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Now THAT Is Cold – 19 Signs That America Is Becoming A Very Heartless Place

The economy is not the only thing that is wrong with America.  In order for a society to function smoothly, people need to be able to trust one another and be able to expect that most of their fellow citizens will behave in a somewhat civilized manner.  Unfortunately, we are starting to see the very fabric of our society slowly unravel all over the nation.  The truth is that America is becoming a very heartless place.  People simply do not care about one another the way that they used to in this country.  Of course there are many exceptions, but the reality is that millions of hearts are going cold from coast to coast.  In America today, we are more self-absorbed than ever, more self-centered than ever, and we are more isolated from others than ever.  Just think about the number of people that you personally interact with on a regular basis.  Unless you are involved with a very large organization such as a school or a church, it is probably a very limited number.  Our addiction to entertainment gives us the illusion of being connected to society, but the truth is that Americans spend less time personally interacting with one another than ever before.  Meanwhile, Americans are seemingly becoming more arrogant, more prideful, more angry, more brutal, more greedy and more addicted to pleasure than ever before.  When you combine millions of very cold hearts with an economy that is rapidly crumbling, that adds up to a whole lot of trouble in the years ahead.

Even government authorities are becoming heartless.  TSA agents and police officers are actually trained to “act tough” and to bark orders at us.  In the old days, you could reason with a police officer, but these days if you try to talk common sense with some of these thugs you will get tasered before you even realize what is happening.

The American people can see the deep corruption in Washington D.C. and throughout most of our other major institutions and they wonder why they should keep trying to do “the right thing”.

If our leaders are selfish and heartless, then it is only natural that millions of average Americans will follow their examples.

In America today, we are taught to hate one another.  Democrats are taught to hate Republicans and Republicans are taught to hate Democrats.  We are a deeply divided nation and our hearts are getting colder with each passing year.

Parents are becoming more cruel, thieves are becoming more bold and thugs are becoming more brutal.  Hate, anger and frustration are fueling some really twisted behavior all over the country.  America is changing, and not for the better.

The following are 19 signs that America is becoming a very heartless place….

#1 At one airport in Hawaii, TSA agents recently required one new mother to go to a public restroom and fill up the empty baby bottles she was carrying with breast milk before they would allow her to get on to her flight.  The following is how one local news station described the incident….

She claims agents told her she couldn’t take the pump on the plane because the bottles in her carry-on were empty.

“I asked him if there was a private place I could pump and he said no, you can go in the women’s bathroom. I had to stand in front of the mirrors and the sinks and pump my breast in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom. I was embarrassed and humiliated and then angry that I was treated this way.

When the bottles were full, she was allowed back on the plane.

#2 One way that a society is judged is by how it treats children.  Unfortunately, stories such as the following one from Texas are becoming increasingly common in America today….

Texas authorities said Tuesday they removed 11 children from a crowded home where a registered sex offender lives after they found eight confined in a small, dark bedroom with restraints tying some to their beds.

Along with the children, 10 adults were living in the one-story, 1,700-square-foot home in Dayton, about 30 miles northeast of Houston, Child Protective Services spokeswoman Gwen Carter said. One month after a raid on the house, authorities are still trying to determine how the children are related and why they were there, she said.

#3 Across the United States, there have been an increasing number of reports of teens randomly attacking people on the street for no apparent reason whatsoever.  In some cases, the victims are actually being pulled out of their vehicles.  The following recent example comes from Philadelphia….

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.

#4 One man down in Arizona was recently charged with skinning and eating a cat.  He told authorities that he did it because he was “hungry”.

#5 In the Detroit area, an 86-year-old World War II veteran was recently brutally carjacked in the middle of the day at a gas station.  His leg was broken during the assault, and as he slowly crawled across the concrete parking lot many people walked by him and drove by him as if he was not even there.

#6 One 69-year-old woman down in Texas recently went without running water for six years and nobody ever helped her out until just recently.

#7 In Ohio, one man has been charged with raping three children that he adopted and with allowing other men to have sex with them as well.

#8 One man down in Texas was recently fined by the city government for not mowing the lawn of a house that he had already lost to foreclosure.

#9 These days thieves will steal anything that is metal that they think that they can resell.  In the Philadelphia area recently, there has been a rash of brass door knocker thefts.  Thieves have been going up and pulling them right off of the front doors of private homes.

#10 As the price of gasoline rises, gasoline thieves are becoming more creative.  The following is a recent example from the Tampa Bay area….

As gas thefts go, this one was deceptively elaborate.

Inside a blue Chevrolet Venture minivan, criminals had cut out a large hole in the floorboard and set up a portable pumping station, complete with power source, pump and plastic container.

The goal: to steal hundreds of gallons of gas pulled directly from the gas station’s underground storage tank and funneled into a plastic tank inside the van.

Gasoline thefts have become so common in Detroit that one city councilman wants to force gas station owners to hire security guards.

#11 One 29-year-old female tutor was recently arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy that she was supposed to be tutoring.

#12 The ACLU is trying to force one library district in Washington state to allow full public access to pornography on library computers – even if children will be walking by and able to see what is going on.

#13 In America today, a lot of parents are becoming extremely cruel.  Down in Alabama, one 9-year-old girl recently died after being forced by her mother and grandmother to run for three hours straight as punishment for lying about having eaten some candy bars.

#14 Some Americans have become so desperate that they are trying to get sent to prison on purpose.  For example, one ex-police officer in Georgia recently robbed a bank and allowed authorities to catch him so that he could get food, shelter and free medical care in jail.

#15 What can account for the rash of seemingly random violent crimes that we have been seeing lately?  Over near Seattle, an 88-year-old man and an 83-year-old woman were brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet for no apparent reason whatsoever….

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.

#16 In America today, many people are so angry and so frustrated that even the slightest provocation can push them over the edge.  For example, one man in Georgia actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.

#17 These days Americans are having a hard time feeling safe in their own homes.  Down in Maryland, one very sick home invader was recently sentenced to 100 years in prison for doing some very twisted things….

In one case, authorities said, he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl after breaking into her family’s Fort Washington home with a cinder block and forced her to pose nude on a bed as he took photographs and videos of her.  Authorities said in another case, Scott and an accomplice, Marcus Dermanellian Hunter – who has already pleaded guilty to federal firearms charges – held up a Bowie family at gunpoint in April 2009, used their debit cards to steal money from ATM machines and then stole a luxury car.

#18 In America today you never know who is going to come driving up to you on the street.  Most of the time people that you meet will be at least somewhat “normal”, but there is also a chance that the next strangers that you run into will be crack-fueled perverts.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a Montana teacher named Sherry Arnold…

Spell and Waters had left Colorado days before the crime claiming they wanted work in eastern Montana and western North Dakota’s oil fields.

After smoking crack cocaine over the entire trip, Waters allegedly told Spell the drug ‘brought the devil out in him’ and began talking about kidnapping and killing a female, AP reports.

After they spotted Arnold, Spell claims that Waters told him to ‘grab the lady’ and pull her into their Ford Explorer as she jogged by.

After they got her into the Ford Explorer, they choked the life out of her and then buried her body in a shallow grave in North Dakota.

#19 In the Boston area, the FBI recently used a chainshaw to cut through the front door of one apartment during a raid.  They quickly subdued the woman living inside and had her on the floor for 35 minutes as her young daughter cried out to her.  Eventually they figured out that they had the wrong apartment and they issued a “routine apology” to the woman.

As our country falls apart all around us, there is going to be a greater need for love and compassion than ever before.

Don’t count on the government to help those in need.  The government always does  a miserable job of that.

As I have written about previously, already more than 40 percent of all children in Atlanta and more than 50 percent of all children in Detroit are living in poverty.

In the years ahead those numbers are going to get even worse.

But it isn’t just in the major cities where poverty is exploding.  Sadly, today one out of every four children in the United States is on food stamps.

As times get tough, you have two choices.

You can allow your heart to grow cold like so many other people are doing.

Or you can decide that you are going to become more loving and more compassionate than ever before.

America is becoming a very heartless place, and unfortunately there is no sign that trend is going to turn around any time soon.

But you don’t have to become heartless.

Be a light that shines in the darkness.

In the end, you will be glad that you were.

  • luis

    Well spartans prepared for battle!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chicago Nick

    As the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat…we’ll have to change it now to “more than one way to skin a cat for breakfast” :(

    Meanhwhile Laquisha et al and family are living fat off the government hogg, no problem…

  • y0

    come to new zealand, we chill in the beauty green land, we are brothers

  • Jodi

    The worse the economy gets the more desperate people get. Be prepared…food, gold, guns.

  • Orange Jean

    I know my thoughts on this are apt to provoke some nasty responses, but I’m going to add them anyway. Some of the reasons I think we’ve gotten to be a more heartless and/or less friendly and caring society are:

    1. the one person commute to work & back – isolated in our cars

    2. moms dumping their children into day care from a very early age, may not be properly bonding with the child – and yes, I know some people don’t have a choice

    3. only children families prevail – why? You learn a lot about sharing and caring from your siblings, even tho as kids you may fight all the time

    4. electronic devices – TV, the almighty cell phone and computers… a lot of people nowadays do very little face-to-face interaction with people. E-mail and texting really isn’t all that conducive to forming solid friendships

    5. the public schools that are not only teaching socialism, but practising it. What I am referring to is teaching by “teams” with “team leaders” where the individual person’s contribution is credited to the group. A lot of people coming out of that kind of school system (most of who I work with) seem to me to be not only deeply insecure, but cut-throat competitive and will do any manner of sneaky things to get ahead.

  • NKC

    This article described the dark side of the American people and the people in power. All the entertainment, internet, movies, sports activities from each day make people blind to their existence. It is sad.

  • John Rambo

    You forgot to mention women who divorce their husbands (AT LEAST 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women) and then who financially destroy their ex husband in divorce court through alimony and support payments, and then destroy the man emotionally by kidnapping his children and refusing to allow him to have contact with his own children.

    HOW COLD IS THAT? Women who use their children as a weapon against their ex husbands? And MILLIONS of AMERICAN WOMEN have done this!

  • Jason

    Regarding #3: Some of the “teens” in these “random” attacks look to be in their 30’s and 40’s . It isn’t “teens” or “youths”, it’s BLACK PEOPLE.

    And it isn’t “random” people they are attacking it’s WHITE PEOPLE.

    Until this blog recognizes that race and demographics has played a key role in America’s downfall, I can’t take anything you write seriously.

    It even says in the article you quoted that the “teens” were spouting racial slurs…..and you STILL can’t put 2 and 2 together?? “For no apparent reason whatsoever” WOW!!! That is so willfully ignorant I almost wonder if it’s meant to be satire.

    Blacks have openly declared a race war on whites, and white people are still in la la land celebrating “diversity” and “colour blindness”.

  • Disciple

    If your foundation is not on the Rock (the Lord Jesus Chrsit) your foundation will fall. Gold will canker and rust, guns run out of ammo, food lasts but for a season. Place your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, and follow Him. All else is sinking sand.

    • PB

      Yeah, Sure. That’ll really help.

  • American

    It’s a war between the rich and everyone else, the moral and the immoral, the atheist and the religious, the public unions and the taxpayers, etc… etc… etc…

    We’re all close to going at each other’s throats. It will be interesting when the big fight finally kicks off.

  • Peter

    I really don’t see the point of this article: taking a bunch of INCIDENTS and presenting them as proof of economic or social collapse is really short sighted. From the title I was interested to see what kind of “evidence” or statistics were available, but it seems you just waisted my time. I hope you can correct this by supplying me, and especially others feeling worried on where things are going, with some solid data and real information!

    All the best, Peter (from The Netherlands, Europe)

  • Re Pent Now

    Trying to tell people to “be good” and loving is like telling a blind person to choose the green one over the red one. Lousy example, I know, but the point is that people in desperation are incapable of being “good”…”There are none righteous, not one”. This country has turned away from God and we are reaping what we have sown. Unless we turn away from our wicked ways, we are doomed as a society, plain and simple. Michael, I know that you are a man of faith, so be bold and share with people the real way to being a kinder and loving person (hint: The Sinner’s Prayer). Mankind left to his own devices, has always led to destruction. No hope in that.

  • Matt

    I used to work for a Catholic hospital in Colorado Springs, CO as a nurse. Four years ago, I came down with. A bad gall bladder. Of course, my job-provided health insurance required that I go to the same hospital that I worked at. That was OK but their surgeon botched the operation (missed a bile duct). I became septic, lapsed into a 28 day coma, on a respirator. Took another month to recover and re-learn how to walk. The day before I went home on a walker, they fired me, because I “could no longer do the work”! I’ve been paying for my family’s own health insurance ever since, out of our retirement savings. I JUST got word that I will get Social Security Disability. Now THAT is cold!
    Matt RN

  • mime in san diego

    As times get tough, you have two choices.

    You can allow your heart to grow cold, Or you can decide that you are going to become more loving…

    i will continue to act when i see suffering or inhumanity, as i am sure all the commenter’s here will. regardless of the actual remarks posted by the readers, i am sure we were all offended and all here are the type that WILL NOT permit such cited instances to go “unrewarded”. i will not let my country go down the toilet without stepping up to aid someone who needs my help. political correctness be damned…i will call bullshit on bullshit when i see it.

    let’s all resolve to be the end of this crap and make everyone accountable for their actions even if it means taking a risk and popping someone in the nose if necessary.

  • patent

    That photo of Santorum on Drudge Report is just sickening and disturbing.

  • Andrew

    these are the craziest stories in the news. THIS IS NOT THE NORM. You can’t live your lie based on fear. Yes, these things happen but that doesn’t mean that our country is really in terrible shape. Finacially yes we aren’t doing that well but crime has actually been on the decline for quite a while here.

  • Linda

    People suppress the Truth and the result is a depraved mind. Read Romans Chapter one. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that he shall also reap. THERE IS HOPE but it requires you to ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and be born again of the Spirit of God. Only God can restore a person and a nation to sanity.


    This is what happens when we reject the truth and therefore lose our deductive thinking skills

  • Rodster

    I’m sure no one will probably see this but what the hell.

    “Miami Police Shoot Naked Man — Eating Face Of Other Naked Man…”

    • Michael

      That is a very frightening story.


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