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Is Crime Making A Comeback? 12 Crime Statistics That Make You Wonder What Is Happening To America

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For about a decade and a half, crime rates in the United States have generally fallen.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that even during those “good” years, the United States still had the most car thefts, the most rapes and the most murders in the world.  And even though the United States has the most people in prison in the entire world by a large margin, there are all kinds of signs that there are still enough criminals out there for crime to start moving back up again.  Sure, there are some areas that are still recording small decreases in the crime rate, but there are other areas where the jump in crime statistics is more than a bit alarming.  There are millions of Americans that have been out of work for over a year at this point, and when people lose everything that they have they tend to totally lose it.  People get desperate when they lose their homes and they don’t have anything to eat.  For example, police in Chesterfield, Virginia are investigating 16 separate incidents just this month in which thieves stole food or drinks from homes, cars and even people walking on the street.  It wasn’t money that these crooks were after.  They just wanted something to eat.  As the economy gets even worse over the next couple of years, it is inevitable that we are going to start to see a lot more of this kind of thing.  Frustration and anger are on the rise from coast to coast, and when people don’t feel like they have anything to live for they become very dangerous.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is undeniable that violent crime rates are significantly lower than they were 15 or 20 years ago in many areas of the nation.  An unprecedented standard of living fueled by our addiction to debt has kept most Americans fat, happy and generally sedated.  However, there are indications that we are approaching a “turning point” – a moment when crime rates start to go up significantly once again.

In fact, there are some forms of crime (such as sexual crime against children) that are already at ridiculously high record-setting levels.  For example, how in the world did we ever get to the point as a society where we have 400,000 registered sex predators running around?

As the economy continues to unravel, things are not going to get any better.  In fact, people who are suffering are only going to become more desperate.  Already, there are quite a few troubling signs out there.  The following are 12 crime statistics that make you wonder what is happening to America….

#1 The murder rate in New York City has increased more than 15 percent in 2010, and the number of rapes has shot up from 943 in 2009 to 1075 so far this year.

#2 In the city of Detroit, crime has gotten so bad and the citizens are so frustrated by the lack of police assistance that they have resorted to forming their own organizations to fight back.  One group, known as “Detroit 300”, was formed after a 90-year-old woman on Detroit’s northwest side was brutally raped in August.

#3 Crime in Miami Beach was up almost 11 percent during the first half of 2010.

#4 The murder rate in Tempe, Arizona is now the highest it has been in 10 years.

#5 Shoplifting is completely and totally out of control.  According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, every single day Americans steal more than $35 million worth of goods from retail stores.

#6 Today, there are approximately 400,00 registered sex offenders in the United States.

#7 U.S. authorities claim that there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the United States. According to federal statistics, these 1 million gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

#8 The median age of the victims of imprisoned sex offenders in the United States is 13 years old.

#9 The crime rate in the San Diego school system is escalating out of control. The following is what San Diego School Police Chief Don Braun recently told the press about the current situation….

“Violent crime in schools has risen 31 percent. Property crime has risen 12 percent. Weapons violations (have gone up) almost 8 percent.”

#10 53 percent of all investigated burglaries in the states of California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

#11 Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online.  They also say that the total profit from creating and trading these images is approximately two to three billion dollars every year.

#12 Each year, one out of every five people in the U.S. is victimized by crime.  No other nation on the planet has a rate that is higher.

So will the police step in to protect us all as crime increases?

Well, unfortunately police forces all across the United States are being slashed because the money just isn’t there anymore.

So all of us may soon be facing much more crime with much fewer police to assist us.

For example, because of extreme budget cuts and police layoffs, Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that there are a number of crimes that his department simply will no longer respond to due to a lack of resources.  The following is a partial list of the crimes that police officers in Oakland will no longer be responding to….

  • burglary
  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • grand theft
  • grand theft: dog
  • identity theft
  • false information to peace officer
  • required to register as sex or arson offender
  • dump waste or offensive matter
  • loud music
  • possess forged notes
  • pass fictitious check
  • obtain money by false voucher
  • fraudulent use of access cards
  • stolen license plate
  • embezzlement by an employee
  • extortion
  • attempted extortion
  • false personification of other
  • injure telephone/power line
  • interfere with power line
  • unauthorized cable tv connection
  • vandalism

Not that Oakland wasn’t already a mess before all this, but now how long do you think it will be before total chaos and anarchy reigns on the streets of Oakland?

But this kind of thing is not just happening in Oakland.

The sheriff’s department in Ashtabula County, Ohio has been reduced from 112 deputies to 49 deputies, and now there is just one vehicle remaining to patrol all 720 square miles of the county.

So what in the world are the citizens of that county supposed to do to protect themselves?

Well, Judge Alfred Mackey said that the citizens of the county should do the following….

“Arm themselves.”

So is that where all of this is going?

Every man and woman for themselves?

The truth is that there are already many communities across the United States where it is simply not a good idea to go out of your home at night.

There has never been a bigger gang problem in U.S. history than we are facing today, there have never been more sex predators running around, and millions of Americans are going to become increasingly desperate as they lose their homes and can’t find jobs.

So how is crime where you live?  Feel free to leave a comment with what you are seeing in your neighborhood….

  • Gary

    This is mainly the result of their being way too much wealth and income in way too few hands. The income inequality is the main cause of all this. The stats you cite are what one would expect in a banana republic, which it looks like the USA has become/is becoming. The stagnating/falling wages of all but the rich are pathetic in this greatest country in the world or so we like to tell ourselves. Tax the rich hard and spread the wealth. Take back our stolen productivity increases!

    The illegals need to go but that would mean the greedy right wing businesses owners would not be able to exploit with poverty wages any more and would be forced to pay Americans a living wage.

  • Concerned Reader

    I agree with everything this article says one hundred percent. I see on a dayly basis large numbers of drivers who disobey the rules of the road. There have always been horrible drivers, but I am both alarmed and surprised at how many of these people will put thmeselves and others at risk just to avoid sitting at a red light or stop sign. I have seen drivers go over a double yellow line into on coming traffic to get ahead of their lane and narrowly avoid a head-on collision.

    Sitting at a red light, I notice how people will slowly coast past the white line because they do not want to sit. Also, there are endless amounts of people who drive while talking on a cell phone. But what truelly pisses me off is the fact that the police are not doing anything to keep reckless drivers in line.

    Why does America have so many sex offenders? There are several reasons, but I will mention a few. First, the internet makes it easy for them to gain hold of all forms of smut. Secondly, it seems that the American male has lost social skills that allowed him to gain female attention. With this loss he can not obtain a mate other than forcing her against her will to be his lover.

    The rising sales of guns and ammo in the last few years s not a good sign of where we are going as a society. Criminals have easy access to guns, so many citizens are preparing for the fateful day when they will have to defend themselves without the police. All of this is indicative of the fact that citizens are losing faith in the poilice, and deservidly so. I forsee a great wave of vigilantism to coincide with the rise in crime rates in the coming years. I could easily see major cities returning to the old west styles of killing trouble makers on the spot. It is going to be hell out the streets very soon!

    The decline of the American character is also spear heading the rise in crime. For example, it seems to me that Americans enjoy projecting turmoil onto one another. We love to provoke people and then watch as they fail to do anything about it. Have you ever noticed how there are large numbers of people who do everything they can to start trouble? Also keep in mind that Americans are the most depressed people in the world. We have people with large doses of pubscription, and in some cases illegal, drugs in their system. People are massivly unbalanced and prone to violence.

  • Concerned Reader

    “So how is crime where you live? Feel free to leave a comment with what you are seeing in your neighborhood….”

    As for the crime in my neighborhood:

    A few years ago I was jumped by three teenage criminals who brutally beat me to the ground. The group was lead by a fat kid who has been giving me trouble for years. This guy has a severe anti-social complex, but he is cowardly in the sense that he will not fight on equal terms with his opponent. After the attack, I went to the police to file a warrant on the guy and they refuse to listen to us because he was a minor. Keep in mind that I was a minor at the time, 17-year-old, but I saw this as a sign that the police are not relaible.

    About a year ago, me and my father were driving through a gas station parking lot when a elderly woman backed into the side of or truck. The woman had confused her brake and gas pedals. My dad, who is paralyzed on his right side from a stroke, was driving the truck. When the accident happened we called the police to verify the situation for insurance reasons. The police said that since the collision occured on private property(gas station) they were not going to respond at all. We eventually exchanged insurance with the woman and wen on our way.

    Both of these incidences are just a number of occurences where the poilce refused to do anything. This has me worried to the fact that unless law and order steps up to the plate in all cases, anarchy is going to take hold onto society. For example, if a guy is smaking you in the back of the head, unless you do something it is only going to get worse. You will either get beat up or beat the guy harming you. There is no in between.

  • Steve

    As individuals, we are responsible for our personal protection. Buy a gun and learn how to properly use it to defend yourself. If local laws forbid such practice, vote to change the laws, or vote with your feet and move to an area that embraces your 2nd Amendment rights! FIGHT BACK!
    When the public insists on justice, justice will prevail…

  • nick

    I live in the United Kingdom, and never watch mainstream news or any television nowadays. I am somewhat isolated from what goes on in the so called real world, but I will say this. I have the feeling all these roadwarrior type movies such as ‘the postman’, roadwarrior’ and the tv series, survivors, though I will never see these, I believe we are either being told something about the future state of society, in some almost premonitory manner, or at least we are being warned.
    I am a catastrophist, and see everything around us collapsing, not only for economic reasons but I see natural cataclysms approaching and severe to ultra sever earthchanges very soon. I firmly believe the economy is being engineered in such a way as to provoke a climate where martial law is invoked, in order to control the people when these earth changes kick in. What are seeing now is the control grid put into place in preparation for these cataclysmic events. It would take a lot to write about all this further so I will end here. My prognostications for the near to distant future are not good , in any way. Again it is a very involved subject .

  • mondobeyondo

    How is crime where I live?

    Ummm.. well I heard several gun shots about 5 minutes ago here (in metro Phoenix, Arizona).

    Drug dealers or illegal immigrants perhaps.

    Kind of doubt your average beer run dude would pack an automatic weapon, grabbing some Budweiser at the local convenience market at midnight.

    Oh well. Back to sleep. *sigh*

  • Maria

    Of course crime is up.

    The only thing that holds a nation together is a sense of MORALITY. Society declines as its morals decline.

    Sex and violence passes for ENTERTAINMENT in this country…on TV, in movies, in magazines, in video games…have you listened to the radio lately? And we wonder why we have rising numbers of sexual predators and violent criminals?

    What’s the solution?

    It’s time to get rid of the garbage…at home, at school, and at work. Just turn it off and throw it out. While we’re at it, clean out the fridge and the pantry too…get rid of all the junk! We will feel better, look better, think better, and live better!

    Crime won’t be the only problem we fix by getting our integrity back.

  • orsobubu

    @ nick

    I think your “natural catastrophes” worries are exaggerated. But I also think you’re missing the real problem human race is facing: first of all, in late XIX century, Engels correctly foresaw the first world war approaching; first of all, in early XX century, Lenin correctly foresaw the second world war coming. Both linked those catastrophic events to capitalistic economic crisis and national bourgeois classes need to fight each others and re-subdivide profit quotas restarting the economic cycle. Engels and Lenin blamed the working class for missing to organize properly in advance in an international avantgarde. This is the primary startegic task proletariat has to accomplish in order to make the transition from capitalism to communism by revolution.

  • Over 50% of crimes committed by illegal aliens – that’s a HUGE statistic right there. For a country with so much ‘security’, America sure is letting a lot of people in!

  • Centcom

    Earth to Gary: The top 25% of income earners already pay 86% of the federal income taxes. How much more should they pay. Give us a number between 87 aand 100. Yes Gary, facts are pesky things. And Gary, perhaps you could also explain why poverty justifies crime.

    A Question For Readers: If you had to leave your family and loved ones alone at home, who would you prefer for a next door neighbor, Gary or Steve. Yea, I’ll take Steve too.

  • roadrunner

    Notice that “not responding to shoplifting” calls are not listed. Seems like the stores have more of a right to protection for THEIR property than you do after your house gets broken in, in Oakland CA.

  • Eric

    I think too much government intervention is the root cause of our economic problems. Someone with a good idea at the right time will sell a product or service. People vote with their wallets. When the government sets wages or forces expenses the cost is just passed on to the consumer. If you want to control where the wealth goes, stop buying products from over seas and support American manufacturing. These jobs left because of labor costs so with that in mind, how does minimum wage standards look now?

  • Jason

    Share this with your friends and family to save lives!

  • Again, another excellent article on the crime wave that has hit America. Here in Dayton, Ohio for a city our size, its very dangerous to live here. Murder,rape,and other serious crimes are really out of hand. Get prepared right now, because very soon, you will not be albe to leave your home!!!

  • Charles

    And as things become much worse, we will no longer be able to deny that biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.

  • happy face

    Nick, you say you are a catastrophist. You have found your home. Pull up a broken tv set, have a seat and open a MRE. Enjoy the show.

    Steve, too late. Everyone here has everything from a stiletto to a 155mm howitzer. My yard during hunting season sounds like Beirut in the 80’s. And that’s the good guys.

    concerned reader, don’t be so concerned. That kind of stuff will just help you see the world as it really is, to recognize trouble before it gets to where you are and how to steer clear.

    Gary, the reason binoculars have two scopes is for depth perception. That telescope you’re using is making your observations awfully monotonous.

  • Lennie Pike


    Moving to another place to find local laws that don’t prohibit your constitutional right to own an arm to protect yourself with is not the right thing to do.

    Neither is voting to change those laws. The laws are illegal and even the Supreme Court (though not necessary) has recently decided so. You shouldn’t dignify the question of whether or not you have the right by voting. What if the result of the vote is to take away your right to bear arms? With millions of illegal aliens, so-called legal aliens and legal aliens now voting (approved by the 9th circuit court), and the fact that they don’t have a history of having this right, your right could easily be taken away by them – it’s one of the main reasons they have been allowed to come here.

    The right is the main thing responsible for all of the reasons that they want to come here. No one would want to come to America if we had not had the right to bear arms throughout our history. But the illegal aliens, so-called legal aliens, and legal aliens don’t realize the right is responsible for all of the reasons they want to come here and will vote it away and then want to leave.

    The right does not exist in the countries they are coming from. If those countries had a history of having the right, maybe they would have no reason to come here.

    Even Americans don’t have the history or support arm ownership like they used to because there has been a lot of effort put into changing their opinion. Yes a higher percentage of Americans own arms now than before, but the percentage of people who disagree with the right to own an arm has increased drastically. It used to be that a lot of Americans didn’t own arms, but they were all for the right to own them. Now, just about everyone who does not own an arm, is against your right to own one.

    This is why we are a republic and not a pure democracy. People have inalienable rights that can’t be voted away, and freedom from living under the thumb of a tyrannical gang of thugs is one of them.

    Stay where you are and don’t obey the illegal local law. If your second amendment right is taken away everywhere, then what are you going to do, accept that?

    And lastly, there are many countries in the world where 99.9% of the people are insisting on justice – but not getting any with zero possibility of ever getting any – the reason is obvious.

    I see that your intentions are correct but this is just not one of the areas where the control freaks of the world can be given any leeway whatsoever – they are the one’s breaking the law and we have to stop fearing them – they are laughing their asses off that we keep on obeying them and accepting their abuse.

    And the right is: to bear arms, which means having the right to take them anywhere at any time for obvious reasons that should never have to be mentioned. The only exclusion would be taking your F-15 into a place it would not fit into or cause injury to innocent bystanders.

  • Gary

    no one addressed the income inequality in this country. when there are a lot of have nots and never wills with only a few haves what do you think will happen? I in no way use this to justify any crime. Crime is abhorrent and needs to be dealt with severely. I am talking prevention by lessening the terrible wealth/income inequality.

    BTW-if you factor in all taxes and not just the federal then the rich do not pay any more than regular people. The reason they pay much more federal taxes is that they have all the money! This seems to me that I am stating the obvious. I just sayin…

  • Juliette of Ohio

    We live in a small village in NW Ohio and while it seems pretty safe here physically, something odd is going on with the residents. There are have been two rather public scandals within the last six months and the fallout has been vicious, thanks largely to an on-line forum that publishes anything and to the usual door-to-door chatter. There have always been scandals, but the reaction to this was way over the top, to the point it may provoke either suicide or murder. On the other hand, Robert Stout is spot on about Dayton. Our son and his family live in a Dayton suburb (Kettering) and only my son walks the dog after dark. He has CCW and military background, but he told us to stay out of Dayton after dark as it’s quickly becoming Watts during the 70s, or Afghanistan as it is now. Ohio has been hit hard and most people have lost hope that anything will get better. (I’ve never lived in a state with so many laws and taxes and fees and fines.) That fear of what else might coming down the road destroys a lot of civil discourse or civil behavior. We’re stuck in a house we can’t sell, but since we’re keeping up with the house note, we’re much better off than some. What I want to do is run for the hills in another state and I don’t know what I’d do if we lost everything. It wouldn’t be pretty and I’m a gentle little soul.

  • Ronin

    People that refuse to abide by the morals and mores of Western Civilization should be stripped of the citizenship and shipped to some backward, savage country so their barbarous behavior doesn’t degrade the rest of society. These people don’t deserve the benefits and accouterments of the civilization decent people work to create. Prison doesn’t work. Its too expensive and many of these thugs view prison as a badge of honor or a vacation from the street where they get 3 hots and cot and all the down-low sex and drugs they want. America is ruled by an anarcho-tyranny. The Banksters above steal Trillions while the street thugs below, protected by the Banksters, destabilize society with intimidation, violence, and incompetence. The working people are squeezed in the middle for all they’re worth.

  • lostinmissouri

    #7 U.S. authorities claim that there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the United States. According to federal statistics, these 1 million gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

    This one makes me sick. Where are the Attorney Generals, in every state, or for that matter, where is the Attorney General of the USA on this one? 80% of violent crime committed by GANGS?


    All I can say is, that when our government system collapses,………Gangs should be our first targets.

  • So instead of bashing the american upside the head and making them feel that their neighbor is a threat, causing them to stay tuned for more on xyz network why not instead:

    Get to know your neighbor, invite them over for dinner, church, bible study or ways to get active in your community. Or you can fear everything and anything…

    We are not numbers!
    flush the stats & get active

  • The problem is that the american justice system is a revolving door. Criminals get in, and do not get rehabilitated. They come out too fast and never fully serve the time they earned for their crimes due to over crowding and amazing lawyers.

    Read more about lawyers and getting criminals out of jail here:

  • Ralph Nadeer

    It is funny to read these comments… people are all over the place. It seems everyone has a different take on what, why, and how.
    Gary has the right idea: there is a war going on between the rich and the poor. If you have less than a Billion dollars, you are not rich.
    We outnumber them, but they own everything, including the MainStream Media. They clog the airwaves with Paris Hilton Trivia and prevent any reporting on how the super rich bought the government and what poor people can do about it.

  • All the jobs have moved to China, there is no more manufacturing in America. People are getting desperate just to live. What did you think was going to happen.

  • Backwoods Doc

    @ Gary,
    We get it already. You’re a communist. The only equality under that goofy system (that you haven’t lived under) is equality of misery. It worked out so well for all of those poor soviets who had to stand in breadlines that were several blocks long. Let me ask you this. Did the soviet political class have to wait in those lines? No they didn’t. You want to substitute “the rich” with a privileged political upper class. All of us “proles” will be even poorer and their lives will be the same. Stop reading propaganda and use your own brain. If somebody is promising you solutions to all of society’s ailments, run far and run fast. Wake up, and plan for the future as best you can people!

  • So what are the police doing??? They are serving foreclosure papers on unfortunate people who cannot afford a lawyer to contest the banks foreclosure action????
    Or, perhaps they are ticketing a motorist for not having his seat belt buckled????

  • There is a “not so fine line” between law enforcement and becoming a police state.

    While I agree that as a society we have some changes to make that could reduce crime, we also must be vigilant that the corporate state doesn’t continue to erode our constitution and bill of rights in order to accomplish those goals.

    The US already has the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world, and yet also has the eighth highest crime rate. That indicates that the problem is systemic in nature. Does that justify shredding the Bill Of Rights and constitution?

    Virtually nobody feels responsible for their own actions anymore. Why should they? The government commits crimes in order to get what it wants (the Bush administrations war crimes is a good example). The elite class commits crimes in order to get what they want (the economic collapse and the mortgage fraud scandals are good examples of this). Why should it surprise anybody that citizens (whether legal or illegal) are so willing to commit crimes?

    So what do you suggest we do? Perhaps give up a few more civil liberties so we can feel safe? Shall we continue to allow ourselves to become a police state so that “crime” is eliminated?

    Some have come to the conclusion that the old strategy of “problem, reaction, solution” is at play more strongly today than ever before in history and that the times we are living in are INTENDED to bring about more crime so that the government can step in and provide “security”…….

    Google Search Terms:


    DoD Training Manual: Protests are “Low-Level Terrorism”

    The Continuing Erosion of the Bill of Rights

    Feds deploy mobile X-ray fleet to radiate, scan Americans

    U.S. Wants to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet

    Birth of the National Security State

    Executive Orders And Laws relating to National Emergencies Laws

  • Kevin

    You know what we haven’t seen in a while in the U.S.? Mass shootings. I’m waiting for those to pick up. Probably when food stamps run out, or unemployment insurance runs dry. I should wear a bulletproof vest out.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The crime problem is really bad in The Banana Republic of America (BRA). But it’s going to get much, much worse as the failing economy of the BRA (formerly the USA) gets much, much worse. Libertarian Gerald Celente (the trends forecaster who correctly predicted the demise of the Soviet Union as well as the BRA’s current economic woes) is fond of saying that “when people have lost everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” Very true, and when formerly middle class Americans become the neo-poor, they will lose it in different ways. There will be widespread political violence, and there will be a huge increase in violent crime. Signore Celente is absolutely right when he predicts that kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery, muggings and home invasions will be major growth industries in the BRA. Armed bodyguards will also be in high demand because when people of means and their families can’t even go to the local supermarket in the middle of the afternoon without the fear of being kidnapped, they are going to need protection. But when professional kidnappers can’t get past the bodyguards, they will go after businesspeople who can’t afford bodyguards: namely, small business owners like myself, and what’s left of the American middle class.

    Unfortunately, la policía can only do so much with their dwindling resources. And when you have police layoffs combined with widespread economic desperation and Third World conditions, that is a toxic combination. Things are going to get really nasty in American cities. If you think Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Atlanta and other cities in the BRA are dangerous now, just wait a few years.

    So if you live in The Banana Republic of America and have a gun, I suggest you keep it in a nice, safe, secure place. You’re going to need it.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Gary needs to take a break form the drugs.

  • Concerned Reader
  • scott bowlan

    crime is bound to increase.
    when millions of people loose every thing they have nothing else to loose and when those people are fighting to get by crime will increase.
    millions will soon loose their extended unemployment benifets and when that happens they have no were to go but on the street and onto welfare.
    this time around the gov wont step in and bail out these states who are in the red.
    benifets stop the dollar crashes and economic colapce follows.
    crime will indeed pick up from 2011 all the way into 2012 and probaly behond.

  • BKM


    # 1… What is going to happen to America?…

    > Read ” Deuteronomy 28:15-68 “…


    # 2… Why is it happenning?…

    > GOD is angry with his people (Israel / Jacob) ( changed by GOD…Genesis 35:10)

    > They have forgotten the 3 most important days of GOD, transgressed against him & his laws, sinned against him, and

    forgotten to obey his commandments … Leviticus 23:2…THESE ARE MY HOLY FEASTS…( NOT THE JEW’S )

    > 1) The Sabbath – 2) The Passover – 3) All the Holy Days of GOD and his seasons…

    > Sabbath-Breaking is a prime reason for the anger of GOD – ” Nehemiah 13:18 “…also Exodus 31:12-17 says: is Holy,is a covenant forever,a

    perpetual covenant,a sign between God & us …

    > 1) The Sabbath has been replaced by Sunday (LOOK IT UP-CHECK IT OUT-SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH-“1st Thessalonians 5:21 KJV”-

    “PROVE ALL THINGS”) Constatine & the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to Sunday…

    2) The Passover has been replaced by Easter – A PAGAN God & HOLIDAY-

    3) All the Holy Days of GOD have been replaced by Chritmas,Halloween,etc.,ALL PAGAN !

    # 3… Who is Israel?…

    > ” 2nd Kings 17:34 “… Jacob’s name changed to “Israel” by GOD …also ” Psalms 105:23 “…& also ” Genesis 35:10…

    > Israel (Jacob) had 4 wives & 12 sons… wife Leah had Reuben,the firstborn & 5 more sons…Rachel had Joseph & 1 more son…Bilhah had 2 sons &

    Zilpah had 2 sons…Reuben slept with Bilhah & therefore cancelled his firstborn birthright blessings, so GOD gave the blessings to Joseph ( next

    in line )… The decendants of Reuben are the people of France,today…

    > Joseph, had 2 sons Ephraim (England) and Маnasseh (America)

    > ” Let my name be named on them ” (Ephraim & Manasseh) ” Genesis 48:16 “…

    > America is Israel ! (As well as England)


    # 4… When did all these problems begin?…

    > Around “1982”

    > Read ” Daniel 4:20-23 “…

    > The tree symbolizes BABYLON, and was cut down & iron and brass were strapped to the stump

    > Iron and brass symbolize the end of growth until times of the end

    > Iron also symbolizes Rome (the Republican form of government)

    > The brass or bronze symbolizes Greece (the Democratic form of government)

    > We,at this time, have lost our Republic

    > Republics usually lasts for about 200 +/- years

    > Benjamin Franklin was asked – “What kind of Government do we have ?” He said – “A Republic,if you can keep it”…

    > Punishment = 7 years for Nebuchadnezzar, also 7 X 360 = 2520 years ( 360 = lunar/solar day calendar ) until the iron & brass are removed so that

    BABYLON will again rise

    > 360 days = 1 year for 1 day

    > 2520 + 539 BC = “1981”

    > ” 1981 + 1 year (1 for the year “0”), = “1982”
    > If you want to get technical – add the 2 year discrepency in the Roman calendar & you get…” 1984 “…


  • John Wayne

    1% of the population owns 99% of the wealth. The elitists have all the money, all the power (they own the government and have since the later 1930’s) and the rest of the country is starving, suffering and now resorting to crime. The sad part is that the crime is not targeted against the super wealthy (who insulate themselves in gated communities) but against the very people who are suffering right along side the criminals. There is ZERO leadership in Washington and local governments will not stand up and take control of their communities.

  • It’s interesting to see the development of a “vigilante” organization in Detroit. I’m aware of other efforts like this cropping up around the country (and have talked with someone who is part of one). The simple fact is that if the police are not able to provide protection, people are not going to remain sitting idly by and hoping that their victim number doesn’t get drawn next. The other fact is that the police themselves are simply modern versions of the medieval town watch, themselves a paid version of volunteer citizens who kept watch over their homes and businesses at night. We can expect to see a lot more activity like this as the systems of government fail and the world slowly descends into the new dark age.

  • Alan

    An awful lot of fearmongoring here.

    Sex crimes do not go up due to bad economic times. False allegations have certainly risen, along with false prosecutions, due to the now-entrenched practise of accusing men of abuse to gain power in divorce and custody cases.

    That such things can and do lead to hatred and division between men and women is exactly what the state likes.

    Regarding not enough police to attend crimes, give that some thought. Far from reducing unnecessary expenses, such as recycling bin inspections and other such garbage, notice how at the slightest hint of cuts, the politicians immediately threaten police, education and fire-fighting?

    It’s blackmail people, wake up.

    As for ‘anarchy’ without the police, you’ll probably be surprised.

    Anarchy isn’t the problem, it’s the solution.

  • Agreed, armed guards will become ever more in
    demand. In fact, recently I’ve been tossing
    around the idea of getting together with several
    other former-marines and forming a company. One
    thing I will tell you, there’s always going to
    be SOMEONE with money out there. They’ll be more
    than able to hire several bodyguards for a 24/7
    365 security. And as for punks breaking into my
    home or car to steal food? I’ll give ’em food:
    a lead sandwich, with a side of machete.

  • charley hardman

    please. the “sex offender” registry has made a joke of itself by including public urinators, teens having consensual sex with slightly younger teens, and the falsely accused (as mentioned above). it’s also artificially expanded by adding in similarly fringe non-recidivists from as far back as the busybody tyrants think they can go.

    the article basically ignores the largest crime gangs in this country — those calling themselves “government” so they can receive the violence monopoly pass far too many are happy to ignore in favor of smaller fish.

    my home has been burglarized twice in two years. it’s a blessing compared to the systematic sadism and parasitism of the state. this article’s more a reflection of brainwashing than a crime analysis.

  • It is simply not true, as the author claims, that the United States has the most murders in the world, measuring either total raw numbers or per capita.

    Total murders:

    # 1 India: 37,170
    # 2 Russia: 28,904
    # 3 Colombia: 26,539
    # 4 South Africa: 21,553
    # 5 United States: 16,204

    Per capita —- a better measure —- the U.S. is not even in the top 20:

    # 1 Colombia: 0.617847 per 1,000 people
    # 2 South Africa: 0.496008 per 1,000 people
    # 3 Jamaica: 0.324196 per 1,000 people
    # 4 Venezuela: 0.316138 per 1,000 people
    # 5 Russia: 0.201534 per 1,000 people
    # 6 Mexico: 0.130213 per 1,000 people
    # 7 Estonia: 0.107277 per 1,000 people
    # 8 Latvia: 0.10393 per 1,000 people
    # 9 Lithuania: 0.102863 per 1,000 people
    # 10 Belarus: 0.0983495 per 1,000 people
    # 11 Ukraine: 0.094006 per 1,000 people
    # 12 Papua New Guinea: 0.0838593 per 1,000 people
    # 13 Kyrgyzstan: 0.0802565 per 1,000 people
    # 14 Thailand: 0.0800798 per 1,000 people
    # 15 Moldova: 0.0781145 per 1,000 people
    # 16 Zimbabwe: 0.0749938 per 1,000 people
    # 17 Seychelles: 0.0739025 per 1,000 people
    # 18 Zambia: 0.070769 per 1,000 people
    # 19 Costa Rica: 0.061006 per 1,000 people
    # 20 Poland: 0.0562789 per 1,000 people
    # 21 Georgia: 0.0511011 per 1,000 people
    # 22 Uruguay: 0.045082 per 1,000 people
    # 23 Bulgaria: 0.0445638 per 1,000 people
    # 24 United States: 0.042802 per 1,000 people

  • Some of the news that we have yet to mention on the airwaves is too devastating and we want the public to be aware of things without them feeling sick to their stomachs. Our news station here in Washington, D.C. got word from the Montgomery County Police along with the Gaithersburg City Police about some latino man sleeping in a lady’s apartment in Londonderry Apts. in her bed in which at the St. Martins Soup Kitchen in Gaithersburg, a latino man came over to her table and asked her to marry him. When she refused, the man went into her pocketbook while she was in a restroom to look up her address and the next day, the guy broke into her apartment on King James Way to climb in her bed while whe was at her sister’s place in Damascus. This is the kind of behavior that exists today. Not only high crime but more bizarre crime, according to FBI and local police reports.


    The violent Salvadoran gang MS-13 has cells, or “cliques,” in 42 states. States reporting no MS-13 presence:

    • Alaska
    • Delaware
    • Maine
    • Minnesota
    • North Dakota
    • New Hampshire
    • New Mexico
    • Vermont

    Source: FBI
    Statistics prove that the MS-13, SUR-13 and Latin Kings work for al-Qaeda in which the al-Qaeda network hires the latino gangs to carry out their missions here in the U.S. for the behest of al-Qaeda, e.g., the local criminals terrorize the neighborhoods and send the money obtained during the robberies and murders through Western Union to al-Qaeda terrorists overseas so they can build bombs and other incendiary devices to attack America and the American law enforcement.

  • Please Read This Report Before Traveling!

    Tempe murder rate highest since 2000
    By Matt Hendley March 10, 2012 at 11:31 am

    HIGH CRIME: Tempe’s homicide rate for 2010 is the highest it’s been in a decade. There have been 12 reported murders so far this year. (Photo by Taylor Lineberger)
    On Sept. 30, the body of 48-year-old Casey Blackwood was pulled from a Dumpster in a Tempe alleyway — the 11th homicide victim for Tempe police since January.

    Blackwood’s body was discovered near 10th Street and Ash Avenue, within earshot of the ASU campus. A stab wound was determined to be the cause of his death, according to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office, and police officials said they didn’t believe his death was inadvertent.

    Less than three weeks later, 21-year-old ASU political science student Zachary Marco was gunned down near University Drive and Rural Road in an apparent robbery attempt, becoming the 12th homicide victim of the year, Tempe police spokesman Sgt. Steve Carbajal said.

    These cases are in addition to the backlog of unsolved homicides of 2010. Tempe police found the bodies of John Louis Call, 19, and James Sheldon Mosteller, 53, Aug. 5 after the men were shot execution-style at Mosteller’s business on the 1700 block of East Curry Road in Tempe. Benjamin Zamora, 34, was found shot and killed at a Motel 6 on the 500 block of West Broadway Road in Tempe on June 21.

    And that’s only five of the 12 slayings reported this year.

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