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More Jobs Shipped Out Of The Country: Ford Moves All Small Car Production To Mexico

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ford-assembly-line-photo-by-gilly-berlinWhat is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all?  On Wednesday, we learned that Ford Motor Company is shifting all small car production to Mexico.  Of course the primary goal for this move is to save a little bit of money.  This hits me personally, because my grandfather once worked for Ford.  He was loyal to Ford all his life, and he always criticized other members of the family when they bought a vehicle that was not American-made.  When I was young I didn’t understand why making vehicles in America is so important, but I sure do now.  By shipping jobs overseas, we are destroying jobs, we are destroying small businesses and we are destroying our tax base.  If we want to be a wealthy nation, we have got to make things here, and hopefully we can get the American people to start to understand this.

In 1914, Henry Ford decided to start paying his workers $5.00 a day, which was more than double the average wage for auto workers at the time.

One of the reasons why he did this was because he felt that his workers should be able to afford to buy the vehicles that they were making.  This is what he wrote in 1926

“The owner, the employees, and the buying public are all one and the same, and unless an industry can so manage itself as to keep wages high and prices low it destroys itself, for otherwise it limits the number of its customers. One’s own employees ought to be one’s own best customers.”

These days Ford is going in the complete opposite direction.  Pretty soon, Ford won’t be making any more small vehicles in the United States at all

Ford is shifting all North American small-car production from the U.S. to Mexico, CEO Mark Fields told investors today in Dearborn, even though its plans to invest in Mexico have become a lightning rod for controversy in this year’s presidential election.

Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” Fields said.

Could Ford keep jobs in America?

Of course they could.  During the second quarter of 2016, Ford reported a net income of 2,000,000,000 dollars.

But if they move production to Mexico they can boost that profit just a little bit higher.

Shame on them.

Needless to say, Donald Trump is quite upset about this move by Ford.  This was his response

“We shouldn’t allow it to happen. They’ll make their cars, they’ll employ thousands of people, not from this country and they’ll sell their car across the border,” Trump said. “When we send our jobs out of Michigan, we’re also sending our tax base.”

And he is exactly right about all of this.  We can’t afford to lose more good paying jobs, we can’t afford for the middle class to shrink any more than it already has, and we certainly can’t afford our tax base to continue to deteriorate.

We may think that we can live on borrowed money indefinitely, but that is going to catch up with us in a major way at some point.

Sadly, Ford is not the only auto company doing this.  Just like Ross Perot once predicted, there is a giant sucking sound as good paying auto jobs leave the United States and head to Mexico

Ford isn’t alone. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said earlier this year it will end production of all cars in the U.S. by the end of this year as it discontinues production of the Dodge Dart in Belvidere, Ill. and the Chrysler 200 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

In recent years, automakers that include General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen have all announced plans to either expand existing plants or build new ones in Mexico.

The bad news for American workers won’t end once all of our manufacturing jobs are gone.

Today there are millions of Americans that make their living by driving, but the revolution in self-driving vehicles threatens to make large numbers of those jobs obsolete.

Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Google, Apple and a whole host of other big corporations have been feverishly working on this technology, and many of the tests have gone very well so far.

Once this technology starts being rolled out on a widespread basis, the job losses could be absolutely staggering.  Just consider the following numbers which come from Wolf Richter

  • 1.8 million heavy-truck and tractor-trailer long-haul drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $40,260 in 2015. At this growth rate, there will be 1.94 million long-haul drivers by the end of this year.
  • 1.33 million delivery truck drivers in 2014, expected to grow 4% a year (BLS), with a median pay of $27,800 in 2015. They’re picking up and/or delivering packages and small shipments within the city or region, driving a vehicle of 26,000 pounds or less, usually between a distribution center and businesses or households. At this growth rate, there will be 1.44 million drivers by the end of this year.
  • 233,700 taxi drivers and chauffeurs in 2014, growing at 13% annually (BLS). They earned a median pay of $23,510 in 2015. One in five worked part time. This doesn’t – or doesn’t fully – reflect the “rideshare” drivers working for Uber, Lyft, and the like.
  • “Over 500,000” rideshare drivers are estimated to ply the trade in the US. It’s a high-growth sector: the number of Uber drivers in the US doubled in 2015 from the prior year to 327,000. Half of them worked 15 hours or less per week.

In order to have a thriving middle class, we have got to have middle class jobs.

Unfortunately, big corporations have become absolutely obsessed with finding ways to eliminate expensive American workers by sending jobs overseas or by replacing them with technology altogether.

The elite will always need people to cut their hair and wait on them at restaurants, but those aren’t the kinds of jobs that can support middle class families.

As I noted yesterday, for the first time ever the middle class in America has become a minority and poverty is on the rise all over the nation.  The long-term trends that are eviscerating the middle class are accelerating, and there doesn’t appear to be any quick fix which will turn things around dramatically any time soon.

So the middle class is going to get smaller and smaller and smaller, and that has dramatic implications for the future of this country.

  • robert

    Americans do not have to buy Fords. Not any model. Vote with your money.

    BUT, how many vehicles are made in Canada? How many jobs have gone north?

    American consumers vote with their own self-interests in mind, not their neighbor.

    • Pier-olivier Chabot

      the difference between mexico and canada, is canadian worker are not cheap labor and they share a lot with american!

  • merrileerj

    What you said about your grandfather Michael was a copy of my Uncle. He worked at Ford all working life in Detroit & would give family a piece of his mind if they considered buying anything but Ford. So sad how everything is leaving & only the dollar matters.

  • A.S.

    But according to an inflation calculator $5 in 1914 is around $118 today. Since they worked 10 hour days, that is only $11.80 per hour. That is minimal wage. So how was that a good salary, unless our prices are way above inflation.

  • Kimo

    I was trying to decide between a Ford or Hyundai. Now I feel the Koreans can make a better product than the Mexicans.
    After twenty years over the road with semi trucks, I saw the people like Peterbilt start building most of their parts in Mexico. I also started having multiple troubles. On a new truck that costs just short of a hundred thousand dollars, the stop light switch would go out about every two months. You had to disassemble half the cab to get to it; and you guessed it. It was marked, made in Mexico.

    • Peter

      That’s not the case anymore, in the 70’s everyone laughed at Japan. Even Hyundai was a joke no one thought they would make it ever. Mexico has had problems, but they are now mostly fixed.


    Do what I do. Repair and maintain the machimes that do what people use to do.

  • K

    As far as self driving vehicles, not for me. I will not trust my life to a computer. They fail too suddenly, and are too easy to hack.

    • Peter

      Then you plan on walking everywhere?.

      • K

        No, I will drive myself. I believe it will remain an option, for at least a decade. And at my age that will be long enough.

  • fat_and_stupid

    how can you have an industrialized nation with no industry,…Americas largest export is type two diabetes

    • GSOB

      The number one export from America is the dollar.

      • sister soldier


      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        The number one export from America is DEBT….. number two is DIABETES.

  • Brandon King

    I said in the 90s, when NAFTA was pushed by Clinton, that these companies moving into mexico will shoot themselves in the foot. If wages decrease in this country because of the lose of good paying jobs, then who will be able to afford to buy their products. I guess this is why we are buy all the cheap crap coming out of China, this is the only thing we can afford. Who will be able to afford a $30,000 or $40,000 vehicle with low wages? I see employment opportunities in my area that are comparable to jobs I held in the 90’s and early 2000’s paying just a dollar or two more than what I made. Fedex is expanding their hub and starting wages at $11.25 per hour for package handlers. I did this same job in the late 90’s and they stated you out at $10.00 per hour, almost 20 years ago! My wife spent $20,000 on a degree that most employers are now starting out at $9.00 – $10.00 per hour. That was a waist of money. McDonald’s is starting out at $10.50 per hour down the street, with no degree required. We have cut our expenses, added solar, cut the cable, garden and I am restoring an 86 Chevy truck that is affordable to fix to make it in today’s economy. I was better off in my early 20’s I made more money and the cost of goods were less so my dollar went further.

    • Jerry C

      This explains why my uneducated divorced mother was able to raise seven children by herself. Today, inflation through printing money has made the dollar worthless.

    • It’s not just the loss of jobs that is bad, it’s also the loss in the quality of the goods that we use. As everyone knows, the stuff we get from overseas is mostly junk.

      My Mom recently told me her Dad bought an American made Philco Refrigerator in the early 1940’s. A few years later he moved back to Brazil and kept it until he died in 1996. My Mom said it was given away to someone else down there… still working! She also said she doesn’t recall it ever breaking- not even once.

      I just cut my 9 year old son’s hair with my old U.S. made “Wahl Delux Taper.” My Dad used to cut my hair with it when I was a little kid back in the early 1970’s. It’s still working fine. Many years ago, my brother cut his kids hair with it too.

      But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Hard for business’ to make a killing when they make quality stuff that lasts.
      And so, my wife and I were just forced to make another ‘donation’ of around $1,000 for a new refrigerator since our 13 year old Maytag Plus fridge just gave out on us.

      Everyone talks about and bewails the loss of manufacturing jobs, but no one seems to talk about how our money is being siphoned out of our pockets with all these cheaply made goods from overseas that we have to keep buying and re-buying every few months. What a racket….

      Would you believe I know about an American expat down in Uruguay who said South America gets all the junky products from China? He said the stuff they get lasts a few days or weeks, sometimes a few months. Sometimes they even buy it broken (not working, right out of the box). He said the good stuff goes to Europe and North America. Can you believe that? we are getting the good stuff!

      • anonymous

        Planned Obsolescence

  • South Texas

    Are American car companies stuck with union contracts? Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Kia all have plants here in the USA.

    These trade agreements are bad but most Americans are too stupid to agitate for limited government. There are thousands of laws and regulations at the city and county, state, and federal level that make doing business difficult.

    The military and the rest of the federal government need to be trimmed to be almost unseen.

    • SnodtBlossom

      I bought Japanese. Cars are not my job man.

    • Peter

      Nonsense… you can reduce taxes and regulations to zero, and it wont do anything. How can you compete with slave labor, or no environmental standards. The jobs will continue to leave, until wake up to the truth.

      • South Texas

        How do you know? It is true these other countries like China manipulate their currencies. But we do shoot ourselves in the foot here.

        For example, the FDA has just put thousands of vape shops out of business by creating a regulation that will require them to spend $250k to approve an in house on site mix. No one voted on it. Now, I don’t vape or smoke, but I have respect for someone who starts a small business.

        Go do a google search on how Obummer has created thousands of regulations that have added an additional $100 billion per year.

      • Jerry C

        Maybe we should price our outgoing food to that of oil, no?

      • jsmith

        Exactly. If something drastic is not done now, as you say, the job loses will continue. In the past I thought this country wanted to lift the third world countries to our wage standards. Far from the truth. We are being driven to the low wages of those countries, with the exception of China which has become rich at our expense.

  • Barneybyboy

    Mike I work at a Car Company and trust me brother..I See the Writing on the wall..i went and Got a Second 40 hour Job to prepare for Collapse..I work for a Nissan Supplier, this whole Collapse thing is going to come down hard on our Heads asap..Nobody is preparing, The United states is Done! People at my Job Laugh at me when I talk about collapse..when America Sinks, I am not going down with Ship..LOL!

    • SnodtBlossom

      If you believe the dollar will die, what good is it to stock up on it?

      • Paleface

        if u have any dough left over, after ur expenses are payed, u buy gold or silver to make sure u are still in the picture when TSHTF.

        • SnodtBlossom

          Someone finds your stash and it’s gone.

          • James Staten

            Snottly, Your biblical and you don’t even know it. Matthew 6:20

          • Jerry C

            Interesting your question & your comment; this Bible verse came to mind:

            “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

            “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust
            doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

            For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:19-21

            Although I know you’re not a believer, you have a valid point: what good is it to store things if thieves come to rob & steal? We believers are storing eternal things that thieves cannot rob & steal.


    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      VOTE TRUMP he doesnt need an ambulance to leave his rally’s…..

      • none

        Trump doesn’t Need an ambulance to LEAD his rallys, ,,
        Please spell check, before posting.

    • Jerry C

      Amazing, isn’t it? People around you going about the same business but having no clue to what’s coming. Reminds me of the YouTube documentary on the collapse of Argentina where a middle class woman went to bed thinking about her normal life like shopping, taking the kids to soccer practice and what restaurant to eat, but woke up to the collapse. She lost her job, lost her house and her whole world came crashing down. Her interview she said, and I quote, “It was like being hit by a Mac truck.” Sometimes reality of hard knocks has to knock to wake some people out of their stupor.

    • TomIron361

      The good part is our young people are morons and don’t know how to work and don’t want to work.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        robots anyone? even if manufacturing comes back to the US, it will be overwhelmingly automated!!!

      • Mr_B

        i would say young people see that “the systems” setup by the baby boomers and those before them – is a Lie…I mean, bailing out bankers?! really?

        They refuse to participate in those corrupted systems…while you continue to prop up the corruption with your tax dollars and voting for duplicitous taints like trump and hilary.

        Who is really the moron?

  • JC Teecher

    Yes, Michael, I would have been in full agreement, and I am on the facts of your article, but; the truth of this matter is one in which most people can agree.

    If you have a company that makes widgets, and there are many other companies out there that makes widgets similar, but maybe not quite as dependable. You are making a small profit off these widgets, and need them because you have other products that wholesalers and retailers want to offer with all your widget line. So, you look at all alternatives, to continue to offer these widgets, with technical improvements along the way, to keep your customers happy, and it comes down to costs of manufacturing, to continue to offer these widgets at comparable prices to those of the competitor.

    Your only alternative is to cut costs on labor, in order to achieve this, is to find cheaper labor, instead of labor that rises by 5,10, 15 % every five years or so, which would eventually price your widget out of the market.
    What do you do, stop offering these widgets, and not only lose the small profit, but lose bigger profits, on other products in the line, because you can’t offer the same “full” line…what would you do?

    You would go to where it makes “feasible” sense, in order to keep that full line available, and get the cheaper labor costs.
    So, we can now afford to continue to offer our full line, because even with new manufacturing start up costs, we are paying $8.00 to $10 an hour, instead of the ever increasing, “labor Union forced” $60 to $80 an hour labor costs.

    I don’t blame Ford, like I was quickly going to do, and stop buying Ford products, until i got the full truth of the matter.
    The blame should be placed on greedy unions. Unions will eventually price themselves out of the markets, when shtf, and just making a small profit is better than walking a picket line or a bread line.

    • Peter

      Why not simply do what we did before WW1?. Tax the #$% out of those Countries like China, and make the widgits here. Use the tax money to pay for our roads and schools and eliminate income tax to create even more jobs.?, Cant work, well it did work, but not well enough for those greedy globalists

    • Genada

      Unions maybe less then helpful in this but the truth is that it would be impossible to compete with the cheap Mexican labor with or without unions.

      The problem is that we allow our industry to be destroyed by not putting in place tariffs to protect our domestic industry. This is what was done at the founding of the republic to prevent our small and limited industry at the time from being destroyed and to allow it to grow. We need a policy like that put back in place to prevent further damage to our industry and to once again grow it.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Henry Ford is spinning so fast in his grave. If you put avocados in it you’ll have guacamole.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I hate autocorrect


      he’s been spinning ever since he found out his current CEO Mark Fields is Jewish

  • Jake Tito

    The government is forcing Ford to be more fuel-efficient fleetwide, therefore they are have to build more small cars which are sold on a very small margin. Ford realizes the only way to survive is to build these cars as inexpensively as possible. Don’t be pissed at Ford, be pissed at the EPA and Obama for forcing them to meet crazy mileage standards.


      but what about climate change help us were melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cugel the Clever

    In the future, when you honk a Ford’s horn, it will play “La Cucaracha”.

    • Paleface



      eheheh……and after 1000 miles the engine will blow up…maybe the mexicans will put an application so they can be pulled by two horses :)…..the funny thing its the price they put in these boxes made of plastic and crap full of electronics that will let you on the side of the road after a few travels…..I love my old pickup always running no matter what and how hard you drive it, and i like when i go downhill and i can turn off the engine to spare fuel….and the brakes still works 🙂 Thats why i will never buy a new car…


      they were hinting at this with the Ford Fiesta , Ford Pinto and what’s next they’ll change from hatchback to wetback?

  • barry oldwater

    Unions, EPA, city, state and federal taxes, and Health Care, I just want to say thanks for all of these things that have become overbearing on U.S. manufacturers and given them a reason for leaving.

  • DJohn1

    The obvious answer at Ford Management is that they simply do not care if you buy American or not. They go where the money is. Meaning cheap labor over the border with Mexico.
    All those people promoting American Made are fools.
    Not because of anything they have done. It is because Ford, GM, and Chrysler have been putting poor products on the market for years and then hiding behind the American Made name.
    Given records of repairs put out by millions of consumers they have a very poor grade reported by consumers.
    This is not the American worker at fault. It is deliberate mismanagement for profit by these three manufacturers and reported by more than one consumer agency.
    It takes almost genius level engineering to design a product to fail after a certain amount of time.
    This dates back to the 30s. Also GM is reported to have influenced Congress to keep public transportation inefficient when funding came up in the 1940s and beyond. This is well documented.
    So should I have sympathy for these jerks?
    I do have sympathy for all the common workers that have worked for them over the years. And without those Unions, those people would have been making much less money than they did. They literally forced the management of the big three to share in the wealth they were building for them. And that money returned to them many times over simply because it created loyalty to the name Ford.
    It saddens me that Ford chooses at this time to kick them out.
    My answer of course is buy whatever car gives you the best deal and the best quality you can find. The H*** with Ford and anyone else that wants to go to Mexico.
    The same people going Buy American? They need to vote on this deal with their wallet the next time they buy a car. Bankrupt these jerks.
    I have a very loyal person in a nephew that feels we should buy American. If it was a decent company with loyalty to Americans I might agree. Every Ford I ever bought and I bought 4 of them over a lifetime was a lemon.
    The small cars they are referring to were very poorly designed originally. The pollution control alone was Mickey Mouse.
    I advise you to do your research carefully and listen to those people stung by Ford and others and then cowardly the Ford people hide behind the flag.

  • Steve Hansen

    Don’t blame Ford or any other company! Blame to much regulations and to many rules, blame ObomberCare and way to high taxes. The only one to blame is the US Government that’s behind all this!


      and their willing accomplices in the UAW and AFL-CIO

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    Trump proven right again.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC


  • mtntrek3

    Greed. Greed is the culprit.

  • billtheguy

    I can’t wait, call a cab and a car shows up without a driver! Oh, wait…… I don’t have a job or money, so I don’t need to go anywhere. What was I thinking!!


      welcome to Johnny Cab

  • mtntrek3

    Even technical jobs are outsourced to other countries more all the time. Greed. Capitalism is the best way……..HOWEVER, when morals/ethics go out the door……. . The worker is worthy of his wages. …… It’s simple. For example, if you don’t feed and properly take care of your horse that pulls your carriage……… you won’t be going anywhere soon. Duh.

    • Genada

      All jobs are being outsourced, even your low level jobs…they outsource them by bringing in the labor to compete with native born citizens.

      Where I live almost all low skilled jobs are filled by either people here that are illegal aliens or by people that are here on work visas from Eastern Europe.

      • mtntrek3


      • mtntrek3

        There are some companies that are trying to do right by our American workers,but not many. Mostly smaller companies.

        • Genada

          Most small companies are ran by Americans. Most of the people in the elite, be it in politics or in industry do not think of them self as citizens of any one country but as global citizens.

          • mtntrek3

            I tend to agree with that. The smaller companies still identify with our people. The global companies look to other countries with cheap labor to further their bottom line. Well, then again…….. even some of our smaller companies go overseas for manufacturing of their product. A business must turn a profit to be a business of course. How much profit is the point. Somewhere in the equation….. if the employer denies the employed an adequate compensation…….. it’ll all come tumbling down.

  • Genada

    Simple truth is that the American worker can not compete against workers in Mexico. US price of labor is just too great compared to Mexico. Only thing that can be done to protect American workers would be to put in tariffs.

    A story that you may want to look into Michael is just how much labor is being imported into the United States. Where I live many of the lower skill jobs are filled by people from Eastern Europe. With your last story detailing the sad state of what’s going on with many teens you have to wonder how they are impacted by bringing in labor from other countries.

    • Conrad

      I have been writing software programs for A.I. ten years and I can testify that programmer jobs are being liquidated
      and American software programmers being replaced.
      The largest influx of programmers are from India, China and Russia. All are willing to work for 1/2 or 1/3 of what an American would do the job for. Me, I’m still working on A.I.
      systems but, I find myself training the newcomers. I see the hand writing on the wall. I’m training my replacements.
      At 59 years of age I started looking at other ways to ply my trade including going to night classes to learn and expanding my knowledge base. I also talk to others in the field and hope when my time is up I can land a new gig.

      • Genada

        The question I have about that is if that’s what were doing, which we are. Then what field of study can our young students go into and expect to be able to earn a living at? That’s part of the problem with our current system and the global economy, people can study any field from anywhere and be imported to do any job. So the American worker really has zero protection.

        It’s not often discussed but part of a global economy is about bringing standards of living in line with each other across the world. For Americans that means taking a massive hit. There’s no plan being offered to bring the rest of the world up to American standards, it’s all about undercutting and a race to the bottom.

        • Conrad

          I truly feel sad for the younger people who do not have the aptitude for math and or science. You see genada, the U.S. educational sytem is a train wreck. Unless you have access to private education, middle school thru high school you end up not scoring well on placement tests. So you end taking classes that truly do not prepare you to function in a competitive environment. I share a example. Fifteen years ago I was working in South Korea. Due to the time difference I found myself awake in the middle of the night. When I turned on th T.V. what was on? Math instruction for middle and high school students who were not keeping pace with their classmates. I have never seen that in America. As far as wages for younger people? I don’t see that getting better in my lifetime. The population has been dumbed down to the point of being able to follow simple commands and not having to do any critical thinking. Yes the tyrannical overlords have succeeded to create financial parity with the rest of the world. I also think they are not quite there yet. Once they increase taxes and loot the populace thru programs like Obama care and other odious money grabbing schemes then and only then will they have reached their ultimate goal.


        At 59 I hope you have accumulated most of what you will need to live. If not, problems are just around the corner.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        count yourself lucky to still be employed at 59 these days


    Perot was right!

    • mtntrek3


    • mtntrek3

      Trump/Perot speak similarly. I voted for Perot. Personally I can’t vote Trump. Too many issues w/ him. He’s a scary individual IMHO. Will I vote for a Presidential candidate?…… it’s looking like I will only if I can write in a vote.


        If Trump does not win, we shall ruled by the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

        • mtntrek3

          Personally, I don’t put much hope in either. Just saying. This is the most messed up choice in my life. Whew. Don’t think I can chose at the end of the day. Sad where we are in the country.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            I understand your dilemma and feel your pain. Trump is the lesser of two evils choice personified but we do this all the time. For example, you have a gangrenous leg from Diabetes. Your choice is to cut off your leg or die. You choose the lesser of two evils, cut off the leg and live for another day. One wag compared Hillary to playing Russian Roulette with a semi auto and Trump to a pistol with a cylinder. With Hillary, death is certain. It’s not the choice we want but the choice we have.

          • mtntrek3

            I hear you, I do. Politically, I’m left speechless overall. I have to admit it. Lesser of the two evils……. I know. I consider myself a moderate politically, while I’ve voted Dem. the past several elections. I don’t like several positions of either side, but consider answers to be found from both sides. At the end of the day, we’re all Americans, we vote how we do. Don’t know about your religious faith but please consider Christ as your Savior if you haven’t already. I’m not saying this out of being judgmental but out of concern for you and all of us. Rough times ahead regardless of who winds up in office next. Take care. Chris

          • XSANDIEGOCA


          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Chris…Please do not put Trump in the same “rough times” group with Hillary…..I have said this to you before Vote for Trump based on his position on Abortion…..all the “unborn” will be grateful…..

          • sister soldier

            Bill I would love to back you 10,000% but unless we can encourage the people to vote for God first, then our political choice, I am afraid will have no variance and that any vote will ultimately be a judgment against us for our rebellion and willful sinning against the Most High’s laws. I do however, respect your loyalty to your convictions and I think it a sign of genuine character. It’s an admirable quality.

          • mtntrek3

            The abortion topic. As I said before I wish it’d never happen. However in this messed up world maybe it should be performed in certain cases. Rape/incest/danger to the mother/severe deformities of the child. Even most democratic candidates say it should rarely occur. Yet, as you pointed out to me some time back there are hundreds of thousands to millions of them that are performed every year in the U.S. To my shame I didn’t realize how many were being performed. It’s sad / tragic that even one should occur…….. it’s an abomination so many happen that are described as “convenience” . Words fail. As for the election coming up……. I’m looking into the Independent candidates. I may write in a vote even if there isn’t a line for a write-in vote. Oh well. Take care in N.C. Bill. Chris

          • sister soldier

            Well said.

          • SnodtBlossom

            No way

          • SmallerGovNow2

            nothing evil about trump. he’s a wrecking ball on the establishment and JUST what Amerika needs to become America again. Shake it up baby…

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            The Establishment expressed its true feelings for the working men and women of this country when Hillary had the effrontery to call us…Deplorables. We won’t forget. That will cost her the election.

        • “V”

          Obama To Bill, “How’s Hillarys head” (after her recent collapse) Bill to Obama “Well, She’s no Monica, I’ll say that”.

      • True Grit

        With all due respect, Thats stupid assed!

        • mtntrek3

          Goodness. Well, with all due respect you’re brilliant……. and BTW, I love you too. XOXO. Lol.

      • Raymond Chow

        Be specific…WTF are your issues with Trump? You have none you just want America to go down the path of Venezuela. You’re so phucking stupid and all the people like you that’s why the country is such a mess.

        • mtntrek3

          Oh my…… such lingo. 🙂 BTW…. watch out the next time you go to a fisticuffs match, there might be a Trump rally break out. Lol. To be sure, I don’t put much if any hope in any politician anymore….. especially above the local level. You guys and Trump. Then…… there are some that are crazy fanatical about Obama/Clinton. I don’t get being that carried away about ANY candidate. Why?? Because few IF any of them are serious about decent change for the country. The ones that are doing what they can to help us for the better are seemingly drowned out by the rest of them. They get lost in the fray. To me it’s stupid (dangerous also) to be soooo mesmerized by ANYONE. Trump is insane. He’s an unstable, childish imbecile. I can see that, it amazes me why some others can’t. You’re listening to some of what he’s saying w/o seeing who’s saying it. He’s got himself fooled also. For example…. the infamous wall he speaks of. It’d take probably 15-20 years to build it (not accounting for glitches of various kinds along the way), AND Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. Getting into the pockets of enablers that give jobs to illegals is the way to stop the illegal problem. Trump has had illegals on some of his own projects, he’s part of the problem. Anyway, the saying that when something sounds too good to true……. it most likely is. God is my Savior through Jesus, not Trump or ANY other politician. Take care.

      • Gavincurtis

        If the candidate that gets into presidential power is funded or approved by Soros, they will be the last President of the USA as we know it. That son of a bitch Soros actually said that mass immigration offers new opportunities for global influence. That is, uncontrolled immigration can be a tool used to force nations to be dependent on a single globalize government. Aka make sovereign nations SLAVES to the global empire.

        • mtntrek3

          Lot of frustration and anger out here for sure…… no shortage of that. Global powers pulling the world together gradually to set the stage for what’s to come in the near future. NWO. It’ll be the elite ruling the poor…. which is already beginning. Also, there’ll be this thing referred to as the mark of the beast in the Bible to bring everyone into strict compliance w/the antichrist and the NWO. Christ is the answer. He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life. Take care.

          • Gavincurtis

            I absolutely understand where you are coming from. Temporary frustration to have to watch these ugly events unfold and billions of people’s lives made miserable by these wicked people for a short period of time as forttold. It will be exiting to hopefully still be alive to witness these evil mens’ plans come crashing down around them by returning external forces they have no chance to compete with. Like rats they will try to hide and escape to no avail.

          • mtntrek3

            Yes, they will want the rocks to fall on them in fear of what is to come for them and the One that will deliver the punishment. There are extremely rough/tough times ahead for the we the believers in Christ and the unbelievers. Unbelievers will be persecuting us in several ways producing much suffering for us…… they’ll be suffering punishment through different plagues and judgements sent from God. Our sufferings will be horrible if we are alive during the Trib., but our misery will be temporary. Their misery will just be starting and continue through eternity.

      • SmallerGovNow2

        then you are voting for hiLIARy period. and that makes you a fool….


    We have created a Warfare and Welfare State. Our nominal debts have doubled to 20 Trillions in just 8 years. Our unfunded liabilities exceed 100 trillions. 10K Baby Boomers are retiring every day. Our borders are wide open. Millions of third World Mendicants arrive with their hands outstretched. Type 2 Diabetes ravages the population. How in the name of God will we pay for it all? The short answer is that we can’t and we won’t.

    • Jerry C

      All according to plan. Debt was never expected to be paid. It’s a tool. A tool to enslave us all.

      • sister soldier



    Watch carefully. Immediately after the election, Obama will attempt to ram the TPP through.

    • Genada

      I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he will not only try to pass it but will be able to pass it.



    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Obama may try but this will not work…..This TPP agreement if passed is irrevocable….most people are not aware of this lovely feature.


        How can Ford move all its small car production to Mexico? NAFTA. TPP is NAFTA on steroids. I pray you are right.

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          TPP is even worse than NAFTA on steroids it covers all facets of our lives EVERYTHING and the future of this once great country.

          Did you notice that not a person is allowed to read this Agreement only the Politicians and even they are under non-disclosure clauses.

  • mtntrek3

    Good article Michael. You mention Trump. Trump talks what ails us in the country, but…… a fox watching the henhouse, no thanks. Politically, and otherwise we’re nearing the end. Like you’ve said….. the most important thing is faith in Christ.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Trump is a Businessman Not A Politician And Our Henhouse Has No Hens….Biblically Trump Is A Crass Cornelius

      • mtntrek3

        I have to say no to Trump, Bill. Take care, God Bless. 🙂 Chris

  • john

    still people are buying the iPhone 7 like crazy.
    seem you have a good life in the USA!

  • sister soldier

    From prostitution to socialism; the devil’s economy.

    The author behind the socialist agenda is a nefarious character and he has by design orchestrated the passions of idle minds concerning pursuits of fallen men by implementing an economic model and political agenda based solely upon sin!

    The ideology behind the socialist agenda in part is the working class oppression based on the very limited collateral material wealth they have in relationship to their upper class contemporaries. Individuals who subscribe to socialist practices depend on the despair of the poor by implanting false ungodly desires and the lust to obtain unholy power with the illusion that power equalizes distribution. A tangled and deceptive web! Socialism and coveting are sin sisters. Proverbs teaches us that, “The horse leech has two daughters, “Give” and “Give.” There are three things that will not be satisfied. Four that will not say, “Enough”. (1) Sheol (abode of the dead), and (2) the barren womb, (3) Earth that is never satisfied with water, and (4) fire that never says, “Enough.” Summation; socialism (the movement that drives outsourcing) wouldn’t exist if we did not violate the tenth commandment of covetousness.

    God’s word instructs His followers to look after ‘folk’ who are vulnerable in society, including the widows/poor/needy. Repeatedly those who have been blessed to get and maintain wealth by the mercy of God are instructed not to forget about the least in God’s kingdom. THIS economy steam rolls the least among us. It rapes the poor and kills the widows. Christ’ reply to the rich young man who asks Him what he must do to gain eternal life was “If you want to be perfect go sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. then come, follow me” (Matt. 19:21). Jesus did not say “Sell your possessions and give IT to the poor.” But rather the scripture is worded, “Give to the poor” as in a repetitive action. If this were truly God’s economy there would be no poor among us as those who have would willingly give to the less fortunate consistently and continually. Mexico is being economically raped by America not blessed. The PTB see the writing on the wall concerning what they have done to a once truly blessed nation and it is but one more spiritually negative fire brand of God’s judgment upon an unrepentant and rebellious people.

    • Jerry C

      “It’s for the children!”-South Park

    • df NJ

      Christians dropping bombs in innocent Muslim women and children is Satan’s agenda.

      • sister soldier

        Christians don’t drop bombs. But yes it is a satanic agenda.

        Warning against Pride:
        “What causes conflicts and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from the passions at war within you? You crave what you do not have. You kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask (God) (or pray to Him in Jesus’ name). And when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may squander it on your pleasures.…”

  • goldminer

    Why don’t the workers who are loosing their jobs just move with Ford to Mexico? That way they can at least have a job. Oh that’s right…. Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the US. They don’t want impoverished jobless gringos down there.

  • GSOB

    What do you expect! With a 39.1% corporate tax rate …. a business is stupid to not exercise the option to cut their costs.
    You can’t have it both ways. It is the tax burden that is killing the middle class.

    • sister soldier

      “Nothing certain but death and taxes” ~ Benjamin Franklin, and our government is making good on both!

    • Leif Erickson

      GE pays little, if any, taxes. They have more offshore employees than in the USA now. Low wages, no benefits, few pollution regulations, and no OSHA rules to follow are driving companies to other countries.

  • GSOB

    North Korea has a corporate tax rate of about 25%. Same with China

    • df NJ

      eff the Koreans, eff the world! AMERICA FIRST!!!!

  • Leif Erickson

    Ford is moving to Mexico? Quality is now job 2.

  • df NJ

    You would think not having a tax base to pay for military spending would be a national security issue. Maybe at some point the CEOs will realize not having workers means not having customers.

    • jsmith

      That’s right! Unemployed or underemployed people can not afford to buy refrigerators, let alone $30,000.00 new cars.

      • “V”

        No, they get credit cards with 30% and higher interest rates, buy the essentials (or splurge) then file bankruptcy when the bills come due.

  • Richard O. Mann

    America. It was fun while it lasted.

  • orsobubu

    Dear American friends, some of you would be kind enough to explain this to me? I think you – although have a shorter history and political tradition compared eg to us Europeans – finally understand that all parties make exclusively the interests of the privileged classes, and that precisely those who pose as defenders of the weak are actually those who betray their constituents more; in general – thanks to their deluded supporters – they are the ones who do the dirty work:
    reactionary laws, wars, etc.

    I wonder if in your magnificent country do exist some extra-parliamentary parties of federal (or at least inter-state) significance, which don’t join nor federal nor state nor local elections, but anyway are structured as real parties and have as their main task the seizure of political power? So having have rigid internal organizational structure, strict rules, ideologies and programs, party schools, offices, newspapers, militants, events, activism in unions, etc.

    If this is not the case in USA, can anyone explain me why none of you does not begin immediately tomorrow morning to go down your street and begin to organize one, knowing that it is a multi-year work, probably multi-generational? I’m saying this because it seems that this is the only solution to the drift towards chaos and the counter-revolution, while most of you, politically, seems rather isolated, self-referential, at most busy
    treating a small plot of land for your family or stow food supplies, etc …

    And I say this with all greatest due respect and admiration, because this too is inescapably something interesting absolutely ignored here in Europe, although I fear it will prove ineffective for general survival.

  • df NJ

    For evidence of all that is good in America, google “Zeppelin! – Louisville Leopard Percussionists” and watch the video.


    and I thought George F. Kennedy just played Joe Patrone in those Airport movies

    • Sorry, I meant John F. Kennedy. When I write, I also say things out of my memory, instead of checking every bit for its correctness. But from my text it is obvious that I meant the US President. Sorry.
      Nevertheless, it is very important for me that things are true, i. e., that they are “observable”. I have learned that, if you want to evolve, be a better person, and if we as The Human Race want to be more “civilized” compared to extraterrestrials, we should learn to be better “observers”. We are terribly primitive, because we deny every bit that is not convenient to our materialistic comfort. And there are millions of things that we deny or distort, in The US, in Mexico, in Germany, in China, everywhere. The US dropped two atomic bombs over Japan AFTER World War II was over. So this happened not to end the war, but because of many other possible things: revenge for “Pearl Harbor” (a stupid feeling, for Hawaii was “taken”, “stolen”, etc. by the US, just as every empire takes more and more from others, because the empire is temporarily “stronger” (???) and “others” are convenienty declared as “enemies” (???)).
      The US was made strong because of its believes in Human Values (independently of watching, seeing, analyzing, that the Bible is wrong in many, many ways). To unite makes you, as a whole, stronger than to “disunite”, or fight eachother. “We are all created equal” as written in The American Constitution, unites people (not just the “United” STATES) and makes the country strong. What is happening now, as is obvious in this race for election, be it Trump, Obma, Clinton, etc., is that everybody points to everybody else, not constructively, but “accusing” the other one. We are more far from being united in the world than ever before, and that can erradicate the Human Race from the face of this planet.
      Change your Beliefs, and the World will change for the better. Change from critisizing others, from pointing to others, to observing yourself. Believe in “We are created equal”. Believe that the real sin is to say that “we were born as sinners, because of Adam and Eve (others, again, instead of ourselves)” and things will change for the better.
      All this is what I want to make clear. Do I fail, am I sometimes in error, like everybody else? Of course, I am Human. But the more Human I am The More Godlike I become. The more severe in your judgement of others you are, the less “human” you become, and the less “godlike” too.

  • JJR

    Why buy a new car with prices at $30-60K? You can take a fraction of that money and buy a good used SUV, pickup, or car. These high tech cars being churned out these days cost a fortune to repair and are near impossible to work on yourself.

    Ive owned a 1970 Chevy K-10 for 40 years now and its as good as new. 78 Chevy Blazer same thing. Cost next to nothing to swap out a rebuilt motor if needed.


    • DB200

      Correct. The only thing is that cars from the 70s are prone to rust. So you need to know how to weld.

      • JJR

        The rust just adds to the character of the car.

  • Lao Tzu

    For cars to be made, Americans have to accept a lot lower wages. It makes no sense to pay such high wages for simple jobs.

  • Sam Nelson

    The days of Henry Ford are long gone, we are surviving, verily surviving the days of Rothschild. What a difference in both the times and the character of the men. Henry wanted a living wage and every good thing for his employees, Rothschild wants a return to people littering the streets, homelessness, and debtor’s prisons. Henry, even warned US about the other, but, the Media was already co-opted by the Joos and the American Leadership sold out for federal reserve money. Like the other great men of their time, Lindbergh, McCarthy, etc., Ford was demonized by a Media and Leadership that was taking it up the wazoo by the federal reserve banker’s, chiefly, really, and only, the Rothschild’s. If we could ever clean the Lawyer’s out of DC and regain control of our own treasury … … … Today, I would not doubt that the Rothschild’s some how, some way have gained majority ownership of Ford, if not, then … … … Sorry Henry, but I am not going to buy Ford’s anymore.

  • Mr_B

    Lots of finger pointing and blaming here – people forget when they point a finger, three fingers are pointed right back at them!!!.

    Go ahead, try it…point your finger and see the truth of it…

    …”The People” are just as responsible for the state of things as much as any duplicitous taint in DC…

    … who they elected btw, and because we all gave our power of choice over to people in suits and white robes, it is we, who reap that choice.

    “Tax Breaks”…It is The People who continue to allow these corporations those Tax Breaks and “Incentives”

    Note: these tax breaks were given to them because they were to provide jobs and infrastructure in return – both are gone or crumbling now

    And yet, they continue to export jobs, replace the workforce with robots and pay minimum wages.

    It is The People who pay taxes to corrupted governments and it is The People ‘bailing out’ the dual citizens who really own those companies…

    …providing them the golden parachutes made of their own hard earned and over taxed money; what a disgusting joke.

    The truth is…they no longer qualify for any tax breaks AT ALL and the 1% need to be taxed heavily…NOW!…so, wake up.

    And, Stop Blaming Others!…

    …it only comes across as ‘yet another Mundane Drone trapped in the vice of “Divide and Conquer”‘.

    “You are the Leader you have been waiting for” – Hopi 2012

  • Gavincurtis

    Factory to landfill one world global society.

  • sharonsj

    Trump claims Ford is moving to Mexico but the CEO of Ford says that’s a lie. Just because Trump said it doesn’t make it true. Aren’t you used to his lying by now?

  • Pete Okuhira

    I wonder if the manufacturing companies like Ford and General Motors know that Donald Trump is going to win the election so that they move out to another countries like Mexico (for example)? If that were the case, the question is why?

    • jonodough

      because they know the fix is in for hillary

  • juanisaac

    The treason the USA will lose manufacturing jobs is called greed Michael. The corporations in order to make more money will move to third world countries

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