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If The Economy Is Recovering, Why Is The Labor Force Participation Rate At A 36 Year Low?

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Unemployment - Public DomainShould we be concerned that the percentage of Americans that are either working or looking for work is the lowest that it has been in 36 years?  In August, an all-time record high 92,269,000 Americans 16 years of age and older did not “participate in the labor force”.  And when you throw in the people that are considered to be “in the labor force” but are not currently employed, that pushes the total of working age Americans that do not have jobs to well over 100 million.  Yes, it may be hard to believe, but there are more than 100 million working age Americans that are not employed right now.  Needless to say, this is not a sign of a healthy economy, and it is a huge reason why dependence on the government has soared to absolutely unprecedented levels.  When people can’t take care of themselves, they need someone else to take care of them.  If the percentage of people in the labor force continues to decline like it has been, what is that going to mean for the future of our society?

The chart below shows the changes in the civilian labor force participation rate since 1980.  As you can see, the rate steadily rose between 1980 and 2000, but since then it has generally been declining.  In particular, this decline has greatly accelerated since the beginning of the last recession…

Labor Force Participation Rate

We have never seen an extended precipitous decline of this nature before.  But instead of admitting that we have a very serious problem on our hands, many mainstream economists are dismissing this decline as “structural in nature”.  For example, check out the following excerpt from a recent Reuters article

A paper published on Thursday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, suggested the decline was primarily due to an aging population and other structural factors, and concluded the labor force would continue to shrink.

But there is a major flaw in this analysis.  It turns out that older Americans are the only group for which employment numbers have actually been going up.  I really like how Zero Hedge made this point the other day…

Well that’s very odd, because it was only two months ago that the Census wrote the following [5]: “Many older workers managed to stay employed during the recession; in fact, the population in age groups 65 and over were the only ones not to see a decline in the employment share from 2005 to 2010 (Figure 3-25)… Remaining employed and delaying retirement was one way of lessening the impact of the stock market decline and subsequent loss in retirement savings.”

Figure 3-25
Yes, Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age.

But that does not explain why the labor force participation rate numbers for younger groups have been going down.

Each month, the U.S. economy has to add somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 jobs just to keep up with population growth.  Since job creation has been tepid at best in recent years, the only way that the government has been able to get the official unemployment rate to steadily “go down” has been to remove millions upon millions of Americans from the labor force.

According to the official government numbers, since 2007 768,000 jobs have been added to the economy, but a whopping 13 million Americans have been added to the numbers of those “not in the labor force”.

As a result, the official unemployment rate has magically been “declining”.

But the truth is that our employment crisis has not been solved at all.

And it isn’t just the number of jobs that we need to be concerned about.  We are also dealing with a multi-year decline in the quality of our jobs.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal just reported that 34 percent of all U.S. workers are “freelancers” now…

More evidence that this isn’t your parents’ labor market: Roughly one in three U.S. workers is now a freelancer.

Fifty-three million Americans, or 34% of the nation’s workforce, qualify as freelancers, according to a new report from the Freelancers Union, a nonprofit organization, and Elance-oDesk Inc., a company that provides platforms for freelancers to find work. These individuals include independent contractors, temps, and moonlighters, among others.

In other words, about a third of all workers in the country are “temps” at this point.

I don’t know about you, but to me that is an extremely alarming statistic.

If the economy really was recovering, this would not be happening.

And as millions upon millions of Americans are being forced out of the official labor force, an increasing number of people are turning to the underground economy.

For example, in some of our major cities we are witnessing a rise in the number of street vendors.  The following is an excerpt from a recent Los Angeles Times article entitled “More Angelenos are becoming street vendors amid weak economy“…

Sitting at her street vending booth with products arrayed neatly on a sequined purple tablecloth, Jackie Lloyd reflects nostalgically on the days when she had a steady salary and regular hours.

That was four years ago, before the 39-year-old was laid off from her job as an elementary school cafeteria worker and mounting bills forced her to venture into self-employment.

Now the Pico-Union resident hops from location to location, selling body oils, shea butter, soap and incense. She moves when nearby businesses complain or she feels unsafe.

Some days, her sales bring in $150. Others, they don’t break $20.

In order to have a strong middle class, we need middle class jobs.

If our labor force participation rate continues to fall and the quality of our jobs continues to decline, the middle class will continue to shrink.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed“.

But our authorities never seem to want to admit what our real problems are.

Instead, they love to come up with alternative theories for our economic struggles.

One of the latest theories being put forward by the Federal Reserve is that the economy is not moving along like it should because ordinary Americans are “hoarding money”

One of the great mysteries of the post-financial crisis world is why the U.S. has lacked inflation despite all the money being pumped into the economy.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve thinks it has the answer: A paper the central bank branch published this week blames the low level of money movement in large part on consumers and their “willingness to hoard money.”

This seems completely absurd to me.

From what I can see, most families are just doing their best to survive from month to month these days.

I certainly don’t see a lot of people “hoarding money”.

What about you?

What do you think?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • Hillbilly

    “Hoarding money” That’s right how dare the people “save” a little for retirement they should count on social security to keep them in the lifestyle they have come accustom to.

    Sarcasm off now

    • Cranky

      The money saved for retirement is mainly pumped into stocks thereby giving more cash back to the 1%ers.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations.”

      “Hoarding money” is just the counter accusation, that’s all. It’s bs and they know it but will never admit it.

  • Tim

    Last weekend I took my car to the Toyota dealer to have it serviced. While I was waiting in the lounge, I struck up a conversation with an older man. He told me he works for Fluor Corporation–an engineering and construction company and a big employer here in Greenville–but that he’s very concerned about his job. He said that every day that he goes to work he feels like it will be his last. I was surprised to hear this about a multinational company like Fluor.

    • Sack man

      Maybe if you guys owned American cars it wouldn’t be so.

      • Mike Smithy

        I don’t know what constitutes an American car? Is it better to buy a Ford assembled in Mexico or a Toyota assembled in America? Either way, the vast majority of the parts are not even fabricated in the USA. Welcome to Globalism.

        • sherlock32555


        • Firstgarden

          We had a Plymouth SUV with a Mitsubishi engine in it.
          Was that a win-win? Or a lose-lose? Or otherwise? Either way, we haven’t been very wise. 🙂

      • Kal

        Buy a Toyota made in USA – has more American made parts than any of the big 3 American car makers. Plus it will last much longer.

      • TheSkeptic

        At my last job, we had several ex-labor union slow wits who in their never ending mental atrophy, relentlessly stated the same thing. What their towering IQ’s (between the 70 to 80 range) failed to realize was that the money earned by the U.S. plant workers is spent and invested in this country.

  • Mike Smithy

    These Keynesian dirt bags would rather drive America into the ground than admit their dreams of big government central planners making all the economic decisions to enforce some stunted socialistic doctrine of “fairness” has failed beyond all our free market capitalist dreams. The only thing that will save us is if there’s enough Americans left who still want to work for a living to start voting in people who want to slice and dice this bureaucratic behemoth until there’s enough room in the economy for a small business entrepreneur to see some daylight. Until then, there’s no where to go but down. END THE FED.

    • Richard

      Mike, Washington is Not the solution to the problem – It is the problem. So, “voting in people who want to slice and dice this bureaucratic behemoth” has Not ever happened and will Not ever happen. Sadly, our Nation is in the grasp of the “Giant Squid” (Rothschild Global Banksters) and They are bringing America Down. On top of that, They have Bewitched the American people into a Stupor of Ignorance and Complacency. Translation: I don’t Know and I don’t Care. So tell me Mike, How can the American people Turn around Anything – With that kind of an attitude?

      • Gerroz Gsj

        I dont recall Jesus giving one damn about any nation’s economy. Those who rely on others for help, be it other people or fairy tale deities, will be the first to perish

        • Richard

          Gsj. The “Giant Squid “(RothschildGlobalBanking) Cabal has Captured the Monetary System of the World along with All the world Financial and Commodity Markets. The “Giant Squid” are Illuminist and Occultist (Evil Personified). They exercise total Control over the World’s Markets meaning: the World does Not have Free and Fair Markets. Their Control was Obtained over many decades of Evil maneuvering until They obtained Total Control in the Financial Collapse of 2008, which THEY engineered. If we go back over the preceding Decades 10, 20, 30 40 years, etc., We find less and less Corruption (Evil) in our Markets, hence the “Squid” was Not giant and had much less control. Less of the “Evil Squid’s” influence and Control means more Honesty and Truthfulness in our Markets for All who participate. Hence, the more Truth and Honesty (Godliness) in our Markets the more Freedom and Fairness for the People who participate in the Markets. So, the more Attributes of God that a Nation demonstrates the more the People enjoy the Freedoms and Fairness and Goodness of a Nation blessed by God (Jesus). Yes. Jesus is God. Do you Know HIM? He will Save You from Your sins, If You ask HIM. I hope You will.

          • Gerroz Gsj

            I am well aware of the rothchild/Fed/central bank/world order theories. What annoys me is you dragging religion into this

          • Firstgarden

            With all respect, this is a Christian website. Pls read the above section, “The Most Important Thing.”

          • Richard

            Gsj. Like it or not – believe it or not – People are born into a World of unseen spiritual Warfare. It goes all the way back to the very first man and woman – Yes, Adam & Eve some 6 thousand or so years ago. When they Chose to Disobey God’s command and act on Satan’s Lie, Sin and Death entered into this World. The heart of Men became instantly Depraved and against God. For example – No one has to teach another how to Lie(which is Ungodly). It comes Naturally to Us All. So, we are born into and live in a spiritual (religious) World. Those who follow the ways Evil (Satan&Rothchilds) will reap Corruption and Death. Those who Convert to Jesus Christ and follow Him in Truth and Righteousness reap Peace and Life everlasting. In the END Almighty God (JESUS CHRIST) Prevails. I’m sure You want to be on the Winning side. Trust in Jesus today. He will Save You.

          • Gerroz Gsj

            Adam and Eve….lol. Yeah ok.

          • Chiocca

            Gerroz, just curious…why are you so annoyed by religion?

          • Gerroz Gsj

            I have no problems with no religions nor their gods. I have a problem with their fan club

  • Tatiana Covington

    Ever heard of robots?

    • Tim

      Automation has eliminated the need for real people in many jobs. But that is not the primary cause of the situation we’re in.

      • Joe Kleinkamp

        It is an enormous factor though. Technology combined with global trade and a doubling of world population since 1970 has resulted in a huge decrease in U.S. employment.

        • jaxon64

          We even have automation at our post offices here now—if you want to send a package, it is all done with touch screens and the labels get printed, swipe your card and peal and stick the label on your package—tada…
          And of course, self checkout at groceries, self ordering at restaurants through touch screens, automated answering services and helplines…etc etc…it is VERYprevalent and growing.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    The economy is only recovering by the measure of the stock market gains. The stock market gains are only a function of the FED’s 6 year QE and zero interest policies. In the real world inflation is hitting us at the grocery stores. CPI and employment figures are manipulated to suit. Seniors aren’t able to realize any significant returns on their savings. Our college graduates are stuck in jobs far below their qualifications. Our government believes the invasion by illegals is something to be viewed with compassion rather than law enforcement. Entitlements and incentives to remain idle are viewed as reasons to reelect politicians. The manufacturing base has been decimated by regulation and trade agreements. When the FED decides their balance sheet is already too large and interest rates begin to rise the chickens will come home to roost. All you need to look for as proof is the market reaction a few months ago with the first announcement of the FED’s intention to reduce the $65 billion / month stimulus or the market’s reaction to the mere mention of rate hikes.


      There is not a single thing I can add to this. Not one single thing.

    • sherlock32555

      Got that in one!

    • mrdirt


    • Firstgarden

      What’s that noise in the barn? Is that chickens I hear?

  • Cranky

    The only ‘people’ hoarding money are the mega-companies and their 1% owners.The Government, as well as the people, should look to them for an explanation for hoarding followed rather quickly with a list of demands for the publics money to be pumped back into the middle class ASAP!

  • Bill

    There is only one solution for putting our economy and our Country on the right track and that is the TRUTH. I read the same article Michael quoted about the lady street vending. It’s a great example of how hard some people are willing to work but when the Fed carries 77 times as much debt as equity, survival for the individual is impossible. We are doomed without the truth.

    • ua2

      Doesn’t take much to go from street vendor to ‘street vendor’ with the way long trends in the economy are going.

  • Bill

    Another stat that bears on the economy is the number of jobs held by foreign born workers. It is a staggering 24,639,000!!!!

    Close the gates—employ Americans.

    • Chris

      In theory that would work great however in reality it’s not possible. I work in an emergency department where we employ multiple nurses from other countries. If those nurses did not work here our emergency department wait lines would triple. This country would suffer greatly if we “close the gates”!
      And this is just one example for my industry! There are just not enough qualified nurses to be able to fill all the required positions. Go to any big hospitals website and look at the available openings and you’ll see exactly what I mean.
      Again, your comment is a great rally cry but so far out of touch from reality.

      • Bill

        There are millions of native citizens looking for employment. Perhaps if they were given the relocation funding, education benefits etc they would start filling your needs.

      • jox

        The question is, why americans don’t study nursing?

        • Firstgarden

          Good question.

        • GSOB

          It takes someone special to wipe someone else.

      • Handog

        So, we need more immigrants so they can become nurses in order to care for the immigrants.

        How about they become a nurse then apply for a work visa?

        With an open border we get one nurse for each 250K freeloaders who need health care.

      • III

        “There are just not enough qualified nurses to be able to fill all the required positions.”


  • chilller

    According to the mentally retarded at the Federal Reserve, raise your children to immediately blow every dollar they earn in order to be good citizens and keep their miscreant oligarch handlers off their backs. It’s time to squash these spineless worms and feed them to the sharks.

  • apeiron

    I think a lot of the unemployment is in the younger end of the market. I see all the jobs young Americans did when I was young being done by ‘Mexicans’, many of whom may be ‘undocumented’.


    I wish I had some money to hoard.

    • Tim

      Yeah, the elite live in a different world than we do.

    • Daddyotis

      Hm. Used to be known as “saving money”, and at one time it was considered admirable. Unbelievable how they’re trying to rewrite the script to fit their own needs

  • jox

    Hoarding money, what sarcasm. Apply the same statistics: the 1% is hoarding 90% of the money.

    • Firstgarden

      Good point, laddy.

    • jaxon64

      32 trillion that we know of in offshore banks –held by the uber wealthy and they lament that us peons may put a few hundred away for a rainy day….
      This is part of the set-up for when this slow collapse turns into the crash. They will turn around and say that is the fault of the 99%…bait and switch and clasic Alinsky manuever–
      1.) Accuse the opposition of doing what you yourself have done or are doing.
      2.) Blame the other side when your plans fail.
      3.) Never let a crisis go to waste ( by redirecting blame for the coming smackdown, they will only reinforce and regulate greater power and control to themselves.)

  • jakartaman

    Figures do not lie but liars figure.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    The economy isn’t run for the benefit of the people who need jobs. The economy is run for the benefit of the banks, corporations, and politicians. When you understand that dynamic, then you realize they aren’t lying when they claim economic recovery, they are merely acting is if you are so stupid as not to understand what they are really saying.

    • GSOB

      Bush and Clinton will go out of their way to make sure that government loans for college students are even more easily available……

      Media sensationalized….
      hook, line and sinker…….

  • GSOB

    Walmart…. half gallon of organic milk = $4.18


    • Mike Smithy

      But, but, but…CNBS just told me that inflation is less than 2%.

    • Undecider

      California. Organic Pastures RAW ORGANIC milk. 1 Gallon. As high as $16.

      • Tim

        Mark McAfee is a great man.

      • K2

        A lot of supply chains of organic food stuff have been consolidated. Micheal wrote about this if i remember correctly. And you know what happens once supply chains get consolidated.

    • Firstgarden

      We drink almond milk here. About $2.50 per 1/2 gallon. A whole lot less fattening too, for those concerned.

  • Undecider

    The economy and labor force are two different animals.

  • Priszilla

    It depends. profit = income – costs. Wages and salaries are costs. Hence if you measure economy on profit alone ..

  • DJohn1

    The only way any of this is going to change is if people wake up and start demanding truth from our government officials instead of sugar coated lies.
    It has happened before in our past history. They have thrown the bums out before.
    What is different is the Republican/Democrat party(that is right they are originally combined) has a monopoly on who actually gets on the ballot in a lot of highly populated states.
    Until that changes new political parties do not have a prayer of getting anywhere or doing anything even if they do get elected.
    What happens instead is the two parties get together and decide who is for or against an issue. Democrats are for abortion. Republicans are against it. And there are many examples of party positions, too many to go into here.
    We used to have a labor party. It was called the Democrats, until they horrified everyone involved with their positions on things like Christianity and abortion.
    The Democrats are the more radical group. They do generally want more taxes to support their liberal ideas.
    The problem is the Republicans had the White House and at least one house of Congress for close to 6 years. What happened? Do you see the abortion going away?
    Not hardly, not in this lifetime.
    Democrats are supposed to be for the working man?
    So how come they supported globalization and labor treaties that started this mess?
    Clinton wasn’t pro-labor when he signed those treates.
    The other problem is we are dismantling everything that is pro-working person out there.
    When was the last time a gas station was charged with anti-trust for fixing the price of gasoline?
    When was the last time Japan was charged under anti-trust for combining forces to develop a competing car in our industry? Yet if Ford and GM did that they would be arrested for violations of anti-trust . . .
    The latest anti-trust violation is price fixing the cost of everything in the grocery including milk.
    We are technically at war. Yet those violations of fixing prices go unenforced.
    I suggest we need a political party for the working person out there. But I also suggest it is ALMOST impossible to get through the political laws that keep these two parties in power.
    There are several aspects of law. The most important one is political government enforcing the laws all ready on the books. If they don’t they need to be recallled.
    Do not see that happening under the current power structure in D.C.
    Until the working for wages from these rich employers gets its own political party nothing will change.
    That is why the working people of this country are in the mess we are in.

    • Firstgarden

      He who pays the piper calls the tune.
      Identifying which one is which,
      explains most of what we see going on.

    • Firstgarden

      I agree with you on so much. Yet, you speak as though we live in a world where “principle” still exists. (And bless you for believing in that.) But, any independent party, were it to gain sufficient traction, would be infiltrated by TPTB, just as the other(s) were. Morally speaking, once the goose is cooked, how do you uncook it?

      America is dying young, yet it’s dying fast. I wish i could share your optimism, but I just don’t see any hope in a man-based model, devoid of God. It lacks the moral impetus to be anything other than purely selfish. Once God is pushed out of the picture, things go south fast. Once society departs from absolutes, society BECOMES absolute.

      Our only real hope is another Great Awakening at the grass roots level.

      • DJohn1

        America is far from dying.
        I think God is gathering all the dead wood for one big marshmellow roast, possibly in D.C.
        I too believe that taking God out of our government was a huge mistake.
        I call them our educated idiots. They have been taken hook, line and sinker by the Devil. The father of all lies is with us still.
        I think evolution is a prime example of a masterpiece of lies. This theory from the 1800s does not align well with true science of today. It does have wonderful political roots that keep the theory alive.
        Genetic Science tells a slightly different tale. Yet they co-exist in schools every where.
        There is truth in Evolutionary Theory mixed with a lot of things that simply are not true.
        There are other members of the family tree of mankind. Neanderthal being the most prominent example.
        We as humans have a genetic marker unknown to any other species on the planet. That marker is two chromosomes that are double the size of the rest. Every member of the ape family has 48 chromosomes except us.
        We have 46.
        Yet nowhere in the bull that science uses in evolution do you see anything on what the chromosome count of neanderthal is.
        This pertinent because the entire aetheist movement depends on Evolution as a basis for their belief that there is no God.
        There first reaction to actual factsis what a load of …
        What we do have to do is separate government from any one religious belief. That does not mean excluding people’s faiths from conversation, education, or anything else. It means remaining neutral and allowing all belief systems equal preservation under our system of government. If I believe in God, then it is my right to speak about it. If I wish to pray to that rock in the playground, I have an equal right to do so.
        What has happened is in their effort to remain neutral, they want to censor all religion. And that is just plain wrong.

        • Firstgarden

          Evolution is the religion of the atheists. By the way, where are all the transitional fossils??

          • DJohn1

            There are none. They did not evolve here.

  • Firstgarden

    Today the word is “hoard.”
    In the old school, the word was “whored,”
    and you know who they are.

  • A. Crusader

    If people still expect honesty and candor from this administration, they will never understand anything, and will believe anything.

    That said, most people would rather purchase the lie, than hear the truth for free.

  • TheSkeptic

    Less than a year ago, former President Jimmy Carter stated that members of today’s middle class resemble members of the poverty class when he was in office. Less than an hour ago, the front news page of Google had an article based on a Harvard study pertaining to jobs and wages. yada…yada…yada…wages are falling, more full time positions are becoming part time jobs.

    But then again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The newly announce protracted war against ISIS will require new levels of manpower to be successful. So parents, get your young sons ready both physically and mentally for their future career(s).

  • wally

    We are 10 times worse then Jimmy Carter’s time. The misery index is worse, the velocity of money index is much worse. The government sponsored “economists” say that people are hoarding money that is why the velocity is so low. That is a flat out lie as a majority of people have no disposable income at all. It isn’t that they don’t want to spend money, they can’t because they don’t have any money to spend. Hollywood movies are experiencing their worst Summer ever at the box office…Why??? People do not have 10+ dollars of disposable income to go to the movies. Walmart, McDonalds, Tourist spots all over the US, et…etc….etc are all losing money…Why? People don’t have the money. This is the great depression X 10. Large companies are laying off employees in droves. Nokia whom just got bought by Microsoft laid off everybody. A good friend of mine has been at Nokia for years and she has a month left and she is gone, al of her friends are already gone.

    I used to think there are more sinister plots at hand but I am starting to think that the real reason the cops are being militarized and the Feds are buying billions of rounds of Ammo and so forth is that in the very near future they will be pulling the plug and the whole house of cards will fall. 70% or more stock market crash, all bubbles will burst, the dollar will be virtually worthless. The IMF will bail us out but at what cost? The ushering in of the financial side of the NWO.

    Banks will become insolvent and close their doors. Taking whatever life savings you have with them. There will be riots and mass chaos for a long time. These last few semi calm days we have use them to get your life right with God.

  • John E

    So the Fed theory is that ordinary Americans are hoarding money? I beg to differ. Corporations and banks are hoarding the largest cash reserve in generations, and it is composed almost entirely of crony capital and stimulus to be taken from future generations. Of course since that cash reserve is not in motion creating jobs, products and services it is nothing but worthless 1’s and 0’s, losing value everyday due to inflation.

    Sure ordinary Americans are not spending, but if you look at the savings rate, your BS Meter should go full scale when the Fed makes statements like this. Please blame anyone and everyone except those who have the means to control our central planned economy.

  • GSOB

    The spectacle of ritual killing is meant to dramatize the power of the ISIL movement and the helplessness of its victims,….thereby encouraging fanaticism among its followers.

    This country is at war.

    Wake up folks.

  • Paul

    Here in California the economy is in the toilet and going down the drain ever faster. While Moonbeam tells us we are running a surplus the state controller is saying the deficit that he has is 10 times greater than the “surplus” Gov. Brown says we have yet he continues to push the high, really low, speed train to nowhere that we will have to subsidize to eternity because if the real price of a ticket were charged no one would ride.
    One of the largest tax revenues collected is the CA sales tax which in my county is 9%. One of the statistics that they have a hard time “adjusting” is this one. In the first 6 months of the year revenue is down almost 10% year to year. We can’t blame it on the CA winter, we really don’t have one, it is poor management by people in Sacramento that keep telling everyone with their hand out that there is money available for it, no one wants to tell the spoiled children there is no more money. Pension reform and kicking out the unions would be a start but it will never happen as I see it, the politicians owe them too much. Another example is after whoring themselves to Tesla who took every penny offered to the tune of hundreds of millions they built in another state like there were going to all along. There was no way of hiding all the millions of dollars in costs down the road by building here now no matter what the incentives were offered short of handing them the keys to the state.
    Bottom line is the left wing politicians of this state think that the big business Fortune 500 companies we should be attracting are as stupid as their constituents
    . They didn’t get on the 500 list by being stupid or gullible. We are planning on leaving this state as soon as we can figure a way out. I will be sad to go, I have lived here for over 50 years and love so much about this state but as much as I have tried to help stem the tide of stupidity of the people who run it I think I have finally hit the wall. And as more of us productive people leave the worse their welfare state will become.

  • Frank

    Americans are not filling jobs because our government pays them to stay home. Don’t drink the Cool Aid…

  • Jacq

    This article lost me in the first paragraph. I don’t trust the numbers given. For example, why include kids between the ages of 16 and 18 in the labor force? Is it just because they CAN work? Traditionally, most of them don’t. And, have college students and those on disability been taken into account? How about stay-at-home mothers and fathers? Numbers are a tool used to sway or convince. By all sides. So, while 92,269,000 working age Americans might not be working, that number doesn’t accurately reflect anything meaningful here. The sentence following the 92 million figure makes no sense at all, mathematically speaking. If we’re to add 8+ million people who are currently not working, then where did the figure of 92+ million come from? The demographics I listed above? And what does that number mean to the premise of this article? Therefore, what does “over 100 million” really mean? This is just more bs containing a not-so-clever mix of truth and lies being fed to us. The economic engineering runs so deeply, the only real gauge we have is how we, our families, our friends and our neighbors are impacted.

    • K2

      The same thought occurred to me.

  • Hammerstrike


  • Melanippe

    A 36 year low? I am not surprised. The government and the media are
    putting out false information, the economy is not recovering. Most of
    the unemployed are not included in the statistics for various reasons
    and on top of that a 5% unemployment rate is considered “full
    employment” by the government. It does not feel like full employment to
    the unemployed person who desperately wants to work but their former
    workplace has been outsourced to Asia.
    A lot of people who are still
    employed are totally underpaid in relation to the rising cost of
    living. But our representatives in Washington have salaries high enough
    to function very well in our society and they seem totally unaware of
    the reality of a lot of their constituents. Every politician that makes
    decisions that affect the population should live at least one week of
    the year in low income housing at a minimum income level to realize how
    difficult life can be.
    People are forced to use Thomas McFreeman’s (The art of debt guerrilla warfare) tactics in order not to pay back their debt because this system of government has caused them to be un- or underemployed.

  • Community College Student

    I honestly don’t think the economy is recovering. Obama’s policies are a failure. I guess liberal policies are bankrupting us.

  • Dave

    Supply and demand. We can’t buy so they don’t produce.
    The middle class isn’t hoarding money; it’s the top 10 percenters that are, you know the job creators.
    Solution; raise top tax rates to 50%. What will happen is what history tells. Those in that rate will lessen their tax burden by liquidating their ‘holdings’. Passing it around.
    We then buy more and demand goes up.
    I have been challenged before; name one country that taxed it’s way to prosperarity.
    Answer: The United States of America. 1945-1980

  • Jakob Stagg

    Elimination of the middle class has eliminated the people who buy things. Buying things is what allowed the economy to operate. The poor are worse off. The middle class is disappearing. The wealthiest don’t have any way to begin spending the money they have other than trying to screw over one another.

    Few jobs does not encourage job growth.

  • Cynical Guy42

    Out of curiosity, how does the labor force participation rate vary by state/territory?

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