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Guess How Much Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas And Halloween This Year…

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Credit Card - Public DomainIt is that magical time of the year for retailers.  The period between mid-October and late December can often make the difference between success or failure in the retail industry, and this year will be no exception.  As you will see below, it is being projected that Americans will spend a massive amount of money this holiday season.  In fact, what Americans plan to spend on Christmas this year is greater than the yearly GDP of the entire nation of Sweden.  So isn’t this good economic news?  Shouldn’t we be happy that Americans are opening up their wallets so eagerly?  Well, it depends how you look at it.  Even though our spending is increasing, our incomes are not.  As I discussed the other day, 50 percent of American workers make less than 28,031 dollars a year and incomes have been stagnant for years.  That means that any increases in spending must be funded by more debt, and that is not good news at all.

In 2014, approximately 70 percent of all Americans will participate in Halloween.  It seems like with each passing year this dark holiday become even more popular, and before it is all said and done it is being projected that Americans will spend a whopping 7.4 billion dollars this time around…

Kicking off the end of year spending season is Halloween. Just how much do Americans spend on trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities? The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasts total Halloween spending—including candy, costumes, and decorations—to come in at $7.4 billion this year.

That 7.4 billion dollars includes 2 billion dollars for Halloween candy and 350 million dollars for pet Halloween costumes.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are collectively going to spend 350 million dollars on Halloween costumes for our cats and dogs.

Overall, spending on Halloween has risen by more than 55 percent since 2005.  It just seems like Americans can’t get enough of this particular holiday.

But of course what Americans spend on Halloween is not even worth comparing to what Americans spend on Christmas.

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 90 percent of Americans celebrate either Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah.

And Christmas in particular has become virtually synonymous with materialism.  This year, the National Retail Federation is projecting that Americans will spend more than 600 billion dollars just on Christmas.

That represents a huge chunk of our GDP as a nation.

Most of that money will be spent on Christmas gifts.  According to a Gallup survey that was just released, the average U.S. adult plans to spend 781 dollars on Christmas gifts this year, which is significantly up from last year…

Americans’ initial estimates of the total amount they will spend on Christmas gifts this year point to an above-average holiday season for the nation’s retailers. While Gallup’s October spending forecast is a warm-up to its key measure in November, it finds Americans expecting to spend $781, on average, up from $704 last November.

Of course holiday spending does not end there.  There are trees to put up, packages to send out and decorations to buy.  The following numbers are from a Forbes article about what an average American typically spends during a Christmas season…

Christmas Tree: $41.50

Cards And Postage: $32.43

Floral Arrangements: $22.61

Food And Candy: $95.04

Decorations: $51.43

Travel: $960.50

So where is all of this money coming from?

That is a key question.

If our incomes were going up, all of this spending might be good news.  But as the following chart from the Federal Reserve demonstrates, that is not the case…

Median Household Income Since 2005

Our incomes are stagnant at best.  But Americans always like to party as if it were the best of times.  So they will pull out their credit cards and spend what they feel they need to spend in order to feel happy once again this year.

But deep down most people realize that this debt-fueled party cannot last forever.

Deep down most people realize that we have some incredibly serious long-term problems that need to be fixed.

Sadly, no matter which political party occupies the White House, and no matter which political party controls Congress, our long-term problems only seem to get even worse.

As our problems have multiplied, over time Americans have become angrier and angrier.

And right now is election season, and so that is very bad news for Democrats

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats one week before the midterm elections, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows.

Democrats are battling to try and save the Senate majority, while hoping to prevent more losses in the House, which the GOP controls by a 234 to 201 margin.

In the Senate, Republicans need a net gain of six seats, and several state polls in the past month of contested races show that Democrats are in danger of losing control of the majority, and thus Congress.

If the Republicans do take control of both houses of Congress, will that fundamentally change the direction of the country?

I wish that I could believe that, but at this point most Republicans are virtually indistinguishable from most Democrats.

In other words, it is very hard to tell them apart.

As a nation, we are steamrolling toward a date with oblivion, but everyone is trying to put such a happy face on things.

Well, enjoy this time of relative stability while you can, because it is going to end way too soon.

  • kfilly

    Demoncrats, Republicons…what difference does it make? Both parties exported our economy to China. Both are stripping our liberties. Both parties ran up our debt. Both are beholden to their corporate masters. Shall I go on?

    • apeiron

      Not a lot of apparent difference…but if you’ve ever navigated, you’ll know that a small initial variance of only a couple or three degrees at the outset, can lead to VERY different destinations with time & distance. I ALWAYS vote AGAINST the Democrat…the party is so ideologically entrenched that the concerns of the constituents matter not…only the agenda & that is evil. I believe the Republicans are far more responsive to their constituents concerns & at the very least still claim to believe in less government & individual liberties that matter.

      • sharonsj

        Oh, so Republicans are not ideologically entrenched? Coulda fooled me. Republicans are against women, gays, and minorities–and for big corporations, pollution, destroying the Earth for profit, and pretend climate change doesn’t exist. Republicans are also against minimum wage, equal pay, health care for all, and unions. Republicans are for outsourcing jobs; they won’t do anything about stopping tax credits for companies that ship our jobs overseas. Dems may be clueless, but they aren’t as greedy. If Republicans get complete control, you may finally understand what I’m talking about.

        • kfilly

          Demoncrats are not clueless. They hate the Constitution and they hate freedom. They have always been the party of slavery. They just changed the methods. They are the party that created the Federal Reserve. They are the party that made you into a debt slave. You live in the government plantation.

          • ian

            i am a liberal and a democrat and i love freedom. In fact liberals love freedom. We have worked tirelessly to grant more freedoms. Just recently we gave people the freedom here in Colorado to smoke marijuana without going to prison. Who opposed this freedom. You guessed it….REPUBLICANS.

          • kfilly

            I am glad that you think the ability to smoke pot is freedom. The Democratic party always attacks the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is what prevents you from becoming a dictatorship. Every dictatorship had to disarm their citizens prior to invoking their full control over the population. The Democratic party is trying to limit your 1st Amendment rights to speak against the government. Silencing the opposition has been a tool used by dictators in the past. Democrats place everyone into little groups and pit people against each other. Another tool of dictators as they rise to power because a united population can stand against the tyrants. Democrats control the educational system and coincidentially our nation is getting dumber. Weird that dictatorships want to eliminate smart people because they are a threat to the tyranny. The Democratic party pretty much unanimously created the Federal Reserve Banking system which is a system designed to funnel wealth to the 1% hence the wealth disparity. Our Founders fought against this very government. A libertarian (socially liberal and strict to the constitution) or constitutional party are the closest things to what are Founders believed. I am libertarian, and I could care less about what drugs someone uses (as long as they don’t sell to minors) or what sexual preferences people have (as long as they don’t expect or demand special treatment marriage is not special treatment). As long as you view the ability to smoke pot as freedom, you will continue to be a slave. Please don’t think I am defending Republicans. That is definitely not the case.

          • ian

            Nope. Liberals only want stricter laws regarding guns, as does the rest of the common sense using world. And once again, all the freedoms you just listed were fought tooth and nail by republicans and conservatives, and guess what? They keep on losing. Because freedom rules and always wins. And yes, the freedom to alter your consciousness s you see fit is freedom. I know it pains republicans to see real freedom commence, while they hide behind the false banner of liberty while continuing to restrict everyone’s freedom except for the freedom of the very wealthy.

          • Gay Veteran

            “… As long as you view the ability to smoke pot as freedom, you will continue to be a slave….”

            Care to explain that?
            ‘If you don’t control your own body (for example, by choosing what to drink, smoke, etc.) then how can you be free?

          • kfilly

            Sorry, I should have been more clear. I agree that people should be able to do whatever they want as long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. The poster I replied to stated how great it was to be able to smoke weed, and he supported a political party for that. I brought up all of the things the so called party of freedom is doing to usher in tyranny.

          • Gay Veteran


        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          I’m still voting Republican to get rid of Obamacare.

      • peace angel

        THAT is so far from the truth. READ my other comment just above this one. THEY are MORE evil and their ancestors brought the shadow gov. to the US.

        Preston BUSH funded and made his fortune on Hitlers regime. Barbara Bush is the illegitimate daughter of Alister Crowley. PLEASE wake up. THERE is ONLY one party in DC. THEY party to create the ONE world order and it is headed up by Republicans.

        • TK

          Tru Dat!! It is people like apeiron that do not understand…

        • guest 2

          Prescott Bush. Whether red or blue, BOTH stink to high heaven.

          • peace angel

            YES I agree. THEY are truly evil going back many generations, but Republicans LOVED them for two presidents AND would love to see JEB up there again.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…I believe the Republicans…still claim to believe in less government & individual liberties that matter….”

        The key word there is “claim” and it is falsely claimed

    • Rick

      Well said.

    • peace angel

      Exactly, which is WHY it is amazing to me that anyone still buys into either party. NOTHING short of an armed run on DC will take this nation back and MOST are still very much in the dark and MOST still believe in these Congressional thieves.

      THE Republicans have actually done more legislative damage than the Dems over the past 6 decades, REX 84, HAARP, NAFTA, CAFTA, AGENDA 21, 5 NDAA acts, Patriot Act and much more.

      THEY just hide their evil doings better than the Dems. THEY plot and plan ALL the wars in which 90% of ALL the kills have been of civilians and soldiers and their immunizations to go to war and killing women and children have made 90% of them crazy.

      Preston Bush FUNDED Hitler’s regime for the same Shadow Gov. they ALL work for today. Jeb Bush OWNS Common Core. It was titled “No child left behind” before.

      • Gay Veteran

        Clinton pushed NAFTA, the repeal of Glass-Steagal, and allowed 6 corporations to control over 90% of the media

        • peace angel

          The Republicans WROTE NAFTA and Clinton and the Republicans all passed it for the CABAL. It was the Republicans who owned and operated the banks and John Deere who drove up farm equipment prices and the banks then called in all the loans on all the farmers and ranchers in the nation and BOTH industries were destroyed and taken over by the FEDS BEFORE they passed NAFTA to kill off manufacturing in the US. IN addition, BOTH parties have been using the EPA, the FDA, the USDA and other agencies to create thousands of rules and regulations to PREVENT small business from doing any business. THEY just passed a boatload more of them to shut down more business in the US.

          BOTH parties enacted laws that made it impossible to do business in the US financially and they made sure the banks did not loan to small businesses.

          Same thing with the combining of the MEDIA networks. THE CABAL has been buying up the media worldwide for two decades. Clinton had nothing to do with it. THEY also now own 90% of the banks, media, multinational corporations, oil companies, mortgage companies and food making corporations.

          THIS is all the plan of Saul Alinsky who TRAINED many world leaders and politicians in how to take over the world by buying these things. RULES FOR RADICALS

    • Elldee

      Democrats and Republicans are two cheeks on the same hiney!

      • peace angel

        I cannot believe that ANYONE still believes differently. THEY are reading the wrong news sources. There has only been ONE party in the US for a century or more.

        THE ONLY time they are NOT on the same page is when they are progagandizing the US sheeple.

        BOTH parties voted to FUND the FEMA concentration camps. REX 84 in 1984.

  • Bill

    Can’t change our corrupt government with a dem or rep but we can have a Merry Christmas as long as we have some plastic left.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    The short answer… under $200.

  • Guest

    I’ll be spending the same amount this year on those two holidays as I spent last year: $0. On Halloween night, I turn the front porch light off so that nobody comes to the door. If anyone comes to the door, I don’t answer it. As for Christmas, I stopped celebrating it 12 years ago. I don’t make a big deal about it with others. If they ask me why I don’t celebrate, I tell them. But I won’t go to their Christmas parties.

    • Born Again

      How do you live with yourself?

      • Orange Jean

        My guess is this is a person who lives alone, doesn’t have family (or has estranged family or family who do not live anywhere nearby) they can do things with. Do you realize how many people get severely depressed over the holidays? Suicides spike!

        If Guest is alone, my guess is that he or she may have had too many “pity invites” to want to participate. And are just coping the best way they’ve been able to figure out how. Doesn’t hurt anyone else when they do that, so why be so critical of them?

        What do I mean by a “pity invite”? Its that invitation to spend the holidays with someone that comes a day or two before the holiday… i.e., maybe someone at work figures out you’re going to be alone so invites you to spend time with their family… at the last minute! There are few things that feel worse to me…

        The way I figure it if someone really wants me to spend time with them over the holidays, they are not going to wait until the last minute to invite me.

        So, take a look around you. If you have neighbors who live alone… and you have any interest in including them in your holidays, invite them NOW… not 2 or 3 days before the holiday! That is the only way someone will know you are sincere… and they might actually be able to enjoy spending time with you and your family.

        • Guest

          Orange Jean,

          I find your comment quite humorous in that you are completely wrong about me. First of all, you don’t know me. I am a Christian who does not celebrate Christmas because I know the truth about it. My Savior was not born on December 25th. Furthermore, my Savior never told His disciples to commemorate His birth. There is nothing in the New Testament indicating that the Apostles or the early church commemorated the birth of Jesus.

          When I celebrated Christmas I usually got depressed at that time of the year, though I never understood why. But when I stopped celebrating I stopped getting depressed!

          I am not estranged from my family. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving Day when we get together and give thanks to the Lord for His goodness to us!

          Jean, do you know my Savior?

          • Paul

            Well stated.

          • Guest

            Thanks, Paul. I hope you have a blessed day.

          • Paul

            You, too, brother!

          • Paul

            Or sister 🙂

          • Guest

            It’s brother. 🙂

          • TK

            Amen!! Tell it how it is…

          • ian

            no offense, but you have a pretty weak bellief system if you are forbidden from having a little fun on the holidays. Did Scrooge write the bible?

          • Guest

            I don’t participate in those holidays because it’s not honoring to God. But that’s something you obviously know nothing about.

          • ian

            ooh… holier than thou attitude. How do you know diddly squat about my relationship with God? I am just not so weak in my faith that i am scared of everything.

          • Eastexkid

            You have no relationship with God if you keep those pagan worship festivals.

          • Rob W

            Who cares, he’s too weak to even own his posts. In order to have your post appear as a guest post, you must dis-avow it.

          • Eastexkid

            What makes you think that you can’t have fun keeping Scriptural Holy Days instead of paganism. You don’t know much about Scripture. I guess it doesn’t jive with your religion of materialism.

          • wallerya

            It was written by pieces from groups of men in power.
            They left some books out, put some in they liked, changed a few words, added a few words and wala- Gods instructions!
            There are many bibles and the torah. There are over 100 religions- pick one you like.
            I’m sure God is shaking his head over this.
            God is Love.

          • Sccripturehead

            I was on meth during a christmas party once, I saw yaweh slay a pink elephant with one turkey slap and he told me the bile wa truth.

            I know the Bible is True because the Bible tells me so.
            My roomate, a muslim turk by the name of Ben Eşcinsel Değilim tells the says the same about the holy quran and Mohammed (Peace be uppon him).

          • Orange Jean

            Well I can see from your comments I didn’t guess your circumstances… though I have known many people who

            Interesting comments, especially that when you celebrated Christmas you usually got depressed. Did you ever figure that one out?

            But to answer your last question… when I considered myself a Christian (many years ago, no longer)… I found myself getting depressed a LOT. Quit my church, decided I did not believe Jesus was the Savior… and with that regained a lot of my faith in God (as opposed to Christ), and have had far more peace of mind with that. I know it’s not for everyone, and may offend some… but that worked better for me.

            I know plenty of people who are Christians who really find Jesus as Savior is something they consider very important; some are close friends (although none live nearby). For some reason despite the differences, we’ve been able to learn to respect one another and get along well even so.

          • Ian B.

            Maybe because it’s easier to shape “God” into your own image, than to accept “God” for who He really is. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

          • Hasan_mo

            You are describing your self here my friend.

            You could not imagine God as being something unlike anything, so you had to give him a human body.

            Very pagan like.

          • Ian B.

            I think it shows the humility of His character that he would take human form, only to die a painful death for us. He didn’t need to come down here. In fact, He doesn’t need us at all.

            So you don’t believe in Jesus. What does the Holy Spirit say to you about all of this?

          • Hasan_mo

            In fact, his sacrifice is not needed at all, God could just be more forgiving.

            I should not be responsible for what Adam and Eve did. they did not consult me before eating from that tree.Why should I suffer the “original sin” so that I would need someone to “die” for me.

            Makes no sense.

            Also its a slap in the face for God, as if he wasn’t merciful enough, so his son decided to do it him self.

            That reeks of paganism.

          • Ian B.

            Everyone is a sinner, not just Adam and Eve.

            Romans 3:23,24 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

            Sin needs atonement, that is justice.

            Hebrews 9:22 “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood,
            and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.”

            God is just.

            Psalm 11:5 “The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion.”

            “I should not be responsible for what Adam and Eve did.” Sounds like Thelema, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.”

            Jesus died in obedience to The Father. Not of himself.

            Luke 22:42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

            Mark 14:36 “Abba, Father,” he said, “everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.”

            I believe Scripture.

            2 Timothy 3:16,17 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

            A definition of Paganism: A polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.

          • Hasan_mo

            “Everyone is born with no sin” Common Sense.

          • Ian B.

            Psalm 51:5 “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”

          • Hasan_mo

            And how do you know is the Bible is correct in saying that? Where is your proof that it is true?

          • Ian Beattie

            I don’t have proof. I have faith in Jesus.

          • Hasan_mo

            I share your belief my friend.

            If Jesus was God, then who was running the universe when he was in his mothers womb?

            Are Gods known to need food and water? Do they defecate?

            Does God create a prophet to guide people towards him, then that prophet instead tells people to worship him instead of God?

            Does God pray to God for help?

            Constantine added a lot of Pagan elements into Christianity just to make it easier for everyone to live peacefully in his empire.

            Which drove Christianity away from pure monotheism that every biblical prophet preached from Noah to Abraham to Moses and including Jesus.

          • Nan

            No. Jesus had two natures, human and divine. It was the human nature that did the human things. Christianity is a trinitarian religion; Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are simultaneously one although separate.

          • Hasan_mo

            That’s paganism my friend.

            How come we never heard of this trinity from the mouths of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, even Jesus him self.

            How come Gods nature suddenly changes with Jesus.

            And I think this detail is extremely important to not be mentioned by any of the past prophets.

          • Nan

            in Matt 28:19, Jesus himself exhorts the Apostles to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” so you’re wrong on paganism.

          • Hasan_mo

            Who wrote these verses? Did Jesus REALLY say that? Or was it Paul, a reformed Jew who had a vision that no other person could corroborate.

            If you read the Bible, it is easy to notice which things were really said by Jesus, and which things were invented by Paul. Because it seems that Jesus says one thing, and Paul just says the opposite.

            Paul is what corrupted the teachings of Jesus Christ.

          • Nan

            The canonized books of the Bible are inspired Word of God. Nice try. Thanks for playing.

          • Hasan_mo

            Prove it.

          • Ian B.

            A definition of Paganism: A polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.

          • Hasan_mo

            God, Son, Holy ghost. 3 in 1, 1 in 3, 3 separate, all are one in 3 different natures. Jesus is God in human form. That’s precisely paganism.

          • Ian Beattie

            I don’t worship Jesus’ human body if that’s what you’re implying.

          • Ian B.

            1 Corinthians 1:18 “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

            1 Corinthians 3:19,20 “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”; and again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”

          • Hasan_mo

            Prove that the Bible as it stands today is the un-corrupted word of God. I can get you any book that can say the same thing.

            Where in the Bible did Jesus ever say he is God and he should be worshiped?

          • Ian B.

            “Jesus didn’t have to say the exact words ‘I am God’ in order to claim to be divine.”

          • Hasan_mo

            Yes he does. Especially when we all stand in front of God one day, he has to make sure that he made his guidance to us VERY clear so we would have no excuse for why we didn’t follow it.

            You try to send ambiguous instructions like that in your work place, and see if it will be accepted as professional.

          • Ian Beattie

            LOL. I’m self-employed. Whatever makes you feel better about living in sin brother.

          • wallerya

            If my family didn’t know when my birthday was and celebrated it on a given day they just decided on- I wouldn’t care. It would be the thought that counted. I wouldn’t use it as a reason to refute them, because I love them.

          • Nan

            But it was was thought that a holy man would die on the day of his conception; since Christ died during Passover, and they have sufficient historical knowledge of his lifetime and who was in power at the time to determine when passover was, they know that he was conceived on March 25 of the Gregorian calendar now in effect, which puts his birthday on Dec 25.

          • Tempus Fugit

            “No one knows if this Jesus Christ existed, and if he did,
            NOTHING is known about him”
            “WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN” Bertrand Russell 1928

          • Nan

            There’s a lot of historical evidence of his existence that wasn’t likely widely available before 1928.

          • Nan

            Wow. You follow sola scriptura; nothing in scripture tells us to do that.

        • Eastexkid

          You are very ignorant.

        • piccadillybabe

          Here the guy opened up about how he felt about Xmas and you stood in judgement of him. That mention of “pity invite” was really over the top.

        • Eastexkid

          Not everyone is as anxious as you to jump in the fire just to have a few more useless toys. The fact that you think like you do is the pitiful part. You will reap what’s coming to you.

    • Paul

      Guest–I do the same. I don’t allow pagan rituals into my home. I am Messianic Jewish and celebrate the commanded Feast in the Scriptures, not man made traditions that are against YAHWEH’S HOLY LAW.

      • Eastexkid

        Bless you for rejecting the death of paganism for the life of Yahweh’s word.


          Imaginary friends are not really alive. Where was yaya during the holocaust or the 109 times the jooos got their rear ends kicked out of a country?

          • Eastexkid

            You need to learn to type or speak whichever it is. Anyway, it’s obvious that you only know religion and not Scriptural truth otherwise you would know that HE gives us free will so people like you wont have any excuse when your judgment comes. He doesn’t micromanage people.
            Besides that the physical “Jews” lost their favored status so what’s your point?

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            What does an “everlasting covenant” mean to you?

          • Eastexkid

            A covenant is only lasting if both parties adhere to it. Physical Israel didn’t so they were release from that covenant upon Yahshua’s death. The death of one of the testators ends the covenant. The everlasting covenant is still in effect for Spiritual Israel. Study.

          • Covenant Relationship

            Considering Christ is alive and both the everlasting covenants that he made with Abraham and the national covenant he made with Israel at Sinai both stand. God is alive, therefore the covenants stand. God is not the God of the dead but of the living. Read your bible and prove me wrong… if you can!

          • Covenant Relationship

            *everlasting covenant (there is only one everlasting covenant), the sinai covenant is only in effect as long as there is a physical people. So yes this sinai covenant to a physical people will end when “heaven and earth pass away”. Just checked outside, yep they are still there! And no some covenants do not require both parties to adhere for the covenant to still be in effect. God is faithful and keeps his word, mankind tends not to do so.

          • Eastexkid

            You are confusing HIS covenant law with HIS covenant promise. His law is always the same and the New covenant is based on better (spiritual) promises NOT new laws. His law is everlasting. Christ is alive as spirit not flesh. Read Hebrews for a better understanding of the better promises of the “New Covenant”.

          • Covenant Relationship

            If you are referring to the covenant that started with Abraham, I would say it means everything! A covenant by promise ratified through the blood of a perfect sacrifice…

    • Ian B.

      Christmas stopped being about Christ anyway. It is a religious day for retailers though.

    • Opereta

      Excellent idea…I Like your style…Although I grew up in a Catholic Family, the only priests I trusted trough the years, where the ones doing subversion and military instruction…and for Christmas…Zero expending…is a mourning holiday !!!

  • Pam

    Just try to convince your Christian friends Christmas is pagan. You will be stoned! Michael, please write an article on this topic.

    • Guest

      Hi Pam,

      It’s true. I no longer try to convince others of the truth about it. If they ask me why I don’t participate, I tell them. There are very few believers who see the truth about it.

      • Purge

        That’s just how people are. If you try to convince others to come around to your way of thinking, of course they react negatively. It’s our nature to get angry when others try to get us to think like them, because it often comes across as arrogant. It is like that person thinks they know best how we should think and what we should believe in . I have the attitude you do; I don’t push my beliefs on others, but if they ask I will tell them. I expect the same in return. I respect other people’s choices on their beliefs. I have no patience for someone not respecting mine; it’s not their business.

  • Born Again

    Hey Michael where is your Holiday spirit.
    Relax, people need to unwind.

  • FUall

    This blog is such dark hole with depressed people.
    Bye bye losers, you should be all costume figures for Halloween night. Buhahahaaaa…

    • tom p

      I agree. everything negative painted does not happen. this will go on forever

    • ian

      So what?

      • ian

        oops sorrry. replied to the wrong comment.

  • Stinkerthinker

    Things getting shakey financially for me. Nothing is constant income wise. Greater faith is needed these days. What will happen if the collapse occurs when most are in deep debt? What happens if half the country can’t make the bills?

    • Jane the Plummer

      Anarchy. And if the US defaults, the world will abandon us. Go from there, no oil, imports, allies, (this makes us a sitting duck), no nothing, nada. America will be a bad memory. And we will desend to 3rd world status…

  • Kim

    I don’t celebrate Halloween or Christmas. Yuck to both. There is no biblical evidence that Christ was born on December 25, and the gospel writers never regarded it as a matter of importance enough to write it down, and there is not any bible record of any of his first century followers participating in any birthday celebration regarding Christ or any one else.

    However, it is a matter of historical fact that the Romans worshiped the sun gods Ra and Mithra, both of which were venerated at the winter Equinox, which fell right around December 25th, and this festival was carried over from its pagan ancestry to Roman Catholicism (which itself does not resemble Christianity, but that’s another topic)

    It’s obiovus from where this celebration is derived and it’s disgusting.

    • Bogdan

      There is also no biblical reference to Sola Scriptura, it is a new and dangerous idea that Luther came up with. New Testament references to “Scripture” refer to the Old Testament books. But there are many New Testament references to “tradition”, but the Greek word “paradosis” (παράδοσις) appearing a couple of times in the New Testament (meaning tradition) has been translated every time differently by Protestant translators. Same happened to Greek words “leitourgia” (liturgy), “episkopos” (bishop), and others.

      I agree there are some problems with Roman Catholicism, maybe Luther was right to revolt, but instead of going back to the Truth, he went even further away. How many Protestant and New Protestant denominations exist today, all claiming to be inspired by the Holy Spirit?

      By the way, you probably know that the New Testament canon has been established by the same Early Church that you say were adopting pagan holydays.

      Try reading “The Way” by Clark Carlton, or even better “Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith” by Peter E. Gillquist. You’ll find some very interesting information about the Early Christian Church.

      • Born Again


      • Kim

        I find it sad yet mildly amusing that Catholics still lament Luther and the reformation instead of taking a solid stand again the corrupted money hungry Vatican, the sexual deviants that run it and the rampant homosexuality within the clergy today. This corrupted excuse for so called Christian world leadership cannot go down soon enough for me.

        Sola scriptura or whatever the Catholic clergy wants to call it these days is a fancy term for don’t read and follow the bible. Christ said of the bible, your word is truth. and I honor that teaching.

        • peace angel

          I really feel sorry for any family with children who DELETE the childrens holidays. THERE are a million things one can do to celebrate these joyful occasions without spending money.

          I have taken in more than 100 thrown away children and ALL of them did a holiday serving others in a soup kitchen.

          I do agree with you that the VATICAN and all those who represent it ARE the most evil people on earth. THEY are 100% behind the Shadow government that BOTH political parties represent and before they were raping children they were raping the nuns and killing their babies all over the world.

          ANYONE who touts, follows or supports the Catholic Church today SUPPORT the ONE world order, concentration camps, slavery and pedophilia and are truly, truly LOST.

          I hope you are not depriving kids of holidays, especially Christmas. People who grow up without these memories are truly LOST.

          • Born Again

            Peace on earth and bless your kind heart.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, you “Christians” love attacking each other

          • peace angel

            EVERYONE here knows that you are the one who attacks everyone else.

            Feeling sorry for children who don’t get to have Christmas is beyond sad as I have seen in families who refuse their children this magical holiday.

            Saying that this is sad is not an attack on anyone. You usually go off topic to attack others here and ignite a flame.

          • Gay Veteran

            are you off your meds? I’m not the one saying people shouldn’t celebrate Christman

          • peace angel

            And again with the stupid comments about meds.

            You are the ONE who accused me of ATTACKING other Christians for not celebrating Christmas which was NOT the case and now you change the subject again to engage me.

            No time today to argue with you and you never make sense anyway. I’m out.

        • Bogdan

          I am not Catholic, in fact I consider Roman Catholicism to be plagued by a few heresies (they started drifting away about 1000 years ago, when they split from the True Church).
          I understand your frustration, you probably were born Protestant and it might be pretty disturbing to find out that so many things you took for granted are actually not true. You seem to be approaching the Bible from the wrong perspective. It was the Church who created the Bible, not the other way around. Christ left no book and no writings on earth when He ascended to Heaven. Instead, He established the Church, ONE Church, not 2, not 100.
          Try reading the 2 books I mentioned above.

    • Tim

      Well said, Kim.

    • K2

      Dont celebrate them if you dont want to, but dont use words like ‘yuck’ and ‘disgusting’. There are a lot of people for whom they matter a lot.

      • Kim

        Sorry to offend you. It is what it is.

        • K2

          It isnt.

          • Kim

            It is. You know, you don’t have to observe these holidays. There is no law that says you are not a good Christian you don’t celebrate Christmas. In fact, it’s liberating to free yourself from these unholy holidays. And life is still full of enrichments and excitement, good food, gift giving, et cet. :-)))

          • Shannon

            I hear you Kim, and I have also been freed from this money grubbing traditions of men rituals of bondage. 🙂 It’s truly isn’t “The reason for the season.”

          • jaxon64

            Any day can be made holy if we choose to honor God and give (recognize) Him glory and thanks.
            Hundreds of millions of Christians choose a day–it doesn’t matter which date to honor, remember and thank God for His wonderful gift to us.
            God gave the gift of His Son from His amazing and undeserved love for us.
            The wise men brought gifts from hundreds of miles (and arrived long after the birth) in respect and honor to the birth of our saviour.
            I will give gifts in the same spirit of love and celebration to my friends and family.
            On Christmas eve–whether the date used to be near an ancient pagan festival or not–I will go to a candlelight service where the book of Luke is read from concerning the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ–nothing to do with ra or mithros or whomever…
            I listen to the children’s voices as my small granddaughter sings praises to God and sings of Joy to the World. Later in the evening when we return home, we have our own small bible reading and the youngest child gets to place the baby Jesus figurine in the manger within our nativity is tradition as surely as holding hands at Thanksgiving around the table and each person either reciting a bible verse with “thanks/thanksgiving” or “gratitude” in it or mentions things of which they are grateful for.
            When you refuse to participate in a celebration of the birth of Christ and thank God for His amazing and undeserved gift to us–then you have acquiesced that a particular day has been marked/set aside/or belongs permanently to pagan/demonic entities.
            As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord……we will claim Dec 25th as a day we humbly thank God for the unfathomable gift of His grace…we will keep the day and eve before Holy and celebrate in the spirit of giving and love ( as far off as our examples may be compared to God’s gift and Love towards us.)

    • Jeb

      Heh, I was actually just reading about this only two days ago.

      The reason we celebrate Christ’s birthday on the 25th of December was established by religious scholars in the few centuries immediately after Christ. They simply decided that Christ was concieved on the Spring solstice and so added nine months to the date for his time of birth. How scholarly.

      • Priszilla

        Well, Americans immigrated from Europe. In Northern Europe where the fir and the holly are evergreen. There were other gods like Wotan and Frea who rode through the 12 wild nights or holy nights between 25.11. and 6.1.
        The evergreen trees symbolized life in the lifeless Winter.

      • peace angel

        YEP and this is something no preacher will admit. EVER

        NOT only that the LOST books of the Bible the deleted ones, took the reality of reincarnation out of man’s life.

        KNOWING that reincarnation exists certainly does change how people walk through life, generation after generation. Many nations STILL realize we reincarnate and that Hell is a very real place. There are many books written on near death experiences proving Hell is real, just like Heaven is real.

        IF you go through life murdering and raping your fellow man, you will do time in Hell and then will
        have to reincarnate to some place in another hell hold like Africa and will have to sit in the sun covered in flies and starving to death before you can start the LONG climb back to heaven.

        • NotYou

          Really. That is what you believe reincarnation is? You obviously are mixed up from your studying of your so-called incomplete bible. How can you even believe what is in the bible if you believe that books have been excluded? If books were excluded then one could logically assume that things were added to keep the population at bay and docile. What better way then to turn the other cheek when someone does something evil to you.

          • peace angel

            I KNOW what reincarnation is because I too had a near death experience and went to heaven in 1973.

            EVERYONE who goes there KNOWS that this is how it all works.

            I did study the Bible including the LOST books, but ONLY after learning that hundreds of MEN had translated it through many languages and I KNOW that languages do NOT translate verbatim.

            And I know that many more men edited it and took things out and put things back in long before we got 78 versions of the KJ version of the Bible.

            NOT only that I went door to door over a decade all over the country interviewing Pastors, Preachers, Rabbiis and Priests to ask them IF they studied the LOST books and they have and THEY all KNOW that our version is NOT necessarily the WORD OF GOD or JESUS like I know that.

            Having said all that and having done decades of researching the Bible I do believe in it, BUT also know that MEN watered it down and made stuff up and that anyone who believes it to be the GOSPEL of Jesus or GOD is delusional. I believe that MEN who stand in pulpits and use it as GOSPEL are deceiving the masses.

            I DON’T believe in organized religion or religious leaders.

          • Ian B.

            Where do you fellowship with other believers?

    • Joe Kleinkamp

      More babble from the camp whose self esteem is derived by elevating themselves above the traditional beliefs of what they consider the poor dumb majority. Modern celebration of Christmas has nothing to do with obsolete Roman gods who never enter the minds of Christians at Christmastime. Incidentally, most Christians do not take December 25 as the literal date of Christ’s birth. The actual date is unimportant. Now go have some more fun telling kids there is no Santa Claus.

    • cognumber 500000

      Life would be pretty darn boring without the few and far between holidays people have to look forward too. Lighten up. I used to think like you do until I realized that things like this just don’t really matter.

      Who cares? You are born, muddle through life and most end up old and decrepit waiting to die.

      Really what is our purpose here? To worship a being that supposedly put us in this hell hole called earth? To be manipulated by churches, politicians, those that understand the human brain more then the masses?

      We are all just a wheel in a cog that keeps turning and never stops. You can get off the wheel but there will always be someone willing to take your place in the system.

      • Kim

        Life a just fine without unholy holidays to keep us distracted, in debt, and in servitude to unholy [false] religious teachings.

        • cognumber 500000

          Yes they are all unholy and will send everyone to hell….HA HA HA. U R funny. When you do go to the other side only then will you realize the foolishness of your words and how you spent your time on the earth –promoting the propaganda of the elite.

    • TK


      • carter

        The lemmings just love to give thumbs up to ridiculous comments. Seriously are most people only good for breeding and spewing nonsense?

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          If you think you’re so smart, prove it with a rational refutal instead of an insult.

    • Gay Veteran

      and how many people are worshiping Ra and Mithra when they celebrate Christmas?

      • Kim

        yeah ok. look at it this way– say you’re at a really fancy restaurant and u ordered something really fancy and expensive. it comes to your table on a fancy plate all plated and arranged nicely. what u don’t know is that the chef, who recently returned from Liberia, sneezed all over it and then went to the bathroom and didn’t wash his hands. u eat it not knowing. u even enjoy it. but, alternatively, let’s say the waiter told you that the Liberia- vacationing chef just sneezed on your dinner. what then?

        so yeah – people aren’t knowingly or intentionally worshiping Roman sun gods at Christmas. but just because something seems good and innocent on the surface doesn’t mean it is. where it came from, and why, matters. at least to some folks it does. we don’t consume everything we see just because it looks good and our intentions are good. right?

        • Gay Veteran

          AGAIN: how many people are worshiping Ra and Mithra when they celebrate Christmas?
          worship has to be intentional, you think ALL these people are intentionally worshipping Ra and Mistras?

          • Kim

            I don’t think any one is. but it doesn’t change where this holiday came from. to me it’s like bait and switch. people aren’t getting what they bargained for with these holidays. if they simply want to have fun and give gifts, fine! have fun and give gifts! u can do that any day u want. but if they think these holidays have anything to do with Jesus, then they are being fooled or fooling themselves. and they are unknowingly partaking in ancient customs with nefarious origins.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Remember that poor guy working at a Walmart a few years ago who was trampled to death by a mad crowd of Black Friday shoppers?

          • Kim

            one more point: what if your fathers worst enemy murdered him. then later he sought to organize people to celebrate a day for himself. but no one took part in it because they respected your father. so instead this enemy devised a plan to trick people into thinking the day he chose for himself to be worshiped would be a day to commemorate your father, but in secret it was his own special day? and u found out about it. would u still celebrate it? how would u feel?

          • Gay Veteran

            I’ll pretend that made any kind of sense

          • Kim

            I could rephrase it to make more sense. are u trying to be convinced of something or just argue? what I’m saying is that Christmas is not what it seems. and if that doesn’t matter to you, that’s a fair position to take.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Kim means (I think) that Satan himself has infiltrated the Christian religion for his own purposes. Her comment does in fact make sense (but you would have to accept a few theological premises in order to agree with it)

    • Mondobeyondo

      It’s more likely that Christ was born in the late summer or early autumn. December would be very cold for a child in a manger outside. And yes, there are heathen/occult origins for just about everything regarding Christmas – the tree, Santa Claus, and on and on.

      I celebrate Christmas anyway though…

      • Kim

        I respect your choice and your honesty.

    • Luis

      Kim, have you ever read the book National Sunday Law or The Great Controversy? They both do a nice job (especially the latter) of exposing the Catholic Church for being “the beast” of Revelation. Both books also reveal what they have planned in the future. I highly recommend it.

  • PK

    Michael, If we are going to go over a cliff, we might as well do it with smiles on our faces. When have the masses ever been rational about spending. They spend until it is gone.

    What’s wrong with Halloween? It’s only a dark holiday to sick and demented people in our society. The meaning of Halloween has evolved to be a fun time for most people. I’m a 71 year old business man and I love Halloween. I told all my employees that they may dress up that day.

    You never mentioned how much is spent on Thanksgiving. That another fun time for families and friends to get together. Very few people think about pilgrims and Indians any more. Should we?

    For most people the true meaning of Christmas does not even come into play. It’s also another great time to spend time with those you love weather you are religious or not. Then there’s New Years Eve. I usually go to bed before the parties but I don’t knock people that are enjoying themselves.

    Who cares what is being spent? No one is giving up their supper to have a good time. Life is about having a good time without hurting others.

    So, lighten up a little with all the doom and gloom. All parties come to an end, and I believe as you do that this one is almost over.

    I do enjoy your comments and will keep reading them, but the world is not coming to an end. We are still evolving. We will eventually learn from our mistakes and move on to an even better existence.

    • Fannie

      What universe do you live in?

      • No country like USA

        He is in right place, kudos to him.
        Poor Fannie you should ask yourself same question you ask PK.

    • Jane the Plummer

      Hopefully, that “better existence” will mean an extra meal at the FEMA camp…

      • peace angel

        I know, right???

    • No country like USA


  • Mudpie

    Just hope we can get out of the country for good within about 3 years. Praying to God . . . .

    • I don’t think we have 3 years. If we make it pass this year (2 more months to go), 2015 is gonna be it! Just my premonition.

      • peace angel

        Yeah, I don’t either.

    • Jane the Plummer

      If the gods fire up QE, we may have a year from now. Write and ask Soros, since he is running the ‘country’…

    • peace angel

      I don’t think you have three years either. I have been planning to expatriate for five years. We are moving to Ecuador in two weeks. THE FEDS are planning to collapse the economy and the US dollar very, very soon and Obama has already herded more than a million people that we know of into the 800 concentration camps that they built for all Americans.

  • RandPaul

    I see all of these low income figures and I sure don’t see that type of poverty. I am in Portland, Oregon and nice restaurants are full, My electronics company just keeps growing and growing..(All Luxury Stereo Gear). I do think Halloween is the “Cheap” Holiday, and maybe that is why such an increase. Garbage candy, and horrible costumes at Wal Mart? I just don’t get it. Maybe the west Coast, Seattle, to Portland to L.A. incomes skew the numbers across the country. Your input is appreciated. Obviously anyone reading this blog is NOT in this category. You have a computer, High speed Internet, on and on. Help me understand what I am missing.

    • Jane the Plummer

      Rand. Collapse happens 1 person, 1 neighborhood, 1 town, ect, ect at a time. On a 2 year trip 10 years ago across the US, I mostly saw boarded up towns, airports, abandoned houses/farms…downtown areas of larger cities were infested with homeless, dirty..factories closed..on military bases I was warned to stay inside the gates.
      If you live in a higher income area, you might not see it, but it’s there. Creeping poverty, job loss, foreclosures….Take my city, Pensacola,Fl. A seething hellhole. Murders, police shootings. Businesses are all but gone which makes living here dangerous. It is not wise to walk anywhere. Poverty can be measured by the people living in their cars, homelessness is rampant. Home invasions are forcing me to leave.
      People also hide their financial problems with the use of credit cards. Also, some will always have money, but in the near future will have to relocate or become a statistic. Just because everything appears normal, I can assure you it’s not.

      • Orange Jean

        Agreed… I’ve seen similar things. I work in public health (and currently on a military base) … which is usually put in the worse possible neighborhoods. Work in Portsmouth, VA… similar place to Pensacola. Hampton Roads is generally a hell hole.

        I commute a long way (35 miles each way, into the country)… just to avoid being near work after dark… just not safe. And I make sure I keep my vehicle well maintained and leave work by 4PM most days. Young people at work poke fun of me for living so far away, but it’s safe where I live and not where they live. I think they are fools… they’ll live in some gang infested neighborhood, because it’s “PC” and they think it makes them “cool”.

        • peace angel

          THEY are fools and the US is the most dangerous nation on earth that is NOT at war.

          Two years ago 30,000 MS13 gangsters relocated from S.California to Virginia and they are the baddest of the bad. TELL your friends that and see if they laugh.

          THEY use machetes as their primary random killing weapon. THAT is not “cool” to think living with them is okay. It is just STUPID.

          • Orange Jean

            Actually, I thought MS13 was more heavily concentrated in NC, not heard so much about it in VA. But that might well be true in northern VA, which is quit a different place… being closer to DC.

            Here we see more black gangs, and overall a thug mentality. I had the impression that Latino and black gangs tend to have a lot of tension between one another and are less likely to take over the same area. Also it’s my understanding that MS13 first started because of tensions between the Central Americans vs. Mexicans in So.CA.

            When I lived in NC, I once went to the beach and nearly got stuck in a very scary situation in the tiny town of Warsaw, where I had gone to get gas. Some Atzlan gang activity in that town, I was threatened. Also, Robison County (also rural NC) is mostly Native American (Lumbee) and has the highest homicide rate in the state, though they are working on trying to fix that. Thought also to be gang related.

            But the young people I work with are very naive and don’t believe me when I mention things like gangs, we’ve talked about it… even when we had one of the local police who specialize in how to recognize gang activity and help them stop it in neighborhoods came to give us a talk, they did not take it seriously.

          • peace angel

            TODAY MS13 is being backed by Los Zetas AND La Familia, both from Mexico and are infiltrating every state but the influx to Virginia was because of new issues in San Diego where they began in the US. THEY came from S. America about 15 years ago.

            IT is hard for me to believe that people of all ages are soooo naive about gangbangers in the US. THEY have no clue how dangerous they are and they are literally everywhere.

            There are movies and documentaries and more all over TV about them.

        • Jane the Plummer

          After these comments , I will continue with what I think will happen…As the US spirituality and morality fades to black, we will see a overall disregard for americans (you are seeing this now). As more and more people are displaced, (jobs, housing, ect) gov’t will envoke more and more of a police presence (you are seeing this now). As more and more people cannot afford basic food, the gov’t will increase food stamps (you are seeing this now) As crime skyrockets due to all of the things stated, there will come a time when the masses are offered shelter, food, and medical for the price of freedom. This is already being done with the homeless in S.C…

      • peace angel

        You are soooo right. I grew up spending my summers in Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach and the miracle mile, but my relatives moved inland two decades ago because this was already beginning on one of the most beautiful places on earth.

        SO sad, and so real. THIS man likely lives in Oswego way north of Portland where all the elites have been moving to since I lived there 25 years ago. His business is likely based on credit card consumers and yes, he is clueless as to what is happening in Portland.

        IT has one of the highest homeless rates in the nation and the three West coast states are always in the top ten most broke states in the nation with ridiculously high debt. HIS bubble will burst soon just like has been the case nationwide for tens of millions of other business owners just since 2008.

        I know you hate leaving that once profitable and wonderful beach community. THEY ruined it long ago and imported the gangsters with wall to wall condos and spring break.

        America is OVER.

    • peace angel


      The three uber-liberal, welfare dominated states on the West Coast are always in the top ten most broke and indebted states in the nation.

      LISTS are everywhere and have been for two decades proving this.

      We used to live in Vancouver, Wa. in the early 90’s and loved going to the downtown weekend fairs and today all reports tell you that those weekends are filled with homeless 20 something year olds begging for money.

      DO you live in Oswego and never leave home?? Portland has a huge homeless problem of lazy, able bodied kids who have always refused to work. Washington and California, both huge liberal welfare states also have the same problems.

      ALL three states are listed on the internet for decades as being the best welfare states to live in aside from a few New England states. In addition, prison mags also list all three states as the best places to go to prison for lots of extra benefits.

      LOOK up how much each and every Oregonian OWES to the state debt and you will see that eventually this economic DEPRESSION will soon get to you and your high dollar business.

      AS Micheal says here, those items are being charged and no one is really paying for them, YET.

      THE US plans to crash the economy again and to kill off the US dollar. I would get your business online as soon as possible and NOT rely on your broke state and it’s broke people to continue to support you.

      IT is all an ILLUSION. ONLY half of all Americans have a job and most of those jobs DON’T pay their rent.

      LOTS of people reading this blog have these problems and talk about them all the time. Having internet is not the problem. Having a job that pays the rent, utilities, insurance, food etc. is the problem.

      I lived in Seattle and all over California also and they have the same problems.

    • ian

      I agree. i live in Denver and i am clueless as to where this economic calamity exists. I come to this site to ponder whether or not any of this is true. I think a part of me is wishing for darker times, but good times and financial security seem to follow. I might add that since marijuana has been made legal, not one person i have met is unemployed. Three cheers for liberal policies and more granted freedom. If Republicans were still in office i honestly think it would be much different and we would have reached to economic collapse everyone keeps harping about.

      • Jane the Plummer

        7am, Hong Kong: Bankers file into a meeting to discuss the ongoing financial situation of the USA. It is now agreed there will be no more purchases of US treasuries. In the best interest of China, it would be wise to sell off at least some holdings…9am, Singapore: The China sell off is seen as an exit, panic begins, US holdings are being dumped around the world…9:10 NY: US stocks plunge, the President tries to intervene but is unsuccessful. Bank runs ensue but it is too late..Your next cab ride is paid for with a pack of cigarettes.

  • Guest

    “So where is all of this money coming from?”

    The answer must be the stock market. Those who have funds to buy stocks have likely made very good money in 2014, and therefore they have much more disposable income to splurge on gifts this holiday season. The Fed has successfully created the “wealth effect.”

    I think this explains why MEAN spending is expected to rise but MEDIAN real household income is “stagnant at best.” As stated many times over in this blog and elsewhere, the middle class is dying and this country is becoming the land of the “haves” and “have nots.” Median incomes are stagnant because the majority is really struggling, but there are definitely some pockets of people out there who are doing perfectly fine and getting richer by the month.

    • peace angel

      I just read an article listing hundreds of US doctors and dentists who have NEVER paid back their student loans.

      People who run up ridiculous debt, just bankrupt it and do it again.

      • No country like USA

        Who is stopping you to do the same???

        • peace angel

          I did not charge my college education. My parents saved our whole lives to pay for college. I also got a scholarship.

          I was also taught by my parents NOT to incur debt on anything, but to pay cash for everything but a house. I was taught to buy rental property and to always pay my bills on time.

          My parents stopped me from running up debt.

  • jaxon64

    Halloween I don’t do at all, although I must confess a guily pleasure in suspence-filled horror movies ( not gore fests).
    Christmas I love !! Christmas hymns and songs are on my car radio from thanksgiving until new years. I decorate the mantle in the living room…various christmas knick knacks throughout the home–garland and lights around the wall/ceiling joint in the entire downstairs..lights along the gutters and railings of the porch outside….A tree which we take a special trip to a tree farm and cut down ourselves with cups of hot cider and walking the frosty fields for just the right one…all of our ornaments which are special memories of when the kids made them as small children or as gifts from loved ones living or gone,
    A christmas feast with all of the family over–the bustle, laughter and love. ( and chaos)…exchanging of gifts which are not about expense but about knowing what eachother enjoys or interests….lots of stuff for any child under 10 years old….a special gift for the wife when we are alone and wrapping presents on christmas eve ( this year it’s a cheap cruise I got a great deal on for her birthday in February..scuba diving and mayan ruins 🙂 .
    I am sincerely grateful for the blessings I have been given and that I can share with those I love but even if I was in a tighter spot ( and I’ve been in that tight spot many, many times) I would find a way.
    When I was younger I took that second holiday season job at an electronics store in the evenings/weekends….if I need to use layaway or make payment on gifts I did it…if I had to start christmas shopping in august to spread out the costs then I did that
    I won’t allow the impending issues that are befalling us in this country to steal my joy, happiness and pleasure of the holidays and spending time with friends and family. I will live life with a smile and laughter and encouraging words to those in my life. My loved ones will all get gifts from me somehow–as they always have through thick and thin….

  • Ah, the overspent Yankee! Why not? As nation so citizen! Buying junk they don’t need with money they don’t have.

    You know what is the big difference between people living in “hell holes” like Argentina and those living in the wonderful land of GMO milk and fake money?

    People here in Argentina pay in cash to buy things . . . like cars and houses! People actually drive around in U$20,000 SUV trucks all paid for in cash! And they live in U$200,000 casas all paid for in cash!

    • Orange Jean

      What’s with all the hostility towards us? You sound bitter and jealous, not happy.

      • Think of me as a messenger.for the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of millions of people around the world who has such “bitter and jealous” thoughts and feelings towards the Great United States of Death, Disease and Destruction!

        Listen to a talk by Michael Parenti called the “US War Against Yugoslavia” (youtube it) and you might wake up and realize what the rest of the world thinks and feels about your country.

        And WHY.

        • Orange Jean

          I realize there are people who don’t like the US… I think that has always been the case. Maybe with some good reasons too… but the truth is, a lot of the bad things that were done by the US, where done by people in positions of political power, not necessarily normal people.

          I personally feel I have little to no control over what some “elite” person in this country does…nor do I have any control over what politicians so… so I feel no guilt about it.

          I do vote, and I vote for whomever seems like the better person at the time… but that doesn’t mean they are being truthful. And it doesn’t mean the ones I vote for win.

          It still doesn’t explain the extent of your personal bitterness and hostility… which I find most unwelcome.

          • First of all, voting in the USA is for the sheeple. There are no real candidates to vote for, they have all been pre-selected va the “money primary” long before you get to vote.

            Secondly, WE in the rest of the world find Yankee intrusions and invasions and eCONomic hitmen and “boots on the ground” in our affairs and countries more than just unwelcome! It is a life and death issue for our survival and way of life.

            Third, listen to that talk and then get back to me.

          • peace angel

            Our multinational companies which are ALL owned by the EVIL families in Congress have raped and pillaged every nation on earth, not the least of which is S. America.

            THE world hates us.

        • peace angel

          You are so right. THE world began to hate the US when they learned we are the most consumptive nation on earth and today they hate us more for believing in lying politicians and paid off news teams and because we DON’T know the rest of the world KNOWS we are a warring, deadly, destructive, nation killing bunch of CABAL puppets.

          I am moving to Ecuador in two weeks to avoid spending my retirement in a concentration camp.

          • Good for you, Peace Angel!  It’s better to be 3 years too early than 3 minutes too late!

            Ecuador is a fine country to “escape to”!  The land there is very inexpensive and fertile due to the volcanic ash.  The only concern I would have is that they use the USD as their local currency.  This is fine (it short-circuits the 1% from chasing the USD with the local currency and thereby create inflation like in Venezuela and Argentina) while the USD is fine.  But when the USD crashes, there is gonna be some problems in Ecuador.  There is one solution that works to this problem whether or not the USD is fine or not.  If you are interested, please contact me via my website.

            I love what you said: “I am moving to Ecuador in two weeks to avoid spending my retirement in a concentration camp.”!  Those camps are real.  They are triple-fenced with the barbed wire at the top pointing inward to keep the inmates from escaping.  And there are railroad tracks that go to these concentration camps that are located throughout the USA, just like in the movies!

            Let’s keep in touch!  Consider you have an amigo as your vecino!

            David Chu
            Northern Patagonia, Argentina

    • No country like USA

      You are prime A Hole.
      My house is worth millions and it is paid for and I don’t rant about it. I am in early forties and retired (by my will) and well traveled person. Been in Argentina, Buenos Aires and met some nice people so just wonder what is wrong with you?
      Why you come here to insult?
      Go see doctor maybe it is not too late.

      • Thanks! I’ll take that as a Badge of Honor coming from a 1% asshole who hides behind mommy’s computer and lives in her basement!

        As Jane the Plumber admonished me, I need to stop feeding the trolls (and go feed my ducks and chickens!).

        • No country like USA

          You are real Asshole, you don’t have respect for anybody.

          • peace angel

            He is just speaking the TRUTH. PERIOD

          • No country like USA

            No he is just full of sh***.
            Argentina went three times bankrupt and you call that security, they will never get it right with more corrupted government than USA and if you want to spend rest of your life feeding chickens and ducks have nice life in Ecuador. Ecua… what lol.
            Land is very futile because of volcanic ,hahaha. If that is the case go and live next to Mt. Saint Helen plenty of volcano ash over there.

          • peace angel

            THE US bankrupted Argentina with bad loans and LIES galore. LOOK it up.

            I never said Argentina is secure, but do know they have not built 800 FEMA concentration camps and are NOT actively herding their citizens into them.

            NO government is MORE corrupt than the US gov. PERIOD

            I am retiring and will not be feeding chickens or ducks in Ecuador. BUT They do have the NUMBER ONE health care system in the world with all English trained doctors and that $125 per month will pay my health insurance for the rest of my life and will pay for “home visits” from doctors and nurses and pay for a heart transplant if I wanted to get one.

            I know I can live for a third of what it costs here. I KNOW that the people there, the 140,000 expats and citizens are HAPPY people and not mean and cruel like Americans like you. I know I can buy a house on the beach for 1960 prices in California there. I have been researching my move for five years. I KNOW a lot about Ecuador and CANNOT wait to be there.

            THE land that our multinational corporations have not raped and pillaged in Ecuador are NOT FUTILE. YOU clearly have no clue what they grow there.

            Volcanic soil is great to grow things in after they fumes clear.

            I am going to the Beach. No volcanoes there.

            SORRY you are so angry. I am moving away from people like you. THEY are everywhere today.

            ENJOY the CONCENTRATION CAMPS and remember, YOU were warned to get out.

            Clearly English in not your first language. Where are you from??

          • Orange Jean

            Well good luck with that…

            Why don’t you let us know if your move is all you thought it would be, after you get there?

            Seems to me like a bit of a fantasy, claiming “140,000 expats and citizens are HAPPY people and not mean and cruel like Americans”

            How is it, if the people who are keen on NWO somehow SKIPPED Ecuador and it’s the only place in the world there are none of those people?

          • Let’s see. I have the greatest of respect for President Putin, President Evo Morales, Persident Dilma Rousseff, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President JFK . . . Edward Snowden, Natalya Poklonskaya, Michael Parenti . . . and many other real heroes of this world.

            But not your Evil NeoCONs and NeoLIBs and Chicken Hawks and Chicken Sh its!

          • No country like USA

            You forgot Lenin, Stalin, Mao,
            Castro and all other tyrants (heroes as you said), who obliterated their own people and rest of the free world.

          • Gay Veteran

            unlike our “exceptional” leaders who start wars across the planet?

          • Opereta

            Aha, you learned the “truth” straight out of Madison Avenue…good for you !!!

        • peace angel


          THAT money will not keep him from spending his retirement in a concentration camp. HE is clueless.

  • In answer to the question of this article, as much as their credit limit on their credit cards permit!

  • DJohn1

    SInce every dollar you have ever earned is likely to go the way of the dodo, I see nothing wrong with having fun on holidays.
    Where every one of us needs to draw a line in the sand is spending more than you can afford to spend and end up behind on your bills.
    I know a person that seldom has 2 cents to rub together. That person always gives very nice Christmas gifts to everyone. She is one of the most crafty bargain hunters I know. She finds things all year and buys them cheap. Then when Christmas arrives she has presents for everyone. Not many people out there plan the way she does.
    Most people are romantics when Christmas rolls around in my family. And the feeling of warmth one gets from watching the grandchildren open their presents is priceless.
    Christmas is about expressing love for one another as much as it is giving out gifts. The gifts do not have to be expensive. But they should be given with love towards the individuals and thoughtfully done.
    The true treasure is the spirit of love that one has for one another in the spirit of the season.
    Thanksgiving to me is as important as Christmas. This is where we give thanks to our Lord and Savior for everything we have been blessed with over the entire year. It is a gathering of family and a time of feasting. It is also something that occurs just before the onset of winter.
    Instead of moaning about the coming season of snow, everyone expresses joy over seeing the snowflakes and making snowmen and even throwing snowballs.
    The fact is we all need to appreciate the true spirit of the season. It is time to pray to our God and Express our love and gratitude for everything he has given us.

    • jaxon64

      Great post DJ

  • Jane the Plummer

    Admin, when speaking about Americans, one should never use the words “deep down people realize”. They don’t.

  • DeadManFromIndia

    the best consumer is one who spends a lot of money on junk food, so that medical industry can rip off his earnings while prolonging his life for a few extra months, buys a bigger house and a bigger car than necessary. Without such a consumer, global economy will enter into a deflationary spiral from which it can never recover.
    If everyone spends money wisely and cuts down on disposable spending, what will happen to employment in all those industries dependent on disposable sectors?

  • Americanism

    I use to celebrate Christmas, until I heard the bitching on how I spent $50 and my friends spent $55 and how cheap I was. So I told them to keep their $55 and enjoy spending more money on themselves. No matter what people are total hypocrites. Wonder how much Odumbo is going to spend of our money on his family this year. A Christmas vacation will cost the American people more than all of us spend together on Christmas. You all know he will be vacationing!!

    • peace angel

      Last year they flew back and forth to Hawaii four times separately over their usual 6 week vaca for Christmas.

    • DB200

      50 U$ per person on gifts? That much? And after you have given a present, you tell the person whom you gave it, how much this present has cost you?

      You Americans are nuts.

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    Thanks. My next investment is going to be in companies that make Halloween costumes for pets.

    • peace angel

      I thought the same thing reading this.


    Living well is the best revenge.

  • Orange Jean

    Well I live way out in the boonies (paved road ends at my house, if you try driving past that more than a few 100 feet you end up in the swamp)… and no one has ever come trick-o-treating here. Nevertheless, I will buy maybe 2 small bags of candy just in case (total < $10). I have a brother who's birthday is Oct 31… he has a favorite pumpkin cake, if he was here I'd bake it for him… so maybe another $8.

    Unfortunately I do not live close enough to any family (or close friends) to have anyone to celebrate either Thanksgiving or Christmas with. It's gotten too dangerous for me to walk on wet, snowy or icy sidewalks (I fell 2x this year when it wasn't any of that), so I don't travel to visit those who live in cold places… even though I'd been invited in past few years. I call my family instead. When I lived in San Diego I would have what I called "Christmas with the Animals"… I'd go to the Wild Animal Park and renew my annual pass (something like $65 at the time, but San Diego County residents only).

    I don't like to whine, so I plan to do a few things I like on those holidays. Turkey is too big for one person, so I usually get a duck instead… and I love all the winter vegetables and a pumpkin pie. On Christmas I like to make some Polish food (my father's family)… and I add maybe $20 more for Thanksgiving and Christmas to make things I like to eat, I don't normally do.

    I buy a few cards (family only) or make them, but mostly send greetings via email. My mom did all of us a big favor years ago, before she died… she declared that since my son (the only grandkid) turned 18, no more Christmas presents for the family… and we should use the money instead for family visits. It was one of the best things she ever did for us (removed any guilt over sending fake presents to people you see so infrequently you didn't really know what they wanted or needed)… and we all found it worked well, although my son and his wife seem to be stuck on sending some token gift (I told them I prefer they don't and I tell them I won't send presents. I'd rather have a phone call… and told them that). I only send $25 in a gift card to my son's step-daughter and the son of a close friend (who used to have me over for Christmas, when I lived in NC).

    Some years I decorate with what I have… don't bother buying anything new… but it's only if I feel up for it. The only people who'd see it would be me, maybe my closest neighbors can see lights… the deer, birds, and any helicopter flying over. I kind of like decorating for the deer and helicopter guys!

    That's it! Since I am not Christian no reason to do anything else. If I was I would go to church and sing in the choir.

    I wish I could visit family that time of the year, but it's not smart so I do it other times.

  • Km

    Just can’t fix stupid!! Smoking your credit card for two pagan/heathen days – wow! Judgement from the Lord is here, and will remain until americans start getting it!!

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Halloween is a bonanza for farmers. My oldest brother grows produce to sell at produce auctions and farmer’s markets. Halloween is where he makes his money. This is after all the money he spends on fungicides for the toxic waste of orange. I doubt people know about that, but I digress. What’s going to slow down the Halloween juggernaut is the insurance costs of those who do the rides and haunted houses. This year four people have died locally from rides alone. I suspect they were drunk or stoned, but that won’t help the farmer. After picking too many gourds and jack be little this year for my brother ( and no, I’m not Mexican) I can tell you my Halloween will be spent with outside lights off and a good book.

    As for why do people waste so much money? They’ve got nothing to do in their apartments, townhouses, and tiny subdivisions. Probably the same reason so many gravitate to booze and drugs.

  • TtT Engine

    Halloween is children’s holiday where little children trick or treat, wear costumes, not all scary and go to costume gatherings. It is a costume party, it has a long tradition and if done safely and is not taken too seriously, is a nice activity for children. Adults acting out on Halloween is a different story. Most of these adults are weirdoes trying to relive their childhood. These events are pagan events, have sexual, satanic overtones and cater to people with a lot of time and money on their hands. Commercial Christmas will always exist because the money mongers have hijacked the gifting part of Christmas and want nothing to do with the most important aspect of Christmas, which is the birth of the Christ child . Religious Christmas is practiced by Catholics/Christians worshipping the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. We fight each year against the liberal secular fascists to keep Christ in Christmas and ward off such phrases as “happy holidays” and the “holiday tree”. The liberal secular fascists fight every year to keep Christ and the nativity scenes in the closet, push their fraudulent separation of church and state, which is not even in our Constitution and was first started by that coward, JFK. The Judas catholics have followed his lead. Merry Christmas ! Christi Fidelis !!

    • peace angel

      JFK was murdered for saying days before his death he was going to expose the VATICAN and their creation of the NWO.

      THE Jesuit Roman Catholics created the concept of a ONE world order and have made that their primary goal for centuries. THEY erected the Georgia Guidestones announcing their EVIL plans.

      THEY did not follow JFK any place. THE Kennedy family wanted out of the Illuminati Cabal and JFK planned to get them out. BUT there is no way out just like the Mafia. THEY killed many family members for his efforts.

      THE VATICAN condoned the raping of the nuns for centuries before JFK was born. THEY condoned and covered up the murder of the nuns babies after their birth. THEY have condoned and covered up the molestation of children for more than a century.

      READ what Kennedy said that got him killed.

      • ron

        And in the end it really doesn’t matter why JFK was killed, does it? He’s dead and gone and the world still goes on and on and on and on.

        What is the point of knowledge when nothing can be changed?

        • peace angel

          THINGS can be changed and are changed by people fighting their gov. all the time.

          The US is a sleeping nation of know nothings who have not even learned what is going on under their noses.

          All over the world young people are protesting their gov. corruption and thievery and more—-BUT not here.

          READ about MALALA if you think NOTHING can be changed. SHE is a little girl who is changing the world with her efforts.

          • ron

            Big deal. What really changes with all the protests all around the country? It is the people with the money that make the changes and make the rules. They only change things when they want to and not before. And the only reason they do this is to further another of their twisted agendas.

            It takes decades upon decades for justice to happen and sometimes people die waiting for justice that never comes.

            Yes I am sure you think Mala is changing the world, just like Ghandi, etc. But I can guarantee you that this girl is a pawn and will be used to further an agenda the masses have no clue about because we think irrationally, in the short term and for what will benefit the individual and not the collective group agenda.

          • peace angel

            Her name is Malala so clearly you did not go look her up.

            I am leaving because we need the entire nation to change things here and they like you are sleeping.

            I am sorry you are so miserable but maybe you will do better in the camps.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…We fight each year against the liberal secular fascists to keep Christ in Christmas and ward off such phrases as “happy holidays” and the “holiday tree”….”

      awwwwwwwww, don’t like Happy Holidays? poor thing, guess YOU just want to force people to say Merry Christmas.

      “…The liberal secular fascists fight every year to keep Christ and the nativity scenes in the closet, push their fraudulent separation of church and state….”

      No, they fight to prevent one religion using public property. Your type wants to impose your religion on others, thus your hatred of separation of church and state.

      • TtT Engine

        Sorry Mr. GV, the purpose of separation of church and state was to promote religion, not stifle it like you/yours try and try again to do. It was to prohibit the government from proclaiming a national religion. Our First Amendment Freedom of Religion includes the public square. You are free to practice your atheism in the public square, but that has never been fair enough for you. Why don’t you set up a “bah humbug” in your town square and see how it goes over, eh ? Stop trying to twist our founding documents and re-write history. You may find God very fast if the Islamo-Nazis/Issis have their way. You may find yourself posting with a new name in an underground bunker. They do not take kindly to homosexuals. Is the enemy of your enemy your friend ? I pray and fight that does not happen. Merry Christmas ! Christi Fidelis !!

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Our First Amendment Freedom of Religion includes the public square….”
          but your type certainly opposes any use of the public square by Satanists.
          your religion is weak if it needs the support of the state.

          LOL, stop wetting your pants

          • TtT Engine

            The state/government has no existence without our support. We pay their salaries and unfunded pensions. They are parasites. No show partners. You/yours have little time left. Satan’s days are few. God is eternal. Come on home. Christi Fidelis !

          • Gay Veteran

            think for yourself

  • Priszilla

    Oh well. Our office is closed over Christmas. Care Homes can’t close. My partner is working. I might go to a church and listen to the choir.

    • peace angel

      Go to a soup kitchen.

      • Priszilla

        There is no bus service on Christmas.

        • Orange Jean

          I thought you could walk or bike anywhere? Isn’t that what you are always telling us we need to do??

          • Priszilla

            I can walk anywhere where I need to be. Shops, library, work, doctors. There is no public soup kitchen within 20 miles and I don’t need one. Case closed.
            I cook my own soup from bones, fish heads, chicken feet and veggies and herbs. Nothing of which is accepted as donation by food banks.

        • peace angel

          You live in a town with no soup kitchen but is large enough to have a bus line, but it doesn’t run on Christmas??

          I have lived in 50 plus towns, resorts and cities and that does not sound right.

          IF you need a bus to get to a soup kitchen that you don’t have, how do you get to church?

          I have lived in a tiny middle of the road, 6 businesses town in N. Mexico and on Christmas they turned the Chamber of Commerce into a soup kitchen to feed those who had no meal or family. Maybe you could start that in your town.

          • Priszilla

            This is England. There is no bus at Christmas.
            There are numerous churches in walking distance.
            I’m not religious but sometimes I like to listen to organ concerts or the choir.

  • Priszilla

    Christmas for me is neither a consumers party nor a religious one. It’s the darkest time of the year when things almost come to a standstill just before going back to life.
    . The crunch crunch crunch of walking through the snow. The smell of spices from the Orient.
    It’s more the memory of Christmas songs sung at home while baking.
    I’ll call my mom and my sis and the kids and my friends.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    Most of that money spent will end up off shore too… I’m sure maybe 10% if lucky of those items will say “Made in USA” on it.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    “Well, enjoy this time of relative stability while you can, because it is going to end way too soon.”

    The problem with that statement is that is how every article here has ended for the last what… four years? Five years? Yeah things are in a bad way however it’s a con game run by con men. The only thing that will end the con game is when the other countries simply say “no more” to buying the federal reserve notes for oil. Until that happens, the con game will go on in perpetuity. People will complain but still go to work and pay their taxes, and when some do lash out, they will be VILLIFIED by everyone, including the readers here.

  • randyfreedom

    This type of spending is both “feel good” and pressure spending. You feel good about treating yourself and your family. You feel pressure to buy gifts because of society and because you want to make your family happy.

    • peace angel

      Years ago, I started taking the kids I have taken in for four decades to work in soup kitchens on Christmas. THAT works to shut down the insane spending.

  • toadsticker

    People spend big on Christmas and then it takes until the following October to pay off their credit cards. Just in time to do it all over again.

    • peace angel

      THAT was the case thirty years ago. TODAY they never pay off their credit cards and Michael has many articles on this.

      TODAY they just file bankruptcy and start all over again.

  • Theresa Kipper Hall

    You can trace the traditions of Christmas and Easter back to Nimrod and his mother/wife Semiramis. They are pagan to their roots.

    • Guest

      Yes! It’s nice to see someone else who understands.

    • ian

      so what?

  • Observer

    The Americans deserves what they are themselves i.e. Barack Obama!! You can’t expect to have a wise leader to guide Greedy and Selfish Americans.

  • Visitor

    After reading through all these comments I find it quite
    remarkable that a seemingly homosexual couple is doing Jesus’ work at Christmas
    by caring for vulnerable people or listening to the gospel, while the so-called
    Christians are fighting and insulting each other; or giving way to despair.

    • Tim

      Who’s the homosexual couple “doing Jesus’ work?”

  • peace angel

    Great article, Micheal,

    THIS has gone on forever in the US. THIS is by far the most consumptive nation in recorded history. NO other nation lives beyond their means like this one.

    For the past forty years, I have worked off and on in Ski Resorts. I worked at Angel Fire four years ago and decided not to do it again, because the vacationers were sooooooo cranky, sooooo depressed and sooooo hateful; it was miserable on that mountain that year.

    For the past 15 years people who go skiing have been charging their trips and they cannot afford to be there and they take it out on the employees of the mountain.

    I have been living in Ski Resorts off and on for forty years and it used to be a reasonably priced sport and it was the happiest place in the world to spend a day four decades ago. TODAY the people are all angry with everyone and screaming at their kids and trying to get something for free and much more.

    AND nothing will change with a regime change. ALL of them are herding Americans into the camps and the Republicans have been legislating that for many, many decades. THEY have spent just as much of our money as the Dems.

    In preparing to move to Ecuador, I am selling everything because to haul all our pretty things down there would disgust the locals.

    Just this morning a woman texted me and wanted my side by side stainless steel water purifying refrigerator for $100 and she was telling me she has no refrigerator and she has to keep her baby’s milk in the neighbors fridge. So sad to me to hear anyone is having a child in this messed up country and world, but beyond belief this would be the kids beginnings.

  • Phil from Germany

    Americans spending more than 6 billion dollars for Christmas. Spending money they don’t have, on trinkets and toys they don’t need. Just how many i Phones do you want ?. But just imagine the money bieng spent prepping for the very collapse of their material world. Incidently, I refuse to be caught up in the material side of Christmas, rather spend time with my wife, who I nearly lost to cancer

    • B orn Again

      I’m sure she wouldn’t mind little XMAS tree and small gift as a token of love.

      • Ian B.

        I agree, but it does bother me a little that the cutting down of a tree and bringing it into your house is also taken from pagan religion. But hey, they smell good right?

  • doug_b

    We don’t spend a dime of Christmas or Halloween. In our family if you need something we buy it, or plan for it. We cook and eat well. We always have special meals on holidays and birthdays. As far as ‘presents’ – every once in a while if we see something special – but they are not over the top in cost.

    Over the years it’s become apparent that most of the population has been dumbed down / brain washed by the government schools and the media. We go from holiday to holiday – just like they do in school: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new and up coming Mardi gras, Valentines, Easter.

    And then a litany of ‘special days’ – all these days are contrived to sell candy, cards, flowers and retail items: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bosses Day, Secretary’s Day.

    It’s all bunk!

  • ian

    Nonsense. i work in retail and we are already seeing a mass amount of early x-mas shopping

  • Melanippe

    Who can spend $960 for travel ? Not my college-educated children who work all day. I had to refer them to Thomas McFreeman’s website The Art of Debt Guerrilla Warfare for information and guidance.

  • Steve

    Such a shame, December 25th isn’t even Jesus’ birthday.

  • PK

    Peace Angle: You are a nut case! Wake up and enjoy what you have.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    As Tom Lehrer put it half a century ago, Christmas allows us to reflect on what we hold most dearest. I am referring, of course, to money.

  • Jane the Plummer

    I just found out that the Fourth Reich IS the New World Order… How did I miss that?

    • peace angel

      THE NAZI/CABAL has many names and origins, but the Vatican runs the entire show.

      THE members come from the Free Masons, our Founding Fathers, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bonesmen, the BIlderberg group, the White Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Fourth Reich, where the Bush family made their money funding Hitler for the Cabal.

  • Gary Jones

    Halloween is a juvenile, silly holiday which 60 years ago involved only children who went trick-or-treating accompanied by adult chaperones. Now that American society consists of a bunch of poorly educated, degenerate, perverted wastrels Halloween has become wildly popular. Ditto Xmas. A Christian holiday turned into hedonistic, materialistic excess. My wife and I make our own holidays–travelling to over 100 countries in the last 22 years. Educational and enriching unlike the retards that now dominate America.

  • apeiron

    Very clarifying article Malcolm, thanks for recommending it. That’s what I mean, the Republican party has enough conservative/libertarian elements, especially at the grass roots, that I think they might be more influenced by the concern many of us have about the expansion of Federal Government. Voting third party is like voting Democrat. I voted Ross Perot ’92…he was right, I believed in what he stood for, but it only ensured a Democrat victory…lesson learned. I don’t so much vote for Republicans as against Democrats. An overbearing, bloated government is FAR more likely to broadly oppress than any other societal element I can imagine. I really vote FOR less Government.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Yup, no problemo.

    • peace angel

      WE don’t elect our POTUS and have not for more than a Century. I DID NOT KNOW this when I worked on Perot’s campaign in Dallas. I met him at a restaurant and he hired me that night to work with him.

      I learned during that election HOW mean the Republicans can be to anyone who is NOT CABAL. THEY were horrible to him and he was a terrible public speaker, BUT he never had a chance. THEY don’t SELECT other than their own and they go back and forth between parties. IN 14 Past Presidents there have been 7 Dems and 7 Rep.

      The Republican Cabal members who are ALL the guys at the top are ONLY against big gov. when on TV speaking to the public. THEY have created lots of big gov.

  • wallerya

    For many years, I’ve seen the commercialism in Christmas as buying people gifts instead of seeing the occasion for what it is and was always called a scrooge- perhaps the term fits, but it wasn’t gifts that get tossed away I wanted- It was visiting relatives, the music, the atmosphere and the celebration of a Christ born.
    I don’t care if you don’t believe in Christmas if that is your thing, just enjoy the time and loved ones hugs and a little bit of singing from the heart- that in itself is Christmas. It’s all free.

  • ian

    making a stand for fairy tale beliefs. Totally awesome,dude!!

    • Hasan_mo

      Science says the universe had a beginning.

      People like you suggest it has always been there. Science says that’s impossible.

      Whats your explanation?

      • Ian B.

        Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

        “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” -Esqueleto

        • Hasan_mo

          I believe in both. Do you ever try to think that I could be as sane or insane as you?

          • Ian Beattie

            Sorry to hear that.

            James 1:5-8 “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all
            generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But
            he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is
            like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

  • wally

    I have been doing a lot of research lately into Halloween. It is based in some very satanic rituals. That alone is enough for me not to participate in any way and as if I need another reason; have you seen the costumes for children as young as 8??? The costumes are sexualizing our young girls which is just plain sick. And lastly if I needed another reason the teen punks in my neighborhood scared my wife half to death last year, as they beat on the door late when I was still at work asking for candy, dressed in masks and not stepping into the porch light but staying in the shadows. My wife wisely refused to open the security door.

    As for Christmas I just don’t know. It has no meaning anymore with Christ it is all about acing like wild animals on Black Friday to buy a $200 Sansui 45″ TV or a $100 Blah Blah Laptop. It is about opulent holiday displays.

    Our freedoms are being taken away daily. The stock market is on the verge of collapse. There is a Ukraine-Russia gas issue that if it doesn’t get solved we are staring at WW III. There are many many things to be concerned about this holiday season and having enough candy or buying presents is just not on my list.

  • Tempus Fugit

    …not to be disrespectful, but one of the biggest misnomers that are taught in American schools and in daily life, is that the founding fathers were CHRISTIANS!…Lies, lies & more lies! The founding fathers were mainly DEISTS,not CHRISTIAN!
    “Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles are a parody of the Sun God and the twelve signs of the Zodiac”

    … other words…………………………..Jesus NEVER existed!

    • Joe Kleinkamp

      You’re not disrespectful, just terribly misinformed.

      • Tempus Fugit

        ..I am NOT misinformed! I am quoting this article from TOMMY PAINE! Yes, he was ONE of our founding fathers!

        • Joe Kleinkamp

          Typical contrarian methodology. Find one source that refutes 99% of historic fact and use that source to justify an erroneous belief. Whether you believe or not in the Divinity of Jesus there is plenty of proof that He did, in fact, live and is a real Person.

  • guest

    It’s dismaying that anyone still believes in this sham political system. People stuck in the two party narrative apparently lack the intellect to realize that a two party system is not a democracy. America is no longer a democracy, if it ever was, and the political system has been corrupted for several decades, arguably after the murder of JFK by people inside the system (shadow government).

    All empires fall eventually, I guess the real beginning of the end is the economy.

  • You know Guest is not alone. Many have a solid understanding of the perversions sown on these dates. Tuning out the pagan rites is easy and well worth the effort. Guest knows the path. I know the path. You would do well to learn the path also. Materialism is killing your soul and it’s a choice you make. A better path awaits the one willing to choose it.

  • danbax

    This year we’re gonna party like it’s 1999 ! – Prince

  • Not a Slave

    I just quit celebrating Christmas two years ago. Otherwise we don’t celebrate Halloween or Easter. All of them are only pagan, and the Bible is pretty clear about trying to please God using the things of paganism. He never approves of it and it cannot be sanitized. I can’t justify it in anyway, and since I am trying to lead a Christian life, why would I want to try to justify it. My kids totally understood and don’t miss it whatsoever.

  • hisrascal

    That’s me in a nutshell! I will be spending $0.00 this year also. If more people would develop the same philosophy regards spending for “holidays” (whose holiday is it anyway?) wouldn’t we all be in better shape and we would bring the big guys more down to our level of finance, in accordance with the prophecy.

  • Mondobeyondo

    These people must have gotten the money for this upcoming Christmas, from last Christmas when Santa was stuffing those $100 bills into those stockings. That’s about the only explanation I can come up with. Sure wish Mr. Moneybags would have done the same for me!

  • Emil Phoryew

    I think this article is bull. Business couldn’t be more dead. People are spending less and less money. This has been the worst early November for online retail that I can remember. I’m so poor I cannot even meet my expenses and cannot move on with my life due to lack of income.

  • Octaroon Cookie

    Let the sheep and fools have their pathetic Holiday Season steeped in Paganism and their stupid ball games on TV. I personally look forward to the whole financial house of cards to colapse in upon itself and the cities and suburbs go up in flames and all these mindless sheepeople eat each other for breakfast. Mother nature needs to purge the excess herd of locusts anyway. What better than a disaster of their own making built upon easy credit and virtual currency?

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