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The Buffett Indicator from Doug Short

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  • RUSS

    Hi!, Patrons Of The Economic Collapse Et. Al.:
    This is taken from my various readings as another clear sign post that the US stock market is out of touch with fundamental realities. However, at Weiss Research in Florida the word for them regards US stocks is that they are perceived to be a safer haven for foreign investors feeling and fleeing their home front risks they see are too excessive for them to maintain a homeland security stand regards their stocks/bonds etc. which causes them to choose US stocks above their own domestic stocks/bonds etc. What this adds up to for Weiss Research is that normal valuations based on US Corporate earnings are not pertinent due to these over ridding considerations by foreign flight specialists seeking the greater safety of US stocks/bonds etc. and so one of their analysts, Larry Edelson, has been predicting DOW 31,000+ by around 2017 regardless of US Corporate earnings etc. No doubt Mr. Market will show us which side of this pendulum will swing either in favor of the position being taken by Weiss Research or the position being taken by others who are maintaining that the DOW etc. should only be indexed to Corporate evaluations of earnings etc. How to resolve these opposing risk structures is not the easy part of the various present economic games being played unfavorable to most investors who are not adept at changing positions too fast for them to decide in these unnerving times they are forced to endure. These hard choices in my opinion should have been made a lot easier for the common crowd of investors who in their past could easily find a good CD or bond in which to apply their savings for a guaranteed return in their money now obscured by inflationary or tightening policies coming at them rapid fire from many directions including the FED. they do not readily perceive nor understand. Perhaps how this will all become resolved and played out will be known by history as another Great Depression, in order to iron out all the inadvertent deceptions being weighed in against the better judgments about which the common crowd never had to endure in the past? By these destructive economic venues being superimposed upon the US Middle Class, isn’t the fundamental economic footing of OUR culture in the US being subverted or not and if that’s the coarse upon which we all traveling together how can it be reversed for everyone’s sake involved saving OUR US economy for future generations?
    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

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