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Is Moving Out Of The United States A Way To Escape The Coming Economic Collapse?

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With the U.S. economy in a death spiral, many Americans have been wondering if moving out of the United States is a way to escape the coming economic collapse.  While it is true that the U.S. economy will drag down the rest of the economies around the globe at least to an extent, the reality is that someone living on an island in the middle of nowhere will be able to weather the coming economic storm a whole lot better than someone in New York or Los Angeles.  But is moving out of the United States a practical alternative?  First of all, it is very important to realize that moving some to another country can cause a massive culture shock.  Even a nation that you would think would be somewhat similar such as the U.K. can be radically different from what most Americans are accustomed to.  In addition, in some cases there can be huge taxes and fees imposed on those moving to a new country.

But if you are looking for a change and are ready for something different, moving to another country may work out for you.  In particular, moving to another country tends to work out for those who already have money and do not have to work.  The dollar is still strong in many areas of the world (especially the third world), so if you have a sufficient bankroll saved up there are areas of the world where you can literally live like a king.

However, if you still need to work, moving to another country can present a huge challenge.  The truth is that wages in many areas of the world (especially in the third world) are much lower than in the United States.  On the flip side, the cost of living is often much lower in other areas of the world.

So is moving to another country the right answer for everyone?  No, of course not.  But for some people it may be a wonderful alternative.

To give you more of a perspective on moving out of the United States, we have posted two comments from our readers below.  The first is from a reader named Chris who is very excited about moving his family to the Philippines.  The second is from a reader named John who provides an alternative viewpoint on what living in the Philippines is like….


Well I feel the same way as Mae does. I can see what is the possible outcome; a deflationary depression, an inflationary depression, dollar devaluation, confiscation of our money, confiscation of gold, a “freeze” on our savings accounts, etc…

Well so what is our solution? Well my wife is a Filipino American. She was born here. But she has very close ties to her ancestral homeland. So we are going to move in April 2010. We are going to move to a remote town/village. We already bought some land under her father’s name who lives there now and had a beautiful 3000 square foot Spanish villa built two years ago. Plus we bought lots and lots of land where we can grow our own organic food and raise chickens.

Even though as a whole the Philippines is a poor society, they are moving forward. If you have about $150,000 or more, you can live like a king with all of the Western accommodations. If you are living in the U.S.A. then move. Our country won’t be the same in the next coming years. I will wait for this storm to pass. Then I can either choose to stay in the Philippines or come back to America.

Remember, whatever you do, prepare yourself. “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.


I was talking to a friend here in the Philippines this afternoon who has two young adult children who are both working full time jobs. He is worried that they will NEVER be able to have a home of their own or even ever an apartment. They both work for Call centers and their jobs USED to based in the USA. They are happy to have a job but they are only earning 13,000 pesos a month. That is about $300 !!!

The same exact job in the states is paying over $400 a week! The of living is less in the Philippines BUT things are NOT so cheap that you could have a home of your own. $300 a month is NOT very much money NO MATTER where in the world you live. The cost of gasoline is MORE here, about $4.00 a gallon. Going out to eat at McDonalds appears to cost less BUT the serving sizes are less so in the long run you pay the same. The wages for a McDonalds employee is about $7 a day so the employees can not even afford to eat at McDonalds!

The employers are making MILLIONS off of the cheap labor. The jobs that used to be in the states are NOW here but the BOSS MAN is making even MORE PROFIT. The employers do not have the misc. taxes to pay like they would in the states. The wages are obviously several hundred dollars or more LESS than the same job in the states. These employers have NOT reduced the cost of their products or services so they are really raking in the bucks.

The american people have lost their jobs and they will NOT see them return. And the people here who are now doing those same jobs are not much better off. The filipino employees are wise enough to understand they are being taken advantage of but there is nothing they can do. They need a job also, so complaining about the low wages does nothing. There are thousands that will take the job you do not want.

Many areas in the Philippines are incredibly wealthy. You see housing developments that the average american could not afford to live in. I see cars that cost tens of thousands of dollars on the road everyday. They have huge shopping malls that are bursting at the seams with stores in EVERY retail location. Unlike the mall in my home town of Cedar Rapids Iowa. The mall there looks like a GHOST TOWN.

The only people that are winning are the CORPORATIONS that are raking in huge profits while the little guy suffers.

  • sharonsj

    When I was waiting to hit 65 so I could get Medicare, I joked about moving to Mexico or Cuba so I could get medical treatment. I never did and I’m still in the U.S. and I don’t plan to move even if things fall apart. The U.S. has fabulous resources: water, trees, plants, animals, you name it, plus areas that are very conducive to living. Too many other countries are dangerous and just don’t have the choices that we have. Don’t forget that America is a HUGE country, compared to most others.

    • brad hart

      So huge if your not doing good in one part or need a change move to another part or state that can be totally different.

  • Hi,
    I do not agree; you only need about US$ 1,500
    per month to live in the Philippines.
    And we are going great at this moment with our retirement villages for foreigners.

  • Concerned Reader

    I figure that I will go down with the ship. When the American economy catches a cold, the global economy contracts neumonia. There is a strong possiblity that a depression or economic collpase will occur in the near future.

    The American dream, or fantasy, is quickly fading from many people’s lives. Younger generations will probably not be able to experience the freedoms and privaledges that the older generations once possessed. We have spent our inheritance and lived in haze of spending and believing that the good times would go on forever for a long time and it is time to pay the piper.

    Despite all of these gloomy topics and responses, America will survive what ever is coming down the pipe. We have always had the ability to perciever over obstacles. This is why I look at things with a sense of optimism. No matter how bad things get, people should hope for the best and try to hold to what ever humanity they have at their disposal.

    • geriatric typhoon

      yeah, well, i don’t think that there is ANY u.s. history to support your statement, unfortunately

  • ann

    Don’t assume that those countries want a bunch of loud obnoxious egotistical americans moving in to their society, because we screwed up ours. Why move to a third world country, like the philippines, when that’s were america is headed anyway? Look at detroit, that’s the new america. You’d be better off moving into the american wilderness instead.

  • Eli

    I get a kick out of the propaganda that “if America catches a cold the rest of the world will get a flu”. America is not the only game in town and it is very arrogant for us to think so. At the end of World War 2 America was the preeminent world power. That is not the case anymore.

    Half of our Fortune 1000 companies revenues come from overseas and that is going to increase. Many so called “third world countries” are rapidly developing. Don’t believe me? At one time in the 1960’s and 1970’s Japan without any natural resources was a laughing stock that only made “cheap exported goods”. Look at them now. The same is being said of Brazil, China and India today.

    Please do take a balanced and logical view of things. Not all is gloom and doom in our world.

    • geriatric typhoon

      depopulation is. and boy, uh, population is biggest in those very countries.

  • Gamburger

    Hah. Does anyone think that the “third world countries” will be hapy to meet crouds of american emigrants who want to live like kings and to do nothing? Do you thing that citizens of such countries will be hapy to lost their jobs because a clever american guy came and got his job?

    look at mexicans un the US and other illegal emigrants who live in US like criminals because they dont have visas etc. here is the analogy.

    you should be ready to work … move to the villages and small towns, by a farm if possible. You will have what to eat and what to sell then.

    Dont rely on a dollar and its value. you never know whether it will cost anything in a couple of months. So even if you have some earnings and holding them under your mattress – you may loose everything.

    No more services based economy for the nearest future. No one will need landscape design, yoga classes, and stuff like that in case of global economy collapse. only those who produce real products and goods will be able to overcome it.

  • AmericanInOz

    I can validate Eli’s comments. I am an American that immigrated to Australia in 2001 (after Bush took office). My wife and I didn’t like what we saw coming. Politically, culturally, financially and socially.

    When Big Media first started covering the US’s economic problems here in 2008 they drug out the old phrase “When America catches a cold Australia gets a flu”. Two plus years on and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The economy here is going great guns, and demand from Asia and a better government are a good part of the reason.

    House prices are having solid gains every year, unemployment is reasonably steady, and the federal reserve is trying to raise interest rates to cool the economy (.25% again today)

    To that point, the government here doesn’t subsidise 30 year fixed mortgages the way they do in the US, so they can still manage the economy by slightly manipulating interest rates. The longest you can fix a mortgage for is 5 years, at a very high premium, so most people don’t.

    America has become an after thought, if not the laughing stock, of many Australians. It saddens me to see how far everything has fallen over there. I no longer try to defend the US or the American people. The time for real public outrage passed many years ago, and I have not only given up on the government, but also on the people themselves. So many dear family and friends spend their lives watching TV while their freedoms, lifestyle, culture and wealth were/are being destroyed around them. Ignorant and apathetic to the realities of the real world. Living with some strange notion of the past as if it represents the present.

    Not all is doom and gloom here. And although it could still come, if it does it will have little, if nothing at all, to do with the problems in America.

  • Jonathan

    To AmericanInOz, you should google Steve Keene’s DebtWatch site.

    He’s extensively chronicled the Oz economy. Y’all are just a couple years behind the curve.

  • Big J

    The only way I could see myself moving to another country is if I knew I didn’t have to work once I got there.

  • Soon To Be A Retiree

    Bottom Line: You can’t possibly live comfortably on $1,500 a month here in US.
    Solution: Move back to the Philippines (where I was born), and live a low-key, stress-free life.
    PROS: Low Cost Of Living, Language not a problem, Plenty of friendly folks.
    CONS: Quality of medical care, pollution, noise, high humidity, traffic density.
    COMPROMISE: Live 1/2 of the year in Pinas, 1/2 in US.

  • We moved to Chile almost 3 years ago and are really enjoying it. We had plenty of ‘push’ to escape, and Chile provided lots of ‘pull’. There is a language issue, but everything else is great.

  • Lina B.

    5 years ago I thought I had everything planned – I got caught in the real estate bubble and now in a negative equity situation on my home. Being self-employed in the financial services also made matters worse. I’ve decided to walk away from my mortgage, took early SS retirement, and with what was left on my IRA, I decided to move to the Philippines, where my money & pension can still go a long way. I figured it will take at least 5-10 years before real estate will pick up again – but I decided I didn’t want to wait around til it picks up. I’m back to basics the same way I started when I first immigrated to the US – cash and carry.
    The US is way overleveraged, including its citizens. Just back to the basics – food, clothing, shelter. And have enough left to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
    Our children and grandchildren will bear the brunt of all this financial disaster….

  • Marianne

    This reminds me of a story I once heard about a European man in the late 1930s who saw that war was brewing. So he looked around the world and found a great spot to escape to — a beautiful Pacific Island called Guadalcanal.

  • Lily

    Don’t bother going to a lot of effort. The US is, even now, the vanguard for western civilization. Once the US falls (soon), the vanguard will be gone. Waiting in the wings is a Nazi-style global governance that will control even the tiniest retirement village Phillipines, South America, where ever. You can run, but you can’t hide.

    • geriatric typhoon

      the u.s. is the pilot project, and extending beyond that is not so easy. but expect an all-out directed-energy-weapons experiment.

      • geriatric typhoon

        and, of course, the pleasant, thick chemical clouds from the now planet-ubiquitous chem trail program. that will mean bat-*****-nuts weathers. droughts and torrents like never before.

  • LibertyCzar

    What a bunch of cowards! Please move and leave the U.S.A. to the Patriots.

    • John

      The “Patriots” who accept to be sprayed with chemtrails and who believe a bunch of Arabs took down the WTC towers and a couple Chechens bombed Boston Marathon and keep on believing what your criminal fascist government tells you. You can have the entire USA and its noxious aerosols infected skies. Be brave and breathe in your dose of chemtrails, raise the US flag and go kill your neighbour and blame it on the French.

  • Rick Montanari

    Don’t count on any socialsecurity or other funds being forwarded to you. If you escape, you will have to take all your assetts with you. Don’t forget we still have the 2nd amendment here, so one can have a reasonable chance to protect oneself.

    • geriatric typhoon

      against depleted uranium pyrotechnics aimed at your house? the worlds most futuristic juggernaut military power in u.n. clothing and hideous israelis behind the estupid personnel – aimed at your house?? best wishes with your shotguns.

  • John Michael

    I moved to Ensenada Mexico in 2000. It was the best thing I ever did for my future because there is no future in America. I now enjoy more freedom than I ever had in the US. Spanish is easy to learn and the people are much more friendly here. There are lots of ex-pats here also. In the coming years the US is going to be the worst place to be. Escape now while you still can.


    The only safe place is in the center of the will of YAHOVAH GOD THE FATHER.

    We all are apointed a time to die – what matters is do you know His son Jesus Christ

    Nothing else matters

    • geriatric typhoon

      soaked charcoal, morphine, and freedom matter to fallible humans.

  • James Neeley

    Come guys…wake up…don’t act like a bunch of snbbling 3 year olds. America has been blessed by God with incredible beauty and a rich diversity of people. Just live simply within your means and peacefully with your nieghbor and DO NOT forget God and everything will be ok. When was the last time you drove through and camped in one of our national parks? When was the last time you thanked God for the beauty and innocence of children and your beautiful wife? The saying rings true…”SATISFACTION…it not about having what you want…its about wanting what you have”. Gods peace be upon you all!

    • geriatric typhoon

      well, in light of d.h.s., anyone would need truly effective drugs to see it that way.

    • Moshe

      Actually prayer is good for you.

  • peter romer

    Australia, much better than the US. All pros, no cons. The place to be to weather the storm

  • Jay

    I’m leaving too. But since the Bible says “a days wages for a day’s bread, and no place to hide,” the only country I’m interested in is out of this world while God takes out His wrath on the remaining earth dwellers. CNN will probably tell them that I had to go get my carma adjustment because my carma ran over my dogma.

    • geriatric typhoon

      yeah, but it will suck getting there. just read-up on such history. you are good with the physics of human torture. i am not so certain that too many people would be. you know, probably the various tortures will seem really decent for one in a million.

  • Airborne71

    I have been looking into Panama . I see a lot of good reasons to move there , First the main language is English from the american presence when the canal had US bases there. next the US dollar is the legal tender of panama. Third , out side of the citys the real estate is not that expensive . and the cost of living is quite reasonable. I still am doing more research and have not made up my mind yet , Belieze is also on my mind but thats because I love the ocean !!

  • Amman

    I feel that the people of America no longer owe America. They may have guns but you can’t eat guns.

    Anyway, it is a large country / continent and no one action, such as moving away, can fit everybody.

    Also, It’s one BIG Continent – remember that. And lots of smart people who can make good moves INSIDE their country… and some, outside.


    It doesn’t matter where you live. If people don’t wake up and take their country and government back as the rest of the world must do we are all doomed.There isn’t a two party system in America as democrats and republicans have all been bought and paid for by the same people.Presidents haven’t been elected in over fifty years, they are selected by the Bilderberger’s, Trilaterals and CFR boy’s.

    • geriatric typhoon

      even kennedy? he was an accident?

      • a dead one they didnt get their way and thats what happens

  • peggy rickard

    The only safe place is in Jesus. There’s many people who can not leave. Remember the people who have situations that keep them bound here. God promised to fight for us and be with us to the very end. He will not forsake his people. All will happen the way he said. There is a city who’s maker is God. What better place to be.

    • godisazealot

      You’re “god” forsakes his people every second of everyday. wake up.

    • Daron

      “Flee out of Babylon;
      leave the land of the Babylonians,
      and be like the goats that lead the flock.
      9 For I will stir up and bring against Babylon
      an alliance of great nations from the land of the north.
      They will take up their positions against her,
      and from the north she will be captured.
      Their arrows will be like skilled warriors
      who do not return empty-handed.
      10 So Babylonia[b] will be plundered;
      all who plunder her will have their fill,”
      declares the Lord.

      11 “Because you rejoice and are glad,
      you who pillage my inheritance,
      because you frolic like a heifer threshing grain
      and neigh like stallions,
      12 your mother will be greatly ashamed;
      she who gave you birth will be disgraced.
      She will be the least of the nations—
      a wilderness, a dry land, a desert.
      13 Because of the Lord’s anger she will not be inhabited
      but will be completely desolate.
      All who pass Babylon will be appalled;
      they will scoff because of all her wounds.

      14 “Take up your positions around Babylon,
      all you who draw the bow.
      Shoot at her! Spare no arrows,
      for she has sinned against the Lord.
      15 Shout against her on every side!
      She surrenders, her towers fall,
      her walls are torn down.
      Since this is the vengeance of the Lord,
      take vengeance on her;
      do to her as she has done to others.

  • Bruce Bethany

    We moved to the French Riviera 10 years ago when we retired. Cost of living here
    in Nice is much less than New York or
    any other major American city. We’re on the sea, a big plus, near Italy, also a big
    plus, and we enjoy terrific food that we
    can afford. The medical system in France
    is incomparable and truly inexpensive compared to the U.S. We calculated our fixed living expenses for the year: it
    came to 11,000 Euros, or about $15,000
    for all our taxes, medical coverage, utilities, condo fees, dentistry, etc. We
    live in a 2 bedroom top floor condo with a very large terrace and 2 balconies.
    There’s plenty of money left for travel, dining out, movies, and quick jaunts up
    to London and Paris for culture and ethnic food (especially London). Don’t
    regret the move at all.

    • geriatric typhoon

      thanks bruce

    • tom

      bruce, how do you handle the passport issue of renewing? very interested in moving. -tom

  • Jay

    Don’t worry Bruce. All that is about to change because France is under God’s judgement too. Don’t get too comfortable there with all of the culture and comforts because they will be short lived. Spend your time telling people to repent before it is forever too late. And remember, the French had a revolution that was nasty enough to make the history books.

  • Cat Callahan

    There are several websites predicting a poleshift. If this is true, an island paradise could quickly turn into a watery graveyard. If we do get world government, no matter where we live, if we are Christians, we will be spending most of our time avoiding having our chip implanted for further control.I only hope that Jesus does arrive-and sooner rather than later!

  • Don

    You stupid americans always care only about your own ass, who needs you anywhere.

    • geriatric typhoon

      there is no such thing as americans donnn. just humans dude.

    • John

      Hahaha! So right! 🙂

    • Moshe

      Hahaha, so true!

  • Skeptic

    Well, the posted photo looks like the southern region of the Big Island of Hawaii — still in the US, and where I have made my home. Put up food storage, live on the east side where you can install a 1500 gallon water catchment tank linked to your roof and enjoy no heating or cooling bills. To each his/her own, but homes are cheaper now, mostly friendly people around, not perfect but only 100,000 people on the island. Unlike the golden hoards that will swarm when things get bad. JMHO.

  • Skeptic

    Correction — my water tank is 15,000 gallons 😉

  • Steve N.

    Remember, the FALSE CHRIST COMES FIRST to clean up all of this mess and “rapture” people away. Don’t fall for it, folks!

  • priehl

    Airborne71, if you think the main language of Panamá is English, you might want to look into it just a *little* further. Land outside “the cities” (?) may be inexpensive in places where English is NOT widely spoken and few expats choose to live. Visit Bocas del Toro or Boquete and let us know what real estate you find that is “not that expensive,” mmmk?

  • Bill

    It’s all a state of mind. Desire what you already have.

  • But for some people it may be a wonderful alternative.

    It’s worked for me and I love it.

  • There are over 100,000 Americans living in Costa Rica and loving it. Things are getting stronger here everyday and in most schools they teach English for half the day and Spanish for the other. The majority of the people like Americans and if you want to have it shipped here you can get everything here that you can get there. WalMart is the largest retail chain here as well as there.
    This week Costa Rica moved ahead of the US in medical care. A huge % of the national income is from Medical Tourism. They are using adult stem cell treatment here to cure MS, Heart Decease, diabetes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cancer and many other conditions. A good source for getting information on Costa Rica is the Association of Residents of Costa Rica. . They have a seminar once a month that brings in Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, Shippers, Realtors, Investment Councilors and many other experts to brief you on the pros and cons of moving to Costa Rica. There are many communities here that are all American and the “Culture Shock” is nonexistent. The weather is perfect and they have never had a hurricane.

    • geriatric typhoon

      you are as high as @%$% james. just saying. if any human could choose to take-on the ugly-american brown-bag. man, you absolutely have.

    • Moshe

      Costa Rica is the craphole that only USAmericans can love.

  • America is and will be the main power for a long time. Just look at the size of our economy even though it is wounded. Also, 90% of all nations use the dollar as a reserve currency, if we fail and that is a good possibility, than I would not want to be in a third world country as an American. Good way to get killed and since guns are not allowed in most nations, you would be defenseless. I was born an American and I will die as one, not leaving since things might get ugly. Suck it up and man up–Prepare, study and live life to the fullest.

    • I agreed with this at one time. Now via executive fiat, we will be losing our guns. I am OUT of here.

      • this is true without gunz they will move in place their new order and no one will b able to leave or fight back

        • Moshe

          Think Soviet Union when the borders were closed and closely guarded. That’s what they are planning for the USA. I dined often with influential people and I know what they are up to.

    • John

      20 years ago they said “USA economy is unwoundable, it will bounce back”. Now that it is on its knees, a few more “managed injuries” and “inside jobs” with a few more trillions tons of “chemtrails” sprayed onto us to “globalize” and to “depopulate” and it will go down under like a baby. I’m out.

    • Moshe

      I agree with him too.

  • Mongoos

    Not all Americans are “ugly Americans.” We are guests in the host country and most expats act as such. I retired in Sept 2009 and plan on living, teaching, and writing in Thailand. I have lived and worked overseas before, so this is nothing new for me. You make do and blend in and stay out of trouble. Leave your attitudes and preconceptions at the door when you check in. Otherwise, you will be creating problems for those of us who wish to live in peace and enjoy the pleasures of a different culture.

  • Costa Rica is now full of drugs..why would you want to live there–behind a gated community at best? This is better than america?

    • geriatric typhoon

      it is indeed.

    • the guy bellow me is right

  • Panama is way over blown also.Remember it is the REAL ESTATE LIARS WHO ARE PUSHING THESE STORIES..DON’T BE DUPED..

  • HAWAII,ANYWHERE–IS EXPENSIVE for any average mainlander..Again..follow the $$$ see who is pushing all these bs stories..

  • Belieze is now the drug transhipment point of Central America–enjoy..

  • Bill

    Best places as far as quality of life? Social Democratic countries like Scandanavia- Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark
    If language is a problem Canada would be the closest best choice, then Australia, New Zealand, and for Central America, Costa Rica would be the number one choice for climate, civility, medical care and a beautiful environment.

    For most places that provide good quality of life, expect to pay high taxes, which most civilized countries, yours excepted, equate with civilization. I’m afraid you folks are letting your inherent selfishness, ignorance of other cultures, militarism and a “screw you Jack, I’ve got mine” mentality destroy you.

    Better than moving, stay there and try to turn things around. You have too much that is still good to lose it all. We’re all hoping-well, your firends are anyway- that you’ll pull out of this before its too late.
    Time is running out folks.

    Bill in Canada

    • geriatric typhoon

      and you are also high bill. do some research dood!!

    • “screw you Jack, I’ve got mine” mentality destroy you.

      this is true but thiers no turning it around ever seen a middle class man run for prez no you wont and never will thats why we are leaving

  • jw

    ‘Waiting in the wings is a Nazi-style global governance that will control even the tiniest retirement village Phillipines, South America, where ever. You can run, but you can’t hide.’

    There are certainly unscrupulous men who would like to push global government. They certainly have well-paid Blackwater/Xe thugs and less-well-paid local cops.

    But they don’t have an infinite number of thugs, and they prefer easy targets. It is indeed possible to run and hide – not 100% guaranteed, but it’s possible.

  • Gringo in Brazil

    I recently made the move to Brazil with my family based primarily on the social and economic factors I witnessed and experienced. In Michigan, I found my business drying up, my home value plummeting, the job market disappearing, etc. More importantly, if the youth I saw at the malls and high schools are any indication of the future leadership of our country; we are in serious trouble. With less than 50% of our youth even graduating from High School, how do we stand a chance.

    Fortunately I speak fluent Portuguese so I am able to adapt. I am earning about $1,300/mo plus commissions which is enough for a simple apartment and living expenses. My wife is looking for the right job and should be able to earn about the same which will afford us a modest lifestyle.

    Most Americans couldn’t cope with the heat, mosquitoes, open sewers, long lines, hellish traffic, and other cultural issues, unless they could afford to live in a luxury neighborhood and have a maid and personal assistant. However, the outlook here in Brazil is very positive. Most young people are investing in their education and advancement. I liken it to stepping back 70 years in our country and being on the verge of a great industrial revolution that I can be a part of. I have decided it is better to be starting at the bottom of the hill, climbing towards the top, then to be at the top and sliding out of control towards the bottom.

    If you can afford it, do what my wife and I did, we took a two month “vacation” a couple of years ago, rented a furnished apartment and did a trial “residency” in which we had time to evaluate the pros and cons. When we moved here last month, we were well prepared, knowing what we were getting into, bringing along the necessary items and resources to be able to live relatively comfortably.

    If you can master the native language sufficiently (or take an immersion course when you arrive for 6 months), you can often get a job at a language school, or company needing bi-lingual workers or professionals. Best bet is to scour the classifieds online ahead of time so you have something guaranteed when you arrive.

  • AsiaExpat

    Singapore is the best place to live and work. It has a real future and very reasonable taxes. Peaceful, modern, they even speak English (kind of). Bring your best attitude and a necktie, because you have to work and you have to be kind to your neighbors. Who wants to be cloistered nervously behind a wall, anyway?

    • John

      Cars in Singapore are also very cheap, only US$400,000 for a Toyota family car.

      • SunshineSunshineSunshine

        Hot and humid 24/7? Sounds good.

  • Tabitha Elkins

    Well, if you want to stay and fend off hungry marauders with your arsenal of guns, or if you fancy yourself a “patriot” and don’t mind being shot or thrown in jail, then, by all means, stay.

    This goes for you so-called “Christians” who don’t mind supporting a fascist or dictatorship government (that almost certainly will be installing itself soon), and who think that being a Christian means passively waiting around for a “rapture” while your neighbor is being tortured in prison. Enjoy the view. Jesus is surely not impressed with your wishy washy “faith”.

    As for me, I left 6 years ago. I live in Europe. The economy is not too great here, either, but I have work, a social safety net, health insurance, a cheap standard of living (about 300 US dollars a month rent), free university tuition, healthy food (they still do food inspections over here), great public transit, culture, and best of all, I still have my civil rights. Is it perfect? No, of course not. But it’s better than living in a tent in the woods, or sleeping in a car, which is what most Americans (except for the very rich) can look forward to.

    I got out when I could. I worked three jobs to save my money, got in on a tourist visa (3 months), found work, THEN applied for the work visa/residency. I spent considerable time and money on learning a new language, but it’s worth it.

    For most of you, it’s too late. If your savings are gone, and you can’t even afford a plane ticket, well then, I guess you can pray that somehow you will have a meal and a warm bed in the next few years.

    Whose fault is it? Many laughed at me when I left. They were too proud to admit that America was going to hell in a handbasket. They all robotically repeated that “America is still the best place to live” and ignored the many homeless people sleeping on the streets, and increase in poverty. They ignored the many innocent thrown in jail and tortured, the unjust laws. It’s the passivity, stupidity and greed of the American people who paved the way to misfortune. The many “wealth and prosperity” addicts, with their “me first” mantra- they begin now reap what they have sown. Now, they will have to pay a dear price for their pride. They will continue to believe the propaganda until they, themselves are victims. But then it will be too late.

    As for those who say that they are “patriots”- where were you for the last 10 or fifteen years? Don’t make me laugh. Armchair patriots and couch potato activists aren’t going to achieve anything. When others were suffering, you were silent. Now the job cuts and evictions are coming to your nieghborhood, and suddenly you are “patriots”? Hah. Don’t make me laugh.

    • John

      Where are you at? Hungary? USA is not that bad if you move to the South-East or the North-West such as Montana.

      • Moshe

        If you want to live among rednecks who would love to cut electric wires under your house or leave them exposed in the attic for you to get electrocuted. Beware of the South. There are lots of evil electricians out there. And other kind of companies and individuals who are ready to set you up on “fire” if you are not one of theirs.

    • Arlene B

      Hi, Tabitha; would be curious. Are you still where you were when you wrote this? Send a private email message to me. I am interested i knowing more.

  • Lonewolf

    Screw US. And for those jesus-lovers out there, won´t you never think in stop bothering everyone else with that nonsense? It´s an absolute nonsense to say something like “the only safe place is in Jesus” THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE!! JESUS WAS A POLITICAL LEADER, NOT A “PLACE TO BE” YOU CRAZY WOMAN!

  • Saigonbrian

    I’ve lived in China, Vietnam, and am currently living in Malaysia for the last few years. I’ve also traveled extensively during that time. Given the likely future problems in the US it’s certainly prudent to at least evaluate an alternative.

    Our top two choices would be New Zealand (NZ) and Costa Rica (CR) with Malaysia coming in 3rd. NZ and CR are both beautiful countries and pretty much self-sufficient in needed resources. English, of course, is the language of NZ and it is widely spoken in CR. Though if you choose a country where English is not the native language; you’d be way better off learning the local language.

    Some other options would be: Thailand; a beautiful very expat friendly country. Indonesia, in particular Bali. Vietnam and Cambodia would be OK for the more adventurous and they are cheap, cheap. Australia is fine, though the prices are pretty much US level. Singapore is nice if you want to live in one big city. Malaysia is interesting. It tries very hard to get expats to retire there. They have a formal program called “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H). You apply for it, and if you meet the criteria, you get a 10 yr, unlimited entry visa. There should be no trouble renewing it. You need to keep about $30,000 USD in a local bank account, buy a home that costs at least $175,000 USD, and have an income of $3,000 a month. I suspect these requirements will lessen. The program is relatively new and the government hasn’t seem to have chosen which expat group they’re really targeting: rich foreigners, well off investors, or retirees with more modest moola. The country is beautiful and fairly cheap to live in. We have a gorgeous 5,000 sf apartment with great, modern security features. Did I mention it’s on the beach with amazing views. The cost? About $2,400 USD a month!! Our electric bill, and we run the aircon a lot; is $25 bucks. We haven’t used our health insurance yet, as we’d not hit the deductible limit and the prices are very cheap. And the quality of care is 1st rate. My daughter twisted her ankle recently so we put the system to the test. The initial exam by an orthopedic surgeon, xrays, and a soft cast cost about $35 USD! Follow-up visits with the orthopedic surgeon cost $9 USD! Pretty darn good. My primary concern? The worry that the country will become too islamic. It is the official state religion though now it does treat the Chinese and Indian minorities relatively fairly. I’m just not sure it can resist the tendency for islam to become more intrusive and radical. Hopefully not, but the jury is still out.

    Overall I’d suggest doing some research and find a few contenders. Then go to these places for a vacation. That will give you some 1st hand data. One thing you notice living overseas is that Americans are the least adventurous, 1st world; folks. We need to get over that.

    Bon voyage!

    • John

      $2400 a month rent!!!? Jesus if that is cheap…..I am a donkey….. My rent is $60 a month and I live in a 2500 sq. ft. house in southern USA in a safe town. Yet I am moving to another country soon, because of a better climate.

    • Arlene B

      The well off are going to – or already- escaping, but us working class stiffs are stuck with the sinking ship.

  • Trevor

    Only a tiny handful will be able to take their riches and escape to a far-off land. The overwhelming majority of us will have to stay and fight off the ruling-class push to turn the U.S. into Nazi America.

  • Kenneth

    Australia is the best country in the world to live in. This is the statement of Australians who have been to USA and other countries. It is what USA used to be years ago. It will be a few years before Australia becomes like USA. USA has left its Christian roots and I am afraid there are those who will make sure it never goes back.

  • Good discussion and great points on both sides. Me personally, I saw the erosion of civil liberties, entitlements, and now bank bailouts and massive deficits as the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”. First under Bush, now under Obama.

    I had enough, so I left.

    Now, you couldn’t PAY me to live stateside again. And this is from a man living in a South American “3rd World hell hole” (according to my critics). Oh, if they only knew.

    Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But the low cost of living, higher quality of life, better medical care, chemical-free food, etc. makes the risk:reward ratio definitely worth the effort.

    Moving overseas is not for everybody. If you’re not willing to let go of the “Ugly American” or if you can’t adapt/improvise/overcome, then it’s best you stay right where you are and deal with the head first dive into 3rd world standards of living that the U.S. is heading toward.

    I love my country, but like investment tycoon Doug Casey says, “America is an idea, not a country. AMERICA IS A STATE OF MIND.”

  • gus

    nobody think in Uruguay in south america , this is my choice )))

    • Moshe

      Uruguay sounds like a paradise. Afaik comprised of mostly Latin Europeans and has quite a decent standard of living and a good climate like North Carolina.

  • Matt Lachance

    My wife is from the Philippines. We spend as much time there as possible. Our plan is to retire there. I have two businesses here so I cannot leave now. We have built a 4-bedroom house in her hometown and my wife is going back next month to look for farmland.

    The US outlook is poor and I feel my children will not have the standard of living we have. it is my hope to have my daughters take over my business so they do well. Our government is out of control.

  • BigPete

    My wife is also from the Philippines. However, we have traveled and fallen in love with Thailand. There is a good chance that we’ll retire in Chiang Mai.

    I find that people that preach from the ivory tower are ones that have never ventured much outside of USA. I agree with many of the other posters in that I don’t like the direction the US govt is headed.

    For the first time in American history, you have an entire group of middle class (usually men) scratching their heads thinking “I can go overseas and find a lovely wife 20 years my junior, live off $1000 a month and have many of the basic ammenities that I have in the States…where do I sign up?”

    I look forward to jumping off the face paced rat wheel and living a less hurried and simple life. I won’t miss the uber war of the sexes that is happening in the States. Just want to live in a place where people make eye contact and actually smile at each other. Fortunately places like this really do exist.

  • Please go through some research with NAMI on learning about my recovery from that head injury I sustained at the age of 9. It feels like the Texan law making body is pouring nothing but pain in my lap. Sad as it sounds this state is full of nothing but unhealthy MDs and crooks who are running away with what I’ve created because of their disagreement on my behalf. Since I’ve had these seizures after that blow I suffered growing up, and recovered with marathons to talk about makes them look stupid. This whole state is off course with NAMI, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow; or does it? What’s up!!!

  • David

    I am a law student. I know the meaning of “freedom” being a myth in America. America has more laws that restrict a person’s movements and possessions than any other country in the World. America has laws restricting a person’s movement that even North Korea doesn’t have (e.g. can’t place a bag next to you on a subway car seat. Can’t sit on a milk crate. Can’t drive slow or you will receive a $50-$200 fine or 15 days in prison, etc.) Ask an American what freedom is to them and they will only talk about freedom of speech. They fail to realize their lost freedom of movement and possessions.

    My wife and I decided to move out of America. Things are getting worse here. Mothers are killing their children. Husbands are killing their wives for economic reasons. Kids are killing their classmates because of a movie they saw. American families are being defined as the single mother. Laws are being made to prohibit religions that help create morals. Americans are going crazy. It is just too much for us. We can’t take it any more. It is also the government who is on your back all the time victimizing you. The priority in America seems to be on how much money you have. It is NOT about what is fair to pay. It is about how much they can make you pay until you break. And many do it with fraudulent tactics. Everything is getting so expensive. Our government has implemented laws to allow our companies to move overseas while selling products to us. For example, it seems like everything has a “Made in China” on it.

    My wife and I can live a better life outside of America. Free medical care. Free education. No monthly rent because we are buying a small apartment. No maintenance fees. No real estate tax. No sales tax. No income tax…LOL!!!! That’s a dream come true.

    Bye…Bye U.S.A. Good luck.

    • John

      Where is such a country? I want to go there too.

      • Moshe

        I think he’s talking about Portugal or its islands where there is no income tax. Or Lithuania? Greece? They don’t pay their taxes overthere even if they asked to. And you know, who would, if your government is constantly ripping you off and on top of that the U.S. is spraying chemtrails onto everyone using your tax money. That’s like pooeing at your neighbour’s doorstep, then ringing the door bell and asking the neighbour to borrow a piece of toilet paper…

    • Guest

      Six years late with my reply, but I hope you’ve done what you set out to do and are prospering in your new home.

      I left the U.S. 15 years ago and have no desire to return there.

  • America no longer encourages self-sufficiency and independence. I moved to Costa Rica because it is a country without a military, and still has a very strong rural community. There are also many sustainable communities, and the climate is ideal for the self-sufficient lifestyle — this one is an organic farm with ocean views

    • geriatric typhoon

      u.s. media, u.s. MILITARY, spineless fake for a president, renege on s.o.a. withdrawal, butt offering to coalition of the willing sluts. p.o.s. country kind-of.

      • not scared

        geriatric typhoon …. i enjoy your point of view. we should talk.

      • wow thats the shortest form but the truest i have herd ever i think so too but i could not say it in that few words

  • Rudy

    The United States was a despicable country to start with. They create the illusion of wellness, but are secretly poisoning their people for profits. Also, they hav a campaign of political sabotage and terror all over the world.

    Some immigrants come here and are so excited to kiss-up to these people, even if their forefather were terrorized by the Anglo-American.

    It was raised in the blood of the innocent whom they raped and murdered with impunity, and now it is their turn..

    This time, the children will pay for the sins of their forefathers.

    Good riddance to such a depraved, hate-filled, and wicked people.


    The funny thing is how the Anglo-American will go to Asia and bed the Filipinas and others. These women have no scruples or morals.

    They are no better than the children of the scum that founded this vile U.S.

  • Vivi

    Everything that’s going down right now makes me so sad. I can scarcely believe my eyes and ears these days…it’s like we’re being invaded by an insidious virus that’s eating us from the inside out. And Rudy, I don’t know who you are or where you come from, but don’t lay your heavy judgements on all Americans. You can’t blame regular, everyday American citizens just trying to get by for every horrible thing the U.S. Government has perpetrated. A lot of that is, sadly, out of our hands. Besides the nastiness you speak of is usually sent out by the Illuminati..the original s*** starters. And trust me, those freaks of nature are subplanted in every country on this globe;even Australia. They’re trying to destroy my country because we pose the biggest threat to their “New World Order.” Most humans don’t want war and I, for one, am sick and tired of being pushed around like a pawn on a chess board. I’d rather stay and fight then run away. That’s just my opinion.

  • A Messenger

    USA goverment will become a dictatorship by 4/12/2018. The people will rebel and die, all is lost for North America.

    • John

      April 12 is Soviet Cosmonautics Day?

  • James Phifer

    Countries dont die over night unless a natural disaster strikes. what could possibly cause the total collaspe of something as large and technological as the U.S.? you probably mean a sloping decline in the normal processes that insure the stability of the country? That could take a life time. The emergency is really not a immediate drastic one. There is more threat from the environment that can end things as we know it. Even wars cant be drastic enough to cause over night callaspe without it being nuk. In that situation the world is in danger.

  • skip

    I think Chris has the right idea. The USA really can care less about its people, so I beleave that we should care less about it. I am an American, unlike our President that is doing nothing for the US. I myself am going to look out for my family and me, so I will be looking for another land and taking my American money and spending it their. Since 9/11 and Obama, I am done with this country.

    • Moshe

      Obama is just a puppet. USA is sinking in its own greed. I dumpoed it and moved out and I am happy in my new country where costs were slashed for me by at least 75%.

  • I have been thinking about leaving the United States before they take away our guns and our passports. I just need to figure out how to do it. Great article, it gave me something to think about.

    • Annabelle

      Since the US had the loosest gun and citizenship laws of any country I know, where exactly where you thinking of going?

      • John

        He wants to move to South Carolina.

    • John

      They will close the U.S. borders and you will end up begging your fascist government for an exit visa to the FREE WORLD. Hahaha!

  • luxjr

    sick of hearing ” americas the greatest place in the world EVERYONE wants to be here!” yea, everyone except americans. if i didnt have to pay taxes for 7 years i might think that way. or if i could get into the country ILLEGALY and still excell and recieve benefit and provide for my family, yea i might think that way. but for those that work and bust there ass ALL THEIR LIVES and still come out with the shit end of the stick!!?? something is seriously wrong with that picture!

  • Albert

    I’m getting sick of all the feminist bitching and whining in the U.S.
    It seems like no matter how many handouts and how much preferential treatment women in the U.S. receive, they STILL try to claim victim status. But I guess that’s what keeps the scam going after all!

    • Gee Albert you might want to try preparation H for those hemorrhoids but rape is still a crime still they will send you back to the big house to make bubba happy

      • brad hart

        The women are better in other countries. To many overweight/ fat and selfish women who think the world owes them in the US. No thanks.

        • Perry White

          I second that. latin women are much more loving and unselfish. American women deal a lot of misery to their man especially if they are fat and jealous

      • Albert

        You might want to try MIDOL or PAMPRIN for your PMS. I’m not quite sure what prompted you to mention rape, but it’s not surprising. Western women need not worry about being raped. What guy would want to soil himself by having contact with a filthy Western whore

        • Moshe

          Well said.

  • Joe Pinzone

    We are looking for families or individuals who have just moved into or are renting a home, apartment or second home outside the US & Canada, we would like to put your story on TV!

    Our hit show is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families to share their story about moving abroad. Participating in our show is a lot of fun and a great way to document your exciting search for a home and new life abroad. Contributors should be fluent in English.

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    • please let me know if you are still looking for a family.


    • disgusted and fedup wheelchair

      I do agree with you but unfortuntly we lost

    • zerotolerance

      fred: you are the the embodied retardation of this nation. Get yourself an education before you make a fool of yourself on the internet again. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • Arlene B

      You are saying idiotic stuff, not to mention there has been NO communism in this country, but a continued drift to fascism, where corporations rule, the rich rule, and the people have no say. It isn’t Obama, it is the entire capitalist mind-set that accepts the horror that we now have in this country, and until folks wake up and find out it isn’t the blacks, the browns, the left, the poor, the immigrants, or whoever else those in power want you to look at so you don’t see THEIR theft of our nation, so they can keep on robbing. But, soon, everyone will know how bad it is going to get, unless people wake up and overthrow the system, which is NOT WORKING.

  • Do any of you read that bible you thump? If so do you believe that bible you thump? If you answered yes then why are you caught up in this false prophesy?If you read the word you know you can run but not hide it will all be destroyed evil will not win in the end! It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter through the gates of heaven.That book you thump your capitalist policies on does have words in it .It just requires opening up the book to read .

  • Adrian

    At JOHN above – “The only people that are winning are the CORPORATIONS that are raking in huge profits while the little guy suffers.”

    That is misleading. Is the little guy suffering BECAUSE of McDonalds? Was the little guy suffering BEFORE McDonalds? Would the little guy be better off WITHOUT McDonald’s?

    You seem to be assuming a lot. Place the blame where it needs to be. The first questions are:
    Why is the Philippines a poor society?
    Why is the US a rich one?

    When those are satisfied, then you may proceed on a rational path to alleviate poverty. History is quite clear on this.

  • John

    You can also choose to die in a staged event or the inside job in the USA. Or choke on chemtrails landing into your lungs.

  • John

    How about Azores?

  • Moshe

    First the umbilic cord has to be cut to stop feeding these fascist bureaucrats and stop spraying chemtrails in the skies poisoning all life on earth.

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