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  • T.

    I think Josef Goebells and Heinrich Himmler in charge of the SS and the Gestapo et. al – Have their grandchildren now running the USSA.

    • Mike

      Communist Manifesto.

  • Bill

    Makes 1984 seem like the ” good ole days” compared to what is coming.

  • DesertPaine

    One EMP burst or exceptional solar flare and its back to square one. Its silly to believe that ‘they’ don’t have such low-tech weapons aimed at us, and us at ‘them’.

  • Bill

    After watching the videos it makes me realize there may be no end to technology but there may be an end to mankind since we just will not be needed—-

  • John

    Of course one scenario is the Star Trek Borg where everyone is forced to be part of the collective. But another scenario is to get as many people as possible totally dependent on “the system”, and then collapse or just turn off the “the system”, leading to a massive death total. The UN Agenda 21 calls for a world population of no more than 500 million. You cannot get there without killing over 90% of the world’s population. So you’re talking about a surviving population in the former U.S. of around 30 million.

    • Genada

      First thing I thought of was the Borg. Star Trek never really did explain how the Borg came about. I would venture it would start out small like today and just progress till they were no longer human.

    • Orange Jean

      Agreed! The fact that Obama made Holdren his “science Czar” is proof of his complacancy in all this. I think they have made very good progress in total dependency, exponentially in recent years.

  • GetReal4U2

    I just watched the movie “Citizen 4″…the true story about Snowden…very interesting indeed…hmmmm

  • Robert

    What arrogance with technologists. Just the mother day a main fiber optic cable was severed in AZ and brought down the internet for hours for all of northern AZ. The system is incredibly vulnerable to failure. Computers are vulnerable regardless of where they are. One day someone will unleash the mother of all viruses and down the tubes the web goes. Arrogance eventually gets around to collapse.

  • john

    this is exactly why I have no children, I will buy a robot instead, much better!!!! (and a robot wife too!:))

    • alan

      A Cylon, maybe a # 8 model?

      • Mike Smithy

        Yes, Cylon #8 is hot. But can she cook?

    • K2

      Avoid children for the right reasons pal (like i am doing. I have always believed that a person will likely be more sad in life most of the time than happy or there will always be something that will keep a person dissatisified with life no matter what. This is my reason not to have kids as i dont want them to live that kind of life), not because of st*pid reasons like you mentioned.

      Unless you are joking…in that case good joke!

  • Ed

    All new agriculture equipment is tied to the net also. A frightening scenario They can shut urfood supply down at any time. It takes at least one year to get it back. Ag is unique. No second chance!!!

    • Priszilla

      My carrot plants are not connected yet. Nor are my herb pots on the window sill.

      • GSOB

        We are in a world lit only by fire.

    • Orange Jean

      That is creepy! But thanks for sharing… I wonder if that’s why I was having so much difficulty getting seeds to sprout last year?

  • K

    I feel sorry for the mindless drones, society is becoming. Go into a store, and ask to see the non-smart T.V. models, and watch the horrified reaction. Watch as people twitter every aspect of their lives. Often seeking input on decisions they are about to make. The person who thinks for themselves, or tries to limit their exposure to this technology, is considered an oddity.Do not doubt, one day in the very near future. That same person will be looked upon as the enemy. The hive mind is already here. And those who wish mankind evil, already know how to manipulate it.

    • Orange Jean

      K, I agree with everything you say here. Where I currently work is mostly young people, they think my attitude (very much keen on maintaining my privacy) is totally weird, proof that I’m too “old” to be taken seriously, etc.

      For years this trend has appalled me. The total lack of privacy in public bathrooms for example (or bathrooms at work)… I have overheard (not with my consent) all manner of conversations which women previously would have held in total privacy, only sharing with a very close friend (details about the problems they are having with a spouse or lover), or doctor (for example the details about their bowel movements or what used to be called “female” problems). Taked about now in ladies rooms everywhere (I can’t speak for men, do they do that also?)….

      The new “connectivity” makes me greatful for living in a place where the only way I can connect to the Internet is through dial-up, which also is slow enough that often I get timed out when I’m trying to connect to some websites. At least the hackers and spies might be less patient than I am and not willing to wait or try again.

      • ItIsWell

        I am 34 & I’m considered by most to be way too old fashioned when it comes to technology. The only Internet I have in my house is on my phone and the only reason I have that is because I want the real news. My kids are the only ones in their classes without the internet at home. I think all this social network kids are on is so dangerous and time consuming. My kids age 14 and 12 and they play outside for fun instead of stuck on the Internet or video games. They are both in sports and make straight A’s. They play fiddle and mandolin bluegrass style. My girl sews, knits , cooks, cans. My son helps with cutting wood, works on the farm, and goes fishing and hunting for recreation. This isn’t normal anymore because our society is backwards. I cringe at the thought of what the next generation will be like. A bunch of nerds if you ask me.

        • GSOB

          That’s great balance there of activity…

          Your kids need to learn the system because they will be around longer than you.
          Get them internet.
          If you are believers, the internet is a very valuable tool to share the good news.

          If not,… there’s lots a news that they need to keep up with.
          Even blog like you.

          Think of it as an encyclopedia.

          It may even open up doors for employment.

          It’s very wonderful.

        • Orange Jean

          Personally, I’d think a smart phone with Internet access is more dangerous than using a computer. I have a computer… which I unplug when I’m not using it! I suspect also having dial-up only (the only option out in the boonies where I live) helps also, spies aren’t all that patient with people who don’t have the “latest and greatest” faster technology.

          The phone, in contrast… can be connected in reverse, unless the battery is removed.

      • eric

        I’m 26 and work for a major semiconductor company and I absolutely share your concerns. I refuse to have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc account. Really the only account I do have (simply because it’s almost a necessity) is a Google account.

        • Orange Jean

          Really good to hear there’s at least one young person out there concerned! But Google is one of the worse offenders.

          We had someone give a presentation at work (I’m an epidemiologist, it was another epidemiologist) about how now CDC can do flu surveillance by getting data from Google on people’s searches. They compared the results of that method to the more traditional one where the disease is reported by doctor’s during epidemics… no statistically significant difference and it cost less. They claim they stripped the Google data of “personal identifiers”… yeah, right!

          That was the last time I had a “privacy” discussion with any of the young people I work with, they all thought I was nuts to be concerned.

      • Crone

        Beware of the young. And keep quiet. I am seeing a shift in attitude, a scary one. Maybe hostile. After all, older people have more and they work for nothing. Please be careful.

        • Orange Jean

          Thanks… but I am well aware of that. The hostility at this point comes more in the cut throat competitiveness I see. To some degree, since I’ve become disabled it helps… I now have an invisibility cloak!

    • oahumike

      I recently went into a Best Buy and asked to see ‘the dumb TVs.’ The teenaged sales associate turned her head on a slant like an owl and said “why in the world do you want that? Don’t you know TVs should be connected to the internet now?” She then walked over to her fellow blue-shirted teenaged colleagues and asked where they keep ‘the rest of’ the dumb TVs, and both guys got a little smirk and told me to follow them. I was alarmed at both the small selection of TVs that can’t watch you, listen to you, and transmit this data to third parties, as well as the idea that the device SHOULD BE connected to the internet – and most importantly the idea that anyone who doesn’t like this is to be ridiculed. Dystopian indeed.

  • alan

    I don’t use microsoft junk, so I can careless what billy gates does. The only safe way to probably live now is off grid, like those people on the show live free or die.


    The day will come when if you want to access the medical care system you will have to consent to being “chipped”.

    • Mike Smithy

      Perhaps the “Chip” is the mark of the beast?

      • GSOB

        The mark of the beast has nothing to do with an RFID chip and your body….
        If Christians used the technology for the same reason, then you have a problem with your interpretation.
        Do you want to know what it really is?

        • Mike Smithy

          Upon reading Revelation 13:16, one cannot rule out the possibility that the mark of the beast isn’t an RFID chip. However, I would be interested in hearing what you think it could be.

          • GSOB

            ‘one cannot rule out the possibility’
            You are right.
            Scripture rules it out.
            See my response to Kim…

          • Mike Smithy

            GSOB, I read your response to Kim. However, I am interested in knowing your opinion as to specifically what will constitute the mark on the right hand and/or forehead. I.E. Tattoo, branding, RFID etc? Perhaps the RFID chip will have 666 kb of data storage/memory.

          • GSOB


            The tangible back then was
            (666 or Nero) on their forehead, meaning they were totally sold out to Nero in word thought and deed.

            Or on the hand, instead of the head,….
            means that though not sold out, played the game in order to survive
            ( Or Stockholm syndrome I mentioned.)
            The exact tangible for the dingbats to regulate and persecute Christians is necessary, as you say. And I agree.
            They’re were spiritually blind to what God sees, so yes a tangible is required.
            It was something for sure which indicated to the tyrannical persecutors that they were one with the beast. Could it just have been their conduct and testimony only… I ponder often, when I think what else I can obligate to the Lord that is in my life and home….
            Could have been coins, tattoos, clothing are a mix of all that.
            However, the heart is naked before God and He knows and sees everything.
            It was a matter of degrees of being enslaved to the satanic arrangement. There were those whose conduct and who’s verbal testimony was against Emperor worship, denied Caesar as God and the against Jewish leaders of that day and/or both
            . There were nominal believers and down right over the top, proclaimers, lovers of Christ.
            Like the likes of John the Baptist. They hated him. Peter denied the Lord three times.
            The call is the same for us as it was for them, do not love the things of the world,….

            In any case, there is ample internal evidence that the book of Revelation was written pre AD90, and I would say that Jesus was not born on Dec 25 and that the Revelation was penned by John around 65 AD.
            Hope that helps. The tangible was visible.
            That is for sure.

        • Priszilla

          SSN if you don’t have one you don’t exist.

  • Priszilla

    Everything that is connected to the internet can be disconnected from the Internet.

    • K2

      that means you can be disconnected from it too?

      • K2

        I am kidding priz.

    • Crone

      You are much too clever for this blog.

    • GSOB

      Once it’s out there, its out there.

  • K2

    I wont be surprised if spying/monitoring software can spy on you and keep a record even if you/your device are not connected to the net. If not today then in the future we could see software like that.

    • Orange Jean

      Already happening! They can spy on phones if the battery is in them, even if you turn the phone off completely. That includes not only the so-called “smart” phones but any cell phone.

      Same with GPS. And I believe they already have a law in place (a year or so ago) where every new car in America comes equipped with a spying “black box”.

      • K2

        This always happens with me!! I think up something like for eg: a new idea for a product or a software and then i find out it already exists.



      • Mike Smithy

        Yes, speaking of the spying black box in your vehicle, numerous insurance companies are now offering a “Safe Driver Discount” if you permit an installation. This is a test pilot program pursuant to the inevitable mandatory installation. It will be the governments way of tracking how many miles you drive so that they can impose a carbon tax and/or additional highway user fees.

  • Kim

    I would be particularily concerned if I were a high ranking member or even a devout member of any sort of religious organization. “They” will no doubt use this technology to monitored all activities of religious organizations, especially Christian affiliated ones.

    • GSOB

      The mark of the beast …

      back then, the Jewish synagogues enforced submission to the Emperor.

      The Jewish leaders back then, even accused Jesus Christ as a rival to their God Caesar John 19:15

      “They cried out, “Take him away, take him away! Crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your king?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.””
      All this served the interest of Caesar against Christ and the Church. Israel had rejected Christ and is ‘marked with seal of Rome’s total lordship, given allegiance to Caesar….
      She chose salvation by the pagan state and persecuted those who sought it in Christ. United in a conspiracy with Roman government against Christianity.
      John is symbolically capturing the Satanic parody of the ‘seal of God’ on the foreheads and hand of the righteous
      God looks at the heart and knows whom are His.
      Persecution of those who claimed allegiance to Christ would lead to your death…
      And he cause all,
      the small,
      the great,
      the rich,
      the poor,
      the free and
      the slaves….
      to be given a mark on their right hand or
      on their forehead and he (the beast) provides that no one should be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the Beast or the number of his name. (666 or Nero)
      Here you have the marriage of ‘church’ and ‘state’ and the and the ultimate between the two is the Emperor of Rome. Those who did not give allegiance by not taking on the mark were killed.
      But this all is fulfilled in the past and for the written primarily to the early Church. The Book of Acts reveals many incidents of organized Jewish persecution of the Church….. all of this served Caesar
      The passage (Rev. 13 as a whole is intended by John to convey the idea of apostate Jewish attempt to recreate the world…….Nero was loved all over the Empire as the benevolent provider of welfare and entertainment.
      Israel chose Emperor worship.
      I think you get the picture….

      • guest

        Some of my thoughts;
        What was fulfilled was a ‘shadow of things to come’.
        The Bible makes clear that the Jews hearts were hardened by God and this brings salvation to the gentiles, (Isaiah for one).
        Paul talks about this in Romans, I believe.
        The right hand signifies the work of your hand and the forehead represents your mind / free will, however,
        There is a physical mechanism to the mark of the beast that will be scanned to ensure that you have ‘joined’ the system and can function inside of it, ( How else can you truly enforce the one world money /banking/ commerce society ) .
        Christians are not persecuted for rejecting the mark, we are persecuted / imprisoned/ killed because we refuse to worship the image of the beast.

        • GSOB

          Please see my response up a little, to Mike Smithy.
          I appreciate your thoughts too.

      • RedCPedestrian

        When in doubt, blame the Jews!

  • Cal Wayback

    The Beast “666” when fully ensconced into power will overcome the saints. It is going to be a nightmare of astronomical proportions when all of these new technological advances will be used to oppress and kill billions of people. Anyone who refuses to cooperate with “Big Brother” and turns to Jesus will be liquidated.

    • GSOB

      666 refers to Rome and Nero back then… nothing to do with what’s ahead, ….we aught to expect Christ’s rule in our lives and the final advent.
      Technology is wonderful.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Not worried. We have a philosophy in our home: if a man can build it, a man can destroy it; if a man can destroy it, a man can restore it.

    Built an RFID scanner and zapper a while ago. You’d be surprised where these things are ending up: toys, garments, game and train tickets, etc. Anything with an unusual tag usually has a tracker in it. If the scanner picks up a signal, press the button and it’s permanently deactivated.

    Learn basic electronics so you can find this junk and snip it. Any listening devices are easy to find and can be snipped off, and sticky notes take care of any camera. Build some feedback scanning tools – easy to make and use.

  • jakartaman

    I am not worried – The federal government will take care of me – That’s why I don’t mind giving them my money (sarc)

  • grumpyhillbilly

    It’s rather flattering how much the elite fear me and my fellow little people. Too bad most people are fools. It’s remarkable to me that we live in a society that embraces privacy fences as they happily divulge all their personal details online.

  • autofixer

    How long will it be before ACA or Medicare is denied if you do not have the .gov approved monitoring chip installed?

  • DJohn1

    The Internet is like having a library available in your home. It is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a huge bank of information about everything under the sun.
    It is also a liar. Because with all that information is a whole bunch of false information as well. So everything you read or see on the Internet is open to question.
    Planting TV cameras in televisions is the next step along. That means if you are half naked in your bedroom, they can actually peek into your bedroom and make movies of what they see.
    That is if you happen to have a Smart TV in the bedroom. Same goes for the living room.
    It doesn’t end there. The technology for sound is such that they can actually use a computer program to visualize you and the room using a form of sonar from the microphone on your telephone. I know somebody that was involved in the original program they did it with. He actually described what we were wearing in the room. He made his living being a genius with this kind of information tech. He was a genius with data bases.
    He was on a telephone in another part of the town.
    So do we do away with telephones?
    Dolphins have a natural sonar and have been using it for eyes in the water for a long time. I think that is where it came from.
    Some Computer Monitors have TV cameras built in. A lot of the laptops have built in cameras. Skype is used to give us TV reception of the person on the other end of the Internet connection and is used widely for speech therapy with kids.
    The problem is that technology gets cheaper and cheaper as time goes on. That means all of this is available for any agency of government that wants to use it.
    The real problem with infinite data on a person is that it is overwhelming logistically. That means they are wading through huge amounts of information all the time. Only another super computer has any chance of making much sense out of it.

    • Crone

      “The real problem is infinite data”.
      That’s right, and then they pull the plug. Maybe not a blackout, but something. Now, the massholes who are tech addicted have masshysteria..
      We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated ad nauseum. It’s too late. You will see the effects of “Obamacare” in your 2016 taxes. 2017 will leave you penniless. But the uproar is over the Internet?
      This is a distraction. Commodities will skyrocket if the interest rates rise. Probably Sept/Oct this year. But don’t f•ck with the tech stuff.
      I predict gas 3.50-4.50 by fall.
      I leave you-all with something to ponder..doesn’t anyone think it odd that the first Black President came along when he did?

    • Orange Jean

      They already have this spying stuff in a bed… the newest edition of “Sleep Number” bed has a way “you” can monitor your sleep patterns and it will tell you how you can be more “comfortable”.

  • Mike Smithy

    Perhaps the premise behind the movie “Minority Report” isn’t too far fetched after all.

  • DB200

    Good article, 1984-like technology is knocking at your door. 99,95% will embrace it. The MSM will ensure that the remaining 0,05% will look like loosers or worse, will actually these people will be the clever ones

  • Mondobeyondo

    The concept of privacy ought to be placed on the endangered species list. It won’t be long before it comes close to extinction.

    Already, you most likely own a device that knows precisely where you are on Earth, keeps track of your Internet usage, which web sites you visit, etc, etc – and even keeps track of your heart rate. It’s called a smartphone.

    Just think what an Internet-enabled refrigerator or microwave will do. Or – heaven sakes – a toilet! Ever wonder what else that infrared sensor on that automatic flush toilet is picking up, besides your derriere moving up from the toilet seat? Yikes!

    There comes a point when technology becomes uncomfortable. We’re rapidly approaching that point, and will eventually surpass it.

  • Mondobeyondo

    A couple of things that are sure to bring our technology-addicted society to its knees, at least temporarily:

    – Electromagnetic pulse event
    – Hurricane _________ (insert name here)
    – Fiber optic cable disruption

    If any of those events occurs, have fun texting on your rotary dial phone. Or maybe you can rent a generator and still play those Xbox games. Cellphone still wouldn’t work though (power grid would be down)

  • WorldEvents

    We already have an “IoT”…and it’s called our connection to the creator. No Chips, google, or human technology needed.

    This transhumanist approach is The world upside, one eye open.

  • Joe

    Some things that people should consider are:

    1) A recent court ruling (not yet tested at the Supreme Court) said that a person who locks their devices with fingerprints instead of a password/code can be forced to unlock that device. But the police can’t force someone to give up their password/code. If you use a chip implanted in your finger, hand wrist, etc to unlock your devices you could be forced to unlock your device for law enforcement. If this ruling is upheld I wouldn’t put it past legislatures to make it illegal to use passwords/codes and force everyone to use biometric security systems that the government can then force you to open for them.

    2) Because the government is now responsible for paying for such a large percent of people’s healthcare and have dedicated themselves to controlling the costs of healthcare it is only a matter of time before they require people to use ‘OnStar for the Body’ or a similar type of device. Conceivable the technology could evolve to a point where these devices could detect the food you eat in addition to the exercise you do. Remember, a little bit of prevention today saves lots of money tomorrow. The government will actively monitor people’s eating and exercise habits, and in the name of lowering costs, can actively punish people for not eating healthy and getting enough exercise. At the very least they could use such data to determine if you are worth investing medical resources in.

  • Daystrom2012

    Revelation 13:16-18
    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six(666).

    “America is in the greatest crisis in the history of our nation and the mass population has lost its ability to intellectually process the obvious…[T]he most disturbing trend of all is that countless millions of people appear to be increasingly disconnected from reality and act more like robots than real people.Very few now have the ability to take a few steps back and process what is really going on. What is it that has happened to the American people that has turned them into a nation of robots? Once upon a time in America, and not that long ago, America was a nation of heroes, visionaries, risk takers….

    The American people have literally been
    under siege in a “shock and awe campaign” in a spiritual battle. Our films, music, and television constantly push the envelope, presenting images, music, and video that act synergistically as a kind of all-out assault on the realities that once held our nation, families, and personal lives together…[Y]ou can no longer see reality for what it is because you are no longer living in the real world; you are in a trance state.
    How do you stop living like a programmed robot and become a real person again?…First, you need to come to the place where you admit that you are no longer free and stop believing in lies…[Y]ou have to make the decision that you are going to get up, walk towards the door, open it, and walk through it into total freedom! At this point many people become paralyzed by fear due to their conditioning…You have to resist that temptation…it is that fear that keeps most people in their trance state. [A]s you open that door, you will see the most dazzling light you have ever seen. This is the light of the truth and you recognize that on every level it has set you free and if you allow it to, this light will heal you and set you back in your right mind.”

    Excerpt from ‘A NATION OF ROBOTS:

  • Margaret

    Technology isn’t the problem. Really, humans are geniuses in creativity. The problem is the controllers and tyrants using this creativity to take away the freedoms of each individual and trying to run this world in the way they see fit. Fortunately they are outnumbered and will be outsmarted by a factor they haven’t considered nor can’t consider, therefore won’t win in the end. Though we need to stand up. Regarding privacy with the young, this may be as a result of being groomed that way through the environment they’re growing up in.

    • Orange Jean

      I agree … especially with your last sentence. Anyone who grew up with a baby monitor (mommy is spying on you) and day care (prepping those kids for commie care. aka “school”) is bound to have a different idea of all this than older generations.

  • Jock Coalman

    Like all media, the internet is a double edged sword.

  • Jay

    The Mark is not the issue. Pledging allegiance to the antichrist is.

    • guest

      Taking the mark is an issue.

  • jaxon64

    Brilliant !
    I believe Huxley was much closer to the truth of things than Orwell–where Orwell predicted control through pain or the threat of pain, Huxley predicted that control was more likely through pleasures. I quote………..” civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny, failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions ……”

  • happel

    Amidst the global collapse of the economy, that creates a world of riots and panic and disorder of biblical magnitude, the worst fear for many will not be their inability to obtain food for their families, heat their homes in winter or have a reasonable means of getting from one location to another. It will be their desperate need to click on Facebook and see their ‘friends’ posts which will be absent and their brains and bodies will merely stop functioning.

  • Mario Salvo

    There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so
    odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at

  • Philip Arlington

    This is the way in which freedom is actually being eroded, and guns are completely and utterly irrelevant to it. All they do (apart from kill people) is distract them from thinking about the real dangers to liberty.

  • guest

    It’s time to disconnect and become one of the “Almost-Amish”.

  • ablerk

    Doesn’t joining the internet of things require, like, buying all this extra junk?

    My phone is 11 years old, my TV is 23 years old, most of my home appliances are several decades old. Maybe I’ll be enslaved somewhere around 2035. I doubt it.

  • Alex Macintyre Gore

    Goodluck watching me, I cover my vid lense on my latop, my LED tv has no camera on it…lol

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