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North Korea: The Most Bizarre Country On Earth Is Now Even More Unstable

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A new era has arrived for North Korea and nobody in the western world really knows exactly what is going to happen next.  Kim Jong-Il is dead, and now control over the most bizarre country on earth has been handed over to 29-year-old Kim Jong-Un.  Many believe that he is even younger than that.  North Korea was already quite unstable while Kim Jong-Il was leading it, and now we have a young man that is going to be eager to “prove himself” to the North Korean hierarchy.  Unfortunately, a lot of young men under the age of 30 don’t handle fame and fortune too well, and a lot of them tend to be hot-headed.  Hopefully Kim Jong-Un will turn out to be a reformer that will open up the doors of North Korea, but he could also end up being worse than his father.  We just do not know at this point.  We know that Kim Jong-Un was educated in Switzerland as a boy, we know that he speaks French, English and German, and we know that he is reportedly a fan of the NBA.  Other than that, we just don’t know a whole lot about him.  What we do know is that Kim Jong-Un is a product of a totalitarian society that is absolutely obsessed with destroying the United States, and that is a very frightening thing.

Today, North Korea has the fourth largest army in the entire world, and we know that Kim Jong-Un was named a four-star general in 2010.  The United States has about 28,000 soldiers stationed in South Korea, but that number is absolutely dwarfed by the 1,000,000 soldiers in the North Korean army.

Most Americans do not realize this, but the Korean war never actually ended.  A ceasefire brought the military conflict to a conclusion in 1953, but there was never a peace treaty.  For nearly 60 years, the two sides have been staring each other down along the 38th parallel.

All during that time, North Korea has been arming itself to the teeth.  North Korea is a nation that is absolutely obsessed with the military and that is absolutely obsessed with destroying the United States.

Most Americans don’t spend much time thinking about North Korea, but most North Koreans are focused on the United States every single day.  We are constantly held up as the great enemy, and North Koreans are taught that one day they will defeat us.

Today, North Korea has thousands of missile batteries and the largest artillery force in the world.  If war with North Korea erupts, Seoul would be flattened within minutes.

Right now, there are approximately 24.5 million people living either in or around Seoul, and that makes it the second largest metropolitan area in the entire world.  Even if North Korea did not nuke Seoul, the devastation caused by thousands of rockets and the largest artillery force on the planet would be unimaginable.

North Korea also has a navy with more than 700 vessels, the largest submarine fleet on the entire globe and a fleet of about 1,650 aircraft.

But most importantly, North Korea has nukes.

Everyone agrees that North Korea has conducted nuclear tests and that they have an arsenal of nuclear weapons, but nobody really knows how big that arsenal is.

It is believed that the latest long-range missiles that North Korea has developed have the ability to reach the west coast of the United States, which is a very frightening thought.

But North Korea is never satisfied with where they are at.  They are always developing new weapons.

For example, there have been reports that North Korea has tested a “super EMP weapon” which would be capable of taking out most of the U.S. power grid in a single shot.

North Korea is no joke.  North Korea has the ability to take out Seoul or Tokyo at any time.  A military conflict with North Korea could plunge the world into a devastating economic collapse in just a matter of days.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to disarm.  Thanks to recent treaties that the Obama administration has signed with Russia, the size of our strategic nuclear arsenal has been reduced by over 90 percent.

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then again not much that the Obama administration does makes sense.

North Korea is a very powerful enemy and they should not be underestimated.  Unfortunately, most of our politicians seem to be clueless when it comes to foreign policy these days.

And North Korea is constantly testing us.

There were reports that North Korea test-fired two short-range missiles off its east coast on Monday.

Was this Kim Jong-Un flexing his muscles?

Was it a tribute to Kim Jong-Il?

Was it just a test-firing that was regularly scheduled?

With North Korea you just never know.

At this point, the South Korean military has been put on a state of high alert.  South Korea is hoping that the transition of power in North Korea will go smoothly, and they are certainly watching things very closely.

The North Korean media is most definitely backing Kim Jong-Un, but that doesn’t mean that Kim Jong-Un is out of the woods yet.

Mike Chinoy, a senior fellow at the U.S. China Institute, says that there may be significant challenges to the authority of Kim Jong-Un in the months ahead….

“How does somebody who’s not yet 30 win the loyalty and respect and command authority over the entrenched party apparatus, the entrenched military bureaucracy, and the senior party officials who may have been in their positions for a long time?”

That is a very good question.  Could someone in the North Korean military rise up to challenge Kim Jong-Un?  It seems unlikely, but you never know.

Meanwhile, most of the focus in North Korea is still on the death of the “dear leader”.  The passing of Kim Jong-Il has once again demonstrated why North Korea is widely considered to be the most bizarre country on earth.

The following comes from an article in the Telegraph….

State television, which delivered the shock news in a tearful announcement, aired footage from Pyongyang of hysterical North Koreans, young and old, pounding the ground in a display of abject grief.

People on the streets of the North Korean capital wailed, some kneeling on the ground or bowing repeatedly as they learned the news that their ‘Dear Leader’ had died of heart failure while carrying out official duties on a train trip.

“How could the heavens be so cruel? Please come back, general. We cannot believe you’re gone,” Hong Son Ok cried in an interview with the country’s official broadcaster, her body shaking.

Video footage of North Koreans mourning the “dear leader” is posted below….

Of course it must be remembered that if you do not mourn the “dear leader” properly, you and your entire family could get shipped off to a prison camp.


In North Korea, if authorities even suspect that you are not thinking the right thing, you and your entire extended family could be sent to a gulag for the rest of your life.

It is that kind of fear and repression that enabled Kim Jong-Il to maintain such tight-fisted control.

Without a doubt, Kim Jong-Il was truly bizarre.  Kim John-Il enjoyed endless luxuries while his people deeply suffered.  It has been reported that he had a collection of more than 20,000 movies, and it is said that he composed six operas.  It is also claimed that he shot 38 under par (including 11 holes-in-one) the first time he ever played golf.

But all of this leader worship started with his father, Kim Il-Sung.  It is said that hanging up pictures of Kim Il-Sung is compulsory for every household in North Korea, and many Koreans apparently believe that Kim Il-Sung actually created the world.

So yes, North Korea is very, very weird.

And North Korea is also very, very evil.

In a previous article, I discussed how Christians are treated in North Korea.  Sadly, Christians in North Korea are murdered in some of the most brutal ways imaginable.  The following is just one example….

“While Interviewee 17 was in the North Korean Army, his unit was dispatched to widen the highway between Pyongyang and the nearby port city of Nampo. They were demolishing a vacated house in Yongkang county, Yongkang district town, when in a basement between two bricks they found a Bible and a small notebook that contained 25 names, one identified as pastor, two as chon-do-sa (assistant pastors), two as elders, and 20 other names, apparently parishioners, identified by their occupations. The soldiers turned the Bible and notebook over to the local branch of Department 15 of the Korean Workers Party (KWP), but the Party officials said it was up to the military police unit, Bowisaryungbu gigwanwon, to investigate. Tracked down at their place of work through the listing of occupation in the notebook, the 25 persons were picked up without formal arrest by the military bowibu. The interviewee was not aware of any judicial procedures for those seized. In November 1996, the 25 were brought to the road construction site. Four concentric rectangular rows of spectators were assembled to watch the execution. Interviewee 17 was in the first row. The five leaders to be executed – the pastor, two assistant pastors, and two elders – were bound hand and foot and made to lie down in front of a steamroller. This steamroller was a large construction vehicle imported from Japan with a heavy, huge, and wide steel roller mounted on the front to crush and level the roadway prior to pouring concrete. The other twenty persons were held just to the side. The condemned were accused of being Kiddokyo (Protestant Christian) spies and conspiring to engage in subversive activities. Nevertheless, they were told, “If you abandon religion and serve only Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, you will not be killed.” None of the five said a word. Some of the fellow parishioners assembled to watch the execution cried, screamed out, or fainted when the skulls made a popping sound as they were crushed beneath the steamroller. Interviewee 17 thought, at the time, that these church people were crazy. He thought then that religion was an “opiate,” and it was stupid for them to give up their lives for religion. He heard from the soldiers who took away the other twenty prisoners that they were being sent to a prison camp.”

Could you imagine watching your loved ones die like that?

Famine has also been a huge ongoing problem in North Korea.

There have actually been reports of cannibalism in North Korea during times of extreme famine.  A number of years ago, the Washington Post shared what one 29-year-old female defector told them about the cannibalism that she witnessed….

“When one is very hungry, one can go crazy. One woman in my town killed her 7-month-old baby, and ate the baby with another woman.”

The amazing thing is that the 29-year-old female defector did not even consider the cannibalism to be wrong….

“I can’t condemn cannibalism. Not that I wanted to eat human meat, but we were so hungry. It was common that people went to a fresh grave and dug up a body to eat meat. I witnessed a woman being questioned for cannibalism. She said it tasted good.”

So is there anyone out there that still wants to move to North Korea?

National Geographic once did an amazing documentary on what life is like inside North Korea, and if you have not seen it yet, you can view it on YouTube right here.  It is absolutely incredible that there are people on earth that are living like that.

Hopefully the rest of us can learn a lesson from them.  A totalitarian police state may make you feel a little bit “safer”, but no rational person should ever want to live in one.

The funny thing is that the North Korean people supposedly have rights.  If you can believe it, the North Korean constitution actually guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The American people need to understand that just because the U.S. Constitution says that we have rights does not mean that we will always have them.  In fact, today our First Amendment rights are being brutally assaulted.

As I wrote about recently, the United States is becoming a little more like North Korea every single day.  If we do not stand up for our rights, eventually they will all be gone.

It has been said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  Throughout history, most societies have not enjoyed the same freedoms that we enjoy today.  There always seems to be a tendency for governments to become repressive and to go down the road that North Korea has gone.

Please do not let that happen to America.

  • Jim


    Good article. Thank you for the reminder to stay vigilant in defending freedom. It’s worth the effort! That’s why I pray our next president and Congress will support overturning the lasted National Defense Authorization Act.



      I seriously hope that you are immortal. Because if you think and are waiting for any member of the war party (dems / reps) to overturn the recently passed NDAA and “defend freedom”, then trust me when I tell you, you will need the never ending life span……….

      By the way, you are dead wrong. the article was crap. Unless North Korea launces a full scale attack against the asylum states of amerika, then what happens there internally is none of amerika’s business………..

      • indonesian

        Yup, the thing about North Korean wishes to destroy Americans is a big lie. They hate the US government (puppet regime in Washington DC) because they killed many people, civillians, during the Korean war. South Korean government was in many ways authocratic untill just recently when there was mass student revolt in the 80’s. Yes, North Korean regime is no just-loving government. Thus the regime in Washington and Pyongyang aren’t that different.

    • Winston Smith

      yeah,um, keeping hoping on that…God as turned us over to judgment….recall, good as Paul is in many respects, he is too libertarian to reverse things……that said, if he is in shot of nomination, they will not let him live long at all….

      • Daniel

        Try learning to communicate in a language the goy can understand will you?

  • Otown Right Guy

    North Korea must be Gary2 and Bill Maher’s idea of paradise. They redistribute the wealth and massacre Christians.

    • Winston Smith

      How did Maher get into this? True, not great guy at all, but he loves the “freedom” of his pulpit and the big $$ that come with it, hence, N. Korea not for him, as a bigger dog would finish him off, quick….

      • Otown Right Guy

        Maher, like a lot of non-religious leftist Jews, has a deep hatred of Christians. I don’t know that he would kill Christians, but he probably would like to send them to re-education camps.

  • Rancher

    Heck, just read the first bit and thought//// bent on destroying America. Heck he could join the Senate and work with Reid. What a health care plan and retirement he would get on top of it…

  • Lee Corea

    The U.S. armed forces have killed about 3 million Korean after 2nd World War. The American are the biggest killer to Korean though Korean history. May be 2million by the U.S. forces another 1 million by the Korean traitors who obeyed the Japanese colonial master before 2nd World War. The U.S. gave the traitors order and guns to massacre same Korean. Also some Korean Christian co-operated the massacre with U.S.

    Careless U.S. Interventionism brought big pain not only the Korean but also the American. Already there is not a Communist in Korean peninsula. I think it’s time for U.S. people to give a chance to Dr. Ron Paul.

    • Crystal401

      U.S. killed 3 million Koreans?
      Where you get this statistics?
      On a glance, seems to be on the high side, but let’s assume they are correct.

      Majority were N.K. military forces K.I.A. who invaded South Korea, and not civilians. Casualties happen in war – its an unfortunate fact.

      “Careless U.S. Interventionism brought big pain not only the Korean but also the American?”
      You gotta be kidding me.
      This “careless” intervention enabled South Korea to keep its freedom and to be the country that it is now. Otherwise, South Korea would have looked like the North described in the blog post.
      No Samsung gadget toys for the world-

      Lee Corea: If the U.S. would not have backed up the South, your life would also have looked quite sad and pathetic as the folks in the video clip (unless you were born as the top 10% elite in the North)

      I support Ron Paul fully, but for very different reasons.

      Thank you to all the U.S. Korean war veterans. Your sacrifice is highly appreciated.

      • Winston Smith

        Korean conflcit, was part of the Globalist, One World Order of UN and USA soldiers fought, died,etc WITHOUT CONGRESS DECLARING WAR, as is their responsibility…..that type of flag wavin’ jingoism is part of the problem, but, thanks for again reminding us of the ignorance of the law and just praising militarism….just like “dear leader”, wave the flag, thank the troops…or soon, or else…..

      • Paul

        Estimates put the loss of North Korean population at 30 percent due to American bombing with tactics influenced by the civilian massacres in Germany and Japan. Even Robert McNamara himself identified that Curtis LeMay could have been tried as a war criminal. Big difference between winning a war and massacring thousands of civilians just because you want to send a message.

  • How do you show loyalty and command respect? It Is quite simple all you have to do is prove it.
    The new leader of North Korea is going to be questioned and he will have no choice but to show the skeptical ones that he has what it takes to lead there country , and it may take something horrible enough to make the jaws of the skeptical ones to drop only time will tell.
    Either way the people of North Korea and the world will be faced with the fact that the new boss is the same as the old boss and will possibly have to deal with it for a long,long time.

  • Cinderella Man

    Youre starting to act like Kim Jong Mentally IL yourself Michael. You rail against human rights violations and yet you openly practice censorship on your site all the time. I guess encouraging people to vote for Ron Paul is against Michael’s Law. You hypocrite!

    • Michael

      What are you talking about?

      I have never censored any post encouraging people to vote for Ron Paul.

      Some comments may have been lost lately because of some technical difficulties. A couple of days the site has been hit with a giant amount of traffic, and that caused a few bugs.

      But I would never censor Ron Paul comments.




        Here is an idea I am sure you will like:

        We can impose western style democracy and stability in North Korea by instituting “Regime Change”………..

        • Winston Smith

          great idea, you going to put on the uniform and lead the way? That should de-stabilize things nicely, attacking a huge, vicious dog and playing into the prop the N. koreans have been getting for yrs about us….

          • REED RICHARDS

            Winston Smith,

            Can’t you spot sarcasm when you see it? You are not familiar with my posts and positions. I am far from being for regime change anywhere, except in the Asylum States of Amerika of course. Power needs to be taken away from the war party (dems / reps)……….

      • Reality

        Cinderella man is a troll…ignore it.

      • Gary2

        I have never censored any post encouraging people to vote for Ron Paul.

        Then maybe you should start-he is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

        Ha Ha just kidding! well maybe not…





        You are talking about a man who still thinks Russia is a “threat” to the asylum states of amerika and now thinks that major instability now wreaks havoc in North Korea simply because Kim Jung Il has died. With irrational, illogical thinking like that there is no way on earth he can be a Ron Paul supporter……….

    • Otown Right Guy

      Censorship? Here? I have read plenty of pro and anti-RP comments here. In fact I have read plenty of pro and anti-Michael comments here too. If Michael is trying to censor comments he is not doing a very good job of it!

      • Michael


        Yes, I try to let everyone have their say as much as I can.

        I do have to watch for outright spam, cussing and violent talk though.


  • Charlie

    Good article, but could have been better if the documentation regarding Christians came from somewhere other than Christian publications which tend to be factually-challenged.

  • Gary2

    Kim Jong Un is:


    Hey sounds like the republicans!

    • Boris and Natasha

      Kim Jong Un is new “Fearless Leader”.

      • mondobeyondo

        Fearless, Brave, and Divine Leader too. Yeeesss.
        He shall lead the valiant N. Korean comrades against the Yankee capitalist pigs.

        Oh… how DARE you call Derek Jeter a capitalist pig?! Okay, George Steinbrenner was money hungry, but – REALLY?!!

    • knightowl77

      I would’ve said he sounds as looney as Harry Reid and Queen Nancy and as factually challenged as Eric Holder when talking about how he let 2000 guns walk across the US/Mexican border..

      • Winston Smith

        YUP, ALL DEMOCRATS-any criticisms for GOP, Mr. Limbaugh-esque?

    • Tom

      No, Gary, he sounds like Obama! Communist brothers in arms!

  • Rancher

    OK..Next thought was and has been since I was a kid…Why do we have any troops in that loser country anyway? We have been deployed there since we lost over 60 years ago. Lose is when you do not win. Look it up in Websters.

    Since then we have spent so many millions there we could have bought and paid for 50,000 troop from any country to replace ours several times over.

    Add to that the South Koreans refuse to train 50,000 lousy troops to replace our 28,000 good troops stationed there now for…60 years or more. Yes 60 long cold, hot and expensive years..Why? Why have they not maned up and sent us home and added the troops to replace us. One word… Cowards. They would rather make stuff to sell us and take away our jobs than protect themselves.

    Sorry folks it is the Roman legions once again stationed around the world for so long we no longer have anyone still alive that can remember why we even did it in the first place.

    Now some running for our future Prez. say we should have left another 30,000 troops in Iraq. Next 30,000 in Afgan. Next 30,000 in Iran? Next?

    Ever wonder like we do, why… our fearless military and political leaders always seem to pick a fight with someone they can easily waste. Like Iraq and Afgan. That is until we over stay and lose again.

    Now I love my country and yet believe our military has a constitutional right to only protect us here at home. Not Others…. I could care less what life is in North Korea. I bet they don’t give much thought or suffer from loss of sleep over us here in north Idaho either. Am I right or what? How about where you live?

    • knightowl77

      Ron Paul, says that we have over 900 bases worldwide in more than 130 countries…He wants to close all of the overseas bases….Me, I wouldn’t go that far, but I’d close 2/3 of em tomorrow….The only way that Europe has managed to pay for many of Gary’s socialist programs is by us paying for their defense…That does need to stop…

      • mondobeyondo

        And if that is true… that there are over 900 military bases in more than 130 countries…(not doubting that it isn’t)…..

        Is the world really that dangerous in 2011, that we need so many soldiers, equipment, planes, tanks, guns, missiles, etc. etc?

    • John S

      Seems we have thousands of FDR’s troups in Germany, thousands more of Truman’s troops in Japan and South Korea, Clinton’s troops are still in Bosnia, and the Obummer has us embroiled in a total of eight wars. Damn Democrats.

      • Winston Smith

        um, and your Republicans did??? what again??? (Afghanistan and Iraq were Bushes and oddly, no troops withdrawn from anywhere else,etither under the Dear Leader Bush II and Bush I)

    • mondobeyondo

      1) To protect South Korea from an attack from the North.

      2) To keep Eastern Asia safe from terrorists.

      3) Because we are a Superpower(tm), and we can do what we wish.

      Take your pick…

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s very true that the Korean War never formally ended. No unconditional surrender was ever signed. And so, North and South Korea are still technically at war. That explains why the South Koreans are on high military alert at this moment.

    Whether the scenes of the North Korean people grieving over their Revered Divine God-Leader are genuine… well, it’s a tightly controlled Communist society. Maybe those scenes are staged. But it would not surprise me if they were genuine. North Korea is the only world they know.

    All I can say is… wow. The only time we Americans were seen to cry and sob that much was when Elvis Presley passed. Michael Jackson’s death was a close second. John Lennon’s death is third in my opinion.

    • JustanOguy

      It’s also officially known that the Korean War was never actually a war authorized by Congress which is the main reason it was never “formally ended”.

      • mondobeyondo

        That’s true as well. President Truman never went before a joint session of Congress and say, “July of 1950! A month that will live in infamy! I hereby ask the Congress to declare war against North Korea!”

        And besides, only Congress has the authorization to declare war. At least, it used to be that way.

    • knightowl77

      Its been awhile, but America grieved like that when JFK was murdered…

    • Winston Smith

      why does a war only end with “unconditional surrender” ??? crush um good, eh….how about ending the war and working out details as civil and honorable as possible……naw, for the comfy couch cheerleaders, that would not be fun..

    • Ethan M.

      Every nation has its false idols.

  • I think that fun and games are out to start, apparently this new North Korean leader was fans of James Bond and Jean Van Damme Cluade movies whist in the west, now is in a place of power with a mighty big arsonal and able to carry out his fantasies,


  • Joe

    I was alarmed today to see Leon Panetta beating the war drums for Iran on the news. More chances for more debt and more freedoms suspended for the sake of “defending the homeland”.

    Gingrich is already talking about unprecedented expansion of executive branch powers as if it would be a great thing for Christians. He has said he would rule by executive order ignoring the judicial and representative branches of government and the people love him for it.

    I talked to a “conservative” co-worker today who is convinced that we need a leader who “has the balls” to assassinate more world leaders who oppose us.

    We are well on our way to dictatorship. The people want a strong tyrant. Will we be nationalist socialist or communist socialist?

    • Winston Smith

      your co-worker, he likely thinks that if USA does it, then its fine, others do not have that “right”…rule of the powerful, regardless of morals..

  • “Meanwhile, the United States continues to disarm…”

    Considering the US has more weapons than the rest of the world combined, that is a bad thing???

    On the other hand, you warn that the US is getting like North Korea…

    So, which is it? More arms (or, at least, the same amount of arms) means more police state tactics, but less arms means being at the mercy of North Korea?

    Mike you usually make sense, but not this time!

    • Winston Smith

      last I heard, we still have a few thousand nukes, which would eradicate most of planet, if not all (remember, areas not hit directly, would still cause fall out and debris, after math that would kill)

  • 007

    Don’t worry, good old death from above Obama will just dispatch a drone and violate their air space to take him out. The only thing certain about this situation is that Obama will react incorrectly to make this more of a crisis.

  • 007

    Gary2 does this communist utopia beacon you to come home?

  • The I Am

    The only hope for that paranoid country is that the leader gets saved, repents, and stands the army down. Read The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun. It’s possible. Pray for the boy-king. That’s where the real change happens.

    • justamom

      THE HEAVENLY MAN is one of the best books I have ever read. Life changing.
      I pray that the passing of the “dear leader” will be an opening for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in NK. We have been praying for this opening for many years.

      • Michael

        Yes, keep praying for the gospel to get to every single North Korean.


  • Zaphod

    Michael, I usually appreciate your posts, but here you go overboard. The technical level of the North Korean military forces (especially their air force) is abysmal, and the truthfulness of their nuke testing has been questioned. Sure, the regime is made up of a bunch of sick weirdos, but they are very far from posing any real military threat to the US.

    • Michael


      It is okay if people do not agree with me 100% of the time. 🙂

      I am of the opinion that the Korean peninsula is going to be a huge flashpoint in the coming years.

      Time will tell who is right. 🙂


      • indonesian

        I hope that you are wrong, but my knowledge has forced me to agree with you.
        We don’t know who is really in charge in north korea now. To add things worse, we also know that the isolationist and authocratic style of government simply won’t last. Thus, Pyongyang could only choose between a silent retreat or go out with a bang when their time is due.
        Again, I hope they choose silent retreat, but I know this will be of small probability.

  • This article is quite an overreaction to this leader’s death. A real monster-in-the-closet scenario! Some good points, but too sensationalist…

  • KIM

    North Korea is the coldest season now.
    It cannot cause the war in environment for -22 degrees.
    Nothing will happen.

  • Martin

    North Korea is not a threat to US.
    They could do substantial damage to Seoul within an hour of starting an all out war or so but within a next hour they would end up to be a pile of glass.
    But yes, the world would not be the same.

    We would have to either accept for large parts of northern South Korea to be entirely obliterated or as an alternative we would have to proceed with use of numerous atomic weapons to turn them into glass ASAP.

    Of course nuclear arms race would follow.

  • “Dear Leader”

    Recently, I was shocked to leave the land I created and descended into the depth of an interesting place. It was rather hot and desolate and there was this nice fellow in a red suit (would have been better brown, but…) with a rather swish tail. I think he said his name was the Devil. He introduced me to these “leaders” by the names of Yeltsin and Nixon who have been here for a while. Obviously people outside of my glorious creation! He said as a special surprise he was going to let us all call home, to offer advise to the heads of the governments on the Earth.

    This fellow Yeltsin called for an hour on his red phone. The firey fellow charged him 1 million roubles. Wow!! Well, Nixon talked to Obama for four hours (obviously the Americans need a lot of help) and charged him 4 million dollars. I spoke to my son “Fearless Leader” and told him not to worry about anything. In the end I must have talked for the whole day! This lovely fellow said it was only a “quarter”

    Yeltsin and Nixon were all steamed up, cursing and swearing and wanted to know why I got the special privileges. The devil said it was simple. Mine was a local call, because I, “Dear Leader’ had made my home a hell on earth..

    But he did say that with the great leadership shown by Obama and his fiscal advisors, Nixon could soon be looking forward to being charged at local calls rates too!

  • Patriot Alice

    How is it that, everytime something happens anywhere in the world, our national security is at stake? We must be the most insecure country on earth. Is it guilt?

    • Winston Smith

      why, because we call the shots and run the world of course, for its own good dontacha know….

      Wilsons jihad for Democracy….

  • wilson

    As reported by NY Times, failure to detect Kim Jong Il’s death an intelligence failure:

    For more insight into North Korea read:
    Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Demick, Barbara

    • Gary2

      that was a wonderful book. I read it several months ago.n

  • Rancher

    They cried when the stock market crashed and their wealth went bye bye as well. Soon many of us will be crying because their free handouts will dry up and they will need to fend for themselves.

    I tend to think one or two ballistic subs off north Korea is all we need there if anything. We need to pull out all ground troops and station the subs. Or why do we have them anyway? Then they need to be 100% paid for by south Korea for them to be there as well. I mean pay for every dime it takes to run them for the mission and a huge deposit on the missiles they might need us to deploy to save them. Pay as you go baby or build them yourself instead of Kia’s.

    It is high time our military was run more like a business than a charity handing out free protection paid for with our blood and treasure.

    America First…for American’s.

    • Gary2

      Rancher-you just may be on to something. I agree they [South Korea] should be paying for their military protection. That was a great one liner build them yourself instead of Kia’s. I knew we would find some common ground, after all we are both Americans.

    • Winston Smith

      um, do ya feel more manly, now?
      what right does USA have to park nuke subs off anywhere?

      your last comment, do you propose shutting off the nation to the rest of the world? indefinately?

  • Here in NC

    Great article Michael- one of your best! What a wake up call. America is not perfect by any means, but I thank the good Lord everyday for my country. Have a fabulous Christmas and safe New Years!

    • Michael

      Here in NC:

      Thank you for the kind words. I hope that this upcoming year will be incredibly blessed for everyone that comes to this site.


    • Winston Smith

      Same old tripe, the “at least there are still nations worse then us”….sitting in ****** or sitting in ******* with rain, which one d oyou want? or, not sitting in rain, nor ******** at all?

      Do you understand how God works and punishes? Yes, lets thank him for abortion, rampant sodomy, the poverty rise Michael notes at this site, MTV, consumerism,etc.etc….I am sure God will like it-NOT!

      This thinking from Here in NC is typical of NC’s and others around them…..and part of the problem……they live in a fantasy world that when the USA is just as bad as N. Korea, they will be thankful when someone else in teh planet is worse and be, then, happy with that….its called apathy, lack of biblical sense and in general, sucky…

  • Nick Nailer

    Don’t tell that to Gary. He sleeps good at night knowing there are countries in the world that redistribute wealth to a fat little sadomasochistic Keebler elves.

    N Korea is just fine. Their puppet may have died, but the degenerate old oligarchs in the Army still run the place the way they always have.

    In fact, now that they have the bomb, they are more stable than ever.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    “absolutely obsessed with destroying the United State” Really, or
    America obsessed with destroying Korea.

  • liberranter

    The alarmist tone of this article is completely unnecessary, as North Korea poses NO THREAT WHATSOEVER to Amerika.

    Yes, North Korea has an estimated million people under arms, but two questions need to be answered:

    1) What kind of arms are these creatures equipped with (answer: obsolete and probably undersupplied),


    2) How effective is an “army” of one million starving, under-equipped, ill-trained people when up against a well-trained, well fed (important adjective, this), well-equipped force possessing modern weaponry, a vibrant economy, and backed by the “world’s only remaining superpower” (for whatever that means)?

    As for North Korea’s nuclear “threat,” if you can call it such, there is no credible evidence whatsoever that the country has any nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States (which is the only way any such weapons pose a real threat to this country), nor that it can sustain a war once a nuclear power such as the United States retaliates against even a perceived “first use” of such weapons.

    In short, North Korea is about as much of a threat to the United States as is Cuba. However volatile, egocentric, and juvenile the latest defecation of the Kim dynasty might be once in the seat of power, he’s ultimately more of threat to his own countrymen –and himself– than to this country.

  • If North Korea is the most BIZARRE country on Earth, then the United States of Death, Disease and Destruction is the most DISGUSTING nation in the world (responsible for GMOs, mycoplasma and AIDs, aspartame, depleted uranium, derivatives, chemtrails, cigarettes, etc., etc., etc.).

  • Somon

    This article is a genuine piece of crap. Learn the history of the DPRK in order to avoid the ridicule and please, do not appeal to bull****** that sanctifies Christian or American values.



      I agree totally………

    • mondobeyondo

      On the contrary. The United States of America is a beacon of peace, freedom, justice, and democracy for the entire world.

      (hey, propaganda is a two way street, right?)

  • DownWithLibs


    Rush is right now doing a run down of your “50 Economic Numbers…”. Thought you would be interested to know.

    • Michael

      Yes, thanks for letting me know.

      Hopefully he said good things.


      • Gary2

        Michael-If Rush is quoting you it should show you that you have a right wing bias.

    • Gary2

      I told you that many of the posters are brain dead rush pillhead bibmo who simply parrot Rush/fox nues and do not have the ability to do critical thinking.

    • Winston Smith

      not interested in naything the GOP mouth piece joker has to say, at all…..his solution, to spoil your 3 hrs of mind rot-wave a flag, cheer a troop and vote Republican……and brag of his wealth…..

  • Gary2

    when I see the NK people weeping about his death it reminds me of the middle to lower income people who vote republican. They are both so hopelessly brainwashed they are beyond help. I see no difference between the two.

    • Forrestcat

      Hi there..yes as an asian i am amused…I work with one of your companies specializing in semiconductor materials…someof our senior engineers were sentnto St.Louis for training as our mostly Maerixan shareholders decided to close three plants in SouthWest Texas,St.Peters and Spartanburg ,the capacity of these three plants re being absorbed by two plantsnin South East Asia where the operators earnd 50 cents per hpur and the engineers pay are less than the pay of a McDonalds worker salary in the US.

      whileon training our senior engineers were abused verbally and given the cold shoulder….we are perplexed because it was not US Asians who wanted to take away your jobs…..go and ********* give the finger to your shareholders who by the way 100% pure bred Americans………..

    • Winston Smith

      more liekly, Christian voters that go en masse to continue voting Republican and “holding their noses” and “lesser evils”,etc….had one devote Evangelcial telling me he was fine with torture and “hated to have to vote for McCain”, rubbing his head as if someone had a gun to his kids….

  • Jay

    Funny, I don’t see anyone talking about the legacy of “it doesn’t matter how much debt a country carries” that the Reagan administration started. That has been the thinking that established current policy to allow for the current debt level. And, it will take decades to change the effects of 30 years of that fiscal fantasy. Learn your fiscal history or you will be taken in again by yet another financial lie.

    • Winston Smith

      Reagan is the Dear Leader and THE standard to Republicans…..

  • Matty

    Wars and rumors of wars. We are in the last days. The rapture is immanent. It can occur at any moment. There is not any prophecy left to occur before the rapture. Get ready people.

    • Winston Smith

      There is NO RAPTURE, only Christ returning on the Last Day….Rapture, never part of the frist 1700+ yrs of Christianity….a kooky teaching toward end of 1700’s and promoted on almost every “liberal news” network show (History Channel,etc).as if a fact… “secret coming”, only the first and the Last Day, period, no rapture…..tribulation, yes, but except for the dead and those to die, we are not getting out of it by dropping our clothes neatly folded and flying through the crowds, ***************************

  • Newton

    You gotta be kiddin’ me right ?

    I wake up every morning with a hundred different things running thru my mind that
    quickly gets multiplied to a thousand by noon.

    And you want me to add friggin’ North Korea to
    the list

    Negatory there good buddy !

  • Ken

    A bankrupt failed country with nuclear weapons is dangerous. North Korea, you say? I was talking about the United States!

  • The Dreadful Legacy of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il in One Satellite Picture and One Chart

  • Ted

    Hogwash! What about all those Muslims and Islamic countries all have no aim but to destroy America and the Christians? In fact, to destroy ALAL non-Muslims!?

    The most bizarre country in the world is far from North Korea! Those Islamic Countries are not bizarre enough for you?!!

  • Forrestcat

    I think its simplistic to say the north koreans are evil ..purely chrisian fantasy like iran trying to nuke US 6000km away…by right the vietnamese would be bombing churches in the US over the ******* ups the US caused there..

    The lesson here..stop ************* around other people’s sovereignity….the north koreans despise you giys because 50 years ago you rolled into their territory and remain a threat to them…remember it takes two hands to clap…the presence of the Amerixan military is to blame for fuelling the american phobia…you might as well blame the South Koreans for using your soldiers as hostage and dragging your cuntry onto this debacle…

    You are waging war againts islam militarily….and parading your navy at Chinas doorsteps and North Korea…..and you ask yourselves why the ****** people want to bomb the US….because they are EVIL?

    • john


  • Casey

    Capitalism with blood sucking CEOs need to be destroyed be it in America or Timbuktu

  • Winston Smith

    “The United States has about 28,000 soldiers stationed in South Korea, but that number is absolutely dwarfed by the 1,000,000 soldiers in the North Korean army.”

    Perhaps then, South Korea should defend itself, perhaps with other nearby asian allies…we cannot police the world, nor get-again-dragged into a korean conflict…..would be hard to make arms as it is, seeing how ourp lants are “over there” anyway…..

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    North Korea army are in North Korea. OK?

  • Piglet

    “The United States has about 28,000 soldiers stationed in South Korea, but that number is absolutely dwarfed by the 1,000,000 soldiers in the North Korean army.”

    New Flash: Republic of Korea has a very large and capable military, and if the North attacked, with its outdated weapons and lack of fuel, the ROKs would smash it.

    As for the US forces based in Korea, they are only a token force intended to maintain US political and economic influence on the Asian mainland. The US based military forces in China from the 1850s until WW II broke out in what was the largest overseas basing of US forces until post-WW II Europe. (You can look it up.) This was for the purpose of economic exploitation of China, something the Chinese have not forgotten. China is no longer available for US military bases, but Korea is, and it fulfills the same roll today. If North Korea disappeared tomorrow, US forces would remain in Korea, just as they have remained in Europe for two decades after the end of the Cold War – a convenient excuse and cover for the US to do what it wanted to do anyway.

  • john

    Maybe its just me, but am i the only one wondering WHAT THE ******** WAS GOING THROUGH THOSE CHRISTIANS MINDS WHEN THEY WENT TO NORTH KOREA?!?!?! When you go to a foreign country, your first need to think “hmmmmmmm, now if i go here, are there going to be alot of people that really hate me. could i possibly piss off a ********* of people? are their government and police absolutely loony?” sorry, their deaths are tragic, but seriously, you really need to think before you venture into any foreign country, especially if you’re going there as a religious group. there are so many people that hate christians. sorry sorry, all of this just seems like common logic to me though.

  • Roderick

    This is where Gary2’s great leaders are from–the land of despotism and poverty and government theft and control.

  • We have an empire, that’s why we are in Korea, that’s why we are in Japan, Germany and 100 other countries.
    We have/will pull the troops from Iraq but leave 20,000 people (contractors) to hold down the fort. The embassy is the size of a small city, we won’t be leaving Iraq any time soon (voluntarily).
    We have an empire.
    Shout to Washington to get the hell out and you are an “isolatioist”, ya just can’t win.
    All empires collapse in due course. It won’t be too soon for me.

  • Korean Vet

    I generally agree with the articles posted on the economic collapse blog, but as a Korean Veteran (but then again, every Korean male is, since service is mandatory), and a person that has worked in a semi-professional capacity with the ROK military for several years, I must point out several erronous assumptions made in this one.

    First things first, the South Korean military is more than capable of defeating its Northern counterpart in an all out war.

    The writer points out that The North Korean military is a million strong (which is a bit exagerrated), and the US Forces maintains about 28,000 troops in the peninsula. What he fails to point out is that the South Korean military has more than 600,000 active troops of its own, as well, and several times that number in reserves. Also, the combat capabilities of the average North Korean soldier is highly suspect, as much evidence shows that they are malnourished and mostly engage in agricultural or manufacturing activities throughout their 7 year mandatory service. (Although, the North Korean Special Forces unit, the largest in the world, is assumed to be highly trained.)

    Also, the vast majority of North Korean military arsenal are from the WW2 era, and virtually all experts agree that their naval and air force capacities are all bulk and no bang, and certainly would not stand up to their counterparts in the South. Case in point, in the West Sea Battle (not an accurate translation, I don’t know how the foreign media named the incident) from some years ago a North Korean vessel made a surprise attack on a South Korean ship, only to be chased away in flames, and presumably drowned.

    South Korea, on the other hand, has recently added new high-tech vessels (although not quite as impressive as the ones the Yanks keep around the peninsula) to its Naval fleet, and has developed and sold overseas its own line of fighter jet, the T-50 series (not to be confused with the recent Russian models, which are admittedly vastly superior). In fact, with the exception of intelligence services, many argue that such a large (yes, I said large) US presence in South Korea is unnecessary, some rather vehemently, through demonstrations and rallies.

    Think about it, North Korea is a country whose main income comes from agriculture, and thus has an economy only a fraction of the size of its counterpart in the South, which is a highly developed country. (In case you didn’t know, Samsung and LG are Korean companies, NOT Japanese) In fact, South Korea has the most developed internet network in the world. If you live in a large city (which is well over two thirds of the population), you can download files at an average of 10 MEGABYTES per SECOND, that’s right, per SECOND, from a domestic source. And they say that’s going to get several times faster in the near future.

    Second, and I cannot stress this strongly enough, North Korea will NOT attack South Korea or the US without some serious provocation. Despite what many think, Kim Jong Il was not crazy, and certainly not stupid. ALL of the Korean scholars studying North Korea agree that the only reason the country’s regime shows so much hostility is to maintain control in its own country. In fact, that’s why it does pretty much everything.

    North Korea has a highly unstable society that is only held together through an iron fist, and a common enemy. The regime demonizes the west and the south and makes its small provocations now and then to keep its own people in line, creating an atmosphere of perpetual tension and an illusion that everything it does is for the safety of its own people. A lot like the way the US is with the ‘war against terrorism’, only a lot more bold and brazen.

    In recent years, they have also found a way to exploit their nuclear arsenal (which, I may add, has never been officially proven, but seems pretty much obvious at this point) to achieve a more threatening stance in the international community. However, it is highly unlikely they will actually use this capability in a more . . . literal sense.

    The leaders of North Korea know that the minute they press the hypothetical button, several times more fill fly in the opposite direction. And as I said, these people are not crazy, nor are they religious fanatics. They weigh their options, and chose the ones that will best assure the continuation of their rule over the country. Total obliberation will not play well into these plans.

    The thing is, the US and its allies also know this, but simply play along for political reasons.

    Also, before I wrap up this rather long comment, may I add that citing North Korea as a reason to maintain the US’s nuclear stockpile seems ludicrous, as even 10% would be much, much, MUCH more than what North Korea would be able to muster up.

    • shattered2012

      You’re underestimating the power North Korea can project on the Korean Peninsula. They have horded stores and munitions factories buried deeply underground that can tolerate direct nuclear attack and continue to produce. They have a population that is as brainwashed as the Japanese were during WWII but without the Hari Kari culture.

  • John Bowman

    South Korea is much richer than the North, why couldn’t they just buy North Korea? Give each one of the Generals $10 million, and Little Kim $10 million a year plus a palace in Switzerland to play in. It would be cheaper in the long run than all their military spending.

  • Patriot B

    I live in the North East U.S. and little town after little town are literally being taken over by Koreans.

    These people outright Refuse to assimilate into American culture. They speak and write Korean, they put up store signs in Korean, etc.

    And once they establish a foothold in a town, they keep it. The place becomes populated with Koreans and looks like a third world country. Average everyday Americans are either forced to learn their language or, more likely, just have to get the F-out and move to another town.

    If you say anything against them, You are Discriminating against Them. YOU are the Bigot.
    You will never hear the end of this until you are silenced or taken away.

    They took my town about 20 years ago by paying the mayor’s council off by having a church erected. A Huge multi-levelled thing which nobody mentioned to the townspeople that it was a Korean Chuch. Then over the next few years the population went from 3% to 30% Korean.

    Yeah, I’M scared shitless over North Korea.

    They could probably invade America without a shot being fired.

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