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More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The Government

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A very large segment of the population has figured out that it can use voting as a tool to get more money and benefits from the government, and that is a very dangerous thing.  Once upon a time, the free market was the one that distributed nearly all the wealth in our system.  But now the federal government has become a giant deluded “Santa Claus” that distributes goodies to the American people far beyond its actual capacity to do so.  In fact, we are borrowing trillions of dollars that we do not have so that our politicians can continue to buy votes with handouts.  Look, we will always need a safety net.  We don’t want anyone in America starving to death or sleeping in the street.  However, our current system has gotten completely and totally out of control.  Today, there are nearly 80 different “means-tested welfare programs” operated by the federal government.  As I have written about previously, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in those programs.  Sadly, that does not even count Social Security and Medicare.  Tens of millions of Americans are enrolled in each of those programs as well.  And when you add in more than 22 million government workers, you get one giant pile of people that are getting money or benefits from the government.  In fact, at this point more than half of all Americans are at least partially dependent on the government.

A recent Forbes article by Bill Wilson estimates that over 165 million Americans are government dependents to at least some degree….

New research from Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reveals that this reality may already be here, with more than 107 million Americans on some form of means-tested government welfare.

Add to that 46 million seniors collecting Medicare (subtracting out about 10 million on Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and other senior-eligible programs already included in Sessions’ means-tested chart) and 22 million government employees at the federal, state, and local level — and suddenly, over 165 million people, a clear majority of the 308 million Americans counted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, are at least partially dependents of the state.

That is absolutely staggering.

So why is this happening?

Well, for one thing our economy is not producing enough good jobs.  Millions of our jobs have been shipped out of the country, and of the jobs that remain, only 24.6 percent of them are considered to be “good jobs” at this point.

So millions of families are really hurting.  In fact, 77 percent of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time.

This week, Joe Biden declared that “the middle class is coming back”, but that was a giant lie.

The truth is that the middle class is being absolutely shredded.  More Americans fall out of the middle class every single day.  Right now there are more than 100 million Americans that are considered to be “poor” or “near poor”, and the number of Americans on food stamps has risen by more than 14 million since Barack Obama entered the White House.

No, the middle class is definitely not coming back.  Poverty is exploding all around us and every single day even more Americans become dependent on the government.

And that is how the social engineers like it.  They don’t want us to be strong and independent.  They want us to be weak and groveling and dependent on them.

So who is paying for all of this?

Well, it sure isn’t the wealthy.  They have become absolute masters at avoiding taxes.

And it sure isn’t the poor people.  Most of them don’t even pay any income taxes.

So who is paying for all of this?

Hard working middle class Americans are, and our children and our grandchildren are.

Both Democrats and Republicans see nothing wrong with stealing trillions of dollars from future generations so that they can shower their constituents with benefits that we simply cannot afford.

What we are doing to our children and our grandchildren is beyond criminal.  I am amazed that more people are not completely outraged by all of this.

Obama, Bush, Clinton and our Congress critters have showered the American people will trillions of dollars that have been ripped off from Americans that have not even been born yet.  They seem to think that it is really funny that they are going to stick them with the bill.

I find it absolutely revolting.

But very few of our politicians will even discuss seriously cutting back the benefits that we have promised to hand out.

Nobody wants to be the bad guy.

And more specifically, very few of our politicians are willing to risk their careers in order to do what they know is right.

We are becoming a society that is completely and totally addicted to government money and government benefits.

We expect the government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

In many ways, the government has actually become a god to millions upon millions of Americans.

And the social engineers like it that way.

They want the government to be as large and as powerful as possible.

In fact, they don’t even want us taking care of each other.

Earlier this year I wrote about how feeding the homeless is illegal in many major cities all over the United States.

Sadly, this trend has gotten even stronger since that time.

According to USA Today, more than 50 American cities have now passed “anti-camping or anti-food-sharing laws”….

Philadelphia recently banned outdoor feeding of people in city parks. Denver has begun enforcing a ban on eating and sleeping on property without permission. And this month, lawmakers in Ashland, Ore., will consider strengthening the town’s ban on camping and making noise in public.

And the list goes on: Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma City and more than 50 other cities have previously adopted some kind of anti-camping or anti-food-sharing laws, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty.

So what are we supposed to do?

If it is illegal to help the homeless and it is illegal to be homeless, what is left?

The answer is obvious.

We are supposed to let the government take care of everything because the government is our super-powerful nanny that always knows what is best.

In the end, however, this system is going to collapse.  It is unsustainable by nature and the weight of our 16 trillion dollar national debt is absolutely going to crush us.

Millions of Americans realize that the system is failing, and that is why so many of them have started to prepare for the worst.

This even includes members of Congress.  For example, just check out the following excerpt from an article about U.S. Representative Roscoe Bartlett….

Deep in the West Virginia woods, in a small cabin powered by the sun and the wind, a bespectacled, white-haired man is giving a video tour of his basement, describing techniques for the long-term preservation of food in case of “an emergency.”

“We don’t really think of those today, because it’s so convenient to go to the supermarket,” he cautions. “But you know, you’re planning because the supermarket may not always be there.”

The electrical grid could fail tomorrow, he frequently warns. Food would disappear from the shelves. Water would no longer flow from the pipes. Money might become worthless. People could turn on each other, and millions would die.

Remember, this is a member of the U.S. Congress that is saying these things.

Any rational person can see that our current system is unsustainable by any definition.

Many of our politicians continue to insist that it can be “fixed” if you will just allow them to “tweak” it a bit.

Sadly, they are all lying to you.

A few small changes here and there is not going to change anything.

We need radical reconstructive surgery in this nation, and unfortunately that is not even being presented to the American people as an option in 2012.

We are just going to keep doing more of the same and we are going to keep expecting different results.

And that truly is insanity.

  • Rikki


    Easiest way to eliminate fraud and those who dont deserve it…..make them sit in class 25 hours a week and learn English and Math.

    No English No Ebt card….we need a War on Ebonics, your FB page must be in English…..because without English skills most will never get a real job anywhere.

    My prediction at least 1/3 maybe even 1/2 would drop out the first month saving us tens of billions each month…

    PS; this includes the unemployed and prisoners too…call it tough love

    • Really

      RIkki it’s not prisoners or supposed illegals.A debt-money system will not ever work you can blame it on anything lobbying is prime issue , no jobs , outsourcing, inflation has risen 95% since the fed reserve was enacted.1dollar in 1913 is equal to 21dollars and change today…..
      When the central banks loan money and attach interest to it no matter how you do the math their is never any more than the original principal add interest to the banks they loan the money too and then they charge you interest for your house,car,student loan etc……it all equals 16 trillion in debt cut programs and spending it will still equal debt.
      If your government cared truly for their population they would write off all debt , tell central banks to take a hike and print our own money it’s the only solution ….if you got a better one please let me know.

      • Really?

        Granted we as a society have become soft and dependent at least in the crash of 1929 those people were basically self reliant if it happens today it will be ugly some folks are generational welfare they know nothing but handouts I see it everyday it’s sad and frustrating.

    • Really?

      Rikki it’s not prisoners supposed illegals or the unemployed.
      That’s what the government loves for us to blame each other yeah their are those that live on the backs of others.You could also blame the big companies that lobby your representatives or blame Obama , bush , Clinton , or the price of oil and the list goes on and on and one……..
      PROBLEM a debt-money system that we cannot and will not ever work.
      Central banks loan money to other banks at interest those banks in turn loan it out for cars,homes, student loans etc. With interest attached to it , their in Lies the problem their is never anymore money than the principal amount loaned by the central bank so we are all debt slaves you are taxed for everything you do literally and their is still a 16 trillion dollar debt it’s a ponzi/pyramid scheme and the end result of all pozi/pyramid schemes is failure.
      If the United States government cared about the true well being of their population they would write off all debt owed , tell the central bank( fed reserve) to take a hike and start printing our own money based on the gold standard or other precious metals something of actual value, the paper in your wallet could be virtually useless tomorrow. Plus when it does implode there is approx. 2 trillion in paper with over ten trillion floating in cyberspace no one will get paid unless your on the team.

    • mike Beale

      The Gary2’s of the world are going to accuse you of being a heartless conservative who hates the poor and minorities.

    • Gary2

      You know I actually think you have a good point. Also teach young folks that wearing their pants half way down is pathetic.

      • xander cross

        Gary. They teach that in prisons and yet, many of the prison industrial complex made millions of it.

      • Mal R.

        Gary, you’re using RACIST code words!!!

        • Gary2

          I guess you would know as are conservatives are racists,

    • Wake up

      A+ But lets take this one step further…Drug testing at random…Right out of the box bet we drop the amount of people on entitlements by 25% or possibly more.

      • Kathy Smith

        Totally agree

      • Rikki

        drug testing is no biggie….think about it..if you were fired for drugs you would be disqualified from Unemployment….and then if you applied for welfare they could use that to deny you too…

        90% of the convicts speak Ebonics….so wouldn’t a logical answer be to stop teaching and accepting it as an alternative language in schools? Nothing racist about it .

        If you want early release or parole read the NYTimes in front of a judge….put the burned on the inmate to racism here

        If you want welfare then speak English, let’s see your FB page only a handful of rappers or BB players made lots of money with Ebonics.

        I also think we should eliminate corporate taxes…one they pass it on to you anyway, but then how can you get a tax break or a refund if you dont pay any in the first place? Let the shareholder pay all of the golden parachutes stock options and jet planes, leave the taxpayer out of it.

        • TX4Life

          One of my child’s college courses teaches that ebonics is an acceptable dialect and that it should not be penalized when used in research papers and other written works by middle school and high school students. There is also a book called “White Teachers, Diverse Classrooms” which attempts to get teachers to adapt to their students’ environment rather than the reverse. Google the book and read some of the chapter titles. It will astound you.

      • Gay Veteran

        can we also have random drug tests for the banksters that we bailed out? and the politicians?

    • That is total foolishness. This country has serious problems, from people taking government benefits, public service employees being overpaid, and Fat Cats ripping off the lowly shareholders and taxpayers. But ALL of these problems have a root, and that’s our corrupt political system! Politicians taking cash bribes to write the rules to permit the rip-offs.

      And thus I suppose the MAIN problem is the voters themselves who — even with a 10% approval rate — keep re-electing these same congress crooks.

      ONLY a 100% turnover in November will fix it.

      Jack Lohman

    • Jodi

      Tough love is needed. Unfortunately, nobody in congress believe in tough love and even tough love for themselves.

    • dianec

      Rikki – what a great idea! I sure hope when Romney and Ryan get in and start reforming government they will deal with all of these type of issues. I truly feel they are serious!! Hope it is not wishful thinking.

      • Gay Veteran

        LOL, either you’re being sarcastic or you’re the one that needs to be tested for drugs

        the two parties are two sides of the same coin

    • Kent

      Eliminate income tax, eliminate the federal reserve, eliminate NAFTA, eliminate WTO, eliminate UN, eliminate NATO, eliminate all departments of goverment with the exception of State, Defense, Justice, and Treasury, eliminate pension programs for federal and state employees, well shoot the list of things we could eliminate is endless. The federal government is the problem they keep sending good paying jobs out of the country to make Americans dependent upon them. Quite simply tyranny can be found anywhere, but it is mostly from the liberals which have utterly destroyed what our Founding Fathers established.

    • Crew

      Hello all,

      I am an American (born & raised in MN, eldest of 12 children; now living in FL), lived in 22 countries over my past years … took time to read 70% +++ posts.

      My two cents:

      1. USA can not afford to support undocumented folks (read why I say this: no other country that I lived in would allow me to stay more than 90 – 120 days without updating my paperwork; and certainly would not have paid me for food stamps, medicine, school / education. I love USA – but we can hope to support more than we already are.

      2. B-4 you get pissed … remember, I typed I am the eldest of 12 children .. my mom and dad knew how much they could cover (financially and otherwise) and …

      3. I do care that we all vote (Obama or Romney) … Vote with informed choices, please.

      4. I believe it is time for someone (that has the balls to serve in office, Prez, House, Senate, and other wise) to finally say enough is enough.

      I want my USA / Country back NOW.

      Thx for letting me vent.

      PS – I DID buid it & I want it back.


      • paul

        Obama or Romney?

        Out of 300 million citizens you only have two candidates?

  • Joseph


    Only one phrase comes to mind to me (even though I have some money saved up and will be investing it smartly in precious metals and other worthwhile assets and what-not…”God help us all.”

    Everyday I pray that the American people wake up and come at Washington at full-blast, why I cannot understand those who listen to CNN and FOX and watch Dancing With the Stars will learn anything from that garbage.

    Doesn’t $17,000,000,000,000 in debt, high taxes that are burdensome to small businesses, “Made in USA” replaced with “Made in China”, a worthless dollar against a purposefully devalued Yuan and 24% unemployment wake anyone up?

    God help us all Michael, only noble men like you and those who will work and listen will live through it all!

    • Michael


      Thank you for your kind words. I just try to do the best that I can every single day.


  • DaytoDay

    Good article Michael.

    Well, I can say if food prices keep rising, we’ll all be depending on the government…

    2 small tubs of honey ham, 2 tomatoes, 1 head of lettuce, loaf of bread and a bag of chips was $25 at FRY’s…

    • Michael

      Day to Day:

      Ouch! The price of groceries is really starting to get out of hand.

      By the way, if anyone wants to listen to my brand new interview on TruNews, you can find it here….


      • Rodster

        Wow Michael how’d you score an interview with Nige? 🙂

        • Michael

          No, he was interviewed right before me.

          But it was an honor to be on the same program.


          • Rodster

            Nige was awesome. I’m listening to your interview right now. 🙂

          • GSOB

            Good show Michael, despite the 35 minute wait to hear what you had to say.

            It is alarming to hear the amount gold being purchased and the ammunition being purchased,…the probability of a decade of economic depression or the collapse of our currency. Buying silver instead of gold if you can’t afford gold,…. Obama’s executive orders…., our political system being a failure and our economic system failing,….

            food becoming more expensive, store up now,….
            trust in God and pray for his strength, in all things heed the warning the best we can and no idea of how folks are going to
            make it without Christ, the false prosperity gospel…

            You said a lot and said it well.
            Live like a hero with Christ in our hearts, the hope of glory.

            Great show Mike..
            Praise the Lord!

      • Kathy Smith

        WOW !! Everyone who is a regular on this blog go take the time & listen to this interview ! Micheal you & Nigel are amazing.

        • SmallerGovNow

          Ditto Kathy…

      • Gay Veteran

        Your comments were very interesting. Too bad the host is off his rocker.

        • GSOB

          I agree Gay Veteran..
          Didn’t he say that silver weighs more than gold?

      • Gay Veteran

        btw, I noticed that the host in your interiew referred to Janet Napolitano as a “lesbian dyke”

        and this man claims to be a Christian?!?!?!?

        do you approve of that kind of language??? anybody who uses that kind of epithet automatically destroys their own credibility

        • GSOB

          Gay Veteran…
          Credibility being destroyed should be the least of your concerns.

          It is not of him who wills or of him who runs,
          it is God who shows mercy.
          Do you not know that you, yourself – are in need of God’s mercy?

          To say no – is evident that the truth is not in you.
          God shows mercy on whom he wants to show mercy and he hardens whom he wants to harden.

          You are not comparing yourself to God correctly by comparing yourself to Micheal or other Christians who make mistakes wjile in their pursuit of holiness. You are just excusing your own miserable condition by throwing Michael under the bus.

          Christians are not made simply by making themselves right with God,…no no no… they are chosen by God because he has decided to transform them into something new. Christians are not perfect but rest in the fact that God is…, and he will complete what he has started in them.

          You on the other hand, need to look at where you stand in regards to God and your own depravity, not Michaels blurp.

          We all must deal with that sooner or later.

          • Gay Veteran

            “You on the other hand, need to look at where you stand in regards to God and your own depravity”

            so much for thy shalt not judge

            people like you are like cavemen trying to understand fire, you can’t explain it so it must be from the gods

      • SmallerGovNow

        Great interview Michael…

    • paul

      Went to the market the other day. 5kg onions £1.50; 5 kg potatos £1.68; 5kg carrots £1.20; 1 kg sprats £2.65
      had to go home, couldn’t carry more.

      • Mal R.

        What’s a sprat? I know it’s a small fish, but is it like kippers or sardines?

        • paul

          Smaller than sardines. I fry them with head and bones. Some don’t even clean them other than running them under water. Before frying I toss them with flour. After frying I put them on a bed of fresh dill.

  • Mustard Seeds

    I haven’t had much time to spend reading Michael’s great articles or everyone’s interesting comments this summer….been too busy getting ready for the collapse. Not much else my family can do but prepare.

    Tonight, I have some time to myself….looking forward to sitting in my favorite easy chair with a bowl of arroz con pollo, a bottle of beer, and reading ECB.

    Cheers everyone.

    • Michael

      Mustard Seeds:

      I applaud you for working so hard to get prepared.

      And if you have been away for a while you certainly have a lot of reading to catch up on. 🙂


  • Everyone and that includes well everyone is dependent of the government…What else would the empire want?

  • Stan522

    Politician’s are well aware of this. Most try to leverage, or garner votes by pandering to those tied to government programs. We have become a nation of takers and the takers are beginning to outnumber the producers. We now have American citizens (and of course illegal’s who vote) backing politicians that use these programs has political tools to get votes. It’s a vicious cycle that only has complete collapse and the fix. I believe we are close to that point of collapse.

  • AH

    “We are supposed to let the government take care of everything because the government is our super-powerful nanny that always knows what is best.”

    Say it without sarcasm and it is truly the only way into the future. Let’s get to 100% unemployment as soon as we can. Nothing but free time.

    • paul

      I found a legal way not to pay income tax – have no income.

  • K

    There is one possible solution. One that might slowly start to make a difference. You said politicians would not act, because it would affect their careers. No more career politicians. Term limits. A sad thing to resort to. I no longer feel, there is any other choice.

  • Sandman

    Hey michael and everyone, if you haven’t watched this video yet it’s worth the few minutes to see what’s going on on the ground in Spain. Kind of eye opening!

  • Benign

    It is a myth that the bottom 50% don’t pay any income taxes. The payroll tax is an income tax that everyone at the bottom pays, regressivelyl. Part of Reagan’s fooling of the American people was to increase the burden of the payroll tax on the working people while lowering taxes on the rich, a theme that Romney would like to take to ridiculous extremes (by cutting SS benefits and lowering taxes even more on rich people).

    You perpetuate a falsehood, sir, when you say half of Americans don’t pay any income tax.

    • Mal R.

      Uh, not so much. You see on my W2, I see income tax in it’s little box and then I see payroll taxes in its lown little box. Two different creatures.

      The rest of your post is just cukoo. Better get that tumor sitting on your neck checked out. It’s likely not ….Benign.

      • Gay Veteran

        but they STILL pay taxes

        yeah, most of our problems (incuding the exploding Federal debt) started with Reagan who used the increased Social Security taxes to mask the true size of his annual deficits

      • Mal R.

        They do not pay income taxes, which is what you assert.

        • Gay Veteran

          learn how to read, I said they paid TAXES with no mention of income taxes. As Benigh said: “The payroll tax is an income tax that everyone at the bottom pays, regressivelyl”

  • mike Beale

    Say what you want about Glen Beck, but he was talking about the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming and collapsing the system back in 2009. That sounds an awful lot like what this blog post is talking about.

    • Louise in MO

      I watched Glenn Beck while he was on FOX. A lot of what he was talking about then we are now discussing o this site.

      He was talking “prepping” back then and people called him crazy, etc. I’ve been preppring since he first brought the idea to his program.

      Anyone Obama and the dems hate….I like, and I bet they don’t care much for Michael and the rest of us. We’re probably on their “watch list.” And, I could care less. Let them come!

      • Mal R.

        Try this one out. Hows this for being on a watch list. This one falls right into the ‘right wingers and military vets are terrorists’ meme that Glenn exposed a ways back too. This is what democrats do to those they disagree with – FASCISTS all.

        I stumbled across Glenn before he made the leap onto CNN and have followed him ever since. He’s a brilliant man and is living the life conservatives MUST live, if we are going to destroy progressivism.

        do you subscribe to GBTV?

        • Gay Veteran

          get a clue Mal R

          as Gerald Celente said, both parties favor the merger of corporate and state power (i.e., fascism)

  • The USG is not going to pay back the debt. They are either going to default or print it. IMHO if people were smart, they would get out of all U.S. dollar holdings. I don’t know the results of either one of those actions because I’m not an economist. But what is impossible to be paid back by legitimate means will be paid back by illigetimate means. The dollar is going to lose its value in relation to other world currencies. What that means and what unfolds after that I don’t know because I’m not an economist.

  • davidmpark

    1st: get a breeding set of rabbits, ducks, and bees.

    If in an apartment, go find a breeder and get some quails. Prepare beforehand with research and housing. Quail can eat bird seed, fresh fruit and veg and will provide meat and eggs. Smell is minimal. Use soiled bedding in garden; compost in bin with straw or sawdust in bathroom.

    2nd: a garden can be grown anywhere. Dig up the useless lawns, flower beds, and shrubs. Get a permit and collect rain and snow water. Build cold frame or greenhouse. Use heirloom seeds and learn how to reclaim seed.

    For apartments; get the cheap 5 gal. buckets from Home Depot, Lowes, or another hardware store (make sure they are clean and not previously used for detergents or solvents – these can’t be cleaned out unless they are neutralized, which is difficult for a beginner.) Drill or punch three holes in bottom, fill 1″ with gravel or similar small rocks – place on tray. Add soil and compost, plant, and water regularly ’til some water leaks out the bottom. Make sure it gets minimal 6 hours direct sun each day or use grow lights.

    The biggest obstacle to becoming food secure: saying you can’t do something. It’s just words ’til you prove it. If it needs to be done; you will do it and do it well and on the cheap.

    Someday, God willing, we’ll be free!

    • Louise in MO

      David M Park

      Thanks for the info for apartment growing and the use of “grow lights.” Was wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to do so.

      Also, you can buy “Protein ” powder even at Wal-Mart(hold your nose) and it will take the place of meat should you have none. I have begun keeping more than usual the amount of eggs I buy; canned tuna and canned chicken. Peanut butter is grreat protein.

      If you have a fondue pot, store extra sterno. I have used it during power outages to cook in. Water will boil, soup, canned stews, oatmeal, etc. will cook in a fondue pot.

  • davidmpark

    If I may…

    We bought our rabbits from a breeder about 3 years ago at $15 each doe, $20 for our prized buck.

    We spend $24 per month on hay (we’re going to grow our own next season) and salt licks. We fed them veg and fruit cuttings and leftovers rather than throw them away.

    So far, we got over 200 lbs of meat (with our own 300 sq ft pasture) at $0.09 per pound, dozens of pelts, and about 3 tons of manure so far. With the methane digester, the chem lab products, and the other things we make with the leftovers and waste… I have no idea yet how much it’s saving us.

    Just from 4 rabbits in a backyard.

    We had no formal education in Agriculture and most other things. It’s from our own studying with trial-and-error. Self-reliance is possible: however, it takes work and ability.

    • Mal R.

      “We bought our rabbits from a breeder about 3 years ago at $15 each doe, $20 for our prized buck”

      Hi Dave, am I to assume that the rabbits aren’t your typical ordinary Petsmart rabbit? I’m not really up on my rabbit husbandry…

      “With the methane digester, the chem lab products, and the other things we make with the leftovers and waste”
      Do tell!!!

      I’ve been taking the path down hydroponics (all the info is weed based – oof), which led me to Aquaponics/Aquaculture, which is a fish/vegetable recirculating system.

  • SidDavis

    Isn’t that what the politicians want.

    Imagine if everyone could take care of himself. There would be little or no need for government to do much of anything for us. And if we didn’t need it, we wouldn’t be willing to support it. Politicians wouldn’t have much of a future if we didn’t need them.

    But make people dependent and beholding to government and people will support it, not matter how bad the government is, at least within reason, because they see this as the only way they can make it. As long as the benefits keep flowing people hang on to the system as if their lives depended on it, and for many it has already progressed to that.

    The only problem is that when the system breaks down, those dependent on it are in serious trouble, and the people who are independent of it and prepared for a break down will have a huge survival advantage.

  • Gary2

    Michael michael michael—corporate welfare is WAY more than ANY welfare for the poor and you know this. I wish you would quit pandering to the low information conservatives.

    At best I find you disingenuous in these type of posts kind of fox news like which is not a compliment. You can do better. You do not need to dumb down your posts to please the conservative base.

    • Mal R.

      So you acknowledge the HUGE problem and you’re for completely eliminating BOTH then right?

      Or are you “At best … disingenuous in these type of posts kind of [like] fox news “?

      • Gary2

        the difference is that corporations already have too much money they are sitting on record profits. The poor do not have enough money.

        Why do I keep needing to explain the obvious to you??

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “already have too much money they are sitting on record profits”

          Who the hell do you think you are to decide that?

          “The poor do not have enough money.”

          As Ben Franklin noted

          “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

          Or perhaps you just aren’t interested in noticing what LBJ’s great society has done to the entire black community for example. If they dont have something Gary, then get off your a$$ and go help them.

    • SmallerGovNow

      Wrong Gary2, SS = $800 billion, Medicare/Medicaid = $800 billion, $80 billion in food stamps.

      I’m not for corporate or any other kind of welfare from the Federal Government. It should not be in the business of welfare of any kind…

      • Gary2

        you r numbers are so off. EXample–SSi-eliminate the cap on income subject to ssi tax AND tax cap gains ssi. problem solved permanently.

  • Gary2

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth. If this many folks are on gov benefits it is because the rich have engaged in productivity theft. Take back what is rightfully ours.

    Retail politicians like mittens and eddie munster (ryan) sicken me.

    • Mal R.

      “productivity theft.” Oh oh. I think Gary learned a new left wing buzz word. I’ve seen him post that at least twice now. How much longer can we look forward to that lil gem Gary?

      “Take back what is rightfully ours”

      What’s rightfully yours Gary? Some business you didn’t buy or build, the product you didn’t design, the raw materials, energy and machines you didn’t purchase, or are you referring to something else? You serve coffee at Starbucks, right?

      I’m fairly certain you as resident cretin, freely agreed with said business owner/manager to exchange your time and *cough* expertise for a set amount of money. That’s the way it works. Other than that, are you telling me someone enslaved you? I mean other than the Democrat party.

      I’d suggest fasting for poor little Gary’s tummy ache.

      • Gary2

        labor and the owners are not on the same level power wise. We need the employee free choice act and strong unions that can make the greedy owner pay a good wage. They can simply make less profit and spread the wealth.

      • Gay Veteran

        productivity theft? workers used to get a certain percentage of a company’s earnings but has decreased greatly lately. why? so CEOs and stockholders get richer. welcome to the destruction of the middle class

    • mike Beale

      Take back what is rightfully ours.

      Yes Comrade, they didn’t build that!

      • Gary2

        It takes a village to build a business. If I have to explain this you are not smart enough to understand it.

        No one and I mean NO ONE EVER succeeds on their own. The self made crap is just that crap and ANY thinking person knows this. (I realize I may have excluded many from this site when I said thinking person)

  • BFH

    Even though we do have quite a bit of fraud most people on Government assistance these days do need it. No job = No money. Unless and until the jobs come back we are doomed and the damn jobs ARE NOT coming back. Those with jobs who are still doing okay bitch about the Government hand outs. Yet, as the vacuum produced by jobs leaving this country sucks them down the drain they somehow change their minds and think the Government should do more to help people. Funny how that works isn’t it?

    • SmallerGovNow

      The very existence of these federal programs keeps people dependent upon the government. They learn another way to take care of themselves if they didn’t exist. Any social programs, if they exist at all, should come from the local level…

  • the ragged trousered philanthropist

    I live in the UK and all you write is just the same here, arguably worse as we have far less land and mineral resources.
    I recommend everyone reads the book “Robinson Crusoe” and actively takes steps to learn self sufficiency skills.
    He (Crusoe) had no choice and it’s looking highly likely we won’t either so we have two choices.
    Adapt or die!
    It’s as simple as that.

  • paul

    So, voting for democrats or republicans is insanity?

  • paul

    The Military-Industrial-Complex is getting the largest handout, so much that even the weather office is forced to increase state debts and buy ammunition.
    We are talking about 15 trillion here. Social welfare and Medicaid is just peanuts and only paid to have sufficient slaves available to produce the profit.

    • Mal R.

      “The Military-Industrial-Complex is getting the largest handout”

      Are you serious with that garbage? Lets define it for you since you dont know what a handout is.

      4. anything given away for nothing, as a free sample of a product by an advertiser.

      So get back to me on where that “handout” is please.

      • Gay Veteran

        you can’t have massive profits for the military-industrial complex without a bloated Pentagon budget

      • Gary2

        mal–your drinking your bath water again.

      • paul

        What do you get for those 15 trillion?

        Dead soldiers, wounded, traumatised, drug addicts.
        Life fireworks in Baghdad.
        And a lot of hate around the world. More reason for more war.

        Sort of like appetisers, or free samples with side effects.

      • Mal R.

        ummmkay. And that has nothing to do with what paul was talking about.

        So if the milt budget isn’t bloated that somehow eliminates defense contractors making a profit? I dunno, maybe in your head. I dont begrudge them making a profit. It’s the fundamental way everything works, unless of course you work for free.

        • paul

          Could you nationalize the defense industry to keep the profit in the state?

        • Gay Veteran

          I’ll leave it to you to defend the military-industrial complex.

          The one Republican I could vote for is Eisenhower.

  • paul

    Capitalism is about capital. It’s as easy as that.

    Companies are to produce profit. No jobs, no customer satisfaction, no quality, just profit. In any way you can get away with.

    It’s on the People to let profiteers and their friends get away with it. Brainwashing is very important. It goes so far that the homeless is defending the millionaires’ right to get rich on his cost.

    • Gary2

      capitalism is good at generating wealth but terrible at distributing it. Socialism on the other hand does a good job in distributing it so we need both and at this point we need a whole lot more socialism and a whole lot less capitalism.

      Tax the rich and corporations and spread the wealth.

      • paul

        capitalism will not accept competition. But you can still try non-profit organisations, if you find non-corruptible directors.



    I think Chris Hedges makes the case abundantly clear on this score. Dependency is merely one of many maladies this has essentially killed the Amerikan spirit.

    • Michael

      Chris Hedges is a very talented writer.


  • chiller

    Our government reminds me of a bunch of children who found dad’s Christmas money stash. No discipline, no regret, no remorse, just fighting over the cash until it’s all gone. But when Christmas time rolls around, this family will not be celebrating because the undisciplined little brats already stole all the Christmas money, blew it and lied about it the whole time.

  • shangri-la

    Cool, one half of the country is going to work and pay our welfare checks while we sit around watchin’ Maury! Is this a great country or what? Yes I will vote democrat, wouldn’t want to have to get a job and lose my uncle sugar check.

  • grandpa

    Yes ,cause without the government ,what would i do with the money i dont use for bills ,clothes food and the throwaway tin box of a car.. if people dont give back a spanking for having to live with the garbage were forced to buy under what suppose to be a smarter world , i suppose they deserve to be raped by the pedophiles of DC and rules of deconstruction of the brilliance and simplicity of the past.

  • mark

    The control freaks that run the government want us to depend on them. They like the power to (comtrol) you. That is a new word, you will be controled by feeding you and making you comfortable in your poverty.

  • Rancher

    “The wealthy… They have become absolute masters at avoiding taxes.”

    Say what? If anyone pays a dime more than they are required to by law then they are fools in my book. Get a top notch accountant and pay them well to know all the hundreds of thousands of tax laws and then apply them to your advantage. Keep it black and white and you are home free.

    We do and we sleep very well knowing the govt is not getting a dime more than “their” endless regulations permit me from not sending to them to then waste. One not need be wealthy to get good advise but if you are buying chips and drinking beer rather than hiring a top end accountant you are getting what you paid for… or rather in truth did not pay for.

  • Dave Price

    We need to seperate the bribe from the bribed. It is that simple, it is that true. untill we stop the Corporations and Unions from owning our politicians, it will only get worse.

  • James

    As someone who is the son of federal employees, I can say that system is not sustainable. They both get to retire when they are 56. So they ould be counted within the 24% good jobs. However, I think the economy will collapse before they reach retirement and all theses people taking governemnt money and eventually all those who use the dollar will be broke.

  • Rancher

    Next “Denver has begun enforcing a ban on eating and sleeping on property without permission.” I just use my shotgun, but whatever works…

    That quote is very vague yet spins very well for you to use. The US Constitution provides the right to personal property ownership. Not shared ownership and use. Period.

    That means if I own 60 acres and someone else or a group decides they can sleep on my land, camp there, dump there or eat there they may do it because their needs or wants out weight by rights of absolute ownership??? Be careful what you wish for… when you take up the cross for the homeless and make it sound like they have rights to property access as the result of being homeless.

    If it is so called public property it is still private in a very real sense because you as a citizen can not build a house on it or buy it or even sell it. Tax payers are taxed to maintain it and tax payers elect folks to oversee it and the tax payers and the elected official which represent them have and shall have all the powers to determine the use and or restrictions of said public lands.

    It is approaching anarchy to allow whatever to happen just because. I feel for the homeless but being homeless does not suddenly allow you the rights to do anything you want to, set up a tent where ever you want to, defecate wherever you want to and so much more. In the old west we called them…squatters for the most part. People who just stopped where they wanted to and began to create their place to stay even though someone else legally owned the lands.

    A society without rules and the enforcement of said rules will go into anarchy and the very first to die will be those violating the rules.

  • Gman

    GET IN SHAPE! I cannot express how important that’s going to be after the collapse. God speed .

    • Mattyboy

      You are right!

  • Nolan

    A poor person receiving welfare is a poor person consuming all the things people who receive wages do. Their ranks can only grow. There’s a reason much of the capitalist class lines up behind the Democrats. In the real world, Ayn Rand’s ideology doesn’t count for much among the John Galts. Take the welfare system away, which is the source of income for hundreds of millions already, and the full social and economic impact of advances in technology and “post-industrialism” will be felt. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable. And this is assuming there isn’t another economic meltdown. What happens in 10-40 years time when planes, buses, trucks, trains, and forklifts can fly and drive themselves, your familiar fast food restaurant with a crew in the kitchen as well as reception desks are replaced with automated kiosks, manufacturing requires no human labor at all, your trash is disposed of by drone trucks, and computers acquire the ability to engineer their own software and manage information more quickly and more efficiently on their own than any teams of human employees could? Not even construction and maintenance jobs will be safe. Eventually we’ll just “print” buildings with 3D printing technology, and all the things we use and need will evolve around the technology. How will goods and services flow? Welfare and credit.

  • sharonsj

    The reasons so many people need government help are listed but why do you think we should be blamed for needing that help? I would not be surviving without Social Security and I wouldn’t be walking without Medicare. I have disabled friends who would be dead without help.

    I’m tired of those that blame the victims for our situation. Why aren’t you going after the giant corporations that pay little or no taxes? Mitt Romney makes billions and pays less taxes than working folks. ExxonMobil made $5 billion, paid no tax, and even got a refund. That really burns me up. By the way, I don’t pay federal tax, but I pay plenty in property, school, and sales taxes plus all the fees tacked onto my other bills. And how can you expect welfare folks to find jobs when people with really good work history can’t find jobs?

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Why aren’t you going after the giant corporations that pay little or no taxes?” Name one please. In reality, no corporation pays taxes. They pass that cost on to the customer with higher prices. Why are you volunteering to pay higher prices for your Depends?

      “Mitt Romney makes billions and pays less taxes than working folks.”

      You left wingers keep trying to spread that lie that Mittens pays less in taxes than his Secretary. In the mean time you keep conflating Capital Gains Taxes (where most of Mittens’ money comes from) and Income taxes. Two different taxes, two different rates.

      And if you clowns wanna raise the captal gains taxes to whatever exorbitant percent you feel doesn’t belong to the people that earned it, why doncha just let alllllllllll those working class Americans know that you’re gonna tax their income and then confiscate more of that money again when it becomes their retirement.

      Or even better – please explain how a company should raise money if you plan on eliminating ‘corporate welfare’ at the same time you plan on destroying a company’s main method of raising money – investment.

      Aside from that honey, YOU may have planned poorly but that doesn’t mean every working class American does.

      “ExxonMobil made $5 billion, paid no tax, and even got a refund.” Even the Washington Compost
      says you’re ignorant or a liar
      . Since you have an internet conection and the information is a 5 second google search, I say liar.

      “And how can you expect welfare folks to find jobs when people with really good work history can’t find jobs?” I dunno sweetie, why doncha stop trying to confiscate all their money thru taxes and bamster care schemes and then telling them the business they built isn’t theirs.

      • Gary2

        damn are you dumb.

        Malcom you are proof that conservatives are low info dolts.

        Capital gains are income plain and simple period! They need to be taxed accordingly.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…You left wingers keep trying to spread that lie that Mittens pays less in taxes than his Secretary. In the mean time you keep conflating Capital Gains Taxes (where most of Mittens’ money comes from) and Income taxes. Two different taxes, two different rates….”

        Romney does pay a lower overall tax rate (does he even pay Social Security or Medicare taxes?). Yeah, low capital gains have been good to the top 0.1%, not so good for the rest of us who LABOR

    • Gay Veteran

      sharonsj, you sound like one of those “lucky duckies” the right-wingers are always complaining about

      • GSOB

        ah ah ah Gay Veteran… thou shall not judge…

        • Gay Veteran

          not judging, just making an observation

    • Gary2

      Michael never talks about corporate welfare which is way more than any welfare for the poor.

      As is typical of right wingers they ignore facts.

  • William

    The very same people who installed and supported the dole and circus also wasted $3-4 Trillion on the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Face it, Americans……you are DOOMED. Be sure to reelect the FOOL who represents you in the US Congress. Then, things will get much worse quickly. Electing Mutt Romeny to the White House is just as bad as reelecting the failed Obummer, except Mutt will kill many more innocent civiliansfor the Bolsheviks who bought him.

    • mike Beale

      Electing Mutt Romeny to the White House is just as bad as reelecting the failed Obummer, except Mutt will kill many more innocent civiliansfor the Bolsheviks who bought him.
      No, Romney won’t kill more innocent civilians than Obozo with his Predator drone strikes overseas, it will just be reported on finally by the MSM when Mittens does it.

  • NorthernCanuck

    And a lot more will probably end up being dependent on the government if World War Three is successfully ignited in Syria rather than Iran.

    The partition and occupation of Syrian territory is a key component of the plan for a Greater Israel. Israel, Britain and the US have been busily sending in, financing and arming “resistance fighters” (many of whom are not even Syrian) to commit atrocities and provoke an increasingly heavy-handed government response.

    Now Russia and China have warned the West off in no uncertain terms while Israel, always happy to attack somebody for something or other, is reportedly considering sites it can strike in Syria…

    “Russia Warns West Over Syria After Obama Threats

    By Dominic Evans
    BEIRUT | Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:49pm EDT

    (Reuters) – Russia warned the West on Tuesday against unilateral action on Syria, a day after U.S. President Barack Obama threatened “enormous consequences” if his Syrian counterpart used chemical or biological arms or even moved them in a menacing way.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking after meeting China’s top diplomat, said Moscow and Beijing were committed to “the need to strictly adhere to the norms of international law … and not to allow their violation”.

    The remarks were a reminder of the divisions hampering efforts to end the 17-month old conflict that increasingly sets a mainly Sunni Muslim opposition against President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite minority.

    The United Nations says more than 18,000 people have been killed in a war which is affecting neighbouring states.

    • Gay Veteran

      Gerald Celente thinks the elites will take us to war against Iran and thus start WWIII

  • Anon

    We are definitely in a depression. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional. Most people are not upset by it because they don’t see themselves being affected AND most people are too busy watching reality tv shows.

    To me, it seems like there are no more solutions left really. If you’re in manufacturing most of those jobs go overseas. If you’re in IT they hire foreigners to replace workers here. If you’re a nurse they do the same. There are not many professions that are “safe”. So people end up having little choice, but to rely on the government.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “If you’re in IT they hire foreigners to replace workers here”

      The bright spot in this (as someone in IT that regularly completes with those foreign workers) is that they are usually very poor at their jobs. I’ve worked for at least a dozen companies in IT over the past 12 years and it seems like they are getting more and more leary of the foreign IT people.

      *sigh* If it doesn’t go my way, maybe Michael will hire me to help with his web empire. Hey Michael, I write websites for a living. I’m fluent in, C# and all the typical side technologies that go with writing a website.

      • Gary2

        too bad you are stupid in everything else

  • TooLittleTooLate

    What Michael has so clearly pointed out, we have so many dependent on the government, who would vote themselves out of their free money?!?!?… or have their govt. agency shut down by voting for anyone but the left?!?!?

    There are a LOT of my friends thinking this election will not be as close as others think it will be and that the conservatives will win….

    I’m afraid that the left is so dishonest, if they can’t win it, they’ll try to steal it.

    As Michael points out however, who would vote themselves out of a job or out of their free check?!?! We may already be past the tipping point on working within the system. ( actually, I believe we’re well past that point )

    Oh well, I’d better get back to work… ( while I’m lucky enough to still have a job )

    • Gay Veteran

      “I’m afraid that the left is so dishonest, if they can’t win it, they’ll try to steal it.”

      wow, still being fooled by the whole Left/Right dicotomy

      • Mal R.

        Oh yea, there onesy and twosy crooked vote counters on the right, but are you trying to assert that the MAIN M.O. of the left isn’t to lie, cheat and steal in elections?

        All them cartoons, the dead, the 1000 registrations at vacant lots, the hanging chads, the divining voter intent, the 110% voter turnout, the trunk fulls of leftist votes suddenly discovered when the leftist is losing, the fighting tooth and nail to make someone simply SHOW AN I.D., Motor voter, the ACORNs and Soros Secratary of State projects?

        Are you still being fooled that the primary intent of the democrat party isn’t subversion?

        BTW, That whole voter ID – minorities and women hardest hit thing makes you people complete racists.

        • Gay Veteran

          wow, you really have fell hook and sinker about all this voter fraud that does NOT happen

          you’re more likely to meet someone who has been struck by lightening than to meet someone who has committed voter fraud

          now go back to drinking your Kool-Aid

    • paul

      What left? You have greens and communists running for president?

  • NorthernCanuck

    This is MUST reading! How hard, fast and far the fall can be in some of America’s communities when its political elite pull the rug out from under the country…

    “Tomgram: Hedges and Sacco, A Twenty-First Century American Sacrifice Zone

    Posted by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco,
    August 21, 2012.

    [Note for TomDispatch Readers: Today, a rarity at this site, a book excerpt — from Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, a new work by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and American Book Award-winning graphic artist Joe Sacco, a cartoonist I much admire. The book itself is a unique all-American road trip, part riveting text by Hedges, part comics by Sacco. It takes the reader through the most extreme “sacrifice zones” in a country that is slowly hollowing itself out. In this excerpt, the two road warriors have made it to an area of West Virginia where coal mines, dangerous as they were, once supported town life, but more recently have either mechanized or closed down. This particular community, Gary, West Virginia, writes Hedges, has “fallen into terminal decay. There are today 861 people in Gary. There were 98,887 in McDowell County in 1950. Today there are fewer than 23,000. The countywide per capita average income is $12,585. The median home value is $30,500. Gary’s rutted streets are lined by empty clapboard houses with sagging roofs.”

    Hedges himself has written a TomDispatch introduction to the excerpt, which follows. Check out the book! Tom]

    A World of Hillbilly Heroin
    The Hollowing Out of America, Up Close and Personal
    By Chris Hedges
    Illustration by Joe Sacco

    During the two years Joe Sacco and I reported from the poorest pockets of the United States, areas that have been sacrificed before the altar of unfettered and unregulated capitalism, we found not only decayed and impoverished communities but shattered lives. There comes a moment when the pain and despair of constantly running into a huge wall, of realizing that there is no way out of poverty, crush human beings. Those who best managed to resist and bring some order to their lives almost always turned to religion and in that faith many found the power to resist and even rebel.

    On the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation in South Dakota, where our book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt opens, and where the average male has a life expectancy of 48 years, the lowest in the western hemisphere outside of Haiti, those who endured the long night of oppression found solace in traditional sweat lodge rituals, the Lakota language and cosmology, and the powerful four-day Sun Dance which I attended, where dancers fast and make small flesh offerings.

    In Camden, New Jersey, it was the power and cohesiveness of the African-American Church. In the coalfields of southern West Virginia, it was the fundamentalist and evangelical protestant churches, and in the produce fields of Florida, it was the Catholic mass.

    Those who are not able to hang on, fall long and hard. They retreat into the haze of alcohol — Pine Ridge has an estimated alcoholism rate of 80% — or the harder drugs, easily available on the streets of Camden: from heroin to crack to weed to something called Wet, which is marijuana leaves soaked in PCP. In the produce fields, drinking was also a common release…”
    (Read the full book excerpt at )

  • Witness the End

    Assuming the federal government will ever balance their budget, I’m not so certain that the federal debt will need to be paid off by our children and grandchildren. It seems more likely that we will soon go through a period of double digit inflation that will make the deficit worth pennies on the dollar (in terms of today’s purchasing power of the dollar). The way I see it, our current retirees and the boomers will foot most of the bill through inflation and their children will inherit a diminished or impoverished estate.

    For example, if a $16 trillion debt becomes a relative $1.6 trillion debt, a $500,000 retirement nest egg becomes a relative $50,000 nest egg.

  • NorthernCanuck

    For those intrigued by the constant references to the “secret government” (or “invisible government”) which keep cropping up, here’s a more than intriguing YouTube documentary to watch…

    “The Capitalist Conspiracy” – G. Edward Griffin
    Posted by Films For Action on Jul. 27, 2009
    47 min – Documentary – 2312 Views

    Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin, this film was made sometime in the 60’s. It is an adaptation of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world. It shows how this group is protected by governments and how its wealth is derived by creating money out of nothing. We see how this group wields power through government, foundations, education, and the mass media, and advocates for policies through public fronts such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This group has aided such regimes as Russia and China, not because it is pro-Communist, but because a visible enemy and the threat of war have been useful in persuading the masses to embrace the group’s ultimate goal: a world government which they expect to control from behind the scenes.

    It is easy to see how the threat of communism when this film was made has been replaced today by the threat of terrorism, while big-government policies have been pushed through under the guise of the “global war on terrorism.” Despite President Obama’s more tactful and restrained language, the instruments and goals of this ‘war on terror’ remain in place today. It is clear that while political power has shifted from the Democrats to the Republicans and vice versa over the decades, the plan revealed in this program continues to unfold.”


    Great article that addresses the real cause of our economic problems. I want to throw in one more thing: If the unions are run by the mob, and the government is run by the unions, is the mob running our country? Can we expect anything else but the status quo?

  • jamraqui

    I think we should consider de-centralizing government and letting each state do what it needs based on it’s own particular situation. States that are smart will draw people and prosper. States that are not will starve or change. Everybody has to pull their weight or people suffer. National Guard for defense with 5 national commanders in case of a national-level defense issue. Two year leadership terms in state government means you have to act fast and well if you want to get re-elected. Any takers? 😉

  • erheault

    We tryed to get term limits on the political lice but the Supreme court ruled against it several years ago,As for the coming crash there is no way to stop it just prepare as best as you can and hope for a short time crash. which is wishful thinking.

    • K

      erheault, if you refer to the case in the mid 90`s. That ruled that individual states, could not put through such a requirement. It would have to be a Federal law. What would get Congress to vote for such a thing? Only one thing I can think of. The American people would have to refuse to ever elect an incumbent again. Not much of a chance of that. We act like elections are football games. Hooray for or side.

  • GA

    I will work 3 jobs if I have to before I take a handout. The problem is that all of the entitlement takers will continue to vote for those that pass along the entitlements to them. There’s far too many takers and not nearly enough givers. There is no way this can end without pain. Maybe it’s just time to push the reset button.

    • Ascetik

      What if you can’t find a job to save your life? I have 8 years of Professional IT experience, and I haven’t been able to find a job for 5 months. I send out my resume every single day to multiple job listings.

      I told myself I would never take a hand-out, but now I can’t even pay my bills or put gas in my car, my phone is about to get shut-off, car insurance canceled, no health insurance, no dental, no optical. If I can’t get a job, how the hell am I supposed to put gas in my car to go to an interview when I live in the suburbs?

      I am not in favor of any politicians in our country, and I won’t be voting this year. Our country has abandoned God, and if unemployment insurance wants to give me some fiat globalist banking cartel freemasonic private federal reserve notes, then I’ll take them if that means putting gas in my tank and being able to eat. Doesn’t mean I bow down and worship them. I hate them with all my being. It’s all going to collapse anyway, might as well take what you can get before it all does.

  • r.bitting

    Repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will be saved.

    • GSOB


      You will be saved from what?

  • Old Man

    Corporate America has been practicing a form of capitalism which I call ‘screw you max’ for at least 2 decades. In this, CEOs must make highest possible profit every single quarter or be fired by Wall Street maximum money mafia. And so CEOs proceed to fire workers with every little drop of revenue or profitability. Profit is maximized by kicking out the maximum amount of ‘excess cost’, mostly that of workers salary and benefit.

    During most of the 90’s, the economy was still big and healthy enough to absorb the massive layoffs. And still allow these victims of maximal profitability to find jobs, albeit at a lower pay. But soon, like water draining into a sink hole, there comes a point where a negative economic feedback kicks in – as more workers got fired to maintain maximum profitability, the economy weaken and cannot deliver jobs, which result in more firings, which deliver still less jobs. The result is today’s situation – these massive millions of ‘excess’ workers, savings used up, came to depend on the government on survival.

    In effect, high corporate profitability of the past 2 decades is financed by the government – government takes care of the 100 millions of fired or layoff workers who no longer can participate in the economy. Check out the ’99’er’ game. This is corporate welfare.

    But there is more! Corporate CEOs, with their well-funded lobbyists, demanded and got low tax and endless tax breaks for big business. Why no politicians want big fat CEOs to suffer – the legacy of trickled down lunacy. So when the economy tanks, due to the sinkhole effect aided by the corporate greed effect, the government ran out of taxation revenue to finance the 100 million of unemployed or under-employed. So the government borrows – $1.5 trillion every year, to add onto the $15 trillion national debt.

    Government borrows $1.5 trillion beyond tax revenue to finance corporate welfare, ‘excess workers’ welfare, entitlement, and massive military-complex on a scale that’s completely out of control. It has done that for 2 years, will do that this year, and will continue to do it for the foreseeable future. Ye – hoping for a different outcome.

    When a government is on such a path, NO RESTRUCTURING IS POSSIBLE. Because that will trigger a corporate and/or social meltdown.

    Which is why America is stuck. Insanely stuck, waiting for the day when it will hit the wall. AMERICA WILL HIT THE WALL. As sure as 2+2=4. And when it does, the politicians and masters running the show will deny it has hit the wall. It will print trillions more. And blame the whole mess on mysterious foreigners. And yes, it will hit the drums calling for wars. Again.

    Well, how else you get 100 million government-issued people doing nothing to actually do something. Go fight a war!

  • Gary2


    Quote of the Week

    “The top 1 percent in our nation now possesses more net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined. In 2008, the 400 highest-income taxpayers earned as much as the combined tax revenue of 22 state governments with almost 42 million citizens. It’s way past time to reset our moral and economic compass.”

  • Doctor Blue

    Hey I love Oboma, I get FREE food stamps, FREE unemployment, FREE welfare, Section 8 housing, FREE cell phone and a bunch of other free stuff to much to mention here. I will NEVER have to work again…
    Sorry your just living pay check-to-pay-check and working for peanuts!
    4 more years – 4 more years – 4 more years
    Go GO Go Obummer!!!

    • Mondobeyondo

      It’s not free. Your neighbor is paying for it. So is your boss (unemployment insurance).
      “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money” – Margaret Thatcher

      (Oh yes, you’ll get your free cell phone. But it’s useless if you can’t pay for accessing your cell phone provider! Ha!!)

    • GSOB

      Dr Blue

      There is no such thing as a free puppy.
      I live from day to day, not paycheck to paycheck.

  • Doctor Blue

    I was wondering IF Romney will give up his tax records, why wont Obummer show his college records? I think that’s a fair trade…
    I think his college records will show him registered as a FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT – making him an ILLEGAL ALIEN…
    What do you think?

  • Washington

    Thomas Jefferson’s Warning To America

    Thomas Jefferson: Central Banks Freedom American Founding Father Warning!

  • Doctor Blue

    Correct me IF I am wrong?
    I didn’t think Illegal Aliens could be President?
    He couldn’t do much more damage to us even IF he wanted to!!!
    What’s next gunning down, murdering protesters in the streets, I guess.
    Freedom of speech is gone, freedom to assemble is gone, freedom to protest is gone, my constitutional rights mean NOTHING anymore, I can be imprisoned without charges, NO Judge, NO hearing, NO appeal, NO rights.
    This IS NOT America anymore, not the America I grew up in and loved.

    • Mondobeyondo

      No, it isn’t. The Constitution has been dismantled, shredded and re-made into a “more relevant document” to fit our times. Ugh. They’ll go after the Bible next. A “more relevant Bible” is needed, huh? How about “50 Shades of Gray”? Hey, it’s certainly relevant!! Our society is swirling ’round the bowl and down the hole.

      President Obama even passed that act called “NDAA” (I think that’s what it’s called) that allows AMERICAN CITIZENS who are a threat to this country (say for example, domestic terrorists!) – to be detained indefinitely without a trial or due process of law. And yet we still sing “God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave”…

      As Yakov Smirnoff would say, “Whaadaaa country!!”

  • Sailor Trash

    “A very large segment of the population has figured out that it can use voting as a tool to get more money and benefits from the government, and that is a very dangerous thing.” Entirely true. It is equally true, however, that “The Republic will end”–to mirror your paraphrase–“when corporations learn that government influence can be bought, sold, and manipulated simply by legally bribing the right politicians.” Which, of course, is all of them. If the government is, in fact, creating a dependent undercaste, it’s because they’ve been directed to do so by their actual masters, the corporate heads-of-state. Our actual rulers, you know, the ones we don’t really get to vote for. Obama, like Bush before him and Clinton before him ad infinitum, and probably Romney after him, are just paid figureheads, acting out through script and improv the character roles they’ve been assigned by their employers. And those employers ain’t us.

  • Washington

    Published on Aug 15, 2012 by Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s spending record during his seven terms in office.

  • Roger Smith

    Want to make people dependent on government?

    Step 1) Do everything possible to cripple small business…(regulations, taxation, etc.)

    Step 2) Prevent small farmers from making a living. i.e…plenty of new regs that don’t allow their kids to legally work on the farm anymore. Next, turn the E.P.A. loose on them. If that isn’t enough, tax them at 55% upon the death of their parents. (death tax). Gotta get these peasants off the land to make room for Tyson foods and other large ag buyers.

    Step 3 Set up regs that destroy small community banks and then feed their hallowed out carcasses to the “too big to fail” banks. Oh, added benefit here: With dwindling local capital, this helps in accomplishing steps 1 & 2.

    Remember this: Small farms and small business are the financial vehicle for independence. Every minute a kid spends on the farm, they are learning work ethic, skills, discipline, and the importance of family. Small farms and businesses bring families together in pursuit of a common goal. They allow families to grow independent of government control….Therefore, they MUST be destroyed!

    • Michael


      Very good points.


    • Gay Veteran

      good points. Gerald Celente pointed out that people used to be able to make a decent living by opening small shops, but now those shops have been driven out of business by big corporations like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, etc.

  • Washington

    Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Geithner are causing this country to head down the SAME path as the Weimer Republic. I pray to God we don’t repeat 1933!

    Inflation (1933)

    This propaganda film attempts to explain how inflation can bring about happy days.

    The title of the video is now changed to vintage pro-inflation propaganda. It has been brought to my attention that Roosevelt’s policy was in no part influenced by John Maynard Keynes’ theory. Calling it Keynesian is misleading. In fact, Kenyes was quite critical of FDR’s New Deal. In an open letter to FDR published by New York Times on Dec 31, 1933 Keynes wrote:

    “Now there are indications that two technical fallacies may have affected the policy of your administration. The first relates to the part played in recovery by rising prices. Rising prices are to be welcomed because they are usually a symptom of rising output and employment. When more purchasing power is spent, one expects rising output at rising prices. Since there cannot be rising output without rising prices, it is essential to ensure that the recovery shall not be held back by the insufficiency of the supply of money to support the increased monetary turn-over. But there is much less to be said in favour of rising prices, if they are brought about at the expense of rising output. Some debtors may be helped, but the national recovery as a whole will be retarded. Thus rising prices caused by deliberately increasing prime costs or by restricting output have a vastly inferior value to rising prices which are the natural result of an increase in the nation’s purchasing power.”

    “I do not mean to impugn the social justice and social expediency of the redistribution of incomes aimed at by N.I.R.A. and by the various schemes for agricultural restriction. The latter, in particular, I should strongly support in principle. But too much emphasis on the remedial value of a higher price-level as an object in itself may lead to serious misapprehension as to the part which prices can play in the technique of recovery. The stimulation of output by increasing aggregate purchasing power is the right way to get prices up; and not the other way round.”

    Thus, Keynes did not agree with FDR’s way of cutting production to bring about inflation and he thought FDR’s emphasis on inflation is misguided. Further in the letter he wrote about the money supply:

    “The other set of fallacies, of which I fear the influence, arises out of a crude economic doctrine commonly known as the Quantity Theory of Money. Rising output and rising incomes will suffer a set-back sooner or later if the quantity of money is rigidly fixed. Some people seem to infer from this that output and income can be raised by increasing the quantity of money. But this is like trying to get fat by buying a larger belt. In the United States to-day your belt is plenty big enough for your belly. It is a most misleading thing to stress the quantity of money, which is only a limiting factor, rather than the volume of expenditure, which is the operative factor.”

    Keynes believed there was enough money to go around in 1933 and flooding the US with more money would help recovering.

  • Joe Dirt

    “Once upon a time, the free market was the one that distributed nearly all the wealth in our system.”

    That line made the whole article bad, Fair market was what made it fair for all. Free market created what we have now, unregulated, court created corporatehumanhood.

  • Mondobeyondo

    We’re halfway towards socialism, soon to morph into outright communism if we don’t stop it.

    Let the government take care of you! Government hospitals for your newborn baby, government schools to educate him/her, a government job so that he/she can save part of their wages for a government program like Social Insecurity, which you can retire on (what’s left after the government doesn’t steal your share – hee!) after you’ve spent 40-50 years of your life working for the government! Gee, thanks big government!

    This is NOT what our founding fathers intended.

  • Evie

    The biggest welfare recipants are by far the elite,lobbies and corporations. Not to mention grassroots,nonprofits,charities foundations. Even corporations want the government to pay them to train people and move a business into town that pays low wages. The taxpayer gets to pay taxes to locate the business and the shortages low wages do not pay medical food stamps, childcare etc.
    An insane system where the elite are supported by the taxpayers who scrimp to provide for themselves.
    If these people are as valuable as they say, why do they need money from us.
    The people should not feel bad until the day we see the elite paying their own healthcare and working. Yes that 4 letter word where something of value is produced besides the blame game or meritless ideas. Until that day comes no one should feel bad about welfare. If not for taxation and the robbery of the banking system via a debt based society I am betting millions of elite would become unemployed. This is not class wars, the lower classes pay for the elite. If not, someone rxplain to me how the elite earn their money.

    • Gary2

      excellent post!

  • Washington

    New Peace Symbol August 22, 2012 By Maggie

  • Mattyboy

    We are on the verge of major events. Watch the news. Mississippi River plugged up, drought still going strong, wars and rumors of wars, there will be a war, just a matter of when and how worldwide. We are in perilous times. Fears about food costs and another hard hitting recession on the way. Not looking too good. Buckle down and continue to prepare. I will be picking up few extra things myself. These are uncertain times and anything, even the unimaginable can happen.

  • Gay Veteran

    read and weep!

    Chris Hedges interview:


    CH: We are seeing the conscious and deliberate creation by the corporate state of a permanent, insecure and terrified underclass within the wider society. They have had a lot of practice in refining these techniques in the sacrifice zones, such as West Virginia, we wrote about. The corporate state sees this permanent and desperate underclass as the most effective weapon to thwart rebellion and resistance as our economy is reconfigured to wipe out the middleclass and leave most of us at subsistence level. Huge pools of unemployed and underemployed effectively blunt labor organizing, since any job, no matter how menial, is zealously coveted. The beating down of workers, exacerbated by the refusal to extend unemployment benefits for hundreds of millions of Americans and the breaking of public sector unions, the last redoubt of union power, has transformed those in the working class from full members of society, able to participate in its debates, the economy and governance, into terrified people in fragmented pools preoccupied with the struggle of private existence.

    The determining factor in global corporate production is now poverty. The poorer the worker and the poorer the nation, the greater the competitive advantage. With access to vast pools of desperate, impoverished workers eager for scraps, unions and working conditions no longer impede the quest for larger and larger profits. And when the corporations do not need these workers they are cast aside. Those who are economically broken usually cease to be concerned with civic virtues. They will, history has demonstrated, serve any system, no matter how evil, and do anything for a pitiful salary, a chance for job security and the protection of their families. There will, as the situation worsens, also be those who attempt to rebel. I certainly intend to join them. But the state can rely on a huge number of people who, for work and meager benefits, will transform themselves into willing executioners.

    • DL.

      I wonder if Hedges has read Jim Webb’s book “Born Fighting” (BTW, Webb is a US Senator from western Virginia). Webb’s book is about the Scots-Irish in the US. The Scots-Irish make up probably a majority of folks in West Virginia where Hedges wrote about (such as in Gary, where folks are addicted to OxyContin). What Webb says about the Scots-Irish (many of whom are descended from indentured servants that came here in the 1600s and 1700s…the so-called white slaves) is that while they love to fight each other for scraps and lord it over “inferiors” (such as they did to blacks using the KKK and others) all the while being oppressed by the power elites, they would always give in to the power elites for a few scraps and the opportunity to beat up or harass blacks and others. Same goes for the so-called “rednecks” and “white trash.” Until these folks recognize who “the enemy” is, they will continue to wallow in poverty, drugs, booze, and fighting each other for more scraps. but until they see the value of education like Webb did–to many rednecks ignorance is a badge of honor–I do not expect these folks to own up to how they contributed to their own despair (instead they blame “liberals” and “gays” and not themselves). I have never seen folks who seemed to enjoy wallowing the way these rednecks do! BTW I am no liberal!

      • DL.

        BTW also: Joe Bageant, a true leftist and fellow redneck who died recently, would pretty much agree with everything I just said above. he lived with these folks!

  • “”Thus says The Lord of Hosts to all the sons and daughters of this, the last generation of men: You have all inherited the error of your fathers! You have altogether become like them! Behold, you have surpassed the sins of ancient Egypt, when I poured out My wrath upon them! Your wickedness has increased beyond every tribe, people, and nation, which has dwelled upon the earth!… THIS GENERATION IS WICKED BEYOND MEASURE!
    Thus great wrath is stirred up and My indignation has come to the full! My anger is fully aroused and shall surely be poured out!… RECOMPENSE for all nations! RECOMPENSE for all these churches of men who have spoken presumptuously in My name! RECOMPENSE for all these corrupt workers who have done falsely on My behalf!… I HAVE NOT SENT YOU!
    And you, O peoples of the earth, I have seen how you perform every form of evil at your leisure! You cease not from reveling in that which I hate! Behold, you murder the innocent day and night and plot evil against your neighbor! You stand up for the rights of those who commit abomination and clap your hands as wickedness is celebrated openly in the streets!… O MOST PERVERSE AND ABOMINABLE GENERATION, SHALL I NOT REPAY?!
    Behold, My body is persecuted in every land, and My bride is murdered at the hands of idolators! My people are bruised and beaten! My servants slandered and hated, without cause! Therefore I am come down to take vengeance, to pour out wrath upon this people for all their wickedness!… I SHALL IMPART RECOMPENSE IN FULL!””

    Hear the WORD of the LORD spoken to THIS modern generation!…

    Letters from God and His Christ, given to a modern man for modern man’s sake!…

    • Gary2

      dude the nephilim are coming. They built a duplicate ark and escaped the flood.

  • Scott-53

    The federal government has borrowed $6.6 trillion since June 2008. Seems to me nobody has paid for these extras the past 4+ years and counting.

  • Washington

    “THE UNVETTED” presented by America’s Survival, Inc AB INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS

  • GSOB
  • GSOB


    My poor fellow marine and like minded on 911, …..

  • Webster

    Don’t forget the “private-sector” workers whose sole customers are governments, such as defense contractors and certain specialized consultants.

    Oh, and there’s the grant-dependent portions of the “nonprofit” sector — some of them are de facto government research organizations.

    Then there are the professions and industries that work for private companies and individuals, but whose work is driven by government mandates and regulations: income tax preparation, compliance officers, lobbyists, criminal defense attorneys, some civil rights organizations, eco-litigation funds, and others. If you work in a mid-size to large business, go talk to someone in the accounting or legal departments, and ask how much of their personnel and/or time are devoted to compliance with federal, state, and local government rules, regulations, and mandates.

  • David Platts

    The five states with the greatest dependence are Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas. Of the top 10 states least dependent on the Federal Government 6 are are blue, 3 are red, (representing 9 electoral votes) and the last one, Virginia is on the bubble. Can you make sense of this? One more comment, if Florida goes red then 9 of ten states electoral college votes that are the most dependent will go to Romney. So, exactly, how do you make sense of this? I’m sure Romney does not want to concede these electoral votes. But who was he talking to about federal government dependence(47%)? And exactly what will he do to correct this and not have his own Senators and Congressman pushing him to keep their state propped up financially.

    Looks like Obama seems to have the least reason to promote government payments but the deficit increases. By the way, I came out of the mortgage industry reentering after working in banking information systems sales for 7 years. An illness brought me back, I watched horrible products become mainstream and salesmen who had no knowledge of mortgage lending sells these damn things. The securities were bad, the salesmanship was dishonest and no government oversight existed. You know which President created no government oversight on financial products? I’ll give you a hint. It started in the eighties. Yeah, Obama inherited a mess. Niether party did anything to stop it.

    We are in trouble. I am still not sure who is best to lead. A man who (of course, he hoped noone was watching) indicted many of his own states. To the American people, did you not miss this one was about you in the above states? I am amazed how angry our country is now that they cannot see they have been slammed without wondering who to place your vote. Too angry to think. Plus, we are at $16 trillion deficit. However, lost homes, broken families and no ability to support themselves. How do you cut them loose (Obama)? Can we afford not to cut them loose?

    Both leaders in each party could easily be burn in trial by fire. The American people in not far from being within that fire ring. So, quit being so damn angry. Mormonism is a religion that is free to practice in the U.S. Barack Obama has only a little knowledge in Indonesian. He is not, nor does he speak, Arabic. He was born in the U.S. Romney’s father was not born in the U.S. He was born in Mexico. He was allowed to run against Nixon in the primaries as his birth came under judicial review. The court stated that since one of his parents was a naturalized citizen then his country of birth was irrelavent.

    If you bothered to study instead of just being angry you would see the similarity even if Obama was born in Kenya or wherever you think he was born. However, he was born in Hawaii. However,I wish it were found he were born in Kenya. Wouldn’t it be hilarious that Mitt Romney’s father case would provide the foundation allowing Obama to remain as President.

  • David Platts

    I apologize for the writing errors. Hope you can make sense of my post. By the way, not nine electoral votes but electoral votes representing nine states. When we I learn to proof read before submitting?

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