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Obama And Putin Are Trapped In A Macho Game Of “Chicken” And The Whole World Could Pay The Price

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Barack Obama Vladimir PutinThe U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down.  If Barack Obama backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being “weak” and for having been beaten by Vladimir Putin once again.  If Putin backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being “weak” and for abandoning the Russians that live in Crimea.  In essence, Obama and Putin find themselves trapped in a macho game of “chicken” and critics on both sides stand ready to pounce on the one who backs down.  But this is not just an innocent game of “chicken” from a fifties movie.  This is the real deal, and if nobody backs down the entire world will pay the price.

Leaving aside who is to blame for a moment, it is really frightening to think that we may be approaching the tensest moment in U.S.-Russian relations since the Cuban missile crisis.

There has been much talk about Obama’s “red lines”, but the truth is that Crimea (and in particular the naval base at Sevastopol) is a “red line” for Russia.

There is nothing that Obama could ever do that could force the Russians out of Sevastopol.  They will never, ever willingly give up that naval base.

So what in the world does Obama expect to accomplish by imposing sanctions on Russia?  By treaty, Russia is allowed to have 25,000 troops in Crimea and Russia has not sent troops into the rest of Ukraine.

Economic sanctions are not going to cause Putin to back down.  Instead, they will just cause the Russians to retaliate.

In a letter that he sent to Congress this week, Obama claimed that the Ukrainian crisis is an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Language like that is going to make it even more difficult for Obama to back down.

On Thursday, Obama announced “visa restrictions” on “those Russians and Ukrainians responsible for the Russian move into Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula”, and a House panel passed a “symbolic resolution” that condemned Russia for its “occupation” of Crimea.

But those moves are fairly meaningless.  Leaders from both political parties are now pushing for very strong economic sanctions against Russia, and there does not appear to be many members of Congress that intend to stand in the way.

If the U.S. does hit Russia with harsh economic sanctions, what is going to happen?

Is Russia going to back down?

No way.

So let’s just play out the coming moves like a game of chess for a moment…

-The U.S. slaps economic sanctions on Russia.

-Russia seizes the assets of U.S. companies that are doing business in Russia.

-The U.S. seizes Russian assets.

-The Russians refuse to pay their debts to U.S. banks.

-The U.S. government hits Russia with even stronger sanctions.

-Russia starts dumping U.S. debt and encourages other nations to start doing the same.

-The U.S. gets Europe to also hit Russia with economic sanctions.

-Russia cuts off the natural gas to Europe.  As I noted the other day, Russia supplies more than half the natural gas to a bunch of countries in Europe.

-The United States moves troops into western Ukraine.

-Russia starts selling oil for gold or for Russian rubles and encourages other nations to start abandoning the U.S. dollar in international trade.

Of course the order of many of these moves could ultimately turn out to be different, but I think that you can see the nightmare that this game of “chicken” could turn out to be.

And what would be the final result?

Nothing would be resolved, but the global economy would greatly suffer.

What makes all of this even more complicated is that about 60 percent of the people living in Crimea are actually ethnic Russians, and a majority of the population appears to want to leave Ukraine and be reunited with Russia.  The following comes from a Reuters article

Crimea’s parliament voted to join Russia on Thursday and its Moscow-backed government set a referendum on the decision in 10 days’ time in a dramatic escalation of the crisis over the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula.

The sudden acceleration of moves to bring Crimea, which has an ethnic Russian majority and has effectively been seized by Russian forces, formally under Moscow’s rule came as European Union leaders held an emergency summit groping for ways to pressure Russia to back down and accept mediation.

The Obama administration is calling the upcoming referendum “illegal” and says that it will not respect the will of the Crimean people no matter how the vote turns out.

But the people of Crimea are very serious about this, and of course they never would be pushing for reunification with Russia if they had not gotten approval from Putin…

The decision, which diplomats said could not have been made without Putin’s approval, raised the stakes in the most serious east-west confrontation since the end of the Cold War.

The vice premier of Crimea, home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, said a referendum on the status would take place on March 16. All state property would be “nationalized”, the Russian ruble adopted and Ukrainian troops treated as occupiers and forced to surrender or leave, he said.

There is no way that the U.S. government is going to accept Crimea becoming part of Russia, and there is no way in the world that Russia is going to back down at this point.  Just consider what geopolitical expert Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group recently had to say

“Russia is not going to back down from Crimea, irrespective of U.S. pressure. Which means if the U.S. wants to find any resolution here, they’re going to have to find a way to come to terms with that. Now that the Crimean parliament has voted — clearly with Russian assent — we’ll have a referendum … and then further militarization of the peninsula by the Russians.”

What we need is someone with extraordinary diplomatic skills to defuse this situation before it spirals out of control.

Unfortunately, we have Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry running things.

What a mess.

So why is Ukraine such a big deal anyway?

In a recent article, Peter Farmer explained succinctly why Ukraine is so incredibly important…

The Ukraine is strategically-important for a number of reasons. It sits astride enormous petroleum and natural gas deposits found in the Black Sea region. The nation is also home to an extensive network of liquid natural gas pipelines which crisscross it; control the Ukraine and you control its pipelines – and thus the flow of energy into the hugely-lucrative European market. Western energy firms such as Exxon-Mobil, BP-Amoco and Chevron are locked in competition with the Russian energy giant Gazprom – for control/exploitation of as-yet-undeveloped petroleum deposits not only in the Ukraine, but in neighboring Poland and Romania. Fracking technologies and other new extraction methods have only added urgency to the competition. Income from fossil fuels development is the lifeblood of the new Russian economy. Threats to the regional hegemony of Gazprom are likely to be treated by Putin and Russia with the utmost urgency and seriousness.

The Crimean Peninsula is also home to the Black Sea fleet of the Russian navy, which leases its base at Sevastopol from the Ukrainian government. Since the Black Sea – via the Dardanelles – provides the only warm-water base with access to the Mediterranean Sea – it is of enormous importance to Russia. Its loss would be a crippling blow to the Russian fleet.

Finally, the Ukraine – once known as the “bread basket of Europe” – is home to arguably the finest temperate agricultural region in the world. Its topsoil is widely-acknowledged by agronomists to be among the world’s best. Control the Ukraine and you control the grainery of Europe – and can exert tremendous leverage upon worldwide grain agricultural commodities prices.

If the U.S. insists on playing a game of brinksmanship over Ukraine, the consequences could be disastrous.

For one thing, as I mentioned above, the status of the petrodollar could be greatly threatened.  The following is how Jim Willie is analyzing the situation…

If the Kremlin demands Gold bullion (or even Russian Rubles) for oil payments, then the interventions to subvert the Ruble currency by the London and Wall Street houses will backfire and blow up in the bankster faces. Expect any surplus Rubles would be converted quickly to Gold bullion. If the Chinese demand that they are permitted to pay for oil shipments in Yuan currency, then the entire Petro-Dollar platform will be subjected to sledge hammers and wrecking balls. The new Petro-Yuan defacto standard will have been launched from the Shanghai outpost. If the Saudis curry favor to the Russians and Chinese by accepting non-USDollar payments for oil shipments, then the Petro-Dollar is dead and buried.

In addition, if Russia starts dumping U.S. debt and gets other nations (such as China) to start doing the same, that could create a nightmare scenario for the U.S. financial system very rapidly.

So let us hope and pray that cooler heads prevail.

In my recent article entitled “The Top 12 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading Toward Another Recession“, I discussed how the U.S. economy appears to be hurtling toward another major downturn.

And on Thursday, we learned that office supplies giant Staples has just announced that it is going to close 225 stores.

Even without this major international crisis, the U.S. economy would still be deeply troubled.

But if the United States and Russia do declare “economic war” on each other, all hell could start breaking loose.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be much hope of anyone backing down at this point.  In an editorial for the Washington Post, Henry Kissinger stated that it “is incompatible with the rules of the existing world order for Russia to annex Crimea.”

Very interesting word choice.

So this is the situation we are facing…

-The U.S. government seems absolutely determined to “punish” Russia until it leaves Crimea.

-Russia is never going to leave Crimea, and has promised to “respond” harshly to any sanctions.

Most Americans are not paying much attention to what is going on in Ukraine, but this is a very, very big deal.

In the end, it could potentially affect the lives of virtually every man, woman and child on the planet.

  • Rodster

    Brandon Smith also wrote a great piece regarding the Global Elite once again pitting Nations against one another.

    Link below

  • Joshua

    Crymean Ancient Pyramids….the OLDEST pyramids in the world, and theyve just found 6 pyramids and 1 sphinx in Sevastopol. Coincidence?

    • Kim

      Fill us in. What sort of energy do these pyramids possess?

    • davidmpark


      Post a link, please!

    • Jimpson

      Tighten those tinfoil hat screws a little before that thing blows off your head there! Have you been skipping your pills again Josh?

  • K

    As far as I am concerned. If the people of the Crimea vote to go with Russia, that should be the end of it However since the leaders in the west are nothing but puppets, I suppose that will not be the end of it.

    • Orange Jean

      Agreed… but the thing which affects us (and I didn’t see any place Michael mentioned it)… is the 1.5 Billion dollar loan to Ukraine that Obama just gave them. I think it was by executive order also, but I’m not sure.

      Taxpayer’s money, of course!

      • K

        We are loaning that money to the Ukraine. The Crimea is an autonomous region that falls within the boundaries of the present Ukraine Before the 1950;s the Crimea was part of Russia. The old USSR moved it into the Ukraine mostly for administrative purposes. What bothers me most, is we are making loans to Nazis. For this Country to in any way support Nazis, disgusts me beyond words.

        • Lauren

          Nazis, Muslim Bortherhood, drug lords…we’re equal opportunity hate group givers.

          • K

            Lauren, well said. You are obviously someone who pays attention.

        • kfilly

          We are fascist too. Why wouldn’t we help are fascist brothers out?

      • piccadillybabe

        Where on God’s green earth does the US have $1.5 billion to give to Ukraine. We are indebt up to our eyeballs to Russia and China. When it comes down to it, that $1.5 billion is money that we borrowed from Russia/China to give to the Ukraine. We are so in the hole in this country and we go prancing around acting like we are sitting on a gold mine and, therefore, are entitled to slap sanctions wherever and whenever. The US is delusional and the EU and the UK would like us to kindly get the “H” out of their business.

        • Dabron

          the US got the 1.5Billion from the bonds they sold to the Russians and Chinese who sold their bonds to the American banksters to invest in the US pension plans…

          • Gay Veteran

            or the Federal Reserve bought it

          • FirstGarden

            Give them a bonus!

        • FirstGarden

          I suspect our leaders are making wild cowboy moves like writing billion dollar hot checks because they know it’s all gonna go down anyway. Might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb.

        • Mondobeyondo

          We’ll do what we are so good at doing. Print them the extra $1.5 billion, and charge the interest to U.S. taxpayers. Yaaay! Problem solved!

        • makeupdiva

          they print it 🙂

      • FirstGarden

        Couldn’t they just give it to me?

    • MeMadMax

      Someone needs to clone/resurrect/whatever JFK… We need someone that can make a real DEAL, not hide behind the international community(as in community organizer) like this joker does…

    • JustanOguy

      Yep… you are right. When there’s Oil and Natural Gas involved, the masters are going to pull the strings of their puppets in Washington D.C. that we call our leaders.

      Obviously they are going to call it oppression and a bunch of other propaganda garbage…

      Reality though is that the vast majority of Ukrainians East of the Dnaiber river support Russia and want to be part of the EuroAsian zone.

      Western part of the country (West of the Dnaiber River) wants to be Eurozoned..

      Once Americans learn the truth of what the real issue is with this dysfunctional country, the backlash on the Obama administration for mishandling it in the first place is going to go through the roof.

      Pretty sure that’s why you don’t hear a peep coming from potential GOP candidates.. If the situation gets much worse, anything associated with Obama is going to be MAJOR damaged goods.

      Obama was clueless to start the posturing to begin with. Only a matter of time until people catch on to what’s really going on over there.

      • makeupdiva

        Crimea just voted to join Russia

    • Tomáš Hluska

      There was also an invitation letter in 1968 when Russians came with a Brother’s help to Czechoslovakia (reminds you of anything?), yet most people were against the occupation.

      The problem is, that Russians will not be satisfied with Crimea, they will come for the rest. Maybe not right now, but they will. Sooner or later.

      • Hank Kingsley

        The fascist US has bases all over the world, I’d be worried about the Bush/Obama criminal gang long before I’d worry about Putin.

  • Phinehas

    I suspect O and P are actually on the same ‘team’ and all this is just a one sided game of chess, the king already laid down by the fluoridated but highly entertained masses (they want entertainment? it’s on the way!). If you believe in the stories of a book of books written many years ago, I think all of this is just another sign we’re getting closer to the final showdown.

    • Kim

      I’m beginning to wonder the same thing. There is some sort of sinister collusion afoot, and we are mere spectators.

      One billion US tax payer dollars going to help Ukraine? It’ll eventually end up in the hands of the Russians (Gazprom). Something isn’t right.

      • FirstGarden

        Too often, the way the U.S. negotiates something is to throw money at it.

      • makeupdiva

        the neo-nazi’s

    • davidmpark

      Obama and Putin. In many ways, the only difference is how you spell the name…

    • mikeymike61

      that doesn’t make any sense, one is a man’s man macho kina person, the other is a whiney, immature, thin skinned, affirmative action beneficiary.

  • Acehole

    Russia is extremely unlikely to cut off natural gas to the EU. C’mon. Even a 3rd grader knows that Russia will not abandon billions in gas revenue to make a political point.

    • Kim

      Of course they won’t. It’s all a game.

    • Rastus

      Evil cares not about money or loss of life. It wants control and the end justifies the means. As was stated in the article, Putin may demand payment in gold bullion or rubles not funny money. That will upset everything. But who really knows, its all conjecture right now.

    • Jay Clayton

      True, they will only cut the flow enough to jack up prices & increase fear. More revenue, more influence.
      Putin says he will gladly take more money for less gas and more influence. Only Obama would turn that down..

  • 2Gary2

    And yet another reason the conservatives are going down hard. 2014 will be the year this country finally turns hard left!
    Conservatives like this dolt lyin ryan and their moral bankruptcy are the reason you conservatives are going down hard. Republicans will be a small marginal party mainly in the South.

    Ryan, speaking shortly after Ted Cruz, was very sad at CPAC that 2012
    didn’t go “as planned”. That is, he and Mitt Romney lost in a rather
    embarrassing landslide. He is also afraid that Republicans are the
    villains in the Democrats’ morality play, a fear he expressed while
    trying to sell ending free school lunches.

    • Killer Virus

      What do you do? Go to Huffpo and then cut and paste their talking points here?

    • Killer Virus

      You cut and paste that last paragraph from Politicususa. Learn to be a free thinker 2gay.

    • wk

      I think it is cool that your picture of the cookie monster is holding a gun, I figured you for a gun hating liberal Gary.

      • 2Gary2

        liberal yes-gun hating no.

    • Jay Clayton

      Synopsis of *long* statement:
      “Conservatives are gonna lose, democrats will win, hello socialist Utopia with equality of misery.” Yawn.
      I miss the good old days when Gary2 had a point & could get conservatives riled up.

    • guest

      You’re just a stool sample, nothing more. Far too simple to understand current affairs, or the present situation. It would be amusing to watch you and your ilk running around, furiously spewing the same, tired propaganda while everything is crumbling around you. Unfortunately, I will have relocated me and mine to greener pastures, that are able to sustain us. I will not be around to watch you die the painful death that you will, as you scream “war against womyn”, “republicants are republiwonts”.
      I just chuckled to myself thinking about that day. Lol.
      Maybe I can hack into one of the gov. spy cameras and watch the show. We’ll see when the time comes.

      • 2Gary2

        ok hoss. You represent the entire selfish ethos of conservatism-I got mine screw you mentality.

  • davidmpark

    “Obama And Putin Are Trapped In A Macho Game Of “Chicken” And The Whole World Could Pay The Price”

    I’ve got 4 very inappropriate jokes for this headline and situation, but I promised Mike I’d behave myself…

    There is nothing to stop these two apart from both leaders being impeached and tried for crimes – we know what we’re dealing with here.

    Best to be prepared with the basics for at least 2 years. And get ready for the possibility that we may need to rebuild our Constitutional Representative Republic nation from rubble and fallout. Not too much fun, but we’ll find a way to laugh about it years from now.

    • TR

      Just tell me the four jokes & I’ll keep them to myself.

      • davidmpark

        Sorry, they are REALLY inappropriate! 🙂

    • Roger Smith

      If Russia dumps their U.S. bonds, they’d have to sell them on the open market for U.S. dollars, no? So then they’d be holding 200B dollars….. that are now likely to collapse because of their selling of the bonds, especially if China joins in…..unless they can quickly turn around and unload the dollars on some other suckers, for say…gold. It would have to be timed perfectly and kept hush hush until full execution. I don’t think it’s possible.
      Of course if Putin is willing to spend 50B on the Olympics, giving up 200B in bonds, resulting in the end the U.S. as we know it, may seem like a reasonable business decision.

      • davidmpark

        More than that: all those billions of rounds of ammunition orders for Soc Sec, HHS, IRS, etc. are to be filled by foreign manufacturers – most of them from Russia! I’ve heard rumors (still looking for the article) that a Russian ship that had ammo bought for the US was diverted to Syria for the Assad regime.

        And Ukraine is a big exporter of wheat. This has already raised prices by $1 for a bushel. May not seem like much, but it really is.

        And since we and the Rusky’s choose immature leaders, then a confrontation is inevitable – making things worse.

        • K

          Hard to confirm. However the word is Russia has ceased exporting ammo to the U,S. I would not be surprised if in retaliation,if the U.S. banned import of Russian ammo. The same way after all this time they still ban Chinese ammo. Watched last night as a small online ammo sight, sold just about all the 7.62×39 they had. They went through 300,000 rounds in 2 hours.

          • davidmpark

            Those massive ammo orders may not be fulfilled after all then. There’s A LOT of firearm, accessories, and ammo manufacturer’s in Utah; most have in their SOP rules to not sell to the US government or any government – US civilians only. Don’t know about the one’s in Texas or other states.

            This is going to be interesting! 🙂

            Guess it’s best to learn reloading and buy a jig.

          • K

            On 7.62×39 finding reloading components, is harder than finding the ammo. Also 90% of the commercial ammo can not be reloaded. Different primers, and steel cases. No people who have chosen that round as their main defense, had better already have stocked up

          • davidmpark

            That’s why I use brass cases. I reload my 12 Ga shells, 9mm Parabellum’s, and .40 cal ammo. The 12 Ga can be done by hand. The major issue down the road is finding the smokeless nitrite powder and fulminated mercury. Making that is difficult (not impossible, but difficult and dangerous) to the point that if things get REALLY bad, expect to see a return to flintlocks.

        • guest

          The Russians aren’t sending any ammunition, they’ve already announced that.
          It would be cool if Putin financed us, regular people, to overthrow the vile gov. that’s in place.
          Both the visible and shadow gov.

          • davidmpark

            No. That would be worse – it would destroy our constitutional republic, give the Soviets and Progressives what they want, and hurt a lot of the innocent. We would be ruined.

            The way to do it is a convention of states. We need to hold state government’s feet the flames to get them to act in our favor. It does work; we did that here in Utah and it’s working!

            If a convention of states fails, then… I believe many on all sides would then go for the guns. I’d like to avoid that.

          • Gay Veteran

            you think you still live in a constitutional republic?

    • JustanOguy

      If the majority of Russians wanted to get rid of Putin like half of the U.S. wants to get rid of Obama, they would.

      Unlike the U.S, the Russians have Kahonas and won’t wait around for the next election to get rid of a complete fraud.

      Stop believing the Propaganda that Putin is a hated figure in Russia… the vast majority support him. You are getting your news from the minority that don’t.

      • davidmpark

        My point was that Putin is a nut going against a childish US president. I know that enough Russians support him.

  • Jim Clark

    Time to re-read Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of August”.

  • Jason

    Really getting tired of your articles. ‘If this happens, and if this happens, while at the same time this might happen, then THIS WOULD BE THE HORRIBLE OUTCOME!’

    See ‘Jim Willie’ quote:
    ‘If the Kremlin…
    If the Chinese…
    If the Saudis…’

    You’re not basing your articles on facts. It’s lots of speculation, and the major horrifying result that you always want to happen, but pretend that you don’t want to happen, actually has the slimmest chance in hell of actually happening.

    We all know that the prophecy in Revelation is just around the corner. Buy you act as if everything in the world today is going to trigger it, when most of these things are just going to fizzle out over time. So it’s all this hype for nothing, and then we feel very deflated when nothing actually eventuates.

    I keep thinking of the poor guy in one of your comments, who prepared and told everyone that the Y2K bug was coming and going to destroy the world as we know it. And then the time passed, and he lost all his credibility. He hasn’t learned, and now is doing the same thing all over again.

    You should know this as well as I do. Matthew 6:25-34

    “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

    “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

    • Killer Virus

      Nice wall TL;DR…only read the first line. Then don’t read them, it’s pretty simple.

    • dadelaw

      If you are going to criticize Michael, LEAVE GOD OUT OF IT. God, apart from the fact that “he”, “she” or “it” does not even exist, IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. So get used to it, huh? And stop quoting ancient drivel while you’re about it.

      • Reasonable satisfy

        “God……fact…..does not even exist”

        Of course,you are free to express your opinion,but saying that it is a FACT that God doesn’t exist is foolish and indicates that your comment was typed in an angry rather than a reasonable frame of mind.

        Can you DEMONSTRATE that this is a FACT?

        Please remember that atheism too is merely a belief system which requires tremendous faith by the adherent that has chosen to embrace it.

        • k

          Spot on!!!!!!!

      • AppalledAtEvil

        1) The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God,”
        They are corrupt, and have committed abominable injustice;
        There is no one who does good.

        2) God has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men
        To see if there is anyone who understands, who seeks after God.

        3) Every one of them has turned aside; together they have become corrupt..

        4) Have the workers of wickedness no knowledge, who eat up My people as though they ate bread
        And have not called upon God?
        Psalm 53:1-4

      • AppalledAtEvil

        Your mental functionality exceeds not the parameters of a pea.

      • Mondobeyondo

        There is more proof that God exists, than there is proof that He does not exist.

    • Joel

      The bible also told us to Watch and Pray, and that in those times great famine,pestilence and earthquake will come, so what Michael says is not wrong, he is watching, as should all of us.

    • Al Piste

      You criticize Michael for (and I quote):

      “..not basing your articles on facts. It’s lots of speculation, and the major horrifying result that you always want to happen, but pretend that you don’t want to happen, actually has the slimmest chance in hell of actually happening.”

      Then just ONE paragraph afterwards you come out with (and I quote);

      ” We all know that the prophecy in Revelation is just around the corner.”

      Which in and of itself is nothing but speculation, and the major horrifying result that you always want to happen, but pretend that you don’t want to happen, actually has the slimmest chance in hell of actually happening. Do you even see the IRONY of your position?
      You sir, have the critical thinking skills of a CUCUMBER!

    • PointofVue

      Maybe the easiest solution, in your case, is not no longer come here and read the articles. I enjoy reading the articles as it makes me think outside the box and from there, I can do further research to base my own opinion. Once thing I get out of the articles are links to other WEB sites, to continue reading.

    • GSOB

      “We all know that the prophecy in Revelation is just around the corner.”

      Is that with earnest expectation?

  • Selaretus

    So you made an analogy comparing this present case of US hegemony in Ukraine; yet AGAIN throwing our weight around where it is none of our bleeding business; with the Cuban missle crisis. I can tell you that Oboob is no John Kennedy and the Washington idiot is WAY out of his league compared to Putin. WAY WAY out of his league!!! If I was Putin, I would say F you, Oboob, this is none of your concern! I sincerely hope that both Russia and China DO dump worthless toilet paper US debt and stop using the ridiculous US petrodollar and call our bluff for a change.

    • Mondobeyondo

      That’s pretty much exactly what Putin is telling Obama. “I’ve got my troops in the Crimea! Whatcha gonna do about it, Mr. Leader of the Free World?”

      • FirstGarden

        Perhaps Putin would be leader of the UNfree world.

        • Hank Kingsley

          No, Obozo is that already. We’re the unfree.

    • JustanOguy

      The USSR never would have gone to war over Cuba..

      Nikita Kruschchev revealed that in his memoirs that it was all about toying with Kennedy and that going to war over a little island 12,000 miles away would have been completely stupid.

      The mission was accomplished because it kept the U.S. out of Cuba and to this day… Cuba is still a communist country with less feedom than the people of Russia and China have today.

      Don’t give Kennedy too much credit when you look at the end result.

  • GSOB

    All of this should be handled at the local levels….
    where the people are and what they want.

    Obama is a Nobel Peace Price winner…
    If Putin wants one… he’d better behave.

    • Guest

      So you think Obama actually deserved the Nobel Peace Prize? Putin is more of a peacemaker than Obama. He prevented Obama from going into Syria.

      • GSOB

        Which means he has control of the gas.

        • Guest

          You didn’t answer the question. But that’s typical of you.

          • GSOB

            Doesn’t matter.

          • GSOB

            Thank You

          • chilller

            Let me answer for GSOB…

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…………. _.·´

      • Mondobeyondo

        No, Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He did nothing to deserve it. Obama was no war hero, nor a civil rights leader or humanitarian. He was an Illinois senator who was formerly a community organizer.
        He was awarded the prize based on his charisma, and the whole “hope and change” thing. Just my opinion of course.

    • Killer Virus

      Complete and utter garbage, it’s like you take a string of random jumbled words and try to sort them out to make a paragraph.

      • GSOB

        That is very kind of you.

        Can I have another?

        • Killer Virus

          You would make more sense if you just spam cut and paste like 2gay.

          • GSOB

            Thank You

            Can I have another?

          • chilller


  • Patrick Williams

    First, it is disingenuous of our government to praise the virtues of Democracy (rule of the people) and then, when the majority of the people in Crimea vote to become part of Russia, we say that we will not honor that…what ever happened to self-rule, majority vote and the freedom of the people to determine their own government?

    We claim we want to establish democracies (Iraq, Afghanistan) and yet, when a democratic process yields results we do not like (present Crimea vote and the Palestinians voting Hezbollah into power) then we do NOT support a democracy or the democratic process.

    Secondly, Although it is anyone’s guess and it could really get bad fast as Michael stated, I think that it will be, overall, an uneventful situation. If America imposes sanctions and Europe does not join in, then Russia will just ignore our sanctions, annex Crimea as part of Russia under a legitimate democratic majority vote and America will complain more, do some more relatively innocuous, unilateral sanctions and this is how it will stay until another US administration comes in and “restores” relations with Russia through some “historic” accord.

    I may be wrong with this boring scenario (basically, a resumption of Cold War diplomacy) but it will allow both presidents (Obama & Putin) to feel that they did not back-down and “stood up” to the other.

    Actually, I guess I hope this is the scenario that will play out but it could also follows Michael’s scheme…let’s hope for the boring option to play out! : – )

    • Jay Clayton

      That would make sense, but when was the last time this administration was sensible? Thank goodness Putin is in control of the situation.

    • JustanOguy

      Great comment..

  • jimha

    The powers that be in the U.S. as well as any thinking person knows that they have an indefensible position on Crimea. They know that the financial collapse is near so a war with Russia will be the official blame for it.

  • David Fuhriman

    I recommend that you all read a great article about this crisis in Ukraine by Pat Buchanan on the Human Events site.

    • Killer Virus

      Good article, he’s pretty much spot on. I suspect the state department cooked up this whole conundrum to take attention away from domestic issues. With Obama, you can’t just watch his left hand, you have to keep an eye on the right one as well or he will pull a 3 card monte.

      • Arius1071

        Your close. Track the actions of Nuland, she has a high profile in this. She has stated that $5B was spent on Ukraine, implying the cost to lead up to the coup backed by fascist groups like Svoboda and Right Sector that are now running the security agencies of the new Ukrainian government.

  • GSOB

    The US Foreign Policy is at stake says our POTUS.

    • Killer Virus

      Thanks for the news captain redundant.

      • GSOB

        Thank you. You are so abundant.

    • Jay Clayton

      What? This president has a foreign policy? Is it bow first or apologize first? I can’t remember.

    • chilller

      National security too….I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that one…

  • GSOB

    This is not the fulfillment of any bible prophecy.

    Through diplomacy, things will work out.

    It is not in any country’s best interest to go to war.

    War! What is it good for?

    • Killer Virus

      Thanks for the awesome insight, I have to write this down in a note pad and then go slam my junk in a door.

      • GSOB

        Thank You!

        May I have another?

    • Jay Clayton

      War is good for the machine & those who profit off of instability & suffering.

      There are incentives for war pursued by short-sighted monsters & the occasional real national security situation.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Reminds me a bit of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, although the Crimea crisis is nowhere near as serious as that one was. JFK and Nikita Khrushchev were playing a game of nuclear chicken back then. The standoff was intense, and finally it was Khrushchev who blinked.

    Chances are pretty good it will be Obama who blinks this time around. If he does, the consequences will be severe for himself and his administration. Putin may blink first, but not unless enormous global pressure is applied for him to withdraw his troops from Crimea. His mindset is, “Whatever Putin wants, Putin gets”.

  • Zoltar

    Obama isn’t going to do anything meaningful to stop Putin or Russia in Crimea, except posturing.

    Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    Look at the man’s record.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Hate to say it, but unfortunately you may be right.

    • Jay Clayton

      ^^ Nailed it. Obama is a man of hollow words.

      • chilller

        Obama’s a man?

        • Jay Clayton

          Sorry, generalization. Man in the sense of being human. No details specified of being a Man: virility, courage, confidence, honesty, honor.

    • k

      Why should he? Do you want russia meddling in american dealings with canada? or in afgahnistan? or iraq?


      Obama should focus on america’s problems and america’s interests abroad.And should defend the turf of america’s corporations in countries where they are. But they arent any in ukraine to the best of my knowledge.

      • Zoltar

        No he shouldn’t. Especially as weak as America is because of him.

        • Gay Veteran


          • Zoltar

            Ya right. He’s vacationing in Key Largo as I type this.

            What a joke. We’re probably better off though. Everything he touches, fails.

          • Gay Veteran

            thank god

      • GSOB


        And….this feistiness between them goes back to Snowden..

    • davidmpark

      “Give a man a little power, and he falls in kinds of love with himself…” – Booker DeWitt, Bioshock Infinite

  • TR

    Let me start another fight.
    If this ends up as an economic war & not military, how are all those gun loving extremist going to fight a Global Economic Cataclysm,as in losing the value of everything you own & not being able to sell any of your crap because everyone is broke. Well,one can always eat the lead from the excess ammo they have stored.

    • chilller

      Or blow away anyone the likes of you trying to steal their food…because you see…we have bullets to defend our food…you will be the only one starving.

      • TR

        Oh! That’s right, many think they are the only one’s with weapons,ammo & feel they are Ten Feet Tall & Bullet Proof & no one else has any training & experience.

        • davidmpark

          Can I chime in?

          Historically, even guys with a weapons cache and a list of prepared homes usually end up dead in firefights with the other armed desperadoes.

          And keep in mind that the ammo doesn’t last. A normal clip of 30 rounds doesn’t mean 30 kills. Usually, it means 1 kill – at best. And since the larger number of kills comes from close combat rather than sniping, coupled with the old wisdom of “1st shot says your near, 2nd says where you really are” that puts the gunmen at disadvantage (a very cumbersome suppressor for high caliber rifles won’t help much).

          And let’s face it: mocking the idea of being well armed is also a problem. This world is governed by strength. Guns are an advantage – when deployed properly. Not to be well armed is placing yourself in danger.

          The best way to go is an armed community that focuses on rebuilding, industry, and peace in a permanent defensible location with plenty of raw materials and the brains to use it.

  • Mondobeyondo

    A few days ago, Miss Hillary tried to make a vague comparison with Putin to Adolf Hitler. As a generalization, the comparison is absolutely ludicrous. And even from a military standpoint, it’s quite a stretch.

    • Jay Clayton

      It may have been the only time that I think she was on to something.
      The global economy is in tatters, a country’s citizens outside its borders (Austria or Crimea) need protection, and the U.S. does not want in another war.
      VERY similar. I hope Putin doesn’t want to rebuild the USSR, because *NOW* is the best opportunity to get started.
      The only thing that scares me worse than a newer more powerful USSR is another Clinton in the white house.

    • guest

      I’m surprised that she didn’t throw out misogyny and war on womyn.
      I don’t see too many of America’s sons lining up to fight for this vile admin.

  • A

    O-bombay Droner president of U.S.A not sure what to do next. Putin will put him in his own drones and shoot him over innocent American’s.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The extent of our punishment towards Russia…

    “Come here, Vlad! We’re heading for the woodshed! You’re in for a good spanking. Bad Russia! [whack!] Bad, bad Russia!”

    Putin should be fortunate that Ukraine isn’t a member of NATO (which he absolutely does NOT want). At least not yet anyway. The Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) ARE members of NATO. If Putin makes any move against those former Soviet republics… all bets are off. The NATO charter says that any hostile move against a member is considered a hostile move against all members…The U.S. is of course a member of NATO.

    “A splendid time is guaranteed for all”. Urghhh.

    • Jay Clayton

      True! NATO entanglements and non-U.S. aggressive activities are the BIG RED BUTTON O’Doom. That is definitely the biggest risk in this whole mess.
      Excellent point sir!

    • Arius1071

      Putin will do nothing against the Baltic countries, but if NATO comes into the Ukraine then its WW3.

  • Undecider

    We know Putin is macho. How does Obama get his?

    • chilller

      He hides behind Michell…

  • Jay Clayton

    THE RED BUTTONS are all uncovered & blinking “push me for fireworks,” but I don’t think Obama is going to push it. Other interests in Europe & big money in the U.S. are going to try to push it. Full-on economic collapse could follow and the choice of what’s next would be in Putin’s hands, not ours or U.S. government’s…

    BEWARE the ides of March – IF we make it to the end of March without big skirmishes, the economy may emerge with its regular steady decline. If someone pushes Putin, who has all the cards, all the weapons, and wide spread local support, then he annexes Ukraine with minimal force (think Poland in the 30s), and then he decides to either expand the NEW USSR, trigger the collapse of the U.S. economy, or both.

    PREDICTION?? Russia takes over Crimea & allies with Ukraine against the EU while Obama declares a victory of diplomacy. Things settle down and Russia works with China to replace the U.S. petrodollar. Putin is dealing from strength while Obama is seen as weak by everyone.

    I disagree with only one point – Obama WILL back down. There is no upside (or recent history) to fighting a Russian military and tactical super power that is tied closely to our world bank & factory (China).

  • liberty64

    The petrol-dollar is doomed, regardless of the outcome in Ukraine. It’s simply a matter of when, not if. Those in positions of power in the USSA are well aware of this fact, but their Wall Street puppet masters are using the crisis in Ukraine (which they helped foster) as one last desperate attempt at holding on to power and influence they simply no longer have (and will not regain).

    There is a paradigm shift in the making folks, whether any of us like it or not. So, as far as I’m concerned, let’s get it done and over with. The Western model has caused enough debt and death already. And though its replacement may prove to contain its own set of thorns, they couldn’t be any sharper than the ones that are poking at us right now, as oblivious as most are to the oozing wounds.

    For those who have been preparing for the coming times and have positioned themselves properly, there ought be no despair. Such will be reserved for the lazy and ignorant hoards who have chosen to live the “good life” for far too long, hence ignoring the future that awaits them.

    • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

      Yes it s time for pay back…. Finish the big house, Netflix, high-speed Internet, 2 cars, cruise boat, caravan in the front yard… Like pre 2001.

      USA is worse than a poor country. I know of what I m talking about,. I live in a poor country for several years and my life is much better that in usa.

  • Al Piste

    Wow. I couldn’t help but noticing that there seems to be a LOT of religious fanatics here of the Apocalyptic variety.

    Those are always usually the CRAZIEST.

    • chilller

      No Al…the crazies you’re thinking of are the ones who have zero respect for and judge others opinions. Grab a mirror…you’ll find one…

    • GSOB

      Uncool to be a religious fanatic of that sort, I take it….

    • Yasha7

      Pick one: “always” or “usually”.

      • Al Piste

        I’ll go with BLOW ME for $300

        • Gay Veteran


    • Mondobeyondo

      Not really. The truly crazy fanatics are the ones who blow themselves up, believing they will get 72 virgins in paradise because they will become immortal martyrs. Yikes!!

      • Al Piste

        How about the fools who go into a voting booth every 4 years believing that Goldman Sachs will actually GIVE A SHYT about how they just voted?

        Double YIKES!!

  • pulltheweeds

    Henry can take this new world order and shove it up his kazoo

  • chilller

    “Western energy firms such as Exxon-Mobil, BP-Amoco and Chevron are locked in competition with the Russian energy giant Gazprom”. And there you have it…all about the west’s greedy corporate energy giants directing teleprompter-boy what to say and do.

    Macho game of chicken? I don’t think so…it takes 2 macho men to play that game and here we have only 1 macho man and 1, panty waist community organizer with the brown Midas touch…everything he touches turns to crap…

  • Steve

    There you and others go again !

    I live here Mike. I even lived in Sevastopol.

    To think that any sanctions American or Canada can do will hurt…please lets get serious.

    Your article mentioned NOTHING about the Russian Oligarchs that have all their money in European Banks, that their families live in Europe, that their children are educated there. You mean to say if their accounts are frozen that they won’t be upset with Putin and perhaps remove him or at least get him to change his tune?

    You made no mention that a document photographed by a news reporter shows clearly that Prime Minister Cameron of England is against financial sanctions and that the EU is dragging its feet on financial sanctions. So once again the EU and Euorpeans are showing that Money Talks and Freedom Walks. They are into appeasement yet again. Wasn’t Chamberlain PM of England and Europe appeasing Hitler enough? Did the West learn ANYTHING from WW II?

    Will this be a repeat of Yanukovich fleeing Kiev and Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein imposing freezes on accounts AFTER people were killed when they were asked to do so months before? Will more people have to die before Cameron, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, etc get their priorities straight?

    So what if Russia dumps the Dollar. Good luck with that . Russia is approaching bankruptcy. November of 2013 the national bank had to step in to save the banks. The Ruble, Russian Currency, is getting slammed. The interest rate at Russian banks is up on loans. Basically Russia is falling apart and they have to pay in Euro’s or Dollars. That is life on the streets here in Europe, Eastern Europe, and yes even in Russia.

    You made no mention that Crimea is not self supporting. Crimea depends on Electricity and Water from two cities inside Ukraine. You made no mention of the Muslim Tartars that are a Turkic People and that Turkey a Muslim Nation and NATO member has already warned Putin. You made no mention of the Muslim community in Moscow already threatening Putin.

    Maybe your right Mike but what you should be doing is criticizing the entire Western World for its money talks and freedom walks attitude and missing the blatantly obvious that Putin has done in Crimea exactly what he did to Georgia during the Beijing Olympics. Only difference this time is he waited until Sochi was over.

    Are you people in the Western World deaf, dumb and blind?

    • Arius1071

      Yes, people in the Western World deaf, dumb and blind, not to see the US backed color revolutions that use NGOs and agent provocateurs in support of fascists like Svoboda and Right Sector, now running the security agencies of the new Ukrainian government. Russia is doing what it has to do. You have it backwards.

    • Gay Veteran

      maybe you should grab a gun and take the first flight to Kiev.
      and Georgia started the war and promptly got their a ss kicked

  • k

    Both wont hit each other with sanctions. As both have a lot to lose and like some commenters here said….so does europe

    Its all sabre-rattling…a very common tactic in geopolitics.

  • Я живу в России. Я не хочу войны. Народ Крыма должен сам решить свою судьбу! Я не боюсь экономических санкций США. Русские люди, за свою историю, привыкли к трудностям. Я не собираюсь посещать США. Я не пью Кока-Колу. Я не ем чипсы. Я не пью виски. У меня есть небольшой земельный участок в пригороде, который поможет мне прокормить мою семью даже при самых плохих обстоятельствах в Мире. Но я не хочу экстрим. Люди планеты Земля! Давайте жить мирно!

    • GSOB

      Praise The Lord!

    • Roger Smith

      Any reasonable person would agree with you. I know I do. (note* used google translator so read his post)

  • I live in Russia. I do not want war. People of Crimea should decide their fate on their own! I’m not afraid of U.S. economic sanctions. Russian people in its history, accustomed to hardship. I’m not going to visit the U.S.. I do not drink Coke. I do not eat chips. I do not drink whiskey. I have a small plot of land in the suburbs, which will help me feed my family even in the worst conditions in the world. But I do not want extreme. People of Planet Earth! Let us live in peace!

    • GSOB

      Praise The Lord!

    • guest

      I hope Putin bends Obama over at the G20 summit, while making Obama say “I’m a little bi tch”.

      • mikeymike61

        he is getting ready to

    • JustanOguy

      Neither do the vast majority of the American people that really understand what’s going on over there.

    • Arius1071

      Russia, don’t back down. God protect you from the US backed fascist color revolutions.

    • kfilly

      The American people are not your enemy just as Russian people are not our enemy. Our governments have a completely different take on that. I agree that the people of Crimea should be able to decide their own fate.

      • Kirill

        I am completely with you!

    • rogerinflorida

      May God bless you.
      I have to tell you that the level of anti-Russian propaganda being spewed out here in the US is disgusting and frightening. There are mad people here who want war! I hope that the people of the US will act and prevent these dogs from achieving their aims. We stopped the intervention in Syria by mass calls to our elected leaders, we need to do that again. The US needs to back off and let the people of Russia and Ukraine make their own arrangements.

    • mikeymike61

      well………you should at least drink whiskey, at least every so often.

      • makeupdiva

        why – they have Vodka!

    • makeupdiva

      The people are not your enemy – obama and his corrupt neo-cons are and the banksters. I am sorry that we will all have to live through tough times – may we all – Russians and Americans – be ok.

    • piccadillybabe

      The people in the US are being abandoned by the government. Our voices are not heard, we cannot grow our own vegetables lest they spy on us. Even our president has no real voice to call his own, a mere puppet for the fascist regime. The Russians and Chinese are the last strongholds in the world. I believe they still have integrity and leadership. America would do well to to have some respect for the sovereignty of other nations and quit playing the “violation of international law” card. It does not bode well being that America is the most murderous nation in the world. Peace!

  • vizeet

    US uses social media and fund self righteous groups to create peaceful uprising which is backed with terrorist groups funded by US/Arab. This has been happening for last few years.
    I am seeing this happening in India as well but since India is too complex and big that these movements are not going to make much affect except in big cities.
    But US didn’t realize they can’t do this in Russia’s backyard.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    It s more like a game of not losing face.
    USA don’t want lose face against Russia.
    Too late,Échec et mat…
    Kim will join the party and fix your problem.. Mouhahah!

  • John

    One agreement that I have not heard nor seen O pull off the table is the agreement to have Russian troops come to our govts. aid in a disaster/crisis. It would be so O to have a crisis/disaster(petro dollar death) an economy tank(even more than it is) and bring Russian troops in to help keep the peace.
    Naw, that could never happen, correct? Afterall, he does have more flexibility now. I can just hear now, “In the spirit of friendship and diplomacy, and show there are no hard feelings between our countries…..

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Most people in the US have no clue about what is going on in Crimea or Ukraine. They operate from the Russia equals Soviets, and are bad. Drop Ukraine from the news, and it all goes away from most minds. That give Obama his out with the public to focus on his beloved fund raising.

    Now what do the one percenters want? I have always suspected they would opt for a big nasty war to camouflage our economic collapse. What ever happens, we’ll lose. Obama doesn’t have the skills to deal with the demands of the rich, a diplomatic crises/war, and the collapsing economy.

    • Drud

      Nobody has the either the skills or the resources to deal with the mess the world is in, not even the real (read: un-elected) world powers.

      • Arius1071

        Yes, the un-elected are running the show. Research the US backed NGOs and agent provocateurs behind the coup in Ukraine.


    Maybe it is time to OK the XL pipeline. Just a suggestion.

  • JailBanksters

    But that’s ok, because of deflation, the price should be cheaper in the future.
    I’ll bet obomba is doing the old, if you like your black sea port, you can keep your black sea port routine.

    It all comes down to who do you trust more, EU, Israel, Obama or Putin ?

  • jakartaman

    Barry is just looking for a way to extricate himself from this mess. He has enough of a self created mess at home.

  • Donald Wilson

    Michael failed to mention nations when threatened have gone to war over less threatening situations. Even though I have zero respect for Obama, his administration and the worthless Congress this government like a wounded and threatened animal will lash out. History books are full of examples..the end

    Bravo Two Zero out

  • DJohn1

    I think we need to be putting together an independent investigation of why more than a billion dollars of our money is involved in a no-win situation in the Ukraine. I still feel that neutrality gains us more than carrying a big stick. These questions about diplomacy need to go to people with an education in international gang warfare which is what both sides seem to be involved in.
    As a nation we need to seriously figure out why we are spending billions on foreign aid while we cannot even support our own people with jobs.
    Just exactly what do we stand to gain even if we win?
    Personally I think we need to get out whi8e the getting out is still a do-able option.
    If I were to pick a currency to replace the U.S. Dollar it certainly would not be either the Russian or the Chinese currency. The Japanese currency? Not a chance. If I were to pick a currency it would be one backed by either gold or good banking practices.
    The Swiss Currency comes close. Several of the Northern Countries from upper northern Europe might work.
    We teach an unworkable form of economics in our colleges right here at home. It has no competition in the literate world.
    It depends on a bankrupt system of paying out more than the money is worth and supporting inflation to make up the difference. Wars are supported by this form of economics and both the Chinese and the Russians are familiar with the economics and use it to their advantage by keeping their currencies under what it costs to produce goods then supplementing them with government funds.
    If anyone moves away from the debt-ridden U.S. Dollar then they are going to lose big time. All of them know this.
    So what do we do?
    I suggest we go back about 120 years and figure out what worked for our forefathers. Then put together a system where everyone profits and it is not a game of Russian Roulette. Because I think that is what both sides are playing right now, not chess.

    • Arius1071

      Nuland has stated that $5B was spent on Ukraine. It is clear that that money was funneled through NGOs and agent
      provocateurs in support of fascist groups like Svoboda and Right Sector.

  • bert

    yada, yada, yada, yada! russia is not going to take the ukraine back for awhile and obamarama ain’t going to do a thing about it nor any other ameriKan president which is a relief because WE HAVE NO BUSINESS IN THIS> it’s just that plain and simple!

  • DJohn1

    I picked the Swiss Currency for one reason. It has gone up in value since 1950 by about 3500%.
    It is the currency of choice of all the dictators able to escape from the chaos they have created in their own lands. So literally trillions of dollars are invested in Swiss Banks.
    The leaders of the Arabian world have most of their family and money invovled with Swiss Banks and live in Switzerland at least part of the time.
    Any currency based on what ours is based on is doomed in the long run. In the short run, there are huge profits passing from hand to hand in a system that no amateur can win at.
    I real professional in the White House might come out ahead but I haven’t seen one from either party in resent history.

  • Blue Star

    The west wants it all EU,US it is all about resources, all global power in the hands of the US and EU. Ask yourself would you give Obama your life to do as he pleases with. Would you kiss his butt because he asked you to, NO I would not, we’ll Putin just gave the direct order to have the largest military drill since 1983 with all their military might, because the US is envaiding with naval ships in seas where they don’t belong. I sure hope good terms come about, because this does not look, not good at all!!!!

  • 2Gary2

    Oh, my — not only was Paul Ryan’s hunger=dignity speech appalling on the merits, the anecdote he used to make his point was fake — a distortion of a real story with a completely different point.

    Forget Russia-conservatives are going down HARD. I love this.

    google-Into the Mouths of Babes – NYTimes

    • jakartaman

      You sir are delusional –
      The pink Party will be smashed this year.
      and Obama will be on a permanent vacation

      • 2Gary2

        I guess history will prove one of correct and one of us incorrect.

        • Libsare Ajoke

          ok hossfembot piece of garbage

        • Libsare Ajoke

          squirm libs squirm, major REPUBLICAN electoral SLAUGHTER in NOVEMBER, squirm libs squirm

          • 2Gary2

            ok hoss you really set me straight

          • Libsare Ajoke

            yeah fembot, you sure set me straight. now go straight to FUUUUUUUUUUUCKING hell

          • Libsare Ajoke

            squirm libs squirm, major REPUBLICAN electoral SLAUGHTER in NOVEMBER, squirm libs squirm

    • Libsare Ajoke

      ok, hossfembot

  • 2Gary2

    Michael no one cares about Russia and Ukraine. How about we worry about the problems in THIS country such as:

    The effects of poverty on the individual don’t end when poverty ends.

    Some people feel some of the effects for their entire lives. Lost teeth are gone. You can only replace them.

    You can’t change deep feelings of inferiority.

    You can’t claim the heritage you never had that sent others to finer universities or prep schools instead of high schools.

    can’t learn the sensibilities that make for a better life growing up
    among people who lack the cultural awareness to have those

    But even if you could, the biggest problem is not poverty but institutionalized poverty.

    may think you are fine today because you are Middle Class. But you are
    really fine for a different reason. You are fine because you are not
    poor at present.

    A person may lift himself out of poverty but a country must lift a people out of poverty.

    In accepting institutionalized poverty, we accept defeat.

    And that is the road to ruin.

    • guest

      I hope Putin bends you over and has Obama sodomize you while he sodomizes Obama.

      • 2Gary2

        ok Hoss-thanks for your low information insight. Go back to the Idaho compound and prep for Armageddon.

    • Drud

      First, we would all care about World War III, even those who buy into the ridiculous 2-party scam. Second, the single most contributing factor to the rise of institutionalized poverty (which, I agree, is the real problem) is the War on Poverty. Poverty numbers have been steadily increasing ever since LBJ declared this “war.”

      • 2Gary2

        I think it should be called a skirmish on poverty not a war. Not near enough was/is done. We need to emulate the Scandinavian countries. They beat the USA in pretty much every measure. Also population has risen a lot since the war on poverty and we have had 30 plus years of failed conservative trickle down policies. Simply removing conservatives from any power positions would go a long way to reduce poverty.

        • Libsare Ajoke

          you are such a piece of human excrement

        • Richard T.

          By your logic, Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist Cuba, Communist North Korea and a host of Communist nations in Africa, such as Zimbabwe, Angola, etc….should have no poverty at ALL.

          • 2Gary2

            did you really ask such a stupid low information question? Really?

            No one said anything about communism. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not that dumb to ask and say what you did.

  • Kent Harris

    Russia and the US should leave the Ukraine alone.

    • Arius1071

      Russia was leaving the Ukraine alone, the US was behind the NGOs and agent provocateurs in support of fascist groups like Svoboda and Right Sector

  • thedevil

    But the talking heads on CNBC said that Ukraine is insignificant, because it’s a small economy…

  • AZRanger

    I believe that we need the citizens of the US to begin to demand that the US stay out of this mess! It really is none of our business!
    Maybe BO is doing this because he knows that the resulting economic collapse can then be blamed on the Russians; thereby providing him with a scapegoat, and giving him a reason to declare martial law!

    • Arius1071

      Victoria Nuland has stated that $5B has been spent by the US on Ukraine. It is clear that that money was funneled through NGOs and agent provocateurs in support of fascist groups like Svoboda and Right Sector.

  • Wally

    I think if we knew really what was going on behind the scenes I think we would be terrified and appalled. Joel Skousen said the other day on Alex Jones that he believes this whole Ukraine thing is a false flag, fake not a real coup. He believes this could all be tied in together and that in the near future, he thinks 5 years but I think it could be sooner that the plan is to start WW III and that means Nukes and collapsing of our financial systems, etc. That would then usher in the NWO global government, global military, global currency.

    My question is could all of this be the setup? Putin and Obama going at it…The gulf of Tonkin was a lie that got us into Vietnam. Too many questions: What police force anywhere would stand down and let protesters kill them like what happened in Ukraine? Why has the US not imposed any sanctions on N. Korea? Something is up. I have no clue what but there are absolutely no good endings imaginable for any of this.

    • Arius1071

      From the recently released voice recording we now know that agents of the protest groups were shooting at both the police AND the protesters.

    • jakartaman

      Naw- WWII will start in the Middle East
      Israel bombs Iran – Muslim nations go nuts Israel needs to break out its tactical nukes –
      The BOOM BOOM begins

  • guest

    Here’s how I see it;
    Obama is trying to pretend that he is a man.
    Putin being a real man, knows it’s an act.
    Putin is forcing the world to acknowledge what we all already know, but do not say – that Obama is a useless,little bi tch.
    I hope Putin sodomizes Obama publicly.

  • Wally

    We are all being groomed for something sinister. Think about it. When gas prices jumped to 4+ in California everyone was up in arms. All over the news every night and now what gas prices are still at 4+ and guess what no one says anything anymore.

    What about Benghazi? Months and months have passed and guess what no one seems to care anymore. Same with IRS, ISSA is frustrated because he is getting no where with Lerner.

    What about Obamacare. It is rolling out and soon there won’t be any talk about it other than talk radio. Acceptance by the masses.

    Did you know about the situation with Boston Childrens Hospital and Mass. DCF and the girl Justina? Taken away from her parents on a false diagnosis. What about all the talk that children don’t belong to you. This is what a police state does. This isn’t what a free society does.

    What about the NSA spying. No one is up in arms anymore, it is just a way of life now. Sure talk radio hosts complain but that is only to a few million listeners. Most people believe if they have nothing to hide then so what. That is what they do in China.

    Don’t you see gun control measures in various states happening? Conn. and others. Sure soon it will be more and more. Just like gay marriage. Everyone was initially opposed now it is common place. Grooming us, getting us accustom to the NWO way of life.

    This is turning very very bad for us and it is going to get much much worse I am afraid.

    • Rolling Thunder

      Excellent post, I couldn’t agree more. I think America as we once knew it is long gone and things will get much, much worse.

      • FirstGarden

        This is true.

    • jakartaman

      Time waters down sin

    • FREEDOM!!

      boiled frog syndrome

    • GSOB

      Welcome to the human race.

  • JustanOguy

    The best solution would have not to have started the huffing and puffing / posturing to begin with.

    Anybody that knows about the region would know this is something for the U.S. to stay far, far away from.

    This is Russia’s backyard and half the people of Ukraine (over 80% of people that live East of the Dnaiber River and 90% of Crimea) support Russia to begin with. Getting involved beyond supporting the people West of the Dnaiber River is completely stupid.

    Russian troops can go into the eastern regions of Ukraine and be welcomed, if U.S. troops were to go into these same regions, they would be shot at.

    The propaganda being drummed up and fed to the American people is absolutely revolting. Let the people of Ukraine decide… if half the country wants and supports Russia, let them secede and split the dysfunctional country in half at the Dnieber river. Nothing is won when half of a country 10,000 miles away wants one thing and the other half wants the other… Vietnam, Korea… should have been lessons learned to begin with.

    As you point out from the Peter Farmer article, this is really about the Natural Gas / oil / Europe and big Western Oil companies pulling the strings of their puppets we call our leaders in Washington D.C. and the American people getting fed a bunch of propaganda Beese to make it sound like it’s about oppression from the “evil empire” …. when it isn’t.

  • Ram

    Czar Putin to Obama and the West regarding the Ukraine crisis : “Cry-Me-A ” a river boys . We are taking it !!!

    • JustanOguy

      Pretty easy to take something when that’s what the people there want in the first place.

  • Arius1071

    The sociopaths that rule over us serfs in the West have the agenda to break up the Russian Federation. It is utter madness. It is reckless. If you don’t know about the fascist groups behind the protests and now running the security departments of the new Ukrainian government, then research it.

    In WW2 we expended immense treasure and the blood of our young to defeat the fascists. I am sickened to heart to see America behind the NGOs and agent provocateurs that are aiding and abetting fascists in Ukraine. This violates everything I believed about America. I am wondering if that America still exists and if I am living in a foreign country.

    • JustanOguy

      Yep… when you do a little research, it’s very easy to see who the real propagandists are.

    • FirstGarden

      If they have it their way, we’ll be marching the German goose step before too long.

    • Roger Smith

      What we really ought to do is kill off 450,000 Americans in order do defeat a fascist nation. Then when that’s over, we could recruit all the great minds from that nation to come to the U.S. and run our organizations like say….NASA. Or maybe they could help us supercharge the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. Oh wait a minute….I think we already ran that play.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    This has lowered the risk of a nuclear war!
    The Russians have found common agreement with the Chinese.
    Fist(and most important) dumping of worthless American currency.
    Second: Agreeing that the U.S. is very much the case of trouble in the world today.

  • Gay Veteran

    “… In an editorial for the Washington Post, Henry Kissinger stated that it “is incompatible with the rules of the existing world order for Russia to annex Crimea.”…”

    Kissinger is a war criminal

  • Dimitrios Kirkos

    The US and EU right now: 9gag[DOT]com/gag/aG9263Z

    The US and EU will make a bit of noise, but will eventually let Russia have Criema. Aaand… that’s the end of story.

  • tony

    Remember before the presidential election when obama and putin got caught whispering, thought the mics were off? What if……………..
    Putin: “hey, when we gunna do that Ukraine thing?”
    Obama: “wait till after the election, i’ll have more freedom”
    It seems sometimes that politicians are best friends one day and at war the next. example, Obama/baehner…Obama/McCain….Bush/Clinton etc. Obama/Hillary

  • Jimpson

    There is nothing “MACHO” about Barack Obama. He is a skinny little SISSY with a big chip on his shoulder against White People. He is perpetually hateful and spiteful against our country and he and his cape buffalo wife deserve every American’s scorn. What a disgraceful panty waisted spoiled child he is….

    • Libsare Ajoke

      is that obama or Gary2?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Well.. I certainly don’t agree with everything Obama has done, not by a long shot. But let’s examine the evidence before throwing around accusations…

      – He was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s church for nearly 20 years. Wright was a pastor who preached hate and intolerance. If Obama is allegedly so hateful and spiteful, perhaps this may be one of the sources for that…. can’t say 100 percent, but it’s something to think about.

      Anyway, just something else for the Almond Gallery to debate… sigh

  • FirstGarden

    Historically, many of our leaders have been far too naive. Now we have naivete-incarnate leading us. America is still a relatively young country, who is approaching an untimely death. (It took Rome five centuries.) We’ve been up against some old wise devils. Some of them have a history spanning thousands of years. (Lessons, memories, experience in the race-mind.)

    We think far too contemporary, while many of them are still fighting wars from hundreds of years ago. We hardly seem to have a clue. And now, look at us, (“led” by a closet Muslim, surrounded with a hand-picked czar of commies and hard core socialists), throwing around our fiat money like fake Monopoly bills. We are in real trouble!

    Has America has been so “cursed” with blessings? God will now have to bless her with cursings.

  • cherylmeril

    This is the part when the U.S. collapses and China and Russia invade, right?

    • k

      If they tell you, they would have to kill you.

  • cherylmeril

    I knew Staples was just too good to be true! Amazon drove them out of business.

  • toadsticker

    Michael, can 85 million working people (not receiving government assistance in some form) in this country pay to support the rest of the world? We pay for the social programs in this country plus give money to the rest of the world. Are public employees (federal, state, county, city, township, etc.) really paying taxes or are they living off another kind of public dole? I mean if a public employee makes $100,000 a year, plus health care and pension contributions all provided at the expense of the citizen taxpayers and then pays $15,000 in taxes is he really paying taxes? Or is he just tithing to the powers that give him an abundance of plenty? So, how many people are public employees? Subtracting public employees, how many people are really paying taxes in this country? How many companies exist on public contracts? Does our economy and the world economy function through our government printing money and spreading it around as they see fit? Are we living in a capitalist society? Are we already loaded on the train and is it pulling out of the station?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This is not going to be very popular, but there it goes. I don’t think this is going to amount to a hill of beans in the long run, here’s why. As was stated above Russia is not going to give up the Ukraine, period. The Ukrainian economy is a basket case it needs 15 billion in the not to distant future or it will default. The one Billion in loan guarantees promised by Kerry wont help and will make the long term situation worse by piling on more debt (Think Greece). The EU doesn’t have the money to fork over to help Ukraine or they would have already. The UK has stated sanctions is out of the question. The rest of Europe is to dependent in Russian gas and oil, and is not very excited about any sanctions. BHO can huff and puff now but he needs Europe if any sanctions are going to work. Europe is going to be useless, now and in the future deal with it. Putin has no reason to get into a long term spitting contest with BHO. Putin knows neither the US or Europe is in a position to bail out the Ukraine. All he has to do is keep the pressure on Ukraine, and wait for the economy to implode. The he walks in with a boat load of money and lots of conditions.

  • Shane

    Maybe Obama will figure this all out as he takes his third vacation in the last 90 days in Key West Florida. Or maybe as Biden vacations in the Bahamas he will think of something. What a failure in leadership.

    • Shane

      I have had ONE vacation in the last SIX years.

  • jack nichols

    The body language of the picture shows Obama all crunched up and leaning forward like a big sissie. Putin on the other hand is sitting back with his body open feet firmly on the floor looking at Obama with contempt. Obama is an embarrassment and this picture proves what a foolish posturing weakling he really is

  • Libsare Ajoke

    obama looks like a kid getting bullied

  • skipgainer

    Micheal you wasted your time writing this article. Name one time Putin has backed down or one time that Obama ever stood up to an advisory. The old saying that a leopard can not change its spots rings true

  • Mondobeyondo

    Let’s play “Who Knows What They’re Doing”!
    (sorry, fans of “Jeopardy with Mondo”, I’m still working on that)

    Today’s contestants – Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

    Mr. Putin, or if you prefer, Czar Putin- do you know what you are doing?
    “Well yes, comrade. As a former senior KGB member* and president of Russia, I know exactly what I am doing.”

    President Obama, care to comment?
    “Putin is a madman. He doesn’t know what he is doing, nor does he know what he is doing. This man is CRAZY!”

    Putin: “Crazy like a fox!”

    Moderator: “Mr. Obama, you just made two contradictory, if not confusing, statements – Putin doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Does that make any sense to you? Because it makes absolutely no sense to me.”

    * – 100 percent true.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Is this the beginning of World War 3?
    No. It is NOT.
    Just a little dispute between a couple of hotheaded diplomats who, as usual, want their claims of land, territory, natural resources, and stuff such as. Right? Nope.
    It’s a bit deeper than that. Focus on the word “territory”.
    Most of the citizens of the Crimea consider themselves Russian. Most of the rest of Ukraine consider themselves Ukranian.
    Force by either side – Russian or Ukrainian – will not be received lightly. Same goes for outside interests (the E.U., the U.S.A., NATO, etc.)
    Stay tuned. Some Roman candles are about to go off…

  • Jaye

    How about Russia giving Ukraine 20 billion euro in exchange for Crimea? That’s the kind of money Ukraine desperately needs. It would be a pragmatic and helpful way to resolve an otherwise intransigent and highly dangerous international situation.

  • vinmakare

    There is a major difference between the buddies, Mr Obama
    with no real references and Mr Putin with a proven career even in KGB. My quiz: who has the experience?

    • FirstGarden

      Yest both are eminently qualified for totalitarian statism.

  • mikeymike61

    90% of americans cant spell crimea and 99% most likely could not even tell you what continent it is on, much less point out its general location on a map……..but we are gonna make a big deal about this?
    The child leader has finally gone up against someone who has the resources to back him down fast and hard.
    Putin is having the time of his life screwing with the child leader, this is why he came out of retirement to be Russian president again. The child leader’s immaturity shines through when he constantly runs his mouth and does not consider the consequences. He has had a major mouth problem from day one, remember the “beer summit”

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    Obama is just a Chicago “community organizer” racist thug.

  • GSOB

    America’s ability to honor it’s commitments is what’s at stake.

  • Henry James Garner

    The Kissinger said it all………you dumb goyim

    • sonofseawolf

      Lol dumb goy
      protect yourself at all times 14/5

  • 2Gary2

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says he isn’t
    worried about tea party-backed candidates challenging GOP
    incumbents in this year’s midterm elections. “I think we are going
    to crush them everywhere,” McConnell told the New York Times in an
    interview published Saturday. “I don’t think they are going to have
    a single nominee anywhere in the country.


    • Libsare Ajoke

      you are a teabagger. after all, don’t you libs suck other mens testicles? got it hoss?

      • FirstGarden

        Now, now, no need to get graphic there, ol buddy.

    • Libsare Ajoke

      squirm libs squirm, MAJOR REPUBLICAN ELECTORAL LANDSLIDE IN NOVEMBER, squirm libs squirm, got it hossfembot?

  • Libsare Ajoke

    squirm libs squirm, MAJOR REPUBLICAN ELECTORAL LANDSLIDE IN NOVEMBER, squirm libs squirm

    • FirstGarden

      Libs, I wouldn’t be so overconfident. They are a worthy opponent, so to speak. 🙂

  • Mondobeyondo

    The latest edition of “As The World Burns”….

    Crimea is supposed to have a referendum as to whether they will become part of Russia, or remain with Ukraine (yes, that rhymes! Duh!) Assuming the referendum is even held – expect the Crimean citizens to vote to join Russia.

    Obama and Co. will continue to say this is a violation of international law, that Crimea is a sovereign part of Ukraine, blah blah. The President will do nothing. All talk and no action, or as they say in Texas, “All hat and no cattle”. Why won’t he do anything? You’ve got 30 seconds to figure that one out.

    Right now, things are [somewhat] under control. But if either side decides to…umm, increase the testosterone a bit – the 4th of July may come a few months early. If you want fireworks, you may be about to get them.

    • FirstGarden

      “”As The World Burns”….” haha.

  • FirstGarden

    The world’s.

    David, karma is an interesting Sanskrit, Hindu word. It does get bandied about by a good many folks, including those who insist there is no God. The irony is that karma, as an impersonal law of cause & effect, has no innate intelligence of its own. Without an intelligent, governing oversight, karma as a concept is meaningless. In such a scenario, everything shifts from moral absolutes to an insistence of total relativism.
    Your thoughts?

    • David Chu

      I was trying to be metaphorically and rhetorical, not using “karma” in any spiritual or metaphysical sense. It is my way of saying, “Those who don’t learn from real history are damned to repeat it again and again”.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Beatles, “Across the Universe”

    Nothing’s gonna change your world?
    Your world’s already changing.
    Adapt, or die.

  • Sparrows456

    Eisenhower wasn’t tough enough with the soviets when they invaded Hungary. Nothing was done. Same with Nixon when the soviets invaded Czechoslovokia in 1968. Reagan didnt send in troops either when the soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1980. Guess what, there won’t be “US troops in western Ukraine” this time either, sorry to dissapoint those hoping for doomsday. Biggest crisis since the cuban missile crisis? Hardly, see 1983 Able Archer exercises, 1991 failed soviet coup, 1973 middle east war, kosovo, many more to count.

  • TalkRadio58

    KGB Agent vs Community Organizer. I can sleep like a Baby, yeah right!

  • ludmilla sejko

    All they have to do is let the people of Ukrainian hold the scheduled vote. If they don’t, they will just expose themselves as the invaders that they are. If either the means or the motives are proven undemocratic than that, obviously, trumps any international law.
    In the meantime, Ukrainians should be educated about world economy. They will know which side is more likely to butter their bread.

  • PabloKOh

    The death of paper money.

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