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GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council, Is Moving Jobs And Economic Infrastructure To China At A Blistering Pace

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Jeffrey Immelt, the head of Barack Obama’s highly touted “Jobs Council”, is moving even more GE infrastructure to China.  GE makes more medical-imaging machines than anyone else in the world, and now GE has announced that it “is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing“.  Apparently, this is all part of a “plan to invest about $2 billion across China” over the next few years.  But moving core pieces of its business overseas is nothing new for GE.  Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States.  Perhaps GE should change its slogan to “Imagination At Work (In China)”.  If the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis are shipping jobs out of the country, what hope is there that things are going to turn around any time soon?

Earlier this month, Immelt made the following statement to a jobs summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce….

“There’s no excuse today for lack of leadership. The truth is we all need to be part of the solution.”

Apparently Immelt’s idea of being part of the solution is to ship as many jobs overseas as he possibly can.

A recent article on the Huffington Post documented how GE has been sending tens of thousands of good jobs out of the country….

As the administration struggles to prod businesses to create jobs at home, GE has been busy sending them abroad. Since Immelt took over in 2001, GE has shed 34,000 jobs in the U.S., according to its most recent annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it’s added 25,000 jobs overseas.

At the end of 2009, GE employed 36,000 more people abroad than it did in the U.S. In 2000, it was nearly the opposite.

GE is supposed to be creating the “jobs of tomorrow”, but it seems that most of the “jobs of tomorrow” will not be located inside the United States.

The last GE factory in the U.S. that made light bulbs closed last September.  The transition to the new CFL light bulbs was supposed to create a whole bunch of those “green jobs” that Barack Obama keeps talking about, but as an article in the Washington Post noted, that simply is not happening….

Rather than setting off a boom in the U.S. manufacture of replacement lights, the leading replacement lights are compact fluorescents, or CFLs, which are made almost entirely overseas, mostly in China.

But GE is far from alone in shipping jobs and economic infrastructure out of the United States.  For example, big automakers such as Ford are being very aggressive in China.  Ford is currently “building three factories in Chongqing as part of $1.6 billion investment that also includes another plant in Nanchang”.

Today, China accounts for approximately one out of every four vehicles sold worldwide.  The big automakers consider the future to be in China.

Just a few decades ago, China was an economic joke and the U.S. economy was absolutely unparalleled.

But disastrous trade policies have opened up the door for a mammoth transfer of jobs, factories and wealth from the United States to China.

China has become an absolute powerhouse and America is rapidly declining.

Beautiful new infrastructure is going up all over China even as U.S. infrastructure rots and decays right in front of our eyes.

You can see some amazing pictures of the stunning economic development that has been going on in China here, here, here and here.

America is being deindustrialized at lightning speed and very few of our politicians seem to care.

Back in 1979, there were 19.5 million manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Today, there are 11.6 million.

That represents a decline of 40 percent during a time period when our overall population experienced tremendous growth.

We used to have the greatest manufacturing cities on the entire globe.  The rest of the world was in awe of us.

Today, most of those formerly great manufacturing cities are decaying, rotting hellholes.

The following is what one reporter from the UK saw during his visit to Detroit….

As you pass the city limits a blanket of gloom, neglect and cheapness descends. The buildings are shabbier, the paint is faded. The businesses, where they exist, are thrift shops and pawn shops or wretched groceries where the goods are old and tired. Finding somewhere to have breakfast, normally easy in any American city, involves a long hunt. ‘God bless Detroit’, says one billboard, just beside another offering the alternative solution: liquor.

You can see some really shocking images of the decline of Detroit right here.

Our politicians insisted that globalism would not result in a “giant sucking sound” as millions of jobs left America.

But that is exactly what has happened.

Sadly, most American families still don’t understand what has happened.  Most of them are still waiting for things to get back to “normal”.

Millions of unemployed Americans are dealing with incredible amounts of stress right now as they wait for jobs to start opening up again.  But the jobs that have been shipped overseas are not coming back.  In a globalized economy, it doesn’t make sense to hire American workers when you can legally pay workers slave labor wages on the other side of the globe.

Millions of good middle class jobs have been replaced by low paying service jobs.  Today there are huge numbers of Americans that are cutting hair or flipping burgers because that is all they can get right now.

Many others are only able to survive because of the safety net.  One reader named David recently left a comment in which he shared his story.  David did everything that the system asked him to do, but the promised rewards never materialized.  Now David is broke, unemployed and he feels deeply frustrated….

A year ago I had a job, we were struggling, but bills were getting paid, and somehow we were getting by. Then I made the mistake of getting sick, one day before my company insurance kicked in. An auto-immune illness almost killed me, if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of my physicians and an emergency spleenectomy, I would not be here.

My wife would have been a single mother,raising two young sons, one of which is autistic. Instead, I pulled through. The disease damaged my liver, leaving me with a chronic condition, and even after a year, it is hard to get up and go some days. My “employer” dumped me as soon as I left the hospital, and I haven’t worked since. It isn’t for lack of looking. There just isn’t anything.

Oh, I get my government cheese money. Here I am college educated, unable to find something that can pay the bills better than the money that we get from the government. It sickens me to be this dependent on the system like this. But the system de-incentivizes work, and makes living on the dole make a perverse economic sense.

I used to have dreams, but I have given up on them. My wife and I have no savings, we have no life raft and if it weren’t for the generosity of her parents and mine, things would have ground to a halt a long time ago.

I believed every thing adults told me. Work hard, I did. Get an education, I did. Find a nice girl and settle down, I did. Two cars, a dog, a cat and couple of kids, a nice townhouse…the american dream. Yep.

I love my country. My heart is broken, broken because I have been betrayed. I did what you asked, I played by the rules. I did what you said to do; I submitted, I conformed, I stopped dreaming. Now what?

I am willing to pay for my faults and transgressions; my failures are my own, I get that. My children should not have to suffer for my failures, they did not do anything wrong. My youngest boy is autistic, we hope he will be able to integrate into society, but the fact is we may have to take care of him for the rest of his life. How do I do this with nothing, and no opportunity in the foreseeable future?

Depression, stress…yep, I’ve got all that. I used to be hopeful and optimistic about the future. Now all I am is afraid.

As the United States continues to bleed good jobs, stories like the one you just read are going to become much more common.

So what are our politicians doing about all of this?

They tell us that we need even more “free trade”!

Barack Obama says that we need more free trade.

The Republicans say that we need more free trade.

In Washington D.C. our politicians do not agree on much, but one thing they do agree on is that we need to keep shipping jobs out of the country.

Until the American people wake up and start demanding an end to the globalization of the U.S. economy, the job losses are just going to continue to get worse.

The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.  If this trend continues, millions more Americans will soon be surviving on food stamps or living in tent cities.

The American people are deeply concerned about the economy, but they still have not connected the dots on these issues.  The mainstream media and most of our politicians keep telling them that the globalization of the economy is a wonderful thing.

It is so sad that people just do not understand what is going on right in front of their eyes.

Whether you are a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian, you should be against the deindustrialization of America.

Allowing our industrial base to be raped is not a good thing.

Allowing big corporations and foreign governments to pay slave labor wages to workers on the other side of the globe making things that will be sold inside the United States is not a good thing.

Allowing the destruction of our industrial capacity to threaten our national security is not a good thing.

Allowing millions of precious jobs to leave the country is not a good thing.

The biggest corporations are making some extra profits by exploiting cheap labor on the other side of the globe.  Corporate executives love to shower themselves with larger and larger bonuses.

But our current trade policies are not working for American workers.

We need “fair trade”, not “free trade”.

The United States is being taken advantage of, and the Democrats and the Republicans are both laying down like doormats and letting it happen.

If you want to know where all the good jobs went, it is not a big mystery.

They have been shipped out of the country and they are not coming back.

Unless fundamental changes are made, things are going to get worse and worse and worse for American workers.

So what is going to happen next?

It is up to you America.

  • Mad Max

    That’s how works around here. Treat the suckers like mcSuckers. ”If you’re tired of being treated like a sucker, stop acting like a lolli-pop.”

    I’m not afraid anymore!

    So Cheer up! The Revolution has started –
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Time to throw out the garbage before we become the garbage!

    • moses737

      So this is why the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins have been spinning us into one diversion to another. First it was Osama Bin Laden who was assasinated in November of 2001; and then Weiner; and then even Kaleys mother whom they freed; and now the debt ceiling and then something else. I was wondering why all of these diversions? Now I know, it was to hide the fact that we are still losing jobs at a record pace; so that they can destroy the economy of the Great American Empire and bring about their One World (Luciferic) Super 1984 Orwellian Nightmare Government.

  • Bastiat

    Sing it with me..

    GE…..We Bring Evil To Liiiiiife

  • Bastiat

    On a serious note, I’m willing to say what few will openly say. First though, I love your blog and would be honored to see what you think of what I put together at

    The United States bankrolled the complete destruction of the entire industrialized world in the 1940s. We lent Europe the money and we built the machines that completely leveled every single factory in Germany, France, England, Japan, Russia, China, Italy and many more. When it was over we then converted our war factories to cars and appliances and rebuilt the entire world. That and only that is how we got out of the great depression and expanded our economy to make our debt manageable.

    The US is left with only two choice going forward, another war that again wipes out industry all over the globe or economic collapse. Given that we have the weapons by far of any nation on the planet I think there is a good chance we don’t choose collapse. Our tax and regulatory system make us uncompetitive and our wealth and safety have made us lazy and indifferent.

    Americans have shown they will sacrifice and suffer when it comes to fighting a war they believe is just. I wish this weren’t true but denying reality doesn’t change it.

    You do a great job of waking people up and getting them to prepare. I hope it’s enough.

    • Michael

      Interesting site – how long has it been up?

      You should add the Google plus one button to your site. Google is trying to make it easier for people to be able to separate the quality articles from all of the spam on the Internet.

      I have incorporated the Google plus one button on this site now. Near the top of each article you will notice a blue “+1” button. If you click that button it will register your recommendation with Google. That way when people are searching on Google they will see that my articles have been recommended by more people than other articles have. It is a great way that Google has come up with to help separate the good stuff from the rest of the garbage on the Internet.


      • Highspeed

        Michael, I clicked the +1 button, but do not have a google account, Do I need to open an account?

        • Michael

          Yes, it takes a Google account to use the +1 button.

          But you need a Google account to do just about anything these days. In fact, Google is now requiring a Google account to post YouTube videos.

          Overall I don’t mind. I actually really like Gmail.

          Anything that is free I tend to like. 🙂


  • Patriot One

    Its simple just quit buying their products. If GE wants to build its business in China you don’t have to give them your money to ship to China too.

    We have got to get back to Made in the USA. These idiots in Washington think is complicated but its not. Its so simple I could fix the problems in a few words.

    Deregulate, Tort reform, Cut taxes, Abolish public sector unions, make right to work federal law and last, but not least term limits on all politicians.

    The politicians are the problem, how the hell can they be trusted to fix anything.

    If we just enforced insider trading laws on congress, most of them would be in jail.

    • bobbobbobbob

      see u in med school as a cadaver

    • Eagle Scout

      If you buy GE products, YOU are part of the problem.
      If you buy Toyota, Honda, Kia, BMW, Mercedes, etc., then YOU are part of the problem.
      If you buy Apple products, then YOU are part of the problem.
      If you purchase anything at Wally World, then YOU are part of the problem.
      Get my drift ?
      I personally cannot wait till it gets so bad that angry mobs go after these people who are traitors, purchasing this foreign crap.

      • German

        Hi, BMW produce in a US based factory cars. Mercedes is now building a big factory for produce cars in the US and create many jobs and educate the worker.

      • moses737

        Sorry EagleScout but these devils already know what is coming in the very near future. They have already hired their foreign mercenaries from other countries to squell the coming revolution. Because they have done their research 30 plus years ago and know that the American military will be relunctant to fire on other Americans; but not the Russians or Germans or Serbians or the other mid-European soldiers who actually hate Americans anyway.

    • Fed Up

      Patriot One–you forgot to add: Getting rid of all illegal immigrants.

    • moses737

      Yes Patriot but how many people do you know who will research and see what General Electric makes? Most people don’t even care. Until it is too late and their country self implodes and the banks are shut. And even then; they will have no idea what has happened. As they are blind lemmings that are running off a cliff!! And to make matters worse; without Jesus in their lives; they will panic and suffer in great dispair and without hope.

  • Ronnie

    America the jokes on you. Your CEOs and Banksters make millions in wages and bounces while honest to God, good old fashion Americans are thrown out of their jobs and HOMES.
    Wake up to yourselves and just say NO MORE!

    From downunder in Australia, it is as clear as a bell. Your Liberty Bell

    • moses737

      Sorry DownUnder but America has many millionaires; its the bilionaires and the International Banker/Illuminati trillionaires that are ruining our nation and yours too. You Aussies are being ruled by then now; and much more in the very near future; as you will be their beast chipped zombie slaves also. Unless you serve Jesus and reject their coming mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand. But those London Crown Banker/Illuminati devils who are ruling you guysl.

  • Matt

    I have witnessed first hand what these “free trade” agreements can do to a city in a rather short period of time being from Buffalo, Ny. It went from a vibrant city where a high school educated person could walk into a factory and obtain a good paying job, to a rundown, depressed, and crime ridden cesspool. These manufacturing jobs allowed many families to live the american dream that, unfortunately, is going the way of the dodo bird, extinct.

    It angers me when I talk to people that are misinformed when it come to what is really causing the demise of our manufacturing base. Many people I talk to attribute it to the unions getting too greedy. I always tell them if that were the case, then how come North Carolina, a right to work state, leads the United States in loss of manufacturing jobs since 2008.

    I wish more americans would wake up and demand our politicians get us out of these free trade agreements. If we dont, then I fear all of america will begin to resemble what Buffalo/Niagara Falls looks like now, Mogadishu. However, unfortunately, people in this country are concerned more about the NFL lockout than where has our manufacturing base gone.

    • DownWithLibs

      Is it even possible to get out of these trade agreements?

  • Otown Right Guy

    I hope this post will get some of the dyed-in-the-wool-Democrats here to realize that there is really no significant difference between the two major parties. “Two Wings of the Same Bird of Prey” as Pat Buchanan would say. Has Obama ended the wars? No, and he has added a new one in Libya. And here we see Obama, and his Democrat buddies at GE, have no problem shipping US jobs overseas. Remember it was Bill Clinton that signed NAFTA, and Al Gore helped to pass it too.

    • Benji K

      “Two cheeks of the same ass…..”

  • were is ross when we really need him.

  • dollar store nation

    offshoring is all about slave labor, it’ll carry you only so far, eventually your customer base dissapears, forcing a vicious circle of cut and cut to the bone. and when u can’t cut anymore, u cook the books to keep the perception of profitability alive, g e know’s that model all too well

  • Gary2

    Immelt is a douse bag and Obama was for having anything to do with him.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Progress is being made. Gary2 has admitted that two Democrats are d-bags and they are shipping US jobs overseas. With Democrats like that who needs Republicans, eh Gary2? Trouble is that ALL Democrats of any consequence are just like the Republicans – bought and paid for by NWO banksters and multinationals.

  • bobbobbobbob

    CHINA RULES u r fools

    • bobbobbobbob

      its always the same info without the facts!! Fact #1 u hate o care so die in the street.Fact #2 the blue dog dem and all the rebuplicanecorpterrorists support outsourcing. google “exporting us jobs with tax credits.”and dont forget to see what the white corporate terrorists think of u. google “walmart pesant insurance” u tpt’s are toothless and illerates but wait to your children die in the street and your welfare cards bounce due to the tea party

      • bobbobbobbob

        i just saw a story on the bbc that commie newsprogram that shown the comic abject poverty of people tenn. homeless thousands. do u think those professional terminators SOLDIERS AND MARINES will allow their children to starve to death 0r die without seeing a doctor I DONT THINK SO!!! beware amerika beware

  • We, as a nation, have followed Alice down the rabbit hole. It is completely crazy. personally I am with the Queen of Hearts…

  • Mel

    The only way stop the hemorrhaging of jobs out of US is to impose tariff or protectionism against unfair competing countries who have no labor law, environmental regulation, intellectual right protection and currency manipulation. It is crazy for US to give MFN status to China when the Chinese are imposing high tariff on a lot of American import classify as luxury good.

    I guess talk about “protectionism” in pursuit of bringing back manufacturing jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans is still TABOO topic #1.

    BOTH parties are wholly owned by big business and the campaign cash they are bribed with.

    I suspect most voters VOTED AGAINST what they saw as wrong-headed “solutions” that the Dems promoted, not so much that they saw salvation in Republicans. The Dems were given an opportunity to stand up for the average American citizen, and they FAILED, big time. We want an end to off-shoring of all of our manufacturing jobs; there’s already a trade war going on, Americans’ jobs have taken the full brunt of our losing strategies in “Free Trade” where corporations flee US wages for cheaper slave-wage labor overseas. Obama spoke of reopening our trade agreements when he was still just a candidate for President, with an eye towards bringing back the viability of US manufacturing and the jobs Americans once had there. Now, he is silent on the idea that trade agreements have been flawed, and worse, he is pushing NEW ONES.

    The Dems have frittered away precious time , given lip service to the millions of unemployed or under-employed American citizens desperate for work that will pay enough to support themselves (let alone a family), and still carry a torch for granting amnesty to the 12-20 million INVADERS (that many people sneaking into a neighboring country are NOT immigrants) while we don’t have enough jobs here now for true citizens.

    The only REAL solution to the massive unemployment we are seeing now has to include what never seems to be mentioned in talk about jobs creations in the USA: Tearing up our so-called Free Trade Agreements and Favored Nation Status with China, Mexico, etc, and then implementing new tariffs and trade policies that would make it unprofitable to import stuff not manufactured in the USA. MILLIONS of jobs have disappeared overseas because of cheaper labor and lax environmental regulation in places like China & Mexico. The standard line from the mainstream press seems always to be, “Those jobs are never coming back. Get over it and find some other way to create jobs in the USA.”

    Sorry, but NO! This evisceration of the USA’s manufacturing base was an incredibly short-sighted experiment that has gone on too long. Protectionism IS a national good when it keeps jobs and the ability to produce our own basic needs here within our own borders. National security depends upon it, and there really is NO other solution that will bring back jobs to the USA without instituting some harsher new trade laws that insist upon production being done HERE in the USA whenever possible. Cheaper labor costs overseas do NOT outweigh the need to keep jobs and manufacturing ability in the USA. Plenty of jobs ARE being created everyday, just not here in America.

    • Nostradamus

      For someone who wrote a long piece of trade you’re pretty ignorant of the basics. Let me elaborate:

      “It is crazy for US to give MFN status to China when the Chinese are imposing high tariff on a lot of American import classify as luxury good.”

      MFN status, an invention of the US Congress, is banned (illegal) under WTO rule. US is a member of the WTO and therefore must cancel MFN treatment for all countries. Either that or exit WTO.

      China joined the WTO some 17 years ago. All countries under WTO operate under the SAME trade rules. These rules are based on reciprocity – one country can do to another exactly the same what that country do in reverse. Preferential treatments are banned.

      Therefore the US is permitted to trade with China in exactly the same way China trade with US. Tariff is banned, unless approved by WTO executives.

      So the trade rules are the same and reciprocal. Between US and another other WTO member country. NAFTA is consistent with WTO rules and deal with matters beyond fundamental WTO rules.

      The difference is how US corporations chose to operate, and how Chinese business chose to operate. These are based on domestic business and government policies. For example, US executives chose to setup factories in China, build and import stuff back. But German executive chose not to. They prefer to invest in Germany for higher value products, while America prefer to make higher profits, now. America chose to outsource like mad, while Canada, a country with very similar business rules, has almost no outsourcing problem. US corporations are unique in the world of business where meeting Wall Street expectations of ever higher profits is the only thing that matters. So they act that way, and damn everything else.

      So it’s not the trade rules or deals. It’s how CEOs make their decisions.

      • Save the Republic

        It is the trade rules, because if it wasn’t legal, these greedy execs and board of directors of corporations wouldn’t be able to manufacture goods in another country and ship it back, now would they? You can call the trade rules whatever you want, whether the name is MFN status, NAFTA, or WTO, but the end result is still the same. The point is very simple, WE NEED OUT! Not only for jobs for working Americans, but also for our national security (being dependent on other countries for almost all of America’s needs makes us extremely vulnerable in numerous ways).

  • bobcat

    Immelt is continuing the work of Jack Welsh. It’s fitting that he heads Obama’s Jobs Council. Afterall, offshoring and outsourcing jobs has been the policy of the US government for the past 3 decades. Why not appoint somebody who knows how to do this? GE has certainly been a leader in this area.

    He and Jack Welsh fancy themselves as free marketeers when in fact GE was started and nurtured by the government interference in the market they now claim to oppose.

    I used to rail against shipping jobs overseas but I realized there’s no stopping it. The policy of outsourcing jobs abroad will run it’s course. The sooner the better. Let it fail fast.

  • Caterpillar Sets up Shop in Panama (03-17-2009)

    Illinois Legislature Approves 66% Tax Hike (01-12-2011)

    Panama Free Trade Pact Ready for Congress (04-19-2011)

    Guess where Caterpillar jobs are going?

  • Here are some of the lies and propaganda that Globalists are using to fool members of congress:

  • Nostradamus

    Nostradamus interviews Immelt:

    N: Ah, I hear business is good. You are meeting Wall Street expectations.

    I: Yes but I have to show real leadership to achieve this result.

    N: What kind of leadership?

    I: We are moving our entire business to China and India, division by division, factory, R&D, administration, everything. We move where the growth and profit is, where cost is least.

    N: Of course. But don’t you have any obligations to your home country?

    I: Of course we honor all of our obligations to the home country, to the maximum possible extent mandated by law.

    N: Maximum possible? How much is that?

    I: None.

    N: What about destination country, such as China.

    I: We must produce 1000 jobs for every $10 million we allowed to invest or I will be arrested for breach of contract and send to 10 year hard labor.

    N: It is not wise to fool wise government!

  • Ben Dover

    Which state will be first to refuse to be enslaved to the federal debt and just stop sending money to DC? What are they going to do, carpet bomb Dallas or San Francisco?

  • McKinley Morganfield

    DC is controlled by the multinational banks and corporations, and the big corrupt unions. The chairman of the Federal Reserve is always a graduate of an Ivy League university and many of our senators are likewise. This comprises the ruling class. Few members of congress are independent of the influence of these rulers. We are their serfs and some of us are their running dog lackeys.

    The debt/deficit ‘crisis’ is going according to plan: attach a a chain of deficits to the ball of debt to control the serfs. The problem with their plan is it will bring on a severe depression with unintended consequences beyond their control.

  • What a great coincidence, I do a weekly news cast and my episode this Friday was over GE and China offshores, check it out here. Great article as always Michael.


  • ScoutMotto

    One has to wonder what the feds are thinking. If they helped people keep their jobs, that would mean more revenue for them to steal from the public. The masters of the Congress are telling them that this is what they are to do – destroy the middle class, so that we can all be good servants to the Federal Reserve stockholders.

    • moses737

      No ScoutMotto what they want is to be smaller puppet masters of the Super Puppet Masters/International Banksters/Illuminati kingpins. That way; when America falls and is being totally ruled by the NWO; they too can rule us and be extremely wealthly like their Super Puppet Masters. While we will be their serfs and slaves and poor lemmings.

      As their grand finale will be to put their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in our forehead or hand. And according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, if you take it; you will be tormented 24/7, and without rest day or night, because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus Christ and have chosen Satan and his antichrist beast leader as your god and lord.

  • Alasha

    Thanks to you and David for sharing his story. We must – must alive have hope. The darkness time is just before dawn.
    (Psalm 37:10) . . .And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. 11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. New World Translation

  • Unicorn

    Hmmmm….where is all that scrap metal from Fukushima going?

  • InArizona

    Yep, we all played by the rules, we went to work, went to school, went to church. Got married, Bought our house, had children… and then WHAMO! Just like that, it was all gone.

    We do not use the govt cheese yet, but we are teetering on the precipice. I look at the edge each day and wonder when it will happen? When will we fall off into that deep chasm? Soon, I expect, very soon.

    The only advice I can offer is to, Keep your head held high, start a bartering system with your neighbors, anything to secure food and necessities for you family. We currently participate in bountiful baskets, it is a food co-op and relatively inexpensive ($15 bucks a week, and you don’t have to participate each week, only when you want to) you can find them on the internet for most western states.

    Oh, and my spouse got another job whose main buyer is… you guessed it.. IN CHINA! This part will really get you… They cannot get a multi-million dollar machine out of customs into China because ONE of the bolts used was not labeled correctly.. as per being MADE in CHINA! Yep! China will NOT allow anything through customs unless it was MADE in CHINA!

    Wonder why china is winning?

  • Erin

    So what is going to happen next?

    Free Trade will end. Nations with large trade balance deficits usually end up raising import tariffs. The US is in a unique position with the dollar as the world reserve currency. This unique position means that the US can dig itself into a really big deep hole. But once the rest of the world rejects the dollar as a reserve currency, the only way the US will be able to import products will be to increase exports and/or raise protectionist barriers.

    • bobbobbobbob

      us loans r in us dollars therefore they can pay off the loans by printing a little more dollars.
      if the dollar was rejected as the reserve there will be less reason to ship jobs out. u have it backwards.

  • Steve

    Of course, do you think he’s stupid….and being the Emperor’s best buddy GE didn’t pay any taxes last year. What’s not to like?

  • Steve

    The deindustrialization of America has been a deathnell for the Republic…but with our workers making fifty dollars per hour and the Chinese worker making fifty dollars a week, how can we expect anything else… why not make things in the country of a billion potential customers.

    • bobbobbobbob

      the adv chinese makes 2300 per yr and which union worker u know makes 50 per hr?

  • Davey Jones

    I would expect nothing less from the vultures in this administration, or the next administration that is selected for the nuvofeudalist victims of debt based grand larceny and incentive driven political malfeasance-that really should have it’s own awards show and ceremonies since it is paraded and done in the complete wide open.

    You may think I am being a bit sarcastic on that last point but being a victim of the agendas of putrid elitist plutocratic scum can replace irony, humor and sarcasm with jaded indifference.

    Not that I will react benevolently whilst a technocratic, fascist, thug based police state is implemented to protect the most vile of the bankster and political oligarchs. I cannot make any promises either way.

    But I honestly cannot hide nor ignore my great disdain for those that cross breed human, animal, insect and plant DNA, ON OUR DIME, RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES; with plans that are so secret many of their own highest level members are unawares.

    It’s one thing to rip me off, and everyone I know; but it’s an entirely other level of malevolent and insidious criminal behavior to splice parahuman chimeras, release them and experiment on them for the not so innocuous but very much deviant and nefarious agenda of those who not only devalue human life but speak occasionally on curtailing it altogether.

    That is truly the greatest threat to humanity, not default, pension theft, copper theft, kidnappings or no more Discovery Cruise lines

    They are messing with things that I do not have the space or the time to explain here. But I consider the collective nature of these actions to be grotesque and overtly threatening of everything we may ever have in the future(current corruption and money master agendas for the vertical integration of power into the hands of a few aside).

    Join me in despising the sick twisted ‘Frankenstein’ genetic manipulations and creations that take us ever closer to our ultimate doom.

  • John B.

    GE and other corporations are moving operations overseas simply because the US is no longer a welcome place to do business. Too many unions, government regulations, and lawsuits have forced businesses out of the country.

    Interestingly, the same people (the Democrats), that have chased away our manufacturing sector, are all too happy to print an endless supply of money. And hand it out to whomever applies. This policy is as equally destructive.

    Talk to a liberal long enough, and you will discover that they hate US prosperity above all else. It’s no wonder they want to destroy it, and are succeeding.

    • Save the Republic

      It’s funny how people are always saying companies are moving operations out of the country because of government regulations. Why is it that the corporations that feel they have to move their operations outside of the US due to “oppressive government regulations” are the same corporations that fund the election of the politicians that create the regulations? If you look at it in this way, I think you have no choice but to realize this is a self-defeating argument. Let’s stop kidding ourselves…the people running the corporations want to put more money in their pocket by not having to pay decent wages/benefits to their workers, plain and simple.

  • Paul

    Stop whining.

    Create your own business and employ Americans.

    • josh


  • Paul

    Replacement lights from China?

    Why switch on the light in the office?
    Open the curtains and let the sunshine in, it’s free.

    Get mirrors and lenses and light tubes and get the sunshine deep into the building. Use your imagination and innovation to create new things, and reduce operating costs for everyone.

    Take a loan and use it for investment, then pay it off through savings in operating costs;
    instead of taking a loan and squander it for consumption, never being able to pay it back, forever remaining in debt.

    Use your brain to be creative in creation, not for being creative in deception and fraud.

  • mtro

    remember dylan’s ‘union sundown’, ‘sundown on the union and what’s made in the usa, sure was a good idea, till we got in the way’…well, going by the release date of the song it’s been thirty years since the sun has gone down on american dream, meaning it may take many more for the country to regrow what it has lost, if not forever, since america has also lost the capacity to produce goods cheaply and efficently for the world market. Thus in the end, one could say that the great american expansion that began with the era of good feelings (1800) has now come to an end, and with it will come a decline of living standards, pride and democracy..

    • Otown Right Guy

      No, not “’til we got in the way”. it actually goes “’til GREED got in the way”. The greed was on the part of the politicians and their evil twin big business execs. But also on lazy union bums, some of which post on this site.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Another great and propheticlyric from that song.

      I can see the day coming when even your home garden

      Is gonna be against the law

      Sounded crazy at the time. But not now!

    • bobbobbobbob

      good analysis but u forget u r paying for the shipping out of jobs because business gets a tax credit from the irs (YOU) to outsource and every rebuplicanterrorist has recently voted to continue this.also every canadian italian swiss french sweed japanese has med dont and most have dental also. DO YOU KMOW WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TAX CREDIT AND A PAYMENT? i dont think so. i hope u know what a tax credit is because you pay for that credit

      • Otown Right Guy

        I have PRIVATE medical insurance, although thanks to Obamacare, the premium went up $100/month!

        I DO NOT have dental insurance because that is just stupid and unnecessary. I prefer to cover those costs out of pocket and do comparison shopping, as everyone should, for any good or service.

  • Sycophants & Quislings All Around

    Immelt has sold the U.S.A. out just like G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W.Bush and Obama.

    It’s All Over but the Cryin’ Baby–Learn Mandarin or Get a Randy Weaver Home in the Idaho Mountains.


    Sorry Max, but you’ve been spotted.

    The Constitution is just fine as-is,the real problem being the fact that it has been trampled upon for the last 100 years by the Progressives.

    Nice to know you and your group THINK you are smarter than the Founding Fathers, but unless you are Solomon incarnate, I beg to differ.

  • PatriotRider

    Meanwhile in Beijing…the Chinese leadership is laughing their asses off at how utterly stupid the Americans are while we hollow out our country’s manufacturing base and transfer our technology to them for free…


    Mad Max,

    Remember Max, this is not Greece. The Asylum States of Amerika federal gov’t has no qualms with unleashing the full brutal power of its various goon squads to suppress any
    “rebellion”. Just ask Randy Weaver or any surviving Branch Davidian members in Waco Texas………..

  • shypuffadder

    I played by the rules too. Good model of an American citizen working hard every day, sacrificing, saving and trying to help others. Then this government robbed me and kicked me into the garbage dump. Faithful, devoted citizen no more. I’m going to do a “George Costanza” and be the complete opposite. This government (not “our” government)is terrified of terrorists and throwing great amounts of money at the problem, while simultaneously creating more terrorists every day. Who told these congress bleacher creatures that all Americans are quite stupid? By the way, have you heard some of these creatures speak? Oh boy!

    • Otown Right Guy

      “Who told these congress bleacher creatures that all Americans are quite stupid?”

      Well a lot of people elected them, so there must be a lot of stupid people out there.

  • nuf

    If you will do nothing while your country – the once great America – is being dismantled and deconstructed before your very eyes, then at least have the good grace to leave now – you will not be disturbed: shuffle off the stage in disgrace & ignominy – you were called and found wanting, your time is done.

    • Highspeed

      What are you doing? just asking.

  • Mark

    We used to think of companies like GE as American. This has not been the case for a long time. We taxpayers are on the hook for a lot of dollars of debt in support of these compainies. We have spent a lot of treasure being the policeman of the world in support of companies like GE. They get tax subsidies from us and send jobs for lower wages elseware. We can only blame ourselves for the fix we are in. We elect to congress the same people that grant favors to global corporations. As consumers, we buy the lowest cost product. We have it in our power to change this situation. It would require us to buy american made products only. This needs to be a voluntary movement, not forced by the government. Our lifestyles would change as the cost of products would rise with our higher wages. We would have fewer choices of products. Would you pay more for a product if it was made in America? We can help lower the cost of producing products here by reducing red tape and regulations here at home. We would need to shrink the government to do this. We can force the government to shrink by having fewer dollars go to Washington DC. We need freedom to create more jobs here. Obama and many in Washington just keep throwing more rules and paperwork at us. Obamacare is a huge example of this problem. Europe is in a mess and we do not need to bring their system of socialism here. We need to follow the plan set out by our Founding Fathers of small government. More freedom allows for more creativity.

  • It’s Andrew Williams from GE.

    There have been some inaccurate reports about GE Healthcare’s X-Ray Division this week. On Monday, the Company announced that it would move 4 executives to China to lead the development of specific products for use in China. GE is the second largest exporter in the United States and China is a growing market. Having a presence in growing markets is critical for GE and the United States as we look for ways to remain competitive and create jobs at home.

    A GE announcement on Wednesday is a great example. GE said it will build a manufacturing plant in Mississippi that will create 250 high tech jobs. The new 300,000 square foot plant will manufacture composite components for aircraft engines and systems that will be used all over the world.

    Over the past 18 months, GE has committed to investing hundreds of millions of dollars to create more than 7,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

    Learn more here:

    • Michael

      I will certainly applaud once we do see those 7,000 manufacturing jobs actually materialize inside the United States.

      However, as we we have seen over and over in the past, corporate “promises” are not often worth the paper they are printed on.

      But let’s take you are your word that we will see those 7,000 jobs. That means that you still have about 27,000 more to go until we are back to 2001 levels.


    • 99er

      As a GE employee you dutifully try to protect what you have by correcting an inaccuracy and defending your company by pointing to GE’s meager recent hiring. Those new jobs (likely viewed by the corporation as a necessary evil) probably could not be sourced elsewhere due to national security or other prohibitive restrictions. Of course your defense sounds ridiculous to anyone aware of the ratio of job loss to job creation but, nevertheless, you try to put a positive face on your federally tax exempt employer. I’m sure the company’s ex-workers would also like the chance to defend their employer if they still had one.
      When you decide that the millions upon millions of light bulbs and appliances GE makes can withstand the few cent reduction in margin that would bring back tens of thousands of American jobs you’ll have something to say that’s worth listening to.



  • Who wants to know?

    Pray to God that he provides and have ***faith*** in Him. He is all we need because the fact of the matter is, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    Check out youtube TheForeRunner777 and KijaniAmariAK and KijaniAmariAKREBORN (first acct was hacked) for awesome messages to understand the Bible and how it applies in today’s world with so many distractions from Yeshua/Jesus. Peace be with you all

  • Just me

    Where do we go from here, the roller coaster has been climbing one click at a time click click click. The higher we go the further down the other side we will go. The debt limit is a smoke screen they will raise the limit like always click click, only this time they will introduce austerity. After all somebody has to pay back all the money that has been squandered or stolen. But what to do at a family level? Times are going to get tough but life will go on. Take what money you have and buy the things you will need while they are affordable. Toilet paper, soap, storable food, tooth paste etc. Things you will buy anyway. Jobs are not secure so try and set up multiple streams of income so it you loose one you have others. Like what you may ask? Check out eFoods Global you can set up an income stream and accumulate your storable food. Good luck and God bless.

  • Fabian

    Whilst studying taxes at UCLA, we were located for a while in the Electrical Engineering building. I spent 6 months there. During this time the proportion of students was; Asiatics 75%, Caucasians 25%. No African American, no Latino. Our society doesn’t support this type of career so this type of jobs will leave because there is no new talent in the US to feed the growth. It’s a vicious circle that shows an apogee. Smart kids go into business because there is more money to be made in sales than in production. Just remember the pre-crisis mantra; let them work, we’ll do the thinking. GE is just going where it can find the talent it needs, no need to cry patriotism and to call the Marines.

  • I read a great deal of puffing and huffing about booting the system of incompetents out and taking control. Yes- words, just words-No action. Where are the pitchfork demonstrations? Who is going to take control?We keep electing the same bunch over and over again..

    It all boils down to the old comment, “Let them eat cake”. When the people understand that comment maybe they will react by shutting off the XBox and taking to the street.


  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin

    MSNBC is proud to announce
    Reverend Al Sharpton profits

    GE: September 11 operation must not leak, ever!

  • DownWithLibs

    Ok, I’m hearing that Moody’s has warned us that if we do not cut the budget by $4 Billion, we will get our credit rating lowered. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • Benji K

      Yep, the credit agencies are stepping in and advising the U.S. to cut 4 TRILLION over the next ten years or they may be forced to lower our credit rating, no matter what kind of deal they come up with in Washington.

    • John B.

      It’s $4 trillion, not $4 billion.

      And it’s interesing that the liberal media have been able to spin the rating agencies’ concern over the debt, to the rating agencies’ concern over the debt ceiling not being raised. lol

      Right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook…

      • DownWithLibs

        Well, a Billion seems like a HUGE number to me, but, yes, your right – should have read Trillion!!!

    • Mark

      The dopes in washington are just talking about slowing down the growth rate of spending. They are not cutting spending. For real cuts, you need to cut spending this year and more each year in the future. If the budgit stays the same from one year to the next such as a freeze,this is considered a cut in washington terms. To you and I this is considered not getting a raise.

  • Look on the bright side – you can always get a job as a Pinkerton man.

  • Imaplaneiac

    I bought two Desk Trays at China-Mart( formerly Wal-Mart) that are actually ” Made In America “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, RARELY do I find any articles that I need at China-Mart, China Depot ( formerly Home Depot) or China-Lowes – the same applies to Target – that are made in America!? These are the main stores that I shop at – but I’m speculating that other readers / bloggers of this web site likely have the same findings at other stores / shops in which they make purchases. I’d be interested to read their findings … to confirm my speculation!

    • Michelle

      Recently I had the chore of buying eight gifts (4 for females and 4 for males) for some hosts. The stipulation was, the gifts could not be Made in China. My initial thought was, ok, this won’t be too hard, I should be able to find something fairly easily. Wrong………

      I spent an entire day going from store to store to store before I finally found something decent at an obscure specialty store and had to spend more than I expected to. It was an eye opening experience. Nothing and I do mean nothing is made in the US anymore. And people wonder where all of the jobs have gone to…………

    • bobbobbobbob

      u r a cool cat and i will incorporate your sayings in my sayings ie chinamart chinadepot chinatarget and chinalowes

    • mondobeyondo

      Much of the garbage at China-Mart and China Depot seems to be made to break in a few weeks or months, and then you’re back in their store to buy another similar item!

      China’s learned a lot of things from us, but one thing they forgot is the old Zenith TV phrase, “The quality goes in before the name goes on”.

      • Save the Republic

        I’m sure this has been done by design. First, China produces same quality products at slave-labor wages for American corporations, giving corporations huge profits in labor costs. Then, when they have dominated the market, they start making the same products like garbage, thereby increasing profits by using cheap materials, and also guaranteeing future profits from increased sales (due to frequent breakage), all to enrich the salivating, greedy executives. My newest mantras concerning these corporations: If you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it. If you do, buy American if you can, and if you can’t, try and find it at a yard sale. Something used from years ago will probably outlast something new from the store today, and you will help cut off the money flow to the greedy elites that do nothing for any of us anyway.

  • David

    Once again, Thank you Michael for fighting the good fight.

    Here we are a generation of people who have done the “right thing”. We did as we were told, we worked hard, paid attention, accepted the “truths” that were handed down to us. We followed were we were led, only to find that the road led to a slaughterhouse, not a mansion.

    We bought it all. Gen X, Gen Y and Millenials. Like some perverted JCrew catalog, we handed over our credit card, and went nuts. Houses, cars, the coolest clothes and all we had to do was be smart. Sure, not a problem. We lined up like all the good children are supposed to, and signed on. It is only now that we realize that they had no loyalty to us at all.

    I understand that a truly free society does not guarantee equality of outcomes, just the equality of opportunity, but we don’t even have that anymore. How can you have an equal opportunity if the moment you emerge from college, you are sinking under a huge debt? And then in order to stay competitive, you need to assume more debt, to acquire more “education”. Of course what they don’t tell you is that after all this education, you are still not competitive because they can find some one else in India or China, smarter, harder working, and at a lower cost. And those who can find work, have to sacrifice any sort of family life because they need us to “come in a little on the weekends, just to help out” We are more productive than we have ever been in human history, but we never take vacations, we are jacked in 24/7/365. Cell phones, blackberries, we can be reached any time day or night. Mr. Immelt could not build an X-Ray machine nor a light bulb if his own dear mother’s life depended on it. He is a paper pushing desk jockey of the first order. He is a pile-it. He take paper from one pile and piles it on another. He has never once in his life taken anything apart for a living. He only produces the one thing, paper. Worthless, meaningless, paper.

    Yes, I got sick and it is not my fault. I do not blame anyone, but I just want a chance. I just want to wake up, and know…with a vicious certainty, that I do not have to be afraid anymore. I don’t want to be afraid of not being able to pay my way, to take care of my familial obligations. I want to know that my children’ education is covered; not their indoctrination, but their education. I want to know that if I do die before I wake that they will not be wage slaves, their fates determined by shadowy, mendacious power brokers, ensconced in inscrutable seats of power, but free men, able to choose their destinies in a world ruled by reason, not by greed.

    • The time to be afraid is PAST. The time to be ANGRY AND OUTRAGED is NOW.

    • Highspeed

      Sorry David , but no one guarantee you any of that. That’s life and life ain’t always fair. Unlike you I didn’t buy into the whole live the dream on credit scheme. I have therefore never had a lot of things and shiny new stuff, but, at least I own my home and truck. I have always been able to find work and still can with a little effort. I grow my own food and encourage you to do so as well. Even if you don’t own land you can find a spot somewhere to grow something. Create a job, but do not succomb to depression and become another one of the zombies who give up and become totally dependant on their government who sold them out. Be your own man. Stand tall even though you may want to fall down and cry. Teach your children at home, public school is a cesspool anyway. Make no excuses, push yourself farther than you think you can go, and you will survive and maybe even more. Just don’t give up.

    • bobbobbobbob

      im sorry u r sick i hope you get better–dont forget to brush your teeth and eat wholesome food. lentils are still affordable an so are eggs. im wishing you the best

  • This is coming on the heels of rural populations moving to the city, looking for work. Good luck, guys, you’ll need it.

    Visit the Leibowitz Society at for some more commentary on population shifts in modern America.

    • moses737

      Whats going to happen next is that America will probably fall into a total financial collaspe between September 2011 to September of 2012. And there will be rioting in the streets when they close the banks and take all of our money. And then tell us that we must have a new economic system and a new world currency for the solution of a problem that they have created. And then they will enslave the whole planet under their Super Orwellian 1984 Prison Planet. Hopefully, you know Jesus when all of these things happen; or you will panic and be doomed.

  • Imaplaneiac

    I purchased the Desk Tray sets … YESTERDAY – which I omitted in my prior post.

  • Donald Wilson

    Max you are 100% correct. It’s time to rid this country of the
    liars and, cheating politicos. The
    system is corrupt to the very core. Politicos receiving gifts
    from lobbyists etc.. Time to clean house. Good luck.

    • moses737

      Sorry Donald but we should have cleaned house in the 1980’s. And when Americans elected Bill Clinton; that was the beginning of the end. And then Bush was surprisingly a worst NWO puppet than Clinton was, which baffled me to no end. And now; Obama is finishing us off. And soon; America will be no more. And then; their One World (Luciferic) Government will rule the nations. And they will try to make us take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip that is spoken of in Revelation 13 and 14:9-11.

  • Its just the banksters way of paying back china.

    Well at least they don’t have to use any of their money!

    • moses737

      Sorry Sheila but it is the Illuminati/banksters way of collasping the economy of the Great American Empire and shrinking and destroying the middle class, that needs those jobs very badly. And many people will do anything to feed their families; even if it means to serve Satan and his antichrist beast leader. And they know it. So I hope you know Jesus and don’t let them steal your eternal soul!!

  • Since months we try to open the eyes of our customers! We offer them to get a Shirt: “I’m proud to wearAmerican” for FREE when they drop off a piece of clothing “Made in China” ! Feedback: ZERO ! They don’t get it!
    They still buy all that s**t “Made in Somewhere”, even “Patriotic” items “Made in China” !


  • Kevin Beck

    Does anyone remember John Holdren? This was the bozo that Obama put in charge of United States’ industrial policy. He has been widely quoted as saying that America needs to be de-industrialized. Not that this problem started with the Obama administration, but these three doofuses (or is it, doofi) are being major roadblocks to our nation’s survival.

    And if you want three more names, try Ken Salazar, Lisa Jackson, and the nincompoop that is on top of the NLRB.

  • Gil

    I would like to ask every American to look in their houses and in their garage and see how many foregein manufactured material they have in their homes. They will find furniture, tools, automobiles, food, appliances, and just about anything else you can think of. Many American houses were built with illegal alien labor, foreign materials, supplies, and tools. Look at the internet , television, Ipones and they are cluttered with foreign made product advertisement. Then I would like to ask them if they thaught about the jobs they were sending overseas when they purchased the products. I have purchased foregein product and I did not ask myself this question. Why? Probably because I didn’t want to, probably because it was the only thing I could afford, probably because at the time I didn’t feel that it was unpatriotic to do so, Probably because I didn’t want to think about the children assembling the product under slave conditions, or maybe there are so many Americans doing it that I too have become cynically irresponsible. Whatever it is, it is wrong, unconscious, and ignorant. That is exactly what Jeffrey Fmmelt and many other cynical CEO’s and politicians rely on. Our ignorance and our own cynicism. How can we demand that the politicians and business leaders be responsible when we are not. The one thing that I have always bougt American, or so they say, is automobiles, I bought a truck from chevrolet and it was supposed to be a 2007 truck but it turned out that it was a 2006 left over truck that chevrolet just gave a new name and re-registered it as a 2007. The workmanship is lousy, and the truck is expensive for the quality. I will however keep buying American vehicles, and I will try to buy American products even with lousy sales tactics and even with low quality simply because that keeps Americans working. I just wish that more Americans took more pride in what they do, do the right thing regardless of the consequences. I wished that they would get out of their safety zone and downgrade their living standards as necessary to get America back on the right track. Many Americans are living a lifestyle way beyond what they can afford. Take a look at Washington and the circus that all the politicians are clowning in. The politicians the CEO,s, the banks, and wall street are not going to save us, they are not even going to try. They are too cynical they are smart enough to know that the country is and has been in a non-sustainable path for a long time, but they don’t care. They are all setting themselves up in other counties so that they can just move. Kind of like when you yourself just move out of a bad neighborhood. It’s up to us the average American to take control of our own lives and become independent of government and corporations. I believe that we know deep inside of us just what needs to be done, We have to gather our courage, bring it out and get it done.

    • bobbobbobbob

      the milk is spilt

      • aint comin back

        The barn door was left open, the horses are gone,
        don’t bother closing the gate now, cause they ain’t coming back.

    • Davide

      Very well said Gil. I have looked around and there is way too much foreign crap in my house to include my auto. For starters, I won’t be buying anything made by a foreign corporation, i.e., Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony et al…

      American products are not what they should be but in time, they could be once again. Our country has been reduced to a joke…all of our jobs are overseas and yes, the politicians haven’t helped but neither have we by making junky products that over time, even we wouldn’t want to buy…this needs to change.

      The bankers and politicians are only going to save themselves.

      Wake up everyone…if you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem!

    • moses737

      What you are saying is true Gil. But one very important thing that you left out. It is the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins who are deliberately shipping our jobs overseas by buying out our politicians and making them vote yes on NAFTA and GATT; which allows American corporations to go overseas; so that we will have a whole lot of fewer jobs in America. And this is done to destroy our economy and eventually; crash our economy. And then they will have a bigger excuse to leave altogehter. Why? In order for those mentioned above to rule the whole world; America must fall. Because we are the last bastion of freedom; but not for long. Satans people are going to rule the world; until Jesus and His mighty angels from heaven invades the whole Earth and defeat them; after He has sent His plagues from the Book of Revelation to pour out His mighty punishments first; then they will weep and wail and lament for killing 6 billion plus, people.

    • Attila77

      0, just finished a new home, with exception to one faucet made in Mexico its 100% American products. Even all the furniture, rugs, stoves, even our grill, we just don’t buy Chinese mainly because its a waste of good money, JUNK.

    • Darien

      I go out of my way to buy products made in America by American owned companies. I am willing to pay more for these goods because I realize that its in my best interest in the long run and foreign workers pay ZERO U.S. taxes.
      Be conscious of this and you will find a decent amount of US made, US factory owned products:
      Tires, autoparts, hand tools, food stuffs, firearms and others. The Ford Focus has the most US content with certain engine, transmission and assembly combinations all made in the USA.
      Unfortunately, entire sectors of consumer goods are totally GONE – electronics, toys, entertainment goods, many forms of clothing, shoes, power tools, etc.
      If you support US manufacturing, you support yourself.

  • Stick

    Let’s look at the normal person whose car has just broken down. Does he go to the most expensive person and ask him to fix it or does he try to find a lower cost alternative? I would assume he’s trying to save money and goes to the lower priced guy. Is this not what our corporations are doing? If they, GE, Exxon, Walmart, Ford (insert your favorite company name here), have to pay what amounts to $50-$75/hr or more to have work done that they can have done overseas for less than a third, shouldn’t they do it?

    How many people in our country feel they are entitled to work and expect to be paid to do little to nothing?

    How many union folks, some good friends of mine, do we need to pay to sit in an office and look at a wall because the bosses “negotiated” work for them? I don’t blame union employees for what they get, they work like most people do, but the bosses who sit back and collect fat salaries for their “efforts” are the ones driving jobs overseas. The boss says, “look at this contract I got for you all, guaranteed work!”. But if there is no work, or you are pricing yourself out of work, how is that a good contract? Eventually, the work goes elsewhere.

    There is no end to the drivel I could spill upon you, thoughts on inflation, money printing, half the country not paying taxes and yet wanting more benefits, endless money printing…. Where does it end? When politicians decide to not cover their own backsides and do what is best for the country, then meaningful change has a chance to happen. But again, what politician is going to say, “let’s scrap the current income tax model and go with a national sales tax”? Looking at the half of the country currently not paying taxes, saying such a thing is political suicide. It won’t pass and will never happen, although it would be the best thing for our country.

  • H L Mencken said it best. I think it’s about time to “hoist the jolly roger”

  • GCS

    I did not pack up my stuff and permanently leave Amerika 2004 because of the economy because the collapse had not started yet.

    I left because of the ridiculous ways the American People are treated by the Government since post 911 and the loss of Amerika to the corrupt scoundrels introducing unconstitutional (illegal) laws and policies that are named exactly the opposite of what they really are i.e. un-patriot act (not a damn thing in it patriotic) etc.

    I found the American idea – Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All in many other places though, and have chosen to forever banish the parasite, corrupt, sickening Amerikan Politicians, In-Justice system (in the United police States of Amerika justice is only for those whom can afford it), Department of Homeland Insecurity, and Terrorist Security Administration from my life forever.

    As the economy collapses so will the Military Domination and interference in other countries affairs which spawns the terrorists and the strong arming of other governments with moiney that is worthless.

    Sad but true the UPSA will be just another banana republic.

    To those politicians and those in charge whom have committed this treasonous destruction of what was America – good riddance.

    and by the way if I find you creeping around my home I will legally blow you back to hell where you belong.


      You get the government that you elect. Both wings of the war party, (Democrats and Republicans) are going to give you nothing else but the following four policy pillars:

      Foreign Policy – War, War, and more War in addition to using the goon squads CIA, DEA, BATF, FBI, to meddle in the affairs of other nations (think operation “Fast and Furious” running guns to Mexican drug lords and murderers)

      Domestic Policy – Job Outsourcing disguised as “free trade”, Bank Bailouts for Wall Street, and Obama’s other operation “Fast and Furious” assembly line of neverending unemployment check writing and Food Stamp Debit Card processing……………

      For as long as the asylumite voters in the Asylum States of Amerika (A.S.A.) continue to vote for the two wings of the war party, then they are getting exactly what they deserve in terms of policy.

  • Our country is being gutted in the name of globalism. Welcome to the New World Order hope you like. The time will be way to late before enough Americans wake up to the robbery. I guess Ross Perot wasn’t so stupid after all.

    Ron Paul 2012 He’s our last best chance …

    • moses737

      Exactly Captain Woodrow. Ross Perot was a very good man and would have been a great President. But the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins were not going to have it. They are about 10,000 times richer than Ross Perot; and the warned him that they had their man already prepared, William Jefferson Clinton would be our next President. And he was. This was actually their first Dictator/President. And Bush was their best Dictator/Puppet President. And President Obama has been brought forth to finish us off.

      And as for Ron Paul; true, he is our only hope; but how long will he last? Kennedy only lasted 3 years before they assasinated the 3rd greatest President in American history. But in hell will they be weeping and wailing and agonizing for their billions of deaths and wars and genocides and revolutions.

  • Gil

    I would like to ask every American to look in their houses and in their garage and see how many foreign manufactured material they have in their homes. They will find furniture, tools, automobiles, food, appliances, and just about anything else you can think of. Many American houses were built with illegal alien labor, foreign materials, supplies, and tools. Look at the internet , television, Ipones and they are cluttered with foreign made product advertisement. Then I would like to ask them if they thought about the jobs they were sending overseas when they purchased the products. I have purchased foreign product and I did not ask myself this question. Why? Probably because I didn’t want to, probably because it was the only thing I could afford, probably because at the time I didn’t feel that it was unpatriotic to do so, Probably because I didn’t want to think about the children assembling the product under slave conditions, or maybe there are so many Americans doing it that I too have become cynically irresponsible. Whatever it is, it is wrong, unconscious, and ignorant. That is exactly what Jeffrey Immelt and many other cynical CEO’s and politicians rely on. Our ignorance and our own cynicism. How can we demand that the politicians and business leaders be responsible when we are not. The one thing that I have always bought American, or so they say, is automobiles, I bought a truck from chevrolet and it was supposed to be a 2007 truck but it turned out that it was a 2006 left over truck that chevrolet just gave a new name and re-registered it as a 2007. The workmanship is lousy, and the truck is expensive for the quality. I will however keep buying American vehicles, and I will try to buy American products even with lousy sales tactics and even with low quality simply because that keeps Americans working. I just wish that more Americans took more pride in what they do, do the right thing regardless of the consequences. I wished that they would get out of their safety zone and downgrade their living standards as necessary to get America back on the right track. Many Americans are living a lifestyle way beyond what they can afford. Take a look at Washington and the circus that all the politicians are clowning in. The politicians the CEO,s, the banks, and wall street are not going to save us, they are not even going to try. They are too cynical they are smart enough to know that the country is and has been in a non-sustainable path for a long time, but they don’t care. They are all setting themselves up in other counties so that they can just move. Kind of like when you yourself just move out of a bad neighborhood. It’s up to us the average American to take control of our own lives and become independent of government and corporations. I believe that we know deep inside of us just what needs to be done, We have to gather our courage, bring it out and get it done.

    • Tel

      Interesting story you have, I’ll say there’s a Japanese car in my driveway (Toyota Corrola, nearly 10 years old, still in excellent condition) and it’s nothing fancy but it’s been very very reliable, and it gets sent to the local Toyota-approved service center and it gets genuine Japanese parts.

      Am I bothered that I’m not helping local guys get jobs? Well to some extent I am bothered, but on the other hand, if some guys in Japan want to work hard and make a good quality car, don’t they deserve a reward for that? If I keep paying money for crap, then they guy serving me crap every day will never learn, and I’ll get worse and worse crap until I can’t take it any more. Why should I hate the Japanese? I’ve met a few Japanese and they were very trustworthy people.

      I believe that a free market can work, and part of that process is buying the best value products you can buy, wherever they come from. When I work my job I expect that people are depending on me to deliver quality, and I’m not there asking for charity or expecting other people to pull their weight instead of me.

      By the way, I also have an American Weber BBQ (the traditional Charcoal burner), and it’s well made and it cooks a great meal. I’ve never regretted paying a little bit extra for it, because it’s a quality product. I don’t mind parting with a bit of money when I see I’m getting something in return.

  • DeathSpiral

    Repeal NAFTA and all of those other wicked trade agreements.

    Re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act.

    Re-instate Tariffs and Income Tax Rates to 1960 levels.

    A few other tweaks and changes but this boat would start turning around quickly!

    • Davide

      Yes, tariffs and import taxes on foreign corporations goods….In Asia, you will pay almost three times the cost for a bimmer or merc due to the import tax on it.

      Baiscally, domestic made goods have protection in place. Wanna buy a swiss watch in Asia? You will pay extra for it.

      Same thing needs to happen in the US. Wanna buy a Merc or Bimmer that doesn’t have 100% “made in america” on it (think X5 made in South Carolina) than it should be taxed at 100%. That is how most american cars are taxed throughout Asia!

      Who in Washington is getting kickbacks from these foreign auto companies for not instituting import tariffs on these luxury vehicles?

    • Gary2

      Re-instate Tariffs and Income Tax Rates to 1960 levels.

      Yes that’s correct tax the rich HARD and spread the wealth.

      More and more Americans-over 80% agree with me—-tax the rich!!!

      This is not my opinion but the facts. Google for your self. You all know I am correct it is just your false pride preventing you from saying I am correct.

  • Rich


  • Random

    Its not just Immelt. All of the CEOS who make up Obama’s “economic advisory council” have cut jobs in the U.S. …American Express, Dupont, Boeing, Intel, etc.

    During the recession Citigroup laid off an astonishing 50,000 workers! And took $45 bililon in taxpayer dollars!

    Apparently the advice Obama has been getting is how to kill jobs – not create them.

  • Who’s Laughing Now?

    Remember that funny Ross Perot guy?

  • Randy

    I grew up in a poor but proud working class family. Lots of times there wasn’t enough food to eat in the house. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW2. One was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. They finished their lives as proud working class people purchasing Chevrolets and supporting America.

    I was always told to get an education. After serving a stint in the military, I worked my way through 4 years of college to get my degree while supporting a wife and two kids. I was rewarded for a time by acheiving better and better jobs and experience. Just a few short years ago I had a nice house and two new vehicles.

    Since then, my life has come crashing down all around be. I acknowledge and realize I have made some poor decisions in my life as we all do, however, in a normal world, I would have been easily able to rally back. That has not been the case

    After losing my near six figure position at a really good company I assumed it would be easy for me to hop back into a position quick with my credentials as I have done in the past. Not so. After years of struggling and attempts to start some businesses, I am now utterly destitue.

    I have lost almost all worldy posessions. I am now living in a travel trailer. a few days ago, I was wondering where I was going to get enough money to eat some food. I am working seven days a week now. I work weekdays in an office where my pay directly depends on whether I bring in business. Unfortunately in my industry this is spotty at best. On weekends I am now working up to 14 hours a day doing deliveries for a service company. Not the life I ever expected to end up in. I am middle aged now and expect the next 40 years of my life is going to be a lot worse than the first 40. No prospects of ever retiring.

    I have read volumes on the current situation in America as I am an avid reader. I have come to the conclusion that the entire house of cards must come crashing down for America to wake up and make changes. Our current situation has been 30 years in the making. Read “Winner Take All Politics”. We have been in political drift in this country for a long time. Our government is completely corrupt. You can’t have big business lobbyists in WADC. They must go. Politicians in office must not get their campaign money for special interest groups. It should be capped and provided for by the government.

    I was a business major in college and once was Republican and believed in free trade and all the crap they taught me in business school. I know now I was dead wrong.

    It is time for it to come crashing down so the “People” can be in control once again as it was supposed to be all along. Americans have to get their material wealth taken away before they will wake up and realize how much they have let the country go into the gutter. We have all been too busy gaining possessions and entertaining ourselves on mindless crap, while the gov incidiously changed the game and sold the American Dream overseas.

    At least I have a trailer and can head for the hills pretty easily when things get really bad.

    I sincerely hope that a new beginning can start soon. Maybe it is but a mere few days away. I’ll keep my fingers crossed

    • Michael


      Don’t ever give up hope. Yes, the economy is heading for some incredibly difficult times, but those that lose hope are not going to have any chance of making it through what is coming.


    • Mark

      I am amazed that so many people have made so much money and have lost it all. To make $100,000 a year plus and not have your house paid off shows a lack of wisdom. It seems that many in America do not have the any idea that to gain wealth you must live below your means in order for wealth to build. Our government, both local and national cannot constrain themselves from spending away our future potential growth. It is hard to see and read about the pain of many, but it has always been there. Hard times are now hitting more folks considered sucessful. I started buying old junk rental property in 1981. You know we were thankful if you could get a loan at 10% back then. I used my learned skills to fix them up. From cleaning toilets to doing unlawful detainers and all of the remodeling was a lot of work. We lived well below our means. Many of my tenents had newer cars and furniture than us. We did this inorder to pay off the debt on the property. This took about 25 years to do. I never made anywhere close to six figures and had to often work long hours after my construction job. I am glad that we were prudent and hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. Some years ago, I had to give up my work in constuction for health reasons. Other than the one year of temporary disability isurance, we stayed away from all government benifits. We went camping instead of cruises for vacation. We stayed with our plan and when we had extra funds, we paid down the principle balance on property loans. It might have been only a hundred or two a month and over the years the loans were paid in full. We took our lumps through the years. A tenants kid playing with matches burning up an apartment, fires are nasty. Or down cycles in prices, when it seemed like you lost 10 years of paper value in the property. There are always ups and downs in life. We should look at our glass as half full instead of half empty. Even with the hard times coming we can turn this around if we prepare and help out our neighbors.

    • Gary2

      The book winner take all politics was a great read. I can relate totally to your circumstance.

      It really sucks working just as hard and only making 1/2 as much and all the while hearing from the right that we need to cut taxes on the rich and corporations who are sitting on piles of cash already.

      The right in this country with their bankrupt philosophy has destroyed this country and they are trying to destroy what little is left.

      These MF actually are still saying cut taxes on the rich and cut safety net programs.

      If I was saying this 40 years ago one would think I would be making this shit up. I wish I was making this up.

      You can not negotiate with republicans or conservatives just like you can not negotiate with a cancerous tumor. If you do not completely remove the tumor is grows back.

    • Ben Dover

      You are right. It will all come out in the wash, but laundry day will be a bit**.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Reading about the journalist from the UK who visited Detroit and was horrified by what he saw reminds me of various conversations I have had about The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) when visiting foreign countries. I have done quite a bit of traveling abroad (been in about 15 different countries), and what saddens me is the way the rest of the developed world perceives this country. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the American economy was the envy of the world. There was an old Italian song from around 1957 by Neapolitan singer Renato Carosone called “Tu Vuo’ Fa’ l’Americano,” which is a humorous tune about Italians longing to be Americanized. But times have changed, and when I meet Europeans and Australians abroad, it is painfully obvious that they see the BRA for what it has become: a rotting, decaying, collapsing basketcase of country that is in serious decline. They realize that the BRA is becoming more and more of a Third World hellhole with each passing day. In 2009, I met an Australian businessman who used to do a lot of business with U.S. dollars but won’t touch them now—he realizes that the U.S. dollar is a failing currency.

    “A giant is falling: the American empire.” —Gerald Celente

    Gerald Celente is absolutely right. The American empire is collapsing, and things will only go from bad to worse for most of the people who have the misfortune of being stuck here.

    Welcome to The Banana Republic of America, a Third World nightmare with a truly grim future.

    • bobbobbobbob

      i think who is a closet republican but we shall see with the tea.(party)

    • Vladimir Ilyich

      How did it play?

      You want to act like an american,
      but the money for your “camels”
      you’re taking from your mothers’ purse ??!!!


      • El Pollo de Oro

        Vladimir: Yes, That’s exactly what “Tu Vuo’ Fa’ l’Americano” said in the Napoli dialect:

        “Ma è solde p’è Camel
        Chi te li da
        La borsetta di mamma”

        Translated: But the money you get for your Camels comes from Mommy’s purse.

        Ha ha! Great lyrics. And I love the part where Renato Carosone sings:

        “Tu vuoi vivere alla moda,
        Ma se bevi whisky and soda
        Po’ te siente è disturba”

        You want to be fashionable
        But when you drink whiskey and soda
        You get a little ill

        Hanging out in places like South Philly, Howard Beach, Arthur Avenue (Bronx) and Staten Island back in the day, I used to hear that song all the time. Ho sentito quella canzone molte volte.

      • Ben Dover

        Not true! We are stealing from our children and grandchildren!

  • Robert

    If Immelt is the best Obama can do our country is doomed. Too much regulation and taxes is driving business owners overseas.

    If we lower taxes and regulations in the US we will see fewer jobs leaving and maybe even see people excited to create jobs over hear.

    • oekoman

      You are crazy if you think regulatons have caused companies to invest overseas. Its the $2/ day they can pay to workers. You can have a job too for $2/ day. So if you and the likes of you keep complaining that businesses leave because of regulations you deserve what you get.

      • moses737

        Oekoman. The reason for the corporations and companies going overseas is to make sure that the American economy suffers a great collaspe; so the New World Order International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins can give us their new One World (Luciferic) 1984 Super Orwellian Government; where we will be their slaves and serfs. Grow up and smell their sulfuric plight in hell-fire and brimstone.

  • shypuffadder

    Wow David – you really hit raw nerves hard. Very well chosen words!! Bravo.

  • Does this guy know everything about destroying American jobs and nothing about creating American jobs ?
    I wonder if his post requires congressional approval. I would not surprise me if it did not.

  • Mitch

    Thanks for telling it like it is. There are a few sources not blowing smoke.

  • DownWithLibs

    Just checked my box of poisonous GE light bulbs…yep, Made in China!!!!

    I don’t suppose we can hit these Corporations with a “Treason Tax”, can we?

    • Attila77

      How about just charge them all with treason, don’t for their boards.

      • Attila77


  • I am originally from the UK, a naturalized US Citizen. As an outside observer, I have watched in amazement the loss of America’s manufacturing base, as outlined. The amazement is primarily regarding the lack of reaction to these events in the US. The lack of understanding that this is a structural alteration, not part of the usual ups and downs of the business cycle, which is propelling the US towards financial collapse. There is no sense of urgency that policies to revive employment, to facilitate investment here at home, are a current necessity if a financial implosion is to be avoided. This may be in part due to a self delusional hubris, originating from former US wealth and world dominance.

    • John B.

      The loss of manufacturing in the US has been a long time coming. The geniuses in the universities have said that manufacturing didn’t matter. That “service” jobs were the next big thing. Manufacturing was dirty, and we didn’t want it. We don’t want any oil drilling either. Just buy everyone else’s oil with printed money. Print more money to hand out to everyone that can’t get a “service” job.

      Our only hope is that the conservative “Tea Party” movement can put an end to this instanity before the country collapses.

      • Gary2

        The tea baggers are the problem and not the solution.

        They are a bunch of simpletons who dress up in 17th century garb and look and say stupid things. When they are not being retarded they are reenacting the civil war.

        Hey dumb MFers, this is 2011 not 1776

  • Huber Antony

    I was working for GE in Switzerland and it was the most horrible job i ever had.

    When i entered the job i was given high gloss bochures full of nice pictures and promising words but that has proven to be only empty promisses. The whole company was full of vavoritism. Just a few people with questionable qualification had too much power in this company. They always demanded from the employees to work overtime in order to fullfill their targets and financial goals, but they never gave something back. It was not the qualified staff that were rewarded and appreciated but rather those who were able to present the best show in front of the superiors. There was no support from supperiors at all but rather pressure. They did not appreciate or incentive good ideas, they didn’t even gave a feedback. They didn’t listened to the words of a team leader. They thought they know everyting much better, but they expected loyalty to the company. They took decisions to remove somebody from it’s job just as they felt it fit’s well without to talk to the affected person beforehand. They really managed to demotivate a big part of their stuff with their behavour. Thanks god i’m out of GE. I’ll never return at any price. That they are outsourcing their jobs to china doesn’t surprise me. An employee doesn’t count at this company, just profit matters, but they will receive the bill once in the future for their way of doing business, that’s what i am sure about.

  • Peter

    Here in Miami all manufacturing jobs that were in Healiah were shipped to Central America, they make t shirts, all kind of clothes, there are no jobs now here in Miami.

  • Discouraged1

    Just goes to show you that Obama does not give a damn about this country.

    • bobbobbobbob

      mr o =ok

  • paranoidpeter

    Well if all the jobs are going to China why not follow the jobs
    Mind you, you don’t get paid so much but it is cheap to live here and if you are lucky they give you are apartment and a visa

  • Gary2

    Tea Partiers Call For Pell Grants Cuts.

    The stupidity of the tea baggers is astounding. These retarded f**ks want to give tax breaks to the rich and cut pell grants for poor students?


    • Prepping for the future

      Gary you progessive Marxist scum are amazing that you can figure out how to set your alarm clock with out having a Government grant to hire a professional to teach you idiots how.
      College Conspiracy
      Watch the video maybe you can learn something besides saying tax the rich. It must be nice to be a braindead progressive Marxist just blame everyone else for your poor life choices and lack of planning on your life.

    • DownWithLibs

      Nice language! No wonder you have problems.

  • Rick H

    We are being played by China,.. bad.
    U.S. companies are lured to build plants in China, train their workers and engineers, all at U.S. company expense.
    The result is the Chinese get the technology and know-how to do it themselves.
    China is a strategic enemy of the United States.
    They have ICBMs, (with 1 megaton thermonuclear warheads on them), targeting western U.S. cities.

    • Save the Republic

      You are right. Unfortunately, our politicians think that China is just some benevolent nation that just wants to help us by selling us products at rock-bottom prices, while they get to benefit from the payoffs the big corporate executives keep lining their pockets with. They’re a bunch of greedy sellouts that are willing to jeopardize the safety of our nation all for their own self-interest.

  • Colin

    As I watch what is happening in Washington, I feel disheartened. As I watch what is happening to our family, I feel depressed. As I evaluate my life, I feel hopeless and small. The depression I feel induces feelings of anxiety and stress. Like two great pythons, they are suffocating the life out of me. As I cling to life, I begin to realize there is no relief. Do I succumb to these and commit suicide? Some will say that suicide is a cowardly action. I disagree. Suicide is one of the most courageous actions a person can perform. I believe you are performing a conscious choice by choosing to escape from a life that has become a prison. Sadly, for myself, while I may contemplate such an escape for myself, I am too cowardly to perform such an act. Yet, if conditions do worsen, and my life worsens in result of, the choice may become the only option.

    I know that others, and I believe many more in the future, will have chosen to end their own lives in this economic malaise. I do not believe that our leaders, and even some of our voters, in this country care that these people have taken their lives. I think for them that it is a blessing if someone has taken their life for they are no longer their problem. I have read the comments on this blog and American Dreams, and I have noted the utter vehemence these people have for the victims of this calamity. I know that if I commit suicide, that I will be another statistic. So what. I am already another statistic. I am already a statistic for I am unemployed, and, as I never applied for unemployment benefits as I worked under the table, in someone’s accounting I don’t exist.

    I am dying as a person. I am becoming more and more isolated. I am becoming more and more disassociated from what it is said to be an “American”.

    In the past, a man could pack his belongings and travel a great distance to re-invent himself. In this day, that’s not possible. The nightmare that is unfolding in this country is occurring everywhere else. Eventually, even China will succumb to this disease and will sicken and will become weak and infirm. Someday, not so far in the future, nations will be fighting over the remnants of our planet’s great mineral resources, and that these nations will be housing massive populations of indigent peoples.

    So, let the wealthy do what they want today for tomorrow their children will reap the harvest their parents have sown. A harvest of misery and desperation, a harvest of strife, a harvest of fear.

    • Michael


      Listen to me – you must never, every give up.

      No matter how much pain you are in, giving up is never the answer.

      There are people out there that care about you and love you.

      Please hang in there.

      There really is a God and He really does love you.

      You can have a future that is greater than you can possibly imagine right now.

      But you will never find out if you give up now.

      Please hang in there.


    • Vladimir Ilyich

      Move to Nova Scotia in Canada.
      Suspend your judgement on my statement.
      You will understand in due time.

    • HerrLT


      Be thankful you are aware and reading what is actually going on. It is a small cadre of like-minded people who understand everything is, ‘not what it seems.’ You should be grateful for this opportunity and take advantage of it as best you can. God is good – ALL THE TIME. Your valley today could be a summit tomorrow. Do something nice for someone today without any thought of payment, it helps. Hang in there buddy!

    • 007

      I hope you never give up. This difficult time in your life is intended to become your finest hour. I, along with many on this site, believe that what our economy is suffering is divinely allowed to get our attention and to bring our hearts and lives back to God.

      I would encourage you to pray, turn from any sin you know of in your life, trust in Jesus to save you in this life and the next. Get your heart right and trust and expect him to show you how to get through this crisis.

      I did this once in a crisis in my life and have trusted him over and over ever since. He has never let me down. I have never known him to let anyone else down that has trusted in him. I have never met anyone that regretted trusting in him, not only for eternal salvation but for whatever crisis they face.

      I know you are feeling crushed but this can be the greatest turning point in your life. Your best years lie ahead for you. Throw this burden on him, do what you know to do and trust and expect him to show you the way through this. All things are possible to those who believe and the truth will set you free. I believe this with all my heart. If I can be of any more help to you and your family, you let me know. Colin, God bless you and I am praying for you.

    • Ben Dover

      Move to the dark side and feed at the public trough. In a way you would be helping to kill the beast.

    • Fed Up


      You are suffering from a classic case of depression which is a very rational and normal reaction to a world that’s gone wacko mad.

      As someone who has struggled my whole life with depression and thoughts of suicide, I can tell you there is a lot of help for depression these days, and I would recommend you talk to a doctor and get on an antidepressant for a while so you can get the strength, willpower and optimism back to get thru these really hard times.
      good luck to you.

    • Hear Hear mate.

      Robert S. Finnegan

  • HerrLT

    I’m encouraged by the number of posts that appear in a relatively short period of time for this website. Back in October, when I started to follow this site regularly, there were maybe 30 posts after a couple of days. Now there are over a hundred on day one. It’s encouraging to see more people take the red pill and open their eyes. It is truly a blessing to have any type of foresight regarding ominous smoke signals being sent miles away. If you’re able to see the warning smoke, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when the storm finally reaches you. MAKE NO MISTAKE: when those forty-five million lemmings on the dole for food stamps start being unable to buy adequate food they will NOT sit quietly in their government subsidized housing. They, and many millions more will be out to “get theirs” from anyone perceived to have it. I’ve got my AK locked and loaded as well as a destination should things get hairy here, do you?

  • Eric

    Your time will come, Mr. Immelt and your wonder why your stock plunges day after day…


    Nothing new here in terms of what corporate amerika does to make a buck. What this proves is that labor unions and working class people should have abandoned the two wings of the war party (both Republicans and Democrats) as soon as NAFTA and the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO) became reality…………

  • A. Bunker

    Immelt is a pinko commie rat.

    • Gary2

      Immelt needs to be taxed HARD

  • mondobeyondo

    What is Immelt thinking?!?

    You can’t create more good American jobs by shipping existing good American jobs to China, where the workers are paid a tenth of what an American worker is paid.

    This guy, along with the rest of Obama’s “Jobs Council”, does not have America’s interest in mind. Sure he’s in the business of creating jobs. In Beijing.

    We are slipping, and slipping fast. China has one of the fastest trains in the world (Beijing to Shanghai). We have Amtrak. They must be laughing their rear ends off. “You still have 1970s choo-choo? We have fast bullet train!” And China now also has the world’s fastest supercomputer.

    If we ever get the resolve to “get it together” again (and it can be done – look at how we geared up to fight WWII) – the U.S. will once again be a force to be reckoned with. But the sheeple are happy for the most part, and time is running out…

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s better to light a candle than curse the Chinese made CFL’s….

  • How do we best prepare for the crash landing of the U.S. economy? The Global elite are simply following their well documented agenda to totally deindustrialize America, thus it should come as no surprise that Government Electric GE is all about outsourcing jobs while GENBC Newstainment blows government propaganda in our face.
    Washington D.C. (District of China) is owned by the Government Sachs Banksters, and their debt addiction will continue if anyone but Ron Paul becomes President in 2013.
    Our government has been hijacked and Homeland Security/TSA real role is to protect the Bankster Hijackers.
    We could declare: “Let’s Roll” and attempt to storm the Cockpit, yet even that would be in vain:
    Ladies and Gentlemen the crash is inevitable, our best action is to brace for impact!

    • Ben Dover

      I hear a lot of good things about Ron Paul, but hasn’t he been in congress for a loooong time?

  • patriot alice

    I wish they had just let the chips fall 3 years ago, instead of the trillions borrowed and spend to give us a softer landing….Now we are 4+ trillion and counting, deeper in the hole with nothing to show for it…When we sink into a depression, we will never come out of it because of our increasing debt…

    • Ben Dover

      It would have been a rough three (nightmare) years, but I agree that we would be three years closer to recovery.

    • moses737

      Yes Patriot Alice. And the NWO International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins are making quite sure that we will never come out of it; because they want us to be their beast chipped zombie slaves and serfs in the very near future. That way; they will be our gods and lords.

      And if you take their mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand; you will be tormented 24/7 in hell because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus and have chosen Satan and his antichrist beast leader and their wicked world leaders as your god and lord and saviour.

  • Gerald Parker

    About the only bright side of the energy problem is that if energy becomes too expensive, shipping goods long distances (from China, for example) will no longer be feasible. The cost of shipping them would be so great that it would be better to make them in each country that sells and uses them. That could cause an industrial rebirth.

    Alas, the greed kings will probably find a way to get around this potential solution to energy hassles and keep their fellow countrymen dependent (if even that) and unemployed.

  • The desperate, satanic criminals in the White House, senate and congress are toast in 2012 just for having their faces seen in connection with this attempted murder of the American People. They are CRIMINALLY INSANE AND CAPABLE OF ANYTHING, and must be stopped at all costs from terrorizing and killing the old, disabled and middle class, the “useless eaters” as War Criminal Henry Kissinger and pal eugenicist William “Kill ‘Em Bill” Gates so succinctly put it. These “lawmakers” that have terrorized millions of Americans will never see re-election – that is IF there is an election in 2012. Regardless, as of now the “Barry and The Boner Show” has been cancelled by The People due to bad ratings and the feces eaters of the left hand in the White House, congress, the senate and their various and sundry sycophants are in for one hell of a surprise.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    • bobbobbobbob

      got dental ins?? ital-sweeds-french-denmark-ect-ect-do

  • Gary2

    $230,000 For a Guard Dog: Why the Wealthy Are Afraid Of Violence From Below
    As inequality in the US grows, the ultra-rich are pouring their spare cash not just into private jets, but into private security. Think there’s a connection?

    There’s class warfare, all right,” Warren Buffett, the world’s third-richest man, said in 2006, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Buffett had done the math and realized that he paid far less, as a fraction of his income, than the secretaries in his office.

    Yeah stupid fing tea baggers we do need to tax the rich HARD. You foolish MF dolts are RETARDED!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Gary2 in Wisconsin: When I read the excellent Sarah Jaffe article in Alternet ($230,000 For a Guard Dog: Why the Wealthy Are Afraid Of Violence From Below), I thought to myself, “Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying: if the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to widen in The Banana Republic of America, the haves will need round-the-clock bodyguards just like they need them in Third World countries.” And the “violence from below” will not only include riots and social unrest—it will also include the dreaded Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (kidnapping, armed robbery, carjacking, violent home invasions).

    • Otown Right Guy

      Maybe if you weren’t so hateful and envious of others and worked on self-improvement, you could get a job.

      As for Warren Buffet and the rest of the socialist billionaires, they are more than welcome to send all of their money to the US Treasury. For some reason they don’t do that. Instead they hide their money in “charitable” trusts, and tell me I should be taxed more.

      If you really believe Buffet, Gates, Soros, Immelt and the rest of the billionaire socialist democrats care about anyone else but themselves, then you are the “retard” my friend!

    • 007

      Yea Gary, the rich are responsible for all your problems. If it makes you feel better, keep believing it.

    • DownWithLibs

      Can someone find me a bar of soap to stick in Gary2’s mouth.

  • Gary2

    We are 93rd in the world as far as equality is concerned, and if the debt ceiling deal (or as is looking increasingly more likely, the lack of one) includes a cut to Social Security benefits or an end to the unemployment extension, inequality will only get worse as the poor get, rapidly, poorer. Meanwhile the rich, as has been noted many times, are just concentrating their wealth.




      I disagree. Time for the Amerikan asylumites to take their medicine with a very hefty dose of economic collapse……………

    • Vladimir Ilyich

      The only way for USA to evolve to socialism would be after a complete meltdown of its federal institutions.
      One of the effects of a “default” could well be the dismembering of the union through secession. Such a political decision might be imposed through the UN by the creditor world, in primis the Russian Federation and the PRC.
      Another effect of a “default” (or a low based agreement), would be the impossile management of the multiple army bases around the world due to the lack of cash flow.
      A complete geo-political earthquake would happen.
      As I said previously to Michael, these are times to evaluate the “imponderable truth” about everything (even Alaska)!
      “”Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
      – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

      (in an address to the Bilderberger organization meeting at Evian, France, on May 21, 1991. As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates. )”

    • bobbobbobbob

      long live mr/mrs tea(Party)

    • 007

      Every country that has tried socialism has crashed and burned. We have been moving away from capitalism to a croney, central planning, socialist state for over 30 years. As we have moved so has our economy decayed. Capitalism, if you studied history, has produced greater wealth and prosperity than any other economic model.

      Russia collapsed. Europe is about to collapse due to their socialism. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, are drowning in socialist debt. 20% unemployment and rampant inflation. France and England are not far behind. They have promised socialist benefits to their citizens they can’t afford. As long as they can borrow it seems pretty, but when the credit card limit is reached they fall apart. Europe is borrowing from us to keep their socialist state going. Socialism is destroying them all and this is your model for us?

      What scares me is that you believe our country needs to drink more of this same poison to solve our problems.

      • Gary2

        the Scandinavian countries are beating the daylights out of the USA. Much more socialistic than here. If socialism is ok for the rich and corporations then is is ok for the working people who DID NOT get bailed out.

    • Ben Dover

      Yea, THAT has worked out soooo well in the past.

      Capitalism is not the real problem. If USA was a capitalist country, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, GM, Chrysler, et al would have been relegated to the dustbin of history and we would have let someone else pick up the pieces.

    • Prepping for the future

      Gary just tell the truth you are progressive Marxist anti American. Cry whine and stomp your feet about taxing the rich. You have no solutions and trying to act like adult is so far above your tiny mind set it is scary. Do us all a favor just hang out with the rest of your Progressive Marxist friends and worry about some fake endangered species that has put millions of Americans out of work. Then cry about high gas prices too. You know all the American oil we can’t drill for here on land cause of the progressive Marxist Eco freaks shut land off to we the people. Yep everyone else fault Gary but the true problem. Look in the mirror.

      • Gary2

        I agree we should drill here and I do not give 2 shits about some endangered insect, Other than my tax the rich belief we probably agree on quite a bit.

  • michael

    perhaps its time to nationalize any company that “rapes” and runs….perhaps an”alternative minimum tax” for for those who wiggle out of paying a fair share, similar to the one for us common folk….

  • We should place a 10 to 100% Federal sales tax (sin tax) on any imports from China and other non-Democratic states because its simply not in the US interest to promote the economic rise of countries that oppress their own people.

    • bobbobbobbob


    • WilloG

      The word democracy in the USA is an oxymoron.
      This corrupt government needs to be flushed down the drain.

      The alopathic medical model needs to go too.
      Read Dr Mercolas information to see alternatives.

      Plant some seeds and trees to do good for all.
      Remember Johnny Apple Seed?

    • Ben Dover

      It will never happen in the USA as it is currently configured, but a tarriff policy resembling a mirror might help.

  • Maria

    Mega corporations have no loyalty to anything or anyone. They exist to chase almighty wealth. They will lie, cheat, steal and even kill to make their wealth. Business ethics died years ago.

    Politicians have no incentive to change anything. Many of them have profited tremendously (immune to insider trading laws) and have no desire to curtail their gravy train.

    Congress and corporations work together against the greater good of America.

    I used to believe a solution to this problem existed this side of an economic collapse. It doesn’t.

    We are absolutely going to experience the hell of this economic depression our grandparents warned us about. Our solution is somewhere on the other side of it…in the Land of Oz…where everyone including politicians and corporations value integrity over personal profit.


    We just better be praying this isn’t the time foretold in the last book of the Bible.

  • Paul

    You all voted for them.

    Why complain now? Why not vote for someone else?
    How many percent of Americans go to election? 30%

    What if all the others (70%) elect a third party?
    The greens, the commies? Who cares? Could it be so much worse than Democrats and Republicans?

  • Richard

    1. So What’s your point?
    2. You know as well as I do that the United States is desperately looking for an excuse to attack China and I know as well as you do that you’ll be the first to support it.

    There is precedence for this. Nobody actually knows the exact reason for the onset of WW1. The reality is that Britain resented Germany for its incipient strength, especially on the high seas, and its challenge to the British Empire… and it found the flimsiest of excuses to attack Germany. So powerful was Britain at the time that nobody TO THIS VERY DAY accuses Britain of instigating the war.

  • sean
  • DavidB

    I really feel sorry for the USA. You have gone from the most powerful country in the world to a virtual laughing stock in barely 40 years – a hollowed out banana republic in fact.
    I could not believe how after the crash in 2008 your “democratic” president handed out billions to Wall Street criminals who caused the crash in the first place and left the backbone of the country – its workers and middle class to ever increasing unemployment and poverty.
    There is one and one only problem that has to be solved before you can recover. That problem is the rich and powerful in your country who control literally everything – the government, the courts – there is one law for them and one for the rest of you it seems, the economy – which they have raped and left to die, the military – which wages endless pointless wars that cost you money you don’t even have.
    Once your dollar ceases to be a reserve currency – and that time is not far off – you won’t even be able to buy anything that is imported – no one will sell their goods to you for worthless pieces of paper called dollars.
    A similar scenario happened in Europe at about the time of your American Revolution – in France – the people became so oppressed and impoverished by the rich and powerful that they spontaneously rose up and lobbed off their heads.
    I wonder how long it will take……….

  • Time for a Jubilee. End the Fed, issue tax free money for the real economy, tax speculation, put the debt through bankruptcy proceedings.

    • moses737

      Good plan Henry but the NWO International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins don’t want that. They own our government and they want to totally bankrupt us and collaspe the whole system. So they can bring about their Satanic One World Government, where you guys will be their slaves and serfs.

      • Cindy

        “… where you guys will be their slaves and serfs.”

        OR DEAD.

        Don’t forget, they want to reduce the population to 500 million. Stay away from enforced rides on trains, planes, and military style vehicles to “underground bunkers,” FEMA camps, military installations, etc., even when events occur that our omnipotent, omnipresent, beneficent, and ever growing and intrusive government wants to “protect” us from!

  • DeathSpiral

    China has the largest Special Interest and Lobbyists Groups in Washington, DC. We can only imagine how much this country is pushing through irregular channels into the U.S. for influencing decisions.

    • Bob

      The biggest lobby is the israeli lobby, AIPAC. Not China

  • MDK

    Whether you are Republican or Democrat or Independent or Libertarian, shouldn’t the common denominator be that we believe in the authority of the Constitution?

    In every decision we need to hold it up to the “light” of the Constitution to determine its legality and further, its legitimacy.

    I challenge you all to stop thinking in terms of left/right, Republican/Democrat, think “what does the Constitution say about this?”

    We all might be surprised to discover how many of our current laws violate the Supreme law of the United States of America.

    It is so simple. The complexity, twisting, and circumventing of the Constitution usually has to do with politicians looking for money or power. Do not be deceived, most politicians are in it for themselves.

    It is time for true change from the status quo. Do your own due diligence first, and consider strict, Constitution principled candidates. No more voting for the “lesser of two evils.” I cannot tell another who to vote for, but I am standing behind Ron Paul in 2012.

    God bless you all, and may America once again bless God!

    • moses737

      Yes MDK Ron Paul is our only human hope. Unless they that assasinated the 2 Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, kill him too.

    • Rednano74

      Democrats see the Constitution as an obstacle to their agenda. This is why they constantly urinate on it. Many Democrats believe it needs to be rewritten.

      Democrats are against free speech, they are anti-gun, they support the destruction of the 4th Amendment, and on and on.

      Heck, many Democrats are on record saying they want to control the media i.e. against a free press. Hillary Clinton stated “we are losing the information war.” Democrats cannot take it that the “right” has one measly news channel that IMO is hardly conservative. They hate talk radio and alternative news sites like this one. It’s all about controlling the masses. It’s how liberal fascists grow their corrupt thieving governments of enslavement.

      I’m with Ron Paul as well 😉

      • Bean

        Last time I checked, Rick Perry is a Republican who wants to make 7 changes to the Constitution.

        Besides, everything that you just wrote is untrue and completely nonsense. Nice try though.

  • David

    It is apparently obvious that I am not the only one who feels this,or is in this situation. There are millions of us out here in the wilderness. Politics aside, what do we do? This is no longer about politics, and policies. This is about people. Families struggling to keep together in what is an obvious collapse and failure of our system. How to we protect ourselves and provide for our families?
    Don’t talk about political abstractions, and objectivist twaddle. Don’t present wild eyed libertarian/ survivalist non-sense. Don’t tell me to buy gold, when I have to choose between filling up my car and getting food. Don’t tell me it is this group’s fault or that group’s fault. It was all of our faults, we were all there, we saw it happening, but we got caught up in our lives. We were heads down, when we should have seen it coming. And those of us who saw it coming, you did what you could. Shouting in the wilderness is not easy, but now it’s too late for shouting.
    We need reasoned, pragmatic and immediate solutions. Organization and focus have accomplished more than any soapbox tirade. It is hard to talk about political solutions when your kids are going without. It is hard to get all wonkish on policy when you are making the real hard choices about survival. We are down to 4th and long, and we need to come up with a solution.
    In all honesty, if I had one, I would share it. There are a lot of people out there who want to blame the right and the left, who want to blame the banks, who want to blame someone. I suppose it is human nature to find the culprit; the Snidley Whiplash type, twirling his mustache, cackling in insane glee as the Capitol dome burns in the night. Now is not the time for that, let history sort out who the good guys and bad guys were. Now is the time to hold fast, and take care of ourselves.
    We know what the answers are to our questions, and they aren’t found in cabals of evil doers, plotting dirty deeds in the night. Everything that has been done has been done by people who thought that they were doing the right thing, who’s only motivation was their own self-interest, who only cared about the goal and never about what sacrifices had to be made to get there. It was done in broad daylight, we just didn’t pay attention.
    So now what? What do we do? How do we harness all of this energy? Do we just wait for the collapse, hoping to pick up the pieces afterward? If the best outcome is that everything we know and hold dear, comes tumbling down around us, how do we avoid being lost in the crash? I’ve got many questions, I’m desperately looking for answers, and so far, I haven’t found any.

    • moses737

      David I was very touched by your honest and heartfelt concerns. And the only solution that I can tell you is that God will help those who come to Him and want to get to know Him. Otherwise, the New World Order Bankers/Illuminati will give you their prescribed solution; to follow them and accept their One World Luciferic Government; that will require you to accept them as your provider and lord and saviour; instead of God and Jesus Christ.

    • WM

      Some advice for you if you want it. The system is already broken beyond repair, so it’s not IF economic collapse will happen, it is WHEN. Reading the writing on thr global wall it looks like it will be very soon, within the next several years.

      So, not to throw survivalism at you…just use common sense….have some reserves of water, food, ( even long term food, MRE), firsdt aid kits, etc. Plan on the wirse case, and if does not happen, big deal, you have some extra supplies. Look at it like insurance. Lastly, get a gun and substantial amount of ammo. Personally, I would suggest a 12 gauge shot gun, and a semi auto hand gun, like a Glock 9mm or something. If you live any where near a big city, and that city has a lot of welfare, subsidized housing, (people living off government), when the checks and food stamps stop, many ( not all) of these people will be on the streets rioting and trying to find someone to take food and water from, and they will do whatever it takes to do so. A hungry man has a lot of determination to get food, and will do anyhgting to do so. Be prepared to protect your homestead.

      Get you spiritual life in order. Get a Bible if you don’t already have one. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ while there is still time, and find out how to gwet right with God, ( saved, born again) The Bible has MUCH to say about what we are currently going through and what awaits planet earth in the very near future…. distressful times are coming.

      He who has ears, let him hear.

      God Bless you and yours

    • Randy W.

      well said David,
      WM has a good point but I am hopeing we still have some time to change things. We are generally afraid to vote third party for fear the dems will win but really what is the difference? no matter who is in power the results are the same. So, we have to find someone who has real guts and intelligents. Ron Paul, maybe.

  • Gary2

    Doing Debt Ceiling Battle the FDR Way

    At times of national fiscal crisis, President Franklin Roosevelt ever so firmly believed, you don’t give the awesomely affluent a free pass. You pound them — and then you pound some more.

    Jesus H. Christ WTF is wrong with the people who do not think we need to tax the rich hard?????

    The clarion call is: Don’t tax the “job creators.”

    The obvious fallacy of this argument is that the taxes here are personal income taxes. A small business owner who has taken income out of the business has already decided not to use it to create jobs, rather to use that income for personal ends. That’s why we call it personal income tax. Raising the tax rate in this case is, in fact, a tax on people who have decided not to create jobs with the proceeds of their businesses.

    There-I have completely debunked all the dolts who think raising taxes on the wealth will hurt job creators.

    People need to get a f*ing brain cell. These dumb tea baggers are so stupid I am surprised they remember to breath.

    • moses737

      Gary I can remember when Former President Bill Clinton and his Cabinet said that they needed to tax the middle class more. And it was said that the middle class in the 1990’s were those who made only $48,000 a year. Ridiculous right? And then they also said that they would tax the rich; which they saw as those who made $120,000 a year. And I learned then that it all depends on what they perceive as the middle class and the rich. But it is the middle class that these Banker/Illuminati globalist want to destroy.

      We are the ones who they say are making between $70,000 to $140,000 a year. And as they continue to peck away at everybodies disposable income (money that is left over every month after you pay all of your bills and living expenses) by this gigantic gasoline hoax; then Americans will suffer greatly. But their solution will be to accept their new world order One World Government; where their antichrist beast leader will be your god and lord.

      • Gary2

        disposable income…whats that…have not had that luxury in years since loosing my last good job in 2006. I now have a negative disposable income as do a lot of others but hey lets give the rich another tax cut maybe trickle down will work this time.

        How about tax the rich and spread the wealth and have trickle up???

        • moses737

          Sorry Gary, but I was very hurt when I read your blog because so many Americans are going through the same thing. Many of them are just holding on; and are one paycheck from financial disaster. And many more will be hurt because the god of the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins, Satan, has taught his people how to bankrupt and crash economies like they did in 1929. Now they are doing it again.

          Only this time; they have our governments blessings. As their One World Satanic Super 1984 Orwellian type Government will enslave the whole world. And only the Great God of Heaven can and will defeat them and have them all spitting out fire and brimstone in the future!!

        • Jibbs

          August 3rd, 2011 at 12:49 pm · Reply
          disposable income…whats that…have not had that luxury in years since loosing my last good job in 2006. I now have a negative disposable income as do a lot of others but hey lets give the rich another tax cut maybe trickle down will work this time.

          How about tax the rich and spread the wealth and have trickle up???

          Gary2, nothing in the constituiton says that you get a free check or get to live off of someone else because they make money. You sir need to re-educate yourself if uou want to earn a decent money.

          I’m not rich, but I am living comfortable, why should I pay for some parasite to live off of my hard work and sweat?
          Share the wealth?, how about get your arse out and earn it. If you can;t earn your keep, see ya!
          You complain about losing a job in 2006, what have you done to improve your job skills, did you cut back for awhile to inprove your education?

          Why should I help anyone, if they won’t help themselves?
          Give a man a fish, or teach him to fish. If you give, he will never learn!

    • DownWithLibs

      It’s official…Gary has lost it. (I wonder if he kisses his wife with that mouth!!!)

      • Gary2

        yes and I also eat with that mouth! Sometimes I get so worked up at the republicans balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and again the rich pay less and less. At least in the past they threw the poor a small bone. They do not even do that anymore. They are not even subtle about it anymore. Frustrating!

        The dems are almost as bad.

        • trlooksbeyond

          Just an observation: Jeffrey Immelt, rich guy heads a rich corporation, GE – doesn’t pay taxes- supports Barrak Obama’s campaign- is appointed to Obama’s jobs council-moves American jobs to China- really? I thought all those tax evading, job sucking scoundrels, at the top were republicans?
          btw, The blame game is getting us nowhere.
          As a SMALL business owner, I just want the goverment to get out of my way, and let me take care of me and my own. I had a thriving business for 13 years, I paid taxes, I paid my bills, I took care of my children and my granmother, I gave to my community, I gave to my church. In the last two years, My business has tumbled, taxes have gone up, costs have gone up, and I am strugling to pay my bills. Now I can’t help my family, the community, my church. Still I consider myself blessed compared to many who have lost their jobs, homes, etc.. But my blessings have not come from our oversized Fed. Government…

  • PO

    Your All missing the BIG PICTURE: The One World Government (U.N.) has to break the U.S. to take over the United States / World. Obama is following Hitler’s playbook to get us under control. When your broke and starving you will do what they want.
    Hillary is working with the U.N. to get around the 2nd amendment to collect your guns. Then they will herd you into a concertration camp, kill off the ones they can’t convert, bad health or refuse to comply with what they want. Obam is killing us for Islam. He will lie, cheat and steal and anything else to bring us down for Islam.

    These wars are to break us and to wear out our military so they can’t revolt, plus make big corporations a lot of money.

    When we are all broke, who going to buy all those cheap chinese products they are making? They will have to sell them to each other. It’s not about helping or saving American, but killing it so the U.N. (One World Government AKA
    New World Order)

    It’s going right down the road just as the bible stated so the anti-Christ can come to power. Say what you want, the end is coming and you better have your act together with GOD. Right now they are working on blending Christanity and Islam together, plus the others for a one world religion of which the Pope/ Antichrist are to rule and YOU are to worship them or you will be killed. They are working on implentmenting the “Mark of the Beast / 666” through a nation ID card with biometics information on it so they can track you. If you refuse then you can’t “Buy or sell” or no job etc. It’s about to get much worse. I pray the American people have balls to fight back. I figure the “Home Land Security” and FEMA are the SS troops for One World Order to force compliance and spy/arrest/ kill you when it hits the fan. So do you march to the camps or fight back. I figure Obama is the last president of the United States and the first dictator as there may not be a 2012 election and even if he loses they may just set it aside and say he won anyway. He’s done about anything else he wants without approval from the ball-less congress. Better be making plans for what your going to do besides pick your jaw off the floor when it happens. Good Luck,God Bless America and GOD help her good people.

    • moses737

      Po except for the bad language I agree with everything that you have said. However, the 666 mark of the beast is a chip that the Verichip Corporation makes. And it is not the national ID Card; but this card is the fore-runner of the real Mark. And soon; after WW3 or some other great catastrophy; they will force everybody to take it or else die in their internment camps.

      And like you said, you better know Jesus and get right with God. Because that is the only way! And when you really know God and Jesus; death is sweet and being a martyr for God has great rewards. But according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, if you take their Mark (chip) you will be tormented 24/7, without rest day and night, because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus Christ; and have taken Satan and his antichrist beast leader as your lord and god.

  • 007

    If you thought the fallout from the bursting of the housing bubble has been bad, imagine what will happen when this government debt bubble and fake money printing bubble bursts.

    Imagine when the government can’t borrow except at 30% interest, when prices rise as fast as the federal reserve prints money, when the welfare state can’t afford to buy food or shelter with their government checks, when the 200 million government checks issued each month are basically worthless.

    When these things happen, it will be a brave new world. Maybe GE is just making these moves in anticipation of the coming storm. Emelt certainly is in the inner circle along with Soros. I say watch what they are doing very carefully.

  • Highspeed

    Buy American made only!
    But, avoid GE.

  • ignatzz

    Time for protectionism. The United States is the richest country in the world, and the wealthiest customer. If these corporations refuse to support the United States, the United States should stop supporting them. They should no longer be allowed to sell in the US unless they have a certain number of jobs in the US. Period.

    There are HUNDREDS of smaller companies and start-ups who would LOVE to be the next GE, and who would be willing to support America.

    • Gary2

      I agree

  • Rick H

    Why hasn’t a cabinet level department like the Economic Security Department been set up?.
    Anytime a company wants to move jobs overseas they should be required to meet with government officials to try and work something out to keep jobs here. And there should be restrictions to keep them from going to China.

    • Highspeed

      America needs a statesman. We need someone who could articulate our ideas and present them to the american people, someone we trust who is not a politician. Include that in your prayers, please.

  • Save the Republic

    For those who are trying to buy American made products, I’ve recently purchased products from these companies that were listed as “made in USA”:

    Nexcare brand bandages
    Cooper tires
    New Balance sneakers

    Check labels to make sure. Some companies may not be entirely US producers and have other plants, it probably varies.

    So, what have the rest of you found to purchase that is “made in USA”?

    Lets work together to starve these outsourcing companies and help our fellow Americans. Are you with me?

    • Save the Republic

      Also found an Ozark Trail brand sleeping bag made in USA at Walmart, if anyone cares. Not everything sold by this company is made in USA though.

    • WM

      You can strill get the following products that are still USA made:

      Redwing shoes/boots, ( the USA Made selection is small though). I bought some steel toe boots for work, cost me $199, but are very comfortable and well built.

      Maglight flashights. I have (2) and both are made in USA

      Guns: You can buy American made guns and ammo.

      Bicycle Frames: For those who want an American made bicycle frame, there are quite a few out there, but prices are not cheap. Most everything else for the bike will most likely be chinese or Japenese made. But at least if you want a domestic frame, you can get it.

      I am not too sure of anything else. I know there are still a lot of smaller consumer things still made here, as well as some food and snacks.

    • Rick H

      Cameron Socks, (Sheboygen, WI) has a huge selection of Wigwam brand socks that are all made in the USA. They have a website.
      The USA still makes world-class pocket knives:
      Benchmade, Buck, Spyderco and other brands.
      And of course Sears Craftsman tools.

  • Yes, they’re moving at a blistering pace. But will we have time for dessert? Maybe an Economic Collapse Crumb Cake?

  • Hi Shanky..

    I used to have the most competitive independent chain of pharmacies in the USA according to Drug Topic a national professional magazine back around 1995. Then the $40,000 a week checks from the State of Calif. stopped coming for the Welfare prescriptions I filled honestly and in good faith. I used to advertise on TV and full page newspaper ads pushing the lesser expensive generic drugs. I could see this happening back in the early 70’s. I did not know about the Elite Big Pharm then. Maybe,.. just a suspicion.. they did not like what I was doing and this was the way to get rid of me through bankruptcy? It reminded me of the fellow I just read who is contemplating sucicide. Desperate!!

    I packed up an headed south across the border to Mexico.. A reverse migration. I did not know what to do but to get away from it all. Coming back North two years later.. yep they had me on their radar at LA International. Spent four months in Club Fed ..they had the audacity to charge me for Bankruptscy Fraud. Spent 4 months “inside” until I had a meeting with my probation officer, Charlie who asked me, “What are you doing here with all the Drug Dealers, Bank Robbers, Murderers, Forgers, Hi Jackers, the former PM of Ukraina who is in for 30 more years — poor bastard.. Antonio who took the cocaine rap for his son. etc. Anyway, time served..4 months. Headed straight south after seeing my Auntie who just passed on last year. And I ain’t coming back. Rent.. 1300 pesos ($110 usd) a month for a 3 BR, light bill about $20/month, telephone with internet hook up $85 a month (that is the big one), satellite TV $10.. Food $100 weekly and that is splurging.
    Ok .. I am sure you can add that all up. Yes, I do miss my family and friends and what used to be the American way of life..but that has changed.. I missed the subprime real estate disaster. My “wife” is from an established military family here in Mexico.. beutiful, moral, a great cook .. I wish I could give her a better life..but we are doing fine..considered to be middle class on my Soc.Security. She is studying to be a Homeopathic Physician. With my medical background in pharmacy, I just figured out how we can have a very nice life here in Mexico with a specialy where there is no competiton and a huge demand here in Mexico and the from Medical Tourisma from the USA.

    Narcotraffic assasinations.. no different than living in the U.S. but non existent where we live..essentially zero crime..actually safer than the U.S. My Auntie says they are like imprisoned in their own house in Oakland, Calif.. they go across the Nimitz Freeway to shop in Alameda so they don’t get assaulted and are now afraid to go to watch the Oakland A’s play.

    So what I am saying.. come to Mexico.. there are many nice place here with many Gringo Americans and not expensive if you stay away from the Beach Resort areas.

    It is not going to get better in the USA. You will be all slaves to the system except for the 1% who control 42% of the US Economy who just made the largest bogus rigged transfer of wealth in the History of the World. Don’t you see .. you don’t have a chance or opportunities. 40% of the jobs just went to China and more to follow.

    Contact me. skype stemsmexico

    • Ray the Anarcho-Capitalist

      Clayton Tom, I think you have the right idea. The US will collapse and soon. It’s unavoidable. Better to flee the sinking ship than to go down with it.

  • dave mckisson

    cut corporate tax rates and loopholes. bring back american jobs or we wtll boycott your products.repeal congerssional glass-steagall,and abolish the FED!

  • Wow! If you appoint someone to handle an issue don’t you want them to lead by example? Thats pretty bad. Im sure there is more to it for GE but thats saying something to the US that they need to fix cost issues for employment on companies. We have employees here in California and the cost of them after taxes is nuts.

  • Darien

    First, seditious, scumbag traitors like Immelt and the thousands like him should be arrested and tried for crimes against the American people. Weakening America while bolstering foreign adversaries like China ******************************************************************************.
    Second, the cost of products coming from countries like China should be adjusted accordingly:
    – A currency value adjustment should be applied since China’s is undervalued.
    – An environmental, safety and social services tax should be applied to account for their lack of OSHA, EPA, ADA, social security benefits, etc.
    – We should start to demand reparations for rebuilding countries like Japan and Germany after WW2 and protecting their asses with our military for the past 70 years.
    Alas, these are only pipe dreams and the USA will continue to erode until a complete collapse happens and anarchy results. That’s what the Oligarchy wants and that’s what they will get

  • Finnegan’s wake

    True information here….incredible but true. Now several ivy league or big ten MBA programmes have a new requirement class in cinder and culture and students must spend at least a few weeks to one full semester in china.

    My dad’s Stanford MBA from 1977 is practically useless,as he didn’t have the Chinese experience. Writing is on the wall folks. Also, isn’t it odd timing that us colleges are actively recruiting Chinese students? American kids are priced out of higher Ed. But no problem…just get the kids of Chinese industrialists to pay 50k a year

  • “Free trade” is only part of the problem. Thousands upon thousands of regulations to contend with are to blame as well. Some of them make sense, but a lot of them just make work for government bureaucrats at a cost of more than $1 trillion to businesses every year. Taxes are also some of the highest in the world. Compliance with the sheer number of tax laws and regs sucks billions out of our economy every year, in addition to what goes into government coffers.

    Lastly, we have a finance dominated economy. The banks are the driving force behind the loss of industry in this country. When bankers gain dominance in an economy, the divert all surplus value created by industry away from the producers and into their hands. Soon it becomes pointless for producers to keep on producing, so they pack and move to friendlier, less expensive locations, where bankers can’t steal every penny they make. Eventually, the parasites will come to the new locations to resume their thievery.

    In reality, free trade is the least to blame. Our government and the bankster crooks who run it are the ones who are driving the economy into the ground.

  • In case you missed this before, this video gets the point across very quickly.

  • Rednano74

    You mean one of the 2000 discriminating Obamacare waivers given to GE isn’t going to keep jobs here?

    Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

  • James Bong

    “Don’t tax the Job creators?” Where are the jobs?

    OK. Where are the taxes??????

  • James Bong

    Chinese industrialists? You mean Chinese GOVERNMENT!!!!! There, you don’t just get a visa and go. You have to have permission. And money. Chinese students here are 100% government funded. Spies always are, and what else are technology stealers but spies?

  • YOU, and me, and EVERY AMERICAN, needs to understand who the enemy is – then, boycott them.

    Any REAL changes, will absolutely have to address BOYCOTT. There is no
    way around it. Globalist corporations (Wall St. Banks, primarily) have taken over our
    government. The two articles below literally NAME NAMES, of corp.s to boycott. In
    order for Americans to regain their Freedom, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and
    Bill of Rights – they will have to ‘cut off’ the globalist corporations and their lackeys
    in the District of Corruption.

    Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

    • Wee R Screwed

      Ben Dover, I just checked out the link you posted for Land Destroyer. Pretty impressive stuff there. If all this stuff is true, we have our work cut out for us.

      Everyone else out there that agrees with the rest of us that this country is destined for collapse should visit this site and read up on these folks. I never thought a conspiracy this big could actually come about but I’m becoming a believer real fast.

  • Steve

    The private sector is auotomating all jobs. Outsourcing and H1-B visa worker insourcing are manifestations of this automation. But the ultimate goal of the private sector is the elimination of all human labor. PERIOD. Federal governments must ask the all powerful Federal Reserve to printo money for the MIDDLE and LOWER CLASSES and then put these displaced workers to work in Franklin Roosevelt style NFRA jobs (as in the 1930’s.) If the federal governments don’t do that, then they must provide federal stipends, i.e. the “dole,” in the form of vouchers for rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, education etc. The private sector HAS GIVEN UP ON WORKERS. They don’t need them any more. The only other alternative is….violence!

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Criminal… just plain criminal!

  • Dubistjaauchschuldig

    It’s obvious how much loyalty the snobs who run this country have to the people that fight their wars, pay their taxes, grow the food and watch the children. Millionaires and billionaires force wars on us and maybe even look the other way as the bad guys are coming because it’s good for business. In the meantime, the tornado-ravaged states of the South are deemed not newsworthy by the Ivy League elitists, who run off to Somalia and elsewhere to cover a famine in a Muslim country that is filled with anti-American/anti-Israeli guerrillas. The priorities of the People in Power are crystal clear, to put it mildly. They pit largely white FOX News against largely Democrat and minority MSNBC to divide and conquer. In the meantime, the Israel-firsters get whatever they want, jokes about ‘white trash’ are considered cool, the richest of the rich pay less and less tax and all of the sons of the wealthy avoid the wars that daddy warbucks and his pals in Congress get rich off of. Americans are routinely accused of being lazy, when the statistics show that they are the most productive people on Earth. Americans are routinely accused of not wanting to do dirty jobs, when it is actually people like W that avoid them like the plague. Americans are put down in every imaginable way by the media, and then those same Americans are expected to climb into Chinooks flying over the mountains of Afghanistan. Maybe if there was a new unit in the Armed Forces, the Congressional Batallion, made up of the children of congressmen, the United States would all of a sudden become pacifist, and we wouldn’t be bankrupt from the wars. As for anyone who feels guilty reading this and suddenly goes to the recruiter’s office, don’t do it for me. The last thing I want is to be a soldier and be shot at and shoot people.

    • jeffro


  • John Steinsvold

    An Alternative to Capitalism (which we need here in the USA)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: “There is no alternative”. She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
    –Georg C. Lichtenberg

    • Wee R Screwed

      Sorry John, but this idea of yours would never work. And I say that after much forethought. People going back to ancient times have always had some form of money and here’s why. What is money except a form of “perks” as you mentioned in your moneyless way of life. So we do essentially what you are abdicating, using “perks” in the form of money to achieve what we want in life.

      As for your “economic bodies, boards, or councils” they would bever work either. Who would determine who sits in those positions? How would those folks determine who gets what perks? It’s a no-win situation. Jealously would abound.

      As for your grand idea about “cooperation”, that would never work either. People, by nature, are essentially lazy. Why would they do anything if they don’t have to? Oh I know, offer them perks. We do. The perks we offer them today are called “money.” Saying that people will cooperate willingly is like saying that all people are good and moral and decent. I agree that most are but many are not.

      Man cannot rule himself by his own words or promises or feelings about what is right and wrong because every man has a different opinion as to what is right and what is wrong. Dare I use the biggest, and the most talked about, issue in America since the 1970’s, abortion. I say abortion is wrong. You might say it’s right. Others might say it’s wrong but acceptable or tolerable. Either way, there would never be a universal opinion.

      No, man needs something or someone bigger than himself to assist him in this life. He needs rules laid down by a higher authority that he cannot dispute. He must be told what is right and what is wrong. And he must live by those universal rules if he wants to survive.

      And we already have those rules. They are laid down by God Himself. Those “rules” are called the Ten Commandments. If man would simply follow those Ten Commandments as they are laid down by God, he would and could live happily ever after. Those rules or commandments are not hard to live by. They are easy to understand and make perfect sense and are the best and only way man can survive. If we all followed those commandments, life would be fine.

  • Dorothy Stalter

    When Jobs are removed from our country leaving us without work, without health insurance, without life insurance, bare essentials to survive in this country, we can’t buy anything! What will happen when China has the nuts and bolts to our tractors and we can’t farm our own food supply? LOL…OH I forgot, most of our food is imported now!!! Just great! Whose great idea was this? I didn’t get a chance to vote on this…Everything should be on the ballot – no more politicians – Let the People have their voice back; I vote to put everything on the Ballot!!!

  • John Wright

    Business has always had the perogative to operate as they see fit with out regard to US laws, cconventions, contracs etc. Why should it be any different now.
    Remember it was the colonial business owners that fought foreign taxes and created the first tea pary. The workers and geneal public were not involved. Although some general public are part of the current Tea Party movement, it is the money men that are bankrolling it.
    After 60 + years of worker and union power the businesses are now really puttin it to the American worker.
    It’s who is calling the shots as much as it is economics.
    Enjoy the ride people. It is going to get real bumpy from now on.

  • BobtheGrape

    Immelt sholud be mde to help cleand up the mess his nuclear plants made in Japan. He needs to work in the buildings with the common folks not sitting in an office building 250 miles from the danger!! Oh, and he should take Obama with him!

    • BobtheGrape

      Geeez, read: should be made to clean up nto the jibberish I typed. Damned fingers, just washed them and can’t do a thing with them!

  • John

    Do you all still think that it has anything to do with economics and greed? Might there be something that’s much deeper than all this? Do you really think that “bad” trade policy created the situation we’re in? Might everything just be going according to plan? Things are going just as they were planned 20 years ago. It will take some time, but with enough questions and looking around, you may find out the truth.

  • Joe

    I too watched my job and career go to Beijing.
    Those jobs aren’t ever coming back and Im still unemployed after more than a year.My wife is still working but when my bennies run out we will sink, she makes half of what I made.
    I do know this, China didn’t do this to us, our own countrymen did this. They’ve used every means to keep thier own citizens down, dumb and out of the way while they dismantle thier own country.The amazing part is when you try to talk about it to your fellow man, they just say oh well its not personal it’s just business. That’s just the way it is. They don’t even question or care that the very place that they live is being dismantled for profit elsewhere. Empty shop space is everywhere, empty houses are everywhere and nothing is being said. it’s like a dark cover has been placed over us.

  • Please promote to the fellow Americans voters, that when in doubt, vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, and amenable to signing the pledge/questionairre highlighted issues below.

    Get them to ask their Governor candidate or Congressman candidate, current Governor or current Congressman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

    If they won’t sign and pledge, you need to remove them from power via vote in the next election.

    (Governor as an administrator descriptor needs re-terming – who needs to be ‘Governed’ in this day and age – might as well be a Grand Vizier especially when compounded with limitless terms, worse if nepotistically handing the seat to a relative or family member as well – rename with a more power neutral term like State Administrator maybe?)

    Try the comment/response below for an idea of why laws need to be set up to prevent careerist politicians and limitless terms AT ALL LEVELS.

    Voters must espouse and promote this form of TRUE democracy (not the partial representative one that USA has now) with all kinds of term limit protections and freedom promoting pledges, the citizens would certainly consider a Joe Public above a nepotistic oligarch or plutocrat, Joe Public being the best ‘most in touch with harsh reality’ candidate for president governor, senator, mayor and councillor.

  • Georgiaboy61

    The corrupt ties between the Obama regime and GE’s Jeff Immelt bring to mind the original definition of fascism, the one put forth buy Mussolini, namely the fusion of the corporation and the state. Il Duce later said he regretted not calling fascism “corporatism” instead, but the original word stuck. If Obama’s corrupt and criminal tenure in the White House does not qualify as fascism, I’d like to know what does?
    Some may scoff that Obama is closer to a neo-Marxist or neo-Leninist, but these do not preclude fascism, because communism and fascism are in fact ideological neighbors.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Joe, re: “I do know this, China didn’t do this to us, our own countrymen did this.” With all due respect, sir, regarding the Chinese, “The hell they didn’t!” Beijing has been waging economic warfare against us for decades. Do not forget that the regime in China is hard-core communist; the same wonderful folks who exterminated 70 million of their own people a half century ago or so in Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Space does not permit a detailed recitation of the crimes of the communist mandarins in Beijing, but let me offer one example. The Chinese have manipulated their currency, the yuan, so that it does not ‘float” against international monetary markets (including the dollar), with the effect of making Chinese exports more competitively priced against American goods. It also makes U.S. imports more expensive in the PRC. A second example is the massive amount of piracy and economic theft of U.S. manufacturing technology, goods and services that takes place with the tacit approval of Beijing. Yes, we Americans have done much to hurt ourselves, but to absolve the Chinese is not only naive, but incorrect. A very good day to you…


    BILDERBERG 2011 MEETINGS: Economic Collapse – Imminent Global Financial Crisis and U.S. Dollar Collapse!

    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see my full video)

    I’m posting my blog video here because I need to reach out to the real people who are effected by the Global Economic Crisis. Please pass this video on.

  • barb

    i have a real good idea, let’s ship all the politicians jobs overseas for the next 8 years starting with good ole’ immelt & obama & then see if they still agree that “free trade” is a good thing. if so, they are not welcome, but required to stay there!! do i hear a resounding……hooray to that folks!!

  • MyWay29

    As I type on my assembled in China MacBook, and answer my made in china Blackberry, can I ask, how I \ We are not to “BLAME”? Let’s choose the Competition.. the not made in China products…too hard..we don’t have the backbone to do it. The economy is Global… soon we will be poor enough for the tables to turn…and the world will turn to America for cheap goods made by cheap labor. It’s what kept us in business since the Industrial Revolution, and our inability to compete for our own customers is the reason we have lost our own customers to China. During our consumption, we consumed our selves. Of course, paying for Off Shore Wars is yet another Tale of Grand American Consumption that everyone seems to forget. I am intrigued how no one has pointed the finger at the biggest culprit: Themselves.

  • Chicago

    And yet still no big outcry from the Liberal media, or even a single so called representative.

  • *WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

  • steven casey

    This is for Mr. Jeff Immelt.
    I spent four years in the U.S. Navy, spent two tours in Vietnam and I am extremly upset with your hipocritical behayvor. I understand that you are responsible to (us) as stock holders but making that choice to share intel and farm out thousands of jobs to the Chineese, are you STUPID. You need to stand-up and act as a American first and think of $$$$$ second. I lost two friends in Vietnam just so you can make this STUPID choice and hurt Americans. I hope you read this and make a good choice for American people.

    Steven Casey

  • Congress Legalizes U.S.Corporate Abandonment
    by Brian Tourville on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 11:18am

    Please Re_post to.
    . Political Figures pages.
    . Government pages.
    . News Media pages.
    . Politico info type pages.
    . Thank you.

    Please Re_post Everywhere – Thank you.

    U.S. Solyndra Solar Panel Corp. has closed .. Communist Chinese Government Subsidies targeted to defeat any attempts by any nation to compete with Chinese Product Manufacturing:

    Thank Congress NAFTA_WTO Legislation which Insures failure of any large scale product initiative:


    The NAFTA_WTO Legislation changes to our Laws took away the In Effect since America was Founded Laws which prevented Corporate Abandonment to cheap labor Nations –
    otherwise America would have folded long ago.

    Deny this and you obviously know zero of Economic Nation Building and History..

    ‘The Wealth Generator for Any Nation is it’s Manufacturing for Export’

    With Clinton’s NAFTA_WTO this Wealth is no longer available to The United States.

    National Wealth Generation was Targeted by Clinton to be Stripped from Our Nation & taken as New Steams of Profit by US Corporations via deals with Communist Red China.

    Anyone seeking to do Business in Red China is required to Swear an Oath to The Red Chinese Communist Party – not the Nation – The Political Party of Red China.

    There is no amount of ‘Sales Tax’ on Overseas Manufacturing conceptually to be paid by former US Corporations which replaces the enormous Economic Losses gutting our Manufacturing for Red China has wrought.

    The Clinton ‘Next Phase’ has arrived:

    Here you’ll see GE Corp abandonment of America:

    The First U.S.Corporate to strip out an entire Division –

    Abandoning the American Economy & Nation

    while giving it’s Manufacturing Wealth Generation

    to Communist Red China’s Government:

    Head Quarters – Manufacturing – Research – Development

    1 in 7 Americans are now in Poverty

    1 in 5 American Children are now in Poverty

    400,000 new unemployed Americans every 30 days for the past 3 consecutive years.

    Now take a look at this article and see if you are pleased you’ve Legalized U.S.Corporate Abandonment of Our Nation, Gentlemen:

    1. ‘The Founding American Agreement between Business and Government is that

    Business shall have Access to Our Nations Markets in turn for Employing it’s Citizens’.

    2. ‘The Wealth of Any Nation is it’s Manufacturing for Export Sales’.To say other is to bed with Fools & Liars.

    3.- Abandon these Basic Founding Principals & You’ve Abandoned Our Nation. –


  • jerry O

    As long as we continue to
    allow the government to spend
    money they don’t have and let
    them continue to make it harder
    and harder on businesses, there is
    no hope.

    Texas is the only state that seems
    to do things in spite of Washington.

    They created more new jobs last
    year than all the other states

    People are moving in mass to Texas.
    Not only is their economy going
    strong, they also do not have any
    income tax.

    Hmm… Maybe I should think about
    moving there also.

    There are a lot of business minded
    people in Texas that are leading
    the way.

    They seem to be getting more and more

    I found a site put together by one
    millionaire from Texas and he has
    taught me a lot about how to
    prosper like the ultra rich in
    times of economic crisis.

    Sounds like good advise.

    Check out what he has to say.

    I know it will help you.

    Free Video-

    How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos

    • Wilmor

      I moved to Texas and I’m financially worse off than before the move. The only advantage I see is food here is cheaper than in other states farther north. Downside, the standard of public school education is one of the lowest in the USA because it is generally not supported by a very conservative state legislature.

  • William

    My Jeffery Immelt *********************!!!

  • The whole financial system is a giant ponzi scheme designed to
    strip us from our wealth. Did you know that the U.S Federal
    reserve is a private institution?They have never been audited and are not bound by the
    Constitution. Basically the Federal Reserve is free to print money
    and then lend it to the country and charge an interest. This is the
    definition of a ponzi scheme and totally unconstitutional.

    “How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos”
    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see my full video)

  • When the population is growing by natural birth, or immigration the requirement for the nation to be innovative is overpowering. To be innovative is much subject to increase development of the people. From the fact that the currency of every nation is inflating, means that our development is declining. Hence, the future to create jobs will be very bleak. For your information Google “The World Monetary Order”.

  • margieT

    I think I am going to be sick. I had just written a letter to the President last month not knowing this, but I questioned his choice of head of the jobs market Jeffrey Immelt, and then I learn he is transferring jobs to China? well, that explains why when I tried applying for a job at GE their website continuously had technical issues for the whole month of August (the testing portion) and they will not accept your application without it. Did you also know Jeffrey Immelt is also accused of buying his position in the whitehouse? allegedly for 38 million, though I do not know how reliable the source actually is. I would just have to say the accusations are probable from the (alleged) 3rd most popular CEO.

  • dshatin52

    O ur President’s “job czar” Immelt, in addition to transferring jobs to China as discussed in this marvelous but depressing article, is expanding enormously and creating thousands of jobs… in the US? Non! In India!

    According to a brief column published in the WSJ Tuesday September 27, 2011 under the section ‘Corporate Watch’
    B3, under column “General Electric CEO Immelt Doesn’t See a Double-Dip Recession”
    Mr. Immelt is quoted as stating U.S. GE will invest more than $200 million building a multibusiness, multitechnology facility in India and also hire 6,000 workers in the next two to three years to support its expansion in that country.

    They Lie, and Lie, and Lie…Another Reason Obama and the Whole Lot of Them Must Go!

  • sameoldstory

    THE ANSWER Do not vote any republican or democrat back into office (especially Congress) at any level of government. Vote Independents Only and have the Independents sign a pledge to ONLY SUPPORT BILLS that put money directly in the middle class workers pockets. The middle class being families that make less than $200,000. a year in income. For those making less than $40,000. they should pay NO TAXES, payroll, income or state taxes. If the Tea Party taught us anything they showed us how to control the agenda in congress. All you need is 100 seats in each house to change the agenda and this should be the focus of all concerned. You vote your choice for President but as you can see if you control Congress you control the Presidency.

  • Karen

    Use the laws that are in place, charge companies to bring in good and services for sale in this country. Charge enough that it would be eat up the additional profit they are making manufacturing outside this country.

    If companies could make more here they would move back.

  • Tourville
  • Mark

    Let outsource our government. Send them to Kenya.

  • CherylP.

    Funny, the Republicans held up money for the 9/11 first responder’s medical money, until they could get tax exempt status for OUTSOURCED COMPANIES! PLEASE! Republicans are the OUTSOURCERS of JOBS!

    • u full of crap. moron.cant u see what ur king obie is doing?hes “pres” remember but still blame republicans 4 his crooked dealings huh people

  • John Galt

    I just saw the report on the Clinton Families income. Before getting any position in power in politics the family was make a modest income. Today the Clinton’s are said to be worth over 175 mill. If you dont see the problem in that than we will deserve what coming to us.

    Real Estate IDX

  • WASP

    He’s the perfect choice, next to Satan, for this position.

  • Joe Is Watching

    Jeff you are an ass. You know I get really tired of you smart ass bastards screwing America all the time.

    Nuff Said…

  • That guy

    There’s no real difference between modern rebublicans and democrats. The rhetoric is different but the policies are always the same. Stop putting your faith in a party and put it in the constitution, it told us how to prevent this federalism, and it will guide us back to liberty.

  • Wes

    Are you serious? The guy that exported jobs left and right like a mad man, Job Council?

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