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If The U.S. Economy Goes Into The Toilet Will It Result In A Complete And Total Collapse Of Society?

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If the United States experiences a horrifying economic collapse (and it most definitely will), will that cause a complete and total collapse of society?  Will we experience crime, violence, riots and social unrest on a scale that is unprecedented in U.S. history?  Before you dismiss such notions as utter foolishness dreamed up by a few bloggers with too much time on their hands, perhaps you should consider what one of the biggest credit rating organizations in the world is saying.  According to a report on sovereign debt by Moody’s, the world’s five biggest AAA-rated countries (including the United States) are all at risk of soaring debt costs and will have to implement austerity plans that threaten “social cohesion”.  In case you are wondering what happens when “social cohesion” starts to break down due to economic factors, just check out the recent examples in Iceland and Greece.  If even Moody’s is warning that there is a realistic possibility that “social cohesion” in the United States may break down due to economic factors, perhaps we should all start listening.

Or if you will not listen to Moody’s, then perhaps you will listen to the man who has been called the top trends researcher in the entire world.  Gerald Celente is the CEO of Trends Research Institute, and he is convinced that we are heading into what he calls “The Greatest Depression”.  The picture that he paints of the future of America is extremely alarming and extremely sobering.  It would be easy to dismiss his forecasts as just the ramblings of another useless “talking head”, but unfortunately Celente has been dead-on accurate time after time after time in the past.  Considering his exemplary track record, what Celente says is coming next for America is incredibly frightening….

At this point you may be tempted to think that America has been through extremely tough economic times before (The Great Depression for example) and came through them okay.

So what is so different now?

Well, the truth is that the character of the American people is dramatically different.  At the time of the Great Depression, the American people were tough, self-sufficient people who knew how to live off the land.  Today, most Americans are weak, spoiled little children who will throw a temper tantrum whenever anyone tries to take their toys away.  The character of the American people has been decaying for decades, and there is no way that the current crop of Americans has any chance of weathering a horrible economic depression the way Americans back in the 1930s did.

Already we are seeing early signs of what the rest of America could soon be like.  The city of Detroit is a rotting, crime-ridden war zone that has a “real” unemployment rate of somewhere around 40 to 50 percent.  The state of California has become a cesspool of gang violence, rampant unemployment, rising foreclosures, unchecked drug dealing, and depressing economic decline.  Even in New York City we are seeing early signs of what is ahead.  Residents are quite alarmed about the dramatic rise in violent crime that is happening throughout the city.  Many New Yorkers were convinced that the days of “The Rotten Apple” were behind them, but economic problems are going to cause an increase in crime in just about any city.

But it just isn’t crime that is on the rise.  Millions of normal, law-abiding Americans are angry.  This anger is coming out in various ways – including the Tea Party protests that are sweeping the nation.  The majority of the American people are frankly disgusted with the government, and the approval ratings for both major parties continue to hover around record lows.  As things continue to get worse for the U.S. economy, the anger of the American people is going to continue to rise.

All of this is causing many in the U.S. government to view “troublemakers” inside the United States as one of the greatest threats to national security.  In fact, according to FBI Director Robert Mueller, “homegrown terrorists” represent as big a threat as al-Qaeda.

As big a threat as al-Qaeda?

For a top U.S. government official to come right out and make a statement like that is absolutely mind blowing.

Not only that, but now former U.S. President Bill Clinton is comparing Tea Party members to Timothy McVeigh.

Considering the fact that Timothy McVeigh received the death penalty, that is a very frightening parallel for Clinton to draw.

Does Clinton actually believe that Tea Party protesters should receive the same treatment as McVeigh?

Even more alarming is new legislation being pushed in the U.S. Senate.  A new bill introduced by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman would allow the U.S. military to round up large numbers of Americans and detain them indefinitely without a trial if they “pose a threat” or if they have “potential intelligence value” or for any other reason the President of the United States “considers appropriate”.

The reality is that as “necessary” as bills like that may seem to many as we edge ever closer to the breakdown of society, the reality is that the United States is quickly becoming just like so many of the other horrific totalitarian regimes that we have seen rise throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

In fact a time may soon be coming when authorities in the U.S. may soon be able to legally utter this bone chilling phrase: “Your Papers Please!”  Lawmakers in Washington D.C. working to create a new immigration “reform” bill have decided on a way to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants: a national biometric identification card that all American workers would be required to obtain.

Can you imagine being forced to carry around a national identification card?

Or worse?

A startup company developing “chipless RFID ink” has already tested its product on cattle and laboratory rats.

Could one day we all be required to sport an “RFID tatoo” to prove our identity to authorities?

Let’s hope not.

But many of us never thought that the day would come when we would see things such as the Patriot Act, “no fly” lists, the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program, DNA databases, Guantanamo Bay or full-body scanners at airports that reveal the graphic details of our naked bodies either.

America is quickly changing.  The next Great Depression is coming, and society is not going to be able to handle it.  How the U.S. government (and governments around the world) handle the coming social problems is going to be very interesting to watch.  Let’s hope that all of this does not degenerate into the absolute societal nightmare that many are projecting that it could be.

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  • Lunatic Fringe

    I watched the video. I am in total agreement with this guy. Right down to the “pop culture” fascination with useless things. I wrote a piece called “Medication Nation.” We consume 66% of all psychotropic medication in the world, not to mention alcohol, pot, and pain killers. Is it any wonder that the American public is asleep at the wheel? It is an epidemic.

    We are on a collision course with financial ruin. We are just treading water right now, soothed by a nanny government who eventually will not be able to kepp the lid on Pandora’s Box. Gird your loins, it’s gonna be here sooner than you think…

  • Spencer

    Rather then dismiss the movement out of fear, government should address the genuine concerns of the tea party movement. If they continue to ignore it, then it will likely one day topple the ruling class.

    My greater concern, is of an equal movement from labour unions. If this occurs, the outcome potential grows from revolution to civil war.

  • Jorge

    The author is completely correct. “Society won’t handle it” because Washington has deconstructed U.S. society and transformed it into a New Age Tower of Babel. There are somewhere on the order 30 million people living here illegally. These folks broke our laws to get here and break our laws by staying here. They hold our nation’s heritage of individual liberty, property rights, and the rule of law – to say nothing of our English heritage – in utter contempt. There are tens of millions more holding visas who share these views.

    Once the government money spigot is by default turned off, you can expect these folks to get REAL UGLY. Think 1990’s Yugoslavia to the tenth power. If you’re living in a major metropolitan area now is the time to get out. Once the balloon goes up big cities won’t be survivable. Now is the time – and probably the last opportunity – to prepare to defend yourself and your loved ones. Think Second Amendment and arm yourself. Very soon, you will need to be.

  • sharonsj

    Will things get ugly? It depends on whether or not we have electricity, gasoline, food and heat…and the money to pay for it. A lot of people do not know how to live on less and would be at a loss if there was a disaster–natural or otherwise. I’m just stocking up on as much as I can.

  • Concerned Reader

    I read this article last night and it sent a very cold chill down my spine at the fact that this could very well become our reality. I pray that it does not come to this, but I believe it will.

    I have been debating on whether to wriye a short story pertaining to this idea. In my story once the unrest starts it is called “The night of the fires.” Basically massive civil unrest in every major city on the planet experiences rioting to the point that entire cities are burned out.

    Imagine gangs of marauders patrolling the inner city looking for victims to plunder for their stuff. Massive out pourings of the major cities have caused the rural parts of the country to be locked down by malitias. Malitias gain enough strength that they are able to hold small towns as their own.

  • Lunatic Fringe

    Putting your money where your mouth is…

  • Dan

    I beleive that if we have a slow collapse, the majority of people will just follow what the government tells them. We are in this mess because people are afraid to give up what they have. As long as they have there internet, cable tv, and cars they are going to be led into there final dismay.
    If it is a quick over night collapse we will see plenty of violence.

  • This guy thinks that the biggest threat is from radicalized black prisoners, most of whom have been imprisoned because of racist drug laws, pretty interesting read:

  • Concerned Reader

    I have been speculating on this happening for a very long time. I have always felt that we were heading for some kind of societal calamity in the near future. Although I figured that it would happen in about twenty years. However, the economic downturn has excerbated the chances of such a thing happening.

    Let us analyze some of the aspects of such a calamity.

    We are currently importing(both legally and illegally) so many alien cultures that are not assimilating fast enough into our culture and they are becoming contrary to each other. Muslims and Mexicans and Somalians and Cubans and Brazilians and Palestinians and Chinese and Ethiopians and Iraqis and Sunnis and El Salvadorans and Bangladeshis and Hmongs are all jokying for a piece of diminshing American dream. One of the major consequences of an economic collapse will the massive ethnic clashes that will culminate across the globe and here at home. The battle lines are currently being drawn.

  • DavidB

    As a non American I never cease to be amazed by how few of you really question the reason(s) why your society and economy is going down the gurgler. It is incredible how many of you blame “socialists” when in reality it’s your own wealth owning upper class that’s caused this. It’s them – who under the guise of “free trade” and capitalism have outsourced your jobs by the millions to low paid “slave workers” in Asia and elsewhere.
    You simply can’t outsource most of your manufacturing capability and expect to maintain your high standards of living by selling each other burgers or haircuts!
    Hasn’t it occured to any of you that while your jobs disappear and you go into debt as the only way to maintain your living standards – the rich in your country concentrate more and more of the country’s remaining wealth in their grubby hands?
    Don’t blame the so called socialists – the rich want you to believe this – what America really needs is a revolution that will transfer economic power from the greedsters and place it with the people.

    • bryce

      That is an outstanding observation,and one that i completely agree with David, thank you for sharing.

  • Concerned Reader

    A lot of people out side of America may be thinking that they will be safe once the turmoil starts you will be safe. I am sorry to dissapoint you but there will be no where on the planet for any one to be safe.

  • Dan

    Once the turmoil starts?

    If what we see economically now, both domestically and internationally, is not turmoil, what is it?

    But of course, the main concern is immigration and illegal aliens. If we fix that, everything will be alright.

  • Bob

    If anyone reading this article really wants to see what is going on, check out Alex Jones, at This guy will give you the ins and outs of this entire situation.

  • Andrew

    Collapse might be in the cards, but your read on the people of this time is total bull**** and superficial. In case you forgot, the Great Depression was preceeded by the roaring 20’s which also produced a generation of “spoiled children.” Make no mistake about it… when the rubber meets the road you will see what this generation has got.

    Of course in boom times people get spoiled… that is why they are called boom times.

    You just go to far in your pronouncements…

  • John Taylor

    The globalists are agressively trying to take down the economy of the US and the public is too dumbed down to see and analyze what is happening. Instead they hang onto every word of Hannity, Beck and O’reilly utter. The public is incapable of critical thinking. They still believe there is a difference between left and right. They have no idea of money creation and the banking system. They still believe in green shoots.
    Bankers are still getting million dollar bonuses while the guy on main street is going shopping with food stamps.
    The elite are intellectually and financially superior to the masses. When the elite loses control or hits a roadblock they create homegrown terror to confuse the masses and create fear.
    Most never wonder why with all the American technology that exists in the gov’t arsenal that Osama is still in a cave somewhere. The media spins this as a normal state of affairs.
    – they really believe that we went into this depression totally by accident even though the politicans lied about the economy when the wheels are coming off the wagon
    – They don’t question the reasons for being in 2 extremely war theaters looking for terrorists that do not exist while US corps are cleaning up on defense contracts and oil leases. In Afghanistan poppy production is up 12 fold since the US moved in. There are 12 times as many NATO troops as Taliban. Fox News says this is normal.
    The people are morons, too old for fairy stories but this is exactly what media tells them.

  • V in California

    I believe this article is right on target and especially Gerald Celente. This guy tells it like it really is. This November, I believe, is our very last chance to stop (or at least slow down) the train wreck that is on the horizon. There are very few in government at this point who can be trusted with our and our kids future, for this reason as many as possible need to placed into the ranks of the unemployed. I honestly hope there are enough of us awake to turn this around…I am not optomistic however.

    As far as McCain goes…to hell with him. He has done little for vets and even less for this country.

    One last thing..Term limits is a must to break the corruption that has become the norm.

  • Things are much worse than you realize, see the prophecies about America at

  • skot wms

    HAHAHA!!! This is too funny! You morons have no idea how the world works. Some of just realised what is coming, others of you propose that the whole world will go down in flames if America sinks. HAHAHA!! Let me fill you guys in on something. A lot of the world will be doing just fine if the US burns. I’m an American who’s been living in Asia for over a decade. I live in China for the last few years. Let me tell you this- people are making ungodly money here hand over fist. Outside of Japan, where I used to live, Asia is flourishing. I’m making more cash than ever in my life. For sharp people, opportunity just falls in your lap daily in this country. We don’t need America for squat. Most of you people deserve what you get, and I laugh at your demise. I went back to the US in 2005 for a visit, and was amazed by how the average person was living waaaaaaayyyy BEYOND THEIR MEANS through easy credit. It was mind boggling to see the average Joe living in $250-350,000 houses, and driving Escalades and Range Rovers. People felt like they were All-Stars. But as an outsider, it was obvious where it was headed. So all I’ve got to say is this-HAHAHAHA!!! Idiots! Have fun with your new reality! You are all too soft to compete in the world anyway! LAy down and die now.

    • Tarek

      that is so true, i cant believe how many americans think tht they are at the center of the universe, and i was also surprised to see that they sugarcoat so much on television and dont focus on reality like in asia. also they make the news so depressing when tons of good things are actually happenning, pessimists.

  • Mark Daniel

    David B, you are right on the money. I have tried in vein to share this for almost two decades with my fellow Americans, but they just don’t get it. The elites are really enjoying this, and it was so easy.

  • I am not a member of the “fast collapse” way of thinking which seems to be popular among this latest generation –who didn’t have to go through an earlier economic recession, or go to war, or even visit a third world country for longer than a week (Tijuana doesn’t count). If and when America breaks up due to a Yugoslav style civil war, rest assured most of you will have some kind of menial job assigned by your local warlord afterward.

  • BillyJoeBobWay

    Im just waiting for summer…when the hot temperatures hit the people will lose it.
    Those who have run out of unemployment,
    cant feed their families, exhausted their

  • Contrarian67

    Ultimately, I think Celente is right but I believe he’s underestimating the extent to which this elite world cabal will go to “extend & pretend.” Factor in the collective voluntary ignorance and apathy of the average citizen buttressed by a complicit mainstream media and it’s possible that a violent systemic collapse could still be years away. Plenty of time for BO to win a second term and for doomsayers to be dismissed.

    Still, I’m planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

  • Dooooooooooooooglaz

    SKOT Wms.hit it on the head. I’ve been in Latin America since you idiots let Bush steal the second election. I was one that said ” Bush wins and I’m gone”.
    I , unlike most, kept my word.
    Latin America doesn’t need you either.
    Enjoy the ride cuz that movie is almost over. You voted for it, you deal with it.
    Don’t forget to wave your Chinese made flag you bought at Walmart….on a 21% credit card.

  • j stuart

    White Shoe Boys? White J boys? Makes sense to me.

  • Concerned Reader

    Based on current treads, I am almost certain that we are heading for a future not unlike that of the film Children of Men. Mainly the political stuff of this film.

    Infertility: Modern times: The native populations of Europe, Canada and the US are experiencing a decline in their birth rates. The last time I checked Spain, Portugal and Italy are now at sub-replacement level birth rates. The rest of these nations are either at replacement level(2 kids per couple) or are begining to drift towards sub replacement. However, the large influx of immigrants into those lands are keeping the bitrh rates higer than replacement level.

    Immigration: Modern Times: Like in the movie, Europe and possibly America have inundated by mass migrations of peoples. The influx is so large that countries have to devote all of their resources to defending their border.

    Big Brother: Modern Times: In order to deal with the situation of the world in the film, world governments have either fallen or resorted to facism and big brother regulations to keep society in tact. We are already seeing this happen all accross the world with CCTV cameras and body scanners in airports, traffic stops and all other public places.

    Terrorism: Modern Times: The movie gives subtle hints that terrorism has grown to the point that the planetary civilization is endangered. The movie is basically warning us that if current threats are taken serious, it will engulf the entire planet.

    Pollution and the environment: Modern Times: The film gives hints that the environemtn has been ravaged to the point of it no longer being viable. Whether you believe in climate change or not, the weather system is changing and mother nature is striking back against humans with more intense storms, earth quakes and volcanoes.

    There many other trends, but these stood out the most and they are the ones worth pointing out.

  • Pete

    Make no mistake, America is on the decline and China is on the rise. After China it will be India after India maybe Africa or South America. Its the replay of history folks….money moves to where it is welcomed most. Combine this with low labor and raw material costs and success is guaranteed. It saddens me to think my kids and their generation will have lower standards of living because of our Nation’s poor decision making. Watch I.O.U.S.A. and pay attention to guys like David M. Walker. There are some good guys left in our country…I hope more emerge.

  • Katie

    we try to store food, cut ourselves off from stupid people, and get ready to meet Jesus. that’s our plan. if it doesn’t go bust from minute one. no winners. just survivors. I’d venture to say the smarts of us are going to be hiding. you guys can shoot each other if you want.

    • Tarek

      so true!

  • dippity doo

    better draw your line in the sand now.
    for if you wait too long your more likely to acquiesce to whatever it is they might want to do with or to you.

  • MilliniumJane

    I generally agree, though bristle at the author’s quote “Today, most Americans are weak, spoiled little children who will throw a temper tantrum whenever anyone tries to take their toys away. The character of the American people has been decaying for decades, and there is no way that the current crop of Americans has any chance of weathering a horrible economic depression the way Americans back in the 1930s did.” I believe that there has been a concerted effort by the powerful to a.) tear apart family cohesion, b.) weaken our education system so people are more easily manipulated and less willing to rationalize and think critically, and c.) deconstruct the lower and middle classes by shipping blue collar jobs overseas. The reason people care more about their “toys” is that Materialism has become the new religion in this country. Toys are all they have left in place of family and community. The corporations have marched lockstep with the powers to make $$$$ and my parent’s and grandparent’s generations have done little to stop this. I have hope because people in my generation (Generation X) have not had it easy. We came of age in an era of low unemployment, declining wages, single parent families.
    We have witnessed and experienced the BS firsthand and are naturally skeptical about the media’s forcefed state lines. Although we have participated little politically in the past (why fight the power when it is self-destructing before our very eyes?) I believe that it is my generation’s destiny to step up to the plate and do the dirty work of fixing the mess left to us. And I think we have the character and gumption to do it.

  • I started predicting this 10 years ago, and others were predicting it as early as 2006. See the web page for which I have provided a link. The solution is the same as it was 10 years ago, too.

  • Concerned Reader

    Despite how bad things look I can not help but feel as though America will weather this storm. It will be hard and night marish once it starts, but this country has proven that it can over come turmoil. Such times the articles of confederation, the civil war and reconstruction and the first great depression along with two world wars. There is no way to escape the troble times we are heading for, but I am confident we will survive. We wont be the same as we are now, but maybe we will return to the way we were before hen everyone had a positive demeanor, people saved and we were not in so much debt. Wishful thinking, maybe, but it is something that gives a sense of hope.

  • A criminal is always a criminal, so as an illegal immigrant is always an illegal citizen. For this, they should be deported. There are more valid migrants who are waiting to do their labor. These are workers who are willing to compensate taxes as objected to illegals who do not pay their taxes.

  • It’s true. In comparison to the great depression of the 30’s, a lot of the people back then had character. They were a bit emotionally suppressive, but they knew how to deal with a financial hit.

    Today is.. .. Different. God help us if we take anyone away from the couch to stop watching Oprah.

    But I’m glad I can say I’m not one of them. As a big time internet addict, I’ve learned how to assuage the addiction by either reacting to my environment to get it back, enduring monthly periods without it.

    @Concerned Reader , To paraphrase Pandora from God of War 3..

    “Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we fight for if all else is lost.”

    I know I won’t let something like the entire breakdown of society stop me from enjoying my life.

  • Stu

    Agree with the sentiment that the folks of today’s American society will have a very difficult time of things if/when the economy or currency fails us.

    I do however agree that people should be able to be checked at random or for cause as to their legal status here in our country. Anyone at any time should be able to prove they are a legal citizen.

    The situation is critical, the feds have done little to nothing in stopping the illegal invasion (mostly across our southern borders)and it’s created a pressure cooker situation in those border states as well as across the entire country. (some places worse than others)

    So “yes” I agree that we could and might see civil unrest explode across the country, it all depends on the circumstances people are forced to deal with.

    But at this point in time, because of the magnitude of the problem…I’m all for having “papers” or any other legitimate way to quickly allow law enforcement officers the ability to ascertain the legal status of anyone they come in contact with as they perform their duties in our communities.

    Yes, it’s that bad imo



  • Imout!

    I’m in the same boat as at least two other posters here; I live in Asia. I’ve left the US and have never been doing better. I make just a portion of earnings of the average Joe in the US, but I can afford to buy everything in cash and save about half of my income. Most of Asia doesn’t even need the US anymore except for when we pirate your movies. There’s new markets in Africa, the Middle East, India, and the growing middle class all throughout Asia.

  • Jonny Blaze

    The Third World War. That is what the collapse of America will bring. The countries with vested interest will come (China!!) and like wolves from different packs they fight amoungst themselves and the Third World War will begin. The group that runs America will make sure they take out as much of the world as they can and we all will suffer. I pray to God this does not happen but look at the world today, does governement really care about life, the environement, peace? Exactly!!

  • j Stuart

    Strange bunch of America haters we have posting here. Stay in Asia then since you obviously are not of the cloth our founders were. Likely, you’re of the show-up-after-the-work-is-done bunch that immigrated here for the free ride and easy life. We have many of them piling in now and they have ruined it for the rest of us.

    Asia is a cesspool along with South America, and Africa. Unfortunately, we’ve been getting the effluent from all of these places and it has done us in.

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