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It’s Official: Americans R Stupid

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Brain - Public DomainAs Americans, we tend to be pretty full of ourselves, and this is especially true of our young people.  But do we really have reason for such pride?  According to a shocking new report from the Educational Testing Service, Americans between the ages of 20 and 34 are way behind young adults in other industrialized nations when it comes to literacy, mathematics and technological proficiency.  Even though more Americans than ever are going to college, we continue to fall farther and farther behind intellectually.  So what does this say about us?  Sadly, the truth is that Americans are stupid.  Our education system is an abysmal failure, and our young people spend most of their free time staring at the television, their computers or their mobile devices.  And until we are honest with ourselves about this, our intellectual decline is going to get even worse.

According to this new report from the Educational Testing Service, at this point American Millennials that have a four year college degree are essentially on the same intellectual level as young adults in Japan, Finland and the Netherlands that only have a high school degree

Americans born after 1980 are lagging their peers in countries ranging from Australia to Estonia, according to a new report from researchers at the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The study looked at scores for literacy and numeracy from a test called the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, which tested the abilities of people in 22 countries.

The results are sobering, with dire implications for America. It hints that students may be falling behind not only in their early educational years but at the college level. Even though more Americans between the ages of 20 to 34 are achieving higher levels of education, they’re still falling behind their cohorts in other countries. In Japan, Finland and the Netherlands, young adults with only a high school degree scored on par with American Millennials holding four-year college degrees, the report said.

How in the world is that possible?

I can tell you how that is possible – our colleges are a joke.  But more on that in a moment.

Out of 22 countries, the report from the Educational Testing Service found that Americans were dead last in tech proficiency.  We were also dead last in numeracy and only two countries performed worse than us when it came to literacy proficiency

Half of American Millennials score below the minimum standard of literacy proficiency. Only two countries scored worse by that measure: Italy (60 percent) and Spain (59 percent). The results were even worse for numeracy, with almost two-thirds of American Millennials failing to meet the minimum standard for understanding and working with numbers. That placed U.S. Millennials dead last for numeracy among the study’s 22 developed countries.

It is in this type of environment that Coca-Cola can be marketed to Americans as “a healthy snack“.

As I mentioned above, our system of education is one of the biggest culprits.  From the first grade all the way through post-graduate education, the quality of education that our young people are receiving is absolutely pathetic.  In a previous article, I highlighted some statistics from USA Today about the declining state of college education in America…

-“After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.”

-“Students also spent 50% less time studying compared with students a few decades ago”

-“35% of students report spending five or fewer hours per week studying alone.”

-“50% said they never took a class in a typical semester where they wrote more than 20 pages”

-“32% never took a course in a typical semester where they read more than 40 pages per week.”

I have sat in many of these kinds of college courses.  It doesn’t take much brain power to pass the multiple choice tests that most college professors give these days.  The truth is that if you fail out of college you really, really have to try hard.

In another previous article I shared some examples of real courses that have been taught at U.S. universities in recent years…

-“What If Harry Potter Is Real?

-“Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame

-“Philosophy And Star Trek

-“Learning From YouTube

-“How To Watch Television

-“Oh, Look, a Chicken!

This is a national crisis.  Parents should be screaming bloody murder about the quality of the education that their children are receiving.  But because very few of them actually know what is going on, they just continue to write out huge tuition checks all the time believing that their kids are being prepared for the real world.

To show how “dumbed down” we have become, I want to share with you a copy of an eighth grade exam from 1912 that was donated to the Bullitt County History Museum in Kentucky.

Would eighth grade students be able to pass such an exam today?

Would college students?

As you look over this exam from 1912, ask yourself how you would do on it…


In addition, I find it very interesting that the reading level of the State of the Union addresses delivered by our presidents has steadily declined since the inception of this nation.

And it should be no surprise that Barack Obama’s State of the Union addresses have been some of the dumbest of all.

But could it be possible that I am being too harsh?

After all, scientists are now discovering that our diminishing intellectual capabilities are actually the consequence of natural processes.

For example, a Stanford University biology professor named Gerald R. Crabtree has published two papers in which he detailed his conclusion that humans have been getting dumber for thousands of years

Are humans becoming smarter or more stupid? Comparing our modern lives and technology with that of any preceding generation, one might think we are becoming increasingly smarter. But, in two papers published in Trends in Genetics, Gerald R. Crabtree of Stanford University claims that we are losing mental capacity and have been doing so for 2,000–6,000 years! The reason, Crabtree concludes, is due to genetic mutations—which are the backbone of neo-Darwinian evolution.

Why is this happening?

Professor Crabtree believes that this loss of intellectual capability is due to the accumulation of errors in our genes

Based on data produced by the 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and two recent papers in Nature, Crabtree estimates in the first article that, in the past 3,000 years (approximately 120 generations), about 5,000 new mutations have occurred in the genes governing our intellectual ability. He claims most of these mutations will have no effect, while about 2–5 percent are deleterious and “a vanishingly small fraction will increase fitness.” Crabtree bases his conclusion that humankind is losing mental capacity on the ratio between the deleterious and the beneficial mutations.

Our DNA is mutating, and it has been for thousands of years.  And no, those mutations are not helping us.  Each one of us has tens of thousands of errors in our DNA that we have inherited, and we will add even more errors which we will pass on to future generations.

Given enough time, many scientists believe that humanity would eventually degenerate into a bunch of gibbering idiots incapable of rational thought.

Or could it be possible that a large segment of the population has already arrived at that state?

Feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…


  • Genada

    It’s not stupidity it’s ignorance. People have the ability to learn but either they do not want to do so or they are not given the chance to do so.

    Slaves were not given proper education as a means of control. They were kept in ignorance for fear they would rebel. The American public is being kept in the same state for fear if they were to learn the truth they would rebel.

    Our education system teaches people to not think and to accept authority. Critical thinking is not accepted. Those that do not are tagged as adhd and given medication.

    There’s many people in history that would be deemed to be stupid for their lack of formal education. People like Andrew Jackson, he may not have been the best speller and lacked knowledge on proper grammar but he was no slave. He knew how to think about right vs wrong. He was a critical thinker and would challenge authority. That’s what we need now, not people that are smart because they can pass some test but people that will challenge group thinking and demand that wrongs be righted.

    • jared thompson

      Its so bad right now. I won’t even describe the intrusiveness of the ‘surveillance’ the government-corporate-banking complex can do. But consider the following:

      (1) The internet act passed last month will limit free speech online and will mean that views not acceptable to the elite will be erased in time or land you in jail. The FCC debacle was a power grab to slowly erase the 1st amendment.
      (2) The second amendment is currently under attack by Obama/Congress limiting ammo sales of bullets; hence, it is a backdoor way of firearm regulation, by regulating the ammo.
      (3) The NAIP act for mandatory vaccinations for adults is being passed right now, so adults will be FORCED to take a vaccine course, nullifying the fourth amendment.

      Yet Kim K. et al get all the mainstream media space, because the media is now completely controlled and posts propaganda and erases many conflicting points of view. Liberty is already gone, but what we are approaching is a new dark ages. An economic collapse will just help to consolidate a cashless currency, but we do not need one to have an enslaved society where death is an easier choice/forced choice for some, as we struggle to pay bills that our ancestors would have balked at. The global warming/peak oil/peak population is just a scam by an evil elite determined to eliminate the ‘useless eaters’ when the elite themselves are just evil anti-God parasites.

      • Gay Veteran

        we already had peak oil for conventional oil in America, as was predicted

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      And yet he was quite articulate, at least by today’s standards.

  • Paul

    The ability to conversate electively is an importent work skillet. Also cruvicial is the ability to famish concepts. If you cannot concept then u may find urself in the underemployerment line. On the briht side you could attend a Bostan tee party. You could also reed biblical information aboot the life of China’s prime minutester.
    U koud also learnt that the Sun revolves around the Earth.
    The ability to communicate effective is an important work skill. Also crucial is the ability to fathom concepts. If you cannot understand concepts then you may find yourself in the unemployment line. On the bright side you could attend a Boston Tea party. You could also read biographical information about the life of China’s prime minister.
    A lady at work uses the word conversate over and over again.
    Another co-worker says they cannot famish why people commit certain acts.
    Yet another believes China has a Prime Minister and believes the sun rotates around the Earth.
    Finally, one co-worker believes the Boston Tea party was a rally organized to protest America’s involvement in the Vietnam war.
    I wish I was kidding about all this.

    • Orac4Prez

      Its not just the US my friends. Here in the great land down under (Ostraleya), a university made it a requirement that before nurses could go out to placements they had to get 100% for very simple maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They get several attempts and yet 150 out of approx 700 failed! For example, divide 99 by 33!
      There are students studying a doctorate in environmental science at one University, who have never done mathematics or science at high school or in an undergraduate program.

    • MEP325

      You know someone who actually believes the sun rotates around the earth? You can’t be serious

      • Paul

        Mep325 I am serious as a heart attack. Google 1 in 4 Americans believe the Sun Revolves the Earth.

        • sherwool

          Arguably, the sun does rotate around the earth. It also rotates around Mars. Admittedly, the calculations get a bit complex that way, but hey, with modern computers, we can make it work!

      • Orac4Prez

        Yeah, How silly, we ALL know the sun revolves around Obama. Now that’s something you can all believe in!

        • MEP325

          Oh, you didn’t know? Emperor Obama is the center of the universe.

          • Orac4Prez

            Silly me! I think there is a place for you in the “New World Order” now that you have seen the light!

    • Megalon

      Your ebonics are great,Obama has taught you well. Just one thing, as another has pointed out-the sun revolves around Obama. The rising of the tides,we are the the ones we’ve been waiting for…and uh.uh change hope new world order etc. etc.

      • Paul

        I take a great deal of pride in my ebonic proficiency.

  • T.

    The American educational system is Intentionally dumbing down the student and has been doing so for decades. By just looking at the 8th grade exam in this article and remembering some of the street interviews/questions given on U tube over the last few years – Shows not only the average Ignorance of Americans but also their Apathy.

    • GSOB

      2 Tim 2:15

    • jared thompson

      Celltowers’ levels of electromagnetic spectrum radiation have been proven to interfere with the ability to think clearly, hence why the government and corporations desire much electromagnetic interference to blanket us, via smart meters etc.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Shhh….don’t be so loud about the public school’s failures. It will only put it into our legislators’ heads that we must have more testing ; and spend (and waste) more money on education.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    Why is the article so long? Who has time for all that?

    • Lol. Waiting for the replies to your questions – it should be interesting 🙂

    • Paul

      I don’t think the article is really that long.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Are you being sarcastic?

      • GetReal4U2

        loved the take on obummer’s state of the union lie address…It was realy freaky how he was bold face lying to the public on almost every issue…

    • Dave

      If in fact your 2 ?’s are sincere, it may explain in part why Americans have become so stupid…i.e. attention span of a gnat unless of course it involves Hollywood or the latest video game.

  • GetReal4U2

    When you take God out of schools…bad things happen…

    • GSOB

      There and everywhere else.
      “Take care lest your heart be deceived, and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them; then the anger of the Lord will be kindled against you and he will shut up the heavens, so that there will be no rain and the land will yield no fruit and you will perish quickly off the good land that the Lord is giving you.

      “You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise.”

      • jared thompson

        God’s existence is based on faith, but the scientific proof is present in many texts – these proofs can be seen in ancient books, but the elite desire to use the knowledge within to counterfeit the holy spirit/conscience, so we do what we ought not to. Hence why we have the madness we see today, including mass shootings etc. These people are set up with ‘antichrist end times psychological programming’. No joke. Google MK Ultra. It is what is used for the elite of society and Hollywood actors etc. When actors are being killed off, its because they know too much and will expose the agenda. Think Michael Jackson etc..

        • GSOB

          John 16:33

    • “60 years after re-reading the Book of the Apocalypse (Revelation), I still think that it is the rantings of a LUNATIC!”
      Thomas Jefferson

      • It is not by quoting atheist morons (although former President) in your comments that it make them true…

      • Mike

        The world has changed dramatically since the days of Thomas Jefferson. When the humble at heart read the book of Revelation, it makes perfect sense in this day and age. So much so, that it seems to be right around the corner.

        • James Kennedy

          It has been “right around the corner” for the religious nuts in every single generation that had the ability to read it.

          So don’t guess it was different in his age, it was not. But you would have to actually do some research to get to such a conclusion.

          • Cynthia Smith

            It’s still right around the corner; the problem with history and some Christians is that they put a date on Christ’s return. Keep in mind that it says in God’s Word that no man know the day of His coming. Also, as God is outside time, 100 years could mean ‘around the corner’.

          • Jessica Nelson

            If he is outside of time in a way that he cannot relate it in words we understand then why mention or write in the first place. Why give a revelation that implies a sequence when he doesn’t experience one being out of time?

            Religion trashes the mind.

            Article would be crap in and of itself. Some of you religious folk actually lend it some support.

        • GSOB

          Most of the Revelation has already been fulfilled.
          The Great Tribulation has come and gone.
          Christ reigns now as the God-man, by His Spirit.
          The new day has already dawned.
          When He returns, that’s the end because He will judge both the living and the dead.
          Satan hates these truths.

      • shawn chapman

        So what? Thomas Jefferson was a man of many talents and accomplishments, but he was hardly the end all and be all of human knowledge and understanding. Whatever Tom didn’t know about the Bible then, I am sure he knows better now.

      • Denton

        Please, offer evidence of this quote. I’ve read his writings and have never come across this.

        • sharonsj

          Thomas Jefferson, an Intimate History
          by Fawn M. Brodie, p. 453 (1974, W.W) Norton and Co. Inc. New York, NY) Quoting a letter by TJ to Alexander Smyth Jan 17, 1825, and Thomas Jefferson, Passionate Pilgrim by Alf Mapp Jr., pp. 246 (1991, Madison Books, Lanham, MD) quoting letter by TJ to John Adams, July 5, 1814.

          • Denton

            Thank you, Sharon!

    • Priszilla

      Yes. Kids start learning science and engineering.
      (They can still learn about god, knitting or football after classes. It’s called freedom of religion.)

      • Chewbaka

        Which God of the more than 2500 then do they learn of in school? Leave that at home for their parents, unless you teach them all equally with equal irrelevance the my FREEDOM of/from religion would not want my tax dollars wasted or my children brainwashed. Will the God(s) of Witchcraft, Vodoo, Satanism, Hinduism get an even vetting with as much importance?

        • Cynthia Smith

          Ever since Christianity was taken out of schools, more and more teenagers have killed themselves, dropped out, ended up in gangs, and such violent ends.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Notice the results of our educational system, demonstrated by “Chewbaka’s” comment. The wookie in Star Wars was more coherent than this fellow.

          • Cynthia Smith

            I have never watched star wars. Can you explain what you mean?

          • GSOB

            If you have placed a tree in your living room, then you are not far from star wars.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            There was a creature in Star Wars known as a wookie, and his name was Chewbaka

        • Priszilla

          Yes, Remove religion from school and learn more maths.
          Feel free to believe what you want.

          • T.

            As You are a European TROLL – You have NO place in this discussion.

          • Priszilla

            Oh well, non-american bahavior was once a crime over there. Shut out the world from your part of the Internet then.

          • GSOB

            Great response. “Believe what you want.”
            But you see, the Bible says that the natural man, (that means you) does not understand the things of God because the natural man esteems such things as foolishness.
            That’s you.

          • Priszilla

            Whatever. Believe what you want. If you want to be a missionary you are trespassing. In America trespassers can be shot without trial.

            Be happy that you are not foolish and I’m happy that I can live out my foolishness.
            This way everybody is happy. And what else do we need?

          • Priszilla

            And you are a natural man, too, and therefore don’t understand god as well. So you and me – we are the same – foolish – each in his own way.

        • Arthur G

          Christians want religious education until they realize it would not be only Christianity being taught in such a setting.

          I think they do good to keep their private schools and supplement whatever they want as long as they don’t take my tax dollars doing so. (Yes they should not have to pay school taxes if their children don’t use the facilities).

          Teaching religion to an impressionable child should be considered child abuse. But until it is, let them spend their money and abuse their children as their conscious allows.

          • GSOB

            And we Christians know what you want.
            And it’s not Christ.

        • Priszilla

          My CVNT itches afted being repeatedly banged by a bunch of angry Mexicans. Do you think I have a disease?

  • GSOB

    “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

    • jared thompson

      We surely live in the end times, past the fifth trumpet. The tribulation is a prophetic period of time, not just 7 years, but decades. The antichrist is a group of people. Israel is a spiritual group of people, not a place. Seeking the mountains of zion is seeking God’s protection. The mark of the beast in the mind is actually a form of mind control and brainwashing.

      The merchants of the earth are the Canaanite-Edomite bankers who run hollywood and many other industries. They are global and run all societies through banking usury.

      • Daystrom2012

        Where to begin? There’s just too much, starting with replacement theology and your views on the tribulation and the identity of the Antichrist. During Noah’s day the earth was filled with violence and fallen angels intermingled with women producing a polluted bloodline(Genesis 6:1-5). If God’s covenant promises to Israel can be broken then God’s word is worthless. This pick and choose theology is dangerous and God’s word is not a mystery, it explains itself and sometimes too much is read into it. If the Plain Text Makes Perfect Sense, Seek No Other Sense. Are we in the last days? I think it’s obvious to those who can see. Is He coming back this week,month,year? Maybe maybe not. Scripture clearly indicates a 7 year tribulation period so it’s at least that far away. Then there’s also the rapture….but that’s another topic.

        • Mike

          Agreed. These are the birth pains. When the actual time of tribulation begins, it will be much worse than this. The Antichrist is an actual person. But the spirit of antichrist has been at work since Jesus returned to the right hand of the Father.

          • GSOB

            The Great Tribulation has been fulfilled.

        • jared thompson

          I feel many misunderstand what is written in the Bible and especially revelations. Everyone thinks they are right. I left this as a share and will let others decide; I know most will not listen for whatever reason, so at least I tried.

        • Cynthia Smith

          I do not believe that the rapture will come before the 7 year tribulation; it’s not scriptural and it’s just a made-up relief for Christians who would rather live on earth than in Heaven.

          • jared thompson

            I think if you wait to escape via a rapture, it is a trick sponsored by Satan and his minions so you do not prepare for the end of this age and the beginning of the next one.

            We must all go through the tribulation and we live in such a prophetic period of time.

          • Cynthia Smith

            Exactly. And I’m willing to die, even painfully, for Jesus.

        • Gay Veteran

          Noah? find that ark yet?

          • GSOB

            Once found, would it make a difference to you?
            John 7:5

          • Gay Veteran

            yes it would

          • GSOB

            Really? How? What difference would it make? For me, it would just bolster my faith.

          • Gay Veteran

            what difference would it make?
            really? you have to ask that?

          • GSOB

            Yes. I do. What difference to you … what effect would it have on your life, if any, if that big boat, the ark was found?
            I know. You would deny it.

          • Gay Veteran

            sorry, I wouldn’t deny reality, that’s the job of fundamentalists

      • Pete

        Dude, you’re so off. I normally don’t comment, but I had to in this case. What you’re asserting is heresy. Plain and simple. PLEASE DONT MAKE STUFF UP and pass it off as biblical theology…
        I agree with the article that people are becoming dumber. There is an increasing degradation and loss of application of critical thinking. This is done intentionally by the public schools. First, they teach a read-by-memory method instead of phonics. Therefore, youngsters cannot sound out words. Reading is the fundamental building block to increasing one ‘s knowledge.
        Also, kids are taught not to “judge”. Have you ever heard someone say “stop judging me…?” This is taught by the media and supported by the public schools and it is another ploy to rid society of their God given ability to think critically.
        Lastly, there’s a reason why we used to call tv the boob tube. Back I’m the 70s we didn’t see many boobs, but we all kinda just knew that watching tv on a regular basis makes you a boob.

        • mister_roboto

          We really do need to go back to phonics, and I’m sure a lot of teachers would agree with that.

        • Catarok is night

          Check the Left Behind movies if you don´t believe me, proof it is legit stuff. Soon the long-awaited epic battle between Longcat and Tagnol shall begin and who will be laughing then? Me, of course!

          • pete

            No, don’t check the left behind movies. That’s a Disneyland scenario compared to what the Bible describes will occur. There are some pretty decent documentary-style vids on youtube, but ultimately you need to verify against the Bible(KJ version). I know you’re joking as scoffers will do, but you’re living in a fool’s paradise. If you can’t see that ALL the pieces are fitting together then you’ll likely be one of the compliant ones and welcome a mark on your right hand or forehead. This is not fantasy. Every single Biblical prophecy has come true save for the removal of the church, jacob’s trouble and the victorious return of Jesus Christ. I don’t expect you to know this stuff, but if you consider yourself a man who thinks and a man who cares for his family, it’s incumbent upon you to search this out.

        • jared thompson

          This is my understanding. I have personally met some of the uber rich and know of their ideals. I also interpret it somewhat based on an NDE I had with regards to what the mark of the beast is. I admit this. But I do resent being told that I am making things up, when most people do not understand the Bible, as I have come to understand that whilst Babylon is a spiritual place of idolatry against God, that it is the US and UK as physical places that are overrun with rampant satanism and subverted Christianity, whose staged false wars have led Christians to suffer worldwide. There are some true Christians in the US/UK, but most are blinded and so cannot claim any understanding of Christ’s/God’s will themselves.

          • T.

            You are absolutely right about Babylon, the U.S. and UK. For the most part the church in the U.S. is the Laodicean church but of course – They don’t SEE it, because as the Bible says they are Blind. But as you state – The greatest shame upon U.S. are the wars that we initiate and ALL the Christians who are suffering in those lands where we have instigated and fomented WAR. The Laodicean church is totally Blind to this horror.

          • Cynthia Smith

            You might find this hard to swallow, but several
            people have had dreams and visions from God that say that Babylon is actually the USA. The USA also matches up with end-time Babylon all throughout the Bible as far as sinning and merchandise and such goes. And it says that it will be burned in one hour, made desolate from a country to their north. Guess what? They’re mocking Russia, who has been warning them for so long not to and soon will create war.

          • jared thompson

            false prophets. or misled.

            I know. You will ask why i’m genuine.

          • Cynthia Smith

            Na, you can believe that if you want, but it’s coming pretty soon.
            And God said it was. These are people of God I am talking about. You can believe them or not.

        • nic

          they want you to pay tax and to shut up! I have been educated on the same system and I realize it is a total brainwash system. marriage is even controlled by the government(being married in a church only is not valid, wtf! ) , everyone is under control. there is no more freedom. even babies are stamped with a ssn. some youngs are so much brainwashed that they think they must get married and have children then buy ton of stuffs . and that is the only way to be happy.

          • jared thompson

            Marriage for Christians needs to become Ecclesiastical and free from government interference in these times we live in.

      • SpunkinYOURFace

        Was this from the Book of Sauron in Middle Earth?
        Oh wait, this fool is serious. And that is why the world is the way it is. We let fools mate with us, work with us, and don’t give them access to mental care.

        Maybe the flawed DSM IV might include the religious by the DSM VII. It would be the first time they got something partly right, maybe.

        • jared thompson

          Your name tells me that you are a complete an utter idiot.

          I am an MD as well as speaking several languages etc.. Not that this makes me smart or educated. But clearly, you are an agitator or a fool, so do us all a favour and SHUT YOUR USELESS EXCUSE OF A MOUTH.

          Don’t have children.

      • Cynthia Smith

        Actually, when you look in the Bible, the times God wipes a whole people out is the times their DNA isn’t an image of God; when they mate with animals or when angels come and mate with humans, creating giants and nephilim. The fact that the people with the mark of the beast are cast into the lake of fire without judgment from God indicates that they are no longer human, which indicates that the mark of the beast changes ones DNA.

        • GSOB

          That’s a stretch.
          Theologically unsound.
          This will help you, please
          invest time to read
          “Paradise Restored:
          A Biblical Theology of Dominion.”

          ISBN 0-915815-65-6

          by David Chilton….

      • Gay Veteran

        find that Ark yet?

      • GSOB

        Mark 8:33
        But when Jesus turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter. “Get behind me, Satan!” he said. “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

    • T.

      At least he said one thing that was right and beneficial for Americans.

    • A thorough knowledge of reality rather than that of a story book in which the majority believes to be true, is far more intellectually profitable.

      • Mike

        Have you read it?

        • mister_roboto

          I actually think it is a good idea to be familiar with the Bible whether or not you’re a Christian because 1) it played a very major role in the formation of our culture for better or for worse depending on one’s own evaluation and 2) it’s English translation in the KJV is a major part of our literary heritage. However, reading the whole thing from start to finish is quite an undertaking, and anyone who has managed to do so for religious reasons or otherwise has my admiration!

          • Dee

            Harry Potter would teach you more.

          • mister_roboto

            Well, it would probably be a more engaging read. The interminable lists of patriarchal lineages are just one example of the sort of thing that makes The Old Testament a better sleep-aid than Unisom!

          • Kraftwerk Orange

            In addition to the “interminable lists” being totally pulled out of a fairies poop-shoot.


          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Harry Potter might be more engaging. If you are ten years old.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            I like some of the OT books. How can you find Judges, the books of Samuel and Kings, and Genesis boring? I think it’s WAY better than Harry Potter ( I read the first book- really couldn’t get into the second)

          • Dee

            I do not like Harry Potter. I have read it (in 4 hours) out of curiosity of common culture.

            I have read (studied) the major religious of the West, East, and South for over 20 years and yes I read their books. The fact that it was necessary to deprogram myself as opposed to being raised without them is a theft of my life and mind. Harry Potter is produced and disseminated as FICTION and the other as TRUTH. In my opinion both SUCK, but the one speaking to be historical, poetic, and truthful did a far worse job at it task!

          • Cynthia Smith

            I especially like those three. I’ve read them so many times.

          • John Higson

            I’ll bet you have!!!!!

          • T.

            Yes. If/since you are into witchcraft.

          • ScapeGoat

            As if prayers, rituals, and ceremonies like the burning of incense, dressing up in costumes (suits), chanting/singing, casting in/out demons, being filled with a spirit, spirit possession (holly ghost), Speaking in Tongues, congregation. I am not into “witch-craft” but I see little difference in it to Islam/Christianity/Judaism. They just say its wrong if “their God/Saint/Angel/Profit/Rabbi” isn’t being spoken to or held in high esteem.

            Somehow they imagine that what the “outgroup” does is different and satanic (another belief) but theirs is godly and pure.

            Stupid the whole lot of them regardless of their proficiency on Maths, Language, etc.

          • T.

            The TRUTH regarding the reading of Harry Potter and its association with witchcraft Stings – Doesn’t it?

          • ScapeGoat

            Nope, I think they are all about equal in reality, written by sh*tty authors attempting to brainwash the gullible. Harry Potter Jesus Potter, Mohammad Potter, Moshe Potter, Budha Potter. All stupid and share amazing commonalities.

          • T.

            Of course, this assumes that You can THINK. Based upon Your response that would be – No, You can not.

          • ScapeGoat

            Because someone’s thinking does not end up with fairy tale conclusions like yours then they cannot “THINK”. Okay, right. Well argued.

            I see the light now, because YOU think so well.

          • Cynthia Smith

            Please share some commonalities. I, for one, see none. Only One brings peace. He is the Prince of Peace.

          • Cynthia Smith

            If you think Islam and Christianity is the same, you need to read both Quran and Bible. You’d be surprised how they clash with each other.
            Also, you don’t see Christians beheading and crucifying Muslims publicly and terrorizing other countries. Actually, in countries where Muslims have been officially allowed, the rape rates and murders grow higher quite rapidly.
            I have had an experience with God, and trust me, I was crying. You know when He is in the room, even if you can’t see Him. My grandpa was on his face because the fear of the Lord came down upon him.
            Also, I’ve had suicidal depression before and one night I was crying and finally I cried out o God and then, I realized that I wasn’t crying anymore and the depression has never come back, whereas it had been going on for years before that.
            If you think I’m a crybaby or something, keep in mind that lots of adults have cried under emotional stress or wonder, and those two times were definitely classified as such.
            Also, keep in mind that everybody dies in this world and there is no going back, regardless of what you believe, so it’s a good idea to get your life straight with God and live your life for Him.

          • exsubguy

            Wondering why those comments below are flagged for review??

          • Cynthia Smith

            Which comments?

          • ScapeGoat

            Crybaby? nah. Glad you found a way out of depression. Reality would have been nicer, but imagined voices are “real” to you, so be it.

            Anyway, Christianity and Islam are cut from the same cloth. But regardless of your anecdotal personal experiences, I see them similar. One is “Elfin” and the other is “Ork”…or some other middle earth group, which doesn’t matter. You are flying an imaginary play, and they a rocket. Really, you expect a sane person to differentiate who’s delusion has different words and rules?

          • Richard T.

            “Personal anecdotal experiences” is a gross understatement. What she experienced is what billions of Christians experienced throughout 6000 years of human history. What she had experienced is the reality of God. Starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, all the way down to the present day, God is real as He was 6000 years ago. Just because you’ve refused to acknowledged the reality of God, doesn’t make it false. It’s time to repent and turn back to Him, while there’s still breath.

          • Cynthia Smith

            I spent so long writing something to you, and then it all deleted because I pressed a button.
            Trust me, it was reality. Maybe if you ask some questions, I can answer them.

          • GSOB

            Don’t waste your time with this one.

          • mmercier0921

            another gem of wisdom from the university.

          • GetHubNub

            Actually, it was the Freemasons who shaped American culture more than Christianity. Many of America’s forefathers put up a front of being Christian when in fact they were Freemasons. It’s a secret society and very pro antichrist.( e.g., opposed to Jesus Christ teachings) Their literature and symbols are everywhere including our money.

      • krinks

        Hey genius, were it not for Bible believing Christians there would be no such thing as education. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were founded as seminaries. What we now know as public schools began as a way to teach their children to read so that they could read the Bible. Isaac Newton wrote more on the Bible than all other topics combined.

        • LOL

          Ancient Persia, the Chinese, Egyptian, Roman Empire and Greek city states had a 0% literacy rate, right?

          • T.

            No, but the North American Indians did.

          • nekksys

            This begs the question, “In historical context, what defines literacy?” Just because the Native Americans had no writing system that we know, doesn’t mean they were illiterate. I’m sure they all knew their tribal histories. I’m sure they all knew how to read the time of day, weather signs, etc… Things which most modern Americans do not know how to do today.

          • T.

            Right – Along with all the inventions in science and agriculture and health care these illiterate people did like the Christians have done for the benefit of humanity. You live in fantasy land.

          • Tatiana Covington

            Observe that despite their faults, they managed to survive and flourish for ca. 25,000 years in the Ice-Age Americas, opposing cave bears, sabertooths, dire wolves, etc., and glaciers covering half of North America, glaciers so big as to draw down the world’s oceans by some 300 feet and so massive as to physically depress what is now Hudson’s Bay.

            They survived and endured incredibly harsh conditions. You and I wouldn’t last a day. They endured long enough to see Polaris become the pole star again (think axial precession).

          • nekksys

            “They survived and endured incredibly harsh conditions.”

            Precisely my point… The Natives of any land were far from illiterate. Writing does not a literate man make. The further back you go in history and the location you examine, the greater the difference in what constitutes literacy. A Neanderthal would seem oafish and stupid by modern standards much the same way a modern man would appear moronic in their time.

            “You and I wouldn’t last a day.”

            Speak for yourself. I’m extremely well versed in outdoor living / survival. YOU may not last a day but I would enjoy it immensely.

          • John Higson

            Objectively they were illiterate,that doesn’t mean they were stupid.Arguing they weren’t illiterate is the definition of illiterate!

          • GSOB

            Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will declare what He has done for my soul.
            Psalm 66:16

          • Richard T.

            Literacy means the ability to read and write. If a culture has no written language, then there’s no literacy.

          • Fred Grindle

            Yes, in Western Cultures. However, there are many other cultures that would probable take exception to that

          • nekksys

            Whether reading a book, reading weather signs or reading animal tracks, comprehension, pattern matching and reasoning are still required; major aspects of “literacy” as we define it today.

            With that being said, what did “literacy” mean before the invention of reading and writing?

          • Fred Grindle

            I’m sure your definition of literacy was not their definition of literacy. Think about it.

          • T.

            No. It was LOL’s definition. Please look at to whom I was replying.

          • Fred Grindle

            T. Now I not sure where you stand.

          • T.

            Fred, LOL asked if the ancient nations of Persia, China, etc. had a 0% literacy rate and I said “No, but the North American Indians did.” That’s all Fred that I said.

          • Fred Grindle

            O.K. makes sense now. Sorry for the bother.

          • krinks

            We don’t live there now do we?

          • Richard T.

            China, since ancient times till the early 20th century has a literacy rate of around 1%. The majority of the people do not know how to read and write.

        • sharonsj

          Sorry, but Christians were responsible for the Dark Ages and certainly have no singular claim on education. We have proof of scholarship going back 9,000 years and more. And if you look at the current crop of Christians, what with the idiots who think you can do vaginal probes through the mouth, who believe in “legimate” rape, who deny climate science, and who think people rode dinosaurs, you ARE getting stupider.

          • Shucks

            3 out of 4 ain’t bad, but “climate denial-ism” is yet another idiot buzzword for you’re stupid because you wont believe “Facts” as WE see them and be taxed on air! Logical fallacies abound in most of the arguments on both “sides”, so it has not risen to a level of a rational discussion yet. I mean really associating those who hold a scientifically backed argument which calls those facts into question “deniers” to associate them “evolution deniers” and the like is a little amoral in my book.

            Yet another derivatives banker market scam. Easy solution for both: Return the water and the air to what it is before your processing altered it. Onsite, self funded, or you cannot operate that business. No externalization of costs onto the environment or future public.

            But then how would one create a derivatives market scam? Oh well.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            It was the fall of Rome, not the rise of Christianity, that occasioned the Dark Ages.

          • marylou

            and do not forget the rise of Islam and the effect it had on traffic on the Mediterranean sea. .Worthwhile to give it a careful look at.

            But what does that have to do with the above article?

            Stupid? Stupid is stupid, there is no pill for it. But maybe they are just ignorant, and that can be remedied.

          • John Gallion

            Christians were not responsible for the Dark Ages (which, by the way, weren’t that “dark”) . It’s obvious you were “edubucated” in the USA.
            The “Dark Ages: were the result of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire as the Germanic tribes, being pushed westward by advancing nomadic tribes from Eurasia invaded the corrupt empire and essentially put an end to it. Afterwards, a period of anarchy in Europe prevailed until a Frankish king named Pepin made a deal with the Bishop of Rome to become a Roman Catholic. In doing so, he was able to rebuild Europe into a semblance of an organized society. This attempt however was slowed by the incursions of the pagan Northmen (Vikings) whose depredations cause more chaos and the toppling of old kingdoms. eventually these barbarians settled the new lands and became Christians, thereby re-civilizing the continent.
            You’re an historical mouth breathing idiot who should be forced to dig ditches. So keep your insipid and mindless prattle to yourself.

          • PigsInAbarrel

            So if you are from Europe, then you just proved that they are equally as stupid. No original research, just the ability to ape what someone with some letters told them in a history class or a 3-5th level reading of the actual material. Stop insulting people just because you believe your slightly more well positioned lie that those found in America.

            Neither is true.

          • krinks

            The Dark Ages were called such when the Roman Catholic Church forbade God’s word in the hands of commoners. There is nothing Christian about the Catholic Church. As for what I’ve said about education it is a fact.

          • Fred Grindle

            Can you explain away the Spanish Inquisition just as easily? That pursuit of justice went on for around 350 years. Those that did the judging met your definition of literate I’m sure.

          • exsubguy

            You might want to look into the Spanish Inquisition a little more. It was about rooting out Muslims posing as Christians and smuggling arms and planning a muslim takeover. Thats what it was in a nutshell. Its obviously much more complicated than a comment section can allow. No, I will not provide links. If you want to know then research for yourself. That is the only way to absorb knowledge.

          • Fred Grindle

            exsubguy…It certainly did start as you said, but like so many Christian missions or missions in general, it soon became guilty of “mission creep”. Soon this mission cast a wide net over many Christians to settle scores and gain advantage over others. History…learn yours you condescending idiot!

          • Orange Jean

            You might want to as well. It’s my understanding that it was also about “rooting out” Jews and others who didn’t agree with the prevailing Christianity of the day. Fact is, the Inquisitors remind me of ISIS.

          • JustWatching

            this is factually incorrect. The original inquisition was centered on a group of christians that wanted to read the bilble for themselves (Catharist Heresy). Your confident bullcrap is full of right wing misconceptions and lies. But you are an american, and can therefore be excused.

          • krinks

            Another Catholic crime. Learn your history.

          • Queeny

            Catholic as if!! In 150 years the “Bambi” Christians will be blaming the Baptist, Apostolic, Lutheran, or a few hundred years prior for being ignorant or barbaric and scream they now have it right…so right don’t put on them all the horrors that are associated with the religions related to “Abraham”.

          • Gay Veteran

            OR it had to do with the pagans destroying the Roman Empire.

            “…There is nothing Christian about the Catholic Church….”

            amazing how you “Christians” fight each other

          • Marcos Gonzalez

            The cults referred as “christians” by Laura M. they are not and never were Christians. If you want to find the Christian religion , go read the Bible and the teachings of Jesuschrist.

          • Gay Veteran

            thanks for proving my point

          • NowAlive

            Thank you for taking a few silly stories from the news, which is obviously largely biased against Christians, adding hyperbole, and then qualifying that to all Christians. The Dark Ages were not because of Christians but because of Authoritarian governments who invoked a caste system and removed people’s freedoms, similar to today. Christianity actually freed us from that system after casting off the yoke of the corrupt authorities, including the Papacy, which is also an authoritarian political body. Unfortunately your paltry, propaganda-ridden education only makes it more clear that you cannot think for yourself, as does your ad hominem attack. Your errors and extrapolations are so false that I could spend all day showing how ludicrous they are, but alas, I’m counting on you to start educating yourself. Time to take that responsibility into your own hands. Good luck to you sharonsj. You have a tall hill to climb.

          • exsubguy

            Most people are incapable of qualifying the difference between Papal dogma and Papal politics.

          • mmercier0921

            A real live college boy. or whatever.

            May your first collision with reality be a spectacular one.

          • Christiah Gains

            sharonsj, WHEW! Speaking out of utter ignorance is a sure way to embarrass ones self.

            The barbarians brought us the dark ages, by destroying the last ordered vestiges of the Roman Empire…the “Eklezias” [the 1st Century Christ loving, non-Catholic believers), were the ones who SAVED us FROM the “Dark Ages”!

            NOT the Catholics who tried to annihilate them, (refer to the 36 year Crusade {1208 – 1244} of Simon de Montfort, at the order of Pope Innocent III; to be wagged against ALL non-Catholic groups in Southern France, and Northern Italy.

            THAT crusade was instrumental in GUARANTEEING the beginning of the “Dark Ages”, the “Inquisition”, and many other atrocities! that period was termed “The Dark Ages”, BECAUSE the “Light of God’s Word had been snuffed out”. BY the Catholic legions.

          • Cynthia Smith

            I’m a Christian and I believe there is no thing as legitimate rape. Science actually supports Christianity. And as higher oxygen percentages allow things to grow 100s of times there size, dinosaurs could have been over-sized replicas of some species of lizards we have today. You cannot tell what an animal eats by its teeth; in evolutionary terms a fruit bat should eat meat, when it eats fruit, so t-rex could have eaten leaves and such. Evidence, believe it or not, supports a 6000-year-old earth, and humans have been around for that long for sure.

          • John Higson

            You my non-friend are a deluded halfwit and I claim my prize,nobody could actually be so stupid.Even from the US I don’t believe people are so stupid!

          • Queeny

            I’m sorry John!

            Yes people here are THAT stupid. I think it is worse than you might imagine.

          • Cynthia Smith

            I’m from Canada, and you just did nothing to support your claim. Please give me evidence of what you support, and I’ll show you what I mean.
            Notice I am not insulting you. Please respond likewise.

          • John Higson

            There is no need whatsoever for me to refute what you assert.There are libraries of scientific literature for you to peruse at your leisure,with centuries of peer reviewed justification (and not a little resistance to its acceptance,especially evolution,by other scientists not just bible-wallopers!).I studied two science degrees and for me to spend the time and effort to mount a case against your anti-science ignorance,when I know you would dismiss it out of hand or take recourse to ‘unintelligent design’ or ‘non-answers from genesis’ nonsense (I’ve spent time and effort and willpower before to play this game,never again!) is not worth it. I will leave you with something to ponder.Potassium/Argon dating with a half-life of 1.3 billion years,how does that fit in with the earth being 6000 years old?

          • nekksys

            1) 6000y/o earth? Not possible, just as you say…

            2) An education does not a WISE man make… SOME of us like to poke that dragon and play Devil’s Advocate. We’re sick and that stuff is fun. But remember one thing: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It only hurts your ears and annoys the pig. Catch my drift?

          • GSOB

            And why will you die?

          • Tatiana Covington

            Telomere shortening, the p21-driven root of cellular senescence, etc.


            Mol Syst Biol. 2010;6:347. doi: 10.1038/msb.2010.5. Epub 2010 Feb 16.
            Feedback between p21 and reactive oxygen production is necessary for cell senescence.

          • Chan

            “Evidence, believe it or not, supports a 6000-year-old earth”.

            I choose “not”. Do I win a prize?

          • Cynthia Smith

            No, you win the opportunity to explain why you believe that.

          • Cynthia Smith

            Yes, you win the opportunity to explain why you believe that.

          • Gay Veteran

            after reading that you are truly a poster child for this article

          • exsubguy

            Climate science…ranks right up there with military intelligence.

          • Gay Veteran


        • Red C. Pedestrian

          Too right, brother. You know your stuff. See you at the post-apocalyptic mixer!

          • mmercier0921

            i doubt you’ll be there, having starved trying to figure out how to skin a rat by candle light.

          • Red C. Pedestrian

            Not planning on being there for the tribulation. I said POST-apocalyptic mixer…

        • Fred Grindle

          If you really believe in the teachings of the Bible why did you call him genius in a defamatory manner? You’ve just been waiting for someone to insult havn’t you? Also the word education does not have a universal context in which it is used. It is not always obtained in a classroom. Just say’in.

          • GSOB

            ….”why did you call him genius in a defamatory manner? ”
            Why did David cut off Goliath’s head?
            1 Samuel 17

          • Fred Grindle

            You tell me. Maybe he was a founding member of ISIS/ISIL.

          • GSOB

            “who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

        • El mico

          Hey genius, were it not for bible believing Christians, (and all other religions) the world would be way smarter. The bible retards learning, it’s a limiting device. How can you expand you mind if it has narrow parameters defined by one view of the world?

          Free your self fool…..

          • Dutch Uncle

            ^This guy talks on something he knows nothing about. He is just repeating what his liberal teachers have told him. He has never read the Bible.

          • Emery Richards

            Sadly, El mico’s attitude and beliefs are the same as most who run our country. And, most people have little to no belief in God, Jesus, and God’s inspired word, and what they do believe in is wrong.

          • El mico

            Duh, as Jason above said.

            If people got off their fat lazy arses and actually did something, rather than just pray for shiit to get better, the world may just have a chance.

          • Jason

            I find it funny that you say that while the United States is ranked very low in terms of education, 19th out of 30. It has a great deal to do with the quality itself, however, due to the increasing number of individuals who believe such things as intelligent design, young Earth creationism, the citizens of the United States rely less on their intellect and abilities and more the bible and god to heal, deal with problems, etc etc. It is one thing to believe in a higher power, but buying into such nonsense has failed the people and made them look absurd. Many top scientists believe in such a thing but do not buy into nonsense such as young Earth creationism.

          • Marcos Gonzalez

            Since you
            mention the Bible, I guess you have only
            read small parts of it to form antagonism inside you. Learn from this: “People do not reject the Bible because
            it contradicts itself. They reject it because it contradicts them.”
            Unfortunately this happen with people like yourself and most of “Christianity”
            they don’t read their Bibles, they just want to be right.

            The earth is much, much older than what most
            people think, and the Bible is proof of it. In the first to verses of Genesis
            you can find the answer.

            In the beginning God
            created the heavens and the earth.(period)
            The earth WAS (already in existence) withou
            form, and void… As you can notice the earth was created at a earlier time, it
            was the jewel of all creation, but it became that way almost destroyed, all of
            the earlier story of the earth is found in the Bible, but you have to find out
            for yourself. I can only give you some clues; so read the book of ‘Job’ as a starter if that is not enough
            look into the book of ‘Isaiah or the Psalms’, then you will become able to
            discuss the age of the earth.

          • El mico

            Bought up Christian. Schooled Christian. I’ve just seen through the thin veneer of control and hypocrisy that is Christianity. I’ve evolved. My mind is free.

          • Dutch Uncle

            Read the Bible at least once and see how you feel after that. Don’t judge the Bible based on failed people you knew who said they were Christians.

          • El mico

            Read a story written hundreds of years after these supposed events. Then rewritten and re edited by church and kings to suit their purposes of control and propaganda? No thanks.

          • Dutch Uncle

            Don’t you just hate it when a person gives a review of a book that they have never read?

          • El mico

            Assumptions are made by the uneducated.

          • krinks

            Isaac Newton, whose accomplishments are too numerous to list, wrote more on the Bible than all other topics combined.

          • jason

            Yet, which accomplishments are most often referred to, his work with the bible or his work with mathematics and physics?

          • Cynthia Smith

            Do you have proof of your angry statement? I’m a Christian, and I feel freer than anything and peaceful, joyful, right – and I know quite a lot of stuff, thank-you very much.
            And now, did you know how smart someone would have to be to invent the Bible? In it’s original Hebrew text, there are hidden words, such as take every 7th character makes certain sentences and there are several modern names hidden in diagonals and such. This proves to me that God did indeed write the Bible.

          • El mico

            Spirituality you’re free and that’s cool but the bible is just stories. Most peopl could make up a story. As for your hidden words etc. now I know you are truly brain washed.
            In one sentence you said someone invented the bible, truest thing you’ve said, then you say you know God wrote it. See how it retards your tiny mind.

          • fadestyle

            looks like you lose in votes also

          • El mico

            Only time will tell.

          • John Byde

            How silly! A true religious mind has no barriers. It’s open to the universe and the heavens. How broad is that?

          • El mico

            Actually not very broad at all if you still think there are heavens. See I told you, you can’t think past that story book.

          • CensoredSpeech

            El mico, it looks like the reverse is true, if you are paying attention! I’ll bet you would score a zero if you took that long ago exam! But, I’ll bet your self-esteem is 100%!

          • El mico

            110% as I don’t need to believe in fairytales because I’m scared of death or my little brain can’t comprehend the universe, so I have to believe in caveman stories to explain stuff.

          • CensoredSpeech


          • El mico

            Top answer.

          • CensoredSpeech

            I think you just proved my point!! Congratulations!!

          • Dawn

            Yeah, “the world would be way smarter” as in going back into the woods and living there. Sounds great. As if we are any better with all the jungle type of evil senseless wars that are going on today, thanks to “smart industrialized” nations.

        • David Lemire

          The origins of these colleges has no bearing on whether education would exist. Use some simple logic.

        • jesus is scum

          schools and universities existed already a long time before a single christain looney set a foot in europe, check your fact you paedophile!

          • krinks

            Not in America they didn’t.

      • T.

        The HERD is Always – WRONG.

        • Cynthia Smith

          Such as the evolutionist herd. Anybody with a brain can see that. (:

      • GetHubNub

        You just don’t get it yet do you? I’d highly recommend watching the entire history of man’s spiritual development since the fall of man on the “Know Your Enemy” series on YouTube put out by the Fuel Project.

      • mmercier0921

        a majority of idiots are still all idiots.

      • Ted Kennedy

        Reality? A reality of your making? In addition, if you’re so smart, why did you commit such a simple fallacy as: faulty appeal to majority? Moreover, you act as though your subjective view is objective truth.

      • El mico


      • fadestyle

        i guess you lose at votes

      • GSOB

        Galatians 3:21, 22

        The Purpose of the Law of Moses

        21 Does this mean that the law works against God’s promises? Of course not. The law was never God’s way of giving new life to people. If it were, then we could be made right with God by following the law.

        22 But this is not possible. The Scriptures put the whole world in prison under the control of sin, so that the only way for people to get what God promised would be through faith in Jesus Christ.
        It is given to those who believe in him.

      • patriot156

        And you and your kind of Gibbering idiots is why this is happening not anyones belief in God!

      • wtf

        One cannot know reality until there is a thorough knowledge of one’s self.

        Many people are born with this knowledge (you may know them as introverts), but in a world where loud talk about nothing is valued over silence, most come to believe they are seriously flawed. At best they drink or take drugs to fit in with society’s approved mold. At worst, they kill themselves because the contortions are just too painful.

        Someday we will all understand their true value.

      • Sortinghat

        Darn those facts. Thanks for killing the squabble.

      • JF

        I’m still waiting for those who believe God and the Bible are lies to prove it. Not their opinions, but rock solid proof. They can’t.

    • mister_roboto

      I wonder what the reaction around here would be if somebody posted the same thing but substituted “the Qu’ran” for “the Bible”? 🙂

      • wearethey

        Don’t worry. Between the half-hearted dedication to Christ of most American Christians, and the growing hostility towards Christianity by unbelievers in America, the qu’ran is going to be shoved down our throats in the not-too-distant future.

      • Denton

        Considering this nation was created by Christians, based on the precepts of Christianity which are the foundation of common law, what sort of response would be proper to such an assertion? Even a cursory understanding of this nation’s founding history makes that perfectly clear.
        But, now that you bring up the Qur’an (your hyphen is in the wrong place, by the way), do you think we would have anything resembling the constitution and Bill of Rights were we created to be an Islamic state?Would our legal system have been rooted in common law or sharia law?
        This nation’s disconnect with it’s Christian heritage couple with a breakdown of discipline has made it ripe for overthrow. It doesn’t matter if tyranny is brought to our doorsteps by a foreign government, by our own government or by the mega-corporations and global banks that control more than most realize, the chains rest the same. Because we have turned our backs to the God of our forefathers, to discipline and to education, we have not flinched as the chains were placed upon us.
        How is it that your question spurred such a drawn out response? Because, we have lost our nation due to ignorance.

        • Chappy

          Wrong, the nation was not created by Christians you boob. Stop spouting nonsense. Most were Masons, Deist, atheist (by modern standards), while lots of the population as now had varying degrees of religious insanity. This nation was created by “heathens”, RICH land owning heathens, who borrowed some Native American heathen ideals in forming a confederation then a constitution full of words the were breaking the spirit of while the ink was still drying.

          • Denton

            Your ignorance is only surpassed by our lack of civility and “internet courage.” You are nothing more than evidence of the downfall of this nation, and it took you precious little time in coming along to offer yourself as that evidence. Thank you!

          • Kimmy Kirby

            Hey Denton,

            The tone of your comment lacks civility “your ignorance”, “internet courage (implying real life coward)” etc.

            It is magic how you put something on a commenter that you are doing. I find it remarkable that you also on a global forum assume they “guy/gal” is evidence of the downfall of “this nation”, having not one bit of proof of their citizenship, bravery/cowardice, etc.

            You jump to claims no evidence supports and call someone else ignorant!

            Only in Murka!

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Calling ignorance what it is is not uncivil. Calling someone a “boob” is rude. And no, it is not only in “Murka” that people are hypocritical and nasty. What’s with the anti-American sentiment?

          • Samantha

            He was mean spirited, I feel it and I guess she felt it too. Being rude to show that rudeness is not pleasant isn’t quite Christian either!

            For someone professing to be a Christian I would hope they “turn the cheek” and let kindness and love guide their words.

            Jodie, you are smart enough to know that American economic and militaristic policies have earned us a bit of well deserved scorn?

            I heard irony and no anti-American sentiment in @Kimmy Kirby response. We are seemingly proud of everything so great about our country we need to own the fact the we have some religious fanaticism here not much better than the middle east. Sanitized but similar.

            Some of their fanatics chop off heads, ours use drugs, nooses, soon to be bullets, and electricity. It is equally barbaric but maybe more sanitized. You want to argue over the method a State executes its citizens? It is the execution itself which is horrid.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            The drawn-out deaths by lethal injection that have been in the news in recent months were the result of accidents, not design. And there is a difference, which I am sure you appreciate, between killing an innocent person and executing a vile murderer. Our justice system is far from perfect, and that is unacceptable. But our wrongdoings certainly cannot be compared to the depredations of ISIS. I am disturbed, however, by the lynch mob mentality that seems to have increased among the general populace. In the 70’s and 80’s, if a child had committed a terrible crime, I think that most Americans-in the zeitgeist of that era-would have said, “oh, that child needs help”. But I was reading an article about the “Slenderman” attempted murder (in which two then 12 year-old girls stabbed their friend 19 times, purportedly to please a fantasy character), and most of the commenters were out for blood. “Lock them up and throw away the key!” was the popular cry. I am not usually rude to people on these types of forums, but I couldn’t stand it. I just told these people that they are stupid brutes if they believe that a child should be punished as if she were an adult, even for such a serious crime.
            As for Kimmy’s comment: I was a little offended by it because I just thought it was unfair to Americans.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            The Founding Fathers were more or less religious-Samuel Adams (for example) more; and Benjamin Franklin less. But what a distortion of history to claim that the nation was founded by “heathens”! Have you forgotten the scores of Puritans, and French Huguenots, Catholics, Scottish Presbyterians, Quakers, and Jews who settled in America during her early days?

          • Chappy

            If they were not land and slave owning American versions of Barons, they didn’t found anything! Do you forget that Politicians LIE by design? They believed in MONEY/LAND/Manifest Destiny etc.

            Most would not hold the apostles creed as their own and would be considered christian in the same way Catholics are considered so or less so (some not accepting the divinity/Resurrection of Christ). The 9th President and first of the Constitution, Washington believed in POWER & Money and probably was the richest president in history so far. How much did that Ross Perot of yesteryear buy to get there?

            You believe in the founding fathers similar to other religious stories. They are STORIES that create a national memory, true or not. Mostly NOT.

            If having read almost every word that has been physically preserved by them makes me a fool, then so be it.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            George Washington believed in integrity, wisdom, discipline, the U.S. Constitution and Providence. He was not some greedy, cynical power-grabber. Not at all.

          • Chappy

            He believed in it while 1. Bringing Skull and Bones to the USA

            2. Having apportioned himself some of the best lands for slaves to labor making himself FILTHY rich.

            3. Like most politicians and business men, George Washington believed in himself and waxed poetic about so much in word but not in deed. You would not believe a .1% Wall Street billionaire of today of being pure of heart and full of integrity? You guys need imaginary heroes and forget these are men. Very flawed men who so valiantly were brutally murdering to take/keep stolen lands and resources. Happily ragging on a genocidal push against Native Americans and Africans.

            I don’t need to believe in a fake man hero to be a good human living in America.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Washington inherited Mount Vernon from his brother Lawrence. He did own slaves, but was a benevolent master. Maybe you are thinking of the brutal campaign against the Indians who allied themselves with the British during the Revolutionary War? That wasn’t genocide, though. Washington never had a thought of exterminating the Native Americans, even though he realized that their culture and way of life was doomed.

          • Gay Veteran

            well, he also owned slaves

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            So he did.

          • Chronic

            Heathen= NOT BELIEVING in Christian/Muslim/Jew God in the way of the view during that time or possibly altered view now. To state you believe in God (does not tell how or which).

          • HenryVIII

            And that would make them heathens!

            In the way a Christian looks at a Hindu, Voodoo, or other “native” religion.

            If your supposed Christian does not believe in your “Christ” (born of God to a virgin and resurrected) from what do you derive them to be Christians?

          • Cynthia Smith

            The first presidents were definitely Christians, though. Where was it written “one nation under god”?

          • Lalanda

            You cannot be this clueless? Please tell me Cynthia that you are joking?

            Sitting on a computer you have the most marvelous means in human history to look up your ideas before you post!

            You are not helping at all.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            Washington and Madison were Episcopalians. Adams was a Congregationalist, and became a Unitarian. Jefferson did not believe in Jesus’ deity, but respected his teachings. Plenty Christian enough, I’d say. So what is your problem?

          • GSOB

            Did you know that Adam and Eve did not have belly buttons yet Jesus does?
            Did you know that the shortest verse in the bible is
            Jesus wept.
            Did you know that God does not dwell in a temple made by hands?

        • Gay Veteran

          “…based on the precepts of Christianity which are the foundation of common law….”

          gee, having gone to law school I can’t wait for you to provide proof of that.

          and the Constitution? the result of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason

          • GSOB

            1) “You shall have no other gods before me.”
            This command is against worshipping any god other than the one true God. All other gods are false gods.

            2) “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”

            This 2nd command is against making an idol, a visible representation of God. There is no image we can create that can accurately portray God. To make an
            idol to represent God is to worship a false god.

            3) “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name.”

            This is a command against taking the name of the Lord in vain. We are not to treat God’s name lightly. We are to show reverence to God by only mentioning Him in respectful and honoring ways.

            4) “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”
            This 4th one is a command to set aside the Sabbath (Saturday, the last day of the week) as a day of rest dedicated to the Lord.

            5) “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

            This is a command to always treat one’s parents with honor and respect.

            6) “You shall not murder.”

            This is a command against the premeditated murder of another human being.

            7) “You shall not commit adultery.”

            This is a command against have sexual relations with anyone other than one’s spouse.

            8) “You shall not steal.”

            This is a command against taking anything that is not one’s own, without the permission of the person to whom it belongs.

            9) “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

            This is a command prohibiting testifying against another person falsely. It is essentially a command against lying.

            10) “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

            This is a command against desiring anything that is not one’s own. Coveting can lead to breaking one of the commandments listed above: murder, adultery, and theft. If it is wrong to do something, it is wrong to desire to do that same something.

          • Gay Veteran

            thank you for making my point!

          • GSOB

            The 10 Commandments are foundational to all human civilizations, regardless if its read.
            The greatest is to Love the Lord God with all your heart and all your strength and all your soul and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.
            James refers to these two as the Royal law.
            Believers are not to show favoritism toward other believers,…. they should love all believers the same, and it’s the same way you love yourself.
            That begs the question… what does that mean ‘as yourself”?
            Do you care for yourself? Yes
            Do you give yourself attention like, taking care of yourself, like combing your hair, eating right, taking a shower, brushing your teeth.. etc. etc. etc. The care there is and should be the same ‘care’ in spirit towards our neighbor.
            If you love your neighbor, you would not want to sleep with his wife. If you love your neighbor, you would not steal their newspaper or a cap off an empty five gallon water jug at the store.
            You would not want to let a bully with the mob abuse your neighbor.
            But if you don’t love god with all your heart soul and mind, then you’ll will be bankrupt.
            The only way believers can do business until He returns is to enjoy Him and the overflow will be for you and your neighbors.
            The law of God is perfect and His grace is sufficient and I hope that you will be captured by His beauty one day.

          • Gay Veteran

            “The 10 Commandments are foundational to all human civilizations, regardless if its read….”

            ROFLOL, you are truly delustional!

            “Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama, c. 623 – c. 543 BC)[44][45] made this principle one of the cornerstones of his ethics in the 6th century BC. It occurs in many places and in many forms throughout the Tripitaka…

            Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.

            —Udanavarga 5:18….”

          • GSOB

            Leviticus 19:18

            That should shut your Buddha’s lying against God.

        • GSOB

          “This nation’s disconnect with it’s Christian heritage couple with a breakdown of discipline has made it ripe for overthrow. ”


          “Because we have turned our backs to the God of our forefathers, to discipline and to education, we have not flinched as the chains were placed upon us.”

          Good comments. Falling away leads to repentance, for those that are His..

      • Orange Jean

        Well the site would be overwhelmed by liberal trolls in a day!

      • GSOB

        You know what would happen?
        The blogger would get negative comments.
        Its just a few years when we will hear from the MSM that ISIS is terrorizing and attacking on US soil.

    • Fact.

      This is how the banksters won.

      • GSOB

        The Sin of Achan
        Joshua 7:24 > 26

        Then Joshua and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, the silver, the mantle, the bar of gold, his sons, his daughters, his oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent and all that belonged to him; and they brought them up to the valley of Achor.

        Joshua said, “Why have you troubled us?
        The LORD will trouble you this day.”
        And all Israel stoned them with stones; and they burned them with fire after they had stoned them with stones.

        They raised over him a great heap of stones that stands to this day and the LORD turned from the fierceness of His anger. Therefore the name of that place has been called the valley of Achor to this day.

    • QuestionEverything

      Because it is absolutely necessary if you want to rule over an ignorant population!

      • GSOB

        Mark 10:42, 43
        42. Calling them to Himself, Jesus said to them, “You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them.
        “But it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant;…

    • Fred Grindle

      In what context did he make this statement? Where can I find this statement? When and where did he make this statement?

    • GetHubNub

      Theodore Roosevelt was a Freemason, so knowledge of secret societies and who belong to them is also relevant. “Initiated: January 2, 1901, Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, New York. Brother and President Roosevelt visited the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (in its present home, the Masonic Temple at One North Broad Street) on November 5, 1902, for the Celebration of the Sesqui-Centennial of Brother George Washington’s Initiation into Freemasonry. Governor of New York, 1899-1901. Brother and President Roosevelt issued an Executive Order, dated, October 17, 1901 changing the name of the “Executive Mansion” to the “White House”.

      • GSOB

        And Saul use to hunt Christians down.
        You’ve been saved?

    • Jay

      Very True

    • Tatiana Covington

      It won’t help with math, medicine, molecular biology, robotics, fusion power, desalination, correcting genetic errors such as scurvy, Internet access, or anything of the slightest practical value in the real world where science rules and nothing else is worth the powder to blow it up.

      Give me a well-done physics textbook any day. Or Howard Anton’s *Calculus*. Not that stupid old thing.

      • GSOB

        Psalm 73:25
        Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.

        • Tatiana Covington

          Are you coming on to me?

          • GSOB

            You bet.

    • John Higson

      Utter,utter bollox of the first order!!!

      • GSOB


    • Mi

      Americans are STUPID… the whole WORLD knows this……

      • GSOB

        Thanks. I’ve been called worse.

    • Oig M

      Can any one really put A brain into A light bulb?

    • Hilarious that you actually thought it was worth repeating some bullshït by a career parasite whose entire life was lived by stealing the surplus productivity of others… talking about a book that promotes genocide, genital mutilation, invasion, incest (Avram and Sarai; Lot’s Daughters), racism and slavery.

      A book in which the key character of the first half is objectively a psychopath; who claims to have created the entire universe, but whose explanation of that creation is absurdly wrong in literally every salient particular; a douchebag who destroys the overwhelming bulk of life on Earth because some humans in the Levant didn’t fawn on him enough; an insane Sky Maniac who promises Chosen-ness to an incestuous nomad – so long as he genitally-mutilates his offspring in perpetuity and is prepared to kill his own son. Charming…

      And it doesn’t get better in the second half: despite the bulk of the OT being depraved primitive drivel, Jeebus says categorically that he does not want anything to change… he makes that clear just 5 chapters into Matthew.

      A little further on (Luke 19:27) he gets his ISIS on, telling his followers to bring anybody who doesn’t want him as their king, and slay them here before me. takes after his Dad, apparently – a self-centred douchebag.

      Thankfully, it’s absolutely clear that the vast bulk of the narrative in the OT is fiction (as modern a archaeology has proved in, and with, spades): just as physics, chemistry and astrology has shown that Genesis is bunk, so too have archaeologists like Israel Finkelstein shown categorically that Exodus is bunk (no captivity in Egypt; no Moses; no Exodus; no such person as Pharaoh), that Joshua is bunk (no campaign of invasion and genocide; no establishment of a Davidic/Solomonic kingdom).

      And of course there is no mention – anywhere in the tens of thousands of pages of history that Rome handed down to us – of a first-century Palestinian revolutionary called Yeshuah ben Yusuf. Not a word: not a line. Not a ‘jot or a tittle’, in fact. (Ignore the Slavonic Josephus, which is an obvious and inelegant forgery, as befits a power clique so short-sighted that they thought they could prevent the laity from ever discovering their fraud).

      If your entire moral framework comes from that degenerate collection of primitive tribal drivel that is provably fictional, it is no wonder that you also fall prey to the modern equivalent of a witch-doctor… a politician, who is able to convince the stupidest half of the IQ distribution into believing that politics exists to support human flourishing, rather than to exploit it.

      • T.

        Even a degenerate politician get mess up and “say something right sometimes”.

      • GSOB

        And you will die one day. That is your destiny which you learned to avoid in your denial of God and His word. You are in league with Satan.

    • Religion is never going to save this country. It is a false premise that is always bandied about. America is not Israel. In Israel the government uses God to justify their fascism. Bringing God into the political picture in the U.S. evokes the thought that America is somehow special in the eyes of a dubious God. The notion of American “exceptionalism” is an arrogant thought held by too many Americans and it smacks of religious righteousness.

      America’s problem is its acceptance of the flawed system which is rife with foundational problems and which feeds the worship of materialism. Overcoming the propaganda of the elites, in which they command service to the system that keeps the world in ever tightening chains, is dubious at best.

      We are not going to pray our way out of this one, and we are not going to get out of our current deteriorating predicament by electing the puppets “voters” keep returning to office who just feed us more of the same.

      There will be no changes until this rotten system is turned to ashes and is replaced by a system based on humanity and not on the consumerism that has converted the population into mumbling, apathetic serfs.

  • Sparkie

    At least in the US education doesn’t cost much. Oh, wait……

    • T.

      “doesn’t cost much.”? It is robbing our young people of a good education and will hasten the future Downfall of this Nation. I would say that is Very Costly.

  • Its all by design….They are killing us with GMOs and then intentional bad education system and then turn around and blame us too for being stupid.

    Humanity is not stupid…We are being controlled to be this way

    • jared thompson

      Exactly – they tricked English workers in the 80s onto welfare and now those jobs have been off shored, making the workers dependent on a system purposefully being overloaded with mass immigration. They don’t care about the immigrant’s rights, as long as the natives are disenfranchised and eventually genocided by proxy.

      • kenfrombayside

        Dear white people,

        Your government no longer represents you.

        – They applaud your demographic annihilation.

        – They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation – and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to blacks and browns so they can outbreed you.

        – They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

        – They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into third world style war zones – courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

        – They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

        – They import million of third worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

        – They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

        – They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly black on white crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few white on black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

        – They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

        – They threaten to disarm you because blacks and browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

        And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

        They want you DEAD.

        • Quintin

          Proof, the body follows the brain. You guys are BRAIN-DEAD and race-baiting is your only recourse.

    • jaxon64

      Exactly right ! This is with full intent-dumb people and uneducated people are easily controlled and also unaware of their basic civil rights.
      Michael, I do not believe colleges are doing a bad job-I believe that they are 100% doing the job that they intend!
      Children are vaccinated with brain chemistry altering chemicals from birth…then these children are fed gobs of goos, slurries, pastes and other artificial saccarides and lipids which are placed in slick and shiny packages and marketed/targeted at them through their formative years and into young adulthood.
      The curricula at the indoctrination centers called public schools ( and many private schools as well) is more about conforming to societal norms, learning to acquiesce to authority and accept the state’s position without question, than it is about actual learning.
      College is a 4-year break from parents and their “old fashioned” thinking and allows for freedom of sexual expression, experimentations of all hedonistic varieties, introduction to drugs and subversive progressive ideals–and if they are lucky, they may graduate college with the ability to actually have an independent thought free of the 4-year hardcore brainwashing in globalist agendas.
      America is over……….everyone should face this now and make some sort of preparation for life in a hidden corner of the world or a last, futile stand for virtue and integrity. The globalists have known and been implementing for a long while– that the destruction of the American family and taking over the minds and thinking of the children- ie: the next generation- would allow for an easy elimination of those pesky patriotic and sovereign mindsets of Americans. ( Throw in tens of millions of Hispanic and Muslim immigrants who have no desire to become Americans once they get here, and you have an easy formula for the collapse of a sovereign nation under the constitution as law.)

  • K

    The schools are a big part of it. But lets take a closer look. Per Newsweek, fluoride leads to a higher occurrence of ADHD. And if it does that, it may have other effects. Nutrition when the mother is pregnant, and during a child’s early development. Can greatly affect the child;s mental capability. Between less nutritious foods, and all the toxins we spray on food. I have no doubt that has an effect. Now add in all the shots we give kids at an early age. Think they have no impact. These may all be small things, but they add up. And the younger the mind, the greater the effect.

    • T.

      Also, we could add to that the many broken homes where kids are raised by a single parent. This and the general lack of involvement by parents in a great many cases with their children and the learning and educational process. I know I have seen that first hand in my neighborhood as our children grew up.

      • jared thompson

        Much of this is due to propaganda and social engineering by an elite desiring the father to be forced out of the household. So whilst people are ultimately responsible for their actions, at least half the blame has to lie with the evil elite, if not more.

        Agreed though, single parenthood does not help, but this or childlessness will be the norm for many middle class struggling to make it. The problem is the economic system that is used against us, for it is badly rigged and our public monies are used for policies no one would agree with apart from an evil clique at the top.

    • jared thompson

      I have an MD and would never take any vaccines unless forced to for my employment – even then, one day I will just take none and seek an alternative. These vaccines we give are not good and I morally cannot give them to patients. But most doctors need to pay off their loans and so will prescribe all sorts of treatments despite what they feel. We do not live in good times and all public service industries like this, police, legal profession etc – they are all subverted to serve an evil elite and not the general population.

      • K

        Well except for two, you have all failed the test. I speak of toxins, that are destroying the minds of children. And only two respond. Already the dumbing down has occurred, and the manipulation is complete. You saw that manipulation, during the measles outbreak. It was all the fault of the terroristic anti-vaccine people. When the real truth was, it came across an uncontrolled border. Many of the children, who came down with the measles. Had already had the vaccine. A vaccine so ineffective, the Government itself is suing the manufacturer. Still they tell you take the vaccine. Why would they do that? To prove to themselves, that the majority of you, can be manipulated into anything.

  • jared thompson

    Land, shelter etc used to be free or cost little – now we are all forced into a system of debt bondage where we pay to exist. The bankers will tax the oxygen soon; doubly so for whites whom they will take every opportunity to abuse as their numbers get lower due to social engineering. Getting God and rethinking our relationship to each other and money/the land, is the key to all this, but sadly so few are awake in this war against humanity; and the casualties are yet to continue..

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Tenure and unions have guaranteed educational failure. Self esteem has killed humility. The progressive religion has destroyed curiosity.

    • jared thompson

      All organisations have been subverted by the same group of people, determined to own the opposition and control it, so they can own it all. It really is that big of an agenda/scam.

      Hence, since the unions and other groups supposed to protect us are subverted by shills, they inevitably fail. Voting doesn’t count any more,we live in a dictatorship, and by 2018-2020 we will see this in action, globally.

  • …maybe we Americans are SO stupid because WE let religion into government and in daily life!….read on!…..
    “Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles are a parody of the Sun God and the twelve signs of the Zodiac!”
    “THE RELIGIOUS COMPILATIONS OF THOMAS PAINE” Thom saying to dumb Americans that……..Jesus NEVER existed?

    • Paul F

      Your lies are only condemning you

    • GSOB

      There is a noticeable hostility in your writing on the things of God. Why is that? (Don’t answer) Just ask yourself, when it comes to your mind, when you are all alone.

  • “No one knows if this Jesus Christ existed, and if he did, NOTHING is known about him!”
    “WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN” Bertrand Russell 1928

    • Paul F

      History proves JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA lived. But even if history could not, man alone goes by faith, not sight and sound, not by what he sees with his physical eyes. YESHUA is the ETERNAL RISEN SON OF GOD, and those who call on HIS name will be delivered. Those who reject HIM will be condemned. YESHUA is absolute love, but HE will destroy the wicked.

    • GSOB

      I am in union with Christ. He lives in me and I’m in Him. It is a spiritual union. You can testify of His existence if God dispenses Christ into your spirit. Apart from that, you can do nothing to save yourself from His condemnation.

      I’d like to suggest that you read the Gospel of John in the New Testament.

  • marlene dietrich lives still

    See what the boys in the back room will have and tell them I’ll have one of the same.

  • Kent Harris

    Liberals should stop reproducing because they are screwing up the gene pool. Biden, Pelosi and Obama are prime examples of insanity gone amuck.

    • Undecider

      The other side happily helped us unnecessarily leap in to war in the Middle East.

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah we need more conservatives like George Bush

  • Daystrom2012

    Mankind, since the fall and the curse, hasn’t been evolving but rather devolving. Of course bad parenting,video games,movies,tv,the destruction of the two parent family,calling right wrong and wrong right,etc,etc,etc…hasn’t helped either.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    It’s simple. We’re not allowed to think, not allowed to answer, not allowed to safely experiment with the world around us, and not allowed to profit off the labor of our minds and hands anymore.

    Why bother: pseudo-scientists tell us what to think, trolls tell us what to think, bureaucrats tell us what to think, activists tell us what to think, media tells us what to think, radicals and insurrectionists tell us what to think…

    And thinking for yourself doesn’t help others get power and influence; so they malign, debase, harass, make false witness – anything to get a man to shut up and follow their dogma.

    In our house we have the usual rules, and one additional rule that my side of the family really hates, “If you wish to experiment with something, research first, plan second, and make sure it won’t kill you – record results and clean up the mess.” This rule is for the kids. Beforehand they were timid, shy, and scared of the world around them. After some fun with rockets, chemistry, and such ; they’re all A students and now entering flight school; at ages 12, 10, and 7. The 12-year-old is learning to fly helicopters; the younger kids want to advance to jet planes. They can all cook, clean, do laundry, hate doing dishes, group shots at 30 yards (they shot the EBT card!), and can hold their own in a debate.

    Sometimes, one must tell the world to piss off. This is an amazing place; no reason to limit oneself to please the insanity of others.

  • Paul

    Eye find dis article very confusing. Obama bes my friend and hero ! I are speakin pretty well 2 nite.

  • Mike Smithy

    How much ignorance can a country stand? There has to be terrible consequences when it reaches a certain level. But what level? And with what consequences, exactly? The answers to these questions are unknowable. But can we doubt that if we persist on the path we are on that we shall, one day, perhaps not too far into the distant future, find out the answers?

  • Undecider

    I disagree with the part about use getting dumber over the millennia. However, I will agree that we’ve been losing intelligence at a rate proportional to water fluoridation and community vaccination. We can also factor in the influence of television and diet.

  • Mike Smithy

    As Americans, we often confuse intelligence with education, not realizing that they are often mutually exclusive concepts. Some of the most intelligent people that I have ever known only have a high school diploma. Conversely, I have known people with PHD’s that are extremely ignorant, especially when it comes to common sense and basic life skills. For example, my neighbor whom is an MD received a Nigerian scam email about five years ago. From the onset, I told him it was a scam and to disregard it. But did he listen? Nope. After wiring in excess of $100,000.00 over a period of 90 days, he finally came to realize what he should have instinctively known from the start.

  • BeenThere

    Evolution shoots itself in the foot. For years one of the major proofs against evolution is that any gene modifications that do occur are always negative in effect. Now the evolutionists are telling us the same thing but think that is part of evolution. They can’t have it both ways.

    • Gay Veteran

      mutations can be good or bad.
      if a bacterium has a mutation that confers antibiotic resistance then that is good for it (and bad for us)

  • Priya Chatterjee

    Was the above picture of difficult eighth grade syllabus or joke ? In India my daughter in second grade has most part of it in maths this year and other sums by next year. Science will be covered up to fourth grade. History and Geography in Indian context (for e.g cities and leaders in India) will also be covered max by fifth grade as Social Sciences will start from third grade. She already learns in second grade four languages : English, Hindi, Marathi(state language of Maharashtra) and Sanskrit with grammar and composition except in Sanskrit (because it is difficult and Hindu-Muslim issues, so only lessons, short stories, conversations,poems and gk type like names of months, days of week). Still some of us think our syllabus is not competitive enough for world when they would grow up.

    • RageHard84

      You’re outperforming us Americans, our K-12 public schools suck.

  • RageHard84

    “According to this new report from the Educational Testing Service, at
    this point American Millennials that have a four year college degree are
    essentially on the same intellectual level as young adults in Japan,
    Finland and the Netherlands that only have a high school degree…”
    Man, that’s crazy! I knew our K-12 public education sucked, but I thought our colleges were decent, as many foreigners study abroad here. We’ve folks from Mongolia and Ethiopia and Malaysia here, for example.

  • Illegal

    The test shown is an example of rote learing. Many countries use this teaching and learning method and international test prove this method works. It is also refered to as teach to the test. If you test these students later in life however they fail to retain the learned information because of the lack of oontinual practice.

    The US at the federal, state and local government levels do not have the cabability of operating an educational system that is beyond mediocre. The focus in the public school system is on the bureaucracy and the need to get and maintain power. Abolish the public school system and the taxes that maintain it. Make parents responsible for educating their children

    • Coffeedrinker

      It is very true regarding the way school district bureaucracy (e.g., excess administrators) siphon off school resources that could have been more wisely spent on classroom teachers and classroom learning materials.

  • Syrin

    Can anyone name anything more over priced than a college education? People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, going into generational levels of debt, to get a degree in gender studies ?!?!?! These kids are PAYING to get a degree in indoctrination. They will never over come the levels of debt they have accrued, especially not with their indoctrination degree.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Can anyone name anything more over priced than a college education?….”

      the Pentagon

    • Orange Jean

      Sure! The average new house in the US … prices are unbelievably high, considering what you’re buying is actually a particleboard shack.

      I first realized this when I watched a new condo development going up in San Diego. You could see the things were basically particle board as they were being built. Prices were in the “low 400K” range, if I remember correctly… and would also involve most of a persons lifetime to pay off.

  • Priszilla

    LOL What else is new?

  • Priszilla

    Well, everyone who stands out from the mass is killed, bullied, ridiculed. Appearing dumb is a survival mechanism in the gun toting mob.

  • Priszilla

    Interesting the teaching of history as a history of wars. That is so German. And the British still kearn the names and order of their kings and queens.
    And in socialism history was taught as history of ckass struggles. Countries and epoches were characterised by who has the economic power, what discoveries were made, how acience and money and economy helped those in power to conquer until they reached their limits. And how they had no choice in developing those conditions that led to their demise.

  • Priszilla

    Well Michael, all your numbers and statistics on your pages are meaningless to most Americans. They might understand 123, score 1:2, or 50% off.
    Shops should try: “reduced to 90%” to lure more customers.

  • Rocketman

    Now this is the type of test to we need to administer to our young students:

    City of Los Angeles High School Mathematics Proficiency Exam


    1. Johnny has an AK-47 with a 30 round clip. If he misses 6 out of 10 shots, and shoots 18 times at each drive-by shooting, how many drive-by shootings can he attempt before having to reload?

    2. Joey has 2 ounces of cocaine. He sells an 8-ball to Jackson for $320, and 2 grams to Billy for $85 per gram, what is the street value of the balance of the cocaine?

    3. Rufus is pimping for three girls. If the price is $65 for each trick, how many tricks will each girl have to turn so Rufus can pay for his $800 a day crack habit?

    4. Jerome wants to cut his half pound of heroin to make 20% more profit. How many ounces of cut will he need?

    5. Willie gets $200 for stealing a BMW, $50 for stealing a Chevy, and $100 for stealing a 4×4. If he has stolen 2 BMW’s and 3 4×4’s, how many Chevys does he need to steal to make $800?

    6. If the probability that Amy graduates from high school is 1/5, and the probability that a high school graduate gets into college is 2/3, and the probability that a student who enters college graduates is 1/2, what is the probability that Amy graduates from college?

    7. Hector has knocked up 6 out of 27 girls in his gang. What percentage of girls in his gang has Hector knocked up?

    8. Raoul is in prison for 6 years for murder. He got $10,000 for the hit. If his common law wife is spending $100 a month, how much money will be left when he gets out of prison? As a bonus, how many years will he get for killing the b**ch that spent all his money?

    9. Latisha takes TV’s from 25 houses, and VCR’s from 27 houses. If in 10 houses she takes both a TV and a VCR, and in one house she takes 2 TV’s, how many houses did Latisha rob?

    10. If the average spray can covers 22 square feet, and the average letter is 3 square feet, how many times can Jane spray her favorite four-letter word with 5 spray cans?

    • denise

      Dear Rocketman,
      You just made my day with your comment. I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard! Thank you for making everything so crystal clear for so many!

    • Red C. Pedestrian


    • nekksys

      I think I just peed a little…. LMAO

    • Mike Smithy

      +1000 Rocketman.


    Education in America today is largely a racket and a jobs program. If there is any “book learning”, it is by accident and not design. In Germany, two Masters Degrees are required to teach in high school. Teachers are in the upper tiers of the Civil Service pay scales. Same in Asia. They pick and choose the instructors. If little Chan or Hans can’t or won’t read, he drives a truck or heads for the assembly line. In America, for PC reasons, we cater to the lowest common denominator. The Elites talk about the Wonders of Common Core but send their kids to private schools. Public Education in America today is synonymous with intellectual child abuse. A country that can seriously debate giving academic standing to Ebonics has ceded its standing in the World. A list of local spelling bee participants in the paper reveals an overwhelming number of surnames from India and China. The test for 8th Graders in this article raises the eyebrows. It is a benchmark for what we used to be. We have gone to Hades. The Kerner Commission decades ago concluded that if a foreign power had inflicted on us what we have inflicted upon ourselves vis a vis our education in this country, we would consider it an Act of War. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. We have been Transformed. Now you understand why industry lusts for the H1-B Visa.

    • Avner

      What also hurts, and this is kind of off topic for education per se… is that we have some good jobs open, you know.. jobs that will pay $25 an hour to use a micrometer. Want to know why they are open? Because everyone wants to get into “liberal arts” or some other degree, and the ones who don’t… can’t pass a drug test.


        It is all very sad.

  • Thomas Marshall

    What this country needs is more Chinese Tiger Moms.

  • El Guapo

    American Exceptionalism

  • Vincent Troy

    iPhone has made us so smart. iThinknot.

    • … That’s because it is the smartphone now, not us 😉

  • GoldDust

    This is why several years ago I collected old school books from the late 19th century and early twentieth century. Additionally I collected dictionaries, both for the general public and law. For example Bouviers three volume set. Various Bibles including various works on the Hebrew language. There was once and still is today the need for a Complete Dictionary not for the select few but for all men. Yes they hid complete language from the many, still are to this day. They knew they could get ignorant people to follow any great lie, march off and die in any great war, believe in various deceptions they established.. Many fallacies are obvious, but the evil of sophistry lies in its consummate art. Masters of deception.

  • Dave of Oklahoma

    While I think, Michael, you are going a little overboard in you hyperbole over modern education, I do find the genetics issue interesting. Martin Luther and the early Evangelical Protestants, because of their Biblical understanding, believed that as time progressed humans were degenerating because of sin, not becoming smarter. It was not until the Renaissance that we get this idea that early man was this knuckle-walking idiot, because mankind wanted to give up on the Creator God and glorify man. But all is not lost when it comes to genetics, we can stop genetic entropy by always marrying above our station. Modern romance (also a product of the Renaissance) is killing us. We have to isolate a superior genetic gene pool and breed only in it. This sounds very master-racey to talk this way, but hey we do it for our dogs, horses and cattle, but somehow for us humans that seems so immoral. After all, love is blind — and so is bad genetic mutation.

  • rentslave

    The Pill +Roe v Wade+AFDC =Dumb downed population.

    • Gay Veteran


  • hfgh

    school today isnt made for what is best for the student,the hours and work assignments are tailored for what works best for parents and the teachers

  • Not Sure

    Mike Judge nailed it with his movie “Idiocracy” in 2005. We don’t need to wait until 2505 for that to happen, though. We’re already living most of it.

  • mister_roboto

    I think materialist consumer culture has been a major part of the problem for a long time now. A culture that is mostly interested in conditioning people to be compliant little worker/ consumers probably isn’t going to be very interested in teaching its young people how to think and reason properly. And there have been studies indicating that the influence of television and especially mobile communication devices are a significant detriment to the intellectual development of young minds.

    I know a lot of people here are going to want to blame teachers in the public education system, but I don’t think teachers are to blame. The problem is rather more the controlling and bureaucratized system in which teachers have to do the best they can within the serious limitations that are always and increasingly imposed upon them. And our college-level education has unfortunately become just another commodity to be cranked out and sold at the highest possible price for the cheapest possible investment of resources.

    As for the part at the end, I’m not surprised that you didn’t follow the thought to its logical conclusion, namely that agriculture and its primary result of civilization may very well have been huge evolutionary mistakes. However, our big brains and hands with an opposing digit destined us to be tool makers and users in a very major way, and this in turn meant being able to harness increasing amounts of energy for our exclusive use as a species. However, the imbalance this situation created has been making those same big brain progressively less big and less capable because this is not how our species evolved to live. Unfortunately, it may very well be that the reason we haven’t been able to find any ET life “out there” is that whenever a species such as ours develops the brain-power and physical capacity to be makers and users of increasingly complex tools, they inevitably begin engineering their own demise in exactly the sort of way we appear to be doing.

  • Stan

    oil,derivitatives,10yr bonds,no water in caly and now stupid people?!
    still no collapse….comical

  • Paul F

    america has rejected GOD–therefore, I believe, GOD, has given america over to its own ignorance; to dwell in it’s pit of pathetic arrogance that holds unintellectual minds feeding over of a decaying society–like an overstuffed pig eating off of a dying corpse. america is composed of lairs, thieves, drug addicts, criminals, thugs, racist minds, drunkards, whores, violent street gangs, selfish intention, selfish gain, lack of integrity and lack of courage and truth. america has murdered over 55 million unborn precious babies, allows gays to marry, violates TORAH daily, seeks sin, and rejects GOD. You get arrested for feeding the homeless–but how much food is thrown away and wasted daily? How many homes are sitting empty but how many people are homeless? America cares for materialistic gain over the precious value of human life. Is america stupid? Well, I would ask Mr. John Doe who used to own his own hardware store that he ran with hard work and honesty, but corporate america wal-mart forced him to close in order to feed america cheap chinese junk. Or I would ask Mr. Farmer who sells natural milk but the government is putting in him in jail because they want only poison milk in the super markets. I would Mrs. Baker but she’s being sued by gays because she’s standing up for GOD. I would ask a teenager but common core and the newest play station game is rotting his/her brain out. I would ask the doj, but their too busy being racist and causing race wars. I would ask my elders but they are dying away and the ones left alive are trying to be killed off by the government. I would ask men of liberty but the government has marked them as domestic terrorist because they stand up for GOD and country. I would ask my boss but he/she is too busy making sure I don’t mention GOD at work. I would ask my teacher but he/she might duck tape me and put me in a ‘time out’ room for question something I don’t believe in. I would ask a police officer, but chances are, he/she might beat and arrest me for standing up for my liberties (not all police officers, though). But at least I can go smoke marijuana in Seattle and text my friends on my smart phone about how high I am, right? How legally pot has made america so great while American soldiers–real men–are dying on the battlefield and those who live to come home are marked as domestic terrorist. Is america stupid? I’m ashamed to even live in this country now.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…america has murdered over 55 million unborn precious babies….”
      so I assume you have adopted an unwanted baby, right?
      “…allows gays to marry….”
      oh the horror!

      “…violates TORAH daily….”
      pork is good
      “…I would ask Mr. John Doe who used to own his own hardware store that he ran with hard work and honesty, but corporate america wal-mart forced him to close in order to feed america cheap chinese junk….”
      good point, stick to economics
      “…I would Mrs. Baker but she’s being sued by gays because she’s standing up for GOD….”
      who knew baking a cake was a religious activity?
      “…I would ask my boss but he/she is too busy making sure I don’t mention GOD at work….”
      you’re paid to WORK, not to convert others
      “…But at least I can go smoke marijuana in Seattle….”
      oh, I see, you think Big Government should control what we do to our bodies
      “…How legally pot has made america so great while American soldiers–real men–are dying on the battlefield….”
      no war profits without war

  • chinu

    US is going the way of the rest of the world.Lazy intellects of the middle class! It also shows in the increasing enrolments of the intelligent but lazy minds for the Humanities/Social Sciences which lack scientific approach as taught and practised=Chinu

  • Red C. Pedestrian

    Please stop confusing an eduction with intellectual capacity.

  • Black

    Stupid. Fat. Lazy.Selfish. Self-centered

  • Km

    Knowing and retaining scripture is first and foremost of importance! That other stuff is not eternal!

    • Paul F


  • Carpe Diem, tomorrow’s 2 late

    Wow..that’s exactly the type of test we should be giving our kids. I did well on the spelling, grammar, geography, physiology and government, but failed the history (which I normally consider my strongest) miserably. On the arithmetic, I could answer the questions I understood, problem was, I didn’t understand half of the questions. What do other posters think contributed to our decline in education? And when do you think it started? Just curious on others opinions.

  • QuestionEverything

    Do you hear all of these religious comments? No better measure of stupidity than the rantings of people who believe in fairies, smurfs, angels, and other religions!

    Accept that your are DUMB. Now do something about it differently than you have in the past.

    • Black

      Its amazing to me how these dupes spend all of their energy preparing for what they hope will be a better existence than what they are currently living. There are a lot of miserable people on this planet

    • retired22

      There is nothing wrong with religion as such,it builds character & moral stability.The problem is that some people take it to extremes & expect miracles & supernatural events to guide their world.This is not true religion,this is superstition!
      Humanity may be guided by Scriptures but human beings have Free Will & Must answer the challenges of the world with the courage & intelligence their creator gave to them!

      • CreepyReligiousPeople

        First this could suggest that no morals were in existence prior to the 3 major western religions. The only people who think that are a-historical religious folks. As for building moral character by lying to my children or implying that these things are real, exposing them to Jewish genocidal tendencies towards Canaan and other groups, exposing them to incest stories, narcissistic nationalist stories, bad science, and a All Knowing, All Powerful, timeless being that “changes its mind”, punishes and kills its children for its own shortcomings (having created them this way, on this type of world).

        I find little morality in it accept a few platitudes and a “golden rule” that isn’t so golden if you take into account sadists and narcissists (like God) etc.

        • Airedale

          Oh Ignorant One,
          Give me just one example of a nation that predates ancient Israel, in which a Court of Law was set up for their people, in which all of their people were regarded equal before the court, no matter whether they were King or shepherd? And just think, Israel gave credit to this historical first to God, not man. This often overlooked first was just as significant as what ancient Greece offered historically.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      It’s hard to “question everything” when you already think you know everything, isn’t it?

      • QuestionEverything

        No, I don’t believe I know everything. I am amazed at how little I know having a doctorate in Law, Engineering, and soon Physics and over 18 years work experience.

        I start from the position of DUMB, and work out from there to get my facts as straight as possible, holding on to as little belief as I can on any subject.

        I do agree with your statement though, maybe more than you.

  • What Huh

    Lol,yeah all that crap comes in handy, especially Kalsomining walls. And I like back then that they admitted school student were under subjection (slaves) to the government. civil government #2. History #9 Nixon, for nothing really. And yes I know. Arithmetic #8 Including the noose to jump off the roof and allow 6′ above the ground and rope stretch to avoid 1917 school? The massive amount of worthless knowledge they had to endure back then is depressing.
    Common sense #1 If Timmy had an ounce of cents and sense was a commodity, how much sense would Timmy need to buy to know that all the answers he had to answer on this test would mean absolutely jack squat after he got out of the government internment camp “school”.

  • nekksys

    “Professor Crabtree believes that this loss of intellectual capability is due to the accumulation of errors in our genes…”

    Put more simply, we have too many breeders in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    A great philosopher once said, “Protecting the world from folly will only fill the world with fools.” and I wholeheartedly agree. I have angered many parents with “special” children because of my position on genetics. We have willingly done this to ourselves by allowing those with minimal capacities to reproduce. Primitive cultures understood the importance of reducing consumption levels by eliminating those who were unable to gather resources and contribute to society as a whole. I know this sounds harsh but there was a solid reason for the Spartans to “cast off” any child with an apparent defect: If they would be a burden on the family and consume without being able to gather resources, then they should not live. What’s more for the Spartans, war was a great cultivator allowing only the best and bravest to survive to procreate hence improving the gene pool.

    We Americans, however, feel we must keep everyone alive no matter what the cost. We keep people on life support systems who have no chance of regaining consciousness. We work feverishly to save a life who, by all accounts, did something stupid resulting in near fatal injuries. We coddle and nurture all the while degrading our own gene pool because no one should feel “less than.” Well, boo-friggin’-hoo… Suck it up buttercup. These primitive ways will be here again and I look forward to culling the herd.

    • MutterGluts

      So those who have the most shallow gene pool should stop breading by logical conclusion. But when you find out who that is you will change your mind.

      Hopefully we include full scale stoppage and IVF and other “make me have a child” when nature SAYS NO techniques.

      Has anyone thought that maybe they cannot have a child because the accumulation of genetic defects limits that ability and we should not go around it? I bet not.

      • nekksys

        “But when you find out who that is you will change your mind.”

        No, I wouldn’t. I have 2 daughters who took a dip in the shallow end and have children to show for it. Only one of my daughters has a child whom I would cull. You will find no situational ethics here. Glad you tried, though!

        • MutterGluts

          Shallow end means “least genetic variation” from a scientific and evolutionary standpoint. Why don’t you look up the populations with the least genetic variation in the world? Then the question would be is it the daughter or the child who needed to be culled… who had the shallowest gene pool with the most recessive alleles and therefore a concentration of potential errors/mutations?

          Could be You or your daughter, might be the father and that child. Maybe you do not but situational ethics abound and finding counter stories to make that truth palatable (denial) is endemic in the West.

          • nekksys

            What I mean by “The shallow end of the gene pool” is simple: The guys those two daughters of mine chose to breed with were blithering morons.

            This isn’t a discussion of genetics. It’s about INTELLECT.

          • Not Impressed

            Since intellect isn’t in born or in bred for the most part then give the damn parents a book.

            You already failed VHEMT, you had two daughters who attempted as all daughters do: To MARRY a version of their father!

            One would assume some aspect of you is/was a blithering idiot enough that it impressed upon them.

          • nekksys

            Striking too close to a nerve there??? Sorry I injured your pride. OK, so I’m not really sorry but maybe that’ll make you feel better…

            I didn’t sign on with VHEMT until after I had married, divorced and finally got Internet access. Think TIMING and LOCATION… Sorry! There goes that Intellect and “thinking” thing again! You must feel so insulted now…

            Since you don’t know my story or my daughter’s stories, I’l disregard any further comment you make about them… Before you ramble on about someone’s family, maybe you should look at your own…

  • [l]iberal [r]epublican

    It’s the predictable result for a population that believes it has removed itself from the constraints of survival of the fittest. Instead of the individual paying the price to keep the group fit, the test of survivability instead devolves to the whole society, and if that too is subverted, then it devolves to the whole species. We have gambled the family farm, so to speak, on our ability to provide artificial guidance in the form of laws and regulation and education, thinking that we have gotten out ahead of the constraints of nature and thus can make society into anything we desire.

    But, that’s magical thinking. We never left the jungle and never will. And our lies that we tell ourselves about how we don’t need to worry about fitness, worry about our population breeding itself into extinction, are just that.

    Time is coming when we are going to have to face reality. And it is going to be a real bitch. And that’s the point in time when a whole chunk of our society will prove through their voting choices that being dumber than a bunch of rocks is a really bad survival strategy, because they will ecstatically applaud as freedom is sacrificed in order to give power to someone who tells the dumb masses that he (or she) will save them by just taking stuff from some citizens and giving it to others.

    Venezuela is only a little ways further down the road than we are, but we are trying hard to catch up. So far, they are doing better at destroying their own society through the process of cannibalization, but that’s because we haven’t really hit our stride yet. Wait until the dollar starts to collapse and store shelves are empty, and people are rioting in the streets. Then we will truly see the catastrophic consequences of believing we are smarter than causality.

    • nekksys

      Thank you. I believe we’re of the same mindset.

  • nekksys

    After reading over several of the posts below, I’ve come to an inescapable conclusion: Some of you are prime examples of Americans getting dumber….

  • Will

    It is all part of the intentional dismantling of America. Also, you get diminished intelligence when you force people to drink fluoridated water, and give them vaccinations full of mercury, aluminum, msg, polysorbate 80, and other ingredients that are literally killing us off. Bill Gates admitted it in a YouTube video, just search “Bill Gates Vaccines and Depopulation”. Our schools are dumbing down the children as well, and it’s not an accident. Until people start doing something about it and voting the current oligarchy out of power, nothing will change. Educate yourselves about the dangers of vaccines and fluoride, and learn how to avoid GMO foods, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, msg etc, and you will be on the right track to improving your brain and body. If you just sit there and do nothing, you will be a brain dead, fat useless idiot, and that’s just what they want.

  • NowAlive

    Wow, Michael. You’ve done it again! Just reading many of these comments shows how accurate you truly are.

  • Interesting article, but I prefer the articles focusing on the Economy, it’s more interesting on this blog. Would have kept this article for your other blog, “The American Dream”. But, hey, it’s just my personal opinion 🙂

  • fatwillie

    I failed this test when I came upon it several years ago, I failed it again today. I am amazed at the level of failure for each generation from 1912 thru 2014. While I am not blind nor sleeping, I am disappointed at myself.

  • nic

    the biggest problem is that youngs don’t learn to learn.
    they expect teachers to do all the job and if the teacher changes little bit the mathematic equation, it s the total panic. with internet these days it s so interesting to learn by yourself. I learn plenty of things on astronomy.
    Europe is too much focused on non fun education, like math, algebra, foreign languages. USA focus on photography, sport… I think USA teenagers are more relaxed than Europeans. in USA they know to present a subject in front of a class, in Europe we are shy.
    most important is: mieux avoir une tête bien faite que une tête bien pleine!

  • jakartaman

    Its all academic
    When the SHTF it will be people that know how to DO things that will matter. Philosophy professors probably will not make it.
    The kids that went to that dumb vocational school will be the survivors. Most of the coastal folks will be gone and middle America will keep on keeping on.

  • Semper Paratus

    How ironic. You state in your first paragraph that Americans are getting “farther and farther” behind their foreign peers. Farther relates to physical distance, while “further” relates to a greater degree.

    It is a common mistake that further illustrates your point.

  • Liberty First

    My kid is going to a 300 dollar per course community college and will be taking calculus and STEM.

  • Unknown soldier

    How many Americans were actually in school in 1912 ? Statistics clearly show that the MORE students who take the exams the lower the scores. Unlike today where schools beside trying to educate are holding institutions for the young because there are no jobs available as there was in 1912. But no doubt teachers will be blamed for that also.

    • originallee1985

      So do you think as a whole nation we are getting smarter? Per capita comparisons, mean or average doesn’t say anything? It’s not the teacher to blame it’s system, it’s the curriculum, it’s the agenda.

  • originallee1985

    Nice quote GSOB. PLEXTT, the reality is the majority doesn’t believe in the bible; our culture shows that. Everything that was once wrong is right & whats right is wrong. Truth is hidden, often counterfeited by lies, and lies are told as truth. It’s amazing if you google “founding fathers stance on the word of God,” the first thing that comes up is “OUR FOUNDING FATHERS were NOT CHRISTIANS!” Most were! Americans are dumbed down, Roman Catholic murdered countless Christians. Muslims have murdered and are murdering millions of Christians. I.S.I.S. (Islam) is destroying ancient biblical sites while Obama turns his back on the Iraqi people and Israel; in the meantime the powers that be re-write history. Native American history is being distorted and untaught; so if you find an artifact it belonged to a damn neanderthal. For those morons who believe evoloution, if I thought like you, you’d be nothing but an inferior animal to me in competition of resources & I’d have no value for human life. Sound familiar?

    • pete

      Well said…

    • originallee1985

      So they label me conservative (on the far-Right), but they refuse to see government control of education failed to rob me of my sovereign mind. The education system spends more energy purging away what makes each kid unique, limiting the mind, and telling the student you’re here by accident not design.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Smart people from all over the world are immigrating to America. The world’s no. 1 destination is getting stronger by the day.

    • disqus_c197zi57ib

      You are joking right? Every third world cesspool of a country is sending their inhabitants to this country. Ignorance, crime, etc. the only way they are smart is they know who is giving away the free money.

    • T.

      You must not get out much.

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        Our universities are loaded with foreign born students who wish to receive the best education possible. I get out plenty.

  • Rukander

    “would eventually degenerate into a bunch of gibbering idiots incapable of rational thought.”
    No, it’s the time.

  • Denton

    Dear Sharon, I don’t believe I called anyone a boob, did I? No, I didn’t. I do believe I have attacked no one, but as is typical with those who pick and choose what they read or are simply fed by those who wish to pervert history, another reader did just that. This, dear Sharon, was not something with which you had to involve yourself before seeing.

    Feel free to do your own research. I suggest starting even before the founding of this nation as our rule of law is based on common law. See Chief Justice Story regarding this, and that it is not even questioned that common law is rooted in Christianity. Look, also, to the resolutions of congress in 1872 to see there is no doubt that the Bible was approved and recommended by it for study in schools.

    See the Jefferson Memorial for a quote from him; “The Christian religion is the best religion that has ever been given to man.”

    Finally, as I have to go to work, see USSC case, Church of the Holy Trinity v United States, 1892, where the U.S. Supreme Court stated definitively that this is a “Christian Nation.”

    Good luck in all your endeavors. Denton

    • Tatiana Covington

      The court’s so stating, did not make it true. Proclamations are not proof. Emotions are not evidence. Feelings are not facts. Opinions are not objective. Can’t you distinguish reality from fantasy?

      • GSOB

        How are you? Have you tried reading the good book?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…it is not even questioned that common law is rooted in Christianity….”

      provide some proof

      and Jefferson?

      “At times, the Christian right has sought to rewrite history by posthumously converting Thomas Jefferson into a Christian. Throughout his life, however, Jefferson strenuously denied that he held orthodox Christian beliefs or that he desired the mixing of politics and religion in government. Instead, Jefferson’s religious philosophy centered on 18th century concepts of natural law. Jefferson placed significant value on the ability of human beings to use reason to understand their world. In fact, Jefferson was so opposed to mysticism that he removed from his bible any account of the miracles that Jesus is alleged to have performed. The resulting Jefferson Bible, contained only those precepts that Jefferson believed were integral to the moral philosophy of Jesus Christ….”

    • Gay Veteran

      the Golden Rule predates Christianity

  • Christian Gains

    “The Lord giveth wisdom, out of His mouth cometh knowledge & understanding”,(Prov.2:6);

    “Trust in the Lord with ALL of thine heart, and, lean not unto thy own understanding. In ALL thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He SHALL direct thy ways”,(Prov.2:5-6);

    “Wisdom cryeth without, she uttereth her voice in the streets…How long ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? And the scorners delight in their scorning, and the fools hate knowledge?”…”Because I have called, and ye refused, I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded…I also will laugh at your calamity, I will mock when your fear cometh.”,(Prov.1:20,22, 24, & 26);

    If one STUDIES Deut.28, they will learn WHY we humans are not improving.
    “study to shew thyself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of TRUTH!”(II Tim.2;15)

    We have forgotten & rejected our maker!

    Deut. 28: Verses 1 – 14, are guaranteed blessings for obedience. Verses 15 – 68 are guaranteed curses for disobedience. If you STUDY CAREFULLY each curse, you will find them remarkably similar to present days!

    We’re not GETTING stupider, we’re as stupid as we can get…if we forget & reject the Creator! “Jesus sayeth unto him, ‘I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, no man cometh unto the Father, but, by ME.'” Get to KNOW Jesus! HE’s our only hope!

    “And, the things that thou hast heard of me, among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”,(II Tim. 2:2);.

    • Cynthia Smith

      Don’t forget the verse that says, “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools willingly” – I’ve listened to stuff and lots of people agree that this verse is said for evolutionists. (:

    • Gay Veteran

      you did a good job……….at parroting bible verses

      • GSOB

        Sure did.

  • mmercier0921

    What is scarier than a college educated person who does not know how to jump start a car..? One who uses a $500 iphone to call a tow truck, rather than utube a video.

    This generation is stupid in a period where virtually every piece of information is at hand. Think of any thing you want to do, anything… say smelting brass, or working with metalic clay, making jewelrey from moose crap… someone on youtube has a video… All free, more than you can imagine.

    Therein lies the problem. The intelectual capability of these kids has been purposly destroyed at an early age. We call lt “education”.

  • Loonie

    Canadians have known about American stupidity for quite some time now. How stupid is it for American Christians to support and advocate military power and archaic vestiges of the constitution (gun rights). Lock ‘n load American Christian!

  • Cynthia Smith

    If anybody has questions abut Christianity, I can answer them if you ask.
    So far, I haven’t come across one argument against Christianity that has actually worked.

  • Cynthia Smith

    If anybody has questions about Christianity, I’d be happy to answer them.

  • Alleged Comment

    The answers are all easy if they TAUGHT THEM, right?

    Anyone TAUGHT them would know, but they are not teaching these specific goal-minded knowledge.

    It is said they are leaning towards Common(uist) Core which is just preparing them for “factory” work and the like. Not to think, but to do.

    Like raising animals or something.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Truth is, I think a lot of adults can’t do simple mathematics including calculating percentages even though they were taught.
      Lack of use/practice.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    Kalsomining=whitewashing (to save some googling)
    Different grades have different focuses. Grade school and high school tends to be more focused on history and geography than later education, but how many really retain the knowledge past testing times? and afterall, in younger years, how many children can really relate to the world at large?
    Note too that there was a much higher dropout rate in olden times.
    Federal laws regulating child labor weren’t passed until 1938.
    “Between 1900 and 1919, half of the student population [did not] achieve eighthgrade status” (Tyack & Cuban, 1995, p. 69), and many of those who were enrolled were“left behind each year”
    In other words, when you look at who was taking those tests, it was likely the cream of the crop.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      It’s kind of odd to think about it.. I can’t remember ever discussing high school w/my grandparents. It all kind of makes me wonder what they did now.

  • BS1986

    Ive noticed my generation and younger are filled with people of low intellect and a lack of common sense…….the stories I could tell you of when I worked security. The juvis were the scariest.

  • davidnrobyn

    “Endeavor” was misspelled on the test page.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Ever read “The Time Machine” with the Eloi and Morlocks? Ever read Kornbluth’s “The Marching Morons”?

  • davidnrobyn

    Professor Crabtree is right, we ARE accumulating genetic error which is making us not only dumber but generally less fit as time goes on. Since the fall of man, the entropy of all systems has been increasing. It is to be expected that all systems (including human genetic makeup) would be winding down, not building up. Things are proceeding from a more orderly to a less orderly state. And he’s also right in stating that the OVERWHELMING effect of these “mutations” (I call them copying errors) is negative, not positive. You don’t introduce more order in a system by random processes. For instance, an earthquake doesn’t produce order, it produces DISORDER. Everyone knows that. Why do evolutionists think it’s the opposite? Wishful thinking.

  • Jen

    So I am thinking that maybe because we are evolving into our higher selves we actually don’t to retain this stuff any longer since it is pretty much useless to us in the place we are headed. Our brains are changing and we are becoming more intuitive – more connected to the Universal Life Force and less connected to the lie we have been taught to live here on Earth. Look at all the highly intuitive and brilliant children being born now. Also, do a search on children who are being born with advanced DNA who literally are not getting sick. I was actually blown away by that test from 1912 don’t get me wrong! I wonder how long they had to finish that test…2 weeks?! And I do agree that we have been consistently dumbed down as a society but I tend to look at the positive in our evolution and that we are headed for “higher learning” that the intuitive and spiritually connected part of our brains is opening up and taking over and that we are evolving into the light beings that we have always been. Peace 🙂

    • nekksys

      Yet another vociferous crap spout…

      • Jen

        you must be American

        • nekksys

          So evolving into a higher self reduces the need for intellectual pursuits. Fascinating contention… Horribly flawed as, even in Heaven, we’ll need mathematics and other information.

          That test isn’t all that difficult. I’m over 30yrs out of school and I can still get a passing grade on that test.

          But, hey, who am I to question you; such a learned example of humanity…

    • guest

      Some considered education to be an attempt at understanding the mind of God, in which case, we might find religious nuance in every discipline.

      All of the sciences, including the maths, had their origins in mystery schools, and muses — not considerably different than imaginary friends or familiar spirits — were credited for new discoveries.

  • Beaumont

    I will punctuate the following logic problems, in the form of a statement, as they are mainly rhetorical:

    What percentage of American youths read Horatio Alger, in 1912, to become like one of his (rags-to-riches) archetypes.

    Or, what percentage of the jobs, at that time, required what was then an 8th grade level of education.

    Will a college degree provide me with a first world standard of living, out of debt peonage, particularly, regardless of my demographics.

    While it is popular to inform the people of their unworthiness, in what respect has the establishment lived up to it’s end of the social contract, especially considering that socially-conservative societies would have apprenticed their youths in a constructive trade, by the age of reproductive maturity.

    • Beaumont

      Speaking of punctuation, the test does not use standard grammar, and “eneeavor” (sic) was misspelled.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…What percentage of American youths read Horatio Alger, in 1912, to become like one of his (rags-to-riches) archetypes….”

      pretty irrelevant in today’s America where the multinational corporations rule

  • Richard O. Mann

    Duh….bubble gum.. 3….

  • Leo Hohmann

    This study came out of Princeton University, a progressive, globalist stronghold. So it’s no surprise that it is parroting the arguments used by the peddlers of Common Core, that education should be all about training a child for the workforce “skills” deemed important at any given time by business and industry. This is a fallacy. True education is much more than skills’ training; it teaches how to analyze through logic and reason and how to understand history, great literature and, yes, mathematics and science. A dog can be trained. Only human beings have the unique ability to be educated. Also beware of comparisons to other countries. Nations such as South Korea and China are notorious for testing only their brightest students whereas the U.S. tests all of its students. This study needs to be unpacked. Who funded it? What are the backgrounds of the authors? I guarantee you’ll find connections to the same old globalist agenda that underpins Common Core.

    • T.

      That is true. Kentucky schools in 1912 were segregated throughout the South. The white schools had a much higher level of education and not by chance but by design.

      • Leo Hohmann

        The tip off for me that this was a globalist ruse was their use in this study of the term “human capital.” That is a term that came out of one of the globalist foundations years ago, either Ford or Carnegie, can’t remember which. They all use it now and it’s a dead giveaway where and to whom their allegiances lie. It’s not with the students.

        • T.

          Yes. The elites use those Foundations to influence and direct public perspective and that is called “Propaganda”. So, we have to be on guard for Their “Terminology” in order to discern from whence the story is derived.

  • Bobcat

    I believe the the liver should “secrete”, not “secrate”. If I was given this test in 1912 I would have known that.

  • Anthony

    As long the idiots can pay enough taxes to fund my pension, social security, and medicare who cares?

  • barbarakelly

    This is what happens when you let the liberals run free over our disagreement of their rules. They have purposely gum down our schools so that in the end it would not be hard to corral the population.

  • iguana one


  • iguana one

    Is there an answer sheet? I’d like to know how well I did on this 8th grade test from 1912. I was educated at a time when public schools were moral and trustworthy. The principal actually hired and fired the teachers. Americans today are stupid. No doubt about it. Shame. Shame.

    • Priszilla

      Large NI66ERS continually SODOMIZE me

  • Oig M

    That brain in the light bulb above looks kool. I like to holler words into A drain pipe so I can hear them echo back. So I’m stupid also.

    • Priszilla

      Mexicans like to defecate on my face and I think it is enjoyable.

  • Oig M

    The human brain now days belongs inside of A light bulb.

  • Cynthia Smith

    I don’t see how. And I don’t see the irony at all.
    And your link isn’t working, or it directs to the wrong spot.

  • Aussie

    This article is about the proposition that Americans are stupid, and becoming stupider as time goes by.
    Going on the assumption, (Quite possibly wrong.) that most of the responders are American, I can only assume that the article has hit the nail on the head!!!!!!
    The stupidity of many of the comments is breathtaking in its scope!!!!!
    However,……………….. Being an Australian, I must admit that I think the article could just as well have been written about Australians….. We too have large numbers of people who are incapable of having a half way logical conversation about any complex issues of the day, like climate science for example, or old issues like the Bible.
    I was for a time hopefull that Man was just a spectacularly successful collection of self replicating proteins that have managed to crawl out of the primeaval slime to sit down and watch Television. ……. But it seems that this positive evolution has begun some kind of degenerative volutionary regression as we devolve back towards the unintelligent rudimentary lifeforms that we have evolved from over a few hundred million years.
    And the downhill spiral is getting worse it appears!!!!!!
    Would the people making the mindless drivel comments in this thread please try to take stock, and actually think about the things you are spouting off about!!!

    • Priszilla

      I am an ugly, stvpid cvnt who is not entitled to an opinion because I think like a libtard.

      • Aussie

        Apart from the observation that you are a hopeless speller, (Probably deliberate.) I have no way of ascertaining if you are indeed ugly, stupid, or how you think. However the tone of the statement, and the poor attempt at sarcastic humour suggests that the first two attributes may be correct. But the third is absolutely not correct, you are indeed entitled to an opinion…………. Everyone is. ……… Although it would be nice if you made an attempt to convey your opinion in a way that made sense, and actually contributed to the debate, such as it is.

  • Priszilla

    I am a miserable self-loathing liberal who is beneath dog excrement. My opinions are worth even less.

  • Priszilla

    I hate myself because I am a white libturd.

  • patriot156

    From the anti Christain comments bellow tribulation has already started and only going to get worse!

  • Orange Jean

    Well, one thing I learned recently that shocked me about the Millennials … most of them can’t read or write cursive. They’ve stopped teaching it. When I was in school you were expected to learn this by 3rd grade I belive.

    I know a number of young people with Master’s degrees who admitted they can barely sign their name. One of them told me it doesn’t matter, since you can always sign with an “X”!!

    BTW Michael, that exam for 8th grade is pretty amazing. Looks like parents used to have pretty high expectations of what their kids would learn in school. It now makes more sense why in some cases high school grads were considered educated enough to teach.

    • Orange Jean

      OK to the spelling police, that was supposed to be “I believe”… typed too fast!


    I feel sorry for the young now claiming with high school graduated but could not count the money up to 100. It is so bad that if the cash register mess up or no calculator the American cashier can not do any thing must call manager or even higher

  • Priszilla

    Here some food for thought. A new study found that breastfed babies later have a higher education and a higher income.

  • Kevin Powell

    To fix the problem Liberals will want to throw money at it and increase taxes and give themselves a raise.

    *The problem is in the home. The parents of today are the failing students of yesterday.

    *People should not be allowed to pro-create until they can meet minimum standards themselves.

    *The flood of illegal immigrants needs to be stopped.

  • Tobysgirl

    The endless discussion about the worth of the Bible proves every point the author is trying to make.

  • ordinary american

    The US Educational System has succeeded. So why should anyone be upset. This has been and continues to be the goal of Government Schools. If anyone looks carefully you’ll find a Common Core issue with the standards, goals and expectations of the Dept of Education at Federal, State and Local levels. The have achieved “Mainstream Mediocrity”.

  • Dabron

    I recently met and married a woman from the Philippines. Her Daughters were at least 2 years ahead of their new classmates in highschool when they arrived to start highschool. about the only thing lacking in their education was Geography.
    In their third world country, they started University level courses after grade 9. Their english written skills were well above the average and I had them review my reports instead of me reviewing their homework.
    According to both of them, one of our major problems with our educational system is that we pander to the lowest level kids to ensure that everyone graduates to the next grade level without feeling bad about their abilities. What a joke sports day has become where everyone gets a Participation award instead of a first place ribbon. In the Philippines, they were used to getting a gold/silver/bronze medal for achieving the highest marks in the class and additional awards for being the best in the grade level. It really meant something if they were top of the class. If they did extra work, they got additional marks forcing everyone around them to do extra work for extra marks towards the goal of top of the class.
    All thier lives, they were told that just like the “real world”, if they failed the class, they would be “fired” from the program in university and have to find something else to do instead of wasting everyone elses time.
    From my own experiences of seeing new co-workers from foreign countries arrive, they all seem to be well ahead of their “native” co-workers in skills and thinking processes.
    You are only as smart as your teachers. If you have great, highly intelligent teachers, you will have intelligent and motivated students.
    We still have a saying that those who can not do the job, become teachers. We need to change this.
    It is time to really evaluate our teacher educational system, force out the “dumb” ones and keep the smart ones. Of course we will also have to pay them an Engineers salary to keep them, but for our future, we will need to do it.

  • Guest

    I don’t think Americans are stupid but the American educational system is certainly in decline and this is causing an erosion in the learning environment and test scores. Concerned parents, who are able to choose, will most likely home school or school their children in small groups with the children of friends. A lot of educational resources are available online. A litmus test for adults to use is to ask yourself, “would I be uncomfortable at work dealing with what my children deal with at school”, It your answer is, “yes”, then their school is a BAD PLACE. For example, how many gang fights would it take at work for you to feel uncomfortable, do your coworkers bring knives to work, are you afraid to use the public washroom, do you all pass through a metal detector at the door, do police officers patrol your work space to keep you safe from your coworkers?

  • Orange Jean

    Overall, I agree more with those who say we’ve become ignorant rather than stupid. Stupidity has to do with ability; ignorance has to do with lack of knowledge. Knowledge can be gotten by observation or reading… but I also think there is some value in college, IF the person going has the ability to think critically. Mostly because sometimes they force you to take classes in subject you have no interest in … and may be surprised to find that you both like the subject and are good at it. For example, in a million years I would have NEVER studied statistics unless I was forced to do so to graduate… but I found out to my surprise that I liked it a lot, was good at it, and tended to think analytically myself. Personally, I have my doubts whether critical thinking can be taught, but if one is raised to allow a child to question and think through things I believe that can foster whatever abilities the child has. Can be done as an adult as well.

    The test is interesting…

    I’d flunk the grammar part probably… even though I was “taught: grammar for many years (and have written well enough to get published in a peer review journal as well as many reports)….it always bored me to tears to do things like diagram sentences, so I confess I did not pay attention and was lousy at explaining the rules of grammar.

    Similarly, I’d be stumped on most of the arithmetic questions – never did like “word problems” … but the most odd thing is, I have no trouble whatsoever using math to solve real problems! In fact, I’ve been making my living doing math for over 30 years, a thing that has always surprised me… since I hated math as it was taught in school (especially when I was a kid), almost didn’t graduate from high school because of it! Maybe in part is was because my mother was big on threats when I did poorly on a math test (the big threat… that I’d end up spending my life cleaning toilets… which in fact I do … for myself at least.) I would be punished for bad math grades by having to clean the family toilet for X number of weeks. And I didn’t start getting good grades in math until I was in 12th grade, then also later in college.

    I FLUNKED the SAT’s and GREs in math, but did very well in biostatistics (in fact, I spent several years working as a biostatistician). In the real world, I love trying to figure out how to solve problems and have a lot of fun doing math; but they have to be meaningful problems for me to want to bother trying to set up and solve equations. I really do not CARE about questions that always seemed silly to me such as:

    “… if Johnny takes 3 hours to paint a wall and Joey takes 56 minutes to paint half the wall, and Jill bakes a chocolate cake in an hour, how many minutes will it take Michael to row a boat across the lake?”

    I noticed also that a lot of the questions in geography and history would be pertinent to things that were happening closer to that time frame than now, although I know the answer to most of the geography questions. But to be fair in comparison you’d have to ask similarly pertinent questions – for example questions about recent wars in the Middle East rather than older European wars.

  • Orange Jean

    School as I remember it (I was born in 1950) is so very different than what the kids are getting exposed to today, it’s not really comparable.

    Four particularly interesting things I remember from my years as a kid:
    1) growing up in New England… one year in junior high we had a history teacher quit and got a substitute teacher who was from the South. The only time we were taught US history that focused on the Civil War, and that was taught by a Southerner. I don’t remember details, but it was fascinating at the time to be exposed to such a different point of view.

    2) the year we had an English teacher quite and got a substitute teacher (hmmm… are we seeing a pattern here!) who was from England. He made us memorize the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in OLD ENGLISH! I can still quote most of it today, some 40 years later.

    3) being required to memorize the Gettysburg Address. Also I can still remember most of it.

    4) my senior year in high school, having a geometry teacher that made us write a research paper… on ANY math subject we wanted to. I decided to do a research paper on the geometry of the surface of a sphere (called something like Rhiemmian geometry, sorry I can’t find it in spell check). It’s related to navigation. That was the first time between 1-12 grade I ever got a decent grade in math.

  • Gary

    The government is who wants the young people to go to college! This is the finishing school for brainwashing the educated, mucking forons into liberalism!

  • Gary

    You are assuming, that they have a job. Many are getting out of college and moving back in with their parents, because HUSSEIN and the demoncraps have conspired to destroy the greatest nation, which has ever existed, on the planet!

    • Loonie

      “W” and the CONS did a great job running the country into the ground before Barck Hussein. Get a clue partisan,

      • Gary

        You need to read something, other than the communist manifesto! In 2006 we had 4.5% unemployment, then what happened? Oh that’s right, the Demoncaps took over Congress and began destroying the economy! Then the “head Kenyan in charge” began his quest to destroy Western civilization! You, lady, are a mucking foron!

  • GSOB

    Christ came so that we may have life.
    Satan came to destroy.
    Who’s kingdom are you in?

  • DaveZiffer

    It’s not our DNA and it’s not just colleges. No college could teach a typical product of our public schools.

  • Democracy Forever

    The clearest indication that Americans are stupid is this comment thread.

  • 2014GT

    Political correctness is what’s killing our educational system, along with the teacher’s union. Both have dumbed down the younger generation to the point that we have the bozo in office that we do now.

  • Whisper

    I don’t think our DNA is making Americans stupid, it’s the culture. How many 18-25 year olds know more about the Kardashians than the constitution? It is where their focus on learning is directed given the progressive agenda in our public schools and colleges.

  • Tatiana Covington

    SOTU in 2064:

    “Uh guys, we done real good last year. And stuff like that. Beer and chicks are in there. Partay!!!”

  • Tatiana Covington

    20 pages? I’m writing a Science-Fiction/Alternate-History epic that if set up in standard book format, would go more than 30,000 pages already, and it’s nowhere near done.

  • I guess (future) Fukushimas won’t be of much help keeping our DNA intact!

  • Education is why the Germans and Japanese are smart enough to shut down nuclear plants. The criminal sociopath (Koch’s, Mudoch’s, banksters, etc.) 0.1% view education as THE single source of their oppostion. No wonder their headlong efforts toward privatization with “controlled” outcomes & denial of free education “to whomever & whatever their interest & capacity.”

  • Rich


    a few seconds ago

    children today aren’t taught the three R’s . Today they are taught the State religion of Secular Humanism and Moral Relativism.

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    Does anyone know what was the pass rate for the eighth grade exam? Was this a mid-term or final? Did students have to pass the exam to advance to the next grade? Just curious

  • Mondobeyondo

    Teacher shows a book with a picture of a goose to the class.
    Teacher asks class, “What is this a picture of?”
    Class answers, “A goose”.
    Teacher flips page of book, shows picture of two geese.
    Teacher asks, “What is THIS a picture of?”
    Class looks perplexed.
    One student says, “Gooses!”
    Another student says, “Goosen!”
    Teacher shakes head and contemplates retirement.

  • MAN

    That Bullit County test was a real shocker! I’ve had (what I thought) was a very good public education through high school, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, and post graduate studies.

    I would have done very good on the arithmetic part (A), maybe C+ on the grammar part, B on geography, C- on physiology, C on civic government and probably a D on history.

  • Scottsman

    The mutation must have really accelerated among Democrats and all Obama supporters.

  • GSOB

    I appreciate how you feel and write.
    Really I do. You are intelligent also.
    The sad thing though, we all die.
    The Bible has all the answers and also reveals the Gospel, which it says is the power of God to salvation to all who believe…..
    Give it a shot, a fair shot, fore you have been very good at articulating. Read the book of Acts and I think you will be blessed.

  • david

    America is finished at all things . . . . . . .

    • Kim

      No we are not. We are a strong people.

  • The signs of the end times are everywhere…

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons.

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21).

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit our Bible Prophecy website at: itshallcometopass DOT org

  • GSOB

    Education has become nothing more than a government business transaction to the banks.

  • bambi hussein

    Abolishing the Department of Education and getting rid of teacher’s unions would be a great start.

    • Kim

      I agree. It’s the system that is making us “stupid” but we are NOT stupid.

  • jhowell882

    !% that is trying to divide us as people want our children to be dumbed down. that way they won’t be able to figure out how they are getting screwed. like George Carlin said” the don’t want critical thinkers, just workers smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work”.. never better said

  • andrew mason

    hi guys ……………what about the movie…..idiocracy?
    just science fiction?

  • Kim

    Scores shmores. I completely disagree with this article. This may be a first time for me- as I usualy agree with all of Michael’s articles. I am out there – I talk to people every day all over the west coast of US (and northern Canada) and people are NOT stupid. What I have seen in my experience is that people are tired and weary and they are hopeless and have given up. That is sad to me. But they are definitely not stupid. I resent this article because these are my kinfolk and I love them. WE are oppressed. But we are NOT stupid.

  • Tyler

    if you want to find the true religion all you have to do is look at which religion lives they’re lives by bible standards…look at no-brainer things like not going to war and killing people of the same faith in other countries…not racist…not violent….law abiding citizens anything jesus commanded his followers to do they are actually doing, like observing the memorial of his death, and spreading the good news of his kingdom worldwide…its easy to start crossing religions off the worlds religions by applying actual bibles standards.

  • A spartan woman

    Hmmm Kratoklastes and freemason……..a dangerous synthesis.

    • Not ‘dangerous’ in the least – far less so than anyone who thinks Sparta is a social model that should be emulated.

      There’s one segment of society for whom people like me are ‘dangerous’: career parasites: I detest high-end welfare queens – those whose entire lives are spent sucking at the tax tït.

      By that I don’t mean the ‘low end’ welfare-recipients – those few benighted folks who need charity and whose incentives are skewed – I mean the professional charlatans of the political class (and their cronies and camp-followers).

      So I so advocate expropriating those whose lives are lived at others’ expense through institutionalised fraud or force – stripping politicians, judges, police, military, bureaucrats, and government contractors of every cent they possess and every possession they have obtained through their theft and corruption, and throwing them into the street. (And imprisoning, for life, any who have played active roles in fomenting wars – including the war on (non-patent-protected) drugs).

      I am tempted to include priests in that list: however thanks to the Enlightenment they have been disempowered to the extent that subscription to their system is now voluntary… so anybody who gives any money to a church has nobody to blame except their own gullibility. Bear in mind that for most of human history, obeisance to some form of organised religion was mandatory and dissent was punished by expropriation, imprisonment, torture and even death.

      Also, it depends on what you think ‘Freemason’ means – if you have in mind an organisation that is bound by Anderson’s Constitutions, requires belief in a Supreme Being, and does obeisance to the machinery of State, you have the wrong organisation. The system to which I belong ticks none of those boxes.

      • A spartan woman

        So you are a type of anarchist!

        When I was a young girl,I admit that I was fascinated by Anarchy. But as I was getting older and older (I’m 40 now) I realised that Anarchy is an Utopia, an idea that will never come true because we are …..humans.

        As humans we have primitive insticts that must be controled (or else we are comdemned living a chaos).

        So we need religion, police, judges, military, bureaucrats etc. etc,not the way they work their system right now ( I agree with you ).

        The solution. There isn’t any!!!!!!!!

        • Anarchy is not a utopia – anarchist economists don’t claim that anarchy will result in the solution of all economic problems in one fell swoop: we argue that the State is a moral wrong with perverse incentives; that it is not fixable because of key unchangeable attributes; that politics is – always and everywhere – parasitic and welfare-destroying.

          I spent the entire 90s studying economics – undergrad, Masters and PhD[*] – and so I am well-versed in the putative economic rationale for the State: namely, that there are some goods and services (including territorial security, basic health care, basic education and so forth) that have positive externalities, and others (pollution, among others) that have negative externalities… that is, that there are social costs and benefits that pure private markets don’t take into account.

          That’s fine, as far as it goes… but using it as a justification for a compulsory, coercive monopoly over all of those functions is where it goes completely off the rails. What’s more, a lot of people think that if government doesn’t provide such goods, that they will not be provided at all… which is not what the theory says: it says simply that the output level under private decision-making will not be ‘optimal’.

          As an example: under a system of completely-voluntary exchange, security and defence will not ‘go to zero’, since there there is no impediment to people funding their own local defence… privately-organised defence works quite well – ask any US soldier who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan if it’s easy fighting someone who is genuinely defending their hearth and hame. same goes for policing (leaving aside that the government’s police specifically do NOT exist to protect citizens: that has been settled law since South v Maryland in 1856).

          Also, the ‘standard’ pedagogic model of public goods completely ignores what is brought into being when a State exists: namely, a set of institutions whose objectives are not the same as society’s, and a vast pool of money and power that – by its very existence – attracts the highest-functioning and most megalomaniacal sociopaths (who, being inveterate liars, also have a comparative advantage in political contests).

          And lastly, nobody ever bothered to count to see if the ‘price was worth it’ – to quote that arch-ghoul and lifetime tax-recipient Madeleine Albright.

          Very few people really think hard about what States do when their natural tendency to expand meets the limit of people’s patience with being fleeced: namely, have a war.

          Wars obliterate lives, material, and infrastructure, and can damage productive land for generations. That has to be subtracted from the supposed benefits that States provide.

          Overall, States produce more harm than good. Anybody who tells you otherwise, is selling a lie.

          And that’s before we get to some really ‘core’ issues – like the fact that democracy does not result in governments that reflect ‘what society wants’… because it’s impossible to aggregate ordinal preferences (this is known as Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem), and it’s also impossible to design a voting system that is not either tyrannical or corruptible (that’s the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem).

          I don’t like the term ‘anarchy’ since it indicates the absence of rank: I prefer ‘voluntaryist’).

          I’m 50, by the way: if you spend a month or so reading Rothbard and his ilk, you will come to the same comclusions that I have. Namely,
          ① systems of voluntary exchange work – they have worked for entire societies for longer than any democracy has existed (e.g., mediaeval Ireland and Iceland); and
          ② States are the enemy of normal humans.

          The State is a lot like slavery: it is an a fortiori moral wrong. So even if getting rid of it caused a reduction in output, getting rid of it would still be the right thing to do. however it’s almost impossible to imagine a scenario in which getting rid of the State would cause a reduction in output (it would cause a huge reduction in the presence of risk-free income obtained at other people’s expense, but that income would remain with the producers of the income, and would be freed up for use in other ways).

          • A spartan woman

            I agree with almost everything that you’ve posted. You seem to be a very intelligent person who is capable to think using his CRISIS. The word is greek, as I am, and means also (apart from a very difficult situation) the ability of our mind to analyse and judge whatever is said or written.

            But even if we can use our crisis, we are part of a system (political, social, etc), that can ‘fool’ us sometimes. For example: Have you ever thought that the system you fight,uses your beliefs and actions to …exist?

            I am not so high educated as you are. I have a university degree in education. I “fight” the system with terms that concern my everyday life. For example: I had access to internet just 5 months ago and only because of my work. ( I don’ t trust the kind of information that internet services provide). I possess a mobile phone that is “stupid” and not “smart”. I own land, which I cultivate, producing my food. I am trying not to be a fashion victim, and spend my precious money on their sh!τy products making their companies richer more and more.

            That is my way to state that I am an “an-archist”.



  • Another gripe that comes from America: you have lost the ability to properly structure your articles in paragraphs. The above article is an example of this. A paragraph is a number of sentences, grouped together because they are share a similar content. Text is grouped in letters to form words, words are grouped in sentences, and sentences are grouped in paragraphs, while paragraphs are grouped in chapters, while chapters form books. A one sentence paragraph is a style mistake.

    [new paragraph here] A cause of this new writing style [notice the new direction of this reply, not from describing the problem itself but going unto the issue of what may have caused it] is perhaps the uniquely American emphasis on excitement. A paragraph ending is a deeper ending then the ending of a sentence, and therefore to add such an ending to a sentence appears to give it more weight. By adding more paragraphs, the article appears to have more weight. Another explanation could be that style of writing in America seems to have changed from a formal writing style, to a style that resembles the way a person might talk. Normally in writing it is good form to avoid the first person perspective, so as not to appear to be egomaniacal but focus on the subject in a more objective way. In the new writing style in America however, first person perspective almost becomes the norm. Compare: “The weather was pleasant today,” to “I really thought, oh-my-gosh, what a nice weather we got, we haven’t seen this in ages !”.

    Regards from the Netherlands (apologies for spelling errors and style mistakes.)

  • A. Crusader

    People still cannot accept and comprehend that our Govt does not need or want educated humans thinking, or asking questions. I earned my useless degree after I accomplished my own success, and realized what a scam it is. I know many who simply switched sides of the desk and call themselves educators.

    They actually thank the Govt for giving them loans they cannot pay back, and see the ridiculous increase in tuition as a quality, better education. They don’t have to think, because the useless text books give them all the one sided answers they love to parrot or quip. Quality educators are either forced out, or their classes are taken away from them.

  • incognitoperson

    It’s because of dysgenic fertility

  • SortingHat

    Pharmacy jobs has technically been a dead end since the 1980s as governments have gotten more intrusive in order to please the big box corporations which are corrupt as all gets out.

    It is almost impossible to own a small independent pharmacy without being clobbered and you have 2 have a strong back bone against the pressure.

    America is now anti business and has YOU stupid voters wanting free crap to thank for it!

    The real reason gas prices are down and holding steady is because there is no more industry or demand for it due to the lack of said jobs in all sectors.

  • SortingHat

    Edit: For some strange reason when I use my real email I get immediately put on moderation even though I haven’t done anything wrong other then call out big corporations for their wickedness.

    Dad who has been a pharmacists working compounding has been laid off thru no fault of his own which the government is going hard against pharmacies in particular that have *clean* rooms because of an incident back east in MA that killed a few people.

    The media demanded something be *done* about it and the government has gone left and right shutting businesses down randomly all over the nation.

    Ours where Dad worked is one of the last to be hit and the owner fought back as long as she could but had to shut her clean room down so after that there was no business as we made medicines people from all over ordered including hospitals and doctors.

    There is a disease in Portland where if you were contacts the water of Portland has bad minerals that have been making people go blind and the compounding had medicines that helped reverse that trend with a very high success rate especially if you catch it early.

    People have called in very concerned when it was found out the clean room was shut down and are in fear of their lives.

    The US Government is ABSOLUTELY corrupt to the core to please the big box pharmacies.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to own a small pharmacy business with or without a clean room and expect to go unmolested. You got to have a strong back bone to keep yourself from being shut down.

    It is very hard to have a business that isn’t just *junk* or *yuppy* stores in America.

  • Victoria Harding

    Its called Gmos, aspartame, cell phones and mainly Monsanto and nestle!! Gmos change your dna !!!

  • Sortinghat

    It’s amazing all these years and w e are still stuck in Bush stupid mode and have failed to recover.

    Most Muslims are against ISIS but are too divided amongst them selves to do anything useful.

    ISIS is a worldwide once planned script gone haywire making politicians nervous. If world politicians are scared you know it’s really bad.1

  • Sortinghat

    BTW I mean Bush 2 not 1 who had a more together head and was able to get er done.

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