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Goodbye Full-Time Jobs, Hello Part-Time Jobs, R.I.P. Middle Class

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GraveyardA fundamental shift is taking place in the U.S. economy.  In fact, this transition is rapidly picking up momentum and is in danger of becoming an avalanche.  The percentage of full-time jobs in our economy is steadily declining and the percentage of part-time jobs is steadily increasing.  This is not a recent phenomenon, but now there are several factors which are accelerating this trend.  One of them is Obamacare.  The truth is that Obamacare actually gives business owners incentive to cut hours and turn full-time workers into part-time workers, and according to the Wall Street Journal and other prominent publications this is already happening all over the United States.  Perhaps this is part of the reasons why the U.S. economy actually lost 240,000 full-time jobs last month.

In a recent article entitled “Restaurant Shift: Sorry, Just Part-Time“, the Wall Street Journal explained the choices that employers are faced with thanks to Obamacare…

The Affordable Care Act requires employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent workers to offer affordable insurance to employees working 30 or more hours a week or face fines. Some companies have said the requirement could increase their costs significantly, although others have played down the potential hit.

The cost for small firms to comply with the health law will depend largely on the number of additional full-time employees that sign up for employer-sponsored coverage. Average annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in 2012 were $5,615 for single coverage and $15,745 for family coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. That is up from $3,083 and $8,003, respectively, in 2002.

Thankfully the implementation of this aspect of Obamacare was recently delayed, but a lot of employers are saying that it won’t make a difference.  They know that it is coming at some point, and so they are already making the changes that they feel they will need to make in order to comply with the law…

Restaurant owners who have already begun shifting to part-time workers say they will continue that pattern.

“Does the delay change anything for us? Absolutely not,” Mr. Adams of Subway said, explaining that whether his health-care costs go up next year or in 2015, he will have to comply with the law. “We won’t start hiring full-time people.”

This is very sad, because we have already been witnessing a steady erosion of “breadwinner jobs” in this country.

It is very, very difficult to support a family if you just have a part-time job or a temp job.  But those are the jobs that our economy is producing these days.

In fact, if you can believe it, the second largest employer in the United States is now a temp agency.  Kelly Services is actually the second largest employer in the country after Wal-Mart.

Isn’t that crazy?

And full-time employment continues to lag far, far behind part-time employment.  The number of part-time workers in the United States recently hit a brand new all-time record high, but the number of full-time workers remains nearly 6 million below the old record that was set back in 2007.

For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “15 Signs That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Downhill Really Fast“.

At this point, employees are increasingly considered to be expendable “liabilities” that can be dumped the moment that their usefulness is over.

For example, employees at one restaurant down in Florida were recently fired by text message

It’s bad enough losing your job, but more than a dozen angry employees say they were fired from a central Florida restaurant via text message.

Employees at Barducci’s Italian Bistro said they lost their jobs without notice after the restaurant suddenly closed and are still waiting for their paychecks.

This shift that we are witnessing is fundamentally changing the relationship between employers and employees in the United States.  The balance of power has moved very much toward the employers.

Most employers realize that there is intense competition for most jobs these days.  If you get tired of your job, your employer can easily go out and find a whole bunch of other people who would be thrilled to fill it.

So why has the balance of power shifted so dramatically?

Well, for one thing we have allowed millions upon millions of good paying jobs to be shipped out of the country.  Now American workers literally have to compete for jobs with workers on the other side of the planet that live in nations where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.

This should have never happened, but voters in both major political parties kept voting for politicians that were doing this to us.

Now we all pay the price.

Another factor is the rapid advancement of technology.

These days, businesses are trying use machines, computers and robots to automate just about everything that they can.  The following example comes from a recent Business Insider article

On a windy morning in California’s Salinas Valley, a tractor pulled a wheeled, metal contraption over rows of budding iceberg lettuce plants. Engineers from Silicon Valley tinkered with the software on a laptop to ensure the machine was eliminating the right leafy buds.

The engineers were testing the Lettuce Bot, a machine that can “thin” a field of lettuce in the time it takes about 20 workers to do the job by hand.

The thinner is part of a new generation of machines that target the last frontier of agricultural mechanization — fruits and vegetables destined for the fresh market, not processing, which have thus far resisted mechanization because they’re sensitive to bruising.

So what happens when the big corporations that dominate our economy are able to automate everything?

What will the rest of us do?

How will the middle class survive if they don’t need us to work for them?

Over the past couple of centuries, we have witnessed several fundamental shifts in our economy.

Once upon a time, a very high percentage of Americans worked for themselves.  There were millions of farmers, ranchers, small store owners, etc.

But then the industrial revolution kicked in to high gear and big corporations started to gain more power.  Millions of Americans went to work for these big corporations, but it was okay because they paid us good wages to work in their factories and the middle class thrived.

Unfortunately, the big corporations have realized that things have changed and that they don’t really need us anymore.  They can replace us with technology or with super cheap labor overseas.

So that leaves the rest of us in quite a quandry.  Very few of us own our own businesses.  In fact, the percentage of self-employed workers in the United States is at an all-time record low.  And the number of us that are needed by the monolithic corporations that dominate our system is dropping by the day.

All of this is very bad news for the middle class.  The only thing that most of us have to offer is our labor, and the value of our labor is continually declining.

Unless something dramatic happens, the future of the middle class looks very bleak.

  • bruce

    60 Minutes produced a show devoted to the automated warehouse. You can watch in on their archived shows.

    • Graham

      For those familiar with the name “Linn Products” (Scotland), I was shown around their automated warehouse in the early 90’s and it was impressive to watch the robots buzzing around with parts etc.

      The products are still hand built though
      (Hi-Fi and Super-Fi). Obviously fully robotic production lines are even more impressive from a technology point of view.

      Next port of call is “Aston Martin” to see the great traditions that still survive. Maranello is another option, but further away.

  • robert burns

    It isn’t just the USA but every country is having job issues. I recently read that China is turning out 15 MILLION college graduates a year! No jobs for them. Same in Europe. If I were advising a young man who is healthy and reasonably strong to try and get work as a utility lineman or some similar work that is likely to defy robotics. Robotic nurses will show up in large numbers. People are still buying into the idea that just any college degree is worth whatever fantastic sum it takes to pay for it. The world has changed and has done so quickly. Few are prepared for it.

    • greyprepper

      Agreed. I’m a utility arborist and while I’m not getting rich with this career, it certainly pays the bills. Guaranteed 40 hours with a bunch of overtime. It’s hard work but there won’t be robots learning to climb and trim trees from power lines anytime soon 🙂

      • markthetruth

        They solved that already around here it’s going underground. And removed

        the end…

      • jacklohman

        The problem overall is that politicians are getting rich off of the broken system they write the rules for. They LOVE it! Only a near-100% turnover in 2014 will return the country to the people.

        • Mudpie

          Yes. if you only knew. I worked for the State of Florida in some regulatory bodies, and can tell you that the politicians LOVE regulation, DO get rich off of it (both GOP and Dems), and are brilliant in defrauding the people via the system. Being involved was so vile I had to get out – though I kept my integrity intact with lots of dodging and hard work. If you only, only knew the legal plunder that goes on.

          And the weird thing is, in the last two decades, it has zoomed, grown, become a monster. I know we have always had evil, but it has really accelerated. The problem now is that bad character is rampant.

          Pray for this nation. Get your house in order. The wolf is in the door. Act accordingly.

          • jacklohman

            Yes, mudpie, but don’t bail on us. Submit to the media or start your own blog.

          • FollowsTheWay

            Kudos for pointing out that Dems and Repubs are the same. Most are caught up in the hegelian dialectic and have no clued they are being played by labeling themselves as Dems/Repubs, liberal/conservative, black/white, whatever.

            Here is wisdom: when you understand that GW Bush and Barack Obama play on the same team.

            As for the evil: “…the whole world lieth in wickedness.” 1 John 5:19

      • xander cross

        Don’t be so sure about that. Trust me, they’re working on that now.

    • Mondobeyondo

      What good is a college degree if you can’t apply it towards the goal you signed up for?

      I don’t know sign language, so I’ll repeat:

      What good is a college degree if you can’t apply it towards the goal you signed up for?

      I mean – I’m good at underwater basket weaving. I can weave a basket under the Gulf of Mexico like nobody’s business. But there is not A MARKET FOR IT!!!!

      You have to choose a career that has a market! IT – French – bakery – whatever…BUT – having said that –

      Okay, now I’m torn. Passion vs. reality.
      So what if your passion is art history, and there is no market for art history? Your art history degree won’t buy you a junior bacon cheeseburger at Jack in the Shack? Well…

      I’ll tell you the truth. I can’t help ya there.
      Try to incorporate Titian’s brush strokes with the quadratic equation. That’s the best I can do. Sorry. It’ll work out somehow.

      • Rodster

        College these days is a joke. It’s another ponzi scheme perpetrated by TPTB so you can pay huge amounts of interest on student loans for jobs that don’t exist.

        Unless the college major is directly related to a hot jobs market, i’d save the money.

        • Graham

          Elizabeth Warren has been trying to tackle this student loan interest issue, in addition to matters pertaining to Glass Steagall.

          Checkout the vids of her on YouTube. She seems to talk a lot of sense. Strike me as a Ron Paul type thinker. In other words “consciously aware” of how things connect.

          • Susansayso

            Elizabeth Warren, the fake native american and radical leftist? Oh sure, she wants to tackle the student loan mess by dumping it onto tax payers. She wants to re-institute Glass Steagal? Please, she was on board to get rid of it in the first place. It’s all talk to fool the gullible masses. Anyone that “consciously aware knows that she’s just a white male hating tool for the neo-Marxist fascist left.

          • paintinc56

            Elizabeth Warren is a Socialist ObaMAObot.

        • Mudpie

          College is indeed a ponzi scheme. I just wonder when we became so corrupted as a nation. Seriously. Was it the 1970’s funny money? Bending over backward to accept cultures other than our own without realizing that of course bad habits rub off with the good? Objectively, there has been a culture shift towards something vile and ugly. I am not a big apocalyptic guy, but sometimes I really wonder about the Second Coming and all of that. Just saying, bad stuff is afoot . . ..

          • FollowsTheWay

            The second coming is–ahem–coming.

            Be ready … seek out Stewart Best’s “darklight” pdf. He has the truth on salvation.

      • MarkO

        I agree.
        Our friends stopped paying their mortgage and lost their house so they could divert all of their financial resources so their daughter could pursue her college degree at Duke University. She graduates next Spring with a Bachelors in Russian Literature.

        • Susansayso

          Since the U.S. has gone Communist, knowing either Chinese or Russian might be a good thing! Not so sure about the Russian literature part…

      • markthetruth

        What Good Is !

        our body if we don’t take care of it

        our Mind if we don’t use it

        our Life if we Don’t live it

        our Water and Air if we pollute it

        our land if we Destroy it

        our Children if we don’t have time to enjoy them

        our world if we don’t get along

        our government if it Doesn’t Work

        our Banks if they steal our Money

        our Home and Land if we never own it out right

        our Freedom if they Changed the meaning

        our Constitution if we don’t Follow it

        our Faith if we don’t Follow the Morals, Ethics and Values is teaches us

        the end…

      • paintinc56

        Yeah, that is the common MYTH but there are a LOT of kids that took IT courses, business courses, even went to law school that can’t find a decent paying job let alone a career.

    • Ralfine

      The problem isn’t that there is no work. Actually there is a lot to do. Everywhere.

      The problem is that capital is withdrawn from companies in form of dividends. Capital that is needed to pay workers, to pay for research, to pay for training, to pay for sick leave.

      An alternative could be no-profit organisations, where all profit made remains within the company. Just need to make sure that the directors don’t line their pockets.

      • Graham

        The ultimate solution may be a “workers cooperative” where every employee has an interest in the business.

        Most are very successful in that they remain highly productive work places. The pay and profit shares are equal and each employee switches roles from time to time.

        If you think about it, there are so many advantages to this type of system, especially in close knit communities and also in creating them.

        Self sufficiency and complete job and life satisfaction is a primary aim and motivator.

        Perhaps something Michael might consider looking into for a future story on ECB or TAD.

      • Joe D

        @ralfine…totally naive entry. Dividends are used for a number of reasons including the rewarding of shareholders like you and I in our 401k accounts, IRAs, etc. Look up any company’s financials and you’ll see dividends play a very small role in cash distribution. Take Pfizer as an example…pretty good company…. pays a 3.3% dividend or $0.96 per share on $2.09 per earnings. But this is AFTER it spent $7.87B on R&D and $16B in administrative expenses like benefits and wages.

        Your idea of a no-profit company has been tried and is a failed idea. A ‘co-op’ approach will never work in a free society, may work in a communist one (based on communal philosophy), but will never support workers.

        A better idea is to remove as much intervention as is possible and let free markets work with little oversight. The bad actors will show up as they do in all societies but to the extent that free markets thrive, their effect will be minimal. The PROBLEM is bureaucrats always think they know better than the experts in any industry – look at Dodd-Frank, neither of those two clowns every worked a day in the financial industry but they are regulating it?


    • markthetruth

      The issue here is a human is a human and our lives where simple, live and enjoy. but we are never Happy, and things and gadgets have taken over our Lives , so we have made our lives more difficult, complicated and stressful. So our so called progress is Killing us and the environment we live in.

      the end…

    • GOM

      Robots help guard the gates at Eglin AFB, Fl.

    • Handog

      My father in law is a retired lineman. He spent the last several years teaching the new employees at $109,000.00 per year. No college tuition. In fact, they paid him as an apprentice.

    • Mudpie

      Teaching of children falls into that category, but our God, the Almighty State, controls entry into the work via rather vicious command and control regulation. Your advice is well said…..

    • abby725

      as Jeff responded I am in shock that some people can profit $4791 in one month on the internet. have you read this webpage w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • Curious George

    The only job which makes it these days are teaching jobs, but one has to be a teacher who worked for so long that they form an old-boys, old-ladies group. And we all know what happens when these old teachers get caught with conduct which would, in the real world, label them as sekks offenders.

    The older workers who form part of the public unions are the only ones making good money these days as employees, as most break the law and they hardly get prosecuted.

    The part-time workers should read up on public unions and education worker unions and see how it fits in with the Communist Manifesto of 1964.

    “We are all equal”—-slaves.

    • Ralfine

      Tell me more about the Communist Manifesto of 1964.

      • Ralfine

        At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under
        unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon

        Cleon Skousen (January 20, 1913 – January 9, 2006) was an American author, conservative American constitutionalist and faith-based political theorist.[2] He was also a prolific popularizer among Latter-day Saints (Mormons) (LDS) of their theology. A notable anti-communist and supporter of the John Birch Society,[3] Skousen’s works involved a wide range of subjects including the Six-Day War, Mormon eschatology, New World Order conspiracies, and parenting.[4] His most popular works are The 5,000 Year Leap and The Naked Communist.

    • xander cross

      Again, stop saying that you’re an slave. You was not beaten to death and lynched. My ancestors were though and many black people were as well.

      • GSOB

        We are born slaves to sin

        • xander cross

          Tell that to my ancestors.

      • Susansayso

        Not beaten and lynched–yet. Look at what the DOJ is trying to do to GZ? Anyone who lives in the United States in a city and works for some else is a wage slave who is subject to the whims of the corrupt government elite.

        • xander cross

          Again, you’re not an slave. You’re not forced to work for free or being lynched because of your skin color.

  • Jodi

    So if you loose your full-time job & you must apply for unemployment benefits to survive, what happens when you have to apply for 4 full-time jobs a week? Ha, Good Luck! From my experience a couple of years ago, there were some weeks it was almost impossible to apply for 4 full-time jobs a week.

    • Ralfine

      You always can apply for dozens of full-time jobs any day, if you have the money for the postage and paper.

      The question is just whether they will take you.

  • Jimbo

    We are all slaves. Unless you live on a small holding and grow your own food, you have no real option but to work for somebody else and be paid in Fiat. The move into big cities and suburbia has made most of us incapable of sustaining ourselves unless we work for others. Automation will make the working class obsolete and with overpopulation becoming more of an issue, why would the ruling class need a working class anymore? It sounds grim, but I bet it is foremost in the minds of those in power that a dramatic fall in world population could be achieved allowing those left (ruling classes) a greater share of the remaining resources and space. It maybe a super virus that kills.all those who haven’t been given a vaccine. With advances in robotics, we wouldn’t even be needed to clean the streets or wait tables.

    • Rodster

      Agreed and that’s my fear as Agenda 21 takes hold. What they want to do to the human population (eliminate as much as possible) is pure evil, worse than what Hitler did to the Jews.

      Thankfully I do believe in God, and as they say payback is a you know what. 😉

      • FollowsTheWay

        “Believing” is not salvation. Check out Stewart Best’s “darklight” pdf teaching on true, biblical salvation. It is free at his website. Pray and have your King James bible at hand. Prove all things…

    • Graham

      Fiat money and materialism are undoubtedly essential parts of the slavery system. The part about food and cities is also very relevant as it makes people more reliant on big government, removing important survival know how in the process.

      I saw a report yesterday about China’s plans to move millions of farmers into those huge ghost towns that have been lying dormant for a number of years.

      • Ralfine

        Care to share where you saw that report?

        • Graham

          Sure.. the best bet is to use DuckDuckGo (or Google if you wish to leave a profile deposit) and search for:-

          “chinese farmers moving to cities”

          See NYT or City Farmer links. They were both published in June 2013.

          • Susansayso

            Cities are a death trap in which the inhabitants are totally dependent on the whims of the corrupt government elite. Stay on the family farms as long as you can!

    • Mark Caldwell

      South Korea just rolled out robot prison guards and robot supermarket cashiers, on top of self check out.

    • Ralfine

      With advance of robotics who needs employers?

      Robots can produce what is needed.
      With or without owner.
      If people can write Flight Simulator Software they can also write software to operate robots.

      Follow the “Open Source” principle.

      You have an initial investment of a reasonable sophisticated machine, and then have volunteers write software and have these machines producing goods, till fields, watch your robot over the internet, watch your potato from field to machine to truck until it lands on your doorstep.

      In the meantime take your son out for a walk in the countryside and teach him about the old days, when you broke your back filling sacks with potatoes.

      So far in history, every ruling class created the tools that made them obsolete and trained the suppressed in using these tools.

      Capitalism is no difference.

      Could you think of another reason now why anyone wanted to control the Internet?

  • Vlad Lenin

    Most of us who own businesses already know that labor accounts for the vast majority of our costs (and headaches). When the government (due to their complete lack of touch with reality) uses the stick approach to healthcare and a host of other regulations, then it gets even more attractive to put people of the road. I don’t feel good about that (except for expelling democrat voters…that would actually be fun), but I’m the one taking all the risks, turning gray early, losing family time, so it’s my turn to look out for me first. My recommendation is for everyone to go back like it used to be…most of us self employed…

  • Rodster

    I’m self employed, have been for years and i’ve been cutting back this year. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the economy and having too much overhead in uncertain times is not good especially when you are bound contractually.

    I have noticed more and more of my customers who can’t afford to pay for simple repairs on their vehicles. Sometimes I help them out when no parts are involved but when they are I have to walk away.

    • Graham

      I assume you are a motor engineer, or perhaps have a dealership too?

      • Rodster

        None of the above, just a mobile auto tech.

        • Graham

          Do you have knowledge of “ONSTAR” and what it’s true capabilities are?

          I’m very interested in the “remote” aspects of the system.

          • Rodster

            It’s a satellite based system that comes with certain new GM vehicles. 1st year is free, then you pay to renew. Be warned it’s a tracking and listening device. So privacy could be an issue.

            The other capabilities depend on the GM vehicle you buy. If you lock your keys in the car, GM can remotely unlock the car, they can also notify the police in the event the system detects you were involved in an accident. GM can run remote diagnostics although very basic, like why your check engine light came on while you were driving. You’ll need to ask the dealer for more functions,

          • Ralfine


            So, with the right software I can control the guy behind me on the motorway trying to get into my boot?

          • Graham

            Thanks for that. I was looking into some recent “theories” about ONSTAR capabilities and”Boston Brakes”.

  • jakartaman

    The world economy is going to collapse soon.
    The USA could have held on longer but the olks we elected did not do the right things – in fact they did the worst possible things that will quicken our collapse. We are going to go through a very very difficult period. After the wars, civil unrest, starvation etc. the question is what will emerge – How will humanity go forward and as what?

    • Kent Harris

      You are absolutely correct in your assessment. 2014-2015 we will see a collapse unlike the world has ever seen. We have had 13 years to prepare our hearts and minds since 9/11. Tyre was under siege for 13 years and the US has had 13 years for what is about to hit us. My final word is look to the heavens. God’s Word told us that there would be 44 Biblical rulers and as such 44 Presidents.

      • domdoran

        Can’t argue with crazy.

  • MeMadMax

    I blame obamacare for this more than anything. It’s no secret that you can avoid paying into this thing as long as all you have is part time employees… This is government intervention in all it’s glory….

    • tray2000

      max, still believe that their is a difference between Democrat,..and Republican. let me fill you in on something,..this might shock you but,.. they both work for the same people,..and its not us. obamacare might have been call mitt romey care,..or hillary care but, it would be accomplishing the same endgame, destroy the middle class with taxes. you see max democrats,and republicans are like two cheeks on the same @ss, and we the people are in the middle getting screwed,…. they have you to believe that your changing things by voting democrat, or republican but they both push forward the globalist agenda

      • Rebecca in TN

        That is the best metaphor in the entire world, lol…

        • Mondobeyondo

          I like this metaphor better…

          Civil Corps? Just add the letters “S: and “E” between the P and the S in “Corps”, and you will get the real meaning.

          No, that’s not my original thought (but I’d gladly claim it though! hehe) Most people can’t tell the difference. “Corps? Corpses? So what?”

          If only you knew.

        • tray2000

          thanks Rebecca

      • MeMadMax

        I didn’t say anything about ANY political party did I? Then why are you trying to put words in my FU c ing mouth huh?

    • otter1111

      I agree with you Max, Obamacare is a huge factor in this.

  • seth datta

    Its already done. The jobs have been offshored and will take a while to come back. The regulations stifle local businesses. The mass immigration debacle continues to lower workers wages, both domestic and foreign. And we have a ton of other problems. The solutions should have been implemented in the past and we are now looking at damage control. Whilst Rome burns, the politicians fiddle. The collapse happens for a few families each day, and gradually over time with the creeping incrementalism of the erosion of sovereign citizenry’s rights, we are headed for the tyranny of a police state.

    Ultimately, only the true believers will survive OUTSIDE the confines of what is becoming a sadistic and evil government-MIC-banking/big biz merger.

    • GSOB

      “Ultimately, only the true believers

      will survive…”

      What a crock, that last part.

      • seth datta

        True believers are usually preppers and have community with proper social contracting. Logically, they would be the most likely group to survive.

        Just in case faith in Jesus and the Lord isn’t enough for you.

        • Converted citizen

          Preppers don’t survive either.

          The various bandits and gangs that have formed usually loot them out.

          • Ralfine

            If you advertise your prepping. Fortresses are always sought after.

            There were many wars about Luxemburg, until they razed that fortress.

            That old guy in that ruin, without a car, but a lot of weeds in the garden. Would he have food?

            You’ll only know when that guy you send in there doesn’t return.

            Would you go in as well, if there is a chance you get eaten, too?

          • seth datta

            Perhaps. Perhaps not. It depends and we shall see.

            Its clear your plan is to be a sheep/lemming and cheerily, happily go to your doom, dragging others with you. Even for an aethist/nobeliever, that’s cold.

          • GSOB

            One does not truly know how to live until they have learned to do die first.

            Romans 14:9
            ‘For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.’

            John 12:24, 25
            ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it stays alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.
            He that loves his life’shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal. …’

            2 Corinthians 5:6>8
            ‘Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:
            7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)
            8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.’

            Philippians 1:21>23
            ‘For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

            22 But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labor: yet what I shall choose I know not.

            23 For I am in a strait between two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better:’

            The way I see it, without death, there is no resurrection, therefore Christ will not be formed in me.

  • Tim

    Think about the implications of Obamacare for those who have full-time, professional jobs, particularly in the private sector. Full-time employees are going to be more expensive for their employers and will have to work harder to justify the additional cost. If you’re not adding value to whatever it is your employer produces, then maybe your full-time status isn’t warranted. To further complicate things, many professionals are salaried and work at least 40 hours a week. It seems to me that rather than cut a full-time, salaried employee back to part-time, it’s more likely that their position will be eliminated altogether. Great, something else to increase our stress levels on the job. Thanks Obama!

    • Graham

      It is highly likely that “Obamacare” will end up being as corrupt as the NHS has become in Britain. The truth is coming out of many hospitals in England just now. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

      In the UK, we pay a mandatory “National Insurance” contribution, as an employee (PAYE) or self employed (Class 2, 4).

      An employer also has to pay a mandatory amount for each employee, which is deducted at source (PAYE). The latter stands for “Pay As You Earn”.

      Politicians and their families should be band from investing in health related companies and trusts. I think it’s clear to all that governments are not run to serve the people in this day and age of perceived power and outright greed.

    • Ralfine

      Well, if you are fired because you don’t “add value” then the owner will have to add that value, or live without.

      When you fire too many people or hire the wrong people, your business will crash.

      We had this new manager nobody liked but the management. He promised anything to the customers, called late meetings, that prevented people going home in time, got rid of all the experienced guys because they told him that he is the wrong guy at the wrong place.

      Then, one day, he had that late Friday evening customer meeting, and he promised them everything until Monday morning without having any idea how to deliver.

      Word spread, at 6pm everybody left for home. Nothing was done for that customer until Monday. The customer went mad, the management went mad. The team quit.
      And now works for the competition.

      THAT manager is still there. No idea how they are doing. Everybody I was friendly with left.

    • xander cross

      You mean thanks to CEO’s that payed Obama to do this. Excellent, you’re doing exactly what the elite wants you to do and that is blame the puppet in charge, but not focus on the shadow government in control.

      • Susansayso

        The puppet in charge is to be blamed just as much as the puppet masters. The puppet relishes his role as neo-Marxist fascist dictator. He lives like a king and takes extravagant vacations like the most recent one to Africa that cost millions–all on the taxpayer’s dime!

        • xander cross

          Funny, none of you said this about previous presidents or members of congress either. Also, the taxpayers don’t say anything about paying Israel millions of dollars each year as well.

          • wakeup

            Though most of them were puppets as well, none of the previous presidents lived as extravagant a lifestyle as this one has, especially while pretending to care so much about how poor his constituents are becoming. He, more than any other president, displays the greed and arrogance of his puppet masters. And I don’t hear you complaining about all the money we send to the Muslim Brotherhood. At least Israel wouldn’t behead us all if given the opportunity.

    • FollowsTheWay

      Good points, but we are a one-party system all in bed together driving us to a one-world beast system. Obama–like Bush–is only a puppet to his master. Come out of the matrix.

    • theo

      Who are you trying to convince? You sound like part of the corporation establishment, trying to keep the 98% fighting against each other. A lot of the problems we have are 2 percent’ s relentless desire to increase profits. How will Obama-care affect you personally. It has allowed me to buy healthcare insurance at a lower rate. I have retired. My full time job of 31 years has reduced the employment pool. That one real life condition. Not the biased mindless speculation that many of you enjoy.

  • markthetruth

    Why does Bumble Bee have to pay for fisherman to catch the Tuna when they can scoop them up with one Huge Net and kill everything in it’s way.

    the end…

  • Highlander

    Of course, if we all lose our jobs who will be able to buy the product produced by that machine? Seems the Law of Unintended Consequences will kick in at some point and these big corporations will be left holding a lot of spoiled lettuce.

    • Jimbo

      But it may also be an intended consequence. Rather than have 6 billion unemployed people rampaging through the streets, why not just get rid of us all so that the elite can live in luxury with unlimited resources and all of their food and energy needs catered for by machines.

      • Graham

        I believe their preference is to “stimulate” scenarios where a good percentage of the “6 billion” mentioned will prove more than capable of destroying themselves, on their behalf.

        I also believe you are on target with the later part of your post. Their is technology involved that will be fully revealed when they consider fit. Knowing about the “full” history of Tesla will help immensely.

        I would strongly recommend everybody reads “The Protocols” then “fully” researches their history. If you are on the right tracks, Henry Ford will feature as will many a “slip” made by others that caused “issues” for their agenda a few decades ago.

        People need to do proper “in depth” research to fully understand the truth underlying many things that are often “paraphrased” on the Internet, much of which has been taken out of context, or deliberately twisted.

        Question what you “think you know” and remain open minded when you come across factually based research. It will astound you the lies that have been told. From that point on, it is easier to see the “agenda”, which has been very well concealed!

        Sorry I can’t be any more specific.

        • Ralfine

          “I” “see”.

          • Graham


            You obviously have an “eye” for this kind of material 🙂

        • FollowsTheWay

          Note for all: it is the Protocols of Sion NOT Zion like many antisemites feed on. The Protocols seem to be the path we are on…pure evil.

          Also add to list of research: Report from Iron Mountain, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, the Georgia Guidestones mandate; and the best source of all for truth: the King James bible.

      • FollowsTheWay

        The elite WANT deaths….many deaths….and soon (WW3 coming).

        #1 on the Georgia Guidestones is:


  • K

    What will happen to the middle class? There will not be much of one. I once heard a man talk about what we would have to do to compete with China. 1% super rich, 4% rich, 15% middle class, 80% poor. Then we could compete, on a even playing field. Sure seems to me we are heading in that exact direction. You see, I am pretty sure this has all been in the works a long time.

    • Graham

      I very much agree with your last sentence K.

      Very little is unfolding by accident. There are clearly “timings” when certain things happen. I call them distractions and there is undoubtedly many more to come, now that we are all getting used to them.

      Consider this. What would occur if Americans abstained from watching and reading the mainstream news for 3 months, plus steered clear of the alternate media? Didn’t read magazines either.

      Just say everybody got up everyday and did what they had to, or wanted to do peacefully. What would the topic of conversations be? Would people discover the art of positive conversation again?

      Remove the tools of “propaganda” and what would happen? Would feelings of fear decrease or increase? Would feelings of wellbeing decrease or increase?

      • Mark Caldwell

        Bernanke is still ‘making it rain’ !! Whoot. Watch that dollar crumble.

        • xander cross

          And yet, you all continue to blame the president. No protest at the federal reserve I see. Also, I see that you all continue to let Asians build stores in black neighborhoods and then you have the gall to complain.

          • GSOB

            You support Obama because he is half black.

            And you have the gall to complain.

          • LordOrlock

            Actually, hasnt Alex Jones and some other Libertarian right wingers had protests at the FED a few times?

    • FollowsTheWay

      There is no mention of the middle-class at the end, only the rich and the poor:

      Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

  • Mondobeyondo

    You see, Rip Van Winkle – this is what happens when you expect to wake up 20 years later, and keep hitting the snooze button.

    • Graham


      You should seriously consider stand up comedy to keep your pockets lined. I think you would do very well.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Show of hands – how many of you expect to make your fortunes quitting your traditional 9 to 5 jobs and going in to one of those “work at home” deals you got in your email box every day? Because that my friends, is the “NEW ECONOMY”!!

    Yeah. Just what I thought. EVERYBODY!

    Hey, what’s with all the chriping crickets?

    (something is seriously wrong here)

    • Ralfine

      In China, you can collect all the junk mail, and sell it as scrap paper by weight.

      In China, you get money for every drink can you sell as scrap metal.
      Millions of pensioners in China collect papers, cans, bottles, in the streets and sell everything to supplement their income.

      Here we throw everything away and the city looks like a rubbish dump.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Yes folks, once again, we’re in Trouble.
    With a capital P
    and that rhymes with G
    and that doesn’t rhyme with H
    which stands for “What’s happening, what’s happening??..”

  • GSOB

    What are the national average pay ranges that fall into middle class?

    • GSOB





      When I asked a question, I expect an answer.

      “There is no solid description with clear salary ranges that define the middle class, but U.S. agencies and economists do try to put numbers to this seemingly abstract group of people.”


      Thank you

  • Mondobeyondo

    Things I Would Like to Know, Part XIVIII:

    – How many nations have achieved greatness with an part time employed work force?

    – How long does it take to achieve revolutionary status among said nation’s workforce under such conditions?

    – How long does it take for a common ordinary citizen (for example, moi) to become angry and unhappy under such circumstances ?

    Am I predicting another 1789 revolution? Or another 1968 rebellion? No.

    Just throwing some questions out there for the peanut gallery to devour..

    • jaded

      I ask myself these things all the time.

      And, many things regarding the environment.

    • Ralfine

      “Part XIVIII”
      Sorry, this number does not exist.
      Or do you mean XVII ?

      Part-time is better than no work. Part-time can be an opportunity. For both parties – employee and employer.

      Anyway, those guys, the employers and the politicians, are not there to create jobs or to please customers. They are there to make money. Any way they can. And the politicians are paid to make that possible, to provide an army to protect mines in foreign countries and protect ships from pirates and to make other people’s presidents to sign trade treaties, if necessary by force.

      In a crisis, when all the glitter is gone, the skeleton of the economy becomes visible.

      Everything is so easy. If you have capital, you can make business, can employ people to work for you. If you don’t have capital, you can only sell yourself, your grandmother, your children.

      That’s why it is called capital-ism.

      And you need to please those people who shall give you money to survive. Beg them, kiss their backside, suck their front.

      Unless you have negotiating power.
      A gun, knowledge, a union, …

    • Stephanie S

      You cannot possibly be serious. This is the USA of TeeVee and Sports, Inc. No one will riot or start a revolution and miss DWTS, an NBA or NFL game of the week, or the new season of their favorite derivative recycled sitcom which they will demand to know if you saw last night. Heck, working only part-time leaves more time to pop a DVD in and chill with a beer.

  • 007

    Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in making it unprofitable to hire employees. The taxes, regulations, trade policies and potential law suits have so strangled employers that they are not going to hire anyone. I don’t blame them. When you see businesses finding more and more ways to use robot technology to replace humans, thank the Democrats that drove them to this.

    • Ralfine

      At the same time the wages were falling the profits were rising.

      It can’t be THAT unprofitable.

      The president is a well-paid scapegoat to keep your attention on him and him alone.

      America has learned well from the time after Hitler’s fall. Then, Hitler was blamed for everything, all the industry kept in the back ground. Krupp donated a family house to the new government, his competitor Flick was sacrificed.

      So the new game is: You have one scapegoat at the top and you pay him well to keep his mouth shut. And you let people “elect” him.

      You give guns to the people and the illusion that they can remove an unruly government. But as soon as one guy tries that, you label him a terrorist, and have him hunted by the rest of the population.
      It’s a new game show. The mass media reporting every minute in the spot light.

      The puppeteers remain in the darkness.

      Mack the Knife (by Brecht):
      There are those who are in darkness
      And those in the light.
      And you see those in the spotlight
      Those in darkness drop from sight.

    • FollowsTheWay

      Please research “hegelian dialectic” and see why we have two parties….they are in cahoots to keep the sheeple fighting each other, while in the background the implementation of the one-world totalitarian government is right on target (see that unfinished pyramid on the back of your $1 bill? — when we go cashless, the capstone is in place. Welcome to your new world order–pronounced by Bush Sr. circa 1990/91).

      There is only one way out: Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

      John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  • GSOB

    Obamacare is gonna amputate our economy in the long run, despite the noble intentions.

    Costs will soar starting the ladder half of 2016, stifling much more job growth then what we are starting to see now.

    It’s set in motion folks.
    And there ain’t jack chit you can do about it except to leave the country.

    • Mark Caldwell

      Even so, the problems highlighted the most in this article (machinery, technology replacing humans and part time-temporary positions) are spreading throughout the developed world. And with debt disasters in Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, etc, there is even less reason to go abroad.

      I can see a day when driving a cab in Hong Kong will be a prestigious occupation. But who wants to go to China?

      • Ralfine

        Driving a cab in Hong Kong is not that easy. It is mostly triad-controlled. And Hong Kong is different from China.
        Hong Kong was described by some American as New York on speed.

        And China is not too bad. I don’t like the border, but once inside you can forget the outside world and worries.

        But this might be changing. I lived there when foreigners were bringing in the money. Now China says we don’t need your money, we have more of it than you have.

        • Susansayso

          China isn’t too bad–if you’re a rich Communist Party member who lives like royalty. If you part of the 80% peasant class, forget it!

          • Ralfine

            We were talking about emigrating.

  • 007

    Robot technology avoids the following unprofitable headaches for business owners.

    Social security, Medicare, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, workman comp claims, labor laws, unions, NLRB, minimum wage, frivolous employee law suits, discrimination law suits, obamacare, department of labor.

    I don’t blame them one bit. Congratulations democrats. You have created so many laws to screw businesses that they have finally built robots to replace you.

    Poetic justice.

    • Ralfine

      And the robots will buy the products?

      If nobody has money to buy anything, where will your profit come from?

      You can only make profit by exploiting people, yourself, your family, others.

      You can’t exploit robots. Try to operate them with less electricity they need. Try to oil them less often than necessary.

      Tell you what, business owners cannot survive without workers, but workers can survive very well without business owners.

      A worker and farmer knows how to find a potato and eat it on the field. A lawyer and business owner does not.

      If your money becomes worthless, why should I sell you anything?

      You keep your law and I eat my potato.

    • Graham

      Robots will be looked after by “TechniCare”. A program not thought up yet for mandatory government haxation.

      Obongo from near the Congo is a robot. Not noticed the strange scars at the rear of his CPU? I’m just waiting for a mistake to be made where CNN cover his speech from two totally different locations.

      Just kidding.. the man is a great talker and Messiah to many. I nearly got tripped up myself but I didn’t have enough change in my pocket to vote for him in the UK.

      The older Diebold machines were sold to various gaming consortiums in the UK and they were only charging £1 (GBP) per vote. Many thought it was a new bingo machine until they realised he actually “won” the election.

  • Richard

    “In fact, if you can believe it, the second largest employer in the United States is now a temp agency. ”
    Whjat if you can’t believe it? Does that mean that the second largest employer in the United States is NOT now a temp agency?

  • Eddie Lutz

    Could there be a silver lining to the Obamacare mandate? I’ve heard many of the big chains are talking about closing stores over this – that they wouldn’t be able to continue with largely part-time workers. So, what if it puts big corporate chains out of business? What if, for instance, Applebee’s shuts its doors and a Ma and Pa diner fills in the gap? Or maybe Lowe’s goes bye-bye and is replaced by a Ma and Pa appliance store, lumber store, hardware store, etc. — businesses that employ less than 50 employees. Could we see a return of the Five and Dime market?

    • blizzy

      more likely the big chains may try to incorporate each location as a stand alone business or franchise

  • Ralfine

    If part time workers can bring as much profit now as full time workers did before, then this should be a good time to reduce working time and increase holidays?

    For the workers it might also be a good idea to accumulate wealth and to give everything to the children and grandchildren.

    Spend less money on perishable goods and services and more on stuff that keeps.

    If you are a fisherman, don’t use a water soluble boat, even if it’s cheaper to buy.

    If you live in hurricane area, don’t live in a house easily blown away by the storm, even if it’s cheaper to buy.

    Football players don’t go starving when you visit less games.

    Singers and actors don’t go starving when you buy one less CD and DVD.

    Buy your kids a recorder or a guitar instead.

    A crank radio doesn’t need batteries.

    Prepping isn’t just buying 5 tons of rice and sugar.

    Prepping stabilizes the economy. Storage takes out the peaks of a process.

  • Naturally Rational Rant

    Do the bosses hire robots from from Apple and IBM with pre-recorded praises? “Briilliant, boss! Great looking tie, boss!”

    And working faster than 30 men at once! Not good!

    In my personal experience, bosses seem to care much less about employees than they did years past. Everything is geared for absolute efficiency, with no room for relationships or good morale. They don’t care about morale.

    I seem to be living in “2013: a Space Travesty”.

  • JailBanksters

    Look on the Bright side….
    Everybody will have more time to spend with their Families, and won’t have any excuse to NOT visit Grandma in the Nursing Home.
    Yeah, I know, can’t afford the Petrol right?
    That’s the best thing, one of your part time jobs will be stealing cars. And if you get caught, you automatically get a roof over your head and you get 3 square meals a day, and you don’t even have to work for it, well maybe make some Licence Plates and iPhones.

  • chilller

    When’s the last time Ovomit said, did or touched anything that benefits our country or its people as a whole?

  • Ralfine

    Well, the fun is over. No more parties till morning and drinking and eating without end. No more super bowl. No more new ringtones every other day.

    It’s time to settle down and follow the example of the rich – and build your own castle.

    BUT start small. Don’t build a 12000 square meter house and then go bankrupt next week.

    Get a small sturdy house. Made from stones, concrete. Possibly with a basement for cold storage.

    Check for weather and geological risks. Storm, flood, land slide, fracking, mining, sink holes, poisonous lakes, industrial dumps.

    Schools nearby, grocery shopping, medical centers. Possibly within walking distance.

    Should be a compact house, easily to keep warm, with a porch in the north where to keep cool in summer. Deciduous trees in the south that block the sun in summer and let the warmth through in winter. Not too close (storm, burglars).

    A garden around the house. For herbs, and flowers, and veggies, fruit trees, nuts.

    And then just add features. An underground cellar for the potatoes and root veggies, a shed for the garden tools, and to keep the fresh apples over winter.

    Those places are the backbone of any nation.

    • FollowsTheWay

      And this is why the elites (the bible calls them “the rich men”) came out with Agenda 21. “21” as in 21st century. It is coming to pass NOW … google “who owns Yellowstone.”

      • Ralfine

        Well, yes, Agenda 21 is just prepping on a worldwide scale.

  • Synick46

    The very same fears have been expressed each time the work week has been reduced. Technology is partly to blame here. The world of commerce doesn’t require as many man hours as it used to. Work weeks used to be 80+ hours long. Then they were reduced to 60 or so hours. Much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair ensued. People adjusted. Then the work week was reduced to 40 hours. We now regard longer hours as hard use. Many jobs, especially in the service sector, only offer about 24 hours per week. It is a de facto change rather than a legal one. The economics are relative. As more and more people have less money to spend, prices adjust. It’s painful for sure. It’s very difficult for those ahead of the curve. It will eventually balance out, and Americans will find themselves working fewer hours and having more time to pursue other more meaningful activities. We have been through this before. It’s not the end of the world.

    • Susansayso

      They will have more time to pursue other more meaningful activities–but with NO money to do it!

  • Ralfine

    If employer-sponsored health insurance is so expensive, why not blame the insurance companies?

    Employers could also find the cheapest insurer, and then give the employee the money to pay for it, if that provides the same coverage for a lower price.

    I could imagine that insurance companies just want to make a big buck out of obamacare by charging companies much more than they would individuals.

    • Susansayso

      Get big government and big business out of health care! Let doctors and hospitals really compete for patients who pay in cash. It wasn’t until after World War II that insurance companies and big government took over the health care industry. Before that, everyone paid cash, medical bills were cheap, and doctors even made house calls.

      • Ralfine

        When i was a kid, my parents paid health insurance to the state, the doctor was paid by the state and he made house calls when we were sick.

  • cracker

    Granted the Corporations can hire cheap labor in countries such as China, India and other countries with zero labor standards…but this brings up an interesting question when U.S. workers are making minimum hourly wages who will be buying this cheap crap coming from China and other third world nations? Won’t matter how cheap the crap is if one does not have adequate disposable income that cheap crap will sit on the shelf and rot.

    Good luck and Good night.

    • Susansayso

      China is trying to develop it’s own market and others around the world so it is not dependent on the U.S. market.

      • cracker

        As it stands China and many other Asian as well as many European nations economies are coming apart at the seams. Even the powerhouse China has slowed in the past few months. If a nation doesn’t have a vibrant middle class you are doomed.

        Good luck and Good night…

  • Boo-urns

    Still waiting to see anyone attempt to address the insane cost of healthcare as opposed to simply redirecting who is paying for it. As Obamacare contributes to the bankruption of the country, the insurance companies and Big Pharma, not to mention all of the surgeons, doctors, specialists, etc. are all laughing their way to the bank… located in the Cayman Islands, of course.

  • doomie

    Well, it seems that you’ll enjoy your full time doomsday alerts job forever.

  • oldone

    What can you say; people will vote for a Hitler if he has a R or a D in front of their name or don’t even bother to vote, The amazing part is that even as they watch their lives and incomes decline or disappear they will still fall for all of the false promises that politicos mouth to the sheeple, Enjoy the ride as it will be a historical one.

  • Joe D

    Two pieces of free advice…..
    1. If you have a full time job with benefits – do whatever necessary to keep it even if you dislike it (duh, it is called ‘work’ after all)
    2. Develop some method of cash generation ‘on the side’ to turn into a full time ‘owner/operator’ effort for when your job disappears.

    Be smart about it. Selling on ebay isn’t realistic but lots of ideas are….powerwashing houses, mowing lawns/plowing driveways, cleaning office buildings, building decks/porches, painting houses. Be prepared for when you need to rely upon yourself for income.

    • “V”

      I currently work a full time job and a part time job. Amazingly one makes me appreciate the other, when things are tight the reverse is true.

  • Luna

    We need Obamacare! The solution is not to get rid of health care for the poor – the solution is to reign in corporations who care more about profits than people and not allow them to make excessive profits on the backs of the poor. They could take some of the money stashed in off-shore accounts, or excessive bonuses paid to their CEO’s, and actually invest in the United States for a change!
    If a company truly makes little profit they could be subsidized in order to afford health care for employees.

    • Eddie

      THOSE corporations you speak of are in bed with the administration. It’s the small businessman that employs the most people. Obamacare is a redistribution of wealth that hurts the middle and taxes the bottom. Please Luna.

  • frank1569

    ‘Unfortunately, the big corporations have realized that things have changed and that they don’t really need us anymore.’

    This was the goal of Modern Capitalism all along, remember? From ‘The Jetsons’ to every World’s Fair to Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland,’ we dreamed of a society where robots and ‘others’ did the hard labor our grandfathers and fathers did so we could kick back and enjoy ‘the easy life.’

    The unfortunate part is this: nobody has a plan for how to enjoy ‘the easy life,’ or what that even means for a hundred million people.

    • “V”

      Or how to PAY for the easy life. We forget the most basic tenet – “Nothing in life is free”.

  • Patrick

    These part-time jobs that are hiring think you are expendable and treat you like dirt. They think you aren’t important and will let you go or fire you over anything because they now someone else is waiting for you job. Also the benefits suck to this country is over if we don’t stop this government!

  • owatica

    What will we do when they don’t need us to labor for them? Well, what will THEY do when we don’t buy their products? Think about it. How focused have people become upon “things”. You have a neighbor who is a carpenter? Have HIM build you something you need and trade him for your own skill or real money like an ounce of silver; don’t go to the big corporate stores. Step out of “their” system and they end up with nothing. I believe people will be very surprised by what they can accomplish when the chips are down. Go back to the land if you can. Get to know your neighbors and local farmers. Create a new kind of middle class rich in real value. As “markthetruth” said, we have overcomplicated our lives with crap and gadgets while stressing ourselves literally to death in “their” system. Walk away …. in every way you can.

  • Michael T. Synder, it does not have to look bleak if one learns to listen to their intuition (and in our case actively follow Father’s leading). A part timer could reframe how they are looking at it and indeed ‘rest in peace’ with a fresh perspective which is not negative …. rather it is seen as a new opportunity, to possibly live what’s alive within.

    Having a part time job can give one the opportunity to follow one’s intuition and with the extra time discover a new way of being/living. It can be a good time/motivator to create work on the side that can grow into something that can sustain oneself better in the long run.

    While doing so… one can re-examine what it taking place globally and how much one actually needs to be caught up in the systems/thoughts in place currently, that are ruling their lifestyles, influencing their choices.

    • You said: “All of this is very bad news for the middle class. The only thing that most of us have to offer is our labor, and the value of our labor is continually declining.”

      That reminds me of a Gentleman we became friends with who is a wealthy Stock Broker. My hubby was doing some work for him on the side. He thought he was doing us a favor by hiring him, but as we talked, it dawned on this Gentleman that if the Global Economy collapsed he’d be in sore straights.

      To quote him, “I am use to throwing money at a problem/to get what I want. If I did not have money to do so, I’d have to call upon your mercy, because I don’t even know how to change a tire.’

      Some of us who are skilled will be valued if the Global Economy collapses. The tables will be turned; especially if the one who is unskilled, is in debt due to embracing the mindset they have to have ‘it’ now; while having no care for the one who also labored to make it possible.

      It seems to be the old has to die for the new to take affect… there is no amount of patching up that will fix what has taken place at this stage, it’s too corrupt and out of balance. (Please consider that statement Metaphorically speaking from a spiritual perspective as well.) Becoming aware of this corruption is one of the steps that will lead to the power to cleanse it.

      Something Dramatic taking place just might be what will unfold… in the end such a change will benefit the whole and not the few is what I have come to understand. In the meantime, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, so to speak can learn to follow their intuition. In the doing perhaps they will connect with others of a like mind … such connections will be the beginning of stronger, wiser communities of people, hopefully….

  • Networking oneself into the community for Bartering sake in days to come is also a good idea, IMHO.

  • DeadEyeDick

    Interesting, all these comments sobbing about the sad state of workers and not a single mention of the word “union.”
    This is what unions are for, this is what happens as a result of organized labor being driven out of the workplace, this is the direct result of 90% of Americans swallowing the anti-union corporate BS hook, line and sinker.
    We are getting what we deserve.

    • Susansayso

      The only ones who benefit from unions are the corrupt union bosses who steal from workers by demanding ever more dues and who end up pricing the workers right out of their jobs.

    • Dave Jones

      Unions?? Look at Detroit, the railroads.

  • ian

    i work in the tourist industry and i travel to different locations in order to set up new stores (Sedona, Monterey, Breckenridge, San Diego, St. Petersburg) and i can assure you, from my experience, that there are still millions upon millions of middle class large suburban white well-off families. So many, it just plain ridiculous when i venture to sites like these and see doom and gloom about the middle class. Huge white families spilling out of massive gas guzzling SUVS, staying at 300 dollar a night hotels, every night booked at each location, shopping and eating at overpriced restaurants, buying expensive tacky souvenirs, is not an indication of hardship.

    Working in the tourist industry has helped me to get a grip on reality and to see just how well off most people are. I dont see any semblance of struggle on the part of the thousands and thousands of tourists i see every day of my life….and i have only been in about 6 tourist locations out of hundreds throughout the country.

    Someone please explain to me this anomaly. It is quite frustrating to hear doom and gloom and to see the complete flipside of doom and gloom everyday of my life.
    Tourism is still a massive industry in a so called depression……..i think not.

    • FollowsTheWay

      Here is your explanation: credit.

      btw, when the financial collapse comes it will be fast and furious (I believe it will happen the 3rd quarter 2013–yikes, that’s now–and then civil war/ww3 for the 4th quarter 2013).

      Only one way out:

      John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    • Dave Jones

      Maybe it’s because it’s your job to go to these places. No wonder that’s all you see. If you lived and worked in a rural or urban area, you would probably see something very different. Credit as was noted is also a huge reason. This house of cards is definitely going to come crashing down and it won’t be pretty. Build your house on the Rock.

      • ian

        but these are the people who live in those areas of which you speak.

        • ian

          and i live in an urban area, andvisit man urbans areas, and all i see is gentrification and new businesses opening left and right.

  • Mudpie

    Kill the bulk of federal, state and local regulations, ASAP. NOW. ASAP. It will make it easier to open a business, cheapen the cost of products and living, etc. Realize that a very real and aggressive enemy is at your doorstep.

    I have been interested in making a career change. EVERYTHING is automated now in the application process. In the old days you were taught to bring an application in person to a potential employer, as it showed persistence, etc. I have tried that with two companies and been rudely turned away and advised that I was trying to get around very strict labor and employment laws regarding EEOC mandated hiring practices. This is INSANE. SICK, RACIST, and the face of the dystopia that is coming.

    A reckoning will be coming unless we return to a liberty based lifestyle. That is my greatest fear, that finally somebody says that he or she is tired of being a slave, and others follow suit. Let us hope we remain blissfully happy in our servitude.

  • FollowsTheWay

    World War 3 is coming to “solve” unemployment.

    From the 1967 “Report from Iron Mountain” (available freely on the web–for now–the PTB claim RfIM is “satire” but if you read it you will see that all is coming to pass):

    …Nor can it be considered a coincidence that overt military activity, and thus the level of draft calls [my edit: American males aged 18-25 are currently required to register for the draft], tend to follow the major fluctuations in the unemployment rate in the lower age groups. This rate, in turn, is a timetested herald of social discontent. It must be noted also that the armed forces in every civilization have provided the principal state-supported haven for what we now call the “unemployable.” (p. 38)…An obvious example is the role of war as controller of the quality and degree of unemployment. (p.45)

  • FollowsTheWay

    May I humbly suggest you do some research and find out what “sustainable” means to the elite?

  • Bruce

    The answer is surpsingly simple. Tariffs on all that come in from outside of this country. Unless and until we make the playing field equal we do NOT stand a chance. But, it will never happen. Politicians are in the pockets of corporations. US corporations are the employers of under paid, over worked foreign labor. Corporations get laws enacted that protect them NOT us. The system is rigged agaisnt us and we are certainly doomed. Bruce

  • geauxgeaux

    Xander, you do know that every ethnic/racial group on the planet was someone’s slave at some point, right?

    Do you know the etymology/derivation of the word “slave”?

    Human brutality has always existed. It exists now in places like Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Rwanda, Congo, Liberia etc..

    Have you seen the FBI’s uniform crime reports?

    Denying modern reality because of past realities doesn’t help the cause of liberty.


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