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Happy Holidays? 28 Hard Questions It Would Be Great If We Could Get Some Real Answers To

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Over the coming weeks, Americans will be wishing each other “happy holidays” millions upon millions of times.  But are these really happy times?  Record numbers of Americans are going to be going hungry and cold this winter.  Millions upon millions of our fellow citizens would gladly give up all holiday celebrations in exchange for a decent job.  The vast majority of us have plenty of examples of horrible personal tragedy all around us this holiday season, and much of that tragedy has been brought on by the deteriorating economic conditions.  Meanwhile, we have a “control freak” government that wants to establish an even tighter grip over our lives and that now insists on either viewing our exposed bodies or groping our private areas before we can get on an airplane.  Once upon a time in America the holiday season was a time to rejoice because we lived in a prosperous land where liberty and freedom were respected, but today we live in a nation with a highly centralized economy dominated by a federal government that is becoming more “totalitarian” by the day.

But we are told that centralized control by an overwhelmingly powerful national government is good in our case because “they” know what is best for us.

Oh really?  They sure have done a great job “managing” our economic system, haven’t they?  Unfortunately, it seems as though anything that the federal government takes control over just gets more messed up.

The following are 28 hard questions that you should ask anyone who believes that having a highly centralized economy and a highly centralized government is good for us….

#1 Why is the U.S. government trying to put a choke hold on our food production system? S. 510, The Food Safety Modernization Act, is being called one of the most dangerous bills in American history.  This very vague and incredibly broad bill (which you can read here) will give the U.S. government unprecedented control over the growing, storing and sale of food in the United States.

#2 Approximately 14.8 million Americans are unemployed this holiday season.  So why in the world is the “greatest economy on earth” not able to provide jobs for all of them?

#3 Why are the U.S. and South Korea insisting on conducting 4 days of naval exercises in the Yellow Sea when tensions in the reason are at an all-time high and when a single mistake could spark an all-out war?  Wouldn’t it be better to postpone these naval exercises until things have calmed down a bit?

#4 What prompted Russia and China to suddenly decide to quit using the U.S. dollar and instead start using their own national currencies when trading with each other?

#5 Why does it cost $181,757 per hour for Barack Obama to travel on Air Force One?

#6 Are we still a “great nation” when so many of our citizens are going hungry?  According to a recent BBC report, 15% of all U.S. households experienced a shortage of food at some point during 2009.  One of our readers named Gary recently left a comment that indicated that he encountered a very big crowd during his recent visit to a local food pantry….

The line at the food pantry was very long. There are a lot of folks who have little food and no money.

#7 If the U.S. economy is recovering, why were new home sales for October down 28.9 percent from a year ago and why were existing home sales for October down 25.9 percent over the previous year?

#8 Why are there so many reports of unprofessional behavior by TSA agents?  For example, it is being reported that some TSA agents have specifically targeted attractive young women for “additional screening”.

#9 Why are U.S. home builders only selling one-fifth of the homes that they were selling during the “boom times” five years ago?

#10 How did a man who had been convicted of misdemeanor harassment and stalking get hired to be a TSA agent?  Now it turns out he is being accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a woman.  These are the people who are supposed to be protecting us?

#11 In the “wealthiest nation on earth”, why are a record number of Americans going to be without heat this winter? According to the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association, more than 10 million U.S. households will not be able to afford to heat their homes this winter without assistance, which would be a new all-time record.  One of our readers named Elaine recently shared that she is one of those Americans that is going to be cold this winter….

It’s starting to get cold here in the mountains. I’m unemployed, no heat, at risk for foreclosure, etc. Everyone is at risk for this, it’s just that many of the muddleclass can’t face it yet. For a lot of us, it’s not cutting back on that bi-weekly latte that’s going to help, it’s cutting back on having electricity. Don’t judge the poor until you’ve been here.

#12 Why are Americans becoming so pessimistic about the future?  According to one recent poll, now only 51 percent of Americans believe that today’s young people will have a better life than their parents did.

#13 How did we ever get to the point as a nation where only 39 percent of likely voters believe that the U.S. government is operating within the limits established by the U.S. Constitution?

#14 Why does the mainstream media largely ignore the fact that thousands of people are being slaughtered near the U.S. border with Mexico each year and a city just across the Mexican border is now being dubbed “the most dangerous place on earth”?

#15 What does it say about American politics that the companies that produce the new naked body scanners have more than doubled their spending on political lobbying over the last five years?

#16 Why is the Washington Post working so hard to defend the policies of the Federal Reserve?

#17 Have we now gotten to the point where the financial condition of the U.S. government is so bad that it will be virtually impossible to ever have a balanced federal budget ever again?

#18 Why aren’t more Americans deeply concerned about the dozens of nasty diseases that they could catch from TSA agents if they don’t change gloves between each groping?

#19 Why are there 18 times as many banks on the FDIC “problem list” as there were just four years ago?

#20 What does it say about the United States that now 39 percent of Americans believe that marriage is becoming obsolete?

#21 How can anyone claim that the U.S. economy is turning around as long as the number of Americans on food stamps continues to set a new all-time record month after month?

#22 As thousands of factories and millions of jobs continue to be shipped overseas, why does Barack Obama keep publicly proclaiming that globalism is so good for us?

#23 Why aren’t Homeland Security officials willing to consider changes to the new airport security procedures when many women are actually using the term “sexual assault” to describe their experiences with the new “enhanced pat downs”?

#24 The median wealth of a U.S. Senator in 2009 was 2.38 million dollars.  So exactly what does that say about the health of our Republic?

#25 Why have our leaders allowed U.S. strategic grain reserves to shrivel away to almost nothing?

#26 In 2009, 54.9 million international tourists visited the United States, and those tourists spent approximately 93 billion dollars.  How far will those numbers drop once stories of TSA abuse circulate all over the globe?

#27 If Congress does not authorize another emergency extension of long-term unemployment benefits, then what in the world are the 2 million Americans who are going to suddenly lose their checks going to do?

#28 Are there still any areas left in the United States where liberty and freedom are respected, where taxes are low, where regulations are not suffocating, where the people are friendly and where Americans can be free to live an independent lifestyle?

  • Lennie Pike

    Here’s a question a lot of people will not be asking in the very near future because they will quickly know the answer after it happens: Why did the government confiscate my firearm?

  • #29 Why are American people not taking the streets to protest against all these policies?

    Because they are overfed and brainwashed, ready to go to the slaughterhouse like the good sheep they have become.

    Between 1945 and 2010, the “greatest generation” has given way to the “dumbest generation”.

    What an achievement!

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • flubadub

    Many of us have tolerated or ignored poor Gary’s rants while going through the comments to your usually excellent essays. How could you possibly decide to annihilate your credibility by including a quote from his unmistakably contrived story about his recent visit to a food pantry. We all know he’s living comfortably at home getting fat on well marbled rib eyes and delightful pastries courtesy of Mom and Dad’s largesse.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here are some economic FAQs I think I can answer:

    Has the former USA, now The Banana Republic of America, UN-developed and become a Third World economy? Yes, it has. When the folks at the very top are seeing record profits while millions of formerly middle class people are becoming the neo-poor, you are becoming more and more of a Third World economy.

    Is the BRA in a recession? No. The BRA is in a DEPRESSION. Recessions are self-correcting; this economy is getting worse by the minute despite massive bailouts, stimulus, etc.

    Is the BRA’s infrastructure going to hell? Yes. When paved roads are being replaced with gravel roads in parts of the BRA because the paved ones are too expensive to maintain, you are acquiring a Third World infrastructure.

    In what areas will the BRA see job growth in the future? Growth industries in The Banana Republic of America will include kidnapping, mugging, armed robbery, drug trafficking and violent home invasions. And there will be many applicants when formerly middle class Americans, now the neo-poor, become truly desperate and resort to crime.

    Is the BRA now a socialist country? No. What we are seeing in the BRA is the merger of state and corporate power, which Mussolini himself defined as “il fascismo.” This isn’t “socialism” any more than it is “free enterprise” or “rugged individualism.” This is fascism, pure and simple. This is an oligarchy, and a corrupt one at that.

    Is Gerald Celente fear-mongering when he says the BRA is going into the Greatest Depression? No, he isn’t. He’s speaking the truth. But the truth hurts, which is why some people accuse Signore Celente of fear-mongering. Ma io so che lui sta dicendo la verità, purtroppo.

    Neocon Dick Cheney once said that deficits don’t matter. Is that correct? No. Deficits do matter. They matter a lot. Mr. Cheney is great at war-mongering, but he is clueless when it comes to economics.

    Is the BRA’s currency in trouble? Yes. As Signore Celente likes to say, the BRA’s electronic money isn’t even worth the paper that it’s not printed on.

    Una pregunta en español, por favor. Yo vivo en México acerca del Distrito Federal, y gracias a NAFTA, mi familia está sufriendo mucho. Ahora no tenemos casi nada. Crees que Ross Perot tenía razón cuando dijo que NAFTA sería un fracaso? Sí, Ross Perot tenía razón, guay. No cabe duda. NAFTA era una pesadilla para México, y era una pesadilla para nosotros aquí en los Estados Unidos donde yo nací hace muchos años. Que dios no ayude, chapurito.

  • Solomonpal

    Yes there is. But I’m keeping it a closely guarded secret.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    One more question, jefe: did you mean to say “Que dios nos ayude” instead of “Que dios no ayude?” Yes, that’s exactly what I meant to say: que dios nos ayude.

    Que dios nos ayude, che dio ci aiuti, and God help us. We’re in deep trouble here in The Banana Republic of America.

  • Jimmy99

    Lots of good questions. As for #3, I can answer that. The U.S. and South Korea are holding exercises that were planned long before the NorKs started this latest round of crap. The aircraft carrier that is on it’s way over, was on it’s way over anyhow. The big 0 didn’t send it because of this latest round of shenanigans. North Korea ALWAYS bitches about South Korea/US joint exercises and always issues threats. If this exercise is cancelled because of this latest crap, the NorKs would simply do this every year to scare the U.S. and get us to cancel joint drills.

  • comment

    Why do 95% of incumbents get reelected?

    The sheeple get what they voted for…screwed.

  • mondobeyondo

    There is an easy solution to all of these issues.

    Run (don’t walk!) immediately to your local big box retail store. Now buy a 40 inch HDTV, made in China of course (the US has long since stopped manufacturing TV sets).

    Next, sit your derriere on a sofa or easy chair, and watch your favorite television shows. Especially the mainstream news broadcasts. They’ll tell you how the economy is improving, unemployment is going down, and Black Friday sales were the best since 2006. Why weren’t YOU in line waiting to buy a PS3? Everyone in your neighborhood has one – what’s wrong with you?

    Ahhh. Don’t you feel better now?

    It’s called “television PROGRAMMING” for a reason, folks!

  • William

    I am not surprised at the fact that America is dying. I am surprised at how fast it is happening. This is not by accident. It is the result of carefully planned and coordinated efforts that cover the past 100 years. The ONLY thing that can save America is the fact that the Second Amendment exists.
    Now, if you do not know who “Col House” was, or know what a Bilderberger is, or do not know who controls the Federal Reserve, you are in the dark about YOUR future.

  • For things Libertarians are doing worldwide, please see:

  • Bill

    There are some areas left in the U.S where you wouldn’t even know there were economic problems. The Midwest. Farmers. As long as the U.S’s bonehead government keeps spending, the farmers will prosper due to the devaluation of the USD and consequent increase in the price of their grains and land prices. These are the people that produce what everyone on this planet NEEDS…food. Agriculture is the only thing this country exports, thats where the money’s headed. They already have the lowest unemployment rates, Homes are affordable and never crashed when the bubble popped, lower prices on consumer goods, and the people are nice. I think there will be an economic migration from cities to rural america when all the jobs dry up and america finally reckons with their problems.

  • Gary2

    Thom Hartmann: Why Tax Increases Would Boost Our Wages
    The math is pretty simple: When the über-rich are heavily taxed, economies prosper and wages for working people steadily rise.

    I am not the only one who thinks the rich do not pay enough taxes.

  • sword face


    How much of this recitation is read as part of a desire to understand reality, and how much is simply the uncritical consumption of doomster porn in a desire to witness a lurid exhibition that will induce schadenfreude?


    How does the constant proclamation of hopelessness edify the public?

  • Ken


  • You are right. The TSA groping has become a tipping point. The thing is… the tyranny is starting to wake people up and they are taking back their power.
    Since the federal regulators aren’t regulating any more, several citizens’ groups have filed RICO suits against JPMorgan, COMEX and all the other currency metals manipulators for fractional and naked short selling silver and gold.
    There is a campaign on Max Keiser’s site “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” and the people in the little videos featured on that site and on YouTube are incredibly young. It looks like the market price is already resisting underhanded manipulation.
    I do have hope, even as I prepare for the worst. We still stand to do well if we are paying attention and taking action.

  • Mike

    You say that the problem is that the government is over controlling. If you would like to amend that to over controlling the personal while over deregulating the corporate we might find some common ground to stand on here. Please note that the sectors which worked so hard to sink our economy were deregulated in the past 30 years. Before that there were controls put in place after the Great Depression to keep us from being our own worst enemies. These were removed at the behest of political contributors who stood to make money and keep it even after the economy at large went to hell. The problem hasn’t been government control, but rather a government and its officials who were purchased by the highest bidders.

  • Graham

    Apathy turns to anger when hunger hits. Only then will political leaders arise who promise to right the wrongs. The price is the surrender of liberty and freedom.

    If you think the current bunch of political leaders are inept and corrupt, just wait until the next lot arise.

    We are heading for bad bad times of biblical proportions as to the horrors coming our way. All of it because we’ve been complacent.

    Our Constitution and Bill of Rights was our protection. We must not allow them to be extinguished or our lives will be.

  • Kat Shea

    #29 Why is the most devistating global disaster caused by a foreign oil company resulting in the Gulf oil spill, that has whiped out an ecosystem and a whole regional economy, gone so under reported that virtually no local people are interviewed on mainstream news? And that the devistating health effects are being activly denied and suppressed?????

  • Umvb Inc.

    The first thing would be that collectively, many would have to be patient while the pressure equalized in their skulls after having them so firmly up their own asses. I am unemployed and have tried to find steady work for awhile now, no such luck, all I can say is that when this happens to you, you will find out who your friends are…

  • John Foster Dulles

    Wake up people. #29 Why is the U.S. still sending more troops to Afghanistan, when the highest-ranking military commander of our forces there said, “There is no evidence of any Al Qaeda presence in Afghnistan.” This was stated publically a year ago.

    #30 Why is the U.S. doing all that it can to destablize Pakistan, through near coninuous attacks within their territory, resulting in mny civilian deaths?

    #31 Why did the U.S. President lie about WMD in Iraq to justifiy a war that he said would cost no more than $40billion, and that oil revenues from Iraq would pay for it all? The real cost in all aspects is estimated by the Office of Management and Budget to be $3.2 Trillion.

    #32 Why didn’t the 9-11 Commission tell the truth?

    #33 The author above said 2 Million would be without unemployment benefits. That’s an error. It will be 2M at the end of November, then another 2M at the end of December, so the total will be 4 Million people with no unemployment benefits Jan 1. Who is going to feed these people? The relief agencies are broke, as are the cities, the states and the Federal government.

    #34 Why are $Trillions misssing that the Federal Reserve (it’s a privately owned corporation by the way) transferred to major Wall Sreet investement firms. The Inspector General lied under oath to Congress, and refused to answer who received the funds tranferred by the Federal Reserve Corporation.

    $35 Why did Wall Street investment firms receie $Trillions (not $920Billion, you were lied to) $Trillions ??, when 25% of Americans are without jobs, without an income, with no hope WHY?

  • Colonel Ted Westhusing

    in 2011, mercenary thugs (as happened in New Orleans in 2005(will be kicking in doors at the homes of law-abiding Americans, to confiscate their firearms and food. You think I’m joking? You’e don’t know how pissed off a man could be if his home is invaded and his family assaulted and robbed.

  • After reading these excellent questions, I have to add two more:

    #29 Why are most Americans not asking these questions (#1 through #28).

    #30 Why are Americans with answers to these questions (#1 through #28) not making any effort to change anything.

    Thank you Brunolem for your answers to #29 and #30 above.

  • Archie1954

    I am very thankful at Thanksgiving that I am not an American and have to come to terms with my conscience daily depending on how many innocent foreign civilians have been murdered overnight by my country. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that people are being killed all over the world in my name. Sure the US government sometimes apologizes for the deaths saying it was a mistake, but it happens everyday. I wonder how mistake prone the US military really is?

  • mondobeyondo

    The sheeple get sheared, while the wealthy elite get fleeced.

    Wake up! Before your friendly neighborhood government decides to turn you into a lamb chop.

  • Joe

    If Americans would turn off the teleprompter news readers like overbite couric, pretty boy williams and who me smile sawyer and start to listen to the different opinions expressed on radio talk shows then we might start to see a turn around.

  • Going2Heaven

    “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
    2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Bruce

    mondobeyondo Great first post.

    Of course Gary the welfare queen still spreading his tax the rich so he can get a better free ride.

    Amercians programmed by TV to believe anything look how big the ECO NAZI’s are from gullible fools donating to them so they can kill more AMerican jobs.

  • Ism

    November 27th, 2010 at 2:08 am

    #29 Why are American people not taking the streets to protest against all these policies?

    Because they are overfed and brainwashed, ready to go to the slaughterhouse like the good sheep they have become.

    Between 1945 and 2010, the “greatest generation” has given way to the “dumbest generation”.

    What an achievement!

    The greatest generation?????


    Those morons fought and died for their enemies and only today some of them are waking up that they fought for their own enslavement.

    Americans, both the previous generation and the current one, are beyond stupid, as they cannot think independently.

  • Nomad

    The Sheeple are asleep. They are too busy eating and watching baseball/basketball/football/NASCAR.
    Try and wake them up and they will shoo you away and go back to their favourite game. Try and wake them again and you may get killed !!

    This is one huge slumber party.

  • mondobeyondo

    Once I built a railroad
    Made it run
    Made it race against time

    Once I built a railroad
    Now it’s done
    Brother, can you spare a hundred dollars?

    Once I built a tower
    To the sun
    Brick and rivet and lime

    Once I built a tower
    Now it’s done
    Hey brother, you wouldn’t happen to have a few Benjamins lying around, would you?

  • namerequired

    Once the rich own everything, the only thing they will pay for will be for soldiers to guard their castles from the poor.

  • Maria

    So how do we fix a collapsing economy? We don’t.

    The only way to stop this mess is to never let it happen in the first place.

    Corporate politicians ruined our economy, and we the people let it happen. We are going to hit rock bottom.

    And then what? We will survive. Hard times come, and hard times go. Through the survival process, we will rebuild.

    It isn’t the end of the world. After the purge, maybe it will be the end of American apathy…and a rebuilding of American integrity.

    Research Save Vote Pray

  • PhiCrappaZappa

    It is and shall always be the rich vs. the poor. No one wants to be a slave, so the poor rebel. At one time in our banana republik, the poor won temporarily, and Unions were formed thereby creating the middle-class as we know it. Do you not hear the MSM and pundits from both sides deriding the Unions for “destroying amerika”? The rich want their pie back, and are succeeding. Welcome to perpetual servitude, if you are lucky enough to survive the culling.

  • Gary2

    I will gladly let anyone come with me to the food pantry. I go every Tues. unless my work schedule changes. I am very underemployed and have 4 children to feed. I WISH what I was saying was not true and that I was simply making this stuff up ,however, we have the greatest wealth and income inequality our nation has ever seen. Unless this is addressed we will never be the once great nation we used to be. One of the posters refers to the USA as a banana republic. He is exactly right. The truth may be uncomfortable but unless we actually admit what we have become as a nation we will never be able to fix things.

  • Judgement Day

    Here’s another one:

    Why are people, including small children, being physically molested at every airport in the US, in the name of “security”, when tens of thousands of illegals slip into the US from Mexico undetected every day of every year, bringing in who knows what potential WMD?

  • premurderedGOM …is where all of you will find the answers to these questions.

  • George Bush

    Since 911 is the basis of most of the government’s activities since, why has the event not been formally investigated? Why did building #7 collapse without being struck by a plane?

  • Grizzle

    The only important question is – When are Americans going to grow some testes and/or backbones and act?
    I am studying and suggest everyone else study the field of Radionics, as a primary answer to many of these problems. Especially an incarnation of radionics called the UKACO device. Look up radionics + aerial photograph on google and see what was done to infestations of insects. Hint – forget the SE-5 and stick to prior machines, or invent your own. Radionics and similar technologies can make us stronger and as for our enemies, well…

  • Arthur Wilson

    Question #28: Yes, buying an RV and hiding it someplace where you can still have access to food. An RV that runs off of Solar for 100% of it’s electricity. Sorry, don’t ask, my lips are sealed! 😉 Hiding from the IRS works with this too!

  • It was getting to the point, people wouldn’t
    even bother to bend over and pick up a T-Bill.

    Now, it’s, “Brother, can you spare a trillion?”.

    Reminds me of the Star Trek episode,
    “The Trouble with Tribbles (Trillions).

  • epicure3

    I stumbled upon this website months ago and was very intrigued by the negative, apocalyptic outlook the blogger constantly pushes. If you want a dose of depression, this is the place you want to be. I am surprised that the author hasn’t slit his own wrists yet. He, or she, obviously can’t get through the day without a downer comment or 30. How about something positive to say? Oh yeah, the title is the Economic Collapse. I forgot.

  • zack

    “#28 – Are there still any areas left in the United States where liberty and freedom are respected, where taxes are low, where regulations are not suffocating, where the people are friendly and where Americans can be free to live an independent lifestyle?”

    Not really. New Hampshire and Texas are probably the best states in terms of individual and economic liberty, but their benefits are overwhelmed by the oppression of the federal government. Unfortunately, moving abroad is increasingly the only way to escape the moochers and corporatists that control our society.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Tim

    Zach, catch a clue. Texas is the least free of all the states. All freedom has been stolen by the wackos from the churches and they took over the republican party. Texans think the goverment should decide about abortion, the goverment should deicde about same sex marriage, the govermnet should decide everything. Nobody thinks for the,selves in Texas. A bunch of hicks with discrimination and bigotry and there only virtues.

    The far right republicans want a church state and no freedom for individuals.

  • ATL Heat Holder

    @ epicure3:

    The basis for The Economic Collapse isn’t about optimism, it’s about truth. And that truth is kicking the nation’s ass at the moment. If you want a friendly site that caters to your inner desires, I suggest you go elsewhere.

  • boobear

    #29 Why isn’t PotUS stopping the abuse at TSA?

    #30 Why do the people who can least afford to, spend on Black Friday?

  • Ouida Gabriel

    Poor Tim. It must suck to live in a state that has morals and values. People are flocking here for jobs but staying because it is the best state in the union. Yes, a lot of us tend to believe that marriage is for a man and a woman. We also believe it is wrong to kill babies. And yeah, we tend to like to believe that there is a God too. It is amazing how successful Texas seems to be but yet we are backward hicks as you called us. I’ll stay in my beloved Texas. You can have CA or Vermont or wherever they prefer perverseness to values and freedom. It must suck to be you as you seem like a miserable creature.

    Ouida Gabriel

  • Lennie Pike

    Why does a foreign corporation have the power of eminent domain inside the United States to build an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico? This means foreign shareholders in that corporation and citizens of other countries get to profit at the expense of Americans who have been forced at the point of a gun to give up their land by using our laws of eminent domain.

    Answer: Either because Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. is truly one country now and us ignorant suckers just don’t realize it only because we know we don’t remember voting for it to be only one country, or a big enough bribe was paid to the fascist gang that controls the U.S.A., or no bribe was necessary because there is only one fascist gang that is now in control of most of the world including China.

    The fact that the BP Oil Corporation had the huge amount of power over the American People that it exhibited and still does in the Gulf disaster is proof that this fascist gang is now at a world wide level.

    Everyone along the route of the pipeline will just have to accept the fact that the laws that were passed by the congressmen they voted for don’t have to be obeyed, and that the administration they voted for does not have to enforce those laws. No one is doing anything to force them to so why should they, they’re a gang of criminals laughing their asses off at all you docile wimps that really don’t even deserve any respect or freedom.

  • Grob Hahn


    Why can’t we have these scanners installed on the US/Mexican border?

  • Boo to Tim and yay to Ouida. Yes, Texas IS maybe the freest part of the US right now…specifically far west Texas, Big Bend region, where rural subdivisions are places you can still do pretty much whatever you need or want to do. East Texas, not so much.

    Hicks, Tim? heck, there are probably more folks from out of state in far west Texas now than there are natives, because some folks know where to go when the SHTF.

  • Another excellent article by the writer of Economic Collapse!!! Of the 28 questions in this entire article, the answer is quite simple: Our country has taken God Almighty out of everything!
    When a country or nation turns their back on God, there will be severe consequences!!! You are seeing the results of the 28 questions that were asked by the writer!!! If the Bush tax-breaks do make it into 2011, there will be such tax hikes like this country has never seen in the history of the republic!!! Fellow Patriots get ready to lock-in-load because mass chaos will be in the streets in early 2011!!! I’ve been privy to top classified information, so be ready or the consequences will overwhelm you and family very soon!!!

  • Duane Carley

    I agree with Robert Stut. We have told God, “Get out of our lives. Get out of our schools. Get out of our halls of government. Get out of our culture and society. Leave us alone.” And a gracious and just God said, “OK.” This is the result of God’s hand of protection and blessing being removed. The Bible foretells of this and it does not surprise true, Bible-believing Christians. No fear though. My hope is not in the government, the economy, or Furher Obama. My hope lies in Jesus Christ. Yours should too…….

  • Luddite Jean

    It’s not just the US that is totalitarian. Here’s a scary quote in the UK media about a new proposed health bill (bold mine):

    It sets out a ‘ladder of interventions’, which says that Government should intervene in people’s lives if there is strong evidence that the benefit to health would outweigh the loss of liberty.

    Loss of liberty? Just what do they have in mind? If you don’t eat their ‘approved’ foods (and I don’t) then you’ll be locked up for your own good? Forced to attend a retraining camp?

    Even more mind-boggling, it didn’t seem to phase the journalist who wrote the article, or 99.9% of the commenters on the article. It’s just a throw-away line in the article.

    But loss of liberty? For the crime of being ‘unhealthy’? How long before that gets extended to anything the government deems necessary?

    Scary times indeed.

  • Gringo


    Why does the federal government refuse to secure our southern border?

  • Mary

    #27 If Congress does not authorize another emergency extension of long-term unemployment benefits, then what in the world are the 2 million Americans who are going to suddenly lose their checks going to do?

    How about those other 5 Million long-term unemployed who exhausted all unemployment aid since this past March/April and have not known how to feed their families and/or keep a roof over their heads, as the harsh winter is finally here, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES, as well? Does the American people even know about these 5 million American people who have been “HIDDEN” by our government and the Media since March/April 2010, who want to work but can’t find a job, and many have been commiting and contemplating to commit suicide due to despair, hopelessness and even shame? How many people know about these 5 million people, also known as the 99ers?

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