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Globalism Destroys America: 10 Reasons Why The World Trade Organization Is Bad For The United States Economy

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In 2010, education has been so “dumbed down” in America that most Americans don’t even know what the WTO is, and even fewer understand why the WTO is important. The truth is that the World Trade Organization is essentially a global government for world trade.  It is a “contract” that severely restricts the ability of member nations to direct their own economies and set their own trade policies.  The United Nations is perhaps the only international organization that has more power than the WTO.  It was created on January 1st, 1995 as a replacement for GATT (the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade).  Today, 153 nations representing more than 97% of total world trade are members of the WTO.  It has been largely responsible for the explosion in world trade that we have witnessed over the past several decades.  In fact, world trade is now over 15 times larger than it was 50 years ago.  But is this a good thing? 

No, it is not.

The following are 10 reasons why the World Trade Organization is bad for America…..

1 – The WTO is not accountable to the American people or to any other voters around the globe.  It is a sprawling bureaucracy that wields an almost unbelievable amount of power that is completely unchecked by democratic processes.  The American people could try to elect a large number of politicians who are in favor of pulling the United States out of the WTO, but considering the fact that both major political parties are very much pro-WTO at this point, that is simply not going to happen. 

2 – The WTO acts as the legislature, the executive and the judiciary in matters of world trade.  The WTO has the authority to impose punishments on member nations, and it has not been shy about exercising this authority.  In essence, the WTO is the judge, the jury and the executioner and if anyone does not like this it is too bad for them.

3 – Many of the WTO regulations were authored word for word by the big global predator corporations that now dominate the world economy.  It is an open secret that the WTO is dominated by international bankers, large international corporations and the most developed nations.  Whenever new negotiations are conducted, it almost always seems as though it is the “sharks” that end up winning in the end.

4 – Any nation that attempts to protect itself against the negative effects of globalism and free trade is quickly reprimanded by the WTO.  In essence, the WTO is the enforcement arm for the powerful interests who are determined to merge us all into a one world economy.

5 – The WTO allows countries to sue each other.  This has been primarily used by the wealthy countries to push around the smaller, less developed nations.

6 – The WTO allows global corporations to sue countries.  Forget about sovereign immunity in matters governed by the WTO.  Under the WTO, the monolithic corporations who benefit the most from free trade can easily push around the smallest and least developed nations.

7 – The WTO is widening the gap between rich and poor.  Under the globalized system of free trade we are all living under, all wealth is slowly but surely being transferred into the hands of the very wealthy while the rest of us are left standing around trying to figure out how the game was rigged.

8 – The WTO forces the United States to open its doors to unsafe products.  For example, the United States had been very concerned about the safety of Chinese poultry products.  But the WTO ruled in China’s favor and now the U.S. must allow China to import massive amounts of unsanitary chicken.

9 – Under the WTO, labor has become a global commodity.  Now American workers have been put in direct competition with the cheapest labor in the world.  Millions of American workers have lost their jobs and factories are closing across the United States at a staggering pace.

10 – The American people are deeply upset about the state of the economy, but they don’t even understand what is going on.  According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, 81% of Americans rate the U.S. economy as “poor”.  Americans continue to get angrier and angrier about the economy and they want someone to “fix” it.  But what they don’t understand is that under the new global system that we are being merged into, it is intended that the standard of living for the poorer nations will go up while our standard of living goes down.  In the end, there is supposed to be “equality” all over the world.

But what kind of equality will that be?

If current trends hold up, the top 1% of all income earners will become fabulously wealthy, while the remainder of us will work our lives away for their giant global corporations for near slave labor wages.

A reader of my column named Joe recently left a comment that does a good job of summarizing the kind of world that we are heading into….

I still remember the 60 Minutes program that showed an old company in Massachusetts that made winter jackets and pants. The old timer who owned the company was a wonderful character. He worked hard all his life, made excellent clothes, and treated all his employee’s like his family. Dan Rather followed him throughout the mill as he interacted with each employee, the old man knew every job because he probably had to do them all at one time. This man had integrity, a hard work ethic, honesty, and every other leadership quality. His employees loved him and respected him.

Fast forward to today and we have companies like Nike and Gap who entrap their young girl employees with a scam ad in a newspaper about a job. Then they are caged into a factory with barbed wire and security guards and have to work for .35 cents per hour. The girls have to pay “rent” for a bunk bed and a little food, a debt they can never repay for their freedom. And we buy their clothes at Wal-Mart.

Where did we go off the tracks? How did we go so wrong?

The truth is that the giant global predator corporations are going to continue to use the WTO (and other globalist organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank) to rig the game in their favor and to push us all into one global market and into one global labor pool. 

The WTO is not good for the U.S. economy and it never will be.

But the vast majority of our politicians are 100 percent behind this system which is designed to deindustrialize the United States, ship our jobs overseas and substantially lower our standard of living.

Will the American people wake up and realize what is going on?

No, “Dancing with the Stars” has just announced their new cast, American Idol is looking for some new judges and football season is starting, so the American people are going to have their hands full for a while.

  • Mac

    As you mentioned in point 3, WTO was a creation of global corporations (mainly american) and developed governments (Again America and Western Europe). While there are flaws like companies offering dirt cheap wages to poor people in far out developing economies, they also impose restrictions on companies employing cheap/unethical labour and try to maintain standards. There is some upheavel in the short term, but if you see a lot of the american middle class can afford clothing and other goods, because wal-mart sells it so cheap. WTO is one way to bring american living standards world wide, if the govts in those countries also adopt similar standards in terms of minimum wage and legislation. Protectionism is not the answer, but uniformity via consensus is the way to go.

  • Save the Republic

    Buy American people, or expect to eat plain rice every day in your cardboard box.

  • Maria

    You are absolutely correct.

    How did we get off track? Where did we go wrong?

    It has been a gradual process.

    In the early days of this country, the population was small. People took more interest in politics and government…knew who and what they were voting for. That’s not to say corruption didn’t take place, because it did. But when “wrong doers” got caught, they got tarred and feathered…or worse.

    Contrast that with politics today. Our leaders are far too removed from the vast numbers of constituents they are supposed to represent. And far too few of the voters take the time to know the issues or even vote. Corruption is widespread and results in barely a slap on the wrist. Abusers do not fear being caught. They know the game and how to play the system.

    That is why we are probably too late to reign in the problem.

  • Exactly so!

  • Mac

    Check this out:

    China is making cheap products to sell into the US and bringing a lot of inland people out of poverty. If only the american dollar corrects to its true value considering the huge debt burden, the flow of products would be the otherway with banks financing Chinese consumption. America is the innovation capital of the world, and is bringing out so many countries out of poverty. I’m sure the leadership can find another way!!

  • troy

    I read over the major news websites a couple times daily. Sites like always post a report about “housing numbers down -x% year over year”. In the next few days they will publish a news story that says something about housing numbers are up, economy going up. I think the media is seriously f*cking with us and manipulating us. The media is purposely trying to scare us to think it is really bad out there.

    I haven’t had cable TV in 7 years, after price increase every single year and very little new channels, I cancelled. If I do get the opportunity to watch TV it is 4 channels. Nevermind the fact that some people are paying a cable company $100 a month to spend 30% of the hour watching commercials?? Seriously?! Who gives a sh*t about watching reality TV shows anyway. If i want some drama i can just go to the office next door at my job and ask what is going on there, instead of paying to see it on TV.

    For those of you that read this and are living paycheck to paycheck. It will only get worse unless you act. Get rid of your smart phone and pricey voice/data plans. Cancel cable and get cable internet instead so you can watch TV shows for free. Get netflix to watch movies/shows for cheap. Designer clothes?! new cars?! forget about it, you don’t need those. A car’s purpose is to get from Home–>Work–>Grocery Store–>Friends House–>Home again. That is all. You don’t need all that extra stuff that you get sold in a new car.

  • Net Observer

    RE: the education
    If this could be any relief to you the education of 2010 is ‘dumbed down’ not only in America – it is so worldwide. In the good old days there were some people calculating mentally 15 digit numbers – today the students could hardly calculate 0+1 without a computer or calculator.

    RE: the WTO
    Usually the countries of the third world are complaining about unfair trade, but USA …
    Actually poor is our fantasy and weak is our imagination to depict what will happen with the World Trade if organisations like Lemon Bros., Bear Stearns & Sir Goldman take in charge of the world trade.

  • Perhaps the worst and possibly most devastating effect of the WTO is the creation of Codex Alimentarius. This strange name uses two root words, Code and Alimentary (as in alimentary canal=digestive system). So this is a Code to control what we eat.

    Codex, as it’s referred to in brief, was started in 1962 by the UN. It was created as a trade Commission to control the international trade of food. But like everything else, including our own FDA, in our 21st Century world, it has been completely taken over by multi-national corporations including the pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotech and chemical industries.

    These are the folks deciding what’s good for us and writing draconian regulations to make sure we get plenty of what they’re serving–plenty of pesticides, GMO’s and chemicals so then we’ll all need plenty more pharmaceuticals.

    If you haven’t heard of Codex, please get informed. It’s big, it’s bad and it’s in our face in the US right now. In 2011, Europe will be losing it’s ability to get most of the supplements we take for granted because of these draconian regulations. The US is next on their list. Dr. Rima Laibow of HealthFreedomUSA is out there in the trenches fighting tooth and nail against Codex.

    Go to our site and click on “The Big Picture” page, which will give you the scoop (via YouTube) on what just happened at the last Codex Meeting this summer. We really have to start paying attention. It isn’t just the air we breathe out (CO2) that’s being attacked–it’s the Food we take in.

  • mbabsit

    You people see the results of “leveling the playing field,” “spread the wealth,” and other crap. Vote for Obama? Embarrassed yet? Like your depression (double dip my foot, the country never came out of the hole in the first place)?

    We COULD buy American. Look at the labels, if it’s not from here, pass it up. Pass up stores that sell foreign garbage. Most of all, patronize LOCAL businesses. Buy from the Internet only if that item you want can’t be found locally, or if they won’t/can’t order for you.

    Be more self-sufficient. During WW II they had a jingle: Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or do without. I recycle the heck out of stuff. Plastic shopping bags become mini garbage bags. Those without holes are great for scooping kitty litter into. Plastic margarine tubs are great for leftovers, glass jars for hardware storage. The latter is also good for making emergency candles. Learn gardening and canning.

    Get a hobby, or better yet, several. Some of your hobbies should be those whose skills you can fall back on when things get worse. It’s okay to have a hobby like scrapbooking or model railroading, but you should also have something that could be a trade when things get worse. Leatherworking, car repair, gun smithing are some. Tandy Leather has an online book on making sandals. Also, there is on the Internet itself, in PDF format, a really old book on making shoes. (I’ve got that one downloaded and printed, and I’m not sorry about it. Why patronize Nike when I can make my own?) Take up hunting and/or fishing if you are a carnivore or love fish. A hobby is far and away better ENTERTAINMENT than a television could be. Besides, a hobby makes you think. Television doesn’t.

    Get rid of television, specifically inane television programs and propaganda masquerading as “news.” It’s easy for me because I live in the country, I’m too far away for Internet cable. I watch only movies and classic television DVDs. News? There IS talk radio. Radio is more immediate than television, and has less propaganda. World news and business news I can get from dozens of sites on the Internet.

    Now is the perfect time to own a home, preferably in the country. Plenty of land to start a large garden (not like in the cities). Also, according to several economists (Gerald Celente and others), the cities could soon get ugly, especially with massive Obama tax hikes 1/1/11, and as the numbers of unemployed/underemployed continue to increase. Where do you run to if you are forced to flee? People in the country are generally nice, but in times of civil strife, pull into someone’s property, and all you’ll get is a load of buckshot.

  • Half-Right

    MBabsit – You make some good points, but your Obama bashing and Talk Radio kudos are suspect. Do you think we’d be better off with McCain as our Prez and bubble-headed Barbi as Vice? McCain just showed he’s completely lost his moral compass, and she’s a loon. The Republican Party again and again trots out puppets for the uber-rich to manipulate — Reagan, Bush II, now Palin. They tried with Quayle, but he was just too much the idiot.

    I appreciate your points on finding an avocation to keep you busy and create a trade to fall back on, and the worthiness of using something until it’s completely worn out.

    But if you’re only getting your info from Talk Radio, you’re vision is skewed, and I can’t trust you.

    It’s not right vs. left, or red vs. blue, or any of that. It’s the rich vs. everybody else, and they’re continually trying to distract you with all this other stuff. You’re half falling for it.

    Good luck. There are things about you I admire.

  • Burnt Toast and a Rotten Egg

    Personally, I can’t wake anyone in my immediate family out of the bread circus. Nobody wants to listen to ‘crazy ol toast’ -I tell them the political parties are a farce, TV is lies and predictave programming, and we’re stuck in a system that you can’t vote away- under any circumstances- The people that give us the candidates are the ones that control the outcome and the rules. How can you vote that away? impossible-
    (I still try to talk to them about it- I love those idiots)

    We’d need to pull the root of the corruption, and get the whole system revamped.
    Those that want the system to stay in place…. hop into the catapult- Cuba is nice this time of year. g’bye-

    Tell the WTO to take a hike…. Is it impossible? Not really….

    Then we wad that ‘contract’ up, and set it on fire. What is so hard about taking the hard stance against someone who’s stated goal is YOUR DESTRUCTION? This is only self preservation, on a national level. We didn’t need this **** destructive system to build this country the first time…. Why stay tangled up in it now that it’s obviously a one way ticket to our demise?

    (by the way, I don’t condone the use of firearms unless your life depends upon it… if you haven’t yet noticed….now it kinda does)

    Alan Watt said a few days ago- We’re like a cow on a farm…
    The farmer has broken the cow’s legs, and is now kicking it for laying around.
    We get the blame for the economy-
    (we get the blame for being unemployed and sucking off the welfare teet when nobody asked us if we wanted our industry shipped to china- AND we caught blame for the housing crash…. it was designed to lure in people and go belly up-) I didn’t vote the industry out of the country-Did you?

    Now we hear about population reduction…. I say…. go cordless bungee jumping if you want to reduce the population- Wish Granted! One less asshole!

    For a full-on look at what is really going on, check out Alan Watt at –
    He’ll fully wake you up, only if you let him.

    (I’m not taking anything away from this site- there is a lot of good and useful info here- Please keep up the good work!)

  • @ Aquaponics USA
    Laibow’s Natural Solutions Foundation has run afoul of long established and universally recognized alternative health organizations such as the National Health Federation (NHF) and the International Advocates of Health Freedom (IAHF) which have committed decades of tireless advocacy in the name of open and free access to alternative health care. These organizations along with others such as the Dr. Rath Health Foundation have regularily monitored and participated in Codex Alimentarius commissions over the past decade. They have opposed and actively fought FDA systematic and illegal deconstruction of American citizen access to health care in the name of the FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter and the North American Union in direct violation of US national sovereignty. These largely grassroots organizations have engaged in the laborious spade work of lobbying House and Senate committees such as the House Commerce committee to derail legislation attempting to harmonize US food, supplement and vitamin standards with Canadian and Mexican and thus International Pharmacuetical cartel demands. Enter Laibow and Stubblebine and the NSF. Through histrionic campaigns of disinformation and classic left cover redirect tactics they have attempted to distract the core constituencies of these groups into futile efforts against the notorious stonewalling bueauacracy of the FDA itself rather than the Congress itself, where the key elements of legislation were to be enacted. Confronted and exposed for these transparent diversionary tactics at the July 2006 Codex Commission in Geneva, Stubblebine attempted to coerce and Laibow,”white with rage”, threatened representatives of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. John Hammell, President of the IAHF has likewise condemned the NSF for meddling in an issue for which they have little apparent understanding, accusing Stubbelbine and Laibow of openly sabotaging efforts to prevent the implementation of the Codex in America as it is being ushered in on the back of the Central American Free Trade Act (CAFTA).

  • sharonsj

    Maybe we could use a little socialism, some real “spreading the wealth around.” Right now the top 1% is getting all the money and power and the rest of us are wondering how to pay the bills.

    Politicians are useless and a part of the problem. We ought to get out of the WTO, but you’re right that most people have no idea what it does. Younger generations in America are incredibly stupid, can’t do math without a computer, have no idea how federal and state governments work, don’t know English, and can’t write either. I hired a 26-yr-old woman to help me in my new store and she didn’t even know how to read a tape measure.

    I could say we’re doomed, but I think most of us know that.

  • Bobber

    If the USA attempted to put import tariffs on imported goods, such as from China, in order to “level the playing field” on prices, which organization(s) have the authority to prevent the USA from doing so? Is that the WTO, the IBF, the UN, or the World Bank?

  • Anthony


    At least she learned something!

  • El Pollo de Oro

    If you speak Spanish and want to be seriously depressed, try watching the nightly news on Univision or Telemundo. Night after night, there are horror stories on Spanish-language television about all the violent crime in Latin America–and I bring that up for two reasons. First, globalism, including that abomination known as NAFTA (No American Factories Taking Applications), has made the economic desperation in Latin America much worse and has done a lot to fuel all the horrific violence in Mexico and elsewhere. And second, all the kidnappings, grisly beheadings, etc. in Mexico offer a sneak preview of what awaits The Banana Republic of America (previously known as the USA). As the BRA becomes more and more of a Third World country economically, the worse the crime will get. There is already a lot of violent crime in BRA cities, but it is going to get much, much worse and a whole lot nastier. We’re talking Mexico City bad, Caracas bad, favelas de Rio de Janeiro bad. We’re talking “Secuestro Express” bad. The ultra-rich fatcat minority will be able to hide in gated communities surrounded by bodyguards, while the rest of us will be dodging bullets whenever we leave the house. And when new shantytown slums become a fixture in BRA cities, they will become breeding grounds for drug cartels, kidnappers, gangbangers, etc. Desperate neo-poor individuals who used to be middle class will resort to doing desperate things to keep food on the table.

    But hey, I’m the eternal optimist (he says with major sarcasm). I think that economically, the former USA is turning into Mexico or Brazil rather than Haiti or Ethiopia.

    So, turn on las noticias de Univision at night–hear about all the grisly beheadings in Mexico, and realize that globalism has played no small part in Latin America’s misery and suffering. Globalism: hell for Latin America, hell for The Banana Republic of America.

  • Net Observer

    RE: ‘Globalism destroys America’
    Globalism destroys not only America – it is destroying the whole world economy. For further details see:

    There is not a single country in the world without growing debt (we are not talking about repayment, for the ‘counter’ should be reversed at first). We are talking about accumulation of debt – with every day and in every way the countries in the world are getting poorer and poorer, and the world economy is sinking.
    Nobody knows neither how does 11:59:59 looks like on that ‘clock’, nor what will be the event, or the series of events, or the chain reaction to be triggered at 12:00:00, nor how to stop the clock.

    RE: The world trade
    If you count in this 50 times growth the trade at the stock exchanges – yes it might have grown that much, but I doubt the trade at the stock exchanges is trade at all. It looks much like casino gambling and as we all know the house always wins … and the others are losers … as we see it.

  • YouHaveEyesButCantSee

    Where did we go wrong? It’s amazing where people look to answer this question when the answer is and always has been in the Holy Bible. In what is happening to this nation and others, evil has a big part of it, if not all of it. It is a grand plan of the evil one to destroy the world and all of humanity. The answer lies in the citizens of it’s nations to have the fear of God. Live the commandments. Nations will go down because it’s people have become weak from temptations of greed and pride. Money being the root of all evil and pride the cesspool of all evil. Look at the signs of the times. It is really not hard to notice, unless one is in denial.

  • Net Observer

    Dear Sir YouHaveEyesButCan’tSee
    As you see everything, can you tell us in more simple words what is driving this clock:
    Just don’t tell us that it is written in the Bible.
    As far as I can see it is the marriage of ‘Greed and Stupidity’. Wisdoms like ‘Make Your Money Work Harder for You’ can be found all over the Web.
    At present the world is enslaved by the money fairly enough – it does not need any more ‘hard working money’.
    RE: The world trade
    There is nothing wrong with the trade so far it remains trade and not turned into gambling.

  • Net Observer

    RE: ‘Where did we go wrong?’
    The formula of the compound interest is an exponential function of time: FV = PV.(1+i)^n
    Having in mind that most of the people do not understand at all how does the exponential function work the world debt has no chances to be repaid – ever, even we are endowed with eternal life.
    Maybe those who were organising this banking system should have had some vague idea of what they were doing.

  • YouHaveEyesButCantSee

    NetO: I’m telling people to read the Bible. People don’t read the Bible because they think they’re just to darn smart for it (pride). But even if people read it, they are still not convinced and stop seeking for the meaning of what they have read (pride again).The simple answer to your question: The debt clock is driven by greed (money). Money is not bad in itself. It’s the love of it. Who’s pockets do you think the money goes into? Those who love it and can’t get enough of it.

  • This is great. You sound like a pro when it comes to US Economy. Actually this is the first site that I have ever seen so far about economy that has so many visitors and responses. I commend you for being able to attract surfers and respond to your blog. It goes to show that you are very effective in writing your blog. Congratulations.

  • Gloria Tempik

    Good writeup. WTO is bad for America, but imagine how much worse it is to poorer nations around the world.

  • NomoreWTO

    The engineers who built the WTO are into Titanic without compartments shipbuilding. No concept of “systemic risk” or unstable equilibrium at all.

  • jeff loggens

    Wto and nafta: new enemies.

    Born in 1987, america was working. America spoiled as I grew up, now there’s nothing.

    25, college educated, and no job. The crisis was the final coup, until the next one. My friend told me we are slowly being enslaved. I foolishly didn’t believe him. Of course its no evil genocidal cabal, its corporations, oligrarchs, and greed.

    Fortunately, america can be fixed. This is not an interminable, inextricable process. But the politicians have to be stopped. Stop gerrymandering, overturn citizens united, repass glass steagall and consider it for a new constitutional ammendment, repeal nafta, public campaign financing and limited running times, perhaps a few weeks.

    America has to be changed. We need the jobs back. Turn off the tv and email your representative. Fight all free trade agenda.

  • Raymond

    Very informative Michael, thank you.

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