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OOPS! – U.S. Government Unemployment Numbers Have To Be Revised Because They Were Off By Almost One MILLION!

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What a mess! We all knew that U.S. government unemployment numbers were off, but this is ridiculous. It is now being reported that the U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on February 5th.  How in the world could the original figures be so far off?  The truth is that U.S. government figures have been getting more and more out of touch with reality each year.  Government bureaucrats have been monkeying with the “definitions” of unemployment and inflation for decades, and at this point the figures they give us mean little to nothing.  For example, the U.S. government has been telling us that the unemployment rate in the U.S. is somewhere around 10 percent, while everyone knows that the “real” number is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-22 percent.

But one thing is for certain – unemployment is going up.  The Labor Department announced on Tuesday that unemployment rose in 82 percent of U.S. metro areas during the month of December.

For those keeping score at home, that is not good news.

And all of this unemployment is starting to create huge social problems.

According to a new study from America’s largest food bank operator, the number of Americans in need of food aid has jumped 46 percent in just the last three years.

A 46 percent increase in hunger in just 3 years?

What is going to happen when the economy really collapses?

So is life good for anyone right now?

Oh yeah – life is really good for the companies that the U.S. government bailed out.  In fact, it was just reported that AIG was scheduled to distribute about $100 million in bonuses to its employees on Wednesday.

AIG is giving out about 100 million in bonuses while hunger and unemployment throughout the U.S. are rocketing into the stratosphere – is anyone else disgusted by that?

The truth is that the whole system is failing and we are headed for an economic collapse.  The U.S. economy is in a slow death spiral, and it is only a matter of time until the U.S. dollar implodes.  Ron Paul is warning about that in the video posted below, and he also says that when the dollar does collapse that it could cause a total breakdown of law and order in American society….

What in the world are the American people going to do when the crap really does hit the fan?

Things haven’t even gotten really bad yet and yet Americans are already more doped up on antidepressants than anyone else in the world.  In fact, Americans, who make up about 6 percent of the population of the world, consume approximately 66 percent of the world’s supply of antidepressants.

What a sad nation we have become.

Really, really hard times are on the horizon, and the vast majority of Americans simply do not have the capacity to handle them.

What a mess.

  • clay barham

    The source of new jobs comes from individual pebble droppers. Entrepreneurs think out of the bubble and live out of the box, as cited in Bubbles, Boxes and Individual Freedom on Amazon and Ayn Rand’s book Fountainhead centered on Roark’s jury summation, which represents her ideals of an entrepreneur, where individual freedom, elbowroom and individual interests are superior to the interests of community, as sought by the leftists like Rousseau, Marx and Obama. See also Save Pebble Droppers & Prosperity on Amazon and

  • The truth is that The USA is purposefully being robbed and it’s society broken. The ultimate goal is when things get really bad that Americans will turn to the government and say “Save Us”. The government will demand that in order for this to happen we will have to give up our civil rights. If people believe that our salvation comes from the Government and not ourselves then truly we will lose our freedom and subsequently our Republic. However, If we choose that our salvation comes from ourselves we will then be at war with the powers that try to enslave us. I choose the later. Read my blog at

  • MajorMoo


    You are a moron of unequal stature. Political uncorrect???? You are as political correct as anyone could be considering the reigning ideological framework that governs daily life. Your views are arcane, steeped in the power fantasy of middle aged white males. They have no scientific basis what so over in contemporary understanding of human cognition and behavior. The myths perpetuated by Ryn, etal are all predicated on false assumptions (if not out right lies) of human behavior and are responsible for the terrible disaster that we call capitalism’. But then again for those whose understanding of the world is based on fairy tales, superstition and divine forces (the market), the methods of science and reason are threat to be denied.

  • Of course you have nothing to back up your assertions, MajorMoo, just insults, conjecture and rabid stupidity.

    Make your point, back it up by facts, or shut the hell up and move on.

  • Pain of Ages

    Mayor, it’s not like Clay backed his assertions either — just rehashed the same inspired capitalist laissez-faire propaganda. Of course, laissez-faire (basically, letting the capital do anything it wants) is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  • One of the things that is rarely talked about is the huge incentive government has in safeguarding America against panic. If the size and scope of this depression were truly known, it would rival 1929 in every way except our extraordinary debt levels and thus the enrichment of elite bankers.

    Our politicians are thieves and liars. They know this. They don’t want you to know what they’ve done. They want your vote.

    We were hosed. All that remains now is to see whether the American voters fall for this crap. We will find out in the fall whether politicians are able to blow smoke up our backsides. Any one with incumbent by his name must be voted out.

  • davboz

    Major Moo, Few things in these contexts can be stated with reasonable reliability of not depending upon or leading to all kinds of relative questions and pre-requisite conditions. This is one which can pretty much stand alone. That is:~ The more you enable, excuse, pamper, and weaken the lifeblood and workforce that made strong the whole, the weaker, the softer, the more dependent becomes each individual, eventually the whole.
    One more: The more your fundamental long-term decisions are based primarily upon emotion, empathy, especially false “goodwill”, the worse off everyone eventually becomes.
    Hell, here’s another: A good man/woman’s heart will break at another in pain be it human, monster, or tiny animal; recognizes his duty to help his fellow brothers in need YET recognizes and fully implements without guilt or shame the above guidelines.
    Life wisdom comes in practicing – and perfecting – as to where the division lies.
    ~ ~ Just some thoughts ~ ~

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