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Obama To Use BP Oil Spill As An Opportunity To Push His Economy Killing Climate Change Bill

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Never one to to allow a “good crisis” to go to waste, Barack Obama is pledging to use the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as an opportunity to push the U.S. Congress to pass his controversial climate bill.  In fact, during a recent interview Obama directly compared the current crisis in the Gulf to 9/11, and indicated that he believed that it would fundamentally change the way that we all look at energy issues from now on.  But the truth is that Obama’s climate bill is the same economy killing legislation that it was before the BP oil spill.  It would still drive gas and electricity prices through the roof, it would still cause large numbers of U.S. businesses to flee overseas, it would still be one of the biggest tax increases in U.S. history and it would still usher in an unprecedented era of climate fascism.  But now thanks to the BP oil spill there is suddenly a lot more momentum in Congress for doing something about energy and about “climate change”.

Of course the truth is that carbon dioxide is not causing climate change and high levels of carbon dioxide are actually very good for the environment, but reducing carbon emissions has almost become a religion for radical environmentalists, and Barack Obama is absolutely determined to push through his “cap and trade” carbon trading scheme.  In fact, just as 9/11 completely changed the war that Americans viewed the fight against terrorism, Barack Obama sees the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico fundamentally changing the way that Americans see energy issues.  During a recent interview, Obama told Politico columnist Roger Simon the following….

“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come.”

Not only that, but Obama considers it one of his greatest “leadership challenges” to make sure that we all “draw the right lessons” from the BP oil spill…. 

“One of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is going to be to make sure that we draw the right lessons from this disaster.”

So what are those “right lessons”?

Well, apparently what we are all supposed to get out of this disaster are the lessons that Obama has been trying to “teach” us all along – that carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes are good for us.

But Barack Obama is not the only one urging us to learn the “right lessons” from the BP oil spill.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Microsoft’s Bill Gates also linked the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with “climate change”.  Gates warned that if we don’t make the necessary changes soon that we will suffer severe consequences….

“We’ll have more crises like the oil spill and we’ll have the supply disruption. We’ll start to see more and more effects of the climate problem.”

But would the climate bill that Obama is pushing really save us from “climate change”?

Of course not.

But Barack Obama’s climate change bill would do the following things….

*It would drive gas and electricity prices through the roof.

*It would crush the already fragile U.S. economy by piling a bunch of new taxes and regulations on U.S. businesses.  Needless to say, large numbers of them would begin looking for greener pastures.

*It would increase worldwide pollution by forcing companies out of the U.S. and into nations that have no restrictions on pollution whatsoever.

*When you add up all of the overt and hidden taxes in the bill, it would represent one of the biggest tax increases in U.S. history.

*Since every action we take involves the production of carbon emissions (including every breath that we take), it would open the door for an era of tyrannical climate fascism where the U.S. government literally monitors every aspect of our lives to make sure that we are being “eco-friendly”.

But Barack Obama makes this climate bill sound like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  In fact, he continues to promise that the number of “green jobs” gained by this bill will far outweigh the number of other jobs lost.

But is this true?

Of course not.

In fact, other countries that have tried a “cap and trade” scheme have experienced disastrous results.  For example, a leaked internal assessment produced by the government of Spain reveals that the “green economy” there has been an absolute economic nightmare for that nation.  Energy prices have skyrocketed in Spain and the new “green economy” in that nation has actually lost more than two jobs for every job that it has created.

The unemployment rate in Spain is now hovering around 20 percent and the economy there is on the verge of complete and total collapse.  In fact, if the government of Spain does end up defaulting on their debts, it could make the financial crisis that has been unfolding in Greece look like a Sunday picnic.

It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that a climate bill like the one Spain implemented will devastate the U.S. economy.  But facts haven’t gotten in the way of Barack Obama pushing his agenda before, so why should they now?

However, it is not just Barack Obama that is pushing an agenda of trying to radically reduce carbon emissions.  All over the world, many of the global elite have joined forces with the radical environmentalists in an effort to “save the world” from the growing “threat” of carbon dioxide.

And since each person on this planet is a source of constant carbon emissions,  many of those who truly believe in this radical environmental agenda consider the rapidly growing population of the earth to be the number one cause of climate change.

You see, to those obsessed with “climate change”, just getting corporations around the globe to radically cut carbon emissions is not nearly going to be good enough.  The truth is that they know that in order to get carbon emissions down to where they want them to be, they are going to have to do something about the growing world population.

To them, in the “war against climate change” anyone who breathes is the enemy.  In fact, according to an official UN report, no human can ever truly be “carbon neutral”.

So please understand that for those obsessed with climate change, “carbon taxes” and “cap and trade” are just the beginning.  To truly achieve their goals, “one child policies” and “forced abortions” will also be necessary.

So if Barack Obama does get his climate bill pushed through Congress and it does kill the U.S. economy, that would only be a “first step” for those truly dedicated to the radical environmental agenda.  What they have planned down the road is a whole lot more horrific.

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  • I have news for you. The economy is already dead. Unless you are a millionaire, and then you are A OK.

    Why not have clean air to breath as we watch the mast of the USS Economy sink under the water?

    The free marketers had free reign and still managed to ruin everything. You can’t have it both ways. There must be some controls to keep the game from being rigged.

    Otherwise, the rich will live in their mansions on the hill while the formerly middle class are fighting for scraps in the valley below.

    Green Jobs? I’d take an orange job right now.
    Aimlow Joe was here.

  • bob

    Oil is here to stay. Nothing cheaper than oil, and with the massive oil fields, (as large or larger than Saudia Arabia) in Iraq coming online, no incentive to change. 1916, ads were out about the electric car, now almost a 100 years later, still no electric cars that are viable. If technology was there, if it was profitable, companies would be doing it without grants and govt handouts. This reminds me of the nuclear power option in Washington state. Hmm early 70’s they built 4 nuclear power plants there. Two went on line, only after the govt backed them, which cost the taxpayers millions. The others were mothballed, and cost 20+ million a year to monitor, for over 30 years now. Never were profitable, and now they’ve finally salvaged them and closed them down, or turned them into indusrtial parks, which arent enough to pay back what the consumer lost. OBAMA WAKE UP!!

  • You’re kidding? You’re a climate-change denier?

    How much evidence do you need? Will the increasingly likely extinction of our species do the trick for you?

  • Spencer

    Wow – you draw the most extreme lines I’ve ever seen. A single person’s carbon emissions pales to the nth degree in comparison to our cars and factories…yet you try to draw a line from cap-and-trade to forced abortions and one child policies.

    Further: surpopulation is a very real threat to our planet. Yet you make little of it by first saying only the ‘global elite’ think there’s a problem because there ‘are too many mouths to feed’ and that we’re a nuissance to them, next you bring up this ludicrous post.

    I agree Obama likes to spread fear to rally people to his cause…but you’re the EXACT same.

  • Randy

    “Of course the truth is that carbon dioxide is not causing climate change and high levels of carbon dioxide are actually very good for the environment”

    What part of college chemistry did you miss out on? Without enough CO2 the Earth would freeze and too much will result in tropical climate to the poles. That’s why there is oil up there in the Arctic from all the tropical plants and dinosaurs from long ago. If you don’t think too much CO2 is a problem, then try visiting Venus. The CO2 there resulted in a runaway greenhouse and a lifeless planet.

    While I agree with you that Obama’s climate bill could be economically devastating that doesn’t dismiss the reality of what too much CO2 will mean for those of us who are trying to farm and having to deal with increasingly crazy weather, which in the end will impact those of you who have to eat….

    Your work thus far has been very well reasoned, but this piece leaves me wondering…

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Anyone that read the Cap and Trade bill, or even read an article by someone credible who had- knows what a horrendous piece of legislative garbage it is. Just like Obamacare.

    I would gladly pay every congressman full time salaries to do absolutely nothing…just so they can’t screw up anything else.

    I honestly wish Obama would just quit and go away. Play golf full time. This dude has the reverse Midas touch, anything he touches turns to crap. That this guy accomplished virtually nothing on his own prior to his Barnum and Bailey swindling of a brain dead electorate is appalling. It’s going to take decades to get out from under his democratic marxist policies and european style socialism. Bet they try a VAT tax before it’s over.

  • lostinmissouri

    Not only is this an excuse to place “CRAP n TRADE”,
    but it is an excuse to eventually take over our oil industry. Obama and his Bankster thugs have already taken over America’s auto industry, health industry, insurance industry, finance industry, and are now eyeing the oil industry.

    Man made climate change is as stupid as stupid gets! One Volcano can change the climate, in one day, more than mankind, has in it’s entire history. It has never been about protecting the climate. It’s about taxing and power.

    While some here are obviously products of American public education system, I for one, whole heartedly agree with your last paragraph:

    “So if Barack Obama does get his climate bill pushed through Congress and it does kill the U.S. economy, that would only be a “first step” for those truly dedicated to the radical environmental agenda. What they have planned down the road is a whole lot more horrific.”

    Think about this, if it wasn’t for the environmental nazis, Bp would be drilling on dry land, not in mile deep waters.

    Our forefathers at least had the advantage of moving away from the idiots of their days. Today, you and I are stuck with this “progressive disease” that is infecting all the common sense of the world.
    just venting…simply MHO

  • Marc

    @Spencer I agree that this site does use fear to rally for a cause. However, that being said, I hope you realize that he is right about the carbon stuff. People do create a large portion of the carbon from man and man made sources. Also, volcanoes and other natural sources of carbon totally dominate any statistic. The problem isn’t carbon, the problem is pollution (they are trying to distract the issue). Carbon IS good for nature and it is needed. The reason they want the carbon cap and trade to to create another market place to profit from, not to reduce carbon.

    @anyone who thinks we are killing the environment. Yes we are, but its nothing this planet cant deal with, we ARE however killing ourselves, not with carbon but with persistent chemicals and toxins. Just look at the oil spill, there are naturally occurring bacteria that eat oil, and if there wasn’t any in that area, there soon will be as bacteria adapt quickly. However, spraying chemicals that kill cells (has been reported to bust cells of fish) will prevent a mass of bacteria to evolve into an oil eating bacteria. So again, the problem isn’t the oil as nature will eventually deal with it, the problem is humans thinking they can do better then the environment can. Nature can deal with anything natural like carbon, its the unnatural stuff that it hasn’t learned to deal with yet.

  • ParLay

    This is very ironic because govt regulations and the ‘green’ legislation is what pushed oil rigs to drill in deep water. Its very expensive to drill a well in 5,000 ft of water versus in Alaska but all the environmentalist have shut off these easy to reach oil fields. This is something out of a Greek Tragedy! Now when there is finally a major problem, these same environmentalists which forced BP and others to drill in 5,000 ft of water get to stand up and beat on their chest telling everyone the evils of oil.

    Yes, I agree with everyone that says we need to find better energy than oil and stop emitting green house gases. Wasn’t that why the DOE (Dept of Energy) was created 30+ years ago and what have they done other than drain the U.S. Coffers?

    Anyway lots of blame to go around here but this oil spill has just destroyed $200+ billion worth of our economy. And created an environmental disaster of biblical proportions. If the environmentalists would not have FORCED the oil production into deep waters this would not have happened.

  • sanityjones

    If Climate Change is truly imperative for the survival of mankind then why the Hell is so much money going to be made by so effing few? 99% of this has been proven to be a fabrication of greedy imaginations, and the money trail clearly shows just who stands to gain through all of these measures. Do people honestly think that Joe consumer is to blame for fossil fuel dependency? LOL.

  • Belle

    Hmmm, I won’t fault you for suggesting the model of government we’re looking at most closely resembles Communist China (the one child and forced abortions). You’d probably take less heat for just making the case that Obama’s policies involve a transfer of wealth and power to those who already have too much of both. The response of cap and trade to BP is going to be another incredible nonsequitur by a president already giving W a run for Worst President Ever.

  • Save the Republic

    I can’t believe there is still anyone on this blog (or anywhere else for that matter) that is still buying into the “climate change/global warming” nonsense. The climate is impacted by so many variables, many of which are constantly changing. How can you believe these environmental speculators (scientists?) when they have never actually observed the creation or demise of a planetary environment any more than you have? Stop letting the people on your TV program you with their version of “facts”, open your mind, observe, study, use some logic, draw your own conclusions. Yes, pollution is bad, and we should try to prevent it as much as possible. Speaking of pollution, how about the pollution that the government allows “food” manufacturers to put in our food? There’s something to really be mad about. If the chemicals in the food were dumped in our environment, there would probably be outrage, but put it in the food and eat it, you’ll be fine.

  • MrPotato

    wow the writer of this blog is very american, doesn’t matter how educated the person gets it’s always deep-rooted in him that the worlds biggest injustice is if he can’t afford to drive his 4×4 and have his house on full AC during summer and full central-heating on winter, with a couple of windows open of course..

    “It would drive gas and electricity prices through the roof.” < that's good! you can't convince a stupid american to do the right thing, the only solution is to put the price through the roof, money is all that matters to most Americans.

  • It will be very interesting to see what Barry says tonight on the topic…in a few minutes actually.

    More power, more taxes, less biz…thats for sure.

  • has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation: and pass this along to as many people as you know.

    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.

  • Michael R

    First off, new to this site and love it. Keep up the good work. I like your approach to economic issues — evidence-based, methodical, free of politics.

    On this particular post, though, I think you marked your political territory a little too clearly and, in the process, missed the mark. While I agree that Obama is being very opportunistic in taking advantage of the Gulf disaster to push his “green” agenda, I have to side with the president when he says the US needs to reduce (if not cut entirely) its dependence on oil — not only to make ourselves independent of foreign countries that may not have our best interests in mind but also corporations. If it takes a disaster to push us in that direction so be it. Our country’s insatiable hunger for oil is the reason why a company like BP decided to install a barely profitable rig offshore in the first place, why they cut corners to squeeze every last dime out of that project, and ultimately why we have this horrible disaster now on our hands. Say what you will about carbon being good for the environment (which, I have to admit, is an amusing delusion), but our dependence on hydrocarbons is ultimately what is unsustainable, and if we don’t make a decision to change our lifestyles soon, someone (or thing) will make it for us.

    Thanks, and once again, keep up the good work.

  • Al

    People wake up ! Yes, indeed it was yet another false flag operation. This one not directly killing Americans, but nonetheless he will try to make the case for his “Cap and trade bill”. You must realize that Mr. Obama does not work for us(we the American public), he answers to the “Managing Board of Directors” like any large company. Who are these board members, well Goldman Sach, JPMorgan Chase, London etc. We cannot allow this cap and trade bill to become law. If it does, it will be over for all of us.

  • Obama Schmama. His name’s Soetoro. Barry Soetoro.

    Full title: Usurper President Barry Soetoro.

    There now, isn’t that better? Nice little ring to it, yes?

    I thought you’d agree.

    Now that you’re in a fun mood check this out…

    You’ll laugh all the way to your grave.

  • kevin

    Here is a 2005 internal BP document that shows how invested they are in Cap & Trade and the plan for a carbon currency…

  • kevin


    The free market did not fail us, the government who set ridiculous rules and regulations failed us. Did banks fail us by giving loans to people who couldnt pay them back, or was it the government’s fault for REQUIRING banks under the Community Investment Act to loan to unqualififed borrowers? Did BP drill in 1000 feet of water because they wanted to, or was it the governemnt’s fault for prohibiting drilling on land in places like Alaska where we could have capped the leak in a week? Big governemnt is the problem, not the free market. The market hasnt been free since FDR, our worst president in history.

  • Bleh

    What purpose will it serve to enact Obama’s Cap and Trade?
    It will empower a few and them richer. It will crush the lower and middle class people literally.
    How does sending the cost of non-polluting electricity sources through the roof help the environment? Generating Electricity from say an existing Hydro Plant, does not in any way generate Carbon.. Total Fail.
    Personally I think it is just a ploy to make massive money for a brief period while killing a few million people. We all know this will crush any Economy we have left and any hopes of an economic recovery. We all know this will send Cost of Living through the roof and cause even more un-employment. Businesses will not operate at a loss; they will either close up or raise their prices.

    It will cause starvation of the lower and middle classes as cost of food will necessarily skyrocket. You cannot increase costs in electricity and shipping and not have a similar increase in the cost of food or any store bought product for that matter.
    So the esteemed Cap and Trade Legislation will:
    Increase the cost of Energy
    Increase the Cost of Shipping
    Increase the Cost of Commuting
    Hell, it will Increase the Cost of just about everything including your Food via trickledown effect.
    Middle Class and Lower Class people, please do not expect to eat once all the additional cost is handed down to the consumer. Well I Hope you have a garden and your own seeds. City folk are doomed, how are they going to pay for heat, food and water?

    Yea this is the best legislation/Idea ever.

    If you want to crush an economy, decrease the population and empower the few over the many and deforest a good portion of the country (For heat and Cooking) this is an excellent idea.

  • I believe obama has done the very best anyone could really do with all of our current problems, especially the economy. He just announced you can still find problems in the housing market (like we didn’t know that). I am hoping the guy can get us out of this economic slump.

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