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James Holmes Is Not Alone – 20 More Examples Of The Sickos That Are Overrunning America

There is much more to the collapse of America than just our economic problems.  The truth is that the United States is like a beautiful house that may still look great on the outside but that has rotted and decayed very badly on the inside.  In fact, the foundations of our country have rotted away so badly that our entire society is starting to collapse.  Just look at James Holmes.  It would be great if we could honestly say that James Holmes is an aberration, but we all know better than that.  James Holmes is not alone.  The cold, hard reality of the matter is that our degenerate society regularly produces sickos and monsters like James Holmes.  As I wrote about the other day, we lead the world in a whole host of bad categories.  We lead the world in child abuse, we lead the world in divorce, we lead the world in teen pregnancy and we lead the world in drug addiction.  The basic building blocks of society that tie us together and help keep us grounded (such as the family) are breaking down, but we still seem surprised that we have hordes of "lone wolf individuals" running around doing crazy things.  We are a sick, twisted society that is producing sick, twisted individuals.  If we do not admit how deep our problems really are, then we are never going to find any real solutions and we are going to keep being shocked when another James Holmes pops on to the scene.

Why didn't this type of thing happen back in the 1950s?

Why are our young people so violent and so mentally unstable?

What has changed?

Those are some very important questions.  But most Americans will forget this incident very quickly and they will move on with their self-absorbed lives.

But there is so much about this shooting that calls for further examination.

What would make a highly educated 24 year old man do something so incredibly evil?

Why are so many young people suddenly "snapping" these days?

As our society continues to decay, how much worse are things going to get?

It is almost to the point where people are going to start becoming afraid of gathering in public places.

Most Americans never would have imagined that it would be dangerous to go to the movie theater.

But now people are going to look at going to the movies much differently.

And could it have been possible that James Holmes had some help?

There are some important questions that the media is not really focusing on in this case....

-How did an impoverished college student put together an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and body armor worth tens of thousands of dollars?

-Why do some eyewitnesses claim that he had at least one other person assisting him?

-Why did he surrender to police without offering any resistance whatsoever?

It would be great if we could get some answers to those questions.

In any event, this is yet another sign of how far our society has fallen.  We are becoming more sick and more twisted with each passing day, and it is time to admit this fact.

The following are 20 more examples of the sickos that are overrunning America....

#1 A Sicko In Oregon That Breaks Into Homes In Order To Watch Computer Porn

According to CBS, one young man in Oregon has been breaking into homes with the intent of watching pornography on the Internet....

Police say a 21-year-old Oregon man broke into homes to look at pornography on the Internet, sometimes while the homeowners were inside.

Eugene police said Thursday they arrested Antone Forrest Deedward Owens on charges of burglary, menacing and coercion. Authorities say he broke into at least three homes since last September, sometimes entering the same home on multiple occasions.

#2 Delaware Pediatrician That Sexually Abused 103 Children

Who is the bigger monster - James Holmes or the Delaware doctor that sexually abused 103 children?  The following is from a recent Natural News article....

According to reports in 2010, Dr. Earl Bradley, who has since been dubbed "America's Worst Pedophile," stood accused of molesting 103 young patients in his office in the tiny town of Lewes, Del., since 1994.

Detailed in 160 pages of what ABC News described as "disturbing court documents," Bradley apparently videotaped his sex acts. The documents said Bradley repeatedly molested his child patients as their parents sat nearby and unsuspecting outside the waiting room of his BayBee's Pediatrics clinic.

#3 Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky was supposed to be a role model.  He was an assistant football coach at Penn State and he was heavily involved in charity work.

But it turns out that it was all a lie.  In fact, a whole bunch of people involved in the Penn State football program knew what was going on and did not report it.

In the end, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of sexually abusing young boys.  He has become a national symbol of the depravity which is rotting away the very heart of this nation.

#4 Man That Kept His Wife Chained Up For 10 Years

What would you do to a man that kept his wife chained up for ten years?

According to one West Virginia news source, that is exactly what one man down in West Virginia did....

Earlier this month, Lizon was arrested after police say he kept his wife, Stephanie, chained up for nearly a decade in their home along Miller Hollow Road in Leroy, W.Va.

Lizon is accused of smashing Stephanie's feet with farm equipment and hitting her with a hot frying pan.

Police say she also had a miscarriage because of the abuse and was forced to have another baby while still chained.

#5 Serial Foot-Licker In New York

Did serial foot-lickers even exist back in the 1950s?

Why are there so many of them running around today?

The following is from the New York Daily News....

Police have a possible serial foot-licker in custody after a 49-year-old man was arrested for inappropriately touching two young girls at an upstate New York library.

Anthony Parri allegedly took off a child's shoe and rubbed the girl’s foot against his nose and mouth in one of two incidents Tuesday at Penfield Library, according to reports.

One of the alleged attacks happened in an open area in the children's section, library director Bernadette Brickman told WHAM, ABC's affiliate in Rochester. The child's mom and a library employee witnessed the abuse and called the cops, according to the station.

#6 Houston Police Officer Accused Of Raping A Woman While On Duty

Who is supposed to keep all of these sickos under control?

The police?

Sadly, the police often are the sickos.

The following is from the Houston Chronicle....

DNA evidence has linked a Houston police officer to a rape he allegedly committed while on duty last month, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Officer Adan Jimenez Carranza, 32, was being held Friday at the Harris County Jail under a $30,000 bond, charged with aggravated sexual assault of a woman June 18 after a minor traffic accident, court records show.

#7 Philadelphia Police Officer Makes 14 Year Old Girl Watch Him Have Sex With A Prostitute After Sexually Assaulting Her

If we can't trust the police, then who can we trust?

Recently there have been a bunch of reports of sexual misconduct by police in the national news.

The following is how Fox News described one particularly disturbing incident from the Philadelphia area....

A Philadelphia cop was arrested over allegations that he abducted a 14-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her and made her watch him have sex with a prostitute.

Police found Anthony Dattilo, 36, at a motel in the Bensalem area of the city Wednesday while responding to a possible abduction, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

Dattilo, a 12-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is reportedly in custody at the Bucks County prison on $500,000 bail.

#8 TSA Agent Spills Grandpa's Ashes And Laughs About It

Almost every single day there is another TSA horror story in the news.

But what you are about to read is one of the worst of them all.

The following is from an ABC News article....

John Gross was leaving Florida with the remains of his grandfather  in a tightly sealed jar marked “Human Remains, ” ABC Indianapolis  affiliate RTV6 reported.

 “They opened up my bag, and I told them, ‘Please, be careful. These are my grandpa’s ashes,’” Gross told the station. “She picked up the jar. She opened it up.”

Gross said the TSA agent used her finger to sift through the ashes and accidentally spilled it.  He said one-third to one-half of the ashes spilled and that the agent laughed as he tried to gather what he could from the floor.

“She didn’t apologize. She started laughing. I was on my hands and knees picking up bone fragments. I couldn’t pick up all, everything that was lost. I mean, there was a long line behind me.”

#9 Connecticut Man Threatens To Cut The Tongue Out Of The Mouth Of A 3 Year Old Child

What kind of a man would hold up a knife and threaten to cut the tongue out of the mouth of a 3 year old kid?

Sadly, that is exactly what happened up in Connecticut recently.

The following is from a WFSB report about this incident....

Police in Vernon are investigating reports that a man held a knife to a child's face and threatened to cut out his tongue.

On Friday, a woman named Heather Bonneville called police to inform them that a family acquaintance, who has been identified as Roman Fein, held the knife within inches of her 3-year-old son's face before making the threat to cut his tongue out of his mouth.

#10 Naked "Cannibal" Threatens To Eat Police Officers Down In Georgia

Why are so many criminals getting naked lately?

Why are so many criminals trying to eat people?

The following is from a recent Daily Mail article....

Karl Laventure, 21, was believed to be high on bath salts when he tried to attack the officers in Lilburn, Georgia.

And after they had managed to subdue him he began threatening to eat them.

Laventure appeared out of some woods and was seen running naked around a golf range near Atlanta, swinging a club around his head and screaming.

Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had 'super-human strength'.

#11 Public School Administrator In New York Fired For Not Participating In A Gay Orgy

Almost every day there is another story in the news about a new school sex scandal somewhere in America.

The following is from Courthouse News Service....

A public school administrator claims in court that his male boss sexually assaulted him in a hotel room after giving him pornography and trying to get him to join a foursome, then fired him for rebuffing the advances.

#12 Naked Florida Man Bites Chunk From Another Man's Stomach

This year criminals in America seem to have become obsessed with chewing on human flesh.

The following example is from a recent Daily Mail article....

A naked man allegedly flew into a violent rampage, biting a chunk out of another man's stomach after leaping from his roof onto a truck and urinating inside his home.

Officers responding to the scene needed backup to restrain Jeremiah Aaron Haughee with leg shackles, a spit hood and handcuffs after he continued fighting despite being Tasered five times.

Authorities did not carry out tests on Haughee to see if he was under the influence of any drugs.

Police first arrived at the home in Flagler Beach, Florida at 4.30 a.m. to find two men restraining the naked 22-year-old in a puddle of urine and glass.

#13 Father Who Killed His 3 Daughters Inside The Home Of His Ex-Wife

You know that society is really starting to break down when parents start killing their own children.

What one man up in Wisconsin is being charged with is absolutely horrific.

The following is from a recent CNN article....

A 34-year-old father was being held by authorities Wednesday in connection with the deaths of his three daughters, who were found inside his ex-wife's Wisconsin home with the gas fireplace turned on, officials said.

#14 Pregnant Woman Set On Fire In Detroit

These days not even pregnant women are immune to violence.

What one pregnant woman up in Detroit went through recently is hard to stomach....

A 22-year-old pregnant woman survived after being bound, driven to Detroit, set on fire and shot early Saturday morning.

The woman, who was nine-months pregnant, had returned from a movie with her boyfriend and dropped him off at his house in Warren when she was approached from behind, Warren police Sgt. Dave Geffert said.

The woman's hands, feet and eyes were bound with duct tape. She was then forced into her car and driven to an unknown place in Detroit where she was doused with lighter fluid, set on fire and shot once in the upper back, he said.

#15 New Jersey Man Throws His Own Intestines At Police

If the police were breaking into your home, would you cut out your own entrails and throw them at the police?

According to the Huffington Post, that is exactly what one man up in New Jersey did....

A New Jersey man allegedly cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them.

The gruesome scene played out at a home in Hackensack, N.J., where 43-year-old Wayne Carter allegedly barricaded himself in on Sunday, NBC New York reported.

Officers got a call that morning when a witness said Carter was threatening to harm himself with a knife. Two cops responded, kicked in the door and found Carter in the corner, the station reported.

Carter allegedly ignored officers' orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs.

#16 Naked Man Brutally Murders A Hotel Maid

Why would anyone want to kill a 62 year old cleaning woman?

Many of the crimes that are being committed today are absolutely senseless.

The following is how the CBS affiliate in Sacramento reported this story....

A naked man who may have been on drugs was arrested Saturday for killing a Tracy motel employee.

Andrew Carreiro, 25, is behind bars accused of killing the 62-year-old woman who cleans rooms at the Hacienda Inn on the 600 block of West 11th Street.

Witnesses say they found Carreiro covered in blood and standing near the partially naked body of the woman, say witnesses.

“[It’s] most definitely the craziest thing I’ve seen in my life, most definitely,” said Jermaine Haynes, a motel resident who made the gruesome discovery.

#17 Crack-Fueled Sickos Abduct A Female Jogger

These days you are not safe anywhere in the country.

Just check out what happened to one math teacher from Montana.  The following is how a Daily Mail article described what two very sick drug addicts did to her....

After smoking crack cocaine over the entire trip, Waters allegedly told Spell the drug 'brought the devil out in him' and began talking about kidnapping and killing a female, AP reports.

After they spotted Arnold, Spell claims that Waters told him to 'grab the lady' and pull her into their Ford Explorer as she jogged by.

'Spell said Waters got into the back seat with the female and "choked her out",' the affidavit states.

After dropping Arnold's body in a rural area of North Dakota later that night, Waters bought a shovel at a nearby Walmart. They buried the body in a two- to three-feet-deep hole on an old farmstead.

#18 Female Teacher Has Sex With Four Male Students

Why are so many public school teachers having sex with their students?

Don't they realize that they will inevitably get caught?

Aren't the dozens of other school sex scandals in the news sufficient warnings?

The following is from the NBC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona....

A new police report reveals racy, disturbing details of the alleged relationships between an Ironwood Ridge High School teacher and four of her students.

Oro Valley Police picked up Melissa Dalton April 30th booking her on four counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

She posted bail and got out the next day.

Subsequently more Ironwood Ridge students came forward with more allegations. That prompted the Oro Valley Police Department to add eight more counts including six of sex with a minor.

Melissa Dalton was in her first year teaching at Ironwood Ridge High School. The 33 year old is a wife and mother.

#19 Texas House Of Horrors

The nightmares that were happening in one quiet house in Texas are so horrifying that it is hard to find the words to describe them.

The following is from a New York Daily News article....

Texas authorities said Tuesday they removed 11 children from a crowded home where a registered sex offender lives after they found eight confined in a small, dark bedroom with restraints tying some to their beds.

Along with the children, 10 adults were living in the one-story, 1,700-square-foot home in Dayton, about 30 miles northeast of Houston, Child Protective Services spokeswoman Gwen Carter said. One month after a raid on the house, authorities are still trying to determine how the children are related and why they were there, she said.

#20 Florida Man Bites The Lips Off Of A Kitten

What kind of a monster would bite the lips off of a kitten?

It is hard to imagine anyone actually doing such a thing, but according to WKMG this apparently happened....

A Palm Coast man was arrested on suspicion of biting the lips off a kitten and strangling another cat.

Angel Vega Roman, 28, was arrested Saturday and charged with cruelty to animals.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, Roman told an acquaintance that he accidentally choked his roommates' kitten a couple of weeks ago and bit the lips off another black and white kitten named Oreo.  Roman also tortured Oreo by burning its ear and whiskers with a lighter, a sheriff's report stated.

I know that I used a lot of disturbing examples in this article, but I wanted to make my point very strongly.

James Holmes is not an isolated case.  America is literally being overrun by sickos and monsters.

In the old days, our societal institutions were strong and they helped to tie us together.

But today there is very, very little that ties us together and keeps us grounded.  Faith in almost every major institution in society is very low and our families are falling apart.

The percentage of adult Americans that are married right now is at an all-time low.  The percentage of Americans with no religious affiliation at all is at an all-time high.

Our society is rotting from the inside out and many of our formerly great cities are degenerating into absolute hellholes.

Fixing America is not just a matter of fixing our economic system or our political system.

Fixing America is going to take a whole lot more than that.

So what do all of you think about this?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below....

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  • Alasha

    (Revelation 12:12) On this account be glad, YOU heavens and YOU who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to YOU, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”

    These folks r demonized no doubt


    Don’t reward these killers with notoriety, if we know that they are the killers, they should be electrocuted A.S.A.P.(Months not years)…Make an example out of them,,,,Immediate death awaits these killers…

  • Rebecca Lipe

    I’m a big fan of yours. I look for your blog posts in my email box every morning. I usually don’t leave comments but I feel compelled to say something about this particular post.

    It does indeed seem sometimes like the whole world is going crazy. But is this really the case? According to an article on “The number of mass murders in the U.S. has remained fairly steady, averaging about two dozen cases a year since the mid-1970s.” Some of these cases of pedophilia and child exploitation… Catholic Church, Jerry Sandusky… go back decades. These deviants who commit these heinous crimes have been with us for hundreds if not thousands of years.

    But… I would venture to say that 95% – 98% of Americans are good, decent, hard working people. Americans are the most generous people on Earth. No other country on the planet provides the amount of foreign aid to the poor and disadvantaged as we do. No other people support their charities, both faith and non faith- based, as we do. There are tens of thousands of acts of self-sacrifice and kindness performed every day in America that go unreported by our jaded, thrill- seeking 24 hour news channels. Why is that? Because good people who do good works don’t do them to get on the Nancy Grace show. They do them because they’re the right thing to do.

    Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    • George R. Kadlec

      You appear to be a nice person but you also appear to me to be extremely naive.

    • GSOB

      Rebecca Lipe,

      Your statement seems so trite and simplistic.

      Whomever controls the banks, controls the world.
      When leadership is a run by a grand kakistocracy and
      civil unrest ensues, recognize that people can change faces instantly,
      - all that is God’s judgement upon a nation.

      If we are so good and many acts go unnoticed as you say,
      then surely God does not consider them.

  • Bonus Gift

    How much you want to be that the majority on the list were registered Democrats?

    • Gay Veteran


      • Bonus Gift

        Because to answer a question with a question is not to answer the question; and because people who tend to commit unprovoked mass killings and those that believe in cultural Marxism both disply mental disorders.

        • Gay Veteran

          only a sick mind would use the murder on innocent people to further their own agenda

          • Bonus Gift

            Clearly you project and are as this murderer is/was in basic mental condition (e.g., a liberal with very little hold on reality). My question, and its relevance, stands: “How much you want to bet that the majority were registered Democrats?” I could add that a juvenile ad hominem does not really constitute a useful response to a question asked; my suggestion would be trying to answer directly a question posed instead of all the crazy emotional projection silliness (again, the hallmark of a true psychopath).

  • Alasha

    Sorry I am soooooooooooo schzio 2day I cannot type:

    Correction #1: i saw it (i did like it – they even offered a triliogy where you can watch all 3 Dark Knight movies at one time – over 6 hrs of mind control… lol) in a IMAX theater and there WAS a part in the movie when they starting shooting ppl in the audience – I was soooooooooooooo scared and started asking my sister are they really shooting or wat!!!!!!!!! just for about 30 seconds tho. sigh

    Correction #2: These folks r demonized no doubt and 4get don’t the washing machine, microwave and flung of out of the car episodes….


    • Gay Veteran

      Bonus Gift: “Because to answer a question with a question is not to answer the question….”

      Indeed, but I was not answering your question. I asked why you asked the question. Reading comprehension is a skill you should have learned in school.

      “Clearly you project and are as this murderer is/was in basic mental condition (e.g., a liberal with very little hold on reality)….”

      And how do you know this murderer is a liberal?

  • Washington

    Russia’s Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals By Noah Shachtman July 23, 2012

  • Washington

    If Runaway Slave wins, Obama loses!

  • mondobeyondo

    Yes, there were violent movies in the 1950′s (though by today’s standards, those films seem rather tame). In 1960, a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock was released. It was called “Psycho”, and had an infamous shower scene where Janet Leigh’s character was stabbed numerous times. Quite a brutal, unsettling scene at the time, and it still is.

    However, there were no reports of men stabbing women in the shower in the weeks following the release of this movie. At least none that I could find on Google.

    Something has fundamentally changed in our society. There’s no debate it’s a much, much more violent society now. Maybe we’ve just become numb to violence. Add to that the epidemic of drugs that seem to be everywhere: bath salts, meth, PCP, etc. Tune in to your local news any day of the week. So-and-so got shot. Love triangle leaves 2 dead. 3 killed in store robbery. Drive-by shooting leaves 8-year old in critical condition, and on and on. So it should not be that surprising that some guy with ambitions of living a real-life Batman role playing game, would decide to play the role of the “Joker”. Why did he do it? Ask Mr. Holmes. He’s the only one who really knows.

  • M. Hapney

    God’s rules also say to stone your kid to death when he talks back. God’s rules also say if you get caught raping a man’s daughter you must marry her or pay the dad off. Ahh, God’s rules. Pure morality!

  • mondobeyondo

    A great many of these psychos seem to be young people in their 20′s. Why is that?

    The two Columbine killers were in their teens.
    The guy Cho who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech – in his 20′s.
    Most school and mall shooters are in their teens and 20′s.
    Jared Laughner, who shot Congresswoman Giffords and killed 6 others in Tucson last year – 23 years old.
    James Holmes – 24 years old.

    Did someone put something in their jars of Gerber’s baby food when they were babies? Or maybe it was that polio vaccine? Nah. It’s not that simple. This has been a trend for years:

    Lee Harvey Oswald – [alleged] assassin of JFK – 24 years old.
    Sirhan Sirhan – [alleged] assassin of RFK – early 20′s.
    M.D. Chapman – killer of John Lennon – 25 years old.
    Charles Manson – early 20′s.
    John Hinckley – President Reagan’s shooter – 25 years old.

    I don’t know what the correlation is. Only that it seems bizarre… There are not many 58 year olds going around committing acts like these.

    • GaryToo

      you forgot Braevik, the shooter in norway, same age range again.

  • http://Theeconomiccollapse Gregge Johnson

    The gun serial numbers from the Colorado gunman will match Eric Holders ,Fast and Furious operation..

    • HDAA

      That’s funny Gregge! And then Obummer will invoke his Presidential Privilege to protect Holder… again.

      In 95% of the crimes where a gun is used, the gun was obtained illegally.

      I find it really interesting that this unemployed student paid thousands of dollars for the guns and ammo, which he bought at his local sporting goods stores and online ammo stores.

      With all of the high-tech gear and explosives, it would have cost him 10-20k.

      Something is not adding up here.

  • Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

    Obama needs to get a gun law passed next week and needs the support and this happens? Check out infowars, wake up and check out other false flag incidents. Doesnt make sense? thats because it was staged.

    • HDAA

      I agree Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, this all looks staged to provoke a response, to get a few more senators on Obummers side, to justify signing the UN gun law. :-(

  • HDAA

    As we grieve the murder of these people at the movie theater…

    Americans think nothing of drones killing SUSPECTED militants in far off countries.

    Today, a U.S. drone aircraft struck a militant hideout in northwest Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan, killing at least 12 suspected militants.

    Wait until those same drones are flying around the U.S., shooting at SUSPECTED American militants who defend their right to bear arms :-o

    • GaryToo

      I do not think nothing of it, it is plain bloody obvious, and im not american but that doesnt matter, nobody else thinks anything of it here either.

      today it was revealed that a large group of at least 20 afghan guards defected to the taliban after they were beaten up by the australians they were assigned to, yet this story did not make the mainstream news.

  • Jimmy

    RE: George R. Kadlec posting

    Well said my friend!

  • Silver Beacon

    America is rotting from the inside. So many sites in the precious metals community dedicated to hating Jews or with infrequent articles but full of articles or comments for people to hate Jews and maybe go out and kill Jews:, don’t tread on me, zero hedge,,

    This is how Americans are more and more expressing themselves and want to see on the ‘net.

    I know that Europeans are bad but Americans are slimming the gap.

    • The Truthful One

      Now why would people despise Jews?

      Their Luciferian book of Kabbalah is full of astrology and witchcraft.

      Let’s see what their revered Babylonian Talmud says that would provoke people to persecute them…

      They cry out about antisemitism, but they profess to be superior to all races.

      “Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but cattle” (Kerithuth 6b, page 78, Jebhammoth 61);

      • Silver Beacon

        You quote from a Jew hate sight.

        And this is my point.

        America is being rotted from within.

        Under Clinton and the Republicans, 1,000,000 arabs entered the USA; mostly if not all muslims.

        All the Muslim money zooming around the globe.

        The USA will soon be unsafe for Jews and Hindus.

        For Christians, it will only be safe where there are large numbers of Christians.

        Deerborn Michigan is now OCCUPIED TERRITORY.

        I never professed to be superior.

        But for the 7th year, Israeli kids have won at the Mindlab Olympics.

        Muslims are the floor washers.

        This is where the USA is headed.

        There will be more attacks by arab muslims against the US Army.

        Amazing how the Americans forget about Fort Dix, Fort Hood and the USS COle. In fact, they do not want to discuss it.

        But the USS Liberty,,,,

        Islam is at war against America but America is still ( sadly ) asleep.

        • Gay Veteran

          gee, wonder why they hate us? wonder if it has anything to do with us supporting Arab dictators like Mubarak in Egypt

  • Evie

    If this person was not a plant, lots of young people from 16 ,
    To 26 become schizophreniac. A terrible illness that has no cure. Instead of acknoqledging the illness our gov, schools and health insurance companies leave the burden upon the parents.

  • doctor blues

    Ya sickos are running amuck, whats new, but I just was sent this and I thought it important.
    - Your Nation -
    - Your Liberty -
    and your way of life are at stake!


    An intensive investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) is being used by President Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 (Obama’s current SSN) on or about March 1977.
    Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut . Because of that,
    his SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among only a select few reserved for Connecticut residents.
    Obama never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no
    reason on earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042. None
    whatsoever! Now comes the best part! Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii , where he died.
    Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals. The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and therefore, no questions were ever raised. The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro simply scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and selected Mr. Ludwig’s Connecticut SSN for Obama.
    Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto
    the issue of Barry O’s use of a stolen SSN. You will see leftist heads

    exploding, because they will have no way of defending Obama.
    Although many Americans do not understand the meaning of the term “natural born” there are few who do not understand that if you are using someone else’s SSN it is a clear indication of fraud.
    Let’s all get this information out to everybody on our mailing lists..
    If the voters of this great nation can succeed in bringing this lying, deceitful, cheating, corrupt, impostor to justice it will be the
    biggest and best news in decades for our country and the world.

    Very Interesting Bit of Detective Work:
    Back in 1961 people of color
    were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the
    Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is
    ‘African-American when
    the term wasn’t even used at that time?

    The birth certificate that the
    White House released lists Obama’s birth
    as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack
    Hussein Obama as his father.
    No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth,
    it also shows that his
    father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s
    father was born in
    ” Kenya , East Africa “. This wouldn’t
    seem like anything of concern,
    except the fact that Kenya did not even
    exist until 1963, two whole years
    after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his
    father’s birth. How could
    Obama’s father have been born in a country that
    did not yet exist? Up
    and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was
    known as the ” British East

    On the birth certificate
    released by the White House, the listed place of
    birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity
    Gynecological Hospital “. This cannot
    be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961
    were called “KauiKeolani
    Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani
    Maternity Home”, respectively.
    The name did not change to
    Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital
    until 1978, when these two hospitals merged.
    How can this particular
    name of the hospital be on a birth certificate
    dated 1961 if this name had
    not yet been applied to it until 1978?

    Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)
    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major

    • Orange Jean

      Excellent detective work, I find those arguments compelling… but I would not have voted for Obama anyway!

    • RollBackFeminism

      Umm, Doctor Blues, I am no fan of Obummer, and think the birth certificate is obviously fake, but your SSN story is bunk. Check this link:

    • NorthernCanuck

      “Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the ” British East Africa Protectorate”.” – Not quite right on this; it was known by that title during the days of the Empire, but only up to 1920. Thereafter it was officially known as the ‘Kenya Colony’ until, after independence, it officially became in 1964 the ‘Republic of Kenya’.

      The term ‘Kenya’ was in popular use from 1920 to 1963. A favourite question of would-be Don Juans to women on the British P & O ships outbound to India but calling at Kenya was “Are you single or are you from Kenya?”, because of the notoriously loose morals of wealthy married British colonial settlers there.

      Incidentally, that trip (in the days before air conditioning) gave us the word ‘POSH’ – the richer passengers paid more to be in a cabin on the shaded side of the ship when going out to India and when coming back to the UK, so their luggage labels were always marked ‘P.O.S.H’ (“Port Out, Starboard Home”). Thank the British Empire for that one…:)

    • Paul

      I got me a birth certificate a few years back, because I never had one. I knew I had been born, but I had no certificate of it so I couldn’t prove it.

      And you know what? In the registry they didn’t keep the letterhead from the year when I was born. They used a current one.

      Anyway, I didn’t need it in the end, because proof of address issued by the utility company after you call them and tell them your name and address, is recognised more.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder asks: “Why didn’t this type of thing happen back in the 1950s?” Horrific acts of senseless violence did occur back in the day; for example, The Black Dahlia murder back in 1947 was absolutely gruesome. There were brutal acts of racist violence like the Emmet Till murder. But the big difference between then and now is that senseless acts of violence for the sake of violence are much more common now. The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is a very violent and dysfunctional hellhole, and the violence will only get worse. I agree with Michael: we are a sick, twisted society that is producing sick, twisted individuals.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Also, bad economic times have a way of bringing out all the kooks, crazies, political extremists, nutcases and psychos. My feeling is that although there were nutjobs walking around in the 1950s, they were less likely to snap and go off the deep end because it was a more stable time (problems and all). People who had dark thoughts were less likely to act on them. But there is very little to be optimistic about in these nightmare times that we’re living in. The BRA will become more and more dysfunctional and increasingly violent as economic conditions go from bad to worse. Nutcases like James Holmes will act on their worst impulses, killing strangers just for the sake of killing them. God help The Banana Republic of America.

  • WarriorClass III

    This was clearly an MK Ultra type operation designed to advance gun confiscation. 911 worked so well to convince Amerikans to give up their freedom for “safety” it is a slam dunk that they will also give up the last shred of their freedom as well. Why did this guy give up so easily to the police when he was covered with very expensive body armor? Why did he tell them that his apartment was heavily booby trapped? Why did his cell phone go off? Why was he on drugs? Why did he ask women on a dating website if they’d visit him in prison? All these things point to mind control. Who was his controller? Who has the most experience in mind control? Google MKUltra for yourself.

    • NorthernCanuck

      Interesting that Holmes just quietly surrendered to the police after this massacre.

      That reminded me of Timothy McVeigh, the reputed Oklahoma City bombing “patsy”, who also offered zero resistance when later stopped and arrested by a single patrol officer, and who also had links tp MK-ULTRA (the following extracts are reposted here under ‘Fair Use’ and for educational purposes):

      “…After Lompoc, Cooks was transferred to the U.S. prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. He stayed there two and a half months. It was yet another federal prison with dubious links to CIA-MK ULTRA secret projects.

      Chandra Levy, then an intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C, checked off Timothy McVeigh’s visitors at Terre Haute federal prison. Recall, Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, 1977 – c. May 1, above with Gary Condit, disappeared in May 2001. She was presumed murdered after her skeletal remains were found in Rock Creek Park in May 2002. Levy and U.S. Congressman Condit (D-CA) had been secretly romantically involved in a relationship. It became a Washington scandal, when Condit had been linked to her disappearance to possibly cover-up the out of marriage affair.[10]

      However, it has been reported that Levy had noted some twelve or more visits by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, the UCLA mind control expert for the CIA-MK ULTRA mind control program. Dr. West had pronounced Jack Ruby insane after he suggested a conspiracy in the JFK Assassination. Dr. West also was involved with Manchurian Candidates Sirhan Sirhan and Patty Hearst while they awaited trial. There is some speculation that Tim McVeigh had being treated by Dr. West before he was arrested for the infamous Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing on April 19, 1995…”


      “…Louis Jolyn West ( 1925-1999) was a CIA mind control expert. He experimented with LSD and it is said that “Jolly” once killed an elephant by shooting it with a dose of LSD. He eventually became a professor of psychiatry at UCLA. There he discussed the possibility of psychosurgery and use of psychiatric techniques to control violence. With the backing of Ronald Reagan he wanted to create an institute for controlling violent impulses but was unable to get state funding. He told a radio interviewer that it is now possible to monitor various changes in brain waves through remote monitoring techniques. Some claim that he proposed using drugs to control politically bothersome elements in the population. In 1996 Army Ranger Major David Morehouse claimed that great progress had been made in “remote viewing” and its most respected practitioner Joe McMoneagle has said that many successes were based on the alternative universes theory in that had been postulated by physicists John Wheeler and Hugh Everett.

      It is said that he visited Timothy McVeigh seventeen times in prison. McVeigh claimed he was implanted with a (biotelemetric) microchip during the Gulf WAR. West also interviewed Jack Ruby while Ruby was incarcerated. Ruby was also interviewed by Earl Warren and other psychiatrists. According to an early Ruby attorney, West was the only psychiatrist to find paranoia. The other doctors found “psychological epilepsy,” which would have been easier for F. Lee Bailey to use. West sometimes worked with Dr. Margaret Singer She and West studied Korean War vets who were brainwashed by the Chinese. West also headed an APA team that went to Oklahoma City after the bombing…”


      “Found an interesting tidbit on freerepublic last night. Seems that the government psychiatrist who examined McVeigh initially was a “Dr. Jolly”, i.e., Dr Louis Jolyan West, was a former Director of MKULTRA. One of the freerepublic posters noted that “Dr Jolly” had access to McVeigh not only during and after his “trial” but in the 17 days he was held at an Air Force Base (Tinkers ?) before being turned over to Denver feds. Remember the implant that McVeigh claimed and later denied? You don’t need implants with Dr. Jolly around.”


      “…Why is this important? Because witnesses on the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing heard at least 2 explosions and seismographic readings picked that up as well.

      Here is the doozie though, and the topic of this thread. Read about McVeigh’s relationship with his court appointed psychologist Dr. Louis Jolyn West, the same doctor who was involved with the CIA’s documented mind control experiments of the late 50s and early 60s called MK ULTRA. The scope of the project was outlined in a memorandum dated January 1952 that ominously asked: “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation?” The race was on to create a programmable assassin! The information on this page regarding McVeigh and Dr. West is painstakingly well documented. Research the footnotes. McVeigh, a retired military veteran had even complained to close friends that he was implanted with a microchip before he left the army and that it hurt to sit on it.

      What about the nut who shot president Ronald Reagan in 1981, John Hinckley? He was friends with Neil Bush the son of former US president and CIA director George Herbert Walker Bush, father of the current president. George Herbert Walker Bush was friends with John Hinckley Sr. actually and would have inherited the presidency had Ronald Reagan died of the assassin’s bullet. John Hinckley was a big fan of J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”.

      Though it may be nothing, Mark Chapman, the man who allegedly shot and killed John Lennon, was another big fan of Catcher in the Rye. Is it possible that a particular phrase in the book was meant to enduce a pre-conditioned hypnotic response in the chosen assassin and that since it worked for Chapman, the CIA figured they’d try again with Hinckley? John Lennon was a not a big fan of the government and the government wasn’t a very big fan of his apparently, due to his influence in the anti-war movement during the Viet-Nam war. CIA agent Jose Perdomo appears to have been conveniently present during Lennon’s assassination to ask Mark David Chapman “Do you know what you just did?”, possibly to elicit a pre-conditioned response from Chapman which was “I just shot Lennon!”

      How many sets of common denominators do you have to find in virtually every crime which benefits the government before you recognize that the sheer number of them alone indicates a federal operation, besides the plethora exclusive anomolies in the government’s story for each event and other evidence indicating their involvement.”

    • Target Focus Training

      Hey WarriorClass III, when did his cell phone go off?

  • GSOB

    Have mercy on me.

  • Maxx

    I saw the pictures and video of Homes today in court. First thing I noticed was that his pupils were dilated which indicates he’d been sedated. Probably a good reason for this.

    It is written, “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” Mat. 24:12

    There are hardly words that express the horror of this crime. And, there is no good reason to believe there will not be more. And, they will most likely increase in frequency.

    If He is coming, I sure hope it’s sooner than later. The whole prospect is at once both terribly frightening and terribly exciting.

    Good evening.

    • Target Focus Training

      Yeah Maxx, he looked really bad. I would guess that he was either sedated or he is being manipulated through mind-control, or both.

      Everything about this attack appears to be staged, as he was well-funded, had access to sophisticated gear and explosives, and his demeanor is dissociative.

  • BubbaZinetti

    What about the guy who murdered his roommate’s dog and then sat on the porch of their house and ate it. Or the face eating zombie in Miami (who, it turns out, was not on ‘bath salts’ after all). Beyond crazy, and getting worse.

  • Colin

    I did some research, Michael, and this has happen before in the 1950′s and earlier. I know that some of us like to believe that our past was somehow better than today, but when you do some researching a different picture emerges. It wasn’t better. The difference was in how people handled these situations. They didn’t have 24 hour news coverage with the attention span of the dogs in the movie “Up!”. They didn’t have the Internet with all its flaws.

    Here is a fuller list of these types of rampage killings that are global in nature, are not isolated to this country alone, and are not isolated to this century nor the last century. Some events predate 1900.:

    I think as long as there are humans, there will be these rampage killers.

    • paul

      A good point, and today there are such numbers of people in the US that the quantity of events simply has to rise in proportion. Add that to the instant communication systems we run today and it can certainly make things look worse than perhaps they are. That said, the decay is indisputable.

  • JSB103

    Too much genetically altered food, perhaps?

  • Sid_of_Id

    Sorry, but as interesting as your correlation to the collapse of society is, it’s incorrect.

    The increased number of “crazies” and their “crazy acts” that make the news is merely statistics. The world is no less and no more full of sick & damaged psyches per-capita than it was in the day of ‘Jack the Ripper’ …there’s just a few billion more people in the world. Not to mention, before news could be telegraphed, the smaller stories of insanity (like biting a kitten’s lips off) would likely never have reached 25 miles past where it occurred.

    Every generation wants to immerse themselves in the fantasy that the ones before them were the “good old days” of better morals and mental health. This is a lie.

  • bruce

    You got is right this country is changeing. You listed 20 and could have listed a couple of thousand. I believe you did a disservice by putting the sociopaths name and photo in print. I wish all media would refrain from enhanceing the fame and reputation these people seek, It would be quite simple for every media outlet to refuse to state the mans name or photo but I am also sure each can rationalize why they need too. Why did you think it a good idea to give a front page head shot of this person?

  • Piglet

    People who dream about the 1950s being an idyllic era have forgotten what the decade was really like. The first few years saw the Korean War, one of the most vicious and brutal wars ever waged, as its veterans can attest. It was also the era of Senator Joe McCarthy, and it was a time when blacks were still having a very hard time, as demonstrated by the effort to integrate the Little Rock school system. Ask a black person about how wonderful the 1950s were and you’ll get a much different answer about how wonderful everything was.

  • Piglet

    [The percentage of Americans with no religious affiliation at all is at an all-time high.]

    If that means the crazies aren’t doing sick things because “God told me to do it,” then fewer people with religious affiliation is a good thing.

    There’s still no shortage of maniacs, though:

    Man strips, causes disturbance on train

  • df

    I discovered daily mail uk and their homepage is filled with really sick, weird and disturbing crimes and 98% of them are committed in AMERICA. I don’t know if they go out of their way to pick crimes from the US but it’s undeniable that there are so many and that they are mostly from the states. There’s a new batch everyday. What is happening to this country?!!

  • af

    I dont think he was alone that nite!!
    Why does everyone ignore the pyhsical evidence??? Why was the gasmask found all the way down at the other end of the building just out of sight of the security camera??? And where is the security camera footage??? MSM got the bus bomber with in 24hrs…This guy had red hair!!! too
    This is a must see…pictures included to show where the gasmask was found…note the police evidence marker…it was not moved there by someone else….

  • mommygov will keep me safe

    The radio just reported Holmes had a 26,000$ college grant. It was on 97.1 out of St. Louis.

  • i’vegivenup

    This has been primarily caused by Godless parenting leading to the breakdown of family cohesiveness. That has led to perversion, moral collapse, materialism and ultimately violence. Kids today want no accountability and expect to get something for doing nothing. These same kids will also have kids. Guess what those kids will be like?

    • GaryToo

      yes, like the 6 yr old victim of the shooting. Case-in-point. What the hell is a 6 yr old doing at a midnight screening of a movie that is no tame kiddies comic-book remake. And not a peep from anyone in the media or on this site on that glaring point.

  • proudmom

    I’ll tell you why stuff like this is happening, it’s the fact that Mothers have left the home.
    Traditionally, Mothers were the ancher in the family home. A child could always expect Mom to be there, even if Dad was busy working.

    Hillary the village idiot encouraged the “village” to take care of your precious children. Children who need their mom’s guidance, perspective, moral code, structure, love, devotion, protection, and constancy. That is what has been missing in our nation prior to the 90′s somewhat, but after Hillary, much much more so.

    A mother protects her children, she doesn’t choose her career as it were, ahead of her kids.
    She doesn’t go out to be fullfilled after giving birth to HER OWN CHILD. A mother who remains the ancher in her family and puts her children AHEAD of herself will bring more success to the lives of her children in the long run. I am not saying that her children won’t do bad things,
    and I am not saying that certain crazy people won’t go out and commit bad crimes against humanity.

    I do believe that nurturing your children and be their rock will increase the chances of them turning out beautifully as they grow up and become adults. I have an entire understanding of why Hillary brought her “It takes a village” agenda to the table. It does have to do with the breakdown of the family, the increase of goods and services, the inflated prices of homes and
    glutteny that became the values our country espoused since Clinton took office.

    With two parents out of the home and into the workforce, two incomes were able to afford the
    inflated prices of everything. Eventually, this practice of competing with the Jones took off.
    More and more woman left their homes in favor of a career, or just a job, but out of the home.
    Children as a result were termed “latch key kids” and eventually the system created after school programs and before school programs to accomodate these newly abandoned children.

    Government sponsored day care programs cropped up all over the place, full day kindergarten became the norm. Children were in preschool at earlier and earlier ages. Day care providers cropped up all over the place. Mothers and fathers decided it was a great idea to allow their precious children to be raised by the system.

    When it’s a need, it’s understandable and necessary, but when it’s just a choice because of a womans lack of feeling “fulfilled” then it’s a collision course with life for their child in the long run.

    We are going to find out about the abuses that took place while under the care of perfect strangers. We are already seeing the moral decay in our society. We are already seeing how the system/village has corrupted the minds of our children with so many forced fed social perspective that would never have been tolerated in the 1950′s.

    Our children today are so confused because of what they learn from home, from grandma and grandpa, from the family, and what public school and the system/village has poisoned them with.
    If the system/village has our children for longer hours in a day,week,month,year than we do, who do you think the children will listen to? YOU? Doubtful. They will trust the system/village and what the majority of their peers are embracing.

    So, the idea that a mother will make a perfect child all on her own isn’t really the key, it’s the idea that a mother will provide a trusted bond that will outlast the temporary empty cold envirenment that the village/system supplied. Kid raised by mom may not come out perfect but they will return to that trusted bond and embrace it. Kids raised by the system/village, after they leave, have nothing to return to and nothing to trust.

    These are the kids who lash out, who have no ancher, who have no direction, who choose to reach for other things instead. Personally, I don’t care if this comment is ripped to shreds, if people are offended by what I know is the truth. I was raised by my mother, she wasn’t perfect, she had 12 children. We are all connected to her and her stability in our lives, even if we don’t each agree with her, or each other. She is old now, 84, but her wisdom, her ability to offer advice and be there is such a huge comfort to this day.

    I am a mother of six myself and I gave up everything to hand raise my family. I don’t want my girls marrying any guy who was raised by the system/village and I don’t my sons marrying any girl who was raised by the system/village. These are kids who from my very experienced life are turning into the most confused, mixed up, selfish, godless, empty souls I have ever had the experience of knowing.

    Bright kids, yes, they are. Book smart, indeed, but none the less, empty vessels. I don’t know how many children as they become adults will be able to undo the scars caused by this village mentality. I know what is happening today is directly tied to this village mentality and the damage is going to be a lot worse than what we are experiencing already.

    Luckily because of this economic downturn, mothers have returned to the home, and are back where they belong, and are returning to the traditional role of nurturer and ancher. So in due time, there will be a healing. Woman will embrace their birthright and eventually our nation will be healed. To hell with the village!

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Luckily because of this economic downturn, mothers have returned to the home, and are back where they belong….”

      yeah! barefoot and pregnant, just like god intended

    • GaryToo

      i take it you were not a daddys girl? whats a daddy u ask.

      • Gay Veteran

        gee GaryToo, you are soooooo witty


        I had a father and mother and both were heterosexual

        • GaryToo

          I was replying to proudmom not you flamboyant in greens gv.

  • A Nonny Mouse

    2Timothy 3:1-5

    But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.

    This applies more these days than ever before!

  • Gary2

    I see little difference between Holmes and the average conservative—Holmes killed using guns and the conservatives kill with their policies, which kill a whole lot more than Holmes.

    Not having single payer alone kills 45,000 per year. Not having single payer is a direct result of conservatives blocking it.

  • Gary2

    Holmes even looks like a tea bagger but he has teeth.

    • af

      Dont you get it?? Holmes didnt pull the trigger…see post above about pyhsical evidence. Like, why was the gasmask all the way down the other end of the building??? why did the police say there was another person behind the thearter wearing a gasmask, while other police where with holmes, in his locked car???
      Why didnt he try and leave? or shoot it out with the cops?? why was he so meek when arested?? See him in court?? still coming off the LSD. He was a just the fall guy for a staged attack… Go here and read(if you can) the several articals about all this…It all doesnt make sense…and stinks to high heaven!!! Aways ask questions or your just a slave to TPTB…and by your coments, sounds like your some kind of racist!!
      Blame everybody else…hell you voted this jerk omama in…Because he was popular??? or do you get goverment welfare??

  • Chris

    What’s wrong with America? I’ll tell you. NAFTA is wrong and I knew it would be from day #1. Children not being taught morals at home. Children are now ruling their parents….go back to the old days with a good whack when they need it…..I’m not talking about child abuse……I’m talking about “keeping them in line”…..those of us from years ago got a whack when needed and “we” are not the nutso people running around amuck in society today! Children should have the fear of God instilled in them to grow up to be good, law-abiding citizens with morals. Your children are NOT your “friends”… are a parent, so “act” like one…, guide, and discipline. The MAIN thing you have to change is the pussy laws….go back to bread and water and dungeons instead of club prison for law breakers, murderers, etc. Make prison a place NO one would EVER want to go back to! Wish “I” could get a free roof over “my” head and free meals a day like prison scum get…….but no……”I” have to work for that WHILE SUPPORTING THAT SCUM! Prisoners get this when their “victims” get NOTHING and TAXPAYERS are penalized into paying for the scum’s care when the law-abiding taxpayer has done “NOTHING”! Goverment-run schools are horrendous but NO ONE is DOING anything about it……….well it’s time to crack down! What ever happened to truant officers? PUSSY LAWS! PUSSY LAWS! PUSSY LAWS! So folks……don’t just sit there and complain unless you are going to do it to those who run your city, state, and federal governments because “they” are the ones you need to complain to!

    • paul

      That’s the point, isn’t it? The taxpayer has done nothing.

      • Chris

        “Nothing” to “deserve” paying for the scum.

    • GaryToo

      that rant has nothing to do with the topic, but you are complaining that prisoners get fed. If yoiu want them to work for food let them out? CLOWN

      • Chris

        Sorry, but it has “everything” to do with the topic. As far as prisons go, there should not have to “be” any prisons. I don’t want my taxdollars supporting for years someone who is given the death penalty…..they should be immediately put to death…..for those where there is no question whatsoever that they did the crime….murderers, rapists, and those who go around shooting up people for no good reason, like this sicko. No, this country wants to build “more” prisons instead. Maybe “you” like the idea of busting your butt working everyday to support this scum, but “I”, a law-abiding citizen, do NOT. ************** laws.

  • mike

    Lets back up a little and have some reason for a change…”#1..judgemental bible thumpers…Judge NOT Lest Ye be Judged”…Clean up your own homes of rapist priests and ministers, and thieves who steal from the collection plate…Perhaps stop talking about how good you are for a change and show it with your actions…Help others, keep your own life and that of your family clean, and lot God sort out the rest…the world will be a better place… Liberal tree hugger freaks…stop dictating to others…clean up your own mess. My basic theory here is that both sides of this ignorant “culture war” are pin-headed morons who cannot see that they are being used by others..You fools actually think you are accomplishing something? No, you are just being distracted from what the real problems are by your overlords of propaganda who play you fools against each other while they quietly rob you blind, take your rights and freedoms and allow our nation to crumble because they will have their pile of money and will be gone before the doo doo hits the fan… As for me…Leave me the hell alone…I don’t care about the stupid crap you dummies are obsessed with, I don’t want to hear you anymore, and I don’t want either of your two radical “wingnuts” groups to dictate to me or my family ANYTHING. I will happily fix my own problems, you fix your own.

  • DL.

    The sickos that are overrunning America, Mr. Snyder, aren’t flesh-eating zombies or guys like Holmes, but our ruling classes. They set the tone, and drug-addled losers follow along. And I’m sure it ain’t just in the US. Steig Larson’s Millennium Trilogy set in Sweden had much of the same sickness going on.

  • A.S.

    The U.S. is already a dictatorship:

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Gay Veteran

      must be raining cats and dogs because I agree with A.S. that we are a dictatorship. we’re given the illusion of choice: Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama vs. Mitt “Wall Street” Romney

  • proudmom

    The end of the world is when you die. One never knows when their number is up. Whether Americans live in a dictatorship or not doesn’t prevent individual responsibility from our lives. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.

    Live your individual life by not being part of the problem. I don’t ask you to be a part of the sollution, that is up to the individual. This isn’t a hard concept to follow.

    Made your mark upon your individual worlds that you live inside of. Hope that you leave this planet better off than before you got here. The United States has always been the best place to grow up in and live. I wouldn’t want to have been born anywhere else in the world.

    People like to split hairs with religious beliefs, they would argue with their fingers if they had no one else to. Holding a higher power near and dear is healthy for an individual. It’s supposed to be a personal journey and no one should interfere with your own spiritual growth at whatever stage it’s at, so long as you have something to reach for when life throws you curve balls and gets tough.

    I’ve noticed that people who don’t have faith in anything struggle so much. Those with faith, they overcome and dig in and rest their problems at the foot of their higher power.
    People need to have a conscience too. They need to have compassion and love for their neighbor as they do for themselves. This is not just a Jesus concept, it’s a survival concept. Do unto others is so essential for the survival of man.

    Everyone has their role to play. As I said, your world will end when you die, no one knows when their number is up. Live your individual life doing no harm, being a good custodian of the land, of your fellow man and try to put back each day on some level what you took away. When you die, you leave your mark and those who are left behind after you are gone will take comfort in your life well lived. That to me is an excellent accomplishment in life.

    Today, most people cannot be certain that when they die, those who are left behind, will take comfort in that thought. To me that is very sad.

  • mike

    I saw a bumper sticker the other day and literally was laughing until I cried…it said…CATHULU FOR PRESIDENT…WHEN YOU ARE TIRED OF PICKING THE LESSOR OR TWO EVILS

  • Texas_Dave

    There are too many laws that our coin-operated politicos have created and backed that catch and release criminals to commit more crimes against the innocent. They are everywhere and there is no way to eliminate them to prevent further criminal mischief. The courts love it….think of how much money all the players make continually cycling career criminals in and out of the system. These people would have been publically hanged 125 years ago; now they get college degrees behind bars, medical care that would make a congressman jealous, and better protection inside the jails than their victims ever got outside in the real world.

    In addition, our collective obsession with individual liberty and privacy, (as if either really substantially exist anymore in America in the first place…) prevent us as a society from approving more aggressive screening methods to prevent the psychotics among us from legally obtaining firearms and sharing our workplace…(I can’t believe I just said that but Aurora has really messed up my stance on aggressive pro-gun “not one inch more”-type resistance to background checks)

    Everybody is on meds…legally or illegally…America has become a narco-nation of addicts, emotionally dysfunctional people and pharmacies. The more it sucks here, the more we medicate until eventually everybody will have an altered perception of everyday reality in a society shaped by decades of drug and perscription abuse…

    We have replaced Captain Kangaroo, the original Superman, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street with The Transformers, a jazzed up GI Joe, and Marvel superheroes that actually graphically kill people rather than apprehend criminals.

    Faith, Christ, God, the message of eternal salvation, respect for other faiths, the beauty of a humble reliance on God’s goodness, the reward of generosity and kindness are no longer a part of the equation in business-America. It seems that so long as you can afford a lawyer who can get you off….you can rip-off, buddy-fuck, lie, cheat and steal from anyone you want; we have lost our moral compass.

    30 years of unchecked and progressively violent and graphic video games, movines, pornography and music lyrics have destroyed much of our youth’s spirit of optimism, altruism, hope for the future, and trust in thheir fellow man.

    Our political system of one bank-owned party of paid-for politicians pretending to be two parties whilst taking their marching orders from the owners of the Federal reserve is fooling nobody….the illusion of class mobility, equality and a functional democracy has declined into a Roman-esque bread and circuses shell game.

    All I personally have faith in is the Jewish God and his son Jesus Christ, the family I protect and love, the food in my pantry, and the gun on my hip that I am still legaly allowed to carry to protect myself in this asphaly jungle.

  • Luis

    #10 Naked Cannibal: “Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had ‘super-human strength’.”

    A lot of this stuff smacks of demonic possession. The demon possessed guy in the story of Luke 8:26-40 is spoken of as being naked. After Jesus cast out the demons, he is described as being “clothed, and in his right mind” (compare verses 27 & 35). Obviously, as soon as the evil spirits went out of him, the first thing on his mind was to put on some clothes.

    Look now at Acts 19:13-20. The seven sons of Sceva, who were not Christians, took it upon themselves to cast out an evil spirit with terrifying results. All seven were ‘overpowered’ by the person possessed by the evil spirit. Equally interesting is that when the evil spirit was finished with them, they are described as being ‘naked’.

    Revelation 5:11 and 12:4 tells us there are over 50+ million evil spirits on this planet. You have to do a little math to get to that number: 10,000 X 10,000= 100 million. That is the number of angels currently before God. Satan took 1/3 of the angels with him, so the 100 million angels before God must represent 2/3 of the original number created. 100 million is 2/3 of 150 million, which means Satan took 50 million angels. But Revelation 5:11 adds there are ten thousand times ten thousand, ‘AND THOUSANDS OF THOUSANDS’ before God, which means there are OVER 50 million of these evil spirits on this planet:

    “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time”. Revelation 12:12

    • ccc

      Luis That Book Was Written When Man And Woman Were Still Savages. I Think It’s Because Of Drugs And These Darn Mental Health People Experimenting On People To See *The Right Drug* And People Are More Open These Days. Many Including Christians Think Of Bad Things Like Killing..Some Act On It And Some Don’t. When You Add Drugs In The Mix, It Gets Way Out Of Hand And They Do Stuff They DO Think Of Doing. It’s Logic. Back Then They Had To Find An Explanation Even If It Had To Be Made Up.

      • Luis

        CCC, your philosophy is a typical byproduct of the theory of evolution that argues man is evolving and getting better… but that is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that man has become corrupt as a result of transgressing God’s law. Selfishness is the ultimate disease of the mind. Jesus Christ its only cure.

        Yes, what you said is true about drugs, but the Bible teaches there are invisible forces at work in this world who’s only delight is in causing misery and suffering. I trust you would agree you cannot blame WWI & WWII on drugs.

        Anyways CCC, I hope you will seek out Jesus Christ someday and see for yourself that He not only exits, but is truly (as He said), “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

  • paul hill

    The question is, was he insane or just putting on an act. If he’s not insane, why did he do it? What possible motive could he have, a lethal injection, or at best the rest of his life in max security psych hospital. There was no possibility of monetary gain. Being insane enough to believe he is going to be hailed as some sort of revolutionary hero, like McVey and the bloke in Norway, is the only possible explanation. Other examples are Australia’s Martin Bryant, Julian Knight, even Ned Kelly actually believed that there was a groundswell of support for their naive political beliefs in that they were firing the first shots of a revolution which would immediately commence once they lit the fuse. Even if they go to jail their supporters will turn up with a truck bomb and blow a hole in the wall and get them out. Hence Holmes not trying to escape after the massacre. Maybe he thought the cops would be on his side. They totally misinterpret what they see and hear, from a variety of sources. It’s still psychotic but has a crude logic to it. His bulging eyes are definitely those of someone with hyperthyroidism, commonly associated with schizophrenia. It doesn’t have to be Graves disease, simply the result of long term unremitting stress.

    He was washed up, a failed PhD, no income from NIH once he quit his PhD, had to be out of his flat within a month of quitting, and going by what his mother said, I don’t think he would have been welcome at his parent’s place. Even with the qualifications he had he just couldn’t get work. Too weird. His mother puts up the money initially for him to go back to Uni to do his PhD Best job he could ever get was a stint at McDonalds. Imagine how demeaning that would have been for a qualified, with honors, neurobiologist. To him, the system is a Fascist monster that has screwed him to the point that all he’s got left is suicide, no friends, couldn’t relate to women, a failed PhD, no job and soon to be homeless. He IS washed up. He sees himself as some sort of left wing revolutionary, Che?

    Then there is the Presbyterian religion. Did he believe that he was dammed as indicated by his all round failure and that killing a bunch of Batman worshipers, ie Fascists, was the only way God would save him from Hell. As he got weirder the ridicule, which NOBODY would admit to, would intensify which would make him even weirder and ever more paranoid, getting messages from the tele, billboards, music etc. The system had created only one way out for him. Thus the system is every bit as psychotic as he is because it spawned him.

    The University has to go on trial first, with no threats of prosecution so that people don’t clam up. Same with Holmes. This situation is unique in that this guy is in the midst of research into psychiatric disorders, psychiatrists etc. at a major University and yet nobody can see this coming. Jesus wept!!!! His psychiatrist herself is very disturbed, on Xanax and Vicodin, has been reprimanded years before by the hospital for wrongly prescribing drugs for friends and Uni colleagues. If the US of A can’t learn from THIS situation then it is DOOMED. If Holmes gets burned, America goes up in the flames with him. Check out all of the really disturbed blogs and he is being hailed as a scapegoat, a martyr even.

  • paul hill

    I was just reading about how Holmes must know right from wrong if he is sane and was wondering if the US military was his role model when it pulverized Iraq back onto the pre-stone age TWICE, then left such a mess behind that it’s turned into the most horrific bloodbath of sectarian violence on Earth. Perhaps Nixon gave him a lead when he enunciated US foreign policy as, “When you’ve got ‘em by the balls their hearts and minds will follow” or “Once you can fake integrity, the rest is easy”, implying that integrity is always a fake. Maybe it’s dropping napalm on kid’s in Vietnam. Could be waterboarding in Guantanamo of a terrorist suspect detained for five years who turns out to be innocent or the dozens of prisoners executed each year that turn out to be innocent, even if they are NOT innocent. Perhaps it’s the wonderful equality in the distribution of wealth, democracy being the right for a multi-billionaire to sleep on a park bench if he so chooses. Then there are all the great movies of war heroes who blow away the baddies, and they are OBVIOUSLY baddies, by the megaton whilst being great in the cot with his wife and gentle with the kids. Then there was that great TV series Exterminator? with Edward Woodward in it in which some poor little kid come to him to tell him about some horrible baddie who did something vicious to him or his mum, so ex-cop Ed goes and blows this baddies brains out. So James, there is no excuse as right and wrong is clearly defined in the US, especially if you’ve got an aircraft carrier fleet.

  • paul hill

    The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth.The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth.The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth.The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth.The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth.The root of all evil is INEQUALITY in the distribution of wealth. The US has ENORMOUS inequality in the distribution of wealth, vast tonnages of guns and fundamentalist religion. That’s why it breeds psychos. What if God (the voices) told Holmes to go blow away those evil Batman (Big Brother, the State, Gotham city)worshipers that had totally screwed him with only suicide left.

    • Mathis

      Paul Hill…..Just one more entitlement sicko that thinks everybody “owes”him everything. Go see Hugo for a couple of years, then come back and appreciate the USA

  • paul hill

    If someone is being socially abused, psychiatric problems being a consequence of abuse, because one just happens to be a bit different he gets no help whatsoever, just more bullying. Being institutionalised and medicated is seen as help, whereas it is simply more abuse. The social delusion is that he is being prevented from self harm, whereas it is fear of social harm, that he might go berserk, without ANY PROVOCATION WHATSOEVER. Whereas in actual fact there has been ENORMOUS provocation. Yet peers see an admission to the abused as a provocation, whereas it is NOT admitting the obvious that is the provocation. They were just teasing, good natured stuff is as far as anyone will go. NOONE will lift a finger to help in just a very small way, a phone call or a letter taking the side of the abused, the attitude being ‘Why should I, I’ve gone out of my way to help that ungrateful bastard.’

    The media is not the least interested in social issues coming from the patient, just some Professor of Psychiatry WHO HASN’T GOT A BLOODY CLUE because he hasn’t been through psychosis himself, but he has the prestige of a PhD so he must know something. The media doesn’t want to be seen as lacking intellectual integrity, many journos having Degrees of one kind or another. Meanwhile the patient may have come to the end of his tether, suffering dreadfully, homeless, friendless, delusional and sick. There is NO solidarity among the psychotic as they are afraid of the consequences of supporting one another.

    Now totally pessimistic of any help or compassion coming from anywhere on Earth, otherwise psychosis would not exist, and filled with a justified hatred for society the psychotic has no compunctions about taking a number of people with him if he is going to suicide. Alternatively he knows that the media is ONLY interested in VIOLENCE, as are it’s readers, viewers and listeners. No violence, no publicity as to what abuse he has suffered all his life, abuse which is TOTALLY denied by society which CANNOT see itself AS abusive.

    But he knows by now that it can’t be any old act of violence as he’ll just get locked up and it might only make a local rag. It has to be something BIG, HUGE even to capture headlines, WORLD headlines. Only then will he come under such close analysis and scrutiny that society will begin to believe him. However, in his delusions he believes that he will actually be forgiven for killing a number of people because he HAD to in order to highlight abuse. He will be saving vastly more lives in the long run once society takes heed and make the huge changes necessary to eliminate ALL violence because there will be no more INCENTIVE to violence.. Should the powerful status quo be intractable, then his act will start a violent revolution which will overthrow said status quo and he will be released from prison by the revolutionaries. Well, that’s what his delusions say.

    Enter Holmes. A lot of media scrutiny to start off with but it is derailed for 3 reasons. 1 Sloppy journalism making it difficult to get the precise facts. 2 Suppression by the legal system and University making it impossible to get the facts. 3 Interest has fizzled out. I saw this massacre as salvation for myself as I’ve now had 65 years of it and NOT ONCE has anyone in all those years lifted a finger to help me, except for belated attempts by my mother to side with me against the violence of my father. I go onto web site after web site 8 hrs a day gathering all of the information, try to be as accurate as possible, and write sensible, enlightened, apolitical posts and have not got ONE SINGLE REPLY.

    If I had spat out hatred or talked about stricter gun controls or enforced medication, sure plenty of replies probably. But no, as I appear to be sympathetic toward Holmes. Well I bloodywell AM. I watched the video of him in court the other day and I broke down. ‘I though, Jesus, James, what have they done to you?’ He is TOTALLY psychotic, a little kid who has never been able to grow up. Brilliant at learning by ROTE to get his degree in Neurobiology but almost unable to function on the most basic level socially, hence being unable to get a job, ANY job, in his field. He cannot function in this world. His world is that of the videogame. That is where he LIVES, like US soldiers in Afghanistan. For all we know, by the time of the massacre he was so psychotic that the audience in the theatre may have been aliens from another planet come to take over the world.

    Check ALL of the blogs. He is already a martyr, a hero to the abused and disenfranchised, especially those who see him as a patsy, been set up by powerful forces, CIA, FBI, the Pentagon etc., perhaps to disarm the population by getting a tide of support from the anti-gun lobby. That’s the way the Gun Lobby, NRA is seeing it. Yet there is plenty of REAL evidence of atrocities committed by these Government groups to feed this cynicism and paranoia.

    Widespread social unrest is the very last thing the US needs right now given the near terminal state of it’s economy. There is plenty to feed this unrest without adding Jimmy to the mix. He might just be the catalyst that lights the fuse. Wall St. is on a knifes edge now.

    • edi

      i doubt you will see this a month, more, later but, just in case you do, i wanted to say i like quite a bit of what you said. i found what you said, btw, by looking up james holmes+hyperthyroidism–something which i think is very obviously part of his clinical picture–& yrs was the first [& perhaps the only] reference i found. i am unsure that it has any correlation w/ schizophrenia, however. i’m gonna take him at his own word [that he is manic depressive, euphemistically bipolar & has dysphoric mania]. my crazyspouse who just died, age 44, had the same combo. & more, obviously, but just the manic depression+graves disease made it very tough going–for himself, for anyone who tried to help him.

      anyway, a month late, i still think yrs is among the very bestest of best comments i’ve seen about JH. i only wish i’d seen it sooner.

  • paul hill

    I’m coming unhinged following this stuff and am thinking about building an arsenal of rocks to throw at alien kangaroos that are trying to take over my camp. Me and my various alter egos have had a conference and decided that this massacre didn’t happen but is a movie written by a reincarnated Kurt Vonnegut. The whole thing is just so implausible. A kid goes bonkers in the middle of all of these cranium researchers and shrinks in a major university and they don’t twig, yet he’s dropping clues all over the place, shouting ‘Hey guys, I’m gonna go berserk.’ Maybe they all tipped him over the edge as some sort of weird experiment or just for a giggle. What’s next. Fourteen year old kid pinches tank from army barracks and drives down Wall St. blasting shops. (Hope he gets the NYSE, he, he.)

    Actually, I’m suspicious that it’s a secret plot by the US to take over the entire word by driving everyone as crazy as what it is. Billy Graham goes around the world years ago to get the process up and running. I mean, everyone is allowed to have a huge arsenal of guns, MONUMENTAL inequality is not just allowed but promoted. Every deranged religion on Earth flourishes. Mountains of debt and unemployment.  Huge black incarceration rate.  Everybody doped to the eyeballs trying to cope with anxiety and depression.  The whole country is militarized from top to bottom so that every bloke (and plenty of birds) are strutting up and down in fatigues and just so gung ho.  ************ with 11 aircraft carrier fleets and a massive nuclear arsenal..   Bang, bang, bang, video games by the megaton. Next comes BATMAN and nobody can tell any more if he’s real like Superman or just a fake like Elvis Then everyone scratches their heads when someone goes berserk and says, ‘How the bloody hell did that happen.’

    Give it a break. It’s a sick movie and I’m gonna blow the whistle, unless a drone takes me out first. That’s why I’m burrowing at the moment as I’ve heard that the George Washington is headed my way. Gotta go have my ECT. Might try a square wave at around 300 volts. Very tasty

  • Pingback: 14 Questions People Ask About How To Prepare For The Collapse Of The Economy

  • Sunday

    One word of advice for Florida residents: RELOCATE!

  • AgreeToDisagree

    Nonsense people like Holmes would be too busy working their land. USA could simply distribute all unused land , and tell the people to grow their own crops and build their own houses, raise their own livestock, make their own leather or fur goods, compost their own sewage, collect their own rainwater or dig their own wells. End of problem, everyone gets a few acres. BTW there is no such thing as money. There is no such thing as economy or collapse. Too bad for the plutocracy or corporatocracy though! Even if education was free now, citizens will return to 1400s settler-era America! Citizens please elect ONLY a President or Governor with the above intent. Executive Order 0 (Zero) for land distribution will be that reset button America needs.

    BTW there is no such thing as poor people, concept of money or a Global Financial System or a recession or depression.

    • Right on

      I think you may be right. Reset button america needs!

  • F. L. Bernadone

    The world is getting more violent now because morals decline. You might enjoy the work of Emile Durkheim who did a study of suicide-altho it applies to all deviance-he looked at all sorts of factors and came up with two things that influence deviant behaviors-1. Bonding-social bonding-not bonded to other folks-I/it relationship. 2. Lack of internalized moral structure. Durkeim discovered when these two things were not existent in a population, it creates a condition known as anomie. In a society where there is no clear moral code and people see others as itd-self consumed-you have the condition of anomie and societies start to fail. Thought you might like that sociological research backs you up. No universal moral code and no bonding or feeling responsible for each other. Anyway, good review. Very intelligent. Pax.

  • http://aszx Armando Stapels

    What’s up, can any person suggest a quality caravan park to stay at on the gold coast?

  • Heather Baker

    These sickos make me sick! I know people aren’t perfect but they should keep their personal mess to themselves and not to other people. Some people are busy making a better life for themselves.

  • BOB


  • winstonsmith4

    Someone needs to watch No Country for Old Men. Human beings can be very violent and sick. I simply cannot understand how you can sit there and say the world is going downhill when history paints such a different picture. The Vlad the Impalers of the world aren’t as rare as we’d like to think. Middle ages torture techniques are known for a reason. Rape, sadism, slaughter, murder of children, this was all normal for every major society that has ever lived. If anything, today things are less brutal because our first world is better than the first worlds of yesterera. Seriously, watch No Country for Old Men. It’s all about dealing with new and terrifying ideas of violence, and how we discover that this violence has always been there, so how do we deal with that, how do we try to make the world a better place when some people are just evil?

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