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Why Does Maryland Have The Most Millionaires Per Capita? The Answer Might Make You Angry

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Raining MoneyThe fat cats in Washington D.C. are living the high life, and they are doing it at your expense.  Over the past decade, there has been one area of the country which has experienced a massive economic boom.  Thanks to wildly out of control government spending, the Washington D.C. region is absolutely swimming in cash.  In fact, at this point the state of Maryland has the most millionaires per capita in the entire nation and it isn’t even close.  If you have never lived there, it is hard to describe what the D.C. area is like.  Every weekday morning, hordes of lawyers, lobbyists and government bureaucrats descend upon D.C. from the surrounding suburbs.  And at the end of the day, the process goes in reverse.  Everyone is just trying to get their piece of the pie, and it is a pie that just keeps on growing as government salaries, government contracts and government giveaways just get larger and larger.  Of course our founders never intended for this to happen.  They wanted a very small and simple federal government.  Sadly, today we have the most bloated central government in the history of the planet and it gets worse with each passing year.

If you were to ask most Americans, they would tell you that the wealthiest Americans probably live in cities such as New York or San Francisco.  But thanks to the Obama administration (and before that the Bush and Clinton administrations), the state of Maryland is packed with millionaires.  In particular, the Maryland suburbs immediately surrounding D.C. are absolutely overflowing with government fat cats that make a living at our expense.  Every weekday morning, huge numbers of them leave their mini-mansions in places such as Potomac and Rockville and drive their luxury vehicles to work in the city.  As the Washington Post has detailed, at this point approximately 8 percent of all households in the entire state of Maryland contain millionaires, and the rest of the area is not doing too shabby either…

In Maryland, nearly 8 out of every 100 households in 2014 had assets topping $1 million, giving the state more millionaires per capita than any other in the country, according to a new report from Phoenix Marketing International.

The rest of the Beltway isn’t lacking in millionaires either: The District and Virginia ranked in the top 10 among those with the highest number of millionaire households per capita in 2014. In Virginia, which was No. 6 on the list, 6.76 percent of the state’s 3.17 million households are millionaires. And in the District, which rounds out the top 10, 6.25 percent of its more than 292,000 households are millionaires.

And while not too many of them are millionaires, your average federal workers that toil in D.C. are doing quite well too.

Once upon a time, it was considered to be a “sacrifice” to go into “government service”.

Not anymore.

If you can believe it, approximately 17,000 federal employees made more than $200,000 last year.

Overall, compensation for federal employees comes to a grand total of close to half a trillion dollars every 12 months.

In fact, there are tens of thousands of federal employees that make more than the governors of their own states do.

Does that seem right to you?

If you want to live “the American Dream” these days, the Washington area is the place to go.  Just check out the following description of the region from the Washington Post

Washingtonians now enjoy the highest median household income of any metropolitan area in the country, and five of the top 10 jurisdictions in America — Loudoun, Howard and Fairfax counties, and Falls Church and Fairfax City — are here, census data shows.

The signs of that wealth are on display all over, from the string of luxury boutiques such as Gucci and Tory Burch opening at Tysons Galleria to the $15 cocktails served over artisanal ice at the W Hotel in the District to the ever-larger houses rising off River Road in Potomac.

And of course let us not forget the fat cats in Congress.

According to CNN, our Congress critters are now wealthier than every before…

The typical American family is still struggling to recover from the Great Recession, but Congress is getting wealthier every year.

The median net worth of lawmakers was just over $1 million in 2013, or 18 times the wealth of the typical American household, according to new research released Monday by the Center for Responsive Politics.

And while Americans’ median wealth is down 43% since 2007, Congress members’ net worth has jumped 28%.

Not only that, there are nearly 200 members of Congress that are actually multimillionaires

Nearly 200 are multimillionaires. One hundred are worth more than $5 million; the top-10 deal in nine digits. The annual congressional salary alone—$174,000 a year—qualifies every member as the top 6 percent of earners. None of them are close to experiencing the poverty-reduction programs—affordable housing, food assistance, Medicaid—that they help control. Though some came from poverty, a recent analysis by Nicholas Carnes, in his book White Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policymaking, found that only 13 out of 783 members of Congress from 1999 to 2008 came from a “blue-collar” upbringing.


But even though almost all of them are quite wealthy, they don’t hesitate to spend massive amounts of taxpayer money on their own personal needs.

For example, according to the Weekly Standard, more than five million dollars was spent on the hair care needs of U.S. Senators alone over one recent 15 year period…

Senate Hair Care Services has cost taxpayers about $5.25 million over 15 years. They foot the bill of more than $40,000 for the shoeshine attendant last fiscal year. Six barbers took in more than $40,000 each, including nearly $80,000 for the head barber.

And in one recent year, an average of $4,005,900 was spent on “personal” and “office” expenses per U.S. Senator.

So the grand total would have been over 400 million dollars for a single year.

That seems excessive, doesn’t it?

And even when they end up leaving Washington, our Congress critters have ensured that they will continue to collect money from U.S. taxpayers for the rest of their lives

In 2011, 280 former lawmakers who retired under a former government pension system received average annual pensions of $70,620, according to a Congressional Research Service report. They averaged around 20 years of service. At the same time, another 215 retirees (elected in 1984 or later with an average of 15 years of service) received average annual checks of roughly $40,000 a year.

If you can believe it, there are quite a few former lawmakers that are collecting federal pensions for life worth at least $100,000 annually.  The list includes Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Dick Gephardt and Dick Cheney.

Of course the biggest windfalls of all are for our ex-presidents.  Most Americans would be shocked to learn that the U.S. government is spending approximately 3.6 million dollars a year to support the lavish lifestyles of former presidents such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

So does this make you angry?

Or are you okay with these fat cats living the high life at our expense?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…

  • Tim

    Well, here’s an interesting fact. Under The Former Presidents Act, former presidents of the U.S. receive a pension immediately after leaving office. As of 2014, it’s $201,700 a year! They don’t have to wait until they’re a certain age. Under the same law, former presidents are also entitled to staff and office expenses, health insurance and Secret Service protection.

  • Kevin

    We need to take our Country back!

  • and I thought living in a poor third world country was worse….American empire is very good at hiding and blaming other countries for corruption while it is the most corrupt country on earth.

    • K2

      To be fair, not just america.

    • Bill

      A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. ~ Thomas Jefferson

      • ItIsWell

        Very true! On another note I am watching Ukraine who has been suffering from a 70% collapse in their dollar. Here is clip from rt
        Ukrainian supermarkets have imposed rationing of basic products after the drastic fall in the value of the hryvnia. The currency has lost 70 percent of its value causing people to stockpile food and buy electronics as a hedge.

        Restrictions apply for goods such as cooking oil, flour and sugar, Ukraine’s news agency UNN reports Wednesday. Retailers may sell no more than two bottles of sunflower oil, and two packs of buckwheat per customer and, depending on the store, from 3 to 5 kilograms of flour and sugar.

        Bread, rice, potatoes, meat and milk are not yet rationed, but are not so plentiful on supermarket shelves.

    • Support Kira

      That empire is rapidly turning into a third-world cesspool.

    • Mondobeyondo

      There are countries much more corrupt than the U.S. We’re about to give those countries a run for their money – if not politically, then certainly in the private sector.

  • mleblanc138

    A picture of the Maryland “rain tax” in action?

  • Mike Smithy

    For the most part, Maryland is ghetto. If I were a millionaire and had to work in DC, I would opt for Virginia.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Some parts of Maryland are really bad, but others look like you just stepped into paradise. It all depends where you go.


      • Tim

        Yes. I lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (on Kent Island) for 31 years. It was a wonderful place when I was a boy. But the people kept coming and coming until the congestion and development became intolerable. I moved away several years ago.

    • pryman

      After moving to Georgia, I’m beginning to think it’s just as ghetto down here.

    • Gay Veteran

      Maryland is a ghetto? bilge, ever been to rural southwestern VA?

      • Mike Smithy

        Yes, there are impoverished areas of VA to include southwestern VA and Newport News, VA. However, I am not aware of anyone who makes a daily commute into DC from those areas. The commuting areas in northern VA appear to be decent. Based upon my observations, I am not impressed with the DC commuting areas in southern Maryland.

        • Gay Veteran

          well there’s more to MD than southern MD, and even in southern MD there are lots of nice places

  • old fart

    Since we have become a Empire and world Police Money is of no consequence. after all we are rich and have the worlds fastest printing press and China sends us all of the paper we need to make those $ bills. We even are able to support half of the nations Drones with all that they want,
    we will be able to do this forever after all Empires never fall or fail.

  • K

    A Country, of the rich, by the rich,and for the rich. That is what you have left now.

  • RageHard84

    Whatever happened to getting wealthy in the private sector?

    • Mondobeyondo

      That part of the American dream has been exported to China and India… with a few scattered exceptions here and there (Apple, Microsoft, Wal-Mart…)

    • Gay Veteran

      see Wall Street banksters

    • Arcanek

      It’s called lobbying.

  • Bill

    Remember those very expensive toilet seats procured by the Pentagon? Now you know who they went to. Also, paper is very expensive around the Beltway. Nothing “butt” the best for the big a—s.

  • pryman

    This article can be kind of misleading from the African-Americans point of view who live in the DMV, which used to be a majority of them. I know because I was born and raised in the DMV. Prince Georges County, MD, which is adjacent to the right side of DC, do have the African-Americans with the highest income of all counties in the U.S. However the cost of living is so high that they are barely making it, even with their above average incomes. Places like the article mentioned, Potomac and Rockville, are in Montgomery County, MD., which have fewer African-Americans and shrinking. By the way, Montgomery County is the richest county in the U.S. period. It sits adjacent to the upper northwest side of D.C. The property values continues to rise just like they are in DC…which again used to be a majority African-American city until gentrification. Meanwhile, African- American cities in Prince Georges County, MD. continue to see their property values decrease, regardless if they’re in high income areas with newer expensive home, or in low income areas with older homes. At the same time, areas like Northern Virginia as the article mentions, is where a lot of those wealthy bureaucrats also reside, and their property values too continue to sore.

    On a side note, after speaking to a relative on Christmas break who goes to college in the the Mid-West, and after learning from a friend many many years ago who went to a technical school out West, I think I need to share something to the young about D.C. Not to sound insulting, but the further you go West, the more young people believe Washington, D.C. is out on the West coast, or is Washington the State. Some reading this article may have even thought that until they read this post.

    Anyway, to put it all in a nutshell, those millionaires live in DC, and the outer suburbs, including Northern Virginia, and some parts of Prince Georges County. However many of them also live in the suburbs in Montgomery County. Then other high-rollers live in places like Anne Arundel County, MD, the county east and north of Prince Georges County. To live in any of these places, you need to make more than 100k. So if you want to take back your country, make sure you’re taking it back from the right people.

  • dontblamemeborn1981

    Wow. I didn’t realize it was this bad. I’m male, and I get a haircut every five weeks, but how can any of the congressmen need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on haircuts?

    • sandbagger

      Yeah, how?

      They really need to take the “haircut” the American worker has!

  • Revoltacoming

    When and if the country goes bankrupt these fat cat politicians will be hung along Pennsylvania Avenue for all to see that we the people mean business and we will preserve the constitution.

    • K2

      Country is already bankrupt. And not just US, the rest of the world too.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Too late, we’re already bankrupt. Obama and Co. just haven’t told you.

    • algol2000

      Who’s we the people? The blacks, the hispanics or the illegals?

      Or the red indians? A divided people can achieve nothing. Divide et impera.

  • GSOB

    The IRS growing, taxing our bread for the ACA.

    Mandated insurance, the biggest fraud on the American people.

    HLS is needing an infusion of dough.

    So what do you know?

    Everyone in a socialist country is a federal employee.

    ISIS continues to kill Christians

    and candidates say they’ll protect us.

    Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD.
    Jeremiah 17:5

    • “while we abort our babies for relief.” The entire world is already extremely overpopulated; if we do nothing about it, life on earth will one day end.

      • K2

        i agree with you that world is overpopulated. But contraception and abstinence is the answer to that, not abortion.

        • GSOB

          Over populated? Says you.

          • K2

            Its not? Says you. Over populated means not in the sense that there isnt enough food, over populated in the sense that there isnt enough jobs in the entire world to provide livelihood to people. This is the true danger of overpopulation.

          • guest

            What is the fixation on ‘jobs’ ?
            The truly demonic system is the rat race.
            Fast, fast, go, go, no time to ‘Be still and know that I am Lord’.
            There are ample resources to provide food, clothing and shelter for, easily 1/3 more people than currently exist.
            The concept of requiring a ‘job’ is an indoctrination tool, one must be deemed useful to the society to be allowed to exist.

          • K2

            ample resources to provide food,clothing,shelter? Please elaborate.

      • GSOB

        So conceive human life, then murder that life so that pleasure can abound. = Relief
        Isn’t that what I just said?

    • Gay Veteran

      adopt any unwanted babies recently?

  • Mike

    They do a great a job making things worse for the average American while they’re in office, and then they get a lifetime supply of easy tax-payer money. What a deal!

  • It seems as though working for the truly rich 0.01% in a political capacity does have its advantages.

  • Horiboyable .

    We all know it can not last. The USA is on the same road that Russia took in the 1990’s, it will commit euthanasia. Here in the UK and the rest of Europe they are travelling the same road to self destruction. Europe sovereign debt are at joke levels and they will soon be feeling the pain when the economy turns down later this year. Good bye NHS.


    It is a time for truth. We are no longer a free people. Land of the Free? FUHGETABOUTIT!! We are a conquered land. Our Masters live in the District of Corruption and the surrounding counties, some of the wealthiest in America. In order to maintain this lifestyle, the peons must be mercilessly taxed and oppressed via PC. Ask yourself what the chances are of electing a “reformer”? This group of federal workers and hangers on will oppose, go slow and sabotage him every step of the way. I have lost my faith in elections as an answer to what ails us. The only hope here (other than a military coup) is for the States to convene an Article V convention as advocated by radio host Mark Levine to try and take back the country. Otherwise, like a fly in the spider’s web we shall be sucked dry and when the husk blows away the power elites will get in to their private jets and fly off to the Caymans. Norman Rockwell is dead. John Galt fled the building long ago. You know we are in a fallen state when the best advice you can give a young person is to get a government job and Go East, Young Person, to the Potomac!!

    • Demi Monde

      My mother gave me the same advice over 30 years ago,and it was great advice. People in the US need librarians, Lord let me tell you, more than ever. Not all government jobs or people who hold them are wealthy, living opulent lifestyles. Most are regular folk doing ordinary, albeit essential work. Calm the heck down with your hysteria and hand wringing.

      • Tim

        Well said.

      • Genada

        It’s much debatable about how much of what eh government does that is really essential. Most of it is not something that should be done on the Federal level, that’s the problem.

        The Federal government should be small in size and play very little part in people’s lives. The Federal government has no accountability and does not respond to the people of the country. It was know by the founders that would happen and why most functions of government were left to state and local government.

        If your paying attention and a tax payer then you should be upset. Money is being wasted, it’s being wasted in ever larger amounts and no one is even attempting to slow it down or stop it.

        • Demi Monde

          So, you see a government that doesn’t have the Library of Congress, or The National Archives and Records Administration, The Smithsonian, The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the National Gallery of Art, the National Zoo, so, is that the country that you want to live in, that doesn’t have these institutions available for the citizenry of the United States of America? What do your America look like, exactly? You don’t think municipalities should support libraries, or parks, or affordable housing, do work with the poor and homeless, maintain public schools? Those should all be privatized? Available now for all, but, your way, for only a few, who can pay? Because the bottom line will be profits. I have a real problem with your kind of thinking, that is willing to exploit the differences between the haves and the have nots, as opposed to leveling the playing field so everyone has the same chance. I will never get that kind of spiteful, entitled thinking.

          • Genada

            Your conflating different things. Municipalities are local government and I am fine with whatever YOUR local government does as long as it does not ask me to pay for it. Just as I would hope you would be fine with the way my local government does things as long as it does not ask YOU to pay for it.

            Most of the things you listed are things that if they were to end today would have nearly zero effect on the majority of the people of this country. There’s no reason that they need to be payed for by all taxpayers, they provide zero benefits to a majority of people.

            I support local government doing all the things you said, working with the poor, public schools and all the other things a local government does and that the people of those local governments want. I think it’s much better if things are left at a local level due to the fact that there’s more of a ability of people to take part in and hold to account those programs. The problem becomes when it goes to levels that are no longer able to be effected by the people.

            Where I live we use a model for our public library that is different then where you are. We have people that volunteer to work at it, it’s supported by donations. It’s free to all and has public access to all. I am not saying I think that would work for all but it does work for us. There’s no reason that there should be one single model, which is what you end up with when things move to a federal level.

            It’s not about profits, it’s about not wasting people’s tax money and holding those that spend accountable. It’s not possible to do that at the federal level, hence why most functions were left at state and local levels at the founding of the republic. The more we have moved away from this the more out of control the government has grown and the less responsive it has become. I fail to see how it’s spiteful to wish for your money not to be taken and given over to projects that fail to serve the nation as a whole. It seems the people that are taking the money of the many for the benefit of the few are the ones acting far more entitled then anyone else.

            The role of government is to provide common defense, protection of property, and the administering of justice. It is not to provide a level playing field, equal chance or anything else of that nature. Once your on a path of doing that, then it’s bound to lead you down a path of picking winners and losers. That’s where we are at now, crony capitalism. Freedom and liberty will lead to outcomes that are different, with winners and losers. You can not have freedom and liberty if your going to try to prevent people from making bad choices and choices that lead to negative outcomes. It’s not the governments role to shield people from that.

          • Orange Jean

            Government waste… at any level should not be tolerated. And I am a big fan of local government and states rights over Federal. The problem is, in a lot of places now local government and states have become highly dependent on Federal grants to do what they do. That is something they should reconsider, for with dependency you lose control.

            At the same time, there are times and places when volunteers alone won’t do the trick… for example, major wildfires in the West (I’ve been in one) or firefighting in places where there is a lot of hazardous waste that volunteers may not have the specialized skills to deal with safely.

          • Orange Jean

            … add to that firefighters and other first responders as well as law enforcement.

            For those who hate law enforcement, I would suggest taking up looking at Westerns or reading about that era for a bit … when the West was wild and so remote there were many places that had no law enforcement, it was rampant with bullies… and innocent citizens who lacked the courage, strength or know how to do what it takes to protect themselves where the ones who suffered.

        • Mondobeyondo

          There are some functions in government that are absolutely essential. You need a military, for one thing. But the problem is, our initially small government that the Founding Fathers had in mind, has morphed into this cancer which is going to destroy itself – but not before it destroys US the People first.

          • GSOB

            Staring point is the survey of the Scriptures. You will find that
            there are four institutions with unique authority He has set up, for His good pleasure.

            Each have specific laws and functions, hence the authority, all are accountable to Him.

            1. Self = accountable to God. Authority over your own body and held responsible. That covers everyone.

            2. Family = Husband is the head of wife & family. Both genders have authority within their roles in the family. For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man; for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.…

            3. Church = The authority to preach the Gospel, the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Women are not to assume the role of teaching over men as a man would in the congregation.

            4. State = A minister(s) of God to execute capital punishment, the sword, to the evil doers. Justice to the end of peace.
            Taxes are for run the that system.
            Okay, I know I have opened up a can of worms but,
            haven’t we been preparing for the worms?
            Acts 12:23

          • Nameless

            This is where it always begins. Life is small, the universe is big. As soon as life gains awareness, and as soon as it moves beyond awareness of the moment… Dissatisfaction arises. Life then projects Perspective upon its surroundings.
            1000 artists can see different things in the same portion of the Absolute they perceive. All relative to self. In time their views are eventually recorded, and in due time such writings become “Gospel”.
            It is from such beginnings, and from such dissatisfaction that “Religion” is created.
            Beware the person that comes upon you representing themselves, or their beliefs as “The true view of the Absolute” Regardless of which God they represent, they are there to do harm.

            Or in more traditional words:

            “If you meet someone claiming to be the Buddha ( or God ) on the road, kill them. (For they are there to kill you)”

          • algol2000

            And Paul(his real name is Saul) is a liar who taught all these lies. There is no church, or state. Only self and family.

          • Arcanek

            You only need a military because of other governments. As for the founding fathers: read Patrick Henry’s anti federalist argument. He called it before it got started.

          • Orange Jean

            I don’t quite agree with that… Patrick Henry had some great ideas but there always were and always will be bullies out there trying to control and “rule” others… long before there were governments, as well as even currently outside of governments (as well as in).

            Think Ghangis Khan, ISIS, the drug cartels, gangs, etc., etc., etc.

          • Orange Jean

            Agreed… and that’s who I work for (doing medical support for active duty), which I think is needed work. Think TBI and PTSD and you’ll get my drift! There are a few things I don’t care for about my current workplace, but the fact I can do something I know actually helps injured service members is what keeps me going. (I analyze data mostly, but the docs keep telling us they both need and the info I provide… so be it! They can’t be spending their time doing what I do when they need to be treating patients)

        • Orange Jean

          Agreed… but please understand that government employees are also taxpayers (with the very limited exception of active duty military who are deployed to combat areas and then only for that limited time while they do combat related work – and it would not surprise me if they are trying to take this away along with many of the “perks” active duty had signed up for).

          Some people think government workers don’t pay taxes, but that’s just not true. I pay quite hefty Federal, state and local income taxes (about 1/3 of what I earn) … with no special deductibles and no “return” since I don’t own a home and no longer have a dependent.

          I also pay the same property taxes, gas tax, and every sales tax known to man… (or so it seems, where I live anyway even food is taxed).


        If anything, I am understating the situation. You do have a government job, right? Maybe not big bucks but that is not the point. Good times or bad, you had check and at the end of your working days, a pension. If you had the presence of mind to just put a little away, regularly…you have some savings built up. That is how it used to be in the private sector but it is no more. It is now scratch and sniff and with the flood of immigrants, legal or otherwise, it is survival of the fittest. Fortunately, I am retired now. I have genuine sympathy for anyone trying to put it together these days. My advice is the same: get a government job. Better yet, go to DC where the pickings are fat.

        • Demi Monde

          Actually, I work for a private institution whose services are contracted by the city. I am a municipal worker. The pay is modest, but the benefits are abundant and generous. Yes, I am vested at this point, and will have a pension at retirement’s time. Times were very difficult in 2009, when hundreds accepted a separation agreement, to stave off the possibility of being laid off/fired. And the library system was systematically starved of funds by Bloomberg, who saw only prime real estate where many major libraries were located, in order to sell them to his developer buddies. He and the board of trustees, developer scions themselves, got away with selling one, but the public caught on quickly and thus far has succeeded in staving off the other sales, though the ones in Brooklyn look to be in imminent peril. I’d like to see Michael do an article on the theft of public spaces for the privatization of the few, monetizing assets that benefit many for the gainsake of very few.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            You are really onto something there. The eminent domain scandal is huge!

          • Demi Monde

            That is something different, though you are right about it being a scandal. If you want to see an amazing documentary that addresses that, see the seminal contemporary documentary on the building of the Barclays Center in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, “The Battle for Brooklyn.” Also, though the property was private “The Dominoe Effect,” “My Brooklyn,” and “Gut Renovation.” Those however deal with gentrification. The library that was sold was owned by the Library, but what they did was despicable and broke the public trust. And especially since the Library receives money from the city, state and federal governments, it was flat out wrong not to have meetings with the public, or bring it before the community board. The sale of the Mid Manhattan Library was effectively kaboshed thanks to thousands of regular folks, eminent NYT writers, scholars, filmmakers, authors, and so many others. The libraries in Brooklyn are in great peril, and need support. They are not privately owned, so there is a fighting chance they will be saved.

          • Orange Jean

            That is very interesting information… and it sounds like an urban version of what they are doing out west… taking lands for supposed Federal parks.

            I love libraries, have used them my entire life!

          • Demi Monde

            If you’re interested in learning more, look up Citizens Defending Libraries, as well as Noticing New York. No one is more fierce than a NYactivist who loves their libraries and what they represent!

        • screw u

          WTF! your grand-grand are immigrants, this country are running by evils, even China are creaking down corruption these days…

          • GSOB

            Un screw your handle

    • Antonio

      In an interview in the New Yorker, that’s precisely what Ed Snowden said. These people own us. And Glen Greenwald in his recent Ottawa talk pointed out that they operate like a state within a state. Democracy is an illusion. The politicians are not in control, although they pay themselves handsomely. George Carlin was even more blunt all those decades ago…watch him call a spade a spade on You Tube in The American Dream. Mandatory viewing for critically thinking people.


        Carlin spoke volumes of truth in that video!

    • Mike Smithy

      Yes, Mark Levin spells it out in “The Liberty Amendments”. However, I fear that there aren’t enough state legislatures willing to reign-in the federal over-reach.


        Then, Mike, for all practical purposes the Great Experiment has come to an end.

        • Mike Smithy

          I am afraid so.

    • Orange Jean

      Sad… but true!

      But I always believed… the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

  • Dave

    So what can we do about it?

    • Tim

      Sadly, not much.

    • orsobubu

      I suggest this: start studying Marx and Engels at least three hours a day, try masterlng the method Lenin used to build the revolutionary party. Start to build it yourself there in US. Avoid any relationship with other political groups. Avoid the internet, try to connect to people on the territory, get them into your organization, one house after another, one family after another. Try to infiltrate in unions. Connect yourself internationally with similar organization. Publish something regularly, make lectures, don’t hide, don’t be a lonely prepper, build a structured party, verticistic, solid as steel, also sectarian in the first years, but don’t hide, make everything publicly. Don’t rely on goverment funds, collect it from workers and retired. Do everything legally and stay away from guns, you will need the help of the Army when times will come, as Trotckj did. Quit your work, find and instruct other professional revolutionaries.Work the harder you can twelve hours a day. Forget womens. Forget dancing and partying. pay attention to traitors, be ready to re-start from scratch more times. Prepare your successors after you’ll be dead. In 40 or 50 years your group will extend across the nation and will be ready for the civil war, hoping bigger conflicts didn’t come earlier and didn’t already kill you all.

      • Orange Jean

        Yeah… totally dumb idea. You think Marxism is the solution? Marxism is the problem!

        • orsobubu

          You are confusing marxism with state capitalism; in America, as in every other advanced society, in China too, also back in Soviet Union, the production system is scientifically described as state capitalism: wage work, banks, money, etc. The outcome of marxism, or scientific communism, or dialectical materialism, is a libertarian society where there is no more wage work, money, market. Everything you produce with your work is yours, except little quota. It had no application to date, because capitalkists, including stalin, killed all the marxists. It is a program for the future, similar to “Venus Project” dream, only based upon science and history, in fact it is the method adopted by the most important world epistemologists, like Feyerabend and Geymonat, those who demolished Karl Popper and his fake liberal ideologies. The exact definition is “doctrine about the conditions for workers’ freedom”.

  • joe

    try convict and execute for treason obama and holder. The rest should see this and run or be willing to take a 75%cut in pay and perks. Time for the blood of tyrants to run!

    • Orange Jean

      How about keeping those suggestions to the politicians … especially those who are not doing their jobs.

      I work hard and I like the work I do, but there is no way I could afford to continue to do it with a 75% cut in salary and perks any more than the average worker could.

  • Walt A

    but yet…day after day month after month year after year…nothing changes….deritiavites never expolde,bonds dont collapse,etc,etc,etc.
    tptb sadly have it all figured out.
    used to believe in collaps but it aint coming.
    go ahead and reply and call me a “normalcy bias” person.
    i want the collapse/reset but if it was coming it would have come

  • Enjoy The Diversity

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

    Ellen Ripley

    Aliens, 1986

  • Demi Monde

    Cost of living, as someone mentioned below. And the fact that many of the jobs being reviled require advanced degrees and training. This is a bunch of bunk.

    • K2

      even some of those advanced degree jobs are getting replaced by technology and/or outsourcing. IBM is on the path to lay off 100,000 and today hp 50,000.

      • Demi Monde

        People are revolting against outsourcing. it will take years to make a dent, since outsourcing began under Clinton, so a very long time ago. And of course Reagan began the downward spiral for unions and jobs protection. I would be interested in knowing more about what IBM and HP are doing. I can tell you one thing, for some jobs, people cannot be replaced.

        • sharonsj

          IBM and HP are using a loophole in the law to replace well-paid American workers with workers from India who will be paid a quarter of what Americans got. Microsoft has been doing the same thing, so get ready for a housing crash in California when all the workers can no longer pay a mortgage.

          When Democrats were in charge, they did nothing about the loophole. I guarantee you that now when Republicans are in charge, they won’t do anything either. If you are not rich enough to bribe a congressman, then you will never see a law passed in your favor.

          • Mondobeyondo

            And that’s basically what’s been happening for the past 25 years or so. Too many restrictions and regulations for businesses stateside, so they flee overseas. Much lower costs to sustain a workforce.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, slave labor is a lower cost, so is not having to obey environmental regulations (see pollution in China)

        • K2

          Just revolting against outsourcing wont solve the problem completely by saying this i am not implying people shuldnt revolt. They should revolt by all means. But that alone doesnt solve the problem. Even technology is advancing so much that the value of advanced degrees is decreasing every decade.

          And for some jobs people cannot be replaced but they will only be a tiny minority.

        • Orange Jean

          I am glad to hear that. Every time I’ve had to contact tech support for some computer program recently…. it’s always been some dumb lady in India answering the phone… most did not have a clue what they were talking about and just were reading a “script”… it was clear they did not understand either the software or computers, which is a shame so many of our IT people lost jobs to that. Makes me want to just scream!

          What line of work were you in (or are you still in)?

          • Demi Monde

            Public librarian in NYC. We have our own IT dept, who are on balance wonderful, at least the mules who do most of the work, while the execs sit around and preen and do squat.

          • Orange Jean

            Thanks for responding. Not an easy job I’m sure, but consider you’ve helped probably millions of people educate themselves who may not have been able to afford to buy books. Keeping them organized so you can find what you’re looking for too!

          • Demi Monde

            I can tell you’re a very sweet, considerate person!

    • Orange Jean

      You are right about that! I work for the Federal government and in my department probably 80% of the jobs require a Master’s degree at least, some require a doctorate or M.D.

      The salaries for jobs in those ranges are decent, I am not complaining about that… but is considerably less than what the same work pays in private sector. I make no where near what is described in this article. My job requires a Master’s degree (and yeah, paid for by me), understanding of all kinds of diseases and injuries as well as their treatment, statistics, medical coding, data management, computer programming and report writing. I only got the job because I had all those skills … plus 20 years experience when I started.

      Most of what I do is coding in SAS and an experienced SAS coder in some places can earn more than twice what I do. A lot of the IT people who work in my department are contractors, they keep those jobs because as contractors they get paid more. And many union jobs pay a lot more than what I earn.

      Also, the media tends to exagerate benefits. Yes we get health insurance, but we also do pay for part of it and it’s pretty much the same as the Obamacare “bronze plan” (a lot of things not covered and very high deductables… for example if I were hospitalized for anything except an “emergency” I get dinged over $6K.

      We also no longer get the high pensions (that system stopped over 20 years ago I believe … only people who worked under the old system or some military have big pensions the media talks about. IF I were to continue to work over 20 years for my current job the most I’d get in a pension is under $400 a month… and I have to pay into it every month as well as paying SS. I do get a small % match in a 401K type of thing.

      It is true that Congress gets a lot more and its absolutely idiotic that they get haircuts paid for!

      • K

        Hello Jean. The system appeared to stop, on 1/1/87. I say appeared, because for some it continued. With different names, the plan still covers politicians, political appointees, and high ranking Government executives. In short in 1987, they just kicked the real workers off the plan.

        • Orange Jean

          True! And since now people who worked for years under the old system are retiring… it appears to those from the outside that’s what the system is for everyone.

      • Demi Monde

        What is SAS, and do you mean computer coding? That is actually being taught for free in NYC libraries for free to students as a program partnered with Google to bolster interest in STEM industries. It sounds like you already have 20 years experience prior to this job, and of course you’re not going to work another 20 years for a $400 a month pension! I have a Master’s too, no one paid for it for me, and the remuneration especially when I first started in the mid 90’s was an embarrassment. I ended up defaulting on my student loan because my anemic (and I am not exaggerating) salary barely covered my $900 a month rent, subway, and what little food I ate. I detest seeing public sector workers denigrated and blamed for the economic ills of society. It burns me up to no end. The same people who put me down are the exact same ones who come to me for help; I relish the irony. I wish you luck in your job, and hold your head up high. We are not all raking in anywheres near $200k. I will bet you most of those are unnecessary relatively newly created upper management positions; same thing happened at the library. Those indeed should be scrutinized but I don’t want to be swept up in the net with them!

        • Orange Jean

          Thanks for your comments. I try to let the criticism fall off my back like a duck.

          SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software and depending on what you do there is a gooey version (click on links for doing easy work) which I can’t stand due to it’s limitations. Fortunately SAS also has the option of writing your own code (using the software still, but writing some pretty complicated computer programs with it) which is what I do most, since the type of analysis I do is complicated.

          I mainly analyze data from electronic medical records, including linking records, but also some personnel records data. Currently I mostly focus on traumatic brain injury surveillance, and some mental health analysis… but I’ve done other types of analysis in the past.

          I worked in both academia and the private sector in the past, but started working for government (local, county, state, and now Fed) when I got laid off during a recession. The main reason I don’t go looking for another job outside of government at this point is I am 64, obviously handicapped, and stepping away would likely put me in a situation where I’d run into age-bias (I already experience that, but it’s harder for anyone to actually do anything about it where I am… I’m the token “old person” as well as the token “handicapped” person). Also most of the SAS jobs for people who have experience working with electronic medical records (my speciality) would either be in academia (which I don’t care for at this point, due to the commie takeover of universities) or the banks or drug companies.

          I still do excellent work though, and I’m proud of my work as well as my work ethnic.

        • Orange Jean

          I should also mention, my first job (as a data manager for a medical research study/aka clinical trial) at a major university paid $20K a year, and I had just started paying my studet loans.

          You are also correct about the very expensive cities; I worked for the City of Boston (public health commission) for years and then the County of San Diego. Both very expensive places to live. Boston had NO pension system other than a poorly managed 401K type of thing, after 8 years I ended up with around $16K total in my “retirement” account…. which I had to move into a traditional IRA or lose most of it.

          County of San Diego had a better pension system but as an employee starting at age 50… I was paying almost $900 a month for my share of it (no choice either) and did not work there long enough to get “vested” in it, so I only got back what I had paid in, plus interest.

          • Demi Monde

            I have a wonderful job that I love that is absolutely essential for the general citizenry (if you think public librarians are expendable and superfluous you clearly haven’t been in a library in many years). I make modest money and stretching it in NYC is not easy. Again, I and others think about our benefits package, which when totalled with your wages, makes for a handsome deal, but thoroughly deserved. That anyone thinks people don’t deserve paid sick leave, annual leave, FMLA, and a pension is crazy to me. I work my *ss off and take work home, stay late, go in early, work nights, work weekends, I feel no guilt for what I get. I worked for it. No one is giving me anything, and it sounds like no one is giving you anything, either. I only wish you were being treated better. The Great Recession really destroyed so many people’s lives, professionally and personally. Horrible time it was.

          • Orange Jean

            I love libraries, believe me. So thanks for what you do (even though I don’t live in NY).

            I get enough money to live on for which I am grateful… as it is more than I have had in the past. But I do work my butt off for it. And I enjoy the work, enough challenge most of the time and I know what I do is helping people… which matters to me!

            It’s funny that a lot of people who think government workers should get no perks and very low salary… often are big supporters of unions. Many union workers make a lot more than I have for most of ,my career… and got better perks too.

          • Demi Monde

            Hmm. I am unionized. We are proud, hard-working people who deserve all we have gained for not just ourselves, but other workers in turns. The history of labor rights is fascinating and it is being dismantled as we speak. Look what just happened yesterday in WI. “Right to Work.” What the H*ll is that supposed to mean? What I have is nothing extravagant. The problem is, so many people have lost the basics of an ordinary job, things like sick leave and annual leave seem like “perks.” Nonsense.

  • Genada

    A city that was modeled after Rome is now moving into the final stages of the fall of the republic. Now we all wait for the final act of not crossing the Rubicon but crossing the Potomac.

    The only institution at this point left that isn’t held in total contempt is the military.

    • But they’re working on it.
      Birddung goes to see the Pres and the President never mentions Chris Kyle
      Manning gets gender reassignment
      Transgenders. Rules of Engagement
      Major Hassain.

      See what I mean?

      • Gay Veteran

        the military is merely another cog in the imperial machine

  • jakartaman

    This is just one major symptom of why this country is ready to implode

  • Black

    Greed and organized religion are the root of all evil

    • GSOB

      “There are a lot of things you should try at least once in your life — skydiving, eating some exotic delicacy, traveling alone. Let me give you one thing not to add to that list:

      attending a Benny Hinn Holy Spirit Miracle Service.”

  • sivad

    I was shocked by the number of boutique ($) hotels and fancy eateries when I was in D.C. Perfect only for heavy entertaining.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    It just stinks.

  • As this is an economic forum, and my question relates to the topic, I need to ask if the first thing that came to mind this morning when I awoke is valid.
    It seems that the incredible amount of money that people are making on wall street is caused by the governments manipulation of facts and the printing of money. This money taken in by the people on wall street goes then back to the people who made this happen so that they can be reelected. Is that correct?

  • Good article Michael. I lived in the Maryland suburbs in 1990 -1992… Silver Spring, MD to be exact, and I paid around $700 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment at that time. I would imagine that same apartment goes for $2,000 a month or more in 2015. Probably more.

    I have an old Navy buddy still living in the D.C. area working for the Coast Guard as an I.T. consultant and making big bucks with a big, over-inflated ego to match.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “We’re mad as hell, and we’re gonna keep taking it anyway because come next election cycle, we’re voting the same politicians back into office!”

    — The American People

    • jsmith

      Yes! They are in the process of selecting Hillary Clinton or Jed, oh wait, it’s Jeb, Jeb Boosh that is. They just keep on giving us termites. By the way, I think I’m the one that coined that term “termites” as I know it’s a very appropriate word for these parasites that infest our government.

  • Bryan

    The love of money is the root of all evil- Timothy the Apostle paul. what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his own sould or what will a man give in exhange for his soul.

  • TBonePickens

    Military Contractors and corporate lobbyists

  • Bruce

    Sadly this will NEVER change. Unless and until “we the people” take OUR country back, which isn’t going to happen. They have the power, the rockets and the enforcers. We are aware but we are without the fortitude to make the required changes. A total revolt would cost much bloodshed and lives. A price to high to pay for most.
    In addition, even though we Do have a right to stop tyranny and injustices we are labeled a TERRORIST or an enemy combatent for wanting what we are entitled to. The constitution has been torn apart and ignored. Our ship is sinking and all that will be done is listening to the music.

  • JustSayin’

    And this is why we don’t vote anymore. Its a SCAM. People, you are voting for someone to NOT make a difference, and to spend the rest of their life living 10x better than you WITHOUT working for it. But hey, don’t listen to me, keep your head in the sand, and just keep voting these folks in, and keep telling yourself that you are doing “your duty.” Even though your freedoms are stripped year, after year, after year… Duty? Vote with your feet? Yea, whatever. We are well beyond voting at this point in our history.

  • sandbagger

    Please, Michael, don’t call them “cats”. They’re a bunch of dogs.

    I think most people are aware of the crazy amount of rich in government, but don’t know how to change it. The politicians are in charge of the cookie jar and would never allow a law to be passed to reign in their compensation and perks.

  • Philip Arlington

    The problem isn’t what they are paid, it is the bad job they do, and all the underlying structural problems that cause them to do a bad job. Singapore has the highest paid public officials in the world, and it is probably the best run place on the planet.

  • manfred645

    the largest healthcare “corporation” in the country is the VA. the feds also run the public health service, the indian health service, a network of military hospitals and clinics that can employ civilian docs. specialty docs make over $200k and some primary care ones do too. Feds tend to employ a relatively low number of burger flippers and a high number of people with higher degrees managing large budgets, who tend to earn alot of money. so that would explain much of 17,000 people making over $200k, they aren’t all counting paperclips, running redundant unmonitored black budget intelligence operations, or stopping pipeline construction to protect endangered earthworms. And while the population of the country has about doubled since the early 1960’s, the number of Federal employees is about the same as it was then. so while it’s frustrating driving south on I-80 crossing from PA to MD to suddenly lose the rusty old pickup trucks and get surrounded by BMWs, there are reasons.

  • Jim Clark

    An honest politician is one who once he is bought stays bought.

  • robert

    None of this is new. There have always been throughout history in every society, nation, whatever a few who were rich and powerful, a few more who were well off and the masses who scrambled for crumbs. I have advised young people for decades to seek government employment and many regret not having done so. Government workers will get pensions and benefits that private sector can only dream about. There will be no national collapse. A massive portion of the population might be in a financial nightmare, but the nation writ large will struggle onward as Russia has. I think we will ultimately look more like India with the vast majority of people living at a sustenance level while a relative handful live well and prosper. There has never been a sure thing unless you were born into a wealthy powerful family with old money. Think Bush’s, Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, Johnson’s, Walmart family, etc. Ironically, many who have won big lotteries wind up dead broke because they are not intelligent enough to deal with wealth. Someone else takes it from them. So it has been since there were more than 2 people on the planet.

  • T.j. Thomas

    “…your average federal workers that toil in D.C. are doing quite well too.”

    Though not the ones working for the DHS, apparently. An article I read today about the potential shutdown and the essential personnel who will still be working – without pay – pointed out that the majority of DHS employees make $30,000 or less per year.

  • Sam Nelson

    This kind of corruption, i.e., the overpayment of federal workers, will not change until Americans begin to vote from a base of knowledge and not because of party affiliation. The main stream medias refuse to expose this corruption because they themselves are corrupt and do not want to unleash regulations onto themselves. It is the most important duty of everyone who finds the truth on the internet to reveal that truth to everyone they can. Instead of worrying about what some person might think of you think about the great service you do for the nation. Tell others so it can be stopped. These crazy pensions the federals are about to get will bankrupt our nation.

    • manfred645

      the “crazy pension” feds get is, for the majority working over the past generation, 1% of their peak earnings multiplied by their years of service, so a 30 year employee gets 30% pay in retirement; plus an optional 5% 401k-like salary match, which the feds fund at a 1% minimum if the employee chooses to contribute nothing. so it’s alot better than nothing, better than what many private employers offer, like a 3% match that isn’t really a retirement plan at all, but it’s not the golden cushy deal many people think it is.

      • Sam Nelson

        It seems to be cushy to me.

        • manfred645

          it sure does if you’re getting nothing. my parents’ generation expected and got from private corporations a 60% pension plus social security and paid off house if you worked for the same company for 30 years, retired at social security age and paid off your house.

          • Sam Nelson

            That’s the way it was back then, then the government employees and the rest of the union workers in America were on about an even keel. The American ship then had smooth sailing ahead. Then came Reagan and Clinton and the Bushs’ that’s twenty eight years and oh what a change. Today, jobs that are not government jobs are low pay no pension never can buy a house jobs. Of course there are the professions which I expect more white men to pursue in the future, the blacks have sports the white guys have doctors and lawyers and engineers of some sort; whoever can’t jump twelve feet straight up or rap their head’s around quantum physics is just sxxx out of luck. Most people get jobs and jobs today unlike thirty years ago do not support a family or guarantee a retirement. The greedy rich turds back about forty or fifty years ago decided the working stiff had it too good, after some maneuvering they put Reagan in and it’s goodbye good time for the working bunch – should have stayed in school really means nothing. Like government jobs, there are only so many technical jobs available, there are only so many slots open for gifted athletes; today the corporations export the technical jobs and import the trivial workers. Americans can’t win for losing and soon black Americans and white Americans will be outnumbered in a country their fathers and mothers died to build. Oh, check out those government jobs, how many of them have imports working them today. Please, my point was righteous from the jump, let it go.

  • Max

    Let’s not forget Prince William and Stafford counties which are also in the top 20 (I believe). To add to this very true article, throw in the fact that sports stars from the major teams in that area (Capitals, Redskins, Nationals, Orioles, Wizards, etc) also reside in that area (mostly in Loudoun/Fairfax Country). Along with the DC Metro area being “ground zero” of the federal government (and major military bases Ft Belvoir, Quantico), it makes for the absolute biggest and most *entitled* area in the United States. L.A. has nothing on that area entitlement wise; hard to believe but disgustingly true.

    Never mind the attitude of the residents there. If you are not a federal employee or working in healthcare in some compacity, you are not considered, period. A small example of this is searching for a place to rent, there is a “preferred employer” requirement for many rental places or the individual renting a room in their $4000 a month home.

    Ah yes, the $15 cocktails at Tysons Corner and other area establishments. I challenge anyone to find a cocktail/mixed drink less than $15 at any place aside from Fridays or Applebee’s. An article in the Washington Post a year or so ago stated that to have modest one bedroom apt in the DC Metro area, a minimum of $50,000 yearly salary is required.

    And Congress? Well I’ll give an small indication of how “stacked” their pockets are. The Chaplain (you know? the one who does morning prayer and counsels the family of the members?), makes something just under 200k; around 170k a year. But wait, there’s more. He’s a retired Admiral in the Navy so figure out how much he gets on top of that 170k in retirement pay. When you have some time, do yourself a favor and go look up his duties as a member of Congress and ask yourself if his job is worth
    almost 200k

    Add all of the aforementioned together and in the DC Metro area, you have one seaping cesspool of an entitled, arrogant, self-centered, *ego trap* – and its spreading throughout the rest of the country.

  • Richard O. Mann

    It’s not going to last much longer.

  • freethedacks

    and their goon squad, the IRS, is ready to pounce on any of us that should be brazen enough to cease contributing our “fair share” to feed this monster. Folks, there is no longer a Republic of the United States. It, like all other empires of the past, is an insatiable beast and will only cease when it kills the very host that supports it

  • usernamekitj

    So when the dying empire of chaos decides to first strike Russia,they will know exactly where to send their missiles.Good info guys.

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