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Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy

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American Flag Painting - Public DomainIs Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?  On Sunday, we learned that Obama is imposing a nationwide 32 percent carbon dioxide emission reduction from 2005 levels by the year 2030.  When it was first proposed last year, Obama’s plan called for a 30 percent reduction, but the final version is even more dramatic.  The Obama administration admits that this is going to cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year and that electricity rates for many Americans are going to rise substantially.  And what Obama is not telling us is that this plan is going to kill what is left of our coal industry and will destroy countless numbers of American jobs.  The Republicans in Congress hate this plan, state governments across the country hate this plan, and thousands of business owners hate this plan.  But since Barack Obama has decided that this is a good idea, he is imposing it on all of us anyway.

So how can Obama get away with doing this without congressional approval?

Well, he is using the “regulatory power” of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Congress is increasingly becoming irrelevant as federal agencies issue thousands of new rules and regulations each and every year.  The IRS, for example, issues countless numbers of new rules and regulations each year without every consulting Congress.  Government bureaucracy has spun wildly out of control, and most Americans don’t even realize what is happening.

In the last 15 days of 2014 alone, 1,200 new government regulations were published.  We are literally being strangled with red tape, and it has gotten worse year after year no matter which political party has been in power.

These new greenhouse gas regulations are terrible.  The following is a summary of what Obama is now imposing on the entire country

Last year, the Obama administration proposed the first greenhouse gas limits on existing power plants in U.S. history, triggering a yearlong review and 4 million public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency. In a video posted to Facebook, Obama said he would announce the final rule at a White House event on Monday, calling it the biggest step the U.S. has ever taken on climate change.

The final version imposes stricter carbon dioxide limits on states than was previously expected: a 32 percent cut by 2030, compared to 2005 levels, senior administration officials said. Obama’s proposed version last year called only for a 30 percent cut.

In America today, the burning of coal produces approximately 40 percent of the electrical power used by Americans each year.

So what is this going to do to our electricity bills?

You guessed it – at this point even the Obama administration is admitting that they are going to go up.  The following comes from Fox News

The Obama administration previously predicted emissions limits will cost up to $8.8 billion annually by 2030, though it says those costs will be far outweighed by health savings from fewer asthma attacks and other benefits. The actual price is unknown until states decide how they’ll reach their targets, but the administration has projected the rule would raise electricity prices about 4.9 percent by 2020 and prompt coal-fired power plants to close.

In the works for years, the power plant rule forms the cornerstone of Obama’s plan to curb U.S. emissions and keep global temperatures from climbing, and its success is pivotal to the legacy Obama hopes to leave on climate change. Never before has the U.S. sought to restrict carbon dioxide from existing power plants.

And we must keep in mind that government projections are always way too optimistic.  The real numbers would almost surely turn out to be far, far worse than this.

In addition, these new regulations are going to complete Barack Obama’s goal of destroying our coal industry.  In a previous article, I included an excerpt from a recent news article about how some of the largest coal producers in America have just announced that they are declaring bankruptcy

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the biggest American producer of coking coal, Alpha Natural Resources, could file for bankruptcy as soon as Monday.

Competitor Walter Energy filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, and several others have done the same this year.

Barack Obama has actually done something that he promised to do.

He promised to kill the coal industry, and he is well on the way to accomplishing that goal.

Of course Hillary Clinton thinks that this is a splendid idea.  She called Obama’s plan “the floor, not the ceiling”, and she is pledging to do even more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The following comes from the Washington Post

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged Sunday that if elected she will build on a new White House clean-energy program and defend it against those she called “Republican doubters and defeatists.”

Clinton was the first 2016 candidate to respond to the ambitious plan that President Obama will debut on Monday. Details of the program, which aims to cut greenhouse-gas pollution, were released over the weekend. The new regulation will require every state to reduce emissions from coal-burning power plants.

And you know what?

The climate control freaks will never be satisfied.  Since just about all human activity affects the climate in some way, they will eventually demand control over virtually everything that we do in the name of “saving the planet”.  That is why I call it “climate fascism” – in the end it is all about control.

During the month of September, the Pope is going to travel to the United Nations to give a major speech to kick off the conference at which the UN’s new sustainable development agenda will be launched.  As I have documented previously, this new agenda does not just cover greenhouse gas emissions and the environment.  It also addresses areas such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  It has been called “Agenda 21 on steroids”, and it is basically a blueprint for governing the entire planet.

Unfortunately, that is ultimately what the elite want.

They want to micromanage the lives of every, man, woman and child on the globe.

They will tell us that unless people everywhere are forced to reduce their “carbon footprints” that climate catastrophe is absolutely certain, but their “solutions” always mean more power and more control in their hands.

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he is doing it in hundreds of different ways.  These new greenhouse gas regulations are just one example.  Our nation is being gutted like a fish, and most Americans don’t seem to care.

What in the world will it take for this country to finally wake up?

  • Marco

    I mean the other option is to continue burning coal until temperature rise to the point where earth is no longer inhabitable. So something’s gotta be done… Unless of course you don’t believe in climate change.

    • Drowning in Debt

      Climate change is a hoax. The debate was settled a long time ago. In fact their was an article recently published that the Earth will enter a mini-ice age by 2030.

      • Marco

        Cool story bro.

    • Syrin

      Wow, another religious devotee to the false god of global warming.

      Explain the following:
      -why did we record the coldest temp ever on earth last year
      -why has the arctic ice mass incerased over 30%
      -why does the ice no longer EVER melt on the Great Lakes massively disrupting shipping routes
      -why did we record the coldest temp ever in the northern hemispehere two years ago
      -why did we break over 160,000 tempertaures for record cold in the US alone last year
      -why did it snow on the SPhinx for the first time in over a decade
      -why did it snow massively in MT and WY just last week
      -why are global ocean temps dropping

      I could go on for literally pages. D’bags like you get frost bite at global frauding rallies, and call us stupid

      • Leo News

        But the point is not JUST ice & temperatures! Don’t you think that instead of spending billions (maybe trillions) of dollars on Arms & ammunitions, sending rockets to other planets, etc., etc., the money can be spend to save this EXISTING beautiful planet instead???

      • Marco

        Lmao calm ‘er down there bud. You mad bro? You seem mad. If you’re looking for an argument you won’t find one from me. I see no point in trying to convince idiots like you of anything. You are your own god.

        • takertaker

          …aaaaaand you didn’t even attempt to refute him. Can’t say I’m surprised.

          At least you know that you’re only good at posting weak propaganda talking points, amiright?

          • Marco

            Why bother to argue with the illogical. When I see a post worthy of my considered opinion, I will comment appropriately. When it’s utter drivel, this is what you get.

        • Syrin

          Of course not because NONE of the actual data is on your side “bro”. Meanwhile the Fuhrer is going to shut down all coal production and decimate this nation. WHo wouldn’t be mad, “bro”? Maybe is you spent less time lighting up at Whiz Kalifa concerts, you could start to see the reality surrounding you “bro”. Time to stop playing in the kiddy pool and drinking your own urine. Grown up problems are coming your way, and make believing in the global warming boogey man while getting treated for frost bite won’t help ANYTHING “bro”.

          • Priszilla

            The countries with the biggest population growth rate are still Tanzania, Somalia and the US.

      • Priszilla

        If it’s getting colder, it might be a good idea to insulate the house to save fuel costs.

        • Orange Jean

          Don’t know about where you’re living Priz, but in the US I’d venture to guess that almost all housing is insulated… some way or another. Of course some types of insulation are better than others.

          Even in the 1700s we used insulation. In the 50s in my childhood home in Massachusetts I remember my dad removing the old slate and daub (I think that’s what it was called) insulation so he could put in fiberglass. That house was built sometime in the 1700s, originally was a blacksmith shop.

          In the 50-60s fiberglass was the most common type of insulation, but sometime in the 70s (during the last “energy crisis”) a lot of people changed it to “foam in” that was supposed to be more energy efficient. Don’t know for sure what type of insulation is being used more now.

          • Priszilla

            To compare quality of insulation do you mind telling me how much energy do you need to heat your house? In kWh per square meter and year?

      • sharonsj

        Well, the arctic ice mass increased shallowly, meaning it just looked like it expanded but all the ice under the water was gone. So it actually decreased. Or is that too much science for your tiny brain to grasp?

        We had a bad winter in the U.S.–but the rest of the globe had a heat wave and no winter. And someone who did the research found that there were exactly the same number of highs and lows for 2014. I guess you don’t understand that the U.S. is part of a entire planet or that global warming means we’ll see extremes in climate?

        And me going on for pages with actual facts won’t mean nothing to the terminally stupid.

        • LOL

          “but the rest of the globe had a heat wave and no Winter.”

          Strong is the Stupid in this one, breed he must not!

      • Hal Magruder

        All of the “talking points” you’ve listed as evidence of the lack of anthropogenic climate disruption have been easily refuted in peer reviewed, scientific journals (“actual science”). You clearly don’t understand the difference between “climate”, which is local, and global warming, which is global.

        This blog supports improved economic activity in this country (USA). Re-directing military expenditures from wasteful weapons programs and unnecessary overseas excursions to domestic spending on energy efficiency improvements and alternative energy development will irrefutably generate greater economic activity than what currently results from those tax expenditures on military spending. This is WELL documented in several peer reviewed, professional journals.

        You can choose to live in your fantasy work and call people “D’bags”. Or you can face reality and deal with it in and adult manner. It’s your choice.

    • TtT Engine

      Complete Junk Science. Remember these same people said we would be experiencing an ice age right now and that the world was running out of crude oil. It is secular fascism and has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with NWO domination and control. These NWO people are power hungry dictators that are pushing NWO fast and furious. PF I gives lip service to the infanticide and gender destruction. Pope FI is partnering with the left red devils and showing serious signs of being a modern day Judas Iscariot. Christi Fidelis !

    • afchief

      Stop farting!

    • Marco

      Wait a second… You mean to tell me the viewers of this blog don’t believe in any sort of climate change? No way!!

      • Avner

        Climate changes four times roughly the same time each year. That bright object in the sky though has nothing to do with it. Al Gore and Bill Gates said so.

        I know Al Gore can use my money better than me, so I’m going to give him money to power his magic carpet. You know, because he doesn’t fly around in jumbo jets that dump fuel all over the place. Or have multiple mansions and waste electricity. Not at all.

        In fact, “for the earth” I’m going to shut off my running water and electricity and just pitch a teepee so you know, it’s for the earth. Of course… then the government you love wouldn’t get any tax money if I went off the grid like that, now would they?

        Can you guys just admit that TPTB are lying about climate disruption (Yes that is what you people call it this week) just to tax people so you can give the money to illegals and launder it offshore?

    • alan

      I believe in solar output variations, and long periods of volcanic activity.

    • Priszilla

      You don’t need to believe in climate change to reduce costs by investing. It’s just healthy business sense: spend a few hundred now to insulate your house and save a few hundred this winter and next winter and the next etc for heating fuel. And in all the summers to come for cooling.

      it’s a market thing. The first on the market offering efficient technology, like 80mpg cars, will be able to demand the highest price.

    • Avner

      Shut off the coal plants in China, India, and Mexico first. Those are dirtier than any plant here, and even 50’s era plants here weren’t as dirty as those.

      Do you know how sophisticated the scrubbers are in coal plants? You get almost nothing.

      Ok, I’ll play along though. Lets go all nuclear. Nuclear is the most effective way of generating electricity by far. The cheapest. The most efficent. Oh wait… what to do with the fuel rods.. well.. you libs do want stuff for free.. free glow in the dark toys! LOL…….

    • jakartaman

      It is pure hubris to think man has cause Global warming” it is utter stupidity to thing man could fix it even if the earth was warming! One hiccup from a volcano is equal to all mans emissions! We are NOT in control!

      • Marco

        You only seek information that confirms your pre-conceived notions and you disregard all others. Please, continue to stay brainwashed.

    • Quetzol-43

      Cool story, bro.

      s6.postimg. or g/bzbh7v09t/ice. p ng

      • Marco

        I don’t understand the question and I refuse to respond to it. Cool story, bro.

    • Maple Curtain

      Whatever, Chicken Little. You are ignorant of science but easily manipulated by charlatans lying about statistics using computer models. The sky is not falling and CO2 is not a bad thing, but you are a coward who is easily played by propagandists.

      • Marco

        Why don’t you continue your misogyny elsewhere, small-minded one

        • Maple Curtain

          Misogyny? Naw, realist.

          Thinking scares you, doesn’t it, grasshopper?

          Well, you can always ban opinions that you don’t like because it threatens your emotional equilibrium.

          I understand: anyone who disagrees with little Marco should shut up!

          Ain’t gonna happen, Snowflake.

          • Marco

            Oh look, it’s using grown up words. Now time to go put on your big girl panties and spew your nonsense at a women’s rights demonstration. Hope you get curb stomped.

    • Jerry C


    • John Schmidt

      Are the Chinese also cutting down on the usage of coal? I …. don’t think so.

      • Marco

        Oh well then let’s just all follow in the footsteps of the Chinese. While we are at it, let’s bring in forced labour camps, stock market manipulation, censored Internet etc

    • LOL

      I mean the other option is to continue burning coal until temperature rise to the point where earth is no longer inhabitable.”

      Dear Lord please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over the internet, amen!

      • LOL

        I forgot to say, if I had that ability I would punch myself for being such an idiot.

      • Marco

        Dear lord, please grant me the ability to curb stomp idiots like you in real life. Amen.

  • K

    Is Obama trying to destroy the economy? Yes. Will the Congress sit on their hands and let him? Yes. Will the majority of American citizens support this unnecessary nonsense? Yes. What will it take to wake this Country up? For most it can not be done. They prefer the fantasy they live in. After all reality, and truth are scary, as far as they are concerned.

    • Syrin

      FEMA camps, world war, and genocide. All of the above are coming. Time to purge this nation of the s’heads allowing this garbage to happen.

      • leebo

        So you are in favor of war genocide and FEMA camps….the truth is overpopulation is a problem and there is no easy solution. Hard to educate 7 billion people. That is 7 billion people living in their own world trying to synchronize with their surroundings. I’m gonna let God handle this one and do my best to survive. Literally nothing we can do now but watch and improvise

        • Syrin

          Hey f’head, stop ascribing things to me that I did not say. In favor of those? Of course not. Are they coming regardless? YES. My god, you f’heads lack any critical reading or thinking skills which is why we are in the mess we are in right now.

          By the way, the Jews let God handle the situation in Germany in the 1930’s. How did that work out. The Russians let God handle things back in the 1930’s. How did that work out. Maybe if you stopped being a pacifist f’head praying for divine intervention that NEVER seems to come, perhaps you could actually do something productive so your kids won’t see you as the giant puss you apparently are.

          • leebo

            Divine intervention is all around you, it astounds me no one seems to think evil or death is plays a major part in balancing life. I did not intend to say you are actually for those things. You never gave a solution and those are the current ones. WW2 was terrible but also led to our current way of life. Tradedy must happen unfortunately

          • People

            So much love here.

          • Rick

            Pretty good reply. All people can do these days is regurgitate what the neutered MSM spouts to them. The world is overpopulated, there’s too many people… There’s not enough food, so we should kill 6 billion. There’s gobal warming… We’re too overpopulated, were killing the planet.
            What most pea brains fail to realize is that the world’s population would all fit into the city limits of Jacksonville, FL. Not saying it would be comfortable, but hopefully it will give you the proper perspective of just how much space we have on this planet. The planet will be fine and the people will be fine just as soon as we remove the world leaders from their dictatorial throws, including our POTUS, SCOTUS, and Congress!

      • Quetzol-43

        1 ) The Purge: Anarchy
        2 ) History of south american dictatorships.

    • John Gundersen

      I’m afraid you’re right! – mundus vult decipi…

    • LOL

      Will the GOP keep enabling such policies? Yes.
      Will they complain afterward about how bad these polices are to get votes? Yes.

  • Syrin

    Actual science shows we are entering a period of global cooling. Not only will this have no effect on the environment, they can’t even figure out which direction the temperatures are heading.

    • indy14rtc

      If you toss garbage out your car window, most people on this comment thread would agree that is pollution and not a good thing to do. But if you belch out carbon into the atmosphere, you don’t think it’s pollution. I’m no fan of Obama or Liberals, but the conservative & Libertarian camps need to get out of their tribal thinking and realize that it is not a good thing to dump carbon into the atmosphere and the sea. Open your mind and understand that atmospheric carbon is rising far faster than natural variation and that is not a good thing.

      • kimsarah

        Good point. We may be helpless to deal with natural cycles of warming and cooling, but at least we can make a dent by addressing manmade sources of pollution. Certainly, the Koch Sisters and their puppet candidates must understand this.

      • Nemnor


    • mousam

      We SHOULD be entering a cooling period, yet the climate is heating up. Funny that. What could be the cause. Hmmmm . . . .

    • kimsarah

      Tell that to the polar bears who are running out of ice sheets to walk on.

      • Nemnor


  • JailBanksters

    If you asked the average people on the street, I would think most of them are totally oblivious to the Fascism and Soialism that is happening right under their very nose. As long as they get paid and can afford their daily fast food fix, they wouldn’t see a problem or even care. It’s only a problem if it’s pointed out to them, and the main stream media is doing everything they can to supress what’s really going on.

    • Leo News
      • pulltheweeds

        it never was

        • Nemnor


          In fact, there can NEVER be any genuine and grass-root democracy in ANY Capitalist economic system (and this includes State/Collective Capitalist systems like that of China, and former USSR).

          There might be (parliamentary/congressional) “Elections”, which is used to give the SEMBLANCE of democracy.

    • Alan

      whatever the issue or article is about……it will go away. tptb can “fraud away” any issue forever. then all the bloggers like Michael will keep pushing things back 3-6 months. November will be 3-6 months. watch out for jan 15th!! this has been going on forever.
      ok good day all!
      and p.s i do like Michaels articles!
      i also want reset but think it would have been here if it was comning

      • People

        I bet Alwaystomorrow would agree! 🙂

        • gfmucci

          No doubt. Another victim of the “normalcy bias” – things will always be rosy.

      • Nemnor

        Alan, what you really mean is that you WISH they can always “fraud away” any issue forever. (right?)

    • Avner

      They aren’t oblivious. They embrace it, they know full well what’s going on, and their mentality is that if they don’t go along they will “get in trouble” or they won’t have their idle thoughts and creature comforts. Anyone who receives money from the system is the biggest threat. That includes people on social security. They aren’t going to help you, or rock the boat.

      • Avner

        I should not have said that about people on social security.

        • Randall Trout

          For what it is worth, I understand what you are trying to say. Most elderly people are scared and alone without many options.

          • Nemnor


            And often, many of these elderly people, in their younger day, had been living a life of constant insecurity, as they lived from paycheck to paycheck in this decadent Capitalist economic system.

            They are really very “tired” indeed and only wish to spend their “last days” with all the comfort/security they can get.

    • IsaacLHawk


    • Rick

      I would say that even when pointed out to them, most people will just crack another beer and blurt, “that’s too bad.” Then they will continue to play in their own soiled diaper world’s until it hits them directly. They might start the morning yawning process of waking up if something hits them directly between the eyes. But personally, I think the tranquilizer given to the American people is a very very powerful one crafted by satan himself, one whose effect won’t be interrupted at this point until Christ returns. And for the people who have opted in for this tranquilizer, even then for most, it will be too late for their eternal souls.

      • Daddyotis

        Well said, Rick. Spot on!

        • Nemnor

          NOT at all, ‘JailBanksters’ and ‘Rick’ are NOT in tune with reality.

          First of all, the economy of the USA is more accurately labeled as a form of “State”/(selective)free market” Capitalism. What ‘JailBanksters’ erroneously labeled as “socialism”, is really a form of decadent Capitalism.

          Secondly, while “evil” does indeed exists, there is NO (supernatural) personification of “evil” in the form of a “Satan” – as ‘Rick’ seems to imply. Satan (or the Devil) – as an entity, is simply a (fantastic) creation of the various established religions, and ‘Satan’ is no more real than , say, ‘Loki’ (of “Asgard”).

          • Daddyotis

            Better get back on yr meds, Smoochie…

          • Peter

            Capitalism died a hundred years ago, around 1917. What we have today could only be described as corporate fascism.

          • Nemnor

            Peter, what you label as – “corporate fascism”, is still Capitalism in one of it’s decadent forms. The US economy is still MAINLY a Capitalist economy – because the means of production and distribution of goods and services are, by enlarge, privately or corporately owned for the primary end-purpose of producing profits. (right?)

          • Peter

            Wrong…Fascism is simply a union between business and government. It’s usually held by a dictator, but not always, as Hitler was democratically elected. Ford, even had factories in Germany until the end of the war. These businesses could not exist without government support. This fly’s in the face of how free markets or “Capitalism”,are suppose to work.

          • ducrider900

            I’m thinking what the US is headed rapidly toward, can best be described as a “fascistic oligarchy”…a socio-economic system in which a small group (read NWO and corporate senior executives) dictates to the “government” what policies should be, and the government controls private industry and ever increasingly restricts personal liberties. The reason for the recent alarm, is that more and more individuals are perceiving that the US is progressing toward this endgame, at an accelerating pace.

      • Endgame

        Fictional characters DON’T RETURN, unless there is a book sequel.

        • Rick

          You’re belief system is a little goofy!

        • El mico

          Top answer.

        • Piff

          Sadly, Endgame, El mico, Rick and others that deny Jesus the Christ as Lord will someday, with tears and regret, bow your knee to his Kingship.

          The Bible says, “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.”

          Fortunately there is still time to see the truth and run to Him. The Bible also says “God is willing that none should perish but that all would come to repentance.”

      • LaurenRFrantz

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      • freewheelinfranklin543

        Wait til their bellies are slack. That will get there attention!

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    • energizedmortal

      And if certain people in power learned that you some how found out what is really going on, and that you may try to do something about it, you may go missing. But we must die for what we believe in.

    • whatashame

      Since most people reading this blog are probably not who you refer to, and most people here are aware of the fascism and socialism that is happening, I find it scary just how rude and aggressively the communication is here. (Not you JailBanksters)

      Many can not express their point without name calling and being rude. Amazing how threatened many get when someone differs with their opinion.

      Ya, I want to be in your group if SHTF. If I disagree with you, I will be your next meal.

      • JailBanksters

        I have relatives and friends and if it’s not on TV it’s not news or important.
        They only use the Internet for email, youtube and just general browsing. They never trust any online news service because they”re full of conspiracy nutters, hackers and don’t know if it’s real or fake. In short, they don’t trust anything they see or hear on the Internet, but will trust TV 100%. And people that interact in forums it’s the exact opposite, well maybe not quite.

      • An

        Not opinion, “climate fascism” is an oxymoron. Blaming Obama or his administration is silly too. Not because I think so, because it infers some other administration would do better. None of all two parties or even the third ones will amount to anything better because they operate under the same perverted fundamentals. You think an economy is something without an ecology or environment, eat money… Or the currency that’s replaced it, sure as hell isn’t good behaviour.

    • old fart

      As long as the sheeple have batteries for their hand held phones and games and Foot Ball is being telecast along with Basket Ball they do not care what the fearless leaders do, If and when they awake one morning and find them gone the reaction will be burn towns and blame whitey for their failures.

    • Quetzol-43

      Enslaving the productive to the unproductive, feeding parasites to breed more parasites is not fascism or socialism, it is the hallmark of democratic democracy.

    • Inigo Montoya

      Socialism, you keep using that word.

      I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • JailBanksters

        DEFINITION of ‘Privatizing Profits And Socializing Losses

        A phrase describing how businesses and individuals can
        successfully benefit from any and all profits related to their line of
        business, but avoid losses by having those losses paid for by society. Privatizing profits and socializing losses suggests that when large losses occur for speculators or businesses, they are able to successfully lobby government for aide rather than face the consequences of said losses.

  • marc

    Unless china changes and other countries this is all moot and another step for the NewWorld Order

    • Priszilla

      China is already changing. They still use only a tenth of the energy Americans use per person, but they are catching up.

  • Maple Curtain

    The West can’t “wake up.” Women have the vote. Women are putty in the hands of the propagandists. Until near-total societal collapse and much blood in the streets, the waking-up can’t begin because women see government and “order” as providing them with security (not to mention that they are so bloody ignorant that they believe the man-made global warming scam). Only when it becomes evident that societal collapse is imminent will women’s perceptions change.

    • Evesinnedfirst

      Goes back to Eve

    • Ponziconomy

      Women are the bane of humanity….only good for sex and raising kids. Thats it. If you have a keeper, consider yourself Blessed.

      • jakartaman

        Once their feet hit the floor in the morning they are useless!

        • Ponziconomy


          • leebo

            I knew I recognized you from somewhere

      • People

        This woulg be a good saying for a mothers day card for YOU to give on Mothers Day.

    • Slickblackiewhitegoldchain

      Trump doesn’t have the female vote because women don’t like the truth. They want a good looking smooth talker like Obaama to sweep them off their feet and then later they can eat gravel

    • WM

      Also pull heartstrings and convince them it’s for the good of children or make it about us vs. them. I too think it’s a lot easier to sell tyranny to women, in general. Get the women and you have the children, so follow the men. I say ‘in general’ because not all women are like this, many are more awake and more active than most men. I don’t think women’s perceptions (in general) will change perceptions until it’s too late. During the collapse there will likely be a lot of rapes, prostitution for food, men being sent out to get food by any means, and submission to government and emergency camps when things get desperate and the kids are starving.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Now don’t go blaming the ladies for the mess the country is in. Remember Congress and the Administration is still predominately male. As for the female vote; it’s true that 67% of single women voted for Obama, and I’m afraid it was for reasons as weak as the one offered by a young coworker of mine: “I want to keep the right to get an abortion”. But most married women voted for Romney.

      • Quetzol-43

        Did women vote got Britain and the USA involved in WW1?

        You are dealing with someone who obviously don´t know that much about history.

      • Maple Curtain

        The fact that the smooth-talkers are male is part of the point I’m making. All politics is aimed at the wants of women (whether they be soccer moms or single sluts and baby-killers) and men are ignored. The kind of man who is in the White House, who runs for the White House, and who is in Congress, is a snake-oil salesman who can manipulate the emotions of the female voter.

        Republican or Democrat? Who cares? It’s a false dichotomy. They, like in all Western nations, all retail the same politics. Republicans only lean towards the private moneyed classes in their front men. The Dems are smoother – their private moneyed classes stay in the shadows and let the radicals front the show.

        The decline of the West is a moral and cultural and intellectual decline that began before women got the vote, but that has accelerated astronomically since.

        • LOL

          How fedorable! You are no different from feminist supremacists blaming the world’s problems on men, someone else must be blamed, before anyone thinks of blaming you.

          hipiseverything.files.wordpress. c o m/2013/10/paul-elam_thumb. p ng?

          Same motivations for being mad at the other gender too.

    • Quetzol-43

      Oups, another Nice Guy™ angry women only dates a***holes instead of guys like him.

      Women couldn´t even vote in the 1912 elections, you are just as good at history as getting a girlfriend, lol!

    • mousam

      Cool. Misogyny too.

  • KB

    Yet another excellent article, Michael. We appreciate your work very much.
    It really is stunning that there are people that do not see the truth about what is taking place. My husband and I have done our best to warn friends and family about what is coming. They simply would rather live in denial or ignorance than know the truth. It is very SAD that so many are rejecting truth!
    The Bible warns us that people will see and hear, but not understand.
    2 Timothy 3:1-9; 2 Corinthians 4:4; John 9:39; Isaiah 43:8, and many more.

    Those in power that control the governments around the world will one day face Jesus Christ. They will answer and pay a heavy price for their wicked ways.

    In Matthew (13:10-17), Jesus explains to the disciples about the purpose of parables. Simply put, those that do not have a heart for God will never understand the truth that He spoke. The same holds true today for prophecy. Those without a heart for God will not be able to fully grasp what is happening before their eyes.

    But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear; for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.
    ~Matthew 13:16-17

  • Geoffrey Zeger

    Michael, I enjoy this site, but I thought you were able to see the bigger picture. You can attempt to blame Obama or anyone else, but I know you know that there is systemic dysfunction that goes beyond politics. I know you know that a debt based/fiat currency and consumer based economic system that is only sustained by exponential growth is insane. Whether a democrat or republican are in the white house or have control of the legislature, it will not change the fact that exponential growth is impossible. No matter how you look at it, there will be a point where growth is no longer sustainable and the economy will plateau and contract. So yes – I agree that addressing CO2 emissions and having tight regulations will cause job loss, but so will the eventual sky rocketing of oil prices and the current massive lay offs due to fracking rigs going offline with low oil prices and the Fed’s eventual raising of interest rates and the popping of the derivatives market and the crows coming to roost with tons of cashed wished into the system that eventually becomes worthless – and NONE of this is Obama’s fault.

    • Marco

      Michael is smarter than that. I hate to give it away, but it’s clear that by some of the language Michael uses, he caters to the republican demographic, many of which make up the viewers of this blog. So he’ll throw in the occasional Obama jab. It’s clear he is doing it to appeal to his readers and you can’t really blame him for it. It’s business. Apes will lose interest if you don’t throw them a banana every now and again.

      • kfilly

        I see you’re probably a Democrat. I also see that you are not smart enough to see that Democrats and Republicans follow the same agenda. Go worship your government God you cultural Marxist. They would never lie to you.

        • Marco

          Canadian Conservative actually. Your system is messed up beyond belief. Like me saying: “I see you are a republican I also see you aren’t smart enough to realize your system is so corrupt it doesn’t matter for whom you vote. Go workshop your talking heads on Fox News, you fascist.” Fun game hey?

      • LOL

        You are defending your president (or so you believe, lol) just as many Republicans did in 2005!

        “It is not fascism when we do it!”

        Murican mainstram politics in a nutshell.

        • Marco

          I’m Canadian.

  • Barry Goldwater

    It’s pointless to expect the US Congress to do anything now or in the future. It is populated by the elite . We’ve passed the tipping point now and there is no return. Our Congress is much in the same position as was the Roman Senate which became little more than rubber stamps for the Caesers or at most were passive spectators in the history that unfolded before them.
    Does anyone know how to play Taps on the Bugle ? We have no recourse now but to await the inevitable. The jig is up !


      I came of political age with Goldwater and Reagan’s famous 1964 speech. All gone now. Gone with the Wind.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Ah yes. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”. Or in 2015-speak, “Patriots are terrorists!”

  • Liberty First

    We are being savaged by dictatorial authoritarians.

    • Evil_shadow

      No you arent.You are being savaged by oblivious voters who elected those authoritarians up in congress. AFAIK in most political systems(bar monarcy, kingdom and dictature) last decision lies with VOTERS.But if they dont use that right and are satisfied with what “elected” do in their name…

  • Bill

    “What in the world will it take for this country to finally wake up?”

    It will take more “Trump Talk”.

  • Patience

    These things are not affecting too many of us yet. Give it time. The breaking point will come and it might get ugly. Be ready!

  • Ponziconomy

    America as of tonite has about 3-5 years left before its a total wasteland.

    • Fiona

      Personally I believe it is either less than 2 or more than 5 years. But it could be as little as 1 or as much as 9. But no way could it be by the end of the year. But maybe it could. But I do not think it could between 3-5. But I could be wrong.

  • rat28

    Obama did the right thing on climate change .. All these climate change denial are just pure evil by being the stooge of these big polluters.. You better hope you don;t have any descendant .

  • Annette Smith

    We are so hosed!

    • Frank443

      YES we are.

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    We’re screwed either way. Dems or Repubs. No difference.
    This is going to end badly. People are going to die. Research specific histories of WW2 – life in the conquered nations until the Fascists were driven back. THEN read about how the German people were treated AFTER the war ended. Then you’ll know what to expect.
    Yeah, it’s gonna be like that.

    • Priszilla

      You have 31 political parties.

      You guys remind me of those American sailors at the Chinese all you can eat buffet. 50 different dishes, but all they eat are chips and sausages.

  • alan

    Well actually he may be on to something. Since there are no more jobs and a lot of places closed, might as well just turn off the lights.

  • Marco

    If you have any doubt in your mind as to the uneducated, bigoted types of people who make up the vast majority of the commenters on this blog, you need only look at “Maple Curtain’s” post about 4 hours ago, and the three comments in support that essentially say women are worthless. And I pretty much rest my case that these people, namely ultra republicans, are stuck in the 19th century and refuse to evolve with the times.

    Don’t argue with them. They’ll drag you down to their level of stupidity and ignorance, and then beat you with experience. Lol.

    The real societal collapse will be precipitated by these fools.

    • Sam

      Marco, every comment you’ve made on this post has been spot on. Michael often posts a lot of good informative articles which is why I continue to read this blog, but the right-wing, religious nutcases that comment drive me insane!

      • People

        Alwaystomorrow would agree.

      • Marco

        Haha thanks Sam. At least there is one other sane person here with me.

    • jakartaman

      Wow – I wish I was as intelligent as you!
      Your arrogance is only surpassed by your narcissistic love of yourself – Typical liberal know it all.
      Don’t agree with me, you are ignorant and stupid.

      No- You are just a fool

      • Marco

        Do you just type for the sake of reading your own words? You must. Now seeing as you are from Indonesia, why don’t you continue on with your uneducated people’s doings and keep beating your women or whatever it is you jakartand do best. And get a life.

    • People

      Alwaystomorrow would agree!

  • Hans

    Why worry about 2030? What will be left of the economy by then? Just like the economy of the US, world population growth is not sustainable. As a species, we consume more than we contribute. We pollute more than the earth can absorb. Because of more competition for necessary resources, tensions are building up everywhere.
    Whether we sort each other out through wars, or whether nature intervenes, the problem will eventually get solved.
    The carbon taxes will not solve any issues, but it will (at least for a while) provide an extra income stream for politicians and their governments all over the world.


    Drive a truck? Prepare to pay a substantial pollution tax. Have old windows? Prepare for mandates to upgrade the windows before you sell the house. Not satisfied with that, you will be required to upgrade your windows whether you like it or not or…you guessed a pollution tax. Do you have solar panels? No? Better get them or…you guessed it. Remember the DOE Honcho/Bozo who wanted gas prices at European Levels? Get ready. Oil is at record lows but gas prices are still over $4/gallon here in Lotus Land due to the Air Energy Board mandates. Electricity will be rationed. It’s for the environment, you know. It’s for the children, you know. Gradually, your relationship with the government will be like a Boa Constrictor crushing the life out of its prey. Check out Agenda 21.

    • Priszilla

      Actually, it’s to finance the next war. All those missiles need to be bought by the government from private companies, using tax money.

      And if that money isn’t enough, more must be printed and laundered first through the stock market in QEx



    • jakartaman

      I have ignored bigger problems than this
      Folks just do not follow laws that you feel are unjustified. Stop paying taxes to a proven criminal organization -IRS. If you follow like sheep you are the problem!!!!

  • Priszilla

    You are a bit of a drama queen, aren’t you? 32% even MORE DRAMATIC than 30%. 32% reduction of costs in 15 years. Well, do some investing then. Not in bets and counter bets but innovation, technology and entrepreneurs.

  • Fiona

    This panic making. I’cant stand it. It means 2% reduction per year which will be the case AUTOMATICALLY because the people are getting poorer all day so they wont drive that mutch as they did, they won’t buy as much- so the camions don’t drive that much. He hasn’t do do anything at all to reach that goal! This article is just nonsense.

  • Hans

    Will this also mean that politicians are to be restricted from flying all over just to make speeches? How does my “carbon footprint” compare to those of environmentalists flying all over for the one meeting or forum after another? Why don’t those hypocrites use the internet and drive Prius cars? They should start to practice what they preach before prescribing rules to others.
    Even here in South Africa we now pay a so-called carbon tax based on the emissions from our cars. That money goes to the state. Pollution has not become any better, but any new car costs more.

  • larrythelogger

    Read Mein Kampf. I had to read that, the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, Mao’s little red book, the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich in freaking high school AND the teacher was a fan of Marx. I’m glad I read them all.

    The point is that Obama promised he would do this long before he was elected and he’s got a year and a half to go. The GOP will do absolutely nothing whatsoever about this because most voters are too fidiotic to grasp reality. So the GOP does its usual “fall down-roll over-soil self” act of “courage” to the voter’s stupidity. (If you need proof of how stupid we are, Google Mark Dice videos).

    We deserve every single bit of what this Marxist communist is doing to this nation because it’s not his fault he’s been elected twice.

    • Quetzol-43

      “and he’s got a year and a half to go.”

      You believe he will simply leave power? There will be too much anarchy when SHTF for there to be elections in 2016…

  • pecosbill

    Voters in coal country, Ohio and Penn swarmed the polls to get this Kenyan Muslim in office and then back in office. They knew O’bummer had it in for coal and thus their jobs. The same goes for the XL pipeline that meant a lot of jobs to Penn oil workers, yet the fools in these states either stayed home or voted for their own starvation.

    I am not sympathetic to their whining now.

    • Avner

      That makes two of us. Their unions supported the man who kills their jobs, and they just rolled over and took it. I love the stupidity of democrats/socialists/liberals. They keep stabbing themselves and wonder why they are bleeding

    • mousam

      He’s neither Kenyan, nor Muslim. When might you get a grip? Before you die? Probably not.

  • rmc9

    just as in the days of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah…the eyes and the ears don’t open up, until catastrophe is all around them…it’s where being “willingly ignorant”, usually leads in life…

  • Paulo Marques

    I like this blog, I like most of its contents, but sometimes you just don`t get it… The planet is not yours to destroy!! The planet does not belong to the US to continue destroying it like you do!!! You alone are the single biggest polluter in this planet and you think you are entitled to do so… only to save jobs and the US economy!!! Why in the hell don`t you wake up… Climate fascism???!!! Who do you think you are?????!!!!! Your country built an empire, and every empire falls and ends… you are right now in your down spiral, and I hope I am still alive to see it end…

    • takertaker

      ^ Obvious propaganda account is obvious.

      • Paulo Marques

        It is so much easier to think like that, isn`t it?? Way better than thinking about the rest of the world as equals…to say the least… but again that is the US right there…and yes, I am in Europe, thank God for that…

        • jakartaman

          Enjoy your sharia law –

          • Paulo Marques

            Hello… I am in Europe… European country… not Middle East… well, how would you know?!… of course…

    • G21

      Paulo, if you truly believed in “global warming”, you wouldn’t be wasting energy by posting inconsequential nonsense on the internet.
      Instead, you’d do everything you possibly could to reduce your “carbon footprint” to try to “save the planet”.
      But since you don’t seem to care enough to take one simple step, why should anyone else?
      Apparently, you just want to take anonymous pot-shots at America out of envy.
      Prove your concern for the planet and stop wasting precious energy.

      • Paulo Marques

        Envy??!! That is a laugh… the most hilarious moment on these posts…
        One thing is to do what one can for the good of the planet, another thing is to be inconsequential…
        The article targets Obama`s request and decision for the US to cut on carbon footprint… the writer of the article says that is climate fascism, because it will damage US economy and jobs… in his opinion the US should continue with the same carbon footprint (if not increase) in order to continue job growth and economy acceleration… is this reasoning? is this a valid reason? if the human being is so inteligent as to discover/develop technology and a lot of things, shouldn`t he also develop new ways to get energy and improve efficiency in order to be able to cut emissions? I am being inconsequential?
        Europe pollutes, yes… no question there… but far less: Europe, compared to the US (and yes, China) is much less polluter.

        Envy… I am still laughing…

        • G21

          Yes, envy – because America rose so quickly to become the most powerful and prosperous nation in history, far outstripping the medieval European city-states. Every time trouble arises in the world, everyone looks to America to step in. We get tired of wasting our money and lives to maintain your illusions of superiority and freedom.

          And yes, inconsequential – because you convince no one to join your Marxist crusade of “global warming”. Like every other leftist, you ignore valid science disproving this evil hoax. All you accomplish is using electricity that wouldn’t have been used, thereby “warming the globe” (to use your absurd theory) a little more.
          If “global warming” was such a dire threat, you’d do whatever it took to slow it down.
          Hmmm…it must not be such a dire threat, to judge by the actions of its adherents.

          • Paulo

            I would so much prefer that America did not put its finger on other people`s problems or countries… but you insist on doing that… your famous “theory of exceptionalism”… whatever… one thing: your power comes from military, not true leadership or example… or being correct… or… whatever counts… but that`s just me…

          • G21

            I bet that Europeans thought differently after WWI and WWII. How many Americans sacrificed their lives so you could maintain your quaint little lifestyle?
            And how many Americans have you ever thanked for it? My guess is — not one. Instead, you show your appreciation by anonymously criticizing America, using technology that was developed in America.

          • G21

            Today: Outlook for Europe downgraded from “Stable” to “Negative” by S&P.
            Socialism at its finest!

          • Paulo

            You know what happens to empires: they eventually (and always) end badly…

          • Priszilla

            Ok. Please stay home. Use your soldiers and marines to plant some trees, and protect your buildings from tornado, hurricane, flood and snow.

        • Paulo Marques

          And here it 8 hours later and I am still laughing…

    • grumpyhillbilly

      So China’s and Europe’s coal power plants don’t pollute? It’s not all on us, if it does even exist. Yep, proud denier here. And I for one gladly see the U.S. empire retire back to a nation state. Won’t happen due to the secret international money cabal behind the US, Euro, and the future TPP. Me and you are expendable tools in their game. But enjoy any and all demise, while I take pleasure in something less brutal like gardening.

      • Paulo Marques

        Totally agree with the expendable tools statement, and I am glad you see your country returning to being a nation instead of an empire. Yes, China and Europe pollute (we all pollute), but I do not see Europe claiming or wanting to continue pollution on the basis that this will affect jobs and economic growth!! I do not have children but I think on the well being of future generations, when I decide to purchase a car that consummes probably a fourth or a fifth of what US cars consumme…

    • Quetzol-43

      Nope, coal is not radioactive arsenic.

    • wally

      Your facts are wrong. For one China is the worlds biggest polluter not the US (Reuters). Secondly Volcanoes are actually a much bigger producer then even the worst plants in the US or China. The Euro zone is in very bad shape financially so continue hoping Paulo because you are going down the same economic death spiral as the rest of the world!

      • Paulo

        Ok, so now you are in second place…I apologize for the mistake… but that should not make you happy!! At all !! And please can someone explain me why volcanoes are to be mentioned here… volcanoes are a natural event in nature, it is how nature corrects itself, therefore should and will continue to occur.
        Euro Zone in bad shape economically… yes of course, we all know that… why is it being mentioned here? Does it have anything to do with the issue at hand? Or is it just a way to get back at me without proper arguments?

        Use arguments correctly, don`t just throw stones because you feel like it…

    • Donald Wilson

      Like Wally stated you got your facts wrong, China has been the worlds largest polluter for several years. Take a close look at air and water pollution. There are days in some of the larger cities where you can’t even go outside (air is unfit to breathe). Furthermore, water pollution is out of control across China. Many lakes and streams are unsuitable for any use. So before you lecture the United States suggest you do some in depth research…The End

      • Paulo

        The fact that China has a very bad record on pollution does not and will not prevent me from lecturing the US… it will allow me to lecture both!!!!!!!

        • Donald Wilson

          Look here no country on this planet is perfect not even the country that call home. You want make serious changes…then go after the elites that hide in the shadows and pit one country against another country, this where you need to focus your anger. The minions and sheeple are nothing more than pawns in a game of life.

  • Rick

    What will it take you ask? Well, we are frogs who love the warmth of a slow cook. We can take the soft kill of the global elites because they are still behind the curtain of the MSM who would never connect any dots that might reveal truth. They tell us only what they think is good for us, or what they want us to know. Nothing else period. The news in this county is all Teleprompter scripted and read out loud to the American people. So what will it take? A much faster cook or fry, like a nuclear bomb. Or, anything that aides the elites in expediting the kill, taking us from soft to hard kill. Maybe an emergency event where Marshall law “must” be declared. One where millions of people just disappear. That might do it for starters. Then again, it didn’t really wake up the German people some 75 years ago. The important and tragic difference is that we will not have a USA any where in the world that will be coming to our rescue!

  • G21

    The leftist/socialist/Marxist/communist Democrat Party has found its “useful idiots” in the RINOs of Congress, the leftist media and the ignorant masses who vote Democrat because that’s what they’re instructed to do.

    “Global warming” has been scientifically disproved repeatedly but because that evidence doesn’t fit the agenda, it gets no mention in the MSM.

    The “global warming” scare, though obviously a lie, is eagerly advanced by the neo-communists of globalism because they rightly see it as a marvelous tool which will be effective in centrally-controlling manufacturing, communication and private lives.

    One morning in the near future the “useful idiots” will awaken to find that they have surrendered their individual freedoms to the Collective of the New World Order.

  • jakartaman

    The answer is for Congress to de-fund the EPA – eliminate it
    along with the IRS etc.
    Congress had best do something or we the people will and the politicians will not like it at all

    • kimsarah

      Wrong answer.

  • Not Sure

    People won’t do anything until malls are forced to close and reality TV shows are cancelled.

    • Nemnor

      You are likely correct!

      In fact, this is why the current decadent Capitalist economic system will continue “limping along” and decay a lot more than it currently is, before the mass of the people “wake up” and take effective action (and even then, there is no guarantee that people will take effective actions and make the fundamental change needed).

  • leebo

    I’m not sure which is more sobering, the state of the world with overpopulation, or comments on this blog

  • CharlesH

    Michael, I always enjoy your articles and commend you for all your enthusiastic hard work. This article however (always a but, right) – you base your entire premise on the belief that Obama actually has the best interests of the United States in his decisions/dictates. You seriously need to rethink that. My comments are made with the utmost respect.

    • Paulo

      Michael, with the utmost respect to you also, I would like you to consider the following: Obama, being the world leader (we all know he is, no matter if we agree with that positon or not), shouldn`t he also consider his decisions/dictates also for the good of the world he leads? So he is leader of the free world for some things and consider ONLY the US for others?
      A true world leader has his country`s interest in mind (of course) but also the rest of the world he leads… at least this is my belief.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Nuke DC.

  • Gary

    This Kenyan animal was sent here to destroy Western civilization! George Schwartz(Soros) financed the HNIC! We may not survive this Communist regime!

    • Maple Curtain

      “HNIC” means Hockey Night in Canada up here. What’s it mean down there? 🙂

      • Gary

        Lol, it means head ni66er in charge

  • smooze

    When I was in college taking geology classes, the prof would sometimes harp on “global climate change” and ask what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint. You’d get the normal answers: turn lights off, don’t run water while brushing teeth, shorter showers etc. I always like to chime in that the only way to truly turn the pollution problem around would be to turn the dial back to the 17th or 18th century. No phones, No cars, No electricity, No A/C. Trade in your Prius for a horse and buggy, your computer for a pen and paper and plant a garden…even my prof didn’t like that answer. Always trying to justify why she “needed” her big fancy pants house with the big screen tvs, cable tv, internet, pool etc. Speaking of electric cars in general, I had a tree huger in one of the classes and went on about their electric car and how they were doing their part while looking down at us neanderthals driving the big gas guzzlers, I asked her one day where do you think the electricity comes from that powers your “green” car? Duh, most of it comes from coal burning plants that generate electricity and dump pollutants into the atmosphere, dummy.

    • Jerry C

      Congrats on surviving college with your brain intact. My experience is similar to yours. Now that I have children who are being dumbed down continuously, I’m doing what I can to teach them the truth.

    • Nemnor

      The truly “green” electric car would be one that recharges using (only or mainly) solar energy (or some other “green” energy source).

      The truth is, the need of the Capitalists to generate “profits”, often comes before the genuine needs of society and what is needed to protect the environment. Capitalism itself – is naturally a threat to the environment!

      Notice how, with all the supposed advances in science and technology, even companies like Tesla Motors, are taking “forever” to produce electric Cars that comes along with an efficient and cheap solar battery recharging unit.

      In fact, notice that companies like Tesla Motors are (for the time being) really producing cars for the “upper middle class”. Again, the reason for this is, in a system like Capitalism, things are produced based on “profit” and “profitability” (as the primary end-purpose of production), and almost never based on what is genuinely needed by society, and in accordance to what is needed to protect the environment.

  • Jerseydidmeright

    Wish Obaamy and I attended the same high school in the 70’s back in Jersey. Oh my little gang and I would’ve had so much politically incorrect fun with him!

  • DJohn1

    Can you write an article on “set up” politics?
    How Mitt Romney made a living in business?
    Or How Senator McCain was no hero in the Vietnam War.
    How Republicans put up candidates that could not win.
    Or how President Nixon had no choice but to take the value of the dollar away from us because of that War.
    Or how the Congress is full of liars.
    Both houses of our political parties are likely to fall soon. By their fruits you shall know them, not their words.
    How our current President appears to lie with out consequences before the American People.
    How about an expose’ of how each and every one of our Congress people voted on critical issues like a police state. Or Planned Parenthood financining by Republicans.
    Or how the Democrat President signed trade agreements that demolished our jobs.
    Or how the Republican President ignored abortion and allowed it to continue. President Bush was no angel either.
    Or how the entire congressional law concept of welfare came about.
    How people cannot make more than a minimum wage or lose 15-20,000 dollars worth of benefits per year.
    How by executive order Veteran Health Benefits were changed so that you have to be near welfare to get them. That was Republican Bush in action.
    I think we are about to elect a man who exposes those things I have just mentioned with the promise of jobs.
    Executive orders were meant to change things on an emergency basis to keep the entire system from going down the tubes.
    They were never meant to be a substitute for Congressional Law.
    But that horse ran out of the barn a long time ago.
    Yes the house of cards is about to tumble. What anyone can do about it, I honestly do not know.

  • Priszilla

    China: 1300 million people, 10bn tonnes CO2
    America: 350 million people, 5bn tonnes CO2

    Therefore: China is the biggest polluter.

  • DW

    I’ll be surprised if we are still here in 2030!

    • People

      Now if that would have been the title of an article Michael wrote instead of “The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015” a countdown would have never been initiated.

  • JT

    What will they replace these coal fired plants with? If it is natural gas fired plants then I am all for it!

  • pulltheweeds

    gentlemen , we cannot afford a fart tax gap

  • Mondobeyondo

    Most people are so apathetic they don’t really care anymore. They will wake up. But unfortunately, it will not be in time. It will be too late, and the damage will be done.

    Obama is sly, subtle and stealthy like a fox. And he’s worked his mojo time and again. To paraphrase a song from a well known Broadway musical about a New York baseball team… “Whatever Obama wants, Obama gets”.


    We need to go green ASAP…. SOLAR ENERGY IS GREAT…. WIND, DAM, ECT…
    YOU ARE FREE…!!!!!!!

  • A

    we need to go green ASAP…. SOLAR ENERGY IS GREAT…. WIND, DAM, ECT…










  • Vierotchka

    Because jobs are more important than the survival of life on our planet?

    • G21

      (another Obama voter)

      • Vierotchka

        Nope, I don’t vote for Obama or for any other US politician. I am not American and I don’t live in the US. You’ve been royally pwned! LOL!

    • brew_it

      If people are not working, then they will be rioting. do you sacrifice a stable(mostly) society too keep the planet from increasing in temperature from average 59 degrees to 60 degrees f?

  • AirborneEd

    Dub dat mean my Obama phone wont charge up?

  • Endgame

    So you think the economy is more important than the Earth?!

    By the way, those of you putting down Socialism need to get a grip! Look up “What is Democratic Socialism” online and learn the TRUTH above your long-term programming.

  • Catman

    Since when can a government agency impose whatever regulations it wants without the ability of Congress to stop it? The Congress can vote to defund all $ used to enforce this particular regulation. The reason this crap is happening is not because the average person doesn’t care or is in la la land: it’s because they cannot do anything about it. Congress can. They were elected to represent us and deal with ridiculous and job killing initiatives at the hands of a rogue president and his regulatory agencies. They know about this reg. It’s up to them to say “Hell no, you are not putting the coal industry out of business”. What could Obama do about that? Nothing. The question is, why won’t Congress stand up to him? This is why we need a president who loves America, it’s culture, language, and will protect it’s borders, and tell the UN to take a flying leap off a short pier with their One World Government bs agenda that is ruining the world.

  • An

    Didn’t like this one much. “Climate fascism” is killing the “economy”, I see this and figure the sentiment is infantile populism. I figure that because “econo” isn’t just energy or one market sector or the environment, oxymoron.

    • An

      Solar panels on roads and roofs. Permaculture. 3D printing… You see collapse where a paradigm shift is and new replaces the antiquated. The energy sector suffers the same backward supremacy complex as the financial sector, they will both undergo decentralization, it will sting and hurt, and we’ll hopefully move into a post capitalist world where we can pursue happiness sustainably… Nothing a government does is representative of anything conducive to life, never mind the greater public good. They will be decentralized with the other failures, return to creator, back to your people.

  • dlcamp

    “What in the world will it take for this country to finally wake up?”

    Jeremiah 51:
    57 And I will make drunk her princes, and her wise men, her captains, and her rulers, and her mighty men: and they shall sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the King, whose name is the LORD of hosts.
    God said He would make them sleep so they will not wake up until it is too late and they are taken in judgment.

    • GSOB


      I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

  • mousam

    Thanks for the suburban hyperbole. Another ignoramus who doesn’t know that facism is on the right — Republicans, Supreme Court — and socialism on the left.

    Mitigating climate change is the only thing that will save this unsustainable oil-based economy (that is killing us and the rest of the planet).

  • GetReal4U2

    What in the world will it take for this country to finally wake up?
    perhaps a mass “dis-appearance” after an economic collapse…or an emp type weapon being deployed…short of that…I wonder…hmmmm



  • Captain Canuck

    Things I like about the Tea Party and the Libertarian movement:

    Constitutional protection, belief in small efficient government, less taxation,the idea that hard work and self determination will result in reward. Main St before Wall St.

    What I dislike about the Tea Party and Libertarian movement:

    Flat-earth society, backwards voodoo thinking which refutes globally accepted science. The climate change deniers cannot prove their claims scientifically, while the vast majority of scientists from around the globe have a consensus.

    This is a challenge to all of you who read this blog and to you Michael who write it. Show me scientific proof, from actual accredited scientists, who can irrefutably disprove global warming.

    • Bryce Ward

      A vast majority of scientists around the globe once had a consensus the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. Scientists have been wrong countless times before. And Scientists who receive bribes in the form of “Funding” are more likely to be wrong.

      Even if Global warming did exist the damages to peoples lives via oppressive government policies would far be dangerous than the supposed effects of global warming.

      Global Warming is a fictional disaster made up by scientists who receive large bribes(aka “Research funding”) from the government so the government has an excuse to impose oppressive freedom crushing taxes and regulations on the American people.

    • Maple Curtain

      Son, a statistician is not a physicist. And, a statistician lying about stats using flawed computer-modelling is even less of a scientist.

      Finally, consensus is social conformity, not science (even if there were a consensus, which there, manifestly, is not).

      But, yes, Chicken Little, you keep believing that the sky is falling and that Red Diaper commies like Obama and Trust Fund babies like Gore and Trudeau the Younger will keep you safely tucked into bed at night.

  • pauline w

    I saw this coming…end of last year, we converted to inverter appliances, went LED for my lights and last two months ago, used solar and now…I am less impacted by those electricity spikes if they ever come. Heck I have the aircon on the whole time the sun was up and no drawing from the grid at all…feels so good to be free. can’t wait to go fully off grid but we need to work on it and plan and save for the conversion. Hopefully i can get really efficient and even sell electricity from my house to the grid if my consumption becomes less than the energy I get from the sun. Best way to fight fascism is to be independent. So scary if someone wishes to cut of your water and electricity and you can’t do anything about it.

    • df NJ

      I think the powers that be will do anything to preserve their status and privilege. I’m not sure they are smart enough to be fascists. That would require competent organization and execution. It seems to me the government is the complete opposite of competent.

      I think some people genuinely believe that after certain amount of carbon gets pumped into the atmosphere all life on the surface of the planet would die. The problem is some the the science has not proven out to be correct. Regardless, the decision to go after global warming was just Obama fulfilling a stupid campaign promise from 8 years ago.

  • df NJ

    The climate change issue is a just a smokescreen (pun) for changing the focus away from real problems like worker’s wages and the cost of living.

    • Climate change is a real thing that may have drastic effects in the years to come such as flooding, sea-level rise, increase in ocean temperatures and disruption of ocean currents, etc. Consumerism, and ultimately debt-driven money, are the root causes of climate change because they require exponentially increasing consumption on a finite planet.

  • GSOB

    West burning up by fires.

    Severe drought in CA.

    Compared to what God does,

    reducing fossil fuel emissions is


    Judgment comes through taxation.

    Oh fukushima!


    O fuku the shemitah

    Mankind can not save mankind.

    “Mother nature” is sheer idolatry.

    No one knows the day or the hour.

    To get off the fossil fuel is a great idea but executive order is a different paradigm. One of compulsion and not reward. Look just how far we have departed.

    Sometimes, it does seem that the POTUS is deliberately debilitating economic growth, not stimulating it.
    I must admit, but no disrespect intended.

    Then again… Cuba is open.

    ACA’s gotta go, I hope you know.

    Trump? I don’t know. It’s quite a show


    We need a conservative in office and Rand Paul appears well rounded and not bombastic.

    Rock of Ages cleft for me.
    Let me hide thyself in thee.

    The Lord is my strength and my salvation.

    He is my God.

  • JailBanksters

    It’s not a Ptophecy, it is the extreme religious nutters like Bankers and Politicians that are using the Bible/Talnud/Koran as a Guide to fulfill the Prophecy. If I say somebody will die from a Piano dropping out of the sky between now and sometime in the future, and I make that happen, is that a Prophecy. If the events don’t happen, then the Bibles accuracy will come into question, so human beings are making sure they come true to fulfill their destiny. But as sure as Gold is Yellow, these nutters will follow the ancient writtings, so yes it will happen. Natural Disasters can’t be controlled, but Financial, Political and Wars can be.

    • Nemnor

      You are probably correct! And, by “machinating” events, such that things happen according to “prophecy” (more or less), the ruling elite know that the mass of people – whose minds are currently entrapped by the various religious books, will conclude that it is God passing “his” judgement and/or bringing “prophecy” to fulfillment, when very bad things happen to the USA.

      This is a most vicious entrapment of the mind of the religious person, as they become even more committed/serious about their religion, whenever it seems like a particular prophecy is being “fulfilled”.

    • James Godson

      Daniel chapter 12 verse 4 prophesies that “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”
      Up until the start of the Industrial Age about 200 years ago there was nothing new under sun and most people, including Jesus never travelled more than 50 miles from home.
      This was not a self-fulfilling prophecy or something a group of people instigatged to fulfill this end-time prophecy.

      • Nemnor

        James Godson, you are not in tune with reality. ANY intelligent and observant person, at ANY time in the history of the World, would be able to confidently “predict” that – “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”, for the very reason that this is the TREND they observed, even in the LOCAL community where they lived.

  • Roger Smith

    So instead of burning coal in a U.S. power plant (because that plant gets shut down), we will send that coal by train to the Mississippi River, reload it on a barge, take it to New Orleans, reload it onto a ship, which will travel half way across the world so that the same coal can be burned in a Chinese power plant. Result: That coal now belches the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere as it did before, only now with additional carbon required to ship it across the earth. Lost U.S. jobs, more expensive electricity which makes it more expensive to do business here and increases the cost of water, food and everything else that people need to live. Great plan.
    This is the part where I would rip into bathhouse Barry for not having a clue; however, he DOES have a clue. He knows exactly what he’s doing…following the orders of his puppet masters, like always. They KNOW this is going to be bad for the environment, our economy, families, farms, small business and every stakeholder out there…..except for them, the masters of the universe…..the money power elites. They will get richer because they own this government…which collects the taxes from the peasants…then redistributes it to their banks, corporations and favorite 501c3 organizations. Welcome to the New World Plantation.

  • kimsarah

    Sorry Michael, but you are wrong here. Raping the earth for the profit of a few should have been laid to rest a long time ago. Environmental protection, along with education and health care, are responsibilities our federal government should take the lead on. In a perfect world, our corporations would act responsibly and respect our health as much as their profits, with little need for regulation. In the real corporate world, corners are cut, ethics and respect have gone out the window, and greed and profits trump everything else.
    We all share this big neighborhood called earth. Property rights end when they infringe on their neighbors. Imagine your new next door neighbor wants to frack for gas, drill for oil and mine for coal without regard to your air and drinking water. Not very neighborly. Nor is it considerate when your health and your children’s health are sacrificed.

    • Maple Curtain

      “Raping the earth for the profit of a few…”

      Hyperbole much?

      Now, feel free to come back when you have an argument – not just pompous moral posturing.

  • kimsarah

    Excuse Obama for finally doing something right for a change.

  • Maple Curtain

    Yes, but faith that a written document can safeguard men’s liberty is Idol Worship.

    The notion that a written document can do so should have been discarded by intelligent men the first time that the Supreme Court mis-used the Interstate Commerce Clause to validate federal government intervention in matters of state responsibility.

  • RogerP77

    “Is Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?” Of course he is! Isn’t that obvious? That way he and his bankster friends can get more power. It can also be used to set up the North American Union, also exactly as planned.

  • Uncle Roy

    “without every consulting Congress.” Does anybody “every” proofread these columns before posting

  • Sorry Michael, but the carrying capacity of our planet is limited. Not so much in terms of the number of people, but in the number of people who can live a suburban, consumeristic, “American middle class” lifestyle. This sort of lifestyle, with its rampant home and auto buying and need for infrastructure, is yet another manifestation of the mandatory consumerism that is required to sustain the profit system – itself the lifeblood of the debt-as-money vampire squid. Addressing climate change by tackling the wasteful suburban lifestyle would do incalculable harm to the rich and powerful 0.01%.

  • abinico

    The only tyranny and fascism I see is from our enslavement by the oil industry. The biggest reason alternative energy is feared is because it could free us by providing community based power.

  • Scott Comin

    Individuals are greedy, narcissists addicts who rarely do the right thing so what choice do we have? Have a job today or save the earth? Tough choice. Get back to the farm and hurry

  • Avajam Bhutti

    “And we must keep in mind that government projections are always way too optimistic. The real numbers would almost surely turn out to be far, far worse than this.”

    So when governments around the
    world are in full agreement that a rise of just 2ºC would be catastrophic for millions of people you would assume they are being way too optimistic and that a possible rise of 4ºC is more than likely. A rise of this magnitude of course will lead to a total collapse of world trade with the resulting collapse of “civilized societies” around the globe. AGW is a FACT, stamping your feet and shouting about losing a few thousand jobs, when the security of the world is at stake is indicative of just how selfish and arrogant people like you are.

    Whilst you insist on “business as usual” I will be thinking of ways to
    mitigate the disasters that will happen if humanity was stupid enough to follow your lead.

  • frank1569

    ‘That is why I call it “climate fascism” – in the end it is all about control.’

    It’s been over 50 years – if we were going to voluntarily alter our lifestyles to mitigate/reverse Climate Change, we would have by now. Instead, our environment is sicker than ever.

    What’s our other choice? Pretend all the evidence around us is fabricated as part of a gigantic, worldwide, decades-long conspiracy by tens of thousands of people across 3 generations to ‘control’ all humans on Earth and also hoard taxpayer research money? Seriously?

    Exxon’s been funding Climate Change denial propaganda for 30 years, yet it’s CEO has repeatedly said Climate Change is real and irreversible and we all must adapt. Is he part of this fascist conspiracy too? What about the CIA’s warnings that Climate Change is ALREADY our number one security threat? Also in on it?

    Everything OUR government does that YOU don’t like isn’t FASCISM, including acting on a mountain of hard, scary evidence when the majority of citizens are either apathetic or too afraid to face the truth.

  • DB200

    “Congress is increasingly becoming irrelevant as federal agencies issue
    thousands of new rules and regulations each and every year. ”

    This means that they can be challenged in court.

  • Hank

    To answer Michael`s question, yes Obama is deliberately trying to kill the U.S. economy so he can usher in the “Agenda 2030” U.N. plan. The New World Order.
    From day one of his presidency, he said he wants to reduce the U.S. equal to third world standards.
    On the other hand all of the coal industries and power plants need to stand firm and tell the federal government that they WILL NOT COMPLY with the regulations and fight them in court. But seriously, I think these industries will just cave in and pass the costs to the people.

  • Bobby Brown

    Hey, you….YOU…..are the ones who gave Obama the power to destroy the nation (not the constitution). When are you going to grow some balls and take back your power? Signed, not an American.

  • anonymous

    It’s the entitlement mentality… many of the people from generations born after 1960 think that freedom is free and that it should just be handed to them. They are oblivious to the fact that most of the world has not had the opportunity to be free like Americans have had. They just naively believe and continue to expect that things will continue to be handed to them. They refuse to believe anyone who would tell them that there are those conspiring to take it from them. Really, most people are so self-absorbed and focused on just themselves that they could hardly even care. It is the shift away from God to focus upon the “rights” of the individual that is our nation’s downfall. We have a selfish, ungodly society right now.

  • dan17

    idiots like obama really believe they are doing the right thing.

  • James

    So happy I have stocks in first solar and sunpower.

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