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It Is Being Reported That Turkish Military Forces Have Entered Syria

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Turkey Syria Border - Google MapsThere are international news reports that claim that Turkish military forces have entered Syrian territory and have established positions near the towns of Azaz and Afrin.  If these international news reports are true, then Turkey has essentially declared war on the Assad regime.  Back in February, I warned that escalating tensions in the region could be the spark that sets off World War III, but things seemed to cool down a bit in March and April.  However, this latest move by Turkey threatens to take the war in Syria to a whole new level, and everyone will be watching to see how the Russians and the Iranians respond to this ground incursion.

So far, it is the Russian media that it taking the lead in reporting about this movement of Syrian forces.  For example, the Sputnik news agency was one of the first to report Turkish military activity around the town of Azaz…

Amid violent clashes between militants of Daesh and troops of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the town of Azaz in northern Aleppo district, reports are surfacing suggesting that the Turkish Army units have been seen located in the district of Azaz.

In addition, Sputnik claims that Turkish military forces entered a small village called Hamam near the town of Afrin on Saturday

“Two days ago, the Turkish military entered the village of Hamam in Afrin area. We are ready to repel any attack. Meanwhile, FSA units are suffering serious defeat in clashes with Daesh. They have already lost control of 12 villages. If Daesh comes to Azaz, ‘Democratic Syrian Forces’ will repel the jihadists, and not allow them to enter the city,” Arac stressed.

The map that I have posted below comes directly from Google Maps, and it shows how far south of the Turkish border the towns of Azaz and Afrin are…

Turkey Syria Border - Google Maps

In particular, the Azaz corridor is considered to be extremely important because that is the primary route that Turkey has been using to resupply jihadist rebels in Aleppo.  So Turkey wants to keep that road open at all costs.

Meanwhile, an Iranian news source is also reporting on this Turkish incursion into Syria…

Member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PDS) Ahmet Arac said that the hundreds of the Turkish soldiers crossed the Syrian border at Bab al-Salameh border-crossing and deployed their forces in al-Shahba’a region near Marea and Azaz.

“The Turkish Armed Forces are preparing an offensive in the Azaz and Marea regions that have been the scenes of tough battles between the ISIL terrorists and its rival group of the Free Syrian Army,” Arac added.

“Also yesterday the Turkish Army carried out rocket attacks on the positions of Democratic Forces of Syria,” he went on to say.

So far, there has been no confirmation of this invasion from the mainstream media in the western world.  But of course since Turkey is our ally, the Obama administration would not want the media talking about this.  So instead, our big media outlets are giving us headlines such as “Judge sentences Catholic to attend Baptist church” today.

If you have been following my work for a while, you already know that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been working very hard to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad for years, and Assad knows exactly what Turkey has been up to

“..Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia, have crossed all possible red lines, possibly from the first weeks of the Syrian war. Today, the war against Erdogan and against Saudi Arabia is a war against terrorists. The Turkish army, which is not even Turkish, is Erdogan’s army that is fighting today in Syria. Everything that Ankara and Riyadh have done from the very beginning can be considered aggression. Aggression in a political sense or in a military sense – providing terrorists with arms – or direct aggression with the use of artillery, and other military violations. Erdogan is directly supporting the terrorists as he allows them to move into Turkish territory, to carry out maneuvers with tanks. This concerns not only individuals, he finances them [terrorists] through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and through Turkey itself, of course. Turkey trades oil that has been stolen by IS (Islamic State, Daesh), at the same time carrying out artillery attacks against the Syrian army – when it moves close – in order to help the terrorists. They are terrorists and when we attack these terrorists in Syria, this leads to Erdogan’s direct defeat..”

Assad is a very bad man, but everything that he said about Turkey in that quote is true.  Turkey has been giving direct assistance to ISIS, and Barack Obama has known about it the entire time.

Most Americans simply do not understand how insane Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan truly is.  Our “ally” has essentially become a dictator, and he is obsessed with recreating the old Ottoman empire.  These days, political rallies in support of Erdogan are quite reminiscent of what Nazi rallies under Adolf Hitler were like, and there is a nationalistic fervor in Turkey right now that is so intense that it is hard to describe it to someone in the western world.  It is fueled by the rise of radical Islam, but what is going on in Turkey is broader than that.  It is extremely dangerous, and yet nobody in the U.S. criticizes Erdogan because he is our “friend”.

In addition to moving troops into Syria, Turkey already has forces positioned in Iraq, and the Russians are quite upset about this.  Just consider what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday

This (keeping troops in Iraq) is an absolutely unacceptable position,” it cited Lavrov as saying. “In principle, I believe that what the Turks are doing deserves far greater public attention on the part of our Western partners.”

But for Erdogan, what we have seen so far is just the beginning.  He dreams of creating an Islamic empire, and he envisions himself at the top of the food chain.

This is one reason why he is so virulently against birth control for Islamic women in his country.  He wants the population of Turkey to multiply greatly so that the Turks can fulfill their appointed destiny

In a speech broadcast live on TV, he said “no Muslim family” should consider birth control or family planning.

We will multiply our descendants,” said Mr Erdogan, who became president in August 2014 after serving as prime minister for 12 years.

In fact, Erdogan actually considers it to be “treason” for Islamic women in Turkey to use contraception…

Mr Erdogan himself is a father of four. He has previously spoken out against contraception, describing it as “treason” when speaking at a wedding ceremony in 2014.

He has also urged women to have at least three children, and has said women cannot be treated as equal to men.

Are you starting to see how dangerous this man is?

Our “ally” is an egomaniac dictator that dreams of recreating the Ottoman empire, and he now has troops positioned in both Iraq and Turkey.

And if he isn’t careful, Erdogan may end up starting a major war which would ultimately involve the United States.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail before events start spinning entirely out of control.

  • Kent Harris

    Turkey should be immediately have its NATO membership revoked. They have acted irresponsibility and it could result in unintended consequences for the world. Americans have no clue as to how close we are to seeing a full-blown war with the West on one side and the East on the other. We have only ourselves to blame. I believe in God’s wrath which is never discussed will be poured out on this country. We have rejected God’s covenant and as such the penalty is judgment.

    • Seen2013

      They won’t. NATO is utilized as a offensive coalition force since the fall of the Soviet Union, and most importantly viewed that way largely by Russia and China.

      Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea aside from the East China Sea and South China Sea are considered Russo-Sino buffer zones by balance of power geopolitics in which in the Victorian Era would be considered an arms race and considered an act of war.
      BRICS have been moving away from the US Dollar since 2009 beginning with an Russo-Sino pact, and there’s plenty of literature documenting many believe the Soviets failed as it didn’t directly challenge the US-NATO enabling the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status effectively give the West the advantage of time. Russia and China don’t intend to make the same mistake, so Penatgon-CIA officials gambling a Cold War 2.0 have grossly evaluated wrong, or they simply believe with the threat of submit or fight that Russo-Sino doesn’t have the resolve or support for it. Consider, Snyder’s articles discussing how Russians see the US and encouraged to do so; they’re prepared.

      The reason the west isn’t reporting it is attempting to utilize the inevitable issues as an act of aggression, which is mostly for the populace than other nation’s leaders.

      • jaxon64

        A little wordy and hard to follow but I think you nailed it.
        Western media won’t report NATO’s aggression. They WILL report any retaliation as the initial act of aggression and the masses of sound-bite americans will believe it and repeat it.

    • Mr. Cipher

      “We?”do you have a mouse in your pocket?

    • Ina Patzner

      The USA leaders know what is happening, but they will say nothing in public. They just wait. Then it would not been their fault. Why USA supports the Kurdish forces, because of Erdogan.

    • Gay Veteran

      I agree with David Stockman, NATO should have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact was disbanded. They exist to provide cover for OUR war crimes (something YOU never mention)

  • Ossark

    …Our “ally” is an egomaniac dictator that dreams of recreating the
    Ottoman empire, and he now has troops positioned in both Iraq and

    It happens that Israel in a staunch ally of Turkey too…wondering why this blog avoids to mention that.

    • retired22

      A Jew hating jerk like you had to show up,…it was inevitable.
      For the record,Israel is just beginning to get into a very cold standoff with Turkey after years of political hostility.
      They are not friends & they are not allies!

      • Sm

        Jew hating jerk? Sounds like you are the one who is a jerk. The comment didn’t even say she or he hates Jews.

        • Jerry C

          Really? ’cause using the terminology like “why this blog avoids to mention that” says otherwise.

          • retired22

            What gets to me is that this mental nonentity must think that I am the ‘Village idiot’ not to understand what he is driving at.
            I don’t need to be insulted by some snotnose little juvenile reprobate who wants to lecture adults!

    • Dana Noelle Yanick

      this blog never mentions the REAL culprits… as his mentor is Jewish

      • retired22

        Yeah,…what does that mean when translated into English?

  • Brian

    Matthew 24:6

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye not be troubled: for all these things must come to pass,but the end is not yet.

    Let the countdown begin.Pray,Discern and Prepare.Gods will be done.

    • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

      there is no god

      • Guest

        You’ll remember those words for all eternity while you’re wailing and gnashing your teeth.


          Your comment sounds more like a threat instead of sympathetic.

          No wonder more so called christian’s (like you) do not convince nonbelievers that there is a God.

          • Guest

            Those are the words of Jesus Christ.

            Furthermore, I have no sympathy for those who hate God, His Word and His people (Christians). I like what David the king of Israel said.

            ” Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” Psalm 139:21-22


            “There is no god” is her opinion. I do not see hate in her comment.

            On the other hand, your comment “You’ll remember those words for all eternity while you’re wailing and gnashing your teeth” shows hate on your part.

          • Guest

            Go back read some of her comments on previous articles. There’s plenty of hate. You’re silly.

          • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

            Quote one hateful comment and in context. Meaning post my comment along with the comment I responded too.

          • Jerry C

            Watermelon? You’re a racist. See how easy it is?

          • Jerry C

            How else would you describe what it would be like for a human being to have the chance to become the child of the Creator and chooses not to? In affect, making the conscious choice to separate himself from everything that is good.

            Your comprehension of a lack of sympathy is to me your total lack of Biblical understanding; and I mean that with all due respect.

        • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

          Well, I’ve got the mean time to snicker and giggle all I want 😉
          I understand… you’re all old farts so you grasp onto your god concept fiercely.

          • Jerry C

            Willfully ignorant; that’s no way to go through life.

        • Steeve Girard

          And you’ll remember yours when you find out who’s “staff’s” you’ve been playing with…. LOL

      • Ricardo

        There are plenty of the little gods, like yourself. But there is only one Creator God.

        • ITSNOTWhatchaThink

          See Ricardo thinks I’m a god… G0DDESS!

      • Jorma

        Is that you FlaSnotress? Cloaked under another handle?

        • Jerry C

          Yes. Yes it is.

      • James Staten

        1st Corinthians 15:1-4


      Did someone say countdown?

      • alan

        LOL, nooooo!

      • JustBill

        Knock the dust off and give her a good shine for the upcoming 1 year anniversary!


      Did someone say C0UNTD0WN?

      Don’t delete it this time Mike.

  • K

    Erdogan has crossed the boarder before. But yes, never this far to my knowledge. I still believe, it is mostly in hope of goading the Syrians into attacking him. Then he can rush additional troops, to save the first group.Who of course were just delivering humanitarian aid. These are the games, that are played. Until one day someone miscalculates. Games over, war has begun.

    • JC Teecher

      Turkey is mentioned many times for the end times, in the Word. Not by it’s modern name but through other names.

      What is really important here is that Turkey holds the physical seat/throne of Satan. It is out of this seat that the evil spirit of deeds comes to fruition in that region.

      FYI…”Iraq and Syria have built their own big dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. But Turkey’s dams dominate the rivers, especially the Euphrates. When the 27-billion-cubic-meter-capacity Atatürk Dam opened on that river in 1990, it reduced the mighty waterway to a trickle for one month.”

      Rev 16:12
      And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

      Uhmmm? sounds like things are ramping up in the middle East. Many prophecies are yet to be fulfilled for that region. Some will happen like dominoes falling and some, like the total destruction of Damascus, are in a slow burn to becoming a ruinous heap, so read ’em and weep.

      • Big Daddy

        The Turks are noted in the Bible as Esau. They will be rolled over by the coming German led European juggernaut that will drive Islamic constituents into oblivion.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Mighty Russia will put an end to Erdogan’s Islamic Empire non-sense. Russia will also bitch slap NATO when the time comes.

    “These days, political rallies in support of Erdogan are quite reminiscent of what Nazi rallies under Adolf Hitler were like . . .”

    Except for the fact that the Nazis were the good guys attempting to defend Western Civilization from the globalists. If you disagree with me, I would point out that Germany and indeed all of Europe AND the United States is being flooded with MILLIONS of hostile non-White invaders.

    • Jerry C

      Unfortunately, Russia has her sites on Israel whom the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob has sworn to protect. Their God will decimate 5/6 of them on the mountains of Israel & all her hoards will go back empty-handed. Of course, 2/3 of Israel will go into captivity for her iniquity, but eventually all Israel will be saved.

      • Gay Veteran

        “Unfortunately, Russia has her sites on Israel….”

        got ANY proof of that?

      • Untergang07

        You should stop worshiping Israel and start to study the Bible seriously (as well as history)

  • Ina Patzner

    This economic crisis is an artifical crisis, created from highly criminal misanthropic banksters and plutocrats. They want to scare, to manipulate and enslave people nothing else. Dont believe in this printed paper with no value at all, this is all a trick, as long they are able to trick the people as long people will be victims of the slaughterhouse.

  • L. A. McDonough

    It’s great to hear that Muslims are killing other Muslims.

    • HM

      Very compassionate and enlightened comment?

  • Pastor Glenn

    “Should Turkey not stop supporting al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, I am indeed eager to end the job the late Tsar Nicholas II left unfinished. <During the World War I , He [Tsar] sought to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits but fate prevented him,” TASS Russian News Agency cited President Putin as saying on Saturday.

    Now we know WHY Mr Putin said this.

    WWIII anyone?

    I suggest all Christians begin praying in earnest for God's will to be done. Then, stand back.

    Maranatha (come, Lord Jesus).

    Pastor Glenn

    • gfmucci


    • Guest

      Got it. That=”” fate=””, always=”” getting=” in=” the=” way=”!!

  • gfmucci

    Erdogan is the guy who correctly asserted, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” He also explained that democracy is like a bus – you get on it, get to your destination and get off. In other words, for him democracy is a tool to achieve an Islamic state and sharia.

  • Michael Dubin

    Moscow should have brutally put down the US coup in Ukraine and blown Turkey to bits when they shot down the Russian jet. Russia’s foolish non-response has convinced the US and NATO that it’s a paper tiger, hence the Turkish invasion and amassing of troops and weapons on Russia’s border. The irony is that Moscow’s desire to avoid world war has encouraged more aggression from the US and NATO and has made world war more likely. Russia and China will be put in a position where they either go to war or accept US dominance.

    • TallTom

      I agree, you have to punch a bully in the nose.

    • Jerry C

      Problem is, I don’t think the U.S. is bluffing. They’re itching for WWIII and Russia/China is holding out for rational hope, but time is running out.

      • Michael Dubin

        You may be right, but the US stands no chance of winning a conventional war against Russia and China, if it couldn’t even defeat a few thousand lightly armed insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan after 15 years and counting. The war will be nuclear. Perhaps the lunatics that run the State Department and Pentagon believe they will come out of their bunkers when it’s all over. Who knows?

  • alan

    I can’t wait for the youtube videos of Russian barrel bombs dropping on Turkish troops.

    • greanfinisher .

      I can assure you that the Russians would be dropping something far more substantial than the barrel bombs.

  • greanfinisher .

    I wouldn’t be overly concerned at this point. After all, one can expect that the American poodle (Erdogan) is being tethered on a tight leash by Barack Obama.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Did you think Sultan Erdogan would give up on his dreams of Ottoman II. And guess what? We’re helping! As is Israel and Saudi Arabia. The quadangle of evil!

  • Rudy

    I do not believe this story for once second. The reason is this was not reported on CNN or MSNBC. Also, I do not believe that the economy is collapsing. Millions of Americans took vacations this memorial day. Baseball, football, and basketball arenas are packed. Courtside seats for game 7 of the Warriors-Thunder series sold for 29,000 dollars. If Americans were tapped out there would be far less demand for the tickets. Thus, the tickets would be far less expensive.
    Hillary is the only choice for November. She will protect the rights of minorities. Her economic policies will also ensure the unemployment rate stays low. Currently the unemployment rate is at 5%. Hillary is a kind, charismatic, and assertive leader. Her 40 plus years of experience will play a key role in helping America maintain fruitful relationships with other nations. Trump would be an unmitigated disaster.

    • Robert

      Thank you for something to laugh about in this otherwise grim article and comment section. Love your sarcasm.

    • TrollingforTrolls

      Nor do I believe you. Nice try, Rudy

    • rentslave

      I dunno.Tonight,I bought a 90 dollar seat at a Mets’ game for only 50 bucks.The rich are starting to hurt.

    • Mark

      I hope your being sarcastic. God help you if your being serious.

    • Richard O. Mann

      Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Sorry. Just had to do that.

    • Jerry C

      Hilarious! You should be a comedian.

      • retired22

        actually he is a failed mortician!
        Does this stuff to raise a few bucks!

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Rudy Hoody Doody and a BRONX cheer to you !

      VOTE TRUMP put the Benghazi Murderer In Jail !

      And unemployment is over 20%…….. !

    • retired22

      Smoking too much contaminated weed!

    • bc

      Of course ! Everything is fine ! We can all continue to party!

    • Gay Veteran

      get back on your meds (IF you are not being sarcastic)

  • Bob332

    “Egomaniac dictator”..well, we have one too!

    • Gay Veteran

      we’ve had one for nearly 16 years

  • JustBill

    Our external affairs are a direct reflection on the apparent disarray of our internal affairs. At this point does anyone think our inaction on this matter is an oversight, and accident or is it intentional and in direct support of a larger objective?
    It’s not difficult to imagine the depths and supply of evil that supports the tactics linked to a global strategic plan.
    At this point the global population may no longer be seen by the elite as productive capacity, we may be seen as competition for dwindling resources.
    The unchecked government sponsored invasion of American and Western Europe, the debt expansion by all governments beyond servicing and naked military aggression by many countries means something. What does it mean?
    I think we are approaching a mass global depopulation.
    I often think back to an article from 1994 in the Atlantic Monthly titled The Coming Anarchy by Robert Kaplan. How Crime, Scarcity, Overpopulation, Tribalism, Disease (I’ll add Debt) are leading to the breakdown of social fabric and nation state.
    I think Kaplan missed how these can be used as tools by the elite to achieve their larger goals.
    This website has provided me with some good information, but there is nothing we can do to stop what is coming, we can only prepare ourselves and our loved ones.
    There is no place to hide.
    I and my family have prepped physically, financially and spiritually and we will continue to live with no fear in our hearts and minds.
    I think I’ll continue on the same path and continue to enjoy my life without the frequent installments of things we should fear highlighted by this site.
    If I ever get stuck on a desert island or in a Walmart with this group I know it will always be entertaining.
    It’s summer, I’m heading out to enjoy everything.
    Good luck everyone.

    • TallTom

      Stupid games, stupid prizes.


      Thanks and good luck to you too.

  • Horiboyable .

    All this is by design. These insane individuals have two wars on the boil that could be easily be escalated when they want to. I don’t know say an economic collapse would be a good reason to have an accident in the middle east or Ukraine to divert the heat away from their economic incompetence. When all else fails, they will take you to war. We came, we saw and now they are all dead.
    All big governments eventually turn into tyranny.

  • ali

    All is fine. Dont worry and enjoy the next season of GOT.

  • Alice Young

    on a scale of erdogan /obama , bashar al assad is not a “very very bad man”. Hes an eye surgeon from London who got dragged in to succeed his father when his elder brother died. If he wasnt there the country would be over run with islamists and a danger to everyone. What do they think would happen if they got their way and he left ?

  • T-Man

    One day very soon the world will be in for a trauma caused by war

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    It’s a full moon on the summer solstice this year. The witches will be out playing. As well as the Muslims-its also the mid point of Ramadan.

  • df NJ

    The CFR controls the US military. Google “Greater Israel Project” or the “Oded Yinon Plan” to understand our ME policy. If Hillary gets elected will will invade Iran. If Sanders gets elected the US will be invaded. If Trump gets elected who knows what will happen!

  • Paul Vosper

    “The only danger to worry about is the USA”.!!!!!!!!!!

    • df NJ

      google “Timeline of United States military operations” Supposedly, if you believe in conspiracy theories, almost every one of these was a false flag operation apart of some The Hegelian Dialectic (problem, reaction, desired policy solution). Google “Edwards Bernays History is a Weapon” for how to manufacture the desired consent.

  • ICFubar

    Erdogan, while a loose cannon within NATO, still walks the walk Washington sets out. The Turkish administration would not dare commit an act of aggressive war, possible drawing the rest of NATO into the war, without tacit and prior approval. The same control applies equally to the refugee crisis being unleashed on Europe with the important European leaders as accessories. Anyone failing to see this does not understand the power in a myriad of forms that can be exerted by the western Apex Elites and their subservient western governments.

  • df NJ

    How come the people who know exactly where their soul is going to go when they die are the most afraid to die? Or, if they are bipolar, the most suicidal?

  • Big Daddy

    He’s right about women not being equal to men. Dah, pretty obvious to everyone except those immersed in Hollywood moronic films.

  • Pete

    muslim vs. muslim. Have at it.

  • retired22

    Ping pong,Stop the nonsense,
    I can read the inference,….you would need to be stupid not to!
    Stupid or in on it!
    This article is about Turkey & the fighting in Syria,….why drag Israel in to the picture for no particular reason.

    “Why does this blog avoid mentioning it”

    The guy is subtle,…like a sledgehammer!
    Why not say that Greece is an enemy of Turkey or Armenia is concerned or the Kurds are unhappy with the situation.There are dozens of other countries that could also be dragged into a vague connection with this story,…why pick Israel & then make the snide remark
    ” Wondering why this blog avoids mentioning it”…what does that mean,..why is that statement in there?
    Your pal isn’t particularly clever …for anyone with an I.Q. above 90!

  • Rhino Horns

    Sorry to say it, but World War Three IS coming. One day an event will occur and everyone will realize that it has begun; it won’t be much longer now.

  • Lunatic

    I fail to see how any of this is our business. And I don’t understand why we are even still in that part of the world? Doesn’t everybody think it’s time to just pack up and leave? We should probably close our borders. And turn everybody away. And not let anybody in. And keep it that way. And in the meantime we can be rebuilding our civilization. Nobody on this planet has anything we need or can’t live without.

  • Randy Wehnes

    I highly question this report. While it is clear there is no confirming information regarding it; other sources in the region are not reporting it. Sources I should point out that are not under control of the US, such as Israel. Russian news reports can’t be trusted they are under control of Putin and he wants justification for his actions. This isn’t to say I trust Turkey, I don’t for a number of reasons but until regional reports support this claim I don’t believe it either.

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