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Huge Trouble Is Percolating Just Under The Surface Of The Global Economy

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World On Fire - Public DomainDid you know that the number of publicly traded companies declaring bankruptcy has reached a five year high?  And did you know that Chinese exports are absolutely collapsing and that Chinese economic growth in 2014 was the weakest in over 20 years?  Even though things may seem to be okay on the surface for the global economy at the moment, that does not mean that big trouble is not percolating just under the surface.  On Wednesday, investors cheered as stocks soared to new highs, but almost all of the economic news coming in from around the planet has been bad.  The credit rating on Greek debt has been slashed again, global economic trade is really slowing down, and many of the exact same financial patterns that we saw just before the crash of 2008 are repeating once again.  All of this reminds me of the months leading up to the implosion of Lehman Brothers.  Most people were feeling really good about things, but huge trouble was brewing just underneath the surface.  Finally, one day we learned that Lehman Brothers had “suddenly” collapsed, and then all hell broke loose.

If the economy is actually “getting better” like we are being told by the establishment media, then why are so many big companies declaring bankruptcy?  According to CNBC, the number of publicly traded companies declaring bankruptcy has hit a five year high…

The number of bankruptcies among publicly traded U.S. companies has climbed to the highest first-quarter level for five years, according to a Reuters analysis of data from research firm

Plunging prices of crude oil and other commodities is one of the major reasons for the increased filings, and bankruptcy experts said a more aggressive stance by lenders may also be hurting some companies.

It is interesting to note that the price of oil is being named as one of the primary reasons why this is happening.

In an article entitled “Anyone That Believes That Collapsing Oil Prices Are Good For The Economy Is Crazy“, I warned about this.  If the price of oil does not bounce back in a huge way, we are going to see a lot more companies go bankrupt, a lot more people are going to lose their jobs, and a lot more corporate debt is going to go bad.

And of course this oil crash has not just hurt the United States.  All over the world, economic activity is being curtailed because of what has happened to the price of oil…

In the heady days of the commodity boom, oil-rich nations accumulated billions of dollars in reserves they invested in U.S. debt and other securities. They also occasionally bought trophy assets, such as Manhattan skyscrapers, luxury homes in London or Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

Now that oil prices have dropped by half to $50 a barrel, Saudi Arabia and other commodity-rich nations are fast drawing down those “petrodollar” reserves. Some nations, such as Angola, are burning through their savings at a record pace, removing a source of liquidity from global markets.

If oil and other commodity prices remain depressed, the trend will cut demand for everything from European government debt to U.S. real estate as producing nations seek to fill holes in their domestic budgets.

But it isn’t just oil.  We appear to be moving into a time when things are slowing down all over the place.

In a recent article, Zero Hedge summarized some of the bad economic news that has come in just this week…

Mortgage Apps tumble, Empire Fed slumps, and now Industrial Production plunges… Against expectations of a 0.3% drop MoM, US Factory Output was twice as bad at -0.6% – the worst since August 2012 (and lamost worst since June 2009). This is the 4th miss in a row.

If we are indeed heading into another economic downturn, that is really bad news, because at the moment we are in far worse shape than we were just prior to the last recession.

To help illustrate this, I want to share with you a couple of charts.

This first chart comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and it shows that after you adjust for inflation, median income for the middle class is the lowest that it has been in decades

Median Income St. Louis Fed

This next chart shows that median net worth for the middle class is also the lowest that it has been in decades after you adjust for inflation…

Median Net Worth St. Louis Fed

The middle class is being systematically destroyed.  For much more on this, please see this recent article that I published.  And now we are on the verge of another major economic slowdown.  That is not what the middle class needs at all.

We are also getting some very disturbing economic news out of China.

In 2014, economic growth in China was the weakest in more than 20 years, and Chinese export numbers are absolutely collapsing

China’s monthly trade data shows exports fell in March from a year ago by 14.6% in yuan terms, compared to expectations for a rise of more than 8%.

Imports meanwhile fell 12.3% in yuan terms compared to forecasts for a fall of more than 11%.

This is a clear sign that global economic activity is slowing down in a big way.

In addition, Chinese home prices are now falling at a faster pace then U.S. home prices fell during the subprime mortgage meltdown

It appeared as though things went from bad to worse nearly overnight; China’s National Bureau of Statistics said that contrary to hopes that there would be a modest rebound, the average new home price in China fell at the fastest pace on record in February, from the previous year.

Reuters reported that average new home prices in China’s 70 major cities fell 5.7 percent, year to year, in February – marking the sixth consecutive drop after January’s decline of 5.1 percent.

Things continue to get worse in Europe as well.

This week we learned that the credit rating for Greek government debt has been slashed once again

Standard & Poor’s has just cut Greece’s credit rating to “CCC+” from “B-” with a negative outlook.

S&P said it expected Greece’s debt to be “unsustainable.” It cited the potential for dissolving liquidity in the government, banks and economy.

And according to the Financial Times, we could actually be on the verge of witnessing a Greek debt default…

Greece is preparing to take the dramatic step of declaring a debt default unless it can reach a deal with its international creditors by the end of April, according to people briefed on the radical leftist government’s thinking.

The government, which is rapidly running out of funds to pay public sector salaries and state pensions, has decided to withhold €2.5bn of payments due to the International Monetary Fund in May and June if no agreement is struck, they said.

So I hope that those that are euphoric about the performance of their stock portfolios are taking their profits while they still can.

Huge trouble is percolating just under the surface of the global economy, and it won’t be too long before the financial markets start feeling the pain.

  • T.

    The vast Majority of Americans believe the establishment media line ie. “The economy is actually “getting better”. The Elites who control the economy and markets are both clever and powerful – So, They paint this false picture. Americans will NEVER awaken to the Truth until this whole manipulated managed economic picture Collapses.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I am afraid that you are correct T.

      • Robert Silky Campbell

        Oh, I can assure you that is correct. The average American does not watch more than 30 min of news a day. What in the heck can you learn in 18 minutes of news and 12 minutes of commercials? Nothing!!!

    • Jack Frost

      You may be confusing awareness with the ability to act. Most people know what they receive in their checks each payday hasn’t increased in years but prices have climbed. They know the current “leader” is not looking out for their interests. People know the stock market is climbing enriching the top tier folks with the help of the Fed. But even being aware of all that, what can the average Joe do that would have any real impact other than participate in the elections next year? The folks still slogging along in life are those who still believe in America and her dream. But they don’t vastly outnumber those who simply wait for their SNAP and EBT to get reloaded monthly. Add in those who harbor guilt for being Caucasian and feel they must atone for the sins in the past, and what can the working stiffs do even if united, which they are not?

      • T.

        The ability to act is the Proof that someone is Awakened. Actually, it is the Only evidence that somebody is awake. An awakened person does Not continue to lay in bed. What can they do? Regardless of one’s income, there are many things one can do – just not to same degree in their Preparations. No. Americans are Everywhere Asleep at all levels of our society. This is so Sad. All the various media and information at our beck and call and high levels of education by many Americans – Means Nothing when people have been Propagandized and Brainwashed.

      • Robert Silky Campbell

        Well, we agree completely on this statement JF. 100%. And even if people wanted to do something; the working class don’t have the free time that the liberals jacka$$’ do. They can’t just take off work for a week, drop the kids off ?, and go protest gov corruption. They have the American Conservative right where they want them.

    • Nemnor

      T., Your are exactly correct! Except if we have a fundamental shift away from the current world-wide economic system, the future of the world is massive world-wide poverty and massive world-wide destruction (through wars, environmental collapse and economic collapse).

      The truth is, the current world-wide Capitalist system is now decadent and has reached a “dead end” and can NOT permanently recover by economic means alone. Hence, the reason for the weak “recoveries” (or even PRETEND “recovery”) that can hardly last for more than a year or two.

      • T.

        Yes, the present system is more than decadent – It is so corrupt that it Stinks to the highest heaven. The best system for the world is the one that will soon be coming to this wicked and vile world. That will be the kingdom of the righteous King of Kings Jesus Christ. His kingdom will swiftly execute judgment upon those in banking or business who commit theft or fraud. The world will never be allowed to reach the heights of wicked we know today.

  • Genada

    The stock market is a function of low rates and that isn’t going to be changing any time soon. Company after company after company is in a buy back frenzy and as long as that keeps going, the market will keep going up. As far as the market goes, fundamentals mean nothing.

    There was a never a recovery for most Americans. Ever since the 07/08 crash most people in surveys have said the country is on the wrong track and rated the economy as poor.

    There can be no growth as long as most people do not see a increase in wages. They are tapped out in debt and can not take on any more. Now the only thing that could cause them to increase spending is more money being made. Peak debt for a majority of the population has been reached, the economy that their activity is represented in is going down or flat. QE doesn’t help them because they do not have access to that money or low rates either, they can not take on more debt no matter the rate.

    • alan

      I see they are pushing that $15 an hour minimum wage for food workers. In the south that would put most people straight into upper class status. Sadly no one would spend $10 for a cheese burger.

      • Genada

        The cost of a meal at a place like McDonald’s would increase about a dollar from what I have read. So a meal would be about 6 bucks. That’s more then a ten percent increase in price which is not a small amount.

        The question that would matter the most is tho, would a increase of wages lead to more economic activity. I would think it would due to the fact the person would spend the money.

        The real problem is right now, how much does a person working at McDonald’s make when you take into account the government benefits they receive. That cost is bore by the taxpayer, it seems unfair for a company to be able to pay it’s employees so low that they must then be have to get government assistance.

        • Jill

          Do you not believe that the threshold for means based entitlements would not rise to meet the new minimum wage?

          • Genada

            I do not believe we should have a minimum wage. I believe a company should have to pay it’s employees what the market would accept and I believe it would be higher if the employee did not have the government subsidy to fall back on.

            No company should be steering it’s employees to government assistance. Them doing so is forcing cost on the taxpayer.

        • Erie Watchdog

          Jobs in fast food we not created to support families. These jobs were created for students to work a part time job/gain life experience and to begin their contribution to society. The problem is 2 fold: First, labor intensive jobs are not as plentiful as they once were due to increasing corporate profits and advancement in technology. The second part is that the U.S. dollar does not purchase as much as it did in the past. Increasing the minimum wage to $15.00/hr will be paid by the consumer with a currency that is not worth as much as it was in the past. The value of the dollar bill is inflated and so are the prices of goods and services. Increasing the minimum wage is only creating a new floor in which to pay for things that are already inflated.

          • Genada

            Work is work. There has always been low skilled low value jobs in our history. Now tho we force our citizens to compete against people of every nation with trade policy and with our immigration policy.

            There’s plenty of jobs would be able to be done that could support people if it was not for the fact that both the jobs are taken and wages driven down due to immigration.

            The minimum wage is the wrong debate to be having tho, trade and immigration policy is where our true problems are at.

          • Nemnor

            Genada, “…trade and immigration policy…” is NOT the real/true cause of the major problems facing the mass of the people in the USA and in virtually every other country in the world.

            Actually, it is the world-wide Capitalist system itself (i.e. in – USA, China, Europe, Japan, Africa, Korea (north & south), Russia, Cuba, South America, etc.) that is at the root of the major issues facing the World.

            The world-wide Capitalist system has became decadent and has entered a crisis since late-60s/early-70s – which was the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II, and at a time when many of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA and began competing with the USA for a bigger/better share of the LIMITED world’s market and the LIMITED world’s resource.

            The problem is rooted in the fact that, from since late-60s/early-70s, the world-wide Capitalist system can no longer have long-term recoveries (long-term “booms”). At best, “recoveries” had been weak and lasted only for a few years. Even today, the current “recovery” is more a PRETEND (artificial) recovery – with the soaring Stock Market NOT being rooted in the REAL economy.

            The permanent solution to this decadent/decaying world-wide Capitalist system is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system that truly addresses the “ABUNDANT” (and “rational”) needs of each individual (i.e. with NO “rational” person being left behind), while taking due care of the environment.

          • Robert Silky Campbell

            EXACTLY!!! Pure straight economics.

        • Joe Kleinkamp

          Have you heard that McDonalds is experimenting with table service? A $15 / hr. wage will make that change widespread as the restaurants will then be able to get away with paying servers $2.30 / hr. with the rest of their pay dependent upon the customers’ generosity in the form of tips.

        • jeddai smith

          The only winner when wages are increased is the TAX MAN!

      • billzo

        I live in the South, and $15/hour will not do that. It already costs close to $10 for a value meal at McD’s. Raise wages and you will have less hours per employee and higher costs for products. McD’s will pass their costs on to the consumer. Everybody losses, except the corporation.

        • Nemnor

          billzo, you have that right on! – i.e. – “everybody looses, except the corporation”. Sometimes even the corporation looses, as the system continues to sink towards total collapse/chaos.

          Believe it or not, the issue you stated (i.e. “raise wages and you will have less hours per employee and higher costs for products”), is really a SYMPTOM of the decadent/decaying world-wide Capitalist system that is now at a “dead end” and is NOT able to permanently recover by economic means alone.

          • GSOB

            o brother

          • Robert Silky Campbell

            That is a lame a$$ comment if there ever were one. Capitalism is being wrecked ( like a perfectly good automobile ) by the socialist movement! Blaming capitalism is just immature.

  • K

    As I mentioned in a previous article. Housing in some areas, is already declining. Give you another example. Does anyone here really believe Walmart closed 5 stores, for 6 months, for plumbing problems? I once watched them restore a burned store, in 5 weeks.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      This is something that I discussed in another article that I just published…


    • Bill

      Jade Helm 15?

      • K

        That is one theory. Let me offer a second one. You know a large downturn is coming. As a result you are preparing to close a large number of stores. Would you trust a computer analysis, to decide which stores to close? Or would you close a small number of stores. And check the results against the computer analysis, to be sure it was accurate. Before you trusted it with the big decision. Either theory could be correct. All i know is the cover story, makes no sense..

  • hopefulone

    I hope all the people keep believing the economy is better cause I have a boat load of stuff to sell.

  • CharlesH

    Honestly – I actually am starting to believe that most of us – ones that read these articles and look to the alternative news media to give us the truth AND facts – are living in an alternate universe. When did this happen?!?

    • T.

      This happened after 9-11 when the vast Majority believed the Big Lie about the Hijacking of jet airliners and flying them into two steel and concrete skyscrapers – Thus bringing them straight down into a pile of dust & rubble. And that Bldg 7 came down in the same manner some time later – Having Not been hit by anything. If people can believe those Whoppers – They will believe ANYTHING the MSM puts out.

      • Revolt to save America

        A SAYING ::::::You BETTER stand for something or you will fall for anything.

    • Revolt to save America

      we are the few who are living in reality, I think people like us who read are WISER SOULS. We don’t just believe what we hear, we watch, we listen, we see others lives, we don’t rely on just a thread like this or others, we FEEL it’s coming. We are tuned in, we just cant pin point the day, but the events are obvious. Please look up Martin Armstrong, he’s amazing and a wealth of information from going back in history and cycles. The gov is our enemy, I’m now for neither party, I feel we the people are ON OUR OWN. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL. oh ps. since I believe US readers are wiser, we have to rescue the family and close friends who are the weak link. Yep, welcome to that responsibility,

    • Whisper

      I noticed Fox Business and Newsmax are now reporting what was considered conspiracy theories in the last month on the coming collapse of our economy.

  • BlueBlood

    This is why we need a strong intelligent woman like Hillary Clinton to lead America. I still think the economy is recovering nicely.
    The unemployment rate is down to 5.5% Over 100,000 jobs were added during March.
    I am also a liberal arts major at a community college. I also own 3 Obama phones.
    Also hope all of your realize I am just kidding.

    • autofixer

      If you only had $120,000 in student loans to get that useless degree, I would believe you.

    • Horiboyable .

      This is no joke

      • Train

        Well actually things are so fracked up that all you can do is laugh about it. :))

    • Patriot

      The economy was better under the clintons than under any of the republiCON regimes…food for thought.

      • we_have_one_that_can_see

        patriot, still believe in the fairy tale that there is a difference between the democratic,..and republican parties.

        the democratic,..and republican parties are two cheeks on the same @ss,..and we the american people are right in the middle getting screwed.

        patriot, poor thing, probably still believe the “Official Narrative” of (911)

      • The Wiseman

        Because in those years, we had just won the Cold War and were able to cut our military back to drastic spending levels. Not for any wisdom of Bill & Hill!

        • And the emergence of the Internet and Personal Computers selling like hotcakes. That had a LOT to do with the good economic conditions in the 90s.

        • Robert Silky Campbell

          BC also used Ross Perot’s economic plan!

      • Gay Veteran

        It was Clinton who got NAFTA passed (thus costing America millions of jobs).
        It was Clinton that repealed Glass-Stegall (which let lose the banksters)

      • Charlotte

        Decades of Democrats wrecked my state’s economy and education system. We elected a Republican in 2012, and he finally balanced the budget and raised teacher pay with some of the surplus.

      • SodThat

        It was Clinton that abolished Glass Steagall and it was Clinton that signed into law the act to prevent the prohibition of derivatives, it was Clinton that sowed the seeds of destruction.

    • PLEASE, I almost blew a bolt before I read the last line…

    • Mondobeyondo

      I like Hillary’s campaign logo. That’s pretty much all I like about her.

      • mensa141

        It looks like a Hospital street sign….

    • Charlotte

      All of those “strong, intelligent, independent women” wouldn’t be able to survive if the economy crashed and they lost their cushy, air-conditioned office jobs.

      • iHateLiberals

        LOL all of those “strong, intelligent, independent women” wouldn’t be if it weren’t for a few weak men and a lot of sniveling liberals..

      • Jack Listerio

        those chushy air conditioned jobs don’t produce or make a single dollar for anyone…………most worthless bunch of do nothing crowd I have ever seen. Those are all created and invented positions for government backed welfare systems and other groups..they will be the first to go when shtf. Hope they got a husband.

        • Charlotte

          Exactly. Most women in the workforce are a net drain on the economy, especially since retail jobs, childcare, and housekeeping are among their most common occupations. The vast majority of women are working taking care of the kids of other women so they can go stand behind the cash register at Walmart, or clean the house of some other working mom whose job leaves no time to do it herself. What a waste.

    • NorwichGrad97 .

      HAHAHA!!! Thumbs up!! I have admit you got my blood pressure go up afer reading the first three sentences.. Good thing I finished reading your post because I was ready to ‘attack.’ LOL..
      But you know the sad thing is that there are millions of sheep in the US that truly believe hildabeast is the answer..

    • John Byde

      You forgot say that you drink hot cocoa, wear questionable PJs and sit cross legged.

    • sherlock32555

      Hope you are.

  • Priszilla

    That’s the penalty for a strong high value yuan. 20 years ago US$1 = RMB 11. Now $1=RMB 6.5 And since Chinese wages rise chinese manufacturers outsource to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar..
    Paying minimum wage in the Pearl River Delta will get you an empty factory.
    People want to buy smart phones and cars and homes nowadays.
    On the other end of the globe most destructions from world war 2 are repaired and every household from paris to Moscow is fully equipped. Now they are unemployed and don’t have cash to spend.

    Next frontier is Africa, but they still prefer fighting over consumption. Therefore arms dealers are happy.

    • alan

      I seen a story that China should unpeg the Yuan, but that would cause them inflation. But would boost exports some what. China hedged their bets with gold, interesting to see how this plays out.

      • Priszilla

        There is no peg. Hong Kong has their HK$ pegged to the US$ at ~7.8
        China has restrictions on who has permission to buy foreign currency and how much.
        If you work in China and are paid in foreign currency your company must prove they paid all taxes before they can transfer your salary.

  • autofixer

    “Sell in May and go away.”

  • Horiboyable .

    I am bullish on recession

  • alan

    The roaring 90’s are gone and now we are paying for all that built up debt fuelled spending binge. Well not really paying for it, just floundering around now because we can’t pay for it. TPTB don’t want the music to stop. We need a big reset and purge to fix this.

  • Ann

    why is it always brewing or percolating? and bad signs? but never resets?! or collapses?! are tptb that smart and fraudulent to keep this going forever?! so annoying

    • Revolt to save America

      it is like watching water boil, WHY BREWING, well it’s because we prop it up, now we are running out of props. so please don’t doubt what seems to be redundant , I know we have talked about a fall or collapse for awhile, but when people manipulate things and scramble things , it delays, and the delay actually causes the collapse to be worse, SO please don’t discount that it has not arrived yet ( collapse) for each day it’s delayed, the worse it will be. TRUST US ALL, in our sarcasm and fear. Things really are headed south, just prepare.

  • Outdoorsman 47

    I have 3 words for you. (Baltic Dry Index) Its half what it needs to be just for the shippers to break even.

    • Bill

      This connects to the Walmart plumbers and the Chinese economy. I was going to mention these 3 connected items to K in a reply, hope he agrees.

      I would also keep Jade Helm 15 in the mix along with the imposter, his mentor saul linsky and iranian advisor v.j. Again TMETT, but all with the same goal of destroying America.

      • K

        Yes this could well be part of it. And would mesh well with my theory of a test run. As to jade, walmart is all about money. Now if the Government made a large payment to walmart lately. Then I would say Jade is highly likely.Good luck on finding such a payment. It would be buried under some other program.

    • Horiboyable .

      Not so bullish on shippers

  • Rukander

    Lehman Brothers before collapse, sent 400 000 000 000 dollars to
    Israel Bank, then somebody know what will happen.

    This time will be same.

    • retired22

      What are you talking about?
      It was actually $ 750 million-trillion Quadillion & it was all in nickels.It was sent over there in a convoy of cargo ships escorted by submarines!

      • Besides the submarines, don’t forget the UFO squadron lead by Skraboontcha from the Pleiades, as well as the Reptilian Guild of Booloola, who were protecting the 30,000,000 tons of Gold send to the Knesset in aluminum foil envelops…

    • sharonsj

      From 2008 Bloomberg Financial News: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s brokerage unit, in the months before its parent filed forbankruptcy protection, lost more than $400 billion in assets,according to the trustee overseeing customer accounts.

      The loss in value was caused by “changes in the market,” according to Giddens, a partner at law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed, who spoke at a bankruptcy court hearing in Manhattan. The runoff may indicate Lehman’s customers, including many hedge funds, canceled and closed out trades as they began to doubt the firm’s ability to navigate the credit crunch, bankruptcy
      analysts and lawyers said.

      “There was the proverbial run on the bank” at Lehman,
      said Martin Bienenstock of the law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf, who is advising clients including Walt Disney Co. on recovering their money from Lehman. There was a similar capital flight from Bear Stearns earlier this year, he said.

      Rukander, instead of repeating looney conspiracy theories, 5 minutes on the internet will get you actual facts.

      • T.

        So, you blast Rukander for believing Conspiracy Theories – Yet, You believe what those Lawyers are Saying that You quote? Uhm, Lawyers have ZERO Credibility – Especially those on the payroll for the Banking Mob. Conspiracy Theories have been Proven much more Correct over the last 13 years, especially in regard to the Criminal International Banking Cabal. You must be on their payroll or You really need to start using Your Noggin.

  • Nexus

    I went to the grocery store this morning, and on the way I saw a J.P. Morgan Chase bank being demolished. Hmmmm, out of money?

    • Revolt to save America

      what town and state >

  • Richard Chiu

    “All over the world, economic activity is being curtailed because of what has happened to the price of oil” is a bit of putting the cart before the horse. The price of oil fell because global economic activity (which uses oil) failed to reach levels consistent with a recovering economy. In principle, low prices on raw materials and energy cannot hurt economic activity, but lackluster economic activity will result in low prices on raw materials and energy.

    Falling demand for manufactured goods, resulting in low prices, can cause economic activity to sputter a bit, but worse is when an adverse regulatory climate causes the cost of manufacturing goods to rise above what the consumer market for those goods can readily bear. It is important to keep in mind that an adverse regulatory climate doesn’t just consist of those regulations which directly inhibit a business by criminalizing many productive activities, but also of the lack of enforcement of laws which protect private property (profit motive being the driving force of all economic production). The global regulatory climate since the last crisis has abandoned rational profit incentives in favor of a perverse mix of economic micromanagement, favoritism, politically motivated regulation, and abandonment of even the most minimal protections of law. The manipulation of meaningless statistics cannot alter the outcome of this toxic atmosphere, which is reduced productivity.

    As a result, oil prices have fallen below expectations because the expected demand was based on falsified economic data, while the actual demand was that of a global economy that had not even emerged from full-blown depression.

    As for China, it is important to remember that major trends in China’s economic activity are always primarily a result of manipulation by the Party. If imports and exports are falling, it is because Beijing does not wish to continue such activity. Though this assessment by the Party leadership does indicate that the global economy is in dire and immediate danger, it does not reflect the response of a free market to global economic conditions.

  • Arizona

    ALL you guys PAY ATTENTION HERE,the CHINESE announced TWO WEEKS ago,they will NO LONGER be taking anyones BOGAS money for their junk,ITS GOLD or GOLD backed money or you can’t have it,Now ask your self,WHO doesn’t have any gold to buy anything with,IF you guessed the USA,you guessed right,Soon the entire world will be using gold to buy,and sell with and that means,ALL YOUR MARKETS and SHOPPING CENTERS will be empty,UNEMPLOYMENT will hit the sky,everyone will lose their job,YOU BETTER REOPEN ”
    ALL” YOUR FACTORYS,and you better hurry,or the WORST FAMINE the worlds ever seen will start in this country,and START STOCKING UP,their already closing stores every where……your almost to late now………DON’T WAIT, and IF they start that chipping crap,DON’T take it,its of SATAN,just like the MARK OF THE BEAST,you want to go to hell,TAKE THE CHIP,OR THE MARK,you’ll belong to SATAN after that……….

  • Reginaldo Occhiolini

    Barter will probably save us.

  • Mondobeyondo

    An economic tsunami is forming.

    You can’t tell just yet, because it’s hundreds of miles off the coast, and at that distance it is only a few feet high. When it hits the coast, you will know. By the way, when you see the ocean pulling away from the shore, that is NOT the time to wander down and look at all the eels and catfish on the ocean floor. That is when you RUN.

  • Alleged Comment

    I miscalculated.

    I stated September 2014 and not a day sooner we would see unbelieveble catastrophe.

    Now I think it will begin the day Summer ends and be non-stop. However, I am purely speculating as my time machine broke down and I cannot return for parts.

    Stuck here.

  • Jay

    Someone said that Bill Clinton was giving a speech at an outdoor event up North somewhere and somebody got mad and threw a beer bottle at him.

    But don’t worry. It was Draft beer and he dodged it.

  • Jay

    Someone said that Bill Clinton was giving a speech at an outdoor
    event up North somewhere and somebody got mad and threw a beer bottle at

    But not to worry. It was Draft beer and he dodged it.

  • Nemnor

    Genada, you stated “…trade and immigration policy…” as the real cause for (most of) the economic problems in the USA.

    However, it is the world-wide Capitalist system itself (i.e. in – USA, China, Europe, Japan, Africa, Korea (north & south), Russia, Cuba, South America, etc.) that is at the root of the major socioeconomic issues facing the USA and the entire World.

    The world-wide Capitalist system has became decadent and has entered a crisis since late-60s/early-70s – which was the end of the “reconstruction boom” following WW-II, and at a time when many of the leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA and began competing with the USA for a bigger/better share of the LIMITED world’s market and the LIMITED world’s resource.

    The problem is rooted in the fact that, from since late-60s/early-70s, the world-wide Capitalist system can no longer have long-term recoveries (long-term “booms”). At best, “recoveries” had been weak and lasted only for a few years. Even today, the current “recovery” is more a PRETEND (artificial) recovery – with the soaring Stock Market NOT being rooted in the REAL economy.

    The permanent solution to this decadent/decaying world-wide Capitalist system is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system that truly addresses the “ABUNDANT” (and “rational”) needs of each individual (i.e. with NO “rational” person being left behind), while taking due care of the environment.

  • GSOB

    Where does faith come from and what is its status?
    In other words…
    Is faith God given or is it simply a condition we must provide to be saved?
    Is faith a part of the gift of God in salvation or is it something we add for ourselves?
    Is faith a condition left for man to fulfill but that God does not provide?
    Someone answer me.

    • GSOB

      duh I doe no

  • GSOB

    America is America.

  • GSOB

    What is the chief end of man?

    Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever.

    This is true as true can be.

  • Jack Listerio

    It needs to collapse and a complete revision of the government and all its business destroying regulations and laws.
    Only then will companies holding back trillions of dollars deem it safe for making manufacturing in America a viable option again. Would you try and start up a company wit Obama and his communists ready to blackmale you into submission with the full weight of the federal government behind them. Then activist investors buying up your stock so they can come in and take over and use the liberal left style of management and destroy the company………we all know they cant even add without the aid of study manipulators to make it look like they can actually add to the positive side………..I have yet to see any leftist run company make it on their own without major government backing or grants or tax relief of some kind……..production losses under liberal management average 50% and more. I know I worked industry for years and watched it happen to 12 different companies.

    • D A

      What so Solyndra WASN’T a success ? Obama Lied ?

  • sherlock32555

    Here we go again. This time are we gong to bail out business and we get stuck wiith the debt again. If you say yes then it shows that you did not learn a thing from the 2008 mess and now we are so deep that we can’t over come it.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Today 4/17/15, the Dow closed down 279.47 points. I have a feeling something is going to happen this summer, something bad.

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