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  • Stubby Philips

    The common denominator to this story and all other posts on “The Economic Collapse” is our ignorance and govt. deceipt resulting in the masses not understanding the power of fiat currencies. Govt. education is never going to teach the tools needed to self govern ,,,to govern the government ,, There are two types of people on the planet ,,those that have money because they add value to the market and people who have money in there pocket because they have printed it or benefit from the printed fiat money
    ie.lawyers bankers ,tax accountants pub. ed teachers some silly pseudo intellectual professors etc. MONEY and VALUE are not the same thing
    We must compete with the federal reserve on dollar and common sense with competing currencies State Banks or Lawful money from all directions all the time! Maybe stop accepting for value American Dollars and trade in real value accounting of whatever it is that you have added to the market place …Taxes are not needed if the people supply there own liquidity to the market .. or we can continue on the present trajectory of forfeiting private property and consentual slavery that we are living as a reality TODAY only because that we accept for value Federal Reserve Notes ..What is money and where should it come from ?

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