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Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut

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Breaking PointIn America today, there are close to 50 million people living in poverty and there are more than 100 million people that get money from the federal government every month.  As the middle class disintegrates, poverty is climbing to unprecedented levels.  Even though the stock market has been setting record high after record high, the amount of anger and frustration boiling just under the surface in our nation grows with each passing day.  And now extended unemployment benefits have been cut off for 1.3 million unemployed Americans, and it is being projected that a total of 5 million unemployed Americans will lose their benefits by the end of 2014.  In addition, as I have written about previously, 47 million Americans recently had their food stamp benefits reduced.  The conditions for a “perfect storm” are certainly being created.  So how much longer will it be until we see all of this anger and frustration boil over in the streets of our major cities?  Is America about to reach a breaking point?

If you think that the title of this article is “alarmist”, you probably have not been paying attention to what has been happening over the past few weeks.  For example, a 600 person brawl broke out at at movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida just the other day…

Five teenagers were arrested when a 600-person brawl broke out in a Florida movie theater’s parking lot on Christmas night.

Described by police as a “melee,” the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville when a group tried to storm the theater’s doors without purchasing tickets, police said. Several had rushed an off-duty police officer working as a security guard.

The officer “administered pepper spray to disperse the group, locked the doors and called for backup, following protocol,” said Lauri-Ellen Smith, a spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Soon after the pepper spray was used, “upward of 600 people moving throughout a parking lot about the size of a football field began fighting, disrupting and jumping on cars,” she said.

And a “flash mob” of “400 crazed teens” was so violent that it forced a mall in Brooklyn to shut down just a few days ago

A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday.

More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.

The troublemakers looted and ransacked several stores as panicked shoppers ran for the exits and clerks scrambled to pull down metal gates.

In addition, the release of new Air Jordan sneakers caused mini-riots and brawls to break out all over the country just before Christmas.

So why is all of this happening?

Of course people will come up with all sorts of theories to explain these outbreaks of violence, but what pretty much everyone should be able to agree on is that we are seeing levels of anger and frustration rise to very dangerous levels in this country.

Right now, there are approximately 6 million Americans in the 16 to 24-year-old age group that are not in school and that are not working either.  What that means is that we have an alarmingly high number of very frustrated young people that do not have anything better to do than to cause trouble.

In some of our largest cities this has become a massive problem.  In fact, quite a few major U.S. cities actually have more than 100,000 “idle youth” living in them…

Just look at some of the nation’s largest cities. Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Riverside, Calif., all have more than 100,000 idle youth, the Opportunity Nation report found.

But the Obama administration says that this should not be a problem.  In fact, the Obama administration tells us that the unemployment rate has been steadily “declining” and that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.

Of course that is a giant lie.  Just before the last recession, about 63 percent of all working age Americans had a job.  During the recession that number fell below 59 percent and it has stayed there ever since

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

So the notion that we are experiencing an “employment recovery” is absolutely laughable.

But most of our politicians appear to believe this lie, and it is being used as justification to cut off extended unemployment benefits.

And the funny thing is that by cutting off these benefits, it is going to make it appear as though unemployment has gone down even more.  Millions of unemployed workers that are being forced into the streets will now be counted as having “left the labor force”, and it is being projected that the unemployment rate could decline by as much as half a percentage point as a result.

What a joke.

A lot of the people that are having their benefits cut off are really hurting.  For instance, consider the case of 63-year-old paralegal Laura Walker

“Not all of us have savings and a lot of us have to take care of family because of what happened in the economy,” said Walker, of Santa Clarita, who said she has applied for at least three jobs a week and shares an apartment with her unemployed son, his wife and two children. “It’s going to put my family and me out on the streets.”

So what is she going to do?

Well, at this point she appears to be down to just one option…

“I just don’t know what to do, except pray.”

And of course the unemployed are not the only ones that have had their benefits cut.  As I mentioned above, all 47 million Americans that are currently on food stamps recently had their benefits reduced.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Mac Slavo

Earlier this year government benefits for nutritional assistance were reduced after the expiration of emergency legislation that was enacted following the 2008 financial collapse. Nearly all of the 48 million people receiving food stamp distributions were affected. The move led to warnings from food pantries and recipients around the country who said that the $40 billion in cuts would leave many American families without the ability to put food on dinner tables across America. According to Feed America, the roughly $29 per family that would no longer appear on their EBT cards will amount to about 1.5 billion meals in 2014.

The fact that government dependence has soared to all-time highs even in the midst of this so-called “economic recovery” is just another sign that the middle class is dying.  For years, middle class families have tried strategy after strategy in an attempt to survive, but now it has become apparent that the middle class is rapidly approaching a breaking point

Rising income inequality is starting to hit home for many American households as they run short of places to reach for a few extra bucks.

As the gap between the rich and poor widened over the last three decades, families at the bottom found ways to deal with the squeeze on earnings. Housewives joined the workforce. Husbands took second jobs and labored longer hours. Homeowners tapped into the rising value of their properties to borrow money to spend.

Those strategies finally may have run their course as women’s participation in the labor force has peaked and the bursting of the house-price bubble has left many Americans underwater on their mortgages.

And even though the Obama administration and the mainstream media have tried to convince us over and over that the economy is “getting better”, most Americans are not buying it.  In fact, according to a new CNN poll, 70 percent of all Americans believe that “the economy is generally in poor shape”.

As the economy continues to decline, not all Americans will respond to their desperate situations by getting violent.  Many suffer quietly, hoping that things will eventually turn around for them.  Unfortunately, the ranks of the suffering grow with each passing year.  For example, a recent CNN article discussed the continued growth of “tent cities” all over America…

The total number of homeless people residing in tents and makeshift homes is unknown. Many of these communities are small and hidden from public view, while others claim hundreds of residents and are sprinkled through major urban areas.

Some, like those tucked under roadways, are temporary and relocate frequently. Their conditions are vile, unsanitary and fail to provide refuge from storms and winds. Then there are communities, such as Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon, that have a more sustained presence. The 13-year-old “ecovillage” set up by homeless people is hygienic and self-sufficient.

Preliminary findings by The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty show that tent cities have been documented in almost every state, and they’re growing.

So how do we solve these problems?

Are there any solutions that could get us out of this mess?

Of course there are.  But don’t hold your breath waiting for any of them to be adopted.  In fact, the American people continue to express great support for the very people that got us into this mess in the first place.  For example, according to a Gallup survey that was just released, Barack Obama is the most admired man in America by a very wide margin and Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America by a very wide margin.

And the mainstream media will continue to tell all of us that “leaders” like Obama, Clinton, Reid, Boehner, McConnell and Pelosi can be trusted to get us out of this mess.

If you believe that, there is a bridge that I would like to sell you.

The American people need to stop having blind faith in the relentless propaganda that is being spewed at them through their televisions screens.  The pretty faces that you see “reporting the news” do not care about you and they are not watching out for your best interests.  The corporate-controlled news is highly scripted and it is pretty much the same whatever channel you turn to.  If you have any doubt that “the news” is scripted, just check out this video

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Actually hoping the U3 rate “declines” so the Fed has to taper and the entertainment can commence.

    • Kim

      Entertainment, indeed. I wonder if folks in those few lifeboats were entertained when they watched the titanic sink. We will all stand in wonder and amazement and gratitude when we watch this system finally sink, and we are watching now.

      Keep a good distance from it, so u don’t get pulled down with it. It won’t be long now…

    • Mondobeyondo

      The entertainment’s been going on quite a while now. Keep the people distracted. It’s part of the game plan. Bread and circuses.

  • i can you’re starting to get fired up, michael, and so am i – be safe and happy new year

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      2014 is definitely going to be a time to get fired up. 🙂


  • Kim

    Absolutely tragic. I don’t even have words for the situation people are in right now. Pray is right. If u believe in what the bible says, we can hope that god will soon intervene and put and end to this horrible system and we can live in the way he intended us to live. What a beautiful day that will be.

    • K

      Kim, I think we are at a slightly different stage in history. Once before God asked, can you find me just 10 just men? If you can, I will spare the city. Can you find just 10 just men in D.C.? Often Judgement comes before paradise.

    • Tom from Canada

      Sorry for being a wet towel but most of the youngins grow up in school which banned prayer. Look at the school system in Canada and you can see for yourself why parents are against the public school system not to mention the numerous cases of female predators teaching in the public schools.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Same thing has happened to America. It is so sad.


    • Hank Kingsley

      Religion was made up by the elites to keep people down. If they gullibly believed in a ‘share’ in the ‘next life’ they could be counted on not to ask for such a share in the current life.

      Religion is the ultimate scam, a control tool of the rich and the elites to control the masses, and it looks like an extremely good one.

      I mean, an invisible ‘man’ in the sky… seriously. You apparently fell for it hook line and sinker, just the way the elites and the rich like it.

      • Tim

        Well, why are you spending so much time denying the existence of someone you don’t believe exists? This is the third time you’ve posted this same comment. Go find a discussion forum for atheists, fool.

        • JasonD

          Oops, you forgot to change your moniker Hank…

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


        I would encourage you to investigate the tremendous amount of evidence for the Christian faith.

        I think that you will find that the elite actually hate Biblical Christianity with a passion.


        • BK

          For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; ….

        • Kim

          The strongest evidence, IMO, is the bibles prophecy. There is no other written prophecy that is so detailed and precisely accurate as what is prophesied in Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah and the four gospels and Revelation.

          Other evidence is the impact that Jesus Christ has had on culture, education, the modern calendar, modern law, art, the endless. There is no other figure in history that has ever had such a lasting impact on many different cultures.

          • Diashawn

            No other figure was hyped like Jesus.

          • davidmpark

            It wasn’t hype, mate.

          • Azrael

            The bible prophecies have the exact same value as those of Nostradamus – none.
            There have been a far greater impact of the ancient greco-roman beliefs on our society – by the same reasoning you should be worshipping Zeus.

          • Mondobeyondo

            You obviously don’t know Bible prophecy.

          • Azrael

            Yes, because if a prophecy isn’t obscure enough to be undecipherable by a commoner it isn’t a real one. Or maybe it’s obscure because its writer didn’t knew jackshit of the future and has been deliberately vague.

          • Peace Angel

            Just like your other comments this one is BS and even worse—it is bad grammar and makes no sense.

            IF a prophesy isn’t Obscure enough to be undecipherable by a commoner it isn’t a real one makes no sense.

            Micheal is anything but vague. He is extremely knowledgeable and even better researched on every single piece he puts out. Unlike the people who you BELIEVE in he never has to print a “retraction” because he was no truthful or well researched.

            ALL of those who you quote and believe in are reading government propaganda off of teleprompters. WAKE UP

          • Azrael

            Sorry that you couldn’t understand it, maybe you should study proper english more. Or maybe a brain transplant will do the trick, the present on is clearly not up to the task.

          • davidmpark

            That is absurd.

          • Azrael

            Yes, good argument, do you have anything else to say?

          • Peace Angel

            AND another thing that I have been researching over the past forty years is NOSTRADAMUS..I have hundreds of hours of documentaries and books and movies to my credit proving the writings of NOSTRADAMUS.

            THIS PROVES that you have zero to base anything you say on because his works have been proven over and over and over again and the things he wrote about that COULD not exist when he wrote about them ALL came to be like skyscrapers, airplanes, phones, computers and bombs and hundreds more THINGS that did not and could not exist then.

            NOSTRADAMUS had a Near Death Experience (he got knocked in the head) as he detailed himself and all of a sudden KNEW the future like a tickertape and he went to his writing room and abandoned the entire world and his family to write it all down before he died. THE words in his head poured onto the pages and he frequently wrote that he had NO CONCEPT of the things he was describing in tremendous detail. THE same has been proven about the EVENTS he prophesied. HE refused to call himself a prophet but the world did because he was the definition of prophet—-a person who predicts the future.

            He took zero credit for the info and proclaimed he had another presence living in his thoughts in his head. THAT could ONLY be the case. THERE are hundreds of hours of documentaries and books that PROVE he was predicting future events in particular places, he often used latitude and longitude to predict events like 9/11 and there is lots of proof that he detailed out many, many future things like I reported before.

            You need to stop trolling the internet giving others your uninformed comments and advice and try to actually learn something.

            THE longer you live in the dark the less of the light you can live in. You have had very bad role models and education and just come to places like this to hope to get out your anger on the masses. IT does not work.

          • Azrael

            Well, your belief in Nostradamus tells to everybody all they would need to know about you, i no longer have to say anything.

          • Mryuri

            Hitler, Karl Marx both had quite an impact

        • Graham

          What you have said is very true. It’s one of your best giveaways yet as to which “group” should be fully understood by all and watched over very closely.

          All is not as it seems. The bible points them out very clearly, so who are they? They are often referred to as the “Synagogue of Satan”. You will know them by their deeds and their Protocols.

          Usury is their main game, and “through deception, thy shall do war” is their motto. Time to “out” the lot of them. The vast majority (95%) are fakes/converts anyway and DNA evidence has proven it.

        • Nolongerblind

          What the elite hate is anyone who tries to live a just and moral life. That can be any religion. Honestly with all the evil that goes on in the world every second of every day it seems petty for Christians in America to concern themselves with their quality and standard of living being reduced. Our country after all was one born with a government who overstepped their authority, lied, stole, murdered and more. Nothing Christian about any of that yet we reap the benefits by living in a supposedly free country with an above average standard of living that is only now declining for the majority.

          • Azrael

            Religion is doing what you are told regardless of what is right.
            Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told.
            The state tries to follow morality, that doesn’t means it always succeeds – in fact it fails most of the times. But it tries, religion not only doesn’t try it, it fights against it.

          • nekksys

            Religion is the structure through which we define our faith. Faith is borne out of spirituality which comes from an innate or in-born sense of something greater than ourselves. Morality is an outgrowth from spirituality. It is only when we feel connected to each other and acknowledge one another’s humanity and equality that we have sound and lasting morality. I know only one “religion,” as you put it, that doesn’t acknowledge equality among all people. Saying “religion fights against morality” flies in the face of what I know to be true.

            As for the state, there is no attempt made to follow some measure of morality. Illinois is a prime example: the last 3 gov’s of that state are, or were, in prison. The state tries to legislate morality which, historically, never succeeds.

          • Azrael

            Faith is characteristic of the human brain that when it tries to make sense of the world around us and that when it lacks data makes it up on the go. Religion is an organized form of profiting from that, done by some smart scammers.
            Man will never be free until the last king will be strangled with the entrails of the last pope. – Denis Diderot

          • nekksys

            Those who abuse “religion” use it to create wealth for themselves.

            Faith, in and of itself, is an expression of belief in something outside one’s self; for example, having faith in your spouse to remain true to you or your child to choose to do what is right. It also means having faith in your dog that it won’t bite you. Faith, at it’s very root, is a necessity upon which all trust is built.

            All I can say, my friend, is this:

            Only the fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

            I know my life is richer, fuller and happier because of my faith in God and my spirituality. My wish is that you would find some measure of faith…

          • Azrael

            You have an incomplete definition. Here’s the correct one:
            Faith is an expression of completely baseless belief in something outside one’s self. The critical words here being completely baseless. So if you base your life on faith then that’s a sure way to get yourself screwed. That’s why we have laws, because we all know faith doesn’t work.

            As to being happier with faith, i think George Bernard Shaw said it best

            The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

          • nekksys

            I’ve lived on both sides of life: the secular humanist side you espouse and one where I discovered my own spirituality and faith…

            Are you married? Do you have children? Do you trust those around you? What about your closest friends? Do you trust them? I would bet you have faith in them to prop you up when you need a hand or even just be there to share your happy times. Why, then, do you rail so harshly against someone choosing an entity whom they can not see or touch as a point of faith?

            I dare say because you have no faith, I must also surmise you’ve lost the ability to see our world thru a child’s eyes and appreciate it for all the wonder it contains. You make me sad, friend.

            As for me, I’ll stick with the faith side. My experience as a secular humanist
            taught me something valuable: Never put 100% faith in people. They’ll disappoint you almost every time.

          • Graham

            Religion essentially removes a human beings “true power”, handing it over instead to their “institution”. That true power is derived from “source” energy, not through a man made book or by listening to a “preacher”.

            See my other posts in here. I think you “get it”. The unquestioning and unthinking masses move in droves so you won’t get far, let alone proper answers.

            Take America, where Christianity was a very strong force for over a century. How strong is the movement it now? Why has it been in a state of collapse for so long? Why are they now viewed as “terrorists”?

            This current economic and sociopolitical climate didn’t come about overnight, so what was the power of Christian prayer and belief achieving for all those previous decades and century?

            Not that TV evangelism began to take off in the 60’s(?). Who financed it and who controls the message it has been delivering ever since? Which “group” is really behind that message?

            Those who affiliate themselves publicly with one group or another will rarely if ever deviate away from the “groupthink” in public.

            A mass “rapture” would actually do most of them a favour, but more so to the other “billions” of “humans” who live on this planet. The others are of course “enemies”, aside from one group, who ARE the only true enemy.

            Christian Z**nism is the main cause of the problem and it is a vehicle used mainly by those whose bloodlines have ZERO connection with the twelve biblical tribes. DNA proves it. So who are the Christian Z**nists in bed with and why?

            The truth shock eh?

          • dilbert

            Agreed. American church thinks its going to get raptured as soon as the dollar declines. I wish and hope that were true. But we have become godless Christians. Yes that’s right. Godless Christians. Figure it out. Its not hard. Spoiled brats get mad quick when things go bad for them. Get ready the chessboard has a lot of pieces in place for a major deception on the lulled american Christian. They will be the first to beg for the nwo.

          • Graham

            You have done your homework well. However, “they” will not need to “beg” for a NWO, as 50-60 million known Americans have actively been brainwashed into supporting its main infrastructure which is known as Z**nism.

            Research the latter and the illusions surrounding it will quickly evaporate. Be prepared to do a years proper research to gain a “full” understanding of how this “octopus” functions.

            The more incredulous the claims, the more attention they require to see through because that is the nature of their game. It is essentially a psychopathic “mindset” based upon deception, fantasy and delusion.

        • Azrael

          There is none that could pass even the most basic test. In fact that could be said for every other religion, yours isn’t any more special.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Read some of the Old Testament books about the prophets, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc. They pass the test.

          • Azrael

            No, they don’t – they are even more hilariously inaccurate: it’s like the writers of those books knew the future and decided to specifically eliminate any mention of it, no matter how small or insignificant.

          • davidmpark

            Seriously, this similar to Azrael’s dialog in the Batman comics. He said pretty much the same thing before his suicide, then Ra’s al Ghul brought him back in the Lazarus pit.

          • Graham

            I assume you are referring to all the “Abrahamic” derived religions?

            Two thousand years ago, did Jesus follow Judaism, or the Law of Moses? Which groups followed the Babylonian teachings? Which books follows the latter teachings to this day?

            Who are of the seed of Adam? Who are the seed of Cain? Who are descended from the Cananites and Edomites today? Who are the Khazarians?

            Last question. Who are the true Semites of today? I refer to the proven DNA bloodlines, not the hybrids!

            The truth shocks eh?

          • Azrael

            There is and has never been a single difference between Judaism and The Moses law. There have been some difference on how to interpret those texts – see the multitude of protestant sects of today.

            There is no Adam, Cain or the rest of this shyte. They are the arabs and the jews. Most likely the sefards.

            Arabs, or to be even more accurate, the palestinians.

        • Bushisugly

          Religion exists because it binds people together through moral codes and ceremonies, and makes it easier for us to work our selves through hardships and trouble. The bible, however, is custom designed by emperor Constantine and a bunch of early christian patriarchs as a tool of mass oppression. Without any kind of prophetic visions, these guys shaped the words of god and Jesus Christ as they saw fit and made a standardised collection of their convenient “truths” that we know as the bible. It wouldn’t take long before anyone disputing this highly dubious interpretation of history would be slaugthered like animals.

          It doesn’t make a difference if you are a protestant or catholic. The only reason why protestanism has survived today is because greedy kings and noblemen saw an opportunity to ditch the pope and seize absolute power themselves. The bible remains more or less the same and there is no real difference, it is still just a tool of oppression and thought control, it is still a fraud and a scam.

          Christianity seized to exist shortly after the “Council i Nicaea” (325 ad), and everyone who belives in the bible is fooling himself.

      • golddust34

        You are the fool. Your only “proof” of the non-existence of God is your own opinion.

        • TR

          Fool,brilliant choice of words.

          What’s you proof of any god,something you heard or read from around 1,950 years ago?

          Iraq has WMD.

          • davidmpark

            And we can keep our doctor’s if we want to. Period.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Okay, i’ve been holding out for the longest time, but I couldn;t resist.

          “Day after day, alone on a hill
          The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
          Nobody wants to know him

          They can see that he’s just a fool
          And he never gives an answer,
          The fool on the hill
          Sees the sun going down
          And the eyes in his head
          See the world spinning round” **

          Don’t even get me going about the Beatles. You won’t win

          ** “Fool on the Hill”, Beatles

          • Mondobeyondo

            It’s also a metaphor for modern day America.

      • djc

        The higher the income the more likely one is to attend church.

        • Azrael

          Actually it’s the other way around. On top of that the higher the education the more likely is for that person to declare himself an atheist.
          Now figure for yourself how these two ideas are related.

          • kfilly

            The people who spend more time being indoctrinated, I mean educated, by our fascist government don’t believe in God. I am totally shocked. Have you ever thought that one of the things to bring good communism to the US is to destroy its moral fabric? Free love, the filth on TV and the assault on Christianity are working quite well. Our nations laws were founded in Judeo Christian laws, and when you discredit the religion, you are discrediting the laws (things like the Constitution). Enjoy communism there comrade!

          • Azrael

            I was born and i grew up in a communist country so trust me when i tell you that you know shyte on what real communism is.
            BTW this country has been founded on Enlightenment ideas by people describing themselves as at most deists and who have explicitly rejected the Judeo Christian laws and ideals from their country of origin instead opting to create a progressive country based on progressive ideals.

          • Graham

            Thanks for confirming that an upbringing in a “communist” country leads to a lack of spiritual awareness.

            Makes perfect sense when communist leaders are intent on totally controlling their populations minds.

            They cannot allow such a mind to be “free”, hence no space allowed for spiritually based concepts.

          • Gay Veteran

            odd there is NO mention of god in the constitution.
            as for our laws, based on English and Roman law

          • davidmpark

            Who says that’s a real education?

            If it was, then why are we not flush with wealth anymore? Why is the government making so many mistakes history already proved are wrong? Why are there people who can’t win arguments except to harm others and confuse vocabulary?

            They can claim to be more educated. But their results prove they can’t even run a whelk stall.

          • Azrael

            You’re confusing education with morality, they aren’t related, you know? And yes, they can run it just fine, in their favour, not yours.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Yep, lots of wealthy people in the Southern “Bible Belt”.

      • Imaplaneiac

        Hank, how then do you explain the creation of the Universe; the Galaxy in which we exist; the existence of everything created and living in our World? Did all this just OCCUR NATURALLY or RANDOMLY – by ITSELF?! Have you ANY clue about Physics; the Laws of Physics? How PRECISE and ORDERED all of Creation is? If there any fellow bloggers who are physicists or those who at least know SOMETHING – and are honest – about Physics they too would strongly disaggree with you.

        • Azrael

          Imaplaneiac, how then do you explain the creation of your god? Yes, they all occurred out of random processes.

          • Mryuri

            Excellent answer 🙂

          • davidmpark

            No, it didn’t. The odds are 10 to the power of 39976 to 1 of random processes actually doing what’s happened. There are approximately 10 to
            the power of 80 atoms in this universe. The math proves random process and evolution implausible. Deal with it.

            As to God’s creation, ask Him.

          • Azrael

            Actually the odds are far higher – they are 100% since we are here. BTW this argument has been debunked by statisticians way more qualified than me – a little research would do you good.
            And i can’t ask it because it doesn’t exist.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Sure they did… and a bunch of metal and plastic atoms and compounds came together over millions of years, and evolved into a Chevrolet,.

          • davidmpark

            If it’s a Chevy, that proves evolution can’t do anything right! 🙂

          • Azrael

            Yes, of course, it’s because baby Chevies are born by mama Chevy…
            Wait, something is wrong here….

        • Steve

          As a physicist I agree with Hank. Look up Entropy – the Universe is heading for disorder – it is not “precise and ordered.” Religion is faith based and as such cannot be proved or disproved by logic. So why waste time on it?

          • davidmpark

            No, it isn’t. Only politicized pseudoscience says that. It is precise and ordered or it ceases to be. Get over it.

          • Azrael

            Wait, don’t tell me: you were homeschooled then you followed the BillyBob Bible college, right?

      • dilbert

        Yes religion is made up no doubt. Its men telling other men about their version of SPIRITUALITY. Which is in fact from God. So religion is from man spirituality is from God. There now you see the difference? No because it comes down to the simple fact that YOU DONT WANT TO BELIEVE. call it soul insurance. You have cat house and life insurance insurance why not soul insurance. Oh wait again because you don’t think or believe nor understand you have a soul

      • Peace Angel

        Religion and GOD are two very different things. We have lots of PROOF of GOD (see my other comments here) and lots of PROOF of religion and they are NOT the same thing.

        THE King James Version of the Bible was translated and edited and opined in through many, many reproductions of the KJV version of the Bible and to quote it or believe in it as GOD”S gospel words that came out of his mouth is just displaying a serious need for that religious person to study the HISTORY of the Bible which I did for a decade. It is easy to discern that because languages DO NOT translate verbatim and because lots of MEN in several faiths and countries translated and others then edited and rewrote the Bible prior to the KJV is proof that people are indeed gullible. People are gullible to follow MEN in pulpits who HAD to get doctorate degrees by studying the HISTORY of the Bible who KNOW they are lying to the people. I interviewed MEN of dozens of different religions and they HAD to admit the things I am telling you here. THEY cannot deny there are either 7 or 8 depending on who you believe entire BOOKS of the original BIBLES that are MISSING from the KJV.

        You have PROOF in my other comments if you take the time to inform and educate yourself on the matter.

        • nekksys

          I, too, have read the various Apocrypha (the missing books of the Bible); some even in their original language. I have also read and translated the New Testament from the original Coine’ Greek. Here are a few things I can say for certain:

          1) Without the historical framing as a basis for understanding some portions of the Bible, parts of it make little sense in modeen English.

          2) English is a horrible language to which to translate any document. Our language is devoid of the conceptual words found in so many other languages. To use Greek in a simple example, the English phrase “I love you” can translate to 4 different Greek phrases each of which provides additional context by the concept behind the word used for “love” in each phrase.

          Finally, to invalidate the existence of God simply because men are fallible, controlling, manipulative creatures is the same as refuting the existence of the Okapi because someone told you it was really a Zebra once. Your opinion doesn’t change the Okapi into a Zebra and neither does your position on the existence of God change whether He does or not.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very well said. I hope that everyone will pray for those that are quietly suffering out there even if they don’t know their names or their faces.

      The truth is that most of us have been through tough times in our lives, and everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.


      • Phil from Germany

        Why does every topic here degenerate into a religious arguement ?. There was not one single mention of the word god, allah, or whatever in the article, but all the comments are all about that.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Phil, it’s because – um, this really isn’t the appropriate time or forum to discuss this.

          We are in a war. It is both a physical and spiritual war . And if you don’t believe in a spirit world, you are solely mistaken. The spirit world is more alive and more vibrant than the physical world we all know.

          • Azrael

            Yes, because the spirit world has so much influence on the real world that no one has ever been able to find even the slightest evidence of it.
            Maybe you should work more on changing the real world than praying for an imaginary help from an imaginary spirit world.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Matter of fact, the spirit world DOES have a great deal of influence in our daily physical lives.

          • Azrael

            Show me a single scientifical evidence that it has done that at least once in the entire history of the universe.

          • Graham

            There is plenty of scientific evidence in the public domain. Go and search for it.

            You will understand very little if you remain immersed in left brain dominant thinking. That is the way humans are conditioned to think.

            Research full brain coherence and you will discover subject matter that few seem to know about, let alone how to “experience”.

            No language can properly explain those experiences, hence the reason ancient scriptures and texts are often very difficult to understand what their true meaning is.

            Far more spiritually advanced civilisations existed before “us”. Why would the powers that be not want everybody to be spiritually aware?

            Being religiously aware has nothing whatsoever to do with being spiritually aware. That bit you seem to understand already.

            Remove all religious dogma from the equation and you are left with very powerful human beings who recognise their power and use it wisely.

            Something the “controllers” never want humans to wake up and realise. I refer to conscious awakening, nothing else.

          • Azrael

            No, there isn’t and your whining to the contrary won’t change that fact.
            Sorry, i don’t do metaphysical stuff, that’s not science, that’s religious mumbo-jumbo.

          • Graham

            Whining? Your choice of wording highlights where your ignorance arises from and if you read more of my posts you would have noted that I separate religion from spirituality, of which the latter points to right brain awakening. I assume you possess two hemispheres?

            The latter part of your post is also contradictory because you clearly don’t have much understanding of what scientific research has uncovered, especially in the quantum field or that of DNA.

          • Azrael

            The only difference between spirituality and religion is in the target of the mumbling. Yes, and neither is malfunctioning so no awakening of any kind whatsoever.
            And neither research have discovered even the slightest evidence of a supernatural effect in either of them. Again stop with the whining or at least change it, it gets stale after a while.

          • Graham

            Thanks. You have now proven yourself to be a complete and utter buffoon who suffers from an incredible lack of knowledge.

            I’ve read all your other posts and you clearly suffer from an ego driven inferiority complex, which of course makes you feel superior.

            I could point you to one book in particular that containes over a thousand references to scientific discoveries, but anything beyond your narrow minded scope of knowledge doesn’t exist.

            It is common knowledge in the scientific community that the application of consciousness to an ongoing experiment can have a direct effect on the outcome.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…I could point you to one book….”

            and yet you don’t.
            nuff said

          • Graham

            Disruptance rather than research appeared to be the posters MO, hence I saw no point in mentioning the book I had in mind when I posted.

            “The Source Field Investigations”.

            A very well compiled book that offers a thousand research references, much of which has been kept classified until now.

            Out of all the regulars that come here, you are one that is highly likely to understand the material presented in it, and it’s sequel.

          • Jeffrey

            … AMERICA for instance ; who but GOD almighty threw JESUS CHRIST his son would demand that all men are created equal ! ! ! Human nature would not ; could not believe in such a view ! ! ! Our National Sovereignty that God has withdrawn , was based on His view . . . You want scientifical (christian based) evidence ? Look at yourself in the mirror !

          • Azrael

            There is no such thing as xian based scientifical evidence – that’s an oxymoron.
            And all the rest is just bs – it happened only because some people decided it was worth fighting for it, otherwise they wouldn’t have happened at all to begin with.

          • MacFly1

            Actually, physics proves mathematically that there are at minimum 11 different dimensions. So we don’t know blow.

          • Azrael

            Yet we know enough to understand almost everything that happens in those extra dimensions and surprise, surprise – still no trace of something spiritual in there.

          • gwm

            lmfao and do you have any physical evidence of these dimensions or even something else other than theory? Do you even understand what the word God means? Do some research before you let science control your closed-minded thought process. Btw, if you are so smart with your “science”, explain to me how a monk was able to preserve his own body after death for about 40 years without the use of any preservation methods or materials. Did his body just create it? If so, explain to me why. It all ends at the power of the mind and you can’t even define what the mind is with science, so your FAITH in science should now be broken otherwise you are stubborn.

          • Azrael

            Dumb person, meet nuclear physics; nuclear physics, meet a really dumb person. Hopefully after your meeting you will be less dumb.
            Mummification thru dessication – the egyptians were doing it 5000 years ago, nothing new here.

          • gwm

            Also, I forgot to give you a definition of God…it is what you want it to be. I believe it is everything unknown to us. Furthermore, as you reject religion, you reject their moral values and in this way make the world a very dangerous place in which people kill each other without any remorse or understanding of wrongdoing.

          • Azrael

            So your god is the lack of knowledge? How appropriate.
            As to the moral value of religion:
            Religion is doing what you are told regardless of what is right.
            Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told.

          • NowAlive

            Again, you’re wrong. Too bad for you. You have no basis for morality without a moral law giver. What you feel is “right” my not be the same tomorrow, and that “right” may change again the day afterwards. Why? Because your idea of morality is relative, based on your own belief system, which is again circular since your beliefs have no foundation that is stable to build upon. Your man-made religion is hollow and does not give you any footing to even argue on.

          • Azrael

            Yes, we do have a moral law giver: it’s the society we live in and that’s why it’s always changing. I think it’s better to not have any fixed base on that than having an evil one.

          • Yasha7

            Can you cite those two definitions you just expressed? (That is, from which scientific document came your definitions?) Cuz I sure can’t find those definitions in Webster’s

          • gwm

            Just stop with the faith in science, it won’t get you too far. I was just like you before I realized there is much more to this world than meets the eye. Haha, btw can your understanding of science explain to me the word “clothes”? I don’t think so. Inevitable progress and omnicompetence of science are myths of science that must be broken today.

          • Azrael

            Faith is believing in something you can’t prove – in science everything is provable so no faith involved.
            cloths – pieces of textiles used to cover an object or a person. No science involved here, just a dictionary.
            The only things that gets broken today by science are the last hiding places of your god.

          • Graham

            Haha.. how hilarious!

            That first remark blows all scientific “theory” right out the water. Quite an achievement in itself. Theory isn’t always provable, hence it remains as theory.

            Quantum physics clearly isn’t your strong point. Neither for that matter is electromagnetism and/or its interaction with gravity.

            A properly entrained mind can control its local “space time geometry”. Go and deal with that one buffoon.

            Thousands of scientific papers exist to prove it.

          • Azrael

            You clearly have no idea what you’re talking and you’re just spewing the shyte you read on creationists sites or leaflets. Otherwise you would have known the real meaning of the word theory.
            – A properly entrained mind can control its local “space time geometry”. – wow, just wow!
            You’re not worth my time, you can keep your delusions to yourself.

          • Graham

            Your array of pre conceived ideas about what I know, follow and experience, is valid proof you came “off the road” at a very early stage. Typical “egoic” problem.

            Your ego obviously feels very threatened and highly challenged by knowledge you have no understanding of because it doesn’t fit in with your minds left brain dominant model.

            The worst mistake a fool can make is debating subjects and data they are completely unaware of. That is exactly what you are doing throughout this post.

            Bring something constructive to the party and I will consider what you have to say. As it stands, you typify a paid shill whose sole motive is disruption.

            You have also proven foolish enough to not even bother researching what I have stated, but choose instead to immediately refute what you don’t understand.

            You are the type that is very easy to feed enough rope to until you choke yourself.

          • Azrael

            All this rambling and not a single evidence that what you say exists anywhere else but your brain .
            I’ll leave you alone, your brain has atrophied so much that you’re no longer capable of discerning the real world from your delusions.

          • NowAlive

            Oh really? So the scientific method has been used to show life coming from non-life? Observational science has proven it? Nope. You’re wrong. How about string theory and multiverses? Not proven. Even Stephen Hawking admits that you must insert non-real numbers into the formulae to get the outcomes. In other words, you subscribe to a humanistic faith since your god science is not always provable and in many cases is based on things that we already know don’t exist.

          • Azrael

            Those are called theories because they can be mathematically proved. The fact that you don’t understand the numbers doesn’t make them incorrect or worse, disproven. BTW making an educated guess on the unknown is the first step in the path to knowledge, the next is research, then the formulation of an hypothesis then the work to prove or disprove it. That’s how science works you dimwit.

          • gjkenney .

            Not everything in science is provable, science is a method . . . unless you meant to say science is a structured method of establishing and testing the validity of theories based on observation . . . just saying. Perhaps you were excited; you seem intelligent enough from your posts so far. I really don’t give a rip one way or the other, I just like to work with facts and honesty. I work with scientists and engineers on a daily basis and they tend to stay away from things that defy a cogent theory . . . things like what is life, how does it animate the inanimate . . . these kind of questions fall into the black box located somewhere on their process block diagrams. Life is something that happens that will be consider later. What I see from your posts is you believe in science or the scientific method . . . that is a belief . . . no? The scientific method, when used honestly is extremely powerful. Simply because those that use it, to varying degrees of ability I might add, don’t find evidence of anything spiritual is clearly a result of their inability to establish a theory based on their observation. The life question is a bugger. A group of scientists creating some amino acid slime is not creating life. The closest thing I’ve seen to creating life is Craig Venter’s experiments in creating self-replicating bacteria. The are the real thing . . . that’s science . . . but I have not heard Craig say he understands life but he is the closest to getting there. The reason I am talking about life is, of course, it is the primary reason for considering spirituality. Starting to ramble now so I’ll close. Good luck with the science methodology fixation and the belief it answers everything . . . it only proves the validity of the theory being postulated . . . BTW where does thought come from . . . impress me and toss out a theory you can apply the scientific method to . . . I’m sure there’s an answer but I’m not certain humanity currently has the person capable of throwing down a theory that can be validated . . . that doesn’t mean we don’t think.

          • Graham

            It would appear the ink ran out after about page four of your “book of knowledge”.

          • Azrael

            Unlikely, that book was borrowed from a library – you know, these place that have other books than religious or fantasy ones.

          • NowAlive

            You’re so sure of yourself. The fact that humans are spiritual beings shows spirituality in the 4 common dimensions (space + present time).

          • Azrael

            That only shows we have a functioning brain – ants can do the same.

          • shropster

            Life cannot form with the presence of large, probiotic molecules to get it started.
            The necessary molecules needed for the formation of the large probiotic molecules necessary for life are proteins, proteins are made up of amino acids which include oxygen. For oxygen, photosynthesis is required. Photosynthesis implies life, which can’t form without an ozone layer to prevent the degradation of the large probiotic molecules.
            No oxygen in the atmosphere –> no ozone
            –> UV –> no life possible.

          • Azrael

            Actually this protoformation is the first to have been experimentally proved to be right, over 50 years ago. So the rest of your rambling is not only demonstrably wrong, it’s a sign of a refusal to educate so i won’t even bother to do it.

          • NowAlive

            Let’s see, the first “scientific proof” for God I’ll give is the scientific method itself. Without God, there is no reason that the method (created by Christians, btw) would consistently work. Also, you drastically need to reexamine your protoformation of 50 years ago response. The method used was artificial, in no way created anything that remotely resembles the complexity of the simplest life form, and in no way resembles any part of the Earth’s atmospheric history besides. It was a non-life-forming experiment that really produced no advancement in scientific knowledge. You can buy a simple chemistry set and basically perform the same experiment and not produce anything remotely close to life Shoot, cooking a steak on the grill will change pre-existing protein structures. In other words, you need to do better than that.

          • Azrael

            Wrong – the scientific method is based on logic, which is nothing more than a brain process: no god here. And yes, it was a correctly designed experiment and it did demonstrated how the original building blocks of life (and not life itself, that took another half a billion years of random chemical reactions) have appeared – again, no god here.
            Yes, i need to do better than waste my time with persons that consciously refuse to get the education they desperately need.

          • Rob W

            Um… deep sea vents?

          • Peace

            Here is your PROOF

            Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeons’ Journey into the Afterlife

            By many time NY TImes BEST SELLER listed Neurosurgeon Dr. Evan Alexander

            Governments have raised a world of NON believer’s through the preaching of evolutions which was debunked by it’s “theorist” by HIM before he died. See his movie where there is far more PROOF.

            THEN check out the hundreds of books (usually compilations) of stories related by children about Past Lifetimes and Heaven.

            “Embraced by the Light” has been off and on the NYT best seller list for two decades, written by an American Indian mom who died and went to Heaven and came back and gave the world the smallest ever book detailing EVERYTHING in Heaven in colorful, dancing, musical detail.

            As an agnostic in the 1970’s and after going through the windshield of a small truck I had a NDE and found hundreds of books detailing EXACTLY the same things I saw, experienced and heard.

            I did NOT want to come back to earth for a future with people who were programmed in school to think like you OR to NOT think at all, but always be lead around by the nose, but it was NOT my time. I had NOT planned to die that day when I planned this lifetime so I had to return.

            I think about Heaven every moment of every hour in

            every thought in my day. Recently some neurosurgeons proved we have over 70,000 thoughts in every single day.

            My thoughts since the NDE always are based on a very solid foundation that’


            This is why I was given a trip to Heaven so I could KNOW what only those know who are children or who are lucky enough to die and come back to life.

            Also a great read for you would be another compilation “To Hell and Back” about the exact same stories from people who were shown the place that murderers and rapists and child molesters and serial monsters have to BEGIN to BEGIN their process of reincarnation.

            The most evil will then reincarnate into India or Africa or where ever the sun shines every day and the heat kills people and tummies of babies are distended and the babies are daily dying from starvation or AIDS and where flies eat at their faces for 4-6 years and then both parents die from AIDS or starvation and the young kids are left to live on the streets. THIS has gone on for many decades in many places around the world. AND if under those circumstances a person were able to grow old LOVING every single human they encounter then THEY can remain in the PROMISED LAND.

            You have a long way to go. You should begin reading and learning and begin to wake up before you are living in a fema concentration camps with NO FAITH or foundation aside from evolution.


            GOD BE WITH YOU

          • Azrael

            AKA, a delusion created by a dying brain. Funny enough afterlife delusions are had only by those that believe in an afterlife – you never hear of them from followers of any other religion but the xian one.
            And this is why religious belief is always lacking any evidence – you can’t prove it. And this is why religious belief is just another form of brain malfunction, just another mental disease.

        • DannoDISQ

          A fool says in his heart there is no God.

          • MacFly1


          • Graham

            No product of nature can deny the “field of creative intelligence” exists.

            If a human does, their “ego” has disconnected them from “source” intelligence, which is not of the intellectual variety.

            How much do you observe going on around you that is based upon and derived from the “egoic state of consciousness”?

            The term “waking up” is directly connected to consciousness, nothing else… in the true meaning of the term. Many repeat it because it is fashionable, especially in the alternate media. That is the ego at work.

            Whilst consciousness can become aware of the ego, the ego can never become aware of consciousness.

            The ego is an illusion of the mind. Reality only begins where illusion ends. Grasp this and a door will open in your mind/heart.

            Some call it God consciousness, yet fail to explain what it is or how to guarantee access to it. Note that access is not attained through any of the five senses.

            Try the pineal gland, but most will have to decalcify it first, watch what they eat, drink and breathe thereafter and stay clear of high output microwave energy (Cell and Wi-Fi based networks).

            Now you know why most remain “asleep”. It is a battle that humans are being stopped from winning, by design. Our DNA is constantly being altered in a very negative manner.

            The DNA is reprogrammable and proper meditation is the key. Until the history books were purposely rewritten, the word meditation featured strongly. It has been replaced with “prayer”.

            Fundamental difference, by design. Prayer will work if carried out in the true meaning of the word. That meaning has been denied to society at large through religious dogma.

          • Peace Angel

            EXACTLY—read my previous comment. I grew up around animals and watch a lot of animal programs on TV for four decades. Animals are PROOF of LIFE and GOD. THEIR Instincts are their PROOF.

            I did not have to die and go to Heaven to KNOW someone or something HAD to have given animals instincts and incredible ability to FEEL all the senses we feel and sometimes in the same way we feel them even psychologically in the case of dogs, cats, horses, dolphins and whales.

          • Graham

            I have seen many instances of what you are talking about, which proves “everything” is connected to the exact same source energy.

            If you practice meditation (correctly), you will realise that consciousness is the gateway to what religion “once” knew about.

            Humans today are essentially “dead” and remain under the total control of the matrix. You can only “know” when you enter the fourth state and beyond.

          • mayberry rfd

            Gee, which one of the thousands of God’s people believe in, are you referring to?

          • NowAlive

            The only one not made up by man, the One True God, Yahweh.

        • Rob W

          I appreciate the economic data given on this site, and once in a while Mike comes up with a news story I haven’t seen, but yeah, this site is for christians. Not all of us here in the US are superstitious…

        • scotpatriot

          It’s called FAITH Phil not degenerate

      • dan

        the truth is offense to the most . A love story http://www. for you to read 🙂

    • 2Gary2

      Maybe if you listen to the Blondie Rapture song over and over you will get raptured right now. ha ha ha

      • Mondobeyondo

        Don’t know about that… but I do know if you put your faith in Judas Priest, you’ve got Another Thing Coming.

      • golddust34

        Just another fool with nothing intelligent to say

        • 2Gary2

          If you have nothing to say then refrain from calling yourself a fool and be quiet then. Nothing like advertising your own stupidity.

          • Guest

            Uh, they were replying to you. That’s why their comment is indented.

          • 2Gary2

            so you say their head is indented? I guess that explains the simple mindedness of conservatives.

          • davidmpark

            Yes, projecting your own wrongs on someone you hate, then demanding your opponent be silent so you win. How very weak and Alinsky. Typical.

            Seriously, Gary; therapy and medication would do you wonders.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Absolutely. The lid is about to blow off the pressure cooker.

    • Azrael

      Prayer, it allows people to do nothing and then blame the devil and the enemy.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Which is exactly where the blame should be placed. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing about it.

        • Azrael

          2 Kings 6:33 …Behold, this evil is of the LORD;
          Yes, praying to the one that created that evil and sent it specifically towards you will work so well.

      • davidmpark

        For a science-minded person, you sure didn’t do your research before posting this. Prayer doesn’t work that way. Get educated – making assumptions and derisions is not a valid argument.

        • Azrael

          So what else is prayer? A self administered pep-talk? A plea of help to the walls?

    • Mryuri

      Oh pleeze, praying? To whom, a God? The man sitting on a cloud watching us? Do you also believe in Santa Claus? Praying is just an excuse for doing nothing constructive about the situation.

    • nekksys

      Kim, you are always spot on, direct and gentle with you posts. Thanks!

    • Voice of Truth

      WOW! Misinterpertations of the bible and god….. God (YHWY) is not the god of religion, but god of the bible. These are two different entities… God of the bible loves us and warns of the coming destruction. God of religion tells us everything is going to be ok and hippocrites are accectable…. I was an Athiest of the highest degree until Jesus started giving me dreams of the coming destruction of AMERICA…… Oh yes I believe him and love him now; there is no recovery. Only those who are willing to take on the heart of god and love Jesus in truth (truth of the bible not religion) are going to make it…..If you also hate religion you are on the right tract to finding Jesus, who taught of love and compassion for others (not blind accecptance). Not all of those who claim Jesus are called by his name…………..

    • DannoDISQ

      The politicians like O and Hilldog will reap the whirlwind when they pass on to the other side. I hope most of Congress and SCOTUS is right there with them.

    • Joe D

      i think god has his hands full in Central Africa…probably going to be a while before he gets to the people driving Maximas, talking on their cell phones and watching flat screens waiting for a gov’t check…just sayin…

    • Sev

      This happened in Germany back in the 20’s. Things were so bad there that people died of exposure and/or hunger just waiting for beds at hostels. Not only homeless hostels were bursting with humanity but alleyways too.

    • Lexxs

      Yes, Daniel 2:44 will then be realised

  • K

    Michael, does this not fit in, with just where we both think things are going? So instead of wishing you a happy New Year. I will say may, the New Year find you ready for what is coming. And may the Lord bless you with the wisdom you will need.

    • Hank Kingsley

      Your fantasy friend, made up by the elites.

      • Mondobeyondo

        NOT a fantasy. God is very, very real.
        Psalm 14:1

        • Azrael

          When one person is delusional it is called insanity. When millions are delusional it is called religion. Robert M. Pirsig

      • K

        God is not a fantasy. He has been there for me, more times then I can count. The elites control the same way they always have. Money, either by supplying it to you in large amounts, if you do their bidding. Or by trying to take it from you if you refuse. Over 2000 years ago, the elites of that time, payed 30 pieces of silver for Jesus.There methods have not changed much

        • Azrael

          Are you sure it was this god and not the older one? What evidence do you have to support your opinion?
          BTW, 30 pieces of silver for a god? Kinda cheap don’t you think? Was your god made in China and sold in bulk at Walmart?

          • K

            Azrael, translates to helper of God. Or is it his role as the angel of death you crave. You have spent much time raging against something you say does not exist. Such hate is self destructive. May you turn from it and find the Truth.

          • Azrael

            Neither, it’s the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels Chapter and has the title of Keeper of the Truth. He slays demons, like the one you whoreship, and hunts the Fallen, like yourself, as you could have seen with your own eyes by looking at my avatar picture. And i wouldn’t have to spend my time blasting apart your worthless beliefs if you would keep your childish stupidity to yourself.
            BTW, i know the truth – there are no gods, let alone yours.

          • K

            You do not own this blog, a Christian does. Therefore you are not an arbitrator, of my free speech, nor of anyone else free speech. You waste your time if you think you will change anyone’s beliefs on this board. Like a barking jackal, you are loud, but you intimidate no one.,

          • davidmpark


          • Azrael

            Who said something of your freedom of speech? You have every right to make a fool of yourself. I’m here just to bring some rationality in a sea of lunacy. And yes, i know i won’t change anyone, you can’t fix crazy.

          • davidmpark

            Azrael is an antagonist in the Batman comics.

          • Azrael

            Never knew that, i never looked at comics – they always sounded childishly exaggerated when i was younger and like political preaching when i was older.

          • davidmpark

            You sure you’re on the right site? This is a Christian prepper webstie, mate. We believe in the grace and providence of Jesus Christ and the Atonement He provided. You don’t like it, then take it up with Jesus Christ: His Church, His Gospel, His commandments.

          • Azrael

            It would be hard to take it with something that doesn’t exists or a bunch of insane asylum escapees. But the site do provides valuable information, you just have to filter out the doomsday bs.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh, where does it say this is a Christian prepper website?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for those kind words.

      And I want to wish you and all of the other regular commenters a great 2014. May it be the greatest year that all of you have ever experienced so far.


  • xander cross

    Happy new year. Stock on what you can and as always, have a back up plan. Remember, being prepped keeps you on your toes.

  • gwen cat

    The world has become heartless and vile and there is no longer any hope for it. People have become stupid and apathetic. All they care about is looking better than the next guy. We are on a slippery slope into a very hellish existence and we only have ourselves to blame. No empathy towards each other. Only psychopathic mentality and that is an ingredient for disaster and ruin.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      The love of most is growing cold, eh?


  • davidmpark

    Quietly suffering over here. Can’t go riot – have responsibilities.

    There’s a lot of anger and iniquity out there. The only peace we’ll have is through Jesus Christ, obedience to His commandments, and strong testimonies. After that, then there’ll be more financial stability.

    Preparing now to take more family into our home. I’m expecting they’ll probably have us watch their kids long-term while they work or look for work. Believe it or not; we have the most financial stability and the only one’s that prepared. Each of the kids sleep on a home built bunk bed with a spare mattress, three hide-a-way beds, and a fold-out couch bed. Plenty of food (especially when the city allows small livestock again), medical supplies, and good schools. We’ll all have to do what we can.

    Also asked a lot of my contacts about polls: neither they nor anyone they know of has ever had Gallup, Dan Jones, CNN, or any other place ever call them up to answer a poll. I think most polls are faked.

    And that video about local news all covering the same thing just clinches it: the media has moved into just propaganda.

    • Tom from Canada

      They don’t teach spirituality in school. I have friends who work in one of the biggest school boards in Canada. Instead you have a bunch of incompetent teachers who force distasteful subject matter to the students the school board is behind the degradation of society.

    • Hank Kingsley

      Religion was made up by the
      elites to keep people down. If they gullibly believed in a ‘share’ in
      the ‘next life’ they could be counted on not to ask for such a share in
      the current life.

      Religion is the ultimate scam, a control tool of the rich and the
      elites to control the masses, and it looks like an extremely good one.

      You apparently
      fell for it hook line and sinker, just the way the elites and the rich
      like it. All those commandments, all made up by the elites… don’t envy your neighbour ie do not ask a rich person to share with you, convenient huh?

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


        God is very, very real.

        It is my hope that you find Him. I have no idea how you are going to get through the years that are coming without Him.


      • davidmpark

        Try researching before posting. 🙂

      • TR

        When someone speaks of their god,ask them which of the ~2870 gods they worship and if theirs is the only god.I’m sure they know the truth.

        • davidmpark

          No joke – this really happened.

          I worked with a line cook decades ago who came up with his own religion with some buddies while drunk. They called it “Alientestical” (say it fast); the founding principle being that they believed the world is a giant salad bar and soon the chosen will be picked and eaten by aliens while the rest get to rot on earth. Seriously, this is no joke.

          He and his mates actually tried to file for religious tax status (according to him), and also got time off work during nationally observed holidays and anytime their favorite bands were in town – I got to work many extra shift due to “dress ceremonies”; when they poured salad dressing on their bare bodies while drunk.

          God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost already proved themselves to me personally. I won’t say how – that’s between us. If you have doubts, ask them in the name of Jesus Christ while addressing Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost will testify to you the truthfulness of it.

          Man can make up all the religions they want. I wanted proof and I got it!

          Come on; you never really know until you try!

          • Mondobeyondo

            That – is creepy.

          • davidmpark

            It really happened… 😛

          • nekksys

            Are they like the Pastafarians? Not the Rastas… I know about them. I mean the Pastafarians who worship the flying Spaghetti Monster…

    • Tim

      “I think most polls are faked.”

      You may be right about that, David.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Wasn’t that a great video?

      Very funny, but also make a very deep point.


      • Mondobeyondo

        I’d have loved to have been that scriptwriter!!

      • Mondobeyondo

        The blonde lady in the blue suit is the best!

      • davidmpark

        There were so many different news agencies reporting on the same story, using pretty much the exact same script!

        Local news is a joke! National news is propaganda!

  • Rodster

    If you are angry when you read this as you should then please thank your central planner, central banker and progressive for the world we now live in.

    As world history says, it will only get worse until it all collapses.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      It is true. And the actions of the Fed have actually made the gap between the ultra-wealthy and the poor far greater over the past five years.


    • Mondobeyondo

      Central planner, central banker, central money… central global government

  • Anthony J. Alfidi

    Some of the people forced off the unemployment benefits line will end up on Social Security’s SSI. The rest, like the article says, will really be hurting. Prayer won’t be enough. The US needs tax reform and entitlement reform before it’s too late to make the Simpson-Bowles reform plan work.

    • Azrael

      You are correct, but it won’t happen. Greed and lust for power will be stronger than lucidity and we will continue on this path towards the bitter end.

  • Chris

    This is a last ditch effort for the government to manipulate the unemployment rate. Less people collecting means a lower unemployment rate. Then Obama can come out and say how strong the economy is. Pure smoke and mirrors. And they can also say that taper didn’t derail the economy. When it’s serious, you have no other choice but to lie.

  • Tom from Canada

    Know a few mates who are in teaching jobs at the Toronto school board. Two of my mates graduated from teachers college a while back, and they are losing contracts for their teaching jobs. You got that right new teachers are more likely to work in contract and not even college is a guarantee for a full time job.
    The distrust of the proletariat class in any job sector is increasing. One of my mates said how some female teachers were in sordid affairs with her students, but those teachers were dealt with lightly. Same goes for dirty politicians who steal monies as Senators.

    I don’t blame the youngsters for being all hissy-fit, but if these youngsters strived for justice and confronting the problem, imagine how better the world may be but as long you have worthless teachers, the lamestream media and corruption the proletariat class will continue to abuse the working and poorer class.


    • Chris

      Hey Tom,
      Same thing here in Montreal. Teachers only work on contractual basis. I don’t know how competent your two mates are, but the three friends I have working as teachers are completely incompetent. They have no idea about what is happening in the world. Nada. Zero. They just regurgitate what the Education Department has written down on paper. If these are the best minds we can find teaching our youngsters, then I weep for the future. And the people warming the chairs on the school board, well let’s just I wouldn’t let them run a lemonade stand.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Good to see so many Canadians joining the discussion. 🙂


  • pryman

    Sir, you say people are supporting the very same ones who got us in this mess, like Obama, Clinton, etc… My, don’t we have a short memory. I’m not here to praise Obama, but he definitely didn’t get us in this mess. He may not be doing all that much for us now, but it was George Bush and the republicans, along with the people before them who got us in this mess. Obama temporarily rescued this country from them, while they ran for dear cover, and to this day still haven’t come up with a plan, other then blame Obama. Give me a break.

    • Tom from Canada

      No matter who you vote for in USA, Canada or any democracy……………..the politicians are all puppets.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        That is very true.


    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      Certainly Obama is not responsible for the decades of incredibly bad decisions that preceded him, but he definitely has made things even worse while he has been in the White House.


      • garand555

        He inherited his own bad economy after winning the 2012 elections. Our economy needs to be totally restructured, but instead we get more of the status quo from the liar in the White House.

    • Gay Veteran

      get a clue, Bush and Obama are two sides of the same coin. they serve their bankster masters

  • Ralfine

    thats good isnt it? finally the government is doing something to reduce government spending. and since we all know that the unemployed and poor caused this crisis, by not buying enough goods, they should be punished.

    • gwen cat

      Wake up…It was the 1% (bankers & corporations) that got us into this mess.

      • Ralfine

        how can 1% rule 99%, if the 99% could vote them out of government?

        no, that cant be true.

        • gwen cat

          Since when have our votes ever counted?

          • Ralfine

            Well, who is creating the wealth then?

            What if you went on strike?

  • justfedup52

    This is the beginning of the end…So geared up and be ready…

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Your comment reminds me of the title of a particular book that I have heard about somewhere.

      If only I could remember the title…


  • 2Gary2

    If Republican Led ‘Real America’ Was a Country It Would Be the 3rd Poorest on Earth.

    Welcome to tea bagistan– when will you low information conservatives get a clue and realize that your way is a failure? How many times do you need to touch the red hot burner and burn yourself before you figure out that it is hot?

    It is difficult for reasonable Americans to comprehend why people living
    in the Southern United States vote for Republicans when their policies
    have transformed the former Confederacy into a poverty-ridden region
    including the 14 states with the highest child poverty rates in the
    nation, and in many cases highest in the world. The South also has the
    distinction of having the lowest graduation rates in the nation because
    conservatives have convinced ignorant Southerners that higher education
    is the purview of snobbish Democrats who will turn good Christian
    children into dirty fascist liberals, so why graduate from high school.
    It is likely why Southerners elect Republicans who promise to transfer
    taxpayer-funded public school money to private religious schools to
    teach the next generation that destroying the environment is of no
    consequence because Jesus is returning to “rapture” the faithful to
    heaven and leave sinners behind to suffer a polluted environment during
    the War of Armageddon.

    living in the Southern states have the lowest wages, least access to
    healthcare, highest mortality rate, highest child poverty rate, lowest
    graduation rate, and least amount of protections for their residents.
    But they have no-one but themselves to blame because they elect
    Republicans out of fear, ignorance, and in some distortion of reality; a
    sense of pride that they are the real Americans living in real America.

    Hey all you Hosses? WTF???

    Do you really have the IQ of a carrot stick? Really?

    • garand555

      Allow me to retort with one word: Detroit

      • 2Gary2

        I am looking at the aggregate-there are always examples of poor Democrat leadership but by and large the red states are what I am referring to. You are correct about Detroit but look at the big picture.

        • garand555

          I do look at the big picture. Republicans and Democrats are both bought off by the same lobbyists and Obama is not so very different from Bush where it counts: policy.

          • 2Gary2

            true to a large extent, however, I am looking at state level politicians as they seem to do the most damage. Look at how Walker has messed up WI where I live. (we just dropped to 39th in job creation, clearly proving walker and his conservative agenda (give the rich more tax cuts) is a big fail) Do not take my word for it Google the stats on your own. Same for the basket case Southern states.

          • jn


        • jn

          in the aggregate, libs are excrement and drink piss. democrat states are failing miserably

      • kfilly

        The following are all shiny examples of liberal policies bankrupting themselves:
        New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, California, and Illinois. I am sure I missed a few.

        I fixed that for you.

      • DiscouragedOne

        A lot of our jobs are gone because free trade is not fair, not just because of automation, and BOTH parties are equally responsible for that.

    • gwen cat

      It is not just Republicans. Democrats are just as bad. Both parties only care about the bankers and corporations.

    • garyisa pieceofshit

      sure, fembot, sure. people are leaving the liberal pos east and moving to the South. LMAO, you are such a clueless piece of excrement.

    • Robert (qslv)

      2Gary2 is a Stalinist troll ……….and a prime example of why socialism (sociopathy) is a mental disorder.

      • jn


  • Rupert

    What will PajamaBoy and the millions of adult children like him do when the SHTF?

    • Azrael

      Die cowering in a hole somewhere. The sad part is that they won’t die fast enough.

  • Rastus

    Extended unemployment benefits are federal WELFARE. Too many people for far too long have been sopping up this gravy, all the while sitting idle. End the bread and circus’s and get on with reality. When the magnitude of our economic plight is realized by the whole populace, only then is it possible to start the correction process.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Before they can be ended, something has to be done to increase available jobs…the jobs are just not there.

      They should have to prove that they really are looking, but if they can’t find a job, they can’t find a job.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The frustration of our materially obsessed, cellphone toting society is about to reach critical mass. You won’t hear about it on the evening news for the most part. They are content to play the “happy happy, joy joy” line .Stock market’s rising! Unemployment is falling. Why do they say such things? It’s to suppress the truth about what’s really happening out there.* They know all is not well in “Wonderland”.

    * – my personal opinion

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Good to hear from you Mondo! May 2014 be the year when things really start turning around for you.


      • Mondobeyondo

        Thank you Michael.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    By the way, if you would like to friend me on Facebook, you can find me here…


  • Mondobeyondo

    Happy New Year everyone!

    In spite of everything that’s happening, it is still possible to make 2014 a happy one. Know who truly holds the future. (No, it’s not Miley Cyrus. She’s down to her last 3 minutes of her 15 minutes of fame.)

  • Sandbagger

    Praying for Laura Walker and her son.

    As for the millions of unemployed who are willing-and-able to work, prayer and then action are the only options.

    God does answer prayer. Perhaps it’s not the answer one hopes for, but it’s for the best if one is called by his name.

    I wake up in the early hours of the morning and just pray that this is not the end. I just pray that the evil forces that are trying to destroy families and the earnings of individuals will not prevail.

    Earlier today as my son (7) and I were going through the grocery store to buy necessities and a few luxuries for the New Year’s Eve celebration (Gino’s Pizza Rolls), he said to me, “Mom, you just have to snuggle in to the new prices. Just tell yourself that this is the new price.”

    I love that little guy. He offers to pay for things out of his $2 a week he earns making his bed, taking out the trash, feeding the animals and doing his homework.

    I know he is rich. Rich in character, and intelligence. I tell him that someday he needs to invent something to make energy free for everyone.

    He assures me he will.

    America is producing children who will come out of this excelling beyond anything their parents ever dreamed. I just know it.

    Don’t give up on the young. They will GET IT…when the timing is right.

    • davidmpark

      Love the optimism!

      • Sandbagger

        Thank you. It’s my New Year’s resolution to be more optimistic. Not stupidly so, of course!

  • Sandbagger

    To pass on a story my husband told me:

    He was at a gas/grocery store getting gas the other day. When he was inside paying for his gas, the lady in charge went over to the hamburgers, etc. and started to throw them into the trash.

    He asked her what she was doing. She said the food had surpassed it’s sale time and had to be tossed. My husband said, “So just a minute ago you would have sold me that hamburger, but now it’s in the trash because it’s no longer safe for sale?”

    She sort of dithered around, but in the end said yes.

    Food that is perfectly fine one minute is being thrown in the trash (sometimes even locked up!) the next minute. HOW many are starving and would gladly eat a hamburger a minute past it’s sale time? How about a day or more past?

    Lawyers are to blame for this. The employee didn’t express this, but her employer certainly would have. By law, prepared food (and canned food) past an expired time/date must not be for sale.

    This is wrong. Where are the lawyers to fight this? Any with integrity?

    • tom

      There are lawyers that would sue the business if someone got sick eating the food ( related to the food or not). It’s because of our litigious society that businesses throw out food.
      I agree with you. Food does not spoil immediately after the date of expiration passes. Too much is wasted

      • Sandbagger

        Right you are, tom. The litigious have ruined a lot of this country for honest people.

        Seriously, out of the tons of food thrown out by businesses in a single day, just how much of it would actually make someone sick? 1%? Less? Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

        If a law were passed that businesses could give expired food to those who want it, with impunity, I know many hungry would be willing to take the chance it won’t make them sick.

        No, I don’t think the real reason is the threat of making someone sick. I really think it’s profit-driven. The businesses know that a percentage of people who now pay for the hours-old hamburger will wait around for them to be free. Not good for the bottom line, right?

        Time for lunch. We’re eating canned stew that expired in October 2011. No bulging can, so it’s good. Maybe lost some nutritional value (if it had much to begin with!)

        Happy New Year, tom.

  • P.F.

    What we’re seeing is the break down of families that contribute to these ‘flash mobs’ of young teens who thirst for violence and crime. What we’re also seeing is the complete destruction of Biblical Principal that should govern the hearts of man–instead, we are living in land that covets sin over GOD now. What we’re seeing will become far worse. I will warn all that what we’re seeing is a ‘cake walk’ compared to the chaos that will occur when the food and water runs out, when people can’t keep warm and get medical help–dangerous, deadly mobs will form. You better ask yourself this right now: How prepared are you and your family? If you think your city won’t be affected or that your some how immune, you need to have a very serious reevaluation of reality. Flash mobs of hundreds of angry teens, roving gangs, thieves, looters, criminals, etc…everyone gets hungry and the deadly will kill and steal. You’re seeing the ice melting on the fabric of a country that’s about to fold in and explode on itself. This country has denied GOD and GOD has given this country over to the sin it serves. Woe to this corrupt country for GOD will JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY!

  • golddust34

    Been reading “The Harbinger”. You may have heard people putting down this book, but don’t let that keep you from reading it. You will be amazed.

  • ItIsWell

    I’m hoping 2014 will go by without a national economic disaster. I need at least another yr to prepare. Even though we cut back and don’t have cable or high speed internet its still hard to buy those much needed preps. I’m hoping 2014 is the year to prep but my gut tells me this coming year is going to be terrible.

    • garand555

      You’ll never be truly ready for TEOTWAKI. And the wheels could come off the bus next month, or we could suffer through this bottom bouncing zombie economy for several more years. Me personally, I’d hope it lasts at least until I start getting some produce from my garden this spring/summer, but I do want to get it over with. I suspect that if a crisis hits us, even those who foresaw such a crisis will be faced with situations that we never considered, and we will have to adapt or suffer.

      • davidmpark

        Absolutely! One can plan for 10,000 things, but it’s number 10,001 that gets ’em.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Am I scared of the future? No, I’ve gone past scared. I’m terrified of the immediate future. I can sense what’s coming, and it is not pretty.

    BUT – there is a power greater than any other power, that really holds the winning hand in His favor. And that is what gets me through every day. It’s going to turn out alright.

    Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

  • Jimbo

    We have regular riots here in Australia. There was one down the road from me last weekend.
    I live in a relatively affluent suburb near the beach and the riots are always about the same thing. Bored kids go to a house party, drink too much, the police come to close it down and they spill out onto the streets and riot.

    Last week there were 300 teens involved. They threw bottles at police, with 2 officers injured.
    These are not poor kids. They are spoiled brats who have grown up in a society that offers instant gratification and they don’t like it when they don’t get their own way.

    Another recent things is the blowing up of ATM machines in the early hours of the morning. They use barbeque gas bottles to fill the ATM with gas and then blow it up along with a few businesses either side. They grab a few handfuls of cash and then head off on motorbikes. There have been six such attacks in the last month.
    The last gang they caught doing this about a year ago, were not organized criminals or drug addicts. They were middle class kids looking for easy money.

    When I was growing up, I had respect for my elders and the law. I got into a bit of trouble now and again, but never violence. If I got in trouble, my father would take the belt to me and that would be that.

    A lot of kids today know nothing of real work, of saving to buy needs rather than borrowing to indulge wants. They want it all now and if they don’t get it then they kick up a storm.

    Put these brats into an economic crisis situation and they will deal with as they always have. They will just take what they want, when they want it.

  • Douglas M. Green

    Cut regulations and taxes on businesses, and unemployment benefits so companies want to hire and people want to work.

    • k

      Cutting taxes on business i agree. But dont starve the people who dont have jobs.

  • Mondobeyondo

    God does not play games, and He will not be mocked. (Galatians 6:7) We have rejected God, thrown Him out of our schools and governments, and expect Him to still bless America. How hypocritical.

    If you are not in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (who IS God the Son), I pray that you do so, and soon. Time is running short. Please don’t spend your existence in the Eternal Inferno.

    • Richard

      So what is she going to do?
      Well, at this point she appears to be down to just one option…
      “I just don’t know what to do, except pray.”

      I just cannot fathom the stupidity of the comment above. It is beyond my understanding. It is beyond crazy.

      Who, exactly, is this poor woman supposed to “pray” to? Are we talking about the same “God” THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Why on earth should he “bless America”? What if some Americans “believe” in him and other Americans don’t. Is “He” supposed to pick and choose between which Americans “have a personal relationship with him” and which ones don’t? The unmitigated gibberish defies reason.

      To the uninitiated, I beg you: give up on this “God” nonsense and concentrate on doing what you can to improve your personal situations. Sorry but God is NOT going to help out… and it seems the federal government isn’t going to either.

      You’re on your own, people. It’s an unplsant relaity but it is one you must embrace with both hands. If there is ONE PERSON who sees the light of what I have had to say here, I feel I will have succeeded.

      Thank you.

      • Mondobeyondo

        The lady in the article should pray to God. Her faith is being tested. Everyone’s faith gets tested at one point or another. And God did NOT cause the problem in the first place.

        Without getting into a huge religious discussion, I must respectually say your opinion is wrong.

        • Azrael

          Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
          Uhhh… yea, it did caused all of that. What a jerk!

          • davidmpark

            You’ve taken scripture out of context.

          • Azrael

            Ah, context, the usual excuse. OK here’s more
            2 Kings 6:33 …Behold, this evil is of the LORD;
            2 Kings 21:12 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Behold, I am bringing such evil upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whosoever heareth of it, both his ears shall tingle.
            No need for context here, pretty much explanatory by themselves, don’t you agree?

    • Azrael

      Well, i’m mocking it right now. What does that tell you? To me it tells me that your god is either a wimp that’s too afraid to come out when challenged or it doesn’t exist.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    If you think that the Great Depression of the 1930s was a nightmare, just wait. When this Ponzi scheme collapses (and inevitably, it will), The Banana Republic of America will experience absolute hell. The neo-poor, the hungry and the desperate will react violently, and the ultra-militarized police state won’t think twice about slaughtering Americans in the streets or in the FEMA camps.

    “The harmless activist is now the criminal, while the actual criminals—banksters—run
    free.”—Abby Martin

    “The dollar is not worth counterfeiting. It is being extinguished by the money-printing operation of the Federal Reserve.” —Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    “This is unprecedented in world history where so many major countries are printing all this paper money backed by nothing. This Ponzi scheme is going to have to end at some point.”—Gerald Celente

    Yes, the Ponzi scheme will have to end, and when it does, get ready for a bloodbath.

  • Bosnian Serb

    I can’t believe I am writing this but majority of Bosnian citizens are better off than average American-at least 90% have really nice homes (concrete block, paid off), not so nice but paid off car,enough food, clothes, enough wood to heat homes, traditional family where people help one another. And all they do is complain. For example, my friend’s father is not working for last 15 years and does not receive any benefits. All he does is playing guitar. And he is not homeless and hungry. But over there the use of credit cards is rare, mortgage debt is rare, heath care if very very affordable, taxes on properties virtually %0.02, They just could not believe that I plan to get 30 year mortgage and that majority of people in America in fact go in 30 debt to pay off their house. On negative side the law is very weak over there. Salaries are joke too and many things we import from China they must pay for 3x.

  • Graham

    2014 here we come…

    The well informed will know that the best solution is to refrain from “any kind of reaction”. The authorities have been building up very slowly towards a “break point” so they can attain the next stage of their plan.

    They are deliberately creating havoc so the majority will “yell out” for order to be restored. Out of chaos, comes order. Problem, reaction, solution. That’s the plan. DO NOT go along with it. Have your own plan.. for survival.

    Very few seem to understand exactly what lies in store, let alone the reasons why. When things get “dreadfully” bad, highly organised State “groups” will undoubtedly act in unison to defeat the tyranny. The planning is apparently well underway.

    Many lives are likely to be lost at this juncture, but there is no other way forward. Disarming Americans is a top priority. DO NOT let it happen! Aspects of the military will be with the people!

    There are also rumours flying about all over the place of planned “false flag” events, some of which will be made to look like major natural disasters. Remain vigilant at all times.

    If you are near the New Madrid fault, be ready to move out at a moments notice. If you are on the West coast, stay out the sea and do not eat seafood unless it knowingly came from the Indian or Atlantic ocean. The safest State may be “around” Colorado.

    Fukushima Reactor 3 is “smoking” again! This would indicate a new reaction is ongoing, probably with the fuel rods. Question. Why have so many wealthy and elite moved from the West coast?

  • Alasha

    what is the name of the man in the picture and what is the connection between the story and the picture? Duh 2 me…. Sorry I don’t know.

  • Rene Girrard

    Thanks Michael. I get so frustrated with the MSM, and that includes Fox News. All the media is a bunch of 6-figure and 7-figure elitist living in their elitist world and associating with their elitist friends and saying what their elitist bosses want them to say. They are absolutely clueless about what is happening to the 32K/year electronic technician or the 40K/year medical X-ray technician. Many have lost their jobs or are forced to work $8/hour jobs. But the TV media is clueless and conservative talk radio is almost as clueless–but not quite as much.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Back in the old days, when the United States possessed the most-productive and dynamic economy on earth, the long-term unemployed were few in number, and when their benefits ran out, they could be set loose into the economy with a reasonable expectation of finding a job that paid a living wage.

    One will still hear certain people for calling for simply cutting the unemployed loose like it was still 1965, but it isn’t 1965; all of those great jobs we once had in our economy have been shipped to places like China. In today’s America, unemployment benefits are really a form of government insurance against riots and civil unrest. There’s no safety net left and thanks to the Fed’s relentless printing of dollars, each dollar in a hard-pressed person’s hand is worth less every day.

  • Mondobeyondo

    How to get through the inevitable hard times that are coming:

    First of all, it is extremely, incredibly difficult to get through it on your own, Believe me, I know. You BETTER have something to hold on to. or you will not get through it. You’ll go crazy if you don’t. Place your faith in God. Place your faith in men, and you will inevitably be disappointed. You will NOT make it otherwise. If you possibly can, get or develop a support system. Neighbors, friends, anyone who can help you out. Yes, even your mother in law.

    Second – be self sufficient, as much as possible.

    Third – the potato is your best cuisinary friend. Use it to your advantage. Potatoes are relatively cheap, and you can do lots with them. Potato salad, mashed potatoes, hash browns, potato soup…

    Fourth – pray.

  • Diashawn

    We’re blind. We don’t push up our strengths.

  • Oldphartbsa

    We be phuckeded, royaliciously.
    De sheet is hitting de fan very soon now.
    And it wheel git all ober.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Bist Du Deutsch?

  • Mondobeyondo

    One way or another, you will get on your knees. You can do it voluntarily right now (through prayer).You can worship God voluntarily, while this country is still free.

    OR — someone, a foreign power or person, will force it upon you, and order you to worship them (Hitler’s Third Reich, to cite numerous examples). You’ll have no choice but to kneel to them in that case.

    Either way, you WILL get on your knees.

    • Azrael

      Sorry, some of us that know first hand what a dictatorship is WILL NEVER get on our knees for ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

  • chilller

    I suppose the elitists of their time were responsible for raising Jesus from the grave as well. This event struck fear into their very soulless bodies.
    Did you know after He rose from the dead, over 900 Jesus look-a-likes were rounded up and crucified in the exact same manner as Jesus? Do you know why was this done? It was because His death shroud suddenly became the most valuable item of its time. And what made His shroud so valuable? Everyone had seen and experienced the many miracles He had performed including His life after death. Counterfeit shrouds were popping up everywhere. The greed and lust to possess the shroud of the son of God made them do it. People don’t counterfeit something that is worthless. Jesus wasn’t rich or famous, he wasn’t a king or royalty…just a simple carpenter. So what was the force that drove so many to try and duplicate the shroud of a lowly carpenter that the elitists despised so much, they had him put to death? What was the force that drove His disciples to write endlessly of His life, words and accomplishments? What was the force that drove so many people to Him just to have the chance to touch His robes? He was/is the Son of God. And if you believe it was all some kind of “alien” event…then you’ve been watching too much television….we’ll pray for you…and your television…

  • James

    Most of these flash mob attacks though are just Africans, doing what Africans just naturally do, pillage and destroy. If it were White people organising mobs to attack officialdom, then that WOULD be the start of something to take note of.

  • Angry Jesus

    Can’t say I blame the people, I’ve been getting angry for a long time now.


    Do a little research and find out who is the incumbent. Those “voter guides” you get will not tell you and the reason is obvious. Then, vote against the incumbent or anyone who has been in office longer than six years. After that, they go “native”. As long as incumbents are voted back into office in excess of 90% things are not going to change. As for ObaMao, he will look to declare Martial Law at the first opportunity. Things do not just “happen”. It’s all going according to his plan. Why should we be surprised? This column has been abashed in telling us to prepare for the coming hard times because…they are coming.

  • Outdoorsman42

    I trully believe that most of us cant begin to comprehend how close this country is to a civil/revolutionary war. The people of this country are seething with absolute disdain towards its politicians and the corruption that they are floundering in. I wish you were right Kim but there is a price to be paid for our apathy and for the things that the feds have done in our name. History tends to mirror itself and this time it will happen here at home and quite frnkly we deserve it, The seven deadly sins have been celebrated here for too long.

  • rentslave

    The Electoral College must come to an end.Once that happens,greedy interest groups will divide the populace to such an extent that the righteous can triumph.

  • Excalibur


    You forgot to mention 75% of the jobs created in 2013 were part time low wage jobs. And employers that are shifting full time workers to part time.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I’m amazed by all the anti-Christianity comments here. Gather many are disciples of the Progressive Church of Big Government. It is a faith based religion in its own right . The various rioters discussed in the article are likely products of that religion. We are all headed for hell on earth due to failure of progressive government religion. Instead of mocking the Christians, you just might want to live next to them and become their friends.

    • ScotA

      Christianity and the Progressive movement have a lot in common, don’t they? If you can see the error in one, you should be able to see the error in the other.

    • deanfomg

      Hillbilly, you *must* be joking! Christians don’t want to stop having kids they can’t afford to raise, so they contribute to the overpopulation problem of more worthless eaters–there are some exceptions of course.

  • k

    Truly sad!

  • Jared Boice

    Holy Cow. 2nd time in the past couple weeks that I’ve read about a story on here that happened in my own back-woods . The 904 representing here! I’m not surprised this happened in Jacksonville

  • k

    Along with bad policies, even the nature of the global economy is changing. Work that needed tons of people a century back can now be done by a handful. Huge tractors run by one or two people can now plow thousands of hectares, which used to take hundreds of people earlier. Same with manufacturing cars, steel, parts, textiles, electronics, buildings which now use less people per unit of manufacturing work,than they did three decades ago. Even many services now need lesser people to get a unit of work done, than they did fifteen years ago.

    • garand555

      A lot of that is going to revert. Destroy the dollar and you destroy our ability to import crude oil. Crude oil is terribly important to our agricultural system. This should terrify anybody who thinks about the implications, given that most people could not tell you what is in a good number of the meals that they eat, much less where it was grown, where it was processed, how it was shipped, etc…

      • k

        Ofcourse the collapse of the dollar is worsening.But strengthening the dollar while very veryimportant, is not enough.

    • deanfomg

      So are you saying there are too many worthless people now spread all around the planet? Hmmm…..I have to agree! Then why on earth do people keep having kids they can’t afford to raise?

      • k

        worthless no…jobless yes!

        And ask them why they are doing it.

  • DJohn1

    There but for the grace of God go you and I. I was in the right place at the right time to get a lifetime job in trust in the early 70s. So although the salary was not always adequate for my needs, I was a lot better off than most people. It was a guarantee that made sure I never was unemployed again.
    In the 80s, I went back to school. I passed the written exam and became a Real Estate Agent. I did this for five years. I did this on top of raising a family, working nights full time, and learning the profession of sales. I often put in an 18-hour-day.
    I learned important lessons in real estate sales. Those lessons have kept me to this day.
    They are simple lessons based on physics that my broker taught me.
    1. Things in motion stay in motion, things at rest stay at rest.
    If you are unemployed this is a very important lesson. The temptation is to stop looking. Statistically back then if you tired 100 times, you were likely to succeed 6 times. So every time you fail, you are one step closer to succeeding in your goal of finding a job. The idea is to keep moving.
    2. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    Before you react remember this rule. If you react positively, the results can be amazing.
    Nothing is harder than not having a job. Nothing is more depressing when you have a family and needs.
    And after you finally find a job, will it last? That is in the back of everyone’s mind after being unemployed.
    The Congress needs to be aware that people are struggling through one of the worst economic times in history. So putting forth an effort to keep people going and looking for work is worthwhile. These are not bums. They are hard working middle class people that suddenly find themselves out in the cold.
    We, as a people, need to give them the support they need in these trying times.
    If we can give millions to countries abroad, charity needs to start right here at home. I don’t want them to get a hand out. I want them trained to do things that will make them a decent living and in turn give them self respect. Now that is going to be the real challenge. I suggest we channel those foreign aid funds back here and teach our people how to make a living. And not a minimum wage living either.
    I think the Congress needs to get off those seats and start earning the money we give them.
    I see a great change coming in the Congress. Right now it is going to shift to Republicans because the Democrats have failed dismally to address the situation here at home.
    But be aware, if the Republicans don’t fix it then someone else will take their place. That someone might be worse than anything we can dream about.

  • Jared Boice

    Holy Cow. 2nd time in the past couple weeks that I’ve read about a story on here that happened in my own back-woods . The 904 representing here! I’m not surprised this happened in Jacksonville…

    • Tom_F

      @Jared, Word to the 904! Still tippin’ in the 213, y’all!

  • horse777res

    “And for this GOD shall send a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. 2 Thessalonians 2:11” “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget GOD.” Psalms 9:17 Please ask JESUS into your heart and be your savior today before it’s to late!!! ” Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeares for a little time and then vanishes away” James 4:14

    • Azrael

      So god sends you a delusion you cannot resist then gets angered when you believe/follow that delusion? That sounds pretty delusional to me.

  • Selaretus

    Just observe how the rest of the world in poor countries live. Tent cities, if they have any shelter at all. That is America’s future. Unless you have a spare plant or two that we can pilfer for cheap resources like we did Earth, there is simply not enough to support this lifestyle. More to the point, our way of life is unsustainable at any level.

  • Rancher

    Nicely said as well. But it is only words and God said Faith without works is dead. This nation has faithfully been systematically rejecting God for 50 years now at an ever increasing rate. So go ahead and sit tight and hope this nation will be delivered by God if you wish to. No harm no foul there.
    That is unless God does what he has done in the past every time a people of nation turned away from him and mocked hims we are doing everyday here. It rains on the just as well as the unjust….Read and weep all the above my friends…..
    We need to keep cutting back on the entitlement programs which make the Govt into the people’s God…
    Right now the vast majority of people turn to the Govt/God in their hours of need first then stay depending on that new religion and worship it with their vote.
    Best to have been well prepped in all your supplies and needs way back when things appeared to be much better and you had money to spend. That could have been 10-20 years ago… but did you? Probably not as that boat, atv, snowmobile, vacation or some other “things of this world” drained away the cash for food and reserves you so badly need now.

    Bible addresses that as well. Sow and reap. Not much to reap when nothing is sown and I did not sacrifice and sow over so many years while most of you spent your money on other things I passed up on… to now provide for your lack. I would like a snowmobile someday for my spread in the mountains come deep snows and I will probably buy it for pennies on the dollar because someone needs to eat. I might even do a trade…off site of course 😉

    It is very sad what is happening but we voted away our lives decades ago… only a very few saw the truth and prepared for it. Many of them are setting new records leaving this country as well.

    • Blindbutnowisee

      So when our government gave the Indians infected blankets we were doing God’s work? Sorry but your people are rejecting God theory is null and void when you realize all the evil that was done to create and build this country.

  • Thomas Rice

    The benefits have to end, afterall,, congress and government employees need to fund their pay raise somehow,
    Remember a few months ago BO gave everyone a raise,,, where do ya think the funding came from,,,,
    Lots and lots of rope,,,
    Pick your favorite government leech and string them up for all to see.

  • Citizen X19

    Another excellent post, Michael! I loved the local TV news video compilation.

  • Jon

    At a certain point these unemployment fearmongering articles devolve into liberal drivel. Are all these folks cripples or something? There are PLENTY of jobs out there for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK. I get so sick and tired of all the spoiled fickle people in this country who moan and complain and turn their noses up at perfectly good jobs just because it doesn’t perfectly fit what they did before. Well guess what maybe it’s time you did something else. Good lord. Stop the whining and get busy and start supporting yourself and your family instead of expecting the rest of us to.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…There are PLENTY of jobs out there for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK….”

      proof please

      • DiscouragedOne

        I agree, my state is supposed to be one of the ones doing better, but the question is better than what?

    • DiscouragedOne

      My son has been looking since May. At first, he tried to find jobs befitting his degree, but after a couple of months he even tried McDonald’s…he still can’t find a job and he definitely does want to work. He is not alone, there are plenty of others just like him, unfortunately I know many out of work right now.

  • Tom_F

    @Michael, thank you for this post, and for your work all year long. Happy New Year to all, and may everyone find some peace in 2014!

  • Keri

    I would like to see the poll that says Obama is the most admired man in America. I don’t be leave it exists.

    • DiscouragedOne

      It is a real Gallup poll, just google Gallup’s most admired men and you will find it. That said, the poll is a bunch of BS. It is funny that the Liberals usually accuse Gallup of being biased towards Republicans.

  • Joe Kleinkamp

    Holy smokes! At first I thought it was local affiliates of the same network all being fed the same script. Pretty scary that FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC logos all show up on the screens.

  • Mondobeyondo

    If you read Leviticus 26, you will know exactly why this country (and world) are in the shape they are in now. It was a warning from God to ancient Israel, and it is a warning from God for today’s world.

  • ian

    Nothing is going to happen as usual, and by this time next year, we will be hearing and reading the same stuff, until 2016 when a new Conservative president is in office and fox news and all the other conservative media lunk heads will criticize and attempt to destroy the lives of anyone who says we are in an economic recession. This is a guarantee. It’s called politics.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I think the Liberals are the ones acting like everything is fine…I don’t see the Republicans doing that at all. If they get back in, yeah maybe, but MSNBC is a million times worse than Fox. I am an Independent and I don’t like either extreme, but you are ignoring reality…you must spend too much time watching MSNBC.

  • DannoDISQ

    I abruptly puked in my mouth when I read the below sentence. Had I not closed my mouth as my chin dropped from shock, my groceries would have been on the floor. Burned the crap out of nasal cavity and throat. You’re joking me, right ?

    I need a spacecraft that can travel through space near the speed of light. Even if there is no other life out there, I must get away from these earthlings that are morons.

    “Barack Obama is the most admired man in America by a very wide margin and Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America by a very wide margin”

    • DiscouragedOne

      I don’t know who “admires” these people, maybe the ones living off the government that want it that way and don’t want to work, but I pretty much think it is BS made up by the media, and the media is completely and totally useless.

  • Cyber Revengeance

    usa will take whole world with it. euro also in problem. China and india export to these countires and dependent on it. Data shows unsustainable path.

    Major population are unware of coming hard times. They are hit by inflation but only cares about earning.

    civil unrest is sure to happen. many people around the world depend upon daily earning. they don’t have huge savings. What will they eat with no income. they will loot or die.

    • DiscouragedOne

      They will have to live like the Americans who lost their jobs to them, hand to mouth.

  • Arizona

    STAY asleep,don’t believe anything you hear,everything will work out,IF YOU DON’T STARVE TO DEATH FIRST,the homeless are being taken to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS and being killed,OH you say your not homeless ,YET?..I’d sure think about that,you lose your job,no more food stamps,your children taken away,and now your living in your car,HOW LONG WILL THAT LAST BEFORE THE POLICE GANGS GET YOU? you’ll go to jail,lose your car and NOW YOUR ON FOOT,pushing a shopping cart,and the last of the stupid morons are calling YOU names,BECAUSE NOW YOUR HOMELESS TOO………….

    • deanfomg

      Well, Arizona, I predict you’re going to be homeless too, especially because you’re not educated enough to know the difference between your and you’re. You apparently didn’t get through elementary school.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Although I know the economy is in terrible shape, I don’t believe anybody is being carted off anywhere, sounds like paranoia, which is not going to help at all.

  • K

    This is a wordier dupe of the one above, this one fell through the cracks for awhile.

  • tray2000

    i really don’t know whats worse,..the fact that the politicians are writing,and passing laws that are sending jobs over seas,.or the fact that 90 percent of the people are indifferent to the fact.
    im an middle class African american male,..and if i was to go on a social media site , and say anything critical about the present president, i would be hunted down and stoned. most people are still believing the lies,..but none more then the African american community
    and the true irony is that none are suffering more from this presidents economic polices more then African Americans

  • Nicnak

    I bet many politicians have their money hidden in Cayman islands or else to avoid to pay their tax….

    happy new year!

  • jn

    LMAO at gary the pos lib, he thinks Detroit is the model of the nation

    • DiscouragedOne

      I don’t like Gary’s posts either, but just out of curiosity, do you ever post about anything else?

  • Jodi

    It’s hard to believe ppl still believe there is nothing wrong with our economy. They are going to be in for a big surprise when everything begins for fall apart.
    Happy New Year All!

    • DiscouragedOne

      Personally, when I see those posts I think they are Liberals trying to help election chances by spreading their BS all over the Internet, but many Americans have woken up, and if they don’t want a future of living off government welfare under government control, they won’t fall for it.

  • Mary Brown

    Trans Pacific Partnership will make it much worse, and possibly be the trigger for civil war.

    • sarah

      Civil War or Revolutionary War?

  • JailBanksters

    It’s funny when the Lower Class is on the skids, that’s okay because they’re scum, stupid and no value to society. But the Line that divides these is now moving and now that’s unacceptable to those that are in that middle class. It’s quite possible in 10-20 years there will only be Scum Class or Your rich and don’t even have to work it’s just entertainment to keep you busy.

    • DiscouragedOne

      There is less and less opportunity for everybody because the jobs left the building…those who capitalize on greed are doing well, we can only hope their karma catches up to them.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Every time I turn on the news, I hear reports of robbery, property theft, people stealing food or things to sell people, and so on. Yet, in the next breath they will report that the economy is in recovery. They report the symptoms of the economy (the above crimes) but they never report the cause of the symptoms. We can prevent the symptoms if we cure the cause. Perhaps if the reported the cause, the average person would know how to help cure the cause.

    If we stop spending so much money on jails and courts and instead spend that money on creating quality jobs, and training people for those jobs, perhaps a lot of crime will decrease.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      It was supposed to read: or things to sell for food

    • John

      I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the idea that because somebody is poor, they will steal and rob others. There are plenty of poor people who would not plunder their neighbors.

      It’s a matter of people’s morals. People don’t go to church – that’s where you’ll learn how to live – even when the chips are down. You don’t rob and steal, because you don’t have a “good” job. You may have to get 2 “bad” jobs, but you don’t steal and victimize your fellow man.

      • DiscouragedOne

        People who have little to no opportunity have more of a chance ending up this way, that is why there is always more crime in the ghetto than in the “nice” part of town. It is not simply morals.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I agree with your point, but here is the rub, you can train people but then there actually has to be a job at the end of that rainbow. You can’t assume the unemployed are made up of unskilled workers, that is simply not true. I know several unemployed right at this moment, but I would not call any of them unskilled. Are they rocket scientists? No. Can everybody be trained to be a rocket scientist? No. We need to bring back manufacturing/blue collar jobs to this country one way or the other, or we are doomed. One of the unemployed I know has several degrees including a MS and several years of work experience, is that “unskilled”?

  • edward emmell

    The malls, Walmart, supermarkets are jammed with people buying laptops, 600 dollar cell phones, tablets, grocery carts filled with steaks, lobster, etc. I just don’t see people starving, and broke. At least here in Delaware. People driving around in Jaguars, mervedes, Humvees. Airports with record numbers of passengers. Poor people don’t live the way I have just mentioned. At least here in Delaware. And are poor.

    • ian

      i agree. i live in Denver, and i am clueless as to where any of this economic collapse is occurring. Especially since we just legalized marijuana and are poised to hurtle our economy forward.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I don’t agree…if I go to Walmart or K-Mart, I see poor people, even though I live in an affluent area. The poor are there if you are paying the least bit of attention.

    • sarah

      Perhaps you could travel more. Everywhere is not Delaware. Other parts of the country are in dire need of good paying jobs. Did you see in the newspapers J C Penny’s and Sears were now closing many many stores and laying off thousands of employees? People in many places have no money to buy nice cars and fancy groceries. Adults are missing meals so children in the home can eat. People are sleeping on the streets and in their cars if they still have a car. Things are really bad in some parts of America.

  • dan

    being out of work 2 years and no income it much sorrow going around.The sad part is those who have a job are absolute clueless to the real world unemployment problem .The say things like lazy get a job .My son just got his hours cut to 20 from 40 hours due to Obama care .He works for a doctor to as a RN

    • Anonymous

      I have heard some people tell those that care unemployed that they are lazy and should get a job. Yet, when one asks where these jobs are to be found there is no answer. Then, some people say if a person can’t find a paying job that they should work for free by volunteering or doing an internship. Yet, when asked how an unemployed person with n. o income is supposed to afford gas or vehicle maintenance to go back and forth to such things, or how someone with no money coming in can afford to pay to ride public transit, there is usually no answer for that either. People with money do not seem to understand that $1 can mean everything to someone living in poverty. I read an article that showed the difference between a generation and showed how this generation does not have the same opportunities that other generations have had. Things are not equal and just because others were able to do well 40 years ago does not mean those same opportunities still exist. There was a time in America where if a person was willing to work they could support a family and have the American dream (house, car, picket fence, electricity, water, food, car, sending kids to college, etc.). Now, some people are working several jobs, full-time jobs, poo going to school, etc. and they still can not pay basic bills. Then after working so hard, they endure others calling them lazy and telling them to work harder.

      • dan

        This is where the hope comes from . A love story http://www. for you to read 🙂 If you are willingly to accept ..

    • DiscouragedOne

      Although I have a job, I see what my intelligent and technologically savvy son is going through, he can’t even get a job at McDonald’s,even though he has plenty of skills and ability and a BS degree. My job is not a permanent one, it could end any time. This is a very scary economy right now, for all of us. Anybody who thinks they are secure and couldn’t end up like the unemployed is a fool.

  • rickv404

    Can’t agree with you here. Unemployment compensation extensions must be stopped. Obamacare needs to be stopped, and so much other, government spending. The jobs will never come back if the federal government continues to squeeze production (via inflation) in order to subsidize consumption. On the contrary; more jobs are to be lost, and will be lost, before Obama’s second term is done.

  • New Term

    Make it Viral “ObamaMobs”

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….I remember reading about Jesus helping a lot of people that could not help themselves in His book. I also remember Him telling others to have mercy on the poor.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Define “cannot help themselves”, because I know of a few people on permanent disability (welfare because they never worked enough to qualify for real disability) who are perfectly capable of working, and all 3 of these people I know have never held down a job for any length of time, maybe 1 year tops, usually more like 3 months. How is it helping society to enable these people to play “disabled” instead of getting out there and working?

      That said, it is very hard to find a job these days, and I think that very fact has driven many to go on disability.

      People like the ones I am speaking of are the ones employers try to avoid hiring for obvious reasons. Even if they get a job, they are usually the ones that end up suing employers first chance they get.

  • Azrael

    It must have an enormous patience since no one that mocked it in the entire human history post jesus met its retribution. Funny enough it has always been its minions.

  • But this is the hope and change everyone voted for.

  • mosebym .

    Man has caused this on him self so its time to pay.

  • k

    unemployment benefits make up a fraction of that debt. And when/if you and i become unemployed, we might need them too.

    Govt is wasting far more money on more useless pursuits, from which people aren’t benefiting much. Unem benefits atleast benefit people.

  • mrsmurple

    We need to have a citizen lead rounding up of the corrupt bankers and massive, swift justice doled out by the population, like Iceland did, it’s only going to get worse, unless people rise up and dish out real justice soon.

  • Brian Harrington

    I say onething REVOLT period we can’t live like pansays and paficist I say storm DC and Wall Street

    • MadMoto

      And become the enemy and get put down like dogs… Great plan.

  • 2Gary2

    sounds like a little old fashioned wealth redistribution. The rich can share or live in a society where they are not safe. The choice is theirs. The rich will be taxed hard one way or another.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Maybe you are the one who is NOT safe.

  • Ed

    For those of you who voted for someone to steal from your neighbor, you’re getting what you deserve.

  • kenfrombayside

    Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
    – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
    – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
    – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
    – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
    – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
    – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
    – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.
    – text everybody in your cell phone queue now.

  • Daddyotis

    Anon: Yes, by all means, pull out this “study” which showed Americans to be the hardest workers. Was this study carried out in 1950? If not, you are certainly quite mistaken. The (growing by the day) majority of today’s Americans are lazy, pampered entitled whiners more interested in paid sick days, paid “personal” days, “team-building” & “professional” conventions, union-organizing, or hanging out in HR trying to sue their employers over some nonexistent sex/race discrimination issue at any given moment than actually doing a full day’s work. Please let’s not hold up all present Americans as the type who you refer to 50-60 years ago, because they’re a completely different breed. Our employment expectations have increased so much in the last 50 years it’s no wonder businesses are looking to China and other countries to produce their goods, because all of these employment perks make American products more EXPENSIVE.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I think you also have it wrong, it is about 50/50, there are plenty of us who still have the old school work ethic.

  • coffeejunkie42

    This ain’t about God, allah, or the great Buddah. It’s about government of and by the people. Which we have NONE of. And the control they have over the everyday working and non-working individual. Dam let’s go loot a wal-mart if they don’t extend my benefits again. I want I want I want society has become a death trap / complete degradation of our society. Our politicians have destroyed our job markets. Our current and previous government has put into effect more laws and regulations than communist China. Doesn’t anyone notice.? Our schools suck, our jobs suck, our taxes suck..! We live in the most controlled nation on the planet but yet people are, well as you can read above out of control over stupid tv shows etc and material crap made in China that took your daddy’s job and will take yours soon as well. Were all screwed unless something breaks this current hellish downward spiral the lost America is in.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Yes, this is from “The Wizard of Oz”.

    In 1939, when the movie was released, the Depression still had not completely lifted. Times were still hard for many people. FDR’s alphabet soup of government programs did not end the Depression. It was World War II that finally ended it,

    The message in this short song, is for all of us.

  • DiscouragedOne

    Although I think long-term unemployment might make some people too lazy to look and others might be so depressed they just give up…the reality is unless there are jobs to get, how are you supposed to get a job?

    My state is one of the ones supposedly doing better, but the job market looks very depressed to me. Thank God I still have a job for now, I would hate to be looking.

    Until jobs are brought back to/created again in this country, you can’t just say get a job. Even people WITH training are having trouble finding one.

    Instead of our politicians pointing to “jobs” on the Internet which supposedly we have an abundance of and people just don’t have the skills to fill them, they should concentrate on bringing back/restarting manufacturing and making free trade FAIR.

  • DiscouragedOne


  • DiscouragedOne

    You could never work at your local fast food place and raise a family on it…EVER.

    It used to be if you had no white collar skills, you could get a blue collar job, you could work on the manufacturing line…those days are gone, those jobs are gone.

  • DiscouragedOne

    Although I am not arguing your point, if the job market was actually doing well, which it is definitely not, those kids would probably be working. It think bad conditions cause many to give up, and maybe they would not have ended up this way if there was more opportunity. Sure, you always have your bad seeds, but there is also always more crime where there is less opportunity.

  • DiscouragedOne

    Define “rich”.

    • TR

      Rich:Those that will be dealt with when the poor lose it.
      The poor will be easily identified by their numbers. Many of the poor will be have previously been in the middle class.

  • Bruce

    The first thng we have to do is stop being so poltically correct. Notice who the kids were in these “Riots”. Blacks are disproportionantly causing much of the carnage by youth. However, socierty is so afraid of being fingered as a racist that NO ONE will even mention the obvious. The denial of the obvious is sickening. I agree much of it is due to the econmoic woes of the poor but, we need to first state obvious and the facts!!!!

  • Bruce

    As I read the comments, Once again I see the thread and article has been hijacked by another religious debate. Is this a religious site or an economic site??? I understand that Michael is a Christian as are MANY on this site and that is fine but, the fact of the matter is that this site IS an economic site.
    Maybe one day we could have some comments on the subject at hand or the article itself. Ya need to be thankful I am not Michael because if I were I’d delete all the hateful,argumenative crap about religion.

  • nekksys

    Ok, so you decry the wealthy who have no faith yet you, yourself, claim to have no faith…

    So why aren’t you wealthy too?

    Here’s the full deal: It’s in Ecclesiastes (can’t quote chapter / verse at the moment but it’s there…):

    Does not God also make the sun shine on the just as well as the unjust?

    Again, faith and religion don’t equal out to high living.

  • DiscouragedOne

    If minimum wage goes too high, there will be even less jobs and less consumers if things like fast food are more expensive. Otherwise I agree with you.

  • Fred Montgomery

    Most places refuse to pay anything resembling a decent wage. It is almost impossible to live on 7 to 8 dollars an hour. And they wonder why poverty has skyrocketed.

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