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Oil Falls Below 50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel

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Crisis Silhouette - Public DomainOn Monday, the price of oil fell below $50 for the first time since April 2009, and the Dow dropped 331 points.  Meanwhile, the stock market declines over in Europe were even larger on a percentage basis, and the euro sank to a fresh nine year low on concerns that the anti-austerity Syriza party will be victorious in the upcoming election in Greece.  These are precisely the kinds of things that we would expect to see happen if a global financial crash was coming in 2015.  Just prior to the financial crisis of 2008, the price of oil collapsed, prices for industrial commodities got crushed and the U.S. dollar soared relative to other currencies.  All of those things are happening again.  And yet somehow many analysts are still convinced that things will be different this time.  And I agree that things will indeed be “different” this time.  When this crisis fully erupts, it will make 2008 look like a Sunday picnic.

Another thing that usually happens when financial markets begin to unravel is that they get really choppy.  There are big ups and big downs, and that is exactly what we have witnessed since October.

So don’t expect the markets just to go in one direction.  In fact, it would not be a surprise if the Dow went up by 300 or 400 points tomorrow.  During the initial stages of a financial crash, there are always certain days when the markets absolutely soar.

For example, did you know that the three largest single day stock market advances in history were right in the middle of the financial crash of 2008?  Here are the dates and the amount the Dow rose each of those days…

October 13th, 2008: +936 points

October 28th, 2008: +889 points

November 13th, 2008: +552 points

Just looking at those three days, you would assume that the fall of 2008 was the greatest time ever for stocks.  But instead, it was the worst financial crash that we have seen since the days of the Great Depression.

So don’t get fooled by the volatility.  Choppy markets are almost always a sign of big trouble ahead.  Calm waters usually mean that the markets are going up.

In order to avoid a major financial crisis in the near future, we desperately need the price of oil to rebound in a substantial way.

Unfortunately, it does not look like that is going to happen any time soon.  There is just way too much oil being produced right now.  The following is an excerpt from a recent CNBC article

The Morgan Stanley strategists say there are new reports of unsold West and North African cargoes, with much of the oil moving into storage. They also note that new supply has entered the global market with additional exports coming from Russia and Iraq, which is reportedly seeing production rising to new highs.

Since June, the price of oil has plummeted close to 55 percent.  If the price of oil stays where it is right now, we are going to see large numbers of small producers go out of business, the U.S. economy will lose millions of jobs, billions of dollars of junk bonds will go bad and trillions of dollars of derivatives will be in jeopardy.

And the lower the price of oil goes, the worse our problems are going to get.  That is why it is so alarming that some analysts are now predicting that the price of oil could hit $40 later this month

Some traders appeared certain that U.S. crude will hit the $40 region later in the week if weekly oil inventory numbers for the United States on Wednesday show another supply build.

‘We’re headed for a four-handle,’ said Tariq Zahir, managing member at Tyche Capital Advisors in Laurel Hollow in New York. ‘Maybe not today, but I’m sure when you get the inventory numbers that come out this week, we definitely will.’

Open interest for $40-$50 strike puts in U.S. crude have risen several fold since the start of December, while $20-$30 puts for June 2015 have traded, said Stephen Schork, editor of Pennsylvania-based The Schork Report.

The only way that the price of oil has a chance to move back up significantly is if global production slows down.  But instead, production just continues to increase in the short-term thanks to projects that were already in the works.  As a result, analysts from Morgan Stanley say that the oil glut is only going to intensify

Morgan Stanley analysts said new production will continue to ramp up at a number of fields in Brazil, West Africa, Canada and in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico as well as U.S. shale production. Also, the potential framework agreement with Iran could mean more Iranian oil on the market.

Yes, lower oil prices mean that we get to pay less for gasoline when we fill up our vehicles.

But as I have written about previously, anyone that believes that lower oil prices are good for the U.S. economy or for the global economy as a whole is crazy.  And these sentiments were echoed recently by Jeff Gundlach

Oil is incredibly important right now. If oil falls to around $40 a barrel then I think the yield on ten year treasury note is going to 1%. I hope it does not go to $40 because then something is very, very wrong with the world, not just the economy. The geopolitical consequences could be – to put it bluntly – terrifying.

If the price of oil does not recover, we are going to see massive financial problems all over the planet and the geopolitical stress that this will create will be unbelievable.

To expand on this point, I want to share an excerpt from a recent Zero Hedge article.  As you can see, a rapid rise or fall in the price of oil almost always correlates with a major global crisis of some sort…

Large and rapid rises and falls in the price of crude oil have correlated oddly strongly with major geopolitical and economic crisis across the globe. Whether driven by problems for oil exporters or oil importers, the ‘difference this time’ is that, thanks to central bank largesse, money flows faster than ever and everything is more tightly coupled with that flow.

Oil Crisis Chart - Zero Hedge

So is the 45% YoY drop in oil prices about to ’cause’ contagion risk concerns for the world?

And without a doubt, we are overdue for another stock market crisis.

Between December 31st, 1996 and March 24th, 2000 the S&P 500 rose 106 percent.

Then the dotcom bubble burst and it fell by 49 percent.

Between October 9th, 2002 and October 9th, 2007 the S&P 500 rose 101 percent.

But then that bubble burst and it fell by 57 percent.

Between March 9th, 2009 and December 31st, 2014 the S&P 500 rose an astounding 204 percent.

When this bubble bursts, how far will it fall this time?


  • Tim

    With gas prices being so low, I think people are being lulled into complacency. The economy must be improving! Like overinflated stock prices, I think these low gas prices are also having a “wealth effect” for many. This will make the next crisis much more shocking.

    • Paul K

      so now its all about the OIL? you wriitten about so many things but now as long as the OIL goes back up, we will be fine? so if OIL had not fallen recently everything else was actually OK?
      funny now its just about the OIL

      • Jimbo

        The falling Oil price is not the problem, it is a symptom of the real problem. Since the GFC there has not been any recovery anywhere. All that has happened is an explosion in debt levels.
        Western nations have been living on debt and kicking the can, but the underlying productive economies have been tanking.
        Oil is just the Canary whistling out that all is not well. Iron ore is doing the same.

        • Douglas M. Green

          Well said.

  • K

    How far down will it go? As far as it takes to shut down all shale oil production in the U,S. Considering how many support companies, and fast food places,etc. Have been built in the shale oil patch, in the last couple of years. The economic impact on North Dakota alone will be staggering.

    • T.

      The oil price is already low enough to KILL U.S. shale. The Collapse is in progress.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Whoops. There goes the North Dakota job boom!

    • Ken_of_Texas

      You already having companies cancelling any future investments. Some drilling companies are already laying off workers. Not to mention the affect that it will have on companies that make equipment for the oil companies

    • Smokeman

      At least it will reduce the working homeless population in North Dakota. Who will the greedy landlords now fleece for their overpriced rents?

      • Guest

        Yes, rent is exorbitantly priced up there in ND.

        • Mike Smithy

          As soon as the dust settles in the Bakken region of North Dakota, you might be able to pick up some of the real estate on the cheap. After the Saudi’s eliminate the competition, the price of oil will rise and the frackers will return.

          • Guest

            Good points, Mike. But I wouldn’t buy any real estate up there. The winters up there are brutal. 🙂

          • mgrandma

            Winters aren’t all that bad.

      • K

        Most of the housing, along with the infrastructure built for the oil industry. Will just end up, boarded up in the long run. Without the oil, there is very little reason to stay there.

    • Smokeman

      I agree with you. Now, do you believe that the powers that be really care if a hard working rig hand who is supporting his family loses his job? I used to laugh about this, but it is all about the 1% and their geo-political games. It kind of goes like a game of monopoly…where you are invited to play. You arrive only to find that the all of the property has already been divided up, and all of the money has been passed out.

      • K

        Even though the have good paying jobs. The elite would still consider them useless eaters, and easily replaced. So no they would not care.

  • fire up the presses

    fed needs to fire up the presses right now to get in front of this mess,
    commodities crash,retail collapse,housing flameout,multiple nation defaults,soaring deficits,5 tril hit (at least) to banks bottom line
    this year,replace drill baby drill with print baby print a tril (or two)
    will at least put a floor under oil and buy some more time

    • Mike Smithy

      Oh sure, more debt will fix everything. Can you provide an example of any country that has ever printed it’s way to prosperity. The road to real recovery involves a global reset, sound money policies and the arrest and imprisonment of the bankster class. End the Fed.

      • Gay Veteran

        and end the Big Banks, Too Big To Trust banks

      • NoChance

        A “global reset” is all that will happen in your scenario unfortunately as a long as greedy, corrupt humans are in charge, and they always will be!

      • fej

        Sorry, not gonna happen. Remember, this is orchestrated. Order out of chaos.
        They want us all to kneel down and beg for their one government, one currency system.
        For now, the psychopaths are in control.

  • goldminer

    America has the world’s largest trade deficit, highest debts, and most overvalued currency in global history. Not to mention, its economy is in freefall, its geopolitical position has never been more threatened, and its only job-producing industry of the past decade – shale oil – is collapsing.
    2015…….. Happy daze are here again!
    Better get prepared.

    • T.

      Controlled Demolition in progress. Target Date – Sep/Oct 2015. Result: Collapse of Old World Financial Dollar Centric Order – In with the NWO Financial System. Same Banksters in Control. Protect Thyself.

      • Jack Jackson

        Dear T:

        Target Date for What? Collapse or beginning of NWO financial system? The IMF meets later this month to consider removal of US veto effectively ceding control to G20. Such a move could be the “handwriting on the wall” which behinds the flight from the dollar. Maybe SDR NWO financial system begins in Sep/Oct 2015 whereas sovereign bonds would be exchange for SDR’s – a forgiveness of debt and devaluation – in exchange for liquidity.

        • T.

          Jack – The Result: given above is the Big Picture. The details won’t be known til then. What we do know is that all those holding their Wealth in $’s will be Devastated by the New World Monetary System.

          • Jack Jackson

            Maybe, but if this process is a plan, then those you are implementing the plan probably have an idea as to WHEN the plan is to be implemented. If they know (i.e. globalists, BIS, etc) then when is knowable, maybe even to us, if we interpret their words and deeds, correctly.


        • Lex loathar

          Russia/China have their own IMF. Watch for the biggest financial fight (then real fight) in the history of the world.

      • Hammerstrike

        More like pulling the plug on a patient on life support.

    • Bobloblaw67

      Over valued currency. I thought collapse fans said the dolar was devalued.

      • Mondobeyondo

        If anything, the dollar is overvalued.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      America also has a national assets of approximately 120 trillion dollars. That makes the national debt of 18 trillion look downright miniscule.

      • Robert Birdsall

        Hard assets or paper assets, derivatives, etc?

    • GetHubNub

      Stop with the LOL stuff, this is serious stuff, people are going to lose their lives because of this mess.

  • Richard

    For all of you that hasn’t got their guns and ammo, extra food, it is last call before the collapse. It is here just like the blog says. The Economic Collapse blog.

    • Gay Veteran

      plus water, silver coins, gold coins, cash, etc.

      • GetHubNub

        The gold coins, I’m not sure how they’d be used at all. I’d go with silver.

        • Gay Veteran

          coins with 0.1 or 0.05 ounces of gold will be used

    • none

      President Obama anosent

      • GetHubNub

        Why don’t you get Obama out of office and stop all this nonsense?

  • jacob

    Our government will probably do something when things go bad to prolong it longer before it really go to hell take that time and the time now to prepare or bad bad I mean really bad time I know most people won’t even know what is coming but the ones that do find a way somehow someway to prepare for economic collapse

  • Kim

    This is what they deserve. They gambled and lost. I don t feel sorry for them or anyone else that bet on the oil miracle. We are sick to death and tired of this system and all these money making schemes. Oil glut? Haha – we need oil! It’s an important energy source. But these banker idiots ruined it with there derivatibe contracts and price projections. They got exactly what they deserve. Nothing.

    • K2

      It was the oil sector that accounted for most of the job growth and economic grwoth in the last few years. Also bankers make contracts out of every raw material not just oil. Its mostly geo-politics that is responsible for this sudden price crash. Other factors are responsible too, but such a large crash in such a short time is due to it.

    • Hammerstrike

      youtube.c o m/ watch?v=-DT7bX-B1Mg

      It´s gone.

  • Jim Clark

    Every three months this guy writes a “stock market doomsday is here” and every time he is proven wrong.

    • Ian Beattie

      Look at the real unemployment numbers (not MSM’s imaginary numbers). Underemployment. Increasing labor force. Hidden inflation. Deflation of commodities. Artificially low interest rates. He’s not wrong. If it wasn’t for EBT a lot of people would be in bread lines. It’s been seven years, time for another correction…

  • Elena

    Is housing bubble as bad as 2008? That is only difference I think of compared to 2008.

  • B.Obama

    cheap gas, high stock market, strong dollar.. now where is my thanks?

    • Ian Beattie

      George Soros says thanks…

      • Lennie Pike


  • Grind Junkie

    Call Obama and tell him to hold on a minute….I’m not ready

  • john

    where is the recovery waited for these last 6 years? . people have more and more debt, good jobs don’t exist anymore, cost of life is up every month , stupid websites like face book and what s up worth not million but billions. is Tweeter making money now?

    Greece want get out of Europe so they don’t have to pay back their debt. France has higher unemployment, Syria at war , cracking oil is becoming a lousy business, USA cops attacked,…. Europe is a joke….

    again, where is the recovery?

    • Gay Veteran

      and USA cops attacking

  • Grind Junkie

    Stock up on gas

    • rick

      don’t forget the PRI-G……………

  • KFUK

    Hi Kim!
    Everytime I see your posts I want to f uc k your face.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    I can’t wait to fill up for 1.50 a gallon. Long live cheap energy!

  • Smokeman

    I honestly do not understand this whole relationship between oil prices, junk bonds, treasury notes…etc. This is all voodoo science to me. I would think low energy prices would be a boom for the world’s economy. I also see what is good for main street, is not good for Wall Street.

    • Billzo

      I can not answer your whole question, but can talk about the relationship of oil with wall street. Wall street made their investments in oil companies that were based on being profitable with $100 a barrel oil. Some of the smaller companies (backed by wall street money) can not survive on $50/barrel and may go bankrupt. This puts pressure on the investment banks who now have loans that can not be paid. The longer this continues the more companies this will affect. If all other fundamentals of the economy were great, it may not be a big problem, however, things are not great………….no matter what our leaders tell us. You are correct that this is good for the consumer but bad for wall street. If it is bad long enough it will be very bad for the US economy. Many say this will trigger the next financial collapse.

      • Gay Veteran

        and the new budget puts the FDIC (that would be you and me) on the hook for the Big Banks’ bad bets

    • Jimbo

      Anything that is high priced will be sought after and people will invest huge sums to extract more. If the price falls back, those people can be wiped out. This applies to anything. Real Estate, Iron Ore or anything that can be bought and sold. Look at what happened when Real Estate prices fell back.

  • Priszilla

    In the 90s the exchange rate for the DM was 22% lower than today.
    Then 1 litre petrol was DM1.50 while today it is EU1.50. The DM was exchanged at EU1=DM1.95

    • boogoo

      and the word inflation was never mentioned..genius!

  • Priszilla

    In Germany, some people see American wars as cause for the rising flood of refugees from the middle east and Africa. The demonstrations against islamism are rising but still well below 100, 000.
    The news are occupied with right vs. Islam and left vs. Right.

    Hong Kong isn’t quieted yet, with police starting arresting the student leaders.


    You can hear that flock of Black Swans flapping their wings!

  • larrythelogger

    “In order to avoid a major financial crisis in the near future, we
    desperately need the price of oil to rebound in a substantial way.”

    Dumbest statement I think I’ve ever read and bereft of any knowledge of basic, simple economics. The demand for oil worldwide is down. THAT is why the price of oil is down. When demand for oil goes back up, prices will follow. It’s called supply and demand and commodities seem to be the ONLY thing honest in world markets right now. Being a mere consumer with a four hour drive each way to my bug out farm, I welcome the low oil prices, a LOT. Hope they stay low at least until I permanently relocate.

  • Rancher

    To me interest rates have always been a major player in a stable world. Clear back in the days of Jesus and long before loaning and borrowing with reasonable interest rates based on risk verse return have been mentioned and taught about.

    I sense the ungodly depression of interest rates by the fed have poisoned the spiritual water of a more level playing field.
    Honest low income, moderate and even high income folks have no where to place their savings or loan their monies to gain an annual decent return.

    Personally I use to live a good life of honest financial investment returns only. But due to zero returns yet high risk we withdrew as many did. My real hope is for whatever it takes to happen so the interest rates across the board are no longer controlled but allowed to go with the flow of basic economics. Right now I would like to be seeing CD interest rates around 7-8%, Home loans 6-9% and so forth.

    These rates allow the smaller guys to use their savings to help offset inflation and other cost rises. Until the bonds are broken I have no problem with what means are used to break them. If oil is the tool then let it drop to 20 per barrel. We saw a crisis coming and prepared. Prepared for almost anything but a meteor hitting our spread. I call it one size fits all prepping and thus never get to concerned about the reasons and causes of the crisis…rather the effects and how we are going to weather them.

    After all survival comes down to me surviving so I can protect my wife. My wife surviving so she can protect me. The rest of our posse (group) surviving so the two of us can protect them and our posse is protecting us.The rest of the world is outside the lifeboat after that point in time…… You have to remain alive and strong to eventually help others.

    This ain’t Hollywood, you get no retakes and acting with bravado will get you nowhere.

    • Gay Veteran

      we have zero interest rate policy because it saved the Big Banks ( and of course scre wed the savers)

  • MadAsHellYankee

    It’s a shame that the lower price of oil isn’t happening in a vacuum. For the end consumer, lower gas prices are a good thing. This is all a result of a currency war though, and the end loser will be the US oil and shale industry.

  • DJohn1

    What should concern everyone is the investment in oil by various pension funds throughout the country. When those pensions go broke, a lot of average Americans lose their ability to pay their bills.
    We have the largest group of seniors in the history of this country. Medicine has saved their lives. Medicine has advanced to the level where much larger groups of old people have survived into their 70s-90s and all the percentages projected years ago are wrong. That means an entire group of people on Social Security that were not projected to even be alive in that age bracket.
    We have an entire group forced into retirement prematurely because there are simply no jobs out there for them that pay anything compared with what they were making in the working world before they retired.
    When those pensions go broke an entire generation goes broke with them.
    So instead of sitting comfortably in their homes paid for over 30-40 years, they will be in a much lower income bracket. They will be forced into a much less expensive house. IF they make the right choices before it happens. Most pensioners will not make that decision. So they will be living on savings, if anything is left.
    Then they might even be forced into a nursing home paid for by Medicaid. TO do that all their resources have to be used first.
    Michael, you seem to have all the numbers, How many people fit my above description in the United States?
    This is only part of the big picture. Many people have been forced by economic circumstances to return home to Mom and Dad. Only Mom and Dad are now old.
    An entire population is suddenly back living with Mom and Dad because they have been forced there by unemployment and lack of funds.
    You obviously see the doom and gloom side of things. Well, when Mom and Dad go broke because their pensions no longer are paid, it no longer just effects them. It effects everyone dependent on them.
    I see this as a major factor in a crash of major proportions brought on by too many people dependent on the price of oil.
    In earlier articles you mention a book navigating the Welfare System for immigrants from Mexico and beyond. I suggest that old Americans(those that have worked their entire lives) will have use for that same manual in the very near future.

    • geo1671

      Johnny– I just read at WRH that all Government pensions will be cut– Government is running out of dollar printing ink.

  • geo1671

    Here Canada, only thing reduced because of oil barrel prices reductions is 20 cents drop per liter. Everything related to oil products sky high–try buying a liter of motor oil-$00 plus plus taxes.
    Heating oil-diesel zip. The author is wrong–drop in oil barrel prices is a bonanza to oil refineries. just imagine if oil barrel increased even by a dollar–at the pumps increase 10 fold . Typical gas price in toronto cheap gas 98 cents per liter that works out to $4,00 per US gallon. Stop blaming the oil drop prices to stock market pooping.

    • BrianSheller

      Actual fuel prices are difficult to gauge at the point of sale because the percentage of that sale dedicated to taxes is often obscured.

      High gas prices have several components,

      As over valued as the dollar may seem, it does still have plenty of aircraft carriers backing it up.

      • T.

        When the World rejects $ – They want have enough $’s to be able to fuel even ONE of those aircraft carriers.

        • BrianSheller

          There will be plenty of fuel and nationalism to carry the day

          We won’t run out of resources to fight war. We’ll run out of resources to power your car and turn on your lights. Also, humans have a tendency to work for food.

          You’re right though, American power will begin to wane if or when the U.S. dollar is crowded out.

          • T.

            No. We will not run out of resources – Most will not have enough $’s to be able to pay for them – When the $ Dies.

  • Jimbo

    The level of volatility in the FTSE today has been quite striking. Started up, then down 125 points (2%) and now it is up again. This has become a bit of a pattern over the last month but today has seen the wildest swings. It is at times like these that small investors get very nervous.

    • Billzo

      TVIX is a volatility ETF. Currently around $3.15/share. You can capitalize on the volatility with this ETF, however, I wouldn’t put my life savings in it. It’s up 15% one day and down 25% the next, but can make you money if you buy and sell at the right time.

      • Jimbo

        I am pretty good at judging markets but I cashed out last June and went to Gold and a few other things that do well in a crisis. Because I am in Australia, my Gold has gone up quite a bit as the AUD has fallen back against the USD.
        There is no way I would be in stocks right now.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    At this time in the USA, I’d call the stock market in a pull-back from the Santa Claus rally vs an unraveling.

  • Daystrom2012

    Russia is hurting and the bear has been wounded and I don’t think Putin likes being in this position. Is he Gog of Magog? Maybe, maybe not. But he sure is Gogesque and with everything else in God’s prophetic plan for the last of the last days falling into place we could be about to see major events about to take place. Ezekiel 38 speaks of an invasion of Israel as the nations of the world sit idly by and ask the invaders if they have come to take a spoil. Israel is a rich land and anti-semitism is at levels not seen since ww2. The USA under B Hussein as at best strained relations with Israel and it’s certainly conceivable that Obama would not come to Israel’s defense or perhaps the USA has been left unable to due to anything from an emp or Nuclear attack or computer systems hack…etc,etc,etc…

    Ezekiel 38 talks about an invasion from Israel’s north, and most prophecy experts believe that that is from Russia, and Persia is certainly modern day Iran. With Iran and Russia having several treaties between the two of them and with Russia hurting in the economic department and in Putin’s ego dept as well due to sanctions and the drop in oil prices, the events of Ezekiel 38 are coming into focus.

    Get right with God because we are about to enter the most exciting and perilous times in world history.

    2Peter 3:3-4 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

    Ezekiel 38:9-23
    9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.
    10 Thus saith the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
    11 Andthou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,
    12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.
    13 Sheba,and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?
    14 Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord God; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it?
    15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:
    16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover theland; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.
    17 Thus saith the Lord God;Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the
    prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?
    18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face.
    19 For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;
    20 Sothat the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.
    21 And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man’s sword shall be against his brother. 22 AndI will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. 23 Thuswill I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.

    • Gay Veteran

      stop parroting Bible verses and think for yourself

      • T.

        Bible verses will be Here when everything else you see is gone. Whether one likes it or not.

        • BrianSheller

          Cockroaches will be here once everything we see is gone.

          The bible arose from man and it will disappear with him, if not sooner.

          • T.

            No. You and the cockroaches will both Die and be gone. However, unlike the cockroaches you will hear those words you just wrote forever in a place of eternal torment.

          • BrianSheller

            Place of eternal torment? You mean disqus boards?

            Reality is so much more satisfying than any fiction could ever be. I hope you’ll join us here some day.

            Ancient wisdom is one thing, modern superstition is another. You should cease making a mockery of your own religion by pretending it’s something it’s not. In other words, quit turning a series of powerful metaphors into one bad joke.

          • T.

            What you call reality is nothing but illusion. The Bible says “The Devil has blinded the minds of those who will not believe”.

          • BrianSheller

            So he’s potentially clouded your mind from the reality around you by supplanting that reality with a fictional tome.

            In terms of your bible, men wrote and printed all of it. How can you trust the truth survived?

            Maybe God did start over with the Mormons after the roman church corrupted your bible and co-opted your religion. For all you know, right?

          • T.

            The Bible says “The word was made flesh and we beheld His glory the glory as of the only begotten Son of God”. Jesus is the word of God in flesh. They are one and the same. I will put my trust and hope in the living risen Lord Jesus Christ over anything else.

          • BrianSheller

            Fine cannon fodder, you’ll make.

            As long as you’re convinced you’re acting for your god, you’ll trust his instruction over anything, huh?

            Sounds like something an indoctrinated Christi… I mean, Arab with a c4-vest might proclaim. You know, as he struggles righteously against the devil that’s corrupting his world.

            Like I said, you make a mockery of your own religion by missing the entire point. Could you believe that early christians had more of a handle on this stuff than you do?

          • T.

            The Lord Jesus Christ came down from heaven and was born into this world. At about 33 years of age HE went to the cross to die for your sins and mine and the whole world. HE as the holy sinless Son of the living God died and paid the penalty for the sins of all mankind and was buried and rose the third day from the grave and ascended into heaven at the right hand of God the Father. HE would be your savior and Lord Brian – But you must believe that HE died and rose from the dead for YOU.

          • BrianSheller

            A lot of people were crucified, Jesus wasn’t special and he certainly wasn’t a cosmic zombie.

            When the man (or movement) that was Jesus died, he returned to the Earth, as will we all. Dying as martyr, however, does have the tendency to lend a certain persistence to one’s ideas.

            But no religion really survives on its own.

            In terms of people being killed, and how it relates to the persistence of Christisnity, why are any of the countless people murdered by Christians throughout the Middle Ages any less special than Jesus?

            Who (else) is going to die for all those sins?

            Dying on the cross isn’t special, it happened to lots of people before and after Jesus was allegedly strung up, himself.

            Also, if he’s the son of god, and the spirit that powers the universe, his human body dying was of very little consequence, seeing as how he would just return to the cosmos and assume a more powerful form. The stakes just don’t seem like they were very high for an eternal entity losing it’s human body. Especially considering he’s supposed to come back.

            Talk about having nothing to lose. If Jesus was more than a man, he was nothing but a poser on that cross. (Like a tight rope walker with wings)

            Do never think critically about this stuff?

          • T.

            After Jesus rose from the dead HE was seen upon this earth by more than 500 people the Bible says. HE did eat and fellowshipped with believers during that time until the day HE ascended up into heaven out of their sight. HE is coming back again to this earth to rule and to reign along with HIS resurrected believers.

          • GSOB

            The things of God are foolishness to the natural man …..which is who you are appealing to.

            No answers he has… like, why is he going to die one day..

            Suggesting to go out and listen to nature fits the bill of advice coming most often from unregenerate idolator.

          • BrianSheller

            At this point in time you can’t explain life or death either. No one can.

            We can write fictional suppositions, however.

            Also, guy, your bible tells you to go “multiply the earth,” which I’m pretty sure means nature, ya know, the rest of your gods creatures over which you suppose to have dominion.

            Lack of critical thinking becomes you.

          • GSOB

            “At this point in time you can’t explain life or death either. No one can.”

            I can explain it all. You just can’t hear.

          • BrianSheller

            No you can’t.

            It’s unlikely that you can describe the mechanism by which your muscles operate, let alone the progression of life.

            All you can do is repeat misinterpretations of primitive text whilst applying what context seems appropriate at the time.

            Your arguments lack rigor and credibility, and reek of unknowing.

            All that’s cool as long as you’re not writing laws, indoctrinating your children, or voting. In other words, piling your smelly heap upon the rest of us.

          • GSOB

            Why will you die one day?

            Answer me.

          • BrianSheller

            I’ll die because the once fresh, uncorrupted DNA I was born with will have undergone enough mutations and transcription errors that my cells will no longer copy and divide properly. This will cause the physical structures that allow me to live to fail, thus my body will have simply been worn down by time and my interactions with my environment.

            If I die sooner, it will still be because the physical structures that support my life will become damaged thus ceasing to operate with their normal rhythm.

            It’s the same reason a clock won’t work without all its gears.

            Boom! Roasted!

          • GSOB

            If you are satisfied with that as your conclusive answer….

            … lack wisdom, wisdom of which I may share with you, but you won’t listen.

            Isaiah 55:3

          • Ian Beattie

            God bless you man…I hope there is more to life than arguing religion…Love you bro

          • BrianSheller

            There’s all kinds of things to life. Hobbies, family, work, travel, etc.

            One of those things, however, is occasionally trolling biblical literalists. It’s too easy to get their panties in a twist, and it makes for good laughs among me and the mates.

          • Ian Beattie

            Kind of figured that…Just wanted you to know I believe in God the Father. Jesus the Son. And the Holy Spirit. Maybe I’m brain-washed….I read the Bible. The principles help me even if I don’t agree with the logic. If that makes sense…..

          • BrianSheller

            It does.

            To relate, I would say Proverbs is one of the best books ever written when I view it from a critical perspective and one of the worst when I view it from a mythical perspective.

            Since the principles of Christianity pre-date Christianity itself (to say, Christianity is derived from pre-existing social norms) there’s just no need to eat up all the myth and pretend it’s fact. And the myth often clouds the lesson, as is evidenced by anyone claiming biblical prophecy or using the bible as a platform for discrimination.

            I will say you seem more reasonable than a number of others around here.

          • GSOB

            Not all fishermen use the same kind of bait or line.

          • BrianSheller

            And some fishermen don’t catch fish, or don’t eat as well or others.

            As long as religious superstition isn’t influencing public administration, it’s cool.

            But religious adherents do assert themselves in the public sphere and there must be pushback against it.

            Religion has had too many victims to allow it free run outside of a small private sphere of influence.

          • GSOB

            ‘trolling biblical literalists’

            “And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others. But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved),” (Eph. 2:1-5)

          • BrianSheller

            If you tell me there’s a lesson about not beating up on people with wild-eyed and unsupported beliefs, I’d respect it.

            If you’re posting that passage to assert that the bible should be read as a history book full of facts, you can keep it.

            (Though I will still read it (and maybe seek its context) and attempt to derive logical meaning from it, because knowledge is power, after all)

          • Mike Adams

            Stop that!

          • Lone Star State Mama


          • BrianSheller

            The Bible says a lot of other stuff too, stuff all of you misinterpreters frequently ignore.

            Superman comics detail that the entire city of metropolis saw Superman save the day. Heck, I saw Superman in flesh and blood flying circles around the Earth to reverse time, but that doesn’t make it any less fictional.

            It doesn’t make a difference what any religious book says because it’s fiction. Those 500 people weren’t real either. Speaking of real people, however, all the people murdered by your Christian forebearers because they opposed Christianity were very real.

            Speaking of ignoring, it seems like you’re busy ignoring how much sense my last post made.

            Do you feel that cognitive dissonance trying to free your mind?

          • T.

            Brian God only holds You responsible for Your sins and no one else. You have heard enough here to either save your eternal soul from hell or to damn your soul to hell forever. God says in the Bible – That the choice is Yours.

          • BrianSheller

            Right, and Superman is from Krypton. I read that once and all the adults in my life repeated it a bunch of times when I was a kid so it must be, ya know, true.

            Have you noticed how I’ve easily crushed each post you’ve made, causing you to abandon it, and move on to another silly argument?

            This isn’t god testinh your faith, it’s the real world calling to you.

            I don’t look up, I look outward. You should try it.

          • DenyThySelf

            I am with you T.. they are Romans 1:28-32

          • ricky

            You’re a ducking weirdo man. It’s a book written by man for power and profits. Think about what you are saying

          • GSOB

            Think about the risk your taking if you are wrong.

          • Mike Adams

            You are correct. I agree with you all the matters no matter what.

          • Gay Veteran

            poor T., fears death so much he believes in religion

          • GSOB

            We already know you are a Godless newcomer here on this site. Hopefully, that will change in 2015.

            God made you and the cockroaches too.

          • BrianSheller

            God in the sense that an unknown force we have yet to describe sparked life on Earth, of course. I can accept artful descriptions and derive complex ideas from simple descriptions.

            But God in the sense that the entity clearly defined by the christian bible, no way. He didn’t make anything. Man made him in order to describe the unknown.

        • Gay Veteran

          so will the Koran, the Hindu Vedas, etc.

          • T.

            Do you see any Koran or Hindu Vedas on this website? NO. They are nothing. Just like your argument.

          • Gay Veteran

            what a stupid argument.
            is that actually the best you got???

          • T.

            Yes. You are a genius while you still have breath in your body. Sadly, your mouth will be stopped at your death and you come before the righteous Judge of all mankind – the Lord Jesus Christ. But you will be remembering all your brilliant arguments in an eternity of blackness and falling and weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth. Eternity means – Your Torment has NO end.

          • Gay Veteran

            you are living proof of why religion exists:
            (1) man fears death,
            (2) as a means of social control (obey the king of you’ll go to h ell)

          • T.

            No fear here. I’m ready. There Should be Huge FEAR on Your part.

          • Gay Veteran

            yawn. you’re worm food, like everyone else

          • T.

            In Eternity of Torment – The Bible says their worm dieth not fearless yawner.

          • Gay Veteran

            the Bible also approves of slavery.
            now start thinking for yourself for once

          • T.

            GV – The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” You can be saved from your sin GV. So please, Think about that. Think for yourself for once.

          • Gay Veteran

            again, you are living proof of why religion exists:
            (1) man fears death,
            (2) as a means of social control (obey the king of you’ll go to h ell)

          • Lone Star State Mama

            Why do you engage with these men? Doesn’t God say not to suffer the foolish? They have a right to believe what they want just as you and I do but to keep engaging them is allowing them to carry on tormenting you. They are not even trying to have a civil discussion with you, just insults and immature attacks. Blessings from The Lone Star State.

          • T.

            Thanks for your response. I don’t always respond to these people. I’ve been coming to this site for over a year and sometimes I will engage them – sometime not – It just depends on whether I feel led to or not. But no, their responses do not bother me even a little – They as unbelievers are simply replying as unbelievers have done for 2 thousand years. But they give me an opportunity to pray for them that God can sometime get to their heart and convict them of the Truth, by giving them the word of God. Also, others read both their responses and mine with holy scripture and I pray someone else will be saved from reading these. We only have a very short time on this earth to get out the life giving message of Jesus Christ and the lost only have a short time to hear it – Then we’re all off into eternity – some of to be with Jesus and many who will not. God bless

          • DenyThySelf


    • BrianSheller

      No doubt you need to get outside and hear the songs of nature.
      There’s just no rythym in your book, and its pulse has flatlined.

      Anything to get you out of your cave.

      I sure hope no politicians or high level military personnel believe this fairy tale you’ve just proposed.

  • Truegrit

    If someone could come up with a system where a barrel of oil is worth a barrel of oil and a gallon of milk is worth a gallon of milk etc.
    we could put central bank economic manipulation out of bussiness.
    and Michael won’t have to extoll the virtue of high priced oil when it reaches $1000 per barrel.

    • Jimbo

      I don’t think it matters what the price of oil is if it remains stable. The high oil price of the last few years has created jobs that didn’t exist before and attracted investment that it wouldn’t have attracted if the price had stayed low.
      The swing back to lower prices will reverse all of this and it will be painful.
      Same for Iron Ore. Australia has just completed its largest private capex spend as big resource companies tried to cash in on the high Iron Ore prices. Those prices have now halved and Australia could be in big trouble. Especially in the west.

    • T.

      Truegrit – You need to go study up on “What money is”. For 101 years the International Banksters have controlled the unit of Currency called a Dollar, which we in turn call Money. That is why Everything has a $ price attached to it. Historically for 5,000 years mankind used True “Money” called Gold/Silver and Everything had a Gold/Silver amount attached to it. Over the years Banksters have Corrupted the $ by devaluing it. Go onto google and search grocery prices 100 years ago and see how much a $ would by back then as opposed to today. When I was a teenager in the sixties, I could buy a McDonald’s hamburger for a silver dime (90% silver in dimes until 1965 removed) and buy 10 for a $. I think today it costs at least a $ for one burger. So, you have to go and study “Money” – Most Americans are ignorant on the subject. Schools do not teach it (not by accident either) – Banksters want Americans ignorant so They can steal our wealth and we won’t even know it.

  • Bobloblaw67

    “” Just prior to the financial crisis of 2008, the price of oil collapsed,””

    Absolutely incorrect. The author is a moron. The recession began in Dec 2007 and oil prices continued rising until summer. It wasnt until after the Sep 2008 collapse that oil prices began their steep fall.

    • T.

      The author is not a moron. Your information is not all correct. Yes, the recession officially began in December 2007, however that is Not the Crisis of 2008 which hit Sep/Oct of 2008 with Lehmann Brothers bankrupted the stock markets crashing and oil peaking by mid July at $147/bbl and collapsing to $50 a barrel by mid October. You are mistaken sir on both counts.

  • steve

    Maybe it’s shortsighted of me, but I think it’s time for the oil companies to feel some of the common man’s pain. Low oil prices may not be good for the economy as a whole, but I’m delighted.
    I also talked with an amateur economist. He said that oil companies are profiting even though the price is lower than it was just a few weeks ago.

  • ??

    How does this happen, are strategic oil reserves just being dumped into the market or what?

  • Mondobeyondo

    Both your wallet and your vehicles’s gas tank say “Thank you”…

  • Mondobeyondo

    It does make you wonder… why hasn’t OPEC intervened to raise the price of oil? Don’t they have the power to do so?

    Yes, they do. Is it in OPEC’s advantage to raise crude oil prices? Well… most of the member nations are already so wealthy, they really don’t care. The little guys, like Mexico and Venezuela? Yup, low oil prices will crush their economies.

  • Leave it to Beaver

    If you buy a V8 gas guzzler you will be disappointed because it will go back to four bucks a gallon. Count on it.

    • trudat

      Yes in Michigan they are already saying that gas will be going up 50 cents in the next week or two regardless of what the price of oil is.

  • Claire Voyant

    In one sense, energy doesn’tatter all that much to what’s coming. Once debt reaches a certain level, oil can be $10 a barrel or $200, and either way were in trouble. As I see oil at 140-150 in 2015, look at the following:
    Another recession..
    Equity bear market..
    Currency crisis..
    Derivatives implosion..
    The point is, the more leveraged a system, the more vulnerable it is to external shocks.

  • Signs In The Sun

    Read the Obama prophecies, the market is not the only thing about to about to fall! Visit revelation12 dot ca for numerous warnings about him….

    Ever heard of Revelation 13?

  • Nofear

    I’m sure God is just wringing his hands all worried about our little problem. Humans worried about high oil prices scared about low oil prices . Get a life and trust God!


    People you are not and mean you are not going to stop what is coming . If you only knew , they are going to open THE GATES OF HELL WITH THIS HADRON COLLIDER and what will come out a bullet will not stop . This is about your DNA THE BIBLE IS YOUR DNA .you need to understand ,, please seek THE LORD JESUS CHRIST YOUR SOUL IS AT STAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JESUS loves you and so do I

  • Mike Adams

    Too much!

  • GetHubNub

    I think it’s important not to be stuck with worthless cash when this thing comes down the pike and to be free of credit card debt. I’m not sure precious metals is the way to go, no telling what the government will do restricting use of the stuff.

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