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LOL – This Stock Market Rally Is For Suckers

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Hey, have you heard?  The stock market is absolutely soaring right now.  The Dow was up 330 points on Monday, and overall the Dow has risen by more than 10 percent since October 3rd.  So should we all be throwing our money into the stock market in order to take advantage of this tremendous rally?  Well, if you actually believe that the sovereign debt crisis has passed and that we are no longer on the verge of a massive worldwide financial crisis then I have a bridge that I would like to sell you.  The stock market may be soaring, but absolutely nothing has been solved.  The truth is that this stock market rally is for suckers.  The primary reason why stocks rose today was because German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised that they would reveal a “comprehensive response” to the European debt crisis by the end of this month.  When pressed for specifics, Sarkozy stated that “now is not the moment to go into the details.”  So do global financial markets really have a legitimate reason to be giddy about the super secret plan cooked up by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, or are Merkel and Sarkozy just blowing a bunch of smoke?

Merkel and Sarkozy have made bold promises in the past, but nothing ever got fixed.

So why should we believe them this time?

If they have real solutions, why don’t they just reveal them now?

Why keep us in suspense?

By making these vague promises, Merkel and Sarkozy certainly did give a boost to global financial markets, but they also seriously raised expectations.

Now many in the financial world are expecting something truly significant from Merkel and Sarkozy.  For example, CNN has quoted economist Scott Brown as saying the following about the announcement by Merkel and Sarkozy….

“The Europe debt crisis cloud has been hanging over the market for a year-and-a-half now,” said Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James. “The risks and worries have been intensifying over the last couple of weeks, but after this weekend, the market is expecting something big and concrete that will put the crisis behind us.”

So can Merkel and Sarkozy deliver something big?

Of course not.

Merkel has already gotten all of the bailout money that she is going to get out of the Germans.  The political will for more bailouts is totally gone in Germany, and many of Germany’s top leaders have expressed this in no uncertain terms.

For example, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is publicly admitting that Germany will not be able to contribute any more money to the European bailout fund.

Also, the leader of Bavaria’s Social Christians, Horst Seehofer, said after the recent vote on the Greek bailout package that his party would go “this far, and no further“.

Recent opinion polls in Germany make it abundantly clear that the German people are overwhelmingly opposed to more bailouts.  Squeezing more money out of Germany simply is not going to happen, and that means that squeezing more money out of the rest of Europe is simply not going to happen.

In a recent editorial, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard described the current political situation in Europe in this manner….

Repeat after me:







Get used to it. This is the political reality of Europe, since nothing of importance can be done without Germany. All else is wishful thinking, clutching at straws, and evasion. If this means the euro will shed some members or blow apart – as it almost certainly does – then the rest of the world must prepare for the day.

So exactly what “big” solution do Merkel and Sarkozy have up their sleeves that does not involve more money?

Can they really produce the goods or are they just blowing smoke?

Perhaps global financial markets should be focusing on what we can see rather than on what we cannot see.

For example, the first major bank bailout in Europe has now happened.  Dexia is being bailed out, and it is going to cost more than 100 billion dollars.

The funny thing is that Dexia actually passed the banking stress test that was conducted a few months ago.

What does that say about all of the major European banks that did not pass the stress test?

Also, perhaps global financial markets should focus on all of the credit ratings that are being downgraded all over Europe.

Lately, we have seen a cascade of credit rating downgrades.

For example, Moody’s slashed Italy’s credit rating by three levels last Tuesday, and the other day S&P slashed the credit ratings of seven different major Italian banks.

The problems in Europe continue to grow worse, and yet the stock market is soaring.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

If Greece defaults, it is going to be a major disaster.

If Italy or Spain defaults, it is going to be financial armageddon.

The world truly is on the verge of a massive financial crisis.  If you don’t want to believe me, perhaps you might believe some of the top financial officials in the world….

*Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King: “This is the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen at least since the 1930s, if not ever”

*U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner recently stated that if something is not done quickly, Europe faces “cascading default, bank runs and catastrophic risk.”

*IMF advisor Robert Shapiro: “If they can not address [the financial crisis] in a credible way I believe within perhaps 2 to 3 weeks we will have a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system. We are not just talking about a relatively small Belgian bank, we are talking about the largest banks in the world, the largest banks in Germany, the largest banks in France, that will spread to the United Kingdom, it will spread everywhere because the global financial system is so interconnected.”

For many more shocking quotes about how bad things have gotten in Europe, just check out this article.

Merkel and Sarkozy are holding really weak cards but they have chosen to raise the stakes anyway.

Their bluff may calm financial markets for a month or two, but in the end they will not be able to stop what is coming.

A great financial collapse is coming to Europe.

Try to get out of the way of the coming avalanche while you still can.

  • Jane

    Germany is in a frenzy trying to print deutsche marks. They are leaving the EU. End of story.

    • Ben Dover

      Greece defaulting won’t sink the Euro. The Greek economy overall is too small.

      But Germany exiting the euro will certianly doom the Euro. They may come up with some way to make the Euro float for a while, but like the Titanic’s sinking, it is a mathematical certianty.

  • PatriotOne

    Michael your absolutely right, but the masses don’t know this is not a movie. The propaganda’s in real time and so it the market manipulation.

    I’m gonna need some more Tin Foil Hats. Does anyone have a coupon for Reynolds Wrap?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “If Italy or Spain defaults, it is going to be financial armageddon.” Yes, it certainly will. In España, the unemployment rate among youths in the 18-25 age range is a whopping 45%. Think about that: almost half of college-age Spaniards are unemployed. España, sadly, has the worst economy in Western Europe, and Italia isn’t in good shape either. Many young Spaniards and young Italians are thinking about moving to other countries, but one country they aren’t considering is The Banana Republic of America (formerly Gli Stati Uniti). The days when this country represented hope and opportunity for struggling Europeans are long gone.

    These are dark times we’re living in. Incredibly dark.

    • Jeremy

      Unemployment rate for people ages 18-29 in AMERICA is 45% also. Staggering indeed.

  • r.bitting

    Hey, I know, let’s focus on the 2012 election. We can elect some trustworthy, honorable, dependable politician who will save the country and put it on the right track. Please, spare me… Thats a bigger suckers bet that the stock market, yet this site is loaded with commenters whose only answer to the problem is through politics. The answer is for this nation to become a moral nation once again, not a nation of self serving dead beats.

    • HeartofShadows

      True that but most of them are Christians so thats really all that they are good for.
      Begging for someone or something to help them.

      • r.bitting

        I have a feeling you are about to find out first hand, just how invaluable the Christian influence is in this nation. And in your hour of need, and you are surely about to have one, it will be the Christian who will be there for you. Just like during Katrina, Joplin, Alabama, Haiti and everywhere else this world has experienced tragedy. Would you be there for one of them?

    • Mal R.

      Bravo. You know what the solution is, so what are you doing about it?

      • r.bitting

        I will tell you exactly what i’m doing about it… I’m preparing to meet my maker. But thats probably just plain foolishness to you huh. No matter, you go and vote, and then go and trade the family cow for some magic beans.

        • Mal R.

          Hello dummy, I was agreeing with your solution. I’m asking you what you are doing to help solve the problem. For instance, I speak freely at work trying to persuade co-workers and I involved myself in Scouting (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing) so I can speak to children about freedom and being upstanding moral people.

          • r.bitting

            I apologize, I misunderstood your response. I thought when you said bravo, you were agreeing with the Christian basher who posted just before you. I get frustrated with those who see this as a political or financial problem. Still, It’s my fault and mine alone, i’m sorry. I,like you try to have an impact at work. with very little success. I also work with the youth at our church which is more rewarding, at least the kids will listen.

    • knightowl77

      Nov 2012 is a more than a year away, and everything is telling us we may only have a couple of months…if that long…

      Prepare, get right with God, read the Bible, get out of debt as quickly as you can while still preparing.

    • liberranter

      Please, spare me… [Elections are] a bigger suckers bet that the stock market, yet this site is loaded with commenters whose only answer to the problem is through politics.

      Exactly. Whenever you read comments to the effect of “Barack Obama (or George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, or any of the other interchangeable muppets to have played “president”) has done this/that/or the other to ruin the nation, betray the people’s trust, or break the law,” or “if only we eject President Tweedledum and elect Candidate Tweedledumber,” you know you’re dealing with people who are not very bright. If it hasn’t been made clear by now to even the densest Amoricon that politics is the Ruling Elite’s marionette theater, that no politician EVER acts of his or her own accord while in office or does anything not scripted by the Elite themselves, then there’s not much hope of such people ever seeing the light.

  • For the past few months I have had the feeling that the markets were being churned. It looks like the smart/cunning people are unloading on the highs and getting ready to stick it to the suckers that do not do their homework. Luckily none of this affects me directly and I am able to watch this disaster unfold. Good luck to those of us who have prepared for this disaster.

  • The Little DutchBoy Does Not Have Enough Fingers
    To Plug The Holes In This Dam, It Is Time To Bring Out The LifeBoats.

  • 007

    This market is crazy and acting totally irrational. There may be some FED market manipulation taking place. No one in their right mind would want to invest into this volatile market. Every expert and fund manager says they are getting out of the market. So who is buying when there is no real positive news? Thanks plunge protection team and momentum micro second traders.

    I heard over 60 percent of these stock trades are held for less than 3 minutes! How insane.

    Well if the FED is buying everyone should get out while they can. This will not end well. By the way the market traded just like this before the crash of October, 1929.

    • JackieR

      I believe that the market is now only run by speculators.

  • Gary2

    I am near poor and own no stocks. Most of the stocks bonds and mutual funds are owned by the rich so I laugh when their value goes down. Just wait until their wealth gets expropriated by the left leaning politicians we want and will work to get in office. People like Bernie Sanders.

    Capitalism is a failure for 80% of the population.

    People’s need before corporate greed.

    Did you see the doltish immelt on 60 minutes interview? What a tool!

    • JEFFY

      Mr Gary Dumas do you know how many working peoples IRAs
      are invested in the market, and have had excellent returns.
      People get rich for a reason, mostly because of hard work,
      not from whining like you. Capitalism works for everybody
      every time it is tried just keep the libs out of the way.

    • Dave in Scenic City

      Yeah, I saw Immelt (POTUS’s Jobs Czar) wanting us to cheer GE on as they lead the pack in offshoring jobs while they continue to sell the balance of their products in the U.S. This is just their agenda to destroy American labor by reducing our wage rates and safety standards to 3rd-world levels. Though this is great for short-term profits, corporate hacks like Immelt are counting on their compliant whores in government (both Dems and Reps) to keep this scam going as long as possible. Worldwide, the multi-nationals should be severed at the borders and our military sure as hell shouldn’t be used to protect what presidents blithely refer to as “American Interests” when what they really are is corporate interests.

      • Dave in Scenic City

        Gary – While I don’t support the ad hominem attacks made against you by the others who commented on your post, I do have to agree with them when they condemn your attitude about those who save and invest. The problem with the markets is not caused by Ma & Pa IRA’s and 401(k)’s. These investments are already being drained of value by the same banksters and pols (the “1%”) that gave us the current economic mess in which we find ourselves. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    • Mal R.

      Brilliant analysis. Wrong, but brilliant. Your mommy was right, you are special.

    • TX4Life

      Most non-wealthy retired people’s small pensions are funded by stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. When you wish failure upon the stock market to punish the rich, just remember that many MORE non-wealthy will be collateral damage. I’ve been watching the young people in the Occupy Wall Street rallies and wondering if they realize that Wall Street is most likely supporting their parents’ retirement which in turn supports them while they are unemployed.

      • Gary2

        yeah wall street is just so wonderful looking out for all the middle class who own stocks. Kinda makes me want to go drop a job creator in the toilet.

        You did notice that wall street crashed the economy or did you miss this?

    • Capitalist

      Yes, Gary, commies like you tend to be poor.

    • Kevin2


      Blue collar guy here through and through. Bought stocks throughout my life and I have done very well having almost a million. I got out back in 07 after reading a lot outside of the MSM.

      No one works for the common good. We all work for ourselves up to and including the politicians. Capitalism created the very means we are using to communicate. Regulate it below the point of inhibiting the creativity of those that want to increase productivity without lowering labors compensation.

      If there is a system that has failed it’s communism.

  • 007

    Oh, I still think gold is still your best long term investment choice. However, it will act with volatility so be sure to buy the dips.

    • Gary2

      Thanks for the advice, however, poor people like me can barely eat and pay rent much less buy gold.

      • Highspeed

        I’m sorry, but, people like you will never be anything but poor and stupid. You are a close minded, self centered nut. Sure the congress could tax the rich give it all to bums like you and in a year those who were taxed would be wealthier and you would be broke again. You can blame your miserable life on everybody except yourself and remain deluded for the rest of your life and even teach your little ones to be dependant on society or you could do like the rest of us and work your butt off, quit whining and enjoy your life. Just pitiful.

        • Gary2

          then they can be taxed again. If they are so “smart” that they can be wealthy again in a year then we can keep on taxing.

          • CitznKate

            Bzzzzt! Bzzzt! Troll alert!

        • BenjiK

          Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, although the “underprivileged” always seem to shift the blame to someone other than themselves. Of all the self-described “poor” people I know, it’s quite amusing that the majority of them still find the money for cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, cell phones and internet access…… Personally, my income is about half of what it was in 2005, and consequently, I’ve trimmed my monthly expenses to coincide with that. It’s simply amazing that so few, poor or not, cannot fathom living within their means.

        • bobbobbobbob

          guess what!! jamakans got it japs got it brits got it sweeds and danes also itals got it ect but u dont what is it u ignorant amerikan??? u health care see u in med school as a cadaver

          • Mal R.


      • 007

        Gary, it doesn’t matter how much you have in savings. If it is a hundred or thousands. The point is over a year your dollar is almost certain to be worth 10% less while your gold will likely be worth 10% more. You got to start cutting your losses sometime.

  • Didn’t the prez do that…promise a jobs plan and then go on vacation?

    They are just buying time. I can’t believe that real people are actually in the stock market.

    Aren’t all the moves lately from big computers that are buying HUGE amounts of shares?

    • mondobeyondo

      Yep. President Obama has been promising “shovel ready jobs” ever since he was elected.

      Well, I’ve got my shovel, and I’m ready. So where’s my job?

    • sharonsj

      I wonder what your comments were when Bush spent most of his presidency on vacation?

      • BenjiK

        Doesn’t matter. Bush isn’t president and hasn’t been for 3 years.

      • Prepping for the Future

        Can you libs ever grow up. Give me a break it’s all Bush’s fault is getting old. Obozo is making Carter look brillant. Gullible people that fall for childish slogan Hope and Change can ruin a country.

  • HerrLT

    Greek one year bond yields are north of 150% – yes this short rally was to blow some smoke. Greece is the genital wart of Europe – and like a whore in a trailer park it’ll soon spread to Portugal, from there the other dominos will fall. This is the end of our current monetary system as we know it – China is a false hope and is hyperventilating, the U.S. is broke, Japan is broke, Brazil will see a great deal of inflation like it does every decade, Russia’s mortality rate among adults and a population rate below replacement levels is tragic and no hope, and Germany ironically enough will be one of the last men standing in spite of being at the epicenter. May God bless the meek and have mercy on the forgiven.

  • “The problems in Europe continue to grow worse, and yet the stock market is soaring. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?”

    This is what Wall Street is telling large investors:

    (1) The Federal Reserve is going to bail out Europe.
    (2) We The People are going to bail out the Federal Reserve.
    (3) China is going to bail out We The People.

    Does anyone remember the Special Economic Zones reviewed on The American Dream website:

    This is what Wall Street is telling small investors:

    (1) Jim Cramer (CNBC) says that this is not 2008.
    (2) Warren Buffet says that now is an ideal time to buy stocks.
    (3) George Soros has sold all of his gold.

    At this point in time, I have to agree with Michael and Martin D. Weiss:

    • Michael

      Excellent comment.

      And I also saw that article on Money and Markets. It really is an excellent article.


  • mark

    There really is nothing that they can do to stop this train wreck from happening. It gets down to this, you can’t fix a debt problem by taking on more debt. You either default as the debt becomes larger and can’t be serviced or you make huge cuts and go into a depression until the the economy works it’s way to health. Debts of the size that Europe and the US have grown are too large to grow your way out. The debt is draging down the most of the growth of our economies. Remember that interest never sleeps or goes on vacation. When the interest rate go up to a historical normal, the game is over. Hey, here is another idea, Gary 2 would like this one, the rich can just forgive all the debts owed to them and we can all sing happy songs. Although I don’t think China or the Arabs are going to join in with the happy song. Wars have been started for much smaller amounts of money. This is going to get very ugly. When the protesters of wall street keep spreading their non-message and enough angry folks start tearing up the country, the democrat supporters will lose control and the economy will tank even more. You had better be prepared.

  • Eric Rasbold

    Must go on record and state an apology to the writers of this site for what I said last week….I couldn’t see the one year Greek bond yield chart clearly becuase my head was COMPLETLY in my ass!!!

    151.20% and long will they last..a week, maybe??

    • Michael

      It is okay – the bond yields have gone so crazy that it is hard to believe that they are actually real.


  • JD

    I havent wrote in a while cuz Im trying to focus on the positive. There is alot wrong in the world but we still have to get up in the morning and go about our day.

    • Michael

      I hope your new job is going well JD.


  • 007

    The latest rumor for the rally, per Kudlow, is that Europe is going to enter into a QE program at the same time the FED will do the same thing. Somehow the printed money will go to bail out the insolvent European banks. So Greece will default but the banks will be bailed out. We all knew that this was coming.

    There is no proof that this has been agreed. However, it is logical that it will happen. There simply is not enough money to bail out the banks. The only solution is to print the money. Of course this will cause horrible inflation.

    If this happens, the stock market will go up along with the price of about everything else.

    Prepare for everything to go massively up in price and prepare for the FED to lie to us and tell us inflation does not exist.

    • Larry

      007, I went to my local KFC about 2 weeks ago and bought a bucket of chicken with 10 pieces for $10.00. Today I went to the same store and the same bucket of chicken was 6 pieces for $10.00.
      Two weeks ago the pieces were $1.00 each and today they were $1.66 for each piece. The horrible inflation has hit our local KFC.
      Here is another example of how we are being hurt. About 2 years ago I opened a savings account with my local bank. They were paying
      2.5% interest on my deposit. Today they are paying .25% interest. So the price of food is skyrocketing and the earned interest on savings has plunged. We can thank the FED for the low interest rates. This is how they are going to get rid of the massive debt. Inflate it away.
      Soon it will take a bucket full of dollars to buy a bucket of chicken.

      • Gary2

        Chicken is free after they close but b4 they toss it out.

      • 007

        Yes, this is why economists say debasing the currency is the most evil and cruel tax of all. It causes inflation to go on all around you. A good businessman tries to make his price increases invisible. All of a sudden your ketchup bottle is smaller, your cereal box is not filled as much, your milk is watered down,your utility bill goes up even though you try to conserve energy. All you notice is that it is harder and harder to make ends meet. The FED is definitely the devil’s creation.

  • KB

    I am not exactly sure how to put my question into words, but here goes:

    When my kids and I play the game Monopoly by the rules, inevitably somebody runs out of money (usually sooner than later) and the game ends, BUT when we “cheat” by putting additional money (the money charged as taxes and fees, etc.) into Free Parking instead of giving it back to the “Bank” and when we loan each other money (keeping track of who owes whom on a pad of paper), we have found that we can play the same game forever. However, one player usually ends up owning everything and the rest of the players still play, but own very little in comparison and just go round and round the board, usually ending up paying whatever they get to the one player who owns everything. This one game technically never has to end (until we get so bored that we finally stop playing).

    So my question is: Since what is going on right now seems to be the “cheating” version of Monopoly and nothing is being done by the rules, can they play the game forever?

    • Highspeed

      The guy who owns all the property can gladly keep playing, but the people who as you say are just going around the board, have already lost interest and are standing outside at the game makers house. I honestly think they will burn his house down shortly.

      When I was a kid in the 70’s my dad would gloat when winning, but if he was losing, I was always prepared to duck under the table.

    • 007

      Good analogy and question. My answer is definitely not and here is why.

      First, we are all going around the board playing monopoly. However, imagine the FED as the crooked banker giving extra money out to only it’s friends. They build hotels on Park Place while you struggle not to have Baltic Avenue mortgaged. You may go around the board a few times and collect two hundred dollars a few times. However, each trip around their rents (prices) are higher and higher. This is our system and it is rigged for you to lose.

      Your analogy is wrong in that the crooked banker and his buddies will not agree to allow you to continue to borrow when you go broke. They will insist on taking your property and forcing you into bankruptcy. When you are of no benefit to them they will not allow you to keep playing just for the joy of it.

      If you could talk everyone into playing for no reason you could play forever. However, that is the problem. Someone (the insiders) will eventually wind up with everything and everyone else will just owe a truck load of debt. The more debt the winner loans out, it makes the dollars he has less valuable. More dollars chasing the same amount of goods equals inflation. Hence, the winners will not keep playing if it ultimately harms them.

      You are probably referring to the bailouts of the banks. I am sure you have learned the bail outs never seem to apply to the average person. These bail oust are just the crooked banker giving money out under the table to his friends.

      The game always eventually ends because either, the masses get so desperate they start to riot because of inflation or the weight of the debt causes the economy to totally collapse. Everything eventually shuts down. In history it often ends with some country then invading the debtor country because the debt ridden country is so weak.

      It’s an old story in history that has been played out over and over again. The Roman Empire, Germany after WWI, France in the late 1800s, Zimbobway, Argentina, Russia. It always ends the same way and the game always ends. It is so sad we can’t learn from history. But the temptation to print as much money as a government wants has always proven to be something they just can’t resist.

      You might want to read “Fiat Currency” which gives a great history of what happened in France. It explains the money printing game (monopoly) very well.

  • bobcat

    Some of the right wing politicians such as Cain slam the OWSers, pointing out they are anti-capitalist. If Cain defines what is going on in the mega-banks and Wall Street firms as capitalism, then I wonder who is pro-capitalist? Who in their right mind today would want to be identified with Wall Street? Raise your hands everyone who thinks these guys got rich legitimately.

    • Mal R.

      “Some of the right wing politicians such as Cain slam the OWSers, pointing out they are anti-capitalist. If Cain defines what is going on in the mega-banks and Wall Street firms as capitalism, ”

      I’m sorry, but defining a group of communists with intent on burning down the system as anti-capitalists does NOT translate into “what is going on in the mega-banks and Wall Street firms as capitalism”.

      Try again homie, you’ll get it.

  • The Golden Child

    the party has been over for a long time. we just been in the after party which is about to end and it wont be pretty when people start to wake up(to reality)

  • mondobeyondo

    Absolutely correct. This is a suckers’ rally.
    Something similar happened just after the big stock market crash in ’29. The market had a short rally in 1930-31, and then it nosedived.

    Don’t buy into it (pun intended). And don’t be fooled.

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and — and — we won’t get fooled again.”

    George W. Bush

  • Pat

    Did you know Slovakia and Malta are the only two countries who have not accepted the bailout? Read the article on Zerohedge. I live in Spain. These countries are very corrupt. None of the people want the EU, the Euro or the one bank one government of Europe. What the bosses tried to do is bribe the populations with welfare or socialism and then they bankrupted the countries to force them into a dictatorship. All of this was done by the supposed loving socialist at the same time the food, environment and economies were completely destroyed. The U.S. is next. Open a free gold account now to avoid the trap.

  • Whose money is the stock manipulators gambling with? Is it pension funds or fictitious money created by the Fed and other central banks? The derivates market abounds with massive amounts of “capital”. The banksters are sitting on huge amounts of cash. One has no idea if that artificially created cash has any value. I am scared that once the people realise that the emperor really has no clothes on, the game is up. So far the sheeple like what they hear from the mainstream media propaganda. Ostriches rule!!!

  • Jase

    Went to mostly cash early this year about 2 weeks after the multiple Japanese disasters. Missed out on the run up for most of the year, but at the same time I didn’t sell or move one asset after 2008 and watched my holdings go down over 45% before mostly recovering.

    It’s impossible to time the market and putting in cash and selling and repeating these moves daily is just a headache. The problem is the idea of buying good stocks and holding them doesn’t work now either. I lost 100% of my investment in the ‘old,’ GM and learned a tough and expensive lesson.

    The more I think about it, the more 100% cash seems to be a good idea and buying some more water storage and 10+ year shelf life food may make sense.

    I already have friends making fun of me for my limited preparations of emergency food, water, fuel, and emergency supplies and all I really have on hand is for a few weeks during a natural disaster. Heck, helping friends, family, or neighbors out if things went bad my supplies wouldn’t even last 1 week.

    Hard enough to prepare for yourself and immediate family. Nearly impossible to prepare for other folks who laugh at you for thinking things may go really, really bad, but will be at your doorstep asking for resources if things do go wrong.

  • Donald Wilson

    It’s just a matter of time, the writing is on the wall
    it’s clear the world is screwed and so are the regular joe and jane on the street. Go luck.

  • Yes, I see that everyone is awake and they beat me to stating the obvious. Commercial problems require commercial solutions. Politicians are just sitting at card tables, playing Monopoly with funny money. It passes the time and is an entertaining distraction. Meanwhile, back in the real world, people are in a rage and can’t even express their displeasure in coherent commercial terms.

  • rigged stock market

    Is rigging this stock market really such a wise thing?
    The answer is absolutely not!
    In fact it is down right dangerous when only a few people making money in the stock market are feeling wealthy.
    You can already see the tide of civil unrest rising fast across the country and it’s only going to get worse. In fact it may even turn violent and deadly.
    Today the average person feels neither wealthy or confident with today’s economy. Most people are on the edge, and mix anxiety, fear and anger into the picture and you recipe for a very hostile and dangerous America.
    If indeed the Feds are engineering a stock market rally (and it sure seems that way)it can also be dangerous if equity prices get too high in relation to events in the real world.
    It’s very easy to see that Wall Street is turning a blind eye to our economic problems, like the millions of foreclosures still underway, extreme global unemployment, skyrocketing food and fuel prices, the intensifying economic crises in Europe over debt levels and economies that just won’t right themselves, and that’s just to name a few troubles.
    The civil unrest about to take place is going to be so horrific, only those who have prepared in advance might escape the sudden and terrifying disruption of a civil society that is about to take a turn for worse.
    Take care everyone, we are heading down a very dark road which may or may not have a survivable outcome for any of us.

  • patriot alice

    Markel and Sarkosy are recapitalizing the Banks, “Socializing the bank’s loses” not the defaulted countries of Europe. The PIIGS are going to default, don’t read between the lines..The Euro is finished.

  • patriot alice

    Psychology alone (Hot air) (False hope) is keeping the markets from crashing. Get out while you can..

  • Of course its a fools rally, this the exact same thing they did in 1933, fools ran in fools got scammed..

  • Lennie Pike

    The stock market could crash any day now, but there are many good reasons that it could soar to new heights also.

    The power of letting the average sucker on the street pay for more partying time for the Elite until the world economic collapse occurs is in their hands. Just “print” up enough Central Bank money and throw it on the fire. It is in the interest of all Central Banks other than maybe Iceland’s, to respond to the fire alarms, so American Taxpayers (through inflation) will definitely be getting taxed to help the European elite – more than they had been before.

    “They” will only have a problem when world-wide hyperinflation arrives. If the 99% are suffering until that day, “they” couldn’t care less as long as they are getting theirs and the rioting can be controlled.

  • jerry O

    Even though the markets have
    been up lately, they are being

    A lot of people are putting
    their money into the market
    and will end up losing most
    of it.

    Where does that money go?

    It gets transferred to those
    who are in the know and are
    able to be prepared.

    See what one expert has written
    about the economy and what
    is about to happen and how
    you can take advantage of
    the situation.

    For his free video go to:

  • Maria


    Those who call themselves the masters of the universe are attempting to implement their luciferian one world order. They will fail. We the people of the world are awakening. Through prayer we will defeat the darkness and evil of the world.

    Only through prayer will we receive the power of the Holy Spirit and the gift of discernment needed especially during this time.

    Prayer is powerful! It empowers our actions.

    Prayer is necessary to prepare for the return of our Redeemer and our return to the home of our Father in Heaven.

    • r.bitting

      C’mon Maria, are you telling me that we can’t count on our politicians to save us? They brought us this far have’nt they? 2012 elections are almost here, I just know it will be different this time. This is the year.

      • Maria

        Yes, politicians brought us to where we are today….that is for certain. They have proven to us their inability to “calm the waters” or lead us out of danger. In fact, their “masters of the universe” manipulated them to do exactly the opposite. They have been manipulated just like we have. That is ending. God has a different plan. The fiat paradigm is coming to an end. The world is undergoing a physical transformation as well. We are part of a great transformation. It will be difficult, because all good is obtained through great effort and sacrifice.


        • r.bitting

          I was being sarcastic.

          • Maria

            I know…(smile), and I appreciate your humor. Sometimes people misinterpret sarcasm, and I don’t want anyone to misinterpret what I’m saying.

  • JackieR

    Just another delay. By talking everything down they just keep kicking the can down the road.
    Will there be a false flag incident which will refocus everyones thoughts elsewhere?
    Is the elite working on making as much money now before they pull the rug out?

  • Mad Max

    The stock market is for McSuckers. Politicians and bankers can’t fix this mess. Only the people can.

    OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

  • karen

    Major Advance WarningsMartin D. Weiss Ph.D. | Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7:30 am

    As soon as we see the likelihood of major bankruptcies and defaults, we don’t wait around. We warn you immediately.

    We know you need time to get your money out of danger. And we also know that financial disasters don’t obey any particular clock.

    They can strike suddenly — especially in the stock and bond markets, where investors often start selling in anticipation of the troubles to come.

  • EVG’s mission is to educate the common man about the wealth strategies of the super-rich, revealing and teaching the secret strategies the ‘elite’ have been using for years to amass more wealth for themselves.

    We introduce people to a private community of some of the world’s most successful and financially astute investors and wealthy individuals on the planet.

    Membership in this community will teach you how to invest and manage your finances, positioning yourself to profit from the largest wealth transfer the world has haven seen.

    To learn more about how YOU can become a part of our movement to restore personal wealth and freedom please visit:




    We are in complete agreement on this one. Stock markets, rally or not, are for suckers. These are merely gambling parlors meant to exponentially increase wealth for the bigs, at the expense of everyone else. The wonder twins of Europe, cretins Sarkozy and Merkel, (Zan and Jayna to cartoon addicts like me) are simply doing what all white collar criminal types do, and that is trying to keep the something for nothing game going until it eventually crashes under the weight of its own corruption.

    The maximum they can get is 600 billion for a debt crisis slated to cost over 3.5 trillion. This is akin to owing a loanshark a million dollars and then telling him you can give him 100 thousand. See where that gets you. These white collar types and crooked corrupt politicians are so disgustingly dishonest and greedy that instead of taking losses and beginning again with civilization somewhat left intact, they would rather crash entire countries and their economies and put the too smalls to save out of business, out of work, and homeless and hungry permanently. Go figure.

    • D

      Reed – good post. Most of these corrupted individuals already have plenty of money and power, but they all psychologically want more of it because it is addicting for them. They cannot stop – it is their life (to ruin the world and peoples’ prosperity)



        That is why the teabaggers and the wall Streeters should unite together and put these crooked bankers out of business forever.



    (Have to rename Sarkozy and Merkel. They should be known as the blunder twins)


    We are in complete agreement on this one. Stock markets, rally or not, are for suckers. These are merely gambling parlors meant to exponentially increase wealth for the bigs, at the expense of everyone else. The blunder twins of Europe, cretins Sarkozy and Merkel, (true Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna to cartoon addicts like me) are simply doing what all white collar criminal types do, and that is trying to keep the something for nothing game going until it eventually crashes under the weight of its own corruption.

    The maximum they can get is 600 billion for a debt crisis slated to cost over 3.5 trillion. This is akin to owing a loanshark a million dollars and then telling him you can give him 100 thousand. See where that gets you. These white collar types and crooked corrupt politicians are so disgustingly dishonest and greedy that instead of taking losses and beginning again with civilization somewhat left intact, they would rather crash entire countries and their economies and put the too smalls to save out of business, out of work, and homeless and hungry permanently. Go figure.

  • Mainuh1

    I hope the world economy crashes before we bail out the entire EU. What a con job for taxpayers!

  • neo


    The irony is Dexia was actually the number 1 ranked bank in Europe after the stress test 3 months ago!

    What does that tell you about the other European banks…

  • Huntly

    Looks like someone out there might actually have a bridge to sell:

  • mondobeyondo

    Merkel: “This situation is frightening! Look at Greece!”
    Sarkozy: “Yes, it is getting quite desperate.”
    Merkel: “Zut alors!”
    Sarkozy: You like my zut suit? You dress impeccably well yourself.”

  • Mike Torag

    Buying stocks is basically like gambling. You’re risking your money hoping to cash out with more than you had before. This article gives a very good explanation on how stocks in the stock market work.

  • mondobeyondo

    Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread. I think that’s how it goes.

    Don’t take the bait. Cash out of the stock market while you still can without getting hurt too badly. Take the tax hit.

    If you don’t, your 401(k) may soon become a .000401(k).

  • 007

    I really wonder who is driving this market up and down. Even those trying to short stocks are getting slaughtered. Can you imagine having a short position on a day when the market goes up 300 points. I can’t say that I feel sorry for them though. Short selling is the ultimate gamble hoping to capitalize on someone else’s misery.

    But with all of the gloomy and depressing economic news how can the market go up so dramatically because their “might be” good news in a month. I have a theory.

    Bernanke and the Fed are not trying to drive the market up necessarily. It is more likely that they just don’t want it to collapse. So when the market starts to fall dramatically, they call some bank and ask them to buy broad stock index futures or maybe ETFs. The deal would be for them to buy these stock interests. If the bank loses any money the FED will cover them. Of course, the secret gets out and a few insiders buy along with the FED making an absolute killing. Then the micro traders pile in. Once they see a momentum shift they buy heavily. The market rallies higher. The short sellers get squeezed and have to buy stocks to get out of their positions.

    As the market goes higher, the banks the FED has a deal with gradually sell into the rally and make a handsome profit. The day traders and micro second traders then realize things are not as positive as they thought and the market starts crashing again. The banks again step in to stop the fall creating another false rally. Those investors not aware of the game going on get slaughtered. A select few get incredibly rich.

    The banks that the FED has a deal with, have the FED cover any losses that they might incur in their purchases. Who would ever know. Bernanke, if caught, could always say he had the authority to do this under emergency powers.

    Because the banks would gradually sell into the rally, the banks would likely make profits and the FED may have very little loss to cover. It would be kind of the mother of inside trading scams. The banks could create their own momentum rallies and the sell out at the top.

    It is just a theory, but it explains this whipsaw pattern of volatility in the face of horrible economic news. The market is propped up a few insiders get rich. It’s slicker than snot. It would make Bernie Madoff jealous.

  • Jay

    Here’s how they will ‘do it’:
    “It is clear that eurozone leaders are already drawing up contingency plans to get round their national parliaments to increase funding if necessary.
    At the weekend, Mrs Merkel and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy claimed to have reached ‘total accord’ on a recapitalisation programme of hundreds of billions of euros to rescue ailing eurozone banks.
    Their agreement came just before the Franco-Belgian bank Dexia collapsed, a clear sign that the contagion of Greek debt has spread from the southern fringes of the eurozone to its heart.
    Merkel and Sarkozy failed to announce details of their programme. But if reports are correct, one plan is for Europe to use some highly dubious financial wizardry to increase the amount it can borrow — injecting toxic assets directly into the bloodstream of the European financial system as it does so.
    The latest idea is to get the European Central Bank (ECB) to lend up to five times the €440 billion of the bailout fund, taking the total available to more than two trillion euros.
    Why would Europe’s leaders do it this way, rather than demanding higher contributions to a bailout fund from individual countries? Because if this new huge bailout is done through the ECB, they won’t have to go back to their national parliaments.

  • Kevin

    Whenever I see the stock market go up nowadays, I take that as a sign that things are even MORE screwed up than I once believed. There are no good reasons for this market to be rallying, and it’s obvious that it is being manipulated by either the Fed or high frequency trading computers. Get your money out of the market and go into cash–you won’t make any money that way but at least you won’t lose 30% in 2 weeks.

  • Tel

    If stocks are going up during a currency crisis then it means a lot of people are expecting a wave of inflation (i.e. devaluation of the Euro). They either expect the ECB to give up and start monetizing the debt (printing more Euros), or they expect enough countries to drop out of the Euro that will significantly weaken it.

    Most likely those people not buying stocks are buying non-perishable material goods, gold and silver being the obvious ones but the price of coffee has also gone up, and coffee is easy to stockpile and one of the most highly traded goods on Earth so it can also function a bit like money.

    Regardless of what people are buying, they are getting out of the Euro, which can only mean they expect massive Euro devaluation.

  • I dont think that trade market is soaring,does it make any sense.I heard over 60 percent of these stock trades are held for less than 3 minutes! How insane.well if you really wana play in Real stock Market it take time and proper signals are required, for them always recommend:

  • 007

    So here is the European fix in a nutshell. It appears this is the fix that will be announced.

    1. The 440 billion euros will simply not be enough to bail out the banks and broke governments.

    2. They can’t get the 17 EU nations to agree to any more money. Getting these countries to agree to the 440 billion bail out was almost impossible.

    3. So, they are going to take their 440 billion euros and pledge it for a loan from the ECB. Where is the ECB going to get the money for the loan. Surprise, they print the money.

    4. So, the money will flow to the banks and the broken debt ridden governments. The money will trickle out to the general public in the form of bubbles and high inflation. The EU will be plagued by low growth, high inflation and high unemployment.

    5. They will let Greece default because it is a disaster but all of the banks that have Greek debt will be bailed out. They will hope it will calm down the markets and no other country will need a bail out.

    6. So in the end, they will just print the money and call it a loan even though it can never be paid back. In the end, everyone will be screwed except the banksters and the government beuracrats that get the bail out money. This is the ECB version of QE2 for an amazing two trillion euros or approximately three trillion dollars.

    7. Here is the kicker, once the bail out, um I mean loan, is announced it will cause the euro to fall dramatically against the dollar. The dollar rise will cause a deflation effect in the United States. This will force (being funny) the FED to respond in kind and announce a QE3 to keep the exchange rate stable.

    8. This will not solve anything really. The European countries will all be just as broke and in debt. The national debts will continue to rise. However, it will put off the day of reconing a little longer. Stocks will rally in relief and commodities will soar. It should be great for hard assets, gold and agricultural commodities.

    9. In the end there will just be more government debt, sick economies, high inflation, high unemployment, more riots.

    I know this is terrible, but we should be able to profit from this knowing the money supply is about to double again.

    Buy gold, guns and groceries. Good luck everyone.

  • CitznKate

    Howdy. I’ve been on walkabout for a couple of weeks in what passes for the American Outback, internet-wise.

    I am in agreement about the stock market rally being what is termed a “sucker’s rally,” but you can be sure that some are making money in it. It just won’t be the small investors or anybody who doesn’t have high-frequency-trading programs run with customized algorithms. That would be “Making” versus “Earning” money…

    Peel away another layer of the onion and it isn’t money at all, but a bunch of 1’s and 0’s in a computer program. QE3 will begin as funds which can be brought into existence with a few keystrokes.

    Like the proverbial ice cube at the banquet table, the first to have access to those funds will benefit greatly from them but as they are passed through more and more hands, like the ice cube, the benefit will melt away. By the time they hit the streets in the form of printed Federal Reserve Notes their value will have diminished so much that the average citizen will see no benefit at all –just higher prices for everything they need to live due to the devaluation that has occurred from increasing the number of notes in circulation.

    It would be a good idea for folks to wake up to the reality that this is a game, and that the game is rigged. The stock market is a casino, and in a casino the odds always favor the house.

    • Michael

      Glad to see you back from the walkabout. 🙂


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