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Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive

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You might not want to read this article if you have a weak stomach.  Most Americans have absolutely no idea what is going on in the dark corners of America, and when people find out the truth it can come as quite a shock.  Many of you will not believe some of the things Americans are doing just to survive.  Some families are living in sewers and drain tunnels, some families are living in tents, some families are living in their cars, some families will make ketchup soup for dinner tonight and some families are even eating rats.  Some homeless shelters in America are so overloaded that they are actually sending people out to live in the woods.  As you read this, there are close to 50 million Americans that are living below the poverty line, and that number rises a little bit more every single day.  America was once known as the greatest nation on earth, but now there is decay and economic despair almost everywhere you look.  Yes, money certainly cannot buy happiness, but the lack of it sure can bring a lot of pain.  As the economy continues to decline, the suffering that we see all around us is going to get a lot worse, and that is a very frightening thing to think about.

The following is a half hour documentary produced by the BBC entitled “Poor America”.  Trust me, this is a must watch.  Your heart will break as you hear some American children talk about what they have to do for food….

Wasn’t that video absolutely mind blowing?

Those of us that still live comfortably are often completely unaware of what life is like out on the streets of America at this point.

There are millions upon millions of Americans that have lost all hope and that are living on the very edge of life and death.

And more join the ranks of the hopeless with each passing day.  This upcoming weekend approximately 80,000 people in the state of Michigan will lose their unemployment benefits.

So what are those people going to do after that?

They have already been unable to find work month after month.  Their savings are most certainly gone.  Now the only money they had coming in is going to be eliminated.

Yes, I have written many times about how the U.S. government is absolutely drowning in debt and cannot afford to be giving out so much money.  My point here is to show the other side of the equation.  There are millions upon millions of Americans that are barely hanging on and there are no jobs for them.  The suffering that those families are going through is very real.

Millions of other families are trying to get by on the incomes they pull in from part-time jobs.  According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that are working part-time jobs but that would like full-time jobs is now higher than it has been at any other time in the last two years.  The number of the “working poor” just continues to increase, but most Americans don’t have much sympathy for them because they “have jobs”.

Well, when you are making 8 bucks an hour it can be incredibly tough to make it from month to month.

Just look at how much it costs to buy the basic things that we need.

Without gasoline, most of us would not even be able to get to our jobs.  The price of gasoline has increased 83 percent since Barack Obama first took office, and it is poised to soar even higher.  Right now, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.51.  Never before has the average price of gas gone above $3.50 so early in the year.  Many believe that we could set a new all-time record this summer.

But last year was bad enough.  In 2011, the average American family spent over $4,000 on gasoline.

So when you are making just a few hundred dollars per week, it can be a massive struggle just to put gas in your car and food on the table.

The article that I wrote the other day about the decline of Detroit really struck a nerve.  All over America, people can see similar things happening to their own neighborhoods.  People are scared and they want some answers.

Well, the truth is that we should have never allowed tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth to be shipped out of the country.

Just check out this stunning photo which compares the decline of Detroit to the rise of Shanghai, China.

Do you think that it is just a coincidence that Detroit is falling apart and that cities in China look sparkly and new?

No, the truth is that it is a natural consequence of our foolish economic policies.

There are hundreds of communities all over the country where third world conditions are setting in.  For example, the following is how one blogger describes what life is like in a decaying suburb of Phoenix called Maryvale….

Crime and gangs are widespread. Most houses have either fallen into disrepair, or been remade with outside walls sporting spikes and ironwork. Many of the front lawns are now just dirt (or worse, gravel), the pools green and lethal. 

Now we stand on the precipice of another major global financial crisis.  Economic conditions in America are going to become significantly worse.  The politicians in Washington D.C. may make sure that the boys and girls on Wall Street are always taken care of, but there will be no bailouts for the large numbers of Americans that are about to lose their jobs and their homes.

If you want an idea of what is coming, just look at what is happening in Greece.  25 percent of the businesses have shut down, one-third of all money has been pulled out of Greek bank accounts and unemployment and poverty are absolutely rampant.

For years, a lot of prominent voices out there were screaming and yelling about the dangers posed by our soaring trade deficits and our soaring budget deficits.

But the American people did not listen.  They just kept sending the same politicians back to Washington D.C. over and over.

As a result, soon millions of those same Americans will find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that they would do just to survive.


    What does one expect from a rightwing war party that will spend infinite amounts of blood, cash, and resources on war, but nothing on the welfare of the people and the nation as a whole? As sad as this current state of affairs is, the continued support of the rightwing democrats and rightwing republicans will do nothing to solve this. Every single person not of the 1 percent should invest in a government that is willing to make a difference for the nation.

    • Archie

      Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the Communist in the white house is running the country. He is nowhere near rightwing anything…

    • charles k

      You are a fool

    • No brainer

      First you elected bush, then you elected obama, more of the same. You deserve your leader and you deserve the food or the rats you eat, the house you live in or the sewer you live in. It is hard to be sympathetic when all you care about is dancing with the star, or American idol. You deserve to be where you are.

    • Iguana One

      Yeah, the right wingers steal everything and spend our tax money. We shouldn’t pay anything to those theives! No more taxes! Waste! Fraud!
      But if you think it’s ok to spend this waste on war and war machines, your right. But what makes you think we should waste money by giving it away to the poor and lazy? Those people need jobs! They need work so they can be self sufficient. Not dependent slaves! No more free stuff! Ron Paul for President! No more wars!

    • hemostat

      Rightwing??? You must be “leftwing”. A comment like this reminds me of people who are not really awake. A notion that simple politics made this problem. This agenda started along time ago. H.G. WELLS even spoke of it. better splash some water and snap out of it. Politicians are the P.R. reps of the people in charge. Rightwing….LOL. try “Goldwing”, and not the Honda variant.

      Their agenda is just coming to pass. When this goes down, something amazing will be there as a replacement, just waiting. Just you wait n see.

    • knightowl77

      Usually you have more muchness…This time not so much…
      Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (all social programs) + Interest on our debt, cost more than we take in every year. If the Fed Gov’t did nothing more than pay for those four items, we would still have a deficit each and every year…
      But guess what, none of those social programs are authorized by the constitution. The Federal Government’s #1 responsibility is defense of the country ( and I agree Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran are not worth our time, money and blood – nor are they vital to our defense)

      Lets close 600 of our 900 bases around the world. Lets patrol & defend our southern border instead of the border between Pakistan & Afghanistan and actually concentrate on “defense” & not endless war. Without massive reform of our mandatory spending on those 3 social programs, there won’t be anything left for what the gov’t is actually required to do…

    • liberranter

      This isn’t a partisan ideological issue. Both the reich-wing war party and the left-wing Marxist-socialist party have had equal hands in bringing us to this state of socioeconomic chaos. The policies of one party are extended by the other as each rotates in and out of power in what is obviously a prearranged scam. To look at this through long-discredit ideological lenses does nothing but perpetuate the problem.

      • Chris

        Absolutely right and the same in the UK and other places too. Winston Churchill apparently said this ‘the greatest argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter’. I think we can take that to mean that the elite have always rigged the system. What we are seeing now are the consequences of Globalisation foisted on the West by politicians and bankers who KNEW EXACTLY what the outcome would be. By desroying the Western standard of living and raising the Eastern standard of living the argument would have convinced the global socialists who want everyone (apart from the elite) to be equally badly off. It appealed to the capitalists too who could see great short term profits from outsourcing. All that was needed was to cover up the initial destruction with the illusion of wealth caused by creating housing and stock market bubbles on the back of massive debt. The central banks covered that one. Now to try to cut back the debts accrued reveals what the economy really looks like after it’s been gutted/hollowed out. It ain’t pretty.

      • BenjiK

        Liberranter, you are absolutely correct. The “Right” and the “Left” are just 2 perverted sides of the same corrupted coin. It’s easier to control the masses when we are divided. The perpetuated 2-sided political war is nothing more than a diversion to keep us from uniting and taking out the trash.

        • Bob

          So vote for none of the above in the election and don’t send either one to the white house. Choose someone from the 3rd party so we can start taking back America from the rich war mongers.

    • Ed Fugg

      “Rightwing war party”? Obama’s started 7 new wars since seating himself on the throne. He’s bragged about “bad guys” he’s had murdered. He’s just waiting for an excuse to rape Iran, as his bro’ Bush was trying to do. Wake UP, will you please?

    • chris

      I see your point, but entitlements such as welfare, medicaid, SS, etc substantially exceed the costs associated with “defense”. In fact it nearly doubles it as a % of gdp.


      Reed Really ?
      Are you that uninformed ? How many wars has Mr. Obama started in the last 3.5 years ? Stop with the party politic’s already. Both parties are working together to deny you your right to freedom and liberty. They are currently building a police state around you while you parrot their talking points. Please rethink your ideas on the communist 99% movement. Show me a single example of a communist takeover where the people didn’t either loose their rights or their lives. Think for yourself brother….Freedom and Liberty can never be given to you by a movement. It was never theirs to give, but they can sure as hell take it away !

      • justamom

        Great comment! Thanks for posting.

      • denny

        So, what’s your solution if people working together is NOT the answer?

    • mondobeyondo

      The Democratic party is right wing?!

      Exsqueeze me. You must be a boa constrictor.

  • Cinderella Man

    Yeah, it really makes you wonder what will happen when we are facing a massive tax increase at the end of this year. In a recent interview on FBN, David Stockman explains what will happen when the economy has to absorb a massive tax icrease all at once. This will be the death knell to business and familes in America.

    Personal tax credits applied against income tax no longer apply.
    Higher alternative min. tax exemptions revert back extra-low thresholds
    $250 school teacher expense deduction ends
    Mortgage insurance permium deduction ends
    State and local tax deductions expire
    Tuition and related fees deduction end
    IRA to charity tax-free transfers stop
    2% SS tax reduction ends
    Marriage penalty equalization ends
    Dividends taxed at capital gains rates removed, taxed at regular rates now
    Capital gains low tax rates expire
    Removal of itemized deduction phase out for higher income Americans
    Removal of personal exemption phase out for higher income Americans
    Child care deduction limit of $3000 reverts to $2400
    Child credit reduces from $1000 per child to $500 per child
    Low %10 tax bracket for low income americans is eliminated
    lower income tax rates and smaller brackets expires
    Refundable adoption credit and reduced deduction
    American Opportunity college education credit expires
    Major reduction in earned income credits and refunds
    Income tax exemption for debt forgiven on home foreclosures and repossessions
    Deduction for student loan interest ends
    Education IRA limit drops from $2000 to $500

    As you can see Gary2 and his type that think like him the pain is going to be spread all around next year! Yes the RICH WILL BE TAXED HARD BUT THE POOR WILL HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME AS WELL! We are going to be hating life in 2013. Rich and poor alike. The stories of human suffering that were seen above will only scratch the surface compared to next year. Ive already have had a taste of the misery that homeless in America can bring. Get used to seeing types of people you would have never guessed to be in economic despair all the time! I saw beautiful women standing in line for free soup and living in shithole hotels not fit for human dwelling. Ive seen kids going hungry and too ashamed to ask for food. Ive slept in a car and Ive seen whole groups of people that live that way. For me the shock has wore off. Welcome to the New Normal in the Unbrave New World!

    • Gary2

      Dividends taxed at capital gains rates removed, taxed at regular rates now
      Capital gains low tax rates expire
      Removal of itemized deduction phase out for higher income Americans
      Removal of personal exemption phase out for higher income Americans

      • John W.

        Most of them will quit working so hard or re structure their income to shelter it. What then moron?

        • gary2

          tax the restructired income!

  • William

    This can all be summed up very easily. America will BORROW money to give it away to FOREIGNERS, and America will spend a TRILLION DOLLARS of BORROWED money on an unnecessary war of choice for a foreign country. STUPID, HUH?? Yet, the number of children in dire straits is growing while IDIOTS like KY Sen McConnell and MORON Speaker Boehner prance around and whine and lie. America is no longer a democracy. The elections are rigged. To prove that, try to figure out WHY so many incumbents will be reelected in Nov with the Congressional approval rating at 10%. Good ole GW really did a number on America. I had MUCH rather have US dollars spent on Americans than foreigners.

    • Archie

      William, you forgot to add Obama, Hairy Reed, and Nancy Piglosi to the list. Obama has increased our debt five times over what GW did. Obama is working hard every day to destroy what is left of America. Every day he comes out with a different dictatorial announcement and tramples all over the Constitution. Do you really want these people telling you every move to make and sticking their noses up your butt at every turn?

    • JustanOGuy

      “America is no longer a democracy. The elections are rigged.”

      I guess that explains Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama… not to mention the idiots such as Maxine Waters and Barbara Boxer to name just a few who are elected over and over because they promise a free check.

      Clowns that made a bad situation even worse.

    • knightowl77

      See above….yes we borrow too much, because we spend way tooooooo much…

      But as I said above if you cut all Fed spending to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & interest on the debt (all mandatory spending) we still spend more than we take in before 1 penny was spent on defense or anything else…So we are borrwing just to pay for the mandatory spending alone…Before we buy 1 bullet, or fire 1 hellfire missile to kill Americans…

      War is expensive, but it is only the cherry on top of the budget deficit…

      Don’t forget the smirking chimp Obummer who is now killing people in even more countries than the shrub did….

  • mondobeyondo

    Whew! Glad you hadn’t heard about the guy who skinned and ate a domestic cat here. Granted, this fellow has a few mental issues, but still….

    This story is not for the faint of heart.

    (PS – I am sooo tempted to make one of those “tastes like chicken” jokes. But I’ll spare you.)


    • liberranter

      Actually, cat tastes just like rabbit. With the price of frozen rabbit in your local grocery store being something truly ridiculous, why not substitute and at the same time reduce your neighborhood’s stray cat population?

      Just kidding, of course.

  • Mattyboy

    I will now share with you a good idea. I live in Arkansas and we have many wild rabbits close by in small wooded areas in between homes, along railroad tracks, and businesses. I just picked up a ten pump pellet pistol and we have been eating wild rabbit for a few days now. The pellet pistol is concealable, silent, and deadly. I recommend everyone getting one of these pistols as they prepare. You can go into large parks with wooded areas right in the city limits. Walk on in and bring a Wal-Mart bag with you. Wrap up the carcass in the bag and put it into your small back pack. See Wal-mart bags are good for something.

    • x

      You will die if you eat try to subsist on Rabbit. It’s an incomplete food with too much protein and not enough fat.

      • rebootd

        x is 100% correct. It is known as “rabbit starvation” because the body needs animal fat to remain healthy and function properly. By all means eat rabbit. But remember to add some good old fashioned lard or butter to it when you cook it.

        This is also related to why so many poor people are fat and sick: the cheap food is full of sugar, HFCS, wheat, and corn – all of which is downright poisonous to the human body. Diabetes and high blood sugar, heart disease, cancer, and all other kinds of metabolic problems are caused by eating the standard processed American diet. They cannot afford to eat meat and vegetables, and it is doubly difficult when you have no way to preserve the food.

        • BenjiK

          Not much need for Big Pharma and government-mandated healthcare if fresh, healthy foods were affordable….

      • Mattyboy

        Wrap them babies up in bacon and smoke’em in the smoker. The best you ever had!

  • Gay Veteran

    but we have more than enough money for empire

    for the National Security/Surveillance state

    for the banksters

    welcome to the Banana Republic of AmeriKa

  • BenjiK

    It’s a sad affair when it takes foreign journalism (BBC) to report what America’s MSM refuses to recognize. It also goes to show that while the American media is cranking out sunshine, rainbows and good cheer, the rest of the world sees the U.S. for what it really is, a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    • T

      Nice thought and pathetic but true. The msm hides the financial crimes like corzine and mf global. They hide the families of dead soldiers. They hide the charts that show the third world level between rich and poor. They lie about the job numbers every month when we are setting records for number of americans giving up looking for work. Instead they spin it and tell the sheeple to go spend on that plastic. A big part of our problem is the msm itself. They influenced people to buy big houses and cars they couldn’t afford. No way in hell will a story like this which was done by foreigners get coverage. 60 minutes has had a couple good stories but it never catches on. If we lived in a sane country stories like this one would be the lead every night. What we are experiencing is tragic on so many different levels.

      • BenjiK

        You are exactly right. I find it so disingenuous that “government math” only works for them. No where else in civilized society would their numbers and calculations be even remotely considered close to rational thought. It often makes me wonder how the feds would really be viewed without the cloak of the MSM.

    • knightowl77

      If and I doubt it will be soon, that a Repub were elected Prez, you would see all kinds of stories on the poor from the MSM…..

      • BenjiK

        You bet, I also have a feeling if the current controversial policies were being pursued by a Repub president the Dems/MSM would be calling for impeachment proceedings by now.

    • Chris

      The BBC no longer does real journalism. The BBC is in fact UK state media payed for by the people for their own indoctrination. Sorry.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    You remember 4 500 000 killed in Viet Nan war, the american people
    never stop the killing, and now pay for it.

    • Paul

      Well, the population growth of the USA can only be compared with a Third World Country.

      The excess people need to go somewhere. What better way then to give them guns and send them overseas?
      Brainwash them into patriots and they will do anything.
      See the world.


    I know people who are working 2-3 part-time jobs to make ends meet. Many of them think it is temporary and do not see the big picture that times are getting worse. In spite of media/government/wall street lies about a “recovery” it will only get worse. They are not preparing for those times to come. They live on those lies! They do not store food, buy ammo or a gun. They will always be victims.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    The moral of the story is stay off drugs and alcohol.

  • pavan

    The video is interesting, but the BBC clearly has a bias against the free market. They clearly think the solution is in more government programs, i.e. socialism. In fact, socialism is the problem. America has gone too far down that road. Just look at what’s happening in the EU for a preview of where the US is heading. The EU is in recession and people are rioting in Greece. Poverty is soaring under President Obama’s reign because he is taxing and regulating business to death. People need jobs, not government handouts. Free up the private sector and our problems would be solved. We became a wealthy nation because of the free market. If we continue to pursue socialism, we’ll end up in the trash bin of history like the Soviet Union.

    • Gary2

      They clearly think the solution is in more government programs, i.e. socialism—and they would be correct. no more corporate welfare and welfare for the rich-take their ill gotten stolen wealth and redistribute it to the poor.

      • DownWithLibs

        I see we have more white-noise from the grand (self admitted!) socialist!!!!

        • Gary2

          and proud of it. I never try to hide my agenda

    • Paul

      The Soviet Union ended in the trash bin because they spent too much on weapons. And, of course, they went to Afghanistan.

      Who is in Afganistan now and how is their economy?

      Greece is still buying weapons from Germany. And Germany is insisting those contracts need to be honoured. So the bailout money directly goes to Germany’s weapons manufacturers.

      And when Greece is buying, Turkey is buying more. And when Turkey is buying, Greece is buying more.
      Germany exported in 2011 for the first time stuff valued more than 1 trillion Euros.

    • Rowell

      Corporate taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 60-70 years. Corporate welfare is at record highs.
      Businesses can get cheaper labor from other countries (ie China). But if you’re will to work the long hours for the pathetic pay that Chinese workers get, that’s your perogative.

    • Dave

      Much as I agree that you only need to look at Greece to see what’s coming in America, it’s free markets that have caused the problems, not socialism.

      • pt

        we haven’t had pure free markets for decades. What we have is corporate capitalism or some would say crony capitalist.

  • bojangles

    you know I kind of agree,that things are headed downhill,but I disagree with the clip from the bbc. I know that americans are hurting,but that was a biased documentary. That was a documentary for socialism,and thats not what america stands for.I tink it was a bad decision to put that clip in your article. I know similiar situations are occuring around the USA.What makes me angry is that you never hear about them in the media.

    • Gary2

      That was a documentary for socialism,and thats not what america stands for

      Guess again-when Obama wins we will go far left! ********************

      The country is changing and people are waking up to the fact that capitalism is no longer working. It will ALWAYS devolve into the crony capitalism we see today, ALWAYS. Capitalism is inherently a flawed system.

      &0-82%-agree tax the rich hard! Buffet rule coming.

      • knightowl77

        “&0-82%-agree tax the rich hard! Buffet rule coming”

        80% of 5 year olds might agree…Thinking adults disagree

      • DownWithLibs

        It will be a very bad day for you when your “wishes” come true. Good luck with that!!!!

      • MisterC

        Look up the movie “Chekist” it is a film about the red terror. Is that what you want to see here in AmeriKa? It is folks like you that cause gun sales to go up, just to let you know……

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here is a little anecdote that I’ve been calling “A Tale of Two Hair-Cutters,” and it speaks volumes about what is going on in The Banana Republic of America (formerly known as Les Etas Unis).

    I live in Philadelphia, where you can find pricy high-rise luxury condos in some parts of town (Rittenhouse Square, Olde City, Avenue of the Arts) and abandoned buildings and toothless crack whores in other parts of town. Then you have the working class, blue-collar, lower middle class (and relatively safe) areas that aren’t ghettos but aren’t upscale either. Anyway, about the two hair-cutters: one of them is a Polish barber in a working-class Polish/Irish/Italian, predominantly Catholic area of the city, while the other owns a high-end salon in Rittenhouse Square. The Polish barber only charges about 8 or 9 bucks for a haircut, and business has been down since 2008; his mostly white/Catholic customers (bricklayers, carpenters, construction workers, etc.) are experiencing so much economic pain that even 9/9 bucks for a haircut is a luxury. On the other hand, my friend in Rittenhouse Square says that business is absolutely booming even though he charges a lot more than 8 or 9 bucks. So there you have it: there’s a lot of money in the upper echelons, while life is getting worse and worse for many others. And that’s what you find in a banana republic, which is what the former USA has become.

    The affluent live extremely well in places like Bogotá, Manila, Kingston and Lima; many others barely survive, unless of course, they resort to crime—and there is plenty of violent crime in Third World cities. When the desperate get sick of being desperate, they resort to kidnapping, armed robbery, carjacking and drug trafficking. If it comes down to living in a sewer or resorting to violent crime, many poor Americans will pull themselves up by the bootstraps (or rather, someone else’s bootstraps) with guns and knives (kidnapping is big business in Guatemala). And the more the BRA becomes a Third World hellhole, the more violent and crime-plagued it will become.

    By the way, don’t count on the cops to help you when you have a razor blade placed against your throat because in Honduras, El Salvador and other places, the cops are absolutely overwhelmed. They’re also underpaid, which makes them very easy to bribe; some policías del tercer mundo have been known to work closely with the muggers, kidnappers and carjackers they are supposed to be arresting.

    So there you have it. The once-mighty USA is now The Banana Republic of America, a rotting Third World hellhole run by thieves and despots. Que dios nos ayude porque aquí en este país del tercer mundo, ya no hay esperanza.

    • Gary2

      There is plenty of money-we are a very rich nation. The problem is that too few have way too much [money/wealth] and too many have too little. Gerald Celente

      So tax the ******** rich and corporations and spread the ************ wealth–Gary2

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: By the way, my hairdresser friend in Rittenhouse Square in Philly probably made about 80 or 90K last year. Maybe even six figures with all the weekends he worked. Meanwhile, the Polish barber in my working class neighborhood is barely staying in business–if he raised his prices to, say, 12 bucks a haircut, he’d be out of business. The contrast between those two says it all.

        “Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little. So when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

      • El Pollo de Oro

        And I’m happy that my friend in Rittenhouse Square is doing as well as he is cutting hair. God bless him. My point is that you know things are really out of whack when people in a neighborhood that, historically, has been middle class think that 8 or 9 bucks for a haircut is way too steep. It really shows you how badly a lot of Americans are hurting.

    • El Pollo,

      So right on about how we are progressively watching the BRA descend into Third World status.

      I have lived in a post-civil-war-torn Third World Asian country for the past 5 years. Interestingly I have watched things change (especially in the past few years) as capital and economic activity (or should I more appropriately say : “international welfare development aid” and “tourism”) have started creating at least a mild illusion of progress.

      Five-ten years ago most streets in the capital were unpaved and muggings were common – the police often being the perpetrators as they moonlighted to supplement their $50/month “civil” service job (which in and of itself was a career rife with the privilege to extort money out of the destitute population).

      In my opinion as a seasoned world explorer with a degree in social science the nature of human society is to be a relatively lawless rat race with those who are well connected and/or talented banding together in gangs no different in nature than the gangs on the streets of the rotting inner city hellholes of the BRA to get as much bas they can before someone else does.

      Things are going to get MUCH worse and at a faster pace in the coming months as the inhabitants of the BRA segregate themselves into gangs both in the lower and higher eschelons of society. The cities are going to be the last place you will want to be because the “lower class gangs” are MUCH more angry and dangerous then the “upper-class gangs”.

      El Pollo, please feel free to email me at : to chat further about these issues as you and I seem to have similar worldy experience and perspective.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        FrankyFreelance: Here’s something that’s really ironic. As pessimistic as I am about this country’s future, I’ve had some people tell me that I’m being overly optimistic when I say that The Banana Republic of America is turning into Bolivia, Jamaica or Guatemala economically—try Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa, they say. I’m not sure we’ll UN-develop to the point that we’ll be as bad off as, say, Somolia (maybe I’m wrong). But the country won’t have to get Haiti bad or Tanzania bad to become dangerous as hell. In Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and other Latin American countries, the affluent can’t even go to the store in the middle of the afternoon without their armed bodyguards; otherwise, they are likely to be kidnapped for ransom in broad daylight. The kidnapper gangs in those countries mean business, and I think that Gerald Celente is absolutely right when he says that kidnapping for ransom will be a huge growth industry in the BRA. There have always been poor ghetto areas in Philly, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland, etc. But as the poverty becomes much deeper and much more widespread, violent crime will become much more widespread.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Otra cosa: that corporatist cabrón from the Heritage Foundation is a perfect example of the sort of “fake conservatives” that Alex Jones ( and Gerald Celente warn us about. Actually, he sort of reminds me of a dude I know who works for the City of New York and thinks the media is exaggerating the problems in the economy—he’s a long-time Democrap and thinks that all this talk about how bad things are is just propaganda meant to defame Obama. His argument is that the economy hasn’t affected his cushy city job; so the economy must be healthy (honestly, you can’t make this stuff up). Obviously, the Heritage Foundation aren’t Democraps or Obamabots; they are whores for the Republikkkan part of the War Party, but there is plenty of cluelessness to go around in this rotting banana republic.

    That whole argument that the poor in the BRA have running water so therefore, they aren’t really poor is crap. Most of the poor in Bolivia and Guatemala have refrigerators, running water and electricity; that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling badly. I say let Mr. Heritage Foundation man up and spend some time in Guatemala City without a bodyguard—he’d get a nasty dose of Third World reality real quick, and maybe then, he’d realize that the BRA shouldn’t be going down this path of despair.

    Alex Jones is right: the let-them-eat-cake attitude is a poisonous attitude to have.

    • roadrunner

      Ola, Chicken of Gold
      (El Pollo de Oro)
      The Heritage Foundation is controlled by the Koch Brothers. Thats all you need to know.

      • knightowl77

        Your arguments ARE ALWAYS against the messenger and never the MESSAGE….For an intelligent discussion explain WHY the MESSAGE is Wrong and then we can have a debate…
        Instead your argument is Fox=idiots, Heritage=morons, Koch bros=warmongers….

        If that is best you can do ….don’t bother

        • Gary2

          Instead your argument is Fox=idiots, Heritage=morons, Koch bros=warmongers….

          Nothing more needs to be said. all the above statements are a fact.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Saul Alinsky is the best any democrat can do. They are wrong about everything so they have to lie, cheat and smear.

        • Xander cross

          The same goes for Ron Paul supporters as well.

  • Eisenkreutz

    Many of you take comfort in the fact the you have some canned goods and supplies stocked up. That will not suffice. What we are talking about is a major lifestyle shift here, people. You better study Greece carefully and plan accordingly. I feel no sympathy for the destitute; Darwin is back with a vengence. There is no excuse to find yourself in that position. All you need to survive is fishhooks, cartridges, and a hunting rifle. Everything else you can make or build. How do you think the colonists did it? You think they could just buy from the local Wall Mart? Read up on colonialism in America, Australia, and Africa.


    • Paul

      Need a few slaves, too.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Slavery was an institution of the Democrat party. The original name of the Republican party was the anti-slavery party.

    • roadrunner

      Steel Cross, (eisenkreutz)
      I have said this many times before…I’ll say it again, A lot of preppers have stockpiles different kinds of food. There are expiration dates on some of those foods. Remember that as you wait. As for guns’n ammo, dont be surprised when the “authorities” go to confiscate those items. What will you do then ? Ans. Give up those items which are less important than others. Keep those “others” hidden, that are most important. (use your imagination as to what “types” of items I am takling about). To those in the “county”. Dont think that you will be absoluty safe there. Dont forget that humans migrate. When you are isolated in your compound,you will see what I mean. I believe that when it comes to it, those in certain kinds of compounds will not be given mercy. I will stick it out IN A CITY, where there MIGHT be at least some civil protection forces left. If NOT, then I am just as well off as you will be in less remote locals, which I believe will be the general case all around.

      • rebootd

        Just as a point of clarification here, most preppers who stockpile canned goods also use them on a rotating basis. You always use up the older stuff first, replacing what you used and keeping track. The point is to be ready for an emergency of any kind.

        Eisenkreutz is correct however, that it is not enough. You also need to learn to garden/farm, raise animals, fish, and hunt if you want to survive long term off the land. Most people will never get the chance to try this, for several reasons: 1. They are unaware of the necessity to do so, 2. If they are aware they cannot afford to purchase land to start with, and 3. Even if they had both awareness and land, they likely don’t have the skills to do the work.
        It takes years – years! – to learn how to establish a garden, grow animal feed, raise animals, and learn to fish and hunt reliably. These are not things you just run out and do at the last minute. I always laugh at those preppers who think a few packets of heirloom seeds is enough to quickly startup a system of food production. It is much harder than people think.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Una cosa mas: hay una diferencia entre Robert Rector y los ratas en esos fotos. Rector es un rata tambíen, pero es un rata de los patas.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Oops, un typo. Lo siento. Otra vez:

      “Hay una diferencia entre Robert Rector y los ratas en esos fotos. Rector es un rata tambíen, pero es un rata de dos patas.”

  • Big M

    That was a very humbling 30 minutes.

    But I have to say, that daily I thank the Lord for what we have. Because I know full well, this could be us at any moment. I take nothing for granted anymore. What I have, I have by the grace of God. Am I concerned? I would be dishonest if I said no. But there’s a big difference between being worried and worrying. I simply trust in the Lord. If he can feed the sparrow daily, I know he will watch those who trust in Him.

    If you haven’t looked UP lately, please do! It may be the best decision you’ve made.

    Thanks again Michael/Brother 😉

    Mike in Maine

  • r.bitting

    Things will get bad, really bad, and through this time of intense suffering, many will turn to Christ and be saved. But this time will also expose the superficial faith of many who believed a prosperity gospel. When things get bad, they will depart from the faith. Pray that God will give us strength to endure. Probably what Christ was elluding to in Matthew 24, when he said ” but he who endures to the end shall be saved “. ( because the love of many is about to grow very, very cold ).

    • Gary2

      Hey Michael-that picture of a dead rat sort of reminds me of how magog looked after Godzilla beat its ass!

      • chris

        Why do you even come here you hateful, disrespectful little rat? We would all be grateful if you just went to The Daily Kosac and never returned.

        • Gary2

          be careful-the nephelim are coming for you!

        • gary2

          oh sorry that really looks like Gog. I must have gotten the “gogs” mixed up. How silly of me.

    • N. Daniels


    • slim

      Amen brother, Amen

    • DownWithLibs

      Love growing cold…yeah, we are seeing the cusp of this now.

  • Wow. As already noted: Money cannot buy happiness, but it certainly buys the type of misery that you prefer.

  • The video actually uses avowed communists “The Young Turks” to talk about solutions to our problems? Didn’t the Soviets teach you anything?

  • Workhorse1

    Very scary stuff , but this is an election year . We want to hear none of it , The stock market has been goosed by Uncle Ben and little Timmy so we put on our rose colored glasses and vote them all back in..

  • Tom Damon

    I feel really, really sorry for those of you commenters who still blame the red team and cannot see the complicity of the blue team as well. Look up the history of lefty regimes; they are no more “friendly” than righty regimes. It’s a false paradigm.

    The real battle is between liberty/freedom and subjugation, between free men and debt serfs. Those of you who decry the stupid spending on wars; you’re right. But how about the equally pointless spending on unions, bankrupt solar companies and teaching African men to wash their genitals, hmmm ?

    Wake up, all of you, and realize the battle isn’t between reds and blues but between freedom and slavery.

  • I suggest that all who still have land to plant a garden do so. There are a lot of plants that don’t seem like they’d be edible, if you have garden nazis in your neighborhood. For example, there is an eastern prickly pear that grows in northern areas, and the nopals are edible as are the pears. Sweet potatoes appear as ground cover. You could train them up a trellis, and add silk morning glories to further disguise them. Potato plants just look like weeds. You could plant potatoes in some neglected patch of ground that never gets mowed, and have taters to eat. Acorns can be processed into flour and the tannin soaked out. And for the more adventurous, there’s earthworms, mealworms, etc. I would not hesitate to eat a rat, I hear they’re nutty tasting, but I might want to keep them in a cage and feed them clean things like apples and grain for a few days first. I ate a raccoon last fall. It was good.

    • Orange Jean

      I would agree with you on your suggestion! I found that when I planted ODD varieties of even common food (when I was living in a city and had my garden out by a busy street)… I did not have people steal stuff. For example, I grew a variety of tomatoes that when ripe were a gross blackish brown color on the bottom and green on the top. DELICIOUS, but ugly and not what most people expected a tomato would look like. I did that for years and had great success with very, very little pilfering of my crops (only had problems from squirrels, really!)

  • Sgt shut up

    Wait till Israel bombs Iran. Then the real show starts.

  • Doc Parkes

    We are, all of us, in scientific terms; an inclined plane wrapped in a helical pattern around a central axis.

  • Andrew Bulles

    On one hand, I’m getting ready to celebrate my son’s eleventh birthday with his friends… he got a pitching net from me and an IPOD Touch from his Mom. On the otherhand, one of my three brothers just called me to tell how his wife just sold his car out from under him, closed and cleaned out their accounts, and has left him without telling him where she is taking his 3 year old daughter. The poor man has no car now and will have to get to work in the morning… He’s hoping he can buy another car in the next few days and will most likely need some cash from me to restart his life… AND LIFE GOES ON!

  • 007

    The video was sad but it was also pure left wing propaganda.

    The reason for the poverty is lack of government spending and Obama not being liberal enough. Give me a break.

  • Gary2

    “I can say with confidence that rich people don’t create jobs, nor do businesses, large or small. What does lead to more employment is the feedback loop between customers and businesses. And only consumers can set in motion a virtuous cycle that allows companies to survive and thrive and business owners to hire. An ordinary middle-class consumer is far more of a job creator than I ever have been or ever will be.”

    In other words, job creation is related to demand. When regular people have spending power, they demand products and services, which leads to more jobs for others to make the things they want.

    This my friends is why we need to TAX THE RICH HARD and spread the wealth.

  • Gary2

    There was a
    French aristocrat who theorized that there was life for a moment or two after
    one lost his head to the guillotine. The practice they used during the French
    Revolution was to chop-off a royal’s head and then the executioner would loft
    it up above his head for the crowd to rejoice. The aristocrat wanted to see if
    is theory was correct, so he had a friend count how many times he blinked when
    his head was displayed to fill the crowd’s bloodlust; seven blinks.

    If it comes down
    to it that we have to eliminate our.01% to get a fair deal, then we should take
    guillotines to the worst poverty inflicted places in this country. Then the
    last thing they saw was the hardship and misery their creed had inflicted on
    others. The French aristocracy had plenty of warning, too, but their greed got
    the best of them. Lets hope our wealthy elite see the light before the last
    sights they see are of a rotting America.

    Yes my friends the rich need to be worried-just like El Pollo says desperate people doing desperate things…

    From a comment on alternate

  • Alasha

    Bravo! Michael – you are doing a yeoman’s work!

    • Michael

      Thank you. After writing hundreds of articles, it can be challenging to find something “new and different” to share every single day. 🙂


      • Alasha

        Yet, you continue on! (Matthew 6:34) So, never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Sufficient for each day is its own badness. Or “One Day at a time”. Or One Article at time. Godspeed!

        • Alasha

          pss: this story received an honorable mention on the mention on the Alex Jones show yesterday. yay! My fav show – always remember you are making a 1 difference… I see links to your work all the time on and the DRUDGE!!! yay! lol

          • Michael


            I am absolutely amazed at how many people out there take notice of these little articles. God has opened some amazing doors, and that is one reason why some “technical adjustments” have become necessary.

            During the day on Friday (and possibly on Saturday) some comments may get lost as this site gets moved to a better server.

            Once this is done, the site will perform so much better and will be able to handle the spiked in traffic that we have been seeing over the past several months.


          • Alasha

            thanks for the heads up, Michael! i thought you were getting hacked. lol.

            ps: sorry for the typos – late at night typing you knw. Godspeed!

          • Michael

            I apologize for the site being down for a few hours on Friday and for the delay in getting comments posted.

            A major upgrade has been done on the site. From now on it should be able to handle a LOT more traffic and you all should notice the site loading faster now.

            Over the past few days, some comments may have been lost during the transition. I apologize for that, but I think you all will agree that the end result is worth it.


  • please Do not forget that it was obummer and the enviromentalists that insisted that the pipeline from canada to texas not be allowed to happen this may have allowed for cheaper gas or
    maybe not but either way we will never know. it
    is currently on it’s way to china. As I mentioned before we as a society are responsible
    for what has happened and now the time has come to face the consequences,to quit crying and sniveling,to take our medicine and get over it.
    And the sad part is that a lot of people who are
    doing well just do not care what is happening to
    the unfortunate as long as they are not in the same boat why should they care? these arrogant,
    egotistical,self centered,snotty individuals
    will not even give people the time of day or any thing else.The day will come when these same individuals will get what they deserve and i hope it brings a smile to the faces of the seasoned road warriors when they turn there backs on them as they did to them.Also read a article that people who raise vegetable gardens
    also fall under the “potential terrosist” act,
    I am not going to take the time to verify it because it does not matter anymore if it is true or not what to be will be.Nothing surpises me anymore,but i do like the attitude that ammo
    will be more valuable than gold or silver. As for dreaming of doing things that many would consider unacceptable to survive I Grew Up in the country so this would not be new to me,it is not as bad as many people would believe it to be.The time has come to get hard and face reality and what it gives because it definately
    will not be a rose garden.

    • Robin

      You do realize the pipeline was to run from Canada to the gulf full of toxic sludge vulnerable to domestic or foreign terrorists? You do realize the oil from that pipeline was destined for the foreign market, so it would do nothing at all for the supply in the US? You do realize that you can’t move a pipeline from a location in Canada to China? Do you also realize that the number being bandied about of thousands of jobs by the republican politicians is totally false- IIRC maybe 15,000 temporary construction jobs and a few hundred once built. You do realize that since it comes from Canada, it does nothing to “reduce our reliance on foreign oil”?

      Yeah, veggie gardens, more food stockpiled than about a week, paying cash for your coffee at Starbucks are all signs of potential terrorists. I’m sure I’m on a watch list somewhere. I’m guessing once the right finishes completely regulating my uterus they will get around to outlawing chest freezers and mandating debit cards for all purchases.

      I’m looking forward to a democratic sweep in November and the rebuilding of our nation. Is it already too late? I don’t know, but this country built an entire war machine from scratch and helped win WWI, and was able to send a man to the moon in less than 10. IF the anti-science obstructionists get out of the way, and corporations return to their relative importance in the scheme of things, we will do great things and all the right wing ass holes, and left wing asshole enablers will be left in the dustbin of history.

  • Craig

    Interesting that the BBC does this article and not the MSM American media. But that’s because the MSM media people are elitist who are 6-figure and 7-figure people. They can’t empathize with the lower middle class guy making 30K/year.

    You know I was listening to Limbaugh today (don’t listen much because he is an elitist too), and he actually talked about the middle class for a change. He said that the middle class has become very dependent on federal handouts. He said for this reason, 20% of republicans may vote for Obama. And I have to say I understand his point. The republican politicians are the ones who just voted for the free trade agreements with Panama, Korea, & Columbia. Translation; the republicans couldn’t care less how many middle class jobs will be lost because of this. I think as more and more republicans realize that voting for a republican is futile, they will vote to keep the Obambam printing press running 24/7 and at least have food stamps to be able to eat on. I’m leaning that way myself. I’ve voted republican all my life, but aren’t the republicans going to keep shipping middle class jobs to China & Mexico? Aren’t they going to keep importing Chinese and Mexicans to do the jobs that exist here? Sure they are. Nothing will change. Santorum says he will stimulate middle class manufacturing jobs again. You think he will? Hey, if the USS America is going to sink, why not enjoy the good times before she goes under? At least with “the anoited one” I’ll be able to keep my food stamps. The republicans have become the party that just doesn’t give a rip about the middle class–it wasn’t even discussed in the debates. The democrats can only provide government jobs for the middle class, and the democrats way over regulate American business.

    It’s not looking good folks, but I have to ask myself (and I’m 55) why should I vote republican any longer? And no, I’m not voting for the dope smoking, heroin injecting, whore chasing Ron Paul. Man there are a lot of you guys on here that like Ron Paul. He may not do those things himself, but he is certainly against any laws prohibiting the same. Can America be restored by someone with a good fiscal policy but who is morally bankrupt? Isn’t America’s rejection of our Christian and Bibical heritage what has lead us to where we are right now? If the republican party doesn’t refocus on the middle class instead of just continuing to please their rich republican CEOs whose companies contribute money to their campagin, it could very well be the end for the republican party.

    Chicken Friend Steak is a biggie here in TX. This place serves one mean helping of it. Small podunk town about 1 hour outside of Ft. Worth called Mary’s in Strawn, TX:

  • Colin

    We live in a world where increasingly the wealthy are the grandchildren of those who rose from their working class and middle class backgrounds and become successful in their endeavors. These wealthy individuals live in communities that are isolated from the greater majority of America, and don’t feel an emotional nor spiritual connection to the country of their birth. These wealthy individuals either feel indifferent or disdain for those less fortunate.

    Here is an article from the New York Times. It tells the story of a restaurant, and the two worlds that exist in this establishment – the working class and the capitalist class (the educated elite).

    This is an article from a blogger that speaks to the psychology of the wealthy.

    • Eisenkreutz

      I dont need to feel anything for anybody. I dont need to contribute to the commune. I have the right to be left alone.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “What does one expect from a rightwing war party that will spend infinite amounts of blood, cash, and resources on war, but nothing on the welfare of the people and the nation as a whole?” Reed, get real… ‘war as a business’ is a bipartisan problem in Washington. By my score, GWB got us involved in two wars, one of which was as a result of an unprovoked attack on our country; Obama has inherited those two, and added military involvement in 4-5 other nations, such as Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Uganda, and possibly Syria and/or Iran. Score: GWB 2, BHO 4. So who’s the warmonger now?

  • Duke

    I’m always stunned in these ‘stories’ by the numbers interviewed who are still smoking or outright fat.

  • dave

    all i see is what is being told to me by the news. but it is deplorabable. i agree… the rich get richer and the poor well…..need i say more. i feel for all of u. from me up here in nova scotia canada.

  • Paul

    Those people should go to Congress.

    Aren’t your congressmen all millionaires? If they are patriotic enough, they could give a new home to a few families.

  • Michael

    I’m 39, unemployed, and living with my mom. This video makes me feel fortunate. At least I have an unemployment check and COBRA.

  • just me

    times a tough, but not so tough that I didn’t see many cell phones,tobacco smoke and obese bodies

  • JustanOGuy


    That video you posted is mind blowing because of the propaganda involved…

    What it does not mention are the payrolls of Government employees in Las Vegas and what they are making — here you go —>>>

    A director of “Leisure Services” making over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits? REALLY????? Count up all of the Fire Chiefs making $100,000+ a year for a city that might see one kitchen fire a week.

    What needs to be pointed is the MALINVESTMENT of taxpayer dollars that is given to people so they could keep making their $75+ an hour jobs…. all the while others not in the public sector are forced to feed their children rats.

    Forcing all people to pay for health insurance? Well gee… that only keeps the people in the medical profession to continue making their inflated salaries at the cost of the poor.

    That video you posted should be called out…

    Yeah… I’m here in Las Vegas. If the public salary employees had their pay cut to match what they would be making doing the same thing in the private sector, there would be MORE then Enough money for all of the homeless people in this video a roof over their heads and a meal to eat.

    However… this is the Socialist Progressive BBC that’t not going to take that into consideration….

    However… you should.

    The Revolution that needs to take place is the realization that the Government is making Americans poor…. or just paying Americans enough in Social Welfare checks to get their vote.

    • Gary2

      the private sector is crap. they need to be forced to pay the same pay as the gov employees get. Unions yes!

  • Mattyboy

    I was walking down the isles of Wal-Mart yesterday. I was not needing to buy anything. The isles were packed to the gills with all kinds of foods, and junk foods. Capitalism seems to be doing very well. For the first time, I was reminded of how much we have. If you need something, just hop in the car and go get it. Whatever you need or want, it is at your friendly neighborhood Wal-mart. I do not know who to believe. The main stream media does not tell me the truth-but are people like you and others telling me a lie as well so that they can scare us and get money and support from us? I only trust God and what I think He is telling me to do.

    • Highspeedloafer

      Mattyboy, What do you think God is telling you to do?

  • Rick

    Seems like the Phoenix neighborhood is called ‘Maryvale’ not ‘Maryville’. Cheers.

    • Michael


      Thank you for catching that.

      I hate when I make mistakes. 🙁


    • mondobeyondo

      Yes, it is Maryvale. I know, I live there.
      But I’ll give Michael the benefit of the doubt, since I’m sure he doesn’t lie here.

      LIVE here. LIVE.

      (You see, I make mistakes too. 🙂 )

      • Alasha


  • Matt T

    Reed R., the problem IS govt and the banks they prop up….

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  • lowglow

    I know people will say I’m crazy, but I saw all this coming after 911 and since then I’ve started stocking back food and being prepared and even if I don’t use all the food I’ve stocked, I can use it to help others.

    I also noticed that people are still making this a right and Left issue and that is completely wrong, both sides of the Political spectrum are to blame and the sad thing none of us no longer have any power to make changes and btw, Right wingers don’t hold the corner on war mongering, in fact most wars we have been involved in was started under Democrat leadership, but that does not excuse the right for doing the same.

    • knightowl77


  • Syrin

    Study Argentina people. That’s a glimpse of our future except our pop’l of GARY’S is more violent, less educated (looking at you GARY), more armed and has a greater sense of self entitlement (again, looking at you GARY). Things got REALLY bad, and it will be magnified 10 fold here in the US.

    I’ve been prepapring for 2-3 years now. I suggest others do the same. Wait until a pack of GARYS shows up at YOUR door demanding YOUR property because they think they’re entitled to it despite doing NOTHING to prepare for the inevitable.

    • Gary2

      and you will gladly hand it over-christ said to feed the poor. When the time comes I will send you a menu with my selections so you can prepare in advance.

      Seriously all your hard work and storage will simply be taken from you. You do not have enough bullets regardless of whether or not you think you do.

      As someone who will probably take all your stuff I thank you in advance for preparing for me.

    • JustanOGuy

      Argentina — Really cheap nowadays since credit is pretty much not used.

      As for the Gary’s — The collapse of the USSR and what happened right afterwards should be studied. The Gary’s of the USSR back in that time are even poorer today.

      The guys with the bullets have made out really well.

  • lowglow

    @Eisenkreutz You don’t understand, the way we are regulated and crushed by Government regulations, we can’t live like the Colonist, you try to do things your way or grow your own food, you are labeled a Terrorist or arrested for not paying large Fees to have your food approved by the USDA and other agencies before you consume them, it’s just a mess, we have so many walls they are heads are beating against that keep us from becoming self-sufficient.

  • karen

    I try to talk to folks about what is about to happen, they just stare at me or look through me like they are in this dream world, which they are. People are just so brainwashed, soon the time for preparing will come to an end, either you do something now or starve, when it comes it will be fast and furious, out of choas comes order, the new world order. Control the food, control the people. The horse slaughter factories closed in 07 now they are open, horse meat will soon be in the stores because people won’t beable to afford anything else, and never say never because when your hungery enough you will eat anything. Dog napping is on the rise and I’m sure you can guess why. And far more than anything is cannibalism, it will happen history shows that. Famine and cannibalism have happened through-out history.

  • Terry

    Watching the “big picture”, and admitting I am scared… Would it be a good idea to just withdraw all my savings. Now I do not even trust the banks! Please advice. Terry

  • liberranter

    I agree with the comments here criticizing the BBC documentary. As with ALL state media outlets, the BBC is indeed openly hostile to the free market. Yes, the plight of the people in this film, especially the children, is tragic, but it was THE AMERICAN STATE, specifically state-corporatism (a form of fascism that too many people mistake for the free market), coupled with raw socialism in the form of Great Society programs that led to the conditions that have impoverished these people and that will ultimately impoverish all of us.

    Needless to say, the powers that be will NEVER allow the free market to prevail, as it would completely annihilate the kleptoplutocratic structure that keeps them in power. Count on MUCH MORE of what this film documents to prevail in the future.

    • mondobeyondo

      I tend to think the BBC is more reliable than mainstream American media.

  • Pat

    Yes, times are getting worse. My unemployment checks ended when I got a part-time job but that job was not enough to make ends meet. So, I taught myself how to build a website and I’m marketing recipes that use natural ingredients. Check it out at HoneyBearRC dot org, because in these troubled times we need to get creative and self-sufficient. Don’t just sit and wait for the goubernut to come take care of you.

  • erthma

    um, those people are learning survival skills that the rest can only dream of. They just need to educate themselves more for survival in the country as opposed to the city. The idea that everyone MUST have all the luxuries and eat out of the grocery store is what is really hurting us.

  • karen

    So Long America”: Only Truthful Mainstream News Show Ends

    Napolitano signs off from Freedom Watch with promise to keep “defending freedom whenever I can”

  • aman

    Only in America, can people focus on the comming collapse, while simultaneously doing nothing but complaining. This country used to have men in it, but as you see we now let less than 1000 people in government dictate what the rest of us 300000000, can do. As for those who use God as a crutch to justify their complacency, consider this slave, God helps those who help themselves. To sit by and let the world suffer without lifting a finger, and trying to just make it through will not lead to salvation. It is time to put on big boy pants you sloths, and start acting like free people again..You cannot hide from your responsibilities any more, as freedom is a contact sport. Get in the game…

  • I’ve BEEN HERE. WHY can’t you Obama-worshiping imbeciles wake UP? He’s doing NOTHING for the poor. And don’t try to rebut with a smokescreen of nonsense programs to somebody who’s been here.

    And quit wasting your and my time with your half-baked political ideologies, left right or middle. They’re all nowhere. You need to be there yourself, and maybe that’s the only way anybody’s going to begin to wake up to the problem.

  • Ann Onymous

    “Well, the truth is that we should have never allowed tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth to be shipped out of the country.”

    **************!! I am sick and tired of hearing how the average American set policy which is now biting them in the ass. This is total crap! Why don’t you cover the fact that the Congress has a 9% approval rating?! And WHY is that?! BECAUSE THEY VOTED TO SHIP OUR BUSINESSES AND JOBS OVERSEAS, among other things.


    • Michael

      I stand by my statement.

      The people in Congress that are doing this to us keep getting voted back in. That responsibility falls on the American people.


      • Gary2

        Paul ryan will not be one of them being reelected! I am doing my part!

  • Nick

    This is too funny. All of these people starving to death and eating rats – yet they still cling to some backward beLIEf that some pie-in-the-sky diety is going to provide for them.

    • mondobeyondo

      I don’t worship and serve any “pie in the sky diety”. I live my life serving Jesus Christ, the risen and living Son of God.

      Matthew 10:32-33.
      Just so ya know.

      • N. Daniels

        Amen, times a hundred

    • Gary2

      you got that right. I pray for food, nothing, pray for cash nothing.

      • BenjiK

        We’re just happy that your prayer for Internet service is answered every month. 🙂

        • Gary2

          good comeback!

  • I have great empathy with homeless and suffering people, because for the first two dozen years of my life I suffered in “biblical proportions.” This included the following prolonged and often overlapping episodes:
    Diphtheria ● Whooping Cough ● Bone-rotting Ear Infection ● World War II ● Years of Near-Starvation ● Years of Homelessness ● Years of judicial injustice and bare-buttocks floggings ● School Failure ● Extreme Culture Shock and Social Isolation ● Years of Hard Labor and Slavery.
    Because I had no choice but to crawl out this man-made hell, single-handedly, in order to survive, I learned many unusual lessons that cannot be learned in any other way. One of the biggest ones is that we must deal with the very root causes of all large problems. In the case of healthcare, it is not the treatment of symptoms but the prevention of sickness in the first place.
    The bigger the public silence about a public problem and its real solutions, the greater that problem will grow, until it explodes into a major crisis. The root causes of our failing health are not what most everyone assumes them to be.
    Many of the people in this video are overweight, even though they are poor and often hungry. Their counterparts in primitive and less polluted areas of the world are skinny and emaciated, and certainly not obese. One of the big reasons of our growing obesity is that we are exposed to too many toxins. In that regard, my personal experiences have proven this observation to be the case.

  • karen

    1981 Aspartame was invented by the G D Searle Co. acquired by Monsanto in 1985. For 16 years FDA refused to approve it until 1981 when Commissioner Arthur Hayes overruled the objections of a Public Board of Inquiry and the protests of the American Soft Drink Association and blessed it. The tests submitted by Searle were so bad the Department of Justice, initiated prosecution of Searle for fraud. Then the defense lawyers hired the prosecutors, Sam Skinner and Wm. Conlon, and the case expired when the statute of limitations ran out. Aspartame/Nutrasweet, a toxin that blinds, drops intelligence, eradicates memory, grows brain tumors and other cancers, brings fatigue. Depression, ADD, panic, rage, paranoia, diabetes, seizures, suicide and death. This toxin is supported by unlimited advertising and the manufacturers pay off the American Diatetics Association, the American Diabetics Association, the AMA, and whomever else, to convince us its safe as rain. These lies are backed by a Federal Bureaucracy knowing it may kill your child, but the bureaucrat who approved the poison got a fat job as have many of his successors. Suppose this government watchdog, ignoring thousands of consumer complaints, has become an Attack Dog protecting corporate corruption. This is the bitter reality of Aspartame/Nutrasweet, Monsanto, the FDA, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and the hundreds of food, drink and drug makers who add to their products a known poison Conceived in Fraud and Dedicated to the Proposition that Profit is all that Matters! (They’re Poisoning Our Kids – Aspartame Warning The Facts From Betty Martin Mission-Possible-USA

  • XYZ

    But this is not new.

    “third world population” is used to this lifestyle.

    Now, its your turn !

    Why make so much noise? Just because its America?
    Grow up and look beyond yourself, there are worst places than this and what have you done for them so far?

    • mondobeyondo

      Yes! This is America! We are a superpower, and being the mightiest nation on the planet, we have special perks and priviledges. We are strong and mighty! Don’t mess with Texas? Ha ha! Don’t mess with the USA! We will destroy you!!

      (oh yeah, just ignore iraq and afghanistan)

      Uh-huh. Yup. And we’re trying to prod Iran into getting in a war with us, while our own people starve.

  • I think asbout the massive decline in the USA but I am aware of the decline in other countries that bought into the globalization master plan. The bottom line issue is tomarrow since the disenfranchised are not political anymore, they are faced with death and destruction.

    You, the fat cat are rationalizing that your plush lifestyle will last and last. This is the year of more broken promises and armed insurrections, more gang members following the chant of violence. Yes, Cinderella man is correct, the taxs next year will break the businessman and certainly crack the lower middleclass. Gasoline is rising now and stated to rise above four bucks a gallon. You can not drive back and forth to work each day and spend a fifth of your income on gasoline. Truckers can not affort to drive trucks, deliveries fall off and prices go up as the shortages continue.

    Prepping a few cans of food, even for a year or two is not enought – that is for a short fall and a return to prosperity. You have to do more and do it quick.

    My wife and I were discussing the economic colaspe and our retirement income vanishing. Everyone in the same sinking lifeboat. The only thing left standing will be the tax office just like Hamburg Germany in 1945 when we bombed the city flat and left the tax office standing.Germans are still grouseing about that.

    I have no answer for the country that is realistic, the only answer I have is how to survive hard times. Most do not and most sheeple just follow the lies of political broken promises.

    One thing you can do if you have the financial resources is make jobs in your backyard, partime even for some. You can bring children, foster children, into your homes and feed them.

    Exceptional article Michael. We look to more we can forward on.

    Old Timer

    • Michael

      Old Timer:

      Thank you for the kind words. I get exhausted sometimes, and the encouragement I get from everyone helps me keep going.


  • grandpa

    Rats.Cats,and rabbits not only breed fast but cost nothing to raise. an inexpensive air rifle can alsoget ya all the little giblits you can eat including fish if ya aim between the eyes

    • DB200

      Rats, cats, and rabbits are not kosher. Don’t eat them.

      • Alasha

        ya think!?!

      • Pat Henry

        Neither is starving to death. I’m sure plenty of Jews in the nazi death camps fought over rats if they could get them. In the movie Defiance, which I encourage all to watch, they ate the horse to keep from starving during the hard winter.

        I appreciate your Jewish heritage and support you religious liberty but from a Christian perspective, Christ made all things clean.

        If you don’t want to eat rat, then I suggest you start your prepping yesterday.

        • DB200

          As a Christian I was referring to Lev. 11.

          These food laws are not a joke. If one wants to survive healthily in a PRIMITIVE society under harsh, unhygienic conditions, these laws are to be obeyed.

          God’s reasoning behind these laws was the following: All animals that are not dangerous for man’s health and are less important for a biological equilibrium, can be eaten.

          The non-kosher animals (amongst them bear, cat, foxes, pig, rat, horse, dog, mouse, camel) contain trichinella worms, refer to and

          The pig is especially dangerous as it also contains the pork tapeworm, refer to

          Cow, sheep and goats don’t have trichinella worms, and can’t get infected even if they are fed with trichinella worms. So if you want to eat meat, eat these animals.

          I know, in a developed high-tech society, it is less important to follow Lev. 11, however, under primitive circumstances (like living in sewers and the like), eating rats etc. is suicide.

          What about hares and rabbits (Lev. 11:6)? They are forbidden because they can be host to the plague bacillus (Yersinia pestis, refer to and deer-fly fever (Bacterium Tularense, refer to

          Conclusion: If you want to survive in primitive circumstances, read Lev. 11.

          For those who want a more modern version, read God’s Key to Health and Happiness.

          • David

            DB200, have you ever read about the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.? That is length and breadth of the thing that is upon us. “Living Healthy” is about to become a thing of the past. By thoroughly cooking these meats you can kill all parasites and worms, making the meat safe. Gain an understanding of how meat was prepared and cooked in B.C. times. Our butcher shops and meat processing are far more proficient in meat processing and safe handling. In our post modern age with indoor ovens and back yard grills we cook meat far more thoroughly then they did. If you study and follow our modern processes, most things can be safely prepared, cooked, and eaten without harm. Learn the processes the life you save may will be your own.

          • dumb asses

            omy you al got to be kidding right ??meat is meat , and as long as it is cooked well enough or salted down , no parasiotes can survive , you all can go on about your religious bull****, if you are that ignorant and arogant to believe that we are ther only life in this universe out of thousands of planets you are to gulible man has been on this earth for over 15000 years long before the bible or christ science has proven ity over and over and organized religions have tried to stop the information from getting out for years , when it comes down to it meat is meat and you will eat a ************* sandwitch with no bread kosher or non kosher

        • Nedivah

          Rats, cats, dogs rabbits, pigs, oh my!
          They were not considered food in the beginning. So why would they be considered a food now. You said: “Christ made all things clean.” He was talking about the above mentioned non food. It wasn’t a part of the equations. Why not add human to the pot while your at it. That wasn’t mentioned either in His Word because it too is NOT a food!. It’s like saying, it’s ok to put all natural herbs on your body for a healing but use judgement because POISON IVY IS NOT ONE SUCH HERB you want to rub onto your self! Christians do not understand TRUE biblical meanings of Yahweh’s Word because you don’t take the time to understand the the Hebrew mindset. This is NOT a Western religion folks. This is a Middle Eastern Religion with a JEWISH God. If you study the first testament you just might understand the second. 🙂

    • justamom

      Dear Grandpa,
      While I cannot imagine eating a rat or a cat we do eat rabbit. In fact we raise rabbits for meat and have for many years. They make wonderful rabbit -n- dumplings or rabbit pot pie or gumbo or even Broccoli Rabbit casserole! The taste is similar to chicken, but I really like it better—more flavor. I use it in all my chicken recipes.
      On a different subject, rabbit droppings make excellent fertilizer. My blueberry bushes have never looked so good! Even my ornamental trees are thriving.
      I highly recommend, whenever possible, finding an alternate way to help feed your family. The shelves in the local grocery stores may become quite sparse in the days ahead.
      God bless!

      • Disappointed

        Ever since I had a pet rabbit, I could not eat one, and no way on the cat either.

        • john

          You just haven’t been hungry enough, YET.

  • I think the goal of the article was to show what many of us have been writing and posting about for some time now…

    Things are bad out there and getting much worse. Detroit is a microcosm for what is to come.

  • DownWithLibs

    Rush is talking about the “financial collapse of the U.S. you can see on the horizon.” Big words…and, really, is anyone here surprised?

    • Rhynn

      Limbaugh is just another establishment pimp selling the ridiculously outdated idea of partisan differences to people desperate to find something external and superficial to pin their self worth to because they can’t generate any by looking inside. Just another rich warmonger scoffing at real belt tightening and a return to real Constitutional adherence.

      If he’s talking about financial collapse now it’s because to not talk about it at this point is to look like 12th man on the team and last to know. Same as the rest of MSM talking about things like NDAA and drones that “conspiracy theorists” have been discussing for years as though they’re bringing us all “breaking news”.


      • DownWithLibs

        Jealous much!!!!!

        • P Conces

          That’s all you gleaned from his post? Sad, sad little man fan.

        • daBill

          Not jealous so much as realistic. Rush is a drug fueled pimp who panders to the ill-informed and slow thinking. He makes them feel like their “thought” count while raking in millions. It’s pretty funny when you think about it. He makes millions just talking to an audience who is making minimum wage mucking out stalls.

          • DownWithLibs

            You obviously don’t listen to him or you would be better informed of which he speaks. You have to love the people who don’t listen to Rush and yet believe they have an informed opinion. You have no idea how stupid people like you sound when you parrot the MSM about what he “said” on a particular day, and yet I was listening and KNOW exactly what was said. You clowns truly entertain me!!!

  • M. Hapney

    The rat reminds me of the scene from the original Terminator movie where they are underground and a little girl gets all excited – clubbing a rat for dinner.

    My friend and I always make a comment when eating a nice dinner that it won’t last forever. That thanks to the greedy banksters we will eventually be clubbing a rat for dinner.

  • Thomson

    Global financial robber barons started destroying the American industrial base and infrastructure 20-plus years ago, allowed to do so by corrupt politicians both Democrat and Republican. The collapse of Europe is more of the same. We are returning to feudalism: the aristocracy versus the peasants. Study history. You will see how to stop this. Ideology doesn’t feed anybody, it is brain candy we can no longer afford.

  • Matthew

    This seems as much a “pro obama” article as a poor america article. Almost all politicians are the problem, left as well as right. The keystone pipeline, 40 to 50 thousand jobs, right now, very good paying jobs, petroleum security for america ( ie lower gas prices). But NOOOO, obama instead blocks it, because 1.) gotta save the enviroment first…(look at alaska pipeline-very good enviroment track record.) 2.) His buddies Buffett and Soros make hundreds of millions…. WAKE UP!!!!! Many decisions by obama actually kills jobs…but it’s not just him. We can’t have people not working…our goverment is drowning in dept…our dollar and our economy are collaping…we simply can’t carry the welfare debt…we as a country do not have the monies. Businesses need to be cultivated and nurished to provide jobs, so that people can work and earn a living…no one owes anyone a living. I realize, people can’t find work…that is what we need to change. We should be electing officials that will stop pandering to corporations that ship jobs overseas, we should be enacting taffifs and taxes on imports to balance our trade deficit. Look at Ron Paul…if we close our 700 plus military bases around the world…we could help our own citizens. Some stratigic bases need to remain, but over 700 in over 170 countries??? really???…we do not need to be the worlds policeman…not alone…not anymore. Some bases are stratigic, but surely we can cut 600?? Keep some of those military personel employed , protecting our own borders…stop ALL aid to other countries…again, more than enough to take care of our own citizens untill our business economy turns around…we just need to elect men and women who will do the right thing for our country….

    • Michael

      Those that are regular readers of this site know that I never do “pro-Obama” articles.


      • Gary2

        Thats right-Michael is very right wing biased and it shows regularly in his posts. He used to hide it pretty well but has sunk to tossing red meat to the conservatives. When Rush mentions the site and instead of being ashamed it is bragged about.

        Obama could announce a cure for cancer and Michael would not say “good job” to him. He like all conservatives soul mission is for Obama to fail. One of the reps bitch mcconnel even said so.

        • DB200

          Don’t agree with you, Gary2. Michael is foremost a Christian.

          And what is right wing, what is left wing, for a Christian? Compared to right wing (the robber barons aka banksters), a Christian is left wing.

          Compared to left wing (communists/socialists), a Christian is right wing. From each ideological perspective, a Christian is standing on the other side.

    • Gary3

      I agree with the idea of drastically cutting our military bases, but even if the defense budget was zero, it would not cover the “entitlements” already promised. We have to start making things, and all of us cannot get paid to bang computer keys and vacation abroad every year. Some of us will have to go back to cleaning the barn and many more of us will do our own landscaping.

    • daBill

      Read the facts, the much lauded (by the GOP) Keystone pipeline does NOTHING for America! It creates a few temporary jobs building it, and then it sends the oil to the gulf for refining and shipment ELSEWHERE! We get no long term benefits from this and it doesn’t affect our gas prices in the least. On the other hand, it goes through an aquifer that provides water to several states in the form of drinking water and crop irrigation. When the oil barons route the pipelines through their OWN back yards and over their own water supplies, THEN I’ll get behind it.

  • Phyl

    The Household of the Future –
    Learn how one man has defied all conventions by creating a fully self sustainable, completely off the grid community of gorgeous looking “Earthships” that alleviate you from power bills and water bills, whilst providing fresh food all year round…The Garbage Warrior…is a genuine opportunity to help yourself and your family create total self sufficiency. What do beer cans, car tyres and water bottles have in common? Not much unless you’re renegade architect Michael Reynolds, in which case they are tools of choice for producing thermal mass and energy-independent housing. Don’t believe this?…watch the new documentary Garbage Warrior completely free of charge.

  • Phyl

    For 30 years New Mexico-based Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of “Earthship Biotecture” by building self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. However, these experimental structures that defy state standards create conflict between Reynolds and the authorities, who are backed by big business. Frustrated by antiquated legislation, Reynolds lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site. While politicians hum and ha, Mother Nature strikes, leaving communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes. Reynolds and his crew seize the opportunity to lend their pioneering skills to those who need it most. Shot over three years and in four countries, Garbage Warrior is a timely portrait of a determined visionary, a hero of the 21st century.

  • karen

    The average poor American has more living space than the typical non-poor person in Sweden, France, or the United Kingdom.
    The vast majority of the homes or apartments of the poor are in good repair.
    By their own reports, the average poor person had sufficient funds to meet all essential needs and to obtain medical care for family members throughout the year whenever needed.

    Of course, poor Americans do not live in the lap of luxury. The poor clearly struggle to make ends meet, but they are generally struggling to pay for cable TV, air conditioning, and a car, as well as for food on the table. The average poor person is far from affluent, but his lifestyle is far from the images of stark deprivation purveyed equally by advocacy groups and the media.

    The fact that the average poor household has many modern conveniences and experiences no substantial hardships does not mean that no families face hardships. As noted, the overwhelming majority of the poor are well housed and not overcrowded, but one in 25 will become temporarily homeless during the year. While most of the poor have a sufficient and fairly steady supply of food, one in five poor adults will experience temporary food shortages and hunger at some point in a year

    • DaytoDay

      Excellent comment and observation, I completely agree.

    • Gary2

      it means nothing comparing the poor here to the poor elsewhere. We live here. absolute vs. relative poverty.

    • Gary3

      Don’t try to confuse me with the facts.

    • “The average poor American has more living space than the typical non-poor person in Sweden, France, or the United Kingdom.” I live in Sweden and has absolutely no clue to what you are talking about. Also, Sweden is above USA on the welfare list and we have no problem with living space whatsoever… as you americans might have.

    • Disappointed

      I completely agree.

  • This is just hartbreaking. In my neighborhood, no one is hungry – All have food stamp cards, aid for dependent children,freed medical and dental, rent paid for, then again, the kids will go around and take everything that is not nailed down. WHY? MEAN- THAT IS WHY- NO ONE TEACHING THEM VALUES -TOO BUSY GETTING TATTOS, GETTING WIGS AND NAIL DONE. I do not care to help anyone with behavior like that. Sorry-say what you want but that is how it is with me. We, in this country is hanging by a frayed thread.

  • JR

    Well, feckless Obumbler DID say he wanted to redistribute America’s wealth around the world. So… whatcha complaining about you “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters? Upset you have no life in mommy’s basement, no future, no career? Well… YOU VOTED FOR THE FECKLESS OBUBMLER

  • bumpkin

    Interesting video, but the report did not GO deep enough. I noticed that under the streets, in the drains, with the couple interviewed, the man was smoking cigarettes. Did they ask WHY he looked like a drug addict? did they ask any one of the kids if their mo or dad, or caregiver had a drug or gambling problem? It merely paints the picture of poverty-stricken families. However, I am VERY well aware of the fact that drug addicts, alcoholics and the like ALWAYS get their drugs and never prioritize their living expenses beyond their next fix. This video is a poorly-done promotion of the Democrat’s agenda, and pushing Obama down our throats. Not ONE of these sob-stories was fully explored. Give me a BREAK! Did the reporter go into the Herndon’s home to see if Dad with the protruding intestine has big-screen TV and a satellite receiver-bill? Does he have a cell phone? Any one of these little treats can pay a monthly cost on a medical bill. If they even have electricity, they can have it turned off and use that money for a payment on a monthly hospital bill. I lived for years without electricity, even while raising babies, and shopped in the county dump for everything but groceries, which I grew, and I STILL managed to go to college and get my RN and lift myself out of my poverty- I am not at ALL impressed with this democrat/liberal propaganda.

    • gary2

      antecdotal eveidence is the worst kind

    • Disappointed

      I noticed that too, and I wondered how he could afford cigarettes in such a bad situation, they are expensive.

  • bumpkin

    Oh, and BTW, I have a family member, that when he was 6, made a poster that said “I want to have powers in my hands, and I want to be a bum. He turned into one of the most successful bums I have ever met, playing hard on his family’s Christian heritage, to get free housing, twisting stories, and outright lying to get free food from poverty-pantries, etc. He hates to work. Refuses, in fact, yet he smokes cigarettes- maybe a half-pack to a pack a day- over $5.00 a pack, you know, now. He’s pathetic but happy and lazy. His Grandpa used to tell him stories as a little boy about when he was a 15 year-old railroad bum, after running away from home. Some people will not be helped- they must decide to help themselves. You work your tails off, and fight to get rid of Unions, and I will promise you, more people will have jobs, work for less wages and little retirement, and still be able to live and eat. When people cannot pay the asking price of rent, and the tax shelters cannot simply write off the loss of rent, the landlord will lower the cost of rent. This repair can be done, but not until there are many government slick-tricks that are changed, and some pollies’ offices outright sacrificed. Get RID of about half the political offices- put those same pollies to work pushing a shovel, instead of paying their fat bacons to sit and make life hell for all of us, turn the pollies’ offices that are abandoned into shelters for the homeless, and you can make a positive difference. Nothing like menial labor to re-educate some smart-donkey. It is going to get ugly, and those who will not do menial labor because its “too hard” will die. Grow a garden, and learn to eat naked veggies and starches.

    • daBill

      Well, you were doing fine until you got the the “get rid of unions part” which is just inane parroting of the “Standards of Conservative Drivel” playbook. People won’t have more jobs with less unions, because that won’t stop the “jobs creators” from exporting jobs overseas if they can fill their own pockets that much more. The unions keep you from working a 60 hour week at straight-rate (and probably lower) wages. They keep your kids from getting nifty jobs like putting the explosives into the hole too small for a man to go into, and despite concession made in the face of the recession, the GOP wants to do away with them? Nope! I’m not in a union, haven’t been for 40 years, but I understand the value of having them in place. Tell YOUR boss that you’d like to work for minimum wage before you start telling others that you expect them to do so.

  • rosa-rooter

    i work at a county health dept. many people who come here for services have their backs up against the wall with no money, no job, health problems, the works. we here have jobs but went three years w/o raises. our pay is substandard and many of us cannot afford health care. it’s not fun.

  • DB200

    Yes, you can see on the horizon the financial collapse of the U.S.

    This statement was already shown on television in november 2005. Look at the following movie, the day the dollar falls:

  • Mad Max

    This is nothing. Right now we are experiencing a soft collapse. When the hard collapse arrives you won’t be talking, you’ll be looking for answers and a way out.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Good Luck!

    • DB200

      On your link I read the following:

      “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”
      ~ Albert Einstein

      Now guess what, this is Mr. Bernanke doing with his QE. Each time that the economy tanks, more money creation by Helicopter Ben.

      By definition (and with approval from Albert Einstein himself) the conclusion is that Mr. Bernanke must be insane.

  • Richard

    All we have to do to get our economy going in the right direction and to get our country back, is to expose and indict one Barack Hussein Obama and his criminal cabal in Washington, D.C. That’s it. Plain and simple. These marxists/communists in our govt have accomplished their blood-less coup on our govt starting with the ‘placing’ of BHO in as POTUS! Ever since he’s come on the scene it’s one debacle after another. We have to stop behaving like sheep, demand this subversive Obama show his records, and get his a** in a court of law, any court of law!

    If that one feat could be accomplished, Obama would fall like a house of cards. It would be impossible for him to stand on his past and his records that he’s been hiding from day one. He’s not eligible to be POTUS. We already know this. Do not let that sellout Judge Malihi in Georgia dampen our spirits. The most expedient way out of our mess is to expose this criminal in our White House.

    You all know this is the final answer to our ills. This man Obama is an enemy of America. Everything he’s done is anti-business, anti-American. He craps all over our Constitution. He shows no respect for our Rule of Law. A prime example of how far the corruption has gone, is just look at Eric Holder’s attitude at one of those Fast & Furious hearings. The man is a perjuror and a felon! He’s the highest law enforcement office in the land. Look at his lying, conniving ways. This man isn’t interested in justice, he and Obama have an agenda, and that is to destroy America while they are in control.

    We must at all costs keep the eligibility issue of this Trojan Horse on the front burner. No letting up. This man is a direct national security threat to our nation. He’s been privy to top-secret, classified information. The enemy’s inside the gate and it’s fight or die. No other options left, America!

  • Kevin2

    When chicken can be had for less then $1 a pound it’s hard to believe people are eating rats. Times are hard but not that hard. Someone can pan handle $5 / day.

    • Gary3

      50# bag of rice is $17 at Sam’s. Spaghetti less than $1/pound.

    • Alasha

      that’s just mean, Kevin2. smirk

    • Katilyn

      Chicken for $1.00/pound? Where?

  • Cinderella Man

    Wow Craig that was like the sheepiest reply Ive ever heard. Youre not willing to support Ron Paul because he says the govt. dosent have the right to tell you what you can put into your body or tell a woman she has no right to sell her body. Nope Just keep filling our prisons up with non violent offenders for ever cause some people dont agree with what you do with yourself. Stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution man just cause someone gives you free goodies ie. food stamps ect. dosent mean you should sell out to the darkside!

  • Nick

    Don’t get so down Michael.

    Perhaps you should read F it by John Parkin?

    I have an AK and don’t care that much anymore, so I sleep good at night. It’s all a racket – it’s just business.

  • Willing to eat rat meat

    They eat field mice and rats in Vietnam. I am sure it tastes just like chicken. If you can eat a squirrel, you can eat a rat. Not a sewer rat, of course.. lol But a field rat should be a nice, tasty meal. The Koreans ate rat meat during the 50s war. If you are fussy, this, uh, could be a problem.

  • Brian Rodderick

    Who do we owe this money too?? Who do we pay this money too?? and if we do owe this money to some other people and those people are quite prepared to watch the world die uf hunger then why are we investing any money at all with these monsters???

    Tell the money lenders to pluck off!

  • wide awake

    Well, what a lot of differing opinions here, the main pointy seems to be you all think you’re ***********, yes you are unless you start teaching your children how to sew, grow and throw… take them out of the school system now, cook proper food for them, prepare them like you weren’t prepared by your parents. IF this mess does get sorted (big if) they wont need the education you’ve given them, if it does, they will and never forget who will look after you when you’re old? That’s right, yoru children and the children of others, somehow I don;t look forward to being force fed an ipod whilst watching taped episodes of American Idol, I hear there’s not many calories in a bad apple 😉

  • mondobeyondo

    Having cat stew for dinner tonight. Going to add a little soy sauce, to give it an Asian flavor, since it’s a Siamese cat.

    Yes, that is a joke. Please don’t take that seriously.
    I would never, ever do that. I love animals.

    • Gary3

      I hear dog is tastier. A man’s got to eat. If it’s me or Fido, nice knowing you Fido..

      • Peter Andrews

        You are obviously a thoroughly unpleasant person.

  • Problem is , we innovate and the corps outsource it.
    The old rules don’t apply.
    Fair trade is not free trade.
    Im a RP supporter. but afraid all candidates
    fall down on trade/jobs

  • Mike

    why eat rats when there are Ducks and Geese there are so meny you cant even walk in the park unless you want ******* on your shoes I say eat the ************ Ducks and Geese then next is the Politicians open pit style and a good sauce then next the peolpe that hate the poor you see we will never run out of them to eat there are meny of them. the poor just have to change there eating habits.
    you people picking on children that are without food some thing is not wright with you and I served in the Military to protect you .

    • BenjiK

      It is illegal and punishable by law for starving people to eat ducks, geese, fish and most wild game without the proper license, permits, stamps, etc… Not too mention the regulated seasons, bag limits, size limits, gender limits, zone regulations, mandatory registration laws, etc…


  • Old Man

    Greece is suffering big time. But does anyone has great sympathy for the Greeks? Very few. Because they brought it upon themselves.

    American is suffering big time. That is, according to the high standard Americans are used to. That high standard include big fat SUV for everybody, eating out in fancy restaurants every other night, 50% obesity and 50 pills per week, limitless debt, buy every gadget ever produced, a life soaked in TV, Facebook, smart phones, violent video games and daily trips to the shopping malls. A society who think 75% consumption is a Constitutional right.

    The Greeks have more and bigger gods than every other culture. While Americans firmly believe their country was create by none other than God. Both think they are indestructible. Can get away with anything.

    Well then, enjoy the next decade together. In the Costa Concordia.

    • denny

      I suggest you read a little more about what happened to Greece and when you do you’ll find the name of Goldman Sucks very prominent in their demise. In fact, wherever nations and states are having difficulties GS always seems to be looming in the background, just out of our vision. Strange that all of the people taking over the reins of troubled nations have or have had ties to Goldman Sucks. Obviously, you’re still blaming the victims and it’s also obvious that you haven’t understood yet that the elites WANT IT ALL AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT.

  • retired

    ain’t buying it…when i was young, i roofed houses; hard work under the Louisiana sun…didn’t like it, but it paid the bills….if there is no jobs in vegas, hell, leave. i live in the little town in the deep south where i was born. you can get a job here; hell, you can get two jobs here. live in an rv if you have to; a used one. wash cars; wash houses; cut lawns, rake leaves; work for cash. we cut lots of timber here. grab a chain saw; you can make a living. you won’t drink a lot of jack daniels, but you can make a living

    • Maggie

      Please tell me which town has some jobs. I teach sociology, and I am very concerned about my college students who may not be able to find work when they are finished with their degrees. Many people still think that a college degree is going to get them a good job…

  • Bruce

    it was never a good idea to send millions of jobs to china..but congress gave themselves big bonuses along with the banks and slave owners…how many people really believed we were going to have high tech …don’t worry, obama will take your guns then bring you to a nice labor camp…

  • nepenthean

    I used to work in Maryvale within as a medical imaging tech. That place is ************. The people there are absolutely filthy. 90% of the patients were welfare recipients popping out kid after kid whose dirty diapers they threw in our parking lot.

    People openly urinate on the medical buildings. What will happen when US austerity begins?

    We had illegal immigrants EVERYDAY. Did you know US citizens pay for their food, clothes, ALL medical care, dentistry, and their monthly stipend? Did you know they do NOT get summarily deported? Did you know WE pay for their legal counsel to remain in the US.

    Sweet dreams, America.

  • How sad that video is.I wish I could find them and feed them, give them my bed to rest teir weary heads.
    There won’t BE any jobs either, because that ‘mystery
    man ” in the white house wants the 15-20 thousand, or
    is it million illigal aliens here taking our jobs.
    My beautiful daughters in las vegas and phoenix have
    been trying to find jobs for 5 years. It saddens me so. our president does not give a hoot if we american
    citizens dont have a job. All he cares about is catering to people from foreign countries who steal us blind, from food stamps, Doctors, free births, educ
    ation, stealing our cars, trucks, everything in our yards, knocking people off their bikes and taking off with them. So what, “mystery man says,THEY will get me elected to another term. If he does get elected it will be 100% fraudulent, as was 2008 with ACORN criminal activities helping him, dead people,prisoner’s the list is enormous. So what he says,I make the rules here. Yeah, sure he does, he’s using a fake social security number of a man who died in the 1800’s, he’s used to date, up to 25 different S.S. numbers. No employer could hire him, because his social s. # and birth certificate do not match. He has had 2 court dates , one in May, 2010 with 17 illigal things, and one in georgia last month. How many people know that ? He & his attorney didn’t even show for that. They are in contempt, but he and the shadow gvernmt so powerful, he thinks he’s above the law.
    I heard our mystery man say the illigals don’t have to have voter I.D. , its too much trouble for them, He surely knows the mexican government gives I.D. to them before they cross the border to use in banks, ect…..Keep in mind folks, before you go feel sorry for the mystery criminal, the bills he’s passed, and still doing so, has been to destroy the freedoms we’ve had as Americans. Thats his goal. he’s told his friends in college, that we’re doing things wrong, the way we run our country, and intended tio change it. You won’t recognize america in 2 years people. Wake up and smell the coffee, it will soon be too late.The worst is yet to come. and==You wont like communism,and certianly not sharia law, They are inbred, the reason for their abuse to girls and womwn…….You’RE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT =========BUT IT”LL BE TOO LATE.


  • John

    I don’t live much better than most of the people, by choice. I could easily afford a more affluent lifestyle, but I’d rather have savings than luxuries. So I drive a fifteen year old car, think before I buy anything, and have an $600 a month apartment furnished with items that I picked up at garage sales and several pieces that I scavenged out of abandoned apartments 20 years ago when I managed apartment buildings for a living in college.

    These people are not poor. They don’t know what poor is. Nobody in this country does.

    • Ann

      Amen to that John… My parents had 7 children and back in the day while my dad was in the hospital we had to eat rice and lima beans and biscuits EVERYDAY!!! Yet we were not poor because we had shelter and a little food.

  • John

    Oh the poor kids who have to live in hotels. I know a guy who lives in an old camper. This is in Florida. He doesn’t have heat or air conditioning. I don’t hear him complaining. He goes to work every day and puts his money away. He’s saving to buy something better.

  • Lisa wilson

    Hi! I believe the video is a good picture of whats happening. I have met so many people who have lost there homes & jobs in the last 3 years. These people are not getting welfare. I several who had 3-4,500 sq. feet homes & helped others now own nothing. They live in 8×32 trailers they could find. These are not your govt. takers. These were the backbone of the country. Have some compassion. The children in the videos parents were living in tents & it said they did not qualify for assistance. You can’t get assistance when you don’t have an address or children to support & even then not much in some areas of the country. I know people who do take every advantage of govt. assistance, but these ARE NOT the same people.If you have any money for retirement pull it out & buy food , cause it isn’t going to be worth the monthly statements before long.I so long to be in the country again. I grew up on the farm& desire to be there, but don’t have the money to buy any land.God bless&think ahead.

  • John

    This kind of cry baby woe is me crap does no one any good. It’s just an
    incitement to whine, and dither, and give up. It’s full of inaccuracies.
    The manufacturing sector did not collapse, it was gutted. This isn’t the
    work of Obama, it’s been accomplished over thirty years.

    I see the guys providing medical and dental services to the poor and I think
    that’s the way it should be. We should all be doing that. WE need to help
    these people, but they should be helping themselves too. I see the tent
    cities and think that’s good. They’re trying to figure out ways to get by.

    Look, they WANT you helpless and dependent. They want you to be accept the
    mental status of the incompetent victim who needs the government to rescue
    you. Look, the last thing you want is to be dependent on the government. You
    don’t want to rely on them, you cannot trust them. Trust yourself. Get used
    to the habit of depending on yourself, and forget about scumbag politicians
    and the government. And if you have money, help people who need it. Don’t make
    them crawl for government scum. Give them the self respect that comes from
    accepting help from a human being. The fact that you will do something for them
    will restore their hope and their prospects better than any worthless manipulative
    government program.

  • Chrism

    I would like to address what I personally believe are two fundamental misunderstandings related to Global Outsourcing and Corporate Taxes. It’s easy to make it black and white and blame companies for outsourcing when you don’t actually own a company.

    I own a company that offers a service online. We compete with other companies that offer the same service who are based all over the world. Our pricing is about mid-tier and to compete and succeed in this market I have had to do the following three things, 1) Work out of a home office which translates to low overhead 2) Hire people overseas to handle most of the programming, data entry tasks, etc 3) Provide free trials for potential clients. The only time I can hire someone in the US is on a 1099 part time basis. As I see it there are five main deterrence’s to hiring a full time employee in the US – Liability, Taxes, Gov regulation, Insurance costs, higher wages.

    When I hire someone overseas I don’t have to deal with any of that. I think it could be tempting to look at this situation from the outside and say that I am being unamerican and just need to deal with it and hire employees that live here. But this is the hard reality that I face as a business owner. I can’t! I can’t magically make all of those dollars appear in my account to allow me to hire US based employees. My costs would be increased not 2 fold but literally 10 fold! I wouldn’t have the slightest chance at competing in this market. I cant speak for others but in my situation it has 0 to do with greed and everything to do with survival. I’m basically stuck in a place of having to adapt to a broken system.

    In regard to Corporate taxes. I hear people saying all of these corporations aren’t paying taxes, they are so greedy, etc etc.. Maybe it is true in some cases but let me explain just some basics on biz/personal tax. My company makes $100. Technically my company doesn’t pay any taxes on that $100. But I need the money for my own living expenses so I have to draw that $100 into my personal account. As soon as I do that then I am heavily taxed on that $100. Even though the company didn’t pay the tax on that $100 I did as soon as I took it out for personal income tax. Some people are saying that the corporation should be taxed too, double taxation. So, here is how that would work. My company makes $100. The government takes let’s say 35% of that off the top so now I have $65. I pay that $65 to myself and the government takes 35% of that for personal income tax. So now I have $30. So, in that environment I make $100 and the government takes $70. Being an entrepreneur in this country is already a bit stifling at times, if it gets to that point no one will want to start a business here. Big fan of this site but see these two issues as recurring themes here and just wanted to provide an additional perspective.

    • gary2

      How many of your “businesses expenses” do you deduct that are not really business expenses.

      The last part of your post is false regarding the taxes you say you would have to pay.

      You need to be taxed! quit complaining and pay your fair share

      • Gary2islame

        Gary2, pull your head out of your @55. Climb out of your moms basement and see the reality of your pathetic life.

  • igotadose

    Nothing new here. Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em. Got as far as the first 10 minutes of the video; why doesn’t Mom get a job, and cut her kids hair? And, why is Dad so much older than Mom? Why is mr. Tiler smoking while living in the storm drain?

    Live below your means. Do the math. If you’re worried about an impending economic collapse, don’t create children to live through it.

  • “No, the truth is that it is a natural consequence of our foolish economic policies.”


    The problem is the system it self. This is just the way capitalism works. Capitalism like any other ideology like socialism, communism etc. is based on exploitation. An upper class (call it whatever you want) exploits the lower class, usually people with poor education.

    Until you understand that, nothing can change.

    Please watch
    to UNDERSTAND what I mean.

  • Emily

    I would share this article, but it terribly distorts the truth about the Republicans and their views on the issue. It is so sickeningly partisan that ultimately, it will not help what is not a partisan problem in America.

    Drop the partisan crap! This is not a partisan issue!

    • Gary2

      It is the republicans who caused this mess.

      • JustanOGuy

        Sure thing… send more money in to Washington D.C.

        The Republicans may have started the mess but the Dems compounded it after taking over Congres in 2006.

  • sm1ofakind

    That guy with the hernia was told to go the ER, but the ER would only tell him to see his doctor. Unless he was septic right then when we went in, they wouldn’t do anything for him. He is absolutely right in saying that they’re going to send him a bill. And what a bill it will be…an astronomical charge (minimum $1500) for an ER doctor to tell you to see you’re family doctor.

  • Jon

    Another excellent documentary of despair is the BBC documentary: Requiem of Detroit


  • Jon
  • John Doh

    The only rats here are the ones in our government!

  • mondobeyondo

    Once again, back by ever-popular demand…
    The Tsar Bomba video, a metaphor of America’s future:

    And this is a visual illustration of what our U.S. government entitlement programs will be like in 2020:

    (I’m watching “Saturday Night Live” in between being online right now, so my creative juices are flowing….)

    • mondobeyondo

      Okay, the song on the second video mentioned is not the best…..
      Personally, if I had posted that YouTube video (I did not), I would have picked “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, as my first choice.

      Second choice: “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”, by Drowning Pool.

      Third choice: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the Mary Poppins soundtrack.

  • cw

    Why are we sending BILLIONS to other countries and letting our own people starve ? You tell me…Please! Something is wrong in this country!

  • Marie

    The point is this is all a result of the Spiritual Decline of America. We have removed God, The Creator, and His Commandments from everything and we now reap what we sow.
    My heart is heavy for the people in this article that have been reduced to this heartbreak. There is no bailout for them because they are not “too big to fail” as the banks or corporations.

  • America_is_dead

    Every time I see stuff like this about what is going on in the USA I thank God that I live in Canada. Our two countries are similar in a lot of ways but even the poorest in Canada have free medical care, access to good schools for their kids, and food and shelter. Meanwhile the Americans have been so brainwashed by the “pull up your own bootstraps” ideology that they persist in supporting truly awful politicians who give tax breaks and corporate welfare to the 1% while most Americans go down the drain. The greed of wealthy Americans is absolutely shameful.

    • Gary2

      Amen you are 100% correct. There was a study out of Canada showing conservatives to not be as smart as the average non conservative. It simply proved what most people already know.

  • Deanna

    Doesn’t any one see what is wrong with people? In this video one woman is complaining she can not afford a hair cut for her son.
    I cut my 3 kids hair. They have never had a “paid” hair cut. I cut mine own. Use a mirror and cut a way. I am ok with that, you do what you got to do.
    The ones living in a hotel. I looked at the background and saw all kinds of cooking gadgets and other electronics I can’t afford. But we do set money aside to pay our mortgage.
    And people lined up for free health care, talking on cell phones! I pay for health insurance, I don’t pay for a cell phone.
    People have their priorities mixed up.
    People still want it ALL.
    I don’t even have TV servie. I bought a USED vehicle I paid cash for.
    I garden and can and freeze food for the winter and raise livestock to eat. I work hard.
    I don’t have much but I do have a house and health insurance. That is what Ron Paul was talking about. Why should I pay for the lady that has no health insurance but she has a cell phone, TV service and electric mixers and so forth. I don’t have those. How about she pays those for me first?
    People are screwed up and they are not going to make it thru another depression!

  • Hamberger

    You have to do what you have to do -_-

  • gospelcorgi

    Thanks so much for this article, I will definitely watch the video. I live in suburban Maryland, which in many ways, I feel, has been insulated from the brunt of the recession. There are so many people eating out at chain restaurants still, like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and others, stores such as Best Buy are still packed, and while a few stores have closed, others have opened and are thriving, while other stores are continuing to prepare to open their doors and construction of roads goes on as normal, if not at a faster pace. It causes one to ask the question, “Recession? What recession?” Come to my part of my Maryland, and it would have never crossed your mind that a recession ever happened, save for the rising gas and food prices. This article is such a stark contrast to what I see in front of me, but I *believe* it. Times are going to get worse. That’s why Americans must turn to the Bible and seek God and repent for their sins and turn to him before it’s too late.

    • Michelle

      It is the same here in south central Kentucky gospelcorgi. We have employers practically begging on TV and radio for employees. This is a nice area, low cost of living, etc. Restaurants are full, as are grocery stores, malls etc. Road construction going on everywhere. New buildings, houses etc. It is very disconcerting to read this stuff and live in an area that is just the opposite.

  • Woody

    I quit watching after 5 seconds when the commentator said that America “is the richest nation on earth.” With such a bold-faced lie to start the video, the veracity of the entire production is suspect.

  • Ambrodel

    My father runs a retail fish market and he says he’s shocked at the number of people on food assistance come in and buy king crab legs and other very expensive items.

    True poverty is a travesty, but the current welfare state is a farce. The people in these videos struggle yet lots of other abuse the system shamelessly. A few bad apples as they say….

  • Millions of adult Americans live in other people’s homes with no prospect for work, many of them with medical problems.

  • Steve Withers

    I wouldn’t blame the price of gas on any single leader except perhaps Ronald Reagan. He wound back Jimmy Carter’s energy efficiency programmes that would have laid the ground work for the end of the era of cheap oil. We’re there now. No leader is going to change that now. Time is up.

    America needs more and better public transport. Soon, millions of people will not be able to afford to drive to work. They will need some other way to get there. This has been coming for decades and politicians and the public have been in collective denial about it. That isn’t going to be an option anymore.

  • BFH

    I was a police officer for 18 years back when they were the good guys. I always played by the rules and treated people fairly. I saw the way things were getting and got the hell out. I bought a tow truck and ran a towing service for 6 years until fuel prices and contractual issues made it unprofitable for me. I was losing money on most calls and sold out and figured I would just go to work for the other man. I am educated and healthy but because I am 57 no one wanted to hire me. I was not eligible for unemployment because I was self employed. My wife is disabled and gets about 700 per month. We get 240 dollars per month is food stamps. After many months and hundreds of applications I found a part time job for a transportation company. I was ecstatic. The job required sometimes multiple trips during my 12 hour on call shift (no wages for being on call) to the office to get the van and make the trip. I was paid 13.4 cents per mile. That averages less than minimum wage. The office was 17 miles away and my vehicle gets 18 miles to the gallon. At today’s fuel prices once again I lose money on most calls. I can not even overcome the loss of the food stamps. What the hell am I to do? Healthy, educated, excellent drivers history, clear criminal history, and can pass a drug test any and every day. There are no decent paying jobs out there folks. The employers know they can financially rape us (and most do) because so many are looking for work. The only people who do not understand this problem are those who presently have jobs that pay well. They do not understand us who are over the barrel. They will though when they become unemployed themselves. Pray for me and my family please.

  • greg

    In Australia for anyone who cannot afford it is the Medical Benefits System. You dont get your choice of doctors but if you have some life threatening illness, you can still get treated. The problem is the time it takes to get treatment but even if you are filthy rich, your specialist can bump you down the list if a worse emergency hit the table for that doctor. In the system, though, it is a little like sky diving. You pull the chute cable and hope for the best. Most times it comes through. My 74 year old father in law was diagnosed with heart problems so bad that he needed a pacemaker with defibrillator installed in his chest which is a very expensive unit. He got it and it was on the public purse. We also have the Pharmaceutical Benefits Fund where if your drugs are on their list and let us say would normally cost anyone $100s or $1000s a month to just SURVIVE or die without them, the fund pays most of it and you may be hit with $70 a month or even less.

    Those two things are, from what I understand, Obama wanted but I doubt that everything he wanted would get through. I note that our pharmaceutical benefits are under attack here by the pharmaceutical companies so why not there in USA?

    For me it comes down to this – if the patient WISHES to survive then they should be helped, not drained of money and hope. If the patient is someone who caused their own problems due to being a drug addict or something of the sort and needs help then sure, make them sign a document explicitly explaining this one time help as long as they dont go back on the drugs, alcohol or whatever and if they go back, they are on their own. If they dont, they learned their lesson and may become a good part of society again.

    Our enemies are NOT our sick and elderly like the 2011/2012 Australian govt are pointing at to our public. Our enemies are those who wish to make us live in their ways or die. So stop attacking ourselves, help those who need it and those who caused it to themselves ONCE only and defend against those who are truly our enemies because one day, if you live long enough, you WILL be old and/or sick. You WILL be the target at which you sneer now, when that day comes. Think and act NOW for tomorrow!


  • Wasn’t that video absolutely mind blowing?

    I sympathize greatly with the down-and-out but may I suggest that when interviewing “poor folks” that you select the poor unable to afford to feed a pet dog?

  • robert

    i raised four children alone
    and no one gives a *************

    wake up
    infowars com henrymakow com

    the rich ***************** in this world

    the boats bought buy millionaires


    for a toy they use a half dozen times

    a ************* YEAR

  • Circus Circus

    Here is the MATRIX decoded for you:
    Our American life is nothing but a CIRCUS on a daily basis.
    Just like in a circus:
    We have puppets and the elite pulling the strings from behind.
    We have clowns in Congress.
    We love colors…everything is color coded.
    Its all smoke and mirrors and heavy on financial acrobats.
    World loves to come to America precisely because we have a circus show going on 24/7 and we all want to come in and have a seat (home). Some of us go on to become performers (who fool around in their acts and fool us at the same time).
    We are all doing silly. stupid funny things to entertain and make others smile…even to the point of behaving like animals. Just like animals we see at a circus.
    Its one big Circus and its out of control..:)
    You know what happens when u have an out of control circus?
    Get ready to get mauled by the animals.

  • Susie Survivor

    I appreciate your concern & spotlight on the conditions of the poor. However, I also believe that you are a bit misguided if you really believe that President Obama is the cause, and quite naive if you think that this is anything new. Gas prices had skyrocketed in just months after Bush was elected (well before 9/11), and nearly tripled during his terms…In Obama’s term the actually went down a little, but have been fluctuating, & are rising yet again…They have never gone back down to what they were before Bush took office. As far as poverty goes, I’m glad someone’s watching (at least a little bit). FYI…I grew up in a white upper-income community in Upstate, NY, many of my friends/acquaintances were children of wealthy-even millionaires (more than a few of which ended up at some time or another on welfare). When I married a man from another country, & moved to another state in the American SW, I was shocked at the level of poverty, cruel ambivalence, & prejudice that I saw. It was heartbreaking (especially with my own memories of mounds of presents that would take nearly an entire day to unwrap) to see children exuberant just to find a few pine boughs in someone’s trash-because it would be their first Christmas tree. Heartbreaking, whenever it rained, to see water from faucets so brown, & thick, it had to be boiled before drinking, and bathing in it was a joke. Heartbreaking to have to shake out your clothes, and bed linens, repeatedly, and carry your food with you-which otherwise could be instantly crawling in cock roaches… Living in “projects” that bred violence & despair-yet were the only alternative for many hard-working folks. Folks who often had to walk or bike (if they weren’t yet stolen) miles to work & back-for peanuts-peanuts that could barely pay for the basic bills, let alone lift anyone- above or out of there. I could tell you horror stories that I witnessed first-hand…Stories off hard-working folks with no medical help available…Of the Uninsured being turned away from hospitals-even women in labor-who delivered their babies alone on a hospital floor; folks losing limbs, losing babies, & doc’s preforming surgeries/D & C’s without anesthesia-because they had no insurance to pay…This was not a third world country-This was America…It was America in the 80’s & 90’s, & It’s still America today. It certainly was not President Obama’s fault-He actually worked to help fight it…But it’s a shame on America, and it’s “all of our shame”…It’s nothing new…but it is increasing because we haven’t changed…We haven’t changed our thinking…We haven’t stopped listening to the lies of the wealthy & the rich…Lies that tell us the poor are poor because of their own doing…Lies that accuse the poor, the sick, the injured, the disabled of being just lazy-the homeless being just worthless drug-addicts & alcoholics…We’ve all heard (& some even believed)the lies & the stories of so many welfare recipients living “high off the hog”…& we continue to buy into the belief of “trickle-down” economics, of the proud Military Industrial Complex, Of the Wall-Street “fat-cats”, the bankers-money lenders, of the pharmaceutical/medical supply/insurance giants, the industrial rapists of our lands, the polluters of our waters, our air, our food, & our bodies…we believe them because they have the money…they have the power, the influence…the media-TV broadcast time, the publications…they own it all…and we all want it too…The so-called American dream…so we all continue to believe them. Yet, as long as we continue to vote for them, as long as we continue to believe their illusions, repeat their lies, & propagate their greed, their lusts, their whoredoms, & care more for their filthy lucre than for our neighbor/ourselves…then we only have ourselves to blame in the end. What goes around comes around…The ripple effects us all… They tout the “Red, White, & Blue”…but it is not their blood which is shed…it is not their limbs which turn black & blue-It is ours…It is our children’s…Shame on them-Shame on us all…

    • Vicki Brady

      Very poignant Susie. May I post your reply on my FB page?

  • Rachael

    Don’t people really understand? This is not a democratic/republican issue? Poverty in America has been there for a long, long time. Yet it has grown progressively worse in recent years, both under Republican and Democratic leaderships. Why, it was under a Republican leadership who first made it possible for companies to move their businesses abroad, and they did by the thousands! That was over 25 years ago! But the fact remains, that all parties since have not tried to change that! Dems as well as Reps.!! So now, in the last few years, after the crash, poverty has taken a jump with so many more unemployed and underemployed, with so little if any income. So let’s quit playing the name blame game and act like we have a few more brains than our leadership! Admit there’s a big problem and than ask ourselves, “what can ‘I’ do to help”. Where’s the Christians, the so called churches out there? Jesus commands we as individuals are supposed to feed the hungry, clothe the naked … Yet we sit, asleep, turning our head and blaming others. How ashamed I am to have another country look at the Christian faith and say, “I don’t want to be Christian…look at how they treat other people, worse than the Taliban. So, we ARE the infidels after all!

    • monotheist

      that’s because jesus is fake sir. Jesus is a cop out not to follow the 600+ rules of God dummy.

  • M jones

    Jesus said, “the poor he have with you always.”

    • JulianBashir

      That does not in any way justify poverty. Why you quote Jesus is to what end? The truth of the matter is that Jesus was saying that it is OUR fault, OUR responsibility, as humans, for what happens to our brothers, which includes the poor.

      If we did not spend trillions of dollars every year worldwide just on armaments, imagine what that money could be used for in helping the poor, with food, sanitation, irrigation, education for a better life, etc..

      WE squander the resources God gave us. That’s why Jesus said there will always be poor among us…He knew the human heart and it’s greed.

    • monotheist

      Jesus is a lie

  • mike

    Its over ladies, you destroyed this country In 40 years. You can not build anything, and your to thick to know that’s the only thing that creates wealth. Your a Joke !

  • dmdm

    why is everyone blaming each other as Americans we will survive
    If we had the support of the blamers and NO-DOERS

  • GDD

    Why America gives a single penny to foreign nations while their people are starving is beyond me.

  • Youalldeservedeath

    I blame all the scientist and engineer nerds for everything. When society crumbles if you even look like a geek your heads getting bashed in with a sledgehammer then God can sort you out.

  • segh

    Fellow Americans..If you want to stand up to powerful, corporations and obnoxious, wealthy, power elites, that (think) they can buy the American Government with their wealth, I’ll tell you how you can stop them. Before you vote , decide for your self the political party that spent the most money on their candidates, and do not vote for any politician in that party. Take away their power. Do not vote for that political party. Only the wealthy have the power to buy the politicians. Politicians pass the laws that control your life in America. Money is power, but you can still vote to stop them. As a citizen, you can have the last laugh. You might be helping to keep your self out of poverty, and retain the few freedoms you have left. One of those freedoms is to vote!! If you think the corporations and the power elites have your best interest in their plans for the future of America, vote for their candidates. Its your vote~!

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