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Most People Don’t Believe It, But We Are Right On Schedule For The Next Financial Crash

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Stock Market Crash - Public DomainPeople have such short memories.  Even though we are repeating so many of the same patterns that we witnessed in 2000-2001 and 2007-2008, most people do not think that another financial crash is coming.  In fact, with the stock market setting record high after record high lately, I have been taking quite a bit of criticism for my relentless warnings about the coming financial storm.  Many of the comments go something like this: “Snyder you are a moron!  Nothing you say ever comes true.  The stock market is going to keep on rocking and Obama is going to lead this country back to greatness.  I hope that you choke on all of your doom and gloom.”  Of course these critics never offer any hard evidence that I have been wrong about anything.  They just assume that since the stock market has soared to unprecedented heights that all of us “bears” must have been wrong.

But the truth is that what we are observing right now is classic bubble behavior.  The stock market crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008 were all preceded by irrational market rallies in the spring or summer.  The financial markets have become completely divorced from economic reality, and such a state of affairs never lasts forever.  It is just a matter of time before a correction comes.

But every time there is a bubble, most people end up getting caught up in all of the euphoria.  And it is happening again.  In fact, CNBC has just reported that bearishness among market newsletter writers is the lowest that it has been since 1987.  But of course we all remember what happened back in 1987…

Professional investors haven’t had this little fear about stocks since Ronald Reagan was president.

It was the same year Michael Jackson told us in a song he was “Bad.” The New York Giants won the Super Bowl.

And oh yeah … by the way … the stock market crashed.

As gauged by the weekly Investors Intelligence report, bearishness among market newsletter writers has fallen to 13.3 percent, a level it has not seen since 1987 as the market continues to set new highs despite a seemingly endless call for a long-overdue correction.

People need to understand that just because something has not happened yet does not mean that it is not going to happen.

In this day and age, we have extremely short attention spans and we do not have the patience to wait for much of anything.  But the financial world is not a game of checkers.  It is a game of chess where things can take an extended period of time to play out.

Those that are mocking those of us that are bearish should consider where we stand financially in comparison to previous crash cycles.  For example, the derivatives bubble is 20 percent larger than it was back in 2008, the “too big to fail banks” are 37 percent larger than they were back in 2008 and global debt levels are 40 percent larger than they were back in 2008.

In other words, many of our long-term economic problems are a lot worse than they were just prior to the last major financial meltdown.

But most people pay such little attention to the fundamentals these days.  All they can see is that little stock market ticker going up and up and up.

Other analysts with much stronger credentials than I are issuing similar ominous warnings about what is ahead for the financial markets.

For example, Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller is warning that market valuations are tremendously bloated right now

Shiller, a Yale University professor who is often cited as one of the most influential people in economics and finance in the world, created a metric that compares stock prices with corporate profits. The metric recently climbed above 25. That level has only been surpassed three times since 1881: 1929, 1999 and 2007.

Steep market tumbles followed each instance, including the bursting of the dotcom bubble in the early 2000s.

But it doesn’t take a genius to see this.

Just look at the chart of the NASDAQ that I have posted below.  The “dotcom bubble” in 2000 is really easy to see.  So why can’t more people recognize the bubble that is happening now?…


In so many ways this bubble is reminiscent of the “dotcom bubble” of 14 years ago.  Consider the following numbers from a recent article by Brett Arends

When you look at medians, or in other words the typical stock, valuations are higher today than they were at the peak in 1999-2000.

For example, the median stock today is 20 times earnings. In January 2000, it was 16 times.

The median stock today trades at 2.5 times “book” or net asset value. At the start of 2000 it was just 2.2 times.

The median stock today trades for 1.8 times annual per-share revenues. In 2000: just 1.4 times.

What we are experiencing is not normal.

And this is especially true considering the fact that our overall economic performance is tepid at best.

A stock market correction is coming.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Some of the most prominent names in the financial world are warning about the coming correction.  Two of them were recently interviewed by CNBC

A jolt to international confidence in central banks will lead to a 30 to 60 percent market decline, David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” When this happens, he said, markets will face a “period of extreme turmoil.”

This crash will be precipitated, he said, by a disillusionment with the Federal Reserve’s “confidence game,” which will then see inflation rise, and the Fed scramble to raise rates. At that point, Tice added, “the Fed starts to lose control.”

Another market watcher also called for an impending fall.

The Fed’s low interest rates could bring a “scary” 50-60 percent market correction, said technical analyst Abigail Doolittle.

“Unfortunately, I think it could come on a crash similar to what happened in 2007,” Doolittle, the founder of Peak Theories Research, said on “Squawk Box” a day after the S&P 500 closed above the 2,000 level for the first time ever. “It’s tough to know what the exact catalyst will be. But that’s the very nature of that kind of selloff. They start slowly and then happen very suddenly.”

And as Zero Hedge has pointed out, billionaires such as Sam Zell, George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller and Carl Icahn all seem to be “quietly preparing” for the next crash.

Yes, the next financial crash has taken longer to come to fruition than many had anticipated.  But as I have discussed so many times before, this is a very good thing.  We should want this period of relative stability to last for as long as possible.  The longer that things remain relatively stable, the longer that all of us have to prepare and to position ourselves for the financial chaos that is coming.

At this point, the fact that we are in the midst of a massive financial bubble has become so obvious that even the Bank for International Settlements is publicly talking about it…

Financial markets have been exuberant over the past year, […] dancing mainly to the tune of central bank decisions. Volatility in equity, fixed income and foreign exchange markets has sagged to historical lows. Obviously, market participants are pricing in hardly any risks.

Many have expected me to “change my tune” about the coming collapse because of how well the stock market has been performing.

Well, that simply is not going to happen.

Our economic fundamentals have continued to deteriorate, and our financial system is in far worse shape than it was just prior to the financial crash of 2008.

The truth is that we are right on schedule for the next great financial crash.

You can choose to ignore the warnings if you would like, but ultimately time will reveal who was right and who was wrong.

  • djc

    The only thing that has exponential growth is cancer—-which eventually kills its host……

    The stock market simply cannot show continuous growth and the longer it goes without a correction the more severe the downturn will be.

  • Viper

    Watch the interest rates, until they turn substantially higher the financial markets will likely remain as is, continuing to be papered over and driven by easy credit. Once rates turn and credit is tightened then the party will be over and it will get ugly. But that might not happen for some time.

  • K

    Michael, some of those critics, are not even real critics. You mention Ebola, or Fukashima, and the paid shills are here within the hour. As you get republished, on more and more sights. Even more shills will be sent. At some point, they may even start DOS attacks, on one or more of your sights. Consider it a badge of honor. Only people telling the truth, make the powers that be nervous.

    • Steve

      Michael, I agree with all your backed up statements. The ultimate ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about, as they did when Jesus was down here, history just repeats it’s self.

    • davidmpark

      Agreed. And most of those comments get high votes up from each other and many, many unknowns.

      Wish I could get paid for insanity.

      • offett creature

        My cousin is going to have A erbith soon. What king of like is that erbith going to have? A new name for A baby is A erbith.

      • Gino Schafer

        Says the guy who has 80% of his up votes from unknowns.

        • davidmpark

          I don’t come here for social approval, mate. I don’t want to live in desperation of other people’s approval of me. If folks vote up my comments, fine. A lot vote them down.

    • LeHappyMarchand

      There are many fools and their delicious shekels shall be mine! hahahaha!

    • peace angel

      OR if you mention Christianity or patriotism or the fake beheadings or Ukraine, or Israel or ISIS or anything local like Benghazi or Lois Lerner or Holder or the VA or whatever.

      I knew last year there were 3500 of these taxpayer paid shills and recently read there are 10,000 of them and those numbers are likely much higher than that.

      Last year they had long running scripts to perpetuate the propaganda of Obama and today they all just use the same ignorant name calling rant of the day.

      They are everywhere today though except on Before IT’S NEWS where one would think they would be trying to debunk the whistle blowers. There are even very few disinformationists publishing on a site with hundreds of contributors.

      THEY really don’t care anymore of 10% of the nation knows what is happening and are informed. We are really not much of a threat.

      • jox

        I think the propaganda is not exclusively for Obama. They defend the system, not an actual president. They did it before for Bush (remember Irak?) and they will do it for the next president, no matter the party.

        • Pete


        • peace angel

          YES it has gone on for 214 years since the CABAL came to take down America—-BUT Bush did not employ Cyber warriors. HE had no clue about the internet.

          • holoh

            Please remember to take your medicine, you old schizoid freak!

          • K2

            Hey Be nice! Disagree but dont disrespect.

          • holoh

            The good thing about this situation is that you don’t tell me what to do. Have a nice day.

      • Hammerstrike

        Fake beheadings, you mean the ones in Iraq?

        • Tom_F

          Nice catch, peace angel slips in these factually wrong statements to discredit his position, and those who agree with him by association. He’s up to something, maybe not a shill but he is out to discredit…maybe even the site as a whole. He’s a dope. *shrugs*

          • peace angel

            No TOM I am not a DOPE. I am a long time commenter on Micheal’s blogs and also have communicated with him for the past two years and shared info for his new blog with him and discussed many, many things.

            I am also not a man, not a “HE” and not a shill and very much NOT out to discredit any truthers. I am a truth seer and truth seeker and have spent forty years as both a DC insider and DC investigator. I am paid to write the truth for underground news sources and DO NOT GET paid to shill, disinform, misinform or LIE.

            There is NO CATCH here. I can answer his question and will do so.

            Please TELL me ONE time I have put into any comment a “factually wrong statement” EVER.

            I certainly would NEVER discredit Micheal’s site. He is a friend and confidante of mine.

            I almost always send anyone who needs to do their own research to the place to do it. I don’t do research for anyone, but can always back up my comments. SO, this makes you the dope. YOU DON’T know me but everyone else here does for two years.

            THE people I know not to trust are those who go behind your back and comment to other people ABOUT you. THOSE are the people who are up to something. Something BAD.

            LET me know when I LIED.

          • Guest

            If it’s on before it’s news it must be true….more then likely that is where peace got it’s “facts”

          • peace angel

            Peace is a female human not an it.

            On Before It’s News which has millions of readers the articles are written by government insiders and whistle blowers and former MSM reporters.

            It is not a place for ONE opinion but for FACTS from people risking their lives and livelihoods to get it out there.

            America is the most propagandized nation on earth and there are tens of thousands of DIS and MIS informationists out there.

            I have been doing this type of research for forty years and I vette anyone and everyone I work with.

            Michael does the best economic work on the internet BUT I am focused on the whistle blowers and insiders for my own work.

            So many people like you just want to pick a fight and have nothing to add to a conversation. IF you lie about me or my work, I will bring it to your attention, but I don’t use the internet for anger management and don’t care to spar with you.

          • Guest

            And it’s the same line of BS you say over and over again. Sadly you are too far gone and delusional with your supposed 40 years of whatever. Time to leave mamas basement and explore the real world. Your story lines are not believable. You have only been posting on this site for maybe 6 months not 2 years. Most people who are common folk on this site do not even call acknowledge you, not even Michael himself. I have 70 years of life experience that says your full of it.

      • holoh

        I love how you think everything is a conspiracy. Everything you post on is about a conspiracy. Doesn’t that mean that your posts are a conspiracy and they are probably created by a group of people promoting false conspiracies in order to mislead people away from the real conspiracies?

        • peace angel

          For the past four decades I research conspiracies. IT is what I do.

          In the US as Ventura proved to all who watched Conspiracy Theory for three years— 90% of all the Conspiracy Theories have been proven to be conspired TRUTHS and REAL events.

          I reported all your other comments. I don’t have time for trolls and hate filled morons who stalk people. You clearly have nothing to ad to a conversation and I won’t have you stalking me with hate and stupidity. GO AWAY

          • holoh

            I think it is insanely hilarious that you keep talking about your vast “reporting” and “researching” experience, yet almost every post of yours has grammatical mistakes. That is in addition to you claiming (lying) that you had to type in all caps in order to see.

            Most laughable, however, is the fact that you are citing pro-wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura as your proof that conspiracy theories are real! That is a TV show!!!! I really don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard over someone’s disqus post before.

            The sad part, however, is that I don’t think you are trolling. I think you really believe that you are not insane and I think you really believe that other people believe your obvious idiocy.

            I’m not going away because you are train wreck waiting to happen and I hope I get to witness it.

          • peace angel

            LOOK troll. I will make you go away. IF I see one more post from you harassing me, I will email Michael and get you kicked off this site. HE and I are friends over the two years I have been here.

            HE KNOWS i KNOW what I am talking about and I have NEVER been harassed like you are harassing me by anyone on any website and I KNOW Michael will not tolerate it.

            I don’t make grammatical errors and have always said I use caps because I always have in my writing since long before your generation decided it was yelling and also I use them when I don’t want to wear my glasses. NONE of this is your business. JUST GO AWAY.

            IF you were bright enough to watch some of the episodes of Conspiracy Theory you would KNOW they PROVED all their episodes to be truths and not theories.

            FYI— Ventura was a Harvard professor, a pro wrestler, a Navy Seal and a state governor and risked his life to do those shows.

            NOW you need to go away. You are the train wreck.

          • holoh

            You can get me banned from this site. But the great thing about America is that we have free speech and one website doesn’t stop me from letting the world know that you are a complete fraud. I know you aren’t “all there” enough to figure out, but I’ve responded to your posts on several websites that use Disqus. So, keep on posting your moronic ramblings and your lies about stupid stuff like why you use all caps and I’ll be there to call you on it.

            By the way, just how many dead cats do you have stored in your freezer now?


    • Orange Jean

      Agreed, but it seems fairly easy to spot the paid trolls.

      Even those who disagree with much of what I believe in have at times said things I agree with and can support… not so the trolls! Another key indicator of a paid troll… they often change their moniker over and over (I’m not referring to people who change a moniker once or twice, more like hundreds of times). After a while you can detect the pattern and recognize the “personality” (or rather, lack thereof) of these types of people.

      I think the best way to deal with them is to IGNORE them… it is not easy to do, because they seem to be trained to goad people and often make comments to others postings that make people get very emotional in their responses. But the less you react to them, they tend to eventually go away (of course replaced by others0.

    • Hammerstrike

      A large % of the population netherless is in denial about the coming crisis.
      Among those that does few realize the severity of it.

  • This October . . . on a Monday.

    My best guesstimate for the Big Financial Crash on Wall Street.

    If not, then definitely in 2015.

    • Richard

      Not this year. The Controllers do Not want the Big crash this year. They want Even more Debt added to households, states and nations. They want Even more suckers to get into the stock market. They want to use Our $ as the reserve currency of the world to impose Their will on other nations. They want to Use our Military to batter more nations into submission. They want to Steal more wealth from this nation. Then around September the 29th, 2015, They will begin the Mother of All Crashes. These Banksters are Illuminist and Occultist. They are following an occultist Blood Moon and 7 year cycle. They Control All the Markets; Currency, Bond, Stock, Commodity (Oil), Precious Metals, Interest Rates. They Control All the Main Stream Media outlets and this provides them cover for All Their high speed computer program trading. They have bought and paid for All the Western Governments and Japan. They have No fear of Criminal Retribution for Their Crimes which They commit with Impunity. Their goal is a New World Order with Them at the Control and the people of the World at Their feet. This, after They have Their Planned Destruction of this present World System, which They absolutely Control.

      • kfilly

        Sounds about right.

      • Wow! Sept. 29, 2015 it is then!

        But of course things do get out of hand sometimes, not often, like this rabid propaganda and military warfare against Russia.

        If we don’t get some sort of permanent ceasefire and co-existence out of Ukraine from USNATO by this weekend, I highly doubt we will make it through the end of this 2014.

        But that’s just my 2 cents, I don’t have a direct line to the PTB or the Illuminists or Occultists or Satanists or whatever one likes to call them.

        • LeMarchand

          Oy, they know! Can´t shut it down this time….

      • peace angel

        YEP ALL of this is true. I don’t know about the date BUT they will not crash the US economy or the dollar before the next election.

        ALL the rest is coming very soon. Today Obama is printing 75 Billion per month and the CABALISTS are the ones keeping the stock market rising. NOT the rest of us anyway.

        By arming and training ISIS the US just wants WWIII and the sooner the better for them. By arming militants worldwide for more than a century including the gangbangers in the US they are THINNING THE HERD for the NWO and AGENDA 21 and are happy with that right now.

        Most of the insiders and whistle blowers reporting on Before It’s News are saying that next year will be the BIG ONE>

      • K2

        You dont make sense. They plan to destroy a world that they already control (according to you) to create a new world which they can control?

        • Richard

          Yes. The Control which They now have is Nothing compared to the Control they will have “When No Man Can Buy Or Sell Without The Mark of The Beast”. They will have the power of life and death over these physical bodies. So, we are talking about Degree of Control. Obviously, we are Not that far Yet.

          • K2

            I want to have what you are smoking.

  • davidmpark

    And compare the stock prices to the P/E ratios. Not good for many of these corporations.

  • The Offett Creature

    Warren Buffet shure has A goofy looking face.

  • DJohn1

    The critics usually do not do their homework before they criticise. No one really knows WHEN the market will crash only that it will crash eventually.
    So you are going to be proven right eventually.
    But if someone like George Soros bets billions on a market correction, that is more money than I have ever seen in my lifetime of working for a living, He must know something we don’t know to bet that kind of money. If he is betting on it, that is going to make it more likely to happen soon.
    That also parallels what you have to say about the market.
    The key here is the little things that we see every day.
    People losing everything because they cannot find a job that pays what they were earning.
    Houses going into foreclosure at record rates.
    Last Christmas people pulled in what they normally spend to the dismay of the retailers.
    Discretionary income is way down. That means after you pay your bills, what is left for you to spend?
    Obamacare has cut drastically into that income and the result is a depression in the making. And no amount of correction is going to stop it at this point in time.
    The key here is the average people out there and what they bring in and what they are able to spend after they pay their bills. That is what will cause the next crash.
    No amount of manipulating the numbers is going to change that in the long run. And the long run is here now.
    I suggest the only thing that can be changed is the date when it will occur. I suggest it will occur soon after the next election in November. Until then, we are hopefully safe.
    After the election the real truth will come out and the markets will dive.
    I am thinking that we will wake up to a different Congress than we have right now. It will have a Republican majority in both houses before it is over with.
    Then the Republicans will do nothing to change things.
    At least that is what I think will happen. Nothing will change.
    There is a chance that this lame duck of a President will get impeached. But I doubt it. He is too good an image for the Republicans to turn loose of. He is directly responsible for a Republican takeover of government.

  • Bill

    Does anyone understand that the market bubble has received a great deal of its air from the more than tripling of the debt to capital ratio of the Fed that has occurred over the last 6 years?

    How long would any individual survive who’s debt was 77 times their capital?

  • rat28

    This bull run has more legs.. Central banks around the world will be printing more money. Expecting 30,000 for Dow and 3000 for S&P by end of 2015. The US stock market is the best safe haven for your money.

    • Priszilla

      If anyone starts to get the little man investing in stocks, that’s themoment to liqidate everything that isn’t real estate and hide the cash in the pantry among the cans.

      • Mike Smithy

        You know your near the end of a bubble when your barber and lawn guy are giving you free investment advice.

        • Priszilla

          Ah the stork story. Lol

    • Jacq


  • Paul

    Consumer confidence metrics were very high in 2007. We all know what happened then.

  • Guest

    Michael, I want you to know that I have been reading your blogs for almost a year now. I find them to be informative and well researched. You have certainly expanded my thinking and opened my eyes to what is transpiring around us. The signs ARE there, practically bombarding us. It is just a question of whether or not one chooses to address the issues at hand. As a nation, we have abandoned God; no longer experiencing the blessings that were bestowed upon us. We will reap what has been sown. I am truly convinced that it is going to get very ugly in the very near future.

    Thank you, again, Michael, for your hard work and dedication to keeping us informed.

    • Tom

      Keep up the great work Michael!

    • Syrin

      Here’s what people don’t seem to grasp. Currency collapse isn’t a slow deterioration. It generally happens over night or within a week at most. So people will not have time to get ready for that scenario unless they’ve done it already, because by the time you actually HEAR about it, you’ve lost half your wealth. We will not, of course, take it sitting down. We’ll be sure to attack, perhaps with nukes, Syria, Iran, Russia, and/or China, or some combination. I believe this is the end of the US, and we can thank liberalism and Keynesian economic practices (yeah, I know, that’s redundant)

      • GSOB

        I say that the ‘ currency collapse’ you describe is more likened to the aftermath of a home that had concealed it’s termites for many years.

        Your right,,,, by the time the damage is visible….. it’s to late.

        • Hammerstrike

          Ever tried sitting on a chair eaten by termites? D

      • Hammerstrike

        No major preparations for nuclear war, at least on US side.

        The federal governement would not be able to keep control in the aftermath, most of the necessary individuals lives in the cities that would be annhilated.

      • Tom_F

        Nah. The dollar has been degrading and devaluing since the ’70s. You might get the occasional instant-collapse like Zimbabwe, but even that was a long time coming and nobody was surprised except the Zimmies.

    • Guest

      So that nation was well-off not because of what its people actually did, worked for but because it had blessings handed to it?

  • Priszilla

    well, here you are:

    “Don’t wait for leaders, do it alone. person to person.”
    Mother Theresa

  • Priszilla

    That’s basically fuelled by cheap money on zero interest and QE. The crash will come once those sources dry out.

    What’s important to know for the small man is not that a crash will come but how his little wealth is threatened by that. For example mortgages may become due overnight, or pension funds won’t have cash to pay out since all their money is in overpriced stocks and bonds. But grocery stores want cash.

    What will happen if stores won’t accept credit cards anymore?

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Widespread riots, perhaps?

  • JB

    I believe we’re at Romans 1:28 (“God gave them over to a depraved mind”). None of what our leaders say or do makes any sense anymore. They deny the truth. How can you possibly be in a position to solve problems if you’re first not willing to acknowledge simple truth – or basic
    facts? You’re deluded – it’s as if you’ve gone mad. Collectively as a nation I think we’re there. It started when we denied the most basic truth (that God exists) – and now our thinking has “become futile” and our foolish
    hearts darkened (Romans 1:21).

    • Nexus


    • jox

      For the religious fanatics everything is related with God and the Bible. The most basic truth is that you have no idea if God exists or not.

      Since primitive times, people has attributed the bad news (earthquake, bad harvest, war, plague, …) to some angry god or curse. But hey, we live in the XXI century, move on.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        But hey, we live in the XXI century, move on.
        Yea we do and coincidentally, in all recent times where the people reject God, it always turns into a blood bath. Good luck with that.

        • LeHappyMarchand

          The middle ages for example?

          • K

            Michael, see what I mean about shills, and trolls?

          • davidmpark

            Exactly. Several months ago both right and left media published on February 14th a report done by The University of Manitoba that showed the vast majority of internet trolls have mental issues: including Narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychotic personality, Direct Sadism, and Vicarious Sadism.

            This is one reason I’m not commenting very often: got better things to do.

          • K

            You have a family, to prepare for. Guess that would keep you pretty busy.Hope all is well.

          • davidmpark

            It’s a massive undertaking, yeah. Things will all work out. Thanks K!

          • peace angel

            I can tell you that the taxpayer paid 10,000 have all those character traits who troll for Obama personally.

          • davidmpark

            Yeah, I heard a rumor about that. England did the same thing and there is proof of their program. Would like to see proof of the US program, though, but I’m sure it exists.

          • peace angel

            I saw it on Fox news, I think or on one of those american secrets programs on history or nat’l geo channels.

            Have you checked on Before It’s News? THEY usually have a whistle blower who speaks out about all the new revelations.

            Canada and Germany and Australia and New Zealand have them also and there is a lot of proof that GOV. disinformationists put up websites worldwide including here in the US and it is all part of the creation of the NWO.

            THEY have been partially or completely disarming these other countries to prepare for their road to the camps.

            THEY say in New Zealand that their nation is all but OVER with all the communist updates preventing business and sending jobs and manufacturing overseas and breaking people.

          • John Doe

            It is more convenient for you to label real disagreements as such.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Intentional ignorance for example?

          • realitycheck

            Yes because our supposed Christian nation is NOT founded upon it’s own blood and injustice. Our government does the dirty work so you can enjoy your so-called freedoms and better than a 3rd world country lifestyle.

            Everything is relative based on which spin master you choose to believe. The truth is a lot darker then most are willing to accept and understand.

          • Firstgarden

            Everything is NOT relative. If it was, you and the universe around you would have neither continuity nor cohesive force. Neither morality nor conscience. All would be chaos… if it existed at all in the first place.

            How would hydrogen atoms, prebiotic soup or primordial slime evolve into something or someone intelligent? And how did THAT get here? How do all the magnificent forms, species, creative designs, and manifestations of Intelligence proceed out of absolute vacuum?

            Certainly not from relativity or someone’s subjective, existential imagination.

          • LeHappyMarchand

            The government does the dirty work for freedom but it is not your freedom or his.

          • LeHappyMachand

            Yes, intentional ignorance.

            The intentional ignorance of history, that in their times the self-declared christians and muslims killed each other just as ruthlessly and viciously as humanists did in the 20th century, still does in the latter case. Of course you know that the difference in the kill ratio is the far lower populations, ressources, technology and organization of the 17th or 13th centuries compared to the 20th century. No, you are the dolt.

          • GSOB

            How about the ‘Great Tribulation’…. hear of that one?

            Romans 10:13

        • jox

          There are blood baths among religious people and among atheist. They are human, nothing to do with religion. For instance, the war in Irak was a christian crime or not?

          • Richard


          • Malcolm Reynolds

            They are human, nothing to do with religion

            Agreed, and even more to the point, they are all government.

            the war in Ira[q] was a christian crime or not?

            Umm, no.

          • Gay Veteran

            certainly supported by a LOT of people who claimed to be “Christians”

          • Richard

            True. One who claimed to be and was not was the ’03 “Liar-in-Chief”.

          • John Byde

            And history’s greatest mass murderers – Mao, Stalin and Hitler – were all southern baptists, right?

          • Gay Veteran

            no, but great strawman

      • jsmith

        Yep, I agree. I believe in a God but I always say “keep religion out of politics, and politics out of religion. The current mess in our financial situation is being caused by the Federal Reserve and greed from the banksters. Let’s keep religious quotations out of the equation!

        • jox

          I respect your opinion. I don’t know if God exists, but I’m sure he is not playing with derivatives and interest rates. This is a human problem.

          • GSOB

            If you want proof or, in other words, if you want to know if God exists,…….

            Get into a quite place to yourself or with others – in order that you may turn to prayer and call upon the name of the Lord.

            Turn to your spirit and seek Him.

            Psalms 86:5

            Pray and read these verses…

            Jesus is alive

            Acts 17:26 > 28

            2 Timothy 2:22

            James 1:5

            Jeremiah 33:3
            Colossians 3:14 > 16
            Then tell me if you still think God doesn’t exist.

          • L O

            God Needs the devil, to rationalize the gospel, . A perplexing thought, considering that believers also believe that god needs or wants for nothing As he is the Alpha and Omega. I have struggled with this most of my life.

      • davidmpark

        Look, I worship Almighty God according to the dictates of my own conscience, and allow all people the same right.

        Why no reciprocation on your part? Hm?

        • Firstgarden

          Good point for the fascist trolls.

        • jox

          I agree with you. If you pray in church or home I have full respect and say nothing. BUT if you go to a public forum telling that atheism and lack of (christian) moral are the causes of our problems, I think I have every right to answer and give my own opinion.

          • davidmpark

            You have every right to give your opinion, and yet you demand others not give theirs. This is not a “public” area; this is a private internet website that one must intentionally seek out – and yet you’d probably demand that people in public conform to your ideals and views. It’s obvious what you are doing and what you are.

          • jox

            I challenge you to point out where I have demanded others not to give their opinions or conform to my ideals and views. It only happens that you doesn’t support critizism, that’s all.

          • davidmpark

            You’re not criticizing. Read your own posts. You are doing it – just upset that I called you out on it.

          • jox

            Still waiting for you to point out where do I demand anything. Sorry but “read your own posts” is not an answer. I’m not a native english speaker, so perhaps I’ve been too harsh without wanting to.

          • Firstgarden

            This is true, my friend. Have ye at it. But, this is a Christian forum by design. Pls see Michael’s section, “The Most Important Thing.”

        • Hammerstrike

          Isn’t changing the subject what a government-paid shill would actually do?

      • Firstgarden

        So, the wisdom of the ages, and all the great minds of history who attest to the existence of God.. they’re all wrong because jox said so.

        • jox

          Then I suppose that the Earth must be flat.

          • Firstgarden

            How would hydrogen atoms, prebiotic soup or primordial slime evolve into something or someone intelligent? And how did THAT get here? How do all the magnificent forms, species, creative designs, and manifestations of Intelligence proceed out of absolute vacuum?

          • jox

            Then your God created also death, madness, illness, cancer, virus, deformities, monsters, bad designs and manifestations of evil.

          • GSOB

            Deuteronomy 10:16 > 17

            Matthew 10:28

            Revelation 19:15 > 16

            Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues.

            But whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light, and he shines forever without change or shadow.

            And it was a happy day for him when He gave us our new lives through the truth of his Word and we became, as it were, the first children in his new family.

            The continual theme of Jesus’ preaching was the kingdom of God; what it’s like, how to become members in it, how we are to live as members of it.

          • Firstgarden

            He created the potential for these things. If we did not have free choice, we’d be a planet of robots. We want free will, and yet we don’t want the consequences for it. It’s just too easy to blame-shift everything on to God.

            In order to remove all evil from the Universe, God would have to remove:

            1) all actual evil

            2) all POTENTIAL evil.

            There would be nobody left but Himself.

          • peace angel


            GOD promised punishment to the idiots who would rape, maim and murder another human.

            The King James Version of the BIBLE IMO cannot be taken literally at all.

            It has gone through dozens of translations and editings and revisions and opinions.

            SO much so that someone left out 8 WHOLE books from the original first TWO.

            THEY left out the entire promise of REINCARNATION, but everyone who dies and goes to heaven comes back with that exact awareness.

            GOD does not plan our lives ever. WE do. WE set up the entire movie that will be our next life. We choose who our family will be and the other lost books all spoke of how this and LOVING every person we encounter is the ticket to heaven AND they left that out so people would go to church and follow preachers.

            THE reason each person sees that movie of their entire life flash before their EYES at the moment of death is to PROVE that you wrote that movie.

            WHEN a guy like Hitler dies or his handlers like Preston Bush, they have to start a long DO OVER process to work their way back to heaven and up the ladder to JESUS street.

            EVERYONE who dies KNOWS this and that HELL is real. Hitler had to do some real time in HELL before he could reincarnate. LOTS of people have written about dying and going to HELL.

            THEN he has to reincarnate into India or Africa and be born with AIDS and sit in the HOT sun covered in FLIES and FLEAS and TICKS before dying a LONG SLOW death of starvation.

            GOD did not create SATAN and lots of people including our SHADOW gov. worship him and thus the evils ONE can choose to or not to follow.

          • Guest

            So have you personally experienced this? Or just from researching and reading books ect you make these statements?

          • peace angel

            BOTH—-I died and went to heaven and I have read hundreds of others accounts of dying and going to heaven. Recently a neurosurgeon died as an atheist and came back and Proved the experience that all people have in heaven is real and not all the other things scientists say are happening in a brain to make EVERYONE have the same experience. I think the kids book is Heaven is For Real.

            I think the doctor’s book and movie are Heaven Is Real. I saw him for an hour with Oprah and saw his findings which proved heaven is real. Check it out.

          • peace angel

            I assume you were asking about my NDE but when I reread it—you could be asking about many things from my previous comment. BUT most all of my comment is covered for all of us who have an NDE.

            I know about reincarnation from dying and from reading the English translations of the Lost Books of the BIble. IT is all over those books and totally left out of any KJV version.

            Imagine a world where everyone KNEW this and could not wait to get to JESUS street where the streets are paved with GOLD and there are Emeralds in the street lights and all the water dances and all the dances play music in the water.

          • Firstgarden

            25 Famous Scientists Who Believed in God

            Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

            Arthur Compton (1892 – 1962)

            Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

            Ernst Haeckel (1834 –1919)

            Erwin Schrödinger (1887 –1961)

            Francis Bacon (1561-1627)

            Francis Collins (Born 1950)

            Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

            Gottfried Leibniz (1646 –1716)

            Gregor Mendel (1822-1884)

            25 Famous Scientists Who Believed in God

            Guglielmo Marconi (1874 –1937)

            Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

            James Clerk Maxwell (1831 –1879)

            Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

            John Eccles (1903 – 1997)

            Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

            Max Planck (1858-1947)

            Michael Faraday (1791-1867)

            Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543)

            Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

            Robert Boyle (1791-1867)

            Robert A. Millikan (1868 – 1953)

            Werner Heisenberg (1901 – 1976)

            William Harvey (1578 –1657)

            William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907)

          • jox

            It’s very ironic you include Galileo in this list.

          • jox

            Indeed, Einstein rejected

            quantum physics because he believed in God. “God does not play dice with the universe”, and he was wrong.

            I do not believe in a personal God and I have
            never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which
            can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure
            of the world so far as our science can reveal it. (Albert Einstein,

          • Firstgarden

            “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”

          • Trolololo

            Yes it is flat.

            If it was round the people of Australia would fall off it, the seas and atmopshere would run off the Earth, Waters and Winds sweeping the people into the heavens.
            Scientists are lying about the Earth being round and that the moon is real, they have zero proofs.
            Satellites are satanic angels and astronautes makes pacts with demons, fly into space using human sacrifices and vodoo. Have any ship or airplane ever crossed the Pacific and come back? I think not! The fluoridation of water is the greatest crime of the 20th century (Hitler used it) and the atmosphere is being made unbreathable by chemtrails.

          • peace angel

            WELL SAID.






          • Gay Veteran

            don’t forget the verse where the sun stopped moving

      • peace angel

        WELL JOX—-those of us who have died and gone to heaven will move on to an amazingly gorgeous existence after this and you may not.

        THAT IS THE TRUTH. GOD and HEAVEN are REAL. I suggest you research it and FORGET your Darwin teachings. HE was Illuminati connected and died KNOWING his research was all BS and would be debunked as it has been.

        • jox

          Enjoy there, but just in case, don’t go too soon.

        • Gay Veteran

          interesting comments, providing support for the 2 main reasons religion exists:
          (1) man fear death,
          (2) as a means of social control (obey the king or you’ll go to h ell).
          Darwin teachings? Those species that are most capable of adapting will survive. Proven by bacteria every day of the week.

      • Daystrom2012

        Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

        • jox

          A book says that God exists (the christian God. There are other gods and other books) and also says that if anybody doesn’t believe in the book, he is a fool. It’s not an impressive argument. Except you say that the book itself has been inspired by God himself. That solves everything.

          • GSOB

            And this is where you are tested….either you start where the rubber meets the road…. where you have been dropped off at – or you can turn around and go back from whence you came.

            Time is the infinite jest. Test and prove all things. (seek me and you shall find me)
            Jeremiah 29:13 > 14

            Don’t be coy, turn around and give up.

            Where will you go?

            1 Peter 2:1 > 3

          • III

            The Comment Religion is the only one true religion for it is the inspired Word of God…

            Why? Because it is written so in this comment, of course!

            Yes there are other comments mentioning other religions and gods but do not fall for them! These comments are lies, these religions are falsehoods and these “gods” are all demons or the inventions of charlatans.
            Again, the proof that it is so is that it is written so in this comment.

          • III

            Circular logics, how do they work?

            Oh right, include the conclusion in the premise.

    • GSOB

      Romans 1:28 is applicable starting from
      Adam’s action in disobeying the Lord God and
      stays applicable throughout the course of human history in this world as we know it.
      Romans 1:21 describes the inner workings of Adam’s heart which came before his action.

      God has spoken to us in His Son.

      He cleanses us sinners from our sins and quickens us with His life so that we are then be partakers of Him and for Him,..
      drink, eat Him from the Spirit.

      The Lord is the Spirit.

      2 Corinthians 3:17

    • Hammerstrike

      No, God should not be blamed for their state of mind, only they themselves should be.

    • John Byde

      I agree. In secular speak we are at the point where fantasy thinking has become so widespread on economic and social issues (“gay marriage” anyone?) that a natural corrective is on its way – at very high speed

  • MrPissonyourgrave .

    Its coming, time is the enemy and you cant stop time.

  • alan

    They still have 401k’s to loot and more money creating that can can be done. I suspect this will go on a few more years until the wheels come off. I think this will be a slow and painful economic death. When things happen slowly over time people adapt and soon it becomes normal.

    I have notice an big up tick in media propaganda stories. We always have to bomb someone or we’re all about to die from ________ (fill in the blank). Kind of makes me feel something is afoot.

  • chilller

    If you’re the United States, you have unlimited resources (a printing press) to drag an economic charade on for a very long time…until the rest of the world stops accepting your colorful paper. The gubermint’s chips are all-in as they have nothing else to lose except control of the situation, at which time a war will be declared.

  • Tom

    Problems on the horizon eventually arrive. We have had more time than I originally thought to prepare and make changes. Once the QE ends in the US, we will see the warnings come to fruition.
    Michael, thank you for making the time and effort to write some many articles that keep us informed and allow us to inform others as to what is going on.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    I am looking forward to a bear market where I can buy more stocks at a great price, just like I did in 1987, 1992, 2002 and 2009. I do these because I know the Book of Revelations nonsense spouted here is a lot of bologna.

    • Richard

      Hey. You think you are the First to mock God’s word? Go read in Genesis beginning in chapter six, where my elder Brother Noah and his 3 sons spent 120 years building a boat on dry land And it had never ever even rained anywhere in the known world, much less flooded. Your fellow Brother Scoffers did Scoff at my elder Brother Noah, that is until 7 days After God told Noah and his family to get on board. Then the rain started to fall. Then the fountains of the deep were broken up. Then the floods rose RAPIDLY. Then EVERYONE in the World did DROWNED, except for Noah and his family. Think about it FOOL.

      • Gay Veteran

        find that ark yet?

        • Richard

          “That ark” was found decades ago in Turkey. For some reason the Islamic Government of Turkey refuses to let outsiders do any more archeological work on it.

          • Gay Veteran


  • WK

    I’ll see how Michael does with me this time. Michael, it is not that we do not believe your assertions, it is that they are constantly slanted or tilted in a negative light. You will be right eventually with the market crash, but when it does come down, do you get the right to say i said so? I would say no. You are always negative, just because negative things happen, does not vindicate your views. I am one of your dissenters who does not buy into your blog’s negative business model, and yes I am a vic of the Great Recession. BUt I am not out here casting negatve things constantly to those who come by my blog.

    • Richard

      The TRUTH is the TRUTH – Whether Negative or Positive – Whether Hell or Heaven. Go read the old testament book of Jeremiah and see how long God’s prophet did plead and warned with tears the nation of Israel of God’s coming judgment. But Israel would Not repent of her wickedness and turn back God and His righteous ways. You just need to Man Up and quit your Joel Osteen Whining.


    Does Obama have this country’s long term interest at heart? The Magic 8 ball says, “Very Doubtful”. You made some money in the market. Congratulations. Go to Cash.

  • Jackie Milton

    I want to see the United States so broke that they can’t afford to give the welfare queens kudzu to boil for supper.

    • GSOB


      • Jackie Milton

        That’s the only way this country will stop the entitlement programs. I don’t believe in entitlements. A person should make their own living or starve.

  • jox

    Some years ago a told you that you were being mislead by the anglo-american media about the breakdown of the euro. (What does Evans-Pritchard say now?).

    Except from that, I find your analysis interesting and insighful. Some people think that because the collapse is happening in slow-motion, it’s not happening at all. But that is not true: there are huge finantial transformations, new geopolitical blocs, finantial wars, monetary wars, commercial wars and, eventually, military wars.

    6 years since Leman Brothers, every year worse than the previous one, and the two last with free-funny-money assisted living. This is not going to last. Let the critics invest in stocks if they feel so confident.

    • Richard

      The critics are Brokers and Banksters. They need to Convince Joe Public all is well, so They can Sucker Joe into Their game. They want to take all Joe’s money – clean him out – leave Joe broken and busted.

  • jakartaman

    No way this BOOM will continue for ever!!

    • John

      Come on……..everyone knows it’s different this time.

  • Nexus

    The shoppers stroll past the closed and shuttered botiques in the mall, chattering, waiving gestures, unseeing while reallity is beseeching…just one glance at the truth.
    Eyes are spastic
    Flaunting plastic
    Avarice ecstatic
    ignorance fantastic.

    As the poet Wordsworth said,
    “Spending and getting we lay waste to our powers…
    Little we see in nature is ours.”


    • Richard

      Nothing we see is Ours.

  • underaged

    I predict a crash in 2015. If not in 2015, then probably in 2016. If not in 2016, then for sure sometime after that.

    • Dave Jenkins

      I predict your death in 2016. If not in 2016, then probably in 2017. If not in 2017, then for sure sometime after that.

      But of course, you have never died before, so by that logic, you will never ever die.

      • Richard

        Great point Dave.

      • peace angel

        I predict that all Americans will be living drugged up in FEMA concentration camps by 2017 at the very latest.

        • aedelaossa

          We are already drugged up, no need for the FEMA camps!

        • Guest

          And what if we are not? What if everything you believe was all a lie? Guess you will die lonely whether you’re right or wrong. At least either way most others will be surrounded by those we love.

          • peace angel

            NOT WHAT??

            Not living in concentration camps??

            THEN who did the ARMY and Halliburton build 800 of them for??

            WHY did they pass REX 84 authorizing them to be built. HOW many are in your state??

            THERE are hundreds of thousands of websites mapping them and many have lists counting how many Americans are already in lots of them.

            THE tent cities are being mowed down by SWAT teams that approx. 10 million Americans moved into over the past two decades and those people have been moved into the camps. THE episode of Conspiracy Theory “FEMA CAMPS” had hundreds of people in it many years ago.

            THESE are not beliefs—like fairies and unicorns.

            THESE camps are very real and you can see lists by going to—-












        • Dave Jenkins

          Very possible. I will be observing from far away.

  • Tom_F

    Michael, as always, you make great points and I am seeing what you are seeing. THE ONLY METRIC is the stock market, for an improved economy. Everything else, employment, inflation, GDP, trade, consumer debt, housing, etc. all shows degrading metrics. It’s about to get ugly.

  • GSOB


    • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

      Not only USA citizen, they cut head of everybody who are not crazy like them.!

  • Normal

    Dear Michael
    As you and many more said: “The financial markets have become completely divorced from economic reality” which is true, but you and all others before you who said same thing forgot that “being divorced from economic reality IS KNEW REALITY”. The sooner you accept this knew reality the better you will be in your forecasts about economic and political future.
    Best of luck.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Over the years I have tried to talk to family and close friends and almost ALL have shut me down hard and fast about anything economic. Now if I turn the conversation to the drought, Ebola, ISIS, Ukraine, even the lose of Oranges, Bananas, pigs etc. they refuse to hear ANY bad news they shut me down hard and fast, if I mention anything negative at all. Talk about sticking your head in the sand…
    But unfortunately these same people will be the ones I will have to turn away when times get real bad.
    It might make a good topic for an article about people refusing to accept the truth when it’s literally staring them in the face.

    • Richard

      In America today – It’s all about being “Positive”. Have you Ever heard of Joel Osteen? Talk about Rude Awakening.

      • Firstgarden

        How bout Mike Murdock?
        Most wolves come in sheep’s clothing.
        He doesn’t even bother.

    • Firstgarden

      They will blame you for not warning them.

    • peace angel

      I have had forty years of that with friends and family since I first discovered the take down of the US and the evidences of the CABAL>

    • tacoma

      Humans are by nature, evolution and DNA, delusional. They create gods to delude themselves of everything, justify everything. They deny reality by imposing their own. And when threatened, they wipe their brains clean of sense. Only about 1% of people can overcome this. 20% follow the 1%, and the remaining 79% get screwed. Then the 79% resort to their delusion to deny that they got screwed.

    • Orange Jean

      I have had a similar experience with two of my brothers. They kind of freak out any time I mention being worried about *anything*.

      The oddest thing about it is… one of them was the person who (when we were kids) first introduced me to the idea of prepping. As kids (during the Cold War) he was terrified of the possibility of an A-bomb and takeover by the Russians… I’ve been a prepper girl of sorts ever since I was about 8 because of it.

      I’m in my early 60s now, but it’s harder because my health is starting to go. I still have the knowledge of a lot of things though and the mind set to match.

  • Firstgarden

    A naughty little boy cried wolf, and eventually no one believed him anymore.

    A good little boy cried “crash”, and eventually no one believed him either.

    • ian

      quit believing fairy tales.

      • Firstgarden

        This colossal speculative bubble is the biggest fairy tale in human history.

  • Firstgarden

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a nation soweth, that shall it also reap.

    • GSOB

      (Man…not nation)

      Galatians 6:6 > 8
      2nd Corinthians 9:6

      • Firstgarden

        Aye, “man” it is. But if thou wouldst alloweth me but a small bit of broader application, matey, ‘twould be mighty gracious of thee.

  • Firstgarden

    When the magician ran out of rabbits to pull out of his hat, he hopped about like a bunny, then got run over by a truck.

  • Firstgarden

    He who findeth pot of gold at end of rainbow, picketh it up, only soon to find out that rainbow couldn’t hold them both.

  • Firstgarden

    The world is full of people trying to reap what it did not sow, and trying NOT to reap what it did sow. In this world, it may seem as though some are succeeding at this. Especially the IRS.
    But God has a hard drive that NEVER fails.

  • ian

    Yawn….same article from last year and 2 years before. Yet here we are.

    • John

      If you yell fire long enough sooner or much later you will might be right.

      • Richard

        Fire ! ! !

  • whteshark

    Michael, Michael, always the doomsayer.

    You need to lighten up, maybe take a trip to Cali, smoke a bowl or two. Everything will be all right.

    We can trust The Federal Reserve, The Treasury, and our Political Masters when they tell us everything is alright. They have never steered us wrong before…..

  • thanks for the info! I agree with you

  • KurtMM

    “Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” I would say we are closing in on being self evident.

    • GSOB

      That is because we all are evil.
      Proof in point….

      Ephesians 2:12 > 18

  • John E

    There are two kinds of stock investors; inside traders and fools. The only threat to the inside traders is an end to QE and becoming a Martha Stewart scapegoat after the bubble bursts. The New York shysters and their media minions will blame everything and everyone to distract attention away from the Pump and Dump that has occurred.

  • md

    great article, but I am missing something. what is the difference between For example, the median stock today is 20 times earnings. In January 2000, it was 16 times. and….. The median stock today trades for 1.8 times annual per-share revenues. In 2000: just 1.4 times.

  • northern vigor

    A buddy asked me last week “how are you doing in the stock market?” I said I pulled out. He looked at me as if I was crazy.
    A couple of hours ago my wi-fi shut down and my computer wouldn’t work. I got to thinking all our bank records and broker accounts are only accessible on line. Can anyone imagine what happens if the grid, internet, or satellites shut down, when the next crash happens? How do you actually cash out? You don’t.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The stock markets have circuit breakers now. A crash can and will be prevented.

    • gfmucci

      Seriously? Despite professional hackers, market manipulators, and flash trades?

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        Yes, seriously.

    • chris

      So much for the ‘Free market’…..

  • katy

    Oh come on now Michael, everything’s fine. The stock markets are going gangbusters. You’re so obviously mistaken. Things are roaring along. Oh my…. That reminds me of something. Now that I think about it. They didn’t call that period right before the Great Depression the ROARING TWENTIES for nothing. uh, oh. :-((

  • TimeHasCome

    Great article , I heard a market whiz say yesterday that the Federal Reserve will stop any market correction. I hope that is not true .

    • peace angel

      Obama is printing 75 BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH RIGHT NOW.

  • peace angel

    Michael as you know my mom was a stock broker and futures trader for well to do cattlemen in Oklahoma for forty years and she KNEW lots of politicians as many own cattle and my dad was the president or vp of Cattlemen’s most of his life and my Godfather was a 22 year Okla. Senator and was a two term US Congressman and our lives revolved around money, economics and politics.

    I have been reading your column for two years now and also reading the info of those vetted by my mom over decades.

    I can honestly say that NO ONE gets it right as often or backs up their reportings as well as you do. NO ONE

    Everyone else who is doing economic news is trying to sell you something in every single report and that SLANTS their reporting. You don’t do that.

    As you also know I have been writing on and researching and reporting to all who would listen on the streets of America for forty years and today it is still my BIG issue and you have no idea the things people have said to me.

    BUT I went on yahoo political articles and began commenting to an audience of 90% liberals and today the majority of those regulars on yahoo, hundreds of them have awakened to the FACT that there is ONLY one political party in DC run by a shadow gov. and that changing the guard is a joke. TODAY they all know and are teaching others of the concentration camps and the legislation of the NWO and the things I have been called lots of names for talking about my whole life.

    SOoooooooo—-STICKS AND STONES are worth it when people decide to listen. People are listening to you and passing on your info. Ignore the trolls. I like sparring with them.

  • TheSkeptic

    Okay, maybe I have been too overly critical in my posts that state there is not going to be an economic collapse. Although I still have my reservations about the chances of an economic collapse happening, the writing does seem to be clearly written on the wall. My local shopping mall seems to be a ghost town…even on the weekends. My former employer’s quarterly data is not as positive as it was one year ago…for
    the last two quarters. This might seem all too trivial. But it is real world data from the trenches.

    • chris

      It takes a real man to be big enough to admit he was wrong….

    • jox

      It depends on what you call “collapse”. In the civil war of Spain for example (1936-1939) each side printed its own money. Even some banks, regions and local governments printed money. Each side said the other side’s money was not valid, spreading fear (when the final winner was still unknown). Bank accounts were plundered, inflation was huge (on either side), and so on.

      For me, this was an economic collapse. But life continued. People and busineses adapted to the changing conditions, factories and markets worked, and in few years everything stabilized. People under high stress adapt incredibly quick. But there was a lot of suffering and a lot of people lost everything.

      After the war there was poverty and hunger. For the coming collapse, I think our main objective is to protect our wealth. During the war people paid fortunes for something to eat. An ounce gold coin for some eggs, for example.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    Alibaba 160 billions dollars !
    Of course it’s going to crash. This is why they start selling to Suckers.

  • Daisy

    Can’t Wait!

  • Spice Blender

    Most Americans–even the smart ones–deserve to loose their retirement and pension funds due to banker bail-in scam. They refuse to believe the government is corrupt and the Illuminati is in control of worldwide banking. When I bring this up, my “friends” call me a conspiracy nut. Time will tell.

    • Richard

      Most Americans have believed The Lie and do not understand our Monetary System is all a scam of the greatest order. They are Deceived. I do Not say they Deserve to lose what they have. They are my fellow Americans and many have worked very hard for many years as honest and God fearing people. Their Kind are the Ones who built this Nation and made it Great. But, They have been too trusting and naïve of Their Government, which has Sold Them and US all out back in 1913 with the authorization of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed gave our Monetary System into the hands of the Rothschild Banking Family. They are the most Evil and Vile and Ungodly and Wicked of All the families upon the earth. The Rothschild Banking Cabal Owns this present World Monetary System. THEY are Alone the Source of All the Woes of the World, ie. Wars, 2008 Financial Collapse, Drug Running (HSBC & Other Big Banks Launder All Big Drug Cartel Money -Look It Up). But in Revelation18:8 it says, the Lord God shall utterly burn her with fire. So, this Whore Monetary System’s Mother (Rothschild) shall be utterly Destroyed by Almighty God at His appointed time. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Let God be True and every man a liar. Amen

      • Ian Beattie

        Amen. “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38 Time to pay the debt. Jesus warned us about debt.

  • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

    market will hit 20000 soon, gotta be in it to win it

  • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

    hey, read my new book, “Potato Survivors”. There are 6 people left in the USA after a big food fight, the 6 of us throw potatoes at each other. one potato is nuclear and blows a hole in the Pacific Ocean. Up rises King Neptune and he is really angry that we crossed his red line.

  • GSOB

    This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

    “The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it, that its deeds are evil.

  • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

    methinks some people are looking forward to the crash

  • Kristen Marie Embler

    Most people tend to have a narrow, short term view of things. Those raving over how well the stock market has been doing are only seeing the deceptively attractive appearance of today. Tomorrow will bring financial ruin and complete anarchy all around the nation. If 2015 isn’t it, surely the next year will be. Anyway, things are not going to get better before it gets worse.

    • Firstgarden

      After 2016 (next presidential election), for sure.

    • Richard


  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The stock market always seems to come back. Those who avoided it out of fear after the crisis of 2008 missed out on some major dough.

  • Priszilla

    Good time to feed ebay with things you don’t want anymore. Then fill your space with things you will need.

    • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol

      should gary and gayveteran sell their dildo collections? oh my goodness

      • Gay Veteran

        since you’re asking I guess you want to buy some, for you or daddy?

        • liberalsaretotalexcrementnewol


  • Priszilla

    America has foreseen a hard landing for China since the mid-nineties. It didn’t happen yet.

  • chris

    It is eerily similar to 2007/08 right now. This may be the last crash ever under the old system. In 2007/08 something was the trigger to end the bullishness and i think it was someone revealing that the AAA rated stuff was junk. There needs to be another trigger but so far the market has managed to shrug off Ukraine, Gaza, Euro area, and countless other things. Will the trigger be Ebola coming to the USA and Europe?

  • ua2

    Spot on. The naysayers, who think this blog is wrong, will be singing a different tune in 12 months time.

  • DJohn1

    The only evidence I need is the actions of the billionaires.
    This one was from Soros.
    According to a 2014 first quarter filing with the Securities and Eschange Commission, it was revealed that Soros sold his holdings in Citigroup, JP Morgan and Bank of America.
    Soros subsequently moved his money and took up new positions in gold and tech stocks associated with Chinese money movement.
    Soros has moved his money RF Micro Devices, Nuance Communications, Marvel Technology Group, Nokia Corp., and Cypress Semiconductor.
    Soros also boosted his stake in Herbalife and took up a new position in Yamana Gold and AuRico Gold, and New Gold Inc.
    This was a week or two ago.
    This is the same man that had did similar things when the British Currency went down years ago. He made a fortune doing it.
    I suggest Soros has inside information gained legitimately by hard research from his team.
    The stocks he moved out of are some of the top banking companies in the country.
    The question is why?
    I am talking about one of the top finance people in the world.
    Michael’s research is detailed. I think he is right. However, the timing is the only question here. Because if it takes a lot of time to happen, a lot of what Soros did will backfire on him.
    So it must be about to happen sometime between now and the next election. Possibly right after the election occurs.
    I don’t think it is a stock market crash so much as a crash of the currency itself. If the dollar is devalued like the British pound did in history then what he did makes a lot of sense short term.
    I remember the pound going from about $2.25 down all the way to about $1.05 in value. It is currently up around $1.85 to $2.00 a pound. At one time, it was valued at around $5.00 a pound prior to WWII. I think this occurred about 1975 or around 1980, not sure. My folks were in England when it happened and lost about 30,000 in the exchange. They stayed here for about 6 weeks before heading for Florida. They kept all future funds in dollars from then on.
    That means you could have lost one half of the money in pounds back then. Only hanging around until it came back up would make sense if you did not get out in time.
    Most people that did not get out invested in commodities like Real Estate locally until it went back up.
    ‘I don’t feel that will work here. The commodity is only as good as the people’s wages that are capable of buying.
    Taxes scalp people in Real Estate here.
    Normally Real Estate inflates at about 4.5% per year as a rule of thumb. Right now it is deflating at about 5-10% depending on where you are.
    That is not normal. It is justification for a whole lot of banks going under when people walk away from their homes.

  • robert j mcgregor


  • Tom H

    To quote a famous author: “People willingly believe what they want to believe” and another….”Predicting the future is easy it is being right that is the hard part” and one last one….”Let’s weatherboard Obama, see if he knows anything”

  • frank1569

    ‘There is a financial crisis every 5 to 7 years.’ Chase CEO Dimon. And he should know – he causes, and profits from, them.

    We’re about overdue. Tick…tick…

  • davidmpark

    Keep it up, Mal! 🙂

  • Gay Veteran

    jeez, actually have to agree with you, rat28 is a MEGA troll

  • St. Ferd III

    The fraud can continue for 2 yrs max I would guess, at that point real inflation of 5-10% in the real world; currency devaluations and ‘the currency war’; along with geopolitical events/crises will make themselves felt in the guise of higher rates. As you write, the real economy is not in good shape. 2016 is an election year, the fraud [ZIRP, QE in some form, currency dev.] will continue until those elections are over. Don’t expect a collapse like in 2008 which occurred before the elections. The causal factors which will pop the current fraud are different and can be delayed for political benefit.

    So 2017 might be a good year to bet on a large stock fraud decline and readjustment. Billionaires sitting on cash is a good sign to be cautious. They are also buying gold [I would advise that you own coins, not certificates or ETFs].

  • holoh

    “Experts”, lol. You gotta love an article that just says “experts” over and over again without naming them, listing their credentials, or even saying what makes them experts. Who is an expert on beheading videos, anyway.

    I love how they also say “experts, which asked not to be named”. How convenient!

    You are a lunatic, you old hag!

  • peace angel

    Thanks, I went to these websites and really like the AFP site and used to go there often.

    How is this Larouche guy still alive. Obama is knocking off people like him in large numbers.

  • marc

    what I really don’t understand is why all the fuss about the beheadings from ISIS and not the cartels that are the n th border for sure and all the people in America that are killed from the drugs which are peddled. there is a war on our border worth fighting oh but we created and control them too!

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