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Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running

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The West Front of the U.S. CapitolAll of this whining and crying about a “government shutdown” is a total joke.  You see, there really is very little reason why this “government shutdown” cannot continue indefinitely because almost everything is still running.  63 percent of all federal workers are still working, and 85 percent of all government activities are still being funded during this “shutdown”.  Yes, the Obama administration has been making a big show of taking down government websites and blocking off the World War II Memorial, but overall business in Washington D.C. is being conducted pretty much as usual.  It turns out that the definition of “essential personnel” has expanded so much over the years that almost everyone is considered “essential” at this point.  In fact, this shutdown is such a non-event that even referring to it as a “partial government shutdown” would really be overstating what is actually happening.  The following are 36 facts which prove that almost everything is still running during this government shutdown…

#1 According to U.S. Senator Rand Paul, 85 percent of all government activities are actually being funded during this “government shutdown”.

#2 Approximately 1,350,000 “essential” federal employees will continue to work during this “government shutdown”.

#3 Overall, 63 percent of the federal workforce will continue to work during this “government shutdown”.

#4 The U.S. Postal Service will continue to deliver our mail.

#5 U.S. military personnel will remain on duty and will continue to get paid.

#6 Social Security recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#7 Medicare recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#8 Medicaid recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#9 Food stamp recipients will continue to get their benefits.

#10 Those on unemployment will continue to get their benefits.

#11 Federal retirees will continue to get their pensions.

#12 The federal school lunch program has enough money to go through at least the end of this month.

#13 Public schools all over the country will continue to stay open.

#14 Almost all federal law enforcement officials will continue working.

#15 The Federal Reserve will remain “completely functional“.

#16 The Supreme Court will continue to operate normally and federal courts have enough money to keep going for at least two weeks.

#17 TSA employees will continue to molest travelers at our airports.

#18 Air traffic controllers will continue to monitor traffic at our airports.

#19 Hopelessly outmanned border patrol agents will continue to try to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

#20 Visas and passports will continue to be issued by the State Department.

#21 The Veterans Administration will continue to offer substandard medical services, and it will be able to continue processing benefit payments at least for now.

#22 The Obama administration apparently has plenty of money to spend on closing open-air memorials that are usually open to the public 24 hours a day.

#23 The Department of Defense announced the awarding of 94 new contracts worth a combined total of more than 5 billion dollars on September 30th – the day right before the “government shutdown”.

#24 The “government shutdown” has not prevented the new two billion dollar NSA spy center from opening up.

#25 Federal prisons will continue to operate normally.

#26 Amtrak trains will continue to run.

#27 The Patent and Trademark Office will be open.

#28 The Consumer Product Safety Commission will continue to issue product recalls if the products “create an immediate threat to the safety of human life“.

#29 The National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center will continue to track weather patterns.

#30 If the federal government needs to respond to a natural disaster, this “shutdown” will not affect that.

#31 NASA will continue to support the Mars Rover and the two American astronauts up on the International Space Station.

#32 All city employees of the D.C. government have been deemed “essential” and will continue to go to work.

#33 Even though the Obamacare exchanges are not working properly, people will still be able to access them.

#34 The IRS will continue to collect taxes, but it will be suspending punitive audits of conservative organizations.

#35 Barack Obama will continue to get paid for the full duration of this “shutdown”.

#36 The U.S. Congress will continue to get paid for the full duration of this “shutdown”.

Of course not everything is operating normally during this government shutdown.  Government parks are closed.  The EPA and the Department of Energy have almost totally closed up shop.  But overall, most Americans are not going to notice much of a difference.

And perhaps now is a good time for the American people to evaluate whether or not they actually need a gigantic federal government that wastes enormous mountains of our money.

For example, our federal government recently spent $98,670 to construct a single outhouse in Alaska.

That is more than a lot of Americans pay for their entire houses.

For many more examples like this, please see my previous article entitled “The Waste List: 66 Crazy Ways That The U.S. Government Is Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money“.

It is about time that Washington D.C. started experiencing some of the “belt-tightening” that the rest of the country has been going through.  For far too long, the fatcats in D.C. have been living in an alternate reality where they have been able to live the high life at our expense.  A recent blog post by Daniel Greenfield discussed how this shutdown is going to affect the alternate reality that the Obamas have been living in…

The government shutdown has forced Obama to make do with only a quarter of his 1,701 person staff. That would leave 436 “vital” employees. The 90 people who look after his living quarters would be slashed to 15 to “provide minimum maintenance and support”.

Buckingham Palace, which is twelve times the size of the White House and has its own clockmaker, only has an 800 person staff. King Harald V of Norway and his court make do with 152 staffers. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden gets by with 203.

On Twitter, Michelle Obama announced that she is unable to Tweet on her own without the aid of all of her sixteen assistants; many of whom take home six figure salaries. There are more directors, associate directors and deputy associate directors on Michelle Obama’s staff than there were in George Washington’s entire administration.

Presidents have fought wars and made peace, explored and annexed vast territories and built a nation out of a handful of colonies with fewer senior staffers than are needed to handle Michelle Obama’s Twitter account.

Oh the humanity!  Will Michelle Obama ever tweet again?  And how will the White House continue to function without at least one projectionist on duty at the White House 24 hours a day?

No wonder Barack Obama is so upset about this shutdown.

In the end, this shutdown could turn out to be very good for America.  We have a government that is wildly out of control and that desperately needs to be reigned in.

During the Obama administration, federal debt held by the public has risen by 90 percent, and overall federal government spending has risen by a whopping 317 percent since 1990.

So is it really a bad thing that the federal government has been forced to cut back for a little while?

Our politicians can whine and cry all they want.  They won’t be getting any sympathy from me.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    What do all of you guys think about this “government shutdown”?


    • Steve Myles

      I think that in a last minute deal we will narrowly avoid a catastrophic event followed by the announcement that all furloughed Federal employees will receive back pay. Congress will be exempt from Obama Care and it will be business as usual. My opinion and 3 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at the airport but I am just saying………

      • MomOf3Boys

        They told us if we are sent home, not to expect back pay, as has been the resolution in the past. I’m not “expecting” anything and planning for worst case scenario. 🙂

        • Steve Myles

          I was just expressing my opinion of what might happen and I do understand trying to raise a family. I have been unemployed since 2009 so I can sympathize with your situation. I think it will be a short term unemployment for government employees however.

    • GSOB

      843,717 federal employees on furlough is not good for the economy.

  • A D

    Typical propaganda with Oboma acting as dictator anyone who does not agree is deemed a racist, extremist, or destroyed politically.
    The Gov needs to be shutdown, it is unsustainable we don’t need TRILLION’s of dollars for non-revenue generating agencies.

    • Hambone

      Yes, get down and stay down. It’s why I prefer gridlock. A government that’s not doing anything is a government I can handle.

      Unfortunately, as Michael points out, it’s not really down.

    • jaxon64

      this is sadly true. I overheard a group of black co-workers discussing this before I entered the room. The consensus was pretty much that those white, racist, tea “baggers” were trying to make the black president look bad and “steal” the health care of the poor black people in the ghettos—no kidding.
      Very uncomfortable as I entered the room and a bunch of loud voices instantly changed to awkward silence. Like most liberals, they only like discussing how right they are among each other.
      Intelligent discourse which includes facts and historicasl precedent rarely end well for defending their views ( this is why the resort to name calling and instigating.)

      • general lee

        put them monkey people back on the plantations where they belong!

  • A D

    Socialism comes about by total chaos, look at the condition of the economy. 60%+ of people on welfare, foodstamps, HUD, illegals getting BILLION’s in FREEBIES, free Obomaphones, free healthcare, bogus tax scams from illegals. It is only a matter of time before the system is kaput.

    • Rodster

      The system is already kaput. The total collapse of the US economy and quite possibly the global economy will just prove what has already been known that the US was insolvent many years ago.

      • markthetruth

        selling debt became a ponzi scheme , when the debt is due and nobody’s buying, that’s the end.

        the end…

    • gsiamne

      I can tell of a few companies that are getting govt money and a few others that are using completely unethical behavior and using the “law” and/or xianity to protect them.

  • markthetruth

    This was the Last chance For John Boehner to Show he’s a ” Man of the people ” and He did the right thing for once, no Matter what anyone say’s .

    the end…

    • A D

      The problem is they will cave in, who cares what dimwit Oboma says.
      The liberal media portrays him as messiah.

      • markthetruth

        Your right, but at least he stuck to his guns and didn’t care about the Lies and Propaganda from the dementias !

        the end…

        • A D

          It is almost comical watching Oboma panic, casting blame on everyone but himself.

          • markthetruth

            Also acting like the Gov employees not working are going to go broke . It’s the other way around, they will get unemployment = paid Vacation . Their not complaining.

            the end…

          • Sssh

            Their = possesive
            They’re = They are, a contraction

          • Heath

            Who died and made you the website grammar instructor?

          • squashpants

            I thought I was, but it just became too much for me. 😉

          • Heath

            Possessive NOT possesive there hotshot……

          • squashpants

            Well, not to challenge that, but I have heard interviews on the news with government workers worrying about not having living expenses.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, like unemployment is going to replace the bulk of their salary

        • my god

          “your” = possessive, : “your hat”

          “you’re” = “you are”, : a contraction

          • markthetruth

            You’re right, but typing is like driving home from work and you moved but by habit you drive to your old place.

            the end…

          • Heath

            Who died and left you the assistant website grammar instructor?

        • Frank

          You always say the end !

          the end…

          • Nicky

            Let Obama and the House and Senate go without pay. It will go a lot further. If Obamacare is so great let everyone have it not just the common folk. Let us all be equal. If they are going to pay the government workers for being off, then pay them now. They have families too. Decrease by attrician. There is waste and it starts at the top! End it and pay down the national debt.

      • Aeffesstoo

        He would cave in a second if he thought he had a way of selling it to the conservatives.

    • Syrin

      I view politicians as to belonging to one of two parties. Authoritarian and libertarian. I consider Boehner a member of the authoritarian party as I think he’s only acting like a conservative , and doing so reluctantly.

      • markthetruth

        He had no Choice or it would of been the end of the Republicans Party for a Long time.. Throw out Rand Paul too, he’s a repeater of his Script over and over nothing real.

        the end…

        • jaxon64

          good…let the Republican party die. Maybe then the people will rise up and awaken-realize that these RINO’s are a bunch of phonies.
          As long as so many freedom loving Americans still think they are being represented by the “red team” then things won’t change. We will continue to flip flop between the fascist liberals in control and the police state repubs in power ( with plenty of overlap on liberty stealing policies)..
          I believe that there are actually a majority who believed in the ideas of Ross Perot or Ron Paul–common sense ideas for belt tightening, sacrifice and to save the republic–however as long as we are stuck in this 2-party paradigm we are doomed–ultimately, the Repubs differ very little from the control-minded progressives.

          • Michael Blake

            you mean both parties are the same!!

      • Hammerstrike

        Totalitarian would be more accurate.

    • Gay Veteran

      Man of the people?
      did you notice that the Pentagon (empire abroad) and the national security & surveillance state is still operating?

  • markthetruth

    How does Obama con the American’s by trying to convince them that raising the DEBT Ceiling doesn’t increase the national Debt.

    the end…

  • A D

    The USA is a has-been country, Oboma has destroyed the fabric, divided and created tensions on purpose to get his agenda passed.
    Get ready to LOSE your private health insurance, Obongocare is here to stay.

  • David DeGerolamo

    I am a licensed FFL and transferred a long rifle on October 1, 2013. NICS and the FBI are up and running.

    • A D

      Hmmm.. Oboma is not being truthful that could result in Gulag re-education comrade.

  • Jagrick

    The Veterns Administration is on a different budget not effected by a government shutdown but nice try. I bet there are others the same way. Oh and The VA is also a hospital so ….

  • A D

    The funny part is NOTHING would happen if this went on for months. If the 60%+ had to start working and get off ‘freebie’ checks each month. That would be a start… Imagine, having you FULL paycheck without paying for free loading parasites.

    • Colin

      And where would they get jobs? We have three people for every job. We have age discrimination. The people who receive the benefits, like Social Security, paid into the system during their working years. They earned their money.

      • A D

        There are JOBS available, so the 40%+ pay for those who REFUSE to work a starter job because they feel they are entitled. Earned their money, what the heck is that about? Sounds like an Obomanaut has invaded the forum.

        • Gay Veteran

          oh! another one who hasn’t heard about MILLIONS of American jobs being shipped overseas by multi-national corporations

          • Orange Jean

            Not just mult-national corporations. Remember that “little” trip Obama took to India a while back… that was to set up arrangements for jobs to go to India (including some of the computer work being done for Obamacare).

            And wasn’t there also that trip he took to Brazil… similar deal?

      • A D

        Gov does NOT create wealth, jobs it only destroys them!
        Why not get rid of the EPA regulations, they strangle job creators, Colin sitting on welfare is not a productive member of society…..

        • Gay Veteran

          get rid of the EPA regulations?
          fantastic idea! then we can have the air quality of Beijing

  • A D

    The Gov is 100% responsible for the healthcare fiasco, they started the ‘Medicaid’ along with ‘Medicare’. BILLIONS of dollars in FRAUD if not in the TRILLION dollar range. GET the Gov out of it, let PRIVATE donations, individuals with money would contribute and help those who are needy. Utter rubbish saying the Gov should take care of you cradle to the grave…

    • Gay Veteran

      get rid of monopolistic practices in the medical field

  • A D

    How many motorized wheel chairs have tax payers paid for by the BILLION’s of dollars in FRAUD???
    Oboma refuses to halt any spending, he is purposely driving the debt to where he can be supreme dear leader.

  • Colin

    It seems that you didn’t like my comment, Michael. Are you scared of someone citing sources and explaining what is truly happening in this country?

    • Bill

      Michael doesn’t answer questions and he doesn’t like solutions.

      • markthetruth

        He does answer Questions, and nobody has any solutions !

        the end…

        • Bill

          Your half right. No solutions is correct , but Michael does not respond to most questions.

      • Colin

        I wasn’t offering solutions. There are no solutions. I was writing about WIC having its funding halted and the Williamsburg Accord. Google both.

        • A D

          WIC = WASTED Tax dollars on a bunch of garbage.

          • Colin

            No, you are garbage if you think that supporting mothers with babies is bad.

          • Gay Veteran

            hmmmmm, willing to bet you oppose abortion and possibly contraception

  • K

    The stock market is manipulated. Gold and silver prices are manipulated. Why would a Government shutdown, not be manipulated? It is all smoke and mirrors. Close down a few things to annoy the public, and make them think it is real. The only people truly affected, will be the low level Government employees. Trust me those are the ones going without pay.The ones who can afford it the least.

    • Kim

      Yep. This is all just a big game of chess. And we are the pawns.

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    • Hawaiianfive0

      @K…you are exactly right. I am one in the 37% that is not working, since he mentioned that 63% of the federal workforce is not operating and I cannot afford it the least of all with a family to support. Believe me there are some that are not being funded and I am furloughed through this. We no longer have funding and now out of work. This is on top of losing pay already because had to be cut back to part-time because of lack of funding. It truly is affecting some, but not all.

      • K

        Sorry to hear that. Find out how long before you qualify for unemployment. You mention a family, see if there are any other programs you may qualify for. Same advice I have given others. If your have less then 9 years service. Check for alternative employment during the downtime. Even when you are called back, do not bet this will not happen again.

      • Stephanie S

        Another whining paper pusher heard from. I am luving this. Go get a real job and stop living off us for a make-work desk jockey gig.

        • SRVES339

          Stephanie S…

          The lowest form of human life… pathetic!

          • Stephanie S

            You forgot to put “Libs” in front of “The” but I know sometimes we type in a hurry.

          • Michael Blake

            you are the problem are goverment is to big and it will fall!!

          • Ivan Terrible

            Like if the judgment of vegetable like you matters. Go do some yoga routines

        • Dane Curbow

          You have problems. Everyone does what they can to get by. I bet you think the people who provide you with most of your daily conveniences don’t have “real jobs”.

        • billy joe jim bob

          I want to hump you Stephanie, you sound like my kind of woman, fat stupid, lazy, and ugly.

      • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

        Though I sympathize, I am totally out of work (along with 16 others in the firm) because of Obamacare.

    • seth datta

      Banker-initiated ‘fake’ shutdown of government:

      Purpose? To strike fear into the hearts of the ‘masses’ and hence use this emotion for future extortion from the citizenry.

      So blatant. So sick.

      • K

        Homerun, Seth

  • A D

    People who are very happy saying there are no jobs, I have to live of the Gov… So basically, they keep electing the same liberal, socialist over & over. Then want to blame those who want to get rid of the Gov welfare/foodstamp/hud/free cell phones!
    YOU got to start somewhere, living off the backs of others has BANKRUPTED the country.

    • markthetruth

      Mitt Romney admitted on 60 minutes that they lost because they didn’t go after the Latino , Illegals and the lower class voters they didn’t want to lose their freebees .

      the end…

      • A D

        I at least have some respect for not catering to the parasites.

    • Gay Veteran

      “People who are very happy saying there are no jobs….”
      perhaps you are unaware of the MILLIONS of American jobs shipped overseas by multi-national corporations

  • A D

    The ‘entitlement’ mentality has 60%+ of the liberal, socialist they keep electing over & over. They actually believe 100% they cannot succeed without Gov money. That my friend is the beginning of the end…. summed up

  • Tobias Smith

    can you believe obama has the football?

    • markthetruth

      he could fumble it.

      the end…

      • A D

        not sure if he knows how to spell it…

    • Bill

      Don’t think anybody wants to play with a bully.

  • Bill

    Another day another issue. Is the solution to not raise the debt ceiling and force Uncle Sam to live with limits on his spending?

    • Whoopdy Do

      Duh. How is raising the debt ceiling forcing Uncle Sam to live within his limits?? Raising the debt ceiling is the green light for them to keep spend-spend-spending.

      • Bill

        Please read my comment again and observe the word “not” in front of raise. I agree with you 100% about a green light, but not raising the debt ceiling would force Uncle to live within limits.

  • 2Gary2

    I predict that this is the end of the tea party. I predict that conservatives will loose BIG time and will not recover for a generation.

    I love watching conservatives self destruct.

    • Whoopdy Do

      More likely Obama takes this opportunity to override the shutdown by executive-action fiat, thus completing his transformation into total dictator.

    • Rodster

      I hope you’re right Gary. That way we can prove it was the liberals and progressives who turned the US into Detroit because that’s where this is all headed.

      So yeah I hope true conservatives and the tea party are crushed. Bu you know something. As stupid as liberals and progressives are they’ll find someone else to blame for the mess they always create from their policies. That’s why they exempt themselves from most of the crap laws they create.


      • Gay Veteran

        get a Fn clue, there are no “liberals” and “conservatives”, merely lackeys of the elites who rule this country

  • Rebecca in TN

    As of Monday I will be furloughed and will have no money coming in. It must be nice of you to continue to make money while stating that you think it’s probably better than 800,000 people are unemployed right now. None of us took our government jobs to milk money from the public. We wanted to serve the American people and now we are being used as pawns.
    I think this is a big ploy to give them an excuse to lay all of us off. So while you and your family are sitting and having dinner, think for just a second that there are 800,000 families out there that would be getting evicted from their homes and sent to live on the streets if you had your way and all us “non-essential” people never came back to work.

    • markthetruth

      Don’t pull the sob story , you will get unemployment !

      the end..

      • Orange Jean

        Why are you calling it a sob story that someone wants to do their job and keep their job?

        If you were laid off, would you want to hear people saying that about you??

    • Hambone

      No disrespect intended, but while government jobs were on the rise, jobs in the private sector were being slashed… it hasn’t been pretty on this side of the fence for a long time. Furlough means you still have a job, and that’s better than tens of millions of Americans.

      • Gay Veteran

        which government jobs were on the rise? Pentagon? National Stasi Agency?

      • MomOf3Boys

        Not all people being furloughed “sent home” are going to get paid. I know we won’t be. We will be ok, but hundreds of other families affected already live check-to-check, I feel sorry for them…

    • K

      So sorry to hear this. You do need to check, how long before unemployment kicks in. You are fully justified, in going after any assistance you might qualify for. Take care of your family first. But if you have less than 10 years in service, you might use some of the downtime to see what else is available. I suspect as things continue to circle the drain, these sort of things will get worse.

      • Orange Jean

        I am spending some of that time ramping up the resume and looking for what else is out there.

        Personally, I don’t want to use up the unemployment option… because it’s so little in this state (max is $350/week) and if we end up getting RIFFed, I may have a very hard time finding other work… despite skills because I am 62 and have some health issues.

        I think most of what bothers me is being labelled “non-essential” (then having some contractor do my work in my absence) and the anxiety of not knowing how long it’s going to last.

    • Whoopdy Do

      Sounds like a prime opportunity for you to quit kidding yourself that you’ve been serving the American people. Your own master have deemed you “unessential.” Go find a real job, where you actually produce something rather than push paper around. Maybe once you have to live in the real world, rather than as a tax-sucking leech living off the rest of us, you’ll get a better perspective.

      • K

        You are the type, who will let the puppetmasters win. Always ready to attack an entire group, you know nothing about. VA nurses, do nothing worthwhile? Mail carriers do no real work? Park rangers, who at times risk their lives worthless. When the puppet masters set the various groups at each others throat, will you be in the front line? They laugh at how easy some of you are manipulated.

        • nekksys

          Oh, Rebecca, but you are serving the People!!!

          You’re layoff is saving the country MILLIONS of dollars!!!

          Ok, that was snarky but true…

          And no, VA nurses do very little; like most nurses… Have you never been to an ER where 12 nurses are sitting around playing solitaire waiting for someone to come in?

          Mail carriers do a lot of walking. About the only thing they do is the manual part of mail delivery that we can’t quite figure out how to automate. They do no sorting and neither do they pack their own delivery bags. Everything is done for them by a machine…

          Park Rangers risking their lives? Good one… I nearly laughed till I cried over that one… It’s obvious you haven’t been to a National Park lately. I have yet to see a Park Ranger do anything constructive. Years ago, the NPS (National Park Service) Rangers had to spend nights in fire watch towers. Now, good luck finding a TOWER… There are so few Rangers now, they won’t even attempt something risky.

          Time to wake up and think deep…

          • K

            Sorry the VA nurses are quite busy locally. Carriers just walk, yeah in 114 degree heat and in -40 cold. I know of one carrier who was half ripped apart, by 2 pit bulls. No amount of surgery will ever let her live a normal life. I know other carriers who have been robbed at gunpoint. And as far as the rangers go, 2 of them died last year at Mt. Ranier. One shot dead by some freak. Another fell to his death, trying to rescue a stranded climber. And that is just one park. I love people who speak of things, they know nothing about.

          • MomOf3Boys

            Well said!

      • MomOf3Boys

        Oh. And you’re not replaceable? Everyone is replaceable. Don’t be so quick to judge. Rude.

    • Guest


    • Idaho_Roper

      I don’t know if you gubbmint lackeys have been noticing…………but this economy has been hemorrhaging around 500k jobs a month for several years now. Thanks mostly to the government and their bankster buddies

      Welcome to the party and quit whining that you have been getting paid for an admitted nonessential job.

      How about we worry about the millions and millions or private sector workers that had productive jobs. It’s time for you to join those ranks, the American people are fed up with the working welfare recipients,

    • Orange Jean

      Agreed Rebecca! I was also furloughed and I also think its an excuse to lay people off without following the law. Because it’s my understanding that it’s illegal to replace a permanent employee with a contractor… but in my department the only furloughed people are all GS permanent while all the contractor’s were kept working.

      The situation is complicated when I see that the so-called “essential” people in my department were all young (almost all under 30), many have little to no experience, and do the same job title and type of work the ones who were furloughed do. But, since they are much younger they are prettier for the most part.

      And they are not cheaper (some would argue that’s why it should be OK) because contracting companies typically charge 2-4X what the person working as a contractor makes.

      • K

        Jean, they can not cherry pick who they furlough. If it goes on too long, file a complaint with EEOC. With a claim of age discrimination.

        • Orange Jean

          I have considering doing just that, but the problem is proving it. All it takes would be a few of the favored young people complaining about me and denying the favoritism. The department head who does this is well known from previous work as a “hatchet man” for the Navy, but he is openly bigoted against older people.

          I cannot afford to lose my job because of complaining about that, and possibly then never getting another job (because of my age) so thus far I’ve kept my lips zippered

          • K

            I understand it is a balancing act. But if it looks like you may be out quite a while. What do you have to loose. Any chance any of the other older people would give you a statement? Usually the type you describe have an obvious weak spot. They have an ego the size of Texas. That is exploitable..

  • rat28

    The biggest whiner of govt shutdown are liberal media and the democrats.. Just glance thru’ the headlines of huffingtonpost , their whole world seem to have collapsed .

    ” OBAMA: ‘This Time Is Different’… Wall Street ‘Should Be Concerned’…Nutrition Assistance For Women, Infants, Children Halted… Thousands Of Airline Inspectors Off The Job… Asylum Applications Delayed… Sexual Assault Investigations On Hold… Kids With Cancer Blocked From Clinical Trials… SCIENCE STOPS… Food Safety Inspections Suspended… National Parks Closed… Search For Missing Woman Put On Hold… NASA Grounded… Congress Still Getting Paid..”

  • Robert Govan

    #37. The government will still be partially taken over by fraud actors that pose as our politicians and officials and the media will back them up…

  • Jimbo

    The shutdown is no big deal in itself but if I was China or Japan and holding Trillions $ of US debt, I would be starting to think twice.

  • TR

    Obama is just karma for 8 years of Bush & Rep/Cons abject failure to protect the Homeland on 9/11,the lie of WMD,the loss of American lives in 2 unfunded wars & future cost to care for wounded American soldiers.

    Breaking Rumor! The House of Republicans/Tea Party are going to fund the VA with a Trillion dollars to make sure our brave American soldiers have the very best care,now & into the distant future.

    BTW.Any Rep/Con/Tea that receives any form of govt. assistance paid for by my tax dollar of which I don’t receive the same benefit is nothing but a Big Govt. Redistribution Socialist. Suck on the govt. teat with milk running down your chin while you destroy this country.

  • FounderChurch

    GOVERNMENT REDUNDANCY redundancy is so great they have at least 5 people for every job that “needs” to be done. This is Obama’s game of selectively ONLY closing things that inconvenience the public, like parks and public toilets and websites, and such. ALL Democrats are born liars, fakes and phonies. Search “FounderChurch” for more teaching.

    • Tim

      Your first sentence is simply not true. I worked for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (a legislative branch agency) for many years, and I can tell you that it was (and still is) a very demanding place to work. It was very much like a public accounting firm. I worked with some very talented, intelligent, dedicated and hard-working people. Ever heard of David Walker? He was the Comptroller General at GAO when I was there. He resigned because he was persistent in sounding the alarm about this nation’s dire fiscal situation, and the previous administration didn’t like it. Furthermore, in my time at GAO, I met many other dedicated, hard-working and talented people in other federal agencies.

      Finally, if you really believe there’s a difference between “Republicans” and “Democrats” or that “Republicans” are trying to save this country, then you are deceived.

      • FounderChurch

        You are just another self-serving government lay about payroller that needs to be sent to the unemployment office. If you could have been hired in the private sector you would never have lowered yourself to work as a government bureaucrat. I’m not saying some functions of government are not good and needed, what I am saying that that having GOVERNMENT WORKERS doing those things is vastly overpriced and vastly inefficient, compared to what the private sector could do. If you like. and approve of, government bureaucrats you would love the USSR which I’m sure you did, and still do.

        • Tim

          I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors as an accountant and did well in both. You don’t know me from Adam, so how can you make the kind of accusations you made above. Furthermore, I never visited the former Soviet Union, so how could I love it? You have serious psychological problems. But most cult members do.

          • FounderChurch

            When you have no intelligent debate points to make, attack the other person personally with ad hominem remarks, and throw the pejorative slurs around like “CULT”. Great going, low information Democrat. My points remain untouched.

          • Tim

            Again, you don’t know me from Adam. I have no political affiliation, yet you accuse me of being a Democrat? Utterly absurd! It shows who the low information one is.

          • Gay Veteran

            off your meds again, eh

        • Gay Veteran


        • MomOf3Boys

          This is such a rude comment. Most government employees are just like you… they/we actually work for their pay. The “UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE” is what needs to be removed if you want to talk about what’s needed and not-needed. No one should get paid for choosing not to work! BTW Your attitude does NOT represent Christianity OR Republicans.

  • FounderChurch

    EVERYBODY that works for the government at any level is automatically a bum, and I used to be one, so I know. We need to privatize every single governmental function.

    • Guest

      You have serious mental health issues.

  • Ole Guy

    Funny hoe non-essential in the private sector means you do not have a job and in the public sector you get furloughed.
    Maybe the government will stay closed long enough for the people to realize they do not need the bloated public system.

  • Jodi

    The local media had some woman balling her eyes out on TV the other day saying it isn’t fair that she’s not getting paid. Quite honestly I just caught a glimpse of it & I have know idea who she works for. The media always finds these people & exploits them because it’s the end game, they want the sheep to be outraged that a few people are feeling the pain from this insanity. It’s truly a sick game being played.

  • cpgone

    Debt and govt. just keep growing.
    The collapse only happens once


    Pray for Cruz. Pray for America. If Obama Care prevails, it is Game Over for our beloved country.

  • gibby62

    Are the unprecedented number of disaster drills still taking place??

    • K

      Yes, all the attacks dogs are considered essential.

  • DJohn1

    The important question is who determines “essential personnel” and who determines “non-essential personnel” in the layoffs?
    Because right now that person is King!
    I am sure that the entire favored programs are “essential”.
    Like the Foreign Aid given to countries all over the world is “exempt” from being cut. But the poor suckers in jobs not considered “essential” can starve.
    If someone wants to bring this circus to a close then we need to examine closely what the agenda is in laying people off. And who is doing the laying off?
    I suggest the FBI Wage and Hour department should possibly get involved. This little known agency within the FBI governs a lot of things and I think some very essential rules are being broken here.
    Like requiring some people to show up even though they are not being paid. I have heard that one right next door.
    Obama is partially right about ObamaCare being voted in by the Congress and this is not a good thing to defund it because they are too cowardly to throw the entire act off the books.
    Obama does not have the votes to keep it and he knows it.
    There are a good number of things wrong with the entire program. Too many to go into here.
    But I submit that no one voted on it as a tax. So the entire thing has to go back to the Congress and voted on as a tax.
    No one thought far enough ahead to figure out that the IRS might become involved back when it was voted on. That makes the entire thing shaky in the legal department.
    Stand up Congress and be counted. Are you for it as a tax or against it as a tax? I think no one in that Congress wants to tackle the real issue here. The issue is it was voted in under false pretenses.
    So now they are taking and underhanded approach to not fund it? Obama is right that this is just dirty politics, very dirty and very unethical.

    • nekksys

      They can’t throw the entire ACA off the books… The Dems won’t allow it!

      The ACA was passed in the same manner the Federal Reserve Act was passed: wait till a minimal portion of Congress is around and then enact an extremely detrimental and controversial law.

  • nekksys

    I have seen enough from some people concerning this post…

    Our gov’t is NOT “shut down.” The above assessment is absolutely correct: Only those things which will _inconvenience_ the most Americans are closed. If I can buy or sell a firearm, the gov’t isn’t “shut down.” Americans, for the most part, can’t take being inconvenienced. Just look at the number of road rage cases in this country and I think you can figure that out…

    Colin is nagging about WIC funding being suspended… An minor inconvenience to say the least. Humanity has been having children for millennia without gov’t intervention or assistance. But, as if all of a sudden, a woman can’t carry a child to full term without a gov’t hand out? Puh-leeeezze… Freebies from the gov’t is what it takes these days?

    Colin is also on about this Williamsburg Accord… You’re joking right?? Since when is a cohesive plan to bring our government’s spending back to reality and maintain a balanced budget a bad thing? Yes, it’s a partisan plan to say the least but at least _someone_ had the foresight to sit down and devise a plan to get this all under control. The greatest task is going to be maintaining a solid front in the face of pressure from cry-baby, whiny little punks who are calling Washington to bitch about how inconvenient this all is!!!

    Folks, we are looking straight down the barrel of an economic collapse like the world has never seen and people are bitching about parks being closed and other MINOR inconveniences. If you think this little “shut down” is inconvenient, wait until the bottom falls out of everything and there is NO ONE to complain to over your neighbor stealing every bit of food they can find or killing your dog so they can have a meal.

    if you want action, call your Senators / Representatives and tell them they need to set the example by taking on the greatest level of personal inconvenience!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Colin is nagging about WIC funding being suspended… An minor inconvenience to say the least….”
      what an arrogant statement

      • nekksys

        WIC is yet another handout. I qualified my statements quite logically. By what do you qualify your statements?

        • Gay Veteran

          then you support the right to an abortion and contraception

          • nekksys

            Since when is any of that a right? And who brought up abortion??? Oh, yeah; you did…

            You contend abortion is a right; I contend it’s murder.

            Taking personal responsibility for reproduction is a sign of MATURITY which is decidedly lacking in America today. I see where you stand: against children, against personal responsibility and against the vow you took as a soldier/seaman/airman.

            You make me sad for Americas and her future…

          • Gay Veteran

            WOW, you want to take food out of the mouths of infants and yet I’m the one against children?!?!?!?
            Better a starving abused child than abortion, eh?
            Your type of anti-abortion fanatic makes me sick. You want to force women to give birth. Forcing the entire burden on them while you sit back and judge. Nothing like a little slavery to force people to do what you want.

          • hangupnation

            GV, it’s the gubmint actions that have taken the food and provision out of the mouths of people dependent on those hand outs, not anyone here on this forum. And your smart enough to know why the gubmint pulls in the reins and turns off the government cheese from time to time. It’s not about need, it’s about control. It’s not about fairness, it’s about maintaining the upper hand. Control and oppression by limiting basic resources. That being said, the so called gubmint shutdown may be a blessing, for time is running out for those solely dependent upon the gubmint’s dime. The sooner they all wake up and do something about their situation, the better off we’ll all be.

            There’s a 24 year old unwed mother living with parents, (yes, I know, get that) near our neighborhood who works off her free room and board by staying there, cleaning and cooking for them. Since the birth of her child at 17, her parents refused to let her get a job, go to school, or learn something basic such as how to drive. She was told she would be put out on the street with no provision or anyone to take her in according to her @cough@ loving, parents, if she didn’t “work” off her rent (kid you not. They even gave her a card thanking her for her work on National thank your worker day.) She had been warned over and over again by friends to get out of her precarious position, get a job and start providing for herself and her kid before it was too late. Well last monday she and probably like thousands of other people just like her, got a big wake up call when her food stamps and temp money didn’t come in at the beginning of the month, leaving her penniless, and unable, as she put it, “to pay her bills”. Her second big wake up call was when after being told there was no money in the coffer to give to her, she unabashedly asked, Well, how am I supposed to feed my kid and pay my bills?,The SNAP office worker told her that was her problem and promptly hung up on her.

            Today, she awaits for her money that is sure to come in “any day” now. Never one to let being broke get her down, she’s trying to borrow money with guilt “can’t you just help”, empty promises “I promise I’ll pay it back”, agreements to friends and extended family to help pay her “bills”.

            In addition to empty chairs, Americans may soon find an epidemic of empty phone lines across America. Won’t that just be peachy?

            Welcome to beggar nation.

            Folks, please wake up before it’s too late.

          • nekksys

            Some kids parents…

            I would _never_ do somethig like that to my kids. My ex-wife (of over 12yrs now) did the EXACT same thing to my oldest daughter. Six years worth of abusing my oldest while I lived out of state. I now live in the same county with all 3 of my kids and I do everything I can to insure they do not have to grovel to my ex for anything, for any reason.

            My oldest has kids of her own and relies on SNAP to help her out. She is also working and rebuilding the only vehicle she has, system at a time and as finances permit. Oddly enough, because she now has her own place, SNAP has _increased_ her allotment…

        • david

          ok first off im a vet too and it is very hard to find work when there is none. second how the hell else are you supposed to feed your family without the handouts? since 2009 work has been scarce and it annoys me that yes some people do use the system the wrong way but there are so many vets out there and others who have worked their whole lives and are now lucky to find a job that pays 9 bucks an hour,lets see 1200 for rent and oh yeah 50 bucks to feed your family for the month….. but your gay what would you know about supporting a family?

  • piccadillybabe

    Michael: I do not know why you are minimizing the shut down of the “US National Park System and the EPA for that matter. Billions of dollars are generated on a daily basis through the NPS and with Fukishima bursting at the seams we should not be a day without the EPA and food inspectors another note. I usually enjoy your commentary but I think you are taking this shut down way too lightly. No offense to you but just sayin….. is all.

    • nekksys

      Fukushima doesn’t fall under the purview of the US EPA… Just sayin’…

      With America trashing 263 MILLION pounds of food each day, maybe fewer regulations and fewer “inspectors” are a good thing. Besides, if the FDA inspectors were doing their jobs, we wouldn’t have listeria outbreaks in food processing plants, now would we?

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Besides, if the FDA inspectors were doing their jobs, we wouldn’t have listeria outbreaks in food processing plants, now would we?”
        yeah, its not the corporations fault, is it

  • Rene Girrard

    Very interesting article, and thanks for all the info. You have great sources. This government shutdown is small potatoes on the grand scale of things, but what about the debt ceiling limit coming up in a couple of weeks? Obama will unleash hell on us if the republicans don’t meet his every demand–won’t he?

    • Tim

      The statutory debt limit will be raised. It has to be raised because of the very nature of fiat currency Ponzi schemes, i.e. they have to keep expanding. This talk about defaulting is nonsense in a world of perpetual nonsense. Obama could raise the debt limit by issuing an Executive Order.

    • FounderChurch

      THE INTEREST ON OUR DEBT WILL ALWAYS BE PAID, PERIOD: We have laws already on the books that require the President to pay the interest on our debt before he pays any other single thing.

      That interest is now only 25 Billion out of continued revenues rolling in of 250 Billion he has available. So under no circumstances would the President ever not have the money coming in to pay the interest on our debt FIRST and he would have to criminally violate US Law if he did not use that first money coming in to pay that interest.

      You people need some education before you speak. Search “FounderChurch” for more

      • Wally

        Has Obama and this administration followed every law on the books? NO. There are immigration laws on the books that this administration fails to enforce. There are laws on the books that prevents the IRS from targeting specific groups. There is a law by Congress saying Obama would be in breaking if the Federal debt hits just 25 million dollars more officially, the debt hasn’t officially risen in almost three months. There are millions upon millions of laws that are made and broken every day by this administration. Obama when sworn in takes an oath to defend the constitution; everything he does is contrary to that oath. Obama made appointments to high positions on a supposed break by congress, that is breaking the law. Do you think for a minute that he wouldn’t break this law. Your numbers seem off. From money.cnn the 2013 interest payment is about 270 Billion, that would be all revenues plus. Maybe you need some education before you speak.

        • FounderChurch

          Obama breaks and bends SOME laws where he thinks he can get away with it, but breaking the particular law requiring him to pay the interest on the debt BEFORE HE PAYS ANY OTHER THING is very stark and very clear, and is neither right wing or left wing law but a common sense law that he would surely be impeached for violating.

          As for the math: I was giving the monthly allocation to pay the interest on the debt which is in the area of 20 something billion a month, out of cash revenues of something like 250 billion a month. So service on the debt takes only about ten percent of our known and predictable revenues.

          I think it is you, along with all of us, that needs more knowledge and education before the kettle starts calling the pan black.

          You are sassing back at someone who is trying to teach you. Show your manners if you have any.

          • Wally

            That is besides the point really. The elitist, globalists, bankers run everything. Under the direction of the IMF and BIS, they tell Obama what is going to happen. Why do you think that the President or Congress never tell the Fed what to do? It is because they run the show and not our elected officials. Woodrow Wilson and the Congress of 1913 sold the US down the river when they let the Fed in. The Fed make the rules, they decide where every dime goes. If you believe anything other than that then you are for lack of a better word delusional. Read the Whistle Blower piece Michael wrote about a few days ago.

    • Orange Jean

      True, that is what the Treasury department is saying right now too.

  • FounderChurch

    PRIVATIZE ALL GOVERNMENT AT ALL LEVELS: There is not one single function performed by Government that cannot be Privatized, not one.

    The only exception is elected officials and in due time they can and will also be privatized. Computers of the future will decide who can be trusted to make the decisions that elected officials make. I don’t trust anyone to vote intelligently. People get stupider as time goes by, while computers get smarter over time. So, go figure.

    Government’s job is to be the umpires in the game of life. To do that halfway effectively they need to never touch the ball, pick winners or losers, and never ever play IN the game.

    Even catching the ten most wanted, or defending our country can best be done by contracting companies. With government doing things, we cannot fire them, we cannot punish them, and we cannot reward them for doing a good job.

    With Private companies we can cancel their contracts, we can fine them, we can sue them, and we can even sue and prosecute them individually. With government we can do none of these things to government agencies, and government employees, to insure they perform correctly. Every government employee is a loose dangerous and expensive cannon.

    Of course such a transition must be done slowly over time to lessen glitches. For example: A private security firm would have defended our Ambassador in Libya, and Master Card would easily find and deport every illegal in this country if we gave it that responsibility.

    Search “FounderChurch” for thousands of teachings.

    • Orange Jean

      I worked once for a company that essentially did just that… but you might want to know the COST to privatize are unbelievable. For example (and this was 30 yrs ago)… every time they had one of their senior staff attend a meeting… they charged $150 and hour. NOBODY I know of working for the government currently makes that kind of salary.

      And it’s my understanding that the USPO is actually privatized (has been for years)…

      • FounderChurch

        You probably intentionally misunderstood what I was proposing. Privatization is much different than just using contractors.
        The costs go high when the bureaucracy keeps control but when you eliminate them you get great results. You have to see that difference.

        • Orange Jean

          Can you give an example of where this has happened? I have not ever seen an example of government work that was privatized any way other than either through hiring contractors (or via consulting firms, same thing).

          When I have seen was work done by engineering firms (for example, designing and building freeways) or for example geologists, all those were either contractors outright or consulting firms hired or subconsultants (which are same as contractors in the context I’m talking about). Why not get the public works department to hire experienced engineers to design the roads instead?

          The work I was doing at the time was environmental planning.

          • FounderChurch

            I can’t prove to you what you don’t want to believe. No matter how many examples I gave you you would just ask for more or invent more excuses.

            The military is a fairly good example. They ask for what they want and then keep their hands off and as a result we have the finest equipment that is the envy of the world.

            Look at business. It is mircles what they can do when gov leaves them alone. We simply need gov to be run by business. I doubt you will ever understand this because you don’t want to.

  • Patriot Alice

    Now if they would just lay the non-essentials off, we won’t have to borrow trillions to maintain these bench warmers, with guaranteed jobs, pensions, etc..

    • MomOf3Boys

      I’m all for “trimming the fat”…. but get something straight….All the “non-essentials” I know are actually WORKING for a living. They have families and mortgages and benefit society. They earn, save, spend just like you. Why not get rid of food stamps, unemployment and section 8 if you want to remove the “bench warmers”… Those are the leeches…(if you are reading this, and get food stamps, sorry—if it’s only for a few months to get back on your feet, then GREAT! That’s what it’s for!—if you’ve been on for more than a year and have rims, smartphones and coach purses, this comment is aimed at YOU)

      • Gay Veteran

        you need to toss in most of the Pentagon and the National Stasi Agency

  • Ruth

    We applied for a USDA Home Loan and our lender turned in the paperwork on time and before the shutdown. Now we have to wait to own our own home after yrs. of renting and dealing with unreasonable landlords after we were wrongly foreclosed upon back in 2008. We got some money for damages from federal and state investigations of the foreclosure, but not nearly enough to make up for all the suffering we’ve had since. We live in a motel close to the home that should have closed in 2 wks. We had to take the cheapest motel with a smoking room in which the ceiling leaks water down on the bthrm. sink where we do dishes. It is obvious it’s been doing this a long time because someone tried to cover it up with a piece of drywall. My kids are suffering in different ways-mostly of embarrassment. Our lender lied and said it’s business as usual at the USDA. We just have to keep our faith in God and keep in His Word, even tho this is tough and we have family that has told us it’s “all our fault”. We were even kicked out of my in-laws’ home-yes, they kicked out their own son and grandkids for no reason, because we were in their way. We were all dressed and ready for church and were verbally attacked to moved out. How traumatic for my kids! We were on the street trying to find a cheap enough motel on a Sunday morn. when we should have been in church. And these people go to church that takes in homeless people! We were just waiting to buy a home after moving close to family and my husband getting a job making $10.00 more an hr. We don’t smoke, drink, and etc. We actually try to live for the Lord. But, my in-laws play cards religiously and have groups of people over that play cards all over the house. Their church also allows gays to serve as pastors, elders, and etc. So, their actions were all demonic. They know we are against cards and being gay and they don’t agree with us. It finally made my husband realize after 23 yrs. of marriage that he has to stay away from his parents to protect our family. Sad. But, it makes us cry out all the more to our Lord and lean more on Him. Yes, I get very sad, but His Word and singing hymns help a lot!

    • Richard T.

      May the Lord be with you and guide you through the tough times. Pray that you as a family will grow closer to the Lord and be stronger than ever in the Lord!

  • Bill

    At this hour I think there is serious trouble brewing.
    Stocks are down, the 10 yr is down, and the dollar index is dropping like a rock. These are not good signs.

  • Rodster

    You can’t make this stuff up even if you tried but when it comes to how liberals and progressives think I guess anything is possible.

    If you want to sign up for Obamacare here’s the number : 1-800-3(F) 8(U) 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O).

    • Orange Jean

      That’s so bad it’s funny…. (almost!)

  • ontherun

    Fact 37: this pamphlet is still running

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The real “government shutdown” will occur when the depression plaguing The Banana Republic of America goes from bad to worse and the country ends up with 50% or 60% unemployment. With the American middle class (the IRS’ favorite cash cow) wiped out and most Americans living in dire poverty, there won’t be a whole lot of tax revenue for the BRA.

    • 2Gary2

      Hi pollo-I was listening to someone who lived in Honduras and about the violence caused by a tiny minority of rich and a large majority of poor.

      I thought about your DPDDTT.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        2Gary2: Honduras is right up there with Guatemala, Venezuela and El Salvador when it comes to DPDDTT collection. Honduras is the quintessential banana republic: super-rich minority, poor majority. In Tegucigalpa (Honduras’ largest city), the affluent are sitting ducks unless they have enough bodyguards to protect their families from the kidnapper gangs. And when the narco policías put drug dealers out of business (or steal their drugs), that only makes things worse because the dealers’ ex-employees find other ways to make money (like kidnapping, carjacking and violent home invasions). Some rich Hondurans want to move to Miami because they’re sick of all the violent crime in Honduras, but they might as well stay put because now that we’re a banana republic, the BRA will be as bad as Honduras.

    • “V”

      Stock up on bullets now

      • El Pollo de Oro

        V: Yes, those bullets will come in handy when millions of formerly middle class Americans get a taste of Third World poverty and resort to desperate measures to continue eating. The “let’s abolish the 2nd Amendment” crowd will get a rude awakening when they’re being robbed at gunpoint, carjacked, kidnapped for ransom, terrorized, and home-invaded by the neo-poor and the neo-hungry.

      • Joe

        It doesn’t matter how many guns you have, if you’re up against starving and desperate people. Do you even know what anarchy is like? Google “Somalia”.

  • AssHat900

    NASA should let those astronauts die up there, this is bullsh!t. Also let out all of the prisoners that will save tons of cash with no ill effects.


    In a clear signal that the Zio-Globo International Bankers are committed to destroying America’s currency, Fed Chairman Benjamin Shalom Bernanke (CFR) arranges the direct purchase of $600 Billion in US debt (bonds). The purchase is made with money that the privately owned Fed creates “out of thin air.”


    As Obama’s annual budget deficits continue to come in at $1.5 trillion +, the Fed will finance the huge debts by accelerating its issue of counterfeit money,loaned to America at interest, through the purchase of US bonds.


    As expected, commodity prices for grains, meats, oil, and metals skyrocket throughout 2010 and 2011.

    As Americans are robbed by Bernanke’s 10%+ inflation rate, true unemployment hovers near 20%. But the Establishment media keeps reporting a false 9% unemployment rate, and a false 5% inflation rate. .

    America is in deep trouble, and more and more people are starting to realize it. But very few understand the true nature of the American decline.

    • “V”

      The most dangerous thing in the world….A well informed citizen. If you are angry then you are informed.

  • MeMadMax

    #15 doesn’t count =P

  • ConcernedForUSdemocracy

    I have to say that I’m a little surprised that you haven’t touched upon the elephant in the room, Michael (no pun intended). The current situation is very dangerous, and truly threatens our democracy.

    Why? Because a small group of our leaders are attempting to force their will upon the nation about a law that has already been passed, withstood the litmus test of the US Supreme Court, survived 2 elections and 42 attempts to repeal or defund it.

    If democrats cave in, it sets a very dangerous precedence for future administrations, republican or democrat. Why should any party actually work in congress when they know they can wait until the end of September and hold the nation hostage unless their demands are met?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no proponent of Obamacare; it has many problems. However, the route republicans have taken to defund it is absolutely wrong. And yes, if democrats ever took this route to get their political will made real, I’d be rallying against them just as quickly.

    Republicans are walking a dangerous path, and they are ignorant/blinded by their sheer hatred of Obamacare. I hope they come to their senses and stop this craziness.

    • “V”

      I think they should step aside and allow the train wreck to happen. Then they can all say “we tried to warn you, but you would’nt listen to us”. The GOP is getting all the blame, just allow the fallout from Obamacare to hit everyone and then they will scream for “CHANGE” and “hopefully” that will happen then.

  • DaKardii

    If we slashed the 2013 federal budget by 37% by getting rid of the “non-essential” stuff, and then kept the current tax rates according to the 2013 federal budget, we’d eliminate the deficit and have a surplus of $500 billion. Obummer’s debt would be eliminated by 2027, and the entire debt by 2045.

    • Tobias Smith

      can’ do that, it might make sense

  • Chris Lehman

    Huckt on fonnix wurket 4 me.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…For example, WIC, a supplemental food program for mothers and their babies, had their funding halted by the government on Tuesday. What about them, Michael? While conservatives are cheering this “slimdown”, people are suffering….”
    because “conservatives” only care about the baby being born, not afterwards

    • Das

      No, after a baby is born it is The Parents job to support the child, NOT MINE!

      • Gay Veteran

        are there no poor houses?

  • Tobias Smith

    gayveteran and gary2 are getting married. lets have an economic collapse bachlorette party for them

  • Joe

    US gov won’t default on itself, it’s their trait; always kicking the can. The politicians will protect their jobs. The media talks up the default and market reacts to it. The only way for US gov to default is when the rest of the world dumping TB, then US dollar collapses which still have some way to go.

    IMHO, this is a market manipulation and probably the banks buy in the dip and sell when the debt ceiling is passed.

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    Here is a fun thought to kick around.
    The Tea Party’s real goal is to keep the debt ceiling at the current level. Demanding something they are never going to get, like the defunding of Obamacare ,is how they intend to do it.
    They were elected on a platform of reducing government. They have succeeded in all but closing two departments already, EPA and Energy. The Tea Party could drag this out as long as they can stay in office.

  • Blakman

    It is one big African con.

  • Sheri

    I am a very mild mannered female senior citizen who has a few choice words for Obama that would not be acceptable to print. He is a disgrace to the presidency and the 1-800-F**KYO for the Obamacare hotline is just over the top. I also have a few choice words for our congress who were so stupid as to pass a bill they never read. When are the American people going to get fighting mad and decide not to take it anymore? When are they going to get tired of that middle finger in their face? Our government is rotten to the core starting at the top and working its way down. Trickle down evil…..

  • JustanOguy

    I think the longer the partial shutdown continues, the more Americans are going to realize that it’s really no big deal and they can live without all of those “non-essential” services.

    The big joke is the political party propagandists making the claim that it’s costing the U.S. $300 million a day…

  • A D

    Problem = 60%+ of people who believe the Gov should feed, clothe and house them from cradle to grave. Same people elect Socialist over & over.
    The beginning of the end, epic fail.

  • Orange Jean


    I can see why you are saying this NOW… but according to the Treasury department they are out of “tricks” to pay their bills… and I would not be surprised if we get far more severe shutdown and it may last for months.

    I’d appreciate you looking into those comments being put out by the Treasury dept… what do you think of that?

  • Das

    1) why fear a default, we will never be able to pay back our debt. Let’s do it already. 2) the tea party may lean to the right, but don’t dare call true tea party members republicans, as there are libertarian. 3) obama care is unconstitutional, as it forces us to buy into it. Only after it was revised as a tax, was it made constitutional. 4) Wic….? One more hand out to libs. Sure ther are good people that need help. But most want a hand out. I see it every day.

  • Peace Angel

    THE ONLY fix is for the entire nation to unite and promise NOT to pay them another dime in taxes UNTIL or UNLESS they show us through real transparency of things like $98,000 outhouses and the other things michael mentions in his previous articles. Miami airport does a reality show and they recently showed Obama showing up there to golf. THE head administrator of the airport said “He comes here all the time and we have to shut down the entire airport for at least an hour to get him on the ground sending other passenger jets to another airport a hundred miles away to refuel because he is late or whatever.” She said that he uses three times the security that Bush used on his rare visit to Miami and that it is very inconveniencing to the whole town. I did not get the impression she is a fan.

    THIS man is a puppet dictator as is his wife.

  • Peace Angel

    AS I type this the news in my town is saying that thousands of kids are about to get kicked out of school for NOT getting a government mandated whooping cough booster shot. THEY were supposed to get them before coming to school and most parents refused and NOW their kids are getting kicked out of school and will likely be labeled as “domestic terrorists” under the zero tolerance laws.

    It’s a NWO in America and IF we don’t stop it who will????

  • Katie

    Umm, for number 2, I thin you forgot to mention they don’t get PAID. I know this because my mom wont be paid until this is over

  • K

    Wow it must be difficult for such a superior being, to put up with us mere mortals. Pride goeth before a fall.

    • nekksys

      Amazing… Again with the unqualified statements. I support my contentions with observations and historical fact. It seems many here only make statements based on their feelings…

      At least I know who to write off and ignore…

      • K

        All normal humans have feelings. By all means ignore me.

      • wishitwerenotso

        You were right. Those that go through the motions, acting busy and accomplishing absolutely nothing in that loooonnnng time, know that you’ve told the truth.

  • SafetyViking

    I could not possibly care any less what the government does or doesn’t do. They get their tax out of my paycheck. What they’re dumb enough to do or not do with it is no problem for me. I don’t waste my time with such nonsense as complaining about a broken machine & the thieves that operate it.

  • Cheap Houses

    There is a story. A wife asked her husband to borrow some more money from his friends to meet the end needs. The husband refused. So the wife said: ” We are only going to have bread and butter for lunches and dinners!” After a few days of having just breads and butter for meals, the husband agreed to borrow more money.

  • DJohn1

    Priorities are all messed up.
    Why are we still giving money away in foreign aid if we are broke? (Millions of dollars given to our enemies in the Middle East?)

    Why do we have a space program if we are broke? (At last guess, I think there is about 800 million in this item alone.)
    But poor Joe Public Servant has to make sacrifices? I don’t think so. Not if the above items are not cut first.

    Why is the government still operating in many departments as if nothing is wrong?
    Then we get around to all the various non-Intelligent agencies that messed up big time over and over again with no consequences to their budgets . . .
    If someone gave you a blank signed check for millions of dollars, I guess you would be okay with it. Well that is what we did with these agencies. And it sucks!
    Until we set the priorities right, this entire government shut down is nothing more than a farce intended to stick the poor uninfluencial people with the bill.

  • Orange Jean

    Thanks K. It is getting a bit depressing, I need to quit looking at comments for a while I think!

  • wraith

    What if the shutdown is just a distraction to keep us busy & worrying,while certain procedures and programs are being refined and implented,kind of like Universal id system,under the guise of something else?Kind of like the thing going on in Va,with the DMV? We are right at the door of enormous change in our world,while those behind the scenes,work towards whatever evil goal they have.What if this shutdown has to do with getting FEMA prepared by last minute details being gone over?Too many view this kind of thought as paranoid and conspiracy.But when else at ANY time in the history of the USA & it’s Presidents,would we have tolerated the abuse to the Constitution,and behavior that obama has displayed.Can you imagine the rioting that would have taken place over “Bush-Care”.For whatever reason,obama and his cronies get a pass.WHY????

  • Frannie

    If Michelle Obama doesn’t know how to twitter without our taxpaying money supplying her assisstants, she doesn’t need to. And is it true that ex presidents and senators still get paid for life? If it is, that’s BS!

    • Joe

      Sigh. please look up these details for yourself. Do you not know how to use google? inform yourself. (ps you’re wrong)

  • BOBO007

    These Government Leaders make me want to P–ke-. Crooked as a barrel of snakes and more deadly

  • BOBO007

    This Government Operation is sickening. These “Bright” leaders can’t decide which way they want to go and where they will make the most money. Hell with the people they represent. Remember these characters next time at the polls. Dump all RINO’s especially.

    • Joe

      What’s wrong with a RINO? at least they’re reasonable and willing to cut a deal to get something done. your puritan “my way or to hell with you” is dragging us all down.

  • Dane Curbow

    Yeah, 63 percent of workers are still being paid. The other 37 percent aren’t continuing to be paid because of how ridiculous the republicans are being. DO YOUR JOB, PASS A BUDGET. You don’t get to repeal the affordable care act in exchange for passing a budget, like congress does… it is THEIR JOB.

  • Rick Stanley

    No sympathy from me. The Amerikan people will soon discover, that the the government is mostly non-essential at the federal level. Go fiqure…Big surprise…

  • Chris

    My wife isn’t working due to the furlough and our family income is cut in half. Thanks.

    • TheJeebus

      No, thank YOU, for no longer stealing my money.
      EDIT: Actually thank your wife.

  • Ugh

    Really it’s a joke to you??? My mother works for homeland security & even though they are still working it is UNPAID!!!! How long do you think that would last genius??? How stupid of you to spout off about stuff you yourself are not having to endure! Get the president out then get somebody in there that has a brain in their head & the US will be much better!

  • Steve

    Since the vast majority of federal employees are salaried per annum, the federal courts have already determined that paying them less than their salary requires an adverse personnel action for each employee, thus they will all be paid for their “extra vacation time”. WE THE PEOPLE need to vote different people in to office, preferably not lawyers, since lawyers prefer to make vague laws with loopholes that they can argue around, rather than simple and straightforward laws that will be clear and decisive.

  • sensibleB

    Focusing on the ACA misses the point. Focusing on Republicans misses the point. Instead, focus on the divisions of authority between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Drop partisanship and instead think about what authority the House asserts.

    ACA is a duly passed law, passed by both the House and Senate, and signed into law by the President. The last budget, regardless of whether it was a full year budget or simply a continuing resolution, was passed by both the House and Senate, and signed into law by the President. These represent legal obligations by the United States. In particular, with regard to the debt limit, congress has a constitutional duty to fulfill in paying interest on US treasury debt. That’s Article IV Section I (‘full faith and credit’ clause).

    What the House now asserts the power to overrule Senate bills and congressional reconciliation processes by refusing to fulfill their constitutional duty to sustain US debt obligations. By this the House expropriates power extra-consitutionaly from the Senate, and threatens traditional divisions of power set forth by our founders.

    If the House does not fulfill its constitutional obligation to pass a debt limit bill and reconcile with the Senate, they will have failed in their most primary constitutional duty. Forget which party in the House asserts this power and instead view the problem as a divisions of power matter in the congressional branch and one can see immediately that the majority in this congress are threatening a major constitutional crisis in order to expropriate authority our founders intended to be divided between both the House and the Senate.

    Obamacare is a side issue.

  • tree worm

    maybe they need a government to pay as u go instead of raising the debt ceiling

  • Mike

    if this is the case the our so called president and senate majority leader need to be arrested for high crimes against the constitution and this Nation

  • Sanja

    The US Postal Service is not government funded. This list is badly researched. Why even bother?

    • TheJeebus

      Who pays their deficit then? Honest question.

  • JANHandyman

    The US Postal Service hasn’t been a government office for 20 years. Hence Postal Service NOT Post Office. Perhaps the author should get his facts straight before he/she starts quoting erroneous information!!

  • Har Har

    Uhm…the Federal Reserve is not part of the government guy. It is a privatized central bank.

  • PhylBoyse

    when moochie can’t do her own tweets, then you know the sky is falling like Chicken Little said. Soooooo sad she is so incapable of doing her own tweets, but then everyone knew that to start with, when she said she needed 4 times the personnel staff than ANY other First Lady ever had – including “hilarious Clinton”, then you know something is really amiss.

  • J

    Military personnel might not be affected but Non Military personnel who work on military bases are. Some are working without being paid, and some were strait up laid off. I have a coworker who works with me part time, and his full time job is a Firefighter on the West Point base. Hes currently working without pay, and he says half the base is currently shut down. Its essentially a ghost town.

  • Jay Warren Clark

    A good “what if” essay. What if we actually experimented with putting teeth into some of these “what if’s?” If we did so, cutting the excess blubber in Washington would be a good place to start, eh? JWC

  • To Mas

    Uhh, federal reserve ain’t a govt agency, more of a govt slavemaster. I know FBI guys who have to work, but aren’t getting paid for their work until the “shutdown” is over.

    Ironically, that lying sack treasury secretary Lew is saying things that are blatantly unconstitutional. The only expenses that have to be paid are debt service. All the other crap isn’t compulsory, except for politicians who want to continue paying for their votes.

  • Sidewinder

    Why’d ;you mention the Federal Reserve as still being functional. The Federal Reserve is a private organization and not part of the U.S. Government.

  • garreth

    The fed isn’t part of the Government.

  • wolfspawn

    #17 shows that your article is the total joke.

    • Chris King

      TSA does something other than molest us?

  • Furloughed

    But…all those essential employees are not getting paid while they work. Instead they’ve been told their services are required…for free.

    • Chris King

      yes, they are.
      you liar scum.
      back pay AND UNEMPLOYMENT.

      stop it.

  • VB

    May not affect the main population but the military are hurting. Incentives for members deployed overseas including Afghanistan are stopped. Payment of enlistment entitlements are stopped. Tuition assistance for those protecting our nation are stopped but illegal immigrants can continue to receive unemployment and tuition assistance.

  • James Guilford

    Really? “… a lot of Americans” paid only $98,670 for their house? I need to move to THAT state!

  • Joe

    The U.S. Postal Service is not owned by the federal government anymore, and the Federal Reserve sure as hell isn’t owned by the government. Essential personnel may be working but they aren’t getting paid until the “shutdown” is resolved.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Uh, Public schools are not federally operated. Yes some schools accepted the asinine Common Core program designed to render our children even dumber.

    I sure as hell will not hire a common core student that graduates into my firm where we mix chemicals because “close enough” is not good enough. I do not want the liability that Common Core will heap on all of America.

  • gator1989

    Am hearing all the usual phrases coming out of all of your comments so just bloody pipe it down already. YES PayPal transactions have been slowed down by the shutdown as I experienced this first hand and YES the hitting the ceiling will affect many people in 4 days if it happens. Tis not complete false information like this article so says. Miself am a college student and will absolutely flip out if loan interest rates increase again.

  • J

    ObamaCare…it’s a train that was always intended to come off the rails…to let masterminded, overlord democrats crash the system and impose their solution.

  • shelby moss

    Whoever wrote this is a joke- Numerous families were affected by the shutdown & if you didn’t take a moment to note them and keep them in your thoughts or prayers then shame on you

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