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If You Live In California Things Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

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Why does the state of California seem to be so incredibly hopeless?  These days California can’t seem to do anything right, and if you live in California things just got a whole lot worse.  Governor Brown has announced that the state budget deficit for this year is going to be much larger than projected, that more government services are going to be cut and that voters are going to vote on another round of tax increases in November.  Meanwhile, unemployment is sitting at 11 percent and extended federal unemployment benefits for workers in the state are ending.  Because California is one of the worst places in the nation to conduct business, there has been a steady flow of companies leaving the state.  Those companies have taken a whole lot of good jobs with them.  Due to the lack of jobs and a steady stream of impoverished immigrants coming in from Mexico and other countries, poverty in the state has exploded and crime is rapidly increasing.  California may be the land of “endless sunshine”, but for the California economy there are only dark clouds on the horizon.  The state is coming apart at the seams and there is not much hope that things are going to turn around any time soon.

These days, California is very similar to Greece in many ways.

Just like Greece, California has had round after round of “austerity” and yet still cannot seem to balance the budget.

Even after all of the cuts that have been implemented in recent years, the California budget deficit is still going to be far larger than originally projected this year.  The following is from the Los Angeles Times….

Gov. Jerry Brown announced on Saturday that the state’s deficit has ballooned to $16 billion, a huge increase over his $9.2-billion estimate in January.

The bigger deficit is a significant setback for California, which has struggled to turn the page on a devastating budget crisis. Brown, who announced the deficit on YouTube, is expected to outline his full budget proposal on Monday in Sacramento.

“This means we will have to go much further, and make cuts far greater, than I asked for at the beginning of the year,” Brown said in the video.

During his remarks on YouTube, Governor Brown stated that California is “still recovering from the worst recession since the 1930s” and he stressed that hard choices are ahead.

But the California state government has already cut back in so many places.  For example, back in the late 1970s the state of California was number one in per-pupil spending on education, but now California has fallen to 48th place.

Unfortunately, Governor Brown does not believe that budget cuts alone will solve the problem.

So you know what that means.

Tax increases!

The tax increases that California voters will be voting on in November were outlined in a recent Bloomberg article….

Brown this week submitted more than 1.5 million signatures to place the tax measure on the ballot. It would temporarily raise the state sales tax, already the highest in the U.S., to 7.5 percent from 7.25 percent. It would also boost rates on income starting at $250,000. The 10.3 percent levy on those making $1 million or more would rise to 13.3 percent, the most of any state.

Get ready to fire up the moving vans.

The rest of the California economy may be falling apart, but moving companies will continue to do very well.

As I have written about previously, California has already experienced a net loss of approximately four million residents to other states over the past 20 years.

If the top rate on those making a million dollars or more a year hits 13.3 percent you will see a lot more wealthy people leave.

And thousands of businesses have left California in recent years as well.  Sadly, one survey found that CEOs ranked California as the worst place in the United States to do business for seven years in a row.

You would think that the state legislature would get the message.

Unfortunately they have not.

California absolutely suffocates businesses with rules and regulations and it gets worse with each passing year.

So lots of good jobs continue to leave the state.

As mentioned earlier, the official rate of unemployment in California is sitting at 11 percent.  That is almost 3 points higher than for the nation as a whole.

Of course the “official” numbers greatly understate the true scope of the unemployment problem, but for more on that you can check out this article.

However you want to look at it, the reality is that California has a massive unemployment problem.

Sadly, a whole bunch of unemployed workers in California are about to lose their unemployment benefits.

On Saturday, more than 200,000 unemployed Americans were dumped off the unemployment rolls.  Close to half of them live in California.

Instead of 99 weeks, unemployed workers in California will now only be able to collect unemployment benefits for a maximum of 79 weeks.

It is estimated that a total of 93,000 people in California have suddenly lost their benefits as a result of this change.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the employment picture in California is not really getting any better.  It is still incredibly difficult to find a decent job.

Unless you are “connected”, it can be a horribly frustrating experience trying to find a new job in this economic environment.

But if you are truly desperate, there are some folks out there who are always hiring.

These days, “national security” is quite a growth industry.  For example, if you are currently unemployed you can always apply to work as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the national guard.

While the economy is going to pot, you can get paid to lock up other Americans that are protesting about the state of our country.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

But seriously, if you live in California right now you probably don’t need anyone else to tell you how bad things are.

You probably already know that the number of children living in poverty in the state of California has increased by 30 percent since 2007.

California is rapidly changing, and not for the better.

But it is not just the economy that is falling apart in California.  The truth is that there are a whole host of good reasons to move away from California.  The traffic is nightmarish, crime is on the rise, the gangs are bigger and more active than ever before, millions of illegal immigrants have poured into the state, and the control freak politicians become more insane with each passing year.

Plus there is the constant threat that your home will be destroyed by a mudslide, a wildfire or an earthquake.

One of these days the “big onewill hit California.

You do not want to be there when that happens.

But if you decide that you do want to move from California, what is the best state to move to?

That is a very good question.

The truth is that economic conditions are horrible in most of the country and are rapidly getting a whole lot worse.

According to one poll, 30 percent of all Americans described the condition of the economy as “good” back in February but only 20 percent do now.

When we enter the next major economic downturn, unemployment is going to go higher everywhere in the nation.

There will be small pockets where jobs are still plentiful (where the oil industry is strong for example) but almost everywhere else will be really hurting.

So what do all of you think?

For people looking to move away from California, where should they go?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Jodi

    Like Europe, America will fall like dominoes too! There seems to be no escape, eventually every state will have these problems. Here’s a list of business friendly and non-friendly states.

  • Golden Child

    The truth is that the economy is terrible all over the country. I live in Maryland in the Baltimore-Washington corridor which supposedly has the “best job market in the country”. However, this is a thinly disguised lie because the only reason this seems true is because of the bulk of advertised job openings are for federal government jobs that are already taken. Backwards red tape policy requires the gov’t to post want ad’s for positions that have already been filled. If DC really is the land of milk and honey it is portrayed to be, then why does Southeast DC have the highest recorded unemployment rate of anywhere in the country? I have already commented on previous posts that although Maryland is the highest income state in the nation, Baltimore is one of the poorest places in America with a population over 250K. Baltimore is more neglected, run-down, post-apocalyptic and dangerous than any big city (500K+) in California, period. As a whole, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco are no where near as run-down, ghetto and crime ridden as Baltimore. It’s the same song everywhere in America. The NY metro area has the highest income inequality of anywhere in the nation. Florida is in terrible shape. Michigan is no better than California. The Pacific Northwest is also not doing exceptionally well either. Texas is a place where the economy is faring better than the rest of the country. But there are no promises of stability for anyone in America unless you are an overpaid paper pusher working for the federal government who is more likely to drop dead than be fired or laid off. Most of America is wide open space but American people are extremely discouraged from living simple lives on their own farms and being self-sufficient/independent of the toxic debt fueled inflation machine we have today that sets up millions of people to fail. Where should Californians move? Out of the country!

    • Tim

      Wow. I was born in Maryland and lived on the Eastern Shore for 31 years. It was a wonderful place to grow up. I remember that there were some really bad areas of Baltimore, but there were also some areas that were okay. It sounds like things have really gone downhill from what you’ve described.

    • Craig

      Golden childe, thanks for the good info. I spent 5 years in Seattle. It is expensive, but it isn’t as expensive as San Diego, CA. I loved the weather in both places.

    • thisonewilldo

      Or you test the system to see if what everyone’s saying really is true… I did and guess what? It’s true. Exposed them for the lieing B(astar)ds they are. Got a problem with how they are running the business in the ground? They’ll lie, they’ll cheat and come up with some trumped up charge that you (not them) were somehow at fault. MANAGEMENT is in cahoots with the each other so good luck in trying to get anyone to serious address the matter and help out. Until then they keep the guy who screws up the most and will back them up on it.

      Uh,oh no, you look for work? Yeah, apparently Americans didn’t get the memo that said every private business were advised to hire part time (the new full time) pay $10.00 an hour minimum wage, offer no benefits til whenever and the day before that whenever happens, you get fired over some silly little rule. There’s an animal business here that has run through 35 (mostly teenager and diverse)workers (can you say tax deduction?) in three months! Their excuse? We are training the new world (Dis) Order workers? (yeah good excuse huh) But never fear! The owner’s family works the real hours (40+)! But somehow never show up at the business!
      Welcome to the new world (Dis)Order! Where the business owners cook the books paying out tons for their phantom family employees, leave it to the slave, bug out of the office because they are too busy prepping (with their families) for the diaster to come! Face it folks – this nation is toast! We were sold out by the government, the real businesses have left the country and the rest of the businesses are fleecing the average worker for their very last buck. Citizens! REFUSE TO WORK!Walk, walk with your hands and feet! Stop fueling the New World (Dis) Order! Prepare your OWN families for what is to come…

  • i’vegivenup

    As California goes so does the rest of the country. Bank on it!

  • mark

    I talked to a friend that is supported by government welfare and the costs of living in California are too high for her. Even though the rent is paid, food is paid, medical is paid and on top of all that two of the kids get social security and they still can’t make ends meet. She is thinking of moving to Idaho. Fuel costs are 50 cents or so lower and the taxes are lower. Everything costs more in California. Now, there are many in Calfornia that have a lot of money and they live on the coast. It is a different world there. Most are empty nesters and don’t know how bad the schools are. Instead of spending their school funds to teach reading, writing and math as they should. They make sure that a gay agenda is included in many classroom lessons. Their retirements for public workers are huge and until the lawmakers stop pandering to the public employee unions and the existing retirees die off things will continue to go down hill in California

    • Diane C

      “the rent is paid, food is paid, medical is paid and on top of all that two of the kids get social security and they still can’t make ends meet”

      So she is going to move to another state and do the same thing? It is people like this and all of the illegals from Mexico who are doing the same thing and that is one of the biggest problems.

      I say make them all go back to Mexico and stop the free handouts!

  • sign me up before they sign me in.


  • Alasha

    I know not what to say except Amen! Godspeed and Heaven Help Us!!

  • Paranoid

    Lived in Ca for 25 years, many lovely places, The illegals are awful, impossible to find a hotel after dark that the night clerk speaks English. Places you just don’t get of the interstate in LA. unfortunately they don’t say that on the exit signs and people get killed. Hope the Giant Sequoias do OK. Glad Gov. Moonbeam is back, he deserves what’s coming. Problem Isn’t lack of tax it’s spending. Illegals get free schooling and Meds.

  • sistrunkqueen

    I don’t think there is a state they could move to. I think they should consider moving to Asia for work. I am leaving next month for China. This time I am staying two years instead of one.
    I don’t want to be here when crap hits the fan in November. I wish Obama well, but every man and woman for themselves.

  • DaytoDay

    Get out of California? It might be time to get out of the U.S.!

  • Out of here

    I am one of those business. I’m /was a contractor in So. Cal in 1998 I had 18 employees, 2005 13 employees, 2008 6 employees, 2010 4 employees 2012 2 employees but I just laid them off and completly closed down and sold the property, escrow closes in two days and I’m going to Nevada. I have had Ca reopen my past four years of income taxes and send me bills for what they say I underpaid (and yes it was originally done by a CPA with no cheating) and when I try and protest they ingore my letters and levy my account.

    In 2005 I had six major accounts all but one has closed or moved to Mex or China and the one I do/did have cut us back 85% to where it’s no longer worth working for them with all the insurance, AQMD permits and dozens of other fees need to work here and if you miss something the fines are huge.

    Gangs, traffic, taxes, quality of life all bad now and I hate to say that because I was born and raised here but it is not the same place especially with the flood of illegals from Mexico living 10 to a house.

    • Craig

      Out of here, I don’t blame you. How do you think it will all end in CA? 3rd world?

    • thisonewilldo

      Out of here, YOU ARE following the New World (Dis) Order agenda. It’s EVERYONE’S business to COLLAPSE! NO One in greenback dollar backed currency will have a business! TPTB don’t want you too! Don’t YOU GET IT??? Owners WAKE UP! You ARE the target! They WILL drive everyone out of business -on purpose! They are prepared to force you (via IRS, bureaucratic red tape)out of business (if you continue to play fair) and THEY will (mack, the knife- speaks cleanly)-or how about with open killing (PERDITION)-they MEAN it. No ONE, you or I can ever have a GOOD business AGAIN! GET OUT OF THE(IR) BUSINESS) while you can! RE-GROUP! Create a new world (dis) order business that will thrive once the SHTF (there are many)! And use your new found freedom to get your family ready for tshtf.

  • CaliPrepper

    Sad business indeed. Excellent article.

  • bart

    Advice to Jerry Brown: Cut all your welfare spending to illegal immigrant, prisoner and time to suspend all pension checks to your union supporters!

  • Ralphieboy

    I moved our business from California to Texas in 2000, escaping daunting regulations and ridiculouly high taxes and real estate costs.

    In 2012, sold a house in California that I had been keeping as a vacation home, but frankly had had enough of the rude, pushy and elitist self-centeredness of so many of my California neighbors.

    I frankly fail to understand how the unthinking voters continue a path toward self destruction, all in name of being hip and cool.

    Here in the Texas hill country, it is just the opposite-kind and friendly folks with strong values and a great work ethic. My Dallas born wife is also happy to be here, and we are rightfully proud to be Texans. Interestingly, we have had a large influx of unhappy Californians in recent years. We only ask they forsake any last vestiges of elitist , liberal attitude, and educate themselves on tne concepts of personal liberty and accountability.

    • Craig

      That is a good comparison. I spent 2 weeks in San Diego (loved the weather) last year, and I’ve been in Texas (Ft. Worth) 32 years. I agree with your comparison of the two places. San Diego was also friendly, but the difference is more emphasis on $$$ in San Diego, and more emphasis on church culture in Ft. Worth.

  • Marc

    The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, the public debt should be reduced and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.
    Ross Perot

  • Marc

    soon there will be an exodus from America…………..

  • Hondo

    My brother is one of those about to lose his unemployment. His house is close to be paid off but he might not make it. He may be foreclosed on with only a few thousand left on his mortgage. Please pray for him.

  • Rodster

    As the comedian Gallagher used to say. “Living in California is like living in a bowl of granola, what ain’t fruits or nuts, is flakes.”

    It’s a State that is built around tax and spend liberalism and socialism. They have done their best to take money away from those who have earned it and given it to those that want to suck the tit of the State. They have taken money that was produced and gave it to illegal aliens.

    They have chased away people who have earned their money and they have left that State.

    The State is a joke. Congratulations California you are one your way to become like Greece, Spain and presumably France.

  • salvadordaly

    Boy, income and sales tax, and they want to raise them? That should make everything better. People will love that, after all they already pay 7.25% on sales tax and a boost to rates on income starting at $250,000. The 10.3% levy on those making $1 million or more would rise to 13.3%. That ought to make you want to hang in there. I wonder why they would be leaving? Well to be honest with you I do not blame them. I really hope they do not head to my state. Because guess what? They will be voting the same way they did in their state, and pretty soon guess what?
    Yep, it all starts over again in a different state, your state! Let me tell you something to all right now. If you have someone from Cali move in next door. You owe it to yourself to get to “know” them. Unless, you agree with their views, but chances are that you will not agree with their “views”. How do I know this? Simple, most have move to your state because of the jobs and the economy, the lower rate of living, and better schools. I wonder which those states would be?
    I will leave that for you to answer, and you know who you are.

  • JR

    Uh… do NOT go to the Socialist Workers’ Dystopia of Illinois, if you are looking to relocate. The corrupt home of Jimmy Carter Obama is, according to credit default swaps, or likely to default than even CA.
    Nice job, socialists. Thanks for putting 46.5 freaking MILLION on food stamps, up 47% since Jimmy Carter Obama took office

  • 007

    California deserves whatever happens. Keep it up California. Vote liberal Democrats into office. You will be among the first to drown in your own socialist philosophy. Hope you can hold your breath.

  • Grace

    If Californians don’t start using their power to recall douchebags like Brown NOW no one will have any money left by the November elections. The rich(and corrupt) politicians are getting away with murder.

    Make the June primaries count. Start recalling these b*stards. Californians have nothing to lose at this point.

  • Gary2

    Michael–is this a repeat? I thought you did this one already?? I could be wrong and thinking of something else though.

    • Michael


      I have done other articles about California, but this one is mostly new information.


  • 007

    When it can’t pay it’s own bond payments, it could trigger a new municipal bond crisis on a nationwide basis.

  • Dustin

    If they can, I suggest they move to Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. Maybe even North Dakota. At least these places don’t have as many people, and there is an oil boom, logging industry, mining, and plenty of space to settle into a fortification for what will eventually come. The best place to be when things go badly is going to be in the wilderness of Montana. IDK-nowhere seems safe or sound anymore. Living on the Earth is becoming horrible for many. Keep fighting for survival!

    • JStevens

      Dustin, please don’t tell EVERYBODY this. A few of the sates you listed are still beautiful and we want to keep it that way.

  • 007

    Those in Califoria, you may want to check out Illinois or Michigan to relocate. I hear they have some tremendous real estate deals in Detroit. But be sure to vote corrupt socialist Democrats into office. They are counting on you to continue to cut your own throat.

  • 007

    Brilliant California. Raise taxes in a recession. But whatever you do, don’t cut spending for all of your liberal union goons. That should create a lot of new business jobs. Why wouldn’t anyone want to open a new business in this paradise?

  • Save the Republic

    I love how Brown says they are “still recovering”. He should have said “still deteriorating”. How can they be still recovering if they never began to recover in the first place?

  • Mike Rexford

    give it back to the mexicans

  • David M

    If you are clever and stealthy, you could set up a great bug out retreat deep in unoccupied undeveloped Federal lands in some state. They own so much land that you’d be hundreds of miles from any known civilization.

    As far as I am concerned at this point in time, most Federal employees are parasitical thieves stealing from their fellow citizens.

    After a crash and reboot of human society. Federally stolen lands are up for grabs

  • Mad Max

    I hate to pick on Cali but it’s true. Eventually the whole world will be devastated. I wouldn’t get to comfortable where ever or whoever you are. The amount of money and things you have won’t make much of a difference. It won’t matter where you live either.

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

  • Kenny

    Texas has sucked up many of the jobs that have left California. My wife and I recently opened a business in the service industry, and business is booming for us. We have tech jobs pouring in from other states, and the oil & gas sector is also doing well. Our business caters to more affluent people, and we seem to have no shortage here. Texas has no state income tax, and local/property taxes are reasonable. We moved here from Louisiana (another low-tax state) and Texas taxes are lower, while government services are much better (and appear to be VERY efficient). Of course, look at all of the national statistics on Texas and “the proof is in the pudding”!

  • stefan

    i was born and raised in california and just recently moved to texas with a company i work for.

    the cost of living out there is astronomical. your typical (1 notch above section 8) 1 bedroom apartment in l.a. can run you 1200+/month. a 1000sq. ft. home with no back yard will usually start around 350k if your looking to live in a nice area, and if you value your life you have no choice!

    california has become a multicultural it; with no common language, no common culture, and no one set of religious beliefs. its biggest city l.a. is an over crowded mexican ghetto that is filled with graffitti and crime. the semi-rural middle class town i grew up in during the 90’s now resembles something out of the movie “colors”, with daily homicides and routine street brawls.

    a lot of cities in california are broke…or will soon be broke. i know l.a. is now requiring home owners to pay for the buckling of side walks due to the trees the city planted years back. there’s also no job market in california…if you lose your job, good luck finding a new one. i think a riot broke out a while back when several thousand people showed up to apply for a couple janitor positions at l.a. unified school district.

    due to budget cuts, the dmv is now only open 4 days per week, and as a result there is usually a line of about 200 people wrapped around a city block at 830am waiting for the doors to open. class sizes in most public schools exceed 50 heads.

    right before i left, they had all the gas stations remove those little clips on the gas pump which holds the lever in place, so then after sitting in traffic for 3 hours, you get to stand and manually hold the handle for gas. it sounds petty, but it was annoying as hell…that was another regulation the state passed just to make everybodys life hell.

    as soon as i crossed the state line from california into arizona, the price of a gallon of gas dropped $1; $4.98 in california, $3.98 in arizona.

  • North Dakota is supposed to be in decent shape.

  • Marco

    I live in California, and I can tell you why we’re broke. We’re paying for all these illegal immigrants’ benefits. Charity is one thing, but so many folks are just taking advantage of these benefits and entitlements.

    On a personal note, I think we’re all just reaping what we sow – this is what we get when we turn our back on God – our leadership is a direct reflection of our state of society.

  • orionverin

    I have to say I’ve been giving some serious thought to leave California myself!It really is getting bad out here.

  • Me

    Pretty much anywhere but here (sadly I live here). Add another reason: the cost of a house are astronomical here. Who could reasonably afford $750,000 for a starter house back when there even WAS good employment?

    Seriously you want to see something funny, look for Real Estate listings in Santa Monica. I grant you, you might be able to cut that number into the mid $300’s but you’ll be in Temecula or Riverside… also known as 2 hours away from any kind of job paying enough to support that kind of house payment. That and in the middle of a dustbowl full of criminals and meth addicts.

    I was researching this, and I found out the combination of highest average salary, lowest cost of living, and a *reasonable* rate of job growth (laughs, given this economy)… is in Cleveland, Ohio.

    So I’m seriously considering it. Not knowing the area, I don’t know if the sub – $100,000 prices for homes are in the middle of bad areas or not, or if, indeed, Cleveland is just one gigantic “bad area”.

    • DaytoDay

      “So I’m seriously considering it. Not knowing the area, I don’t know if the sub – $100,000 prices for homes are in the middle of bad areas or not, or if, indeed, Cleveland is just one gigantic “bad area”.”

      You might as well move to Detroit… Cleveland has been consider dangerous since I can remember back in the 90’s… And so, I can only imagine what it must be like now.

    • Craig

      Columbus is the boom city in Ohio now. And, Cincinnati is a nicer city than Cleveland. I lived in Cincy 32 years. And SE Indiana would be a great place to live–Batesville, etc. Do you have to work?

      • Me

        Hmmm it’s debateable.

        Depends how much crap hits how big of a fan. Plus how much a house costs. I probably HAVE to have to for 3-5 years. After that, in theory I don’t have to but only if I have a relatively cheap house with low low property taxes (by the way, Prop 13 has GOT to hit the fan sooner or later in So Cal)… and I don’t have to heat or cool much… and I can get the same cheap groceries I can here. That’s one thing about illegals that’s a bonus, never pay even half price for produce again…

        If I choose to live like a recluse then no I don’t have to. If I choose to marry… well… I mean YEAH… what woman’s gonna do THAT?

      • Me

        Then again there are degrees, of course.

        I can be “underemployed” and probably come out WAY ahead of the “just up and quit” scenario. I mean like get a job at UPS or some such thing, or get a security guard card, whatever. That sort of “underemployed”.

        I’d have enough money for a sub 200k house and a pretty lean (not by choice) diet until I kicked over. A very very few luxuries, but I’d probably just transport all the (literally) junk electronics that I found and repaired. This is in the “I quit” scenario.

        … gah dangit, ObamaCare is going to mess up my plans isn’t it…

  • Jim Twamley

    I enjoyed your article. My wife and I were full time RVers for five years and have traveled all over the U.S.A. Where is the best place to live? Every place has it’s good and bad points – it really boils down to your personal interests. I like Arizona in the winter and the Pacific Northwest in the summer. I like Michigan, Main and New Hampshire as well. When we came off the road, we purchased a country estate in Central California. We enjoy the weather along with an orchard containing all manner of fruit and nut trees. We are also close to family. We found things to like about every state we visited, so the bottom line answer is – it depends on your personal tastes.

  • Pat

    Lying Bastards! Do you accept their propaganda?. That is like saying the Earth is warming up due to Mankind when in fact it is cooling down as part of a cycle. That there are too many people on the planet and that we, not them, must be culled. Or that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. Or that Sadam had weapons of Mass destruction. Or that Man could magically cross the Van Allen Radiation Belt and fly to the moon. Or that Bin Laden orchestrated the 911 attack from a cave. Or that fluoride is good for you. Or that a church of women, men and babies could pose a dangerous threat to society. Or that you can have an army for peace keeping while they massacre indigenous people . Or that GMO food is good for you. Or that Africa is a wasteland with no food or water. Or socialism is good because medical is free. Or that paper currency is real money. Or that people who use or sell drugs should be locked up for a long time. Or that searching inside of pants and between legs will keep you safe. Or that homogenized pasteurized milk is healthier than natural raw milk. That the people are so dumb they have to be told what to eat and what not to eat by law. That food comes from a factory instead of a farm. That you should not grow your own food but eat store bought processed food is better. That all the drinking water on the planet is disappearing and the U.N. needs to be in charge of it. Or that Chinese products are better than American products. That Gibson guitars should be made abroad not in the U.S. That GM should open factories in China and close the ones in America. Or that we have money for space exploration, atomic accelerators, fighter jets and drones, aircraft carriers and submarines, foreign aid to friendly countries but no money for our own people’s food, housing, education and economic development. That income taxes are necessary. That we can give away 17 Trillion Dollars to other banks and countries but not one dollar to our own people. That our people would be healthier if we forced everyone to buy health insurance and let a board of unelected officials decide who should live and who should die. That our police forces need tanks, helicopters, automatic weapons and drones to keep us safe from hoodlums and thugs. That if it were not for those welfare mothers there would be plenty of money for everyone. That we can abort 55 Million fetuses and have no impact on our spirituality. That we can kill over 1 Million Iraqis for the make believe actions of a few imaginary Islamacist from Saudi Arabia who supposedly operated from Afghanistan lead by a millionaire and have no consequence for our action. That you can just starve and threaten people into submission. Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes can not be controlled by man. That flood and drought are the result of too many people on the planet. The best society is one that is managed by a technocracy. That the Mayan and Aztecs controlled the world and destiny of their societies by sacrificing people to their gods. That you can just feed them propaganda daily and soon they will start to believe it. That oil is running out and there is no such thing as zero point energy. That there is no known cure for cancer. That psychotropic drugs appear in drinking water by accident. That Chloromine is good for you. That elected officials would act in our best interest. That a Wall Street banker who is a millionaire would make the best president to see us through the tough times. That Ron Paul does not exist and no one likes him anyway. That aspartame is good for you. That light blue and orange are better than the red, white and blue. That veterans will be cared for when they return from the battle field. That paid mercenaries represent our interests better than volunteers. That the American flag with the gold fringe is the same as the American flag without the gold fringe. That chemtrails are the same as jet contrails. That smart meters are there for your convenience. That the Constitution is just a piece of paper. There is no such thing as a two dollar bill. That freedom is having someone else tell you what you must do, what you must eat, where you must live and what you must believe. Thank God for the liberal media for protecting our freedoms by informing us of the truth. We all know there is no such thing as evil or conspiracy. Yeah right!


    • Ian

      what liberal media do you speak of? All media outlets are controlled by conservatives and most media spew conservative ideology day and night.

  • chiller

    California’s commercial with Betty White in her golf cart says it best, “Come see how we roll”. The guberment has the state rolling fiscally off a cliff and its businesses and residents rolling into other states. Maybe George C(looney) can hold a fund raiser to help save their worthless state instead of helping retain the worst president since Jimmy Carter.

  • Rodney

    It’s hard to have sympathy for California, you keep voting these idiots in and this is what you reap…enjoy.

  • markthetruth

    For people looking to move away from California, where should they go?

    Back across the Border……

  • Rikki


    Hopefully we realize that OhBahhma legacy will be the death of Political correctness so we as adults can ask the hard question we have been too scared to ask….like

    Why do we provide services to fence jumpers when working Americans are hounded into bankruptcy by a hospitalization?

    Why do we allow unions to say I got mine so FU and just reduce the new employees pension benefits. spiking the payouts was wrong 10 years ago its wrong today…so go back and re-figure them and like it.

    Why shouldn’t drug possession be legal? just make selling a felony with minimum jail terms

    Why are you spending $30 Billion on high speed rail which will never payout…instead of increasing the subway system, light rail and park and ride stations which will payout.?

    You want public benefits then learn to speak English….welfare to work is a colossal failure, forcing people to speak English is in the public good.

    And the same for prisoners 90% speak Ebonics…does anyone get this stuff…read the NY or LA times in front of a judge if you want early release.

    Political correctness is dead or will be very soon so maybe then hope and change will succeed

  • Ron

    I was born in California in 1951. I lived and worked there until I was so fed up with that state that at age 44 I moved my family to Oregon. The problem was that I was not the only Californian escaping that state, and what do you suppose happens when the California mindset transfers to another state? You guessed it, the same problems we were trying to escape cropped up in Oregon. Ten years later we moved to Missouri. That has been a good move. The Missouri economic picture is not too bad and seems to run somewhat behind the rest of the nation. Missouri may soon catch up but for now prices are much lower than California. Jobs though, are not plentiful here unless you are willing to work hard. Those who are willing will do well, but ya gotta watch out for those pesky tornadoes. Earthquakes in California never bothered me, but tornado season in Missouri is a real hoot.

  • People are going to start migrating away from cities to survive. For example, living in a small southern town is cheap and there’s the side benefit of growing one’s own food. I think we’ll see the reverse of what occurred in the aftermath of WW II with massive migration to the cities for work. Now, there’s no work, but a huge cost of living remains. People will choose the logical response and migrate to areas where there’s either more economic opportunity or where they can survive better. Unfortunately, we’re taking more about survival than opportunity.

  • Big Dave

    I was born, raised and educated in Califirnia. When I gratuated from college in the mid 90’s, I could already see where California was headed. I relocated to Texas, got a good paying job, bought land cheap and built my own home. Even when the economy was “good” in California, I could never have afforded that. California is a beautiful state with amazing weather. You can ski in the mountains in the morning and surf on the coast in the afternoon if you wish, but sadly liberal policies have destroyed my home state. Now, I am a proud Texan and my children are native Texans. Liberals, don’t mess with Texas!

  • Stan522

    People are still moving out of Kalifornia….. and the people moving are the income earners trying to protect their nest egg from the governor who has stated he wants to both drastically increase taxes and spending as well…. Pathetic fool.

  • Kathy Smith

    I don’t understand the thought process of these legislatures. What do they think they are going to have left to rule when the whole state is financially ruined? What good is all of there laws going to do them then? When no one can afford to live in CA. then what???? Where do all of these narcistic (sp) law makers? come from? Just trying to understand Micheal keep up the great work.

  • karen

    Federal Reserve Approves China’s First Takeover of U.S. Bank

  • Paul

    Maybe you should vote Republicans or Democrats again.

    At least you’ll know what you’ll get.

    And if you don’t care at all why vote at all?

  • whteshark

    Grew up in California and left almost ten years ago. It’s sad because it once was a great state. This article is right on.

    The problem for California is the people leaving the state are the productive who had enough of paying outrageous cost of living while their neighbors down the street had their lifestyles subsidized.

    It’s hard to believe this is state that elected Ronald Reagan.

  • bobnoxy

    Maybe they could sneak across the border into Mexico. The Mexicans are going back for what they think can’t be worse opportunity. Now, wouldn’t that be rich?

    How long before conservative politicians there start screaming about border security, checking I.D.’s, and people needing to learn Spanish if they want to live there? HA!!

  • Barn cat

    California is a basket case because liberals never learn. Raising taxes drives people and businesses away. Raising taxes leads to lower revenue collections. Lowering taxes leads to more tax revenue but they’d rather rob the rich than fund the state.

  • Syrin

    One of my medical mentors was told this past year by his accountant that it made no financial sense for him to continue to practice medicine in California. The risk-reward was tilted far too much to the risk side. He barely broke even after taxes, fees, dues, malpractice etc. So, he quit and moved to Nevada last month. Not only did California lose one of the few remaining tax payers, a rural hospital lost a FANTASTIC doctor and now will suffer for it.

    Liberalism – destroying nations for centuries.

  • Bruce

    Foreclose on the governor’s MAN$ION AND the Obamavilla at 1600 Pennsylvania, D.C., then FIRST Party like you’re in Labor (YOU ARE) and join the $WELL$’ TAXE$ are Too DEM LOW Party! Head miserepubilkans Up, Move DEM Out!!

  • robert

    I think they should stay right where they are.those idiots keep electing the same useless people time after time.if we are able to keep them all in one place they cannot screw up where the rest of us live.

    • TX4Life

      Spot on!

  • davidmpark

    What happens to Disneyland? Want to take the family someday, but if it’s gone… maybe, can they move to Texas? Might be safer and cheaper there?

    • DaytoDay


      Go to the one in Florida 😉

      I went to the one in CA about 7yrs ago and admission was around $80/per ticket for one day… Now it’s $120… Soon, It will be called “Rich Land” because only rich people will be able to afford to go there.

    • mondobeyondo

      Disneyland’s still there in Anaheim. It only costs $70.00 a person to get in now though. [I AM EXAGGERATING.]

      I think it’s something like $47.00 for adults now. But I haven’t been in D’Land for several years.

  • Another Richard

    With the radiation flowing out of Fukushima into the Air and the Waters of the Pacific and headed toward Alaska and the West Coast added to the other mess in California – the Answer is head East and fast.

  • Evie

    I know a lot of people who work there yet do not live there. They claim it is cheaper to commute from pa and live here.

  • knightowl77

    We left the People’s Republic of Kalifornia back in 2006 for the Rocky Mountains….

    Very very very glad we did….still have a long way to go to be ready for what is coming, but we are getting there 1 day at a time…

    • Michael

      That is all any of us can do. If each of us takes small steps every day, over time it really adds up.


  • Saq

    this is just one more reason why I don’t understand why things haven’t collapsed yet. I am quickly approaching retirement age and I wonder if my pension is going to disappear right after I retire.

  • mondobeyondo

    Everyone thought that Arnie “The Governator” Schwartznegger would get the job done. He didn’t.

    Then Jerry Brown inherited Schwarznegger’s Mess (Brown’s second go-round as governor). He can’t get the job done, because he’s overwhelmed. You aren’t going to stop a tsunami by building a sand castle.

    In short – yes. California is being driven to the margin of error, to the edge of control, driven to the margin of terror… to the edge of a deep, dark hole.

    • Somon Tombe

      The solution for California is to secede from the failed union. In fact, California is the 7th or 8th largest economy in the world, thus the Golden Sate shouldn’t depend on what’s happening in the rest of the country.

      • Steve

        And shift the offical language to Spanglish.

      • Ghulam

        To most people around the world the thought of the USA breaking up is a delightful idea, and Vermont and New Hampshire might applaud, but, unfortunately there is an ugly precedent against succession. Once Afghanistan and Iraq have been raped and the military industrial complex needs a new, but less-costly-to-supply location to hold their current feeding frenzy, what would be more fun for the Christian fundamentalist US military than occupying California.? Wow. Think of the movies they can make of that.

      • just-two-scents-worth

        That’s a great idea! Create a new country in immediate need of a bail out just like Greece. California is a poster child for every reason why Socialism never has worked and never will

      • Kevin Beck

        No–California would not just have to split America; it would have to split itself in two (or more) parts.

        While it is true that the state is the world’s eighth-largest economy, if it were to become its own country, several things would happen:

        1. It would still have to find suckers to invest in its debt;
        2. It would have to find a market for its products;
        3. It would still have morons in the capital.

        The problems it faces are too ingrained by years of historical pandering of their lawmakers to those who want to keep taking more out of their Treasury. The state is so anti-business that you would see the ranking among the world’s economies continue to get worse until Greece sets on their shore. The state has no plan to stop the tide, since their legislators keep making it more difficult for their residents to be successful.

        This is why big government will always fail. And the bigger the bloat, the bigger the failure.

      • Joe

        Secede from failed Union? Give up all the Federal $$ we spend recklessly each year on Infrastructure? Probably would add at least a few more billion to our deficit. You are correct, CA has been so good at not overspending and balancing a budget, it would be much better off on its own. Then, eventually with creditors at their “limit”, we would have no federal aid and would be forced to balance a budget, god forbid.

    • Chuck Huskvarna

      Speaking of margins, I recently paid $320 for sec. 121 seats for the Clockwork Angels Tour. That’s right on my margin for any entertainment event, no matter how much I love the entertainer or team. Who are these people paying $700 + service charges for a pair of Ticketmaster “Platinum” seats or the “VIP” seats? With swag, drinks, and, parking, they’ll be paying $900 for three hours of entertainment.

  • Mervyn

    The Detroit East Side has been close to unlivable for years now. California is simply becoming Detroit West. Same inane policies of socialist left leaning Democrats directing policy decisions.

  • Roger

    We are so screwed! It’s been coming for some time. There is an observer of the Nannies in Sacramento who sys there are a number of unpaid obligations that amount to $20billion more! Our past two governors have lied to us consistently about our financial condition and most of us have no idea what amount consitiutes the REAL debt! Let’s hope it’s just $16billion, but I’m afraid it’s much more.

  • James in OK

    California has more problems than just a bad economic future. I was in Denver last week, and saw the “Californication” of Colorado. Sad, truly sad.

    • Ian

      its not sad. Denver has become an awesome place to live because of the Californication of it. I live here and would not want to live anywhere else in America. Denver freakin rocks and we have a very vibrant and healthy economy and people are very friendly and personable and generally content. There is a large influx of Californians here (such as myself), but we are developing a really cool culture here in Denver that is very progressive and very open. There is a very low crime rate here and this city has a small town feel to it even though it is a big city. This Californa generalization you have placed on Denver is very misinformed and very narrow.
      Denver is the city of the future.

      • Janice

        …..we are developing a very cool culture here…..

        I think you made the guy’s point. You are turning Denver into the same place that you left.

      • Bronco Fan

        Colorado has been fornicated by californication. You guys from the left coast need to take your “progress” and head back the the left coast. What you like is a conservative attitude but you don’t realize it. If it’s so great out there why did you move here? Your spoiling everything about Colorado’s life styly with you “open” crap. Nobody from Colorado is excited about you being here. The state is going down the tubes because of leaches like you. The only “really cool culture here in Denver” is with the free lunch crowd you came here with…which came from California. Get back on your unicorn and head home…and get a life.

        • Ian

          hey moron. Iam actually from the east coast. Lived in california for 4 years, moved back to denver. Quit generalizing. I hold 2 jobs. pay my taxes. rent a modest apartment and have a good life. You are sooo hateful you just lump everyone into your narrowminded view of what a californian is. You are truly sad.
          How are we a free lunch crowd if we are developing the area and making it more attractive to tourists and giving it a little culture? What the hell are you doing?
          Newsflash for you…..Colorado and California have always been sister states and have alway had an influx back and forth.

          So screw yourself your hatefilled generalizing dumbass!!

          • John W.

            Despite it’s problems calif. is still a great place. You all better pay attention to what demographics will do to any state when the third world outnumbers the citizens. You cannot run a first world operation on third world wages. the rest of the country will learn this.

        • GaryToo

          country road, take me home, to the plaaaace i belooong : John Denver.

        • Jim

          If you knew anything about California, you would know that there are very few “natives” here. We all came from somewhere else!

      • JStevens

        James, Ian could not have made it more clear. Thanks for the warning. I’ll detour the state altogether.

      • MisterC

        Ian, how many years until Colorado is completely Californicated and you and the other fruits and nuts will want to leave for another (non-Californicated) state? Stop destroying what is left of america state by state!! I will keep my guns, freedom, and money. You can keep the “progressive” change.

        • Ian

          Wow!! From what i can remember, i shot guns in California, i saw a hell of alot of money, and more freedom than your redneck ass could ever imagine. Quit generalizing Californians and california bro. You need your head checked.
          And please show me peer reviewed proof that californians are the cause of the countrys woes. Until then, keep your mouth shout. You live in a constant state of fear and mistrust for your fellow human beings. WHat kind of patriot are you when you have such disdain for your fellow countrymen.

          sad and pathetic.

      • Ex – Coloradon

        Bronco Fan, I moved from Colorado when you idiots started moving there because it went to hell in a hurry! Denver USED TO BE a cool place to live. I still have family & friends there & they say it SUCKS! Several have lost there businesses from being regulated out of business or taxed out, Crime & Gangs have increased several fold & the cost of living has gone through the roof. The gambling trade as increase poverty & crime & the drug & alcoholism soared. The house I sold before you idiot minded people came to Denver sold for $79.5K 26 yrs ago then in the height of the inflated influx boom sold for $500K, Now is worth a cool still overinflated $270K for an average 1000 sq. ft. home in a 40-50 yr old neighborhood.


        • John W.

          Stick it ****************. Denver has never been a nice place. Boulder and Colorado Springs are the nice places for larger cities. Take away the sking and you have nothing. Half the state is high plains wasteland. Calif. was great until all the East Coast liberals took it over and ruined it.

        • Ian

          Went to hell in a hurry. Its funny you typed that and then is stepped out my apartment in Capppitol Hill, walked a coule of blocks. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, i passed by some beautiful women who all stopped and said hello, i read an article which said Denver has the lowest crime rate of any us city, and enjoyed safely walking around the streets and saw such happy and peaceful people.

          Yep, sounds like hell to me.

          I also must add, i have had no problem finding work here, there is a plethora of fun and cultural things to do here and the weather is just fantastic.

          Sorry man, you family and friends are whiners and dont know a good thing when they see it.

          Denver rocks.

          • Ian

            oh yeah……and i pay only 500 dollars a month for a nice apartment in the eart of downtown and housing is very affordable here.

            *POP* (the sound of your bubble burstin)

      • Me

        *************** don’t say the “p” word.


        Next you’ll be giving equal rights to watermelons and subsidizing their housing. And guess what happens then?

    • cindy periera

      James, I live in Washington and we have seen the influx of Californicators for years. The majority have the nanny state mentality and are very liberal socially and fiscally, sigh.

      • Ian

        Can you provide me statistics and proof that those are all californians doing that?

        • Cindy Periera

          These stats are from an older article in the Seattle PI…2600 Californians moved to Washington every month between 1995 & 2000. This is just a quick search, must be many thousands more during the last 12 years.

  • mondobeyondo

    Don’t come here to Arizona.

    I know Phoenix is a short 8 hour drive from LA, but if you’re used to life in LA, it’s like coming to another planet. If you’re driving from San Francisco, Phoenix is like another galaxy, far far away. (I stole that quote from a George Lucas movie. Hahaha!)

    You want conservative? Lemme show ya conservative!! Come to Arizona! We have an insane Sheriff (Joe Arpaio), an insane Governor (Jan Brewer), a neo-Nazi who recently shot up his whole family (J.T. Ready), and even our criminals are insane! (Jared Loughner)… Yee-haaaww! Great place to live, huh?

    (No, we all are NOT like that. Really, we aren’t. We’re nice people. Honest. Please believe me on that part.)
    Oh boy. Um… sigh… I need some relief.
    Wanna hear some NYC jokes?

    From the classic musical, “On The Town”, starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and some other guys: [sing along now!]

    “New York, New York
    What a horrible town
    The profits are up and the stock market’s down
    The rats all crawl through the holes in the ground
    New York, New York… what a terrible town!”

    (hey, gotta defend Phoenix one way or another. Hee!)

    • jack nichols

      What a dope

      • mondobeyondo

        Thanks for the compliment!

    • Crystal

      Sheriff Joe(Arizona)is doing what is moral and legal and fighting against illegal immigration. One of the reasons why California is such a mess is because of the illegal aliens.

    • mondobeyondo

      Verse #1:
      I was beaten, jack-stomped, jumped by thugs and got mugged – in just one day.
      I’m working on it. It’s a work in progress. *sigh*

    • John W.

      Except for Prescott and Flagstaff, the state of Az. should be given back to the Mexicans. Oh wait they already are taking it back and have control of all land sixty miles from the border. Pheonix is a dump that is 110 degrees all Summer. You cannot live there without air conditioning.

  • erheault

    They did not learn anything when Moon Beam was govenor the first time this time they are getting another dose of big brother and his laws along with free programs for illegal and the rest of human dregs that flock to the feeding troughs.
    They are getting exactly what they voted for so allow them to enjoy the fruits of their wisdom, as for the rest of the nation hopefully will watch and learn from their finincial demise.

  • Lin S

    I live in CA but desperately want out. Unfortunately, I’m a HS history teacher and no one needs any of those, anymore. So I am stuck in a state that is doomed, doomed, DOOMED.

    So sad… ='(

  • Traffix

    I am self employed in Atlanta, things are tough for me and I do not see it getting any better. Not trying to be gloomy, actually I just want everyone who is prepping to know you are on the right track.

  • Once the “big one” hits California, the funds will not be available to deal with the emergency. Agencies that are assigned to take take of the disaster will be woefully understaffed, facilities and storage depots severely under-equipped. It will be like Katrina with Louisiana’s inability to handle what happened, but worse. And with the mess the federal government is in, don’t expect much help from that direction. I think if I lived in California, i would sincerely be thinking about getting my family out of that state, like soon.


  • JC Vaughan

    Shocking and disturbing. Most especially considering the old saying “As California goes, so goes the nation”.

  • Washington

    Oct 4, 2010 Don’t let all the food you worked hard to grow or buy go to rot or spoil. Learn to can.

  • smokey

    We need to stop using Einstein’s quote. He was not a psychologist, but a frustrated scientist. In court, you prove lack of knowledge of right and wrong. In psychology, it is about irresponsibile conduct and why we do it. In both cases, liberals do score as mentally disturbed, both dems and Rep liberals, and the results of their control demonstrate it. You need to move to where liberals are not in control, and they will resist Fed control. Unfortunately, in a few years there will not be such a place. The second choice is to go where good people will fight back and you might survive until liberalism is eliminated. Texas?

  • Juliette

    I think the middle of the country. We live in Ohio and I’m aiming for Oklahoma. Nasty climate with a good chance of tornadoes, but relatively sane politics and away from the line of nuclear power plants that endanger all who live east of the Mississippi. Quite a few migrants, but the gangs seem to be contained. Kansas would also be a good choice. The Dakotas are booming, but winters there are dreadful, and summers not much better.

  • Washington

    What If “They” Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?

    • louande

      What if they are lying? Wake up! They are lying about Ron Paul!

  • I grew up in California,and I too got tired of the high cost of living, the high cost of running a business, so I moved, and my advise is just about anywhere is going to offer a greater quality of life.
    But for all those who voted for Jerry Brown, uhhh, they shouldn’t be allowed to leave (kidding, well sorta) they can stay and support their man right till the end, it might even cure libearlism.

    • John W.

      Anyone who voted for Brown should be committed. At least the last time he was screwing things up he had Ronstadt for arm candy. It is hard to describe the squalor in many areas now, with the central valley looking like a third world country. Then the congress destroyed thousands of acres of farmland by turning off the waetr to save a non native fish. Fruit and nut trees that took thirty years to grow ar now destroyed and the farmers with them. Back in the sixties and seventies this was paradise. The rest of you better pay attention because your turn is coming.

  • Buildon

    I sell directly to factories in California and have seen the effects of the regulations put on by the different state agencies. For instance: A factory in Industrial City has to compleatly remove any trace of Asbestos from their furnace even though it posses no health risk whatsoever since it’s in solid form. The Clean Air act people are also requiring another round of expensive upgrades to the furnace. The owners have decided to curtail any spending and looking for sites in Mexico or Nevada. Most of the factories complain about their inability to use the proper solvants they need and face huge fines if there is any signs of the solvants on the premis at all. foreign competition is toughest hurdle for most factories such as the Chinese Government subsidizing their Solar industry so they can world dominate the sector. Another hurdle I have is the bilinguel requirement just to have a sales job here. The immigration is so prevalent, unless you speak spanish your out in the cold for applying for a job.

  • George

    I think that those wishing to leave the state of California should move to Florida. That state has cheap cost of living and great service jobs available. Yes, the pay is only 7 bucks per hour but you can get a cheap place to live. There are also more guns owned in Florida than any other state so you will be well protected. And, since safety is important you can also live on the streets. Its warm and cozy. Good luck!

    • Debbie Glenn

      No dont come to Florida!! Unless you intend on going to SOUTH FLORIDA… Please dont come here, we are ‘backwards” and want to stay that way… we see the trends that are in CA, Chicago, and New York years later after it has in other places. We want to stay for as long as possible A SLOWWWWW enviroment!! so please stay away!!


  • Brian

    NO where to run No where to Hide

  • Brian


  • Brian

    This is obamas fault he said to jerry brown kill the economy or I will not support ca for anything

    • mondobeyondo

      Um, yeah.
      The sinking of the Titanic was Obamas’s fault. He sent that iceberg into the Atlantic. That evil Obama!

      Now, I don’t agree with everything Obama has done. But let’s not go overboard.

      • GaryToo

        you are finally funny! Titanic sinkling—lets not go overboard. But Im pretty sure he created the crop circles.

  • Yep we lived in Oroville CA back in 2007 and it was just starting to get bad then. Montgomery Wards closed, then McMahan’s furniture closed and NOW McDonalds is closing this July along with a grand slam of well known businesses are all folding and pulling out of Oroville or folding lock-stock-n-barrell. It’s turning into a gang town with wide spread rampant drug use. I feel sorry for family and friends that are still their clinging onto the hope that thnigs “will” get better. But I don’t think so.
    We now live in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.
    See how to survive the coming Economic Apocalypse…
    DO NOT (just) buy Gold & Silver as YOU CAN’T EAT GOLD and SILVER WILL NOT KEEP YOU WARM & Diamonds and Platinum will NOT protect your family.
    See a Serious and Real FREE survival plan for you & your family at:

    • John W.

      This state was destroyed by the worship of cheap labor with the people picking up the costs. At least Ukiah now has a Hampton Inn. Whoop de doo.

  • Dichotomous

    It’s not the same California I grew up in during the first tech boom, I can tell you that. Public education is getting worse – the schools seem more restrictive now. That in turn affects the universities, and graduates are getting stupider. It’s also getting a ton more expensive. Here are some fun numbers and a graph from my alma mater so you can see how bad it got in just the last six years. Mind you, wages have not gone up accordingly:

    The employment situation is pretty grim… I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here it seems like you need to have already had the job in order to get the job (if you are trying to get a “type X” widgetmaking job, you better have already been a “type X” widgetmaker with several years of experience). Guess what that does… it shuts out new graduates from even exploring the working world before they have an option to decide on something they like doing, not something they can barely tolerate doing. Most of this is pretty demoralizing to someone who worked hard for four years, steps out of college with no interaction with industry, and learns that (s)/he had been lied to all along.

    Basically, the employment rings for the masses are open only to people who are specialized and ready to jump into a job-role without having to train themselves with skills they haven’t picked up yet (they’re not hard to pick up). There is little room for people to pick up employment, be trained or have wiggle room to train themselves, and get to work without being slaves. I like to work with small start-up companies because the groups are very small and tight, everyone knows each other, goals are clear, and if you’ve built a good interpersonal connection with another fellow human (as compared to heartless robot), (s)/he will care more for your well-being than just the money.

    Law enforcement seems to be interested in generating revenue through writing more tickets (fines have also gone up to amounts that tear a poor-person in half), and they charge you to get your fix-it ticket signed off now, on top of the fine you actually have to pay. Weather in California has been strange over the last few years too. Fall and Spring have been really short and off-time, and Summer and Winter have been long and repetitive.

    Well, I can gripe on for ages but the truth is that Northern California is one of the greatest lands in the entire world (I don’t comment on its people and its subcultures, as some are righteous and some not), and it’s a shame that a great number of people who live on this wonderful land of fertile growth (central valley), ancient redwood (coast), and mountain/forest (Shasta, Lassen, Yosemite) are lost.

  • cat47

    awful. we lived in california for several years. It was terrible between 98 and 2005! houses so far overpriced! people borrowing much more than their house was worth so they could add on all the latest toys, lots of plastic people, literally! No offense to the wonderful people of Ca. plus my friends who are still stuck there. The weather is beautiful there! The condition of the state, not so much. Life is not one big party and that is what it seemed people thought when we were there, yet there is so much I miss about the actual beauty of the remote areas.

  • why not tax the rich in Hollywood who are giving Obama millions as well as the Tech companies and all other progressive Gays. the love the guy so grab their money as he is doing. He is the cause of the problem plus progressives in the country. Kick out the illegals and leave the hard working people in state and may others of the same type will move in, gey rid of Brown , chose a person who is aware not has beens or movie people

    • Fed up

      Learn to spell.

  • Washington

    THE ARGUMENT FOR FREE MARKETS: MORALITY VS. EFFICIENCY Walter E. Williams Freedom can be preserved only if it is treated as a supreme principle which must not be sacrificed for any particular advantage. –F. A. Hayek

  • Taylor

    There are huge pockets of funds throughout school districts, towns, and cities in California but these monies are silently sequestered in Comprhensive Annual Financia Reports (CAFRs) of which the media, school officials, and the politicians dare never say a word. Brown’s lame-brain answer in cutting services (i.e., austerity) along with raising taxes is definitely NOT the answer. The answer: start looking seriously at the thousands of CAFRs in California and begin spending that money. These many billions of dollars of funds in final anlaysis are the public’s monies (or at the least they most certainly should be).

  • charlie

    Unions, Illegals, Nancy, Barbra, gays and other assorited fruitcakes what more can one say. more power to y’ll

    • JackieBoy

      Charlie….ya nailed it. Californians voted these POS into power and they should have to live with them. California was a gem at one time but when it turned its back on traditional values, became progressive, coddled illegals, gays, black gangs and flipped morality off….down she went and down she will stay.

  • Larry

    Whatever you do when you leave Kalifornia, DON’T COME TO OREGON. WE HATE YOU, AND WE WILL TELL YOU SO.

    • JStevens

      Too late, Larry. My uncle has lived there for over 30 years (suburb of Portland) and he’s ready to go because of the Kalifornication. Really sad because it was a nice, quiet place. Now its “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers. Its not weird, its just sad and lame.

    • Laurus

      Well, don’t send them to Washington…we’ve had enough already!!!!

    • John W.

      Portland has more problems than people from Calif. Tried riding the shuttle train from the airport to Hillsboro? Gets real scary in downtown Portland. The old lady grew up on a dairy farm in Hillsboro on 185th/Old Germantown Rd. The damn city is now out to there. First time I went there there was stop sign to cross Sunset Hwy. Now it is a freeway overpass and is being widened way out past Helvatia Rd.

  • jerry


    • Josh

      Because everyone in California believes the exact same thing, much like everyone in whatever state you live in.

      Also, Billye Brim (whoever that is) is a full-on, Class A idiot. God told me to tell you so. Can you prove that He didn’t?

  • Washington

    Washington has broken the bank. Debt and deficits are out of control. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 1100 days. You’ve heard this story before, but this week we’re turning the page. Sen. Mike Lee unveiled a fiscal plan that tackles runaway spending, exploding entitlements, and the ridiculously complicated federal tax code. Modeled on The Heritage Foundation’s “Saving the American Dream,” the Lee Budget is the bold conservative reform that America needs.

  • Bob

    Why doesn’t Gerry Brown call his commie buddy obama and ask him to give up one of his multi-billion dollar vacations and bail out Gerry?
    He will say no as he is soooooooooo! tired from putting the screws to americans that he has to go on vacation to rest so he can come back and double down with the screws to the 350 million americans that don’t care what he does because he’s such a nice guy.
    AMERICA YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET FROM obama! I no longer feel bad for this country. You will follow obama right to hell.

  • Colin

    One of the reasons that education declined after the 1970’s was Proposition 13. This anti-tax measure, passed in 1978, required a two-thirds vote by the legislature for the raising of new taxes. Taxes are one of the ways that states fund education. Unfortunately, like our nation, our state’s legislature became polarized. (We see this in the federal government where a bill can’t pass the Senate unless it receives 60 or more votes.) Governor Jerry Brown is working with a divided legislature, and is working with the conservative legacy left by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.,8599,1904938,00.html

    • John W.

      You have no clue what you are talking about with prop 13. half the state did not exist when it was passed. very few homes have not sold since 1978 when it was enacted. it was passed to keep people from being taxed out of their homes. With all the foreclosed houses how can property taxes be depended on for funding anything? maybe the blood sucking teacher, police and fireman unions should take a pay and benefit cut. The state has enough money to coddle illegals why should anyone pay more taxes. I suspect you are a member of one of the blood sucking unions.

  • Ranger

    As a Californian, born and bred, I am a very happy camper. My daughter in law who works for the state as does her mother got asked last week to take a 15% pay cut. Today she got asked to take an additional pay cut of 5% and to start working 4 nine hour days a week.

    Now that blows for my son and her but for me I have just had my views validated and maybe I am not the crazy old man who is and advocates to family and friends that they need to prep for what is going to be a very rough period.

    Plus I own a business that deals in foreclosures. Friends have been asking me for the last year what I will do now that the real estate market is begining to stabilze? (insert manical laughter) I tell them that I will do what I did for 30 years before 2008 when I owned and operated a collection agency.

    God Bless America! God Help California!

    • DaytoDay

      My Uncle lives outside of Pittsburgh and recently had to take a 13% pay cut as well.

    • HAGH

      I am not surprise YOU ARE A happy camper in the California Banana Republic. When I was in CA, I heard a lot from RE fellows about ” The mortgage rate is historical low…the job rate is improving…and we do not have enough properties to show our clients…” You are some what right about that. A lot of Vietnamese and Chinese communists (who have robbed their poor and hopeless citizens for years) are flush with all cash to buy California properties. Well, good luck to them- They are buying stuff on the land of Calif-Mexi state anyway. Well, good luck to you RE Sir. Thank for helping to inflate California properties- to help California politicians crawling out of budget hell hole!

      • John W.

        It will be along time before real estate comes back. There are thousands of bank owned properties being kept off the market to keep prices stable. In my area there are seventy homes for sale all but seven are REOs or short sales.

  • MAZ

    Silly merikans,,,

    Texas, oor Texas,
    oh hail the mighty state!
    Texas, our Texas,
    so wonderful, so great!
    boldest and grandest
    withstanding every test.
    oh empire wide and glorious
    you stand supremely blessed!

    It’s not so bad here except for being married to 49 other states LoL

  • Rick

    What was once called California dreaming is now officially a nightmare.

  • jbrider

    Money = Debt. The minute the first unit of currency is printed+interest to a private central bank, more money is owed to the bank than is in existence. The system is doomed to fail from the very beginning. It is designed to confiscate the wealth of the people and put it into the hands of the money power.

    The banksters are using the fake debt to try and extract the 11th marble that doesn’t exist.

  • Piglet

    Don’t worry, we really have plenty of money. So much money, in fact, that we’re actually increasing the massive amount we’re giving away to the Israelis. Excerpt: “Panetta announced last month that Congress has approved an additional $680 million for Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, on top of the $205 million that the Obama administration has already transferred to Israel. The current assistance is an addition to the yearly $3 billion in military aid that the U.S. gives Israel.” See for yourself at

    How insane is this? Borrowing huge amounts of money so we can give it away to another country that conducts a massive espionage operation against the US and will likely drag us into yet another pointless war based on lies, all so we can carry out their foreign policy objectives. Talk about being someone else’s “dumb muscle.”

  • California Tax Slave
  • MountainHiker

    “one survey found that CEOs ranked California as the worst place in the United States to do business for seven years in a row.” that statement sums up the insanity. The socialist idiots in the democratic party need to grasp that you have to stop paying foreign citizens welfare and kick the brain dead environmentalist out of the state as well…

  • CheriC59

    Wherever you go, DON’T come to Connecticut!!!! lol… According to the Labor Dept here, the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.5%.. WHAT BULL CRAP! How about 20%? Everyone thinks that people that live in Connecticut are all rich…Not true; believe me! If I had the money to get out of here, I’d move to CANADA!! That’s where the Californians should go in my opinion! Canada minds its own business…You NEVER hear about them getting involved in any of today’s world-wide histrionics. I’m pretty sure they’re okay economically, too. I would also consider Australia if I could just GET there..or Denmark .. or Sweden. Free Healthcare, HAPPY people! Imagine THAT? I’m tired of sitting here watching the so-called “leaders” of our country systematically destroy us from within; constantly doing the wrong thing…Getting involved and spending BILLIONS of dollars on wars that are not OUR WARS..I could go on and on. I’m just SOOOO tired.

  • Ken Long

    California’s a beautiful state. There are lots of places there that I love, beautiful mountains and beaches. I dont know that I would want to own much, or have to pay taxes there, and I certainly dont want to live where everyone’s miserable, but I’m also sure there are some places that are better than others. Off the cuff I would vote for Lake Tahoe, good skiing and mountain biking, plenty to do all year round, and good hotels and casinos to work in, and Nevada’s right there, no state income tax.

  • Dr. Tom Hudson

    We saw this coming in 1993 and moved to Washington State. My wife taught school in San Bernardino and had 45 first grade students, of which only 20% spoke English. The crime rate was soaring, Jerry Brown was known as Governor Moonbeam, and we knew it was a “now or never” move. Needless to say, it was the best decision we ever made. We now see at least 10+ California license plates every time we are driving around our city. There is no doubt that California will indeed follow Greece. Stay in California and the end results are very clear. Leave now, relocate to virtually anywhere in the U.S. and you will be far better off in the future. I was shocked to see Moonbeam re-elected. Why Californians did this again is beyond any logical conclusion. Not good.

  • NickelthroweR


    I disagree wholeheartedly with this article. As a resident of California, I can tell you that much, if not half, of our economy is Underground. Towns, like the one I live in, refused to allow big box retailers like Walmart to set up shop so it is nothing but small shops and mom & pops. Nearly everyone I know is self employed with many of the businesses being that of manufacturing.

    All those regulations clamp down on the big players but who would want to voluntarily become a slave to some corporate entity anyway? Seriously? Not me.

    All the custom surf board shops, custom bicycle shops, custom pro audio shops, custom this, custom that, all Fly Under the Radar and, guess what? they only take cash. Funny, but even our fast food places only take cash.

    The houses down by the beach are still selling for a Million + and there are still long waiting lists to get into apartments.

    Finally, I’m glad that the absence of large firms has been replaced by immigrant labor as those guys know how to farm and ranch which are skills that are very much in demand here. When teotwawki comes, at least we’ll know how to grow food and raise animals.

    • HAGH

      You sound like you are a Hispanic descendant sir. You are right on the money- California is an underground economy. Everybody do their own private things there- The Asian mom and pop shops pocket collected state sell taxes or skip collecting tax to keep the prices down-cash only—-“they only take cash. Funny, but even our fast food places only take cash.”, the illegals are working in the back of restaurants, secret shops and gardening, politicians hire illegals to keep their budget low!

      Well, you get 20 million buddies here in Southern California- When you have crisis such as economic melt down or a BIG ONE Quake, you and your buddies could keep on growing food, raising animals, collecting rain water to drink and …making sure to keep your names on the apartment waiting lists.

  • John

    Utah is booming. The restaurants and stores are packed. Unemployment is under 6%. New home construction is everywhere, and there are plenty of jobs and help wanted signs. I always wonder how people can afford to drive the huge trucks and Escalades that are everywhere! I guess because gas is only $3.55 a gallon here? Just my own personal observation here in the SLC area, do not know about other places.

  • The problem that exists in California exists in all state to a degree. The state is overwhelmed with illegal emigrants who have a graduation rate from high school of 50%. This accounts for most of the education problems in the USA educational system because the Supreme Court of the USA ruled that they have to be given a free education. They also account for the fasted growing demographic class in the USA which accounts in large part to the declining performance of USA students on a world scale. They also swamp the prison system, account for most of the gang activity and drive without auto licenses throughout the state killing many innocents. As a result the native Californians are moving out destroying the tax base.

  • I live in Orange County and someone stole 56 mailboxes from our housing tract. All the mailboxes were made of iron and guys who did it, obviously scrapped them for a profit. They came at night, and took all the mailboxes without anyone noticing.

    I don’t plan on living in CA much longer.

  • Old Man

    Come on, come on now. So many blaming the Mexicans, legal & illegal. And blaming the ‘socialist’ state government.

    Let’s refresh on California history to understand the true picture:

    16th – early 19th century. The great lands of the wild west including California belonged to the Spanish Empire and later, Mexico. The Spanish, of course, took California away from the natives. And thus set the stage for centuries of plunder.

    Early 19th century – A new country called America, founded by white men, and filled with imperial manifest destiny ideology, declared war on Mexico. And took California wasy. Wow, white man plunder in the name of destiny.

    Rest of 19th century – Gold & silver was discovered in California, and the mad rush was on. Millions moved west for the fast buck. And they did milk the place dry. Wow, the excitement of plundering the mountain treasures were irresistible.

    20th century – With the eastern states bankrupted by greed and the Great Depression overwhelming the country, millions rode the motorcar on unpaved roads and landed in sunny California. But the place was already milked dry by earlier generations. What to do? Why of course start business on free land, free water, free resources and no tax. Such is the magic of California – free to plunder.

    Early 21th century – After more than half a century of sunny good time, the state is milked dry, again. This time, it IS dry – as in no water. By this time, every conceivable resource has been consumed, mined, plundered, sold, destroyed, and just plain wasted.

    So now everybody wants to get out. Blame the Mexicans and ‘socialists’. [What happened to blaming the Communist for everything?)

    That’s the problem with capitalist plunderers.

    I say let Mexico retake the darn place. Yes Mexico will make California smell like Mexico City. But at least, they don’t plunder and blame the Mexicans.

    • xander cross

      I agree with you all the way and that is the main problem with capitalism and free market ideas supported by people like ron paul.

  • Bill K.

    Where should they go?

    One logical answer is the place where the parasite class is most uncomfortable.

    How about North Dakota? Really cold winters, lack of surf, mountains and other free “lifestyle enjoyment” features, plenty of mosquitoes…

    Oh, and plenty of jobs, guaranteed to scare away the shiftless.

  • Cinderella Man

    I get mad at the winters in MT becoming milder because more Califorians will move here and screw up the state even more. Welcome to Montana NOW LEAVE!!!

    • JStevens

      Man ain’t that the truth. Same with Wyoming.

    • Laurus

      Thank God, Spokane saw it’s worst winter since 1950 a couple of years ago!! That shook out a few of ’em. You know I wouldn’t mind so much, if they weren’t all so flipping LIBERAL!

  • Colin

    I mention in an earlier post that our legislative body in California is in gridlock. The Republicans, like everywhere else, are opposed to tax increases and are willing to cut social programs. Our governor recently appeared in a video pleading for the voters to vote for tax increases this November. This is how politics is handled in our state – what the legislature can’t do is left for the voter to decide on.

  • I think execution ability is much important than a good idea.Because everyone has good ideas,but few people put them into practice…

  • Deadwood Dick

    WOW, A great act. Now what’cha goin to do ? who gets trashed next?
    Anyone who uses the housing bubble prosperity as a yard stick is doomed to total despair.

  • Maximus

    Here are my top three places where to relocate: (a) Tallinn, Estonia; (b) Zug, Switzerland; (c) the northern part of Phuket, Thailand. These are tried and tested places that my cosmopolitan friends have relocated to. I have lived in all of these and highly recommend them.

  • smartshooter

    anyplace californians move will be hurt.these idiots do not posess the brains God gave a crowbar.They just dont get that liberal ideas and ideology just cannot and does not work.

    • Ian

      ….except in switzerland, holland, u.k., ireland. scandanavia. iceland, austria, germany………..oh never mind. Its boring trying to talk to uneducated people.

    • Hey You

      Do not paint everyone with the same brush.

      I was born in Calif. In the 1950s, 1960s and even into the 1970s, there were plenty of productive and reasonable people in Calif. However, the trend was in place even then; I moved over the border in 1989. Glad I did because Calif is continuing the downward spiral. Not sure where the end will be, but my guess is that the USA will break-up and Calif will just float down to Mexico.

  • louande

    Bitch, bitch, bitch, and more bitch! Isn’t this the country of government by the people and for the people? Then why bitch? We got ourselves into this mess and one way or another, the easy or the hard way, we’ll find a way out. Maybe we’ll have to tighten our belts and learn how to compete with the other 75% of the world who may be lucky enough to have a job working 12 hrs/day seven days/week, just to be able to half feed themselves.

    • xander cross

      I agree with you. It’s time to step it up and stop complaining about it. This is also can be acomplished on an individual level as well. It starts with YOU.


    Hi there, a outsider looking in, if Barack Obama does not repent for his support of gay marriage (Romans 1:24-27), California will become the whole of USA, GOD BLESS AMERICA, from a God fearing man in New-Zealand, who has been to this wonderful country, 2 Corinthians 4:4,,,,.

    • xander cross

      Why don’t you repent for the sins of adultry? Oh, thats right, a lot of conservatives do that very thing i.e. newt gingrich who you all voted for in the SC primiary. Or my favorite Rick Santorum, who enjoys receiving tax payer money for his personal benefit, wait a minute, stealing is a sin correct, so that does include ron paul collecting government money for years.

  • Mister G

    Thanks for this article! I’m ROFLMFAO about it now!!!

    And please move to Texas! I’m sure they’ll love ya’ll there!!

  • Dennis

    The masses of the people of the great State of CA set themselves up for failure, they are not going to enjoy the fruits of their own doing.

  • Dennis

    Substitute NOW for NOT

  • Colorado Grey

    The California voters are getting exactly what they have voted for, time and time again. The biggest problem for the rest of the country is keeping the liberals (excuse me, “progressives”) contained within the California borders. California is descending into the maelstrom and showing the rest of the country what Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of their liberal buddies would like to do to the whole country. And don’t even think about blaming Schwartzenegger, the Democratic legislature wouldn’t even support his lukewarm conservatism, and now they have one of their own as govenor. Californian can just snort another line of Mexican coke and enjoy the ride down.

  • dawn

    Whatever, if you don’t like Cali… then please do us a favor and get out. We can manage much better without all you downer energy.

    • JStevens

      If you are trolling, please pay no attention to the next sentence. California is a beautiful state with many good people that has been run into the ground by its government. That was the point of this article. Like the United Sates in general, the People love the country but hate what the politicians have done.

    • Lyn

      Your part of California’s problem…another twisted sister

    • john

      Gee Dawn, and if we do leave, who then will pay your bills? You?

    • Dave

      Dawn, you certainly aren’t a new one. People like cali–I live there, but few like you seem to like the bureaucrats and politicians who have spent us into the ground. They are the only ones who should like Cali because they are grossly overpaid in salary, benefits and retirement.

    • Damon S

      The problem with California is that people who live there think a state can run properly if it gets rid of all the ‘downer energy’.

    • Jack Oh

      I’m taking your advice and taking along my CA tax payments. You stay here and pay the price. I’ll be gone by mid-year. Sayonara.

    • joe shmoe

      dawn. is it that “downer energy that brings you to this site? Just sayin’….

  • Evie

    Things will not collapse until the elite steal what is left. If you have a 401 or pension retire early unless you atr a top exrcutive the elite will not save for you the wealth will be lost or transferred to their executive pensions. Read the book retirement hyst.

  • E.H.Roth

    reading all the post here and the Article about California .. It’s just like the same as here in Europa. It’s not only Greece who is going down the sink. There are some other Countries too like Italy, Spain, Portugal, France who are struggling for quite a time. Eastern Europa not to mention. Governments are big disappointments just everywhere. It’s terrible to say but our western Culture (even Economically) has failed big time.

    • Charles

      Western Culture has “failed .. (even economically)” because we allow politicians with no understanding of business or finance to make laws regarding how people can run their business and to pass our budgets. No business in the world runs losses year after year after year and expects to exist indefinitely, yet government thinks somehow it can.

      • Jonathan

        No. The primary reason it has failed is because it allowed the ideology of progressive materialism to invade, corrupt and destroy the foundations of great civilization over the past 200 years or so. The seeds of doom were sown even as America was taking shape. This is the very reason Europeans came to the New World.

        Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything to keep the pollution of Europe that they escaped… from following them to these shores.

        Europeans created the United States and made it great. Then they destroyed it. How ironic.

        • Jonathan

          I believe I was vague on a few points here:

          1. The Europeans who came to the New World that I am referring to are those who migrated to America in first 150 years of nationhood and built the great industrial and agricultural base that became our heritage.

          2. The US was made great by the great wave of immigrants, mostly from Europe, and the first generations of Native Borns who upheld the American Dream. Those who destoyed it are the progressives who came later and their legions of later immigrant entitlement seekers.

    • I moved out of California in t

    • joe shmoe

      ergo the Anti-christ that will soon arrive on the scene, according to the Bible, and promise everybody sunshine and happiness once again. Jobs and houses and good times like before for everyone!!! Oh, yeah, and just one tiny, teeny, insy, whinsie, teenie whinnie little thing: You have to take the Mark of the Beast on your forehead or on your hand, that’s all.

      Stay tuned!

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    But America can print dollars and the world will pay California debt.

    • joe shmoe

      ANtonio: right!! How can I be overdrawn?? I still have checks!!!

  • pavan

    We should all thank California for providing such a good example of where liberal ideology leads. Increased taxes, regulations and central planning will inevitably destroy the economy and quality of life.

    Socialism does not work. It is not possible to force equal outcomes regardless of talent and work ethic. This has been known for centuries, but California and Greece are providing modern examples. So again, thank you for demonstrating how foolish liberal ideas are. Hopefully, the rest of the country still has time to save itself.

    • Jim

      We are not all liberals in California. You can’t generalize about 30 million people!

      • Steve

        Yes he can.

        YOU Californians elected Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Waxman, Wille Brown (Speaker of the Assembly, later mayor of San Francisco), etc.

        Remember Feinstein was the Mayor of San Francisco that refused to shut down the bath houses in North Beach….thus the spread of AIDS in the Gay Community.

        Remember Boxer wrote the LARGEST number of back checks (over 1,000) during the House Post Office Scandal when Dan Rotkoncowski (sp) was the Speaker

        Remember Waxman’s congressional district is Hollywood…nuff said

        Remember…well do your homework.

        You continue to elect liberals, socialists, ad nauseum.

        Your Tax Franchise Board (CA Income Tax) tried to tax former CA residents that retired in other States. Greed is all that is to fund CA Socialism.

        So if you are so correct why haven’t you voted with your feet like thousands of us and business have an left the Left Coast to its own Sodom and Gomorrah.

        California Residents are the Poster Children of the definition of Insanity.

        Fix your State. Stop expecting the Federal Gov’t (taxpayers of the other 49 states) to give CA more than it pays the Fed’s. Move or go down with the ship you have freely chosen to live on.

        Proud EX-Californian of 29 years and counting. Expat to boot! 🙂

        • Charles

          For the record – I voted FOR Whitman, Fiorini, etc. Unfortunately, I’m outnumbered by idiot voters who voted for Brown to come back and finish the job he started – of dsetroying the private sector and bankrupting the state, once and for all.

          Nevertheless, your point is well taken. I have a good job here – I came to chase the silicon valley dream, but I acknowledge I am just one tax hike from leaving the state.

        • lola

          Most of California is Conservative, the vote is stolen by the Liberal Democrats holding massive blocks of L.A.& San Francisco. We are a state of family values outside of the Metro areas. Money buys elections. System has to be reformed so that votes count, not dollars.

        • joe shmoe

          steve: uhhmmm…I dont know how quite to tell you this but…we really, technically do not vote these people in again. our actual choices as constituents went out when Electronic voting came in. These guys vote themselves back in my manipulating the numbers electronically. Steve: you need to know that.

      • Satir

        Whatever! The majority of California voters, liberal or not, have put the worst government in the US into office and keeps it there. I have no sympathy for Californians. Life gives you what ever you will accept. If you can accept a collapsing economy, a dying education system, incredible over-regulation, high taxes, and an official love affair with illegal migrants and perverts, so be it.

      • Jonathan

        Okay Jim, have it your way. Now that you’ve pointed this out, I’m sure all your problems are solved.

        • mike borelli

          true-that Lola

      • Randy

        Jim, I live in San Jose and am as right wing as possible, but you gotta admit we are the tiny minority. Soon as my boys finish high school, we’re gone. We’re taking our business, the tax dollars and slaries with us, too.

    • Anya

      Where should you go? DON’T MOVE TO SWEDEN.
      If Obama cate gets implemented people will be tearing their hair out wishing they never supported it.
      You have to wait up to THREE months to see a specialist.
      Got cancer? Too bad. They’ll send you home to die THE SAME DAY of your chemo treatment.
      Got a cancer growth on your face? Too bad, you’ll have to wait many months until you can get it removed.
      The grass is NOT GREENER!

    • Sw

      Canada is more liberal than California and is doing very well.

  • Kelby

    You should have never trusted Hollywood…

    • LW

      “Just put your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care.” SOAD

  • Steve

    The Mexican Illegals never had it so good!

  • Steve Hemingway

    CA is about 10th in U.S. Education spending. The surveys that put us ahead of Mississippi and Alabama leave out the cost for facilities, interest and teachers’ retirement — about 1/3 of total statewide spending. CA finances education different than any other state that is why it’s difficult to compare. It is true collectivism. The money is collected and sent to Sacramento and sprinkled back to the school districts with a hefty management fee. It was actually Jerry Brown that was in office when, in response to Prop. 13 in 1979, implemented AB 8 whereby all money would be taken to Sacramento.

    We spend more than $12,000 per student on average about twice that of a decent private school yet with dismal “education” results. Yes, there are further cuts that can be made in the CA budget, but you can bet the cuts will hit the students and classroom first. Already the weakest and least politically connected are losing funding like board & care homes and medical. Now we are hearing from the more noisy powers who are well funded, politically connected and won’t go down without a huge fight. They really don’t care at all about businesses and taxpayers.

  • Jim

    We would be in much better shape if Meg Whitman were in charge! I didn’t vote for Jerry Brown, so don’t blame me!

  • Idiots all………the solution is simple and humanistic….legalize all marijuana and tax it heavily just like alcohol and tobacco. Legalize and control all prostitution for those 21 years and older; tax the income as usual, prevent abuse, and regularly test all prostitutes for STDs. Next, legalize gambling in the state, not just for the Indian reservations-tax all income. Why send it all to Nevada? Lastly, put a well head tax on all oil extracted in California. It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been done yet when one considers that all other oil-producing states have this tax. Therefore, these four tax revenues would produce billions of dollars every year.but hey, why go for something that actually is beneficial for society, logical and actually would reduce crime and the number of people in prison. No, let’s keep it the same way and allow the drug cartels, the abusive pimps, the illegal bookies and filthy rich oil companies to greedily keep all the spoils. This is the result of moral idiocy.

    • Steve

      Good ideas….don’t forget the essential step: send all the Illegals home.

    • I would like to Rave your statements! Great points that unfortunately fall upon deaf ears!

    • Hey You

      WHy send gambling revenue to Nevada? Because it’s really appreciated. Also, we appreciate getting some of the businesses that are moving. Thanks, Calif.

      NV Resident.

    • Doc

      so tax the wellheads for oil companies? How do you think the oil companies will respond? By increased prices at the pump…all ********** rolls downhill, and rests at the feet of the consumer.

      The state needs to de-regulate and de-tax business as an inducement for jobs. And monitor the borders…

    • Satir

      Jacko, enough of the filthy rich oil companies BS. Those companies are owned by pension funds, individual investors, charitable trusts, university endowment funds, etc., etc. Oil companies managenent is committed to making money for investors, That’s its job. Find some good information on the costs producing and marketing oil and its products.

      • lola

        well said, oil companies are not the bad guys all the time, they do produce energy, jobs, and income for investors, which are things we need more of, not less!

    • Bob Loblaw

      I think analysis of legalized marijuana showed it would bring in at most $1b per year in added revenue that no doubt the assembly would then spend. Legalized POT is boob bait for solving CA’s economic problems

    • Jonathan

      Jacko, your idea is idiotic. And the crowd who gives their kudos to your idiotic idea are representative of why America is in decline…

      … which is ironic given the fact that most of them are here to complain about how America is in decline.

      Well, it isn’t because marijuana is illegal.

    • bb79

      tax tax tax tax. They MUST be forced to cut and streamline, not enabled to keep spending. Haven’t you figured that out? Govt. doesn’t do anything efficiently or well, nor do they have to, they just tax everyone more. Look at the school system that costs twice as much at private schools, yet the results are absolutely dismal. Get a voucher program for every LEGAL student. Any schools that can’t keep up will fail and the ones that can will excel and expand, all while costing half as much. Tax tax tax is exactly why all businesses and people wealthy enough to start or own businesses are going elsewhere. I’m all for taxing drugs and prostitution, NOT oil, but you cut the monster govt. down to next to nothing, cut taxes and job killing regulations letting business return to the state. Sue the federal govt. and force them to secure the border, cut all welfare to illegals and deport them. This will get good productive people and jobs back to CA and it will be paradise.

  • V

    So goes CA, so goes the nation. There are many things about CA that some people don’t like or hate but it is an incredible state with natural beauty, GOLD (and lots of it), and much more as well as much of our high tech came from there which subsequently migrated to dirt cheap labor markets like much of the wealth production has in the US due to highly flawed ‘thinking’ in the FEDERAL government. Love it, hate it or indifferent to California it is still part of america but the sharp and deliberately social engineering of hatred thru the political system has divided this nation and is ruining what used to be a great country.

  • hoser

    With idiotic politicians like Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Etc, what did CA expect? I’m sure the afore mentioned miscrients did well in the stock market. Californians might as well add Cesium-137 to their long list of woes…..

  • Gabrial Singh

    ha ha ha..take all your right winger friends, and leave. we dont need you, didnt invite, and sure as hell dont want you hillbillies to stay. please go back to arkansas, oklahoma, or whatever hell hole you came from. we wont miss you.

    • TtT Engine

      Yeah, you’ll hang in there so long as the Federal Gov. takes our children’s future treasure and gifts you $40 million A DAY to keep your lights on and your illegals housed, fed and schooled. Once Uncle Sam is forced to turn off the $4 billion A DAY it prints, borrows and spends you may be on your knees praying for those God loving, RWB loving conservatives to come back and save you from what is coming your way. Christi Fidelis !

    • Bob Loblaw

      The Hell Hole is CA

    • bb79

      Yeah, your LEFT thinking ways are doing a great job, just like they did in Detroit, DC, Baltimore, St. Louis and ever other liberal controlled cesspool. You people ARE the problem. You elect wealth confiscating idiots into office, let entitlement programs run out of control and drive wealth and business out, while you import poverty and crime. Fabulous.

    • We are leaving, be careful what you wish for… Just look at the projected revenue and how it keeps falling… That’s those right wing, business creating, WORKING CLASS people leaving! You keep believing in your socialism and just think… In a few more years, you all will be begging for us to come and rescue you all!

  • Ted

    I lived in California for 17 years and always loved the climate and the life style, but the progressive liberals, greenie nazi’s, regulatory burdens, unions, oppressive taxes and housing costs have driven industry, workers and retirees out because it is just too expensive and congested to live there. It is the most over regulated place I have ever lived and worked. I will never forget the 18 months I spent there again in 2003 to 2004 trying to build a combined cycle natural gas fired combustion turbine power plant in Chula Vista (Otay Mesa Project) for Calpine that kept getting delayed because of having to clear a mind numbing and bewildering number of time consuming, expensive Federal, California State and San Diego County regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles, legal challenges, resulting in the project finally being put on hold and all of the construction team being laid off.

    All I can say is California, you got what you created. Note to California legislators, suggested reading for you is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

    • Paul

      Yes, but when Californians move out, they bring their ridiculous liberal philosophy with them. If there are enough of them, they will force through local ordinances that increases taxes thus making it difficult for them to live in the new place. A familiar refrain is: “It used to be a lot cheaper here”. Idiots.

  • Fred Johnson

    California, aka Whore-a-pornia, is a certified cesspool. Eternal Sunshine State? Yeah, if you love SKIN CANCER!

  • Richard

    The United States is a mess – I agree
    California is a mess – I agree
    but strange as it may be, in my county in california located on the coast in northern california
    you wouldn’t have any indication anything is wrong: shoppers shopping as usual/rush hour as usual etc.
    I actually have to think to myself “this is not the real america”. That way I can remain caring and concerned for everyone in distress. I have to go online at You Tube to see the truth beyond the borders of my county.
    I know this information is of little value to anyone other than pointing out that the economic crisis is not evenly distributed nationwide.
    and who knows – this may change as nothing remains static and good fortune is not guaranteed to anyone. We are all potentially homeless due to an arrogant uncaring government more concerned about killing people in foreign lands than helping neighbors here at home.

  • Big Dick

    Californication is exactly what it really should be called. This place is so full of assholes that the best day is full of butt screwing each other. Hopefully the big one will come and make Las Vegas beach property and all of the crap in CA will sink to the vast deep off of the current coast!

  • Tom H

    The only people to blame for California’s problems are the voters of California, and of course the bankers that own the politicians that you voters keep voting for. Unfortunately, the entire country suffers from this syndrome of constantly reinforcing constant failure.

  • matthew

    This is one taxicab ride to hell called the state of California, one of the strangest places I’ve ever lived in my life, very very difficult to find work if you are not connected or have your own business. But it has natural beauty that is simply incomparable. In 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles, I can be driving up spectacular mountain roads with vistas of splendor. Joshua Tree. Yosemite. Sequoia. Is it all worth it? Yes. But the downside is just incredible. Traffic from hell night and day. So many hustlers, grifters, scammers and con-artists are out here its mind numbing. What to do, what to do.

  • Steve

    For those undecided; should I stay or move! THE ANSWER! What got us into this mess is the fact that Wall Street diced up failing “liar” mortgage loans and inserted them into good bundles of financial paper and sent them out to other banks, countries and investors as good investments! EVERYONE IS CONTAMINATED! The total amount of these “deriviatives” was in the neighborhood of 130 Trillion dollars! Say that again; one hundred thirty TRILLION DOLLARS! That figure is now about 220 TRILLION DOLLARS; YES, TWO HUNDRED TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS! JP Morgan’s two billion dollar loss is just the preview of the coming collapse of the derivatives market! When that happens, magnify the actions in Greece by ten thousand times (10,000 times). Does anyone remember Watts burning? The citizens in Greece are stealing food from homes, businesses and elsewhere! The banks are closing because of folks trying to get money out of their accounts! When folks are starving, they will do anything to eat and that means get out of their way or suffer terribly! Staying in california is suicide as you cannot defend yourself or your family- only the bad guys have weapons! While you still can, simply move to a small town in Oregon or to an area where you have family but at least where you can get the means to defend yourself. You owe that to the wife and kids! The oil industry is booming in North and South Dakota, Texas and other oil states! You can always move back to California but to stay where you are in the big cities, is not a choice you have! I hope that everyone reading this will look around them and then get out quickly. Let those that want to remain, let them remain. They can pay the higher taxes, partake in the violence and suffer the consequenses. Move while you still can! Good luck!

  • Sean

    I was recently in California for a training course. I dont get it, honestly. I dont see the appeal, are weather and nice views really worth the congestion, costs, stress?
    I grew up in San Diego and would never consider going back. When you live there, there is no better place no matter the hastle. Once you leave, you get a different view and at least for me, will NEVER return.

  • It’s time ALL Americans wake up. our biggest problim is the Government of America, Giving Foreign Aid to the entire world, Fighting Stupid Illegal wars, making laws that prevent companys to prosper. If anyone thinks Voting is the answer, wake up and realize “WHO COUNTS THE VOTES” The people we trust the least, those who we hate the most. Look at what they did to Ron Paul, The Lying Cheating
    S.O.Bs are what’s sent our jobs overseas and forced our companys into bankruptsy. Now those same Bas***ds are getting us to hate each other and envy those who worked to get ahead. they have made so many laws telling the auto industry how to make cars that they now cost 30 to 40 K each for a product that just a few years ago cost 3 or 4 k.

  • Jerry

    California is just the beginning.

    Our government continues to spend more than
    they take in and they think it will all
    work out in the end.

    Sooner or later, reality is going to hit
    and we won’t be able to pay our debts.

    Many millionaires are saying that
    you had better prepare now for
    what is coming our way.

    Now is a good time to find out what they are doing
    to prepare for what is coming our way.

    Click on the link above and see a free
    video of what one millionaire is
    telling us.

    There is still hope buy you need
    to take the advise of those who
    are profiting from this time of
    doom and gloom.

  • Shandra

    Might want to check your figures, dude, last I heard the number of cross border migrants had reversed and more Mexicans are now leaving the US than are coming in. The continuing drought is taking a toll on the crop pickers and they’re finding better work back home growing drugs for the cartels.

    • Bob Loblaw

      True the migration may have reversed. But it is only recent and doesnt impact the millions who moved illegally to CA the past 25 years. The migration trend is a few thousand in the other direction now. But the total number of illegals in CA is more like 4-6 million.

  • Cinderella Man

    Ill end it all beautiful Califorina rest in peace similtanous release california show your teeth shes my priestess im your priest…

  • Stephan Larose

    Ah yes the “business environment” is so bad in California. Don’t you love how businesses just love to make states compete with each other in a race to the bottom? All these businesses want are huge giveaways that cost the taxpayers, especially the middle class, billions.

    You know, China has little to no labor regulations, those people work like slaves, they have very little choice but to do so. If they protest they are beaten up, if they strike, they are imprisoned, that’s why at Foxconn, they simply kill themselves. Why don’t California businesses go and produce their goods in China? They’ll pay very little tax, and there are no environmental or labor laws to be bothered with. The only caveat is, the business owners should also go and live there. Leave California and it’s quality of life “red tape” to those willing to work for it.

    Why is it that the wealthier you become, the greedier and more sociopathic you become as well?

  • John Acord

    I left California for Texas 20 years ago and never looked back. Yes, Texas has problems but it is learning from California and Illinois that cultivating a decent business environment is the top priority for their politicians. California was issuing script when I left and I thought bankruptcy was right around he corner. Now is finally the time to let the bankruptcy courts muddle through the mess. Perhaps, they can cut the exorbitant benefits and salaries of public employees, stop wasting welfare monies on illegals, and control the state’s escalating tuition rates that is feeding an obese, moronic, Marxist academia.

  • Vickilynne

    Per this article: “It would temporarily raise the state sales tax, already the highest in the U.S., to 7.5 percent from 7.25 percent”

    I don’t understand….we live in Tennessee and our state sales tax is 9.25% (altho we do not have a state income tax). Isn’t 9.25% quite a bit higher than 7.5% – or am I missing something?

    No sarcasm here, just an honest question.

    • Vickilynne…that increase in sales tax is in addition to state income tax that is the highest in the country. Top rate (over 9%)starts at $47,000 income level. Also, here in L.A.,current sales tax is 8.25% (not 7.25)…less than a year ago, it was 9.25% from a previous “temporary” sales tax increase that finally expired. And because this state punishes business,there really are no jobs. Further more, there are constant scandals of people in state government who are stealing tax money in dozens of creative ways. This was a great place to live years ago. Now, they are letting the murderers and rapists out of jail early because we are out of funds…and they don’t want us to have guns. Last but not least, we are 12% of the population, but have 30% of the country’s welfare cases…all this while they argue about giving uninsured illegals driver’s licenses. Out of control!!!

    • John Palan

      The state sales tax is the base, on top of that you have county and or city taxes that is why you have 8.5 or 9%
      In Texas the state sales taxis around 6% but in most cities you pay the maximum of 8.25%

  • Bob Loblaw

    The problem with CA isnt necessarily overspending. As the author pointed out per pupil spending has declined. Infrastructure spending is less in real terms than it was 40-50 years ago. Taxes certainly arent too low and the state made it fine from 1978-2000 even with Prop 13.

    The problem is this: The tax base is too narrow and the benefits base too large. CA has replaced its private sector middle class since 1990 with a mass of third world immigrants and public employees. The result is a narrowing of the tax base and expansion of the benefits base. Fewer productive citizens, more recipients. There isnt enough wealth in Hollywood or Silicon Valley to keep the state afloat. The backbone of CA through the 1990s was private sector employment, especially in manufacturing. Its all gone now. Without private sector middle class jobs, CA cannot and will not recover.

  • Mark

    OK, I think the Question was “what State would be best to flee to”. If your retired and are never going to need a job ever again I would say Nevada. Housing is inexpensive, and your kids will always want to come visit, and they got Trader Joe’s there. I love that store, and I beleive no state income tax. If your not well educated and need to work, Texas, there were more low paying jobs created there than anywhere, If you are more educated I would say Colorado. My kids are easily finding work here and are able to change jobs, by their own choice somewhat easily. Me having only a high school education have trouble moving around or making over 15 an hour. In Colorado there is a large illeagle population filling the lower paying jobs, Well many are here with work permits, I don’t understand that. Then when the permit expires they stay.

  • J

    Thank God for states like California and New York. They are magnets for many undesirables who would be a bigger problem for other states. CA’s deficits are self inflicted wounds. It’s refreshing to see them facing the consequences of their stupidity.
    Hopefully other states won’t have to subsidize the CA and NY insanity.

  • WastingtonDC:
    After my own retirement, I drove 125 round trips, from NYC, to Denver, Stockton, LA, Houston, Miami, et al, living seven hard years, in our family car carrier, around a half million miles, at 3.5 miles per gallon. We ended our small business ICC Common Carrier’s entry into NY first, and then Californication, Ill, and finally, any blue states, due to fuel taxes, and revenuer team savagery at scale houses. Even in those 85 cents per gallon diesel days, savage interstate revenuer teams competition crippled our family business. CA fuel was $1.55 and higher, with NJ at 80 cents, and NY as high as $2.54 in the last of my seven years over the road.
    Tax savaging blue states build hundreds of public safety hampering multi-million dollar revenuer team road blocks, disguised as public safety scale houses to harvest commercial driver’s food/fuel money, with fines, fees, and locally taxed tire replacements, repairs, and even tow trucks hauling helpless truckers off the scales. Yes it happens, and the armed PEU revenuers loll about in scandalous luxury, as they teach the facts that truckers 300 or more gallon diesel tanks, filled with religious fervor, at the last fuel stop prior to entering NY, CA, et al, results in the widest ranging portion of 9,000,000 light, medium and heavy commercial truck drivers unwilling to buy more fuel in tax savaging blue states, than we’d be willing to drink, with our daily “four for a dollar” cheeseburger heart attack special lunches, in those halcyon days. Tax and spend political criminals do not learn, truck drivers do!
    Californication’s statewide emulation of Bell City Public Employee Union excesses, has destroyed our richest state, and may yet bring down the US economy, since many other states are competing for the same illegal and hidden revenues, by emulating “the worst” state’s revenuer road blocks, albeit, with few approaching Californication’s four dozen or more, at last count. Think of the waste, per dollar of revenue extorted, with hundreds of those huge scale house palaces, air conditioned, and hampering trade, as well as highway safety. Tell me, a retired federal regulator, and major emergency rule editor, how much safety is harmed, by savage revenuers repeating two dozen DOT annual safety inspections, on a single truck, as it transits from NYC to Californication twice a month, or more, when we are forced to put driver teams in the units. It creates the classic US taxpayers against them, armed Public Employee Union Member revenuer teams, who admitted to me personally, too many times, that is was all about the money!
    The invisible state transport Value Added Tax, VAT, and the savage revenuers who collect it, have added twenty percent or more, to the price of every ounce of the US GDP that is transported on a truck, with the VAT collected repeatedly, often dozens of times, first on the ore, the fuel, the refined metal, then on the sheet steel, the auto parts, fertilizer, lettuce, peaches, all food, and toilet paper, each time they touch a truck, between mine, mill, farm, forge, factory, vendor, and purchaser. This completely hidden transport VAT is reaching levels that rival the dying old European Socialism’s failed VAT, and it is, incredibly, largely wasted, on excessive wages, benefits, and toys for the PEU bureaucrats, and their political masters, their supporters and hangars on. It has been going on all our lives, since the railroads gave highway scales to any jurisdiction willing to accept them, for collection of “Taxation Without Representation” to reduce the competition from interstate truckers and firms. The railroads hidden agenda, in those early years of the trucking industry, to damage trucking, and destroy their competition, worked, to US taxpayers horror, and at our great cost, in lives and treasure. These hidden taxes, on folks who cannot vote in the local elections, that have powered Californication’s PEU political masters to bankruptcy, have existed all our lives. and must end, if we are to thrive as the American Republic.
    Only an old freight hauler, familiar with every trick of the trade, and subscribing to, and similar sites, to glean the various sites premium content, including every scale house schedule, the worst states total number of badge and gun toting revenuers, their usual locations, and the perfectly legal alternate routes that only require burning hundreds of millions of gallons of expensive diesel, is able to legally minimize driver interactions with the most vile of the blue states “cowboy” revenuer team members.
    Had those websites existed, those decades ago, when I needed them, I’d have submitted, for listing on those sites, the exact location, and badge number of the vicious revenuer who assaulted me, throwing my documents and license across the torture room, to strike my chest, with: You Lucky Son of a B—H, get out of my state, and don’t ever return, unless you want your truck’s parts hauled away on a scrap truck!. As the officer ran to the parking area, and assaulted another driver, by dragging him bodily out of his moving vehicle, I decided to obey, and end my driving in that state. I had seen too many illegal and terrifying interactions, in too many states to ever again dare exciting that particularly deadly officer, with another chance at my life, my liberty, and my sacred honor, not to mention my Beautiful Bride’ s income from her real job, that kept me able to spend $39,000 , in 1991 for diesel fuel, on her artistic stream of “zero interest on transferred balance” credit cards.
    I’d have added the several officers who told me the same threats, without the assault or the curses, in several other blue states, all of whom I obeyed, since their power, over a driver’s life or death, is absolute, and unfettered. These criminal aspects of armed revenuers conduct is inconceivable, I hear you! But, I invite you to visit one deadly inspection site, where I was forced, by an armed revenuer, to twist my steering wheel repeatedly, from the left steering stop, a steel block, to the right steering stop, overstressing my ancient power steering hoses, with the officer hoping to cause a single glistening drop of leakage, to Red Tag, my unit, out of service, and to collect additional locally taxed repair revenues. The main hose did fail, weeks later on the Left Coast, but the greatest danger came from the armed revenuer deliberately damaging my thousand dollars worth of new oversized steer tires he’d noticed. I’d bought lunch for my sixth grade classmate’s concrete yard crew, in exchange for a brand new Concrete Truck Front axle his least skilled driver had stripped off his new concrete truck as it left the highway at high speed. He’d let me have it, to convert my unit, eliminating one of the revenuer’s favorite overloaded axle revenuer tricks. That armed revenuer appeared to resent my fifteen thousand dollar improvement of my truck’s safety, or the total elimination of his favorite easy overload tickets, when a high weight limo was set firmly atop my 1985 International Eagle, with the legal 3 feet of it extending beyond my massive steel front car rack support, with the weight easily and legally carried by my over sized front axle. One of those huge tires, damaged internally by his forcing me to repeatedly twist its foot print, on the dry pavement, blew out shortly after his criminal torturing it, tearing the fender off my rig, and endangering every person on that mile of highway, on its return run across the AZ desert. I had to drop everything, pay off a skilled driver, who said I was too old to drive it myself, at my required 55 MPH, and then pour thousands more into repairing the fender, buying another steer tire, and flying to Houston, to put the truck back on the road, temporarily and only until its retirement. We were forced to close our ICC Carrier, not by my advancing age, but by the draconian savagery of armed revenuers, that US taxpayers think we are funding, to enhance and enforce our highway safety.
    Our highway safety is greatly diminished, with thousands of us dying, or losing our income, our business and our lives, due to non fatal accidents so often caused, by tens of thousands of law enforcement men and women illegally assigned to collect hidden slush fund taxation, without representation, from every consumer of the US GDP, by harvesting mostly folks from out of town, who cannot vote in their next local elections. Those Public Employee Union members benefits, and the trillion or more dollars wasted on each generation of their toys and air conditioned tribute collection palaces, eat up far more than the billions they savage from millions of hard working US taxpayers, just like the criminals who savaged Bell City, Californication, and indeed, the whole of our worst state, into bankruptcy. Yes, PEU does rhyme with Phew!

  • Bare

    Brown ran against Whitman, both saying they could fix it all. Whitman had experience but I thought she was a bit naive as Arnold was about the legislature. Brown said he was going to raise taxes from the start and reduce the size of government. I had no hope for Browns ability and plan and I still don’t. (More taxes won’t solve the problem.) As expected, California continues to decline. Brown and the legislature will not touch the budgets of those who elect them. That’s the problem. The machine in this State that guarantees a leftist regime protects it’s self jealously just like so many have around the world. The size of the State will only prolong the inevitable. Even movie stars, who make mega-wads of cash, are moving out to more sensible States. So, pop your favorite pop-corn, grab a cold drink, sit back and watch the show. It’ll be ugly and scary. Viewer discretion advised, so keep the kids from watching.

  • Wolfgang Sailler

    Does the retired truck driver Lomax realize that he is advocating for more federal equalization in laws and taxation and less state control over issues of commerce? The defense of state fiefdoms by the states’ rights crowd causes a lot of the bellyaches Lomax and the author of the article decry. Why should the road taxes, safety regulations or school funding be different in one state compared to the next? The world is interconnected, commerce national and global and the laws should reflect that. To California specifically: The state is not going down due to too little regulation, but too inconsequential regulation. The thinking that everybody can do whatever, whereever, whenever they want is impossible in an environment of limited resources. Who killed public transport, who invented the sprawl? Maybe the critics should study how the citystate of Singapore organizes and solves conflicts. Maybe there should be fewer state ballots that hamstring the government and effective regulations.

  • peter wolf

    I am a native Californian ( Im 61) and have lived here all but two years of my life. I can tell you absolutely that this state is not what it was 30 years ago. Cities like San Francisco have gone from being world-class tourist attractions to national disgraces. Los Angeles is a third-world city. San Diego is bankrupt. Even Silicon Valley, despite the recent improvements, is no way what it was in the 90’s. The retail trade is all but dead in this state. Even high-end malls like Rodeo Drive and Ocean Ave in Carmel are full of vacancies.
    But look at Texas. It’s booming. Cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin are rated time and again as the most dynamic cities in the country. Young people are flocking to them, often from California. As a result, the Texan population is growing while California’s stagnates. And this DESPITE California’s wonderful climate !! Why? Because 40 years of Democratic ( and their public sector union paymasters) control of the California state assembly has destroyed the economy with taxes and onerous regulations. While in Texas Republican control has delivered the fastest growing economy in the nation. The people of California are getting exactly what they voted for and deserve. Just like the Greeks.

    • David Carswell

      I live in San Francisco and I must say that this article is outright lying in regards to SF. I have lived here for 22 years and the city is 100’s of times better… more beautiful, cleaner, safer, and gentrified than ever. Even the seediest of areas I would have no fear of walking through at 3 am alone.

      This brings up how much more of this story is lying though I have a friend who lives in Detroit and confirms it is pretty bad the other cities I question.

  • G. A.

    I haven’t read all of the comments so this may be a redundancy. Whatever y’all do, STAY THE HELL OUT OF TEXAS!!! We don’t cotton to you idiots.

    • Iris

      lol I totoally, and completely agree with you, Texas is a great state…and needs to stay that way!

  • California Native

    Born on Indian reservation in 1939, I love California. Moved to Washington State in 1993. If you don’t like the liberals in Ca, you will hate it in Wa State. Ca and Wa should each be divided into two States. Los Angeles up the coast to SF should be liberals home. Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino up the San Joaguin Valley should be Conservative. That will be the only solution. Otherwise those internment camps Obamas government is staffing will be filled with hard working Americans, such as my wife and I, who are fed up with Liberal Progressives who are hell bent on destroying America.

  • The prophet

    We are in a full blown depression in this country that will last another 8 to 10 years. The goal is to survive and make it through this …because this to shall eventually end and prosperity will return to this great state (CA) and country. Prosperity will not return until all the government and businesses and personal debt is resolved. It will be painful, so return to the values that made out country great: God, family, friends, personal responsibility, hard work, being honest, and doing what is right and helping your neighbors if you can instead of just thinking about yourself all the time.

    The democrats or republicans will not be able to solve this one because of all extreme debt. 80 million baby boomers are now retiring at a rate of 10 thousand people a day — they have stopped buying cars and toys, upgrading their houses, and going on vacations…this is a 80 year cycle…it can’t be stopped…you can only prepare and get ready for turbulent times…the best way to start your preparation is to get on your knees and ask God to direct and guide you, which He will only do if you ask Him…don’t be surprised if he introduces you to his Son who knows a few things about going through difficult times…

    Going to another state will not solve your problem.

    • Jonathan

      What we’re heading for is a one world government, via a destiny path that probably leads thru a second civil war, civil unrest and internal race wars, followed by some sort of breakup or secessionism. Followed by some sort of economic union similar to Europe, to start with, followed by one Transatlantic Western Empire, followed by???

  • I think the mainstream media is very misleading. Including major newspapers in the state. Californians need to wake up, stop being so giving to the poor and disadvantaged, because they will suck all up they can. We need to stand up for leaders and entrepanures, they will give back. And we need to vote for the right people for office. Not always the people who will just benefit me me me..

    • Iris


  • Larry

    Hey Calif Native, You got it right. The west side of Wa is like Those who forgot that the liberal machine that began with Pat Brown and has continued through his son, controls Calif and it decline as the golden state. The state of west Wa. is made up of liberal Califs from the 60’s who are todays progressives. Former Calif resident for 45 yrs. I sadden at what I see today

  • BuddhaBill

    A significant majority of those of us who live in 51 of California’s 58 counties are quite conservative and we’d love to join Nevada or Arizona (probably not Oregon), but that ain’t gonna happen. Our votes for statewide offices count for exactly nothing because of the huge populations in those Left Coast counties, so we’re saddled with two super-wealthy far-left let-them-eat-cake Bay Area senators. Due to the “winner-takes-all” vote-counting scheme,
    our votes for president likewise count for absolutely nothing. With children, grandchildren and a construction business located in California, I’m stuck here for a while yet. But my wife and I don’t think in terms of another state where we’ll flee to… rather, we’re favoring northern Chile. Check it out…

    • Jonathan

      You point out a very interesting truth, BB.

      Supposedly the left is all for the little guy. But what I always see is the left controlled by the ultra rich and elite urbanitses, who despise the very “down to earth” sorts of people they claim to be “struggling for”.

      Certainly, the left has its down and outers, such as exemplified in the OWS “movement”. But seems to like the poor mainly when they serve as useful idiots for black tactics mob action, or as puppets for some political victimization campaign.

      Everytime I watch the OWS protests, I marvel at how deceived and deconstructed our reality has become. It’s not about Wall Street fatcats. Its about a war on the Middle Class being conducted by rich internationalists, using the fists and pitchforks of non-producers.

  • There are things about California you just cannot replace in any other state. The weather is mild, and easy on property. Take a look at what weather does to houses in Houston or way-out-in-nowhere Indiana. Over a lifetime the cost of owning a home in California can be pleasantly less. That sum considers the cost of energy, maintenance, and general all around just stuff not breaking factors. Give me a break on earthquakes, sure, they happen, and I have been through two big ones in my 49 years. I don’t know one person in my life who has ever lost something in a quake. Ask a person my age in the midwest or the south or the gulf that question about hurricanes, tornados, hail, floods, snow storms, whatever…. Politicians come and go, and hopefully many of them in California will go. But look at what the rest of the country has elected, I mean, geesh, yikes, really? Joe Biden? The dead Kennedy’s? Harry the reed? We’re not the only loonies in the USA.

  • David Carswell

    I live in San Francisco and I must say that this article is outright lying in regards to SF. Been for 22 years and the city is 100’s of times better… more beautiful, cleaner, safer, and gentrified than ever. Even the seediest of areas I would have no fear of walking through at 3 am alone.

    Now I have noticed more and more people at the food kitchens and dispensaries they don’t look homeless or much in need in regards to appearance. San Francisco has always had an enormous amount of homelessness as other cities give away free tickets and ship them off here. That is another problem entirely. I however do not see an increase in that per se.

    San Francisco today is a whole lot better than SF of the past 22 years and as far as I can tell it may be because 1/3 of the populace is gay and they tend to bring the value of property up thereby making the cost of living unreachable by a population of povert and crime. Not that they don’t exist here but much less than yesteryear.

    The only problem I have with SF is the supervisors overreach in passing fascist and nazi laws in recent years and the corruption and mismanagement or outright robbing of monies by the Municipal Transit Authority and other city government entities but that is another issue entirely.

  • Robert B

    State and local governments can be worst than the Fed when it comes to taxes especially if you have a low income and own a property. So I am glad I moved to Panama about 12 years ago. Even though my income is low by American standards, I have a nice home and property and pay no taxes on it and manage to eat okay. And since wages are low here my income is more than what the average Panamanian has. The climate at about 4500 feet is cool enough that I never need air conditioning and warm enough that I never need heat. Since I am over 65 I get a 25% discount on my electric bill plus a discount on bus tickets, , prescriptions, and many other items including airline tickets to fly back to the States. My expenses would even be lower accept that I married a young Panamanian women and now have a six year old little girl to support. But at least now I have enough of dependents so I don’t owe any taxes to the Fed. Panama of course hardly has any taxes and the Panamanians who do owe taxes figure out some way not to pay them. It is part of the culture. Anyhow what you say about California applies to many state and local governments across the country. The whole system is going to collapse some day as there won’t be enough of money to support it. I suspect that eventually there will be a lot of defaults with state and local debt. They can’t exactly print money like the Fed. Unless the Fed bails them out. Who knows?

  • Everyone’s talking about the symptoms only! Jobs, economy, urban decay, and on and on. No one wants to face the real root of the problem which ultimately leads to all this crap, Sin! A departure from dependence on GOD! Mock ridicule all you want, but time will bear this out!

  • Justin

    I had to comment because i read another article this auther wrote and he quoted someone on here who made a comment like this, “I am a native Californian ( Im 61) and have lived here all but two years of my life. I can tell you absolutely that this state is not what it was 30 years ago. Cities like San Francisco have gone from being world-class tourist attractions to national disgraces. Los Angeles is a third-world city. San Diego is bankrupt….”

    I am here to say that who ever is shouting these comments do not know anything about “Reclaiming your state Citizenship”. People, the time is now to wake up and listen,.. The only way for the people all across America to be free again and end the tyranny is to do this process. check out this website and read the files in the “Files room” and then go check on them at your local law library. By doing this process you get back all your freedoms, send a powerful but peaceful message to the gov, and you also get back all the money that was ever stolen from you by the gov. (plus compound interest, which is a lot of money).

    People, I urge you to stand up, get off the net, turn off the TV/radio and check these files out for yourself before deciding if you want to do this. You can even do this process on your own, but time seems short these days.

    There is a reason the united state of america was the leader of the world and set the standard for other counrties is because we were the first “Free” country and our gov was only a “service” to us not our controllers. We can get that back again, but it will take people standing up and doing it on their own. Just please don’t take the violant measure against the gov. because the gov has all their swat teams and military polic units (non-american soliders) waiting for people to use force so they have an excuse to bring in “martial law”. Please, lets not give them what they want lets fight back the peaceful, but powerful way.

  • Peter

    The head of the snake is the fed and u.n

  • Winston Smith

    Insanity sign is spot on, but then again, out of stupidity, fear, etc-99% this fall will vote Romney or Obama…, done deal for another 4 yrs of decay…….

    • apprin


  • pegstermm

    get rid of the *************** and illegal asians.

  • mike

    All of you have written good comments but have only talked about the symptoms of the disease which plagues humankind.

    The disease is the privately owned currency issuing banks (ie: the FED et al.) This form of currency is loaded at the beginning with your being in debt, then once in debt, we are lead (as the unknowing sheep we really are) from boom to bust, that is: your equity built by you, your equity stollen from you.

    Government, media and schools are just devices to keep us all thinking that we have a say.

    Kill the Dragon! Wake UP! It is the owners of the privately owned currency issuing banks and their monopoly corporations.

    I am the owner of my own business, I know we are being snowed.

    Can’t you all see it?

    Argueing who is better: left or right is exactly where the owners want you.

    I was stationed in California for my training while in the Navy in 1970; it is a nice place and I truly hope it remains so.

    It is the bankers stupid!!!!

  • The system seems to be working providing a good service for those that wish it. If it isn’t broken,don’t fix it. guides certainly have a place in the canyon as many would never climb with out them. Sincerely, Greg

    • SandraO

      Huh, Greg (aka Aisha Latsha) posted that the system in California seems to be working? For who? Maybe for rich politicians in Sacramento and for the rich leftist Hollywood elite like George Clooney and Barbra Streisand who live in gated mansions, have chauffered limos, and only fly in private jets? Otherwise for average middle-class Californian, the state has become a freaking nightmare! California has become a bankrupt banana republic ruled by insane leftist thugs, the state is over-run with millions of illegals, many homeowner’s mortgages are hopelessly underwater, most cities are crime ridden, taxes are among the highest of all states, unemployment is in the double digits in many areas, the state ranks on the bottom of almost every list from educational levels to a business friendly climate, etc, etc. Maybe the state would be better off if a country like Mexico took it over? How could it be any worse? Spanish is already becoming the primary language in California and at least Mexico enforces their borders?

  • Jason Schiebelhut

    California is ran by illegal aliens. Do you ever see any Mexicans or illegal aliens on the corner begging for money and food? I just see veterans and hairy white people.

    • giveandtake

      They say that one out of four people are not from Calfornia.. California is close to 40 million population, because the borders are wide open and they land in California. When water is gone and Gardner’s have no work things will change Interesting that the Administrations Czar John Holdren has said the U. S. is over populated and that we should d- populate this country. Then why are they letting more and more people come into our country using up all our resources such as water?

    • Ralph Winfield

      A huge number of illegal Mestizos are making good money in gangs. I live part of the year in Britain and part of it here in downtown San Jose. this city is messed-up, but it’s in much better shape than San Fran Flakey and L.A.

  • giveandtake

    Why doesn’t Governor Brown suspend more Solar Farms, that are gulping up our water along with the Marijuana growers. He has done nothing for four years to improve infrastructure, more holding ponds but the Democrats in Sacramento have their pet projects and those projects were more important then preparing for this drought. Now people are paying the price.

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