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Huge Numbers Of Dead Animals, Dead Birds And Dead Fish – What In The World Is Happening Out There?

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Just what in the world is going on out there? Large groups of animals are keeling over dead, thousands of birds are falling out of the sky dead and millions of dead fish are washing ashore all over the globe.  Something is happening.  Do any of you know what is causing all this, because I sure don’t.  This all seemed to start around the end of December when mass bird deaths and mass fish deaths began to be reported all around the world.  Normally “weird” news stories like this kind of fade away after a time, but reports of bird deaths and fish deaths continue to come in and now there are even reports of large groups of land animals suddenly dropping dead.  As these reports from all over the globe continue to pile up, it doesn’t take a “conspiracy theorist” to figure out that something very much out of the ordinary is going on.  Unfortunately, at this point we have a whole lot more questions than we do answers.

A couple good summaries of the mass bird and fish deaths that we witnessed during the first few weeks of this crisis can be found here and here.  Unfortunately, large groups of animals, birds and fish continue to keep dying.  The following is just a handful of the reports that have poured in from all over the globe during the past week or so….

-“10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off

-“Beijing reports mass bird deaths

-“Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador

-“55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm

-“Two Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

-“Another Massive Bird Kill in the Tennessee Valley

-“Trapped in ice, ‘thousands’ of fish die in Detroit River

-“Dead birds from north Ala. being sent to Auburn for testing

-“40,000 Dead Crabs Wash Ashore in U.K.

-“371 Dead Birds Fall from Sky on LA’s Sunset Blvd; Similar to California, Arkansas, Louisiana Bird Drops

-“First Birds & Fish, Now Hundreds of Cows are Dying

It was easy enough to brush off one or two “mass death” news stories, but when they start coming in day after day after day it really starts to get your attention.

So does anyone know why all of this is happening all of a sudden?

Well, there certainly are a lot of theories being floated around out there.  When things like this start happening people start coming up with all sorts of really wild ideas.  Posted below is a list of some of the most common theories about these mass death.  Some of the theories seem to have some substance to them, while others seem just downright bizarre.

Theories That Have Been Put Forward To Explain The Huge Numbers Of Dead Animals, Dead Birds And Dead Fish Around The Globe

*Changes In The Magnetic Field Of The Earth

*Extreme Weather

*A Pole Shift



*Other Secret Government Programs

*Cold Weather

*”Global Warming”

*The Approach Of 2012

*Methane Gas

*Loud Noises


*UFOs Are Responsible

*Effects Of The BP Oil Spill

*The Second Coming Of Jesus

*Birds Are Dying Because Of Indigestion

*Increased Radiation From The Sun

*Large Groups Of Animals Always Die And This Is All Normal

Now, it must be noted that a couple of the recent “mass death episodes” can actually be explained.  For example, the U.S. government has admitted being responsible for the deaths of several hundred birds in South Dakota.

But what about the dozens of other “mass death” reports that have been pouring in from all around the earth?  How do we explain all of those?

That is something to think about.

Hopefully all this will end up being nothing.

Hopefully it will turn out that all of this can be easily explained.

We certainly don’t need any more problems right now.

As I wrote about the other day, the entire world financial system is on the verge of collapse.  At this point any kind of major event could be the “tipping point” that pushes the global economy into chaos.

The world as we know it can literally change overnight.  Today a reader emailed me the following video.  It is entitled “The Day After The Dollar Crashes”, and it takes the viewer through what a potential unraveling of the global financial system might look like.  As you watch this, keep in mind that any type of “big event” could set off a panic like this….

  • Daniel

    You failed to mention chemtrails.

  • randy

    It’s obvious isn’t it? The birds and fishes of the sea are stressed out and dying with fear of the pending collapse of the dollar… 😉

  • Magneto-Incognito

    These animal deaths is a very bad sign of things to come…we need to beware! Trust your instincts not the medias.

  • Wilma

    This is the beginning of the time of sorrows. This is the bitter rain of God’s judgement on the nations that have rejected Him. Don’t like it? Too bad. I guess God isn’t “Christian” enough, huh? One good thing, though, this is leading to the Great Awakening, the end-times salvation of a billion souls. As the rain pounds down in judgement, as it bounces off the ground it results in many miracles of faith, healing, and salvation. Get Jesus before its too late. Its probably already too late to save your life, but not too late to save your soul. The Holy Spirit causes two reactions:
    1. A repenting and return to God
    2. Anger (does this make ya mad? haha)

  • Michael2

    There’s a lot of hoping going on these days. I suspect there soon maybe a lot more praying going on as well. I still cannot understand why world leaders are globe trotting as if they have every thing under control. And many mainstream media types have creepy grins straining on their faces, like the characters in the Black Hole Sun video by Sound Garden, pretending, I mean entertaining, as if everything is copasetic.

    It’s pretty obvious what is wrong, we are the problem. It also looks like whatever is in control of earth really hates creation, the human species and all of earth’s other species. I find it nauseating, literally to think that “we” humans are in control of the madness going on, on “our planet”. I mean how could we be?

    What species, if logical and that supposedly represents the pinnacle of creation, could appear to be so whole heartedly committed to its own destruction like we appear to be? What is going on is so perverse, with so many problems, on so many levels it almost seems higher forces have to be responsible for controlling creation and our species fate. That could be wrong. It could also be wrong thinking our reality is so bad as well but the situation is rapidly getting to the point where it is pretty much undeniable. Like everyone else, I’ll be hoping for the best but as the saying goes, I’ll be preparing for the worse also.

  • I was going to put together an article on this tonight, but maybe you will want too?

    If true, this makes me question their judgment and their ability to manage things like our food supply, health, etc….

    Very sad when we can’t even trust our own government


  • Imaplaneiac

    In contrast to this report, here in Middle Georgia,this Winter I’m seeing species of birds which I’ve NEVER seen during Winter.( I’ve lived in my present home for longer than 20 years). Normally during Winter I see little bird activity here other than flocks of a type of black bird. Any birds I do see…are seen and not heard singing or calling. Since Nature is mainly dormant or asleep here during these cold months, birds which habitate here during the remainder of the year normally migrate elsewhere; to find food. Today, I was outside pressure washing my home and noticed numerous uncommon birds flying around the neighborhood; filling the air with their song!? The high temperature outside was in the mid-40s. Furthermore, we’re having an extraordinarily cold Winter this year! We’ve even had two snowfalls; once in December and January! Snow here is normally rare! I’m not an ornithologist, but what I now report seems to me to be UNNATURAL and STRANGE! Why would uncommon birds remain here when food – such as insects on the ground or air – is negligible!? Could their peculiar behavior be a harbinger of some kind of impending disaster where they normally spend the Winter – perhaps Florida? Have any other readers…seen such peculiar bird activity where you live?

  • I used to be an avid hiker and taught classes to Marines (Land Nav). When I heard Tampa airport had to change the numbers on their runways because the magnetic north shifted a few degrees (more towards Russia) I curiously took out my old trusty Army compass and tested it. Sure enough it looked about two degree’s off. Declination in Southern California is 14 and a half degree’s, now it’s probably 12 degree’s. So if I hiked with a map, compass and protractor and went say 5 miles I’d be off by quite a bit, hell I might even get lost! Now just imagine your a bird. That little peice of magnatite in the birds brain housing group is going a little buggy, and the poor bird feels like he just drank 5 Margaritta’s. The bird instinctively knows that when it’s time to make that 5 thousand miles journey he’s going to be as confused as Stevie Wonder driving the pace car at the Daytona 500. The birds get nervous and can’t follow each other in flock formation as they normally would. They start smashing into each other like a demolishion derby for alcoholics. Fish are the same way, they use the magnetic north for direction. The fish getting “frozen” in the Detroit river is proof something very strange is going on. In all my life I’ve never know fish to delibrately freeze in a river or lake, and I ice fished as a boy. That’s my little story, and I think I’m right too.

  • clark

    foundingfather1776 Says:
    January 21, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Mysterious “Green & Yellow” goo taints icicles and houses in NY.

    Authorities claim it may be bird droppings……hah hah haha…

    Chemtrails are never mentioned in the article. Of course not!

  • Mariposa de Oro

    I would says the deaths are due to some natural event such as cold weather or even the predicted mini(or not) ice age. There are non government/Big Green funded researchers who are predicting an ice age.

  • Steve

    I wonder when the first large group of people will drop dead for unknown reasons.

  • Mark

    Mother nature. We have abused her since our beginning. Whether its a bunch of white coat idiots trying to control things they know nothing about or a pole shift or whatever, Mother nature will repair herself with or without us.

  • ross

    The huge amount of toxic chemicals used to clean up the BP oil spill then carried by the occean currents & fish/birds might have something to do with it.

    Quite a coincidance that its mostly sea animals & birds that feed off fish that are effected.

  • thats true it could happen quick smart or wise people going to be foolish

  • Mark

    That video is obviously pure neocon fear mongering.

    Yes, currencies will collapse, but an one world currency would only make things worse. Many countries in Europe would have been much better off with their old currency than with the Euro.

    If you have your own currency, you can depreciate it at will to make your products more competitive. Case in point Canada. The economy was hardly affected compared to the States. House prices are higher than in 2007.

    Why? Well oil exports helped, but the main reason is the cheaper Canadian dollar, and therefore lower wages, that attract companies to come to Canada rather than staying in the States.

    No, it’s more likely that when the Euro fails, countries will go back to their own (parallel) currencies. Debts will still be in Euro, and worth nothing, and the issue will be resolved through hyperinflation of the Euro while governments step over to new currencies.

    Depending on the level of chaos, states in the U.S. might introduce their own currencies as well for a while, and if there is a political will to stay together, these currencies might be replaced by a new U.S. Dollar. But if not, you might see regions stick together and form new nations in North America. This will then likely include a split up of Canada.

    Again, the debt crisis can only be resolved through hyperinflation, there is simply no other way.

  • quinzz

    You forgot Chem-trails

    The military is and has been experimenting greatly with the atmosphere.

    Mass animal deaths are called COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

    Soon people may start dropping too, but the military still wont stop, because their getting ready for WW3

  • HAARP – High Freguency Active Auroral Research Program This is a top secret endeavor on the part of the US to make a weapon so powerful that it can change weather patterns and move strong storms such as hurricanes to whatever direction they choose. It can also cause severe earthquakes such as a large tsunami waves that hit the Sumatran coast and killed over 200,000 individuals. Scientists are seeing just how powerful this weapon can be!!! The different earthquake measuring centers around the world that measured the earthquake on December 24th in the part of Asia, close to the Sumatran area in 2004 was unlike anything most scientists have seen!!! Most reporting centers said that – no after shocks was felt!!! The only solution to this question is this deadly occurrence was man-made instead of nature made!!! Most people have no idea what is taking place, wake up people, before its too late!!! This weapon is so powerful it can kill birds, fish, humans and the like!!! It will be interesting to see their next move!!!

  • schwartzer

    This actually predates December. It started with the bees and the bats during the summer of 2010 and 2009 and 2008.
    Also you failed to mention the recent octopus deaths.
    This is not good, nobody will do anything and will sit in their chairs with beer, cheetos and remotes in hand watching TV.

  • usedtobesupermom

    I know this is fiction, but if it happens it will be because of Wall Street. This IS BECAUSE OF THE FRAUD they committed.
    This is because of their GREED, THEFT, & EVERYTHING ELSE THE SCUM DID!
    They are doing it again too.


    This would be their payback but UNFORTUNATELY those not guilty will have to SUFFER TOO.

    I warned that Wall Street was going to crash because of FRAUD, 10 years BEFORE Sept. 2008!
    I was wrong about them being held accountable though.

    Wall Street did what Al Qaeda couldn’t. They destroyed the Nations economy & the world’s.

    Just a thought: Isn’t this actually what the (leaders to be)of the New World Order want?

  • alice

    The only reason anybody noticed the dying of the bees is because we need bees for the pollination of of our food. Self interest always make us notice. The truth is that 30 years ago, if I took a car ride for a few hundred miles, one of my biggest problem was the amount of bugs splattered across my windshield. Whenever I stopped for gas, I’d have to clean off the windshield too! Nowadays I don’t have to clean my windshield anymore, all of the insects have just about disappeared. Crickets, grasshoppers, bees, frogs, etc… IF the insect population is the bottom of the food chain for the bigger creatures, will they also disappear for lack of food????? Could Billions of acres of farm land throughout the world are being sprayed with pesticides(poison), washed into the ponds, lakes, streams, and oceans be part of the problem?????. What puzzles me, is why can’t anybody understand the problem! Are people afraid to speak up because of lawsuits? Where is Oprah when you need her?????? In Australia????? I’m just kidding Oprah, I know what you went through with the cattle industry!!!!!

  • Soft Kill

    I am wondering if “Other Secret Government Programs” include chemtrails.

  • Davey Jones

    Ever heard of Plum island? Well, they have been hard at work on Plum island. It is a viral research laboratory dealing with many animal diseases. Many animal diseases.

  • David

    The crisis that we are starting to experience is not a normal transition from one economic era to another. This crisis represents a change to everything we have known, a challenge to all our values and certainties, both the best and worst of times, as humans both rise to the greatest challenge in our history and show how badly they respond to famine, drought and conflict. The survivors of this crisis will live in a society profoundly scarred by the memories of the horrors of the transition and by a total rejection of the values which caused the crisis. The Change will mark one type of human society from another.

    The Change…
    will be caused by a combination of factors, the most important of which are climate change (“global heating”) and resource depletion. We are also, experiencing a transition from one technoeconomic system to another, as our technology develops and industrial age economic models reach the end of their natural lives. Even without the twin threats of global heating and resource depletion, we face the transition to a new paradigm, and this alone would require new social values and patterns of behavior, in other words a new global culture.

    The key to this Site is the Journal which has articles on the fundamental issues relating to climate change, resource depletion, future energy and related topics.

  • David
  • David

    The world’s supply of fresh water is running out. Already one person in five has no access to safe drinking water. Click on the map to read about some of the world’s water flashpoints.

    Please visit this link for more information.

  • Mary Grace

    I don’t know about the cause of mass bird and animal deaths, but I know that mass fish deaths have been happening for a few years, supposedly due to lack of oxygen in the water. There are more and more “dead zones” in the water where pollution has caused excessive algae to grow which usurps all the oxygen in the water. Some fish are more sensitive to this than others.

    Another thing that is strange that may or may not be connected is the huge number of schools and shopping malls that have had to be evacuated over the past ten years all over the country, mostly in 2010, due to a strange, unexplainable gas or surphur smell that overpowers people. It happened at a museum in England, as well. Mostly in the U.S., though. I think the majority of the fish and animal deaths have happened in the U.S., as well??

  • ornithologist

    The eastern Europe communists had a motto in the fifties of 20th century: “We will command the wind and the rain!”. History repeats itself. I would bet on so called geoingeneering, popularly known as chemtrails.

  • Mary Grace

    Here is a Google Map of the animal and fish deaths. I don’t think this is up to date, though:

  • Tahoe

    The Magnetosphere is failing. And one more thing. There is no “2012”. The ‘Tun’ [mayan] calendar actually points to 10/11 as the Golden Change time period. As do First Nations. All that is seen around the world is due to us being currently IN the change. This ‘changing’ can mean many, many things. We have to be aware of what is happening on a global level and make preparations in our own life if we are to survive. For instance, massive solar changes are taking place. Solar changes make for bad weather and other issues. For an in-depth understanding please visit … watch Indigenoius Native American Prophecy. The Elders will explain what is happening to the Earth during this time and why.

  • Vader13

    Chemtrails..They have been hitting SoCal hard last month. People have weird rashes and infections. Now the birds as as a toxic test goes wrong, or right considering what they are trying to do. The Chemtrails have stopped in SoCal for the last few days. Screw you NWO and your Toxic mess. Hey Pilots, ya know what you are breathing, Cops and ppl who work for the NWO, DO you know what you are doing. Have a good time in hell. 2011 it falls apart. May god help us.

  • lostinmissouri

    I read that all these animal deaths are from being forced to watch reruns of C-span non stop. lol

    Personally, I do not believe, that the PTB, can pull off a one world currency. I believe Nationalism is still alive and well.

    There are still plenty of people, who love their countries. I know there are plenty of Americans, who will fight, before enslaved by a world government.

    Just try to put over a world dollar on Texas.
    Go ahead….try it! It is not going to happen. That goes for Missouri, too!…just saying.

  • susan

    I thought the blackbird deaths were associated with Blackbird Technologies because Pelosi stepped down from her possesion of the seat she gave to Boehner.

    The other animals, I didn’t hear of, so this can’t be true.

  • Dan

    Liberal BS as usual. there is nothing wrong, just more scare tactics from the commie left. Dont beieve any of it.
    Lower taxes, vote for Palin.

  • a cruel accountant

    Who cares.

  • mondobeyondo

    The mass media, and the sheeple in general, will only pay real attention when large numbers of PEOPLE start dropping dead for unknown reasons.

    By then, it will be way too late. Should’ve watched the canary in the coal mine – or the pigeon in the palm tree.

  • mark mcbee


    We already had riots and protest in many European nations. The current Arab government around the world are scared and prepared for possible overthrow of the government after they witnessed what happened in Tunisia and Algeria.

    Inflation and unemployment are high. Currencies around the world are collapsing.

  • Gary2 impersonator

    Why can’t you idiots seem to understand!! If we had taxed the rich, then the animals would not have died! If we tax the rich now then the animals will come back to life. Just tax the rich and all of earths problems will be solved!!!

    I was at McDonalds the other day and I ordered a cheeseburger, the lady told me it would cost $1. I started to scream, “The rich should pay for it. Tax the rich to pay for my cheeseburger!”

    Tax the rich and we will all have a lot of money!

  • Gary2

    I think they all died due to the poisonous right wing hate speech. It pollutes the air. I bet they were listening to Rush/Faux news!

  • clark

    This is even worse than chemtrails:

    “What seems to be happening is that the area of weather phenomena – the troposphere – seems to have been compressed by an expanding (or dropping) stratosphere and the stratosphere itself seems to have changed it’s characteristics. THIS is VERY concerning! These are signs and symptoms, along with many others that we have chronicled on SOTT, that something very unusual is going on in our cosmic neighborhood because weather changes are taking place on other planets, too. I can guarantee you that they aren’t doing “chemtrails” on Mars or Jupiter or Saturn…”

    “Between August and September of 1958, the US Navy exploded three fission type nuclear bombs 480 km above the South Atlantic Ocean, in the part of the lower Van Allen Belt closest to the earth’s surface. In addition, two hydrogen bombs were detonated 160 km over Johnston Island in the Pacific. The military called this “the biggest scientific experiment ever undertaken.”…

    These tests seriously disturbed the lower Van Allen Belt, substantially altering its shape and intensity. “In this experiment the inner Van Allen Belt will be practically destroyed for a period of time; particles from the Belt will be transported to the atmosphere. It is anticipated that the earth’s magnetic field will be disturbed over long distances for several hours,…

    NASA announced that as a consequence of the high altitude nuclear test of July 9th, a new radiation belt had been formed, stretching from a height of about 400 km to 1600 km…

    …something is VERY wrong in our skies…”

    She attempts to disprove chemtrails somewhat, but it seems that she does the opposite, because if this is true, wouldn’t the Masters of the Universe try to fix things using chemtrails?
    And, is there a considerable amount of fallout reaching the earth now and affecting many species?

    I don’t know, but it seems many people in high level positions know more and are not coming clean.

    Mary Grace, F.Y.I. the freshwater drum fish that died in Arkansas do not require high levels of oxygen, also notice, it was Only one species of fish, that is odd. No bluegill, bass or other fish that require higher levels of oxygen. Maybe the river Only contained drum fish, but I find that odd too.

    Who knows?

  • Dan

    Another doom and gloom preacher Damon Vickers
    Here’s another end times guru selling a book that will help you prosper during the dollars decline. Didn’t the dimwit watch his own science fiction video ? What good will it do you if the dollar becomes obsolete after a world market crash ?
    They don’t tell you this part of the story they just take your money and when their theories turn out to be false they are no where to be found

  • Maria

    Our economic collapse isn’t happening because of one specific event…it is the result of a culmination of many events.

    Like our economy, the animals are dying from a culmination of events…environmental events. Maybe a few of them natural but mostly from man-made stresses in their environment.

    Just my two cents worth.

  • Gio

    In New Zealand a few years ago giant squids were caught by commercial fishing vessels from the Southern Ocean for the first time. Before, these squids were only found in the stomach of sperm whales who dive deep to hunt them. I thought it was odd and something must have disturbed the squids habitat. Something might have changed in the deep waters where they live.This might serve as an interesting link to the mass kills observed around the world lately.

  • this is not normal, but it was to be expected. after all the things we do to the environment, logically something big is gonna happen back. this time its big enough to have caught our attention…

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Tahoe

    Chemtrails are not harming people intentionally. If anything they are saving the planet from being fried, for now. Our magnetic shield is failing. Solar activity is causing wild weather, magnetic changes, killing crops in California. The world governments are covering up this issue, but THEY are planning to go underground. Why do think there is a seed vault in the coldest part of the Earth? Or underground cities? Why was Fema built into the West Virginia mountains? [Mt. Weather] Why is the Gov’t buying all the long term food storage on the sly? How about never rebuilding the South after Katrina. Not caring about the GOM, loss of revenue in the billions. Because they know. We are on borrowed time. Think it’s crazy? Punch some key words into Google like: NASA,[admitted magnetic shield failing]Magnetosphere failure, Atlantic ocean/magnetosphere failure, ect.. I would suggest a move to colder climate and growing food under cover of greenhouse or other method such as indoor [in pots] Seeds will be more valuable than money. Godspeed and Good Luck…..

  • William

    Well, I can not explain the animal deaths. If the federal government could explain the deaths, the feds would not do it. After all, this is the government that expects YOU to believe that a commercial Boeing airliner weighing over 200,000 lbs disappeared into a 16 ft wide hole in the Pentagon on 911 with no debris field from an airliner crash.

  • My suspicion is that the globalists are causing these seemingly unrelated mass deaths in various species and in various ways so that we will do exactly what we are doing, speculating.

    They do the same thing with the crop circles. This is a psyop. They want us confused and wondering, “Is this the end of the world?”.

    Well it is the end of the world, and they are causing it in the name of saving it.

  • I think the so called Elete want Most of us all Dead. They have Stolen from us, Lied to us and now they are killing us.. Can you say Chem-Trails ?? Harp, ect. ect.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Wow chemtrails, the New World Order, Christ is returning, Global Warming. Well I’ve been looking and no one has said the truth of what is happening so I’ll say it ALIENS!!!
    They plan to suck out our brains and take our women, and make Gary and his minions our king.

  • Linda

    Blame Blame Blame.

    WE are responsible. WE the consumer Drive the machine that is KILLING us.

    WE put Convenience ahead of Principle. WE need to be **********. I hope it happens Before we completely annihilate all life on this planet.
    The “notion” that we can’t completely destroy life and/or the ability for there to be Life on Earth is Niaive.

    What are YOU doing to Change? How are YOU Helping Mother Earth?

    WE all have a roll. BP?? yup .. they’re guilty as sin – but WHO are they working For? You and Me. Are YOU going to give up that fossil fuel burning car? What about that furnace oil?
    Are YOU going to STOP using plastics?

    do YOU care?

  • impeachRonPaul

    Republicans war on the enviroment is effecting us all. They want the rich to have no taxes and be able to pollute anything for a profit. As long as republicans fight to end healthcare for the masses, the rich will keep them in power.

  • David

    There not just birds and fish dying! Are we seeing the last lions? More animals are in danger of extinction!

    Visit this link:

  • David

    Just 50 years ago, there were 450,000; today, there are possibly as few as 20,000. These are the last lions.

  • Lennie Pike

    It will eventually be known that the announcement made today by Authoritarian Globalists Kissinger and Breszhninski (couldn’t care less about spelling the names correctly) on their propaganda outlet CNN (they will probably be on Fox later in the day) that the United States now has to be partners with China, is directly related to these animal deaths, earthquakes, crazy weather, riots in Europe and the Arab world, debt, inflation, failing currencies, etc. Enough is happening at the same time so as to defy all odds of it not being the evil plans of these anti-Christ fools.

    Like I have been pointing out recently, the people who run Totalitarian China and the people who run the U.S. are birds of a feather. It should have been obvious to all that they would join forces (have been for 20 years) to gain complete control of the planet.

    I don’t know the specific reasons for the animal deaths but I am sure that aerosol spraying of the sky is taking place, and that it is the Military doing it, and that the people who control the fiat currency control the military. We already know these people don’t mean us well. They lack many normal human emotions – human suffering does not phase them – they can not feel sympathy and use only cold hard facts and logic to make all of their decisions. They don’t even have the ability to do that very well because they’re defective in that area also.

    One of the commercials that aired during the announcement was for some financial company. It showed a wealthy woman driving along in her Mercedes in the county side, and just as the announcer said that this financial company can help you see what is just around the curve in the road, she had to stop her car just as she was approaching the apex of a curve because there were sheep crossing the road. Is it just me, or does anyone else suspect those animals represent the non-Elites that might be causing a little trouble the Elite will have to face shortly? It’s good to know they won’t be running us over -yeah right.

  • clark

    Wow, I read the link you provided, ornithologist, it was something else now.

    An Official information draft paper with many contributors including Congressman Bart Gordon, Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology.

    Engineering The Climate:
    Research Needs And Strategies For International Coordination

    From the draft report:

    “In my opinion before a nation (or the world) ever decided to deploy a full-scale geoengineering project… it would require enormous activity, equivalent to that presently occurring within the modeling and assessment activities associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) activities, or a Manhattan Project, or both. It would involve hundreds or thousands of scientists and engineers and require the involvement of politicians, ethicists, social scientists, and possibly the military.” – Dr. Philip Rasch, Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges

    “While nanotechnology may eventually contribute revolutionary advances to any number of public goods, concerns have been raised about the potential negative impacts of nanotechnologies on human health and the environment. For example, it has been proposed that the small size of nanoscale particles could allow them to penetrate and damage human organs, such as the lungs…”

    The paper talks a lot about “winners and losers” and from reading in between the lines of the statements from the always oh-so-honest politicians it seems that chemtrails are anything but harmless.
    You can bet your ass they are already doing everything they discuss, that’s how they ride. The decision has already been made for you, just like the bailouts.

  • Survivor

    Why is it we see all these religious nuts like Wilma above keep touting their particular God as salvation for all these world crises in every forum you go to these days ?
    If these poor fools can’t tell the difference between reality and delusion, they won’t be surviving what’s coming in a fit ! God is a byproduct of evolution as science has proven.
    Evolution is real as science has proven.
    The universe is NOT a few thousand years old as your idiotic religious beliefs say it is.
    Go preach your silly beliefs to the primitive tribes up the Amazon who are still gullible enough to believe in it. Science trumps religion every time – this is the modern world not the stone age.
    Back on track – I predict a weather event like modern man has never seen before within the next few months. An event of such devastation that it will make Hurricane Katrina and the Australian floods combined look like a picnic.
    It will happen in the northern hemisphere probably in the Asia Pacific region.
    Stay tuned and see…

  • Check out my recent encounter with about 500 dead sparrows in New Zealand.

  • Stephen

    Survivor, you said:

    “Science trumps religion every time – this is the modern world not the stone age.”

    Really? Trust me, we’re not as advance and evolved as you think. Look what happens when people lose their money and can’t buy food, then we’ll see how modern your world really is.

  • Stephen

    Oh and by the way, Survivor, many of the great founders of science believed in a god.

  • Maria


    I guess you are the self-appointed thought police here at E.C.B. Not that I agree with everything Wilma says. Last time I checked, America was still the “Land of the Free” which included free speech…or do you not believe in that either?

  • Suetonious

    I have finally lived long enough for a squatload of strange anomalies that life has presented through the decades to be finally noticed by a greater public that has been busy masturbating to all of life’s BS little pleasures, as they are rudely smacked awake to a strange coalescence of all the above into a seeming catastrophic finale.

    For those of us that have been watching, listening and learning, good on ya. We may not make it, but at least I can say that this is about as fascinating as it gets in the study of Realtime History.

  • Matt

    Scalar electromagnetic weapons and/or quantum potential weapons and/or negative EMP weapons are candidates – operated by Russia’s FSB/KGB (die-hard communists still intent on destroying USA) and/or Japanese Yakuza. This book will explain it all and much more:

  • smitty

    millions of tons of chemtrails have been continuously sprayed into our atmosphere by unmarked tankers flying above the airliner traffic over the past 55-10 yrs. absorption of fallout particles may be reaching toxic levels.

  • tgaudin

    To anyone concerned..
    You are witnessing the true failure of science..
    What is happening is historically documented and only repeating itself.

  • Kobie

    Hos 4:3 Therefore the land mourns, And everyone who lives in it languishes Along with the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky, And also the fish of the sea disappear.

    (Isa 24:1-6) Behold, the LORD lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.
    And the people will be like the priest, the servant like his master, the maid like her mistress, the buyer like the seller, the lender like the borrower, the creditor like the debtor.
    The earth will be completely laid waste and completely despoiled, for the LORD has spoken this word.
    The earth mourns and withers, the world fades and withers, the exalted of the people of the earth fade away.
    The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant.
    Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left.

    I rest my case!

  • M. Fidalgo

    Have you never heard of chemical trails? Made by the armies. We have been brainwashed, that only by huge research for the armies, can the private industry survive… First the birds, then the fishes and the undeclared “passive Euthanasia” by the basic food industry and the pharmaceutical companies is well ahead. (Of course nobody says how Hitler and the other Allies tested it?) For every sickness, first created, you get a remedy which creates countless side effects, so that your are bound to a pharmacy, exactly like a prisoner. That is why those owning a pharmacy are far ahead. Did the elites not always say, that the majority or all the stupid people, incl. all marionettes of politicians have to be guided? So why do people claim about the results and are not totally satisfied? With the well proofed introduction of methods used in RUSSIA for a long time – now introduced since years in Europe and USA – as even Gorbatschow wondered about? It costs much less to control the marionettes of politicians, since there are much fewer than millions of people and – they make the laws. Like now full scanning in airports which makes you sicker, while the armies use only dogs… All for you security. Therefore: be dead before you need a pension, since they cannot pay it. What of course would not be good for their image.

  • tgaudin

    you are witnessing the failure of science.
    What is happening is historically documented in striking details..flood..drought..deceases..etc.
    It is now reating itself.

  • Klaus

    Just don’t tell me it is because of man made global warming. These are most likely very natural cycles, that if someone wants to go back far enough in history, have all occurred. Climate cycles are natural, and man can’t do a damn thing about it. And yes, species do die out, another natural occurrence. Earths magnetic poles do shift, ice ages occur, warming cycles occur,droughts, rain, snow, ice all are natural.
    The biggest fear we should have is total economic collapse because of foolish government policies.

  • To Survivor:
    You don’t get away with those statements without an argument. How can you tout evolution as a “scientific” theory without evidence. Your statements are philosophical in nature, not scientific. So in the name of philosophy, you blast philosophy, and then give your own prophecy of the future. Based on what?

    Science has not and will not prove the Bible wrong. I would say you had an argument if you said that people’s interpretation of the Bible was wrong.

    I think it is folly to try to prove or disprove the origins of the Universe. We weren’t there. (although based on simple semantics ‘Universe’ means one spoken sentence and ‘atheist’ means away from God– what is your word for ‘no God’?)

    No, apart from a gigantic fossil record that favors creation and Christ, Himself, who said “in the beginning” and “as the days of Noah were…”, there is only one thing that proves creation; corrupt nature. You can see it in all these animals dying as well as in the nature within man. It is corrupt. Therefore it needs Redemption. You should be thanking and praising God because He has provided that redemption for you in the death of His Son.

    The Bible is the most accurate history book in the history of the world. And on everything to which it speaks it is 100% accurate.

  • Ken

    I agree whole heartedly with Lennie Pike, The commercial is a sign of what’s to come

  • common sense

    It is unbelievable that people like “Survivor” above cannot understand that it is absolutely impossible for the living organisms on earth – people, animals, vegetation, with the millions of variations, to have come about by accident!!! Thousands of scientists have come to understand this FACT, after having been misled for many years by the secular garbage produced in this world for the past hundred or so years. Only an extremely intelligent being -GOD- could have designed all the life on earth. AND – every single thing non-believers say about “scientists” having found the evlutionary reason for, can be disproven. “Evolution”is nothing but a THEORY, no proof has ever been discovered, regardless of the brainwashing you have you received in your schools and colleges to prove “evolution”. The so-called scientists search for something to prove their evolution position, and ignore anything that would disprove their position. That also is a fact. There is plentiful evidence to disprove “evolution”. I’ll bet you even believe in “global warming”, which has also been proven to be a hoax, started in Scandinavia in 1994 by members of 5 largest countries to start the ball rolling toward “one world government”, in which of course they would be the big dogs. Actually I feel sorry for you people who don’t believe in the one true GOD, (and NOT a so-called god who would have believers of a sect kill everyone who doesn’t believe their way). You should pay a LOT of Attention to the Christians who are trying to save your miserable butts from never-ending torment when you leave this earth….If you have the guts and are not afraid to learn something, go to and be enlightened. May God have mercy on your soul…

  • Anthony

    Jeremy: What’s stewp spayrewe”?

  • Sandy the Swede

    Survivor, if I believe in God, does that also make me a “religious nut” as you ascribe Wilma? As a Christian, I don’t believe for a moment that the Earth was created a few thousand years ago. Why can’t evolution be part of God’s plan? You said that “God is a byproduct of evolution as science has proven.” Your source for this? Of course there are intolerant Christians, Hindus, etc., but based on the tone of your post, you should attend to the plank in your own eye before you complain about the spec in your brother’s eye. From a purely scientific standpoint, you can no more disprove the existence of God than I can prove His existence. IMHO, it is a matter of faith. How do you know if you spouse is cheating on you, or that your parents loved you? You have faith in them. It is a start. Perhaps someday you can have faith is something, or someone, greater than all that you survey.

  • Rom

    The answer to the humungous amount of deaths is simple, why not just ask Al Gore?

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s not an accident. If it were, there would be weeds growing on Mars right now.

    Evolution and creation are both theories, but I tend to lean more towards creation. After all, if we descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys in Africa? They should have all descended into… us.

  • olddogbigbone

    Spray,poisons,earthly or from space?? I’m really worried about USA education….one let me say– that again ONE species is targeted on each occasion..while hundreds other species are rubbing shoulders, with no ill effects? red wing blackbirds, (no other birds)carp (no other fish), horse shoe crabs,(no other crustaceans) on and on? can no one see past the sheeple on HD? look up hi altitud(sat) use of freq targeting specific genomes…done as far back as Rife…..or not

  • We were warned about these times thousands of years ago.
    Hosea 4:3 says “Therefore the land will mourn, and every one who dwells in it will languish, with the beast of the field and the
    and fowls of the air: yes, even the fish of the sea will be taken away.”
    Now since this was written 725 till 770 you still want doubt those Hebrew prophets?
    Remember what is written in Luke 24:25.
    Wake up people don’t be a fool.

    B.D. 613

  • The former ballerina and Dutch actress Ine Veen ( wrote the book : “Alarm u wordt vergiftigd, zal de wereld ten onder gaan aan gif en bedrog” (Aspekt Publishers) In this book you can read everything about the pollution of our world by chemtrails. Ofcourse the book is a Tabu in the Dutch media but everyone is talking about it!

  • Peter

    This is rather difficult to read, but I would suggest you take a look at:

    “Mother Nature calling many Children Back”


  • To Common Sense:
    I have to disagree with you on this point: that you can prove evolution false. Neither side can prove the other false based on the laws of the universe. Even Kent Hovind isn’t attempting in his debates so much to prove evolution false, as he is trying to dislodge it from its pretentious perch. It is philosophic and not scientific in nature and has a grip on our society through the government schools and textbooks mainly. Creation should be equally taught, then let people think and decide for themselves. I like education, not brainwashing.

    I would recommend to anyone searching, Pascal’s “Pensees” as an excellent read, not on evolution per se.

    Also, to other Christians, please be careful to study the End Times more carefully before you “speak”. Yes, the prophets did speak about the last days, the Day of the Lord, the time of Jacob’s trouble, or the Tribulation Period, all descriptions of this 7 year period of God’s judgment. But we are not in it yet. God’s prophetic timetable requires a One World
    Government to take place and then a 10 kingdom system with 10 world leaders, before Antichrist comes. When he comes, he will take power not with the rapture of the church, but with the signing of a 7 yr peace treaty with Israel. The rapture is immanent!

  • Steve

    Chronological presentation of the recent fish and bird kills

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I’m convinced this has something to do with Chemtrails also. For anyone who does not know about Chemtrails check out this web site and get informed. There is global spraying of toxic chemicals occurring daily. Trees are dying in large numbers. People are encouraged to contact their elected officials and demand an end to the spraying. The spray has contaminated our soil, water and air with high levels of aluminum, heavy metal, barium and biological agaents. There are all types of sicknesses being reported and now pregnant woman are testing positive for levels of toxins in their system. I believe it’s the chemicals that are being sprayed that caused the deaths of all these animals and our immune systems are being weakened and we’ll be dying earlier as a result. It’s deliberate and global. Get informed and demand they stop.

  • Thank you guys, so how many years do you suspect it will end up being till the American administration suggest the presence of ufo’s? And do you believe that perhaps these people will also produce a artificial alien danger?

  • Victorian

    As long as monsanto and the rest make money, what do they care? Since both the dems and reps keep monsanto execs running the FDA, you know who the politicians listen to. Soon “food shortages” will be used to ram GOMs down everyone’s throat even further. Remember, whoever controls the food, controls everyone. The worst part is as these GMO genes are released into nature there is no way to EVER remove them. But I am sure our politicians, multi-national corp. and their whore scientists know best. After all nature has billions of years experience, but NO degree from the “best” university.

  • Craig

    200 head of cattle died about 60 miles away from where I live, supposedly was some kind of dysentery but that hasn’t been confirmed. I’ve never heard of 200 cows dying like this around here ever, strange.

  • Stu

    I thought the whole point of the article was “what is causing the massive animal deaths”…

    Not a Science vs Religion bash session.

  • mondobeyondo

    No lions. No tigers. No bears. Oh my!

    The world will be all the poorer, if our wild species were to go extinct. I’d love to go on an African safari someday, and see those creatures in their native habitat. And no – the San Diego Zoo is not a lion’s native habitat.

    But your trip down the Yellow Brick Road will be much safer without those dangerous predators around…

  • World leaders are killing them off. Cause catastrophe, provoke fear, offer solution. Illuminati modus operandi. French revolution, food hidden. This world revolution, food and people destroyed. Panic, fear, takeover.! These are the end days people the Bible speaks so clearly about. Hold on tight!! I suggest you join the winning team because no commitment means, GAME OVER!

  • Naze, ufos and aliens are another illusion to confound and keep the real agenda hidden. The plot is so thick and so revolting I couldn’t even believe man was capable of doing the things they do and are going to do. This is because they’ve allied themselves with pure evil in exchange for earthly benefits. They think they’re smarter than we are, the people-average-everyday people, but they are really very very stupid and they will realize it for milleniums, every second of every day of every week, of every month.

  • This is just so pitiful. Hundreds of birds and animals just die. The shifts in weather condition. Long winter and not just snow but ice. Strong floods devastating places like Australia. I think the Earth is giving back the sufferings that we had given to it.

  • Lennie Pike

    Dulaine Harris:

    Exactly right.

  • Just a fare warnings.

    Hos.4:1-11 Whore house religion has given us the world we live today.
    Luke 24:25

    Best learn how to excape this judgment.

    That protcted place is here the time to find it is running out.

    B.D. 613

  • Chris S

    So- Who is going to be on the other end of this? Every Long has a short- what will THEY be doing? The market is a zero sum gain. I guess IM LONG SILVER AND SHORT THE DOLLAR.

  • Gertrud Waak

    Worldwide Testing of ultra-poisonous gas on animals:

    A string of mass animal death stories from America: Arkansas, Maryland; Canada, Brazil; Europe: Italy, England and Sweden; and Asia (New Zealand / CHINA) seems to suggest that the countries concerned have tested the ultra-toxic PHOSGENE on birds and fish and may consider using it AGAINST HUMANS in the near future!

    Labeling Liberals as PSYCHOPATHIC in order to declare OPEN SEASON on them, DISARM them and have them D E P O R T E D to the nearest CAMP!!!

    also a result of unjust weights and
    measures (which are an ABOMINATION to God –
    just like an OBAMANATION)!

  • Gertrud Waak

    Worldwide Testing of ULTRA-POISONOUS GAS on animals:

    A string of mass animal death stories from America: Arkansas, Maryland; Canada, Brazil; Europe: Italy, England and Sweden; and Asia (New Zealand / CHINA) seems to suggest that the countries concerned have tested the ultra-toxic PHOSGENE on birds and fish and may consider using it AGAINST HUMANS in the near future!

  • steppenwolfsayshi

    Maybe its just the media reporting the events and making them seem scary, even though really things like this happen all the time? Remember last year when they started reporting all the earthquakes and it made it seem like all of sudden there were a lot of earthquakes when there were no more than usual or a couple years before that with the shark attack hysteria. I’m trying to be optimistic. The bird deaths in the US have been linked to the USDA program Bye, Bye Blackbird, which allows farmers to kill birds that eat crops with too little oversight of how many birds are poisoned. I suspect there are a lot of programs like that in place all over the world and definitely there’s no way to account for the pollutants added to ecosystems from multiple sources. At some point the ecosystem might collapse.

  • Bill Randolph

    Survivor–if you believe that “evolution” has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt you MUST believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. The double helix of DNA could not have happened by chance. It is mathematically impossible. Besides, if it is a “code” then someone or something must has “written” it. This does mean that there are nefarious men out there who believe there are too many people on the planet, mother earth or Gia, take your pick, and want the world’s population reduced substantially. You can bet your sweet bippy that the deaths of animals, birds, fish, etc. are not happening by “accident”. FOLLOW THE MONEY

  • Alice Maxwell

    The Oklahoma “droppings” came after residents reported “tremors” days before. Such linkage is left out of what the media trumpets.

    We know that the earth is “templated” and we live on flating segments. They are moving constantly and as they do, they reveal gas fissures which often leak into the air space above, often as blasts similar to oil blasts after drilling. This is a possible explanation for the “droppings”. What it presages is more change.

    This illustrates how ignorant so many people are despite constant TV programs which try to explain scientific facts. Why the media cannot do some research before raising the ruckus, is beyond me but then so many “publishers” serve private agendas. The “climate warming” crowd illustrate my point. It is a known fact that when Columbus discovered the Americas, our earth was 10 degrees of tilt from what it is today. If you check your world globe, tilt it ten degrees to the left, Florida moves from sub tropical to sub tempoerate zone. Europe mobves from temperate to subarctic and the arctic moves to temperate. This releases glaciers from their frozen hold and “FROZEN”
    volcanos come to life again as they are freed.
    Their warmth increases the heat of the water streams in our oceans which give so many of our coasts unique climates….like the Gulf Stream which wanders close to the USA, Scotland et al and brings warmth where there should be no warmth from time to time. As a former resident of New Jersey, I have pictures of Asbury Park from seventy years ago when it had palm trees lining its beach! I have been to the Isle of Skye’ which once was the greatest botanical garden in the world because it could sustain sub tropical plants, even though it was in the northern limits of the temperate zone. It is no longer!

  • Don

    I have seen no mention, for probable cause of these animal deaths, of the increasing global proliferation of chemtrails. What chemical are these planes dumping? Sewage, harmless chemicals? Who are dumping them?

  • Hunnik

    all you talk is politics and business… but seems like nature is dying … we are blessed with this planet and all within.. our job should be take`n care of it .. plants..oceans..animals..birds…
    because only WE can.

    yes we need money and so on.. because no1 havent thought better idea to manage our lifes and comforts..
    but still .. swimming in this crap ..we shouldnt forget about most important thing …our little planet.

    watch this video and remember words of Ernest Hemingway..”This is a fine place and worth fighting for” …

    I can´t change the world .. but WE can .

  • lee

    WELL…..Osamma is in charge–he is to blame. Michelle cooked the WRONG crap.

  • Alice Maxwell

    The New York Times today highlights the thousands of tremors Arkansas has had….Get ready for another New Madrid event….another great national catastrophe like the last one just three decades ago which destroyed over 600 towns along the Mississippi basin from Canada to New Orleans and gave rise to the infamous Fema…but that is another story!

    As George Santayana, the great American phillosopher said Those who ignore hstory are doomed to its replay.

    All you deliberate ignoramouses had better fasten your seat belts for this one!

  • Behind the scenes, men have been orchestrating the demise of modern government in it’s actual form. The implementation of The New World Order has three steps. 1. Cause catastrophies. 2. Promote fear.3. Offer a solution. These catastrophies include (food deprivation, (see the French Revolution) by the destruction of the food chain(mysterious animal deaths), massive oil leakages, ecosystem sabotage and The Third World War!! These plans are common knowledge as they were published many years ago but many refuse to believe in the evil intent of our world leaders. The serf mentality of “eveything will be ok” is prevalent. God also warned us about these things.(In the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes).(Kingdom will rise against kingdom and nation against nation.) These are the beginnings of the birth pains. (They will increase in crescendo like giving birth.) Those deemed conspiracy theorists by the conspirators have just gained wind of the plan and its implementation in full progress. What to do then? The only thing to do, realize and recognize! God is our creator! All things start and end with him. Alpha and Omega. His Son Jesus gave us the road to bliss, security, and endless love with his Father. believe in Him- Game Over. When the smoke clears you’ll be wearing a white robe in paradise with a grin on your face as wide as the Milky Way.

  • joe

    3/8/11 – OK, this is really strange, do a search for “dead birds and fish”. This is occurring all over the world and it just started this year 2011. One occurrence is strange but many occurrences at many places around the US and other countries.. that’s really strange. PEOPLE.. think logically …. this is strange. Also stranger is the media coverage and the ridiculous reasons the experts give for the deaths. Once again… think for yourself, read, search for info but stay informed, this should have your attention. Don’t be stupid and panic but also don’t believe the media. Remember the media sold us Obama, hope and change, what a bunch of BS, he is the most corrupt bully ever to hold the office, if you still believe in Obama and the far left in this country there is no hope for you, you’re a sheep and you’ll follow him off the cliff. The only excuse I haven’t heard is that George bush is killing the fish and birds. I have no honest clue of why this is occurring. I do suggest reading the Bible for answers. Mathew 24 is a good chapter to listen to. When schools are being sued because of a Christmas party, I think God is pisses at tis One Nation Under God … Where have we allowed the minority in our country to take us? The first thing I suggest we do is get the nut jobs out of the White House, restore God in our country, prayer in our schools and take back the US of A. Oh yea, decertify every union too, the corruption in the unions is not fixable, never . Barging for yourself don’t allow thugs and criminals to PIMP you. No I’m not a Christian nut job but I do think this country was founded on Christianity and the English language. Where have we gone so wrong? Was it the SEX, Alcohol, Drugs, Gay marriage, destruction of morality, foul language and music? Or is it just our inability to say no, you’re right, you’re wrong? Somebody is wrong and by the things I’m seeing much of our population is living like HOLLYWOOD. That’s wrong. Oh, here is a simple answer to the gay issue, man and woman is normal, gay is not. We may accept gay as gay but it’s not normal, sorry. Some things are normal and some things are not, it’s that simple. Dead fish and birds are not normal either. Do some research of your own, be ready for anything, be good to your neighbors.

  • Bob Moore

    You are reporting mass deaths of Birds, fish and animals, but, is anyone reporting on the scientific research of the causes, not just speculating.

  • Julie M. Smith

    Nature has a warning system for us. Canaries are to the coal miner as birds and fish are to us. Focus on what matters, listen you your heart, use common sense and be polite especially in a time of crisis.

    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Biologists say the millions of dead fish that washed up in King Harbor in Redondo Beach tested positive for a dangerous neurotoxin.

    The California Department of Fish and Game had originally blamed the die-off on oxygen deprivation, after the fish were driven into the marina by rough waters.

  • The comment by Dulaine Harris of Feb/15,2011 is RIGHT ON and AMEN!

    They(the leaders of the world) will say: “Peace and Safety” “and sudden destruction will soon follow”—Just doing what the Bible says will happen–the leaders of the world work His plan and they do not know it!

    Just watch folks,read your Bible,Revelations,Ezekiel,Daniel and others!

    It is all there and time is short–but God is in control and His plan is perfect and working!

    The Rapture cannot be too far off!

    Wake up—

  • Re unions – instead of hacking unions to death how about boning up on your history of working conditons/evolution of the society you now enjoy and so blithely take for granted, like its always been this way – bone up on what unions have accomplished for all workers-yes, unions brought all of the following social changes/revolutions about – literally, figuratively created the middle class of society – Have a look back 70 years ago and see what workers dealth with before the advent of unions and tell me you prefer it over the by comparision) luxurious working conditons you enjoy today, even in the crappiest job – they abolished child labour,stablished health and safety standards,workers compensation, got workers a day off to start with,established minimum wage scales, pensions, 40 hour work week, maternity leave (pregnancy meant good by job before unions) unemployment benefits/leaves of absence, tc. etc. the list is just about endless-the positive social force/change brought about through the unionization of workers, isn’t to be underestimated, they literally made it possible for the creation and growth of a middle class for the first time in human history – early unionizers were beaten, murdered, etc…Do you think it was a benevolent upper class that was responsible for creating the type of society you now take for granted? Like any other group/govt/country/religion that grew in power and money, corruption seeped in – that seems to be the human condition – but I challenge you to show me any organization/govt/religion with the same resources that has not ended up the same way -bar none – that has not become corrupt in some manner when they have accumulated power -aint no such thing – and organized religion is just as kettle black as the pot. Those who want to union bash – take a look back at early photos of the 7 year old kids working coal mines and dying in coal mines/school? that was for the rich – cause there only used to be two classes – the rich and the poor – school was for the rich – there was no middle class – People literally used to get worked to death, or left to die in poverty,at all ages before the advent of the unions and the middle class. All you really need do is go travel to any one of the economically underdeveloped countries to see the same conditions there as used to be here before unions became a force for the rich to contend with. Perhaps they have outlived their time, but any erosion of workers rights is step back towards, and a crack in the door to worse abuse than you can even imagine, if it ever gets momentum. I’m only in my 50’s, but I don’t remember too many people retiring when I was younger, and certainly not in the health and with the wealth we see so prevelant today.

  • A. Mosher

    Throughout history there have been massive dying of large groups of animals. This still happens when the wild herd gets too large. Animals know the tipping point when food will be too scarce to survive, and they self-destruct. Now, if only man were so bright. I do not understand why all these people prophesizing doom and destruction do not just jump off a very high cliff together and get to Heaven early.

  • Bunneluv

    Terrifying how the animals are often laid on top of each other like they were dropped off.
    There was an “X Files” episode where Mulder & Scully had com across UFOs dropping off animals.
    Maybe that’s what’s happening in theses most recent U.S & International cases.
    However, it’s most likely that & also in most cases the animals can’t survive the gravitational reentry back into earth so they perish and get dumped out dead, dying or traumatized!
    Experiments gone awry.
    Or it’s the Virgin Galactic flight program practicing traveling with live stock and they have been failing miserably.

  • Bunneluv

    Part 2 to my above comment:
    Experts claim sonic boom or sound wave testing in the oceans by the navy. But if the sound waves are to blame than shouldn’t humans fear that as well. Cuz people recently in California and Nevada awakened twice in the recent week to a loud boom that could be heard after a meteorite was to blame! So if it was the navy in Peru than why weren’t more animal species affected from the waves in the ocean or why didn’t any of the humans living near the coastline feel any type of ground movement or a sudden flock of birds screeching away or taking flight. Why in any of these dead mammal cases. Never a human is around or awake to witness a huge noise or to actually see a nearby naval ship or etc in the most recent cases. And was there a naval ship or sub positioned near/ in any body of water nearby whenever the recent incidents of large dead animals floated ashore. Shouldn’t nearby fishermen have had nose bleeds or have been dazed and confused because of them being near the water too.

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