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Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying

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Depressed - Photo by Sander van der WelIf you make more than $27,520 a year at your job, you are doing better than half the country is.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out the latest wage statistics from the Social Security administration right here.  But of course $27,520 a year will not allow you to live “the American Dream” in this day and age.  After taxes, that breaks down to a good bit less than $2,000 a month.  You can’t realistically pay a mortgage, make a car payment, afford health insurance and provide food, clothing and everything else your family needs for that much money.  That is one of the reasons why both parents are working in most families today.  In fact, sometimes both parents are working multiple jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  Over the years, the cost of living has risen steadily but our paychecks have not.  This has resulted in a steady erosion of the middle class.  Once upon a time, most American families could afford a nice home, a couple of cars and a nice vacation every year.  When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was middle class.  But now “the American Dream” is out of reach for more Americans than ever, and the middle class is dying right in front of our eyes.

One of the things that was great about America in the post-World War II era was that we developed a large, thriving middle class.  Until recent times, it always seemed like there were plenty of good jobs for people that were willing to be responsible and work hard.  That was one of the big reasons why people wanted to come here from all over the world.  They wanted to have a chance to live “the American Dream” too.

But now the American Dream is becoming a mirage for most people.  No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to achieve it.

And here are some hard numbers to back that assertion up.  The following are 15 more signs that the middle class is dying…

#1 According to a brand new CNN poll, 59 percent of Americans believe that it has become impossible for most people to achieve the American Dream…

The American Dream is impossible to achieve in this country.

So say nearly 6 in 10 people who responded to CNNMoney’s American Dream Poll, conducted by ORC International. They feel the dream — however they define it — is out of reach.

Young adults, age 18 to 34, are most likely to feel the dream is unattainable, with 63% saying it’s impossible. This age group has suffered in the wake of the Great Recession, finding it hard to get good jobs.

#2 More Americans than ever believe that homeownership is not a key to long-term wealth and prosperity…

The great American Dream is dying. Even though many Americans still desire to own a home, they are losing faith in homeownership as a key to prosperity.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, or 64%, believe they are less likely to build wealth by buying a home today than they were 20 or 30 years ago, according to a survey sponsored by non-profit MacArthur Foundation. And nearly 43% said buying a home is no longer a good long-term investment.

#3 Overall, the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen for eight years in a row, and it has now dropped to the lowest level in 19 years.

#4 52 percent of Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now…

“Over half of Americans (52%) have had to make at least one major sacrifice in order to cover their rent or mortgage over the last three years, according to the “How Housing Matters Survey,” which was commissioned by the nonprofit John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and carried out by Hart Research Associates. These sacrifices include getting a second job, deferring saving for retirement, cutting back on health care, running up credit card debt, or even moving to a less safe neighborhood or one with worse schools.”

#5 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 36 percent of Americans under the age of 35 own a home.  That is the lowest level that has ever been measured.

#6 Right now, approximately one out of every six men in the United States that are in their prime working years (25 to 54) do not have a job.

#7 The labor force participation rate for Americans from the age of 25 to the age of 29 has fallen to an all-time record low.

#8 The number of working age Americans that are not employed has increased by 27 million since the year 2000.

#9 According to the government’s own numbers, about 20 percent of the families in the entire country do not have a single member that is employed at this point.

#10 This may sound crazy, but 25 percent of all American adults do not even have a single penny saved up for retirement.

#11 As I noted in one recent article, total consumer credit in the United States has increased by 22 percent over the past three years, and 56 percent of all Americans have “subprime credit” at this point.

#12 Major retailers are shutting down stores at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

#13 It is hard to believe, but more than one out of every five children in the United States is living in poverty in 2014.

#14 According to one recent report, there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity right now.

#15 Overall, the U.S. poverty rate is up more than 30 percent since 1966.  It looks like LBJ’s war on poverty didn’t work out too well after all.

Sadly, it does not appear that there is much hope on the horizon for the middle class.  More good jobs are being shipped out of the country and are being lost to technology every single day, and our politicians seem convinced that “business as usual” is the right course of action for our nation.

Unless something dramatic happens, it is going to become increasingly difficult to eke out a middle class existence as a “worker bee” in American society.  The truth is that most big companies these days do not have any loyalty to their workers and really do not care what ends up happening to them.

To thrive in this kind of environment, new and different thinking is required.  The paradigm of “go to college, get a job, stay loyal and retire after 30 years” has been shattered.  The business world is more unstable now than it has been during any point in the post-World War II era, and we are all going to have to adjust.

So what advice would you give to people that are struggling out there right now?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    The following was sponsored by Keynesian economics. It’s time to find your local Bankster and Central Planner aka Politician and give them a hug. [sarcasm]

    They have created this mess with an infinite growth model and the only path to growth is thru inflation.

    Then the sellout politicians offshored most of the good paying jobs. Both political parties are culprits in this mess.

  • Tim

    My advice to all the young people who are graduating from high school right now and intend to go to college is don’t go into debt to finance your college education. I think it’s a safe assumption that four years from now the economy will be much worse than it is now. If you choose to continue your education, unless you have a rich uncle who’s willing to pay for it, go to a community college and pay as you go. Better yet, don’t go at all. Find an entry-level job, even if it starts at minimum wage, and stick with it, and in four years you’ll have that many years of experience and you won’t have students loans to deal with. Or become an entrepreneur. Think of some service that is needed in your area and how you can meet that need. Don’t fall for the college scam. A college degree used to be the ticket to a middle class lifestyle. But now it’s the ticket to many years of debt slavery.

    • Kristen Marie Embler

      It’s funny that there such a great demand for more education, yet there is little in return for the majority of Americans except a huge sum of debt that many people are now taking into their advanced years. The lack of employment and low wages speak a different story than the one we are being told. In truth, a degree(or most for that matter) only make you stand out a little more than just those with a high school diploma. I just applied for a sales job at Sears the other day and the manager was pleased to find I had at least one year of college under my belt in comparison to those who didn’t go. The college degree has been watered down that much. Also, take this into consideration: a degree can open doors for you, but one must step across the threshold to make something of themselves. Even so, the competition is so great nowadays. Obtaining a degree can also close doors(escaping the debt trap, for instance.) Besides debt, there is also the over qualification issue with having more advanced degrees. Besides those who seek a certain profession that requires such placement, you’re now seeing a lot of people going straight onto grad school with degrees that would have been better left off at an undergraduate level due to the uselessness of the degree and more debt accumulation. What is going on with college is now happening in grad school. More debt, no jobs, no good outlook. Anyone who thinks this is all being done by accident is in over their heads. If a simple BA is a minimum qualification for an entry level job, there is a big problem.

      • G­­­­­­­­­oog­­­­­­­­­le­­­­­­­­­, I­­­­­­­­­ am ­­­­­­­­­making ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­good ­­­­­­­­­salary ­­­­­­­­­from ­­­­­­­­­home ­­­­­­­­­$5500­­­­­­­­­-­­­­­­­­­$7000/week ­­­­­­­­­, ­­­­­­­­­which ­­­­­­­­­is ­­­­­­­­­amazing, ­­­­­­­­­under ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­year ­­­­­­­­­ago ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­was ­­­­­­­­­jobless ­­­­­­­­­in ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­horrible ­­­­­­­­­economy. ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­thank ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­God ­­­­­­­­­every ­­­­­­­­­day I ­­­­­­­­­was ­­­­­­­­­blessed ­­­­­­­­­with ­­­­­­­­­these ­­­­­­­­­instructions ­­­­­­­­­and ­­­­­­­­­now ­­­­­­­­­it’s ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­my ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­duty ­­­­­­­­­to ­­­­­­­­­pay ­­­­­­­­­it ­­­­­­­­­forward ­­­­­­­­­and ­­­­­­­­­share it ­­­­­­­­­with ­­­­­­­­­Everyone, ­­­­­­­­­Here ­­­­­­­­­is ­­­­­­­­­I ­­­­­­­­­started,


      • Rodster

        All of what you said is true and the reason for that is, the Banksters and the US Govt found a new angle to pump the economy. The convinced young people that they NEED to go to College if THEY want a JOB. Remember it’s not so much getting ahead, it was to get a JOB. That’s the sad part they people go in hock to pay for their education, graduate and their Job is in China, India, Vietnam or some other third world Country.

        It’s the same reason why I refuse to buy a house. Pay a mortgage 3 times on the original value of the home? Sorry, but i’m on to you Banksters.

        • guguciao

          Agree. And until you finish paying it off for 3 times the original (inflated) value… it is not yours anyway. Miss 2 or 3 payments and see how fast it is no longer “yours”.

          And a degree in Anthropology sure is not what it used to be (perhaps it was a good degree in 1975 or 1955) as someone in my family has found out.

          I am not sure what degree would get a ROI these days ? Engineering ? M.D. ? Nursing ?

          Oh well, my self-learning in marketing, advertising and copywriting is paying off.

          • Rastus

            A home is still a sound investment as long as you do not borrow exorbitantly. I have purchased decent homes that have needed work at very low prices in excellent areas. Lived in and worked on them for several years and then sell them at a profit, take that profit and invest in another home of higher value that was in need of work and did the same thing. This can be done until you have achieved the level of success that you desire, and have no mortgage. I am living proof that it can be done. The problem is that many do not want to put in the time and effort! Most are impatient and want the dream house now and are willing to be debt slaves for the rest of their lives. So being a journeyman carpenter with not one second of college (military training excluded) has paid off exponentially for my family, they just has to endure living in a constant construction site for years. Screw university, learn a trade.

          • candidman

            Very informative and encouraging post. I have a buddy (sometimes), who have a similar background as yours. No degrees, but a journeymen carpenter, with excellent skills in that area. I’ve seen some of his work myself. One problem, he uses drugs, plus he has a slight attitude problem, possibly resulting from a brain injury from boot camp. I think he could have made it, but the drugs didn’t help him one bit.

          • Rastus

            Well your buddy fits the general stereotype of a carpenter (construction worker) 🙂 My wife has for years endured the blank stares of coworkers and passersby when responding to the question: “what does your husband do?” Though I personally do not fit the mold, it is a stigma that is not ephemeral. I hope your friend gets well and breaks from the grip of self destruction. The potential for a good tradesman these days is ripe (mainly due to the lack of interest from the younger generations) God Bless.

          • Krusty_From_Oz

            I agree
            Rastus. I left high school at the age of 15 and got an apprenticeship in the
            metal trades. Married at 23 had three great kids which my wife stayed home for
            eleven years with before going back to work. House payed off by the age of 32. Now
            66 and waiting for my wife to retire so l can retire. No debt, $300K house, $4K
            per month pension, no property tax and no student debt. I am working a 4 day
            week at $32.50 p/h as a engineering CAD draftsman. It can be done from a modest
            base line. Uni / Collage is not always the answer, think hard before you invest
            money and time in attaining something that may not be the answer to your

          • StefanaRapsondeu

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            replied I cannot believe that people able to earn $4404 in a few weeks on the
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          • DhannaReaderaci

            as Thelma
            explained I cannot believe that a stay at home mom can make $7420 in four weeks
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          • jason17

            how are you not paying property taxes???

          • Albert8184

            Anthropology is primarily a degree used to foist Marxist and neo-Marxist ideals and social solutions on unwitting populations. Obama’s mother was an anthropologist for the federal government.

          • fred

            Good for her, she had a job.

          • quercus454

            You are showing your ignorance. There are more then several branches of Anthropology. The field of what your speaking is Social Anthropology. And even it has more then one sub-field. Just because you don’t like Obama, his parents or hate Marxism, doesn’t mean an entire field is Marxist.

          • Albert8184

            No, ignorance is when you call people names and expect them to listen to you after that. And no, I didn’t say the entire field is Marxist, Nacho Libre.

          • Guest

            But you didn’t qualify your statement to suggest unequivocally that only some anthropologists are Marxists.

          • Jaego

            It is. Boas triumphed and filled the field with his Marxist Zombies who taught that all races and cultures were equal – except for Whites or Christians. Things like Cannibalism, violence, strange sexuality, low IQ, etc were downplayed to make the natives appear far better than they were.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “my self-learning ”
            Best damn degree on the face of the planet.

          • quercus454

            I am not sure any degree these days is a meal ticket. While education is valuable, to look at it as a guarantee is expecting the wrong out come. The major problem I see is the cost. If tuition and professor salaries had remained in line with the rest of the economy, college grads would have better prospects and could afford to work those entry level jobs.

      • Kent Harris

        Very wise. I do hope the best for you and your family. God allows events to occur in one’s life so that faith may grow. I have faced challenges and through those challenges it has brought me closer to not only God but my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Hold fast. Don’t forget to say I love you to your parents.

      • Bill Longley

        You see alot of that abroad, Philippino and Indians are critical of advanced degrees. since their are so few jobs it requires a degree to work as a mechanic at a simple shop. or some college for retail jobs

    • Albert8184

      The purpose of college now is to indoctrinate and brainwash as many kids as possible against the values of the great American Dream cherished by their grandparents – and have the kids BORROW MONEY from the one percenters in order to do it. What a sad state of affairs. And no one is doing anything about it, except to suggest we need to dig bunkers and hunker down for the final Waterloo.

    • RealityCheck

      “Find an entry-level job, even if it starts at minimum wage, and stick with it,”

      And then in four years you can start another entry level job for minimum wage…rinse and repeat.

      The only people that keep pushing no education are the people who could not get an education. My advice for you college education haters is as follows: put down the can of Schlitz, step out of the trailer, and get some fresh air.

      The majority of better paying jobs still require a college education. So go to college and graduate. Then start your own business where all of these trades people can come and work for you.

      • K2

        This similar to what i wanted to say. But i dont agree with the statement that people who discourage others from getting a college education, are those who dont have it themselves. Some are ‘those people’ but not all.

        What i wanted to say was ‘ Get a college education in fields of study that will have the highest number of jobs. Not something like arts or literature. But engineering or medicine or in the financial sector’. That too with loans on easy terms. And try to finish it in in time. Other wise the debt burden will increase.

        That is if they want a high or good paying job. But if they dont want to get into debt ant any cost….dont get into it. Or if they cant afford taking out a loan.

        • quercus454

          An education today is no guarantee to a high paying job. That said, education is a benefit unto itself. Of course that education has to be free of indoctrination and promote critical thinking. Sadly much of today’s higher education doesn’t follow those guidelines.

          • K2

            Nothing is a guarantee in life. But a suitable education gives you far greater chances of good paying job, than high school qualification. As for indoctrination, are you saying there is indoctrination in engineering,medicine and finance?

      • ian

        guess what genius?? i have never finished college, and never needed the piece of paper anyway. Most jobs just ask if you had any college, and dont really go any further than that, so you could technicaly

    • jakartaman

      My advise is go to the streets like the European kids and bring down this tyrannical government for your future

      • JustanOguy

        We could only wish…

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Problem is though that the U.S. kids have no clue what the problem is. Just like the Occupy Wall St. crowd….”

          smart enough to know the problem is Wall Street

          • JustanOguy

            Sorry Gay Veteran…. but it’s the cronies in D.C. that have been bought off by Wall St. that are the problem for enabling Wall St….

            The U.S. is nowhere near a Capitalist country anymore… it’s Crony Capitalism where major corporations send their lobbyists to D.C. and pay off the politicians in one form or another.

          • Gay Veteran

            all very true, but it doesn’t matter whether you protest on Wall Street or DC, TPTB will beat you down

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Just an FYI, the gaystapo is an occutard.

          • Guest

            Yeah, the politicians have a lot to answer for, but the banksters will never be paragons of virtue no matter how small the government gets.

        • RealityCheck

          Not all are following the Kardashians. Some are following Justin Bieber.

        • Bill Longley

          that is true to some degree. the larger issue is there is no clear way to fix it other then start holding people accountable. which would go against 100 years of ideology

      • energizedmortal

        The global economy will collapse and a world war will follow. Bringing down tyrants is easy they are mortal. Destroying the ideology they keep teaching their offspring will be the challenge.

    • JustanOguy

      Sound advice that I’d like to expand on:

      1) Pursue a degree that is needed.

      2) Go to college / University in an urban area where there are large businesses you can work for while going to college that will often help pay for college with tuition assistance.

      I first went to University in a big college town where there were more students than jobs… then transferred to a metropolitan University and got a job with a Fortune 500 company that paid for 80% of my tuition as long as I made at least a B.

      Graduated debt free and moved right up the ranks very fast because they had an “investment” in me.

      • Rebecca

        Agree 100%! There are jobs that are still in demand, such as nurses. People may just have to go to school for something they don’t like in order to get a good job.

        • Kristen Marie Embler

          The nursing industry is so-so compared to most other industries. My mother, unfortunately, just lost her job of 26 years the other day along with a whole boat-full of associates.

          • Ray the Rational Redneck

            Did that. AAS in Industrial Technology. I now make 12 dollars an hour at a job that a high school graduate –or machine– can do. I only have it because others don’t want it . It’s hard repetitive manual labor.

        • fred

          Yes, with an ageing population, the demand for nurses should increase over time. The wages may not ever be high but at least the job opportunities should be there.

          • Kristen Marie Embler

            My mother just lost her job of 26 years a few days ago as a nurse manager because of intense layoffs and pay cuts. She thankfully had enough experience to land a job not to far from her original location. While she found another job at the drop of a hat, I cannot say the same thing to newly minted grads where the competition is fierce. Job opportunities are so-so. Like every other profession, they too will have over flooding. It’s already going on. I’m most definitely not looking down my nose at the nursing profession for all the hectic work they do, but there just isn’t enough work for everyone.

        • quercus454

          Interestingly, I have two friends who just became nurses and they still can’t find a job. A lot of hospitals are actually laying off employees because of Obama Care. They are not hiring replacements.

          • alan

            My high school friend is a doctor now just sold his practice because of Obama care.

          • Bill Longley

            it was like that 10 years ago some cities need them badly others are cutting them.

      • nekksys

        You do realize they can now keep you captive in that job because you “owe” them, right?

    • Paul C

      You don’t need massive debt in order to acquire a degree. I know an 18 year old young man that just completed a BA, all with zero debt.

      How’d he do it? He did all his CLEP exams on his own, then went with a school like Thomas Edison to get the actual paper. It cost something like $10-15K for it all.

      • Tim

        He sounds like a very wise young man. Most young people don’t have that kind of wisdom.

    • quercus454

      Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent article over at Townhall on the education scam.. It is well worth reading.
      As a parent of a recent university graduate, I agree with some of what you posted. But here is the problem.
      There is already an over abundance of min wage workers. Look at the local Walmart and see the age of the majority of the employees. They are not entry level workers with no experience. Most have been displaced from other areas of employment. Now as time goes on, some of these middle age workers will leave the workforce due to health. But because the economy is so poor, most will have to work way past previous retirement age. So the increase of min wage employment opportunities isn’t that great.
      Secondly min wage isn’t enough to support an adult in today’s inflationary economy. Unless you are expecting grown children to live with their parents, even a full time min wage job cannot cover living expenses in many parts of the country.

      Another issue is the willingness of employers to train and promote. Lot’s of larger employers look at employees as nothing more then a commodity to be exploited. In their eyes any labor is nothing more then a warm body. As soon as an employee gets to the point of deserving a raise or promotion, they are replaced.

      Starting a business is a great idea, if you have some capital or can get a person to invest in your plan. But very few young adults fresh out of high school have the resources to do that. Even with a great idea or product most businesses fail because of under capitalization. How many investors would risk money on a teenager? Not many. And if your child had a really great idea, most likely it would be stolen or copied.

      Obviously there are no simple or all in one answers. As far as higher education, it in itself is not the problem. Being educated is an asset. The problem is the cost and the educational system. Take the time to read the VDH article. It spells out in a nutshell what is happening.

    • Priszilla

      Don’t go to college because you have nothing else to do, or becausa your friends are going, or because it is hip.

      Go to university only when you are really interested in it. When studying isn’t a chore but a way of life to you.

      If research and experiments and failure and trying again and again is for you, then by all means go to university.

      But, explore options of other countries. If you speak Spanish, why not study in Spain?
      If you speak Portuguese, why not study in Brazil?

      The costs might be lower there. And you’ll make great friends.

      Maybe even find a place to live in for the rest of your life.

    • piccadillybabe

      There is no law against going to college for more than 4 years. Take a class when you can afford to pay for it up front and eventually, after a number of years, you will have enough credits to graduate. Maybe you will be older, i.e. late 20s or early 30s when you graduate but you will have your degree without the debt. Gotta think outside the box for a means to an end.

    • walleryia

      That is very good advice!

    • abinico

      Learn a skill like electrician, plumber, carpenter – plumber is especially good – people are constantly plugging up their toilets.

  • K

    The destruction of the middle class is part of the plan. Without a large middle class, America becomes just like much of the rest of the world. The haves and the have not, nothing in between. Many seem to understand the American dream is gone. Few are willing to try to do anything about it. When someone like Mitch McConnell wins his primary, it just shows you how little use, your fellow citizens are. No America has slipped away, without even a fight from the majority. As a matter of fact the majority have not even raised an objection. A Republic can not be sustained, when the majority, just do not care.

    • blackhawk56

      K, i hear what your saying. I am from Kentucky and i can tell you how ol Mitch won. The idiot challenger was caught saying on a tape , in essence, that he didn’t see what all the hubbub was about regarding cock fighting. And this astute moron was trying to label himself as tea party.And this was about a month before the election so everybody stayed home.This seems to me to be too made to order. WTF kind of ingrate would say that kind of stuff JUST before the election. Me smells something rotten!!!

      • K

        Would not be surprised, if something is rotten. The question is, when will people understand? That staying at home, is just what D.C. wants.

    • Threeper

      Deliberate? No. the collapse of the middle-class could be done right now, just launch a missile strike against Iranian nuclear powerplants, that will do it in short order.
      Better yet, EMPs from coast to coast, do the same with western europe, blame it on Korea, Syria and Iran.

      Atlas Shrugged explained it better even if it left out the federal reserve.

      The parasites have been sucking the host dry and that host is near croaking now.
      Thanks to the dollar as an international trade currency, there is a flow of blood still coming in, keeping it alive for now. Not for long, hovewer.

      • K

        No, what you suggest would destroy the U.S. in general. They are just targeting the middle class, for now. The middle class from their standpoint, has gotten in their way far too often. Blocking the U.S. from going into Syria, would be the most recent example. No they want 90% of the population. so busy trying to make ends meet. That they have no time to do anything else. I would say they have gotten 2/3 of the way to their goal.

        • Threeper

          Doesn´t make sense for them to since it would destroy them? Exactly.

          Without the middle-class taxpayers, a lot of the systems actions would be impossible due to lack of funds, especially if the dollar as an international trade currency is abandonned.

          Take Homeland Security, how can it be turned into a proper police state when the CONUS is turned into what Detroit and Camden are today?
          Who are going to pay for all those Predator drones? Single hellfire missile cost 58 000, average citizen makes 11 000, how does that work?

          Material wealth following the last world war made the middle-class overly optimistic, passive and apathetic.
          The post-war generations grew horribly spoiled and this helped the system tremendously, still does today.

          If they actually wanted to destroy the middle-class, it would have been done already.
          It is very easy to do that at the current stage, go ahead with attacking Syria for example.

          • K

            Many of the wealthy already have enough wealth to last ten lifetimes. So it would not destroy them. Now more than money, they seek power. I understand your viewpoint under the current form of Government. Problem is, they do not intend to retain, the current form of Government. Think along the lines of a modern form of feudalism. As to why they did not carry through with Syria? They were not sure enough, they could control the peoples reaction. The day the are sure enough, they will act. I would put them at 2/3 of the way to their goal.

    • quercus454

      That has been the plan since the mid 1800s.
      A middle class is not a natural occurring part of a basic capitalistic society. The middle class is government created. Making laws that curtail the wealthy elite’s control over the economy, gives the average person a chance to move up the economic ladder. Without laws that regulate trade, there would be few small businesses. The big players would would have a monopoly on everything.
      For years the big guys have wanted to eliminate anti trust and anti monopoly laws. They do not want competition.

  • JonSnow

    You said it best Michael: “the paradigm of ‘go to college, get a job, stay loyal and retire after 30 years’ has been shattered.”

    I definitely believe we need to return to our pioneer roots and become self-reliant. Entrepreneurship is our best chance to survive and thrive in this environment.

    I think we should be using the internet to learn the new skills that will be in demand in the coming years. With all of the free information available online and with the outrageous cost of tuition, I think going to college is obsolete and a bad financial investment. We can now educate ourselves.

    Think outside the box. Which goods and services will be in demand in this new economy? Start your own business. Start small and build.

    I agree that many of those good paying jobs that the middle class once enjoyed are not coming back. Nobody is coming to the rescue. We are not immune from nature and the law of survival of the fittest. The time of plenty is over. Winter is coming. We must adapt or face the consequences. It is not hopeless, but tremendous effort AND a new way of thinking is required.

  • wally

    I am still in the dwindling middle class but let me tell you the burdens that are new just since 2008.

    Rent is going up every year. Never did take the plunge on a house.

    My wife took a significant pay cut.

    Medical Insurance has gone up twice in the last year.

    I have not had a raise since 2005 plus the work load has increased three fold because of people that have left who have not been replaced.

    Everything has gone up in cost. Gas, Food, Utilities.

    Vacations are no existent.

    We are probably just no more than 72 hours of events from being cast out of the middle class.

  • newpapyrus

    The American worker has been so focused on trying to keep their hyper expensive employer based health insurance that they’ve completely forgotten about increasing their own income.


  • Sandbagger

    The paradigm of “go to college, get a job, stay loyal and retire after 30 years”

    Yes, the days of getting a gold watch for working at one company have been gone for at least 15-20 years now.

    A family member of mine worked for a major tech company that was known for not laying off their employees. That company has since been destroyed (even though they still produce products) by Wall Street and their shareholders.

    As for buying a home as an investment…I wouldn’t. The recent past has shown it to be unreliable for building a nest egg. The short time real estate was going up isn’t something to look to for long term investment strategy.

    It’s time to go “old school”. Save your pennies and follow the advice of the 1930’s generation.

  • Angry Jesus

    Job: Work defined by the corporation and performed by those who willingly submit to the corporation. Work: Can be done by anyone. The work is always there, the impediment is what’s allowed and accepted by the masses to be used as money as defined by the moneychangers which allows them to shape the world into their image and it will continue to get worse. Financialization within society is just the natural progression of the existing system. It’s what allows things such as “college” to be captured and commodified. A degree has now become a “buy-in” requirement for corporate jobs at various levels. A new paradigm which denies the moneychangers their tribute is what we need. And yes, I’m still angry.

  • Michael Griffith

    My advice: Vote for Limited Gov’t sooner rather than later! The sooner young people change the law so Student Loan debt can be discharged in Bankruptcy the sooner you can get that massive millstone off of your neck (and the sooner college tuition will come back to planet earth where the rest of us live)

    Get your gov’t smaller and Social Security reformed before THAT albatross drags you down in your 40’s.

    End the Fed. The next 50 yrs of your life will get progressively worse if you let the Central Bankers stay in power.

    • danbax

      these things would be nice but they’re not going to happen. look what happened to Kennedy when he wanted to end the Fed

  • chakley

    16?) Small business ownership is at an all time low too I believe.

  • djc

    Move to the Great Lakes area and purchase a nice home for 50k-75K. Get completely out of debt. Get a low stress job, preferably part-time if possible. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’. Get healthy by starting an exercise regimen. Get spiritually centered by attending church, or if not religiously inclined find a way to connect with whatever you believe in. Eat minimally processed foods. Get completely out of debt. Disengage from the MSM. Get completely out of debt. Don’t worry about things because worry doesn’t solve any problem. Be thankful for what you have.

    • jaffa

      No, sorry. Get out of the USA. It’s all over, you’ve turned the world against a once great nation. It’s all over. America is finished, all over. Asia and Oceania will rule the world in a few short years.

    • Jaybo

      excellent thank you

    • Whereveryougothereyouare

      You said exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the time I needed to hear it — God is good!

  • JailBanksters

    Always looking on the Doomey side of Life
    Look on the bright side, at least a few hundred people will be making that much in an Hour! So it’s not like there’s no hope.

  • djdog

    Serious question to everyone on here:
    Want a good job that pays very well and has security in good times and bad? I retired from one and there is a dire need for other folks to fill the gap. What is it? Stenographer, aka, Court Reporter/Deposition Reporter. I will tell you up front it is one hell of a lot of work to get through school and pass the certification by the state you are working in but the rewards are plentiful. I do not say this lightly as I’ve lived it but the work, and I mean work, isn’t just sitting in a room “typing” down what everyone says, that is the first part. Then you will spend nights and weekends doing transcripts and transcripts and transcripts… as a teaser I will tell you the average pay per page transcribed in the public/county/state/government sector is around $2.00 a page. You will typically on a full work day get around 150 pages. Do the math. Now the catch is that you are not going to be working every day and that’s both good and bad. You can do your transcripts then or just take the day and breath some outside air. The other “catch” is not everything you report on the steno machine is transcribed so some really horrific days as far as long and stress filled hours turn out to be zilch on the transcript side but you still got your per diem. Anyway, I know this profession inside and out. any questions, ask. that is my solution to finding a job that will permit one to be achieve the American dream, even if you spend a good part of your life working your frickin’ behind off…. djdog

  • DJohn1

    $27,520×75%=$20,640 net income after deductions. That amounts to $396.92 per week on a 52 week year.
    You have to put aside 99.23 for rent or house payment per week(25% of your monthly income. Or 396.92 per month. I don’t know any decent place that will rent you an apartment for less than about $600 so we are all ready in trouble.
    You have to figure a car payment in there. I would suggest trying to make it no more than $200 a month. Many lease but I think that is a problem. Utilities vary. It can be $150 a month for heat and light easily. Some areas a lot more, some less.
    Obama phone might be an option but I suggest a land line is a better option. Some phone companies have a minimum phone with 30 calls per month for as little as 25 or 30. They do not advertise this. The key here is there is no time limit on land line phones done locally. Doctor’s offices and just about everyone else will run up your minutes otherwise.
    You most likely will have a water bill and a garbage collection which may or may not be included in the rent.
    After everything is said and done, keep back at least 10% of your income into a fund for emergencies that will occur no matter what you do.
    Many landlords will give an option to keep the lawn mowed and do routine maintenance for a deduction on the rent. That is something to look for.
    I suggest you get an indoor amplified antenna. If you can afford it get an internet connection and join something like Hulu or Netflix. This is almost as good as an expensive cable.

    Save and get a computer used from a local small business for around $125-150 and a video cord to go directly to your tv. There are other options.
    At least $5 a week should go into a maintenance fund for your car. And do not forget to figure the auto insurance in. The alternative is be on a good bus route to work.
    The numbers I have thrown out there are very guess work. Every place is different. The numbers are entirely different. When figuring out what you can afford. Leave plenty of funds available for unexpected expenses. Otherwise you will go broke in a hurry.
    Somewhere down the road, get a cheap freezer. Start storing sale item foods that you would normally eat. It will save you a bundle.
    Above all this keep at least 10% for a tithe if you are a Christian. When it is impossible to tithe, I always gave whatever was in my pocket at the end of a week. It works.
    I think God understands and never tempt God.
    I have lived close to the edge more than once in my life. These numbers are only a guide to how to live on next to nothing. There are many ways to do it.
    In more than one case I had a full time job and a part time job. I went from the part time job working 3 hours in the afternoon, to fixing the kids meals, then going to work on second to my full time job.
    Vocational education almost always pays off. The rest is so much con game for the average person out there. It was encouraged after world war II, so no one could become an officer in the armed forces without a college degree.

    To this day companies encourage this by only hiring college grads into any management position. Bear that in mind also.
    In a depression, a trade is worth more than a college degree.

  • Johnny Shiloh

    I saw great bumper sticker recently, “Re-elect No One”


      Spot on!

      • Johnny Shiloh

        Just thought I’d share this comment I just saw under an article about impeaching Obama:

        It was reported yesterday, almost without notice, that one of Obama’s staff in an “off the record” moment with a member of the Washington press corps, revealed that the Obama regime’s strategy for the next 3 years is to do exactly what they want to do, without consulting Congress and without regard to the polls.

        If that isn’t a dictator, I don’t know what is!


          The D Day anniversary is tomorrow. What was it all for? Sad, sad, sad…

        • Matt

          That fits what we are seeing, but the comment is still shocking.

          • Johnny Shiloh

            Yes, and it shows such contempt for the will of the people! Polls indicate the will of the people and Congress are their elected representatives! If only the people would rise up en mass and demand of their lawmakers the impeachment of this president once and for all.

  • gh

    Your country no longer exists moronic Americans because you let 10s of millions of illegals flood your country. You let it happen now deal with it.


      Slip sliding away…

  • Albert8184

    Your student loan bill is most likely your number one tax obligation to the federal government. Most likely, even more than your withholding taxes.

  • Just an example of things coming unglued some 24 year old guy shot 5 RCMP officers in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada tonite.
    The hunt is on to find him.

    • Captain Canuck

      Just read about it. What an absolutely horrible thing to happen.

  • Captain Canuck

    Hard skills and tangible assets. Back to basics. Get access to fresh water and workable, sustainable land. Small scale farming with hand tools.

    Less reliance on gasoline and electricity and more on elbow grease and community. All ends of the political/social spectrum (from staunch yet neighbourly Republican mountain men, to free love hippies in California)

    A serious look at Native American culture and traditions as lived here for thousands of years. Much can be learned from people who lived off the land for millennia.

    It appears that as society the groups that will be able to thrive in the near future are those who will be able to revive the old Native ways, colonial ways, homesteading ways, and meld them with 21st Century hyper-culture.

    • Angry Jesus

      People are still “living off the land”. The challenge is to rid ourselves of the moneychangers who “live off us”. Access to water and land is a privilege for the monied class and the obedient. Access or lack thereof is what keeps the poor down, the sick ill, the “jobless” unemployed and the moneychangers in power. And yes, I’m still angry.

  • Bruce

    First of all owning a home should not be looked at as a key to prosperity. Neither should it be looked at as an investment. It is a form of security and that is all.
    I feel very sorry for the youth of today who do not see the value in owning a home. Do they really think they will be able to pay rent for the rest of their lives? With retirement incomes shrinking and future Social Security payments being very questionable at best wouldn’t it be nice to know that you at least had a paid for home to lay your head.
    I could not sleep at night knowing I had to pay rent for the rest of my life or else be on the streets. To me it is negligent for a person to not think of these things.
    If I couldn’t afford any home but a dump I’d buy it and slowly fix it up over time. At least I’d always have a place to lay my head that was mine.
    I know that some will say “well you never really own a home because of taxes”. Do you think when you pay your rent that your not also paying the taxes? Buying a home is a no brainer. If one can afford rent they can afford a home!

    • apeiron

      I agree Bruce. YOUR home is not an ‘investment’, it’s your home, it’s security. Make it yours as quickly as possible.

  • chilller

    Do not be afraid to change career paths or move…no excuses.

  • Matt

    Go to community college and study something useful. Try to finish up your degree online.

    Finally, move to Chile, learn Spanish and forget about the American Dream. It’s never coming back.

    • K2

      Things in chile are slowing down too.

    • JustanOguy

      Hmmm… seems like Mexico would be the next hot spot with Audi, Honda and now BMW opening up major manufacturing facilities there.

      Plenty more probably on the way..

  • JustanOguy

    Good on item #2 …. Renters for my properties for LIFE.

  • Rebecca

    These statistics make me very sad and make me want to cry. My heart breaks for all the people out there who are trying to live off that kind of money… Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our wonderful country would become like this. I remember being young and in college and being able to quit a job on a whim and get another one within a matter of days. Now people are forced to work in jobs that they hate, with bosses who mistreat them, because there is nowhere else for them to go. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of bosses have become very mean and cruel people ever since they found out that nobody would dare quit, no matter how awful they are treated?

    • anonymous1

      Rebecca for President. How do I vote your comment up 100 more times?


    I retire soon. As I look back, I consider the big events of my life. Vietnam was huge, certainly. That said, I am coming to the opinion that the biggest event of all was Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard. The Fed has always played fast and loose but now there were no constraints. The next big event were the big trade deals, NAFTA et al. The Ruling Class and the masses used to be invested together in America. In other words, our interests roughly coincided. Now, the Elites get their rice bowls filled from abroad and are far more interested in what is happening in Mexico and China than they are here. The last event, of course, was the election of the Marxist Obama. Hillary will finish us off. We just had elections here in California. The participation rate was so low it was almost a joke. Almost. In vibrant economies, the people participate at the ballot box. They are beginning to give up. This is the beginning of the end.

    • fred

      A truly capitalist society would not have a government bailing out big business.
      Big business has too much influence/control over the government.

    • seth datta

      I’m pretty sure the US acting as the first Beast of Revelations, starting wars over countries who wouldn’t accept the petrodollar since the 80s, would be the biggest event of your life thus far. Every country we’ve been at war with has been in enforcing central banks over these countries, as a run-up to having a one-world currency (for which you would need a central bank in every nation).


        The Petro Dollar is about to go the way of the Horse and Buggy. That will also be a very significant event but when Nixon unmoored the dollar from Gold going on the rocks was inevitable. Imagine have a bottomless ATM with some future taxpayer as yet unborn having to foot the bill…

  • Steve


    You forgot one more point.

    The number of us that have voted with our feet and left the U.S. to live outside the U.S.

    We are tired of all you have listed and see the handwriting on the wall. We now spend our dollars in a foreign economy and usually get ALL of our tax dollars back. So essentially we are no longer contributing to the U.S. economy. Before you blame us look at what we PAID in taxes only to see it wasted.

    Mike you need to do a VERY SERIOUS article on “American Retiree Flight” from the oppressive U.S. Gov’t.

    But I doubt you will given the “theme” of your website.

    So Mike to use the vernacular “Put Up or Shut Up.”

    No offensive intended…just want you to show US ALL that the U.S. Gov;t is driving its tax base overseas.

  • RapidRay01 .

    Reagan’s ” Trickle Down Theory ” end game !

  • Rob W

    There’s gonna have to be a major paradigm shift in the contract between the individual and society.

    • seth datta

      That paradigm shift will happen – in a bad way as the useless ‘elite’ have pre-planned.

      • Rob W

        My hope is that peak oil throws a monkeywrench into the works…

  • Kim

    The advice I would give for people out there struggling would be to accept really for what it is. Absolutely stay focused, stay true to your values and stay sober. Nurture healthy relationships and let go of the toxic ones.

    What matters is your health, your family, your happiness – money (things) doesn’t define you.

    That said, start making adjustments to your circumstances by simplifying, lowering or eliminating expectations and cultivating deep gratitude for what u have. Discover joy in the beauty of the earth, and life itself. Prepare where you can.

    • Almost There

      Accept a lower standard of living? I will not bow to agenda 21. I will rise and step on everyone that settles like you.

      I will have health, family and happiness. I will also have all of your extra wages that you trained yourself not to expect. Muahahahaha

      • Euhill

        Almost There tried to cross a river. Oops! Slipped on a rope. Now look at him shiver.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    you should really get out of USA and visit the world. I meet lot of white guys all over Asia who are English teacher and are very happy. the problem with you guys in USA, you think USA is still the best country in the world. most USA people are brainwashed by their consumerism life style by watching dreams on your big flat screen TV. you coach and ur living room become your home and it s hard to live a comfy home when you just have to press on a remote control and disconnect from the reality.
    soon you life style and your dumb job in USA will become a nightmare. so go out of USA, learn foreign language, and see that it s possible to live all around the world. you don’t need USA to run your life. everybody is free! don’t let uncle Sam to control you…. just leave! (and don’t get married too early, wait over 30 or 35)

    • outloud

      I am confused. Where is this utopia in Asia? Last I heard, teenagers have to work 16 hour days to help their impoverished families. Some employers have had to put up suicide nets because workers are so miserable that they are jumping out of windows. A stuffed animal on one’s bed is considered a luxury to some in Asia. So, where is this opportunity that you speak of?

  • DJohn1

    If I were looking for a job in today’s market I think I would have to sit down and evaluate what I have to sell to the world in the way of skills. Then I would start eliminating potential employers by what they have to offer me in the way of compensation for my skills.
    It does not look good out there in the real world right now. You are right, there is a depression going on and it has been going on for sometime.
    With all that in mind, my first place to look has to be civil service of some kind. They most likely will pay the best in a marketplace that is overwhelmed with people.
    The fact is that anyone over 55 might as well retire. No one out there wants the health issue of someone that is old. Even though some older people are worth a lot in their fields. They actually save money because they have a lot of experience. The older class have been there and done that. They know the work arounds better than most young people. The young work for less money and that is the only thing these employers think about.

    I know people with master’s degrees in business administration in their mid 70s working as a greeter at a retail outlet. That is how horrible things are right now.
    I have been abroad both recently and earlier in life. England and Canada are places where I can visit because I have relatives there. England is probably the most overtaxed country in the world.
    Canada is just coming into its own. Despite and overly socialized nation, the oil reserves are going to make this country a lot more desirable in the future. I have not explored it as a residence simply because the climate sucks. That is why you see so many older Canadian snowbirds in Florida every year. I don’t trust the medicine here or abroad. But that is another issue.
    If I wanted to work for minimum wage, there are still plenty of jobs here. Would they hire old people? Some do.
    As for me and those I claim, I will follow the Lord my God first before I do anything else. It has worked my entire life and I don’t see that changing anywhere soon.
    The problem with working is someone like described in the article is between a rock and a hard place. They are making too much for the government programs to help them and too little to survive adequately on their own.

    • seth datta

      In a NWO, all countries will be run as a welfare state, with the obedient being rewarded with the bare minimum to live. Point being, wages will be equalized across countries so oil reserves meant nothing.

  • Zoltanne

    And to add salt to this wound, these figures don’t even include the latest illegal immigration statistics OR the new Central American refugee figures.

  • Drew

    I know that every person’s situation is different, but I want to share my experience for surviving under the Federal Poverty Level from my own experiences as a young (29) and overeducated person from a formerly upper middle class background, wife, and three young children (3, 1, and newborn).

    First, my wife and I were very blessed in that we did not have college debt because we NEVER took out loans. I know that most people are not in this situation, but if you don’t have to or have not yet taken out a loan yet, DON’T DO IT!!! It will be your death knell.

    Second, my wife and I moved from a major Northeastern metropolitan area to the countryside in the rural south 30 to 60 minutes outside of a major city. It was a HUGE change for us, but we were about to afford to buy our house free and clear. Again, NO DEBT- poor people (like me) literally cannot afford debt.

    Third, while we lived in the Northeast, my wife and I saved up as much money as possible living with our parents for the first four years of our marriage. It was a living hell, but if we had not saved up the money, we would not have been able to buy what we did.

    Fourth, our house that we bought was and still is a fixer upper. It is going to be a LONG work in progress for us, but it is affordable, even at my current wage ($9.50/hour working in a warehouse 45 minutes away).

    Fifth, we learned to barter with locals and buy through local channels. People in other parts of the country, especially the rural areas, from our experience have been good to us (just keep away from the meth heads- but they are easy to spot), and not only can you get a good deal, but if you are honest with them and help them, they will help you the same. For instance, my car recently had some problems, and I called up a friend who I made when I moved and he put me in contact with a friend of his, and just from that contact he literally gave me about $200 worth of car repairs for $40.

    Sixth, we live strictly within our means. Our fun time is once a week we like to go out as a family to a local cafe or for a cheap pizza for $20-$25 total. From my experience, $20 can go a LONG way in keeping a family sane and happy in tough times.

    Seventh, we have been growing our own food. Onions, potatoes, swiss Chard, tomatoes and some herbs this year, with plans for a larger expansion next year. Helps with the grocery bills.

    Eighth, we finally put aside our pride and accepted SNAP and some other forms of public assistance. We try to think of it as a tax rebate for the poor, in the same vein as the very wealthy have their own government-funded welfare programs. Again, this has been very helpful in keeping our family healthy and together.

    Finally, and most importantly, we are very active in Church. Without our Faith, we would really be lost, and I credit it as the most important thing that has kept us together.

    It is possble to still own a home, raise a family, and afford to live in America even for those of us who are overeducated (I have a MA) and underemployed. However, it is much harder, and there is a lot of sacrifice and “paradigm shifting” that takes place. I am not saying this to applaud myself. Rather, I want others to know that (a) there is hope even in the midst of our collapsing economy and (b) for those willing and able to fight, there is some ability to live more normally, but it will be a simpler, non-debt based, less complicated, more work-intensive life.

    God bless you all, and keep fighting the good fight.

    • Almost There

      Sounds like you settled for a lower standard of living and you’re pushing it like snake oil. Well I don’t want to live like a third world country bitch. Keep telling yourself it’s okay that you country took it up the @ss from the globalist. You settle… And I will own you… And put my boot on your face just like your boss does to your hourly wage.

      Don’t fool yourself you stopped fighting the good fight a long time ago. Now you’re a leach on those of us who still have fight left. Wait until your wife leaves you for a man that can provide and didn’t settle for SNAP assistance and a fixer upper home. Seriously? Where is your pride, self respect and anger knowing that you are worth more and deserve better.

      You never wanted the American dream you merely wanted a bite. Typical family handed you everything so you can’t do for yourself. Grow a pair and man up.

      I do like your faith though. That part you have right. Get good with god then get off the government dole. Only punks take handouts and convince themselves it’s okay. Next you’ll be telling us how great it to raise a family while inside a FEMA camp.

      • seth datta

        I agreed with some of his points but what you said was at the back of my mind. So many folk think like the originsl poster and that’s the problem.

      • Guest for now…

        Set me almost there…you really are almost there…to the piint that you almost said something positive!
        Disgusting remark after someone tried to simply say “live within your means and it’s still possible to make it!”
        Comments like yours hold not place in a blog where some people look for a glimpse of hope through someone else’s struggle! Look hard enough and I’m sure you can find a blog for the foul mouthed berating individuals like yourself.
        Ironic that after ripping Drew apart you talk about how you “do the the faith though…”. Drews comments and approach not only focused orimarily around faith but living within the means he and his family have at the this time. Somehow in the midst of your anger and abrasive comment you seemed to miss that.
        Drew, keep up the good work, keep being a light for those that need to see its possible to still make it by living within your means!
        God bless….and may God even bless “almost there”….I’ll pray you actually “get there”!

      • Euhill

        Almost There, I think you need to rethink your life. People like you will pay a nasty price in time. Everything that is done in this world has consequences, whether good or bad. you will get the bad consequences if you continue on down the path that you are on now. I would not want to be in your shoes either when you do get the consequences.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…#15 Overall, the U.S. poverty rate is up more than 30 percent since 1966. It looks like LBJ’s war on poverty didn’t work out too well after all….”

    and yet this is immediately followed by:

    “…Sadly, it does not appear that there is much hope on the horizon for the middle class. More good jobs are being shipped out of the country and are being lost to technology every single day, and our politicians seem convinced that “business as usual” is the right course of action for our nation….”

  • Wes Schuch

    I have read that many people in college now are there so they can get student loans to pay for household living after unemployment “benefits” expired. This and disability claims are the last sources of hope for those jobless and those who will likely never work again….

  • Priszilla

    Well, don’t waste your money on drugs or your life time on hangovers. No loans, no interest payments.

    Every day a good deed.

    Don’t wait for your government to fix things.

    You want change? Then change.

    Wherever you are, in whatever country you live, you can become a respected neighbour.

    And for yourself? Put your savings into investments. And invest in savings.

    Buy a nice sleeping bag and save on heating costs.
    Use the savings to buy good food. Eat properly move yourself and save on medicines and doctors visits.

    Use the time gained to learn and develop skills.

    Learn to cook. Learn to make great meals from cheap but nutritious food. Learn gardening.

    Record your experience, including your failures.
    rediscover pencil and paper notebooks.
    Learn from experience, teach whoever wants to learn.

    Stay away from ignorants, but keep them in your sight.

    Running is a good method to be away from places where you don’t want to be.


    • anonymous1

      Some of the people that use drugs are miserable as they have figured out that the game is rigged. They have figured out that it does not matter how hard they work, they will never be paid a living wage. So, they just give up and self medicate to get through another day.

      • Priszilla

        Yes, I understand the feeling. Anyway, with money spent on drugs there is even less than a living wage left.

        With buying drugs they support those who rigged the game.

        Just like those who do not vote support those who are in power.

        Want to get through the day? Drink lots of water, and get some fruits and veggies into your system. Moving about to search for free food in the forest and parks will get you away from those with the miserable face.

        When I lost my job, I walked through the park each day, collecting and eating berries and cherries, and when I felt like it, took some plastic bags with me to pick up some rubbish.

        It’s also good exercise.

  • RealityCheck

    The government has a loan sharking program called guaranteed student loans. They are in fact creating a tuition bubble. Congratulations on a earning a degree that you can actually use. Have you thought of an MBA?

    • Tim

      I have no desire to pursue an MBA. It would be a waste of time and money, and it wouldn’t do me any good in my current job.

      • iceman

        Bravo! I have an mba and employers yawn at it!! 54 years old and $38,000 in student loans for which no one is hiring!!

        • Tim

          Thanks for sharing that, iceman.

        • Bill Longley

          that sucks

      • Piglet

        You are wise not to pursue an MBA. I did so over 20 years ago, taking night classes while on active duty in the USAF (the AF is big on education, and a master’s degree is required to have any hope of promotion beyond captain), and when I was in my last semester I can across an article in US News & World Report stating that, unless your degree comes from some place like the Wharton School of Business, it’s not really worth anything. Later another article elsewhere said the same thing and included words from an MBA program professor openly stating that an MBA does no good. In the years since then I found it to be true and I’ve never used it, nor has it given me an edge in finding a new job. Much of the class material was identical to what I’d had in undergrad school while getting a BS degree in business. The only good thing I can say about it was that I received 75% tuition assistance from the USAF (had to pay 100% on the very expensive books, though) rather than footing the entire bill myself.

        One’s time and money are better spent in other pursuits. Neither are limitless, so use them wisely.

  • alan

    Once again I must comment if you make $27,000 a year in the South you must be a doctor or a Meth Lab Manager. You could possibly work overseas in Texas.

  • Wise guy

    Live frugally. Don’t get married & have kids.

    • seth datta

      That’s what the death cult running this place want from us. That is pointless.

  • GSOB

    “Entitlements, minimum wage laws, occupational licensing and industrial subsidies all work to undermine the opportunities of the poor.

    They are in effect economic sanctions against the poor.”

  • GSOB

    Jesus compares the sovereignty of God in granting men salvation with the sovereignty of the owner over his goods.

  • GSOB

    Only in Jerusalem did the church adopt a policy of shared property for only Jerusalem was threatened with God’s prophesied destruction.

  • GSOB

    The world and the life of the individual have meaning only because both the world and individuals are under God’s guidance and rule.

  • GSOB

    The Lord replied, “They won’t kill you, for I will give seven times your punishment to anyone who does.” Then the Lord put an identifying mark on Cain as a warning not to kill him. So Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

    Cain murdered his brother. God places a mark on Cain to protect him.


    • seth datta

      Most likely because human suffering is the basis for our ability to repent and our understanding of our need to live by G-d.

      • June

        That’s not entirely true. Sometimes when people endure terrible things they become just like their abuser and victimize other people because they cannot resolve what happened to them.

        To say that enduring and going through pain is the only way to seek God does not make sense and is not rational. There are many who acknowledge the existence of God and do terrible things. Just like there are many who avoid and ignore religion and do wonderful things.

        The human condition is not black and white. There are some that can commit terrible acts and then turn around and perform a good deed. It is all relative to a persons brain and sometimes the human brain is miswired and these people have a set of ethics and morals that seem perfectly reasonable and normal to themselves (yet are wrong and immoral to others).

        Because of this subjective nature of human perception about right and wrong I can no longer believe in God in the traditional christian worldview (nor the other religious dogmas).

        • GSOB

          …’I can no longer believe in God in the traditional christian worldview (nor the other religious dogmas).’…

          1 John 2:19

      • GSOB

        Nulla poena sine lege

  • Kent Harris

    Military is a better alternative than college. You get a solid education and the experience that goes with it. Pay is not great then again neither is the civilian pay.

    • seth datta

      killing others for centralized banks and oil is not Christian, nor moral.

      • GSOB

        Some soldiers responded to the preaching of John the Baptist by asking him what they should do.

        John gave them some ethical instruction but he did not tell them to leave the army.
        Luke 3:14

    • GSOB

      During war though, peacetime benefits are not so appreciated because one values their own life more than their money.

  • Matt Jenkins

    We have to take our country back over. The elite wealthy have taken over the govrrnment and are turning it into a plutocracy. Many movies from hollywood are sending subliminal messages to the world populace. Watch the first matrix, hunger games, Elysium. This is what we are heading for if things dont change. They dont fear us anymore, because weve become too dumbed down to come together. But they do fear us finding out whats really going on, because that might bring us all together. Then, we can change everything. Whos going to stop 280,000,000 people ? And thats just North America

    • seth datta

      The worst subliminal messages are Satanic ones, like the eye of Horus (Satan) seen in UK commercials or even in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video.

  • Well said Jim. Another possibility might be an apprenticeship in something useful. An area worth looking into is robotics…these machines are taking over traditional jobs more and more – yet they still ‘need’ people to maintain them?

  • Hammerstrike

    What jobs did the founding fathers have in 1772?

  • Bob

    My advice is for everyone to plant fruit trees and gardens. This will increase the food supply and bring prices down. We must eat everyday, so a large food supply is a basic need. Learn to compost and recycle. Buy local and develop local resources. With everyone planting fruit trees and gardens, even the poorest family will have access to healthy food. It is only a start, but a critically important step towards the solution of the economic problems the nation faces.

    • Me

      The actual amount of acreage you will need in order to sustain a minimum size garden for a family to have food during the year will surprise you. Planting a couple of trees and a couple of rows of vegetables in your backyard will last you maybe a week..

  • seth datta

    Vehmic tribunal and subsequent domestic torture apparatus(already here), FEMA concentration camps and Mark of the Beast render advice about money saving to be next to useless.

  • danbax

    i just got an email from BJ’s restaurant that you can now order via your smartphone before you arrive. you can also pay your bill by the phone.
    More automation, less people.

    I think learning “maintenance” skills will be the way to go because people always need things to be fixed. I’m going to look into learning maintenance. auto maintenance and anything else that falls under the category.
    it will be awhile before robots can paint a building or repair a car,etc.

  • outloud

    Americans are the ones that are homeless and hungry. Every business I see is full of immigrant workers, legal and illegal. The wages are awful due to supply and demand.

  • outloud

    The most greedy parasites sit at the top of society.

  • G30S

    Raise the Minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. DO NOT BELIEVE the lies that it will hurt the economy. I have been hearing that since the minimum wage was $2.50 per hour. Big Macs will NOT go up to $9.00 each; they’re too crappy.

    • Me

      G30S … as a small business owner I have two choices when I am forced to raise minimum wage of my employees – I can either raise prices (which will cause my customers to go elsewhere) or I can cut 4 of my 30 employees making 10,.00 an hour and give what I saved by firing them to the other employees to get them up to 15.00… but this is the only choice I have.

      • anonymous1

        How many vacations do you take per year? Do you work at your own business or do you just have people working for you? What kinds of cars are you driving and how many square feet is your house? What neighborhood do you live in? What do your savings accounts look like?

        • Me

          What has that got to do with anything … no one ever said that I had to be broke and barely making it as a business owner.. for your information my first two yars in business I lost money – I took out a second loan – my kids and I lived on peanut butter and jelly … I have two cars – bought both of them used and both under 20K .. and I rent not own a house

    • FreeThinker

      Prices would have to be fixed or greedy people will raise them. Some places are asking so much in rent that people are ending up homeless because they cannot afford rent.

      Anyone that has ever been in the military can tell you that when they received their _% cost-of-living annual increase, almost everything in the town just happened to go up by that % too.

  • Marty

    A single mother can earn more not working than she can working and paying taxes, so why bother working? For example she can get SNAP, WIC, Section 8 housing, EBT (Welfare) , Earned income credit, Fuel/Energy assistance, vouchers for clothes transportation and of course Obamaphones, and Obamacare; not to mention NGOs doling out free groceries via food banks.

  • Ian Da Ous

    On top of that, Both Democrats and Republicans are doing nothing about the influx of immigrants into this country.

    • Me

      Totally disagree – by neither side taking action they are ASSISTING in record numbers coming over.

  • Donald Wilson

    Michael our worthless politicos don’t give a hoot about the citizenry of this nation. They and the millions who think they are entitled are the reason this country is falling apart at the seams. Good luck and Good night

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Look at the stock market soaring. Sadly the state of the economy is not synonymous with the value of the DOW.

  • Bob332

    The Obozo Regime is SUCCESSFULLY destroying this country, with the help of the 51 % who voted for him. We are over the cliff.

  • Savioiur Rizzo

    The middle class has lately been on slippery ground. The top brass have been striving and succeeding in distancing themselves from the middle while those at the lower end have managed to encroach on the middle. Inequalities in income have increased to stratospheric proportions. Instead of becoming all middle class we are becoming all proletarians. Excuse me. Among many correspondent I sense a feeling of disdain about Marx ideas. But judging by the course of events it looks as is he is coming home to roost.

  • Phil Perdion

    My house is paid off. But my property taxes are extremely high and getting higher by the year.

  • gary

    Adding to what Tim below me said, I agree DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON COLLEGE unless youre going to become a lawyer or a doctor or such. Going into debt for a student loan thinking youre going to get out of college and make a hundred grand a year in this day and age is a huge pipe dream. Youre MUCH better off spending your last couple of years of high school in a trade school or such learning welding, auto repair, how to operate heavy equipment, carpentry. etc. I am an employer and really could care less if someone has a college degree or not. A sharp 18 year old kid out of high school will go further in what I do then a kid who wants a desk job making a small fortune. Part of the problem with this country is we dont produce anything any more. This is in part because (even in my generation) kids are taught to go to college for 4 years and when we get done some one will recruit you in a cushy dont get your hands dirty job making 6 figures a year. Folks, those jobs are few and far between any more, and an employer knows if he hires you and you make a mistake, he cane replace you with a snap of his fingers; cause there are a thousand others just like you waiting to take your spot. If youve got a good head on your shoulders and youre not afraid to work with your hands, there will always be work for you somewhere in this country. I have gone further in my 40 years on this planet then most of the people I know who have their bachelors and masters degrees. Better yet, if you have an idea, and the ability to bring it to life, open your own business and market the idea. This country will always NEED good electricians, engineers, mechanics, equipment operators, plumbers, etc. These are the people who make our lives livable. If you need more guidance then that, go into the military and learn a trade. even staying in the military isnt a bad gig. you go in at 18 retire in 20 years and get a pension and benefits for the rest of your life.

    • Rene Girrard

      Nope, you will just hire more Mexicans to do those jobs.

      • gary

        Not me, I actually discriminate! Legal or illegal, no Mexicans will ever work for me!

      • kenfrombayside

        Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
        – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
        – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
        – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
        – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
        – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
        – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
        – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.

  • Roger Wade


    ” I could go on and on about the fools of this world”

    The irony…

    • Glenn Webb

      Because proper spelling when commenting on the internet is what will save us all.

  • MagicChimp

    President Bambi gibs me dat welfare checks and other free stuff!

  • Sedonars

    Thanks to Milton Friedman and the Republican party ( union busting, deregulation, crisis economics, social scapegoating, tax loopholes, tax credits, tax rollbacks, no bid contracts to friends and families, deficit spending, quantitative easing, government shutdowns, corporate cronyism, etc……..), which started a huge program to siphon off the wealth of the middle class to the very few super rich back in the 60’s starting with the Nixon administration, we now have the above results. Terrible for everyone who makes less than $500,000 per year in income (which is essentially everyone but the .1%). Why you keep voting for these Republican operative millionaires and their anti people strategy is beyond sociopathic, bordering on annialistic! Your last hope for a future for you and your children is to throw them out of office for good. Do it now, or forever hold your peace!!

    • freevoter2016

      WE must reinstate the Glass Steagal Act and out law Derivatives so the Banksters must earn their profit rather than steal it.

  • Virginia Jenkins

    The problem with the American Profile of Debt is simple:
    Debt was a form of Identification of who you are !
    Banks , Business , American Government, all kinds of Companies made Debt a needed thing in your life to function to be known person who could be identified !
    The Postal Mail made Credit Cards to your door approved !
    The Postal Mail made Credit Debt Cards to your place employment jobs and your spouse did not know about !
    Credit Debt Cards Become your identification to the Human Being Race in America ! Gold Debt Cards a reflection of Being the Best Big Shot in the Room !
    The Big Spender the person with the Money Debt Card !
    People lost their Souls on Credit Cards ! People lost their World on Credit Debt. and Payday Loans gave along to save them from being broke on Paydays ! Pay Day was gone ! The House Gone ! The Car Gone ! The Human Being Mind Gone ! Only thing still around the empty Wallet with Identification Cards and no cash, no functional Credit Debt Cards ! WELCOME TO AMERICA!

  • walleryia

    2013 was a very good year for my small business, however, this year is already off 30%.
    I do and will always have work, but the economy is just now dragging it down, in fact, I work basically alone now. Can’t afford an employee(s) the way the regulations are. In another country, I could employ quite a few people.

  • freevoter2016

    Why hasn’t the president held a news conference to announce all the new jobs he created since his re-election. If he does you can be sure he will spin the facts and tell us how great everything is and its only going to get better. Americans know the unemployment rate is declining because more people are leaving the work force than ever before. Obama will also tell us the open borders and additional millions coming to our country illegally will help improve the economy. When will the lies end.

  • jason17

    i suggest you go into engineering. as a professionally licensed engineer, i am constantly asked for resumes, interviews, what salary range i expect, etc. my salary has gone up a min 10% every year for the past 6 years. i have never been without a job.

    start first by going to a community college. the price is about 1/10th that of private colleges. get a loan for this if you must.

    going to the community college, you can get an associates degree in engineering. this will qualify you to do basic CAD work, basic estimating, or set you apart from other applicants to basic labor jobs because they know you can actually add. these would all be at entry level, but would get you decent experience (and income) while you are going to school.

    now when you finish those first 2 years, you have an associates degree and a foot in the door to making at least around 30k/year if you were working full time. your next step is to get your 4 year degree. save money, or find a company that likes you and will pay for you to take college classes, or do just a few classes a semester to pay for them while you are working.

    eventually you will have earned your 4 year engineering degree, gotten some decent experience, kept debt low or maybe dont even have any. with the degree under your belt and some relevant experience, the jobs will come to you. you will finally be in demand.

    now, work 4 years as a 4 year degree engineer, pass the EIT exam, and then you are eligible to take the PE exam. knock that out and you are a licensed professional engineer. your salary jumps from 50k out of school to 80k with the professional license.

    get more experience and the salary keeps going up.

    why does it keep going up? there are very few engineers, with experience, and with the state required professional license that can sign drawings. you cannot import immigrants to do that. you cannot offshore it.

    comparable alternatives –
    1) become a BSN licensed nurse. good for many of the same reasons above, just does not pay quite as well, assume 10-20% less.
    2) become a lawyer. many of the same reasons above but requires 3 years in graduate school, additional money for college is needed. however many lawyer positions require lawyers with an engineering background, so going the engineering route then springboarding to lawyer may result in even higher payout.
    3) become a medical doctor. the school entrance requirements are extremely competitive. 4 years of tough graduate school. minimum 3 years of low paid residency afterwards. however if you are willing to work in areas of the country with high need (doctor shortages) then you could find many ways to get your medical school loans paid off for you.

    dont go to school to become a librarian, historian, archeologist, biologist, teacher, writer, journalist, etc.

    Think of it like this. we are all human. there are probably a million plus people out there that could do what you do, even after getting a college degree, and they would be willing to do it cheaper (maybe somewhat substandard) but basically ok. Any of those fields are wide open. So choose a field where you have to have a professional license. Choose one in math because fewer people excel at math vs language skills.

  • identalias

    “You can’t realistically pay a mortgage, make a car payment, afford
    health insurance and provide food, clothing and everything else your
    family needs for that much money. ”

    The poor have the idea that they’re entitled to middle class goodies such as owning house and car.
    Families? The poor have the idea they’re entitled to reproduce.
    The poor are supposed to learn to keep their place. Goodies such as property and progeny are reserved for the boss class and favored functionaries.

    Now, you can stay on your knees–or you can wake up and rise up.

  • stephenverchinski

    Trade barriers and tariffs to start and transitioning to a sustainable economy. Ban work visas or severely limit them.

  • Guest

    Oh, so things were better when Whites ruled, right?

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