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Mourn For America: Whenever A Tragedy Happens They Take Even More Freedom From Us

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Martial Law In Boston - Photo from shtfplan.comWhat in the world is happening to America?  Over the past couple of decades, the federal government has used just about every major national tragedy as an excuse to take even more liberty and freedom away from us.  And without a doubt, the Boston Marathon bombing was a great national tragedy.  I don’t think that any of us will forget the images that we have seen over the past week.  All of those responsible for this attack should be exposed, hunted down, tried and punished.  Unfortunately, what always seems to happen is that it is the American people that seem to get punished the most for these tragedies.  Over the past couple of decades we have been told again and again that if we will just give up a little bit more freedom that the authorities will be able to keep us safe.  But you know what?  It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to keep us safe.  There is no way in the world that the federal government can protect us from all of the bad guys in the world.  We are a country that is absolutely teeming with “soft targets” – malls, churches, schools, concerts, sporting events, etc.  No matter how much money we spend, there is no way that the federal government will ever be able to provide enough security for all of those soft targets.  Even if our society morphed into something that resembled George Orwell’s “1984”, the government would still never be able to guarantee our safety.  Unfortunately, in the aftermath of this attack there will inevitably be calls for “increased security” and “more anti-terror legislation”.  The answer always seems to be to expand the emerging police state.  But it is getting to the point where all of this “security” is becoming absolutely suffocating, and yet it doesn’t seem to be keeping us any safer.  So where does all of this end?  Are we going to completely throw out the entire U.S. Constitution in a desperate attempt to feel a little bit safer?  Or are we going to choose to live our lives without fear no matter what others may try to do to us?

Benjamin Franklin once made the following statement…

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Sadly, the way that the American people have responded to national tragedies over the past couple of decades would have made our founding fathers greatly ashamed.  The American people have been way too willing to give up liberty in exchange for the promise of safety.

We have been told that the terrorists hate us because of our liberties and freedoms.  But we have also been told that in order to be “safe” from those terrorists we have got to give up those liberties and freedoms.

So who is really winning?

We seem to have forgotten some of the most basic lessons in life.

If you cower in fear when a bully comes after you, what is the bully going to do?

The bully is just going to keep coming after you because his actions are being rewarded.

Those that are trying to create fear love it when you become fearful.  It is exactly what they want.

The appropriate response to a great national tragedy is to reject fear and to continue to boldly live our lives as if nobody could ever shake us.

But instead, the atmosphere of fear in America continues to grow.

And yes, there are common sense things that our government should be doing to keep bad guys away from us.

For example, the number one thing that the federal government should be doing is to secure the border.  Every single day, thousands upon thousands of people that we don’t know anything about pour into this country.  And yet the federal government has absolutely refused to secure our borders for decades.

Until the federal government secures our borders, they should not ask any of us to sacrifice a single ounce of liberty or freedom in the name of “national security”.

But even as the Obama administration treats our border security like a joke and continues to import huge numbers of people from radical areas of the Middle East, they continue to tell us that “domestic terror” is the next great threat that we are facing.

Many of our other politicians are buying into this philosophy as well.  Senator Lindsey Graham says that the attack in Boston is a perfect example of “why the homeland is the battlefield“.

So if “the homeland is the battlefield”, then who is the enemy?

Well, a U.S. Army Reserve training presentation recently identified evangelical Christians as “religious extremists“, and since Barack Obama entered the White House there have been numerous government reports that have identified Christians, “constitutionalists”, patriots, anti-abortion activists, conspiracy theorists and gun owners as “potential terrorists”.

So where does all of this end?

Are the American people rapidly becoming the enemy?

Will we be constantly scared to death of one another?

Will the entire nation exist in a never ending environment of fear?

Will we eventually have the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security patrolling every mall, every church, every school, every concert and every sporting event?

Unfortunately, the bad guys will always be able to find a soft target, and there will be more terror attacks in the future no matter how much security we pour on.  Once upon a time this nation was greatly blessed with peace and security, but now that hedge of protection is gone.  The federal government could give the Department of Homeland Security trillions of dollars a year and it would not make much of a difference.  We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and bad guys are going to do bad things.

Yes, there are some common sense things that we can do to make our nation more secure.  At this point, the federal government is not doing most of those things.

But no matter how hard we try, bad things are going to happen.  When those bad things happen, what we can control is how we respond to them.

That is why what just happened in Boston is so alarming.  The entire city was put into a complete lockdown for nearly two days.  It was a preview of what could happen nationwide if martial law was declared.  It was an over the top display of force that clearly demonstrated to the rest of the world how incredibly frightened we are.

Some of the things we saw in Boston were absolutely disgraceful.  For example, you can see video of an innocent Watertown family being ripped out of their home at gunpoint right here.

Do you know what this tells the rest of the world?

It tells them that terrorism works.

It tells them that one small incident is enough to send the entire nation into a full-blown panic attack.

You can see some more photos of martial law in Boston right here.  Instead of making things better, this is just going to make the atmosphere of fear in this nation even worse.

And you know what?  None of those heavily armed men even found the second suspect.  He was actually found by a neighbor that had gone out to take a smoke.

Like most Americans, I absolutely hate terrorism in all the forms that it takes.

But we are not going to prevent future terrorism by treating the U.S. Constitution like a piece of trash.  We have now shown the world that we are willing to throw out our most important constitutional rights the moment that a “threat” arises, and this is just going to encourage even more terrorism.

You see, those that engage in terrorism want attention and they want to create fear.  When we give them attention and we allow them to create fear we give them exactly what they want.

Is there anyone out there that can defend what we just saw in Boston?  I can’t imagine any American that still loves the Constitution being proud of what just happened.  I think that Karl Denninger put it quite eloquently the other day…

By effectively occupying a part of the Boston metro area they made an utter mockery of the 4th Amendment. There was no “hot pursuit” and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant. Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.

Sadly, most Americans seem to be more than willing to disregard the U.S. Constitution these days.  Most of them are incredibly scared and they just want someone in a position of authority to assure them that they will be safe.

So I am sure that in the months ahead we will see “security” get even tighter in this country.  With each subsequent tragedy, it will just get tighter and tighter until we can barely even breathe.

This is not the answer to any of our problems.  In fact, it is just going to make many of the problems that we are facing as a nation far worse.

  • Rodster

    I was talking to a fellow prepper about this very same thing. This para-military excercise is your future America. The day will come when YOU the law abiding citizen who has been deemed a threat to the State is when they will hunt you down like those two bombers.

    It’s pretty sad that the Mayor told everyone to go inside and lock your doors. How long do you think if every law abiding citizen was packing heat?

    This is why the Govt is hellbent on disarming you. What chance do you have to go against that type of force?


      This country is fast becoming a bunch of mandy pandies and what people we have left that aren’t afraid they going to try to destroy them by taking their protection away from them. I think this will take a while but the government is working on it real hard. I agree with rodster if your not afraid and stand up they will hunt you down like a dog..

      • glamandvampallround

        maybe the best we can do then is to just flee the US? I am afraid this will boil down to male ego which is often impractical, Im all about survival with no ego at all involved…..

        • RICHARD

          I can’t go there bro, I was born here, went to school here, fought in a war for here, worked here, and I will die here, and if i have to, it will be in a blaze of glory.

          • Leslie Garrett

            Everyone I know who has fled the USA continues to be very pleased with the decision. I was in Afghanistan in 2000 with the UN and I stayed on working there through 2003. When I returned home to Vermont my neighbours were so snotty about my having been associating with terrorists, and the general atmosphere in America was so poisonous that I moved to Canada within a few weeks. This was a great decision to have made. I am very pleased not to be a part of that War Machine and to be no longer associated with the mad monsters who built a line of nuclear installations all along the unstable Pacific rim. I think the world underestimates the hostility that will erupt against the USA once they crash and the rest of the world can freely express their anger.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Leslie Garrett: I’ve done a lot of traveling overseas, and none of the American expatriates I know in Europe miss The Banana Republic of America a bit. They realize that this country seriously crossed over to the dark side during the Bush regime’s reign of terror, and the police state isn’t letting up under Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama. In fact, the police state has been expanded with the NDAA. The BRA is a collapsing empire that is a threat to the rest of the world and a threat to its own people.

            That said, the economic situation in parts of Europe is abysmal (especially Southern Europe). And when the American economy goes from bad to much worse, the pain will be felt far and wide.

          • Ayn Rand

            All the other countries are pieces of trash too. Honestly, they all submit to the same overlords (banksters). I just don’t see any country being any better or any worse than the US.

          • peaceangel

            Unlike most ppl on the internet today following all of this, I have been following our gov. conspiracies for four decades from the position of a Washington insider and the US is the “model” for the world as to how to create the NWO and our past 5 presidents have already legislated out of existence the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. America is over and many nations are decades from this concept.

          • peaceangel

            Hi I have been planning to leave the US for a year and have yet to find a place that is safe and where the economy is not collapsing and that doesn’t cost a fortune to live in like Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the Norwegian countries. The nations that are not being affected by the global collapse soon will be. There is much evidence in canada that they have signed onto Agenda 21 and the NWO. Where are you there?

        • HecatesMoon

          Glam, why should you leave? Given the idea as it stands that the collapse will be global, and that most countries are in the grips of the U.N. already or are headed that way, what good would it do to run? Run to what?…. To keep trying to put off what people say is inevitable? It cannot be easy to prepare if someone is running all the time as place after place succumbs. That costs a lot of money and would surely make any stock piling difficult for a person, having to root it up and move it here and there. Why not choose the spot to settle in to help you hold your own? Since you are already here, it seems as good a place as any. 😉 And if you teach yourself old skills, you may help others when the dust settles.

    • wandakate

      Rodster…The Government disarms the people, then the people become slaves to them. We can’t protect ourselves and that’s just where they want us. No….No! We must persevere to the end

  • Rodster

    One other problem the Govt is creating is teaching school kids to cower in fear when harrassed or attacked by a bully. When I went to school I stood up to bullies and got unto fights. The result? They never bothered me again.

    The Govt is also putting fear into school kids regarding guns. So that when they get older they won’t have anything to do with them. Except the criminals will still have theirs and so will the Govt. Hello oppression and Tyranny. And yet those who passed those laws will still keep their weapons.

    • markthetruth

      Govt says: do as i say not as i do

      the end…

  • K

    Michael, already happening. A bill will be introduced to outlaw the sale of blackpowder. Another loony is introducing a bill to provide funds, for additional cameras on the street, and increased aerial surveillance. But when they allowed the people to come out of their houses. What did they do, they applauded the very people who had abused them, and searched without a warrant. So this is how Liberty dies, to a round of thunderous applause..

    • cannuck21

      Very good post

      • cynicfrombc

        Yes, I agree. This is an excellent post. So glad for the few voices of sanity still available to us. Spread the word!

    • markthetruth

      Now we are trying to tell EUROPE TO PRINT, PRINT and PRINT more Money and SPEND and not to be responsible and keep your bills payed.
      Germany wants to reset and get their house in order and not delay and make it worse.

      the end…

    • none

      Quote the latest Star Wars movie.
      After the emperor Ob-oma takes control of the Senate?
      Posted by “none”. using old computer that will not allow me to sighn on.

    • markthetruth

      The best part of the article is Michael pointed out that they where Claiming the Credit for Capturing the 2nd Suspect when it was the guy that went out for a smoke and found him in his boat.

      the end…

      • K

        Just remember many municipal police forces have hiring guidelines. In many such places, a person with an IQ of over 105 will not be hired. I have never been able to find out what the low end is. I suspect I may not want to know. From such people what do you expect?

  • glamandvampallround

    Well I have to say all of this has been very alarming. I have been in Mexico the entire time of these Boston bomb attacks 4/15 and have heard about this only via the Internet. I am in Los Algodones, in Baja California, right on the border, and have witnessed the US flag at half mast from the lobby of an optical place maybe an eighth of a mile from the US border. I went down here as my mom needed dental work done at much lower prices than in the US and I also needed two crowns done so I can smile and bump up the tips while I wait tables in my soon to be new job in Utah. I am worried now that it will be a big hassle to cross the border with this dental work having been performed. Will we be looked down on as terrorists, a middle aged American woman no longer wearing makeup and her balance challenged seventy one year old mother? Things are surely getting crazy!!!!! What next?????

    • Ted

      Risking your life for some cheaper dental work? You need your head examined big time….

      • B T

        Risking your life? How? Mexico is no more dangerous than any big city. In fact, most of the BS you read is just that, BS from the propaganda mills of the Empire to make American’s afraid to leave their country because there is a big bad world out there. Well, the big bad world is INSIDE America’s borders, not outside.

        • glamandvampallround

          BT I’m inclined to agree with you…I have often wondered if negative news about Mexico was thrown at folks in Tucson and Phoenix to keep their medical and dental dollars within the US…..Gotta say I am a rebel here and have no problem fleeing the US and all it stands for to obtain affordable medical and dental….I am worth it. There is no room for negotiation on this one for me.

        • Ted

          A nation is its people, so if Mexico’s population had more resemblance to that of Spain’s, then it probably wouldn’t be an issue. And why are large American cities dangerous? Could it have something to do with the people who live there? It all comes down to the little “r” word that everyone’s afraid to talk about.

        • Winston

          Does BT stand for Big Tamale?

        • Ayn Rand

          I think the Big Bad World is everywhere, people just don’t see it.

      • glamandvampallround

        Ted, Los Algodones is safe, it is not like the media portrays Mexico to be, it is one of a handful of border towns that is fairly safe. I am very grateful for this town for if it were not for Los Algodones, my mom and I could not afford to get this dental work done. I have been wondering the past few days if we should just stay here, but my mom does get decent SS money, but for how much longer?

        • Ted

          Well, good luck to you, and if something happens, do say I didn’t tell you so.

  • Bill

    So goes the slow erosion of liberty. Time to fill the sand bags. Are you going to help?

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I have posted another article about the Boston bombing entitled “17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask” that you can find here…


    • TtT Engine

      What about the Saudi national that was tackled to the ground after the Boston bombing ? Was this man questioned ? Was he connected to the Tsarnaevs ? Was he freed ? Why ?

      • jokyjo

        There is a lot of information coming out about that Saudi National. Apparently he has ties with a lot of very bad, bad people.

  • TtT Engine

    As our ability to be self-reliant diminishes and the increased need to rely on BIG GOVERNMENT increases, we will see our Bill of Rights infringed upon regularly. Each terror strike, whether it be James Holmes, Adam Lanza or the Tsarnaev brothers will be used by the left to clamp down further on law abiding citizens. Rather than truly secure our borders, we have illegals and phony political refugees like the Tsarnaevs pouring through our borders daily. Pres. Obama, before our brothers have even been buried, still clinging onto the failed 50 year policy of open borders and diversity[i.e. votes for democrats]. This is true because at their core the lefties are cowards and bullies. If the left truly wanted to eradicate gun crime, we would unleash batallions of marines on cities like Detroit, Chicago, Flint and Camden. Instead we have police forces and the FBI baby sitting violent criminals, gangs and terrorists. The tax, spend and bankrupt left clamps down further and further on the law abiding citizens. Look at the debacle and outright molestations going on in our airports so we can cow tow to our left wing political correctness and not adopt a policy that is unafraid to identify terrorism, radical Islam and Jihadism. Russia warned us about the Tsarnaevs and the FBI was paralyzed by left wing non offensive policies. Meanwhile the left dazed and confused says it is ok to carry a knife onto an airplane. Maybe when our NFL stadiums are half empty, we will seal our borders and adopt an immgration policy that puts our safety, well being and prosperity first. And to the phony Catholic mainstrea elites/CCB, complicit on abortion while sacrificing our security as a nation in the name of disguised communism and social justice, you are a disgrace to the Trinity and our faith. Christi Fidelis !

  • condaggitt

    Right now who would get upset if Marshall law was declared in crime ridden ghetto thug areas? You know sharpton would call it racist….

    It was a preview of what could happen nationwide if martial law was declared.

  • B T

    How is it that in both 9/11 and Boston, all of the ‘important’ people were not present? No one of real importance was killed on 9/11. And no one of real importance, i.e. dignitaries or MSM talking heads, were hurt or even present when the Boston event happened. Could it be that the bombers were stupid and didn’t maximize their effort or was it real or false flag?

    If they wanted to create the most effective terror, they would have detonated the bomb as the first runner crossed the finish line, when everyone was distracted and in a tight group. Not hours later when only friends and family were waiting for the stragglers to finish. Unless it was not their plan to actually take out part of the establishment, because they were the establishment? Just food for thought…

  • mattyboy

    Governments are evil. People are evil. People in power are evil. It was just a matter of time for America to follow the normal flow of an evil oppressive government. People are sinners. We all fail. We cannot defeat the monster. Let go and let God. God has a better plan. Read about Heaven and eternal life. The whole world game is winding down. The wheels are coming off folks!

  • mattyboy

    Also, the Saudi connection to Boston and the 911 hijacker murderers. They all lived in the same neighborhoods. Boston is a hot bed or sleeper cells.

  • markthetruth

    The issue is most of the rest of the world SEE the U.S. as the BULLY, trying to Dictate how their Country and government’s should be run, and keeping a present in their country always looking like where on their back. We need to leave and come home and just worry about our borders and air .

    If i living in my home and not bothering any other and one neighbor decides to start telling me how to take care of my yard and then bugging my kids and wife. Sooner or later I’m going to get pissed and confront him. and if he doesn’t stop trying to run my home there’s going to be a war. It’s him Bulling me. And who’s going to take it. Am i then a terrorist or is he.

    the end…

    • Keywee

      You speak a lot of sense there my friend. It takes guts to speak the truth and a lot of your fellow countrymen wont appreciate it.

  • Tom Dockery

    Too bad that there’s not a national organization to spay Muslims.We’d be a lot better off in the distant future.

    • glamandvampallround

      Please play nice in the sandbox…..

  • Georgiaboy61

    Michael, a well-done column whose conclusions are right on the mark. Did not the Founders warn us of the consequences of trading our freedoms for the illusion of safety? Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” If we continue on the present path, we will one day not far in the future awaken not as free citizens, but as subjects of an all-powerful state.

  • Wally Gator

    Staged….A test…FBI planned…Training…How could one suspect put an entire city on lock down? They need armored vehicles and high tech weapons to take a kid down??? Maybe this was a test to see how easy Marshall Law could be enforced? Will the next few months bring more and more terrorist events in more cities and more Sandy Hooks? Something very sinister is going on in the United States. The American people are being stripped of their rights and liberties. It appears as if the choke point on guns has been attacked in the way of ammo. No ammo and that gun is pretty worthless. So gun bills are a smoke screen, maybe? Maybe the government doesn’t really care if gun bills pass or not. They have put a choke hold on ammo. Ammo shortages so bad that cops can’t find ammo…Why??? They should be first on the list right? Even if the public was buying all of the ammo as soon as it is available, the police should still be getting any needed supplies ahead of the public. Maybe the govt doesn’t want the police to have any ammo, because maybe they would fight with the public in a govt. takeover? Makes you wonder though doesn’t it?

    • Tex May

      First of all Wally (and Condaggit earlier) it is not Marshall Law. When and if it is imposed it spelled Martial Law.

    • Wandakate

      Wally Gator…Just for the record it is not Marshall law, it’s Martial. I am a retired teacher.

  • Keywee

    I had a feeling from the start that this tragedy would be used as an excuse to further control, er, protect American citizens. I wish I had been wrong. Notice also the normalization of military vehicles on suburban streets.

  • germanycalling

    After seeing those morons applauding the Police and thanking them for saving thier lives, it made me aware of a few things. The US constitution in dead, mainly through stupid sheeple who want to be led. Secondly, Im so happy Im not part of it. Like so many other Europeans I know, there is no way Im ever coming back even for the shortest visit.

    • Nichols

      Yeah, the Eurozone is the embodiment of freedom and democracy. Puhleeze. No more sauerkraut for you!

  • chilller

    Land of the imprisoned…home of the coward…

  • WarriorClass3

    Government is the biggest threat to our safety.

  • Guest

    This is a time when Americans should fall on their knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness for all the sins of the nation! When a nation repents of their sin, the Lord will protect that nation.

    • TtT Engine

      Amen ! Pagan U.S.A. Worship the environment. In paganism we trust. In God we bust. Slaughter 4,000 of your babies per day. Strip naked for animals that have no immortal soul. Defile the Lord’s sacrament with your gay marriage. God forgive your enemies when they beg You for forgiveness and perform massive acts of reparation. The CCB cowards and money merchants. A Sanhedrin, you are largely modern day scribes and pharisees. Christi Fidelis !

  • Santa Julemand

    Larken Rose ought to make it into a rant on youtube. 🙂

  • Ralfine

    America: They don’t mind that every year 11,000 die from gun use, that’s their culture.

    • goldminer

      Mexico: 11,309 Gun homicides in 2010. I guess they dont mind it. That is their culture.

      • Ralfine

        Hong Kong: 7 Mio People, 20 homicides per year.

        • you are sooooooo enlightened and probably dream of fellating obama

        • living under Chinese rule must thrill you to the core of your effeminate existence

          • Ralfine

            Oh, I love Hong Kong.

  • Washington76

    This is what Statism looks like!

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • Chris

    Your country would seem to be being deliberately destroyed by those in power. Presumeably those in power want to throw out your constitution and adopt the UN constitution and will stoop to any vile level to do so. I expect the UN constitution means no guns, pro abortion, homosexual marriage and open borders. Anyone opposed to this will no doubt be deemed to be an internal/domestic enemy.

  • Keep preachin’ and teachin,’ Michael….we love your words!

  • drbuzzsaw

    I think IF the founding fathers of our country were still alive today and after seeing what happened in Boston they would commit suicide and just say, “forget the whole thing, your NOT worth it.”

  • drbuzzsaw

    What INFO and proof does Glen Beck have that he says can topple our Government and he’s going to release it later today. What, What, WHAT??? Might want to keep an eye on the BLAZE or news this PM and see just what he has to release about the Obama’s and their administration.

  • gary larson

    MICHAEL. Your article entitled “101 million working age Americans are unemployed” is misleading.

    The 89,967,000 figure is the number of Americans “not in the labor force”. That includes those too young to work, the retired , those institutionalized and those in the military.

    Those numbers have always been high.

    Pease correct your mistake

    • Orange Jean

      Your comment is not entirely correct. People who are too young to work are not “working age”; I’m not sure when they cut off the age for people retired.

      The “not in the labor force” also includes…
      1. people who just graduated from school (including college) who have tried to find work and haven’t been able to find work

      2. “stay at home” moms (or dads) who haven’t worked in a while and are trying to get back in the workforce and can’t find work

      3. Anyone who’s lost a job and is so discouraged from the unsuccessful job hunt that they’ve lost heart

  • Investigate CRAFT International, the REAL perpetrators of the Boston Marathon attack.

  • david

    Well, The banana republic of America will be entering into different phase/shift, which basically every constitutional rights of every person will be violated and basically abolished . . . . .That what is going to happen in America . . . . . . .Ask yourself this question now . . . .what can be done about it? Civil war, National uprising, social chaos and civil rights movement . . .and list goes on and on. The collapse is inevitable I am afraid and what it could left off of this Nation is the matter of time and opinions for many who think that America won´t represent Americans any longer but some sort of secretive form of Fascism and totalitarianism . . .It is time to revolve in America . . . .. and time is crucial . . .

  • markthetruth

    Right now we hold no military present in Vietnam that’s why . But obama’s trying to change that , then we will see what happens with China.

    the end…

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “My frustration with self-professed liberals is that they’re entranced with the rhetoric of Obama and utterly ignore the facts—utterly ignore what he has done. And what we are seeing is, in essence, a rewriting of the legal code to criminalize any form of legitimate descent. That’s because the corporate state understands very well what’s coming, both in terms of the environmental crisis and the economic crisis—and they want the legal mechanisms to shut it down.”—Chris Hedges

    “The banksters are going to take our bank accounts here in the United States. That’s
    what Homeland Security is for. That’s what the drones and checkpoints are for.”—Alex Jones

    “The elite think of us as dumb animals who are infesting the earth and eating up
    their resources. So they’re going to use computers and robots to track and
    trace and socially engineer us to make us pliable and submissive so we can then
    be exterminated.”—Alex Jones

    “Everything the globalists do is about dominating us and breaking our will like a pimp does to a woman he’s drug off into slavery.”—Alex Jones

    “America needs to start defining peace as strength.”—Bill Maher

  • It’s inevitable that rights and availability of items are going to decrease. Politicians are not thinking, we need to make Guns and Bomb making materials more easily available. The underlying problem of Terrorism can only increase in the USA, how would you like it, if it was raining bombs in your town every day. One way or another you are going get even. And as the World has become more Multi-Cultural when you tick off one Country you also tick off those people living in your Country. The more countries you Invade, occupy, control the more people in the world are getting ticked off. The US will be destroyed from within, not from any incoming missile.

  • The US is going to be destroyed in the next few months… our masters have already decided.

  • Ralfine

    If you own a cooking pot and a pound of nails you could be charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction!

    So stop cooking, stop DIY, get fast food, let your house rot, so it can be taken down by anyone.

  • Keywee

    No, I don’t condone violence either, not even as retaliation, just the thought of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I can see why it happens a lot of the time. A severe lack of morals and strong role models. Sports and movie stars are for the most part a joke, politicians are selfish and greedy…….etc. Who can young people look up to?

    • Ayn Rand

      I look up to ideals: Liberty, Justice, Prosperity, Acceptance, Tolerance, Love. All humans are flawed and are therefore not fit to be a role model (they can be good people that I respect, although those are few and far in between). I believe that striving for perfection will eventually get you extremely close to perfection.

      • Wandakate

        Ayn Rand…Perfection will never come, sorry to say. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD. None of us are perfect and never will be. We can’t save ourselves, we need a savior. Our only hope believe it or not is in the LORD. Man can’t save us, man will fail us, but GOD will never fail us. If you want liberty, acceptance, and love, mercy, grace, patience, understanding and loyalty, turn to GOD. He’s waiting for you. You are right all of us are flawed, but we can be forgiven and then strive to be the best that we can be with GOD’s help.

  • Keywee

    I admire the American Constitution, as it was originally written. Your founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they knew that their attempt to free their ancestors from the tyranny of a ruling class had failed.

  • TheWather

    “You will see….My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.'” – Adolf Hitler




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    That Dreadful Day

    By James Howard Kunstler
    on April 7, 2013 5:55 PM

    For the moment, the trend seems pretty clear. Money from far and wide rushes into the US stock markets because every other conceivable place to stash money produces no return, no interest, no increase, at a time when the value of central bank currencies is slip-slidin’ somewhere south of Palookaville. The rush into equities gooses equities increasing the rush, goosing the goose. Consider, however, that trends by their nature must last longer than the moment to be trends in the first place. One thing you can be sure of: the trend will end.

    Another region of the trend concerns the recent peculiar behavior of gold and silver. Fear and greed may rule the trade in paper instruments, but something else rules the trade in hard metals: uncertainty. These days the uncertainty is very keen, not so much about the direction of the trade in paper – because the trend is up, up, and away – but whether the placeholders for the paper are for real, or whether you get to keep any of them when the dust settles at every dust-up. Markets can go wither they will, but it’s another matter when the government slams on capital controls and you can’t move your money or redeem it from your account.

    With the precedent of Cyprus now established (never mind MF Global), you’d think people all over the planet would be buying gold and silver as stores of value without counterparty risk, but the price keeps slowly sinking. I don’t think it’s because of the much chattered-about threat of confiscation. The US government could not be dumb enough to try to pull an FDR-style gold grab. This is a different land than it was in 1933. The people who hold gold are exactly the same people who are very heavily armed, and just because the Department of Homeland Security supposedly has been buying up all the ammo on God’s green earth, virtually all the people who are heavily armed are already heavily stocked up on ammo, too, and have quite enough to start an insurrection if the treasury agents come calling for their life savings.

    Though I’m generally allergic to conspiracy theories, it smells like someone is engineering the downward behavior of the metals. The central banks of the US and Europe have a big incentive for driving the price down: it makes their currencies look stronger – despite the universal QE policies designed to make them actually weaker. That is, it gives the appearance that QE is not doing exactly what it is intended to do: wage currency war by driving down the value of money and incidentally inflating away the cost of debt denominated in these currencies.

    I think the Federal Reserve and its TBTF cronies will succeed in driving the price of gold down, perhaps as far as the $1350 range, for a while (a moment, let’s say). But by the time it gets there they will have completely wrecked the economies they pretend to represent, and driven many citizens into penury. Now, consider that hyperinflation is always a rather sudden phenomenon. When it comes on, it comes fast and hard, by the day and then the hour. The Fed and its handmaidens will not be able to control it when it happens, because it will spring from all their previous actions, including the concealment of the loss of value of the dollar via manipulation of the gold and silver markets – and Ben Bernanke can’t pretend that his helicopter is a time machine. There will be no going back to undo what he’s already done. That’s the point where you will see the price of gold very quickly head toward $3,500 or even $10,000 and beyond, depending on the damage done and the oafishness of the political response. QE to infinity really translates into dollar wreckage to infinity.

    History will record that this crisis of confidence in money was brought on by men who stupidly refused to acknowledge that the terms of daily human existence had changed in 2013. We could save the country and fashion a new economy appropriate to the new era of contraction, but it wouldn’t look much like what you see out there now. It would be all about empty highways and empty WalMarts and people turning their energies elsewhere, to their communities, workshops, homesteads, and main streets. We’ll get to that place, but the journey to it will be dark and lonely since it will be accomplished by individuals bravely venturing where no politician dares to speak of, and the lonely individuals will receive no support from their culture or any of the authorities who play at political leadership.

    There could well come a time, though, when those authorities will be disgraced, dragged down, and trampled, and I would tremble to be there on that dreadful day. That will be the day that the ultimate TV reality show debuts. Call it:Waterboarding the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When elites circulate, things get messy.


  • walter conell

    It’s called fascism, One world government, Communism, Socialism, Agenda 21. You name it.
    It isn’t about keeping us safe at all- it’s about total control. This is obvious!

  • Understand that if you oppose the degradation of liberty, you will be classified as a threat by “your” government. Welcome to fascist America, all in the name of safety (at the same time, this government will work diligently to disarm the population – the irony is only lost on the politicians) .

  • Piglet

    [We have been told that the terrorists hate us because of our liberties and freedoms.] That was all nonsense from our “glorious leaders,” of course. We are hated for our Mideast foreign policy, which consists of relentless aerial attacks, invasion, occupation, support for US-aligned tyrants, and acting as Israel’s muscle.

    (Face it, folks. We’re Israel’s bitches. They own Washington DC. They know it, the rest of the world knows it, and we might as well be honest with ourselves.)

    So why are we told we are hated because of our “freedoms”? Because if we were honestly told it’s our foreign policy, then people would ask why we should continue policies that cause us so much trouble, and we can’t have the mere peasantry asking such questions, now can we? Better to flatter the peasantry with silly nonsense and continue to deceive them.

  • Brigid

    Mourn? I would if Americans did something about it and lost, I’d mourn if millions marched on DC and got turned away. At least then you would have TRIED, at least then you’d confirm you’re living in a dictatorship. But to sit back and watch it happen without the outrage and power the people have means there are no more true Americans left.

  • RockyMtn1776

    What is happening is the fact WE are letting them get away with it !

  • wbonesteel

    To mourn is to accept a loss. In short, you’ve already given up, surrendered, abandoned liberty and freedom.
    Do not mourn.
    Fight for your freedom.

  • kyleyoder

    That’s why the left wing loves jihad and mass murder. All part of controlling of the masses. I’m starting to think these tragedies are inside jobs.

  • peace angel

    A week before the marathon it was all over youtube that there was going to be a false flag operation at the marathon and the government was doing special ops training with the Blackwater group and their “The Craft” boys for two weeks before the marathon to include filming of actor amputees just like in all the other tragedies that our gov. has been inflicting on it’s citizens since 9/11 and the fertilizer factory blow up was also leaked a week before the gov. blew up one of their own factories because they are all owned by the Bilderburg group who are the US government now and there are tons of pictures of the Blackwater and Craft boys all over the marathon. The russian mom has emails from her sons proving their were double agents for and were set up by the US gov. to do this job. America is over.

    • kyleyoder

      Seek therapy.

  • Vic

    Love this site and their posts!!! Great Job.

    Also wanted to share with you something that I found out:

    ObamaCare “Dhimmitude”

    you MUST read this and send it to all your friends.

    “Must Stop” the Obamacare Health, Now. Obama has added several Word terms in it that
    will be the end of us all! Look up the word “Dhimmitude”. I have
    put the Info below, or you can look it up yourself, but “READ it Very Carefully”.!!
    This is a set up against the US and all religions. Not only will we not
    get Good Medical coverage, we will be so far taxed from it that we can’t afford
    it no matter what, and for that- they will take all our possessions. “Dhimmitude” has been written into the
    ObamaCare Health bill, pg 107. Why
    would someone use this word? Unless they wanted to use it for changes in the

    ————–Read it Carefully———– The term Dhimmitude is
    derived from Dhimmi, which means a non-Muslim living in an Islamic
    country. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary has defined it as “a person
    living in a region overrun by Muslim conquest who was accorded a protected
    status and allowed to retain his original faith”.[1] According to orthodox Islamic
    law (Shari’ah), those who are qualified for Dhimmi status within the
    Muslim society are the free (i.e non-slave) Christians,
    Jews, and Zoroastrians. Adherents of other religions, as well as
    those without religion, are asked to convert to Islam;
    if they refuse, they are to be forced
    to convert. [2] However, historically, adherents of
    Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and other religions, have lived as Dhimmis within
    Muslim states.

    According to
    the Qur’an and hadith,
    Jizyah tax must be paid by the dhimmis as a sign of
    submission. This gives dhimmis some legal protection in return. As established
    by the Pact of Omar, dhimmis usually are not allowed
    to carry arms to protect themselves, serve in the army or government, display
    symbols of their faith, build or repair places of worship, they must wear
    distinctive clothing which includes the Zunar (a kind of belt) wherever they
    go, etc. Many of these laws are still enforced today in Muslim countries, like Egypt
    and Saudi Arabia, which enforce various aspects of
    Shari’ah. If the conquered do not wish to pay or convert, their fate may very
    well be slavery (under which, rape is permitted) or death. The
    pact also declares that dhimmis are forbidden to ride horses and camels, and
    may only ride donkeys, and only on packsaddles.

    The law
    professor Antoine Fattal
    offered the following analysis of dhimmitude after close study of Islamic law:

    Dhimma (or dhimmitude) … is one of
    the results of the jihad or holy war. ; Connected with the notion of jihad is
    the distinction between dar al-harb (territory or “house” of war) and
    dar al-islam (house of Islam). The latter includes all territories subject to
    Muslim authority. It is in a state of perpetual war with the dar al-harb. The
    inhabitants of the dar al-harb are harbis, who are not answerable to the
    Islamic authority and whose persons and goods are mubah, that is, at the mercy
    of Believers. However, when Muslims are in a subordinate state, they can
    negotiate a truce with the harbis lasting no more than ten years, which they
    are obliged to revoke unilaterally as soon as they regain the upper hand,
    following the example of the Prophet after Hudaibiyya The dhimmi, we might say,
    is a second-class citizen. If they [the ruling Muslims] tolerate him it is a
    calculated step, whether because they cherish the hope of converting him or for
    material reasons, because they force him to shoulder virtually the entire
    burden of taxation. They provide a place for him in the state, but not without
    reminding him continually of his inferior status. They prevent him from
    occupying high positions in society, and if by merit or intrigue he manages to climb
    to such places everything conspires to relegate him once again to obscurity. If
    the dhimmi acquires an independent legal status or privileges associated with
    his personal position, if he is permitted even his own courts, it is only
    because he cannot share with the Faithful the advantages of their own justice,
    which is essentially religious. In no case is the dhimmi the equal of a Muslim.
    He is condemned to social inequality and forms part of a despised caste:
    inequality so far as his personal rights are concerned, inequality in taxation,
    and inequality before the law, since his testimony is neither accepted by the
    Muslim courts of justice nor even, for the same minor crime, is the punishment
    the same … No social relationship, no fellowship is possible between Muslims
    and dhimmis.[3]

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