this bad before the Jews got involved in our financial, political, and educational systems (not to mention the media).

      • bebe68

        What an anti-Semite! My god, you Europeans just won’t stop persecuting Jews, will you? You actually think that the rest of the Middle East is capable of being rational, honest actors on any front?

        • Chris Pasquariello

          The Arabs have been extremely rational considering the oppression they’ve had to deal with from Israel. I’d have nuked them by now.

    • neodeville .

      So sorry you came here. Many of us here have realized that something was wrong with this nation since we were young. As I grew up and became more educated I realized how badly I’ve been lied to my entire life. To hell with the U.S.

    • Sharon

      Your first mistake was moving to Bethesda Maryland. Very small minded to compare the options of this big country with the limited and poor choices you made. We have a wonderful life with zero debt and everything we need and love on far less money and stress than you have put your self through. Engineers are brainy but don’t always have common sense.

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Wow I wish I had your problems, try being a paycheck away from homelessness or if your unlucky enough to get a $150 ticket either you don’t eat that week or you lose your license. But I agree Russia might be cold but the USA is spiritualty dead…

  • John

    Hello I lived in the United States in Florida for 11 years with my family lived.
    I moved with my mother from the Czech Republic in early 1999 to live with my dad.
    I was a kid done school there now i am not going to express my self on this subject.
    I just go to the point i wanted to state.

    I don”t care what country it is if its Rome or the Persians if its USA or China or EU i am tired of all of this.

    The world needs a change we don”t need borders we don”t need differences that divide us no more.
    The Illuminati controls our history and they know what there doing but there evil there very evil ?
    I thought Human nature has no Evil or Good ?
    WE create the world we live in want a change then make the change.


  • audrey

    To remove all your stress and pain in moving from one place to another. it is much more beneficial to hire professional moving company.

    • A Davies

      That’s a good idea if one has two cents to rub together. Many in America have nothing. But it is wise to network and get the help we need. We are not all gifted in doing everything well. It does save much time and stress to make wise decisions if one can.

  • True Believer

    This country is a vile criminal infested cesspool. Like Tom I too am a Creative Designer/Fine Artist living in the hell known as the deep south. I am working now on my immigration and how to be out of this wasteland soon. There is no art here and opportunities are only given to those who are in the know. It’s all about who you know. No place on earth reflects this more than New York City, Cronie Central! But most of all my reasons for leaving are related to the fact that the usa is no place for Men. This society hates men, all men. It is a very dangerous and depressing place for men and boys. Men are completely degraded in this society and blatantly disenfranchised. masculinity is villianized and many males suffer through depression, drugs and loneliness. The usa is a Matriarchal society that follows the old soviet feminist doctrine. Obama’s vision of America is of a society where all families are lesbian and women control are areas of commerce. It is a vision of a manless country. There is no freedom and no democracy here any more. Accept gays or be jailed. Its as simple as that. In addition to this nightmare there is also the issue with Ghetto culture. This filth and those who follow it have laid waste to much of this country’s population centers. It is a “culture” that promotes ignorance, violence and greed. There is no difference between the criminals of Camden nj and those on wall street. America is dead, its soul was killed but most of all, its men were killed. America is no land for Men, leave while you can and have a happier life. Intelligent creative men are the ones who build new possibilities. Lets take our dreams someplace else to lands where men are still appreciated, supported, respected and rewarded for doing the right things.

    • NYU Student

      True Believer, please stay in America.
      You’re precisely the problem here and why all the good people are leaving.

      • David

        Actually it’s you who is the problem, what he said is 100% truth, if you cannot see that then guess what? You are a moron beyond description, and it’s you who needs to stay in the USA to worship Obama as god.

        • Kaniksu Nguyen

          NYU says it all.

        • EyEs WiDe OpEn

          Don’t be mad this person is just one of many who don’t know the truth.

    • mclott

      As a women you kinda pissed me off. But as a christian I can say that some of your views is correct. But as a African American my view is this our land is build on bad blood and will always be cursed. You can not steal and kill to get what you have and then stand out and think you are invinsible.There are many things wrong with our country besides our men beind *******. And yes most of them are **********. And its because they will not stand up.Blacks and women had to fight for there rights but ummm men want do the same. Well thats their own fault. So anybody that brought they ass over here on hopes to get a slice of the American pie should had did their homework first. That pie is truly homemade. Rotten, slimmy, and nasty by the bit as its maker America.

      • A Davies

        If you are a true believer, don’t use words like “pissed off” and “a_ _.” Those are profane words and God says not to let any profane thing come from our lips. Also, it is not Godly to live in the past and blame others. As believers, we need to learn to think like God and focus on the solution and not who did what. If you don’t like the rotten, slimmy, nasty America, do something about it besides complaining and pointing fingers. Plan your future with God’s help and get out. God’s benefits and promises work by believing them and acting on them. I hope you will do that and I say that as a servant of God.

        • christianitymakesmeill

          Your “god” is what has polluted this country. More lives have been taken in “his” name than any other reason in the world. Educate yourself.

          • bebe68

            That that award would actually go to Socialism. Believe it or not, failure of a person to think like you do does not indicate stupidity or lack of education. Just a different belief system.

        • Le French Haskins

          Thank you for those words of encouragement , putting God first and acting on it .Planning my future. You don’t know how that has helped me. Thank You.

    • David

      I could not have said that better myself. This country, the USA, absolutely hates men 100%. I’m a very good looking blonde hair blue eyed man and I’m hated by women for being a real man, not a gay, and hated by other men who are also just as miserable as myself because we are all competition to each other. The USA is dead, it’s the most pathetic country the world has ever seen before, hands down.

      • Y’allarefullofshit

        Did you ever think that the women hate you because you whine too much? Justsayin…

        • Qualis Rex

          LOL. Sorry…that was awesome (and most likely accurate).

      • P. McCoy

        How ‘manly’ are you really? Can’t stand an independent woman because the rights to abortion and contraception mean you can’t bluff poor sexual performance and force her to spew out a kid for you every 1.5 years until she dies? Or you’re so threatened by LGBT people demanding the same rights that non-Whites were fighting for 70 years ago?

        Or do you support the thug police who negotiate with the Cliven Bundys and their armed terrorists ready to kill, but are’ terrified’ of unarmed Black youths and have to gun them down, leave them to rot like carrion on the streets and desecrate Christian memorials to them by allowing police dogs to urinate on them and finally destroy them with an excelerant for good measure?

        Sounds like a KKK and Elliot Rodger supporter to me. Hets are SO overated!

    • A Davies

      I think you’ve made some very valid points here and I’m a female. The USA has become a culture that promotes ignorance and greed. I remember the day when people paid for their own healthcare by hard work. Unmotivated, irresponsible people weren’t rewarded with government handouts. I have grieved over the loss of this country. I’m totally amazed that so many Americans would elect someone to the highest position in the land, who had almost no experience. What gross ignorance. How is he going to run the most advanced country in the world? We have become a laughing stock to the world. It’s completely insane. Our economy will hit another huge depression within 1-1.5yrs. Run, Forest, Run!!!

    • buttercup

      Wow. Your comments really hit a truth nerve. I actually think you are largely correct. Boys, little children, are arrested for doing healthy, normal boy things. I see american males being humiliated for their beautiful manliness. My father was a real man, a proud Marine, a loving example of integrity, clean shaven and a noted vocalist. I look at males today and see versions of obama, reid, bohner, etc and wonder where have the real men gone? I think you explained it. We are trying to figure how to get out too. So sad what happened to the u.s.a. New Zealand looks good. Canada might be better than this. Costa Rica is being investigated. Best wishes. I don’t have any confidence that America can be revived… she is gone and we mourn.

  • Steve G.

    Hi All – I came to the North Shore Region of the Dominican Republic in Nov. 2011 and have gone back “home” 2 times because I take care of my Mom economically. I transitioned from a lawyer to having an online new business. For me, the country I loved simply was not the country I grew up in. I do not blame the people or immigrants, legal or illegal, I blame our elected officials. I will not say what party I lean towards because I believe there are some good persons in both major parties but, let’s be candid, the politics have become some partisan, nothing substantive will ever get done and special interests have become so powerful, the only thing that does get done benefits them and not the people as a whole. This will not change in my lifetime and the precious years I have left mean something to me. Life here is certainly different but, in a simple sense, much more rewarding. I am able to help people without red tape just an act of kindness that goes a long way. Certainly, the government here is just as bad but the funny thing is here, its expected! Imagine the wild west on a beautiful tropical island…just for a moment….:-)

    Economics are just about 35% to 50% less depending about what you are discussing. Labor is about 80% less than the USA for comparable work. Medical insurance is easy to get and about 80% cheaper for medical insurance. There are two large cities for very serious matters. There is no 911 and security is nice to have in your community just because but it should not be misconstrued as we had cruisers and local police stations in our town.

    Food is fresh. Water must be bottled. Beaches are everywhere and pristine. Music is awesome; news is local and you have to try to know what is going on in the world and I use to be a news junky.

    People all smile and why not as they are in a paradise. Sure there are things that I miss but all in all I am much happier.


  • nicole

    My husband and I have been thinking of moving also. Im a massage therapist and he is a computer tech but neither of us have degrees so finding work anywhere in Europe is out of the question. We started looking into Belize, Ecuador, and Costa Rica but we want to visit several times before making a decision. I’ve been researching: cost if living, job Outlook, and health care but I don’t know which one would be better between the three. Any ideas?

    • Steve G.

      If you include the DR, check out Cabarete in the North Shore. There is a project just starting near Cabrera on the North Shore as well. It will have an Aman Resorts [there are only 23 in the world now] and I am sure massage therapists will be in demand.. Finally, there is also the Punta Cana region in the SE Carribean side.



    • A Davies

      Do your own research. This is a huge decision and you should not depend on others advise but search things for yourself.

  • nicole

    Thanks Steve! I did have some trouble finding upcoming locations for Aman Resorts in Cabrera. I only came across Playa Grande in DR and newly released ones in the Philippines and Greece. If you have a link to anything regarding expected dates of completion I would appreciate it it. Punta Cana is breathtaking! I would love to be surrounded by such scenery instead of the same old stuff in Texas

    • Steve G.

      Hi Nicole – The Cabrera Aman is probably incorrect; it is actually going to be located where the current 13th Hole Green is on the Playa Grande Campo de Golf Course. They are redoing and relocating the 13th Green to accommodate the small but very pricey resort. I used Cabrera since it is referred to in just local speak as the most closest town [+/- 7Km]. I was born and raised in Florida but lived in Houston since 82′. Most definitely, the scenery in the beats DR, both coastal and interior, beats both locations. Best of luck. Steve

      • Steve G.

        should read: “…Most definitely, the scenery in the DR, both coastal and interior, beats both locations….”

        • nicole

          Thanks again Steve. I lived in Houston most of my life (the medical center, rice village area, and then in the heights) but I want something different. Its scary to pick up and move somewhere so we plan on traveling quite a bit to see what places we like. What sucks is that some countries require a work visa prior to moving, or other factors like pets and furniture are very difficult to transport. The list of countries that are less complex in regards to relocating is very small but I’m not going to give up. We’re both flexible and realistic in our expectations of things.

          • Steve G.

            Hi Nicole – Sell the furniture and get the dogs rabies tested! I brought two dogs with me and, as long as you have the proper papers and flip the guy at the airport $10.00 bucks you and the dog are in quick. Most places you can rent have furniture. There are, for some reason, an abundance of great veterinarians here. Come visit! Steve

          • nicole

            Since we live in Texas, I’m thinking Mexico would be an easier move. I know san miguel and merida are tourist towns and expensive so I am looking into smaller towns nearby

          • A Davies

            I don’t know much about the future of Mexico. I would investigate the government more and what you might expect there economically.

          • A Davies

            I think it’s best to ditch the furnishings and start over. I’ve had to move around the USA a couple of times. It’s just not wise to spend such funds on taking your things with you internationally. Things can be replaced far easier. Cut the strings and fly away. Best wishes.

  • Brian

    Hmmm. “USA is a cess pool” ,”‘hate it here”, ” got no money, no job……don’t plan on going back to work when I get to my homeland”. BLAH BLAH. Get what you can, then high tail it out of there when things get tough or someone doesn’t pay your way anymore. Is that it? PLEASE, by all means, GO!!!!!!!!!! Renounce your citizenship from the USA. Yeah, that’s it… The microchips are coming!!!! RUN!!!!! Romney’s getting elected, obama’s getting re-elected!!! Scream in terror and catch the first thing smoking!!!!!!! What ever excuse you need to conjur up in order to leave, make one up and go. Just don’t come back!!!! I refuse to run from our problems and, granted there are many, but the solution isn’t running away. The solutions are many, like ohh say, making the government stop spending money we don’t have, repairing the judicial system ( 10 yrs of appeals and crap like that……since we pay for that. Harsher penalties for crimes, political term limits without 100 percent retirement. Government official pay reductions( why should they get paid more than our service men and women on the front lines?) stop paying for “pet projects”‘with tax payer money. Using a more than abundant CLEAN nat gas supply for energy, and getting over the whole ” entitlement ” attitude and lazy attitude, and ” I should have everything my way” mentality. TIME TO GROW UP!!!!!! You wanna leave instead of fighting to get this country back in shape? PLEASE DO!!!!! Just don’t come back!!!!!

  • Brian

    Oh yeah, if you would, take Ms. ” You have to sign and pass the bill before you know what’s in it” Palosi with you….. Oh yeah, and you have to give me an open amount – signed check and let it get cashed before you know what it’s for and how much it cost you. Makes sense, doesn’t it ?!?!

  • heathero

    Middle class america is extinct. must wait to exit- terminal parent. Then I’m out. I will no longer support a communist regime- I love the country we had too much to become a part of it’s death. No use in pointing fingers.

    • A Davies

      So well said!!! The best to you. I’m still in the USA because of a very elderly parent. Once that changes, it’s outta here fast.

  • Plain & Simple

    It isnt going to change overnight it wont change in your lifetime!…. but here is how to do it …indoctrination…or telling your kids the truth from the start…. stop filling their heads with fairy tales and other lies.. Tell them the TRUTH… and then you will see a smarter population who wont stand for this any longer!

  • http://google ranjodh

    Americans dont run… fight back…. a request from indian friend… all the best.

  • MichaelinTaiwan

    Only a complete fool would think either political party in America give a ******** about you.

    Wake up America, move overseas with your kids and get them out of that mess created by the political parties so many of you love. Dems or Rep. are both criminals and the bank bail-out proves it.

    Wake up

    • DAVID A.

      The two party system in the U.S is fabricated to divide the people . The criminality in Washington is out of control.

  • Looking to Leave

    It makes me somewhat happy to know that I’m not alone in this. I came to this country from Europe 12 years ago and now I’m looking to leave too. I just don’t see a future here anymore. The debt bubble will collapse eventually and taxes will go way up. It is impossible to talk to people about the problems that this country is facing, especially when you are a immigrant. Everybody seems to expect you to love it here and that it is the best place in the world. I do agree that it is better then many African countries. But is that the standard that we should look to? Many of my friends have no healthcare and basically are waiting to get so sick so that they will end up in the ER, and then eventually by the bankruptcy lawyer. If I had the option I would leave today but with the student loan debt, the mortgage, and no money, it is a bit hard. Considering the costs, most jobs don’t pay nearly enough to live a decent life. Does anybody have any suggestions how to get hired internationally? I’ve tried some websites but no luck.

    • disgusted and fedup wheelchair

      why don’t you go back to your country of birth if it is not that bad of a place.

  • arthur johnson

    Ever hear of Belize?
    Most people can’t tell you where it is.
    They speak English and for a few $$ you can get permanent residency.
    It has the world’s second largest barrier reef, a 1,600 ft waterfall in the mountains and it never gets cold!

  • Krieger Capital

    Here is a good guide for people interested in leaving America.

  • Brooke

    I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one thinking about leaving the country. I currently live in Southern California and can barely afford to get by anymore. There are no jobs, if you do get a job there are no benefits. The government here is so broke they nickle and dime you any way possible. I’ve been wanting to move to Australia for about a year now. I see no hope for this country which really breaks my heart, I never thought I would feel this way. If anyone has any advice on moving to Australia please let me know :)

    • SelfEmployedNoFixedAddress

      Brooke, do you think that Australia (or any other first world country) is interested in having an unemployed, broke foreigner immigrate to their country?? You’d be smart to start your own business in the State’s, one that you can do from anywhere in the world.

      • Reality

        Things aren’t that simple, so step off your high horse. I’ve known many self-employed, self-driven, responsible folks here and the truth is, many of them are having a hard time for reasons beyond their control. The U.S. has become corrupt and petty bureaucrats are everywhere looking for reasons to fine people into bankruptcy for not ‘having their papers in order.’ I’ve seen it happen from relatively big businesses to a food stand being closed down on a road I pass by coming home from work, because the business owner didn’t have the proper paper work. You have a small restaurant? You’d better have the latest, most expensive industrial equipment in your kitchen and the fridge better be set exactly at X degrees or you’ll be fined. One of your employees is busted smoking a joint in the bathroom without your knowledge? Here comes the government to seize your assets under asset forfeiture statutes adopted ostensibly to fight ‘big time’ drug dealers, and even though you had no idea your employee was toking up in the bathroom of your restaurant. That is what America has become. It’s not a question of left or right, but rather of right and wrong and both political parties are beholden to lobbyists and megacorptocracy.

    • A Davies

      If you want to know about Australia, do the homework yourself and don’t be dependent on others to educate you. There are plenty of expat Americans in Australia. Connect with them online.

    • MadMike

      Good Luck, Unlike the USA that opens it’s borders to 3rd World low skill immigrants,
      Australia is pretty fussy on who it lets in…

  • john petrino

    as a man of my word the day after that” born again” murderer bush got re-elected we moved to Italy. Living here for 8 years or so I would not live or go back to the US for any realizes what a violent ill place it really is.just go to “fat americans” on your computer and see what people we are. not to mention all the serial killers,phycopaths and prozac takers,and all the supporters of war,not to mention the police state it is.the point is americans,you are not no. one in anything,except war and killing woman and children.who ever reads this:if you can,get out of there as fast as you can,because anywhere in europe is a better place to live.

    • Steve G.

      Dear John – As indicated above, I now spend most of my time in the DR. I recently lost my Mother who lived to 88 and it was, by far, my greatest loss in my 56 year old life. I am not usually quick to defend the actions of our broken political system [once again as above, I am not speaking of any particular political party as there are truly good people in all of them who only wish to serve]. However, the political system is not the same that my Mother grew up in or I grew up in. Yes, there was always a Congress, a President and a Judiciary and, yes, there were always Parliamentary Rules of Procedure but something has changed in its functionality. I think the problem of which I speak is as a result of an ever-shrinking middle class so we are left with an increasing number of poor and ‘less than middle class’ citizens that have less and less political clout on the one hand and the small number of wealthy that have more and more political input.

      However, I REPLY to your post because you are flat wrong in generalizing so terribly. If you had directed your statements to the government officials and/or military industrial complex that make decisions to go to war or to elected officials that pass laws that allow persons to be taken into custody on their failure to produce certain documentation, I would agree with your statements regarding war and a police state. But you didn’t. In fact, when you read the rest of your comments all together, you seem to say almost all Americans are bad and that I definitely disagree with. They are generally AWESOME people from all different countries, cultures and heritages. Yes, the American Dream has changed a bunch but the US is still a beacon of freedom and opportunity to many in the world.

      You live in Italy where there are one-fifth of the population of the US; You live in Europe where there is just over twice the population than the US and it includes +/- 35 countries. If you are saying you do not like that melting pot but you should not lump everyone into “…serial killers, phycopaths [sic] and prozac takers…”. There are so many great people in the US and I write to defend them from your generalizations. I am happy you are happy in Italy; I am happy that you were financially able to move.

      In summary, as we watch the bankers crush the world with things like LIBOR; as we watch the Euro, and other currencies, slowly move into the abyss requiring police states everywhere to keep the “haves” protected; as we watch geopolitical decisions being made that make war and/or puppet governments; as we watch corporatocracy run the environment into irreversible damage…..remember that the US masses (1) did not make those things happen and (2) will be suffering with the rest of the world’s citizenry [including you in Italy].


    • Travis

      If you think Bush was bad, you should see the idiot we got now. On January 1, we are going to have the biggest tax increase in history and nobody seems to care.

  • Gary

    As a 70 year old with $7000, poor health, and an ability to forge ahead alone, what is the best country to move?

  • Cee

    all one needs to move are the balls.
    really. i know a bunch of people who have done it without jobs, without a plan, and without help. life just goes on. you find a way to survive… i’m not the typical american, and i don’t hang with typical people, but they make it look easy. for the moment i have a career here, but i do plan to move abroad in 5-10 years. i’ve spent the last ten traveling and trying to decide where to go, there are so many amazing options.. canada (though it’s sort of usa-lite,) australia, new zealand, many countries in europe, argentina, brazil etc etc
    i’m still young enough that i’m going to get my master’s degree, then go.
    but if i was 70, or 17, i’d probably just leave. anything is possible, other countries are a lot cheaper if you can deal with a simpler standard of living, so if you aren’t intimidated by a language barrier just check some places out.

    • A Davies

      If you plan to remain in the USA for 5-10yrs, I think you will miss the boat by many years. We are headed for a huge economic depression within a yr to 1.5yrs. It’s wise to get out while we can and be very realistic about the future of this country. There is no way you want to be here in 1-1.5yrs.

  • CC in Texas

    I did not read all the post/replies…just in case you live outside the U.S. now or are planning to, as I am, please look into the FATCA rules. Some banks are asking U.S. citz to “please find another bank to do business with”. Again, sorry if someone else has posted, but I didn’t have time to read all the replies. Night

  • Olivia

    My husband and I want to move out of the country. Ecuador or Belize. We have $0 in savings but do have his 401k and Employee Stock Option Plan. We know there is a tax hit (substantial) for taking it out early. My question is basically this: In our early 50’s, can we take that money, pack up and move and survive? I’d really like serious answers to this question. We have lived out of the country when we were growing up and understand about cultural differences, etc. We just want to enjoy our time together living a quiet life in a seaside village.

    • Jack


      How much do you have? Unfortunately, there has been a good deal of inflation with the US dollar are around the world. You wouldn’t be able to make it with less than 100,000 in Ecuador, for sure. How much do you have? One possibility would be to move to a country with the intention of living there for 10-15 years, before starting to receive social security. But you might find yourself fairly lonely and alienated if you couldn’t actually live a shade “better” than the locals; i.e. have hot water, internet, cable, etc. Because there are no books or other ways to really entertain yourself. You can email me at jackscholop3 at if you’d like to ask more questions. If you are really set on this, I’d love to help you out, as I have a good deal of experience with one country in particular where you can live very comfortably for around $5,000 per year.

    • A Davies

      Don’t count on the USA having the money to fund your retirement. Where will it come from? I hate to burst your bubble. You need to think of a country where you can make a living there. Don’t rely on the USA to fund your future. Sad but very true. The economy here will only get worst. We have inept people running it, who know zero about managing debt or money. Run, Americans, Run!

  • Jayesper

    When I leave, it will not be for reasons entirely my own. I want this land to be depopulated via abandonment, whether or not that can really occur, so TPTB are weakened even more. In light of interactions with Israel, of which I recently became aware, this nation cannot be taken seriously. This land must be weakened and Israel hopefully one day dissolved. But I think people must be helped to make the jump (even illegal immigrants possibly).

  • LeoBassey

    As a proud American my belief is the only way the US will ever again achieve it’s once great status will require a catastrophic upheaval. Our government has become a machine of career politicians devoid of any real concern towards the populace. Their only desire is to maintain the privileged position they have and this is true of both the left and right. These politicians will say whatever they think their constituents want to hear to keep them in office while we continue to pay their bloated and undeserved perks. It amazes me that America has not become aware of this sick and broken form of government. It simply can’t continue this way and soon we will find our lot similar to what is happening in Western Europe. A reckoning is coming and there is no stopping it, every empire has fallen. When the fall happens we the people have only one hope, will the military back us or those on Capitol Hill?

    • Terrie Goodson Henderson

      Leo I think a lot of people of wondering if the military will back us and I know most of military are from the south not all but most and most are Republians or at least conservative if not so yes there is a good chance they would if it came to that but I don’t know if I want to place my bets on that or not. I just want to live somewhere thats normal nice people etc.. Not people who talk trash all day filled with hate for anything that is good.

  • chahca

    Well, it’s the morning after Ovomit’s re-election. I can’t bear watching the continuation of four more years of wealth distribution, so here I am at this site. I am looking for a place to go that has a similar culture to mine (white,English-speaking),and a society that values hard work and moral standards.

    • Terrie Goodson Henderson

      Amen Chahca after listening to the trash comments above non stop 24 hrs a day. They are devils let loose!


    “USA has left its Christian roots” and it is good ! I wish the whole world will be without these bloody murderers!

    • A Davies

      The USA’s leaving it’s Christian roots is why the country is so unstable. “Righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people.” The nation has abandoned morals and high standards of living. Instead doing anything they wish. Remember Sodom and Gommorah. You need to study the Bible and open your eyes!!! What we send out is what returns to us. America is a sespool of immorality and they have voted in spiritually ignorant leaders whose own lives are spiritually unstable. How can they lead the most advanced country in the world? When people leave God and have no spiritual boundaries, they’re headed for doom. It’s happened in every society in history.

      • Josh8550

        The United States doesn’t even have “Christian roots” you nut case. The majority of the founding fathers were DEISTS who also believed that religion should have no place what-so-ever in government. The “root” is the very beginning so I assume you meant BEFORE the mid 1900’s when Christianity started to impose a little too much on government. Which is when they added “In God we Trust” on money and “God” to the pledge, etc. The United States was never intended to favor any religion in particular. So if you want a Christian nation, why don’t you go start one yourself. I’ll be living contently in my secular nation which should stay such.

        • Wubester

          In god we trust was placed on the dollar because the gold standard was done away with. In god we trust basically means that the tax payer will now back this currency

          • SouthronAmerican

            No, “In God We Trust” was placed on the currency so as to contrast the US with the “godlessness” of the USSR. Ceremonial professions of faith like that became common in the post-WWII era to emphasize disagreement with and protest against global communism.

        • SouthronAmerican

          America was neither founded as a nation based on Evangelical Christian principles nor Secularism as the terms are understood in contemporary usage.

          If we define the founding fathers as the group that drafted the Constitution then they certainly reflected the anti-clericalism and distrust of religious establishment that was common at the time, only a small fraction were what we could deists. The vast majority were with Enlightenment era Christians with the tendencies towards unitarianism and the like that were common during the period.

          However, if we define the founding fathers as the generation who agitated for and then fought the American War for Independence then we’re speaking of a generation that was dominated by orthodox Protestantism, primarily in it’s Anglican and Presbyterian forms. Many of these earlier founders who were still active by the late 1780’s when the Constitution was drafted were deeply anti-Federalist and so, aside for their influence on the Bill of Rights, we don’t see much of them in the Constitution itself.

          By 1824, with the beginning of Jacksonian American, they would again rise to be dominant force in US Public life and would continue to be until the late 19th and early 20th century and the rise of more Liberal Christianity and to a lesser extent out and out secularism which would in turn dominate until the late 1970s and the rise of Evangelicalism which remained dominant until the past few years.

        • Terrie Goodson Henderson

          Josh how old are you 2? Cause you haven’t learned a thing!

      • Josh8550

        Oh, and by the way, you’re saying that every society in history was once Christian and then collapsed? Really? I won’t even start on your ignorance to history…

        • Steve Nelson

          Rome was highly immoral when it collapsed. Just like the immorality that you condone.

          • Terrie Goodson Henderson

            Steve they don’t understand and never will. They are double minded and hypocritical!

      • Cathy Pool

        A Davies, the problem, the REAL problem in the USA is the kiss assing to the JEWS, who have ruined our country and if you can’t see that than you are a HUGE part of the problem. The “christians'” who suck up to Israel are just one of the problems, the other is the JEWS who have a strangle hold on the right and the left media. On the left they push every kind of perversion imaginable, and on the right they push their form of Judeo-Christianity. Filth, utter FILTH, The jews are the downfall of country after country. So go on and call me names, at least I CAN freaking SEE.

        • Terrie Goodson Henderson

          sillly silly cathy you are a idiot too and it is people like you bringing down our country. Israel has always our ally so when everything was good in America Israel was there then nothing has change but hate people like you who have swayed the masses in your direction. You really think all the illegal immigration, terrible healthare, shootings in schools, low paying or no paying jobs, taxes, taxes and more taxes, More people in our prisons than anyone in the world and you actually have the gall to say its cause of the Jews? Hey when I was in High school things were great in our country and I wore a cross around my neck every day. Kids can’t even wear a cross or they are sent home.or expelled. Talk about no freedom of expression but the gays can light up the streets and nothing is said about that .. You want tolerance for that which is immoral but you have no tolerance for others not like you. That is hypocritical! You make no sense despite how smart you think you really are.

      • Terrie Goodson Henderson

        Davies your right and cathy is a idiot!

  • Dustin

    I’m interested in finding any country that doesn’t have the outrageous building code that America has. I just want a tiny little homestead in the countryside, close enough to the equator it doesn’t snow, and let me keep my guns even if I have to jump through some hoops. The economic situation isn’t so important to me because I’m capable of making money optional in my life. It matters, but it’s not the big deal that it is for people who can’t live without it because they’re helpless. USA won’t let me build anything rational, forces me to spend hundreds of thousands on junk I don’t need. Any country that has little to no rural building code, lets me keep my guns, and doesn’t snow. That’s all I want. The rest is details. France?

  • Tupac_ThugAngel

    America just needs to win another major war and they will be back to prominance. It is my belief that Americans should learn to live less for the dollar though. By moving to a smaller country you will escape the perails of life and enjoy breathing again. I lived in america, amongst other places, I lived alot of countries as a youth. I live in Costa Rica ahora. You all should consider here

  • disgusted and fedup wheelchair

    Can anyone tell me about Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Ecuador, India and how they are for people to start their own business and what is the insurance situation and do they sell insurance to disabled persons like a Kidney patient and how about wheelchairs. Wheelchair Vans do they make and sell those in any of these places. Main thing how easy is it to start a business.? I know their is no welfair in any of these places. I guess these places have a lot of homeless or do they just find jobs? just wondering.

  • disgusted and fedup wheelchair

    I have a question for Americans and long time green card holders who want to leave America for Job or to start a business. I am wondering if you would pay to
    enter a 1 in 10000. chance to win $2,500,000. for
    $3000. for a business started in USA by Americans or
    $12,500. for a business started out side your country of birth immigrating. One thing you may not know but Americans who work overseas have to pay double taxes so the costs are higher for those leaving their own country whether it is Immigrants coming to USA or Americans immigrating to other countries. Anyway
    the lowest is $500,000. to $1,000,000. so a lottery
    for $1,000,000. could be done for $4,000. if the
    bigger one can’t be afforded .
    Would any to be immigrants play for the 1 in 10000
    chance to win $1. Million or $2.5Million

  • Not In Kansas Anymore

    It is now July 2013 here in America – and you folks were all wise to leave back when you did. The gov’t just enacted the “Immigration Innovation Act”, which streamlines entry for the “brightest” hispanics – so there go even more jobs to cheaper labor! There’s a reward in knowing they’ll get what they pay for! This, on top of the patriot whistleblower who exposed the NSA massive covert surveillance program on everyone & everything; 24/7. George Orwell’s “1984” has come to fruition. Yes, it’s clearly time to go – well past it, actually – shoulda left when all you guys did. This is not the country I was born in – so they can have it; I shall commence finding out what i must do to get out of here. I shall back out gracefully
    and leave them to their cheap labor and cheap products and “Monopoly Money” system. The French Riviera sounds nice to me – thanks to all of you for your input here; it gives me hope that I can do it too.

  • Olaf

    I lived in Germany for 16 years before returning to the U.S. a few years ago for a brief intermission and to test the waters here one final time. I must say that the waters have grown more stagnant than they were when I left the first time, and I’ll be too glad to return to Germany permanently once my contract expires in another two years. It’s truly painful and disturbing to see these dumb tea party people fighting the president tooth and nail over health care, gun laws, immigration, and abortion. Europeans are sick with laughter from watching all the antics that began to unfold as soon as it was clear that then candidate Obama was about to achieve a clear victory over John McCain and Sarah Palin back in 2008. The tea party and the rest of the republicans are an absolute disgrace to humanity, and the dumb people who keep them alive and in power with their ignorance and racial hatred of the president are exemplary products of America’s poor education system, which is one of the worst in the entire world.

    • Steve Nelson

      You are a complete idiot and reveal yourself to be aiding in the cause of moral and social decline in the world.

    • Terrie Goodson Henderson

      I second what steve said you are a idiot and its that mindset that is in fact destroying America. Tea party and republicans aren’t racist. You are and your dumb Demwhit party . Who ever is bringing it up all the time and never stops talking about it keeps the fire of racism going you idiot!

  • Einstein

    Yes u are boring us to death. How astute of you, not, to waste time talking about things u obviously know nothing about.

    First of all, there is nothing wrong with having daddy and mommy pay for one’s education. Surely having 100k of debt is an attractive alternative? U think?

    This is why I say u should just shut up as u clearly know very little about what u are talking about.

    Next…You think this has to do with voting? Grow a brain. It does not matter who u vote for, are u really that naive?

    Finally, I have been to some of the 3rd world hell holes that u refer to. Mark my words. U r gonna find such hell holes preferable to our US of A. Its pretty clear that its time to get out of here.

    I think also what two of u failed to hear, is that she is saying even with an MBA and an IVY league education, they are not faring well. The point being, that things are way out of sorts. And wait for Obamacare to kick in and then it will really become apparent u should have gotten out sooner. This is just the beginning of a land in crisis. You have seen nothing yet. Get out before u cant leave. As that will be next.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      I came from a low income family and joined the military at 18, so when someone who had mommy & daddy pay there way though college makes snide comments I get a little defense but I am nowhere near as judgmental as you are…But I do agree the USA is going to hell in a hand basket and it’s time to consider an exit strategy .

      • lgcamp

        Even in the animal world, we don’t see diversity. Foxes don’t hole up with wolves. Snakes don’t nest with birds. And even different species of ants don’t colonize together. Pay attention to nature and emulate it. There is nothing wrong with voluntary segregation.

    • educatedandpissedoff

      Its “you”, not “u”. “Are” not “r”. This society is completely dumbing down. That is why I want out.

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Einstein, Not !!! I know as an 18 year liberal you think you know everything, reality check you don’t…
      I have nothing against parents helping there children though college but when one these spoiled brats acts superior because I lack a degree I enjoy giving them a
      “real world education”…
      The reality is 70% of jobs do not require a degree and for many it’s a way to show some level of superiority. While the Liberal Arts grad begs for a 35000 a year customer service job 70000+ Electrician and Plumbing jobs go unfilled all because this myth of degree supremacy…

  • Dbakeca Italia

    very true

  • Qualis Rex

    I just arrived at this site, and after reading through the comments (and responding to a couple) I’m hoping they NEVER leave their homes, let alone darken the door-step of any other country. I immigrated to the US as a child with my family, and as an adult have the privilege of working from home: which I do 1/2 of the time in the US and 1/2 of the time in my home country, located in the EU. 3 points I would like to make here: 1. the grass is always greener. If you leave any country because you despise someone/something you will most likely take that bad attitude with you wherever you go and end up just as miserable for other reasons. 2. Rather than focus on the reasons you are leaving, identify what you are seeking. Is it a stronger sense of morality/spirituality/religion? Is it a better cost of living? Is it a more open/welcoming/traditional social environment? 3. As has been said already, being American is not a viable skill-set. Professionally and educationally, whatever you are leaving with is all you can expect to bring; and if it is not a marketable skill for the location you have identified, then there is a reason you will not be granted a visa.

    I’m not going to guide anyone in any particular direction, because if someone really is motivated, they should be able to take points 2 and 3 and do their own homework here. It is absolutely possible to emmigrate from the US, and there are countless benefits AND drawbacks to doing so. Just try not to export your values, bad attitude and self-absorption to a society/culture/country that might not welcome it, because you will fail, be miserable, and most likely make those around you annoyed as well. There is NOTHING worse than being stuck around expats who begin every sentence with “Well in MY country…”

  • maria

    we live in costa rica and making a plantaion sustainable compound for expats maria at jcbranch dot com we need good neighbors and people who will contribute to the lifestyle

  • bebe68

    Communist, you really need to go join your people elsewhere. Thanks to many with faulty thought processes like yours, this is no longer a Capitalist country. Don’t you understand that the term “crony capitalist” is the politically correct term for corporatist/fascist? We are transitioning, thanks to statists like George Bush and Barack Obama, from a capitalist Democratic Republic to basically, a Communist state. My wish for you is that you find out EXACTLY what that entails. Hello police state.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      Wow, drinking your narcissistic kool-aide again and drunk on your own BS.

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      I was born here being retired I guess I could leave but not without a few parting shots
      The middle class is a serious problem, they settle for crumbs instead of reaching for the cake. For starters They vote the same 2 political parties time and time again allowing ideology to trump common sense so agreement and rational solutions become impossible.
      Haiti is an example of 3rd world HH…

  • CaliforniaMom

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life. I want out, not just from California but the entire United States. If it was just me I would have moved out of the country years ago, but I have two kids now. A recent statistic rating of California school systems showed that we are now ranked next to West Virginia schools. I cannot tell you how sad and pathetic this makes me feel as a parent. My oldest child is 13, she has maintained a 3.8 GPA but my youngest who is 7 is struggling through 1st grade. The teachers just don’t care and don’t want to get involved to provide extra help while he is at school. The educational system here is one of the main reasons I want to leave the country, I simply want a better chance for my kids to thrive, be able to go to college and have a career they are happy with. It sounds even more crazy and impossible saying that out loud right now. Where in the world can we go that will give my children the education and chances that they deserve? How are the public school systems in other parts of the world? Can someone offer any advice on that? I also feel like in America its a crushing paralyzing feeling every day when the kids leave for school and I worry myself sick about school shootings happening. Are there shootings in schools every week in other parts of the world like there are here? Any information/advice on the school safety in other parts of the world would be appreciated too.

  • MarkmBha

    Americans wishing to leave the US should move to Antartica !

  • Elizabeth

    I’m thirteen, turning fourteen this year……is it sad that I agree with all of this? I feel like me and my sister are the only people in our house that have brains. My mom and dad both voted for obama TWICE because he is black. Sigh :(. Hopefully it wont be to late to get out of here in 4 years!

  • Heleni Domasi


  • see

    Great post Bebe. I am glad you mentioned graduate school because I would like to do this myself.

  • Terrie Goodson Henderson

    Your a devil! Be gone!

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      Damn, I thought the hoodie hid my horns ^ ^

      • Terrie Goodson Henderson

        Well I don’t agree with you about the middle Class Cause its being pounded and not far from being lower class. The Middle Class is footing the bill. The rich are getting richer. The poor is well still getting their benefits. But I can say you do seem to have a sense of humor.

  • Carole

    What about Barbados in the Caribbean? I wonder if they are tough about letting people move there. I used to travel there when I worked for the airlines. Or perhaps another island?

  • Rick Moranis

    It sucks for those who moved to Australia, not knowing that it would become a bigger surveillance state than the United States.

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